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Ep 139 stocks take a cut, rivian ipo loopring rips dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Stocks Take A Cut, Rivian IPO & Loopring Rips
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 139
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This ain't financial advice just a little dd to help you think twice. We hold four each other eyes on the prize, the new floor's two hundred thousand times five and i eat crayons. Every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lilly bones, as the apes of the power must suck stop breaking the law. Asshole is give us the fucking money.

We got more smoothies than a jumbo juice, probably thought you could have made us sell all the gooder in hell. We maybe would have, but we must handle the boot of the floor. Six figures: ain't selling for less. You took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other, my sister's here, my brothers, the fighters and the lovers.

We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times fucking money, um, hello, hello, hello. I hope everyone's having a good one, i'm very, very happy to be back, as obviously my apologies not being able to do yesterday's afternoon stream. But i did have a great time hanging out with charles payne on making money. The new investor revolution was excited to be able to do that with trade trades try from trade trades.

It was a blast. It was an absolute best. If you want to see that, if you were not able to catch it, uh the our segment of it on making money uh both trey and myself, that is out on coors light. If you just want to say that it's about 15 minutes, pretty cool uh in an exciting experience, it's fun.

It's always always fun to be able to get kind of the the word out of what the apes are trying to say and um. I'm very very, very privileged to be in the position where uh i'm i i know i can't speak for everyone, but i feel like i'm able to get across some of our our main gripes with the current system. So it's always a point of privilege to be able to kind of speak up about what's going on because it obviously gets so tiring of us. You see it.

This is literally within the past. Week of things are looking crazy in the overall market i mean inflation. Is coming on in hotter than ever, and you can already see it: the the sec, the federal reserve, the u.s government they're just starting to blame us. Things are starting to look a little spooky in the overall market as it relates to inflation, and you can already see that they're, like um those retail traders, like man, they're, they're, kind of crazy gamblers, and if it wasn't just a gamification thing, maybe we wouldn't have This it's uh.

I can already see the narrative that they're trying to paint about retail people who just want to engage in the market. We're told it's a free market. We just want our shot and i could already see the way that people in power, like i said, the sec, the federal reserve and the u.s government they're already starting this narrative of like hang on. We think this is retail's problem they're, giving us a lot of volatility, um, it's their fault and you've.

Seen this now do, i think the current scenario is going to end up relating to some like d-day events such as i don't know right when the pandemic first hit right when we were in 2008, the early 2000s. No, i just think inflation's hot the market's in front of itself, and it's gon na have to take a breather, but even in that, whenever people see a five ten percent drop in the overall market, people start to panic. They like they act as if it's a huge deal, so you don't even have to fall that far for people to really freak out, and you could already see the writing on the wall that it does seem like they're prepping up to pin it on retail they're. Gon na end up blaming it on retail, when in reality it was an insane unlimited, quantitative, easing policy that pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, the entire time they bullshit us and said: oh, it's transitory! Don't worry about it at all! It's okay! To put like trillions in what's kind of crazy - and i was just reading about this a couple days ago in 2008 - with that whole debacle - they put a couple trillion.

It was, i believe, below 5 trillion. They put a couple trillion in, and that was to try to help the system to get the market to bounce back as quickly as they possibly could after the whole 2008-2009 events. Now, a couple of years later, when the market started to go up and up and up, they try to take that money back out of the system and when they did that the market went red again like it was definitely feeling the pain of them. Trying to take the money back out and it got to the point that they literally didn't know why it was doing it like they're, like hang on the market's fine.

Why can't we take this out and as all these fancy schmancy, like professional economists, were looking into the problem? They actually never solved it. Some of the money put into this system in that crazy debacle in 2008, 2009, when the housing market collapsed, they were not able to get it out. They don't know why they weren't able to get it out. Well, they could have taken it out, but the market would have just gone red again.

They didn't figure out what was going on fast forward, all the way till the pandemic. They still didn't figure it out and then this time around, without figuring it around the first time they put even more in even more in and we're going to get into him. And when i give you the morning breakdown of what's going on. But as i was just consuming these news and the newsletters and talking to some people up in new york, it's insane uh and i i hope, i'm being maybe just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I hope, maybe i'm just being a little pessimistic, but if you ask me it really looks like they're setting up the landscape as if it's retail's fault of, what's going on, which is the biggest load of bullshit ever. If you start to see this, if things, if things get hot, inflation gets too hot and the market starts to take a hit, if you ever start to see them blaming retail, like oh there's a volatility, that's why the market's going down? It's because all these people, in their sweatpants hanging out on robinhood on their couch they're the problem. This market is going south right now, if you hear that just know, it's utter bullshit that does not make any sense whatsoever and, of course, the people who are going to be doing it. The first are the people who are trying to evade any form of blame.

As long as they want to keep their job, they want to keep their paycheck, they want to keep their power and their influence they'll do anything they possibly can to sidestep any of the blame that they truly deserve. Please please keep that in mind all right, so let me just get you set up for. What's going on today, wall street looks to continue lower, so does recently dropping tesla. So right here s p 500.

On friday of last week, it hit a new all-time high of 470.. So right here this is one of my, i guess biggest reasons for saying. Okay, there's no need to call for doomsday here. We literally just hit an all-time high.

It's a completely different scenario for saying: okay, we had a crazy run, it's probably reasonable, maybe to take a little bit of a breather. Maybe if people get a little panicked, maybe we'll start filling these gaps down here, but it's just hot. We hit an all-time high. Uh, ask yourself: do you think the economy is the best economy we've ever had, obviously not so right here.

I think just the car got put in front of the horse according to the s p. 500. That's what we're looking at now. I think it's very reasonable to say: okay yeah a little bit of a breather, that's cool! That's completely cool the nasdaq 100 same thing: new all-time high on friday, just over 400 russell 2000 same scenario new all-time high, but this was actually yesterday or actually excuse me.

Uh monday same thing, though, new all-time high, three of the major indices that we pay attention to all hit a new all-time high and, like i said, i'm not here for doomsday calling i'm here for saying, hey. Let's just look at like a classic reversion technique. It went too much it's okay for the market to naturally ebb and flow, and i think part of this is going to be almost uh a forced, a forced health check and that's because some of the numbers are coming in a bit crazy right here. Consumer price index surges 6.2 percent in october considerably more than expected.

So remember this is the cpi consumer price index. Yesterday, the producer price index, the ppi came out, and that was 8.6, so both producers and consumers, the cost of everything to produce to consume high high high. Actually the producer price index was the highest it's ever been and tied for the highest reading. Ever that's ridiculous.

On top of it, the initial jobless claims came in 267 000 and the estimation was anywhere from 260 to 265.. I thought it was 260. I saw some people calling 265., so that's not the the biggest disparity there, but it's obviously coming in um. The jobless claims came in a little bit more, but people are reacting clearly that that's a big surge, 6.2 percent um and, of course, if you talk to yellen, if you talk to pal, it's transitory, don't worry about it.

It's the whole spongebob meme of just like it's transitory or the other one of the dog and everything's on fire and they're, like it's fine um, but these are the numbers. This is the hardcore data. You have to know what it means in terms of a seasonal thing, we're getting to about the halfway point uh. So this is for the s p, 500 index future dishes.

This is seasonality um. This is a chop period. We are now obviously in a chop a little bit of a downtrend by the time we get to the like, i guess, two-thirds of the way through the month, which would be what about roughly next week. There's a little bit of a decline appears as we get into thanksgiving and then from thanksgiving until the first week of december.

There's some seasonal strength. So right now, just so you know we are currently in chop city. I wouldn't say that there's an obvious uptrend downtrend, just just quite a bit of chop, based exclusively on the seasonal aspect of what's going on. Rivien's ipo pricing values, electric vehicle maker above 66 billion.

This is exciting. This ipo riven will be trading today under the ticker rivn i'll, be talking about this in more detail in just a second, but it is pretty exciting. Coinbase shares sync after crypto exchange misses on revenue, so we did speak about this yesterday. Coinbase shares tumble as q3 revenues fall well short of estimate.

So i talked about this yesterday and this was kind of the like wall street. A lot of retail. A lot of professionals were saying, hang on. We know crypto's going hot right now, but remember when you're doing an earnings announcement, it's lagging you're talking about the most recent concluded fiscal quarter and the last fiscal quarter.

Crypto is taking a bit of a breather uh. The quarter before that crypto super hot took a breather, it's hot again, so when this comes out at the start of 2022, for whatever is going on now, it's very hot right now, but just understand that it's lagging behind by a quarter and that's how we get These results, but anyway the revenue came in at 1.24 billion and the consensus was 1.61 billion uh, the q3 trading volume was 327 billion. This is just trading volume, which is down from 462 billion in q2 uh. They spoke a little bit about their nfts coinbase experts to launch nft functionality in the next couple of quarters.

Adding to the nft business has potential to become bigger than its crypto business. So this it was down honestly for my own views on crypto and where it's going and what it's doing, i think this is. I mean if you look at bitcoin about to hit a new all-time high. Probably, as i finished this wrap up this morning, btc could very well be at a new all-time high aetherium same thing about to hit a new all-time high solana, taking a little bit of a breather, but just hit an all-time high matic same thing.

It was at 220, currently trading at 185.. She still clearly taking a breather, lower highs, we're looking for this trend to be broken lrc. This one is the one that's been crushing it bloopering. This is a blockchain that in a certain way, it's going to be layer.

Two on top of ethereum seems to be one like at first. It was supposed to be crypto agnostic, but what you need to know about loopering is it's all about creating decentralized exchanges for trading and right here in august of 2021, they announced that they were getting into nft or ethereum, based nft compatibility and right here. That's why there's so many rumors about loopering, getting kind of, i guess - a partnership for lack of a better term with gamestop, because we know gamestop's coming out with an nft marketplace. So a lot of people are thinking hey.

This is one that we know they're doing decentralized exchanges, which is great for marketplaces specifically building on top of ethereum based nfts. So there's a lot of excitement right now with loop ring. I personally got in i don't i forget what it was. I think what was it like: a dollar, thirty, six, a dollar, thirty, seven, i'm in it uh i'm up over a hundred percent right now and i got into it last week, uh so very, very excited about loop ring.

But the overall thing i want to talk about is crypto's super hot right now, if you're did we just hit a new all-time high, bitcoin ding ding ding ding ding ding? We just did it live btc, new, all-time high! Congratulations to you! Crypto bulls, um right here! If i hear more and more about inflation and the us dollar becoming devalued, that just makes the argument for crypto even stronger, so we're in the scenario where, because of the policy of quantitative easing inflation is sky high, we have oil, that's going sky high, the labor Market's a little bit iffy, and then you have this thing, that's currently being pitched to us as hang on this helps you store value like similarly historically to something like gold, but this time around it has advanced technology, and now it's all over the news. Everyone loves. What's going on with crypto they're, it's exciting you're, seeing these huge explosions in different altcoins you're, seeing nice gains in the major ones such as bitcoin ethereum, money, making opportunity all right so coinbase. What i want to say about this is, i know it got hit if you're in coinbase.

I currently do not have a position, but honestly, i think i might be buying the dip. I will let you know if i come through on that um man, man, man, man, it's hard to think that this dip isn't a worthwhile one to buy all right and then finally, google loses eu antitrust battle. Court upholds 2.8 billion dollar fine. They just lost an antitrust one, so right here, what you need to know said in 2017 that google favored its own comparison shopping services and find alphabet, which is the parent company of google, 2.8 billion, what's crazy to say for google, this is actually a speeding ticket.

A 2.8 billion dollar fine, it's not the easiest, speeding ticket, but it's definitely a speeding ticket. Now i do want to talk before i go into a rant. I have a rant plan for all of you. Well, it's not really planned.

I just have um an emotional, a visceral reaction to whatever the hell our government and people are pinning about retail, but before i get into that, i do want to talk to you specifically about ribbing r-i-v-i-a-n. This company is ipowing today on the nasdaq. It will be trading under the ticker r, i v n, so here's the skinny here's what you need to know. This is an ev company.

They have the r1t, which is the truck. They have the r1s, which is an suv, as you can see. They're pricing in at 67 000 they're pricing it at 70 000.. On top of that, they also have the like kind of those delivery vans that something like amazon would actually use and that that makes sense, because amazon is a 22 owner of this company and they've.

Already put in an order for a hundred thousand of these delivery vehicles that will be fulfilled by 2030.. On top of that, you have ford, that is an equity owner of rivine. It owns about 12. So to give you some of the numbers, this stuff is nuts.

It's coming in anywhere from like uh, i'm reading anywhere from a 66 to a 77 billion evaluation trying to raise 10 billion, but the rumors have it that they've already raised 11.9 billion in this ipo as it goes, live today. Uh. The expectation is that it opens up, probably between 78 and 90. I would in no way be surprised if it comes in even higher by the time it starts trading on the public market.

There's a lot of excitement in this one. It is going to be the biggest ipo of the year, most likely the biggest ipo all the way back to facebook in 2012 and potentially the seventh biggest ipo in u.s market history. This is a big deal. It's a juggernaut, we're talking about somewhere, 60 70 billion dollars.

This is gigantic amazon, huge ownership's sake. It stands to make 12 to 13 billion dollars from this ownership. Today, you're talking about ford with a 12 ownership stake standing to make in the realm of. I don't know like it's about 7 to 8 billion.

I believe, basically, a lot of companies making a lot of money. This is a us-based ev company uh, their headquarters are in illinois and it's kind of just getting started. They have delivered some vehicles already this year to essentially employees and fancy bigwigs involved with the company, but really they're in that process. They're kind of a pre-revenue company they're just getting ramped up right now, like i said they're in the u.s they're in illinois, with it they their plant is expected to be able to handle the capacity of about 150 000 vehicles by the end of 2023.

So about a year from now, they're, hopefully making about 10 000 of these r1ts um kind of at the start of 2023 and as we go into 2023. So i just want to give you a picture of where they're at this last fiscal quarter. They made about a million dollars and that's the expectation for next quarter, but in the first six months of the year the company did lose about 1.2 1.3 billion dollars and in this upcoming quarter, they're expected to lose another 1 billion plus dollars. So right now, i'm just trying to give everyone a better mindset of where this company is it's a pre ipo or a pre-revenue and pre-ipo for a couple more hours.

But it's getting going today. It's a very new one. The company started in 2009, very, very smart dude from mit. I believe he has a doctor.

He wanted to make a evs, but he wanted to make sports ones. He feared that he could not compete with elon musk, so we pivoted into the adventure side uh their company. It seems like kind of the core pillars are all about adventure um. These are meant they're, not just like i mean that's the vibe of the company.

I particularly think that's cool. It seems like they're targeting outdoorsy people, hikers climbers, surfers bikers that type of a deal, that's kind of the market that they're going after um. For me, i'm not planning on getting in it today. I think there's going to be a little bit too much excitement, i think we're going to go up and then maybe there's going to be a big like a breather in it potentially.

But i i'm extremely bullish on the eevee sector and with this one, i'm highly supportive of us-based ev companies. So, for me this one, i don't think is going to be any different, but i think today a lot of people are about to make a lot of money. This is ipowing. Today it's going to start trading on the nasdaq.

It comes under the ticker rivn rivian. Us-Based eevee company targeting the adventure market of what's going on tied up with amazon tied up with ford uh, most likely about to make 70 plus billion dollars uh in terms of valuation, which literally puts it right below like the likes of ford ngm uh. This is going to be a goliath. Ipo uh very excited to see how this one particularly plays out today.

In fact, let me know in a comment below: are you excited for riving? Are you going to get involved? Are you bullish? Are you bearish? Did you not even know about it, or are you hoping to make quite a bit of money? Let me know in a comment all right, so that's what's going on with rivian and as i'm waiting for all those comments to come in uh. So i think i got a little bit of ahead of myself on this rant um of the government and how i feel, like they're, gon na end up blaming retail for whatever's about to come with the fallout from inflation. And i find it to be particularly insidious. Particularly insidious because it's just they're not taking ownership and then all of a sudden, you see bullshit articles like this one.

This comes from msnbc, so at first this was the title and thank you, the nancy pelosi portfolio tracker. This was the original title, like this came out from msnbc. Why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing, talk about complete and utter bullshit. What the media still gets wrong about inflation.

You know what media is getting wrong about inflation. It's you msnbc! This is one of the worst opinion pieces you could have ever read and they actually ended up deleting this tweet. Thank you once again to this account for bringing it back up, but they even retitled it. How covey became the unlikely hero of our inflation crisis like what this seriously with with titles like this and with reasoning like this james you're, a dumbass whoever this james guy is uh? Msnbc opinion commas.

This is stupid. This is utterly stupid. You could take the most intro high school college level, economics, class and you'll know that this person, james literally, was not even at that level. This is the media once again attempting to distort the public's views on thing, and i it's.

This is mind-numbingly dumb to possibly put like. I thought this was from the onion literally. I thought this was a joke. That's how i guess.

That's my how low my opinion of the quality of this type of writing and reasoning is. This is absolutely insane. Unfortunately, it's literally posted by an msnbc rather than something like the onion, but they switched it. They know it's dumb.

They try to retitle it, but of course the internet's not going to let them forget it's just absurdly frustrating, because this is what i was alluding to before we're getting these reports about the market. Inflation high we're already seeing the gap down based on that news, and then we have these ding dongs telling us that it's a good thing. What like it's just like. I can't even begin to wrap my head around where these people are going with it and it like.

I get to the point that i'm like, i think, i'm a little bit uh more realistic about my position. Life i'm like okay, i'm 27 years old i've been involved with the market. For about a decade i got started trading in high school. I was in the position where my parents were in the market.

My grandparents were in the market, so i was just around it. Like i knew they talked about stock, so i've been involved in in actually over a decade right now, it's i was probably 15 when i made my first trade and some weird crappy penny stock. That lost me a bunch of money, but i i find it weird because you're at that point, you're, like okay. Am i right about something or do i just not know what i don't know? I fully admit it.

I have many things to still learn about the economy: politics, the market in general, but then i read these things. I'm like okay, are these people just full of shit or is it me who just doesn't know enough, and maybe it's reasonable to put an article out there like the inflation's good? No, we want this like, but it's just and that's the frustrating part is because, as this my career here, yelling at a camera in my basement continues, i start to get more and more confident because i consume this stuff all day. I'm reading i'm talking to the right people, i'm bouncing it back, i'm finding different academic articles, i'm looking at historically how things have played out. So, as every day passes, i get more and more confident and then i come into bombastic statements such as that one and i'm just like man is this something that i just don't understand yet or is it just media? That's like i i don't even know.

Are they standing up for their their own, weird warped interests somehow and they're like trying to protect gao, uh, yellen and powell, or like it's one of those things that you don't want to accept, that media is lying to us that much and then you start to Think about it and you're like okay. How tight is my tinfoil hat like what's going on here? Like am i missing something or like, and that's a weird thing? It's like. I almost start to feel like a looney tunes character where i'm just like no way would they just lie to our face like that. But it's weird because walks like a duck quacks like a duck, probably a duck and i'm just sitting there, i'm like okay either.

I'm missing something or media's full of shit now i know a lot of you thinking right now or watching or listening or whatever right now, you're sitting there and you're like no matt, like that's, that's, obviously what's happening, but like think about how scary of a statement That truly is to be like wow, like you just cannot trust media like that's insane. That's like an unsettling thing to one thing to know it and like we're all like on that same page, like yeah. Of course, you can't trust them like they're sponsorships, blah blah blah. The list goes on and on and on, but you have to understand it's a completely different thing to like truly internalize that of people.

These multi-billion dollar media conglomerates can put out the dumbest articles. They can sway the opinions, financial opinions and decisions, uh, political opinions and decisions. The list goes on and on and i'm not attacking one side, i think they're all full of shit across the board. It's weird it's almost to a certain sense emotionally staggering.

When you're like wow, like did someone just tell the truth, it almost takes us all by surprise and we all have to take a step back and be like wait. Wait did. Did someone on media just like actually like tell the truth to the public and not put their own agenda in front of us um like i said it's, it's unsettling to truly internalize that, and i know i'm not like bringing up something new. I fully get that.

I i know a lot of you watching matt, that's how media goes. That's like that's! That's why people trust podcasters like huge podcasters such as um, i don't even know like joe rogan russell brand, there's these massive podcasters that literally have more trust in them. Like singular person entities rather than entire media organizations, and that's exactly why is because mainstream media has lost their trust, and i i just don't even know how they like build that back um. It's it's unsettling to understand all right.

So anyway, here's where the market's at we'll figure out what's going on, we don't need media to tell us we. We can look at the data, we can break it down right here. It looks a little soft. It looks a little bit bearish.

It looks like we ran so much that we are now taking a breather, especially on top of the fact that the initial jobless games came in higher than expected. Inflation came in higher than expected. Just the macro. Economic influences right now are a little bit bearish.

On top of the fact that the technicals are most likely just a little bit too hot, the macd has been green for quite a while. If you look at the rsi, it's sky high, it's just we're at a natural reversion point to be explicitly clear. I'm not calling for dd. I don't want that.

I don't think it's going to happen. I'm saying hey: let's look at a reasonable technical pullback. The reason i'm speaking so much about the overall market right now is because i don't know, what's going to happen with individual equities, i know tesla's been going nuts lately uh, it looks like lucid's a little i mean ev might be a bit red today, just because Of the new competitor with rivian, but anyway, if we see equities going red like they did yesterday potentially today, please understand that this is a market-wide thing, not an individual, and i think, with this community i obviously know i built up a lot of my audience with Amc and gme, but please understand, amc and jimmy, are not the only equities out there a lot of the times a lot of the times. If you see three, four five major indices go red, there's a good chance, just random equities that you have um.

Please understand. There's more stocks, there's more companies being actively traded out there beyond amc beyond gme, and sometimes when you're just running into these serious headwinds, you just have the whole. The whole gambit is just red um. So that's something it's good for us to check.

What's going on in the overall market, it's that concept of headwinds, tailwinds uh right now, it seems, like many equities, are running into considerable headwinds uh. Just because you're awesome love the interview on making money. You and trey are placing the corrupt market in amc front and center. Shout out phil kicked ass last night uh.

Can you explain loopering please, thanks for all you do yeah, so i i can make an individual video on loop ring if there's enough interest in it. Uh, i'm more than happy to make standalone videos if, if you guys, would find value in it but loopering, it's a blockchain mainly attached like it's going to be associated with ethereum, most um, but it's for decentralized exchanges in like exchanges such as marketplaces for people trading And most recently, they announced a step into nfts like ethereum-based nfts and there's a lot of rumors that gamestop's efforts to create an nft marketplace will be supported by loopring. All right, let me drop to the one minute one minute, one minute: tesler all right, rivian, uh ipos, don't necessarily happen at 9 30 in the morning. So that's why i have riv and up as soon as it starts treading we'll pull the chart up.

Ding ding ding, the casino is now open all right. Let's get rockin rock and rock and rocking all right spy. Where you going there, we go all right, so the market is in your lower right right here, game stop top right, amc top left and tesla bottom left just for the opening. Let's see how crazy things are.

Gon na get! Imagine if, while you're sitting there in the interview, see paid and told you that amc stuck is currently trading at 300, that'd be hilarious. I thought what was fun about that was uh. Yesterday, charles payne officially announced that he's invested into amc and gme uh. I thought that was exciting, jay kiss.

What's going on you sexy, duck, put this tip towards getting uh a charles payne red suit. His shoes were on point two play on player: shout out miles away um. We actually talked to him after the interview about his suit and he was just telling us about his tailor and stuff, but it was a very slick looking suit. I liked it killing it on loopering, thanks for the tip max more attendees to add to amc shout out cam, i'm freaking out.

I bought lrc two days ago, i'm up something like 140 percent, i'm afraid and don't know what to do. I put all my loose crypto in it uh. If you don't know what to do and you're like not feeling comfortable and you're up, you might as well lock in your gains at that point like if you're sitting there and you feel like confused and uneasy and you're somehow in a profit. That's a good emotional sign that you should probably just lock it in like if you don't know, what's going on, um, hey and you're, somehow just made money, that's a good sign to be like all right, like let's uh.

Let's take these attendees knucklehead great job with charles keep it up hey. I appreciate that. That's very kind, uh kplt print money, never stop all right yeah. We could look at kplt, kplt um.

I think a lot of people are asking this they're like hey. Can you check or text with it it almost on the pretense that you are looking for a um like it's very much overstated? How often short squeezes happen? I think amc and gme brought a lot of people into this world and i think that's absolutely fantastic, but i do want to make it very, very clear that i personally don't think going around hunting for a short squeeze play is a good trading methodology just by The fact that they don't really like happen that often um, so i just want to be clear about that of like i i feel like i get these questions quite a bit, and i i i personally don't think putting your money in everything that you think is Going to squeeze that's just not how i engage in the market. All sides of the government is corrupt. You'll, never meet a politician who doesn't leave office a millionaire, it's truly disheartening.

I agree with that more toxic bulls. What's going on, mason marcus uh seen you last night with charles, but let's address the elf women in the room. It appears you actually have legs. Why are you hiding those? Yes, i i do have legs and people were also really talking about my shoes.

Folks, i just wear, i feel, like i have normal shoes. I have a size. 10 shoe. I don't know it was just dress shoes.

Is it it's just me being a fashion icon, you mean the socket, isn't just amc and jimmy fun. Can i check out fuel cell yes, we'll put that on the list. I feel like the eevee sector is going to be kind of interesting today, just with rivian busting in the door. If riverine runs, would you look to buy a short buy puts uh? I don't even think they're gon na have an options market on day one i i doubt that will be built out today is bitcoin tied to a currency.

How is it valued if the us dollar were to be cut in half? For some reason, does that mean that bitcoin would double uh, no like the way the u.s currency, it's based on nothing, it's a fiat currency bitcoin is based on bitcoin usd is based on usd usd used to be tied to gold um, and it was backed by Gold, but then i believe, um in 1970, it was either 1970 or 1973 that richard nixon took us off. The the gold standard um so bitcoin is bitcoin, is bitcoin usd is usd like it's just it's another currency. The way we have uh like the japanese, yen or the german franc, we also have a digital currency known as bitcoin all right, i think, i'm finally up to date, hey that was a quick one to get up to date. Okay, amc currently trading at 3840, gme uh just below 200, very much hope it holds on to 200.

uh tesla bouncing off 987. did tesla get that gap fill. We know that tesla right here. Okay, it got this gap fell.

Obviously, yesterday there is an additional gap bill at 910. Just so everyone is aware swiss frank. Why did i think it was? The german frank? Am i just thinking of this yeah? Now i someone's like? Am i thinking of um? I don't know why i misspoke there. My apologies, sorry to all my german viewers.

I did not mean to misstate your currency, it's just the euro, isn't it was. I just thinking of like a a frank like a hot dog. Is that how my brain is wired to literally just thinking about food, frankfurt, something something got attached to my brain, to call it a frank, i don't know what it was whatever it was all right. Let's see how we're gon na do this thing today, all right.

What do i need to do? Who tesla tesla, tesla, tesla, tesla, tesla, tesler, fighting back all right um, my those amc lotto calls for this friday, based on the earnings, obviously very happy. I took a small small position on that because they are not looking they're going to expire worthless. Ah man, that's what you get for doing. Lotto calls.

It happens. It happens. You can't win, you can't win them all all right! Amc! 3830! Let's see if you can hold there, tesla actually bouncing back nicely rivien. I don't know the exact time that that thing's going to start trading but the spy.

Let's see what this thing is actually going to do, let's see what this thing is going to do. Did my money ever i'm still trying to do that manual transfer from weeble to public, just because the automatic one has now failed twice on me, which is obviously frustrating did my money hit? I believe so i believe so uh. No. I want to switch over to amc man these transfers - i don't know if other people, i think most people are having easier times transferring than i personally am, but this transfer process it's it's so frustrating so incredibly, frustrating uh, amc, manipulation will subside soon and then this Is not amc manipulation? This is the mark, like i feel, like you missed my whole discussion of what the hell is going on right now, the market is um.

The whole market is being crazy right now. This is not like an individual equity manipulation. The market's like we're not liking this inflation news, uh, yes, loot, brings silicon, i'm surprised with tesla right now, tesla bouncing off of 988-1027, all right, let's get this manual transfer set up. Finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, did this work, i think it did.

We are good, at least with amc. I still have to transfer to gamestop still have to transfer my game stop. What else do we have? How much of the float do we own now uh, that's unknown, um. I i do find it a little bit interesting that a lot of people are still using that 80 number when that was from early june um.

I i don't that one confuses me a little bit. It really does because i just i don't know it doesn't really make sense to me um it's i mean we're talking we're almost in mid-november like. Why are we still using data points from from early june? Matt just said, the five dollar drop was the market. Was the market what yeah the spy is down point three percent: the queues are down point: seven percent iwms down point one percent: uh amc gme, currently down three percent, somehow tesla's green on the day, but look at every al.

Most equities are red right now and then crypto is green. Crypto is very much green, but look at that pop on amc talk about a time to get a transfer done. That was nice. That was real nice that worked out swimmingly.

Well, that look worked out real. Well, all right and then let's get this game stop. Finally, finally, finally, finally, i could get these transfers done and now uh just so you know if it comes to public hang on. Of course, i know gamestop is risky.

They could tell me whatever they want to tell me: doesn't matter still buying it, let's make sure that this goes through. Also, if you are on public, make sure if you don't want your shares loaned out make sure you have share loaning turned off uh. You could do that through kind of like their automated bot, like chat system all right, so i believe - and i'm pretty sure so if you go to public, which it's pinned to the top of chat right now, i think you can actually see my like my portfolio At least my equities portfolio as it exists on public, so if you guys go to public.com like if you're on public - and you search my name, the picture is me as: like the the duck emoji thing: um my duck character. Uh, you should be able to see what i'm in it should say: amc jamie, prague, draftkings amd microsoft, tesla amazon, apple, disney, shopify and spy, but i just have a little bit more transferring to do um.

So i transferred my, i think. It's my full amc position and it looks like half my jamie position got transferred over to um to public is loop ring available for purchase on weeble uh. No, and i do not really recommend anyone buy crypto on something. That's not a true crypto wallet.

I don't think it's good to be buying crypto on something like robin hood, weeble, um, probably even actually public, just because those things don't function as a legitimate crypto wallet um. When it comes to something like loopering. I think the easiest thing is coinbase um. I use gemini for various other reasons.

I don't know if gemini has loopering and i don't think that voyager does loop ring loop ring. No, it has litecoin which litecoin is having a good day but um. I use coinbase, gemini and voyager. I like voyageur's, ui ux.

The best but um all of them i use for different reasons. It comes down to interest rate, certain ones have different coins. Other ones have different tokens that i want, but right now it's very easy to get loopering on coinbase um and i actually don't know where else i would even get loopring. Maybe crypto.com has it, but i don't have a crypto.com account um, so that that's where i would personally be checking that out: cool beans, cool beans, all right, tesla, apparently having a pretty solid day, uh kucoin kraken - i don't know where else like i just know.

I got my loop ring um on coinbase like so i'm 100 positive that it is there 100 positive and blueprints been absolutely crushing it lately, absolutely crushing it amc, maybe making that move back to 40. uh, the united states court of appeals in the dc circuit sounds Like we are still actively waiting um to hear about any of the information related to the citadel iex sec that case of whatever's going on there, i guess a lot of people just looking at this as a nice dip buy folks, that's pretty solid, very solid. All right, amc, 3950 amc, uh, one percent less than one percent away from going green tesla having a nice nice bounce, a lot of people buying this dip, we're all just kind of waiting a little bit for rivian to get going here, but thus far um like I said people just buying the dip, not a bad deal whatsoever. What else do we have? Prague is at three dollars and 40 cents, tesla 43 or sorry, lucid 43, tesla, 1052 gme, recaptured 200 amc, 40 cents away from 40.

uh, nice, nice, nice, very nice. All right amc still making that move, tesla's still making that move awesome like to see it good job yesterday was it weird to finally meet trey and person? No, not really i mean i, i just speak with him uh like so much that it didn't really feel like the first time i was meeting him uh bbig is 100 utilization. Short interest. 35 cost borrower of 100.

What's your take on the data about what about an entry things um, i wouldn't enter it unless those are all nice prerequisites for the potential of this squeeze, but that doesn't mean it's going to squeeze um. You would also want to see buying you'd want to see buying pressure. You'd want to see demand um, remember just because something has a high short interest: a high utilization, a high cost to borrow that in no way that in zero percent of the way guarantees the squeeze. It means that it's like the potential is there, but the.

I think people really focus on those data points and they don't realize that you also need buying. You need demand. You need that upward pressure. Is it too late to get into loopering? In my opinion, uh? I mean i'm, i always thinks it's beneficial to buy things on a dip.

I i think a lot of people get excited when they see something moving and they just want to chase it. But i mean that's exactly why i got in here when it was starting to bend rack around yeah. It could keep going. I there's a ton of momentum behind it, which is awesome but like what, if i don't know like you're asking me if i know the future of, if it's just gon na keep moving from here.

Well at some point, do i think this takes a dip? Could it happen here? Could it happen at ten dollars? I i don't know um. This is why you always use your technicals. What are you going to risk if you were to get in at 3.72 cents right now? What point on loop ring? Do you actually risk like i i just i don't know if you're using the daily the minute, the hourly, i don't know your time frame. I don't know your risk tolerance, i'm a fan of bloopering.

I like what it does. I, in terms of the problem they're trying to solve, i think they have an impressive team uh, but should you get in now folks, not not a financial advisor you have to it's. Just. Are you, okay, with the current price? Are you okay, with the current risk? I can let you know what i did uh, but i can't tell anyone else what to do.

I got in, i announced it. It was public uh like somewhere in the 130s, like i think, like 136, and i made that very public. I think a lot of people i get this question. So much of people always asking me like can like your you shouldn't chase like i i don't think chasing, is a good methodology and it's a psychology thing and people see something running and they're like.

Should i buy it too, even though it's run so much you? Don't want to be the person who's late to the party uh. You want to be in before that big move and i, i think a lot of people. I don't know if you have alerts set up and these huge gains and you're like. Oh, it's up.

20. I should buy it now, but when you are chasing like that, you're increasing the risk of you being a bag holder and you do not want to be a bag holder. So if we do have crypto on weeble, is it stuck on weeble any recommendations? Well, you never actually have crypto on weeble, they give you like the spot price and then pay you off the difference or you pay them off the difference when you're done. Basically, you cannot transfer out of weibull.

You would have to sell whatever the spot prices and then take that money and buy it on a legitimate crypto, like exchange broker, where they have an actual wallet according to zach's, prog will be eps, but i also believe shorts have shares set aside, so they likely Do our favorite stocks, hoping for additional news, released retail messes, aren't the only one disappointing gary casler's lip service, prague thoughts on chart or text thoughts on chart, or i mean i could pull up the prague numbers for you. If that's what you're asking so, this is one where i think it's a little bit more um kind of enticing of. What's going on nasdaq, prague uh. The short interest estimation is 34.4 percent cost to borrow 109 utilization 98.5 shares on loan 35.6 million uh prague.

The technical chart hasn't like the technicals of the chart, has not been doing much it's hanging out at three dollars and fifty cents right now. It's at 340.. That's where it's been um, it's just really not moving much right now, so it's burning people's premium. If you have calls or puts, or whatever it is, if you're engaging in options, it's burdening your premium, but in terms of stock you're, just kind of waiting, you're, just waiting waiting, waiting, patience, house, cache, apps crypto wallet, i don't think cash have - has crypto wallet um When it comes to crypto voyager coinbase gemini, that's what i use.

They all function as wallets uh, the voyager, it's all in the description of the video but voyager gemini, coinbase um, depending most likely, wherever you are, whether you're in the us, whether you're international one of those three should work for you and a lot of people. If you're in the u.s, all three are going to work for you, depending on where you are, but most people uh. What's my opinion on on nakd uh nakd, so i got a lot of heat for this yesterday and i told people i don't think it's a good buy and people get mad, but i don't know it was my thoughts and on this particular one. I was right, but when things gap up and then go red, that's not a good scenario.

This is a crappy company um. I i guess there was like a merger either rumor or announcement um. The merger didn't make much sense. The only thing this had reason this had life was because everything with a high short interest was being bought up in early january, and since then i don't know i mean i listened to the stream.

Yesterday i was warning people about nakd people got mad at me. They're like well, we think it's the next best thing, and i wish you luck. It just wasn't my opinion and i'm obviously happy. I did not purchase it uh.

Are you gon na buy rivian? Why or why not? No because i think with ipos, there's too much excitement and they just trade at a high premium at first and like you need to let things settle down. Just i mean this one. It's getting a lot of press riven's coming in and i i think it's going to be a good company. I think it's going to be a successful company, but i wouldn't be surprised if we see riven trading above like a hundred dollars today.

It's just gon na be there's gon na, be so much excitement related to it that i don't think it'll be able to sustain that excitement like a couple weeks down the road. What's trey's mustache like in real life, that's funny sava, savasavasava. Sava's short interest is just below estimation: 25 percent cost to borrow 4.5 percent utilization 94 shares on loan 12.42 million sava. Once again, i i don't think it's a um like a short squeeze play.

I think it's that gap filled because it came out that they did not fabricate data, so i don't see why it wouldn't trade at a value that it was trading at right before those allegations came out uh. What's your opinion on buying pre-market scanners and other market software um, i don't it, i guess depends on the type of trader you are, i know some people who use it and they use it well and it helps them make a lot of money, but i don't Think it would be a benefit to most people, so it once again when it comes to these tools and what's going on it's up to a trader, you have some people who are trading on darkpool information. You have some people who are trading on options flow. You have some people who are trading on the biggest winners and losers of the day.

It comes down to the person um most people, i don't think - need pre-market scanners uh, but maybe you're one of those people who like could use it well. But when it comes to pre-market scanners, you're very much chasing news, then, because the reason it's there on a pre-market scanner is because it's either up or down quite a bit. And so to me it already sounds like you're a little bit late to the party uh. If you're more of a day trader, maybe that would be good but like a pre-market scanner for someone who's like a medium to long-term, either investor or swing trader.

That isn't going to be the biggest benefit to you. In my opinion, i super chatted on friday to jack you up about lrc and you bought right after i'm hyped for our gains: matt 5k lrc at 84 cents holding strong 84 cents, so you've turned that 5k into like 20 plus k. That's crazy! That's amazing! Seriously! That's huge, that's a great trade that is an excellent trade cash app. You can own crypto, but only btc popcorn stock has earnings coming and other um morning.

Every monkey love you all. Popcorn stock has earnings. Coming and good morning. Everyone wait kinky kong.

What are you referring to there? A amc, oh the the the the company that makes the popcorn for amc, has their earnings coming: gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, very cool uh, b, kkt or tex uh, yes, but i i'm gon na tell i don't think enough. People are speaking about this company in terms of a squeeze like with these squeezes right now, it seems like social sentiment is an important aspect of it and people like bkkt, but i think honestly, it's upswing recently has been because of it's in the crypto world and Crypto's doing really well now, with all that being said, it does have a high short interest. It's over its estimation is over 33 utilization 99.97 shares on loan 8.63. So it has a lot of the prerequisites that it needs to potentially squeeze, but i just don't know if there's enough people, particularly tracking bkkt, but with that being said, i still like it, but i think i actually like it more so from a fundamental standpoint.

I, like the sector, it's in. I like what the business does. I, like its recent partnerships, um it's kind of almost similar to prague, i'm in prague because i like prague, i think it's undervalued if it squeezes. That's awesome.

Maybe that's your mindset on bkkt, but i do want to reiterate going around and hunting for squeezes. I do not think is a good methodology happy birthday match. How do you find your swing trades and what makes you pull the trigger um my swing trades i like to follow a particular batch of stocks, like maybe 15 companies that i really care about. Like so tesla apple microsoft, nvidia amd uh, amazon, um there's, i don't know, there's about 15 20 companies that i pay attention to more so closely and i get to know those companies.

I listen to the earnings announcement. I read all the news about them and then i just wait for those. I i let the opportunities come to me. I don't go around and just chase like the runners of the day.

Um, the market is a system where you get paid for having expertise in specific things, rather than a breath of knowledge in many things. So if you're always just going around hunting for things of like a crazy action. Well, that's more of a day trading thing and i'm not a day trader uh. So! But if that's you that's great.

Okay, like find your style, find what works. But what works for me is intimately knowing a handful of stocks and watching what those socks do and just waiting for the opportunities and the longer you pay attention to it. The more you realize when, like opportunities, are like kind of staring you in the face, so i've vids from al murray, uk comic tommy, chong, uh genius, lanny pofo, ufc champ forest griffin, jim norton, as chipper gilbert got freed, fit i've vids. So i have vids.

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