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Ep 135 #1 still long on tulips amc, bbby, gme, prog shib dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Still Long on Tulips
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 135
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Stop breaking the law is give us the fucking money, throwing all my money at the streets like a quarterback. If you don't mean a thing: water up, a duck's black aids not leave or not until we get the money stacks monkey monkey dude monkey holding two with blue monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq 10. 11 bamboo my sister's here my brothers, the fathers and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times fucking money gang.

We are back. Let me just make sure this is all good to go. I i'm excited hey it's a friday. It's a nice friday, look at amc right here, bouncing off of 40, all the way up to almost 42, almost getting that above 42, very much watching the mid-44s gme not having as good of a day but still honestly, like jamie's, had a very good week.

Amc's had a very good week, bbb bbb y - i don't know how many b's are there there's always way too many, but look at the overlay here. I just wanted to show you this look at the similarities uh. So if you kind of zoom out and get these to match up check out how this has happened today, hang on, i think i just need to get it one more level like this. So this morning they both went up.

A little sold off based came up, shot all the way up, based and then pushed again now, not to the same, like extremes of percentage moves, but a lot of overlap between these two guys today, uh bed, bath and beyond in amc. Just something i wanted to point out to you. Someone just said just saw ex ex uh externals eternal. I think you mean eternals um yeah.

No, no. I think i'm gon na be seeing that this weekend, myself uh, but just want to point out that - and here let me switch this one back over to what else is moving today, sava moving so uh, just because it's friday, music friday, we're hanging out stocks are Feeling good uh, i want to get things for uh. I guess like everything set up of like just the mindset for the weekend for the start of next week. I want to go over a couple of things.

So, on the political front, this was just reported democrat u.s representative betty, says house to vote on friday on infrastructure bill and on rule for considering social policy climate change bill. So there was some concern that this would not be happening today, uh, but i guess they are looking to vote, but remember pelosi has been um uh. She she was burned in the midnight oil she had to work to, like 5 30 p.m. It was a rough one for her, so we'll see if she actually is able to vote.

There see a couple people talking about shim right here, coming back off, bouncing off of 41 pushing 60. it's at 57 right now, um for rasheed. Looking for this trendline breakout watch, this top trend line, look for that breakout and hopefully some momentum gets going from there uh definitely paying attention to it. Amc hanging out, i mean amc's up three percent jimmy's down three percent market; uh s; p 500 up a quarter cues flat and iwm up one full percent, so kind of an interesting day.

So if you missed the morning stream, just remember, one of the announcements from yesterday was from adam aaron himself. Amc announces an expansion going into the multi-billion dollar popcorn industry in 2022, freshly popped at malls, home.

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    I just want everyone to know how terrible of an influence this duck kid is. this kid inspired me to learn about trading on the stonk market and apply what Ive learned and to just make fat piles of fuckin lemon peppah tendies and Im here to tell you after the first 5 months of "trading/investing/ degenerate gambling/ whatever the fuck you call whatever it is Im doing" . Im fuckin absolutely sick of having a 176% roi, this is absolute bullshit and this duck kid is to blame!!!!

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