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We're going to the moon screw kenny cause we're holding on forty life. Getting damn tender so soon, don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon going to wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, swimming pool, champagne, oh you got a mansion too. Oh that's! Right held on tight jack titties every night, we was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten henches couldn't come for him.

Ace was strong until the end. Now, let's retell it shit to tell they'd be sweating had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling until we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw. You kenny. I want my wife, a minivan to share with the boyfriend, but i pull up in the benz played saying olive cranes going on an airplane.

Don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday screw kenny cause we're holding on for delight, getting damn teddy so soon or breaking today's expectation, probably more manipulation. F.U.D, a creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we let go what the hell you take us for. If you spend your last dollar on bananas, while living in squalor, we don't claim to be scholars.

We the smooth brain dummies and we never stood taller yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor. A follower of 11 ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust m-o-a-s-s.

Oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out john rocket man. This is the way gon na. Be girliana's ground control, the major time we bout to have liftoff call us neil h, strong gon na keep don't be mistaken.

The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them we're going to the mine. What is going on moon gang moon gang first and foremost, shout out to all the veterans? I know it's veterans day here in the u.s remembrance stay in canada. Um shout out seriously seriously from the bottom of my heart and i hope i can speak for the moon gang. When saying this, we truly appreciate your service uh, even shout out, obviously to active military members.

I mean, i think, sometimes we get so caught up so caught up in what we're doing in our day-to-day lives and sometimes uh. You realize you have to have a little bit more of an appreciation for how we possibly got to this point, and sometimes the problems within an individual life in the realm of what's going on in the world, can can be pretty small. So i know in our own lives: sometimes we all get caught up. I think we're all guilty of this, of like making mountains out of mo hills, and sometimes it's refreshing to take that step.

Back and uh kind of uh give a little appreciation for the the freedoms and just like the world and the society and the culture that actually surrounds us, because trust me it could be exponentially worse. So, thank you veteran shout out to the active military members and i believe, i'm being told uh. I think it's around 11 a.m et that you kind of do like a moment of silence a minute of silence so as we're signing off today for this morning stream. I hope everyone can stick around and join me with that, just to show a little bit more of an appreciation, but other than that.

Let's talk about. What's going on in the stonk market, the stonk market modern says: covet vaccine has fewer breakthrough cases than pfizer, but higher myocarditis rates. Don't know what that means, but it sounds fancy. I guess some someone who knows a little bit more about science is going to have to tell me what that means.

But anyway, in terms of the overall market wall street looks higher one day after inflation driven selling. So, yes, yesterday, the cpi consumer price index came out and it was hot. It was one hot tamale coming in at 6.2 percent, the highest. It's been in 30, 31 years.

The day before that we had the producer price index tied for the highest ever inflation inflation - inflation, like i said it - is one hot tamale as hot as that hot chip i had to eat. What was that last week, it's already out of my memory. I don't want to think about that. That was that was a tough go.

Let's talk about what's going on from a technical perspective, so on november 5th the s p 500 500 of the biggest companies in the us. I think this is the best barometer for what's the overall market doing if you listen to mainstream media they're, going to talk about like the dow, but that's only 30 of the companies, i want to see a bigger swath. I want to see the top 500. That's exactly what the spy is, and if you want to go even bigger, you can check out the russell 3000, which is different than the russell 2000, just to get that out there.

But anyway, i think the s p 500 is kind of the best barometer for what's really going on. We hit this all-time high and we're taking a breather right now now pre-market we're showing a little bit of enthusiasm. People got up early today they got up before their alarm they're starting to drink coffee, um you're, going to see this. The sheba army was definitely up early today, but anyway, a little bit of enthusiasm, and i think this is for a couple reasons, but remember it's still an inside day.

I want to see what happens first. Are we going to get above 467 and go back to 470, or is this just it's still the inside day are we going to end up breaking down below 462 and then finding support around? I don't know roughly 459, that's what i'm watching awkwardly in between seasonally. This is chop right now. It's seasonally where we're at today, roughly mid-november, not clearly up not clearly down.

This is chop city. So, for me, wait wait, wait, wait. Patience is the name of the game. Definitely, today we need to see where the trends are going.

I am not going into the bell opening in about 25 minutes being absurdly bullish or bearish, i'm gon na be patient. I'm gon na sit there and i'm gon na see how things play out. Things are not much different in the tech, heavy nasdaq. 100 same thing.

We recently hit an all-time high. We have some support, but it's looking a little bit stronger pre-market. Yesterday, things were just people were worried about inflation, russell 2000, remember: 2000: small cap stocks, exact same scenario: uh this one actually hit its high on monday instead of friday, but same thing, taking a little bit of breather off of that and right now, it's that inside Day so overall, i want to get everyone's mindset that the bias for the bell ringing today until we see a trend, is literally nothing. We are saying we are sitting around.

We are waiting, patience, patience, patience, um just so you know oil's still high. It's around 82 ish um in terms of the inflation rate, because i know i've been keeping everyone kind of attuned to what's going on there. We have some interesting numbers now as like: it's always a monthly, but now that we're getting into november, we have a better idea of what actually did or didn't play out in october. So i just wanted to give you a couple.

Factoids here fuel oil, increased 12.3 percent in october, which was almost a 60 percent increase relative to the last year: meat, poultry, fish, eggs all up 1.7 in october. That's almost a 12 gain in the last year, but on a positive note, very positive note: alcohol's down the price of alcohol did drop in october, so hey silver lining. You know you guys know how it is all right. Let's move on disney missed numbers across the board.

Streaming growth slowed so disney. Dis uh had an adjusted earnings of 37 cents per share on a revenue of 18.5 billion. Both measures were short of the street expectations. They were looking for 125.4 million uh total disney plus subscribers.

They came in at 118 and they only added 2.1 million in the most recent fiscal quarter. I thought this was interesting. First of all, i know a lot of people pay attention to disney, but i just thought it was interesting that streaming growth slowed. I this is a complete theory and i guess we'd have to dive a bit more into the data.

But i'm almost wondering if people are like hey the world's open and i like to see the marvel movies on the big screen like what's the point of having disney plus just uh, interesting headwind. That streaming itself is running into because we're told time and time again, especially as it relates to amc that like streaming, is the death of movie theaters, like everyone's going to sign up for streaming no one's going to the theaters anymore. So it's kind of interesting that uh streaming itself is slowing down just want to throw that out. There elon musk, sells around 5 billion of tesla stock shares pop eli muscle nearly 5 billion in tesla stock.

So this is kind of crazy um. We we know elon's been he's been elon lately he he's his final form. Elon, maybe not final form. Man.

Imagine that imagine if this is not final form elon. Imagine if this is like. We still have a couple forms to go, but anyway, yes, so on friday, before the tweets of the weekend went out when he asked his twitter poll. If he should sell or not.

We know that his brother kimball musk was selling and then look at this uh. Various sales throughout the week monday, tuesday wednesday interesting reports coming in, we even have some options exercising right here. Here's the real details, you need to know. Elon musk sells around 5 billion of tesla stock.

His trust sold more than 3.5 million shares worth 3.88 billion. In a flurry of trades carried out tuesday and wednesday, and on top of that, he also stole stuff on monday. That's how we get up to the 5 billion earlier wednesday evening filings showed musk is selling a block of tesla shares via plan that he set into motion on september 14th this year. So i just wanted to bring this up, because this block is not in totality.

The i think, 160 ish million shares that he ended up selling like it was quite a few, but between monday and wednesday he sold five billion dollars worth. I think it was around 160-ish million shares and it's it's becoming pretty obvious that it really didn't have much to do with the twitter poll. Uh. He needed money to pay off.

The cap gains that he got from exercising some of these options, so he had to sell some stock to have some money to pay off the options. That's the story, i mean it's. I get that he tried to go with this twitter poll thing of like. Oh, like should billionaires pay like.

Do you want me to sell the pay? I think he knew people were going to vote yes, so he didn't it was. It was a good cover, but i think this the plan was set in motion in september uh i mean so. This was clearly a planned thing. Um and people seem to not really care much anymore.

I mean tesla pre-market. Yesterday we closed at 168.. We opened up at 1 100.. Obviously just my luck beings i currently have puts on tesla so yeah.

No, it makes sense, will tesla go higher as long as i have my puts. Obviously, tesla will continue higher. So that's your rundown on what in the world is going on in the world of elon moving on rivian pre-market gains give evie maker bigger market cap than gm. Now this is crazy.

Rivian uh in eevee play started in 2009, just ipo. Yesterday, one of the biggest ipos ever is having a really nice like i mean it's up: 8.6 right now in pre-market rivn um in the world of ev adventure vehicles so think suvs think trucks they're even doing last mile delivery, they're partnering up with amazon, as in Amazon has a 22 ownership stake. Ford has a 22 ownership stake, um right now, the valuation, the market cap of rivn, if this holds, is pushing 90 billion bigger than ford, which right now has a market cap of 77 billion, and then gm has a market cap of 86.. So if rivn, if rivien, were to open right now, it would be worth more than both of them um interesting.

If there's a lot of enthusiasm, that's what we're seeing with ipos, especially with big blockbuster ones like this, you see a lot of this enthusiasm and we kind of saw this with coinbase, where the excitement doesn't really carry through uh. So right now i don't own rivian. I do plan on buying some of it, but i i just got to wait for my opportunity, i'm more of a technical trader. I really like the charts and right now, rivm there's just not much char.

Like i mean an ipo'd at 1pm yesterday. I just don't have much to go off of so i'm supportive of it. I like the team. I like the sector, it's in, it's just not my opportunity, but if you're in it, i hope you're making money.

I just think it's interesting that, like day one and we're already eclipsing ford and gm, which are uh very common names in the u.s market, a firm source after beating on revenue, expanding amazon deal, so the digital buy now pay later company beat expectations with fiscal first Quarter, revenue and it's this partnership with amazon, it's kind of interesting that amazon is coming up twice as like partners here with rivian. I mean amazon is everywhere folks, but yep partnership with, like it's digital payment, that's a hot sector, the partnership with amazon amazon. Being one of the biggest e-commerce literal entities known to ma'am um, that's a pretty solid move. As you can see, the general vibe of today, like people, are overall waiting like even in terms of the news.

The news isn't the craziest thing we're seeing this clearly being reflected in the market as well like it's a little bit green but um. Just it's kind of a in between day like there's, not a clear driver like i feel like today, thursday november 11th. Most people are just kind of waiting around like seeing what the next big action is, so today make sure like you're, going to have days where everything is going gangbusters and if things are ripping high or lower. There's big news.

Today's not going to be one of those days unless obviously something could come out, but as we're heading into the market. Opening today is very much one of those days where we're like. Okay, let's see what the next thing is, so it's one of those days where maybe sitting on your hands is the best patience. Wait for your opportunity.

Take the time to learn about something you've been wanting to learn about, but as of now we're inside day, not trends that could change on a moment's notice, obviously, but as of now uh we're waiting we're waiting for whatever that driver would potentially be. Let's talk a little bit about crypto bitcoin yesterday hit a new all-time high after the inflation report of 69, 000 ethereum also hit a new all-time high of 4 900, almost 4 900. uh, currently trading just below 4700 bitcoin, currently trading at 64.5 000.. So these two, both coming off their all-time highs, loopering still holding it almost hit four dollars, but right now, trading, just above three after a crazy run from a dollar happy with lubrin.

She over the past a week two weeks, a little bit quiet but, like i said this morning, the sheba army woke up, i'm looking for this breakout. I think it could happen simultaneously between 60 and this trend line, so we have two things kind of coming to a head. Uh, let's see how this plays off potentially november 12th could be as in. This is a four-hour chart, so i'm just maybe tomorrow evening, but if we get this break of 60, which would be previous resistance and this trend line we're getting out of this bull flag and then i would love to see a test of all the way up.

Here at 78 the start of the bull flag, so i'm not calling for something instantaneously to happen in shebe, but maybe tomorrow, tomorrow, evening-ish it'll be interesting to see. If she gets back up here and we get that technical breakout right now, uh, it is trending. If you go to corn market cap, i do enjoy this website just to kind of get some rough uh like figures about what's going on uh, but it's trending number one biggest gainer, um ethereum meta. Some people are talking about that a little bit, but she definitely trending number one btc.

Still the king aetherium still right there. Let's call it. The queen solana for a couple days now has been holding in front of cardano uh 72 versus 69 billion uh ripple coming in at seven sheba at 11 right below doge. So these the the two like dog based coins, uh neck and neck, still at 10 and 11 right there, higher inflation expected to send bitcoin and gold higher into end of year.

I mean that title kind of gives away the entire article bitcoin reached an all-time high price of 69 000 on wednesday after report showed higher than expected inflation in october. Yes, many people are looking at btc to be digital gold, but better than normal gold uh. It's a finite supply. People are saying: hey if you're worried about your own dollar, you might want to put it in bitcoin and then with bitcoin being the granddaddy of them.

All. You see, uh rising tide raise all ships and generally, as crip bitcoin goes up. You see a lot of crypto itself go up um. The one thing i wanted to point out here.

This is a good article, but i thought this was interesting. People, the artist human one, sculpture and nft - sells for nearly 29 million. Now i tracked this article down for everyone pretty crazy, so beeple is the artist who previously sold kind of um. Well, a crazy piece of art in nft for, like 60 69 million dollars well he's at it again making even more money.

This one is a sculpture in nft, sells for 29 million here's a picture of it uh cool stuff. I mean it's. A seven foot high sculpture, featuring dystopian imagery that is accessed through the ethereum blockchain drew birds from collectors on the phone with a specialist in new york and hong kong, crazy stuff, obviously a highly successful artist so once again, nfts clearly folks, they are here to stay. You can argue which are good ones, which are bad ones.

Yada yada yada, that's uh open to discussion, but i mean 29 mil for an individual one. That is absolutely crazy. After selling a 60 plus million dollar one, the nft market last quarter brought in almost 11 billion dollars. It ate x, its own revenue and transactions from the quarter before nfts are going absolutely haywire.

Now, if you want to think more like the casino and not be the player, and rather be the house, well think about nfts and how they're created and who benefits off of them. If you don't want to pick the individual one, where else is the money making opportunity and a lot of people are pointing out? That's exactly why ethereum is going haywire, because most nfts are built on top of the ethereum blockchain, but there are new legitimate competitors such as cardano solana, algorand. All these smart contract plays are still within the domain of ethereum, but the reason ethereum's number one right now is it just obviously has the first mover advantage. It was the first kit on the block and knew what it was doing and if they come out with ethereum 2.0 without giving up in the meantime much market cap.

This thing, such as cardano solana, i mean if they can go over to proof of stake. Instead of proof of work right now, that's the consensus model, which is a technically not as good as you want it to be like there are better consensus models but ethereum 2.0. If they can get over to proof of stake, work on some of the transaction times. Work on some of the fees - man, man, oh man, uh, the upside - could be - i mean you're, even hearing some people, some important people within the crypto sector, actually starting to say if they can pull that off in a relatively quick manner.

Some people are saying that aetherium could actually pass bitcoin. Now i for me to agree or disagree with that, i feel like i'd, have to do a bit more research on the actual landscape, but uh. It's definitely an interesting proposition to put out there now. Let's talk specifically about amc and jimmy just so you know no live interest updates.

Today, it's a non-settlement day. So, yes, the market is open, but it's there are certain parts of our regulation system that isn't open today because of the holiday. So the settlement is not going to happen. This will not count as a settlement day.

It's a very weird thing. This stuff happens a couple times, but just so you know the ortex numbers will not be updating today. So this is all we're going to get and the next update will be tomorrow morning. Utilization 85 shares on loan 96 million estimated short interest for amc's 16.86 percent in terms of gme utilization 31.7 shares on loan of 6.3 million estimated short interest 8.6 uh.

I i do not like seeing this. It seems like whatever is going on with gamestop uh. This short interest is going lower and lower and lower. I personally have my fingers crossed that it's basing and turns back around.

I do not like seeing how low this is. Going uh the trend of it, like i said, looking for that base and looking for this number to get back up to where it's previously been all right, what else do we have um? So i know some people very excited about prague, p-r-o-g. Let's bring that one up um with this uh, actually they're right here i was gon na say i don't quite remember the numbers i knew they missed on revenue, but then on their earnings they actually beat. So that was a surprise, but so it was like a mixed bag between their earnings and their revenue um, so mixed bag beat on one lost on the other prog opening up at three dollars.

The main thing i wanted to say about that was to see how the market's going to react. I want to know if they're going to buy this dip at open. This isn't the best for my calls on prague, but once again i do not really think of prague as a short squeeze play. If it happens, i think that's awesome, but i think prague is just a truly undervalued company and i want to just hold my shares.

Um, i might be holding my shares for quite some time, just because i think it's definitely undervalued. So, oh, i could be patient with it. I took a little bit of a call play just in case. The squeeze ended up happening just to make some extra money on the options, but if it doesn't happen, hey i'm still sitting on my shares and i wouldn't mind it at all being a medium to long-term investment.

I think it's a pretty cool company. I like the world they're in i like the the mantra of the company and uh, mainly, i just think it's undervalued, so i'm just gon na hold it because i think it has the ability to go considerably higher all right. So with all that being said, let me give eight minutes back to all of you more than happy to answer some of your questions as we're rocking on the day message retracted. I, like the mystery paul breen becoming an astronaut.

I appreciate you joining up. Ford worked with rivian, uh yeah, so actually ford owns like 12 percent of rivien. They just made billions of dollars like ford and amazon both made billions of dollars. Yesterday i think ford cleared over 8 billion and then amazon cleared over 13 billion.

Something like that. It was crazy. I bought a put on crocs at 90 strike price for january. The stock has gone up and priced by my option is up 116.

Am i missing something uh you might have sold a put david. Give us your take on prague. Earnings report picks. Are being posted on stock twits about partnerships, epsb yeah, they beat on eps, but they missed on revenue, like i said, uh a mixed bag uh with the partnerships a lot of the times when you get into the biotech world, there's considerable rumors and like sometimes rumors, Are more credible than other ones, but so you for any actual confirmation you almost have to like sit around and wait to see, whoever the other company is or if the original company announces it um prague, i'm sitting i'm sitting, i'm sitting, i'm sitting, they have patents.

I think they disrupt one of the biggest drugs in the world humera with their oral method opposed to injections. I think it's undervalued, that's my thesis. Maybe you agree. Maybe you disagree uh if it squeezes, i think it's cool, but i need to make this explicitly clear.

I am not in prague for a squeeze, i'm in it, because i think it's fundamentally undervalued george becoming a space ape hey. I really appreciate that support. That's very nice of you could a selling have effect like mudric um. I don't think so, because mudric just by the amount of shares uh, was more um, adam aaron.

We it's it's surprising to me how surprised people are for the past two fiscal quarters uh the past six months. We know he's been selling like he. We know he's had the intention of selling he's 67, he has to diversify, he has to plan his estate and it's not like he's selling. All of it he's still keeping two million shares he's one of the largest individual owners of amc.

So this thought that, like he thinks it's done and he's like they're actively training, this was planned months in advance 10b51 he's not even the one who's picking the date. It's like um, a legal team, a financial team. It's planned way in advance. It's not like he's sitting there on, like, i don't know like his interactive brokers.

Account was like okay. I think this is the high i'm gon na sell. Now, that's not how this is done whatsoever. Uh a 67 year old guy has been telling us for half a year.

He needs to diversify and plan his estate better and he's going to be selling some of his shares and that's exactly what happened. Um people's surprise to the fact that he's following through on him telling us what he was going to do. I find a bit strange to me. It's more of media is like kind of contorting it to once again just like bag on the apes whenever they have the opportunity, uh sam, becoming an astronaut shout out.

Thank you so much sam thoughts on honda, hmc, undervalued stock. In my opinion, i actually don't know much about honda in terms of automakers right now, i'm most interested in tesla, lucid and rivien. I don't own any rivian, i'm waiting on that one but lucid, i think, is still an excellent gap-fill play up to 56 and beyond that a long-term hold same same thing with tesla. Yes, do i get completely raked over the coals trading tesla options 100, but on top of that i have a considerable investment in tesla at 400 um, so i'm a long-term investor in tesla and then in the meantime, just because uh i, like the pain i choose To stupidly trade tesla options, which i don't know, i probably need to break that addiction uh thanks for all you do mind, taking a look at doma in ai real estate, title company, which allows you to close escrow in one day instead of 30 to 45 uh.

I think a lot of people like to throw in um this one doesn't have much interest like uh trading interest. It's a six dollar stock that doesn't even trade, a million dollars or a million shares a day. Uh i just and the chart does not look good. Whoa no this.

What was this was this a spac play that just went south uh. It's almost at its all-time low. This chart is not a good looking chart if you believe in its fundamentals, which i just don't know much about, but the chart is not reflecting a solid situation whatsoever on doma pelosi situation. Uh.

I don't know what situation you're, particularly referring to her stock situation of nvidia um. I mean whenever it goes a little bit red she's, just gon na keep me going up to kingdom come so i'm not i'm not worried about my nvidia one. Knowing. I actually feel like a weird amount of comfort, knowing i'm in a same play as pelosi, because i'm like oh man like what's gon na, go on like who like, if, if it looks a little bit red i'm like, but knowing that pelosi's in it, i'm like.

Ah she's not gon na, let it drop too far like she's just she's gon na. Let it drop enough for her to buy the dip and then let it rip on like phase two or phase three uh pelosi bought amc um. She got weird exposure. I think, through an etf, i don't think she was it's not like pelosi directly bought amc um.

I know previously. This has come up and it was her husband who bought an etf and that etf had exposure to amc um. If that's the same news that people are bringing up like, i don't think she bought it directly right. Can someone correct me on that that it was an etf, her husband had the etf uh? I see some differing opinions on this uh.

I didn't know there was a new one. This was like a story i heard a bit ago: um, maybe there's like a whole new iteration of it. Her 13f has over 400k shares of amc. Interesting did uh, huh interesting, very interesting.

Uh i'll have to dive a little bit into that. He has direct shares. Wow wow, oh hey, in a certain way. I i feel the same way of uh.

I feel more comfortable knowing that she's in it because, like she's not gon na, let it go too far: south uh, yes and well. Okay, wait! Other people are saying it's an etf that it's not a direct thing any interest in xyo coin: it's a decentralized geospatial coin, with really gate roadmap check it out. Okay, i haven't heard of it yet i'll definitely add that to the research list, hey matt, when it comes to purchasing options on weeble, does it take it out on my checking account or take it on my buying power? Uh it'll be taking it out of your options. Buying power.

Oh no! It's an etf! He just bought more shares in the of an etf, okay, so classic ape fashion. People are extremely overstating him uh buying in equity, in terms of like what it means for the public is way way different way way different than buying an etf that happens to have exposure to it. So i don't know that sounds like another click bait thing that we got from either youtube twitter or reddit ding, ding ding. The casino is open all right, but once again i didn't know about this.

I knew about the etf thing previously. This was like from months ago uh. Let me, while the market's opening, let me see if i could just find uh or feel free to shoot me uh. Oh wait.

Someone already did a november 10th, an institution which nancy pelosi invests. Part of her money has increased. The position on amc yeah, so it sounds like an etf thing. What is the etf? This is the pelosi stuff which one is pelosi husband's etf.

What like? What is his name? Uh? Oh, allow all right here we go alliance bernstein. So if we check out fintel and if we go to owners institutional owners, so i think people are referring to this one right here - alliance, bernstein uh. I think this is the one that pelosi's husband is particularly tied up with so alliance bernstein. Let's see what that's all about alliance, bernstein, pretty sure, so the way we talk about the s p, 500, the russell 2000, the nasdaq 100.

All of these baskets of stocks. It sounds like this one literally just is it's a basket of stocks and they happen to pick up some amc. Um. So could you is it accurate to say that nancy pelosi's husband has now an increased indirect ownership of amc through this basket? Yeah? Could you can we say that nancy pelosi went out of her way and particularly bought amc that not not really um? It's it's bullish, but not absurdly.

It's it's bullish, but not apish. If that makes sense, it's bullish, but not apish. I think that's the best way to like summarize the scenario how's robin hood as almost as much as amc uh. What do you mean that i, i don't even know hang on? What is robin hood at um, robin hood is more robinhood is worth 30 billion dollars.

Amc is worth 20 billion um. Robin hood is worth 50 more than amc, but they're. Also, i don't know you can't compare like a movie theater company to a brokerage if you're looking at the prices of stock, like simply comparing the price of a stock compared to another stock. That's a horrific way to compare two different equities um, for example, like apple, is trading at what 150 that doesn't mean that apple is 5x, the value of amc or gme or hood, or anything like that.

That's trading at 30.. It's exponentially worth more. Remember not all stocks have the same amount of shares in existence um for any of the newer apes. I think that's a good thing because, like why would you know that, coming into this you can't you can't ever compare the price of two different companies? You can compare the market cap market cap.

Is the price of the current stock? Multiplied by how many stocks are in existence? The outstanding shares uh, to simply just say, hey, like stock is trading at this stock. A is trading at this stock b is trading at this like which one's more or less valuable. The only way you could do that is if they have the exact exact same amount of shares in existence um, i think that's good. I know a lot of you already know that, but to any of the newer people that are just listening right now, i think that's a good piece of information to get out there.

It's common sense: when you compare companies like facebook to gme uh what facebook and gm like you could look at market cap of who's, a more valuable company, but you can't just compare price of stock uh. Do you think robin hood will go bankrupt due to losing money losing a lot of money lately uh like, of course it could happen in the future, but i don't think it happened. They have quite a bit of runway like there's billions of dollars of investment into robinhood it if it goes bankrupt, which you never know what's going on with robin hood uh, it wouldn't be anytime soon they would probably get an injection from citadel .72. It would probably be the classic similar bailout the way like melvin capital got or you're gon na have some big wig people like kathy wood, just by a huge equity stake.

Um, i don't see it just like being wiped off the the face of the planet. At this moment in time, all right people getting excited about lucid, lucid, lucid up six percent tesla up two percent evergrande is in trouble. Um the evergrand situation is getting wild. I know it's a story, that's kind of fallen to the back burner, but, like us, media is currently being accused of by global media of lying to all of us.

So some people are reporting that they did pay off the interest payments. Other people are saying they didn't did they default? Did they not default? No one has agreed on this. So a lot of global media is saying: no, no, no, they didn't pay it. They officially defaulted, while a lot of u.s media is saying they did pay as in they didn't default, and i don't even know what the the answer is right now, but it's there's like an odd amount of drama related to the fact did or didn't ever grand.

Actually pay um interesting stuff. What else do we have if any, if pelosi buys amc shares directly? I'm remortgaging my house selling my truck selling my kidney and buying the heck out of the dip pirates. Mlev, i'm right there with you. If we ever get in a fourth, a report that pelosi or her husband directly buys amc man, oh man, man, oh man, what is the chance of kathy wood does a hostile takeover of robin hood.

Oh, i don't know what the chance of that would be, but do i want it to happen yeah, do you know how much content that would give me a hostile takeover robin hood? Do you know how freaking cool that would be? Oh man, that would be like the most enjoyable week of content ever like i, i would go out to the offices in san francisco and like just live stream it and be like the hostile takeovers happening um. I would picture it like old school of like when pirates overtake like another pirate ship, and really it's probably just done with like lawyers and people signing stuff. So like i guess in terms of video, it probably wouldn't be that exciting, but i would pump it up. I would make it some sort of content, a hostile takeover of robin hood man, content galore right there, obviously content galore what else uh p-h-u-n earnings today so p-h-u-n was the one that got kind of um pumped up with d-wack, which right now d-wack is a show Company of a shell company, like you, have to wait for some sort of movement.

I still think d-wack's gon na gap-fill down to 52. hood. Dropping hood hood is just in so much deep shit. Oh good uh hood is not far away from making an all-time low about what is the all-time low uh? What is this 33.25 so less than a dollar to go for robinhood to make a new all-time low uh? Do you feel like shorts are still under pressure to cover on amc or just playing it or just playing it daily uh? I don't think i mean.

Of course, there are probably people who are day trading from a short position or a long position on amc, but in terms of feeling pressure. Well, they feel pressure when the stock goes up so obviously recently they felt pressure on the breakout of 44 and some change and when it comes down they're feeling less pressure. Pressure is just directly related to like what is what's the stock doing. If it goes up, they feel pressure.

If it goes down, they feel less pressure, i'm down 20 on tilray and trying to make a decision to huddle or sell before end of year. Do you think the rumor on bill will move it in near term? I mean if the rumor picks up steam. I mean till ray sndl, the marinara sector, that entire thing is just we're: it's not really being it's being politically driven. If there's movement in politics it'll be good.

If there isn't it's just going to kind of, do nothing. Um that one's not like it's like, i said it's just a political play, and with that i mean i do, i don't think i can comment on like what i think politicians will do or don't with him. Maybe some of you have the inside track on like just better understanding when certain bills and laws do or don't get passed, but my view on marinara is it's just a long-term patience play like i'm? Just you just sit on it until it gets legalized um. I i don't really think of the marinara industry as like a short-term thing like that there are a couple overall industries that i'm more than happy to be invested in from now until the end of the decade, marinara is one eevee is another uh sports, gambling or Gambling in general um - and these are all ones that i'm i'm happy to hold to literally the end of the decade - we're talking about what basically an eight-year play: um, ev, esports, uh data processing or like kind of data centers uh these, like amazon web services, microsoft, Azure those types of things marinara and i feel like there's always one more when i give you my list of my favorite industries, ev esports gambling, that might be it, but all of those the leading companies within those industries more than more than happy to hold.

For literally the remainder of the decade, all right all right, bros, what's going on with bros bros up 10 uh, this ipo not too long ago, how's it been doing ever since higher lows: higher highs, nice uptrend, looking strong, i have no position on it. I mean right now: your risk is pretty obvious at roughly 61, so i mean it's trading at 69. If you're, okay, with risking eight dollars, have at it uh potential reward is 81. Maybe you get a breakout and a run, but with it i mean it's a very obvious risk to reward setup, which it's somewhat favorable.

So just ask yourself: is this like an appropriate setup for you? Why hasn't amc dumped yet because there's demand people i mean i prefer to see more demand. Uh, of course, like with my own financial interest, at stake uh i would want more demand, but why hasn't it dumped? Because the market is saying it's worth 38 dollars a t, e r, a t e r uh. This is one it's not looking the best. I know the ceo has recently come out saying that they have proof from a third party that there are naked shorts, but as of now that has not prompted any demand.

Ater becomes interesting to me if it gets above 9 15.. All right amc, looking good up a percent on the day, jamie up 1.6 on the day, gme, currently trading at 202, amc currently trading at 38.60 tesla. Looking a bit heavy, which i find interesting not that interesting now that i see the spy all right. Let's get up some of these bigger pictures, uh, so amc bounced off of perfectly this trendline, it's so funny uh.

I know that there's people within this community within the trading community at large that they're, like technicals, are the dumbest thing ever. Why are you watching the line? The price isn't real? It's all fake! Like talk about a perfect entry, you could have just put this 10 cents higher talk about a perfect freaking fill and they're like nah we're, not just. I don't believe in technicals, like man. Some of these technicals such a money-making opportunity uh.

I actually find it very comedic when people are like. No, i don't i just don't trust technicals, it's not it's not real. It's not real bro trust. Me i'm just like like it's to the point where i don't.

Even find uh any value in arguing with them um i posted. The only value i see is explaining to new people, new traders, new investors, that yes technicals matter, but to people who so staunchly believe that that, like the price, isn't real technicals aren't real like. Why are you watching the chart to those people like what's the point if they don't want to trade that way and if they don't want to make money? Okay, cool, not like! I'm i'm not going to be concerned that someone else is going to be so pig-headed that they're not going to make money on something. So the reason i bring it up is exclusively for the new people who are potentially tuning in yes, technicals matter.

They very much matter, in fact, i would argue at a certain sense. What you see in the chart is more important than anything else, because the chart is the reflection of everything else of what the market thinks about it. The fundamentals are baked in because people consume the fundamentals and then it gets trading. At the end of the day, i would argue the action, the price action.

The actual chart is the singular source of truth and a reasoning for that is even take earnings. How many times do you hear a good earnings in the stock dumps? How many times you hear bad earnings in the stock pops? Obviously price action? That's where the money is the the money to be made is in the stocks. Actual movement, not necessarily just like some write-up of what people think a fundamental driver is like when it comes down to it. The money is made in the movement of stock.

So i care a lot more about the chart than i care about other things. Technicals are fud finally, understanding diagrams uh. You you what's going on in the world of uranium uranium um nice run, it looks like it might be, taking a little bit of a breather. I think the party's back on back above 11, but if it goes below 10 10 30, you might be watching nine, but overall, the trend is obviously up.

Bitcoin dumped right when dxy broke up from the left side uh. What do you think about btc dxy um? I mean, i believe, dxy is tracking the usd versus a basket of other currencies. I believe is what dxy is like inherently tracking um, so it from left side to it makes sense that there would be some sort of relation there, because people are they are they pouring into the u.s dollar or are they going more? I guess risk off, like inflation minded into btc um, i i would in no way be surprised if there's some sort of correlation between dxy, specifically usd and btc uh, i'm also particularly interested in the relationship between gold and bitcoin uh matt. Do you believe in life? After pump also, could you naked short my depression thanks marinara is illegal? I've been dipping my mozzarella stocks illegally, this whole time matt.

Can you verify pelosi's husband bought amc? I can't because he didn't technically directly buy amc. He bought an etf or he's been in an etf and that etf has picked up more amc. Um, it's it's a basket. It's not like.

He went out of his way to directly by amc. Youtube took away the dislike button. You know uh. I find that to be very, very interesting and it's funny because the reasoning is we're protecting small creators.

You know who gets the most dislikes out of all of youtube. It's anything related to the government. It's the white house channel. It's lawsuits: it's like government federal based videos and live streams hosted by them.

I'm not talking about like creators who are commenting on it because generally the people who watch those creators, like the creators and they usually get like all those votes but like you need to well. You might not be able to see it anymore, but whenever like - and i'm not talking about for this presidency - i'm talking just just generically for multiple presidencies. Whenever the white house does something hugely disliked, they get ratioed so freaking hard, and you see that a lot of the times anything federal government related massive amount of dislikes and then youtube's coming in and saying, ah we're protecting small creators, no you're kind of protecting government-based Brands who i guess, care that they're getting ratio? It's it's very interesting to me that they got rid of it so uh they didn't get rid of it like you can still dislike like. If you don't like me, and you want to dis like me, uh you can uh, it's just not shown anymore um.

It's shown to the creator on the back end, but publicly you guys can't see how many dislikes there are. So the creator still knows it. You still have the ability to hit the dislike. It's just not publicly highlighted moon moon matt did just drop like a rock see any swing.

Trade potential disney, i think, is still a great long-term hold um. I i don't like buying right away after, like they missed on earnings. That's why it's dipping like there's reason why it's dipping um, but you don't know how far the dip is so like i just i'm gon na wait and wait and wait and as soon as i see more demand and like kind of it pulling a u-turn uh. I might add to my portfolio, but to me disney's, just a long-term hold.

I i i'm kind of waiting for them to re-institute their dividend. Um. I it people, don't realize how big of a company disney is. It is gigantic um people, think of disney.

I guess maybe just for the park, maybe just for the streaming, but it's so many things the amount of uh i mean the list goes on all of the brands that disney owns it's just a huge huge company um. I never expect insane growth or like mind-blowing numbers to me. Disney's a company where, like it's a slow, steady grind to the upside fosl, looks like it's having a good day any technical on it, f-o-s-l-f-o-s-l uh yeah. I mean you're attempting to chase a gap up so like you're playing with fire.

It might work out, it looks like they really. Uh must kind of a mix bag on earnings, but i guess they must have said something that was exciting chasing gap. Ups, i've, i've. Never been really successful at it, so maybe a view like have some certain trading strategies that chasing gap ups is like uh beneficial.

I have not been able to figure out a way to be continually profitable chasing gap. Ups, it's just the risk of the gap fell to the bottom side. I've found it's too high, matt dc here, thanks for all you do for the community. I also want you to draw me, like one of your french girls wearing this wearing on diamond hands.

What's going on dixon uh, what is going on all right? What else all right now that the market's going amc is having a great day? Amc is up 2.5 trading at 39.25. The next resistance i have is a hair below 40. uh, so some technical resistance. There, obviously, we also have a key psychological level at 40, just being 40.

gme up 1.12 on the day trading, just above 200 trading above the key psychological level. It was below it at market, open it recaptured it. I very much hope that gme hangs on top of that important, obviously important level when it comes to ortex um, because it is veteran's day in the us we're not going to get live updates because it's at it it's we it's one of these weird things and It happens only a handful of times throughout the year where the market's open, but it doesn't count as a settlement day, which i know is just wild and you're like what the fuck does that mean um. But it's just a weird.

I don't know like a weird unique quark of our system right now, so they even have it no live interest updates today, as it's a non-settlement day, so the numbers from the morning are going to be the permanent numbers for the day and we're going to get The next updates tomorrow, just so everyone is on the same page with that uh someone said i'm now in twitter drama. What did i do? Why am i on drama i didn't know i was in drama on twitter. I guess i also just don't care. I feel like sometimes this has happened and it's kind of weird there's been times that i'm involved in like a full story of drama.

Like the start, the build up the climax the resolution like a full shakespearean story. The whole thing occurs before i even know. I'm in it like that, i like am somehow involved in it in any manner which i find to be kind of weird, like it's a weird dynamic uh like a completely weird dynamic. I am i'm so so beyond some of this stuff, i mean folks, my career has quickly become trying to lobby the sec in our government to fix issues in our current system.

In all honesty, my time is in no way like best spent arguing with people on any form of social media, there's only 24 hours. In the day, people me my team moon gang you guys. Our time is spent doing way, better things and just drama like it's. So silly it's it's comically silly uh grown men grown women acting acting like children, really, which is super super weird.

No one comes out better whenever there's drama and their fights everyone involved ends up. Looking like a bigger douche on the other side, it's just it's a net negative play um for everyone involved on the five-day 15-minute chart amc. Is that a bottoming tail amc, 15-minute um i mean i guess i would have to know your definition of bottoming tail. I don't know if i've heard that particular statement before a bottoming tale, but one thing you could watch if you're looking on the multi-day 15-minute chart.

I actually like doing this. The 15-minute chart for a couple days, if i'm looking for a multi-day multi-week swing trade. This is a time frame. I, like i like the 15 30, maybe like the four hour, something like that just to get an idea of a couple weeks of, what's going on couple days, couple weeks like you get this general pattern um.

I i like this time frame, i'm not saying it's for some reason superior to others, it's just like for mine. I like it - and this is what i was looking at early this morning. If we look over the past three days, you see this very obvious bull flag. I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention, so it would be technically a bit more perfect if i just drew it like that, so it's trading upward and then we get into this downward channel like we're represented by this two parallel lines: top line bottom line.

It's called a bull flag because they commonly break upward. It's trading upward as you come into it. The caveat of this entire thing. Is you don't know how long it's going to build out like it theoretically could just keep building out in the channel, but it looks like we're actually getting the bull flag breakout right now.

So what i like to do is look for resistance at all. The individual touches so right here it would say: okay, we know previously, i mean - and you could even see this like just at forty dollars, so i'd be watching 40 40, 90 and then at this point 46.. That's how i would look for this play out on amc in terms of the technical levels that i particularly uh care about so 40. We just we know, there's previous resistance there.

It doesn't really relate to this technical structure, but i from this technical structure, 40, 90 and then 46. I do like the macd going green. I like the buying - let's just see if it holds. Let's see if this is a legitimate, breakout or fakeout breakout.

So time will obviously tell on this one: nobody wins when family feuds. I agree with that, but also like sometimes and that's, i think, a weird human thing is like people act like sometimes people are saying dumb shit and they're wrong and then what's weird about this community is they're like. Oh you you, no one can disagree um. I think there's a point in place for, like an adult level, discussion, potentially a debate without like inherently attacking a person for who they are like.

We can discuss concepts because that's how people learn. If, if we get to a point where people are afraid to publicly dissent, well, that's almost like it's pretty akin to like being able to individually think and have any critical thought like we shouldn't get away from that uh. We don't want this thing of like, like a a crowd mentality and like we have only one unique thought that represents the entire crowd. If anything um i'm a fan of everyone being able to critically think discuss ideas, bounce ideas off of each other and people act like if you have a different idea, then all of a sudden, like you're, fighting and they're like apes, no fight apes, i'm like well Hang on like this is the market money's at stake.

We got to get the truth out there. I mean even think about the little craziness we've had here on the moon gang.

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