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We're going don't be mistaken, the apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, swimming pool champagne every day, hey fam. What you do wan na, hang you wan na chill. Oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties. Every night we was hey screw.

You kenny bought my wife, a minivan to share with the boyfriend, but i pull up in the band's plate, saying all of cranes going on an airplane, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's your birthday or breaking, because we're going to the moon. Today's expectation probably more manipulation. If you do, a creation of a crooked operation bought more while it was low, got more dips and trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us folk.

If you spend your last dollar on bananas, while living in squalor, we don't claim to be scholars. We the smooth brain dummies and we never stood taller yeah. We do this for love and we do this. For our honor.

A follower of living ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust m-o-a-s-s. Oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out john rocket man.

This is the way gon na. Be girl really grind, don't be mistaken, the ace won't don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them next fucking town, moon, gang, hello, hello, hello, hope, you're having an absolutely amazing amazing morning evening afternoon night, wherever it is, but today is monday october 18th. Hey shout out was my pops birthday yesterday.

So shout out to him if you're listening right now, i don't know if he is or isn't but happy day late birthday to him because we weren't streaming yesterday overall folks, we have a lot to get into. I hope you first of all, i just hope you had a nice relaxing weekend uh. Maybe you were paying attention to some of the the sporting games or maybe you're, watching the crypto market all weekend, just because you're too addicted to the charts, like myself, maybe you're, just uh relaxing with some friends and family, no matter what you decided to do. Hope you had an absolutely amazing one uh.

So let's start this off. What what i want to do is kind of get everyone's head straight for kind of what to look for this week, some of the important developments across all markets and then from there, of course, i'll be um i'll, be turning it over to you for any questions. Before that bell goes ding, ding ding, so let's hop into it. So i never really like to start it out like this, but a little bit of morbid news coming out this morning, uh colin powell, former secretary and state of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff uh.

He passed away due to complications with coven 19. Just so everyone knows that so obviously colin powell family in our thoughts. So here's what you need to know about the market today, wall street set to start the week lower after friday's rally. So one thing i want to point out to you is yes: okay, we've been talking about the fomc, we know that they're going to start the tapering in november we've been talking about the debt ceiling.

We are waiting on the president to sign that which is fully expected to happen, and previously it was a cautionary tale of what's going on with evergrand and i'll be talking about that in a second, but really this it's to me this, if you're looking at the Overall market right now, like we're seeing a little bit of weakness, a little bit of weakness in both the spy, the iwm, the qs. To me, this is just more of a healthy check back because we we gapped up two days in a row, especially on the spy and now that some of those things that people are being cautious about are going to the wayside. We're also seeing some very positive term things in terms of reports right here. So far, 41 s, p 500 companies have delivered third quarter results with 80 of them, topping earnings per share expectations.

Last week it was a bunch of banks, big big banks, and on top of that health insurance companies this week, uh we do have some other ones right here: netflix, j, j, united airlines, procter and gamble other very important companies to pay attention to to get a Better idea of, what's going on in the overall market, but right now this quarter, the third fiscal quarter doing very, very well in terms of reports. Another thing that is still kind of brewing underneath in terms of a macroeconomic perspective, is what's going on with inflation. I mean we're seeing some crazy things. The cost of everything is up and i will specifically obviously be talking about oil, but just in general everything's up we have high demand low supply.

I believe right now, the last time i checked on it. There were still 80 plus cargo ships stuck in the the ports outside of la and long beach and the pacific. There um it's right here because of covid and everything that happened. The workforces are down, factories are down, and yet demand is still high and we're having a tough issue.

And then, when you have the energy sector, oil is very high. Gasoline is very high. Coal is very high. We're definitely seeing some inflationary signals.

I'm not here going to be beating. The drum of this is hyperinflation. This is what it's going to lead to it be prepared for d-day. No, i obviously see a pathway out of this, but in the meantime i don't think that the federal reserve is really doing the the public any good.

By saying. Oh, it's completely transitory. Don't worry about it at all. There are many different metrics quantitative metrics in the back end then, are saying: okay, inflation.

It's a worthwhile conversation to have right now, and it is by no means helping that oil is sky high highest oil since october of 2014. Behind the march higher our continued recovering demand as covid depressed business activity, picks up and as natural gas and coal prices encourage a switch to fuel and diesel from power generation, natural gas sky, high coal sky, high oil sky high right now, i do have the chart Up for you look at this ever since late august, just sky sky high to shoot and shoot and shoot we got above 83, it's right now at 82.88. You can track this. This is the light crew.

You could track it on the uh futures market. It is available to you on trading view, but, as you can see, going higher and higher so right here, this reasoning of uh demand supplied. That makes sense, but on top of it do not forget that opec and their allies all determined. It was a better move to keep supply low.

They are intentionally not releasing additional oil to the public market so when you're constraining supply. Obviously, when demand is constant or higher, that's going to drive price up. So that's definitely one thing to consider: china's gdp disappoints. Third quarter slows to 4.9 percent uh, so this is we're talking a year ago, as industrial activity in the world's second largest economy rose less than expected in september.

Uh. There's a myriad of reasons for this, and the main thing i really want to talk about. Is it does seem this the evergrand situation? We do have a new update on this. This is coming from unusual whales.

Evergreen is set to officially be in default on october 23rd, when the grace period on its first non-payment ends. Previous dates suggested the 18th 19th. So now the new date we're paying attention to is october 23rd. But with that not people's worry about evergrand because of how much debt they had we're talking over 300 billion they're like okay.

Well, how many other companies and industries is it going to bring down with it, but it does seem like it is more in control than when we were first hearing about it. So that's a little bit of why it's not being discussed as much. I don't think it's going to have as huge implications on the market and really, let's be fair from the start. There were many people who were like this is nothing like 2008.

This is nothing like long-term capital and those people were right and they were mainly putting out pointing out the industry that it was involved in and where it was dealing so that one kind of falling to the wayside, but overall no. It is interesting to note that, for whatever is going on uh, china's gdp was uh, disappointing uh bitcoin, huge movements in bitcoin huge fundamental movements in bitcoin. So i want to talk about this in just a bit, but just so you know also apple looks like they're. Coming out with um, they have a launch event today, previously they've discussed everything but the mac.

So a lot of people a lot of these people who are devout followers of apple. We we've learned about iphones, ipads apple watches, uh, but macs have not been in the discussion. So a lot of people assuming the launch event today will be about max just so. You know what's going on with apple before i get into my breakdown of bitcoin and crypto in general.

I do want to talk about seasonality and where we're at so we're about halfway through october, and what this is. This is the typical seasonality trend of the s. P, 500 and as you can see when you get about halfway through october, the first third of october from there until pretty much the first week-ish ish of january, the trend is up and up and up obviously there's some hiccups like right here. This appears to be around thanksgiving right here, mid-december, but in general, if you look at like a multi-week time frame, it does look as if the trend for the overall stock market from here until about the start of january is up up and away just so.

You know so from a seasonal perspective. From now until january, i'm inherently going to be bullish. Um. Of course, there could be pockets of weakness right here.

I just pointed out thanksgiving. We have whatever this dip is in mid-december. This one, i think, is more noteworthy and by the way you can get this off of equity clock. This is a free website, just google equity clock, but anyway this one i find concerning not just from a seasonality standpoint, but on top of it remember, this is now the new deadline for the debt ceiling early december.

So if we have a little bit of seasonal weakness on top of patek, potentially more political fighting right versus left of, what's going on the debt ceiling, uh, i'm specifically interested in this time frame. Just so, everyone knows, but really from now until let's say the thanksgiving time period, seasonal perspective and really i'm not seeing too many movements on the political front. That could have a huge, huge influence. Obviously, that could change as soon as today, but as of now on the radar, i'm kind of liking, this trend overall, obviously, that's not like day to day green, green, green, i'm saying just if you were to take the the general period of mid october until the End of november, i'm gon na be a bit bullish there, that's your overall market! Now, let's talk about the new, exciting news in the world of crypto.

The first bitcoin futures etf in the us is set to begin trading in the week ahead and in fact, we actually have an additional development on it. Pro shares bitcoin futures etf will launch on the new york stock exchange tuesday we're talking about tomorrow. That's very very exciting. This was reported by the new york times, so i'm going to say, that's a credible source.

So when you're diving into this right here, walter bloomberg, good account to follow on twitter is talking about pro shares. Pro shares is just another one. They have a bunch of etfs, in fact, i think this might be their bitcoin one right here, set to be launching tomorrow, very, very good. The other one in play is valkyrie, so you have pro shares and you have valkyrie.

These are two that appear to be rocking this week. Now what you need to know about them, i'm seeing um some misinformation about what this does and doesn't mean. So i want to do my best to kind of clean it all up for everyone of really what these implications are. So etfs for the bitcoin world has been filed as early as 2013 and i believe the first one.

So what we're talking eight years ago, um by those winklevoss twins, uh the guys who got screwed over in the social network when they, i don't know, were outwitted in a certain way by mark zuckerberg himself. But this has been my point in bringing this up. Is it's been a long long battle and a lot of people have been seeing this for a while, and it is important to know what is truly good about this, and i think what some people are overstating so bitcoin futures etf, so that is different from what's Referred to as a spot etf! So if you look up spot etf uh, we have spot etfs for commodities such as gold, where it's very, very close to gold it'll be way way closer to the actual price and typically not in the world of crypto. It would also most likely be cheaper in terms of transaction fees um, but anyway, that that's getting a little bit into the nitty gritty of it.

So we have a bitcoin futures etf. Actually, we have two that are most likely gon na go live this week on the left side of the screen. Right now i have bitcoin trading just above sixty thousand sixty thousand 60 267 on the right. I have the front month so remember: futures contracts, they roll by different contracts and, like you have the front month and you can see, there's certain dates on different futures of when you roll to the next contract uh.

We could have a whole different discussion about futures. Later, but on the right side, i have bitcoin futures, as you can see slightly different. This is, i mean without getting into too much detail the futures market of it's more of um, where they see it going based on whatever time frame, they're. Looking at so very, very similar right here, you have bitcoin on the left, bitcoin futures on the right um.

As you can see very, very similar, but not perfectly the same, not lockstep, so when i'm talking about pro shares when i'm talking about valkyrie think futures do not think bitcoin itself, and this is interesting because when you have an etf, a lot of people think okay, If i buy that, that means that you're going to be directly buying the asset that it's covering not necessarily well actually necessarily but think about what that means. This means that if you get a bitcoin etf, when you buy into that you're, actually getting them to buy bitcoin futures, not bitcoin itself so 50 into this etf doesn't mean they buy an extra 50 of bitcoin. It means they buy an extra basically 50 of bitcoin futures, so there is a slight difference: there um they're buying the front month and then they're going to roll it appropriately to the next month as it goes through. So that is both pro shares and valkyrie.

If you look into their prospectus, they both say this. They say they are not buying bitcoin directly and i'm seeing a lot of assumptions out there that if you get the atf you're getting very direct exposure and the difference here is basically physically settled versus cash settled. So right here the futures that's going to be cash settled and it's more of an indirect ownership, while when you have the physically settled physically, the actual thing that's more of the direct ownership. So right now we are much more in the indirect ownership realm with both of these etms right now in the united states there is not an option to get an etf that has that direct physically settled exposure to bitcoin uh in canada.

There is, i, i believe, the name of it is the purpose, etf and right now in the us uh, the company that is filing for it is grayscale, and so they are looking for that direct spot, etf and they're, hoping that it'll be up and running and Available to the public by the end of this year, so overall i'm not here saying this is still very, very good for bitcoin. I just want to make it clear that in it, you're not going to be getting that direct exposure. So in many many indirect ways you will get a a bunch of positivity, i think uh. So we need that spot etf to go right into bitcoin and, like i think, that'll help, but across the board, even with these future etfs you first of all, i think it really really helps with public accessibility.

So there's going to be many many people out there who maybe they don't want a crypto account or anything like that and they're just used to their fidelity tda e-trade, whatever their brokerage is and they're like. Okay, i want this exposure i'll go to the etf, so they have public access a little bit on that as we have future etfs and normal etfs spot etfs. Think about the world that that opens up to with iras right now in the u.s iras account for about 12.2 trillion dollars. So, even if a small amount of money of retirement accounts now has exposure to crypto, like i'm saying through an indirect manner, that is hugely hugely positive for bitcoin and then thus positive for bitcoin is usually positive for the overall crypto sector on top of it.

So we have public accessibility, ira money. This is just sentiment as regulators are starting to look into it and being like okay. Yeah. No, like we understand this, there's a public demand.

We can do this in a safe, regulated way, that's good sentiment, so the ball is getting rolling uh. Obviously many people have been in crypto for a while they've seen the momentum bitcoin. What in a decade has now gone from a couple dollars all the way up to 60 grand a lot of people from in terms of price action would argue, that's a huge amount of momentum, but now we're seeing momentum in regulation we're seeing momentum from the sec. We're seeing momentum in the us government to me this is amazingly good news uh.

Obviously i think a spot etf would be stronger but, like i said we're looking for that at the end of the year, but these bitcoin futures etfs rolling out starting tomorrow. That's the pro shares one. This is amazingly, amazingly good news for bitcoin, i'm just trying to clear up any of the confusion about okay, you might be like hang on. Why does it always say futures? Why am i hearing about spot etf overall? I think these are good, it's just more in a little bit more of a indirect mannerism that it will be benefiting uh bitcoin in my opinion, but keep out your eye out, especially if you're a crypto bull on the spot etfs from grayscale, hopefully by the end Of this year - and just so you know this one coming hopefully live tomorrow - remember the sec does have up till midnight tonight to shut this down.

Um, that's the secs uh. It will be trading under b. I t o just so we're all on the same page with that all right now, let's talk a little bit about some of the fundamental development over the weekend, as it relates to movie theaters and specifically amc so halloween kills. Uh opens to a killer 50.4 million.

Despite dual peacock launch, so this is definitely beating out expectations. Uh, definitely definitely beating out expectations on the top of the fact that it was also a dual release to a streaming one uh very, very interesting, 50.4 million dollars hey. I mean we're going to hear this and um. I do want to bring up some things that some of your favorite mainstream media people seem to be talking about lately.

This is very good. This is incredibly good. Whatever this rhetoric is of people not going to theaters, it feels like weekend over weekend over weekend. No people are going to the theaters.

Now personally, i have yet to watch this movie myself. I've watched all the previous ones hey. It gets me into the halloween fall spirit. I didn't even know they were making one.

I have seen the trailer for this. I'm gon na watch it the one that um, i guess quote, unquote bombed right here. The last duel uh matt damon, is in it uh jody, whatever her name is in it and then also adam drivers in it, it's kind of like a medieval like battle thing: um uh, it bombed, apparently so 4.8 million domestically. So i guess people not specifically liking that movie, but they are very much liking.

Halloween kills they're very much liking. James mom they're very much liking, venom too um coming up in november. I believe we have top gun too uh. We know we're starting to see all those trailers for eternals the next marvel movie so exciting stuff ahead, just in terms of the theatrical experience and we actually have the numbers to back that up.

This is once again from the usual wales. First, two weeks of october domestic indus industry box office, grosses amc are more than 300 million and the biggest 14 day total since february of 2020. So it seems like all these things being set of records like we're getting out of the realm of destroying like covid pandemic records and we're back on track of just being normal records, which is very, very interesting, makes me super excited, and for me i mean, beyond My devotion to amc and the far fight for like market transparency and all that i just really like movies like i truly enjoy going to movies. So that makes me excited, and it's honestly not just amc - we're seeing amc setting its own company records, but also so are other theater change, which really just shows you the strength of it.

Even imax has been coming out and be like. This is actually like. The best, whatever september weekend october weekend, we've just flat out had so a lot a lot of people excited about that stuff. So right here i mean i know people are going to be telling us that the theaters are dead and um.

I do need charles. I want to show you one thing that i just thought was kind of weird, but still related to this um charles gasparino. You folks all know that i take serious issue with him, just because i think he's using his position to, for whatever reason gain his own. I guess social relevance and i don't know, i think, he's a liar.

We know he's a liar he's a verified liar and he's also a verified piece of shit, and this just goes to further express all of that uh. So yesterday he tweeted this out. Yet another reason to stream amc movie theater robbery: 80 year 82 year old, has purse snatched by three suspects on upper west side. If you are using, i, i don't even know if i could articulate this, because this, if this was personally my grandmother for someone to further their own dumb incorrect story by, like probably one of the most traumatic events for this lady, like the fact that, like an 82 year old, uh getting robbed and to use that, as your reasoning of just like i'm gon na fight with these apes on social media, about amc to use such a story for some elder lady, like a probably a very, i would assume uh traumatizing event for Her to use that simply to like needle a group of people, you don't like on social media time and time again, this guy proves who he is uh and, like.

I said he is a piece of shit. He right here, um god, country, pull-ups and vodka, in that order. Now i myself don't identify as much of a religious person, but i would assume people who are religious and apparently god being like your your north star, your moral compass. If, god is your number one thing, and you consider yourself to be a religious person using the story of an 82 year old being robbed to just like fight with other people to be like ha like i'm pointing this out, and that that's just scummy like that? That is, like literal, scum beneath your shoes, that's what that is um.

I i think it's just so so, incredibly incorrect and immoral to possibly do something like this. The fact that this guy is still on news blows my mind, absolutely blows my mind um. So i just i want to bring that up to just express when we're fighting against people, i think sometimes on mainstream media. You could be like oh wow they're on mainstream media.

Maybe they uh know what they're talking about. Maybe they have a good point here or there or whatever um. No, not all of them do sometimes people for whatever reason get into the position they're in and they do not deserve it. Just because someone has a check mark just because you see someone on tv, that does not mean that they are more correct.

That does not mean that they are more moral. So if you're questioning it at all, no sometimes people get positions of power and positions of relevance that they should not have. This guy has been proven wrong by many many people, i'm talking all the way down from youtubers all the way up to market experts. Uh he's a liar he's a liar he's an intentional liar and he's that's just who he is so want to bring that up to understand that, just because someone's there and they have that, i guess what social credibility that really doesn't make them anything special.

All right. Moving on uh, just so you know the metrics for amc, the short interest is 17.7 percent. The shares on loan is 112 million, they've already borrowed 2.25 million today. So that puts it up at 114 because we're at a net of 2.2 and a utilization of 88 and the people who have been renting out these shares to go on loan have been in it for about 77 days, which is a hefty time to continually be Paying this cost to borrow fee in terms of gamestop.

The short interest is 12.2 percent utilization 36 and shares on loan around 8.7 million, and just so you know these shares have been on loan for about 45 days in terms of the overall market. Here's the s p. 500. Remember we have two gaps.

Potentially today we have a little bit of weakness at the opening. I'm kind of looking for this gap fill at 442.66. I can mark that out, um, not a major level in general, but just for today. Okay about a dollar 30 drop looking for this gap to get filled, and then we also have the gap to the bottom side.

But once again, i'm looking for that confirmation at market open in terms of the tech, heavy cues, also a little bit of a gap down looking for the hold at 365.70 and in terms of the russell 2000, also a gap down and i'm looking for this gap. Phil, the october 13th high of 222 and 70 cents we're at 224. So what's that about a dollar? Thirty, a dollar forty! So all these, like, i said, seasonally, i'm gon na be bullish, but that doesn't have implications on every single individual day and right now, from a technical perspective. Over the weekend, people probably got a little bit spooked about what's going on with inflation, what's going on with the supply-demand bottlenecks going on in the u.s uh oil sky, high gasoline sky, high coal sky high, there's reason to put a little bit of a break because We had a pretty solid weak run um, so i wouldn't be that surprised if we're just getting these gap, pills taken, care of, and hopefully a bounce right off of that, but specifically with the spy and the iwm look for those gap, fills and could represent a Buying opportunity um, that's what i'll be looking for, but as always, i want to see confirmation at market open in terms of amc.

Hey we're gapping up just slightly well, not technically a gap up we're opening higher a nice 0.2 percent gain the line in the sand. The huge technical breakout comes at 41.85, a nice close above 41.85, especially on volume, i'm looking for that vacuum gap fill all the way up to 4420. I, like the macd, crossover this thing trends when it gets trending, it seems to trend for quite a while. So very excited the golden.

The golden question: now is: how long will this momentum be sustained on amc, gme, similar uh, two green days in the macd we're at 180 force? I want the breakout of 190 and i'm watching the key psychological level of 200.. Both amc and jimmy are bending back around so that gets me pretty excited in terms of crypto bitcoin shot up currently flat at 61 000.. If you're trying to get in on bitcoin uh. If you're in the us you can download voyager, you could check out coinbase.

You could check out gemini all those links are in the description of the video and whenever you sign up and start your account and start training on it, you will get free, bitcoin, ethereum bouncing off of 3700. I think when this etf goes live not necessarily because of the direct buying of bitcoin, i think just that sentiment, that social sentiment of bitcoin is now being recognized by the us government by the sac as like a legitimate currency, a legitimate digital based asset class. I think we're going to see the enthusiasm potentially carry it to a new all-time high. I love aetherium, i'm i'm in sheba, i'm in madik.

I'm in all of these. I love all of them. I think bitcoin is a strong stronghold. Speaking of sheep you're.

Looking for this breakout at 28 cents, then a breakout at or not 28 cents. Let's just call it 28 because i don't want to say the 0.00 and then to break out of 30 and then hopefully a test of 36. matic holding very strongly above its breakout. At a dollar 33 remember matic the manic network, polygon uh.

It basically is just a second layer built on top of ethereum to make it more efficient to allow for more transactions. So these things are going to be a little bit intertwined just opened up in south korea. So that's exciting. So a lot of movement, um ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding.

Let's get going best of luck to all the casino is now open for the day. For the week, let's get rockin all right folks, com cool collected, you know the name of the game. Let's see how things open up, let's see where the confirmation is isn't uh, please check ortex on prague. I will uh and i also have prague over here.

Remember the the 230 to 245 ish area has been tough for prague, look for prague to break above and hold above 250 that becomes very exciting and in the meantime i will give you these vortex numbers on it. Uh don't forget about a and y either. Also a highly shorted stock, but more so related to crypto. So if crypto's looking strong, there's a good shot that any could be looking strong as well.

So in terms of prog, the short interest is just below 64 utilization 99.9 and shares on loan about 33 million cost to borrow sky high at 105, all righty alrighty uh easiest way to buy shibe in new york. Besides kucoin uh coinbase and gemini tommy's touch hey matt. Can i get your opinion on tsco? I see a large gap down in february small. Could you play gaffer in both directions? Interview on the weekend was awesome, hey matt.

I appreciate that um, so i'll check out that chart in in a bit, but just so you know, gaps gap plays are valid in both directions: correct uh, tso ts, co, dot, all right, um dkng by the rumor uh. I don't know what draftkings uh dkng. What would the rumors be? Uh polygonic draftkings entering strategic blockchain agreement. I love that i'm in manic, i'm in draftkings.

I let you guys all know when i bought draftkings in my longer term account um. I bought it on the first attempt here around 48. So i'm looking for just this to hold uh sounds like they're getting into a strategic blockchain agreement with polygon, which is manic. That's the one i was telling you about had like the nice breakout and hold right here trading around a dollar, fifty um, i'm not going to actively trade either of those uh.

I i believe in the long-term potential of both uh, both that crypto blockchain and also draftkings everything i know and read about online gambling, especially online sports gambling up and up and up, especially as more states within the us, continue to legalize it um. I think it's just a great long-term bet, so draftkings this was a couple weeks ago at the point when i bought it around 48 long-term hold uh big fan all right. I think i am up to date with everyone there. Let's get rocking amc.

Looking good 4120. 4133 was just a little bit of resistance over the past couple days, but the breakout is 41.85 and, like i said, a vacuum gap fell up to 44.20. So looking strong right out of the gate, i do like to wait. Those first 15, 20 30 minutes jimmy trading at 185, would love to see get above the region of supply of 188 to 190.

That's recently, where gme has been struggling, uh paying attention to the spy over here, though, a little bit of weakness: bitcoin. 61. 500! Hey! If you want free bitcoin, if you're just hey, i don't know about it and you want to start off easily. I have it right here for you, uh voyager, you can get a free 25 worth of bitcoin as soon as you, deposit and trade, a hundred dollars of any crypto uh.

So here's their list of cryptos um voyager is a nice app, like i said, you're gon na have trouble in the state of new york with it, and it's only for u.s residents. I, like voyager, i'm a fan of voyager. Another option is coinbase. Coinbase is wildly wildly popular if you are on coinbase, that is um in the us you're going to have issues in hawaii, but they also do have international options or like they have international services, depending on where you are or aren't um coinbase, also as coinbase pro Another very popular platform coinbase is like the largest crypto exchange.

So it's that's. A very, very serious one. Gemini is also a very serious one that one's the winklevoss twins, um, you're gon na - be good in the entire us, with that also has some international options. I'm on all three i'm on gemiini, i'm on coinbase, i'm on voyager.

I use them all for different options: uh, depending on. What's going on different coins, different interest payments different staking payments um, i think there's reason for me to have all three beyond that. Those are the three that i use, but just so you know, binance is very popular. Kucoin is very popular.

Um is very popular gate i o is very popular. Uphold is very popular. Those are all very legitimate ones. I just kraken is very popular.

I just myself happen to be on coinbase, gemini and voyager. Those are the three i use, but just so you know there are other legitimate ones and the main mask wallet i use is metamask. Can you please check out vortex for bbig happy2 bbig vinco vinco vincovinco? The shares on loan is 33.15 million utilization, 99.3 percent. The short interest is 25 and the cost to borrow is 104.

uh bbig. I just want to see its chart really quick. Bbig, hey look for the breakout around 8.50. This is bbig showing strength after 850 watch 950.

uh, definitely showing some strength, sdc, showing some weakness if it cannot hold 550 look for a potential flush down to five. It's at support now look for it to hold. If not, i think, there's more downside on stc um atr, just not really doing much, prog very, very strong, it's right at uh area, where it's had problems. I like this shoot up.

It comes down bases. This is strength. Look for the breakout of 270. prague! I have no position all those ones i just did bbig sdc atr a andy.

I do not have a position on any of them. I'm trying to be as unbiased as i possibly can. Prog prog, as of now looking very, very strong, and why looking for the support at 760, you want the breakout of 859 trying to base off of that uh, but a and y pr pr, og and bbig all three of them. I do admit: look pretty nice right now, pretty pretty nice all right sweet.

What is the word on fuel cell? I like the numbers. I like the stock, any advice on a profits going in amc bought uh 2010, but 2 000 wait. 20. 10.

29. I don't! I don't quite know the date that you're talking about on fuel cell there, but fuel cell i mean i'm bullish on the ev sector. I don't know if there's news on it, the chart is looking good a lot of strength, a little bit chasey a nice opportunity. Would have been here, 6, 25, maybe 670.

Definitely the opportunity was there to get in sub 7.. If you want to play this breakout, it's trying to break out literally as we speak, that's good just make a bet according to whatever your risk is for me. Personally. Remember not a financial advisor, not a lawyer, not a fortune teller.

You are in charge of your own money. You should not be copying anyone on social media if you're looking to a redditor, a twitter twatter a discorder, a youtuber to make your trades. That is not good. That means not you're, not learning your own skill set.

Remember those people, they don't know what your account's at um. You got to be trading for yourself, so all i can do is share my opinions, but at the end of the day, you're an adult you're in control of your own money, fuel cell, my own opinion - i like it. I like the sector. I, like evie a lot.

I don't think ev is necessarily a quick trade. I think it's a uh a hold to probably at least the end of the decade. Everything i'm reading about. Ev is we're just looking for technology to get to the point where mass adoption goes.

We hit that, like that, that inflection point and it just takes off right now, um or actually last year in terms of new vehicle global sales. Evs was about two percent we're looking for that. It is trending upward, but i think around 2024 2025 2026 we're gon na hit that inflection the technical inflection, where evs finally come down to a price parity with common, gasoline and diesel-based vehicles. And at that point i think we see the demand inflection take off.

So i'm looking for about halfway through the decade for eevee to really get going and then i think it'll just sail until the end of the decade. So, for me, i'm not actively trading in and out of many ev positions. I think it's just a nice hold longer term hold, especially for the end of the decade, all right, so i like fuel cell from a technical perspective cup, handle uh, just be mindful of your risk you're. Looking for this breakout, where it's at right now would love for it to clear 850 after that i'd watch pretty much 10, then 11 and then 1250.

Basically, all the recent relative highs wall street bets. The most number one discussed one on wall street bets is tesla. Tesla tesla tesla, and i mean i've been calling out tesla um ever since it was like right back in here i was like this is coiling for a move and we're getting exactly that move um not too far off from its literal all-time high wow wow tesla Is just looking nice very, very nice looks on tesla holy guacamole. Batman.

Tesla's all-time high is around 900. We are at 860., so i would not be surprised if it has to take a little bit of a breather. Let the rsi cool off make a base and on the next move we end up pushing that 900 level would not be surprised in the slightest uh tesla it's running again. Um the the movement in tesla has helped.

I guess elon retain or put more distance in him being the world's richest person like there's quite a bit of distance between him and number two um jeff bezos right now, because of tesla's movement a lot of his wealth. It's not just numbers in a bank account, his wealth is associated with how much tesla he owns, and thus his wealth is then tied to the current price of tesla stock. Looking great uh just be careful of the gaps below it. This is quite a run.

I think the opportunity on tesla right now, if you miss the current run-up, wait for it, wait for it to take a breather, wait for it to breathe base when it bases and starts to pick up again. That is your sniper opportunity to, hopefully fingers crossed and, of course, there's always going to be risks involved, but that's your sniper opportunity to play to a new all-time high. If you miss this, do not chase, it obviously do what you want, but chasing it's going to work. It's going to work.

It's going to work and one of the times it's not going to work, you're going to get burned and you're going to lose all your profits that you got on all your previous chasing tesla, if you're not in it, yet wait for it. Breathe base come up from that. Basing you see that little demand and then that's your opportunity to take your shot uh, at least that's how i view it. If, if you want to chase hey, i wish you the best of luck if you're watching right now as long as you're, not betting against me, i hope you crush it.

If you want to chase have at it, we all have different mindsets on how the market can be played. Whatever you end up doing, i hope you crush it. That's just how i view the current tesla situation, but just so you know tesla being the company it is and elon being the guy. He is that's very, very beneficial.

On top of it, though, you get that social sentiment. Push right now of wall street bets all right. We are watching amc 4185 that breakout in the hold of that breakout reason for celebration, huge region for a celebration at that level. Why are the weeble infidelity gme tickers, not matching uh, i don't know.

Uh fidelity depends like you might not have uh up-to-date data well, that could also actually be said with weibo, depending on like what package you do or don't have very important to know if you have real-time data or delayed data, but i also i i see no Reason to be on something like robin hood or weeble uh. Maybe you like weeble for the charting, maybe like weeble, to see the options shane, but there's better brokerages out there i mean myself. I know i've been on rebel um. I was at the start of the year after that i transferred robin hood after that i then transferred to weeble, but myself.

This is a learning process. For me, as i learn more and more, i now realize all of our trains being executed off exchange is not good for us. It's not good for the markets. That's why i'm happy to be on something like public, where, if you look into it they're like hey, we send your orders for a lit exchange.

We don't do payment for order flow. I'm a fan of our orders being routed to on exchange venues. I'm talking the new york stock exchange, nasdaq iex, there's about 14 major lit exchanges, um, that's what i'm supportive of and with public. I know that it's going to a lit exchange, so i'm happy to do it just so.

You know you can do that on fidelity. You can do that on tda any of those ones, though you you can't just use them. You have to go out of your way to actively route. Your orders uh so pick your route.

If you want to route it to the nasdaq, if you want to route it to iex the new york stock exchange, hey whatever you want to route it to just make sure just understand, if you're on fidelity, if you're on tda, it's not good enough to just Be using them like, whenever you're trading you have to like intentionally pick your order route, um public. I just think it's a little bit easier because, like you, don't have to pick your route, you know it's going to a lit exchange um at least that's what like their documentation says and as of now, i have like no reason to believe that they're like lying To us, or anything like that, um, it just seems easier. I think the biggest drawback of public is that they don't have options, so that could be a good thing. I think a lot of people that are like oh okay, like they don't want to trade options anyway, they find that like when they trade them.

They end up losing money so, like maybe that's a good way to like help yourself is. If you know you shouldn't be trading, options well go to a brokerage that doesn't even allow options. So you're, not you know, you're not going to be tempted um. So but if you're an options trader, my i would say check out tda, i'm just a fan of the thinkorswim platform.

Uh weeble ticker on not moving topped at 808. Put it on twitter seems to be everyone issued, not sure what is going on, i'm not sure either probably another good reason to not be on weeble uh, any news on nxtd uh. I don't know even what nxtd is nxtd no uh split. It looks like oh, a stock split.

That's the news on nxtd stock split. What do you think about pound tier 25, five dollar november, trying to dab on options trying to learn better than reading about it? Nfa pltr, how's palantir? Looking i'm a fan of palantir, a long-term fan, um november 3rd uh, i mean i like it. I see strength. I see higher lows.

I like that as a resistance level um, i think that's a it's a reasonable play like i'm, not going to sit here and guarantee anything, but i think the odds are in your favor. I'm seeing a lot of people saying that the weeble tickers are like kind of messed up today. Uh might it sounds like they're having an overall technical issue and that happens uh. It definitely does happen.

Uh. Can you all right? We did that sweet, sweet, sweet, um once again, what's up with spy weeble. So it's it sounds like a lot of people are just seeing incorrect numbers currently being displayed on weeble uh today sounds like overall all their things. It's not like an individual, etf or equity.

It sounds like all their numbers. It sounds like they're just having technical issues, so i hope, if you're on it like for everyone's sake, i hope obviously gets resolved as as expediently as possible. Uh maybe looks like it just fixed itself, so maybe try killing the app and then reopening it closing it down reopening it. It sounds like a very basic tech issue that i'm sure they'll have resolved.

Did you trade, a public ever finalize mine only took a few days. I know yours is pushing 10. Will they cover the 75 fee? I believe they are covering the 75 fee uh. Let me uh thank you for reminding me.

I need to check what my transfer is doing. It is still not hit. I don't know how it's not hit wow. Why is my transfer taking forever? This is kind of a bummer huh.

I don't know why it's not um so i'll. Keep you updated on that. So for me, and and to my understanding, i need to fairly say that if you do it this way, there could be additional tax implications. So that's something everyone should consider, but in terms of expediency it was way way faster for me to just get additional money into the account and buy rather than transferring at least that's my own experience.

Some people are saying it was very, very quick for them. I'm just frustrated at the length, so i feel like i'm probably at the 10 days now um or maybe upon today's conclusion, i'll be fully at the 10 days. I just i wanted to do both simultaneously hmm, but now i'm seeing even a different interface when i was like previously checking it i'll have to dive into this later and see. What's going on, i'm just transferring my stocks to public yeah, it just says it's in transit, i mean i, i still see them in weeble.

Let me open this up. Um, i don't yeah. I see all of my stocks still actively in weeble, but it public says that it's there uh you need to contact customer service in order to turn off share lending for public. If you don't they're clearing house apex will allow share lending um yeah, i mean yeah.

You need to well there's customer service, but it's like a chatbot. It's like super super easy on public to turn off your share. Lending uh. Did you transfer okay, so mine did not finalize just waiting on that.

I believe today is day. 10. um. I do believe that i also want to add tesla over here, because this thing is ripping 860 geez.

The high is like 900. I think that thing just could keep trucking forward. Does public offer option trading? No, it does not uh. Is there a way we could see level two on trading view um? No, i don't believe they have it, but just so you understand, if you're looking at level two on weeble, it's not overly helpful to you, because that is the level 2 of just the new york stock exchange.

That's one of 14 major lit exchanges, so you're not even getting a full a full breakdown, um they're on other platforms, such as, like, i think, tda. I know on interactive brokers. You can actually see like kind of all the major level twos um, which is a little bit more insightful just to see the new york stock exchange, not that helpful. Oh, oh, oh! I do want to talk about the new rule.

7.13. The new york stock exchange saying that they want to stop trading for two days of an individual stock um. First of all, that's weird to me. I am definitely a proponent of if something is gon na stop trading.

I i think we just need to be in the all the same ship. If, if it's not trading it shouldn't be trading anywhere for anyone. If it is trading, it should be trading everywhere for everyone. I think it should be fully binary.

You can't just buy you can't just sell it's either the party's fully on or it's not at on at all. I hate this in-between thing, but with that being said, i i saw it on twitter and read it over the weekend. People are grossly grossly overstating what it does or doesn't mean they're saying if the new york stock exchange stops the trading for two days, that means all of our traders. Trains are going to a dark pool and right away.

Obviously, you guys know that just that gets my blood pressure boiling, because so many people within this community still do not know what a dark pool is or isn't and what it does or doesn't do i see other creators that have serious followings that still do not Understand dark pools that i i cannot make this more explicitly clear that is harmful to our community. Anyone who is putting out the rhetoric of trading on dark pool does not impact price; they they have not taken the half hour of research. It needs to know that that is a falsehood. Anyway, i digress.

If we stop the trading on the new york stock exchange, if this rule is somehow allowed, that does not mean that all trading occurs on a dark pool. Remember, there's still 13 other lit exchanges, so that doesn't mean i'm a fan of the rule. I think just people are overstating what it means if the rule does go through. I think it's a stupid rule.

I don't necessarily understand it. Maybe i need to dive more into it, but just understand that's one late exchange, we have 13 other lit exchanges, there's still two to market makers and there's still all those like what 60 plus dark pools um. So you you can't say if this rule goes through, that means retail is screwed and all trades are being like occur then on a dark pool for those two days, um, that's a improper understanding of the situation. Once again, i don't like the rule uh.

My understanding of the rule, it's something that i'm not supportive of, but please understand, they're, not closing down all lit exchanges. It's one of 14 for those two days, uh you buy sharon, darkpool brokerage share, doesn't go to exchange that affects price uh. I don't know what that means, if, if you - and this is another thing, that's being overstated - is that retail can't trade on dark pools? We can trade on some dark pools. Uh, that's an option.

It's a routing option. If you're, looking at things like fidelity, uh, tda, interactive brokers, one of your options will be some of the dark pools like or a dark pool. There are some member-only dark pools that we do not have access to, but you can train on dark pool. It's not exclusively for institutions um.

If you trade on a dark pool trades that are executed on a dark pool, have a material impact on price. You can take that to the bank um. I speak about this so confidently and i'm not worried about stepping on other apes toes because i know i'm right on this. I've done the research i've done.

The dd. I've talked to market makers, not market makers, um exchanges. I've talked to those guys at iex. I've talked to market structure experts such as dave, lauer, i've put in the research when it comes to dark pools and me just that one sentence that trading on a dark pool has a material impact on price.

It's just right like this, isn't an opinionated thing. I wish i could talk to a market maker, they um they no one. Ever. No, no market maker ends up responding to me um, but hey.

If you're a market maker listening right now come on on, we would love to have an interview. Would i would i would kill to have an interview with a market maker? How do you turn off share lending on public uh? You could there's like a contact. It's like an automated, like ai chat bot that you could reach out to, and so not just the the dark pool thing, but just in general um. I do implore everyone if you have an extra seven minutes of your day or if you want to watch it on double speed, an extra three and a half minutes of the day, the video i posted last night, um entitled or titled uh.

This is going to piss some people off um and it did it definitely pissed some people off, but i i don't know if there's any questions about my thoughts, hey i'm here. I i'm more than happy to discuss my thoughts on this entire scenario. But just briefly, i mean seriously: aren't people just aren't you just getting tired of how this is going right now over the past 10 months? Um do i regret any of it? No because it got us to this point. It grew the ape nation to millions of people and are the collective hive.

My knowledge went through the roof, but to me we cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. We need to be more mature, we need to be more focused. We need to be more articulate. We cannot come to government officials or regulators with weak arguments.

We will be laughed at and it's embarrassing to us as a community if we get so fortunate that one day, someone who can potentially argue from us lobby for us to create change, if the first thing they hear is dark, pool manipulation, they're gon na reach out.

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