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Ep 134 still long on tulips amc, gme, prog, shib tsla dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Still Long on Tulips
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 134
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Give and i eat crayons every day, but my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones as they act. Overpowered stop breaking the law. Asshole is give us the fucking money right here. We got more smoothies than the jumbo juice.

Probably thought you could have made us sell all the gooder in hell, we maybe wouldn't, but we must handle the boot of the floor. Six figures: ain't selling for less. You took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other. My sister, my brothers, the fathers and the lovers we don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times give us the fucking money, um moon gang it's friday.

It is friday, friday friday. It is friday. November 5th, though we're at the end of the week. First week in november, we're locking it in one more day to go.

Let's do this thing, folks, it's almost the weekend, tgif, let's get after him, and the only other things are gon na navigate too look at amc weekend. Waking up this morning must have had its coffee pretty early bouncing off of 39.60. Up to 41.40, we have the overall market going uh. It's looking really nice right now, iwm, looking solid spy, looking solid, the cues looking solid folks.

This is why we do it. This is why we do it day in and day out, your favorite finance live streamer, at least from my mom's particular basement low competition, if i'm being honest but um yeah. I know i i know i'm still. Your favorite live streamer from my mom's particular basement uh.

Some interesting things to talk about, i'm like oddly oddly excited for today. I think we might be getting some nice moves, seeing some nice action. So let me do my best to get you set up for overall, what could be going on today? Excuse me five things to know before the stock market opens today, friday november 5th wall street looks higher ahead of jobs, reports after more records. So speaking of the more records i do have the job report results for you, but look at this s.

P 500 has been ripping uh. We now have 63 all-time highs, maybe 64 all-time highs, which, if you're doing the quick math. That means we have about five more to go. But it does look like we're gon na gap up to another new all-time high today, and it's because the job reports beat the nasdaq more of the tech heavy sector, i'm watching 400 flat, also gapping up to a new all-time high iwm, also uh.

It was about to gap up to a new all-time high, but now we're like right at that high level. So three of these major indices, the spy of the q's iwm, ripping ripping ripping money is going into it uh and it's one of those things you might be asking yourself wow. This seems crazy. It seems like it could be a little bit of a bubble territory.

It seems like everything's really overpriced. Why are we ripping higher and higher and higher? And to that i would just respond. Hey enjoy the party, let's, let's not be, that negative nancy party pooper does any of this make sense? Absolutely not, but that's not what i get paid the big bucks for i'm not paying big bucks to make. This all make sense.

I'm just here we're just here in the party together folks, let's just focus on the let's focus on the positive: let's, let the good times roll and a lot of the reason honestly of why this keeps going higher is because the jobs report came in very very Nice, so here were the expectations: uh 450, 000 non-farm payrolls and that actually hang on. I have this over here, um uh. Here. Let me give you all the expectations and you're going to see how much we actually like beat all of them by so 450 non-farm payrolls um september was very bad.

194 000.. The unemployment rate was 4.7 percent and the hourly rates were expected to rise by 4.9, and then that was actually an increase from september's of 4.6. So, overall you could argue that september was not the best like the numbers we got in early september. Uh no bueno.

However, stronger wages could make the case for a rate increase sooner than expected. The futures market is pricing in the first rate hike for july. Just to give you the odds on this, the odds of the first rate, hike being in july of 2022, is coming in around 63 65-ish percent right now, but here's how they actually came in the the numbers, not the rate hike. Obviously we're still waiting on that.

I'm talking about the job numbers uh, actually pretty impressive, so they were expecting 450 000 and we came in at 531 000. So that's a nice beat by 81 000 and then in the private sector. They were expecting 40 400 000 and we came in at 604. So that was very impressive and the unemployment rate fell down to 4.6 uh.

That's not an incredible drop, but that's still positive, hey we're walking in the right direction. I'm gon na take that, but just so you know from the bigger picture like. Obviously this was a solid month improvement, but at the same time, the u.s economy is slowing down gross domestic product increased just two percent in the summer months, falling short of even the reduced expectations for gains during the pandemic era recovery. So the numbers are very, very solid.

That's why the market's up! That's why many many stocks are up right now because hey we got a good development, but i don't want it to somehow seem as if it's reasonable that we're at these levels uh we're at these levels because of enthusiasm because of the asset purchasing from the federal Reserve because our politicians will do whatever they need to keep pushing it higher and higher and higher, but is it one of those things that makes sense like in the this slowdown in gross domestic product right there to me, that's a sign that okay, it doesn't make The most logical sense that we're apparently at the best wall street stock market we've ever had there is a little bit of a disconnection there but like i said that that doesn't mean fight against it. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and that's the money making opportunities to go with the flow, but you want to be agile. You want to be on your toes because sometimes when reality catches up, you want to lock in your attendees and be prepared. You don't want to get so stubborn in one direction, but right now, that's why you're seeing probably a lot of green in pre-market the job creation, the unemployment rate, we're definitely uh.

What we wanted pfizer is up quite a bit in pre-market right now. Pfizer says it's covet pill with hiv drug cuts, risk of serious illness. Pfizer said today, it's oral covid pill administered in combination with a widely used hiv drug cut, the risk of hospitalization or death by 89 in high risk adults who have been exposed to the coronavirus. The pfizer candidate is now the second anti-viral pill behind merck to demonstrate strong effectiveness for treating kovid at the first sign of illness.

So i thought this was interesting because when merck first came out with like hey we're doing this um this pill that you could take for covid, um, j, j, moderna and pfizer all fell while merc went up. But now that pfizer's announcing it merck is actually down. In nine percent in pre-market, just because of the increased competition pfizer plans to submit the data to the fda as soon as possible, so i don't want it to seem like they're already out there, and it's already like something that you could consume. It seems like earlier steps, but on the news.

Pfizer is doing very, very well exactly why pfizer's up quite a bit in pre-market peloton is down, and basically they just missed on earnings. There was a a lot of earnings really to talk about today. Uh, so peloton is down. We have right here, draftkings, also down uh dkng, the sports betting company stock slid 3.5 percent in the pre-market.

After it reported a wider than expected. Loss in revenue that fell short of street forecast. Draftkings did not did raise the midpoint of its fiscal 2021 revenue guidance and it said it is expecting a strong 2022. So in the most generic sense, i'm seeing this sector of gambling of specifically online sports betting uh, taking a hit in the second half of this week.

In my own estimation, this dip is to be bought, i'll, probably be buying, draftkings and i'll probably be buying pen. Just because i am a long-term bull on this sector, so i'm seeing this notable dip, i'm going to buy the dip, and i'm prepared to wait it out this. I need to make this explicitly clear. This is not a short-term play for me in any manner.

If anything as more and more states adopt online sports betting, i just think the revenue are going to grow, grow, grow and right now, dkng pen, both taking a hit i'm going to be buying the dip and i'll. Let you know when i do so for square squares. Cash app generated 1.8 billion in bitcoin revenue, so square had a pretty solid earnings, and i just wanted to bring up this specifically about bitcoin 1.8 bill in revenue. From this, like, i think they had over 3 billion in revenue 3.84 bill in, like in total, which is up 27 or year over year square.

Is it's a solid business? It's a very, very solid business. Many people within the world. They are very ecstatic to always invest in this they're, creating an entire uh. I guess finance merchant ecosystem.

I think what they have is very, very impressive, but i just want to bring up how much they made off bitcoin alone, uh, very, very solid stuff, biden's big spending bill on brink of house vote, but fights remain. You know i feel like. Sometimes i should be hired to name this like i can make it more clickbaity for them. Uh democrats in the house appear on the verge of advancing president joe biden's 1.85 trillion and growing domestic policy package of social and climate spending alongside a separate 1 trillion infrastructure bill, which was already passed in a bipartisan vote in the senate.

So there's two different things going on and they might get voted on in the house literally today. One thing to talk about the the spending bill: 1.85 trillion. That's slowly increasing at one point in time it was already above three pushing four. Then they dropped it to 1.75 and now it's up 100 billion to 1.85, and it does seem to be increasing.

So it's kind of a dynamic thing um just so you know that is obviously going to have an impact on the market. These type of big political moves always do, especially with the infrastructure bill. It does seem whenever there's discussion related to that there is a lot of the small cap sector can really get moving, but this i audibly laughed this morning when i was going through. What's going on in this world, this line right here, house, speaker, nancy pelosi worked into the night at the capitol looking to lock down support.

Where would we be without her folks what a freaking national hero no way she worked into the night? Thank you. Nancy nancy. Nancy nancy: where would we be without you? She worked into the night if i were her. Knowing i'm up millions of dollars on nvidia calls up millions of dollars on a tesla position up millions of dollars on a apple position, she's working into the night, the speaker of the house, of the united states of america.

You know i'm happy she's putting in her 40 hours. She might have done about 42 45 this week. That was good for her. You know, i feel i feel so much more comfortable, knowing that the speaker of the house is willing to work into the night like what a what a rock star i i feel so much better.

I feel so much more comfortable just knowing that she has our back just burning the midnight oil burning, the midnight oil. I had to bring this up to make fun of myself most influential 2021. So apparently there's a vote where you can vote on the most influential people uh michael saylor. I had the privilege of previously interviewing him he's clearly influential and then you could like vote on who's, the most influential in the crypto sector.

Obviously my name's not going to be on here and then i was thinking about influencers in general and you know me i was just like searching around and i heard that there's apparently a new term about micro influencers and i have something sad to report. I don't even really meet the credentials of a micro influencer, so you have influencers, then you have micro influencers and i don't think it's really a thing yet because i'm not at that level. So i'm more of like uh nano is even smaller and i'm probably that, but it sounds much more fun to say, i'm a pico influencer, so you got ta, get smaller and smaller and smaller. So that's me.

I have successfully aspired to the world of being a pico influencer, where basically, the people who listen to me are anyone who's in shouting distance of this this basement. So that's me: matt coors, a pico influencer what an aspiration, what an aspiration to live up to all right. Let's talk about amc and gme, specifically just to get you guys, ready for the day, they've already borrowed 700 000 against amc, putting the estimated short interest at 16.5 percent utilization 88 shares on loan, just around 102 million, but from a fundamental standpoint. This was the announcement uh.

This was tweeted out from adam aaron. Yesterday amc announces an expansion going into the multi-billion dollar popcorn industry in 2022, freshly popped at malls, home delivery to go from theaters and microwavable sold at supermarkets, so obvious. Who knows more about popcorn than amc on a peak day? We sell 50 tons of it. So i know on some of your big influences, your mainstream media as it comes to finance.

They were already talking about this of it just being dumb in a sellout blah blah blah. You know, i honestly think it's pretty smart. There's people pointing out that particularly this industry, like the popcorn industry, the margins on it, are very, very wide and if you recall from the previous two earnings announcements, a lot of amc's money is coming from concession sales. They that the core of the amc business is like: okay, they don't really own, they rent a lot of their theaters on top of it.

Yeah, the margins on the movies are good, but not all movies are going to be a big hit like a marvel movie or like an avatar, or something like that. So a lot of their money is coming right from concessions and now they're expanding a core pillar of their business to not just be related to movies, but the whole thing and popcorn itself. Out of all the world of concessions, the markup event is huge. It's gigantic.

To me, this is very, very smart. This is very, very smart and i just like it because it's also representative of a certain sense of the fact that they are coming up with as many new sources of revenue as they possibly can and with this type of traction and given enough time, i think, Amc will start trading at whatever its true fundamental value is because you see it expanding the leadership team, they're being smart, they're willing to listen to the public of like what can we do? What can we do and they're just doing it's it's nice and refreshing to see that they're not saying the same old crap of like we're a movie theater. We do movies, they're thinking outside of the box um this one. I just like it.

I like it. It's representative of the fact that they're willing to try out new things and this it's gon na help them like. I don't. I don't think this is the thing that, like quintuples their value or something like that, but when you get into this mode of trying to be creative and kind of come up with new things and it's totally gon na help uh, i just think it's really smart And i'm sure we're gon na be hearing more about it on monday november, 8th, which is their next earnings announcement.

That's after the market closes 5 p.m, et uh. So just so everyone knows i will be streaming it so, on monday, we'll have that specialty thing. The morning stream, the afternoon stream and then i'll be doing the earnings announcement stream uh an hour after the market closes just so we're all on the same page there. But i thought it was pretty cool information and, honestly, i i see kind of that similar mindset now gamestop brian cohen, and that leadership team they're not as public with their things like it seems like they're, doing more so of their work in the background, but just To even the creativeness of going really into this nft marketplace, we know that they have the eight different job offerings: um they're, getting into the world of crypto and in a very noteworthy manner.

On top of making the bold business moves to get the fulfillment center new york pa also in nevada, so they're expanding out their core business, but then also adding on completely new pillars to the business, and, that's honestly, why i'm impressed with both leadership teams uh? Do i think that they're perfect no like, but also what do i know i scream at a camera in a basement, so i don't think they should be necessarily taking my advice anyway. Um am i sitting here saying they're perfect. No. Am i sitting here saying that i feel comfortable in the power of the leadership team and for most of the time making moves that like to me or i find to be impressive? Yes, without a doubt, that's why i have money in both of these companies, because i like what is going on it's honestly that simple in terms of gme.

Just so, you know, there's a net return of sixteen thousand on a borrowed, nine thousand already, but obviously the market's not open. Yet the estimated short interest is ten point: four percent uh just under ten point: five percent utilization, thirty two percent and the shares on loan coming in at seven 7.35 million. So that's the setup for the day on amc and gme. As these things get going, uh i'll, let you know like we could just generically check on them throughout the day.

Overall, though, i'm expecting some big moves and quite uh quite a bit of the market, i mean amc's already looking a bit whippy. I like that. The spy coming in it's going to open up at a new all-time high, there's a shot of iwm opening at a new all-time high, and i believe the cues will right now we do have some updates on tesla. Tesla could be even more whippy today uh they because of this incredible demand for the model y they've once again increased the cost by a thousand dollars.

Just so everyone knows on that uh. We know that peloton that both tesla and peloton are the number one and two things discussed on wall street bets right now. So whenever that happens, of course, there could always be more volatility. We know draftkings and pen they're down.

So maybe we're going to see some people buying the dip but volatility there, prague right now. Let me actually bring up prague. Prague had a nice day yesterday, i'm looking for this to recapture four dollars, i'm in prague, i like prague, um, i'm excited for friday. Very very excited in terms of the world of crypto, so bitcoin we're coasting right now in the low 60s.

It's just building a nice new level of support, i'm looking for that breakout above 64.. If we can break above 64 and hold, i feel very confident in a test of the current all-time high, around 67 000. ethereum, looking very strong new all-time high, just below 4 700. right now, trading at 4, 500..

Looking for that base and the follow-through i'm in ethereum, i love ethereum, i'm in bitcoin, i love bitcoin. I'm in solana just made a new all-time high, just above 250.. I got into this one around 137 138, very happy with this position: uh ethereum, cardano and solana. I, like them smart contracts.

I just believe in that utility sheep right now notable sell-off, but it also caught itself right now battling it out at 50.. We're gon na see how this is going on. One of the things that is causing this uh clear amount of supply, at least relative to demand, is we're seeing some of the whale wallets sell out in a certain way. I obviously it's there's no way to sugarcoat that it's just not nice to see that red.

Like i get it, percentages drops are rough, but if we can withstand this of, like the singular big whales getting out and all of a sudden, the positions become dispersed between many people. Instead of like a couple, a handful of big whales, um it it kind of makes all the action a little bit less severe, because this is what happens when you have some whales with noteworthy positions. So if we can withstand this sell-off and many individuals acquire the position of the whales getting out and then once again build up momentum uh. I i think that's going to mean that we're less susceptible to these noteworthy sell-offs when a whale decides to exit their position.

So that's one thing i'm watching there and then, of course, just in general crypto is, is always doing its crypto thing. Cardano recaptured two dollars: doge is trading at 26 cents matic at a dollar ninety, previously over two uh, but right now it's kind of ethereum and solana really leading the way uh happy with those positions for sure uh do the gap. Ups, not scare you! They scared me um, no, because right now i get why they're gapping up the gap up makes sense because of the unemployment dropping and the jobs coming in higher than expected to a noteworthy degree. Uh, like i said, if you give it enough time, the gaps are all going to be filled to the south side.

This would now be the fourth gap and, as we go, go hey enjoy it because there's going to be a period in time. At some point, most likely in the short to medium term, future, where we see a bunch of red and we're going to be talking about. Okay, first gap filled. Okay, second gap filled, okay, third gap filled: you can make money in all environments.

You can make money when the market's going up down sideways backwards inwards. It does not matter. There is an opportunity to make money um so with it just understand kind of the market regime that we're currently in and always always always always apply good risk to reward. Don't just put a position in and hope for the best you have to have some sort of like well thought out plan.

We need a friday full of coach course smackdown. What's going on eric uh good morning, can you check out the cinemark ownings? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, i actually have that up. Why did i exit out the cinemark earnings? There was a nice article written right here so uh according to the hollywood reporter, and this just came out pretty early this morning, cinemark taos, sustained positive trends, forecast continued ramp up in box office, so their ceo mark zarate, saying the firm was highly encouraged by sustained Positive trends in escalating consumer demand for theatrical movie going and growing momentum in the box office. So right there uh, the amc as a company is quite a bit bigger than cinemark.

So i don't know how much a it would be to like give you the magnitude, but just so you can see the percentages um, so they had a quarterly loss. This was cinemark of 78 million, but last one um same period of 2020 was 147 148. Almost so they almost cut it in half. So, if we're comparing this quarter of this year to last quarter the same quarter quite a bit of an improvement right there uh so and if you they did well, they definitely did well.

And what i was looking for in cinemark is the trends where, to a percentage degree, how much were things improving and across the board, things were clearly improving. Like i said, i don't want to use the magnitude because amc is a considerably larger company so like just to look at the magnitude in terms of millions and or billions um. You can't do that, but, for example, the revenue jumped to 435 million from 36 million in the year ago period so right there that's a 10x increase in the revenue um, so i am i'm remaining bullish going into amc's earnings on monday. I just i, unless something crazy happens, that we're not expecting um, it has the most market share, and on top of that, adam aaron is kind of teasing these announcements that something big is coming and they just have the most name recognition.

I think people are literally going out of their way, even if a per particular movie theater - that's not amc's closer. I feel like there's a lot of amc apes out there who you know like you know what i own the stock. I like the story line of. What's going on, let's drive a little bit more to go to the amc theater i'm hearing stories like that.

Pretty often i'm expecting them not only because they have the biggest market share, but because of the name notoriety for them to do exceedingly well. Um amc fails to deliver jump 2700 november, 4th 2021 uh yeah. That blog. I am not a fan of it, um that the number is true, but it's a very poor way to look at data rick.

I do not like uh. I just don't like how they're presenting that data that that's a very, very poor way to do it, that percentage you need the percentage, but also the magnitude and right now, amc and gme have a low magnitude of ftds. If you look at it the most recent one is 78 079 000 and on gme it is uh 4500 um. So they are purposely that blog.

I read it and they're just it's weird to do it that way. Uh they are it's. It's a form of confirmation bias they're like if i write an outlandish article like this and not give the magnitude of the numbers um, that's just not a way that they should be doing it. Uh steve check your twitter messages.

I found something for you: okay, yeah i'll, try to catch up on some of the dm's. This weekend i get my dd from keenan and coors pelosi. Rants thanks for teaching me options only down 60 on my three month, pl haha shout out to the basement chair. What's going on kid, magnetic hey man down 60 percent, what like i feel like you got ta, stick to your plan.

A bit more or maybe maybe that's your problem. Uh is is not having an original plan. Uh, you shouldn't. I don't know if that was like one big loss or various small losses, but if it was uh closer to like one big loss uh, i think you're playing a little bit too loose there.

But obviously i would have to like kind of look at your trades and see what's going on, but hey bounce back and don't forget. Maybe it's useful to play with, like a paper account if you're on td, ameritrades, think or swim, you can use a paper account for options trading. If you just want to test out a certain methodology without risking real money, i i think, starting out with a paper account, i think, could be a very solid tool for many people. What's going on guerrilla champ champ good morning, moon gang matt, can we get uh amc, popcorn, trending, or something like that really want charles g to skip that milkshake this weekend? Oh man, we need uh.

Moon apart on popcorn boxes with early availability to shareholders would be even better if it attached uh to amc nft in place of dividends. Um i mean they're, not gon na do dividends for quite a while. Like generally, you don't do dividends when you still have debt and amc still has debt. Now it's not due for quite a while it's due in 2026 and a little bit, i believe in 2023 um.

But it's very, very rare, like i don't know why they would do that, because if you had that extra money, you would pay off your debt uh. Instead of doing a dividend uh, what's up matt, how was your interview yesterday? Are they posted yet get that likes up? People get the likes so we're doing what we can to get the interview out tomorrow. We're trying to make that kind of the typical cadences, like kind of these weekend, interviews because they're a little bit more longer form, and i know people just have a little bit more time or whatever, whenever you best listen to podcasts um, but um we're doing the Editing and then we also have to get the approval of the legal team of the exchange that it was like done with, because, obviously, whenever you do things at that scale, you need legal teams to approve it um. But everything thus far is looking pretty solid for tomorrow for the typical release, i feel like baby gohan when i see mc logo transform to grade 8 more morning gang.

What's going on b, bkkt accepting ethereum now that's actually awesome so b kkt previously vih uh. We had it's a digital asset platform, some nice partnerships, it's just helping a lot of companies more rapidly get into the world of crypto, i'm a fan of it. I am a fan of it. Let's have fun and be thankful.

We have the opportunity to make extra income. Most people can't afford to do this. Thanks matt stay humble. I like that me hung low um.

That's a very, very good point. I i don't know why, but some people out there and i think it's a sign of a disgusting human being - that people act as if they're, more or less into the cause. Based on how many shares they have um, that's nothing more than like, like it's. So weird that, like i find that to be so so strange because a lot of this, the fight for market transparency and fairness, it it's a lot of people that have been dealt like kind of a shit hand and they're doing the best they can.

And then you have people somehow thinking into flex because they're like i have this many shares. What like to me. If that's the attitude, if it ever come across someone's brain that they're, like oh they're, somehow like bigger or better because they own more um, i like 100 in my book and i'm not the one who gets to define it. I don't think anyone does.

But in my book that is like the opposite of what an ape actually is, if anything like we're kind of just in this together, trying to all improve our own financial situation, attempting to fix some of the issues in the market and all of a sudden when People think they're more important because they own more or less stock like what, like those people, are asshats uh, didn't adam aaron's uh, some sort of surprise for this week. Uh so apparently there's some sort of announcement that he's gon na make on the earnings. Uh earnings call: do you see popcorn selling as a pathway for amc to deploy commodity, uh derivative risk mitigation strategy for corp debts rate and inflation? Spikes pb. You read my mind what what a smart guy uh i was joking, i did lose on amc, pfe and sprt calls back in september, ethereum and amc keeping me green seriously.

You and keenan have me studying. I love that king magnetic crush it crush it crush it crush it. Keep it going. Hey man, one of the twitch ogs, is going through a rough patch.

Currently, his mom is the hospital. As we speak, uh think you could throw him some love. He is by far one of your biggest fans. His name is amc ape 1990.

Oh man, uh club put billy. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Amc ape 1990 uh, i'm so sorry to hear that his work, his mom is in the hospital. As we speak, i mean there's no special words.

I can give to make that better. I i can only um sympathize a little bit there try to do my best to empathize, with whatever the emotional turmoil is, and it's stories like that. That kind of show of, even though a lot of us get so intertwined with, what's going on in the market, day-to-day it's sobering things such as that that bring you to that realization of you know sometimes there's more important things going on whatever's happening in your life Right now i like i, i wish you godspeed. I hope it is resolved very, very quickly, um you're.

Definitely in my thoughts, man, ding ding. The casino is open, also special, shout out to the uh citadel intern, who is forced to watch me today. Um hey. I know you have a fancy pedigree from a very fancy school and you probably saw your life going differently than listening to me on a stream.

I saw my life going differently too, so i'm right there with you. I feel your pain. I feel your frustration if i had to watch me every day i would especially with whatever your fancy degree is. I think your your anger at life is is justified, and i just want to remind you, mr and or mrs intern, hey it's friday.

It's almost the weekend. Luckily i don't stream on the weekend so you're almost there, you just got ta power through till 4 pm. Hopefully, you can get off an hour early from work and just head home, kick back and hang out with all your other fun wall, street friends, but we're almost there. We are almost there, mr intern, all right amc just so you know uh for the listeners out there if you're not seeing these charts amc currently trading at 4060 gme at 217., prague looking strong at 378.

iwm taking a bit of a dip tesler at 12, 30 Right now, man tesla tesla tesla tesla. What is this high 1243? Is the all-time high on tesla not too far away a little bit of bearishness at the open? Well, what are people thinking today? We got to get some of this momentum. Building up, let's get prog prog seems to be a little bit jumpy today, all right what other ding ding ding. I said it first shout out: oh, is nvidia nvidia still ripping someone just said in video.

You know pelosi deserves this. She was working into the night into the night. She worked till 7 pm folks. She deserves this, oh man, i love that the fact that cnbc like they're like we need to get this into the we need to get this in and what they really mean is the fact that she was working late into the night when really she went home At three and she just like - had her staff and her interns working into the night to get it all done.

We all know how it goes. We all know how it goes: spy, new, all-time, high, ding ding, ding ding 400 and how much 57 cents. So that's ripping nvidia ripping the q's new all-time high above 400 wow wow wow at that money, money, money, money, money to be made uh. So i don't know how many of you guys noticed it.

But i was losing my mind when i was checking out this thumbnail for the day and um by popular demand. We got franklin in there franklin and his box of cheez-its, and we also kind of got like his judgy face in there, which is probably one of my favorite aspects of that little creature. It's just like how judgmental he is when you don't want to go outside and play so we we got that we got him in his peak, dramatic, look and his favorite box of cheez-its. Thank you.

I am averaging 300 to 400 on spying. Cue calls because you taught me about seasonality in the markets. Ryan, congrats seasonality is a great way to make money, and obviously i can't tell anyone what to do. All i can do is present information to you and if you, however, you choose to use that information, i mean that's up to you you're in charge of your own money, but seasonality is a very strong force and seasonally.

This is one of the strongest points of the entire year. What are your thoughts on the gme getting syndicated loans since loans? Often secure total return? Swap we know trs can be used to short attack. Total return are often secured um. No, this was an abl one.

Pb this was uh an asset-based like liquidity loan, so they just probably put up whatever generic assets for the the banks that wanted to give them money. This loan, i i think, is a very bullish thing. First of all, it's an improvement upon the previous one, so they have like this revolving credit, or previously it was 420 million, and that deal expired in november of 2022.. They kind of got rid of that one and got this better one which is up to 500 million and, like i said it's an asus abl, it's an abl facility, so it's asset-backed and it's 500 million uh, it's more flexible, lower interest.

I think it's a very, very good move. Uh, like i was saying yesterday. I think it just beefs up their war chest of allowing them to do what they need to in a more agile manner. Uh, have you talked about log, the float you're going to do it? Can we get cancel gasparino trending? I don't know what log the float is.

I have to look this up. What's this referring to log the flow uh, this should answer a lot of questions about hashtag log. The flow initiative for amc and jimmy please share. It - is difficult to read image using reddit logthefloat.com goes live on monday log.

Your amc shares the number of shares you own only shares not. Options do not need to log already drs shares a screenshot of the number of shares you own. Please make sure your private information is removed, cropped the screenshots will be available for community public verification. Uh.

Wait wait a screenshot. The number people want you to screenshot it i mean, but that could just prompt, photoshopping uh. You would need to do it almost like the way say technology does is when, like it's actually checked with your brokerage, you that's not valid information to just use a picture. Do you know how easily you could edit css on any page and be like i own? A gazillion shares um.

It would have to be more than just like the screenshot it would have. This system would have to be similar to say technologies, where it's back-checked by your broker, to offer it some validity. But the concept of it makes a lot of sense to me because one of the biggest problems right now is, i guess us getting a good update, because i see a lot of people, especially in amc using that 80 percent number. I don't think we can use that number.

I don't know if it's higher, i don't know if it's lower, i don't know if it's the exact same, but that was also from mid-june or early june and we're now in early november it was just too far away. So it would be nice to just get like a share count or even more, like there's a big lack of the true ownership of amc and gme right now we don't know how many individuals are involved. We don't know how many institutions are involved, we don't know average ownership. It would just be nice to get an update on that data set um.

So anyway, drake uh. I just realized what log the float was. So i don't know like. I think it could just be improved from a technology standpoint um, just like the the pictures like is someone gon na, go through and look at millions of pictures and like add them up, and that's even if we believe it and like we might give it validity.

As a community, but then regulators won't because they're just going to say: hey anyone can photoshop it or you don't even have to photoshop it. You just edit the css on your brokerage. I think that's like one of the biggest issues, honestly with um. It's i find it to be disheartening that robin hood bought say technologies because i feel like if say, technology stayed independent.

What we could have done was like ask them or petition them to stay open for longer and just be like get people to register, both amc and gme and, like just go more and more and more and more until, like we had a high percentage, uh conviction Which a huge huge, bummer, huge bummer, that robin hood bought out say technologies. Do you think robin hood is selling info to hedge funds on how many shares retail stocks no not at all i mean i um remember that with most of these shares being traded on by market makers, people like citadel securities and virtue already have that information, because They know how much payment for order flow, they're doing and to hedge funds like individual hedge funds, not market makers. I don't know how much information like value that information would provide all right, prog, prog, prog prog looks like it wants to run up to four matt uh started trading with 500 in june between watching your channel and books, i'm now day trading and on my way To my first 100k thanks, patrick congratulations would love to see amc hitting 4171 and hold over yeah, so i've been watching that level around 42 myself. So i think 42 is pretty important, but i really care about the lower 44s uh, because that's kind of when we're getting to the top side of the wedge that we've seen where we previously had that fake out breakdown um.

So if we get above 44 and we're now on the north side, and if that could hold, you can see some serious momentum getting built up. Where do you think pfizer will end up on end of day? Oh, i don't know when you talk about individual days. There's just too much randomness involved. Overall, it's a nice gap up because of the news related to the oral pill that they're working um.

So it's a gap up, it's going a little red just be careful about the gap phil from whatever the high was yesterday uh. But where does it go the shorter, the time frame, the more randomness involved uh? So when you're asking hey where's, it gon na end up between now 9 40 and 4 p.m, there's quite a bit of randomness involved in that, like i, don't think anyone would have a um, an idea uh. I would also like to say hi citadel, so you finally got wise and started reading. These only took you nine whole months.

That's uh some really clever billions. You keep throwing into stack tvc uh thoughts on snl's november 11th. Earnings call will the suits feat ever be taken off sndl's neck, i mean in the world of marinara plays sndl is not my favorite. I like tilray, better, it's just a more well-established company.

It has more name recognition, it's a stronger fundamental business, uh till ray and people. I don't want you to get bogged down in um and i see this and i think it's it's a mathematical misunderstanding. So right now um. If you look at like till to sndl people think that, because it's cheaper, you have more upside, but that's not necessarily true what you care about is the percentage game um.

So right now i saw someone, and this is uh. They were trying to explain of why they got into amc over gme, and it's just because you're like oh, i could buy more shares, but it doesn't matter it. It matters the amount of money you put on the table and the percentage gain on that money, especially now with fractional share trading. So they were trying to say, oh, like i could buy 5 amc for one gme and mathematically.

That doesn't make sense, because you're still just putting 200 on the table and what you care about is the percentage gain of your overall bet. And i see some people trying to say that with sndl and till rate, because sndl is cheaper. But once again, what you care about is the percentage gain of the total amount of money you bought um, it's it's not a proper mathematical understanding, just to say. Oh, this is a cheaper stock, so i can make more money.

That's not a good way to think about it. Uh. Could you check wwep recorded record revenue but release more wrestlers to help achieve it? More fans are canceling subscriptions to their network wwe i'll, write that down and we'll come back to it. Uh prague having a good day pushing its way up to four all right, wwe right, but you also care about price per share which affects fomo, buying ability uh.

No, i don't actually uh price per se. The stock market is a game of percentages, especially with fractional share buying. Now the fact that you don't have to buy one individual share on many brokerages um, it is completely poor thought to just look at the price of things um to say that amc is like cheaper well. In reality, it's not amc's.

Market cap is 21 bill. Gme's market cap is 16.6 bill and then yet gme is trading at 200 and amc is trading at uh just below 41 right now. So this concept of cheapness is is not right. When you just look at the price, what you have to look when you're evaluating someone thin is the market cap, like that's the value of the company um, because it's just a mathematical site of hand of how many shares are out there and it? It always comes back to percentages it it.

It is way better to buy a stock that you think is going to have a bigger percentage gain. You should not be paying attention of just like the starting magnitude you care about percentage gain, because that's where you make your money, it's the total lot size of your bet. How much money have you put on the table like it's regardless of the stock value, especially when you can just be like? Oh, i want to buy x dollars amount. You should care about percentage gains, not necessarily how many shares you have and that's that's just uh.

It's a misunderstanding of the math of how these things work uh, for example. Here i have a perfect example for you. Let's say you have a stock, that's ten dollars and it goes up to twenty dollars. That's a hundred percent gain and you put ten dollars on the table.

You put ten dollars on. You got one share: it doubled up. You made 10 bucks on the other side. Let's say you have it's all just proportionate.

You could buy ten one dollar stocks, like whatever it is uh and the proportionate thing, for there is still to double up to two and that's my point of you just look at the percentages. If you go from one dollar to two dollars, that's a hundred percent gain um, it's not appropriate, just to say. Oh, i have a better opportunity because it's the tenth of the price you shouldn't care about that at all um. You should care about what you think gives you the biggest percentage move, it's all about percentage, not magnitude, thoughts on the future of av ev space outside of tesla, specifically mu and others to watch over the next few years outside of tesla uh, i'm very much paying Attention to lucid i'm very much paying attention to some of the upstream things, such as um.

Like lithium miners lac, you could track the overall industries with certain etfs, like arkq um pay attention to lucid. I pay attention to neo. Um people ask me about it, so i feel, like i end up paying attention quite a bit to things like charge. Point fuel cell, those are ones that are definitely on the list and i'm sure there's other ones that i'm just like forgetting about uh.

But within that sector i think there's quite a few uh. I used to pay a lot of attention to workhorse and highly on, but they're, just not as discussed anymore. What else is out there? Ford is making quite a few waves right now, ford's doing really really well. So that's one, that's more so on my radar, prague is crushing it very happy with my prog position, uh thoughts on so excel.

Thanks for all you do so so xl is tracking the semiconductor industry. It's uh! Think of the group of stocks like nvidia amd intel um to me. That's an entire sector that i'm very, very bullish on nvidia's, ripping amd's ripping intel's a little bit behind, but the sector that semiconductor sector, as in the processing chips that we use in ai data, centers uh fancy gaming computers. The demand for that stuff is incredibly high and i just don't see it going anywhere thanks for messaging me with my personal life, i know you're improvised because the escort work was based on something she said.

Not anything you did. I look forward to come back around 2023 when you're building in a farkan cinema brendan. What are we talking about? Am i missing something? Was this a follow up? Uh? Thank you everything! You do matt watch every day and support amc movement from canada. What are your thoughts on purchasing bitcoin cash or bitcoin um? I don't own.

Well, i own bitcoin cash, but i didn't that was like just from doing the coin. Based things um, i own bitcoin, i'm very bullish on bitcoin, especially with my personal concerns for inflation. Right now, um, i think bitcoin uh. There are many many articles that believe in this current cycle, where in bitcoin could reach a quarter mill and then they expect like a notable sell-off and then from there uh the next cycle.

They have no idea where it's going to go. I feel confident in saying at some point in the next couple decades like i think it's going to take time, but i think at some point in the next couple decades, bitcoin will be above a million dollars usd per bitcoin. Oh i'm still talking to the intern. I get we're going brandon bmix, all right bmix.

Let me write that down. Uh amc, looking good just below 41 prague. Looking amazing we're looking for that breakout out of four spy hit a new all-time high of 470, taking a bit of a breather right now. The q's also hit a new all-time high.

I was telling you about the psychological level of 400. It overshot it by 99 cents. Now, taking a breather iwm, actually holding the strongest new all-time high at 243, looks like it wants to pop and keep going do you know how to use the directional movement index for swings? I've read a couple of success stories, but i'm not sure i'm actually not familiar with the directional movement index. Tyler i'd have to look into that.

I am very ill. I've been following you since january back when you used to dance for the live stream. Sndl amc jimmy are my nest, eggs for my daughter, hey. I hope it works out better than you could ever imagine.

Amc, plus apes going to the moon. What's going on max capital hope you're having a great day. Prague is crushing it. I'm curious, um right here.

We have about 11 000, just in here. Let me know how many of you are in prague right now like actively have some sort of prague position. Let me know i see a lot of prague excitement, i'm just curious how many of you are actually in prague. A lot of people in prague, whoa more than like chat, just blew up right there very, very interesting, tesla selling off wow wow wow wow.

Someone just said: i just chased. It happens, it happens. It happens all right. Let's watch iw, i'm trying to break here.

Prague me babe frog me baby um. Did you see the patent application nvidia filed yesterday for holographic ar vr headset? No, that is crazy nvidia. What will they think of next? Can you look at fuel cell over the last few days? I showed up monday and has traded sideways ever since the option chain makes me think that market makers are going to max payne this week. I have 950 calls for next friday and i'm praying for another rip.

Do you see this breaking out of its sideways pattern? Fuel cell fuel, so hey uh, pfizer going green, going, notably green, um, no fuel cell. This is a tough one. The other mat uh it's just. This is a classic consolidation.

You have a classic bowl flag. It shoots up lower highs, higher lows: you just have to wait for the consolidation and, unfortunately, with years expiring in a week, theta is kind of eating you alive right now. Could momentum come out of nowhere, yeah, of course, but right now it is a classic consolidation pattern, amc versus gme price uh matter for options, um it can matter, but also the volatility of the equity is going to be like very, very important. Sometimes amc is very expensive and gme is not, or vice versa, and then that can come down to the volatility aspect of pricing 40k shares deep in prague.

Let's go whoa, that's a huge position, i hope you're crushing it. I mean you must be very excited today. Must be very excited, uh are there two prague mine is not moving uh kinky kong um there is prg, which is prague holdings and that that's different make sure you're talking about progenity right here, p-r-o-g should be the ticker prg is prague holdings different company proglodites unite? What's going on miles away, crt x gap fill crtx gap fill um. If it gets momentum, it seems like it's kind of boring right now.

What is this? It's a biotech play? They probably had something announced that obviously was not good. If it gets above 2020. You would have that opportunity, but first i would personally want to see that momentum amc just made a new intraday high. We were watching that 42 level up 150 on prague exercise 150 call.

Yesterday, king magnetic crushing it man congrats. Thank you, matt, i'm glad someone with i'm someone with crohn's and had to inject humera that prague is running and people care about it. I have over 500 shares, you know and that's what i've been trying to get across does prague have the ability to short squeeze it? Does it really does have those metrics? That is not why i'm in it? If it's, if it happens, that's cool i'll lock in some attendees wait for the breather and buy again, but i think prague is truly fundamentally undervalued. Right now, prague is trading at uh.

It has a market cap of 530 million dollars, but it's eyeing up to disrupt a 10 billion a year plus industry through humera alone, and we're not talking about the other pillars of its business exclusively humera if it pulls off what it's trying to do with its Patents, it's going to get quite a bit of market share of humera itself, uh to me its valuation of 530 million, it's just too low, it's too low for the world, it's about to disrupt! So, for that, i'm just in it and if it squeezes that's awesome, i just think it's a truly, fundamentally undervalued company. That's why i bought it. I do if it squeezes in the short term. I do have some calls for mid-november, but more so i care about my stock position, my long position, which you can actually see on public, but to my understanding, uh humor.

I don't take it myself, but to my understanding, humera right now. The common method of administration is injection, but prague has the the patent for an oral method and obviously people are always going to choose to take an oral method over an injection method. So if they are successful in this current endeavor, i just i it's clearly undervalued, uh thoughts on sha key wall street viking frog. What's that hello? Let's go all right! S-H-A-K-E-S-H-A-K wrote that crushing my 350 protocols got two days ago on a red day.

Speaking of things that end in og, i think we need to jump on this early before holidays uh, going long on eg, oh eggnog e eggnog calls to the moon trace lovely cup. What's going on 11 11., i am so confused on whatever technical issues you have that you have to send like an odd amount like a strange amount for a super chat to work. It's so weird thoughts on skt all right. Let me write that down uh.

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