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Ep 110 the apes are coming stock review bitcoin’s new high dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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The Apes Are Coming (Stocks & Crypto)
(AMC, GME, ANY, PROG, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Shiba Inu)
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 110
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I think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in is give us the money for each other, my sisters and my brothers, the fighters and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times money, hello, hello, welcome back to another episode of dumb money with me. Matt we're going to talk about stonks, we're going to talk about options, we're going to talk about futures, we're going to talk about crypto, because why not? But as you know, one of my favorite things to talk about is just the loopholes, the manipulation, the illicit actions that we see day in and day out in the various markets, because hey to fix something, you've got to start off by shining a light on it And hot off the press before we get into what's going on with all the markets right now, i'm seeing from many many people - and i just confirmed it myself - on youtube uh. I didn't know that tmi had various youtube channels, but it looks like tmi live the mass investor live.

It looks like uh that was taken down again now. I've been here myself what two three times tmi has been there before. What this is - and i i don't have like exact proof of this - because youtube doesn't want to share that type of information. But my gut feeling is that, when this happens, uh to tmi to myself, um you're you're a victim of getting like mass reported by bots.

It's like it's almost like a cyber attack on your account of it seems like someone creates like this little army of bots. They write a script, they mass report you and then it's not some actual person at youtube. Looking at it and deciding to take it down. It's someone whether i don't know who, like obviously that's up to assumption there, but what it is in my best estimation is it's too many reports flagging your account in too short of a time period and it it triggers something like almost like a fail safe at Youtube because remember with youtube: every like single second there's, hundreds of hours of content uploaded and sometimes the content, that's being uploaded, is content that should never be seeing the light of day, especially on a platform such as youtube.

So from like a software standpoint, i kind of get what's going on, but i do find it increasingly odd and anomalous that it seems to happen more and more to people in our community um. I i think what it is is that someone who has figured out this bot attack system has figured out a loophole within youtube and they know they can take people down um so to tmi. It is good that he has other channels uh. Like he's still, you can still find him on youtube.

It's just not the tmi live channel um, but for whoever it is, i mean myself and i think it all of your favorite creators um. You should be kind of advising them to have multiple platforms. Uh. I don't know they're i mean with tmi the last time we saw this tmi was taken down and the very next week i was taken down from the same thing of just being identified as harmful and dangerous, and that's just the the like rubric under which they're Reporting you of like what rule you violated uh, like i said, it's a bot attack, but a fail safe against that just so everyone knows like tmi does have multiple channels.

I think that's smart. I have multiple channels, i'm here, i'm on coors light, but then i'm also off platform, i'm currently streaming to both twitch and rumble, and i hope we should be advising all of our favorite creators to get on multiple platforms, because you don't want to put all your Eggs in one basket of getting taken down, because these bot attacks, in my estimation, are a very, very real thing. What is nice, though, is in the past when this has happened? It does seem by the end of that day, like if you give it a good 12 24 hours, that youtube does fix it, because, typically our community is so loud and that's exactly what we need to do. It's such a loud uproar that youtube is almost like.

Forced to look at it before they have to look at other cases, because we make it such a a pr nightmare on on twitter, essentially, and that's exactly what we need to keep doing so. The fastest way to help tmi get back. His account is to make such a issue of it. On twitter.

Youtube is very active at looking at their twitter. You got ta tag youtube. You got ta what the hashtag right now is: free, tmi that'll get a human at youtube to actually review it and then the faster human reviews it they'll realize that he is not whatever he's accused of being and they'll get the account back um. So that's kind of like what we've been through on this one.

It's just insane the fact that this has now happened in total to people in our community over five times uh. It seems to be, namely myself and tmi um. It's crazy. It is absolutely crazy.

So, more so of like the live streamers, it seems to be negatively affecting, but it's it's absolutely insane but um. Hopefully, if we make this a big enough thing on twitter, i feel very, very confident that he will get his account back, probably by the end of today uh. I i feel very very confident about that, but, as i get any information related to it not related to it, i will i'll keep you guys all updated i'll. Let you know if he shoots me a text or something like that.

Um, i'm always hesitant right away because, like since i've been through this myself, it's you're just getting inundated and your first goal is to reach out to youtube and get in contact with them. So i don't want to like get in his way of currently talking with youtube, but if he reaches out i'm more than happy to share that if he wants me to share, what's going on publicly now, let's talk about the overall markets. Just so, you know: amc we're looking at 40 70 right now, gme we're looking at 186 55s. So here's what you need to know for the overall market.

Today, wall street looks steady. After s, p 500 dow saw five day win. Streaks the market is on the up and up a couple things to talk about over there. So one of the strongest reasons for it going up is we're seeing a lot of good reports, we're about to talk about nvacs and both netflix.

Those were kind of two important ones that um came out this morning, other than that some of the big things facing the overall market - uh oil oil sky high - we're going to be talking about that a bit more as it relates to inflation, which is a whole Nother thing we need to be talking about a lot of rhetoric going out there like live this morning about what is raising going on inflation and, to put it very simply, not looking the best oils not currently at its high that we saw, but it's still over 80, the barrel, the high is like 83 um, it's the highest that it's been at in, like quite a while since, like i don't know 2014 or something like that, another thing that we're seeing commonly being correlated now with the s p 500 is bitcoin uh. We really really need to talk about that. Actually, now is a perfect time. Bitcoin is going sky high and it's because of the enthusiasm, the positive sentiment, the new ira money, the accessibility of the new bitcoin futures etf by pro shares it's trading under the ticker b-i-t-o.

Very very interesting and a lot of people are thinking that another bitcoin futures etf will be coming out sometime this week, valkyrie uh i'm going to spend a lit a little bit more time in general on bitcoin. So i just want to give you the highlights that it's looking very, very good right now in terms of netflix and nova vacs. Let's talk about this right here here are the details for nova backs. The drug maker shares tumbled 26 in pre-market following a politico report, saying that i was having trouble meeting the fda quality standards for its coven 19 vaccine, a little bit more about vaccines and what's going on with that? Obviously that's negative news for nvax um.

In terms of the political front, the white house just came out with commentary that as soon as it's approved, they will be looking forward to move forward. Uh with, i guess these shots to approve it for that five to eleven year old group and on top of it another covet update. If you are in new york, mayor de blasio to issue vaccine mandate for all new york city municipal workers, including first responders. So, just a little bit of your covid update there as it relates to novovax and like really the sector at large and a little bit more to the streaming and consuming netflix netflix reported quarterly earnings and they won uh.

They beat they had higher than expectations. Three dollars and 19 cents versus 2.56 with a revenue. It was crazy. I mean we're talking about 7.5 billion, they had about 4.4 million new subscribers and the first half of 2021 was 5 million, so they crushed it in the quarter.

A lot of eyes were on squid game. It cost uh about 20, 20, 20, 21 million to make and it brought in 900 million. So talk about an investment. But beyond that, what i found particularly interesting about netflix is: there was a little bit of commentary about them, making their own movies and at first before it hits netflix doing a theatrical release window, which i think is exciting for things such as amc imax.

All like just the theatrical experience netflix did have some pretty interesting commentary on that, and i like it. I like the sound of it. I like where it's going and then we talked to a new york city, face unexplained uh right. There expanded coved vaccine mandate.

We spoke about that with de blasio, so let's talk a little bit about what i would argue is uh the biggest uh bearish thing currently facing the overall market. I'm talking about the spy, i'm talking about iwm, i'm talking about the qs. So just so, we have an idea of where they're at i already showed you that oil is still sky high, currently trading at 81 dollars per barrel, but in terms of the spy one, two three four five days just up up up and it's been going up Since the really the start of october, which is pretty much in line with with what we saw in that seasonality, i showed you that equity clock seasonality of what happens the second and third thirds of october, so basically the first third a little bit iffy for the Overall market, but then once you get past that up till thanksgiving we're pretty good little bit of dip seasonal dip at thanksgiving and then you rip pretty much till the first week of january. That is the seasonal pattern and thus far it's very much holding true.

In fact, we look like we are gapping up today. At this point, i'm watching man like we might be gutting for a new all-time high in the stock market like th. This is how good the s p. 500 is right now and to me it feels like a bit.

It feels a bit weird because the inflationary things we're seeing in commentary from very well respected people is hanging on. Maybe we shouldn't be at these levels: paul tudor jones, billionaire, very, very rich, mr richie. Rich says, inflation could be worse than feared biggest threat to markets and society. This is his commentary from squawk box this morning.

I think to me the number one issue facing main street investors is inflation, and it's pretty clear to me that inflation is not transitory. That's one thing that i have been saying for quite a while about this: it's probably the single biggest threat to certainty, certainly financial markets and think to society in general. It's just the cost of everything's going up. Unfortunately, the increase in labor payments is not on par with the increase of cost of living, so labor is going up.

Paychecks are higher, but not to the same degree that everything else is more expensive, so that's definitely problematic and just to get a little bit more detailed, because i do think that it's important for us to all know about the federal reserve, chair, pals, five measuring sticks On inflation aren't holding up very well, and that is very much true. The federal reserve, whether it's to keep their job or not, they continually tell us that it is transitory. It is transitory. It's transitory! It's transitory doesn't really seem to be that that's not the measurements.

I hope i'm wrong. I hope paul tudor jones is wrong. I hope many market professionals are wrong, but right now it's very very questionable and just off the top um. It seems like they are talking about that new economic package and it seems like the top line.

Number they're looking at is 1.9 trillion dollars. So if that does come to fruition, we're talking about another 2 trillion dollars that once again makes the us debt worse. But it's just speeding up money velocity! It's increasing money supply, it's just another little thing that is filling the bucket, that is inflation, but anyway, back to these five measuring tricks. Just like the five of the major things that we should be talking about every so often just so, we see what is or isn't going off with them right off the bat the case for there being no broad-based pressure, looks weak supply chain disruptions have gone on Far looking far longer than the fed had hoped, so, yes um.

The interesting story with this right now is what's going on on the port of la and long beach uh. The last time i checked there was over 80 different cargo ships that were parked just in the water there, because the ports are way too busy they're attempting to work. At 24, 7 capacity, uh biden has reached out to walmart to fedex to ups to get their help, but then the walmer ups and fedex workers in chat here is like we're already tapped, we're already working at full capacity. So the the lending hand that they might be able to offer the us government doesn't seem to be that vast.

It's one of these classic things where there's just low supply, high demand and those two ports between la and long beach represent about 20 of all imports. For the us so right there supply chain issues, and that's just one example, like i'm sure, there's many people throughout your own, your own personal life, right now, wherever you are whether it's in the u.s outside the u.s, where you might be seeing on more of a Micro scale, your own supply chain issues right now, so many things are absurdly high. We have processing chips, the entire meat industry, the chemical industry such as uh chlorine, all those things, low supply, high demand costs are sky, high prices for oil and other parts of the energy space are affecting a wide swath of activities. We know that, with factories being recently shut down, opening back up again, prices going high opec and their allies, keeping supply constrained oil is high, gasoline is high, coal is high.

Lots of energy pricing is very, very high. The third prong is wages uh, that's a very easy statistic to track. We just know that right here, like labor's going up, you can see it look at the spike upward. Prices are clearly going up.

At some degree, that's worked with the average hourly earnings up 4.6 year-over-year in september and rising 4.2 percent on a three-month basis. Powell's fourth point about inflation expectations depends on the eye of the beholder market-based measures of inflation have been either within or not much above the fed's two percent target one such measure. The five-year five-year forward inflation rate is 2.37, it's highest in eight years, so they do go out of their way. To specifically, say: okay, i have the beholder and how you want a particularly measure it some people who are going to be a little bit more positive and optimistic on.

This situation will be like not that high 2 versus 2.37, but depending on when you look sometimes we're currently dealing in, i think 5.4 - maybe it's 4.5. Maybe i'm flipping those right now of what it's currently at. So it depends on how you want to look at it like that's why they worded it this way, a little bit optimistic. Finally, pal has long held that inflation is being held in check by forces that the fed has no control over aging populations, lower productivity and advances in technology um.

This is classic hey. This is not our fault. I like how the fifth thing about inflation is just nah: it's not in our control. That is not my job and that's the sign of a good leader, um.

The sign of a good leader is: if it's something is not going in the way you want it to. Obviously, you got to blame it on something out of your control and then, if it's going in your favor, you obviously have to take all of the accolades that come along with it very, very strong sign of leadership. Now with it it's important, i bring up inflation and i want to discuss it with all of you, because it's just important to know that the environment we're in i'm not here calling doom day doomsday, i'm not here, hyperinflation, i'm just saying, there's a good argument that Maybe maybe we shouldn't be trading three dollars south of an all-time high uh. I don't think that our economy is the best it's ever been within three dollars, which is what not even one percent.

So it's just it's. Okay, to tell take these healthy corrections and look for that equilibrium, where the economy and wall street are a little bit more in line right now, because we're at the point where the stock market, it's getting very distorted from the current state of our economy. But that's okay, because right here the reason we talk about it is so we're all prepared and you can make money in any environment you don't you can't only make money when it's just going up and everything's great and it all makes sense, no there's whatever the Environment is as long as you properly know what that environment is. You know how to play it and there's ability to make money.

You can make money when the market goes up down sideways backwards in inverse whatever it is. It doesn't matter you can make money when the market is moving, that direction and right now, as there's more and more talks about inflation, a lot of people you're going to hear the classic argument of the inflationary, hedge being gold, but right now, with the rise in Technology, the rise in popularity of crypto, one of the biggest things, is digital gold. In fact, there are many people, such as mark cuban, who are going to argue that it's actually better than gold, because we have a clear finite supply, um and right now, with bitcoin ripping rip and ripping. We are at 64 400 that puts us about 400 away from the all-time high in bitcoin, as in it doesn't matter.

Whenever you got into it, it does not matter at all you're about to be in profit, aetherium ripping to 4 000.. A bunch of other crypto is kind of flat right now, like the the stars of the current show, at least for the third week of october, is bitcoin and ethereum. I hope you got some of it because it is looking very, very good, and i do not think it's stopping here now. You always got to be careful with chasing.

You always got to be careful with fomo, but this is looking very, very green, like this thing is going full hulk on the system, and part of that is because yesterday we had the first bitcoin based etf, come out pro shares. Bito. Look at this pro shares. Bitcoin futures etf, bi, 20 hauls in 550, mil of assets in stock market debut shot from 570 mil from 20 mil talk about a gain so remember this is based on futures.

That's going to move pretty much in locks up with bitcoin, but it's not exactly bitcoin itself. If you put 50 into bito you're, not getting 50 of bitcoin you're, getting 50 of bitcoin features, uh just to know a little bit. It's the difference between being physically settled cash settled as in direct ownership, indirect ownership. Just so you know it's not a spot etf, we're looking to get one with grayscale gbtc they're looking to have that by the end of the year.

But this is where we're at right now. So it's very good but, like i said it's not like the perfect most excellent thing, because we don't have that spot etf on bitcoin, but i do think it'll be out. Hopefully by the end of this calendar year. We are looking potentially at the end of this week for another bitcoin futures etf from valkyrie, but bito came out yesterday very very exciting for the world of crypto speaking of etfs purpose investments.

This is one that's already rocking it's a spot etf in canada, they're rocking to file three more so canada shout out to all of my friends to the north. There you guys are already ahead. The proposals of the three actively manage uh, dubbed purpose crypto opportunity, etfs uh, you have a bitcoin yield and then you have an ether yield. So that's kind of exciting.

If you want to read more about it, you could check it out on coindesk, but canada, ahead of the game in the world of crypto, crypto etfs looks like they're about to rock, with three more and just a little bit about ethereum, because ethereum's also looking well Uh, it's performing very well, i should say: ethereum, remember, bitcoin, store a value, think of it as digital gold ethereum, a different beast, but a beast nonetheless, much more of a utility blockchain. It's how we have defi, it's how we have uh adapts, it's how we have nfts, it's that it's very interesting technology, that many other things can be built on top of so uh from a technical standpoint, far more complex in bitcoin. Think of bitcoin store value. It's something instead of having it in usd or real estate.

You have it in digital gold. Ethereum is a technology that an incredibly sophisticated technology that far more things are built on and one of the biggest things of when you get to the world of crypto is the consensus model, so something like bitcoin and ethereum currently are proof of work. That's why you hear of monarchs these miners they're, basically renting out their processing power and that's how they are updating and securing the blockchain and the newer generations of crypto are proof of stake, as in it's not miners, doing the validation and the security. It's people who actually own the the coin the token and that's what ethereum is looking to go from ethereum to ethereum 2.0.

Just so you know things like solana. Well, that's not technically proof of stake, but it kind of is and then cartano is definitely proof of stake. It's just a better consensus model of updating, validating and securing the blockchain, but right here, ethereum's difficulty bomb timing hints at an early summer merge - and this is all about really what's going on with um, really it's coming down to, if you're like just lightly paying attention To what's going on with ethereum many people like, of course, there's always updates and there's always exciting things happening, but the exciting. The big thing is going right here: it's getting off the proof proof of work chain, it's going to proof at stake that will that announcement is going to prompt an incredible amount of excitement for ethereum and east itself during the ethereum core devs meeting number 124 on October 15th, a proposal to push december's difficulty bomb was discussed according to eth hub.

The difficulty beyond refers to a mechanism at a predefined block number increasing the difficulty levels of puzzles in the proof of work, mining algorithm, resulting in longer than normal blocked times, and thus less e3 words for minors. So you've probably heard about this before with bitcoin every so often they get to a certain point where the difficulty becomes more because, like you're not going to keep them, it's like you're solving a very complex mathematical puzzle and it gets more and more complex as there's Less and less supply to actually be mined. In other words, it's increasing mining difficulty exponentially over time, eventually leading to an ice age which would force the chain to stop producing blocks, essentially, freezing out proof of work mining, as ethereum shifts to its proof of stake. Consensus model or mechanism.

Excuse me, this is very, very good. You want it to go over to proof of stake. It is a stronger consensus model. According to the project manager.

We think four months is a generous time frame for having the code done to seeing the merge on the main net. If they have to delay the bomb again, it will eat at time that they could be spending on the transition to proof of stake. However, the bomb is set too far away. It loses the utility of de-incentivizing the proof of work chain.

So it's a balancing act right now, um we could go into more details. Specifically, i know there's a lot of people who listen, that like ethereum, i just giving you the highlights of what to pay attention to, but it's this difficulty bomb in terms of how hard it is for them to do the proof of work. It's a balancing act with them, switching over to proof of stake, and even the balancing act of psychological rewards of who's going to be doing what. But on top of that, the the dev team, the engineering team of them doing what they need to do to get over to proof of stake.

So one thing to pay attention to there, but maybe more of you are interested in this martha stewart is reportedly planning to sell her viral thirst, trap selfie as an nft, the boss, lady of them, are martha stewart getting into the world of crypto, specifically through nft. She has an entire series. One of them is a thirst trap. I i would not be surprised if she makes a lot of money from it.

Martha stewart is releasing her very first nft collection. The wall street journal first reported she's planning to release regular collections tied to various holidays and seasons. Her first line in halloween theme featuring photos of pumpkins carvings and a picture of her in a bloody nurse costume. So hey, if you needed some sort of bullish signal for the world of crypto, martha stewart dropping her own nft.

I don't know i don't know if there's a more bullish signal out there, so hey if you're, if you're waiting on the sidelines being like i needed that signal. I needed that signal. I would argue strongly that you just got your signal. Okay, now, let's get a little bit more prep, we went over what's going on in the world from the higher picture.

Let's talk specifically about two of our favorite moon stocks. Let's start it off with amc. They've already borrowed 1.25 million shares against amc today. That puts the estimated short interest kion estimated at 16.7 percent utilization 84 shares on loan 107 million, but with today, probably up to 107.5, and just so you know, the average age of these shares on loan is coming in at 74 days.

Remember they are paying this fee, the fee, the cost to borrow fee. That is an annual rate, and you would split it up by the amount of trading days um but hey when you're in it. For that long, especially at sizable positions that fee totally adds up. In terms of gamestop utilization 37 shares on loan 8.4 million estimated short interest right now, sitting at 11.85 percent, and they already have a net borrow against jimmy of 21 000., all right bitcoin, looking good ethereum looking good, i will keep that up on the side throughout The day in terms of the key levels to watch uh, at least for me, support resistance.

What i'm paying attention to today. We have key support at 40, looking for the breakout around 41.85 and would love the break and hold of the gap fill from yesterday. At 44, 20., so major support 40 major breakout level, aka resistance, 4420 and that's for amc and the finer levels as the market starts trading, we'll talk about those and then for gme we're still looking at that breakout of the region of supply from 188 to 190.. We want that breakout from 190.

I will watch 196, but i mainly care about 200. We have some nice support at 180 and then notable support at 175.. So those are the major levels i'll be paying attention to on our moon stocks. Right now, i'm seeing the russell 2000 and spy kind of perk up, so my bias going into today is going to be a little bit of a bullish one.

But let's see i like to sit on my hands for those first, 15. 20 30 minutes see how things shake out um. Sometimes you miss opportunities other times. It saves you a lot of money, uh one really before the market gets going today.

Just you know, tesla, i believe, is going to be reporting its delivery numbers after the bell closes today at 4 pm. So pay attention to that, because tesla might have a haywire post market pre-market just with those delivery numbers recently it has been beating on those delivery numbers. So i would like for that trend to continue, but tesla, potentially some higher volatility incoming uh tmi's live channel was pulled. Yes, we talked about that uh free tmi, his tmi live channel got terminated, yes, uh.

We talked about that. That was literally the first thing. We talked about but uh. I believe it's just once again, another bot attack and as soon as someone at youtube actually reviews the case they'll give him his channel back uh.

Today's coming out huge news for wish. Can you check um, i mean i could look at it throughout the day. I didn't know about any news, though, related to wish uh blood moon today. Make them bleed.

Bbig got hit in the pm. Uh turn stop loss off utilization 100. So i saw a little bit about that kudery. What were you saying, lots of interesting stuff happening with bbig funny articles coming out about the ceo resigning when really they moved over to a different company, also owned by vinco ventures? Stock dropped, like 20, is the last day to buy into the stock for their ty tyde dividend, which i believe is coming at the end of december.

But a lot of conflicting information is out. There will be interesting day for bbig, so it seems like we have some noteworthy developments going on with bbig, so whatever it is, i'm not too up to date on that story, but, as always, i think it is good advice whether you want to take it or Not that's up to you! What's your trading plan, what's your risk, what's your reward, how you trying to play it, stick to your plan, james, hey matt, when you transfer from robin hood to public and the transfer says complete how long until you see your shares on public um, it usually takes A day or two just from what i've heard anecdotally right now, i'm in my own transfer from weeble to public. So when i go through it myself, i could give you the exact details, but it sounds like it could potentially take another day or two just for it to be properly reflected and showcased in the new account ding ding ding. The casino is open.

Best of luck to all all right, let's get going, let's get going! Let's get going best of luck to all the bell. Finally went ding, ding ding on today, wednesday october 20th. Let's see what we have going on russell weak out of the gate, not so much for the spy or amc, i spy a little bit flat right there um this interesting. Usually, you don't see this this type of action going on such a obvious uh dis, like discrepancy between amc and the russell 2000.

Maybe people are just getting the rustle on a sweet, sweet discount spy, looking green the q's also looking green. We kind of saw this a little bit yesterday, where the spy and the q's were both green, but iwm was essentially flat uh. What are your thoughts on s-e-s and i got in at 74 cents, sesm s-e-s-n um, i mean you're up, i'm not it's biotech and it's a penny stock. I think that's a very difficult industry to trade.

Unless you have some sort of special knowledge uh, you got in at a good price like you're, already up almost a hundred percent, so hey like i, if you want to use a trailing, stop loss and just keep riding it up kind of see how much the Momentum will really carry it. I mean that's uh. I congratulate you. It's not necessarily a play.

I would have gotten into uh just based on its sector, based on the price. It's at from a technical perspective. I do like this bullish. Pennant it shot up, lower highs, higher lows: it broke out, you could let it ride.

I mean at that point my mind would go right to a trailing stop-loss but um. It's just not my favorite. It's definitely not my favorite industry and i just don't like messing around with penny stocks, but congrats you crushed it. That's a very good trade.

Oh what else do we have all right? I think i'm up to date on all of that. Do you see east coming back down under 2k my buy zone, i've missed twice now, um, not any time in like, of course, in the future. I don't know your time frame, so maybe there's a bear market in crypto in. I don't like at some point generically in the future.

I wouldn't count it out, but not in the short to medium time frame at all, there's just too many bullish developments in the world of crypto for me to like get on board with eth, somehow dropping below 2k in the short to medium term. Like i said, maybe maybe at some point in the long term we hit a bear crypto marker or a bearish crypto market, and maybe it does then um, but when we drop below 3k and definitely when we drop below 2.5 k, i mean i publicly announced i Was like this is crazy, um i'm buying it. Just because i was like this is a long-term investment, and now i do fully admit it bounced back way quicker than i would have ever ever ever imagined um, but hey, that's crypto for you, you for me. I'm not actively trading any crypto, i own it.

I buy it on weakness. I own it i'm sitting it's a multi-year mo potentially multi-decade play for me, um, i'm not going to take and i'm up very nicely on some of my core crypto investments. Right now. I think actually, the only one i'm actually down on is my litecoin, but other than that.

These gains are nice right now, but if my theory of where crypto's going in the long run pans out, these gains are just very, very small, so like if i need to wait just a handful more years to get absurd gains, like hopefully multi seven figure. Oh yeah i'll be patient and wait that out uh for sure for sure for sure i can't with these thumbnails hey. I appreciate that we're the the team. The team has been uh working very, very hard on those thumbnails and i think they're.

I think they're. Some of the best thumbnails in all of finance, like purely across the entire board of finance. I think these are top tier thumbnails, i'm so proud of what the team has been able to create with them. Can i check out the information on wish? I know i could look it up.

I haven't been wish stock. I don't know what it is. I know we got uh an earning announcement a while ago got completely rocked after that. What's the news on it, i'm not seeing any major news for we i'm not seeing any new breaking news.

Maybe it just is like a little bit behind on the news cycle, but just a arbitrary search of it, not seeing what i need uh does amc trade in cycles. I i think so um it depends on like what cycles you are looking at, but cycles are one of the most well-known prominent things. I suppose methodologies within the entire market uh many many things have their various patterns and cycles, and so it depends which one you're looking at to know. If that's a correct one or incorrect one, but in a general sense, can you find daily weekly monthly seasonal patterns? Money flow patterns within amc without a doubt that that's not really a a new thing.

This has been well documented in especially the stock market now for decades um. So i don't think amc would be something that somehow deviates from that common pattern. Uh. Where else are we at, i am c looking at this looking looking looking looking good 41.

uh, i would russell what are you doing right here, the russell? What are you doing to us? Uh amc, looking good! What else do we have the q's not looking the best so really just the spy is holding on, but the q's in iwm a bit weak uh, a n y uh would prefer that this stays above 760. Very, very surprised that any is in the red right. Now, just because bitcoin is trading at 64 hundred eighth is pushing four thousand not far off from four thousand, very surprised about a and why sdc you want that to recapture six prague 270. You want that to recapture three dollars, tesla taking a breather.

I guess before deliveries. Maybe people are not that optimistic about the delivery numbers um, but it seems like elon, just always finds a certain way to deliver uh bvig bbig, currently down 10, but kind of rallying back off after some of that news. When i don't fully understand the situation, i i stay away from it. So this news it seems to be something about the the ceo moving from one company under the vinco ventures umbrella to another one and people reacting to that.

When i don't fully understand, what's going on that, just means that i'm not in the play um, especially when it comes to something like bbig. What else do we have all right? Let's go back to the spy for now spy, just very flat, iwm. Looking a bit weak amc. Looking a bit good love, it love it love, it love it uh on this.

One amc 4185 is the first thing, i'm paying attention to so just south of 42 and then from there once again that gap fill that we already did the gap fill up, but now it's just clearly acting as resistance 44-20 and gme we're looking for the breakout Of 190, followed by 196 and mainly 200., let's check out the flow to start out the day. How are we looking there amc? The flow is bearish. The first eight minutes into the day uh the bearish premium flow is 52 dominant and for gme it is once again bearish. The bearish flow is dominant to the tune of almost 59, but remember that's highly dynamic.

It changes throughout the day. We are only eight minutes into trading. This is exactly why i like to wait. Those first 15, 20 30 minutes see how things shake out, see how things are positioning because, generally at market opening, you just see a bunch of whipsaw.

Sometimes you miss opportunities. That is a risk in not buying right at market open, but for me - and this is just my own personal trading methodology - i have found that over many many trades, it is net beneficial for me to be specifically calm. Cool collected right at market open uh, just to see what's going on all right. What else do we have going? Atr daily candles, look good have a great day, a t e r, a t, a ter.

I love that ater is above it got above and it's holding above 9 15.. It looks to me, like the momentum is finally switching if it can hold 915. I think it is legitimately putting 1125 into play. Um, i'm just looking for it to hold that low.

Nine area: nine, nine, fifty nine twenty exactly where it's at looks like we're getting out of this range bound trading. Hopefully, switching that trend back upwards uh once again, that is, for ater ater ateraterator, all right amc! Looking good 4113, let's go back to the spy, just want to see, what's really shaking out here, the spy is holding, but man the russell is not the cues are not interesting. Maybe it's just that quick that v-shaped thing that they like to do. They sell it off, people get a good fill and then they end up riding it for the day could be.

One of those days could be one of those days. Let me get going with this all right. We are good on rumble. We are good on twitch.

It's always nice for me to check those things, because now myself, i'm worried about whatever is going on with these like bot attacks, if just so, you know when it's very, very smart, that tmi has these backup channels, so he's still out there. It's to put all your eggs in one basket right now, with how much our community gets attacked. I view that to be specifically like i don't know, it's just not a safe mechanism and that's exactly why i have the cores like clips channel. Obviously, it functions as a clips channel, but it's also a backup youtube and then that's also why i'm on twitch and rumble uh, because i've never been taken down by twitch or rumble ever ever ever ever, but i've been taken down multiple times by youtube.

So it's nice just to have that that fail, safe kind of built in did shorts still not cover correct uh shares on loan for amc, 107 million shares on loan for gme is 8.44 million, and remember that's just in stock um. A lot of as things are developing this community is learning quite a bit, and i would say, over the past week or two weeks, the main thing that we're learning is this concept of naked shorting is not playing out in the stock market. They are finding various loopholes that are legal loopholes of basically creating these short positions, but in the world of options. So when people are talking about naked shorts, it's very very reasonable for you to be like well hang on.

If it's a naked short, it should come up in an ftd, but the most recent ftd report is a relatively low magnitude for both amc and gme, and the reasoning for that is because the shorting, the these overall bearish bets, are more so seen in these deep. In the money out of the money options in the market, um they're, basically creating not synthetic in the way of like a synthetic share, synthetic as in through options, they're representing a net negative or net positive bet, and that's why it's going there and that's it's! What we're seeing - and you could understand more about this in the mark kahodis interview - he explained it in um in far more detail, but the naked short. I don't think the community should any longer be on the page of thinking of naked short, as in a direct stock bet. I think we should be thinking about it more so in the options market um to me, that's what the data is currently suggesting and now that we're learning how this game is played a bit more and the community is developing.

I mean the apes are very much like a hive mind of information. It seems like that's clearly where the information is pointing us at this moment. B-I-T-O people are saying: b-i-t-o is moving. It is very much moving and crypto 65.

Oh whoa whoa whoa, new, all-time high bitcoin new all-time high ding ding ding ding ding ding, ding, ding uh, the apes are coming stocks and bitcoin stocks. The apes are coming stocks and uh how bitcoin bitcoins new high that's awesome. That is so cool uh. Congratulations! If you're in crypto look at that, just ripping ripping ripping look at bitcoin just going going going: wow.

65. 000. - i remember just getting out of college starting my job and i remember at that moment in time i was like, should i buy a bitcoin? I was like nah, fifteen thousand dollars seems expensive, if only if only, if only i understood what was going on, if only i understood that is crazy. That is absolutely phenomenal.

So look how similar these two are and it's because bt bito is tracking bitcoin futures and they commonly move in a very, very similar manner. Let's wait for ethereum to hit 4k about to hit 4k amc, moving up, gme moving up ethereum, moving up bitcoin, moving up green green, green, green, green. I love it. I love it.

I love it. I love it. Um we're looking for amc to get up to 41.85, we're looking for gme to start testing 188 to 190 and we're looking bitcoin we're now letting price discovery play itself out. This is an untested level of supply and demand.

We don't know where the buyers are. We don't know where the sellers are we're at a new price level. This is literally you're watching price discovery play itself out in real time on bitcoin new all-time high congrats. If you are getting a piece of it, congrats, if you are getting it, amc looks like we have a double top right here at 4140.

Thus far, gme reports said not a lot of shorts covered in january how's. It possible that the risk department didn't force them to cover. I know some covered, but not all because they never have a like. It's super rare that they have a direct short position.

They're gon na hedge him and a lot of people are saying uh. If you read through the report, a lot of people are saying that, like oh, the shorts like didn't cover or like no shorts covers, or something like that shorts still covered, like obviously some covered, but the report. If you look at the metrics, it's saying just that a high majority of the buying was not shorts buying to cover yes, some shorts covered. You can see that in the drop off of the short interest for the short interest to drop, obviously shorts cover, but the main takeaway or one of the main takeaways for me in that report was saying that that was buying to create a position driven.

It was retail, driven and not shorts, covering driven like it's just the pure metrics. Where was the buying coming from? Yes, of course same some a small amount came from shorts covering and especially like the fallout into february march. You saw a drastic drop off in short interest yeah at some point, shorts were covering especially related to gme um, but what was driving the price movement was retail buying, which to me, is even more problematic. Then it's exponentially more problematic because the thing that was driving it, they it just got pulled out from under us.

They stopped it. They stole the buy button. They stole billions of dollars. They would have some sort of logical argument if, in that movement in late january, it's a it's a more cohesive argument to say: look it.

We have the metrics all the shorts covered right here. The gamma squeeze was over, so even if people could buy it wouldn't have moved much more because the demand just wouldn't have been there, but in truth the reality was the exact opposite. What had moved it to that point? Was people creating a position by buying not shorts, really covering um, as in short squeeze and a gamma squeeze we're still very much on the table and within a couple days as in like one or two more trading days, if the buy button was not stolen, i, Like strongly, every ounce of my being believes that gamestop would have been trading in the thousands of dollars, and i think that amc would have been trading in the probably hundreds of dollars, um it just one or two more days later. If the buy button was not taken away, i think it was going that way because the shorts didn't cover yet a majority of the shorts didn't cover.

Yet we didn't see the effects of a gamma squeeze. The sec report says that that a gamma squeeze was even less likely. We from the resources and the data of the sec. We just know that the game was ended in what inning two that's where we were and they just stopped the game completely uh, i'm a big freddy fan, wish they would make a 2022 film shout out.

Hey matt live your channel in this movement. Can you look at dogelin, mars crypto, and would you consider eating a crayon when amc hit sets an all-time high, um i'll look into that crypto? As for the crayon, i mean, i guess it depends on the flavor. Of course. Do you think you may be the next target of youtube bots to be taken down soon, uh could be, but i i'm more than prepared for it, and my conversations with youtube is like it's: it's very problematic for youtube.

When that happens to me, so i i hope that they gave me a bit more leeway because it it does seem to become a big debacle from them of just even my attitude when i talk with them directly and also the issue that it becomes on even Twitter, like it blows up, it was trending the last time it happened. It was trending number one number two on us twitter, it's a big pr issue when they take down anyone from the amc community, especially when it's obviously like inappropriate and unwarranted um. But if i am the next art, i have no idea if i'm the next target, if i go down, if my stream automatically cuts, i'm on rumble i'm on twitch, i i now have the basis built out where i'm still gon na be somewhere um. Just so you know above me, matt underscore coors, that is my twitter, twitch and instagram uh on youtube and on rumble i'm just matt coors, but it's verified so youtube rumble, i'm verified.

I have the check mark mac course uh, but the other social media that i'm not verified on twitter, twitch, instagram, just matt underscore course. It's nothing else. It's not matt coors official macquarie llc. Nothing like that, always double check the name, there's a very specific reason why? I leave it up all stream, so everyone knows what it is.

It's matte underscore course uh lucid. What's going on with lucid, lucid up one percent having seemingly a decent day, i like lucid. I think it's a good luxury ev play in the us. I think it's more exciting above 28, but i i am personally a fan of lucid uh ater.

I only hardly know her uh. Can you check out asx asx uh? What do you have technologies uh very lightly traded? It's a seven dollar stock that trades only 200. 000 shares um a low interest stock that looks weak, no um, i wouldn't play, and if i had to play it i would probably bet against it: hey steve. We keep hearing that shortstone cover in january.

If that's true, how did the short interest in gme go from 140 to 20? That's, not a small amount of coverage. That's 120 percent of the float um! No, those did cover the. If you look into the report, it's saying that the majority of buying was people buying to create a position not shorts, covering their position. Obviously, from some time of january to march, quite a few shorts had to cover that's how short interest drops um on spotify.

I i can't just uh play music like that: that's how that's a way you can actually get taken down if you're um not getting the rights to certain music and you get dmc, they can take down your stream. For that. I guess i'm just disheartened. If jimmy at 500 didn't force them to cover what will i know, it sounds like a great question, but i'm trying to understand, i mean at a certain point, they're going to hit a risk, tolerance and it's a different risk.

Tolerance for different hedge funds, like i think people think of hedgies as a monolith of like all hedgies cover here, all hedgies do this. No, it's very, very different they're gon na hedge in different ways, they're gon na have a different form of risk. Tolerance, they're gon na all do they're gon na play the situation differently and i think people and i see why i guess it's just easier to think of them as a monolith of like all hedgies doing this, but in reality that's just not how it plays out. Even the different market makers are going to handle the situations differently, um like so many, i guess for me.

My mindset on this whole thing over the past 10 months has been switching quite a bit and i think that some people are still thoroughly interested and, in fact, they're exclusively interested in the squeeze and making money. My main focus is fixing the issues with wall street and i think, a side effect of that uh. The chance of a side effect of that would be the moas like my number. One goal is not just to take this bet, and hopefully i make a lot of money and that's it like.

That's, not that's not what i'm necessarily in this for at this moment. Do i want that to happen. Of course, why would i not want more money? I'm not saying here that, like i'm, some perfect like mother teresa, like altruistic player, that doesn't want any money. I would love for these to squeeze to the absolute moon and i become a multi-multi.

I just think it's more reasonable to get that to happen with regulatory change and not for everyone just to like be making this doing the exact same things we've seen over the past 10 months that think about this, and it's albert einstein's quote. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and looking for a new result, hoping for a new result. If, as a community, we do the exact same things we've done over the past 10 months. Why should we be able to expect a different result? It doesn't make sense that do i regret where any of our time was spent, no, not at all, because it got us to this level.

My question: what i think about day in and day out is how to get to the community to the next level, and i don't know if it's right or wrong, but i think it's a reasonable bet that we just need to show up in the polls. We need to vote, of course, i'm going to be a big fan of just people voting in general, because everyone's voice should be heard, but i think we just need to have an organized group. We need to be a very highly organized, articulate mature voting block. That's how we that's how we start to make change.

We show up and as a voting block and we get the people into the seats into the office that we need them to get to who are good players who are looking to combat market manipulation and uh. I i this is obviously for my particular channel matt coors and then us, the moon, gang october has very much been the month of flux of a lot of things changing and i think that's a good thing. I think people are anti-change and it's upsetting, but change is good. That means we're developing.

That means we're maturing and to me it's i i don't want to just be talking the talk, i'm attempting to walk the walk, um, i'm never going to try to espouse some fancy, matt coors rant or just a generic feeling that, like i, wouldn't do myself. So when i'm saying this of more matures articulate that's exactly why i'm doing these interviews with lisa branganza, that's exactly why i'm doing these interviews with mark cohodas! That's exactly why i have more interviews with awesome people coming up in the future, because the more people highly respected people, with certain expertise in certain pockets related to the market that are on our side, the better another prong of the overall effort is directly talking with Senators yesterday i saw that um a senator from my home state pennsylvania, uh, pat twomey. He was talking about gamestop and like he seemed to be in agreement with us on the settlement cycle, but not the other things so i reached out.

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