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What's going on moon gang, it's me thick coors, and this is your dumb money update for today, thursday november 11th, but obviously first happy veterans day if you happen to be a veteran or even an active military member. Thank you. We obviously all appreciate your service now in this particular update, video we'll be talking about what happened in the overall market today, we'll be talking a little bit about the cryptos, specifically some that you shouldn't be sleeping on right now, because it looks like they might be. Making a move in the near term and, of course, we'll be talking about some of our favorite equities.

So with all that being said, let's hop right into it. So, in all honesty today was a pretty boring day in the market. Not much happened, and in fact you can even see that from a technical perspective and what we saw in three of the major indices is what's referred to as an inside day. So today the high and the low was completely encapsulated within the high and the low of yesterday.

Hence an inside day, there's no direction the bulls weren't strong enough. The bears weren't strong enough. It was a small bar day as in the difference from the high to low a low range day. We just didn't see much movement, which means it was sometimes referred to as a premium burn day.

We just didn't get a nice trend, so hopefully we get a little bit more action, a little bit more volatility tomorrow. So what we're looking at here is the s p. 500 500 of the biggest companies within the us. This is the index.

The etf spy is what tracks this particular index and right here yeah. We recently hit an all-time high. Today, uh we were a little bit red. Yesterday we were red because of the hot inflation report, the consumer price index, and today it was read from the opening but inside day, not much going on, i'm watching for a breakout around 465 and then i'll be watching for the support level around 458 to 460..

Those are my main watches if we break below this, if people realize that they don't like what's going on with inflation, i will be watching, for these three gap fills to the south side very similar setup in the nasdaq 100. This particular etf is more tech, focused think your microsoft, your apple, your things of that nature, your amazon, your alphabet, all that good stuff so same thing recently hit it all time. High today inside day, i'm looking for a push back above 396-ish or if it can't hold 388 i'll, then be watching 383. russell 2000.

Very similar situation recently hit an all-time high. We now have an inside day this one's particularly interesting, at least to the ape nation community, because amc is the biggest equity within this particular basket. So once again, an indecisive day, i want to see if it can recapture 242 to the top side, but if it can't hold, then i'm watching 234 below that uh. If things really start to sell just you know there is a gap-fill opportunity, all the way down to 222ish 223ish, i'm just trying to call out these levels, i'm not really calling for doomsday, i'm just saying in general, like okay, it is somewhat reasonable to expect uh What i would put it to as a healthy correction of sorts, but right now i want to make this explicitly clear.

There's no obvious trend, that's what an inside day is we're waiting for a trend to actually develop. Speaking of other major things going on, let's talk about crypto so not long ago, bitcoin hit a new all-time high of 69 000 hanging out at 65, as i filmed this ethereum hidden all-time high of 4 900, almost 5k, currently hanging out at 4700. I'm in both of these she today started to wake up, and this is the first all coin that i want to put on your radar uh. Just i want to see if he can get above 60, which would not only be this previous support turned into resistance, but it would also, depending on when it occurs, map out a kind of a a match up with this top trend line.

So i will definitely be watching this region on shebe and if it can break through it, then i would be watching 72 followed by the top of this bull flag at 78 ish. But the one that i'm very excited about is loopering. In fact, let's bring loopering up on the big screen right here and let me just drop to the 15 minute, so what we have on loopering is a very classic bullish. Pennant.

Now this, if you crack open any technical analysis book, it's gon na in one way or another, define what's going on here. But what you really need to know is whether it's a crypto, an equity in the etf. It's trading up up up up, and then it gets put into this triangle: lower highs, higher lows: that's the pennant name and it's bullish just because it was bullish heading into the pendant. Now, from a statistical standpoint, most of the time these do break up to the upside.

That doesn't mean every time. Let me reiterate that most of the time, statistically, there is an edge to a bullish bet coming out of this triangle, but it doesn't have to happen. Every time, loopering, not only in a technical perspective, is in a bullish pattern, a technical bullish structure which i'm a fan of, but i really like its connection, or at least it's rumored connection with gamestop gamestop. We obviously know is attempting to get into the world of an nft marketplace and loop ring this blockchain.

That's exactly what it does. It's a d5 exchange a dex very, very much like that. In august of 2021, they announced that they are now supportive of ethereum based nfts and, to my understanding, that's exactly the world that gamestop is attempting to get into so i kind of view loopering as a quasi additional bet related to gamestop, but even beyond that, i'm Bullish on crypto and in the short to medium term, i'm really liking the structure that i'm seeing on lrc right now, so in in the short term. She loop ring definitely on my watch list, but overall, i'm just going to remain very bullish on crypto at large.

Now, speaking of gamestop and amc just so you know both had a nice green day. So if you're an amc, gme ape, you should be happy. Gamestop gained 2.6 percent and is currently training at 204, while amc gained over three percent and is currently trading at 39, and a half amc did at one point today get above 40.. 40 is a nice technical level.

I want to see that breakout from there. I would be watching 42 and after that 44 and a half uh and then on gme, obviously to the south side. We want to hold 200 key psychological and technical level. I would like to see that break out of roughly the region of 212 to 215-ish, but overall it was a quiet day what we saw being reflected in the equities of amc and jamie.

We saw in the overall market just kind of a quiet day. I like that they slowly grinded to the upside, but patience is obviously a virtue now, with today being a federal holiday. Yes, the market was open, but with it being a holiday, some organizations were closed, which means that it's a non-settlement day so we got no live. Updates for amc or gme just so you know where we're at the estimated short interest for amc is 16.86, while the estimated short interest for gme according to ortex is 8.6 now i know a lot of things were kind of quiet and quote unquote boring, but the Ev sector was looking very, very solid, so lucid right here had a pretty nice 10.4 game.

Now, i'm a fan of lucid. I like these us-based ev plays and in fact i think if the momentum keeps going, which i like the pattern, we're seeing kind of a valley setup if this can get over 48, i'm 100, looking at a pretty rapid gap bill all the way up to 56, Which was the sell-off from all the way back in late february and who knows if there's enough momentum, maybe we carry through all the way up to 63? I think that'd be great. The new kid on the block is rivian. Today was the first full day of trading and day two of trading.

In general i mean yesterday, the ipo was at 78, it opened up at 106, which was a 36 percent gain and then from there today we opened. I think it was up roughly 11 and then we ended up closing the day up a very impressive 22. The current all-time high is around 125, currently training at 123ish. This is great.

This is a lot of enthusiasm, i'm currently not in rivian, just because i think ipos. They prompt almost too much excitement and it's training at a huge evaluation, currently trading north of 105 billion dollars, which means that it's more valuable than the likes of ford and gm to me for, what's going on it's a little bit too pricey, i think there's a Lot of enthusiasm, but i'm highly supportive of it. I'm gon na wait for things to settle down and that's most likely when i'm gon na get my personal investment in this new ev play and, of course, if you're talking about eevee, especially in the us, you can't not talk about tesla tesla sold off today, uh. It had a nice gap up, so the sell-off actually kind of just made it net neutral on the day.

Overall, it's in this no man's land. We have a gap to the upside. We have a gap to the downside. People are confused about what elon musk is or isn't doing so with this once again, we just have to wait for an obvious trend to create itself if we break above 1 100, i might play this gap fill up to 1 200.

If we continue to the downside well, then that's an opportunity to play the gap full of 910, but overall, what i'm seeing today was kind of a premium burn day. We have to wait across the entire board for an obvious trend and obvious pattern to express itself to all of us. So with all that being said, i would love to get your thoughts on anything that i discussed in the video in a comment below. Do you agree with me, do you disagree with me? Do you think i'm missing a hot thing that i should definitely have on the watch list? Please let me know now, if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button, and if you want to help me out with the algorithm and get this in front of other people, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you could smash that, like button and until i catch you next time for me and chair best of luck in the markets.

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