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Ep 122 stocks and crypto bounce shib tsla rip dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Stocks And Crypto Bounce (SHIB & TSLA Rip)
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 122
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And i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower, shaking in his lily bones. As the eggs overpower stop breaking the law. Asshole is money the money at the streets like a quarterback. If you don't mean anything water up, a dust, black ain't, not leaving not until we get the money stacks monkey monkey dude monkey holding silly blue monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq 10, 11 bamboo, my sister's here my brothers, the fathers And the lovers we don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times give us the fucking money um.

What is going on moon gang. I hope you're having an absolutely fantastic morning afternoon evening, night, whatever it is, i hope, you're having a good one. Because boy, oh boy, do we have some things to talk about in all reality, i already know i already know i'm not going to fit everything. I need to talk about before market open into the next 30 minutes that we have before market open.

Some of it will probably end up spilling over some interesting developments. Very, very interesting. We're going to be talking about a lot we're going to be talking about some political movements, we're going to be talking about crypto we're going to be talking about individual stocks, we'll be talking about our moon stocks, amc, gme um! I might save my rants for the whole dark pool fiasco. I ruffled quite a few feathers last night and hey sometimes when you're telling the truth.

That's what you end up doing that stuff will maybe i'll save that, though, for the afternoon for the power hour um, i see that the betting line is over under of two different dark pool rants today, um, if you're gon na take that bet from like an Insider this is insider information of what is or isn't a good bet. In that scenario, definitely over uh the line should be like closer to plus or minus. Like 10, i would say on uh, matt coors rants related to dark pools today, so we'll see how that goes, but hey if you're a betting person, i'm just giving you some inside information on that one, but, like i said we have quite a bit to go Over and it's it's interesting so this just came out: gop senator toomey debuts bill to protect broker revenues payment for order flow um it. It truly is disheartening.

It really really is disheartening. Um i happen to be one of his constituents. I'm in the philadelphia area he's a senator for pennsylvania to my understanding. He is on his way out uh, i don't think he's seeking re-election and it's just really a bummer, because, on your way out, you can leave in a flourish.

You can show that you truly represent the average person, your constituents, your average, just your average pa constituent. You can show that you're standing up for the people. Instead, it seems like he's breaking towards protecting. I, i suppose wall street cronyism uh.

It is upsetting because to us, the people that actually know the material um, something like this, it just seems absurd. It's actually to the point that it feels like it's almost blindsiding your reality. Um i've dedicated the last 10 months of my life to studying this stuff. To learning about market structure um in the entire, i guess like social media sphere, no one comes even close to the amount of just pure content.

I've put out there. I've dedicated this entire year of my life to what's going on the interviews, the experts, the the books just the the hour, the hours and hours and hours of like looking into what's going on. And when i see things like this and like my understanding of market structure and the players in the game, and then i just see things like this um, it really is like disheartening. You feel let down by people who we've elected and that's politics.

I get it like, i'm not like saying anything new here about what's going on, but it is it's it's upsetting. It really is toomey's bill would prevent the sec from banning uh on payment for order flow, a controversial practice and key revenue source for online brokerage. Robinhood markets, sec chairman gary gensler, has said he's considering such a ban as part of his broader effort to reform the practice in the u.s toomey defended the practice for helping develop new investment, apps low cost training and more efficient execution critics say payment for order flow Poses a conflict of interest for brokers that there is concerning concentration of market share in the industry. These critics are right.

These critics are not solely found in the world of social media on twitter and reddit. There are people, there is academic research. There are experts, there are people who have the insider knowledge of exchanges who are saying this is bad. I am not making this up.

Citadel securities itself has said that payment for order flow is bad. The main profiteer off of this practice um about two decades ago, a little under two decades ago, was in 2004, has said how bad payment for order flow is the original the original payment for order flow critic was now the person who's benefiting it off the most And with this, like with the complexity of the situation, this is why we all need to be on the exact same page of what's going on yesterday when i was ruffling, some feathers about dark pools, um it. It became evident to me - and i didn't know this - i didn't know that the community was using the term dark pool to refer to off exchange trading um. That is not good.

That is inaccurate and a lot of people. I i saw people like that's just semantics. Matt, do you see who we're fighting against here they're, going to take those semantics and they're going to be like? Oh, they just have an issue with dark poles. Let's throw some regulations on that and then nothing actually gets fixed.

I view it this way. We have two options: semantics do matter, accuracy does matter, we can either be right and have a shot, or we cannot care about semantics and not care about technical accuracy, and i can guarantee you we will fail. Those are two options: we're either all spot on, articulate and mature and we have a shot or people like just i don't know pander to each other and try to make each other feel good, and we worry about confirmation bias and if we go that route, this Movement will fail. I do not know how to be more clear about it, because we are going up against serious players and you have to be very concise in what your argument is and why you are presenting that argument.

But some some of these people don't see it that way. Coming back to mr toomey himself um, i kind of try to figure out why i was like. Why is this guy so so willing to stand up for wall street and cronyism? Because i don't think he's stupid, like you, don't get to a senator by being stupid um, so he obviously has the capability of understanding what's going on. So it's one of two things either.

This is just a a particular party line he's going with, because we know some a lot of wall streeters end up donating money to the gop. So maybe it's a move like that, or maybe he just hasn't heard the right argument. I i honestly hope that it's ladder and i hope we can pull on his heartstrings of just being hey man like the people elected you. This is what the people want.

Not that, like little small one percent in wall street, i don't know what it is. But if you do look from his just donations, he gets a lot from the securities and investment industry um. So that's not that crazy. If you look at some of his biggest investors, goldman stack goldman sachs.

Excuse me apollo global management um. Those are two of his biggest ones, with the second biggest contribution right here, securities and investment. So that's kind of interesting. I dove a little bit into his personal thing, um.

What what i find weird about it is. According to this, he actually owns gamestop uh. He purchased gamestop and i don't think he's gotten out of that position. He has some bitcoin related things.

He has uh penn national gaming shopify tesla. He he does seem to have interest in ones that a lot of the people within this community are interested in, but i find it wild that he could be involved in gamestop and then yet he's coming out with commentaries. Such as he's trying to make a bill that actually stops the sec from banning payment for order flow, that's just crazy! That's absolutely crazy! Well, i reached out to him and if we want to win this, i implore all of you do not go with the attacks. If we're all just like hey, we don't like you f, you blah blah.

No one re he's still a human people are not going to respond to that. We need to present it in a very mature manner and just say: hey man at least hear us out. If we attack attack attack as a human he's, just gon na, like kind of cocoon up and he's gon na say i hate that group and it's gon na be an emotional response. So as much as i know, people are gon na want to attack them like i've already tweeted at them, and i'm just like hey man, let's just talk about it.

All we want is five fifteen minutes to just be heard out so um keep that in your mind, think about it. Uh you're gon na it's way easier to attract some of these flies with honey. Remember that, okay, so in terms of the overall market wall, street's set to rebound as earnings economic data take center stage and that's exactly what we're doing right here. Look at the s.

P 500: a little weak over the past two days after making a new all-time high on october 26th, we're bouncing off of 453 we're at 455.. I want to see if it can clear yesterday's high of 457. oil taking a bit of a breather right now too. It's around 81 dollars a barrel we're seeing more and more issues related to supply chain.

Um. That's been kind of a going theme over the past couple weeks. Right now. Definitely some serious supply chain uh constrained that a lot of companies are feeling tech right here.

Uh tech has been having some impressive reports lately, just so you know where we're at on that um twitter reported this morning, big juggernauts, the biggest company in the u.s apple reporting after market closed today, amazon also reporting knock reported this morning, uh starbucks reported. I believe this morning, uh or twitter might be after i'll have to double check on that, but uh just so. You guys all know on monday. Amc is also reporting, so the next monday in our lives amc will have its earnings announcement after the market closes, but for particularly today pay attention to apple and amazon.

Those are definitely going to be movers uh, so that does relate to the cues and then, with the russell 2000. This dipped yesterday very very surprising to the best of my ability and research. I think it's mostly related to kind of the political developments of what's going on with the spending bill and the infrastructure bill whenever it comes to infrastructure generally you're going to see more impact on the russell uh, so a little bit more dramatic, getting smacked here. But now setting up for kind of a picturesque cup and handle if we can get that rebound.

So that's your very, very quick breakdown of the overall markets. Uh dow stocks, caterpillar merc jump on earnings apple amazon. Out later we just covered that ford surges. After smashing earnings estimates and they're actually reinstating their dividend, that's a big news.

That means that the company is very happy with where they're at and they're paying back their investors. On top of it, i mean ford, if you looked at it until 2020 2021, it was a decade-long downtrend. They got into the world of eevee eevee's, doing well they're doing well within that world, and now the stock is clearly turning around. So shout out to ford right now, crushing it and they're actually doing so well that they're reinstating the dividend, biden to attend house democrats, meaning signaling a deal on a spending bill, um right here.

Oh this is what i was just talking. Two percent the economy is slowing down, so that has obviously an effect. But let's talk about this binding to release new framework on the 1.75 trillion social spending and climate package uh president biden intends to release a new framework on the democrats, 1.75 trillion social spending and climate package thursday today aimed at winning support of congressional democrats. The party can afford to lose no votes in the 50-50 senate, including lose no more than three democratic votes in the house.

In the face of a unified republican opposition. Yesterday democrats abandoned plans to include a paid leave program in the bill that was being discussed. A little bit no longer in the bill, while prospects for a billionaire's levy to help fund the package faded and a potential sur tax on wealthy americans income gained traction. So we've talked about this a little bit and i find it very strange: taxing billionaires to pay for biden's agenda.

What to know about the democrats plan. You can check this out. Uh the wall street journal obviously did a write up on it morning. Brew did a very nice write up on it on as well.

My opinion has not changed. I am not here standing up for billionaires, they're billionaires, they can stand up for themselves. My issue is standing up for our future selves. There is no way if they start this entire taxing unrealized gains.

It will not stop at billionaires. I would bet any amount of money in the world, even if you're the most hardcore anti-billionaire person, and you think this is the best idea. I implore you to really really think about it. It will not stop at billionaires.

It might take a couple years, but they're just going to keep, dropping and dropping and dropping it and before you know it, it will be common to for everyone to pay taxes on unrealized gains and anyone with an academic background in the world of economics. They're already standing up saying this is one of the dumbest things you could possibly do, because they understand how it will it's just going to be a slippery slope. This will get out of control and it will negatively impact us given enough time and when you really dive into it, the math does not make sense. It does not make sense whatsoever.

Elon musk just pointed this out yesterday, according to their own estimates, this tax only covers 10 of the 3.5 trillion spending bill, and even if you want to cut that in half just because they're talking about 1.75 okay right there, let's just call it 20. So still you're talking about a fifth or less. Where will that other 90 and or 80 percent come from? The answer is you? The answer is me u.s national debt is. This is just so crazy, 29 trillion or that's about 230 000 per taxpayer.

Even taxing all billionaires at 100 would only make a small dent in that number. I mean think about that. We're talking about 29 trillion right here factually if you just took every single dollar from every single billionaire you're you're, making it a small dent. This is just not where the answer is.

This is basic. Math spending is the real problem and once again, for the people in the back spending is the real problem. It obviously is uh and then someone else just said. My plan is to use the money to get humanity to mars and persis preserved the light of consciousness.

He was just responding to someone else about, like what are you gon na use, the money for when it comes down to it? Um? Where do i want money me matt, i do not want more money in the hands of the government. Our government year over year for many decades, has proved that they are poor at using money uh. They are, if i know, they're, not a business. I know the intent of a government is to not be a business, it's to basically help its people, its citizens, the people within its country.

But with that being said, the way the u.s government chooses to use money they're, just like they're, a crazy drunken person at a casino. It's horrific! It's egregious! If you look into where our budget goes. It is catastrophic the the way to fix it is to look at spending not to try to get more money and not fix the initial problem. This is crazy um and do i particularly care about them? Taxing billionaires, no billionaires are billionaires if you have five billion.

I don't think your life changes much if you have four billion i'm concerned about me, i'm concerned about you, i'm concerned about the path we are on and where this will lead in years, because if you think they're going to stop here or just do like a One-Time thing to help pay a bill you are sadly mistaking, but what if it goes through, what could help make elon even richer, as if he's gon na care, tesla order could double to 200 000 model threes to satisfy the deal with uber according to hertz. So the big news recently related to tesla was that hertz came in and they're like yo. We want 100k of those cars, they didn't get a discount we're talking about 4.2 billion dollars. Well, the interim ceo at hertz was on ce cnn.

Excuse me and he's saying we actually might even double up on that and that's exactly why tesla is looking pretty freaking nice today closed at 137 138 we're at 166 in pre-market with an all-time high just below 1 100. I think this thing has some legs on it today. Without a doubt, the other hot thing going on in the market right now is sheba, inu, aka, the dogecoin killer, uh and actually right now. Doge is up quite a bit, but the the battle of the dogs uh that, like it's just so funny, shiba inu, is up over a hundred percent in the last seven days.

Here's what to know before investing another dog inspired cryptocurrency called chaby inu, where she hit an all-time high and look at this. This was yesterday at 59. Look where it's at right now! This is absolutely incredible. This thing is still moving.

It just doesn't stop it hit. Almost 90 and it's at 78 - and this was just yesterday - which i find to be particularly crazy, uh, despite its price being below one cent, the meme token has garnered a lot of attention. She knew now ranks number 11 among the top crypto currencies. So once again, this shows you how quickly things change in less than 24 hours.

If you look at sheep right now, not any longer 11, it is number eight and it has a market cap of 42 billion dollars. It has passed, it has passed, polka dot and it's nipping at the heels of ripple, as we speak 42 versus 49. uh. If we keep pushing if that pushes 90 100 uh, it will be in the realm of potentially number six number.

Five, like this thing, can 100 get going all right and, like i said it is named, the dogecoin killer, it's kind of interesting of what's going on between these two. We all know the craziness uh, especially in april may of doge it ran up. Then we had elon who's supporting it. He went on snl and since then we haven't seen a new all-time high, but just for those of you who want to know a little bit they're like man, i see everyone getting amped up about.

She what's the deal. Well, it was created in august 2020 uh by an unknown person, ryoshi uh, it's inspired by shiba inu. Obviously, it's kind of just in a certain weird way, like kind of mocking doge, but it's trying to show really, in a weird sense, the power of community uh from more of a technical perspective. It is an erc20 token.

This just basically means that it's not its own coin. It's based off the ethereum blockchain, it does not have its own blockchain shibuyinu has a total supply of one quadrillion, and this is going to be important for the question of hey man. I see this is crazy. It's nice to know these little facts, but i think a lot of you watching right now, and this is completely fair you're like how much money can i make and that's a fair question if you're in it, you might just be like there with the stars in Your eyes, saying man, where is this gon na go and uh when you're talking about that the value of something it's the equilibrium point between supply and demand? So you first need to know the supply you're dealing with so the unknown creator claims they do not hold any cbe new coins and nearly half of its supply is locked in a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange unit swap the rest was sent to ethereum co-founder Uh buterin, this is kind of like a well-known thing: uh.

According to the white paper, also known as the wolf paper um, the ryoshi sent tokens to buterin with hopes that he'd keep the tokens. However, he did not. He burned a majority taking them out of circulation and donated a significant amount to the india, coveted relief fund and other charities. So this is important.

It's very, very important because to know where it can go, you have to consider supply and demand. So let's say that the supply the demand is, i don't know it. It's a crazy ravenous group. It's going to ebb it's going to flow, but one thing we like that's.

It is difficult to predict, but one thing we can talk a little bit more about. Is the supply how many of these tokens are out there in existence? It started with one quadrillion quickly: half got burned by buterin. He locked that up and right now we're dealing just under 400 trillion we're talking about 393 trillion, which is a lot. That's an incredible supply, so when people ask me, can it hit a cent, can it hit 10 cents? Can it hit a dollar as of now? The answer is no to be completely frank with you no way with the current supply.

Can it hit that it's truly just not possible? That would mean that not only is it more expensive than bitcoin like or you need to lower supply and within the world of crypto there is a mechanism that does that and that mechanism uh. Oh, i just got youtube is having some problems. Are we back? I think i'm back all right, let's get back into it. What's going on with youtube, it's definitely a youtube problem.

We are rocking pretty well, we are having some probs. We are having some probs. What is going on right now, my internet is good couple drop frames, it's not a cpu spike. I think i should be good with all of you stuck in a loop.

Am i back youtube? What you doing partner, what you doing uh remember! If something happens, we have backup on twitch. We have backup on rumble on twitch. It's matt underscore cores all right. Let's i think i'm back all right.

Let me continue because we only have seven minutes left um. So talking about cheap. How can we get it to those levels of a cent 10 cents? A dollar supply needs to severely drop, and there is a mechanism for doing that. It's referred to as burning you're, just literally getting things out of supply, you're burning, um, and it it's happening.

You can burn shiba inu, just by listening to a playlist. Uh sheba holders can burn sheep without destroying their own coins by streaming, a playlist on spotify youtube, title or deezer stephen cooper, the co-owner of the music licensing and publishing group bigger entertainment announced his company has created a playlist that will burn around 20 sheep per stone Stream, with 397 strongs totaling around 23 hours of music, a full playlist streamed of sheep burner, could burn about 8 000 sheep. So once again the name of that ishii burner you can find it on spotify youtube, title or deezer, bigger entertainment. Artists agreed to let the company use up to 20 of the royalties to buy and then burn cheap, taking it out of circulation.

That's exactly what you want! You want it out of circulation, so the supply lowers, because then that pushes the equilibrium point, the price of sheep higher cooper wants to burn at least a hundred thousand in sheep from the playlist uh. There are other ways: um, that's the main one going right now, but there's also expectations that they're going to be doing it with nft's lead developer, revealed she burned. 10 000 nfts will burn uh. She be new coin, so basically they're trying to get into the world of nfts and through those transactions, also looking for additional burning once again burning lower supply, which raises the price as long as demand stays at least the same or even better.

If it increases one of the main things i'm seeing right now is like the doge versus sheep uh. To be completely honest, i own both, if i'm being straight up with you, i'm indulged i'm in chi, but right now with sheep, i like how they're building out their ecosystem. They truly are working on it when doge, as of now, doesn't have really a built out ecosystem whatsoever. I mean already the community that you're looking into burning you're talking about nfts.

There are like you could provide liquidity. You can stake. You can swap there's a lot of things that you can do with sheed that i'm just not seeing it in doge right now. So to me, it kind of makes sense that the market cap, if she passed it because you're in a scenario where there's huge public enthusiasm, but on top of that you also have some like just interesting technical developments.

Now do i think this is the best crypto project ever in the world, not from a technical perspective, but i really, if there's one thing: i've learned over the past 10 months, you can in no way underestimate the value of a community, especially a highly energetic community And that's exactly what the sheba army is. So i think that's something to consider, but once again i'm in sheba, i'm in doj, oh and a quick update for you. So for the longest time i only had the sheet that i was gifted by voyager. But last night i was on a space call just kind of listening to people and i don't know one thing led to another and i actually bought shebe.

So i bought, i don't know more um. I don't know my total amount, uh i'll. Look that up and let you guys know, but i bought a decent amount more, at least for my portfolio size. So i went out of my way and threw some money into it, and i just want to see how it rides like it's a bet on a big community um, not as big as this guy go.

I mean someone out there. This wallet roughly bought eight thousand dollars of sheep last august now worth around over five billion dollars. Talk about, like imagine, to become a multi-billionaire, usually you're, creating a company that is truly transformative to the world or you can get in into a crazy altcoin. With eight grand and turn it into over almost six billion dollars in just over a year, absolutely crazy, uh, absolutely crazy! So that's interesting! You could check it out more on morning, brew there, but uh very, very interesting, 8.

000.. It's true! We may actually be looking at the greatest individual trade of all time. Um. I don't think that's a hyperbolic statement whatsoever like this truly might be the best trade of all time, eight grand into 5.7 million insane congratulations to whoever that is uh.

I wonder if they're like, hiding it from their family or what's going on there but um man, oh man, that that person is rich, oh and then this just brings us to number five big oil executives to testify at house climate change. Hearing. Does anyone else? Like? Does their skin crawl when you hear big oil you're, just like oh big oil, is testifying today uh kind of weird kind of interesting, but i don't know i always feel like when you hear you're like. Does anyone like trust, big oil ever just just throwing a question out there before the market goes ding, ding ding? This is where we're at for today, on amc.

They've already borrowed 200 000 shares against the estimated short interest around 17 uh utilization. Not changing much shares on loan, not changing much gamestop they've, already borrowed 46 000 for a net return of 194 estimated shortened interest around 11.6 11.7 utilization and shares on them. Similarly, not changing an awful lot when it comes to amc and gme from a technical perspective. Amc's main support is just south of 34 around 33.75 ish.

That's the main support we're currently trading at 35, 21, so obviously more than a dollar and a half higher jimmy we're at 175, and that is a key level. You want it to hold 175 and you're. Looking for a breakout of 188 190, if it can't hold 175, the next support is closer to 165.. I also have she right here, i'm watching the support at 75, nice psychological level, and then obviously i also have up tesla because of the additional hertz news.

I think we could see some volatility in that, obviously, throughout the day we'll be checking on the spy. The q's iwm uh, we'll be looking at prague. D-Wack is having a nice gap up this morning, um that sucks for me, because i have puts against d-wack but uh we're expecting a good amount of movement today and before we finally go ding ding ding. I don't want you to sleep on these other movers.

Bitcoin. Look for this trendline breakout ethereum already getting its breakout at 4200. Matic is ripping higher polygon right. Here is crushing it and then obviously she is crushing it lots of money to be made across the overall market.

Just so everyone knows ding, ding ding. The casino is open, let's get rocking, let's get rockin all right. Let's see how things are going today, all right, all right. We are good.

We are good all right. I will come back to sheep. Can someone please let me know if she breaks over 80 again. I just want to see how the markets are gon na open today looks like a nice green, open, how's.

The russell opening today. How are the queues opening today interesting remember with the qs, the tech heavy stuff uh, both apple and amazon, are reporting today, two of five of the biggest companies in the entire freaking world, so uh expect some potential volatility there looks like cardano is back. What's cardano, i kind of did add a site out of mine with that one um, oh back over to okay sweet. I like it.

I like it. I like it. I like it. Can you explain why the bid and the ask are so far apart for sheep on voyager um, just remember, the crypto markets are less of a liquid market than some of the mainstay stocks.

I can't say all stocks are more liquid, but if you're thinking about like the liquidity of something like amc or apple or microsoft, they're going to have more liquidity, more liquidity generally means a a tighter bid-ask spread, looks like prague will be presenting starting at 12 30. Shout out wall street vikings, so just from a fundamental development, we might be seeing some movement on prague today, uh man amc, making that run to 36 gme, making that run to 180. iwm showing its strength. Here we go here, we go all right.

Let's see, let me get up some of these news outlets over here just so i can track it. If something big is happening all right, we are looking for tesla to go bu boom, uh and honestly we're looking kind of for everything to go boom. That would be a nice. It would be ideal.

To put it frankly, i feel like today is going to be a good day to hotel shout out brian. What else do we have anything else? Some vaccine updates. It seems like there's um additional steps being made for approval for over 5 to 11 year olds. What else do we have? Apparently toilet paper is still very, very expensive and what else? What else? What else? What else uh volkswagen's ceo says tesla sets the benchmark for evs.

I very much appreciate that he's coming to germany. He will challenge us, but we will try to follow as fast as possible. That's once again from the volkswagen ceo in reference to elon musk uh, senator toomey, pat toomey, just tweeted, something out he said. New innovations such as zero commission training and user-friendly apps have allowed more americans to participate in the stock market than ever before.

My legislation will stop the sec from restricting americans access to and choices in the stock market. That's confusing uh like what a way to twist it, what an interesting way to twist it but hey but hey but hey! That's. I suppose what politicians do they're just really good at twisting, whatever they need to twist. That's, i guess, literally, the prerequisite for becoming a politician is being able to spin whatever bullshit fits your agenda all right, let me get to some of your questions.

It seems that they had 150 trillion more circulating supply uh, so that i noticed that too, on coin market cap of, what's going on there um, i want to dive into the data like i don't want to like lead anyone astray about. Like me, misunderstanding where that came from but uh the things i'm seeing is that it does not seem accurate, matt look at f-l-o-k-u, inu i've been in nsg has much marketing behind it. Has too much. I i don't think so, because i've never heard of it looks like cardano is back shout out, counselor murray.

Can you please explain why they've been asking okay, we did that prague at 12, 30. Apparently citadel owns the largest call position in amc uh. I find that very, very weird that people are so focused on that, because that doesn't tell you something about their net position. You can have calls you can have puts you can have stock, but you're still missing a fourth of the picture.

You don't know what they're short so to simply in a myopic sense focus on how many they calls they have it's weird. I mean i saw that that that was like the big reporting thing of like. Oh, my god citadel has calls who and seriously like why. Why does that matter at all? It's not useful information.

If you don't know all four, you need to know their long stock position, their long put position, their long call position and their long or really their ownership of shorts and the shorts are never reported. So you don't that could just be a hedge. You could own a bunch of calls against some massive short position. I saw that uh there.

There were quite a few, like i guess, on the smaller side creators trying to say like. Oh, my god, look at look. How many calls they have? What does that tell us you care about the net position? Not just i, i guess like one like one aspect of their options. That's like one fourth of the battle there, folks uh, so i was a little bit confused on that and actually last night was a whole night of confusion for me because it's funny i mean there, there has been no creator who has put more content out there Or more time into amc or jimmy um, you can see that just in catalog like it's on my youtube page like that's there, that's just like a factual thing and it's funny because i point out where all all these other creators have been wrong at every level Of when they're talking about dark pools - and it's weird because um, it's just the truth, and it's it's interesting to me like what does that say about our community when spreading the truth? Gets you labeled as a shill, and i know i'm preaching to the choir here because i know a lot of you.

Um have been learning and you're learning a lot, and i think people who are kind of of that mindset and curious and they're attempting to make themselves better. I find that a lot of those people choose to not engage in social media. So on social media you hear the very loud minority when i know i know a majority of you um. Are you care about the truth? Caring about the truth is is very, very important and there's that small group that they just care about social media they're.

Like hang on, i read this on twitter. I read this on reddit. I heard this on youtube. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside it must be good.

Oh, i don't like this mad guy, because he is saying something that goes against my narrative. This isn't new. I've been explaining dark pools for months now, and the community is hard to predict because i never know when things are going to get traction when things aren't going to get traction. But if you look at the track record of what's been going on since the start, i've been talking about dark pools way back when when we were talking about short volume of citadel securities, i was right about that one convertible bonds.

I was right about that one. If it comes to odd lot theory, i was right about that short ladder attacks. I was right about that. Um brazilian bdrs right about that and now dark pools of like what is the dark bull? How does it work with that and it it's frustrating for me.

Um because of course, as a human like when you see this, i understand that it's a it's a loud minority and i see all that - and i always hated this in school of you - would have one ding-dong in class mess something up and then the teacher would Punish the whole class that doesn't make sense and as a human like it makes me get frustrated at the community because i'm like, how are they like? How do they not care about truth? How do they not see what's going on? Why do they exclusively care about, like just social media, like the truth is exponentially more important than like social standing, um and right away? That just makes you angry, like as a human you're just like. Why do i even deal with this, but then i realized that i'm like that reaction from me is the exact same thing that i didn't like in my teachers when a couple ding dongs mess it up for everyone else, because even right here there are 10 000 People that, like actually care about the truth um in over the past 10 months in this live streaming thing have i got things wrong without a doubt, without a doubt, um. As soon as i get something wrong, i try to update it right away. I feel awful about it because i know there's so many people watching like.

I truly have like a like almost like a visceral reaction when i have that aha moment of i explained to thousands of people something improperly, and i i put false information out there. It, like literally, makes me sick to my stomach um and i'm in the future. Unfortunately, i'm gon na also get things wrong, like it's gon na happen, but it's weird to me on certain things when, like you just know, you're right like when you got it packed when you read the books when you watch the documentaries. When you talk to the experts you're like okay, this is reality and then people, because it's just like not a narrative that they like want to be true, they're, like nah, chill like it's a little bit uh.

I guess intellectually lazy for a very small portion of this community where there's just like. That's that's always just like the backup meh shill like how many times do we just see that with nothing they're like. Ah, this doesn't agree with me. She'll show like i you almost wonder like do these people know what chill even means like they just say: shill they read it somewhere else and like ah that's a good term.

That's the term. We use to attack people and for me i'm i mean i'm fully in this community, i'm going nowhere. I've made up my mind because of that still that same teacher story of like out of a class of 25, if one person being a ding-dong. Well, you don't punish the other 24.

I know there's a lot of people who are interested in the fight for market transparency and fairness. My worry is that maybe there's people who are not in my position of these experts and the people willing to help out the community when i see a similar thing happen to them. Um, that's the frustrating thing these people who maybe for like the enthusiasm aspect of this, maybe not considering themselves apes, but we have apes, who have true knowledge, true expertise and are willing to share that with our community and stand side by side with us. In this fight, and when i see people like that, like especially these experts who, like random twitter accounts, who just made an account like this year, are just like shit talking them.

My biggest concern is that we pissed those people off to such a degree that they no longer want to help us. We need those experts. We clearly need those experts, because there's a lot about the current system and regime that we don't understand and we are relying on those people to continue digging into the truth and um. I find that upsetting when i just see like some of those people getting attacked.

It's crazy, it's absolutely crazy uh, especially when they're very evidently a through and through ape, and when i mean that i'm talking about a person who's attempting to make the market better and not just like be a continuation of the current wall street cronyism matt. I appreciate your daily grind: helping the apes better understand the market. Gfs is going public today, thoughts on ipo, uh jason. I don't think it's a good idea to trade, an ipo, usually there's too much hype and they're overvalued, and you, like you, just see a bit of a whipsaw.

If you want to like actively trade it like kind of a day trade or maybe a quick swing. Trade yeah there's a possibility there, but investing in in an ipo at the start generally, not a good idea, um at least what we've seen over the past two or three years. I would break my rule on that with starlink uh starlink. As soon as that thing ipos, which there's no set date right now, i will be buying it and i will just be sitting on it forever and ever and ever how? Dare you change your stance when things when presented new information what's going on jpg? Finally, i got my first 5k of sheeb today going all to amc.

It took me 10 days to transfer the money from crypto.com to my account that seems long but congrats on your 5k. That's awesome rockets and tinfoil hats. You were right about that. What's going on flicks segment, flicks cemetery, i wanted to say flex because your picture, you have a superman, shirt and gigantic arms.

We don't need free trading, it's a ruse. I agree with that. So we actually have commentary from gary gensler himself in may that the trade execution on robin hood was so bad that the execution, the quality of the execution, was so poor that it would have actually been net beneficial to use commission free training. That's how bad the training is currently getting on robin hood kinky kong.

Can i look at sp? I are more than happy to. Let me write it down holding prague games. He she and scsn, hoping for a great day shout out all right. We are looking at spir, we are looking at mark and what else do we have? Can you ask to me for an interview i've gone through what i perceive to be the proper channels? Like i, over the weekend, i messaged his uh his office to try to schedule something he did not reach out to me, but fortunately um i, i do have a little bit of a conversation going with the other senator from pa bob casey.

So i'm hoping that maybe this is a cause that he would be particularly interested in, but uh it's baby steps. It's early steps, it's baby steps, but i've heard nothing back from pat toomey, which is kind of insane, because, like isn't that what elected officials do is talk to their constituents uh, what's my opinion on crdl, let me write that one down crdl and run some ta On ford and some of those fundamentals, this company has been performing yes ford. Well, they just crushed their earnings, they absolutely crushed their earnings um. So it's looking good all right, let's dive into some of these charts.

What's the dwack at 68 man that one's hurting me right now, i need this about 18 lower uh amc waking up making that push to 35.70 uh gme 178. iwm come in they're like just actually exploding coming higher and higher and higher uh kind of watching. That 227 228 area 226 right now, um golly. This thing is just moving right now, uh was she taking a 20 hit overnight? What makes you think it'll keep moving when there's a lack of a lot of technicals on the daily chart.

My thoughts on why it will keep moving is well. First of all, i did find a base if we're looking at the technicals of sheep. Here's the 15 minute chart, it found a nice base and now we went up and we made a new higher low. So i'm actually looking for it to get particularly above 80.

68. I think if it does that it could get moving again, so it's sold off, but the technicals are the fact that people did buy it um lack of technicals on the daily chart. I mean all. I see is people they may have panicked, but there was enough buying that people like nope.

We are not done this rally from. I guess. What five in the morning until seven in the morning tells me that their the buying pressure, the enthusiasm uh, the the the bullish pressure, is absolutely like. It's still alive and well i mean look at that recovery, i'm just looking for the follow-through on it right now.

Uh s-p-i-r shout out kinky kong. Let's see what's going on with this one spir, i would want it to get above 667 and then i would try to play it up to maybe nine dollars. I don't know much about the company. It's a financial conglomerate.

Uh could just be a spark play something like that which, but i would want to see the demand, get it and hold above 670. Basically uh mark someone asked if this was dead asking for a friend. This looks pretty bad to me. This does look pretty bad um.

It seems like the next major support is 1.43. If it breaks below 1.96. That's how i would pay attention to it, but i wouldn't actually trade this at all. This is a very ugly looking chart, in my opinion, crdl crdo.

A little bit better on crdo therapeutics place, so not my favorite sector, i'm not a biotech trader. The only biotech stock i have is prague on this one, though, from a technical perspective, i would look for just like a new trend to get created. I would not be trying to bottom ticket. I would want to see an actual swing around i'd, be a little bit concerned about the macd right now, but i'd look for it somehow to like make a new higher low and show that, like kind of that u-turn formation and then finally, ford uh nice gap Up whenever it gaps up, of course, you have to ask yourself: okay, what happens if it fills the gap? 1592.

1.40 away? It's gapping up for good reason. It beat earnings, it's crushing it in the world of eevee um for quite a while, like if you even like check this out. This is insane look how bad ford was doing from really 2000 all the way up until 20 years later, and even from here from 2013 to 2020 down down down, they get into ev. They start executing the stock rips from four dollars all the way up to 17.

- very, very impressive, very impressive. I don't know if i would like say that they're a leader in the world of evie but they're definitely a competitor. I definitely think that tesla's the leader behind that i think there's an obvious amount of enthusiasm, be behind lucid, so i'm a fan of that, but ford's still good, like everyone knows ford. It has great brand recognition but more important than that.

It's it's executing! Well, it is definitely executing well within the world of evie all right, i'm looking for tesla to bounce back around. What's prague doing uh not too much. Maybe people are waiting for the the conference today at 12 30. robin hood uh down even more, i'm obviously against robin hood.

I currently have no robin hood position just so everyone knows, but i am in no way a fan of robin hood. Uh dewak tried to get this gap up, but not currently holding yesterday, it hit 74 bouncing off of 52. wow. This went from 50 to 70 all the way up to 74..

That is some range. That is some volatility. The line in the sand right now for dwack is 64. uh you definitely if you're bullish on it.

You want it above 64., if you're bearish on it, you want it below 64.. For the point of transparency, i do have puts against d-wack i'm trying to look for that gap fill down to 52 flat. What else do we have going on uh sheep, or are we out on sheep, just coiling no movement? Quite yet. What else do we have? Tesla tesla, tesla or tesler: let's drop some of these charts to the three minute.

Uh amc doing a whole heck of well. I guess nothing really a heck of a lot of uh, nothing right now, uh just lower highs, higher lows kind of a pennant same with gme, not much movement right there. These two are actually looking very, very similar. Uh tesla, unfortunately had a nice gap up this morning, but uh it kind of needs to get above uh 1068.

We need to swing this around uh the russell the small cap sector, pushing pushing pushing the spy, pushing the hopefully not too far behind. What's going on with the qs and qz, let's check out the futures on this, not looking as nice, either uh, it seems like the the russell's kind of leading the day which um as an amc fan. That's good, like you want the russell to be strong uh. You definitely want this russ to be strong, all right, all right.

All right, uh alexis shout out nci.30 thinking about buying more thoughts, i'm not the biggest fan of cei. It seemed like a bit of a pump and dump. If you ask me um very questionable aspects of their their like ce cfo and some of their other business practices, uh seems like kind of a just like i don't mean toxic. I mean it just seems like a very high risk play because i don't know who's telling the truth when it comes to the story of cei.

So when i don't feel confident about it, well, i'm not going to throw my money on it buckle up. She is about to melt about to melt faces uh. I was going to increase my prog position at open but decided to use matt's 15-minute rule glad i did thank you for the grind shout out hey. I i very very much like the 15-minute wait.

It saves me so much money in the long run, uh prague down 10, what's going on prague, i'm seeing it's down 6, which is obviously not ideal uh, but i think people are waiting for this conference today at 12 30. According to wall street viking, we might get some movement there as buddy s. I haven't heard about that. One uh, i'm i kind of view all these, like the random small cap.

Cryptos the same as penny stocks like low float, penny stocks. Is there money to be made? Yes, of course, i think it's a bit of a dangerous game, though uh less regulation, a lot more crazy stuff happens in that world, and that's how i kind of view a lot of these. I guess, as the media refers to them, like shit coins um i when it comes to crypto, i very much like to stay within the realm of like the top 20 25 market cap cryptos. I don't like chasing like the random ones.

Uh. You can make a lot of money in it. I just don't feel like that per like a person who's so lucky to do that, but uv xy. Yesterday spy has three gap bills on the daily good play um.

If you just invested into it. I don't know if you did it through options or if you just straight up, bought uv xy, but if you have time yeah, i do think eventually those gaps will be filled. It's just the the unknown variable there is. How long will it take uh, not gon na lie, you left with she matt i left with it.

I mean i didn't it didn't matter to me. I think i stuck with my rule. I didn't really care and became until it became a bigger market cap. One um, like i said if you're in early getting in early, is like the big money-making move um, but it's also a higher risk situation then.

So for me i i like look for the tot, like the tokens and the coins really that are going right into that and that they have that momentum. So i'm going to be a little late to the party and i'm not going to have the nicest gains. Uh compared to people who are in very early, but i'm also mitigating my risk um, it's just a risk reward way to play it i mean she i was gifted it very cheap. Obviously, do i wish i got more yeah, but you know how many other other crappy coins out there that have failed like it's just the longer you're in this you're gon na realize it's about capital preservation, more than anything else in this world uh.

So one way i preserve my capital, especially in the world of crypto, is make sure, like i'm talking about like legitimate market cap coins and tokens all right amc. Looking a bit perky, it's at 35, 56 uh, the intraday high is 35.74. It's up. 2.37.

On the day, gme is currently trading at 176., like that it's holding 175 gme is up currently 2 on the day. Tesla, it's still up 2, but it's intraday trend is not the nicest it's gone from 1080. I don't know something one all the way down to 155 and we're not seeing many buyers, so i hope that this can uh pull a ue here pretty soon. That would be ideal.

That would definitely be ideal, iwm, looking very, very strong right now. How is the spy looking spy, not as strong, but definitely strong and the cues a little bit sideways, which makes me curious about how apple's doing apple's having a good day? People are exciting as we go into the the earnings announcement at least they're excited? This am nvidia giving up some of its recent gains, but it just hit an all-time high. How's microsoft, doing a little bit down down point four percent, not moving much how's amazon. Looking as we head into the earnings a little bit, indecisive, it's flat flat based on where it closed yesterday, uh, let's check on crypto in general, uh bitcoin, making this run to this trend line.

Look for this trendline breakout. It might be at first a fake out breakout and then it comes and reaffirms this trendline and bounces off of that a possibility, or maybe it's just a break in a run. I would be looking for that confirmation above 63 000 above 63, 700. If it gets above here, i'm looking at a new all-time high.

In my opinion, ethereum strong 4200 would love to break out at 4, 000 300 and some change matic very strong. She very strong - and that was all for the four hour time frame all for the four hour time frame. Okay, so as we're waiting for things to develop throughout the day, uh wait hang on what is this?.

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