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Hello, hello, hello, so many different things to talk about seriously moon, gang, crazy, crazy amount of development, so um, as you can see, i just had to kind of break the old schedule and go: go live here: wow, wow, oh wow! So many important things to talk about this afternoon. I really don't think that there's um. This is one of the most exciting days of things that have been going on. I'm very excited for this power hour power hour with the apes.

Honestly, let's hop right into it. As you can see here, the s p 500 green. The q is green iwm down a little bit, but the spy pushing for this breakout at 447.. After this, let's, let's talk about 450 nice screen there, the nasdaq, also getting a breakout.

If we continue i'm watching 374 and in terms of the russell 2000 we're at 225, i would love to see it recapture 226 and push around the 228 area. That's a very, very quick breakdown of what's going on, but by far we have more more important things going on, but before we get to that, i think this is interesting. This was posted by the wall street journal, federal judges or their brokers, traded stock of litigations. During cases, none of that would be a problem, except for this all are federal judges and, at the time of the trades, all were hearing cases involving those companies.

The wall street journal discovered this training in a broad investigation that identified 131 federal judges, who heard hundreds of cases between 2010 and 2018 involving companies in which they or a family member owned stock in violation of federal and judicial ethics rules. This seems to be a pattern, we're seeing this with politicians we're seeing this with people part of the federal reserve and now we're seeing it with judges um. Once again, this is on the wall street journal. If you want to see it i'll, probably go more in depth, maybe tomorrow make a side, video but uh kind of interesting to point out.

The apple event has been going on all day today and this morning we were talking about how it would most likely relate to the mac and that's exactly what happened on top of some other important announcement, but right here, apple unveiled, a powerful new macbook pro that Nixes, the controversial touch bar and reintroduced one of the fan's, most beloved features: mag safe apple unveiled, the new macbook pro at its october hardware event, the new high-end laptop is configurable, with apple's powerful new m1 pro and m1 max ships. There's two different ones: 16-inch one 2.5 grand and i think then the 14-inch one is like two grand something like that, but a 14 and a 16-inch one, which i i'm a fan of those the larger sizes. I think the airs were getting a bit too small. Uh, but i like the pros but apple, also backtracked, slightly reintroducing magsafe charging and mixing the touch bar.

So that's a the shout out to business insider there but morning brew with the pictures. So this is what they're looking at um and they also have the like. Sd card uh, we have a hdmi card, but getting rid of the touch bar up there. So that's your updates on apple um.

If you look on twitter today, amc to the moon is trending and it's for good reason shout out to paul underscore allen66 right here. So in front of the classic bull down there, in fidei over in new york, uh they're dropping a giant giant ape ape statue very, very cool many many bananas. It is exciting stuff and obviously this got news right away. Seven foot harambee statue stairs down wall street's charging bowl, which is now covered in banana, so already making some news.

It's exciting. I mean i just love the community uh the things that they're going through the the steps that they're taking it's awesome so early in the morning show we were talking about how, over the past, like really in october past two weeks, two and a half weeks doing Very very well movie, theaters are doing very well, and i know you're you're, probably please put on a neck, brace because you're probably going to get some whiplash right here. Why, jim cramer says amc, entertainment, ceo, adam aaron, is pulling off a miracle, like, i said, get prepared for some whiplash um this it's it's all over, so kramer told cnbc that aaron texted him monday morning with really encouraging box office numbers that showed the company is. Finally, on the rebound back to where they were in february 2020., uh, the the specific numbers are 300 million in october.

I know this is a mean stop, but the fact is that i continue to believe in adam aaron kramer said uh right here. The co-host also noted that halloween kills did specifically well uh kramer said. The answer is that i think adam aaron is pulling off a miracle when he was asked. Why doesn't this stock drop significantly when investors liquidate so, like i said whiplash, but kramer some days he wakes up and he loves us other days he wakes up and he hates us today.

He seems to be in support of amc and it's pretty awesome, because amc is obviously up, but before we talk about that, this is probably the biggest news of the day. Actually it's by far the biggest news of the day. So this is from charlie gasp mourinho, but we do have more credible information breaking sec and gary gensler issue, meme sock friends report that is set to be officially released at 4 30 edt today i'll have some details as i get them memestock report. The commission takes a shot at payment for order flow and lack of disclosure to retail trading, sending the stage gary gensler to regulate the practice.

So i don't know if it's out officially but there's already some very, very interesting, interesting write-ups on this. Once again, this is the biggest news of the day. This is coming out at 2, 30, honestly, what 30 minutes ago? This is the exact report that many people have been waiting on for quite a while. So i don't know if it's out to some people, if it's out publicly, maybe it's coming out as i'm talking about this live right now, but we do have an interesting breakdown from marketwatch.

Like i said by and far this is the biggest news of the day. The report from the sec, the sec, issued a long-awaited report today on the decision by many stock brokers to restrict customers ability to purchase shares on gamestop and other meme stocks in january. But the document offers few clues about how the agency might change market structure rules to prevent such incidences in the future and came to a non-definitive conclusions as to why those restrictions were made. Is anyone surprised seriously like like not giving many insights non-definitive conclusions like it? Was anyone really holding their breath on that all right? So, according to gary gensler january's events gave us an opportunity to consider how we can further our efforts to make the equity markets as fair, orderly and efficient as possible.

Making markets work for everyday investors gets to the heart of the sec's mission. So i get that. That's a very good sentence: that's a very good sound bite, but then, as you're about to see in a little bit. If that's the heart of your mission, why isn't there legislation about kind of stopping these things and preventing these things in the future? I found this thoroughly interesting and if you really really think about it, i think it actually shows how much higher gme, but also these other sympathy plays amc, bb, no, all those ones that were going haywire in early january.

This little paragraph that i've highlighted here. It's truly representative of how much more they would have gone if robinhood did not take the buy button from us. As i clearly discussed with marco hodis on the interview on saturday. Buying shares to cover short sales was a small fraction of overall buy volume.

Gme share prices continue to be high after the direct effects of covering shorts would have waned, whether driven by a desire to squeeze short sellers and thus to profit from the result price in or by belief of the fundamentals of gamestop. It was a positive sentiment, not the buying, to cover that sustained the weak song price appreciation of game sock so right there as i fumbled through it, that's very, very interesting, so if they apparently did some sort of in-depth look at the actual training, if that swing Up was from actual buying people initiating a position to go along and not short covering. That leads me to believe, like i think, they're saying that, and it's almost supposed to be comforting but think about what they're actually saying they're saying the shorts didn't cover. So this entire concept of we think it would have gone way higher this.

To me, this highlighted paragraph proves exactly what we've been saying of the shorts didn't cover, so everyone's like that was the squeeze. That was the squeeze look at it like. This is from the sec report. Imagine where it would have gone if the shorts actually started covering, and we had all of that buying so right here, like it feels like they're saying it to us to make us feel better, be like well, you were saying short squeeze, but actually wasn't a short Squeeze that, like, i think, we're all on different pages here in terms of the government and the retail we're saying yeah.

We know that imagine where it would have gone if the shorts actually covered, because it seems as if they stopped the buying. So the shorts didn't have to cover and they're saving all their their crony buddies over there as market makers. So to me this particular paragraph super super interesting. Furthermore, the sec report does not give retail investors any assurances that the sorts of trading restrictions would not be placed on them again in the future.

In their customer account agreement, some broker dealers reserve the right to decline, customer orders or cancel trades without prior notice. Sex actions could be taken, for example, for legal compliance and risk management reasons. So right there that's kind of the rhetoric. I've been going with of don't hold your breath on it for the brokers to like not do it again, like, i think the chances of it in general are always low, and i think they're now smaller, because the amount of liquidity they have at the nscc is Way way greater, so the chance of it happening again is still minuscule but possible.

Uh this, i think, just to wrap this the entire report up. I think this is interesting. The report concluded by saying that the events provide an opportunity to reflect on issues surrounding market structure gamification, and they also it opens the door to talk about. They said three-day settlement cycle, we're on a two-day settlement cycle and potential reform of practice.

Uh of the payment for order flow model, so they are calling out certain things: the settlement cycle payment for order flow. I just think, oh, like this - is all an opportunity to reflect um. I don't know about you. I know about me.

I haven't gone into the entire report myself, but this article by market watch does seem to be the highlights. I mean this was just posted like a half hour ago. An hour ago i mean i'm, i i'm not happy with the results of oh. This is just an opportunity to reflect that's what we need to do.

We just need to reflect um so, like i said by and large uh some exciting news today, the ape statue is up. This report is out we're seeing green across the board. It's a good day green across the board. The ape was exciting news: amc trending right there, um, oh one thing uh: where is my twitter? Did i just take my twitter down um.

One thing i do want to say, but by far this jimmy report like this, takes the cake on the day without a date a doubt takes it the cake on the day i was also reading over this and um. This is from our boy dave, lauer they're, about uh iex, the one i just did the podcast with they're about to go to the mat, the legal mat with citadel - and this is dave, lauer's write-up, on this current situation and he's basically talking about how retail citadel Is not for retail retail is kind of being hurt by citadel, so right here, hashtag citadel is not retail hey if you have some time if you have um a little bit of free time on your twitter right now, hey if you want to throw that out There citadel is not retail but check out this tweet. It's very, very interesting information. I want to dive more into it myself, so i can better understand this d limit, but just to give you a high level thing, a delimit order is the type of order that iex allows.

Iex is it's just another lid exchange the same. We have the new york stock exchange. The nasdaq iex is another one. What d limit is is basically, you put your order out there and, in that little little like micro, second, as your order's going through, if they detect that there's some high frequency trading action and it can get you a slightly better fill.

It gets you that better fill, so if you have a limit at, let's just call it ten dollars, but then it knows that hang on something's going weird with high frequency training and we could get you a quick fill at 9.99. It changes your order for you for a better fill. That's exactly the high level argument of d limit. Obviously it gets much more technical than that, but you could find it right here.

I just threw it out, but let's get this going citadel is not retail all right. We went over this. Let's go. Let's talk about some stocks, amc currently at 43 dollars.

Amazing, it's up! 5.6 percent jimmy trading at 186. It's up 1.6. Prague is having a great day. Prague is up 33, it was up more.

We broke above three dollars. It hit 308 309 didn't hold that yet, but hang on, we still have about 45 minutes. Uh left to go on the day, so very, very, very excited about that. Uh amc crushing gme, crushing it the market.

I would prefer iwm kind of hold 225.. Let's go to am oops. Sorry. I wanted to go to the spy right here.

Spy looking better spy is pushing 447 a lot of strength in the overall market same with the qs. The queues appear to be running up to 372.75, so i think it has another 50 cents in it right there. Just if you happen to be playing the tech. Heavy sector, as of today kind of interesting, it seems like in the three major indices we talk about the russell.

Clearly struggling the most. The queues are 0.9 percent. The spies of 0.25 iwm is down 0.11 um, so small cap struggling the most and it honestly it was going up when amc was going up. So i don't know who was carrying who but look at the similarities between these two charts.

Both of them are set on the five minute time frame right now, just so you know: here's where we're at on amc, a net return of 1.82 million shares. They borrowed 3.77 million, pretty noteworthy short interest above 17 utilization uh. These are all the numbers from the morning. Just so you know, but here's where, on the day in terms of gme a return of half a million shares, which is considerable because remember gme, is a lower float stock short interest 11.6, and just because i know a lot of people are asking me about prague.

They borrowed 366 000 against it today, net the short interest, 64 percent and the cost to borrow sky high 129. That is an incredibly high cost to borrow incredibly incredibly high. Let's check in on crypto it's just above 61 000. ethereum is 3700 sheep.

Looking strong, she getting a technical breakout, let's see if it can follow with another technical breakout at 30., currently trading at just below 29 uh. She looking very, very strong matic holding on not really doing too much. Hex is down to 24. cardano 211, not doing much.

There so bitcoin crypto in general, all kind of holding its gains. Let me see this other news, so we have that for everyone watching a y, any the bitcoin miner that has a high short interest sphere: 3d merger partner, griffin, digital mining merger, tweets, our bitcoin mining machines are already operating at core scientific facility, and there was also Some commentary, just in more of a general sense about oil. Obviously we know oil is running running running, there's a good chance, you've seen a bunch of those headlines, potentially indicative of pretty serious inflation. Well, anyway, with all of that story line looks like some people are being potentially rightfully accused of price gouging, as it relates to oil, but oil, just sky high, where we at on oil right now actually a little bit of a red day below 82, but still We're bouncing off of 62 all the way up to 82..

I mean that's a 33 gain essentially ever since the on end of august, just high high high but yeah a little bit of a political development people getting accused of some price gouging there, all right so prague right here. Let's see, let's see what the final the rest of power hour really brings us. She, i see some people commenting she looking good bitcoin, looking good ethereum, looking good, she looking impressive right now. Uh actually doge has a nice percentage gain as well so opportunity clearly across the board in the world of crypto uh.

Let me check out the flow gme whoa whoa whoa whoa. Look at this flow on gamestop. The premium is the highest. I've seen it in a while uh the bullish flow, the apis flow in the options.

Market 71.5 amc also very bullish: 60 bullish, bullish, both amc, gme bullish and like there's no way prague, isn't as well, no no way prague, prague, prague, 56.75, so amc gme our mean stocks, our moon stocks uh, like uh, i don't know, i think, memes always a Little bit weird our moon stocks, green, green, green and then prague kind of an ftd short squeeze type of a play. I i don't consider it to be the same type of play as amc and jamie also pretty bullish, also pretty apish all right. So that's kind of your 20 minute like what happened today, type of a deal a very, very interesting, exciting day. Um i'm.

I don't know if that report officially came out yet, but if it does uh, obviously i'm excited to dive into it um. I i think we got some of the the major rundown. Obviously from that market watch article, i i think it's funny. I really really do about how charles gasparino is like oh scoop and like we're going to go into it comes out at 4.

30 doesn't have anything, but then market watch has like a full full-fledged write-up, like of like here's. What's going on here's what was said, here's what it means, blah blah blah with it. I i know i know if you're listening right now. A lot of you were more so waiting for, like some sort of report that actually had teeth to it like we, we all wanted something that like actually positively happened, and it it seems like it's just um.

What does charles payne say, lipstick service of, like just it's, not really what any retail was looking for, we're like whoa like we know something crazy happened and just to be like. Ah, whatever - and i i don't even know if they fully appreciate how - i guess self-defeating - that one paragraph was was like no, the shorts didn't cover exactly what we've been saying, exactly what we've been saying. So this just tells me when it comes to them stealing billions from retail. That actually makes me even more confident in that statement and makes me want to up the numbers even more of how much was stolen out of the pocket of retail traders.

Thoughts on coinbase, i mean i like it. Are you talking about it as a stock or as a as like a brokerage exchange? I mean i use coinbase. I don't have any stock right now, but i think with crypto continuing to run. Obviously, coinbase is gon na.

Do well a lot of their revenue comes from crypto transactions, so if crypto's higher and higher the transactions are higher and higher, especially, you could also watch training volume generally. As things go, higher people get more excited so they're, it's not only more expensive but there's more trades. So it's like huge for the company they're rolling out with an nft marketplace uh. Ideally, by the end of this year, you can sign up for the waitlist now um i like coinbase as a brokerage exchange.

I use it myself. I use gemini, i use voyager um. Those are the main crypto brokerages exchanges. I use there's other good ones.

Kraken kucoin binance crypto uphold gate io. All of them are solid, um. Those - i just don't happen to use them. I don't need that many and then i use public for my stocks and then i have accounts on both fidelity and tda for other.

Like a long term account and also option stuff, it's going to high just tells me the communities everything amc doesn't need to have shorts covered for this stock to go high, i mean, when you think about it. In its most inherent level, a stock goes up when there's more demand and a stock goes down when there's more supply. At the end of the day, we don't really really care where the demand comes from. It could be argued that a lot of demand obviously could clearly come from shorts covering because they could have their position they have to cover, but when you boil it all down, i think people really like to over complicate it when you boil it all down.

It's. It's as basic as supply and demand, if you have more demand than supply price, goes up. If you have more supply than demand, it goes down. Yes, we can sit here and we could argue the semantics of where supply comes from where demand comes from.

Is it accurate supply? Is it accurate demand? Yeah, you could argue those nuances, but it's it's very, very interesting to me that the sec official report related to gamestop and the other stocks that were moving at that moment in time actually said not many shorts covered. That was demand of retail buying, apparently a high majority of it according to the sec, which is it's just fascinating, absolutely fascinating! Uh, thanks for coming in on the afternoon more than happy to hey, hey, hey, hey uh, hey matt, ape here from the philippines shout out! Shout out to the philippines uh produce productions produce productions. What's going on, evan pena, oh brother, been here for seven months. Let's give them, let's give them the brother thinking about a hex dip, but it's not on my platform.

Where can i buy uh meta mask uh? Steampunk ferret, you would transfer some of your ethereum to metamask and from there it's probably one of the easiest ways to uh get a hold of it: metamask metamask, metamask matt. Can i dm you in twitter about a business idea? You can it just so you know it does seem as if it's i'm getting dms very, very late like it seems like it takes a couple days. I don't know, what's going on twitter, my account, i guess i don't know. Maybe sometimes i make too much of a ruckus, but uh yes, feel free, feel free, feel free, oh, if you haven't already just so.

Everyone knows. Obviously this is uh abnormal, to say the least. If you haven't already uh, i would appreciate it if you could completely annihilate that like button, it does help get this out to other people to know hey, matt, not we're live. The moon gang is live for the afternoon, helps get it served to more people.

I tweeted it out if you just wan na, do whatever with that um, but i appreciate it the likes the subs uh, you guys are all the best that support truly helps with the youtube engagement. The algorithm gets it in front of more people. Thank you. Thank you thank you, but i i myself was just so excited between the ape statue, the green of the day, and then we get dropped with this gme report, the really the retail trading report.

I don't even want to call it the gme report because obviously they looked into stocks like amc, but i guess it was obviously gme dominant, because that was like the thing that was truly haywire in january um. What a day, what a day! Let's do it? I can't read the chart names uh, i'm sorry, but amc gme, iwm prague, you know even bbig - was having a solid day. It gave back this like volume, push and came down, maybe not looking the best right now, but uh kind of turned in some heads once again. Once again, oh tesla is tesler.

We were talking about tesla wow, tesla, tesla tesla. We we talked about this last week. I mean that was in the streams you guys could see me talking about. I said it was coiling for a move, the the technical structure of tesla such a layup, such an obvious bullish, technical structure.

We called this out really for the past two weeks. Specifically last week and look at these attendees, i mean tesla, crushing through 800, all the way up to 872.. We were talking about prague, bbig and tesla in the discord and one of the opinions, a personal opinion that i shared with all of them was, i think, by the end of this calendar year. I would be thoroughly surprised if tesla doesn't hit a new all-time high, thoroughly surprised if it does not.

I i very much the all-time high. It's not that crazy of a call. It's like the low 900, so we have like 30 more dollars to go, not even 10, not even 5, really um. So i don't think it's like an insane call.

But overall i was just looking and they're just crushing it on deliveries, elon's doing well. Let's talk about a guy who knows how to use social media spacex is doing well. He just he's a guy who really knows how to properly play his own narrative. He plays it.

Well, he's changing the world and his companies are doing exceedingly well within the public markets, because of that, so i i don't think it's the craziest call, but i i do think tesla will hit a new all-time high before the year is over. We talked a lot about prague, a lot of people in the discord excited about prague. Some excitement about bbig, a andy sdc, obviously letting some people down right now, but we were also excited about just the movements in amc all right, all right, all right, sweet, sweet, sweet. Let's get this going there we go all right.

I think i'm good uh. 4. 30 comes out supposedly need to get the volume increasing so much bullish, apis news when fomo yeah. So that's what i'm confused about the obviously charlie gasparino's tweet was saying it comes out at 4 30 today so in about an hour, but i was a little bit confused because how did marketwatch already have such a detailed write-up then so like? Maybe maybe the report went out to financial like newsletters and write-ups, and websites like that uh potentially, is like my assumption.

First and then they're gon na release it to the public like two hours later: tesla, infinibai, daddy and damn tesla. Also a three-week road trip. Coming up friday, so you'll have to have fun. Don't miss me too much positive vibes, shout out.

Jeremy shout out shout out shout out uh, but not gasps. What's going on man some movement this week, so we have the the court case with iex and citadel. That's coming up. The gme report comes out today, one of the coolest harambe gold ape statues.

You could ever ever want uh cool stuff because there are subsidiaries of citadel matt. Look it up. What does it have to do with it? Dakota, like the write up it'd, make more sense if they, it was a subsidiary of the of the sec um. I don't.

I don't even know if they are a subsidiary. I know a lot of them are like uh in terms of like equity and investors. All right here we go sheep, looking good bitcoin flat, ethereum a little bit heavy in the short term, a and the matic polygon, also flat oil sky high. Here's a look at the daily picture of amc, uh we're right below 43, just hanging out right here, psychological level rejected at the intraday high one two three four times: 43 30 kind of makes sense.

I do find it surprising it's this high from september 20th. Is the level of supply resistance that we're running into? We ran into it four distinct times today, um, but we're still high. I mean amc is up 5.4 gm he's up 1.4 percent green green green. What a day to be in eight.

What a day, what a day is that the dakota? I don't think so, uh bito etf comes out tomorrow. Yes, the pro shares bitcoin futures etf, going live till tomorrow. That is the or going live tomorrow. The assumption is that it will go, live um, the sec.

Technically has up till midnight today to stop it. I don't think that they will i'm just going over some of the technicalities. Where's rico, i don't know, i miss rico. Hey matt.

Can you transfer crypto from one exchange wallet voyager to coinbase? Is there a fee like stock brokers or is that different because you're exchanging crypto wallets um there's a fee because it's a like a transaction so to do anything on the blockchain you're, switching from wallet to wallet that there is a fee associated with that, because a Wallet is just a a string, a series of numbers and letters. It's not like anyone really knows if that's still yours, so whenever you do any form of money movement in the world of crypto, there are transaction fees, but that's in any direction. Just from one wallet to another um, so yes, there is a fee and it it doesn't really matter that it's like yours or not matt 18 t at its 52 week low. What's your impression on going for looking their chart, so it's at a 52 week low tells me the bears are very much wait.

It's not at a 52 week low, it was lower on october 3rd, but technical breakdown for sure all right. So you have a bit of support uh at 24 and a half and then 24 23.. So between. I don't know, i guess like 32, 25 and 24 and a half something like that.

Those are the levels of support, but until you see like the macd trying to bend back around and buy or stepping in you're catching a falling knife, maybe they're gon na have an earnings that blows everyone out of the water and we gap up and we run From there obviously a possibility, a t, hey it's a big company. I really don't think it's going to go anywhere. It's a huge, huge like it's beyond just cell phones. It is a massive company, the stock's taking a hit, and i think it comes back.

It's just a question of when and i'm not just going to arbitrarily try to catch that falling knife. I want to see it base. I want to see it bend back around and maybe that as an opportunity, so the closer to like the low 23s, the better in terms of risk reward. But you never know when it's gon na move, like you just have to kind of wait and be patient and see how it all plays out amc over 100 by halloween.

Would that trigger the spicy chip and much love from a rock new york ape uh? Oh, it definitely would i mean today it's even lower today if we hit 45 today that would trigger the the spicy, the hot chip um, the hot chip, it's it's like day over date, we have a new challenge that would make it valid or not. Today, it's 45: we call it out early in the morning um. I hope we get there. I don't know if we will or won't no just judging by the time with 28 minutes left, it can move two dollars in half an hour.

We've seen that before. But it's just the volume and the volatility is not really there. Today. Amc thus far has traded.

Almost 47 million shares. The average 10-day volume is just under 40 million um. I don't know, i don't know, i don't know um it's just. We need more volume.

We need more excitement, we need more volatility, but we're getting there we're starting the gap, we're starting. That gap fell up to 44.20 from there. I wouldn't be the most surprised if it takes a little bit of a breather off of 4420. That will be a natural area of resistance and then from there we make a nice base and then hopefully break out from the trend line.

Take out 50 then take out 53. um. Let's just take it kind of uh like a day at a time, a dollar at a time, but with it i don't i don't if, if we think about our collective energy, okay, if you identify as an ape i'm talking to the apes if you're a swing Trader and a day trader and you're in and out of amc, okay, that's awesome like that's to each their own. If you're playing calls puts long shorts like whatever, like i'm, not i'm, not the arbiter of what you do.

I'm talking to the apes here. If the apes, if you know you're diamond handed, you don't really need to watch every candle like in a way, you could spend your time learning about other things like if you know you're not selling until the event of the moas is. Is your time really best spent watching every single candlestick like it's not like you'll, go a little bit crazy. If you know you're just going to hold it anyway, so if you're a swing trader day trader, obviously a completely different scenario, but with this like yeah, it's one thing to check in on amc like once a day whatever once a week and like you're gon na Know, like social media will blow up in the event of like the moa starring like you're, not gon na miss it for that, but in terms of like, if you are watching it day over day, but you know you're, not selling and you're, just going to diamond Hand it to me that's the time where you take a deep dive into other aspects of the market.

We were talking about delimit with ix dive into that dive into dark, pools, dive into market makers. That's when you can learn about market structure and the players and how it really goes because, like after a little bit of watching charts, you're going to very quickly put together technical analysis. Like technical analysis is not a difficult thing to pick up and if you've been at the market for more than a month, you're going to be good to go on that front, so i think some of it. That's why i like talking about those other things of.

What's going on with the gme report, diving into that, what's going on with citadel versus iex and d limit, what's going on with the ape? Is it's fun to me to learn about the bigger picture? How do market makers fit in with brokerages? What's going on in the pacific, why are there so many cargo ships supply? What's the importance of crypto? Does it really help against inflation? I think those are the times where, if you know you're not going to be actively trading, it's like well, you could use that time to pick up other skill sets and other pieces of knowledge that, as you continue on your own journey, you end up making like More informed decisions - and you can more clearly see the overall picture of what's going on in various markets, whether it's stocks options, crypto futures, any of them they're all skill sets that can be picked up and, like i said so, if you're not actively trading, if you're Just in it and you're like okay, i'm gon na hold till whatever, like don't drive yourself nuts. By watching every single minute chart you'll go you'll, go kooky before you know it you'll just be a person like yelling at a camera in your basement, trying to grow a youtube channel like don't go down that path. That's crazy! Looking into early blockchain gaming projects uh because yes, lol, foma and axi just saw something interesting team, their experience about a white paper. Can you take a look at space misfits? Let me write this down.

Oops space space misfits space misfits shout out to dash dash. Oh and dojira, do jira sweet i'll check those out huh brother. I don't expect you to see you back on today. How about prague, prague's looking good um, i'm a little bummed.

It didn't hold three, but i mean prague's up 31 uh when you're up that much like i i don't know you can't beggars - can't beat choosers type of the situation. All right. We did that we did this sweet sweet sweet. I think i'm up to date on one all those qbit project, quantum as a crypto gaming project, uh, intro, interesting, qbit, all right, iwm betting, back around amc, kind of going flat, now being quiet in the close, but not obviously not as good of a percentage gain As prog today, but amc same thing like we're up five percent, that's a good gain.

There's entire companies that over a whole year they gain five percent and amc gained it. In a day. Amc is a 22 billion dollar movie theater, it's as you get higher and higher it's more and more difficult to move because, like a same percentage move that's more market cap growth, so it inherently becomes more difficult. A five percent move at one billion is very, very different than a five percent move at a hundred billion um you're.

Just talking about what 50 mil versus 5 bill um very, very different. I heard the backup of the poor's is not shortages, drivers, but the trucks, because they don't allow trucks older than three years in the port um. I think in general it's uh just high demand, low supply, uh. Various things like we're.

We're definitely seeing some inflationary, metrics um food's going up, auto is going up, energy is going up, labor is going up uh, the price of everything spending is going up and when you say, spending going up that could be looked at as one of two ways is Spending going up because buyers, people like us, are more confident or is it going up because we're buying the same thing that we're forced to buy but like it just costs more money, so inherently spending goes up um, it's probably the latter. There's i'm not here to like beat the drum of hyper inflation and or this is d-day and get prepared, but to say that there's like no inflationary concern at all well you're, not reading. What's going on you're, not taking in the metrics of the world uh? What do we have here? Uh? Let's i don't know if this guy means this or not, but let's ask someone: k-n-k-n got the axe. Uh greg be gone forever.

Look at that took me about a split second to decide to behead that particular viewer gone gone, gone, gone forever. Do you invest in dividends um? So i do own microsoft, a lot of microsoft, that is a dividend paying stock, but i don't have it because it's a dividend. I have it because microsoft's balance sheet is similar to a freaking fortress. It's just a great like tech, stock uh.

So i happened to get a dividend payment that i just reinvest but, like i didn't seek it out because it's a dividend, i just it's a bonus that it's a dividend. What do you think about shiba inu strong looks like it. It's going up for a resistance, tap and fingers crossed that it can break out and push 36. fingers crossed, but looking strong spy currently at some resistance, if it pushes from here paying attention to 449 amc just flat right now, it's been flat ever since 240, uh Ever yeah 240., we got this push the cup the handle and no follow through today and now we're just flat right below 43.

comment on the two day: trading halt um. First of all, you don't need the caps. You don't need exclamation point like no reason to yell the true tray trading hall uh. I mean i've already commented on this for like 15 minutes this morning.

I think people are severely overstating how bad it is. I don't it doesn't make sense to me uh. It doesn't make sense at all. I don't know why an individual exchange would have the ability on its exchange to stop trading, but people are misconstruing the situation and they think if it goes through, that means if the new york stock exchange stops trading.

That means all trades are done in a dark pool because, like it's um it that's the lazy argument, it's very easy in this community to blame everything on a dark pool or short ladder attack. It's not accurate. It's a it's, a very lazy argument and that's what i already saw they're like if they do this. That means like everyone's, like the retail screwed but they're all gon na keep trading on dark pools.

Well, that doesn't make sense, because this is talking exclusively about the new york stock exchange. What about the other 13 lit exchanges? If the new york stock exchange stops that trading, you saw nasdaq, you still have amex. You still have iex, there's still 13 other lit exchanges. Two major market makers and still all the dark pools um.

So i i think people are in a certain sense, fear-mongering and i don't think it's intentional. But to say i don't get that that's a big mental leap, a huge mental leap to be like if the new york stock exchange stops trading. All trades are done on dark bulls. That's a crazy mental leap that it's just simply not accurate.

You still have 13 other lit exchanges and for many people who are still training on robin hood and weeble, it doesn't matter at all because you were never training on the new york stock exchange. In fact, you don't care at all because you're trading with citadel and or virtu um so, like i said, i'm not supporting the rule by any means. I think it's weird. I am very much of the opinion that either everyone trades everything in fairness like across the board or no one's training it at all.

Either everyone can buy and sell, or no one can buy and sell. That to me is what makes the most sense in the entire market any stock. Whatever is going on, everyone buys and sells. No one buys and sells the fact that you can pick and choose the venue, the fact that sometimes your buy button's gone.

Sometimes your cell button's gone. I think all rules need to be placed on all participants simultaneously. That's kind of the general methodology i'm gon na run with so like the rule itself like violates that i think it's weird, but then i don't like it and i'm not supporting it, but i also see people are very much fear-mongering with it uh how come inflation? Never inflates wages to compensate uh. It actually come like right now.

Labor costs more um labor. The average person is being paid more in the labor market. I know sometimes it doesn't feel like that individually, but uh there that's a metric, that's caught like tracked and labor costs are going up, they're all kind of positive. I don't think that they're up to the same degree as inflation, like, i don't think they're, both up four or five or whatever that percentage is but labor costs are up.

Can a trend line be in any time frame? Yes, anthony great question: do you prefer one? I prefer multiple, you want to see confirmation or denial across various time frames. I don't think like the five minutes, the best time frame, i'm a big proponent, of using multiple time frames. Do you have a current butcher box discount? I do not scott uh lemons, please! Oh, oh, for a squeeze a lemon squeeze and we'll have to get those up. Inflation wipes out any raises.

People are saying for sure, yeah and right now the fact that they're, not the same increase, probably means it's net negative for the average worker, because, even if you get paid more but if inflation's more than what your pay increases. Obviously that's a net negative situation. Um. Clearly, i don't think we need like a mathematician to like really go over the the finer details of that one, but labor costs are going up, people are being paid more on average, i know maybe individually.

It doesn't feel like that, but um at least the statistics for the country at whole from the labor force. That's what they're showing, but even that when you see that also increasing all the things that are increasing are kind of telltale signs of just an inflationary environment. Am i crazy? Is there a massive cup and handle on amc on the daily chart? Um, i mean i thought it was a better cup and handle from july to august, and then we got this breakout like after a weird little handle. Are you maybe looking at like this cup? I guess it depends like where you're starting and stopping i kind of see a george w situation, but not technically, because it's a higher low, you see a wedge higher lows: lower highs, you're looking for it to break to the upside, if you're an ape or if You're, just bullish on these stocks, like i said, lower, highs, higher lows, basically indecisive, it's not trending in a nice manner or the trend is consolidation and the price is getting compressed and we're waiting for a large expansion and obviously fingers crossed to the upside all right.

There we are there, we are, i think, i'm up to date - sweet sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, prague, unfortunately not holding three but still holding a nice nice gain of 30. So i mean frog definitely worthwhile on the watch list tomorrow. Uh, do you use ema or sma for amc i mean both are viable. It's not like the exponential moving adder average is better than the simple it's nice to see where the stock is or isn't reacting a lot of these technicals in a general sense, technical indicators or trend lines, or any of that i don't know if it's ever really Safe to think of one as like, oh this is clearly better a lot of the times.

You want to use many and kind of get because they all tell you different, like parts of the overall picture, um and that's why you need many, because you're trying to put together this very complex puzzle, all right, uh tp saying he hasn't gotten a raise in Three years you should ask for a raise that that doesn't, like, obviously, there's been inflation over three years. Is the expert market the dark pool leo motors? Can you explain uh boylinger bands uh? Actually i have a full video on that on the channel. So if you just search matt, kors boy, linger bands, bollinger is how you pronounce it. I don't know, i think it's some fancy schmancy mathematician guy bollinger.

I think it's bollinger boyanger, oh you're, something like that, but basically kind of similar to the macd that you're looking for the signal on the crossovers. It has a fast and a slow line and you're looking for the faster crossover, the slow to the upside for, like uh, a bullish trend reversal and then the fasts across down below the slow for a bearish trend reversal all right, yeah. What's, let's stand up for the last 10 minutes? Let's, let's work on these, these six packs we're working on it, crushing it crushing it crushing it all right there we go there we go. I could already feel that six-pack building.

I can already feel it building pizza, love, it love it love, it love it. Let me just double check one thing: where are we right now, okay, sweet, sweet, sweet sweet? Did anyone ever figure out why meat kevin has such crazy hair was that ever explained to us in like an acceptable manner? I know cootery. You were on the case shout out nick wilson, hey so for everyone specifically on the west coast of the united states. This is for you hey.

I know this is a more reasonable time. What is it uh was it three to four is like 12 to one hey, i'm happy to, hopefully give you a little bit of entertainment on your lunch break, happy happy to do it, and i would obviously like for this to become a common aspect of just How we do things here, how we do things in the moon game all right, all right! I can't wait. We did this buying shares to cover the short shows was a small fraction of the overall buy volume. Oh yeah, we talked about that.

That's crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy that just i think they said that and they thought they're like oh it'd, be comforting because, like then, we all know that, like they didn't get screwed on a short squeeze. But if you really think about it, it was going up and the more it was going to go up. The shorts were going to cover at that moment in time. Jimmy had a short interest above a hundred percent.

The entire float was bet against the stock and the fact that we know the shorts didn't cover them. That tells you like. This is not a hyperbolic statement. I try to be sometimes at least when i pitch it like this, try to be as literal as i can.

That literally means billions of dollars that should be yours should be. Mine is not because the buy button was taken away exactly as we talked about on that saturday interview it's. I don't know if that doesn't like piss you off just to think that cronyism and collusion and corruption hasn't gone so far, that's insane! That is insane. Okay.

Let's take, let's take even a different tactic like one way to think about, like let's pretend we all lived in la la land and let's think that citadel did nothing and like. I don't believe this, but let's take when you're looking at the stock like risk reward. The worst case scenario: let's look at it in the most uh like what citadel would have us believe, type of a manner. Okay, let's say citadel did not use their influence.

Let's say that they did not pressure robin hood. They did not go to the sec of new york or the sec in general and say: hey you got to get robin hood under like in check. Okay, let's pretend that. So what does that lead us to believe? In that scenario, let's just say let's, like i said this is - i don't think this actually happened, but in that scenario it would actually mean that companies such as robin hood, such as weeble they pitch us a product.

If, if i go to a dealership and i buy a car, i expect to buy a car, that's going to work, you sign up for a broker when you sign up for a broker you're, expecting to sign up for a platform that lets you buy and sell Stocks, equities, etfs, whatever options, so even in that scenario, that's a horrifically bad business and the regulation body that's supposed to be overlooking those businesses, because, like remember, they got accredited by the sec to be able to do that. Well, shouldn't the sec only being like giving a credit accreditation to brokers that, like can sustain it, so, no matter how you dice it. The retail public at best, was lit down by the government at absolute best, they're supposed to check off. Who could be a legitimate brokerage? We expect them to do their due diligence on okay.

The brokerage will able to be handling all this buying and selling. Yes, we're going to allow them to do it. We sign up. We trust them in that business.

In best case scenario, the sec did not do their due diligence on who should or shouldn't be a brokerage, especially within the us, in worst case scenario. Well, at that point, you're just talking about collusion, betrayal theft being defrauded. I mean the worst case scenario, which is probably closer to the truth, is like the worst case scenario, but in the absolute best case scenario we all entrusted in various brokerages to handle a duty. They're, a business we pay them for that business.

They make money off of us. They make money off of commissions whatever, but they were allowed to do it. The securities and exchange commission said you have put together a business that we deem to be viable enough to do this for the american public for the world public, depending where you are or aren't, and obviously they could not fulfill those duties. So that is the best case scenario.

The best case scenario is still the due diligence on these brokerages was not done to the degree to handle what they were supposed to handle to fulfill their duties. It's literally that simple and worst case which, like i said closer to the truth, is uh way way worse way way worse all right: where are we at amc coasting in? We have about five minutes to go just so. You know a little bit under five minutes. Four minutes, so, if you are yourself still worrying about pattern day trading uh, you might want to get in any of your trades uh.

Just so you know, and so you don't have to battle with it. Tomorrow. Uh ape statue in wall street yeah. We talked about it, absolutely hilarious, is it still there? Are they gon na like actually stay overnight, gon na? Let that thing rock or is it just a a one thing? Let's do this? Oh good news, it sounds like mark.

Quahotis will be in the apes together. Strong doc, that's awesome what a character very, very uh, i feel honored to have been able to interview him. Yes, this is real. What else do we have? We have some geez uh amc going quite into the clothes today, but still hanging on to that five plus percent game.

Gme up one point: four percent: uh prog hey coming back to three dollars. I kind of like that. I kind of like that. What else? I'm just trying to see if there's any important news before the close of market, that we should all be aware of nothing hot off the presses, all right, but just so you know we are about 30 minutes out from the gamestop report being released, crazy, crazy, crazy, Crazy, i'm excited i'm excited to dive into it to see.

What's going on, thanks for at the new zoom uh we're picking up it's hard to join the morning session. Hey i completely understand i get that there's people um all over all all over. Will you stream the report today? The report isn't like a. I don't believe it's like a live event.

It's like a written report that we could all just read. I don't think it's like a discussion. Well, you. I see a lot of people saying.

Well, you stream the report, it's just. I i'm assuming it's just going to be a big written document. It's not like a discussion, or maybe it is, i don't know, can you read it to us? I mean, i think, it's more useful for me to like read it come up with my conclusions and like just give you the highlights, give you the the cliff notes, read it to us daddy, oh folks, folks folks, you never cease to make me laugh. Never ever all right prague making that three dollar move in the last 20 seconds of the day, bold strategy: cotton, let's see if this one plays out, let's see, let's see, tapping three tap in three all right: where can we find the report? Uh i mean i'm gon na, be the i'll tweet it out for sure ding, ding, ding, ding ding.

The casino is closed. All right, all right, all right, all right! All right! Amc, amc, amc, amc, uh. What can we do? I mean this feels so special to do um to do like a wrap-up like this. This is crazy.

I don't even know i don't even know what to do with all of you. Folks, okay, i mean i guess we could just do the the classic wrap-up all right, all right, all right, all right! Here's what you guys need to know what is going on moon gang, welcome to another dumb money.

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