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Ep 129 massive stock swings crypto pushes higher dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Massive Stock Swings & Crypto Pushes Higher
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 129
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We're holding on forty life getting damn tandy so soon don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter swimming pool champagne every day, fam. What you do wan na hang wan na chill. Oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right held them tight jack titties every night.

We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten and just couldn't had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause. We never be selling until we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw, you kenny. I want my wife, a minivan to share with a boyfriend, but i pull up in the bench plate, saying olive cranes going on an airplane, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday screw kenny cause we're holding life, be mistaking the apes. Won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon expectation, probably more manipulation.

If you did, a creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us for holla. If you spend your last dollars, we don't claim to be scholars, we the smooth brain dummies and we never stood taller yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor.

A follower of living ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore. We trust m-o-a-s-s, oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out and john rocket man.

This is the way gon na be girliana's ground control to major time. We bout to have liftoff call us. Neil eight strong gon na keep holding on screw kenny cause we're holding our life getting damn teddy. So soon don't be mistaken, the ace won't be shaking no breaking because we're going to the moon don't be mistaken.

The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them we're going to boy. Oh boy is that true we are going to the moon, not sure how we're going to get there, probably various different ways to get there. But as long as you have your your ticket, your attendee ticket, your gold intended ticket to your rocket ship we're going on the moon. I like that.

I like that very much once again. If you don't know who that that band is that music, it is by the grillionaires they have to the moon and show us the money um, you can find it on youtube. Itunes, spotify all that. But once again the name of the group is the guerillionaires.

Just so, everyone knows, if you want to pump that when i don't know if you're watching the market pumping iron going for a run, fighting about, why you just told your girlfriend to calm down whatever it is. It's always a good time to play music by the grillionaires. Am i in the band or anything like that? No, because i'm not musically, inclined or talented, literally whatsoever um, but i'm jealous of it. I wish i were, but i'm not none.

Nonetheless, i am not a couple things to talk about right here, uh, a couple interesting things to talk about right now: amc is looking good. I mean how many times have i called out. The gap filled the 38.80. Now we haven't hit it yet we hit 38.72 and no, no, no, no! No! No um! I got to be better than that.

We got to come closer than 7 cents, i'm still calling for the gap. Pill. Uh, eight cents, were we off right 70. What was it 72, okay off by eight cents? We still have, we still have eight cents to go um and i'm liking.

What we're seeing right here, we saw a trend line breakdown, fake out breakdown. Recaptured 38 pushed all the way up, but we still have work to be done just so. Everyone knows um. I'm going to talk a lot about avis, i'm going to talk about car, i'm going to talk about shave.

We do have some important things to go over in this particular power hour, but i want to give you a setup for what happened so i bought puts on car and then i started diving more into the situation of what's going on in car and i cut Them i was like oops, not good cut, it got a small loss, took it out and instead just um the time that i was confused on what i should or shouldn't be doing with car. Basically, i wrote it down from 400 to i don't know somewhere in here 340. I don't know i wrote it down like 60 bucks, i researched what was going on and as i'm about to show to all of you, i did not feel comfortable having a put position against car and honestly. I don't feel that comfortable having a long position either.

So it's in no position for me. That's okay, folks, remember when you've seen equity moving. It is very much okay to have a non-position so right now completely flat on car, and i want to explain why in just a minute, but i did take that money and i got into tesla right around here around 1 pm, i was watching this bull flag. Both flag, bull flag, bull flag, researching the news about what's going on with hertz and tesla and all that stuff, and we do have some additional developments, mainly right here, jean munser and gordon johnson.

Two. What like rich white old guys with names like that gene and gordon uh, they're old, they're, rich they're white? Maybe they know what they're talking about. I actually agree on something a tesla stock split, so we'll see how that plans out yesterday make sure to check out that video. I explained why a stock split will most likely be good for tesla.

So i saw that news. I saw the technical development i waited for it and i feel like this was one of my most like reasonable, tesla trades in quite a while. I was like oh like hang on uh this. This is kind of panning out and you know what happened right here.

I saw this explosion. I was like this is my opportunity we're finding some support. I go long on tesla and bam. Reality kicks me right in the teeth and then right away.

I feel better again, and you know what reality does it kicks me in the teeth? Again, i was knocked out unconscious on the ground. I finally wake back up and the market's like nah. We want tesla up, but we first need to embarrass this youtuber in his basement, so we knock it down again now. Fortunately, i've woke up enough times that this one um should be planning should be panning out like i i'm i'm excited for it.

So once again long on it and these guys, if you look at pictures they're just like i don't know - you'll see them but apparently they're at each other's throats most of the time, uh one a tesla bull, the other not. But i guess they are just talking about a split so we'll see how that one plays out this news. You could get it on uh right here on binzinga. I just want to make sure it was by them originally uh photocurrency of tesla.

I think it did come from them originally uh. What else is dewac news? Okay, any news there uh on amc, they have had 1.4 million borrowed against it today for a net of 1.3 million. That puts the estimated short interest on amc around 17.14 gme net return of 135 on a borrow of a very low borrow of around 17 short interest of 11.4. So when doing this, it's kind of interesting um, the lack of aggression for people renting out new shares against jimmy.

To me, it's indicative of how strong these moves are. People are afraid to short gme right now, because the market kind of at large recognizes how powerful a move of this, like really was above 200 gme, currently trading at 207.65 up 3.78 on the day, jimmy currently trading at 3, 38, 24 up 3 on the day And don't forget a major catalyst right now kind of we're staring down the barrel of amc is on monday november, 8th after the market closes 5 p.m. East coast time there is an earnings announcement, i'm very very excited for this particular earnings announcement. Of course, i will be streaming it.

It is a week after today so market calendars we're going to be doing three extra, like an extra stream, so three streams that day instead of the normal two but monday november, 8th six days from today, we do have that earnings coming in and i'm expecting some Movement because of it, obviously i'm being cautiously optimistic. I think it's gon na go well and it's not just because i am a outspoken amc supporter. It's more so because i'm reading the writing on the wall, imax is really liking. What's going on, regal's really liking.

What's going on cinemark's really liking? What's going on, i don't see why amc wouldn't also follow suit and in a similar manner, not necessarily because of their earnings but uh gamestop uh lots of excitement of what's going on in the world of crypto. Now, speaking of the world of crypto, i do want to say something specifically about shebe, but on top of that, don't forget ethereum, i'm in a theorem, i've been in ethereum, i've been saying, hey folks, i love ethereum for quite a while. Now, if you do or don't love it that's up to you, i love ethereum. I've been in it, i'm happy to be in it.

I continually add to my position and that's been beneficial because it just hit a new all-time high trading at 4. 500. bitcoin. We almost got that breakout of 64k uh and we're still right there.

We have this bull flag, break out and ran all the way up, i'm looking for that follow through, i think, if we hold above 64 for any decent amount of volume, i think there's a very good shot. We test the all-time high of 67, and just so, you know - and i alluded to this early in the stream today - that there are quite a few of highly respected uh bitcoin accounts out there, who are all looking for by the end of this year, they're looking For bitcoin to get somewhere between 90 and 100k, which would be insane because from this point that's a 66 gain a 66 percent gain in two months, eight weeks. That is incredibly good. Now i know you may be like what do you mean? I just saw avis ripping, and i saw this stock ripping and blah blah blah 66 doesn't sound that pr good uh, if you capture that for your own portfolio, you've outperformed pretty much every single hedge fund this year, like most of the time you're looking to beat The s p benchmark, which i don't know do i have the year to date right here over the past year, we're up 23.

I don't have the year to date, but if you're beating the s p 500, that's very, very, very, very good um. What did i just lose right here? She, okay get she back up there. So just so, you guys know i'm back in tesla and i am continuing my journey to purchase the entire mississippi. So that statement becomes completely true and i don't commit libel against myself, but just holding trying to hold on my my my crown my title of the best tesla trader on this side of the mississippi.

A lot of you might be like. Why doesn't he say, tesla? Why does he keep saying he's the tech, the best tesla trader um? I appreciate you noticing that difference, but i'd rather just not address it. I'm the best tesler trader on this side of the mississippi. Let's make that explicitly clear all right now, let's go into what in the world is happening all right.

The story of the day today, tuesday november 2nd, comes to us from avis, a car rental company and i've used them before. I know a lot of you have it's just car rental all over. They have a fancy website, nothing too crazy. We know the company a lot of us do.

The only qualm i have about this website is legitimately instead of having a mustang. I think they have. They should have a corolla, because i think corollas are the best cars anyway good chance. You've heard of the insanity it's up over 100 right now and when i find a bit interesting about it is avis.

Budget stock is soaring thanks to the rental car boom and yeah. I mean to a certain degree. This is right because the company had its earnings announcement and it beat it handily beated uh, on everything that the numbers right here. It's impressive: the company reported 10.74 per share earnings for the third quarter and the estimation was four dollars.

I mean that's a that that's over 250 percent b and on top of it it was a 1 billion in buybacks. Now this is very interesting when you hear about companies buying back shares, that's usually very bullish, because obviously the company trying to increase its own equity stake well. Why would they do that? It's mainly because they think the current stock is undervaluing what the company is and how do they come up with that? Well, they're, the insiders. They know their own numbers, they know their guidance, they know where they're going.

They know a lot more information about their own company than we possibly do so whenever you hear a company doing its own buyback, it's pretty for like it's typically for pretty bullish reasons, because why else would you? Why would the company, who knows everything about itself? Why would it ever buy stock if it thinks it's overvalued? If anything, it does it because it thinks it's undervalued and i'm going to get back to this about what's going on here about the shorts running, but let's just lay out some some facts for you. So here's avis it trades under the ticker c. A r currently has a market cap, a total evaluation of 11.4 billion dollars. The outstanding shares is 66.54 and the free float percentage is around 70.5, which brings us to roughly 47 million, as in 47 million shares that you and i can trade just it's good to know the float because it comes into the world of what's going on here.

The estimated short interest to start today off was 28.81, but today they borrowed another 830 000 against it for a net of 670 000. Putting the estimated short interest estimated around 32 percent. Very very interesting shares on loan right now. We're talking about 15 mil.

Remember we're talking about a free flow of 47 mil that's where you're getting this percentage, that's a hefty percentage! That's a hefty cut of the free float of people who are betting against it and it is clearly kind of part. It's part of the overall recipe of why we saw insanity in car aka avis today, and just so you know it is kind of notably low, the utilization 17.63. Remember what utilization is it's the amount of shares on loan divided by the total loanable shares, as in there's a decent amount, percentage-wise of shares out on loan, but the pool of people willing to lend their shares out is far far greater utilization x. Divided by.

Why shares on loan divided by total loanable shares just so we're all on the same page there just so you have a little facts and figures um it's low float, it just destroyed its earnings and, on top of it with their being shorts. I think the momentum of the earnings beat remember: they beat their earnings per share by 250 plus percent. That gave it some momentum. I think what it did was it scared enough shorts out of there and it we saw the stock move, absolutely incredibly sky high.

Here's! The daily chart yesterday it closed at a 168 56 right now, it's up 104 trading at 350. At one point, it was as high as 545 dollars, so we're not even talking about really yesterday's close, but from today's open to its peak. At one point, it was up 212 absolute insanity, and a lot of people have made a lot of money off of it check this out. New york hedge fund stands to make 5 billion, with a b 5 stacks on avis budget share surge.

So right here, srs investment management. What you need to know about it is: they have a 27.7 stake in car uh, it's about 18.4 million shares and then 11.3 million cash settled equities, uh swaps related to car. So, with this explosion in price, srs investment management has been raking it in talking about being low supply. High demand in money rates, this company, everyone from the ceo all the way down to - i guess the new interns they are all scurrying around going to home depot.

Lowe's amazon, any hardware store they possibly can to buy all the money rakes, because this company there's no way they were prepared for this. There is no way on god's green earth. They had the proper rake amount they needed to bring all this money into the fund and they absolutely destroyed it. So, congratulations to them and best of luck to the intern, who they're forcing to drive way out of the city to just load up some white van of a bunch of money, rakes uh, very, very impressive stuff.

So i do think it's a little bit weird that right here, they're just like rental car boom. Well, yeah, there was a rental car boom and there was also some interesting discussion right here about what was going on. Vague comments on the conference. Call by executives about increasing purchases of electric cars for its fleet appear to add juice to the rally.

As chief executive officer, joseph ferraro said, the company would play a big role in the growth of electric cars in the us, so i'm bringing this up because we just saw the insanity of tesla as it relates to hertz. So this is another one. Another car rental talking about electric cars and we see tesla exploding, we see hertz going nuts, and now we have another one. This is just the hot topic of the day, the hot topic of the week potentially of the month but uh.

I i just wanted to point out the similarities that we're seeing in different companies and clearly strong moving equities within the market. Um. Another thing to point out and of course they go on and they explain what a short squeeze is and all that but yeah coming into this, it clearly had a hefty short percentage and it's actually increasing. Now, where does this go in all reality? I don't think anyone knows that um.

I was betting on it as being a little bit of reversion play like i said i got in a 400 captured at around 330.. I saw this strength i was like. Ah this has that look. It has that look in its eye that it could absolutely continue to rip faces off because the shorts haven't covered.

They got more numerous, so right here from a a technical perspective, i'm looking for that breakout of 375.. On top of that, we have the gap. Fill of 450, and on top of that we have the all-time high of 545.. Now to be very, very clear, i have no avis position with it.

I just don't necessarily like the risk reward, but looking at the metrics, this thing has the juice to keep going. Is it a five star play and you'd really have to twist my arm to say that, but it's an interesting play. The only thing i please please beg of you is don't just get the stars in your eye of like oh, it could here, go all the way up here and you're already doing the math you're like all right. If i gain 180 per share i'll, have this much money? Ask yourself: what point are you going to risk? I'm not against this play, i'm not endorsing this play, i'm just saying the same as what you should consider with any play out there.

Please consider your risk to reward setup. How south would things have to go for you to cut your position and if that becomes a reality, are you? Okay? With that risk, you should never ever be betting more money than you're willing to lose, but, as i say that i feel like it could be falling on deaf ears, because i'm filming this live and it's rip it it's about to move. It's literally about to take off again. This is absolutely incredible.

So there that's what's going on with car? That's! What's going on with avis, hedge funds are making a lot of money. Shorts are getting burned, they beat earnings, it turned into momentum. Then it turned into a full-on squeeze, and i bet as early as maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, they're gon na build out the option chain right now. The highest options is 250 260 dollars, so the options is way behind and as they build that out, look for more money to flow into it and you might have a gamma squeeze which could cause more fomo, which could cause an additional short squeeze.

This thing could spiral out of control now, in any way, do i consider this to be the same symbolic fight as amc and chimi. I don't know how to make this more explicitly clear. Absolutely not! I view this as a money-making opportunity if you know how to play it and if you properly weigh out your own risk and reward. But to me this is not a symbolic fight for market fairness.

This is just shorts once again getting caught betting against a company that they shouldn't have been betting against. So whatever you decide to do with avis, i truly do wish you the best of luck. Whatever way you play it, i hope you absolutely knock it out of the park all right. Let me get rid of all the avis stuff uh.

We don't need that. One avis, crazy, crazy, like literally as i'm filming it like. How can you know what tough it is for me to give you guys like risk reward advice, as you see it actively moving up 20 dollars within the 30 seconds, i'm speaking you're like all right, mr risk, man like will totally listen to you as it's just Pumping pumping pumping it's it makes it so much more difficult, so much more difficult all right. Let me before we talk about she.

Let me get some of these questions. What just happened with p-h-u-n? What did happen with p-h-u-n? I don't know: d-wack is at 66 p-h-u-n um, i mean p-h-u-n is going up, but that's because d-wack is going up. Remember, phu n is just kind of tagged with p uh d-wac, so p-h-u-n is by by no means the in uh, like the driver in the driver's seat. D-Wax in the driver's seat.

Phun is in the back seat, so pay attention to dwack for sure, because it's all the assumption that phun will be doing the software development for digital world acquisition. Corp uh, also known as like the trump media thing all right. A couple of people asking about prague. We've seen nice bounce on prague, we go from 285 all the way up to 3 30..

I am long in prague um in fact everything on the screen right now i am long on. I am long on amc. I am long on gme. I am long on prague and i am long on tesla.

I have a position in all of these, so if some of my commentary seems a little bit biased, well yeah, i'm long on all these because i like all of them - i think it's - they all represent money-making opportunities. For me all right, let's talk about time to talk about sheep. This might be a little bit of a a hot take, but as of now exclusively as of now tuesday november 2nd, i am more bullish on shiba inu she than i am on doge. My reasoning for that is very simple.

If you check out what the projects are related to, shebe has a far more built out ecosystem. It's a stronger project at first doge was the meme coin kind of making fun of all of crypto. It took off because the internet loves to be in on the troll joke. She was kind of a meta thing.

It was a troll of a troll, it was a dogecoin killer. Let's troll the trolls like super super meta, almost as if uh rick and morty wrote it, but from there she took the opportunity to actually build out an ecosystem. Like i say this is just today, tuesday november 2nd, i don't know doge, maybe one day will build out its own ecosystem - that's very, very possible, but just at this moment in time we have to deal with what reality we are currently facing, and i'm not the Only one who believes that, because check this out, it officially passed it it's holding spot number nine. This is coin market cap, the most valuable crypto projects.

You can see the market cap right here, bitcoin, currently 1.2 trillion dollars, ethereum half a trillion dollars. We have binance coin blah blah blah. You keep going now number nine coming in at 37 billion uh. We have she passing doge um.

This isn't the first time it's passed it it just passed it once again uh, but i just wanted to point this out that i know it's trading at a very, very cheap price, but don't forget that there's what about 400 trillion in existence. So when you multiply the price by the supply, that's how you get market cap, that's how market cap is always computed. It's the price, multiplied by the supply, uh, the total supply and that's how you get the value and right now see very, very valuable. Let's take a look at the chart right here.

October has been the most insane month for it. So not long ago we were trading at how many of our zeros. This is five zeros and an eight and now we're trading at four zeros and a six seven, and at one point we were trading at four zeros and then eight so almost like that. That's an insane gain.

That's an insane! Absolutely insane gain. So before we get into some more of the like, i guess the fundamental developments that could push sheeb to the next level. I do want to quickly point out to you one of these things, just a quick technical breakdown. We have a bit of a bullish pennant going on a bit of a bullish, pennant, so a bullish pendant is it's a really really basic technical analysis breakdown.

You trade, all the way upward, and then you make lower highs higher lows. You form a triangle: it's called a bullish, pendant pendant because of the triangle bullish, because it's trading upward and generally it breaks to the upside. Now, please understand, i said generally: does any technical structure ever have to guarantee like a certain reaction? No not at all. I'm just telling you the odds of this situation, the odds favor a breakout rather than a breakdown.

Just because something is favored, you could be dealt pocket aces that doesn't mean you're gon na win. We're just talking. The market is a game of odds of. What's the most likely to play out right here, i think it's most likely to play out that we break to the upside now the when we do that fingers crossed that we do that.

I'm looking for the test of 75 and really this region of supply between 75 and 78. If the token is able to get above that, i would then be watching the current all-time high of basically 89. uh from there. Hopefully we start lopping off some zeros, i'm in this i'm still in doge.

I have quite like i have various. I have a diverse crypto portfolio uh, but what i'm seeing right now at this moment in time it does to me at least my own opinion. I'm not a financial advisor, it does seem to be make more sense to be more bullish at this moment in time on shebe, especially compared to doge and talking about these breakouts and these levels of where we can go and start lopping off zeros. We do have some interesting fundamental developments: crypto exchange kraken promises to list shiba inu on tuesday today and asked the sheba army to vote on it.

Kraken said it would list shiba inu on its platform on tuesday. If the idea got 2 000 twitter likes i'll show you, the tweet, the sheep army of fans quickly hit the target, but the coin has not yet appeared on the crypto exchange. The dogecoin inspired tokens price has shot up recently, thanks in part to elon musk's tweets. Now please understand that elon does not own sheep.

He said that publicly he owns doge, not cheap. I think he owns bitcoin ethereum and um doge bitcoin ethereum doge, not cheap, but hey. When he talks about anything. It generally has quite the reaction now.

This is the tweet right here, tweeted at 7 30. This morn said: if we get 2 000 likes brian said: if we get 2 000 likes, it will get listed and it got 65.3 000.. Now there has been no follow-up on when this will go live a lot of people are assuming 6 p.m. Eastern, i guess there's a maintenance update, so maybe in that they could get it.

But please understand that's an assumption, as of now even on their own twitter feed their own website um. As i'm filming this there's not a specific time that she will go on it, but they're, saying hey today: if it got over 2000, which it did they're gon na go, live with it, it blew 2000 out of the water. I think it will go live. Why is this a big deal? Why am i calling it a fundamental driver for sheep? Well, it's pretty simple people who only have a kraken account that want it can now have access to it.

We've seen this before when things such as coinbase lists a new coin or token, when robinhood weeble, whenever there's more acceptance by exchanges brokerages, even if they relate to the world of socks, if it gives people an opportunity to buy if they're, only on that platform that Application well, if they have that interest now, it just represents more total buying, so kraken a highly respected exchange. I i it's nothing but good news. Yes, maybe you could argue it's neutral, but i would argue it's definitely not bad. I would argue it's better than neutral.

Just because it gives it exposure to more people, so i think on the moment that it's announced that, yes, we are going to put it there. If that becomes a reality, i would be looking for that to be a catalyst in the short term, and then these are the technical levels i'd be watching for, and fingers crossed in the event that we break above 89, 90 right here and start lopping off these Years you just got to write out the momentum, allow price discovery to play itself out and just see how far the momentum really brings them is any of this guaranteed absolutely not nothing in the market, whether it's stocks, options, futures or crypto, is ever ever ever guaranteed, Which is why you have to respect your own risk, but i myself am pretty bullish on what could be going down in the short term. For this particular token very, very excited - and i guess with that being said - maybe i'm maybe i'm being a little bit too cautiously uh - maybe not even cautiously - maybe i'm just being flat out too optimistic on this scenario. So i i really would love to get your thoughts on it.

Let me know feel free to post a comment there, but for me, i'm more than excited to see what this thing can bring us in the next uh few training days. Let's get out of that. Uh right, we are good. We are good car still doing its thing, prague having a good day, tesla tesla, tesla, amc gme.

Both waking up look how similar these are. Look at this look at how just like how obviously both retail and wall street thinks of these is the same as you can see the vertical line, as i put it on one chart it matches up on the other. We pop upward. We have a little bit of a dip.

We pop upward. We come all the way down. We have another pop, we come down, we pop we come down a little bit and then we pop again these thing, the correlation, isn't one to one, but it's pretty freaking close to it. Uh, the correlation between these two things is absolutely insane and a lot of people when they see that it's the same.

They argue, that's manipulation, i mean i, i don't know why that's manipulation. I mean it's kind of to the point of how you defining manipulation. When i see them moving in pretty much lock, step together, that tells me that wall street and retail view them to be almost the same thing. Does it make sense that a movie theater chain and a video game seller are moving the same? Absolutely not they're in different indices, they're in different sectors, but you know what same the perception of these equities when wall street insiders and on top of that retail view, these things to do the same.

Well, of course, they're going to behave in the same way. People will start to say manipulation. I mean i guess to my my response to that is like okay. I mean i guess.

What are you defining manipulation has to me. It's just saying. People who have them are like this. They have amc up, they have gme up and when you're behaving the same way.

Of course, the reaction in the stock is going to be the same way. I guess, if you consider that manipulation yeah. Well then, i agree with you, but i just see that a lot and then i'm like okay like well. What do you actually mean by that? It's just to me that the world, literally the entire outside world, when engaging in these two equities, is like i think, they're gon na do the same thing, so they do the same bets same up same down same options very, very similar, very, very similar.

I have phun and dwack. I was thinking of just consolidating both two d-wax since png runs with it anyway. Thoughts um, i, i think, dwack's a stronger play than phun. Just because ph2n is a bunch, it's a rumor and you can make money on rumors.

You can make a serious amount of money on rumors, but i'd rather stick with the one that has like an actual news development associated with it, amc, p-h-u-n-b-e-n-e mark and many more bounce straight up the exact same time. Can anyone explain how that's impossible um? That's? Actually, we we touched on that a little earlier this morning of how it seems like there's a lot of algorithms out there that have a lot of money behind them that are treating an entire basket of stocks that they refer to as meme stocks in a similar Manner so if, if there's a big algorithms out there with huge money behind it, obviously they will be uh, notably influential on similar movements, if, if it's just a meme basket, a meme basket um. But that was the article this morning from uh bloomberg and it was actually saying that a lot of the buying from their metrics was wall street driven uh, the pop we saw in gme, and then that was the one that led the way and the other ones Kind of followed, but what they were seeing in their metrics according to bloomberg, which they sourced their data from fidelity, was it wasn't really retail driven? It was wall street driven which is interesting to me, because then that makes me wonder, did they do they know something? Do they know something we don't know do wall street insiders? Why would they all increase their risk by buying more uh? Do they know something we don't know? Are they playing hardball against the shorts still against it and wall street trying to take out other wall street? There's many theories that i think would be reasonable and maybe hindsight will tell us the truth, but we know from fidelity's data that the movement yesterday of the meme sector - i say it because i don't like calling it memes. Um was more wall street driven me hung low, tell everyone what prague is please uh.

What is prague um? It's um, what how's it defined medical nursing supplies uh, so they do a couple things. The thing that gets me most interested is their new delivery system for humera humera is a drug one of the most popular drugs in the world. It's a multi-billion dollar year industry and usually it's injected and prague has the patent to um. I believe, take it orally.

Please someone um is that what the patents for? Oh, my god, it's escaping me! It's ba! It's basically a better delivery system and i believe it's to take it orally. But someone in the discord please correct me. If i'm getting that one wrong of what the patent is specifically for, i was just more interested in that. I think that they can upend the entire that's a multi-billion dollar thing and right here it has a market cap of 443 million.

I was like well hang on if you're disrupting a multi-billion dollar a year industry, i just thought it was seriously undervalued um. So i kind of liked it on that. Um people don't want to get injections and they got the patent. For this to me, it was a smart fundamental play.

I really don't mess around in the the medical sector and they do other things besides that, and i look at that as like the icing on the top and the real. The cherry on top of the icing on top of the cape is the fact that the numbers are there for a potential squeeze. So for me i have some calls in the event of a squeeze in the short term, but i bought shares for more of a long term hold on the company. How do you feel about otc hurts, though uh i mean i i don't like trading otc.

It's less regulated if you have qualms with how the new york stock exchange, nasdaq and like stocks that are listed on major exchanges are regulated you're not going to like otc whatsoever uh. What do you think about? Workhorse has a good power hour. Great videos lately keep it up. Dude dabsworth shout out.

I appreciate that um workhorse, that's, that is one. That's in my long-term account. It's just a u.s ev play i've been in it since 2020.. I really really thought they were going to get the usps contract.

They didn't it took a dove. I took a doe, it took a dive and um. That was a huge bummer, but it's a long-term play and when you have a long-term play, my thesis isn't really different. Would i have liked for them to win the usps contract? Yeah, it didn't happen, but it's still a strong eevee play for those of you who don't know about workhorse the last mile delivery.

Those like the amazon vans, like those weird big vans that drive around and drop stuff off they're trying to make those vans. But for like electric - and i was like okay - that makes a lot of sense to me. The the business model makes sense. I think it might take some time to really like understand the nice gains on the stock, but i'm in workhorse and i'm excited for whatever its future brings um i'm also in highly on.

I have quite a few us-based ev plays because i believe that much in the sector prague's looking good tesla's, looking good uh shoot now we're missing cars car moving these days when there's just too many things moving, it can almost be difficult to watch it all all Right if car gets going like 375 380 we'll have to bring that up as well, but prog moving i'm in that tesla moving i'm in that amc, 3837. Looking for that gap fell at 38.80 gamestop at 208. I'm looking for that breakout above 212-ish. I called out 212 early this morning and i feel stupidly lucky i didn't know how close it got uh to 1194.

212. I mean i said the region and that's exactly what it is. We've seen it battle it out between 210 and 215., so i just threw up 212.. This one was just more lucky than anything.

It's not like. I had some like specialty breakdown of why i came up with 212 and was off by six seconds. I was just arbitrarily just describing that region all right, tesla where's my tesla position. I hope i'm positive on this one hey.

I am almost enough to make up my my car loss from this morning. Uh isa. I just want to say thank you for everything. You do keep it up brother.

I appreciate that, and i appreciate that support to all of you in here right now, um we're hanging out with 6 000 apes. You guys are absolutely awesome if you haven't already. I would appreciate it if you guys could hit that like button, if we could just arbitrarily get that up. I know if you're just listening at work or on your tv or something if you hit it, it helps me out.

It's completely free just helps me out. The algorithm don't forget to hit that subscribe button either. If you like talking about whatever's going on in the world of stocks, crypto futures option, this is the place to do it, and i also have a cool duck headband. I don't know if that's going to be a deciding factor, you're like i like you, but i only do it with people who are more fashion forward.

I realized recently i've kind of deviated from that a lot of my early streams. It was much more of a fashion forward stream. People called me the beacon of the next age of fashion and unfortunately, i feel like i have taken a step away from that, so we got to bring it back. We have the glasses, we have the duck headband.

It is highly important that i like i regain that because i saw it. I was like man, i'm regaining the title of the best tesla trader on this side of the mississippi, but that doesn't mean my fashion has to suffer. It doesn't mean it has to suffer at all. So that's why we have the headband back uh.

Can you say prague three times please prog prog yell it out prague, prague what's going on space monkey? Are you holding tesla overnight? I don't know i like to decide in real time. You never know how it's going to go with me and tesla. I probably shouldn't. Should i hold tesla overnight? Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! I'm out of the money and then expires this friday, but when it comes to me and tesla just because there's something i shouldn't do that doesn't mean i'm not gon na, do it if it was some other play like prague or apple or microsoft or nvidia.

Well, yeah! No, that would be like the reasonable setup, the good risk to reward play like the proper game theory of the situation, but what's fun about tesla? Is you just you just yolo it you just see how it works. Uh refreshing, seeing someone with a massivey without a massive ego, keep up the good work talk about a freudian slip nice to see someone with a massive ego in this world of social media. I just feel like i don't get enough people with ego problems, um declan refreshing, to see someone without a massive ego. If you stick around long enough, you're going to be like this, kid is really really balancing on the the tight rope between low self-esteem and narcissism.

So stick around long enough and i think if we do it long enough, i could upset you, but i appreciate it: uh check out loop, real quick. Are you talking about loopering like the the crypto or loop? Is there a equity called loop? I i'm assuming you mean loop ring, maybe you mean loop industries, let's check it out anyway. It might be this one, this one's looking pretty good uh. If this is what you're in chemicals, i don't know much about it, but it looks great it's chasey, but if you already have a position, the nice entry would have been around 13.

I would try to ride it up. I wouldn't buy now just because your risk is pretty far away risking four dollars to only make one, but if you're already in it ride that trend. Oh okay, you do mean loop ring lots of lots of loops. So this is the one that's supposed to be helping build out the nft effort for gamestop, so this one is being attached to gamestop and with it the technicals are not good they're already blown out.

But if you're feeling confident in gamestop's project of nfts and loop ring doing that, partnership could be a good bet. But i want to clarify that is much more of a fundamental play and you believing in the direction of it rather than a technical play, because technically you're buying it at a high, hey matt. What do you think about a b and b earnings come up after market close on thursday, a b and b uh, not too many thoughts, a b and b me like thinking about it? I think the world's returning - i i would my gut instinct - is that they're going to do better, just because the world's returning to normal almost the same way, we see more people going to the movie theater. I think we have more people traveling using airbnbs from a technical perspective.

I, like that even better, we have kind of a cup and handle higher lows we're just looking for that breakout of 176.. I think it's pretty reasonable play just because your risk is close. You could risk 165 as and you could risk eight dollars for potentially that breakout at 177, which is four dollars and then the ride to 183, maybe the ride to 194.. My gut is telling me that i'd be more bullish on this.

Now i don't have a position, i'm not going to make a position for the earnings, but i would be bullish on it personally, hey brother, can you let me know where i can do pre-market and after hours and put in calls in canada? Well, simple doesn't have anything like that, so um to do pre and post market like if your brokerage doesn't offer that you're just going to need another brokerage um. I don't know if, like etoro is there, i don't even know if etoro has it uh, if you can get the international version of interactive brokers, that should work, but you can never trade options, pre and post market. No one can the options market for everyone in the world is from 9 30 to 4 pm et uh, the new tick tock, it's low, motif check. It check that all right i'll check that out that's an elon coin.

Uh i mean for these alt coins that people are getting very excited about, i'm pretty much keeping mine at doge and she like there's just so many and there's so much things. And if i hear more and more people talk about it, then i'll look into it. But like you, don't want to get completely bogged down in just like every random new altcoin like if you go around chasing the running. All coins you're always going to be perpetually late to the party you want to be in it before it makes its big move.

Thank you for hanging out and holding our hands today miles for you anything uh. Thank you matthew. I appreciate you bringing sexy back kinkycon. What's going on, that's so nice of you.

I hope you're having an absolutely phenomenal day, not just a good day, not just a great day. You better be having a phenomenal day. We did that etf. I don't know if loop ring is involved with amc.

Someone asked me uh, but definitely gme. I haven't heard anything about amc and like loopering in that type of a partnership. It seems to be at least as of now specifically gamestop and loop ring any thoughts on b kkt. It took a dive earlier okay, so this is the one that was, i believe, vih and then it switched over because it was the spac play.

I mean it's still doing pretty. Well, it didn't. It took a dive earlier. Um yeah, but i don't know it's kind of a weird chop day.

It's range, it has a bigger range. It's a bit more volatile kind of a lower float, so it's going to move it more easily, but it's done a great job of really not doing much. Today, like it's open to its clothes, like we're, actually really close, so it has swings, but it's still swinging around a pretty main pivot point right here, around 36 36.50, a little bit higher than that this is in the world of crypto. It's a digital asset platform.

Just partnered up with mastercard and also pfizer fisker fisker, something like that uh. No, that's the wrong name. What's the other company pfizer pfizer? Basically, it's just helping people get uh. Crypto rewards loyalty points things like that: it's a digital asset platform tied to the world of crypto, so on the highest level.

I would argue that it's going to do well as long as crypto continues to go upward and maybe i'm being biased here, but i do think that crypto is going to keep going upward um. I really really do and i i think, we're almost at the end of the cycle and i think we still have some up room um. I think crypto has nice one really good push and then we're gon na go into a bear market for crypto um, and i don't want people to panic, because whenever you hear bear market you should think of buying opportunity. So in the overall next push i'm a long-term investor, i'm not going to sell, but if you're more of an active trader, when we go to a nice push, you might want to continually lock in some of your attendees wait for a depression in price and then Re-Buy because, like it's not just going to keep going up and up and up like we're going to come to the end of the technical cycle, the having and it's probably going to run into some notable headwinds.

But i think the push after that so like. I think we go up. I think we take a breather, potentially enter a bear market and i think, as we get out of said, bear market. I think the next overall massive push in crypto it's going to rip some faces off.

I think i think, there's people right now. Let me put it this way. I think there's people right now, potentially listening to the stream, but definitely on this planet who don't know much about crypto they're gon na see it's make some nice move somewhat soon. They're gon na see it take a massive breather.

They're gon na buy those people who buy on the next big considerable dip. I think crypto rips so far after that that there's going to be people who don't know much about crypto and still end up becoming multi-multi-millionaires because of it um the time frame. For that, i think it's probably over the next handful of years, like i'm not calling for this to be like in the next couple weeks, i'm saying just in generally, you got to give it 12, 24, 36 months, but massive opportunities, in my humble opinion, with btc Running, why do any? Why no any love back to eight um, that's one of the intricacies of playing miners is not only are you playing crypto but you're playing the intercompetition between other miners? That's why i find it far far easier just to get crypto directly uh jonathan matt is no longer such an amc believer what jonathan jonathan i don't want to rant. I don't want to yell at you.

I don't want to kick you up, but where did you come up with that stupid idea like what neuron? What was the neuron pathway in your brain? That you're, like nat, is no longer such an amc. Breather like this is this is not rhetorical. This is a very serious interrogative. What about is going on? The fact that i talk about it daily explain: what's going on literally fight market manipulation on a national stage, are you like, i'm, not sure he's in it anymore like jonathan seriously? I i hope he responds like i need to know what few lingering neurons in his brain were like.

I need to fire this one out. I don't think he's gon na respond, jonathan we're all waiting. I didn't kick him out he's still in here, because i need to know we got to get to the bottom of this now. Everyone, his middle name, is greg.

The milwaukee buck stadium is fiverr's pfizer's forum, so they have a decent sized company. I believe, go bucks. Repeat what do you think about bb? Do i think bbig is done for him, i'm just seeing it all right, we'll check that out jonathan. Where are you, i don't think he responded mods.

If you see him respawn, let me know we got ta dive into this. I feel like freaking sherlock holmes, bb aji, um bbig. This is not good um, okay, bbig, it's below the support at 490., the longer it hangs out below 490, the worse it gets and it might open up a drop all the way to four bucks. So um.

It's at support, if that support does not hold. You got ta. Look at the next support. The next major support is almost a dollar below where it's at uh bbig it.

It's just lower, highs, lower lows. The bears are in control on this one right now that doesn't mean in the future bulls can't step in, like obviously, trends do change, but as of right now, i just see lower highs, lower lows, i don't see much buying. We had a nice spurt of buying right here, unfortunately couldn't hold, and now we just broke this relative low. All right, i don't know if i'm allowed to talk about amc anymore, because apparently i'm not into amc um, but just so you know it's about to gap.

Fill yo matt check out g-o-k-u, the name is not patent and they have big things. Lined up mma fight and ufc fight rebranding in the end of november. Don't miss it g-o-k-u like goku like the fighter. Is it a crypt? What is it i'm not seeing anything? Come up for goku on behalf of jonathan's, i apologize.

We are not home from rain dead atomic jack. It's these people, matt's plastic bag. Hey thick thanks for the stream today, bro! What's going on, matt's plastic bag, it's bubbling something in. There also got my mom to invest in btc today.

It's only taken me four years to convince her shout out chris uh elgat. I just didn't, send my stupid yelling about missing my super. I hope you have the best day. What's going on that's so nice uh use your power to make amc, squeeze i'm tired of poor long time watcher in april i've yet to invest in crypto.

Can you please do an updated video on crypto for people wanting to invest long term um? I can but like do you just want me to do a video on. Like my crypto investments, i mean i could just tell you my crypto investments, i'm in bitcoin and ethereum the most. Those are my top two, i'm also in solana, cardano and matic to a considerable degree, and then my smaller positions are sheeb, doge, algorand, v-chain and litecoin, and i think that's it. Bitcoin and ethereum are the top ones.

Solana, cardano matic. Oh, i also have hex. Hex is also a middle one. Hex hex, hex hex has been uh.

I've moved text down to the bottom, because it's upsetting me and i just don't - want to see it, but i'm still holding it. I've staked mine for like 15 years uh, but out of sight out of mine, i feel like jonathan's, never responded to me. Jonathan we're gon na find you he has a crush on you. Jonathan, do you have a crush on me? Do you jonathan? Do you like, like me, or do you like, like me like, like or like like, like he knows, ha what's going on clubfoot billy, keeping it down on twitch over there uh? If you are more of a twitch fan, check it out, matt underscore coors.

We multi-stream to that as well as youtube and then also, if you're, more of a rumble fan. We also multi-stream to that. We are multi-streaming to youtube twitch and rumble. Uh instagram and twitter are matt, underscore cores uh.

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