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Elon musk pumping doge again?!?! – Matt Kohrs

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Hello, hello, what is going on moon gang? I hope you're having an absolutely absolutely fantastic day. We got ta talk about. What's going on, dogecoin right right now looks like it's making some moves. We have to talk about what elon's going on we'll talk about.

Snl we'll talk about technicals and then other than that we'll kind of look at what's going on with crypto at large, so really a hot thing right here. This just got tweeted out from elon musk. Not that long ago spacex launching satellite doge went to the moon. Next year mission paid foreign doge first crypto in space first meme in space to the moon.

We will come back to this video, but before we do that, like i just kind of wanted to quickly get this out there, because right now, dogecoin is on the move. Very much because of elon musk, this happens all the time and i should say most of the time it's pretty positive, but remember sometimes it is a negative for dogecoin, specifically what happened on saturday night. So, actually, if i go out a bit more, i just kind of want to bring this up. So this is the 30 minute chart for doge.

It's been absolutely ripping. I mean folks in the past week it's up 6.41. It's up 77 percent. In a month from the start of 2021, until right now it's up over 12 000, we all knew that elon musk was going to be on snl with miley cyrus.

This just happened yesterday and i i kind of said in a couple: videos: it's very reminiscent of stocks with it being buy. The rumor sell the news all week. We saw an incredible amount of excitement running up to snl and then it's just that classic by the rumors sell the news. The news in this case was just him being on snl, so i did watch it snl.

There was two main things i recall one uh. It was today's mother's day, first of all, happy mother's day to everyone out there. Second of all, um. He brought his mom on and he was that was the first joke about dogecoin and he's like.

Oh, i'm gon na get you dogecoin for mother's day, but at one of the segments for snl was the weekend update and he was there as like the financial advisor and he was talking about what is dogecoin and like the going joke was just like yeah. But what is it? Well, what is it, but what is it that was kind of the going joke and it kind of took this hit here when right here che one of the members basically said so so it's a hustle and then elon responded. Yes, it's a hustle. Obviously, that's not like the best rhetoric to use for something and it did take a hit.

I mean we came off of 74 cents at one point: it came down to 41 cents and right now it was pushing up again and then most recently um. I do really really want to talk about the technicals of this, but it looks like it's about to break out and it does relate to elon. So we have a lot to talk about, but first, let's kind of set the stage right here: dogecoin plunges nearly 30 during elon musk's snl appearance, dogecoin falls 29.5 dropping to 49 cents during elon's debut. During the frenzy itself.

Robin hood experienced an outage in its crypto trading. So a couple things i want to talk about here remember those are the first two um he talked about getting it for his mom. The second thing was more about it: being hustle right here: dogecoin tumbles after elon musk calls it a hustle on snl show, but more important than that is um. It is bouncing back.

I mean he just has so much power. Folks, like what, especially like stocks, the market very specific to doge right now, he has the power of moving it literally billions of dollars, but anyway, what i wanted to point out here once again, robin hood had another issue with trading it like i. I don't know how many times people, if you're, still on robinhood, how many times are you going to touch the hot oven and just wonder what's going on robin hood time and time again has had issues uh, gme, amc, doge, doge, now multiple times like it folks, Robin hood, it's okay! I guess, if you want to keep it as a backup, but for stocks options, i highly recommend weeble in the description of the video and if you want to know how to easily get doge, i've had the easiest time on voyager. On top of that, look at all these other altcoins they have access to.

I it's a phone app if you are in the state of new york, you're gon na have a very, very tough time getting it at that point, i would then recognize recommend gemini uh. You could try gemini and voyager if you're in a different state, but voyager right now, uh both of them have a sign up bonus. If you sign up for voyager, you get 25 worth of bitcoin gemini. If you sign up you get ten dollars worth both of them.

I trust exponentially more than robin hood. How many times do you want to let robin hood? Crypto training hurt you or robin hood in general. If you were ever involved in the amc, gme saga folks, it's just simply not worth it check out weeble for socks and check out pretty much any other krypto one uh besides robinhood. So once again, these people were having issues, and so i just wanted to bring that to your attention.

If you haven't heard of it and really just remember the hustle thing, but on top of that yeah it did kind of push it down to me. It pushed it down a little bit more because it wasn't just that classic buy the room or sell the news. There was a little bit of that negative connotation with it, but look at that. We're already bouncing back honestly from that low up until now, it's already gained 41 talk about serious volatility.

That is absolutely crazy and just remember, even though there was a self, we came down to 50 cents and if we go on a bigger time frame, like 50 cents is still amazingly good. Not that long ago we were trading closer to seven, eight percent or eight cents waiting for that breakout. Then we coasted around 31 cents for a while, like this dip was clearly to be bought like the dip. It was so overextended and honestly, here's where i want to get into a little actually before i get into those technicals.

I do want to point out a couple of other things right here: whales, trade, pretty cool account. Someone just bought up eight hundred thousand dollars worth of doge, so they are also liking the dip and the breakout. This is pretty important in terms of right. There long 827 000 us dollars worth of doge someone's buying it and there's many many things to be excited about from a technical standpoint.

But first i wanted to show you what uh elon actually just put out there. What is the only cryptocurrency that and if a broker says listen, you can't get rich with those coins, but even daddy elon knows it's the time to join, because therefore we're passing bitcoin soon elon jean snoop take this little puppy to the moon. Hold it hold. It hold it hold it never sell my trick.

Buy more, buy, more, buy, more buy more it's doing well. This is just so phenomenal. It's so perfectly plain rising rising rising. I can tell very tradies shut up.

Take my money. This meme is looking funny. Let's make history together, we trust much trust jump on the hype. Train bros cause it's the people's currency.

You know it's the best. It's the most fun do that, oh you got ta, love it and beyond folks, it is awesome that is it's just so so cool. So you get you get the hype you get what's going on. I just wanted to like kind of put out there like what's going on in the real time.

So now, let's take a quick step back about more of the technicals for those of you who want to know about the interesting um price levels, important things going on. This is down the four hour chart on dogecoin. This is trading view, so, as you can see, it went higher in this time period it went from 69 cents up to 75 cents. I would argue what we saw on saturday was actually a healthy thing.

I understand if it went down matt. How could you argue? That's possibly healthy, well, just hear me out for one second on the bottom: here we have the rsi relative strength index has values of 0 to 100, basically just maps out momentum, bullish against bearish momentum when it's very high, especially above 70. That's a lot of bullish momentum. It's considered to be overbought when it's very low, especially below 30.

That's a lot of bearish momentum. It's considered to be oversold! So right here we saw this pattern of dogecoin going higher, but look what happened? The rsi went lower. This is a mismatch. It means that there was less bullish momentum up here than there was here, and it's referred to as bearish divergence, it's commonly followed by a period of sideways trading or even a downtrend.

So the rsi has a period to cool off and kind of reset itself and that's exactly what we saw and i would argue, that's healthy, because now we just made a new higher support. Clearly dogecoin, look at it just higher lows: we base we base we base. That's just our new base higher it's a great support to play off of 50 cents. I mean it makes a lot of sense right here we got as low as 41 cents.

I like this support in between 50 52. I personally bought a thousand dollars more worth of dogecoin when it hit 50 cents. I obviously didn't enjoy it when it dipped all the way to 41, but now i'm loving it. So i like this uh from a technical setup.

We did this. This sell-off was technically pretty healthy. Now we have all of this room to run again um from there key psychological level, current all-time high 75 cents past that so many people in the doge army are arguing for a dollar. I am thinking that we could hit that very much in this short term and honestly, it could just keep running past that, because, when are the lulls, the memes ever ever gon na stop lots of things to consider going on with doge.

But i just i'm thinking things look pretty good. Actually, i want to show you one more thing right here on the 30-minute chart or another technical thing, so i just pointed out bearish divergence to you right. Well, let me show you the inverse bullish divergence. Look at this dogecoin went lower, but the rsi went actually higher bullish divergence.

This is a phenomenal, phenomenal buy signal. This means that there was less bearish momentum here. More bullish momentum here relative to this point great great, buy signal, especially on this breakout, and that's exactly what happened. It went lower, but the both started to pick up the pace they bought here swung higher, and now we have a technically perfect cup and handle folks.

Look at this here's the cup it went from 58 cents to 58 cents, got knocked down. We small a smaller. U here's the cup, here's the handle! Typically on this third. Remember, i'm not a financial advisor, but i can inform you that with any technical analysis, there's always going to be a counter example to literally every single technical pattern you're ever going to find.

But when you're, looking at the odds of it playing out a cup and a handle is usually a very, very bullish sign, as in a looming breakout, here's the cup basically followed by another. It's a! U followed by a smaller! U, where it makes a new higher low from there, we're looking for this breakout around 58 59 60 cents and from there i'm personally, going to watch 64, followed by 68 70 74. like we could, just basically, you just have to pick out all the previous lows And highs as like support and resistance is very common, whether you're talking about stocks, futures or crypto, once they're an important price level, as in they've bounced off of it or been rejected by it, they tend to remain important in the future. So that's all i'm looking at it's like okay, i see the lows i see the highs.

I bet they're going to be important in the future, so now the fact that we have a very bullish pattern, i'm looking for this breakout to follow through, and i want to see how it reacts to the region between 64 and 68 right here cup and handle On the 30 minute chart following the elon tweet about dogecoin being the first meme to go memecoin to go to space with that absolutely hilarious video. I personally think things are very much looking on the up and up for dogecoin i'm happy. I bought the dip at first. I wasn't, but right now it just seems like it's the non-stop joke and i absolutely absolutely love it just for posterity purposes.

As i'm filming this live right now it is trading around 57 cents. So, who knows, depending on when you're watching this, if it's after the stream, you can see if my prediction becomes a reality, this is for posterity purposes, 57 cents. I think if you give it enough time a couple hours a couple days couple weeks. I truly truly believe that dogecoin will be higher, but let's revisit this and see how well that this video really ages for other ones, bitcoin is on the move as well.

It's bouncing off of 56 000, all the way to pushing 58 000. I'm looking for this breakout somewhere in this mid region, 58. 59. I think it's just due to test 60k pretty soon cardano doing amazingly well, it did hit a dollar 83, we're right now at 1.78.

Looking strong! This is more consolidation, lower highs, higher lows, let's see which way that breaks aetherium pushing almost almost almost hitting 4 000.. I all i have all these just so you know um very, very excited really about all of them, but right now, ethereum is looking incredibly strong. 4K um, i remember reading i made a video about this that someone was predicting within seven days. Ethereum will hit 5k honestly for where it was at.

At that point, in the low 3000s hitting almost 4 000, i mean that's pretty good. Granted it's not 5k. His prediction wasn't perfect but like he got the bullish nature of it, pretty right, um, so and - and just remember, because i'm talking about these four i do like other ones. I pay attention to v chain flow, enj, um ripple, just to name a few.

I'm not saying that these are like the only four you should possibly consider. I just happen to have these up and i i saw some interesting technical developments with all these, and i know that they're pretty important, so my entire goal is maybe to just enlighten you a little bit about. What's going on with the news, maybe share some technicals on the situations, but don't don't let you think that, like these are the only four i like overall, you could get these four on voyager, specifically doge. I know a lot of people are super interested in doge, especially if you're currently hating your life on robin hood trading.

It um voyager, thus far to be fair. They have had one maintenance issue when it was first running up about a week ago. Lots and lots of interest, but since then they've treated people pretty pretty well, at least in my personal opinion. So if you want that extra signup bonus with it, the referral code's right overhead remember if you're in the state of new york you are gon na, have to find an alternative just because your state government really isn't the biggest fan of crypto at the moment.

So they make it pretty hard for you to get a hold of some. So that's what i have for you elon pretty much back at it again, helping out doge to me cup and handle it looks like we're going to break out. I'm excited to kind of wake up tomorrow morning and really see how this one plays out. I will probably be watching it out through the remainder of the night, so with all that being said, uh i guess before i conclude this.

Let me know if there's any questions, i'm more than happy to talk about this. I do have some free time um and if there's nothing, i will pretty much just see tomorrow. Trey's cup told y'all on super chat by doji 27 cents shortly after elon announced and sell the morning of elon snl cup rules and cup is drunk uh. That is actually hilarious.

Thank you cup is now telling you to buy theta t fuel at 39 cents um, nice hair. Thank you. Thank you. Um cup is now telling you to buy theta t fuel at 39 cents.

You guys you can call it here right now. Trey subway cup is calling out theta 39 cents. That's another thing we can see just to see how it ages. Actually, let's just pull it up.

Uh t fuel uh. What is the bitcoin us dollar? Let's look at it from this uh so thus far trading sideways, um, subway, trey subway cup is calling for that breakout, um sideways trading, i would say the two things to watch are the support at 37 or the breakout at 42. Above i could very, oh 42. Is clear, technical resistance, rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, four rejections at two 42 cents from there if it can break out, i would watch this next high at 44, followed by 45 i'd care the most about 47 if it gets above 42 and then can break above 47.

I think we could be off to the races that would be a nice percentage, gain all the way up to 57 cents, uh once again, theta t fuel right now, just consolidating some sideways action. I would just be a bit patient and see which way it breaks. Above 42, it does become a pretty interesting play or, if you hop in now, that is optimizing. Your risk to reward you could just choose to risk 37, keep your risk low and have high potential reward if it does break out above 42 cents.

All right awesome! Well, what are your thoughts on shiba inu um with that with just being the other meme world like? There are many other meme coins now and i personally believe, there's a huge advantage to those first movers which in this case, like it's hard to recreate the perfect psychological storm that dogecoin has other ones. Can you make money on it for sure, but i do believe that dogecoin will have in the end kind of uh the best the best case, the most amount of support, just because it was that first one, and there really is that big first mover advantage right Now dogecoin number four uh, seven, almost 74 billion dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes over bnb pretty soon um. I remember as i've been making.

These videos has gone from eight to seven to six to five to four kind of back down. Then back up right now, dogecoin's sitting just below 74 billion. I think it has bnb coin right in its sights past that ethereum and past that bitcoin, it's gon na be great, like it's so hard to predict any of this stuff right now, just because it's much more beyond fundamentals and technicals, it's a big social, cultural movement And in my mind, it's the same thing we're actively seeing that we saw with amc and jimmy in late january early february, and it's what we're continuing to see so like. For these things.

It's very good and useful to understand the technicals and the fundamentals. But there is a good argument to almost just track how strong that social, cultural movement is, and that's what's going on with dogecoin. So in terms of these other meme coins like they could do well, but they need that insane crazy amount of social support that we're currently seeing right now live with dogecoin, and that thing is, it is tough to recreate. So, in my own mind as of now, i do believe that doge will be a bit more of like a unicorn case.

Uh right now. Pushing i'm getting excited. This duck is calling safe moon. I've made life-changing money and it can give you some uh chance, not financial advice.

Thank you. Matt's duck t-fuel breakout between now and july, because theta 3.0, launching in june 2, fuel 2 plus and staking rewards will grow 50x because they're crap now hit that like button. Thank you, matthew, r, um yeah. So if you do want to spread a bit of this support for this world um, i talk a lot about stocks, specifically amc, gme, tesla, really any of those movers a lot of options, a lot of crypto stuff.

I just really enjoy talking about the big moving things and if i can offer a little bit of my own opinions, my own insights, it would be amazing just to continue to grow this amazing community and along the way, if we could laugh a bit spread a Bit of positivity and maybe even make some money, that's my entire goal. So if you want that, it does assist me if you could hit that like it. Just helps me out with the youtube algorithm beyond that. If you want to be a part of the moon gang, it would be absolutely amazing if you could hit that subscribe button we're growing rapidly every day we are a hair under 150 000 people, which is incredible.

When i started this journey, those numbers were truly unbelievable. Unbelievable to me, like absolutely unbelievable, i never envisioned this channel getting past 100 000.. That was always my goal for multiple years out, and here we are cruising 50 past that and that just really shows the passion in stocks options crypto all these runners, people are making truly impactful money. We all had a very, very tough financial year this past year, and it's things like this that help just pay off that bill.

It really helps ends me and we get to laugh and have a great developed community as we're seeing this all play out. It just puts the biggest the biggest grin on my face. I get so happy when i see this running, i get so happy when all of you were sending these messages. I made all this money on this stock.

This option this crypto, that's so cool to me, making money um having a fun time while we're doing it creating one of the best communities on the internet uh. I see, i just see no downside. This has been one of the funnest runs and, honestly, i don't think it's done. I think of many things like the community at large these types of social movements.

I think we are going directly to the moon. What else do we have uh? Can you do a quick analysis of safe moon, safe moon isn't on this, yet, unfortunately, i can pull this up here. Safe moon how's, this looking over the past seven days so in terms of charting not the easiest thing to chart. Basically, i like this pattern of higher lows.

Just so you know i don't have safe moon um. I, like the pattern of higher lows higher highs clearly in a nice uptrend, basically if it gets above the most recent high whatever this is from 11 pm on, may 8th, look for that breakout and then a test of the all-time high. So if you're in that um, i don't have safe moon, but if you're making money on it, i wish you the best of luck. I hope you absolutely crush it just because i'm not in a play that doesn't mean.

I don't want you to make money. I just try to do things that i like for my own portfolio and everything, but in it like i, if you're involved in it, i obviously want you to make money on it all right, awesome, doge, just yeah um. We were talking just a bit about doge here it is uh overall, i would just say um overall what i like elon tweeting, very, very positive things. Saying doge will be the first crypto in space technically uh the rsi had a chance to cool off we're, seeing some bullish divergence in the rsi, and on top of that we have a cup and handle.

I would not be surprised in the slightest within a couple hours if doge is ripping once again. This is just a phenomenal technical setup. I just started packing last night and remember what you taught me diamond hands: let's go doge amc jimmy thanks, matt more than happy to help check discord, uh! What's going on christina? How are you did you buy your mom, some crypto honestly, i'm not sure what my uh. If my mom really knows what crypto is fuzzy g.

Thank you, hello. Everyone stata on the move runs off of eth matt. The weekend streams are great, so the little doge today at 59 cents to get some profit but holding the rest also, we can talk about robinhood and the other stuff they pulled this weekend, yeah just once again robin hood. I had the article up just a bit ago: um more technical issues, all the time with robin hood.

Like i get it, not every brokerage, not every exchange is perfect. They do have their technical issues. It just seems like robin hood has the most of them, which is why i don't really enjoy using them, um, not for stocks options or crypto. I just don't really use them earlier this afternoon, you're literally confirming what i said: mama's head of the moon, uh loving the weekend streams that is awesome.

Okay, uh the live stream auto started my tv after the last one. I just realized. This is live and not pre-recorded. What's going on emily um, it happens.

Just want you to know you're good at crypto bro do it, i mean for me this is just fun like i. I talk about the things that are moving the fun cultural things, social things. The analysis i just always like to keep active about what the movers are, because in the end, you need the big movers to make money, and i know a lot of you guys are watching this because of that's the golden question. What can we make money on? So um, i think, there's a lot of money making opportunities right now across the stock market options, market, crypto market - and i do my best to share my own opinions on it and cover it and hopefully, if some of you guys can make some money.

That's that's awesome, but remember don't copy me, i'm not a financial advisor, no matter what anyone tells you on the internet. I get it it's the internet. You can't trust everything that you read. You see any of that.

Please, please do your own due diligence in the end you're gon na find that not everything you find is real, i know, surprise surprise but uh. It could also maybe help you minimize your risk optimize your reward on just whatever situations are playing out across all the different types of market. So with all that being said, thank you so much for tuning in to this. If you enjoyed it, i would appreciate it if you could smash that like share it with someone join up with the moon gang by hitting that subscribe button, if you're tuning in and you're specifically interested in amc, gme, i'm about to post a video for that, like Literally, in a couple minutes, it's going to be coming out at 8 pm, so check that out, it's literally about to go, live uh in that one.

I focus on what i perceive to be the biggest upcoming catalyst on amc and then for you guys in twitch. In just a little bit after that, i will be doing a twitch stream, uh twitch.tv, matt, coors i'll, be just streaming. Some balloon tower. Defense and it'll be more of an ama.

If you guys want to talk about your life stocks, kryptos options join up with ama, but that will be more so on twitch, um matt underscore course same thing on uh twitch, twitter, instagram. All that myspace matt underscore course. Thank you. So much for hanging out with me and best of luck with your crypto investments.


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    bonfire already 200k holders in less than 3 weeks , dont miss out on this one go read the whitepaper you wont be disappointed!

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dillon says:

    Please check out bonfire! Itโ€™s not just another safemoon, they are building the worlds first and biggest decentralised social network platform! Itโ€™s going to be insane.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Peculiar says:

    Need to check out a community called $BONFIRE. Mad returns and an awesome community. Getting listed on a big exchange very soon!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Liu says:

    Bonfire tops everything atm, straight up in the past few days with only whales selling. Itโ€™s a shame some panic sellers got caught up in it lol. HODL๐Ÿ’Ž

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KwaLa says:

    Should def check out Bonfire Token. Amazing community and professional team behind it! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vanessa A says:

    Cannot believe how far our community is coming! Bonfire, we're taking over!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DayZFox says:

    Even an ath on doge wont be giving any return unless you have to put down so much cash. The unlimited supply holds it back. Get in at the ground level, plenty of projects starting with substance. Bonfire rising among others, check them out and dyor

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kasmala says:

    I'm telling you! Check out Bonfire๐Ÿ”ฅ! It's a hidden gem๐Ÿ’Ž we're making history atm! it's not too late to ride the rocket before it hits the moon๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ฅ Kindly check us out! our community will appreciate it

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SafariFN says:

    Doge making moves? SHOULD OF SEEN the recovery of BONFIRE ๐Ÿ”ฅ Itโ€™s about to burn the market ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Adams says:

    While the meme coins based off of Elon's tweets are really good fun, if you are looking for a serious token with a dedicated community and a project under development that will change the alt-coin market, check out Bonfire! In a time of uncertainty in the markets, settle down and get warm by the fire. (Not a bot, just a simp for coins with community backing and real use case potential)

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kewldood Brownie says:

    Hey do you reckon you can check out Bonfire for your next vids. I'm new to the scene but it's really amazing and the community is crazily dedicated with positivity. Cheers!

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheScottishSandman says:

    Currently Bonfire just blowing myself and others away. Highly recommend doing some research and buying in, especially with this dip right now! 20xโ€™d my money in a short amount of time and still has one of the best and strongest communities Iโ€™ve ever seen. Bonfire has so much potential and youโ€™re really missing out if you donโ€™t join in!

    Do some research if you donโ€™t want to buy on some random YouTube comment!๐Ÿ”ฅ

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ready Player Satoshi says:

    If you not in Bonfire already, go get some! Easy 10-20x from here!

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars N 4721 says:

    Bonfire token up 700% this week, perfect time to buy before first exchange listing on Wednesday!

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Limited Past says:

    Bonfire is the new king, it's going to overtake safemoon very quickly

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