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Ep 123 stock crypto market volatility gme pops, btc drops dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Stock & Crypto Market Volatility (GME Pops, BTC Drops)
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 123
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I'm going to the moon we're going to the screw kenny moon, we're holding on forty life, getting damn tandy! So soon, don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon day very soon, going to wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter swimming pool champagne every day, fam. What you do wan na hang wan na chill. Oh you got imagine two.

Oh that's right held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to 10 and just couldn't comprehend. Ace was strong until the end. Now, let's retell it to tell they'd be sweating had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling till we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw, you kennedy, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day, Like it's your birthday or breaking because we're going to the moon screw candy cause we're holding our foot.

Getting them be mistaken, the apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon. Today's expectation probably more manipulation. If you do, a creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd let go what the hell you take us for holla.

If you spend your last dollar, i'm bananas, while living in squalor, we don't claim to be scholars. We the smooth brain dummies and we never stood totally yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor. A follower of living ain't got nothing on us.

We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust m-o-a-s-s. Oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out and john rocket man. This is the way gon na be girl, you're, ground control.

To make your time we bout to have liftoff call us neil eight strong gon na keep holding on screw kenny cause we're holding our life getting damn teddy. So soon don't be mistaken. The aches won't be shaking no breaking because we're going to don't be mistaken, the apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon we're going to well uh. How do you doodly daniel everyone? What's going on apes? What's going on moon game? We are here for power hour power hour, dumb money with me: hey i'm matt uh.

It is just so. You know for posterity's sake. It is october 28th, if you believe in the gregorian calendar that would make it a thursday just so everyone knows kind of some. I don't know as we're getting into power hour here, i'm liking when i'm seeing gme all day as we're talking look at this, maybe we should go live more often, amc catching a bid, uh weird stuff happening in crypto in less than a minute.

Bitcoin dropped. Three thousand dollars uh, very, very weird, whatever that action is but look at the whales buying right away. We're going to be talking about that. We're going to be talking about lucid we're going to be talking about gamestop um, some interesting things to talk about, but nothing, nothing too nuts really going on today.

So i'm happy to keep you informed, but, like i don't have some like massive piece of information uh. I mean maybe something's gon na come out about what in the world happened with bitcoin here but hey it. I guess the dips were to be bought. Dips were to be bought, everything's, so good, lucid, call, 10k profit.

Today, maria congratulations does anyone else? Have a uh like a a nice gang today that you want to share hey we're here to celebrate each other, so feel free. If you want to share, feel like what your uh your fun game story was today, i think that could be. That could be awesome. Let me know feel free to post your game below.

I i think we - maybe maybe that could be a thursday thing when we all celebrate some huge gains. Uh on college tour, can't wait to get back to the studio tomorrow, share conversations of what i've learned. Meanwhile, pumped about the market hope last tip doomsday crowd, didn't spook you out if you watch making money with charles payne you're making money. Obviously that was from mr mr payne himself.

All right shout out to whoever just joined, not sure why i can't see the name where is it uh just dropped it. Ah, who do we have shout out denzel hope everything at uh versus tile, denzel hope everything's going well at georgia tech. I can't see your message: um range, junior m range, junior becoming an astronaut all right, shout out shout out shout out well, obviously have any questions. Let me i'll come back to that in a second.

But let's talk about a few things. Lucid luce is having quite the day up 24 started. The day off at 28, ran all the way up to almost 40, currently trading at 33.50, which is still up 24. Obviously i know it's giving back some of its gains, but lucid doing very, very well, and it's because of this a solid fundamental development dreams come true, lucid confirms, first customer deliveries to take place on october 30th, we're talking in two days just a quick, quick, 48 Hours and lucid, is delivering designed and developed in silicon valley manufactured in arizona, lucid air is the world's first 500 mile electric vehicle see.

This is why it's such a big deal. One of the biggest issues facing the ev world is, we, don't quite have the infrastructure built out in the world, especially in the us for ev charging it's getting there and it's progressing, but it's not the most accessible form of. I guess energy for a vehicle and adding on so much extra range obviously makes it a very intriguing offer. Customer deliveries of lucid air began october 30th with an exclusive dream.

Delivery event in california, designed in silicon valley and produced in arizona, lucid air delivers next level. Efficiency from lucid's in-house development and manufactured powertrain technology, so i'm just bringing up the plant is in arizona. It is a solid ev play. They make a very nice looking vehicle, but it's also a us-1 which hey i like that um the limited run, dream edition, features 118 kilowatt hour battery pack and delivers up to 1 111 horsepower or 520 miles of range.

That's a lot of horsepower! That's a lot of range so right here, why is id, which was previously a spac play with churchill, capital cciv eventually switched over to lcid. If you take a look at lucid's chart, it kind of has an interesting history. Here's the daily chart on lucid. So it was cciv all the way back here.

Look at this september 21st of 2020 and then the announcement kind of became official in well, not i shouldn't say official. The announcement came out in january and it was at that point trading under churchill capital, and it was this back play. Remember, spack is just it's a shell of a lot of money and lucid's a big company, so it was actually one of the biggest ones and the excitement carried it all the way up to 65. uh from here we were waiting on the actual evaluation of lucid And, as you can see, there was a steep drop off like there was a ton of enthusiasm in the stock, and the problem here was that actually the evaluation came in way too high, almost about double some of the estimates.

But what you need to know the main takeaway evaluation was coming in way way too high um and obviously that produced some adverse effects. And since then it's been moving, but not too much kind of range bound between 17 and 30, so about 10 13 range. But today we're finally breaking finally breaking to the upside because of the fact that they're actually delivering right now they're kind of delivering on what they said they would be delivering on. So if we hold above 32.50, my next watch from there a little bit of kind of where we're at now we're at 34.70 kind of watching 36.

But yes, i, like this gap, fill up to 56.08 now to clarify. I do not personally believe that this will be happening today tomorrow. Anything like that. I just think that at some arbitrary point in the future, we will see this gap fill up to 56, which is a nice 20 opportunity.

That's a nice 66 percent gain, but first we do need to get above 44, which was the high from right after the selloff once again, lucid, not a short squeeze play. I know a lot of people who uh listened to me because of the amc and gme community um. There's kind of this like thought that everything has to be a short squeeze plate. No, i mean dwack is a perfect example of sometimes just straight up.

Buying enthusiasm can push a stock sky high and with lucid. I just think it's a good company and like i, i like it uh and i would be more than interested in riding this baby up to 56, but i don't think it's a squeeze. I just think it's a solid investment, so that's your quick news on lucid now. Let's talk about a little bit of what's going on in social media facebook to rebrand company as meta in focus on metaverse, and i believe this will be trading uh starting december 1st.

The ticker will switch from fb to uh mtvs mrvs, something like that uh the ticker is switching over on december 1st. Let me see if i can find that for you of course, it's one of those things that you're like. Oh i'm, totally gon na. Remember it.

I don't need to write that down and then, when it comes to it, you probably should have written it down. But just so you know you have up till december 1st to google. This yourself hang on facebook, new stock ticker, we'll figure it out new stock ticker whoa, uh em. What's it gon na go under mvrs is gon na, be the new thing, and it's obviously for metaverse.

I kind of find this interesting um. Does anyone else think that, like maybe just maybe we're giving zuckerberg a little bit too much power like at all, like that? We've like completely sold out to this one social media conglomerate and they have every single aspect of our data and our lives and influence us in ways that we could never imagine, maybe not the best idea but they're huge and it sounds like they're like hey uh. Maybe we don't really believe in the physical world anymore, but if we push them all into the virtual world, i mean what a play, what a play and within it there were. All these comments will support nft.

So if you listen to it, this did just come out today, but it was accompanied by a lot of other commentary, and a lot of that commentary was of course about they're like we are a metaverse first company and they talked quite a bit about nfts and Also, just like the world of crypto in this virtual world, facebook said today that the company's metaverse will support nfts in a post, a possible boost to the ethereum protocol, where the digital collectibles format has thrive. This will make it easier for people to sell limited edition. Digital objects like nfts, display them in their digital spaces and even resell them to the next person securely, so that's kind of cool, pushing the world of nfts, but if i had to throw out a wild guess right now, i think this little step is like a Baby step, it's 0.001 about what they're about to do in the metaverse in the world of virtual reality in the world of crypto and blockchains. I think a lot's gon na go on here.

Our goal is to provide a way for as many players as possible to build the business in the metaverse uh, so you could tell just from like a little of the inklings like imagine this. Imagine so we're all in the metaverse right, and i guess you have an avatar but like what, if all the attributes to your avatar like what, if they're, just sold separately like what, if i just show up in one of those days because of my tesla trades. I just need to. I need some quick money and i don't know like i can't afford my hands anymore, so i'm just walking around in my avatar and i'm just like a handless avatar.

You never know, i'm sure, he's gon na be making money from all aspects, but like it's kind of weird, because uh ready player, one seems to be coming: hey more of a from a movie to an actual reality. Uh, i see amc doing well. I see a lot of amc, but you guys are. I mean it's at 35, it's up.

1.5 percent jimmy's up 5. I see a lot of people freaking out as if it like exploded, 10 uh. This is nice, but uh, i'm seeing it folks. I am seeing it all right.

Let's continue that, because there's actually more nft talk - and i was following this account - seems pretty interesting. Gme dd, some people just sent it to me, and obviously this is very specific to jimmy - seems like they have some cool information. Oh, i wanted to play that, but hang on one second discover how gamestop remains among the most loathed and misunderstood companies in financial market history uh. It is very interesting, like the entire saga with gamestop, especially in january, like it almost brought the entire global economic system to its knees like we already have this commentary from people uh who know a lot about markets who said this could have been like a catastrophic System failure, if, if they didn't remove that buy button like this, could have blown a lot of people up and obviously at some point someone intervened to stop that but kind of cool information.

Here. This is just from that job description that we've been talking about a little bit of why i'm excited of the direction of gme, especially getting into this world and right here. These are some of the key points head of web3 gaming. Billions in revenue web three build the team to help creators launch their projects on the gamestop platform, ethereum layer, two uh grow them to billions in revenue, our nft platform to the next level uh.

This guy has a very good point: web3 billions of random v2 nfts ethereum layer 2 - probably probably nothing uh. It is exciting and they found this old clip from. If you don't know who uh keith gill is uh roaring kitty, deep fn value, that's this handsome gentleman right here uh, but this is from way back when just listen to this clip it's a short one oops. I should probably guys give you guys some volume, hey gamestop's, getting into uh, bitcoin and cryptocurrency right right.

There imagine imagine it well, they're doing it it. It might take a bit. I'm not saying it's going to be here tomorrow, but it's definitely uh seems to be in their future road map. So i find that to be particularly exciting and when you start connecting it getting into this world of like facebook, metaverse nft is this like this? All of a sudden ready player, one is becoming more of like oh tomorrow, opposed to like a movie that you watch and it seems like gamestop.

It's calling, i guess, in a certain sense, the direction of this trend, and i think it's gon na get it right. I really really do uh, maybe i'm a little bit too bullish on the future of crypto and blockchains and where this is all heading, but to me it makes a lot of sense. It makes a lot a lot of sense. So i think that's a strong move for gme um amc, obviously to in its own way trying to get in the world of crypto they're, accepting crypto as payment um, there's a little bit of rumors on.

You know believing that rumor mill of amc also mentioning a little bit about nfts. I think that'd be cool but um. I think it's less of a defined thing at this moment in time, compared to gme i mean gme is like actively they've kind of alluded to it, they're hiring for it amc yeah they are taking crypto payment, but beyond that uh j, just rumors. So i would like to see how that actually ends up panning out.

In reality, uh amc having a nice bounce off of 35, we went up to 35.50 trying to get this breakout from the intraday resistance jimmy having a very solid day. Speaking of gamestop, it's up. 5.3 right now amc's up 1.8. She was having a pretty good day at 65, but with this craziness in bitcoin right here, uh people like if i had to guess when we see these reports about what happened with bitcoin.

If i had to guess it's going to be relating to people who were over leveraged uh or they were just taking a a leveraged bet and all of a sudden, we had a little breakdown. So they all panicked and there was like a very quick capitulation. But as you can see, people were just i guess these are stop-loss hunting over leverage. A combo of the two doesn't really much matter because some whales stepped in and someone out there quickly made like three and a half thousand dollars right now and n.

Not that long uh, adam aaron tweeted all right. Let me track that down. Let me track down uh adam aaron's, newest tweet, adam aaron, uh thursday november 11th is veterans day to honor. Vets.

Amc will start showing american sniper as an amc. Five dollar fan fave the story of heroic u.s navy seal chris kyle played by bradley cooper. Amc will donate our veterans day, proceeds to the wounded warrior project. That is awesome and he just tweeted that out about an hour ago.

So it sounds like on november 11th, or probably a little bit before. Even i would assume that they're going to start playing uh american sniper and all proceeds will be going to the wounded warrior project, pretty cool, pretty cool. I like that. I like that.

A lot actually awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome and i know as of now as i'm saying this in late october right now, it does seem like a bit of a long shot. But who knows? Maybe it's going to be one of those things that, in the future, the way someone clip keith gill of like kind of joking of like oh, that would be cool if it works out. Who knows? Maybe this will be one of those moments for me, but just remember just remember out there that adam aaron on national tv has mentioned that he has at least kind of reached out to gamestop he's reached out, and we know they're in a little bit of a Contact that doesn't mean that there's some big partnership already underway, but it does mean that there's at least the opportunity of that, and i find that to be particularly exciting and right now, like i said it's late october, maybe it's gon na take time. But what about that like? What, if in x, amount of time whatever that time would be? What if there is some sort of like mega partnership between the two uh, some just crazy, exciting event, i don't know.

Maybe there's like a gamestop esports tournament hosted at amc and then they end up selling all the digital moments as nft. I don't know, i'm just spitballing here. This is not what it's not like. They call me to come up with the next biggest business ideas, but there is probably some unique way in which amc and jimmy can galvanize both of their bases and really just be like hey.

We are somehow leveraging at an exponential level the enthusiasm off the off. Both of them - and at that point i mean - i think this is - i think this thing could go absolutely haywire, but hey we'll see how that goes. We'll definitely see how it goes. I think it's going to take time like both of these are multi-billion dollar companies.

Amc has a current market cap of 18.17 billion. Gme has a market cap of 14 billion so between the two we're talking 30 32 billion dollars like that, doesn't make them the most agile it takes time, but it also, even though it takes more time, it means they have the resources to pull off, really really Really cool things so, hey, i'm gon na remain perpetually optimistic about both of these moon stocks. Just for your quick afternoon update, they have borrowed 1.24 million shares against amc today, with a net return of a hundred. Thirty thousand.

That puts the short interest estimation around. Seventeen percent, in terms of can't stop, won't stop gamestop. There is a net return of half a mil today on a borrow of fifty seven thousand. The short interest is in the realm of eleven point, two percent estimated just so you know these are the current running numbers.

I think we should talk a little bit about fundamentals and all that good stuff. So we know that amc has its earnings announcement coming up on monday november 1st the next monday in our lives, and some people are asking me, do i think they're going to be - and i think one of the best ways to understand if they're going to beat Or not is look at what another one in their industry is doing, and i'm talking about imax a major investing theme in 2021 is the rise of reopening stocks. Investors are often hunting for companies that could benefit from post-pandemic growth and pent-up demand. One industry that's often mentioned is movie theaters, so imax reported and technically they did miss on their revenue.

But remember amc has the most market share and they just barely missed. The estimation was 57 million. It came in at 56.6, so it was off by 400 000 and that's still, a 52 year-over-year increase. The company reported a gross margin of 48.6, which is the highest since 2019..

The overall global box office for imax was 142 million up a hundred percent year over year and the third straight quarter of a hundred million or more in box office. It is clear that the global film industry has reached a turning point. The movies are back, and this is coming from the imac ceo, rich gelford, so right there hey. This is imax, but i really do believe that this is in a certain way like it doesn't have to be, but in a certain way it's strongly indicative of what i think amc's about to say on monday, like if i'm just reading the tea leaves right here Of imax's success, i think that just amc having the amc base having the enthusiasm having the most market, share, expanding to more and more theaters, not only in the us but globally.

I think the numbers are going to be even better so, like i said, just attempting to read the tea leaves here. Uh imax's report makes me pretty excited for amc and speaking of amc um. We know that they have already reported strong results for the second venom movie, which was the second biggest domestic opening for an october movie. Ever you don't even have to say since pandemic, you could say ever ever ever.

Amc also reported strong sales for no time to die. The most recent james bond flick. The company saw 2.4 million moviegoers in the u.s during the weekend of september 30th through october 3rd, globally, the company's 3.9 million moviegoers during the weekend set a post reopening record. This is awesome, this is from the silverback himself, adam aaron.

The success of these two new blockbuster movies and our theaters, both at home and abroad, demonstrate the huge pent-up demand we see in moviegoers, who are ever so eager to return to the movies. I think that's awesome right here. They did very well sorry, i just closed that, but they also did well with shang qi. We know internals is about to come out.

I believe the second uh top gun maverick uh he's about to be coming out in that movie. The oh man um tom cruise movie - i believe it is yeah tom cruise. Why am i losing my mind right now? Overall, i am particularly excited for amc. If i had to bet right now, i really do think that they're going to be expectations.

Um, it's just and i think the evidence of that is the success of imax and even on a relative basis. Even if you scale up to the size of amc versus imax, i think the kicker there of why it will do even better on a proportional rate better than that is honestly because of the apes. It's just like how much amc is in everyone's mind, how much it's in the news all of that stuff um so we'll see um. I know that's more of a short-term thing and i know a lot of people here, you're in this, for the long haul, but it is the next i would argue, fundamental driver for the stock uh, obviously not tomorrow, but on monday tomorrow, it's a friday.

You never know what's going to bring, i mean right now we're seeing volatility in some of the market tesla's going absolutely nowhere. Gme is going up, amc is trying to fight back lucy's, doing some weird stuff, uh bitcoin or the way back already back above 60. 000.. It went from 56 000 all the way up to 60.

nice bounce etherium, going manic battling it out at two dollars: hey there's a lot of opportunity when you see this volatility, when you see this movement just think money making opportunity overall, you just got ta stick With whatever your plan is measure out, your risk measure out your reward and stick to it do your best to stick to it. I think that's one of the hardest things is being a highly disciplined trader, but that's what takes time you're like you can learn all the terms and the all the like, i guess special actions and how everything's interrelated? Yes, that's an important part of it, but the hardest part is going to be mastering your own emotions and sticking to your plan and not chasing and not holding on to a loser and like the list goes on and on and on slowly but surely you're going To get there you're going to get there, it just takes time and to give yourself enough time to get to that point, where you feel that yourself, you are a competent trader. One of the biggest things you can do is worry about your capital preservation. It's all about not letting one of your plays the risk in that play like blow up your account financially ruin you, which would obviously be even worse.

It's all about capital preservation and the the gains the attendees they will come. They definitely will come all right. We have another one. Oh, this is an another one about the the facebook name.

Change hang on one. Second, let's see what they say. We have more news out of facebook, which just announced its name change. Facebook will now be known as meta.

It will also have a new ticker to match ticker mvrs, which obviously implies metaverse, so a new name and a new ticker goodbye fb. I wonder if that makes it available now the change will be effective december. I love it because both you and i were talking about the fact that twitter, ceo jack dorsey, had just tweeted out something kind of funny. He basically tweeted out meta colon, the definition referring to itself or to the convention of its genre self-referential.

So, a little bit of back and forth between some of the social media competitors fun, watching them sort of throw shade at one another totally and facebook shares are at session session. This also by the way, pretty much concludes their developers conference. So a lot of news to digest. Well, there you have it, no, nothing really too too new there, but announcement today, you think they could have at one point.

Do you think that facebook was considered they're like what, if we just call ourselves like social media like the social media platform? Do you think it was like more of a a monopolistic issue of why they didn't do that they're, just like yeah like what, if we just say like we are social media, we'll just buy everything, uh hello, i've been trying to reach you about your car's extended Warranty plan, what's going on james tom cruise, has been saving the world for 30 years. I'm sure he will spark the squeeze what's going on counselor murray um. What is this matt's duck? Suspensers neutered, past participle, neutered or better biden's bill packet, better bill. It was uh.

Quite a few things in the current bill got like completely axed completely axed. Neutered would probably be right. It would be cool if they were to show tournaments like league of legends or other game sports. I don't think it's that far out of the future bradley cooper should play you in your biopic, hey that'd, be cool, i mean i would assume that the position would first be offered to either hulk hogan or the baby.

I don't know if they're going to accept it or not, but i think bradley cooper would be a strong third option for sure. Can you look at snap wrench that he likes it, but the user base is only growing seems like a good dip. Buy thanks matt um, so i don't know. I i think i have read that like.

I would agree with rent the growth in user base. Recently their issue is a big miss in revenues. Their ad sales are down so hey. Sometimes you could buy it on that.

Nice dip it actually didn't. Even it stayed above support clear support at 50. It bounced earlier at 51.. If this continues upward, your risk isn't bad, and if you get the break out of 60, you might be able to ride this back up to 74 and more of a relative short-term like gap-fill play.

So whenever i see a gap like this, especially of a well-known company, my first thought is okay. How can i make money off of the gap bill just because gap fills are statistically significant plays you do have edge in playing this gap film? You just have to wait for demand. You have to see it pulling a u-turn, my only issue with snap, and maybe i'm completely off - maybe i'm just some like unfun boomer, um out of all social media. That is by far the one i use the least.

So i don't know if i'm an odd case, but i just don't see how snap would be growing faster than twitter, definitely not growing faster than tick. Tock uh, i don't think it'd be growing faster than reddit. I just feel like out of all the main social media platforms. If i just had a guess - and i do not have the numbers to back this up - i'm just saying like anecdotally, i personally care about snapchat the least uh.

I think there's more people engaging on instagram reddit youtube, twitter, oop change interval. I don't want to do that um, but maybe i need to look into it. Like i said i just i when i was in college, snapchat was the one that everyone was on. I just don't know if that really holds true anymore you're, deaf getting played by michael sarah.

Why are some articles saying 5th of november reporting for amc? I don't know, but it's on the 1st uh. It is definitely going to be on monday, just saying, dropping by working hard making gains on emph options since monday, with your analysis on an emph, let's check it out e-n-p-h i mean it's a gap up and it's a mover and you're looking for the breakout at 230., so i don't know if i would get into it now: it's in the semiconductor world, which means i still like, probably nvidia more. But if you get this, if you're already in it - which you are look for that break of 230 and you might be able to really crush it, how is nvidia doing so? It's still high coiling um. If you see nvidia get back above 250, i think the odds are that it would can continue upward.

Just a classic momentum. Setup play how's, prague, prague, coming up prague coming to life, bouncing off of 350, shot up flat. Remember the ceo will be speaking tomorrow. Pretty much right around when market opens so hopefully he drops some exciting positive bombs on on all of us all of us, prague frogs.

He met my major game. Ishiba, vlta, chpt and dwack is working. Its way back up, ape noise is shot out. Shout out shout out shout out: can you check out ttcf short interest is 40 days to cover 9 utilization 98.

I would love to hear your take. So all those make it tattooed chef um an opportunity for like potentially a squeeze, but the price action's. Not there. I'm just not seeing the stock move.

Remember you can have all of those, but if you don't have demand, if you don't have people buying, it's not going to do anything. I think that's a lot of people. They find a highly shorted stock and they're like oh. This is a good one, but like if the price, if the price action is not there, the price action is not there.

You would want to see this get above 1819 and maybe get some enthusiasm, and this has moved in the past and i think it could move in the future. But right now i just don't see anything happening with it match, i'm still beating the eardrum. What's going on el randle hope you're having a good one hope you're having a great day uh mark cuban's, dallas magrix will give a hundred dollars in bitcoin to those who download the voyager digital app in the next 36 hours. Is that true christopher? I don't? I don't i haven't seen that i got my profit from sheba now, investing more in amc, hey, congratulations on those profits and, i hope you're even more profitable, on amc doge, making a comeback.

Today, let's check out doge, let's check out doge doge doge doge above 30 cents. Look at that nice pop on doge. When did that actually happen? It was early this morning. Look at this ramp up around what 2 a.m.

Just nothing to see here just some classic 2 a.m buying just ramp, ramp ramp and it's holding nicely just below 31 cents. It's kind of cool that both doge and cheap could both kind of sustain very very nice gains matic at two dollars. I like that solana, 196 just below 200 hit a new all-time high. Around 220.

ethereum, still holding strong, very, very happy about my position in ethereum right now, wow fang can become manga. I saw a little bit about that on twitter. I think that's fun. Uh, hey bro.

Can you tell me what plat, for i can trade pre and post market in canada uh to be specific thanks um, i don't know i'm assuming you're on wealth, simple just because most people in canada are on wealth, simple at least most people who watch me um Can you trade, you might have to be doing lemon orders, but you might be able to do extended hours trading with that be careful when you're doing extended hours trading, you are not protected by the nbbo. There are clearly less regulations, in effect before 9, 30 and after 4 p.m. So i would recommend some caution when trading in extended hours, trading, interactive brokers, if you have that interactive brokers is a very nice full-fledged brokerage um. So if you're, okay with paying some commission, it's probably arguably one of the most transparent brokerages like on the planet right now, we can't trade pre or after with wealth, simple okay.

So maybe at that point you might want to check out td for canada. I've seen some people say: td, uh interactive will be fine yeah. If that's what you want and like it's not like it's a freaking wild west like there's, still rules, but i'm just saying in general, i'm i'm not the biggest fan of trading in pre and post market and honestly, it's more because of like the volume so low. Like to me, they're all such low conviction trades anyway, uh tell the mods to unban piano zim account from chat.

I don't know why i'm banned i'm a full-fledged ape since five dollars, uh, i'm assuming you said something you shouldn't have said, but just so you guys know. Um youtube has not implemented a way to unban people. When we ban people it's permanent. I've talked to.

I've talked to youtube about it and they're like yeah. No, we haven't figured that out yet i was like what do you mean? You can't unban people so uh, unfortunately, for your account, it's it's a permanent thing, which i like it i i do. I think it really ups the stakes and uh just so when you guys are in here it's a permanent thing, like there's, there's reason for all that excitement we have when we start kicking greg's out of here. There's there's no there's no undosies on those ones like they're gone, they're, gone, uh, danny thoughts on samoa coin is the solana goes and sheba equivalent is the salon.

It goes. Uh cody. I don't know what you mean there. I don't know about samo coin, though i know about solana, and i like it.

I know about sheba now and i like that, but don't know much about samocoin. How high can a cost of borrow go to there's no limit uh? What's your name serve97, it's just supply and demand. If there's a very low supply and a very high demand, they just keep raising the price and people end up keeping it if they want to rent out those shares. Roku roku, roku roku.

What's your name, shannon roku question mark uh i actually kind of like roku at these levels because i just feel like the the chance of the swing back up at some point in its future to 490. 500 is a pretty high one. It could take time it could take a serious amount of time, but i'm just saying in general, like roku's, been on like a pretty nice run and maybe got a little too crazy here and then cooled off and it might take a bit of time. But if you're, looking at your risk to reward ratio, i mean roku is a nice setup at least the way i look at it afternoon: bro beans, if pre and post market aren't protected with mbbo, how does crypto spread work since it's 24? 7.? Thanks for the power hour, nbbo has only that has nothing to do with crypto whatsoever, the mbbo, the national best bid and offer that's not something that exists in the world of crypto uh.

Please take a look at ecommi in their app called vv, which is on app store and apple android phones. I want you to know what you think about this vv. What is vv, what is vv v v digital collectibles, get it on the you download it onto your phone. Okay, let me download vv.

Let me see what this is all about. We're gon na do it live all i'll orate. My entire experience with vv search v. V v collectibles looks like some sort of nft thing get uh, i'm seeing a lot of marvel people all right, we're downloading we're gon na do it.

This is my unfiltered full-on experience with vv welcome to the world of digital collectibles vv digital collectibles comes with limited edition, releases can be purchased, sold and traded, upgraded and customized placed in virtual showrooms, shared on social and, more all, through the vv app whoa whoa brother Whoa brother, all right, we're downloading all right, just it now, let's see what goes on loading loading loading, loading, uh, join login and join email. What is my email? Let's give them this email all right. What should my password be any any password suggestions? Uh-Huh, okay, yeah that one will work sign up with email sign up. Ah, i need to confirm this.

How long is this going to take me all right confirm we did that. Please check the email vv. What are you doing to me? Open, open, nickname duck boy. All right, so am i about to like spend way more money on nfts than i should beings.

I already have some on openc ooh select your favorite brands. Marvel's cool low key is cool james bond's cool. What else do we have yeah universal? Why not all right? That's enough notifications, no way all right start collecting. I guess i just have to send money to it coming soon.

They do like. I guess rare drops. Well, i have to admit it was relatively simple to get signed up. I got signed up.

I have an account. I don't have any. Obviously i haven't sent any crypto. I assume you buy it with crypto sold out someone.

What is even the currency in this world, rarity secret rare. Well now i want something: that's secret rare, that's how they always get me. They always put on cool worlds like this they're like this one's, just not rare, it's secret, rare, it's so freaking rare. We can't even talk about it.

Um it was easy to sign up. I don't know i haven't, bought anything on it. I'll have to mess around with it a little bit later, jan amc, a peer owned, some sheban weeble just got onto waiting list for voyager. Hopefully this means a huge surge for sheep.

Since there's a waiting list to to demand could be um. It also, i think some of the states take a little bit longer, so some states are backed up, but if you want voyager yeah download it uh, it's free to get going just throw in that code. Matt21 and they'll actually pay you as soon as you, trade 100 of any crypto you'll get 25 worth of bitcoin it's. It has a very nice user interface, a very nice user experience.

I would arguably i would argue that it has the best user experience relative to. I also use coinbase in gemini. I use all three for different reasons, but voyager is a nice one, but i do support all three and i use them just for it depends the coins. I want uh, sometimes like something like voyager i'll, have some sheep in just because if i want to be a bit more active well, then i use something like gemini just for like okay, i'm gon na be in bitcoin for the long run, no point in touching It you need to link up with mike davis.

He puts out a lot of count time 10 on youtube about dojinski. If he has like 100k subs would be great. I haven't heard of mike davis, but i will happily look into him. Thank you for that suggestion.

James, have you heard of sothema enu, it's not a lot of exchanges, but it's been running heard of it thoughts i have not heard of it. Have you done research on short exams? Yes, the law needs to be changed short exempt volume. For some pictures and saying, can you shed some light on this of just like conceptually what it is um? So there are certain scenarios when people are not supposed to go short, for example, short, sale, restriction, ssr. Well, there are people such as market makers, citadel securities virtue, who they're kind of their own.

I guess in a way police and if they think that there's reason to go short even when no one else can go short, they can still go short and that's called a short exempt. It's kind of straight up of what it is. It's weird uh, the one of the weirdest things i find about that rule is the fact that, like they're, their own judge of like oh yeah, so if you look into short exempt it's basically, you can use it when you think it's appropriate, but it's just up To them, like oh yeah, totally, we think it's appropriate, so we're just gon na. Do it uh.

Imagine if amc partnered with disney to do rides like the flight of the passage ride world of avatar watch a video of the ride. It's amazing that'd be pretty cool. What else do we have uh? I don't know much about gfs carlos thoughts on buying loopering after the gme news uh, i'm i still ryan. I mean i'm more biased to gme so like in that loop ring gme alleged partnership uh about like the leaked things that were going on.

I still just like jimmy moore, i'm not saying anything bad about loopering. It's just. I just happen to care more about gme uh, any thoughts on it, s-e-a-h, it's it's back, play yeah, so, just in general, the enthusiasm behind spat plays has definitely been dying out. That's why dwack is kind of like a big abnormality.

Spack plays were way more popular and way more exciting in 2020, and who knows, maybe dwack will kind of be like the first one to reignite that enthusiasm, but as of right now, uh spack plays have kind of like lost a little bit of their luster. So i would be careful with that it has its own wall nft dropping november. Can you have a look at the chart? S-A-I-Ti s-a-i-t-a crypto, i'm not seeing it. I don't see it here.

Let's post script, not coming up for me. What else do we have uh? I'm not crazy super it's up over 200k. That's awesome! I want people to be up but like, if i don't know about it, i don't know about it. I'm just letting you know kind of the world of spacks right now.

Also, if someone's already up so much, it sounds like you might be a little bit late to the party. Remember chasing it can work out sometimes, but if you do it enough times, you're going to get seriously burned um, how is roblox doing rblx rblx hey bouncing off of 70 up to 83. I like this one because from everything i understand about roblox, it seems to be like highly addictive to our youth, and a lot of people are are shelling out money on the platform for their kids, so kind of like that kind of like it is the clip Channel coors light yeah. If you want to watch the individual clips from the stream of like whenever i explain things or usually, people are asking me like they're like hey, can you clip that um here's the clip channel and it also serves as the backup in case i ever my main Channel goes down, but it's right here, coors light uh, it's matt, korres clips here are the recent videos, pat toomey, being hedgy.

She going crazy. She going crazy, uh, my full explanation and the math and the sources behind about dark pools, robin hood, taking gamestop nfts um. There's good stuff here i don't know, maybe people don't know about it, but right here it's coors like k-o-h-r-z l-i-t-e. I thought it was a pretty funny name.

Every time i see it. It cracks me up, but the little guy right here is just like the uh duck cartoon of myself. Look at this bitcoin going from 56 000, all the way up to 61 000. Just like that, someone got a really nice fill congrat some whale out there talk about manipulation, thanks for all your knowledge and support you've.

Given me over the past few months, watch you daily much appreciated, but you should look into. I mean i'll check it out, like i just don't know much about it right now, um, but i'll look into it. I mean right now, my i guess the these e-news and the dog-based ones. I've been kind of paying attention to shebe the most just because it seems to have quite a bit of enthusiasm behind it.

How do you feel about nvidia with facebook, meta and amazon holding their er after hours, catalyst? Potentially i mean most holding their er after i mean i don't. I can't even name the last company that had their earnings during market hours most are before market or aftermarket. That's how it just kind of goes colin. How do i feel about nvidia with facebook for meta um seems like a very natural partnership.

I mean i'm a huge fan of the video huge fan. Uh matt says shebe is done. I don't think so whatsoever whatsoever. Matt.

Have you looked into safe moon? I looked into a little bit and i heard some things that didn't make me feel too comfortable about the developers. So i was like uh not to play for me. Maybe that's a wrong interpretation, but if i see risk and then a different play has less risk and maybe even more reward, i'm gon na get excited about it. Um.

Maybe i made too quick of an opinion of what was going on, but just from the research i read some, not the nicest comments about the safe moon, dev team. Like i said, maybe it's wrong. Maybe i needed to do more dd, but at the time it came on to my radar, it was like doge that was the exciting one. So as soon as i read that about safe mood, i was like okay, like whatever i'll just do, doge instead, anyway uh do you think she will make a dip to 30 again could be? I don't know it's very volatile, so, like anything's possible, there check this out tesla getting a nice gain and close.

I have not checked on my tesla position in a minute because i know it's down and it'll probably just upset me, but we might as well look into it i'll. Let you guys know where i'm at on tesla uh. Where are we at? How do i even get into this to this app? Oh tesla, tesla tesla, it's not going to be good! It's going to be red! It's going to be a a sea of red all right, tesler! I am down 59. Currently, that is a bummer bummer, bro uh.

Everyone everyone will pay when this one, when this one explodes to the moon today, tomorrow i'll get the i'll get the last laugh. I will get the last laugh on this tesla trade uh ever heard of edge wonk great for journalistic trades and analytics if you're looking for some way to track your trade. It's been super helpful, shout out brandon. I like that thoughts on lcid, i'm uh, paul peck, holding phu at 970.

I'm debt money right now, uh, i'm bullish and a fan of lucid personally is launching their own decks next month and allows you to buy coins with credit cards and no gas fees unite compared to the market interesting. My one concern right now, though, is we've kind of gone through this, where there's like coordinated, uh marketing campaigns, and i feel like we're getting an abnormal amount of. How do you even pronounce it saitama satima, like an abnormal amount of super chats related to that, which makes me wonder, are these people just like paid bots we've seen this before with safe moon we've seen this before with bonfire, and i don't know if they actually Have like just an enthusiastic base that happens to be here or if this is just like another paid campaign, which i wouldn't be the biggest fan of, because if you have a good product, you don't need to like have some weird guerrilla marketing tactic. Uh.

What's going on with any, there was actually, i saw a little bit of news related to any. I thought any any any any. Where is it sphere? 3D moves higher hearing, pi financial initiates with buy rating um, so there was an analyst who started following it and they hit it with a buy rating. That's why uh dw ac rebound from under 72 level, immediately spiked over 74 up 14 on the session is neostock a laggard played at tesla, perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps what's happening after i was with prague after hours.

I don't think much. I think the action is tomorrow of when the hearing starts. I'm not a paid bot wouldn't spend 15. If i was, i know i'm butchering the pronunciation of this.

I apologize satsuma been following you since april just trying to spread the love it's early on and that's coming from marco. So marco is vehemently arguing that he is a big fan of this. I think it's training, satima s-a-i-t-a-m-a, hey if you're in it. I don't want anyone to lose like i'm, never ever rooting that any of your investments go south on you uh.

I just can't say anything positive or negative, because i simply have not looked into it and it would be irresponsible of me to like say something that i just make up off the top of my head from my mom's basement: saitama saitama, richard granger. Thank you. Sai saitama, so some people are saying satama. Some people are saying saitama i'll, look into it more than happy to hey willing to try anything once you know.

Uh blocktopia is a metaverse powered and backed by polygon matic partner, with jake paul bitboy crypto, to name a few some creators as sandbox blocktopia, i mean partnered with jake paul that will attract a lot of people, but it'll also push away a lot of people. So that's an interesting, interesting marketing tactic and then obviously bitboy is huge, not sure if you talked about this, when your thoughts on voyager stock, vy, gvf and all the new nfts and the vv and mark cuban updates, i mean that's a lot uh mark cuban. We talked about that. I did download vv uh, but we have not talked about voyager stock matt.

It's pronounced seitan, uh, saitama, saitama, saitama saitama close enough. We round up around here we round up just so. You know you have about two minutes left. So if you are battling with pattern day, trading and you're trying to get a trade in before the market closes, you better be doing it quick, matt partner.

Up with mr beast, i would love to, but i have a feeling that he's like not just a couple leagues ahead of me he's in he's a freaking galaxy ahead of me. I wouldn't even be a like an ant in that guy's world he's. Oh, mr beast is like a true like warship on the other side of the ocean, like the dude has the same level of notoriety and pull as people like joe rogan uh, like i said, they are entire warships on the other side of the ocean, and i'm Just like a little speedboat here in ape nation, uh amc at 5223, gme at 183. inquiring minds want to know: do you still sleep in a race car bed? If so, what kind yes and the kind of race car bed i sleep in is red? What else do we have uh? What else do we have but you're our speedboat? I appreciate that dustin uh, it's one punch man's name.

I never uh ended up watching that. I never and i have nothing against it. Like i've heard it's a very good show. I just i don't know i was a dragon ball z fan myself, that's what i ended up watching as i grew up.

Maybe it was just not on the channels and like the random area that i grew up in, but dragon ball z was always on right. After i got home from school, so i was a fan of that and all the girls loved it. What else do we have leviosa? I don't know why. That's so funny all right, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding.

The casino is closed. Folks, not really, but you know what i mean: it's 4 p.m: um kind of a boring day like some excitement, but like not too much going on. So i'm i for myself. I'm fingers crossed that we have a little bit more um volatility, a little bit more volume, a little bit more fun stuff to watch tomorrow.

But hey that's another day in the office here at the casino in my mom's basement uh. You never know what you're gon na get some days. It's boring other days. It's ripping your face off.

You never ever know what you get in my mom's basement. I very very much appreciate all your support. Ethereum's, looking good bitcoin already back talk about it, talk about it dip by folks, it's literally already back where it was this morning, except they got it for a like four five thousand dollar discount. That's insane ethereum already backed bitcoin already back, of course, of course.

Of course, of course, hey, i'm sure you've heard the story before, but hey people with money influence they just got a much better deal, bought it right back up wild wild wild moving forward. Uh some clips are going to get posted on a coors late check that out. If you want it today, uh, i will be streaming tomorrow, starting at 9 00 a.m, crack of dawn waking up with all the farmers. I hope to see you there, but, most importantly, i appreciate you hanging out with me for power out.

It's always fun. I do appreciate the support it means more to me than i could possibly articulate.

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