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Ep 135 #2 still long on tulips amc, bbby, gme, prog shib dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Still Long on Tulips
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 135
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Is that working testing testing testing testing one two three youtube: hates bay youtube! Hates me: let's do some autotune, you two hate busy! So much youtube. I fucking hate you so much. Oh you suck youtube. I hate you so so much.

I hate you so much youtube! All right, i think, i'm back on twitch, who knows what's going on with rambam uh all right, i think we're back. I think we're back. I think we're back. I don't even know what i was talking about.

This is auto-tune new favorite song folks. Obviously, this one's gon na go off the rails, where i was talking about popcorn. Okay, what do you need to know about popcorn? Here's, what you need to know about popcorn! You need to know that it's good, it's a small thing, but it's not going to completely like kick down the doors of wall street. It's a good thing, but it's not gon na, be the amazing thing, but we are um waiting on some potential, exciting announcements from, i guess the leadership team on monday monday, monday monday.

We are waiting for that. That is the earnings announcement after the market closes. Obviously i will be streaming it um and here's a couple things that you want to know about. So first we have to talk about the web bush analyst, ms reese she's bearish, and she has a note to all of her people who listen apes will eventually cash out.

I disagree. Reece downgraded the stock to underperform. She has a price target of 750, which is actually above the average price target of 554. With such a bold statement such as that, you'd think that she has some pretty solid reasoning, let's hop into it.

Let's see what her reasoning is. We downgraded shares of amc to underperform, on our assumption that, ultimately, the majority of retail ownership will eventually cash out and move on. She thinks we're going to get bored. She thinks we're good.

How can we get bored when we have tools like this? I still hate youtube so much with things like that. We are literally never going to get bored like the amount of different tone changes. I could do in here we're going to be here forever and ever and ever volatility in shares of amc is likely to continue driven by trading momentum unrelated to amc's fundamentals by retail investors, whose time horizons remain unclear unclear. I think our horizon is pretty obvious.

Short's covered: that's our horizon. If she doesn't like what kind of dd is this, we know we have a very obvious horizon. Our horizon is: do the shorts cover if the shorts cover we're good to go? That's i gave her the horizon and she probably has some fancy schmancy degree about this one. It's not hard to figure out what our horizon is.

Ames is expected to report third quarter, adjusted loss of 53 cents after a loss of 841 a share um a year ago, so that's obviously a considerable uptick, but we're also basing it to the same quarter the fiscal quarter of a year ago. So obviously it should be greatly improved, which would be the least it lost since the fourth quarter of 2019. According to a fact set survey revenue is expected to rise nearly six-fold to 713 million the most since the first quarter of 2020. um.

The web bush analyst expects adjusted per share loss of 48 cents and the revenue of 760 million. Those are the numbers she's looking at that's the proverbial line in the sand, and we will find out on monday november, 8th 5 pm eastern after the market closes. What the results are, we will be finding out. Obviously now, for me, the golden question right here is: are we going to beat these numbers? That is her expectations and like the street, the street is a little bit around.

It um my thoughts, i'm going into this. Being cautiously optimistic, i do think we will beat these and my reasoning is cinemark, so cinemark had their earnings announcement before the market opened today and just so, you know a little bit about cinemark. That's another movie going experience uh! You can look at the chart right here. This is the daily chart.

In fact, it looks like it's about to break out of 22.. Estimated short interest according to ortex is 23 shares on loan 28 million and utilization 36.57. So it's a lower float stock considerably. Lower utilization way lower volume, higher short interest, so kind of a mixed bag there uh, but they actually did very well with their earnings and to in my reasoning in my little dumb, dumb money ape brain uh with cinemark doing well, i think amc will do better.

Just not only magnitude because it is, it has a greater market share, but also uh. Amc now has a very loyal following of apes, that cinemark doesn't necessarily have it has more name recognition, so i'm expecting the proportionate increase, even relative to the market share size to still be better for amc, which is a good thing, because even cinemark did well once Again uh this was reported by their ceo today. If you look him up, he just did a talk with cnbc and he was actually throwing like a little bit of shade about the whole popcorn selling thing it's kind of funny. If you want to check it out, but it just got a little bit of a jealousy quarterly loss of 78 million friday, which was compared to a loss of 140 million in the same period of 2020.

So a nice year-over-year increase there, revenue jumped to 435 million and a year ago it was 36.. So even this remember that's their revenue, but the expectation for amc's is like 760.. So clearly, it has more market share. Attendance for cinemark reach, almost 31 million patrons in the third quarter, up from 1.9 million comparable in 2020, and then this is comments from the ceo of cinemark himself mark.

We are highly encouraged by sustained positive trends in escalating consumer demand for theatrical moviegoing and growing momentum. At the box office, this favorable progress was clearly demonstrated in our 61 quarter recorder growth in worldwide attendance, which flowed through to our bottom line. So, if we're looking at just the sector in general, like movies the box office cinemark, i think it's kind of showing its hand of how things are about to go for amc, and this was very good. So i'm not expecting amc's to really be much different.

I don't think it's going to flip the script, if anything, i think, it'll be as good or on a proportionate basis, even better, which is obviously solid for amc as a stock when that comes over and don't forget that we are right here, amc just you know. Currently, trading at 4134 uh, there have been some murmurs from the leadership team that there's going to be some sort of announcement. So of course i'm going to be excited for that to see. What's going on, i see a couple people asking about prague and what the numbers are there.

Prague has an estimated short interest of 31.84 right now. Utilization maxed out shares on loan of 34 mil. What else do we have uh? Where can i get an nft of your thumbnails? We don't have nfts of the thumbnail, i don't know so many people have been saying that that i feel like we should like. Maybe you could buy the thumbnails and it like just gives you access to the discord or something i don't know.

We got to figure something out, but a lot of people have been asking about that. I'm sure my graphic designer would be stoked to know that there's been such a high demand to turn his art into nfts um, all right so with that gme right now the the developments we're looking for on that doesn't have its earnings uh this upcoming week, but We're i'm personally very excited to find out, as it continues to go into this world of nft's nft marketplace its connection with loopring web3 development. They have eight job postings. They just have a new revolving credit, so gme amc fundamentally.

Are they still overvalued? In my estimation? Yes, but they are fundamentally improving as well and as that improves. That means that the short thesis is getting weaker and weaker and weaker. So i just want to bring that to your attention, but the overall market i mean seasonally what we're seeing right now in the spy, the cues iwm it's spot on the start of november, typically very, very bullish and we're seeing nothing different this time around. So as we're waiting for this stuff to get close, we have about 45 minutes.

We haven't done this in quite a while, but i went to the p.o box and i have a lot of things right here. So as we're watching the charts play out, i just figured - i could do some of this unboxing stuff and let you guys know let you kind of know. What's going on beings, youtube was trying to freaking. Take me down youtube youtube all right, so this one is from kentucky kentucky kentucky kentucky kentucky.

What do we have here? I fucking hate youtube, i'm so pissed off this is stupid. Here we go again all right, i'm still on twitch, though all right, i'm with you guys on twitch uh, am i back? Is it back? This is fucking dumb. I hate youtube susan, you better fix it all right. I think i'm back.

Let's just continue. Let's have fun: let's not, let's not get angry come on matt. Let's stay calm here, they're gon na take me down where's this one from fulfillment center never heard of her. What do we have here? I don't know what does what's this? What do we have here? A slim fit slim fit.

I freaking wish. What does this say? J all right, i'm gon na need help folks. What does this say unless i'm showing something inappropriate, then keep it to yourself, but don't forget to switch it? I think there's like a j and then an a and then a c jacked, jack tits. Is that no way do i have a jack t? Is this a jack tit shirt? Is that what this says jack tits? What that took me way, too long to put together j-a-c-k-e-d with the t no way, that's so sick man.

This is the content that youtube's trying to keep away from you, folks that is so awesome, oh ma'am to the unsung fulfillment center hero, who sent that my way my stream is fuzzy. My life is fuzzy. This is gon na end bad package in a package where's. This one from from herbal herbal feels good again and get back to life herbal offense.

What do we have here blur kentucky kentucky kentucky? I feel like if it's blurry just do a quick reload, i mean all right. We have some home remedy stuff herbal offense, your body's defense, immune support. I probably need this, i hope - maybe there's some mental stuff in here as well, going viral here's some immune support. I appreciate that.

That's so kind of you hey! That's so kind of you. What else do we have what else uh the high life, all in oops, the high life it looks like that, is the band all right. I don't want to read your message like out loud i'm going to read this like right. After but uh we got the high life check it out, high life.

We appreciate that not sure if you're watching right now but much love, much love man there's, i feel, like i haven't done this in a hot minute, there's quite a few packages here. What else do we have going refresh and jacked uh? We have okay, there's these little, like eight things that you can squeeze and on the back it says ape army squeeze, but it's like a stress doll. So, whenever we're like fighting with the greg's and i'm getting like pissed off - and i want to light someone up on twitter i'll - just have these stress apes - the stress apes uh - this is tony tony tony tony. I appreciate it.

I got your message, i'm going to say this. I've actually been keeping all of the letters because i think it's like one of the freaking coolest things ever uh, but much love. Thank you so much all right. What else do we have here? This is from steelman steelman in blue springs.

What's mo missouri or montana mo is missouri, isn't it uh anna thiem surviving the night whoa? Is this like a scary, but a spooky book a spooky, a spooky book? My wife wrote this so that it would be legible. Thank you for all that shout out dylan dylan, dylan dylan. I i got it. I got the book.

Thank you so much and also tell your wife that she has amazing penmanship, but we got solid book coming in we'll have to add that to the reading section. Reading session of my date, written by dylan, stillman art by dustin, raider, whoa, very cool, very, very cool, all right. What else we have? What else do we have uh another fulfillment center, fulfillment fulfillment, a gift for you, new salt box? It's convenient for all those you're feeling a little salty me salty win. Never this is fancy hey.

This is something salt storage for all the times that i'm being a little salty, i feel like you guys, are getting whoa, that's actually a nice one. It like has a a very mobile top. That's pretty cool you guys are starting to know me too well for all the times, i'm feeling a little salty. Oh, that's too funny ooh! This is from robert robert from germany.

I know a guy named robert in germany. That's pretty freaking cool. Well, if he's in germany and it's friday, i feel like he's, probably having a night out on the town with his buddies right now so robert. If you happen to be listening, i appreciate it, but i have a feeling: you're spending your german night, doing something a little bit more fun right now, pal a little bit more fun robert from germany, germany, this uh, they all right, robert.

I got your message and let's just check this out: let's see what this oh, this is cool. This is cool. This goes well with the jack jack tits shirt. We got the moon and the candles the candles straight up to the moon.

That's awesome, robert. I appreciate it you beautiful guy, i don't know if you're listening right now, but hey. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Let's keep this party going because i haven't yet to cut myself. Let's become op have a gg.

What is this overpowered? What's overpowered overpowered, wow, overpowered, the opposite of me, uh you're, trying to get me a lot of little what's in this? What is this? I, like the logo, we're seeing where this is gon na go overpowered. Oh overpower! Oh, it's like uh, like gamer energy bars, shout out to overpowered. I appreciate you sending this. No tropic energy bars, no tropic! That's like your brain right.

We have like a whole box that just sees like bars i'll have to eat one chocolate, brownie chocolate, brownie bunch of chocolate brownies so for energy and for your brain, hey. Maybe it's like going to be my go-to breakfast. Maybe i should start doing that. Thank you.

Shout out to op op op with the gg uh. I saw that uh. The new call of duty came out today, vanguard um, i suck at video games, but for any of you gamers out there i'll be playing it this weekend because like why? Not? Why not? So if you want to play with me, but i'm awful, if you're very good and can carry my weight just let me know: hey zeus and steven pro lion board pro lion board. Let's see what this is.

What do you guys have? This looks: fancy fancy, fancy fancy. What do we have here? What do we have what's in the box? We have something that lights up. What is it, though? 10 lighting modes? 300? 100. Oh, oh, oh! This is really cool.

Okay, i don't think it's going to come across, but it's kind of like a place mat, so you have your phone and right here. Here's your phone, your keyboard, your mouse! So it's like a whole mat. It seems like that goes under it very cool. Let me see if i can get some more details for you.

Our names are jesus and steven. We want to send you a customized apes to the moon mouse pad and we think we, oh that's so cool. That's awesome, i'm definitely i need a mouse pad. You read my mind: i appreciate that guys, you guys are so nice uh.

What's this one from we're talking la puente, california, the custom shelf the custom shelf? Oh this one's a bit of a challenge. We got duct tape. I think some of you guys mess with me just because you know i'm bad at opening boxes. How do i get into this this little ditty nope? Well, this is have you ever live streamed yourself, cutting a finger and having to go to the emergency room.

Ah, fuck all right look at that that one came right through the box that got me that that was right on the finger all right. This is getting. This is getting a bit dangerous folks, i'm gon na like end up cutting my headphones, we're feeling feisty today. What is this a freaking rubik's cube to get into here? This is why i need to get back to the gym.

Whoa, that's kind of cool, though worth it look at the the penmanship on that the click calligraphy, the calligraphy whoa, no way what you guys got. Ta check this out, we got an m, an ape m with some cool drawing all right, and then we got this k. The k, the rocket k, gamestop amc mk that is so freaking cool. I love that.

I love that. I love that this is coming coming from california. All right, let's see, if i can, i just want to give the shout out mark mark mark, mark instagram the custom shelf by doodles shout out mark this penmanship this is hand hey. I don't like docs anything look at that penmanship! That's handwritten right there how how? How are people this good at writing? Things i'm like actually legitimately jealous that people have that type of penmanship and mine looks like worse than chicken scratch like i get, notably jealous of people who have artistic ability, because i have zero, i feel like.

I could appreciate good art but like to produce it myself. Nothing no shot, no shot whatsoever. All right. This isn't working hello.

All right! We're gon na have to we're gon na have to do some ex expert level stuff over here, cut up and away up and away. What do we have going on? What do we have going? What is this well hello there uh-huh? Where are we going? Where are we going with this one? We got power, a power adapter who is this from? This is from a shop, a shoppie, a shoppie, a shoppie in texas, uh. Oh, i need that. Where are we going with this more to open more to open all right, focus and attack, focus and attack? This you know, sometimes the biggest the biggest struggles have the biggest rewards.

You know we already saw that from the mk. All right come on. Matt focus potential holy, oh jeez. I am thus far thus far i'm losing this particular fight, but the tides are turning.

The tides are turning lots of bubble. Wrap must mean that it's precious, you know, and by most accounts, hang on. I brought i brought two tools to hope with this one. I also brought some scissors.

I was more prepared, hang on, let's what do we have? What we have happen in here, don't need to go to the gym today. Whoa whoa hang on. We might have to extend market hours today, just for me to get this actually open. So someone call up the uh the sec please and be like hey.

We could use another half hour on the market, ah check this out check this out, hang on a light that says moon gang moon all right now i got to plug it. In now, we got ta figure out how to plug this bad boy in we got ta check it out. We got ta check it out. Where did all this go and it comes with this hang on? We could do this.

We have the power. Oh all, right. Let's plug this bad mama jamma in folks, this is bad. Mama, jamma whoa, all right, careful, careful, careful, careful, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa moon gang it.

It works perfectly right. There boom moon gang just so no one. So everyone remembers where we're at that's so sick uh. I know who sent this akam akam akhem, that's so incredibly sick moon gang it's official now as soon as you have a neon light of your community, does it get better than that? Does it get freaking better than that all right, one more one! More! That's so! Sick, hang on hang on.

Let's see what we have in this thing, a 3d illusions: lamp all right, a box of cheez-its. You got ta, love that and hang on hey. This is a big box. That's you uh! Who is this from? Who is this from happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday! Thank you! Oh i do have the card in here who's this from ah just a small token appreciation.

This is from the mod team. What the mods would you guys send? Would you guys send here the mod team? They know me too well, the modern and the reveal the ape. That's so freaking cool man. I love you guys so much.

This is so sick. That's so sick man. What a i love you guys seriously seriously seriously. All of you, you, crazy folks, are the best.

You crazy folks. Thank you so so much seriously from the bottom of my heart. All this stuff is amazing man. What a friday, what a friday, you guys put the biggest smile on my face, that's so cool! Now we have to now we have to just get it.

I know like i guess, all weekend, i'm just going to be working on this back wall. Getting this all set up, we got to get the picture in there. We have so much going on it'll work. This is so much fun.

Merry christmas mark, uh, jacked up jacked up this stuff is so freaking cool, we'll have to get it hanging up man, what a cool community, what an absolutely freaking cool community to have all of us, the moon gang the ape nation. What a fun little fun little corner of the internet, we have going on right now, keep opening stuff amc's going up. I could open up and show you what the lamp is all right. Hang on.

I just need to actually get this like plugged in without breaking it too much stuff. All right, let me if i could show you guys all this all right, let's plug in a second thing over here, this might take a hot sec, looks like we have a cool lamp that was a knife, hello, all right, all right, all right, all right! All right all right, how do you plug this bad boy in this goes in here here and then the final piece all right? Where did i put the this? Can you guys i have a duck light now, hang on all right. Can i change the color whoa green? We got some blue, some red, that's awesome. Does it strobe there you go.

Oh, you can go faster and slower flash strobe fade. My duck, my own, my own duck that lights up. That's awesome! That's so cool! That's! So so! Cool all right: where else are we at we got the duck now it's official he has a light up, duck matt trey and i invite you to fort sill okay, so we can teach you class on safety. It was cringing in the last five minutes uh.

Obviously i am a professional box opener! That's how all the pros do. It can verify happy friday, matt love all you do. First, i'm actually in the process of selling my sheep to buy and switch to coinbase ape noises thomas becoming an astronaut uh love to get for my son. Where can we order uh uh, which one me hung low? I could try to find like uh the producer of some of these, for you is this live or pre-recorded? This is live.

This is right off from the cuff. Do you love she buy a gift for your favorite should be new. Look at santa coin, big ass. George, w on the daily for amc, is clove still a short squeeze contender uh.

I never really thought of it as one myself, uh matt. Would you rather fight a hundred ape-sized ducks or a roll of bubble, wrap i'd, probably have a better shot with the bubble. Wrap or not without like losing, i would lose with the bubble. Wrap i have no shot with the bubble.

Wrap is what i should say: matt i'm drunk bro max capital, i hope you're having a good one. Oh man, this is what happens. Youtube tries to take you down taking me down twice today. Clearly, technical issues didn't go down on, twitch didn't go down on rumble, we're live in a fight another day.

All right. I just need to get all that stuff. I think that's all of the stuff, if you happen to send a letter or something like that, it's just i sometimes people share private information, so i don't want to like read those out loud, but i do have a stack of letters upstairs uh blurry, if it's Blurry, i guess just reload, because it's i think it's coming across fine or maybe not. This was an eventful week.

Very eventful week feels super eventful. Let's get some music popping we're holding on forty life. Getting them tended so soon don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter swimming pool champagne every day, fam what you do wan na hang One or two, oh you got imagine two.

Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten henches couldn't had enough of these villains, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling until we sent it to heaven. Now we be out of yelling, hey screw, you kenny. I want my wife, a minivan to share with a boyfriend, but i pull up in the benz plates saying olive cranes going on an airplane, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday cause we're holding on for delight, we'll be mistaken.

The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon expectation, probably more manipulation. If you do, a creation of a crooked operation bought more while it was low, got more dips and trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us for. All of you can spend your last dollars.

We don't claim to be scholars, we the smooth brain dummies and we never stood totally yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor. A follower of 11 ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust m-o-a-s-s.

Oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space. Go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out john rocket man. This is the way gon na be girl, yeah, it's ground control.

To make your time we bout to have liftoff call us neil eight strong gon na keep holding on screw kenny cause we're holding our foot in life. Getting them teddy. So soon don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking no breaking because we're going to the moon.

Don't be mistaken, the ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them we're going to let's go like let's go. Let's go, let's go uh just so. You know that song is by the grillionaires. They have two songs uh to the moon and then show me the money uh both of those can be found on youtube, spotify, itunes, uh.

Once again, the name of the band is the grillionaires uh, and two very popular songs within the ape community are out so feel free to check them out to the moon. Show me the money, grillionaires search it give them a like give them a sub, give them a follow. Awesome awesome people, um, they've, been so kind to allow me to play their music on my stream and that's awesome. I, like i love the opportunity to support some ape artists, and really it's just awesome like the music itself, is incredibly good, in my opinion, so more than happy to uh for it to be out there bro.

I was so proud to see in the documentary hey. I apprec, i appreciate that that's so kind of you, hey dude, using some of my first realized gains after watching you since april, and i've grown my portfolio. I've learned so much from you. A small token of my appreciation.

Go get a drink on me tonight, samuel. I definitely will, if you guys, see a little uh like a a drunk guy in a duck shirt hanging out in philly tonight. You know i'm just living my best life, everything's, a-okay, everything's, a-okay i'll, be running around the streets somewhere. I'm sure uh james hutchinson becoming a space ape.

I appreciate that happy friday, matt love all you do shout out darken flame shout out darken. Three excuse me kelly ripa, would never charles payne tweet, allegedly breaking news market minute, says amc through 45 and it's to the moon that was about an hour ago. So i don't think that's like a breaking tweet uh. She was on his show today.

Uh and i kind of agree with that, so why is 45 particularly important? Well because it comes right here, it's this trendline breakout. So we get out of this wedge that we've been following ever since june 18th: that's a break in a and a break and a run uh. So let's hope, like i mean, obviously things can break and then it's a fake out. So obviously we don't want to see that, but would at least love the opportunity to try.

Maybe it breaks out, reaffirms the trend line and then rips from there possibility definitely a strong possibility, but a clear level of resistance. First in the mid-44s rejection rejection. So i'd love to follow through that and then see this test of 53, which is the high from mid-september, can't hear me uh. I think that's on your end think that's on your end.

I think i'm coming through. What's better public or fidelity um, it's up to you, i mean like you, could define better various ways, but no matter what it is. I implore everyone to try to get your trades to be executed on. Exchange 45 is important because that's what happened strike what's going on g well g.

I hope you go very much into the money on that particular strike play. I very much do loud and clear what other voices do we have going on here? Hello, what if i uh auto-tune this hello, hello, wait? How is this the auto tune for this? That doesn't make sense, testing testing testing the auto tune is very high. Hello, testing, testing, testing, testing, hello, hello. This is this sounds like my normal voice, hello, hello, hello, testing, ken griffin.

We are coming for you. The robots are coming testing. Is this anything hello? I can't even hear anything now. Is this my voice? I don't know we're all losing our mind now, we're all we're all having one of those days.

I just assume everyone is having the same emotional response and i'm always having a professional youtube, training channel, yeah yeah that that's that's one word that probably doesn't make. The most sense for this channel is professional uh. How do you keep? How do they keep shorting prague at 100 utilization because remember, people can offer up more shares. So if more people are willing to loan out their shares, then those ones can be additionally shorted uh.

The pool of shares that people are willing to lend out is continually dynamic. It gets bigger, it gets smaller. Can we get sheep instead of bbby? Of course, just because you are so ninely so kind? Look at that movement back into the 60s sheep on on a run over the past couple hours. Do you have a battle droid voice? I mean we could work on something all right.

Here's a good start! Let's get a little bit of a robot in here. Maybe a little bit of a heavier robot, a little bit of a reaver a little bit of echo too much echo all right. What about this, ken griffin? We are coming for you, the battle, no, no, no, our tune! All right now we're back to normal back to business front man for the squid games, kylo ren, this thing, man, one of my best purchases. That's that's! Really.

What got my career going? Was the voice changer the voice changes? What did it in lucid is running lucid's? Ripping i think lucid could be heading for that gap. Phil in the mid 50s lucid is crushing it crushing it crushing it crushing it. We've been a fan of lucid here for a while now um it was always in my top three, but then with political developments. Uh lucid kind of edged out neo in my favorites, so it goes tesla then lucid, bullish on both like them, both i'm a fan of them.

Both, i think both are very strong. Long-Term holds and apparently they've been also great. Short-Term holds i'm out of timeout y'all. I shall respect that from now on rr.

What did you end up saying? Oh man, hedge funds, watching the livestream. They can see our level of stress chilling on a voiceover listening to ape songs, we're here to stay uh. What about the rivian ipo, i'm avoiding ipl's? Usually, there's too much hype behind them and they just open up at too high of a price, so they go up and then they come down so generally. If you want a medium to a long-term thing, it almost seems to be best to wait a little bit for things to settle down personally lucid better than neo.

I agree with you on that one, i'm not necessarily against neo. I just think lucid's become a stronger play, especially with like they're delivering now their batteries so freaking long like the the range their lucid batteries have, i think, they're pretty slick. Looking cars, uh, there's various things going on there, but i'm a fan. I said you overplayed.

The song rr, it sounds like a mod gotcha for that this is the it's. The ape nation say, ape anthem, uh. I hate ipos learn my lesson from coinbase yeah ipo is generally right. Now, over the past.

I don't know three years: there's just been so much hype going into ipos and generally you can pick up the price better if you just wait a little bit uh, but there's also volatility. So if you're, just trying to like quick swing, the volatility like that's an opportunity - uh tesla, lucid bio, sometime uh - i doubt it - i think lucid - become too much. Lucid - is now a 65 billion dollar company. Maybe they buy them out but, like i just don't see that, and i don't even know if i necessarily want them to because i'm a fan of competition, we don't want everything to be dominated by like one company, so in a certain sense like i i, like The extra competition, because i help i think it goes for more technology development.

It goes for lower prices. Uh. You want good competition between many players. You don't just want one player dominating everything, because then you get situations like the market makers.

We're currently seeing in the wall like in wall street um, hey, is that kenny calling you know kenny hasn't called today, but maybe i don't know, maybe he's taking a week off or something, but amc is looking great 4167. gme might be making a move to go. Green uh, it's down two percent right now, so that would be about four bucks. If this can make a move to like 217 218-ish jamie could go green amc up and up not a dead cat.

Yeah people calling it a dead cat is, is just so egregiously wrong, but hey what a week, what a way to kick off the month like this has been um percentage gain wise a great week for so much of the market in general, like a solid solid Week is lucid, a chaser at this point depends on your time frame depends on your risk, tolerance. Um of what point you want to risk when people say chasing uh to me, that's a little bit of a time frame thing like if you're going to buy lucid. Now but you're like you, know what i'm about to hold this for a decade: well, not really much of a chase if you're looking to get into it, just for like a couple days, yeah, it might be a little bit chasey then ding, ding, ding, sorry messed! That voice up the casino is closed, this time, not just for the week, but also for or not for the day, but also for the week we just kicked off the month of november. It is officially in the books, exciting stuff amc closed at 41.70.

A gain of four percent jimmy closed at 213. uh, a drop of two percent, but both are very much green. On the week, the first week of november, our favorite moon socks in the green green, green. She looking great trading just below or at 61 right now.

She making that run back lucid having a great week tesla having a great week, um ethereum, hitting a new all-time high solana hitting a new all-time high bitcoin, not a new all-time high, but definitely battling it out. Lots of money-making opportunity lots of money making opportunity. It does definitely get me particularly excited overall. I appreciate all of you.

I appreciate all of you. Thank you, so so much so. Here's the plan at some point this weekend, i'm looking to post the interview um right now we're actually just working through some of like the technical issues with it. The interview was already like it already happened, uh, but we're i'm just trying to get that out.

So as of now, the plan is for tomorrow, but obviously i'll i'll. Let you know if anything of that changes, but we were able to get an interview with the chief market policy officer at iex previously worked at the sec, exciting stuff. We just have to work through some of those issues, but um, i'm gon na be doing my best right after this to get make sure that that is gon na be posted tomorrow and then obviously sunday and i don't know - i hope, whatever your college team is Tomorrow your nfl team tomorrow, i hope you guys, i hope everyone's right. I hope all your predictions are right and then i will be back here monday, monday, monday, monday.

Uh next week will be particularly exciting uh. I believe, tuesday afternoon. I won't be here because trey and i will actually be together in new york for a town hall with charles payne, so that's tuesday, but monday. First, we have to get through monday, which is the earnings announcement so uh early next week, some exciting stuff to happen.

Uh very, very excited really for all of that stuff to play out so monday, normal market day after the market closes amc, earnings, tuesday i'll be here in the morning, then i get get up to new york and meet up with trey and charles we'll be doing A town hall there uh so the first half of next week definitely definitely exciting um but overall seriously. Thank you for all the support. Thanks for all this stuff, you guys are beyond the best and as always best of luck in the markets from both me and chair. But beyond that have a great weekend spend some time with family and friends.

I hope it's very, very enjoyable, i'll catch. You very soon have a good one. Peace.

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