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Dogecoin to $1 what’s happening how to buy doge! – Matt Kohrs

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Dogecoin To $1 🚀🚀🚀
What's Happening & How To Buy Doge
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What's going on moon gang, let's talk about dogecoin because it's been getting a whole heck of a lot of attention lately and honestly, rightfully so, because the coin has been going absolutely bonkers. Now let me get this out there right off the bat. Yes, i do own dogecoin and no, i don't know much about it. In all honesty, i've just only been doing a deep dive into dogecoin over the past day or two, so i just want to share what i found for you just so we can go over some of the basic questions of what is it what's going on with It and how can you buy it just so? You know i am filming this video on saturday april 17th and as of now, dogecoin is trading just above 27 cents per coin, and it's coming off of an all-time high, just below 45 cents per coin and honestly, just as a little tidbit here from a technical Perspective, it does look like it's attempting to break out okay.

So over the past 24 hours, 48 hours 72 hours, dogecoin has been getting a lot of lot of attention like. Even if you just do a quick google search right here, cnn, what is dogecoin, how a joke became hotter than bitcoin. This is from the verge. Dogecoin is on a run, has escaped the yard and is headed to the moon.

A thousand dollar bet on dogecoin at the start of 2021 could now buy a tesla, and i honestly found maybe this one to be the most interesting right here. This is on uh bazinga. If you want to check it out, if you invested a thousand dollars in bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and other cryptos five years ago, how much would you have now for that thousand dollars? It's impressive gains for all of these, but look at that five thousand dollars five years ago and dogecoin would now be worth over a million dollars. So, with gains like that, i think it's easy human nature to like wonder what in the world is dogecoin, and why are we talking about it? Why is it making so much money it like? Is it here to stay? Is it a fad like what is going on with dogecoin because who wouldn't want to make a million dollars so at a very high level? Dogecoin from my understanding is just another currency, in fact it's another cryptocurrency and it's an all coin, because it's not bitcoin um.

Yesterday, when dogecoin, when was on its run, it was all the way up to the number five crypto based on its market cap right now, because dotecoin has come down a little bit, it's number eight, but it's still up there. It's the eighth biggest crypto coin, as i'm filming this based on market cap, absolutely absolutely crazy, um. So basically, it's just another currency. In fact it's another cryptocurrency, and just for those of you who are curious, a little bit more in the history of it.

I did find this on coindesk if you want to find this article i'll post it in the link below it was created in 2013 by jackson, palmer and billy marcus. In fact, i looked into this a bit more um. It was created as a joke and that's why they picked the uh shiba inu as it's like mascot um, and it was more of to my like the best way i can explain it was they were just poking fun at how seriously crypto people took themselves about How uh, how seriously like people were looking into cryptocurrencies? It was just it was a big joke and honestly, i think it's more of like it that itself kind of explains its success. Now because it's like it's that whole concept of are you in on the joke.

Things like that of like. Are you on the in crowd, the outcrowd and um? I personally find it to be absolutely hilarious, so i should take a step back and mention that all these currencies, the reasons we have different ones are: they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and that also applies to applies to dogecoin from a technical perspective, and i Don't feel well-rounded enough yet on my knowledge of dogecoin, to really accurately speak of its specific advantages and disadvantages, so i'm looking to study more and bring someone else onto this channel that can clear up some of those questions for us, but for now just so you Know like it started in 23, 2013 um, it was a joke and in fact i think the bottom of this article kind of summarizes it doge has become the joke currency to be, everybody wants to be in on the joke, which pushes up the price, which makes The joke even bigger it's a self-reinforcing cycle, sort of like bitcoin, but for the laws i'm i'm here, for it, it's just the classic underbelly of the internet. I think it's that same psychology, really. We saw with what was going on with amc and jimmy, not the exact same, but pretty related of like just are you in on the joke? Um? Yes, dogecoin does have its own advantages disadvantages.

I will address that in a future video, but right now it's just this was from july 17 to 2020 elon, musk, uh tweeted, it's inevitable, dogecoin standard global financial system and then yesterday, with dogecoin, absolutely running, he tweeted this, and so it's just people playing into the Joke elon musk uh every time he tweets retweets something about what's going on with dogecoin, it goes higher, there's oth other a lot. A lot of people invested in it, especially um people within like the celebrity world, and as soon as they talk it's just we're. Building up this big joke and i find it absolutely hilarious like yes, i said it before i'm invested in it and honestly i'm up quite a bit on it like. I just think it's funny um to my understanding.

The rug could be pulled out on a moment's notice, but that also doesn't tell you what the ceiling is um. I do plan on making a standalone video specific to um its advantages disadvantages. I want to bring people on that can speak uh more to the uh higher level, expertise of that to get into the nitty gritty of dogecoin, because i think there uh talk about it being an inflationary currency and all that stuff. But i think it does deserve its own standalone, video, and so the final thing is of really with this is, if you want to be in on this joke, the big question i get even on my live streams are, is like: where can i get it so? Um, there are many many options.

These are just three of the ones that i looked into and i know people are successfully buying dogecoin the first one is kraken um with that make sure like it's not available everywhere in this entire world. So, and that's actually going to be the same with this entire list, but you can check out kraken, that's a very popular one. The next one, i would say, is finance. If you're in the u.s, there is actually a binance us so depending on when you live, make sure you're on the right one, but you can get uh dogecoin there and then the one that people have been having a lot.

A lot of success is voyager. This is in the us, every state um, but not new york. So if you're in new york, you're gon na be out of luck with voyager um, so basically kraken, binance, finance, us and voyager all seem to be three solid options where you can pick up. Dogecoin yourself, um, i most recently um got signed up with voyager.

The process was very simple: uh. If you trade a hundred dollars, you can get up to 25 of bitcoin, just for basically funding your account and making that initial trade uh. There is a referral code. If you want to hop in on that in the description of this video, but for now those are the three i found dogecoin, it's the meme coin.

It's the joe coin. I love it uh. It seems to be um making a lot of people money. In fact like, as we saw, you could have gotten a tesla with it uh five years ago.

You would now be a millionaire with it from a technical perspective on the 30-minute chart. It does look like it's attempting to break out i'm here for it. If there's any um developments interesting things or if, for some part, if i got some part of this video wrong, i'm more than happy to correct myself, i just wanted to simply share with you what i've found so far of what it is what's going on with It and how you could buy some, and until i catch you next time best of luck in the markets. You.

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    It’s going to be a fun Monday stream lol !!! I’m looking forward to it!!!!

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