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Damn shrimp can't spell like you can't even count to 10 and i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lilly bones, as the eggs overpower must suck to lose too monkey so dumb. But you made your bed and you is right here we got more smoothies than a jumbo juice through hard times. Give us the money, hello, hello, hello. What is going on moon gang, happy, happy friday october 8th, i hope, you're having an absolutely fantastic day.

Hey it's friday, it is friday apes. What is going on, i'm just going through some news over here, seems like it could be a very, very exciting, exciting movie weekend uh, i'm gon na talk about that in a little bit, but we have a lot to go over. As always. We we have some movement, we're in a big big volatility time, so there's always quite a bit to discuss and i don't want to really uh.

I don't want to waste too much time because you never know what kind of rants and everything i'm going to end up going on so very quickly before i get into all the exciting stuff. Obviously i know that there were some mic issues yesterday, so i basically had to like redo everything um. So i'm hoping, let me know my good mic bad. I i think i have it back to like what it's normally at but uh.

Let me know the volume levels it actually seems like it's coming in a bit hot bit. Hot hang on. Let me see if i could just do there, this hello testing, audio, oh brother, oh brother, oh brother or brother, all right there we go. I i think this should be good now, let's really test this.

Oh brother, hi, matt cores this is ken griffin, calling you from citadel securities, hey georgie, hey georgie. I think we're good. I think we're ready to rock. I think we are super ready to rock.

Let's do this thing all right, five things you need to know before the market opens. On friday, the stock futures bond yields higher ahead of employment report, so the employment report did come out just so. Everyone knows uh, as you can see, you're here very much off on expectations. They were basically expecting 500 000 new jobs right here, um to show 500 000 non-farm payrolls to be created in september compared with last month's, so they were expecting the jobs, the job creation to double up, unfortunately, not so bueno, 194.

000. So they were off by 300 000 jobs, considerable percentage off uh. That expectation was very, very wrong and what you had here right when it got announced it comes out at 8, 30.. Look at this 8 30 wick on both the spy and iwm.

As soon as that news dropped, we saw this red and it does seem like the spy, is obviously recovering very, very quickly russell 2000. Not so much off of that news. Once again, the the job report coming in a little bit weaker in terms of positive news of what's going on the senate, officially passed the short-term increase to the debt ceiling house to vote next. I have a little bit more details on that, for you, senate pass the short-term increase to the debt limit house to vote on it in the coming days, the senate.

On thursday, yesterday october, 7th approved a bill to help the u.s avoided default on its debt. In the next few weeks, uh remember, janet yellen keeps telling us about october 18th, but this kicks the can down the road. The agreement allows the debt limit to increase by 480 billion. You know i was thinking about that 480 billion they're just arbitrarily increasing it.

To get us to december 3rd by half a trillion dollars. Now i get it, i'm not an economist. I've never run an entire country before yet, but still it where's this money going. Folks, that's a lot of money! We're not talking about 480 million, which a lot of us would still be like whoa.

That's a crapload of money, we're talking about 480 billion to get us to december 3rd. What what like who's running our government like? Are? They do we just have a bunch of addicts running our government. This number seems off to me, but anyway, it's a lot of money uh, some that the treasury department allows us will pay bills until december 3rd. Folks, we're talking october and november, we're talking eight weeks and we're somehow gon na burn through 480 billion billion.

I mean our boys elon, musk and jeff bezos couldn't even individually pay that bill. That's crazy and that's just for eight weeks. That's an expensive two month run right there. The bill now moves the house where speaker, nancy pelosi is expected to take up legislation early next week.

So um look for this to get voted on the house early next week and then a bullish reaction to it. That's my current, like i guess prediction on: what's going to go down uh, but still speaking about janet yellen, i just when i was at the gym this morning, getting prepped getting mentally ready for the day, just proving to myself that i do have potential. I, like her quote that just came out it's flirting with a self-inflicted crisis uh and obviously this is in reference to the debt ceiling um. Well, first of all, when it comes to the world of flirting.

Obviously our girl here, janet yellen. She knows a thing or two about flirting, so i'm gon na take her as an expert on this uh. She she knows flirting when she sees flirting, and i just think this is funny it's flirting with a self-inflicted crisis, as is the insinuation of they could have figured this out and voted on it before, instead of putting peril on the market where all of our politicians Loaded up at the lull just to ride this back up yeah, i would definitely say this is self-inflicted, because the people who are it didn't it wasn't a surprise. It's not like it came out of left field like we knew this was going to be there for a while and just in classic human nature like we just choose to solve it at the last second possible um, but you get it from the love guru herself.

It's flirting it's, you could officially call this flirting. I thought that was important to let everyone know about u.s oil nears 80 dollars per barrel as natural gas takes a breather just so you know this is the highest oil has been per barrel since november 3rd of 2014, so it it's on a crazy run. Right now, a lot of this run is basically because opec and the associated allies. Basically all these very important, influential families decided to kind of constrain the supply and when you constrain because supply, obviously price goes up.

So that's: what's going down in oil, elon musk says tesla moving headquarters from california to texas. Now i don't know if um this is necessarily a business move or if it's more of like, i don't know the heartbreak with grimes, but like he's just ditching everything like this, this is to me a bachelor who's. Just hitting the reset button he's like i'm moving. My i got dumped i'm moving my i don't know if he got that, maybe he was the one i don't know who's the dumper.

Who is the dumpy but uh this. This cowboy he's just moving he's he's cutting off he's starting a new chapter in his life and obviously it's no longer going to be in california. Tesla announces it would move its corporate headquarters to texas from california. The ceo elon musk, noting that the high cost of living and operating in california, must not say the company plans to increase output.

Its plans in california and nevada did say the company plans to increase it. So increasing it he's saying it's a business move and it might be high cost of living. Maybe a fair argument that there's just like an emotional tie to it that he just he can't be around his ex anymore. You never know you never know, i'm just throwing out wild conjecture right there.

You never ever know so very quickly, rewinding just a little bit as this is going to relate to amc oops, as this is going to relate to amc right over here uh. We were talking a little bit about like the high bond yields and i've been sitting on this joke ever since the wee hours of the morning, and i want to talk about other high, yielding bonds and i'm talking about our boy, james bond right here. No time to dice it's coming out, it already came out in the uk and i crushed it like it crushed it. A lot of the fans were very happy with it.

The numbers were great. It's about to come out in the u.s this weekend, probably already out today. I don't know - maybe one of those midnight things there's a shot that this new, daniel craig james bond movie could be a record-breaking movie for the franchise. I didn't know this, but there's already 24 other bond movies.

I knew there was a lot and in fact it's one of the most successful franchises like in existence. Um. The expectations are around 60 to 70 million, but just remember even for venom, they underpredicted what the expectations for the box office success was other people who are maybe a little bit bullish on this are actually calling out bond for potentially, which would be like blowing the Like this would be blowing the roof off the place, this would be awesome to hit a hundred million. So right now, like i said, expectation 60, 70 uh, i'm coming in a bit more optimistic.

It does say that it's actually, it will open october 8th. So it's starting today, um i'm actually curious in chat. Let me know: are you planning on seeing the no time to die the new james bond movie this weekend or at some point within the next week or two like within the month of october? Let's say i want to know how many bond fans are out there and then i also specifically want to know how many of you are planning on watching and at an amc, theater uh i'll do a poll. Let me just do a poll.

This will be uh. No time to die oops no time to die but time to watch yes, no all right. We threw that pole up there. Let's get some of the numbers behind this.

I have a feeling. A lot of people are gon na end up watching this movie um very interesting. Just so you know the best bond movie uh by numbers is sky fall and the worst one is dr no uh casino. Royale there spector quantum massage um.

I would not be surprised in the slightest if no time to die ends up taking the cake on this particular showdown uh. Speaking of amc, let me just give you those numbers very quickly short interest: 20.63 percent, the shares on loan, 114.5 million utilization 87.2, and just so you know these. The average age of these shares on loan cruising above 72 days in terms of gamestop. They borrowed 27 000 shares short interest is 14.7, and even this, the average age is it's about to break some technical resistance right here at 41.5 days, uh we're at 41.11 uh, so it just.

It just tells me that the shorts in both amc and gme in a certain sense have become. I guess, like almost indentured, to the play now. They're, just hemorrhaging money on these cost to borrow fees, um very interesting, very, very interesting, uh, it's getting quite costly for them, getting very, very costly for them. So let me give you the quick technicals on these um yesterday i had that video.

Remember i'm getting the question matt. Are you posting amc, jamie videos like anymore yeah, every single day uh between the mat course channel and the coors light channel check both of those out i'm just kind of like be bopping back and forth between those two and it's just more of like a youtube Thing honestly of like how many times you can post and how much they actually show it to your true audience. So, if you're questioning it just check out the other channel uh, i got that question a lot yesterday, like wait. Where's your amc, jme update.

It's there. You just got ta find the right channel um, but anyway in that channel i was talking about how we're finally seeing some buyers. I love that amc was able to hold these low 37s. We closed at 38 14..

I'm looking forward to test in the very short term, the key psychological level of 40, and then we would have a notable technical breakout at 41.50. One of the major things i'm watching is the macd, the moving average convergence divergence. That's the technical indicator on the bottom right here. I am looking for these signals to cross over and for the histogram to finally go green, to really confirm that we're switching the momentum that kind of got like, i guess, dumped on us.

The bearish momentum in mid-september um in terms of the macd same scenario for gme it looks like it's lagging a little bit behind. Gme has had horrendous volume and volatility lately, but we also have been just slowly grinding downward in this technical structure. That would be referred to as a bull flag. It looks like we tried to break out yesterday.

It got smacked, i'm looking to hold the support at 169. Would love for it to get above this trend line, and it would be pretty nice for it to get back into the 180s, and i think that would get pretty closely associated with the official histogram swap back over into the bullish territory. And the thing i'm watching in the short to medium term is a recapture of the technical region of supply between 188 and 190. That's what i'm watching for gme can't stop, won't stop gamestop, so right here, obviously amc and jimmy both coming down since mid-september both of our favorite moon stocks have been taking a hit, but it seems like they found that wall.

They found that wall of supply and let's see if we could build up some sort of momentum after that and in terms of the numbers. Obviously, the shorts are still there on both of them. Amc does have a higher short interest, but it also has a bigger float, so it's kind of like what do you weigh out as being more or less important um but other than that we're seeing some some ties very strong ties to the s p. 500.

So i'm hoping that they can like successfully resolve whatever is going on with the political pissing match for the debt ceiling um, i it's. We were so close to this gap. Phil. Yesterday we hit a high of 441.68 and the gap bill is 440 170.

So we were off by like what 22 cents so now we have two gaps: we have a gap on the top side and now this gap down to 4 35. 12.. Eventually, i strongly feel that both of these gaps will get filled right now. As long as we continue to see this positive progress related to the debt ceiling, i would predict that the top gap would get filled first, but if you give it enough time, i feel strongly that they're both going to get filled - and i know we're talking a Lot about macd today, but it's just because we're about to see a lot of interesting crossovers, hopefully, fingers crossed uh same thing on the spy here, uh just on this daily chart and my background in knowing how some people are going to choose to position themselves.

I think, with this macd cross, that could fire a lot of algorithms to go long on the overall market which might get us a push all the way up to 445.. In terms of the queues. Remember the queues are struggling a little bit more because, as the yields go up, that makes high growth, which is a lot of tech stocks less attractive. So, as you keep hearing the yield up up up, you could probably associate that with the q's struggling a bit more, i'm not saying plummet in any way.

It just makes it a less attractive investment, but overall, in terms of the queues i'm still looking similar to gme for this trendline breakout would love for the queues to get back above 368.. Once again, that's a bit more tech focused and iwm. We have the russell 2000 amc happens to be the biggest stock within this index uh. We now have a gap below it.

What is the gap to 420 or excuse me 220 and 20 cents, so i will be paying attention to that, but same thing. It seems like these three, the three major indices for many obvious reasons, are kind of moving in concert together and the fact that i think they're, all just gon na be bullish in the meantime, especially when we get the house of representatives, the other part of congress To agree to the debt ceiling, i don't know basically the kicking that particular can down the road. Let's talk a little bit about crypto bitcoin had this beautiful bounce off of 53 000 um. I mean we had this level for quite a while, and it was just simply because it has reacted to it in the past um, so it shot up above it uh similar to amc in the sense that bitcoin seems to like to overshoot resistance and then come Back down and turn it into support, so we had that multiple times i mean look at this: it shot over 47 000 tested tested, tested, shot over 50 000 tested shot over 53 000 and a half tested that and now we're bouncing off of it.

Obviously, i'm looking for the continuation um aetherium oops. Let me go back to the forearm aetherium. Also looking great ethereum is at 3600., when i made the sheep video two days ago, ethereum i was like. Oh it's pushing 3500, so this is on a nice move.

It was at 3400 in that time. Speaking of sheep, it is bouncing back. It made a nice nice support at 20.. I'm just going to call it 20..

I don't feel like doing 002. um, so we're seeing a nice follow through if you're paying attention to sheep. Remember i never bought any. I was gifting some on voyager because i filled out one of their questionnaires and now it's staked earning interest or whatever she's doing, but i have a i have about 31 million.

Like i said i never bought any. I don't plan on buying extra. I don't plan on selling what i currently have i'm here for the fun times to me. This just seems like a group of people who are here to party um, i think ethereum and bitcoin cardano.

You can get into the the technical argument and predicting the trends of like technology in the future. She it just feels like that nice party, we're at a nice, fall party, we're all drinking apple cider with a little something something in it. It's fun, it's a fun to be a part of like a community. That's just so active and really that's why i see so many parallels with amc and gme when yeah we could sit there and talk about various stocks, fundamental value, ethereum and bitcoin, and that's great - and i implore everyone to learn about that type of stuff.

But i also understand at a certain point: it's just like well we're here just to like party a little bit like. Let's have a little bit of fun and i think that's the general sense and where we really get the value of community from so i find that stuff to be particularly interesting when i see a a social movement in one direction or the other, obviously amc and Jimmy i would best classify that social movement as an attempt to level the playing field within wall street a little bit more transparency, a little bit more fairness. And then i see things like sheep as just like an interesting f. U to this system uh, and it's just fun - i don't know it's fun matic.

I have this one up today. Polygon matic is the token of the polygon network. If you don't know much about it, uh. Basically, it's very very much in the world of trying to make to help ethereum scale um, it's a layer thing it's interesting.

I probably should make a standalone video on what polygon and specifically matic is what it isn't. I just have it up, because it's doing well recently we're getting a breakout. It seems like it's coming back around, i'm specifically going to be watching uh matic. This token right here between 145 150 150 is my own cost basis, the low 150s.

So i'm currently underwater in it uh, but i am looking for this to obviously fingers crossed for a breakout and a rally from there. Matic, though, there's a lot to discuss with it, specifically polygon and its attachments with ethereum. But in the meantime, i would feel comfortable in saying that, as long as we see ethereum continue to explode in its overall adoption, the d-apps nfts all that it's going to need more scaling, stuff and right here. Polygon is the one who's going to fulfill that void.

In a certain sense, um so exciting stuff going on across all of it, how's doge looking right now, doge um hanging out at 24 cents. I would feel comfortable in saying uh, as we see all these kind of, like i'm hesitant to call any of these memes because, like it's almost a little derogatory but for lack of a better word, these meme coins um as one moves. I'm expecting the whole group to move almost as a sympathy play right now. Hex is hanging out at 40 cents uh for those of you who are interested in hex.

If you're, like hang on, like i just never really got my opportunity uh, i would be roughly just watching a trend line like this. We have this pattern of lower highs. Look for that trendline break! That might be your good opportunity and you could always risk the most recent low um hex. It's not the easiest one to get things like bitcoin ethereum, sheep, doge, uh, cardano, polygamatic, um, solana, all those you can easily get on.

You could get it on voyager. You could get it on coinbase, you could get it on gemini. You could get it on kucoin, binance, um, uphold gate, there's so many options hex. Unfortunately, you can't do it that easily the most reasonable way to get hex is to get ethereum on any of the ones i just listed, send it to your meta, mask wallet and then do a swap from there.

I should probably make a standalone video on that. That's just so many content, ideas of stuff that i should be making right now, all right, so that's kind of your setup. For the day we have a little over five minutes left. Let me drop this, so we can just track as things are, are and aren't happening, and let me get to some of your questions overall heading into this morning, i'm expecting chop chop in the overall market, which i think will prop prompt chop in individual equities and My reasoning for that is what's going on with the payrolls uh the the new jobs, the new non-farm payrolls, uh, severely low.

We were expecting half a million. We came in at 194 000. That's not a good situation! Uh! Oh, let's check this one out. What are the top trending stocks on wall street bets subreddit uh, tesla baba tilray sdc, coming in at four wish.

Uh am gme here. Just remember when you're looking at wall street bets subreddit, this was never a zone for amc. Amc was never really liked by this particular community. So don't be surprised when you see it at one point in time.

All the like, it seemed like the most popular thing was gme, so you're gon na still commonly see that on the list uh, but for this particular subreddit i would don't be surprised if you're like. Why am i not seeing amc? Anc is much more discussed. Obviously, on their own subreddit uh, there's uh kind of like a weird animosity of this, this group kind of thinks of themselves as gamestop purists and because of that, they think of amc as the original distraction. So they don't like to talk about it.

I've heard many rumors of the mods just getting rid of any amc discussion, so i'm i'm just trying to let you know what is or isn't going on there of like why you might be a little bit surprised that amc is not there and do not confuse It with amd, which is also commonly discussed on this subreddit uh uh matt, is the hedgy. He won't talk about cei uh. I've talked about cei a lot and i'm definitely not a hedge. Hey.

It's coming back uh. It's i mean. We know it got crushed by that charisdale tweet um. I know there's that big community on twitter that supports it under zack morris.

It looks like we have a gap up to 2. 30. 2. 29.

To me this means nothing. Remember i don't put that much weight on pre and post-market trading. I want to see how it goes because it could just open here and then it might quickly want to gap fill. I never ever ever think.

It's a good idea to chase a gap up or a gap down um, because you just don't know like you have to let it breathe um. I 100 would always argue that people should wait, especially on active things like that cei. If you're in it you, if you chased it and you were underwater, i get that it's exciting that it's coming back and i truly wish you the best of luck um. But if you have no position, i wouldn't argue that now is the time that you're just seeing a gap up the time to chase, so the risk reward is just out of whack, at least in my own opinion.

If you want to just do it because it's a friday and you're feeling lucky, i truly do wish you the best of luck if you're watching right now. Obviously i want you to make money, i'm not against any position. I just am sharing my own thoughts on everything with cei. I feel like.

I could be kind of more unbiased. I've never had a position in it. I have no plan on making a position, never long, never short so on that one particularly, i feel like. I could give you more of a an outsider's opinion on what's going on from a technical perspective.

All right, let me do some of these all right. We have a little bit uh someone dropping in the super emote. Thank you. Gifting subs like a drunk stand on twitch today, happy 100th episode day, buddy club billy shout out man we are gon na, do some fun stuff with it being the hundredth episode.

Oh man, kelly ripa, would never do that kind of thing, but then again she's on national news and i'm i'm on the interwebs anywho. Yes, it is the hundredth episode of dumb money of moon gang uh. I know many of you have spent many many hours and because of that, we're gon na have some celebrations and uh what i'll be doing when the market gets going is basically i'm just gon na throw out a tweet and all you have to do to get Entered into it is just to respond to it. I just need to get a list of people who respond to it, and then you have to be subbed to this youtube channel and also the coors light backup channel and with that we're just going to be giving away stuff like like a drunken sailor just giving It all away.

We have some shirts. We have some shoes, i'm going to give away some discord spots in the moon, uh, the moon, gang discord, server, uh and if you guys have any other suggestions uh, we could do it. Oh actually, hang on uh all on top of all that of giving away a bunch of stuff. Let's get a discount going um on the merch store, merch store 20 discount make the code all right i'll.

Let you know when this is live. Uh we're gon na. Do it all we're gon na have a fun day, it's gon na be a fun day. I i feel very fortunate that the 100th episode lined up with a friday.

Just so we can sit here. Party, listen to some music. It's going to be a good day going to be a good day, uh yeah we're going to do it. Someone just had a really good idea.

Okay, we could do that as well. Oh, let me write all these down, so we're just gon na be doing a lot uh. Did you see the news on sndl? I did not. Let me check it out.

Uh trading after the company announced it would acquire alcana issue. Is it's acquiring a company? Oh a liquor business. The company will also benefit from the increased canadian cannabis exposure throughout canada's nova cannabis brand. So it bought a like a canadian cannabis alcohol liquor business thing interesting, acquisition, uh, it's beefing it up! That's good um! I'm i've made this like very clear that i'm definitely bullish on the overall marinara industry, ding ding ding.

The casino is open best of luck to all all right, all right, all right, let's get going today. Where are we at if you ain't in the stock market? Where are you at those tick? Tocks always get me. If you ain't on the river, then, where you at, if you ain't fighting for market transparency, then where are you at all right all right all right? Let's do this thing: let's see some of that green, green, green, all right, happy, 100, maddie boy, shout out: lizzy uh, hey matt congrats on 100 episodes we're here to the next 100. Thanks for everything you do.

I learned so much shout out timothy. I appreciate that crypto island vibes, have you heard of crypto island check out crypto island. Tell me what you think about it i'll look into it, i'm getting that much much more uh thoughts on mdma. Let me write that one m g m a all right i'll check that out shout out chris hope, you're having a good one, matt check out ccxi.

Where do you pull out of my option, check the yearly ticker cc xi uh? What are your thoughts on litecoin uh, dr thompson? That's actually probably out of all the cryptos that i personally own - it's probably my least favorite one um, and i it's probably one of my biggest percentages that i'm down, i mean i'm in it and i'm just gon na, like hope fully that there's a i'm, basically Praying that there's some huge litecoin rip uh that ends up helping me out, but right now it's definitely one of my worst crypto investments. I just think there's better ones right now, um in terms of excitement and community right now i think sheba and doge are obviously important ones. I know ripple has a very ravenous community support cardano's getting there in terms of like my comfort as a long-term investment uh. I'm very very exciting and excited about ethereum, cardano and solana.

I'm learning more about matic, but i'm assuming i'm going to be pretty excited about that as well. Um litecoin, it's just not! I i just think there's better options. I do believe that i will make my money back on it um, but once i'm a little profitable or break even i'm probably going to pull the rip cord on it. I just think they're there's just more options.

Oh the mdma! Isn't that just uh the drug? Isn't that the one that rogan talks about a lot did i just get? Did i just get joked on guys guys, don't pick on me? I don't it could be a stock. Like sounds legitimate, shout out paul 100 congrats matt shout out paul uh for jane dotstream all day since it's 100th episode, uh, unfortunately i'll be unable to i just have so much going on today, i'm very very excited. So yesterday i was able to do the interview with lisa branganza, the lawyer who's been on making money with charles payne to talk all about the legal issues surrounding robin hood citadel, the sec, the fed political trading, social media. That interview is absolute fire.

It is coming out this weekend do not miss it. A lot of interesting insights from someone she's previously worked at the sec and now she's kind of a defender for individual traders and investors very interesting expertise, level. Insights on the entire scenario opposed to people just throwing out like their own random guesses on social media, so check that interview out it'll be coming out this weekend, i'll post it to the main channel tonight at 4, 30 4, 30 pm eastern i'll be interviewing michael Saylor, the founder creator of microstrategy, also one of the biggest bitcoin bulls in in existence currently uh, so michael saylor, founder creator, microstrategy microstrategy itself has a hundred thousand bitcoin on its balance sheet. Um, that's gon na be an exciting, exciting conversation.

It's gon na all be about crypto the fed these all coins, the entire crypto landscape. At this moment in time once again, that is, 4 30 p.m. Eastern today um, so i don't know what you're doing tonight, but free up your schedule. It's going to be an awesome one so make sure you're checking that out the link for it is like the first or second link in the description of the video um, so you can get there.

It's free! It's completely free then, tomorrow, with i'm doing that interview in conjunction with ttg uh tomorrow, i'm doing another thing with ttg to talk about social sentiment, training the sign up for that that's also free and then on monday, i'm doing a podcast with dave lower to talk About market structure, retail traders, market makers, payment for order flow dark pools all that good stuff, the sign up for that's there, so you do not need to sign up for the michael saylor one, you just click on the youtube link, the other two things you need To sign up for, but all three are completely free. You just need to get like properly registered. All that stuff is in the link of um is in the description of the video and, as you can see like i get it uh folks, i'm i consume social media. I understand that there is a uh a bit of, i guess ill will and not the best feelings for me.

Switching up my schedule, but you have to understand all those things that i just listed. They've now become possible of this new schedule and that this is what i'm talking about. If you want the apes to win, will one of the apes need to step up and do something bigger? We? We can't we've done this thing where we just talk about it. On youtube and just stream it and it we're here and i'm happy with the results, but i don't think this is it like.

I have, i think we have so much more potential of the things we need to uncover and learn and discuss and just really shed light on, and this is exactly what i'm trying to do when i, when i tell you that as the moon gang here, uh You're on this rocket ship with me and we're taking it to the next level like it's it's it's just, i feel like the ripples. We're making are we're just standing in the pool right there and we just have a boogie board and we're making ripples like we're. Being heard, i'm not saying that, like this is completely falling on deaf ears, but i think what we need to do to win. This is make like we just need to make a tsunami like we need to chop half the mountain off and throw it into the ocean and that's my goal.

It's going to take time it's going to take weeks potentially months, and this position with all of it is bigger and better. I need to reach out and somehow coordinate the discussions and interviews and create the type of content that is just gigantic and that's the goal. Um, so that's why exactly i can do these things talk to mrs braganza yesterday. That was awesome.

Talking to michael saylor, today dave lauer on monday, and that's just the start of it um. I i can't really reveal the other things, because i can only do it when it's officially confirmed, but there's things in the background going on that. I think all of you are very, very uh, going to be very excited about kelly, ripa cgi good morning. Matt.

Your thoughts on ccxi i'm seeing a lot of people talk about ccxi uh, it's up. Whoa whoa is this one october 8th cc xi. Ccxi has surged after the company secured us fda approval uh to treat patients on anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic anti, auto antibody associated vasculitis. Those are like out of those past eight words that i just read.

I don't even know 10 of them um, so s fda approval! That's when i'm talking about the biopharma industry in the biotech industry. This is a good example of like how i say it's just binary. You don't know if a test is going to go well, fda, approval or disapproval. Something like that.

Obviously this one jumped it got fda approval, the perceived value of the company shot clearly through the roof, and that's why it's up 76. I think a good question from here that a lot of you are asking is: is it worthwhile to chase? I don't think so. Um, but that's also because i feel uncomfortable training, biotech and bio like or pharma stocks, because i just that's not where my expertise lies. I don't know how good that drug is or isn't or that testing mechanism or whatever.

It really was to the point that i don't even fully understand those words, so i trade what i know all right. How does mma preferred shares work up 90 cents a share sell only no buy yeah, so i saw that uh. However, that was registered they're doing it again. I saw a lot of people who were have it on robinhood was saying that they're like yeah? Why is there doing it again? The preferred shares are just more of a marker from the trch special dividend.

It's like a marker that you get that um, but in terms of the brokerage is not allowing people to buy. That's i don't understand. Is it maybe because there's only a certain amount like that's just not something that i've been truly following? If you want to know more about mmat the special shares and the trch acquisition, i would say the main person i know of in this world, the ape community that's been closely following. It is trey's subway cup uh he's been tweeting about it, so check out that twitter, uh, michael saylor, is a legend good luck with the interview mk hitting the big time.

I appreciate that paul uh autoplay had me stuck on an old stream for an hour. Yesterday january 29th, our first battle scars, happy 100 man, glad you're a part of the community shout out the lord king, i'm happy you are joe. Have you tried dmt rogan uh matt aka, the best whistleblower i've ever seen? What's your thoughts on amc, low volume mo s coming soon because of the days to cover no no days to cover is just a theoretical value of if all the shorts wanted to cover simultaneously. How long would that take? It doesn't tell give you an indication of when the short might occur.

Um, that's what dtc stands for days to cover and in terms of the low volume um i want more volume. I want more volume to confirm technical breakouts, so, on a nice break out of 4150, a gap fill up to 44 or whatever that is 20 um whatever it is. I want that to happen on nice volume for us to stay up there. I don't think that people are i've noticed in the community are trying to associate volume, whether high or low, with bullishness or bearishness.

I find that to be inappropriate. Volume is associated most closely with volatility, not bullishness or bearishness. You can have high or low volume with up or down days like it's not like. You need high volume for an update and low volume for a down day, it's more so of talking about the phenomena of volume exhaustion and what you see a very natural pattern of ebbing and flow ebbs and flows within the stock market.

Um, you see periods of expansion, periods of consolidation and it just goes back and forth, vice versa, um and right now, ever since we started selling off, we have like a low conviction and when i say low conviction, i mean low volume, as in not many participants Are participating in that movement? We have a low conviction, move to the downside recently and now we're trying to break that um. We could break to the upside with low conviction as in low volume, or it could be the complete opposite. We could break to the upside with huge volume and a high amount of conviction. Only time will tell i think a lot of it will be more so related to the headwinds and tailwinds provided by the overall market.

So i'm definitely watching the russell 2000. The s p, 500 and the q's i just want to see as much green as possible, because that's going to prompt more people and money managers to be risk on, as in their money's actively in the market. We don't want people to be spooked by the overall market where the risk off and they take the money out of the market, because that means that some people who aren't necessarily apes might be taking their money out of both amc and gme. Volume is done in the bark dark pool yeah, but that's all reported.

We know the volume from dark pools. That's all fully reported and also uh. Is this going to come up again this dark pool, so many other creators out there are misstating what a dark pool is and isn't um. I don't know how to make this more explicitly.

Clear market makers, internalizers and payment for order flow are exponentially more interesting to us and i would argue more detrimental to the overall market than dark pools, if you're being told by creators or whoever on social media, that it's like right up there like market makers, payment For order flow like it's, it's as problematic as dark pools that that's just not true, there's a lot of misunderstanding of what a dark pool is and isn't uh. Do i think that dark pools have problems and need a bit more regulation and there's wonky things that go on? Yes, of course, but if i can mage or like wave a magic wand right now and fix one of these, it would not like dark pools. Would definitely be below the current duopoly of market makers, that is, the the segmentation of the entire retail trading public is way more problematic than some of these institutions trading on dark pools. Um, like i said, there's aspects of it that still need to get fixed as it relates to dark pools, but i would perceive if we're looking for um, most likely detrimental aspects to wall street the economy and even just straight up manipulation.

You got ta look at market makers. You got ta look at prime brokers uh to me. That's where we're gon na find, like the biggest amount of things that like truly need to get fixed, uh dark pools, can delay the price action. No, making it easier to manipulate the daily price dark pools.

Cannot no, it's not true um. If you want to know about dark pools, watch the interviews with dave lauer like uh, i think a lot of people are taking their input on dark pools from youtubers like myself, and you should not dark pools - are very much a stock market. Plumbing stock market structure issue, where that's, where you need someone with a level of expertise, i'm literally telling you to not take your opinions on dark pools from anything on social media, including myself. Listen to the experts, listen to people who have worked with dark pools who have built dark pools who have written books on dark pools.

Don't just take it from some random reddit post from some tweet from some youtube video um. I've been fortunate enough to have three separate interviews with dave, lauer they're, all on my channel, just search, dave, lauer, dark pools and you could watch all of them and actually learn from a true expert opposed to just some. Like thing: that's, i guess just really. Bending over to confirmation, bias and saying yeah, no, this is like what people want i'm going to give views.

So i'm going to say this because i know it's a good sound bit in terms of social media. That's a great way to be adored. That's a great way to get views, that's a great way to be liked because everyone's, like oh no he's on my side like who ra ra, that's the person. That's saying what i want to be true, but when it comes to your money that it doesn't matter um whatsoever when it comes to your money, what matters is the truth: uh autoplay.

Alright, we did that shout out paul, wash big ball paul long time. Listener amc ape and crypto guy love your show and i do love you're getting in more into crypto. I mean i love crypto. I have loved it for a while.

I love it and i just figure it's another money-making opportunity and i don't, i think, a lot of the amc and jamie apes as soon as they learn more about it and the ethos of what's going on. They're gon na also love it um. So when it's money-making and in my opinion, one of the biggest crooks of our current time is our government, i think they're, one of the biggest crooks out there and one way to kind of, i guess, detach normal a normal person's life from just the random um. Like waste of our government, the insatiable appetite of just printing, more and more money, uh crypto, is taking away power from the government.

Our government, the us government, all other governments, and i think, that's smart. I think our governments have too much power. I think they overreach and i think they abuse it um non-stop. So for me, that's just another fight that i'm very much interested in uh.

Happy 100 share. I guess you too match cup and handle on dna. Looking for a breakout coming off, the scorpion hit job dna shout out el randle al catone. Thank you for that super remote how's it going prague.

Can you look at the chart? Please? Yes, jennifer? How are you hope, you're having a good one prague on the list? Simplified lit exchange i'm about to pee in the dark pool. I just finished peeing in the pool, but either way guys they're still pee in the pool. What's going on and that's funny a huge achievement. Congratulations on your 100th episode.

My friend moment of silence ducks in the chat, quack trey's rage, george w mug shout out shout out shout out shout out: um matt coors, the fud is real in chat, but what about stephanie and her thoughts on dark pools? Um. So i think, she's very, very good at understanding, uh, the volume analysis and trading methodologies related to dark pools, but when it comes to the the plumbing of it and how it does or doesn't work uh there's been various statements that she's been disproven on um. So i think a lot of her input is valuable and it's a good way to learn to trade using dark pool analytics, but to say that uh trade confirmations can be delayed by an entire day. That's just been disproven um, it just happens um.

I i don't know really like people act like some of this is like that's one thing i don't get, and maybe it's just like my brain that i don't know um people act like some of this stuff is an opinion of like oh, no. No, i just like don't think that, like the stock market is one of the most like just factual things like either it works this way or it doesn't work this way. Um and that's one thing that i don't get is people just like? Oh, i just have this opinion that this is going on. It's like.

Well, how do you happen to like it's all fact and that's like one thing i find very confusing um so with dark pools, i don't know like. I know people are gon na get mad and be like. No, i think the biggest problem is dark pools like oh, okay, um. I i think if you like dove more into it, your opinion would change on it.

Like i said, i'm not here saying oh dark pools are perfect and like let's not look at them at all, no, i think they should be more regulated. I think there's issues with them. I just happen to think that market makers are far more detrimental to the current system and are represent a much larger percentage of the current issues. We're currently facing in terms of manipulation, not dark, pools, uh, happy 100th episode mark.

Would you rather fight a hundred penguin size, ken griffins or a hundred ken griffin size penguins, or would you rather spend a hundred dollars to see ken griffin fight a hundred penguins uh? I would pay way more than a hundred dollars to see ken griffin fight a hundred penguins. This is a great question, all right, um spy and iwm kind of dancing around looking a little bit weak, but let's see if we can get a bounce off of it. Amc a little bit flat, jimmy gme has very low volume right now: 72 000, there's just no activity going on in gamestop today, no volume. Yet, let's see if that can turn around um.

Okay yep the the moon gang merge code is up the code 100.. One zero zero and you get twenty percent off your entire order. Anything you get in celebration of this community and what all of us have come together to build uh 20 off of that and in a little bit uh we're going to be doing just some like random giveaways about just stuff. We have um.

In fact, if you want to be a part of the free giveaway here, i'm about to do - and this is free - this is completely free all right. Let me get this. Let me just get ready, so everyone can all right. Let's get ready, let's get ready, justine to get this duck emoji all right, so this will be hopefully easy for everyone to participate all right sweet.

I think we are good to do. How do winner use filters all right, so i think the way this is gon na work is i just tweeted this out to get into it. Yeah just somehow engage with this. I think you might have to comment, or whatever just engage with this, follow this main channel on youtube, matt, coors, uh and then also the backup channel coors light.

So that's how just engage with this. This is going to be the list that i'm pulling from and then i'm just going to cross it with the subs on the two channels um. I have this fancy schmancy like thing right here where you load it up and then you could check it. Add the filters to follow on other random things and we're just gon na start picking some we're gon na start picking some winners, but i'm going to let that ride for a little bit just so, people can like have the time to engage with it.

I just tweeted out matt underscore coors, that's my twitter, twitch instagram is matt underscore course. Oh one thing i need to talk about. The amount of bots lately on youtube has been absolutely astounding. So please please be careful to make sure that you're actually engaging with me on youtube.

I'm verified, i have the check mark. That's me, that's and i never. I don't have a whatsapp, a telegram, i'm not asking you to email me um and like even that. Like surprisingly, i know how to write.

I have pretty solid grammar like those. The comments are like it looks like a robot, truly wrote them like they look crazy uh. So please please be mindful of that uh on all those other things i am not verified, but just check for the name. It's matt underscore coors um, look for the double underscore look for instead of an oh, it's a zero or they just misspell it, but just double check the name, but i'm not dming you i'm not doing any of that.

I'm not what's happening. You i'm not asking you to email me. I don't have some secret training course uh. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there's many many scammers trying to separate you from their money, you from your money, uh and growing their own money um.

So just please be mindful of all that i embrace my like i've already gotten so many messages of people like freaking out at me. They're, like you, stole my money. I was like well what happened and i was like: aren't you dming two different accounts because they dm me and they're like look it? I just sent this account. I was like, well, that's a whole different account and it it's sad.

Please just please be careful. I don't know how to be more up front about that. One: wait! What a hundred episodes of ignoring work - hello, great journey, matt uh - glad to have been here shout out, uh congrats. On of the episode wish.

I could enter the giveaway, but i don't have a twitter regardless just keep up the great work shout out. What are your thoughts on g-r-o-m, the groom to the broom, the groom to the bride? Looking strong uh it shot up, came down based at three shot up and now it looks like it's gearing up again um. I i have no position on it. If i were, i would be risking 445.

So if you're, okay with that risk, have at it. What is it internet uh, i'm definitely seeing bullishness in the chart like without a doubt, um. Actually it's above it's looking strong before you do it. Obviously i would recommend do a little bit of additional dd like what's the company in uh.

I could give you the short interest and all that just hang on one. Second, all right looks like it's groom social enterprises uh. So it's not a short squeeze play. The short interest is sub 10 um, so i don't want any like if anything.

This is just like a low float push dog, it's an extremely low float stock, so this just might be a low float push. This is not something that i would diamond hand and hold on to forever. This would be a very active day, trade or swing trade. That's how i would personally perceive it definitely not something that i'm like i'm riding this up to like whatever value, i don't see it as a short squeeze play.

The short interest is coming in sub 10.. It just seems to be a low flow excitement stock. Just from my initial perusal of it, they can buy into dp where it doesn't affect price and sell it where um, no, that's, actually wrong. Big bird bag, holder uh - i don't know where you're getting that they can buy in dark pool where it doesn't affect the price and sell it in a lit where it does per invested.

Pedia um i've read that in vestapedia. That's not what it say says when you buy on a dark bull, it does still have a material impact on price, and that's exactly that and that's an important part like i'm not like that. That's the main uh crux of the argument of dark pools, but we debunked that notion with dave lauer and even if you like, i just pulled up the dark pool thing over here. Um.

I think you're misunderstanding what they're saying in the investopedia. So here's what it says, dark pools, are a type of ats alternative trading system that gives certain investors the opportunity to place large orders and make trades without publicly revealing their intentions during the search for buys and sellers buyers and sellers in the search for buyers and Sellers, that's nothing about not impacting the price when you trade on a dark pool. It clearly has a material impact on price. Dark pools are private asset exchanges designed to provide additional liquidity and anonymity for trading large blocks of securities away from the public eye.

So just an anonymity who did it not it's not saying it doesn't impact price dark pools, provide pricing and cost advantages by buy side institutions such as mutual funds, pension funds, which claim that these benefits ultimately accrue to retail investors who invest in these funds. That's whatever, however, darkpool's lack of transparency makes them susceptible to conflicts of interest by their owners and predatory trading practices by hft firms.

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