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Ep 143 moves are about to be made dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Moves Are About To Be Made
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 143
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And i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones as they act. Overpowered stop breaking the law. Asshole is give us the fucking money money at the streets like a quarterback. If you need to mean a thing, water up, a duck's black ain't, not leaving not until we get the money stacks monkey monkey monkey holding two with blue monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq, candy, loving, bamboo right here we got more Smoothies than a jumbo juice probably thought you coulda made us, sell all the gooder in hell.

We maybe would have, but we more standing on the board of the floor. Six figures: ain't selling for less you took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other, my sister's here, my brothers, the fathers and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times, um hello, happy friday, friday november 12th, folks last day of the week last day of the week. Let's close it out on a positive note, let's close it out on a very positive note hope everyone's having a great morning afternoon evening night, wherever it is for you, i hope, you're having an absolutely fantastic one, as always uh we have things to talk about.

I feel yesterday - and i i kind of touched on this in the update video yesterday - that yesterday was a bit boring like the the news. Wasn't um really financially based, like i, i think, right now, the the financial world. After the inflation report coming out tuesday and wednesday, the price uh, the producer price index, the consumer price index, things are just a little bit more quiet. I see a lot of people talking about sndl, so let's talk about that more than happy to it's just quiet.

So i'm more than happy to talk about some of these odd things that we really don't get to dive into and i'll give you kind of the rundown of. What's going on today. We'll talk a little bit about crypto. The mark is, of course, amc and gme lots of people talking about sndl happy to bring that up uh more than happy to bring that up, and then i also want to talk about beta.

The greek letter, beta b-e-t-a, is also a measurement used within the stock market, and i saw some people were speaking about it this morning, uh, particularly in reference to amc's beta. What does that mean? What does that not mean more than happy to talk about it? I i was being stupid. Uh this morning i saw someone speaking about beta, trying to bring up a good point in like, like the ass hat, that i can be sometimes um. I just said that was incorrect and no one likes that i should have said in one tweet instead of two tweets instead of saying hey, i would that's wrong and then the next week said i'll make a video on it.

I should have put that all one together uh, because it's off-putting and that's not, i don't know i guess i was up too early and i don't know about you guys, but if you have a girlfriend a fiance or a wife, there's a good shot that they're Listening to taylor, swift's new album that apparently dropped at midnight and if you're in the same boat as me, there's a good chance that that means they wish that they would break up with you. So the song resonates a little bit more in their current life. But hey, we all have our own problems to go through all right. Let's hop right into it.

Let's see, what's going on today, uh dow set to balance help by gains in j and j shares on split plans, so this is actually its own thing. Johnson and johnson's putting into two companies, but let's take a look at the the overall market of what's going on so the s p 500, it looks like we had this nice run up. It ran into a new all-time high and then when an inflation coming in hot took a little bit of a breather, but actually now it's swinging back around. So if this holds especially if we get above 467 uh, we could be looking at a new higher low which could lead to a test of the current all-time high and then potentially a new all-time high.

So i'm definitely looking for the follow through i'll closely be watching the realm of 467 and then also maybe we're not going to get there and maybe we'll get a breather around 459. Something like that. So we'll see how that plays out. But right now yesterday was a non-trend day.

It was a throwaway day. It was an inside bar. The candle was perfectly inside the previous day's bar just no direction. You don't know if it's bullish, you don't know if it's bearish you're, just waiting, you're sitting on your hands, hopefully sitting on your hands, uh waiting to see where a new trend develops in terms of the tech, heavy nasdaq same thing inside day.

Today, it's got it's not even really a gap up, so we're gon na the spy's opening is a little bit stronger. I like that. The q's, though, right in the middle, still no obvious trend and then the russell 2000 same thing kind of similar to the q's new all-time high. Like the spy came down, taking a breather, we're just patiently waiting to see what the new trend is, what the direction is, it's all good.

It is all good in the hood we're just waiting waiting waiting but inflation's still high, so yes, johnson and johnson, to separate into two companies, consumer products and medical uh. So the joke is that it's going to go from j, like with the ampersand to just johnson and johnson, like johnson, one johnson, two or just like. I don't know johnson a johnson b yeah, but we're switching the ampersand here to just like the normal word and johnson and johnson that's what's going on. They are splitting uh people are liking, it it's up in pre-market uh.

I i guess they figure that they can run the two different entities and i'm sure, there's still going to be like a lot of relation between the two uh, but probably a little bit better when they have like distinct efforts. Rivien founder rj now worth over 2 billy since ipo, not a bad job, not a bad job whatsoever, it ipo'd a day and a half ago, and it's already about to make a new all-time high and man. Oh man, man, oh man, so a lot of excitement sold off and now it's pushing pushing pushing uh market cap 106 billion dollars. This thing is crazy.

It's worth more than ford. It's worth more than gm. Um musk did have some comments on this. He was talking about it.

People were asking about the rivian ipo and his thoughts of what's going on, because right now rivien. I think it's in total delivered 151 156 vehicles 100, like that's it i'm not talking about a thousand or anything. I'm saying 156 like 156 of those trucks uh, so it's new. It's definitely new and elon brought up a good point of the strong litmus test for a successful automaker, especially a successful ev automaker is high production like ramping up to a considerable amount of production and also being profitable um.

So right now we know ribbing's gon na burn, probably a billion dollars in the quarter that we're currently in and actually, if you're talking about ev plays uh tesla is one of the few companies. That's actually successfully hit that litmus test of high production and being profitable. Not many other ev plays have that going from. In fact, i don't think any others do, especially not us-based ones.

Speaking of eevee lordstown motors had their earnings not the best. They got hit um they weren't profitable on the quarter, so that stock is going down. Lord sound motors r-i-d-e related to workhorse, but overall, just talking about this because for the second half of this week this is what's been. The hot thing the eevee sector has been hot.

Luce is doing well rivian's doing well tesla's, taking a little bit of a breather, mainly because we are getting confirmations through the sec filings that yes, elon, has been selling some of his shares and also speaking about tesla. This came out today. Tesla fsd beta crash report posted this is the national highway traffic. Something authority website claims car fought for control.

So i guess there was some sort of like crash and it was maybe potentially some of the uh the automatic driving uh, the national highway traffic safety administration. That's that's always such a mouthful um, but yeah uh. Some weird reports coming out about that, so that could be playing in to a little bit of the bearishness. But overall the ev sector's been on fire and i think it will remain on fire uh, especially if oil oil's still above 80.

There are some reports that oil could be going up to 100 per barrel. Well, actually that was commentary from putin himself uh. So i wouldn't be surprised if that just keeps going singles day, while muted by a china's crackdown, still saw record sales so singles day it's just like a huge, a huge buying event. Uh, it's kind of like black friday in the us, but on steroids is like the best way.

I could explain it so alibaba and jd racked up around 139 billy of sales across their platforms on china's singles day shopping event, setting a record which is nuts it used to be a 24-hour affair. But now it's a multi-day extravaganza a lot of stuff going on there speaking about it. Chinese president z, further solidifies leadership of number two economy. Now, if i'm pronouncing this improperly well, i shouldn't say: if i am, i know i am uh.

My apologies uh. The president of china, took another step to solidify his hold on china, the world's second largest economy, and to advance his vision for a strong chinese communist party dominated system. So some updates there uh on our political front, uh u.s. President joe biden are expected they're expected to speak uh this upcoming monday in a virtual meeting.

So maybe we'll get some idea of. What's going on with the relations between us and china, i wouldn't say it's necessarily like a main driver in a political or an economic sense right now like this storyline, but it's still something worthwhile to pay attention to. Let's talk a little bit about crypto. Investing in bitcoin directly may be better bet than coinbase.

Now this is kind of interesting. Let me first bring up where we're at uh, so btc recently hit an all-time high of 6900 at 64.. We're also at support. This is kind of a breakout level.

I want to see if it holds here if it swings back around and gets above 65.5. I'm definitely looking for this to test the current all-time high and then you have ethereum at 4600, but still look at this beautiful trend up up up just seeing if it could catch itself pretty soon. She still in this bull flag, just building out in this channel. We're looking for the break of 60 and then loop ring uh, also in a bull flight kind of a little bit breaking to the downside, but not at much like velocity, not with a high volatility.

So i'm seeing if it's just gon na base soon, but overall it does seem as if crypto's taking a breather, but anyway investing in bitcoin directly may be better bet than coinbase. So this is kind of interesting and the reasoning is not too far off of when i talk about miners. So with miners remember what i say is like yeah you're, inherently betting on bitcoin and ethereum, but you also have to consider the risks of inter-business competition between hut and riot and mara, and also with coinbase. Here, like you, just have additional business risks that you have to consider, because, with all these crypto plays they're gon na benefit.

If people are trading crypto, if crypto's going higher and higher and higher, but on top of it not only are you just betting on that you're betting on will coinbase have a new competitor? Will riot and mara are what are they going to do with their mining? Uh is there an electricity outage? Is there a new kid on the block who's going to be a better miner? You just have additional risks, so this is what this is saying. Investors may be better off owning bitcoin, directly versus buying shares of coinbase. To avoid expected headwinds, including increasing competition and the ongoing commoditization of cryptocurrency exchanges, so right there, you have regulation risk. There are various risks that are on top of crypto itself.

So if you're looking for just an exclusively a crypto bet, well just go get crypto. Then you don't necessarily have to do some company - that's just strongly correlated with crypto, because the part of the correlation that doesn't make it one-to-one could really complicate things for you. Speaking of complications, binance freezes, doge withdrawals as users report being asked to return coins. They don't have um, i'm just bringing this up for anyone who's on binance.

For anyone who has doge there could be some complications there. So i just thought it would be good to shout this out just in case there's any uh overlap for my viewers, who are binance, doge good thing to know good thing to know all right. Let's talk a little bit about some of these numbers as they relate to amc, gme and all of that good stuff. So amc yesterday had a beautiful bounce where it exactly it needed to bounce right off of this trend line, i'm looking for the follow-through.

I would love for this to recapture basically 41 kind of getting us to swing back around and hopefully that test of this top trend line. These numbers are finally updating. Remember yesterday, even though it was a the stock market was open, it was a federal holiday, so it was a non-settlement day. You get those it's a little bit wonky, but uh, it does happen.

Utilization on amc is 85 shares on loan 96 million and the estimated short interest is 16.86 in terms of game style. Utilization 31 32 shares on loan 6.28 million and the estimated short interest is 8.57 in terms of gme stock um. We got this nice bounce off of 200 key technical level key psychological level. I would love to see this recapture 210 just support support.

Now. Resistance would love to see a push back above that turning this resistance into support. So that's it for our two moon stocks, of course, we'll be paying attention to them to see. What's going on ribbing up another three percent ipod a day and a half ago? That's absolutely crazy! And now i see a lot of people like i said we will be coming back to it: sndo notable gap up 20 cents uh it's up, 30 in pre-market.

Now, let's see what the sndl news is: sdl uh, you asked we analyzed why sundial growers stock could slam short sellers on thursday evening benzinga asked its followers on twitter what they were buying at the open on friday, and the replies been zynga selected, sndl sndo was Trading up 36 percent higher at one point in pre-market after printing its third quarter earnings, so it must have beat on earnings. That's awesome! The canadian cannabis company reported net earnings of 11.3 million compared to a net loss of 71.4 million for the third quarter the year prior wow wow. In one year we went from a loss of 71 mil up to a a nice, an earnings of 11 mil talk about a turnaround, an 80 mil swing within a year. Uh, that's great.

The big bullish reaction to sundial's earnings print could fuel a short squeeze intraday due to the company's underlying statistics. Let me pull up or texas information on sndo just so we're all. On the same page, estimated short interest is 15.14 uh shares on loan 409, 410 million wow. That's a higher float stock utilization.

98 uh. I don't have a cost to borrow yet i mean it has some of the numbers. That's not like the biggest short interest. I've ever seen um 15.14 and then this number that they're using the 14, that is from the settlement date of october 29th.

So i think it's actually a little bit increased above those numbers. Interesting, hey, we'll pay attention to it. I have no sndo position. I'm a little bit more of a fan of tilray but congrats on the earnings piece to the company.

That's awesome and it kind of makes sense of why it's up in pre-market, so it beat on earnings and there's 15 short interest. If those shorts uh feel a little bit of a pain, you could definitely see a nice little pop. We did that um, sndl or text alright did that most people are looking for short term beta, which is negative. Pretty sure long-term beta is still positive.

Yeah we'll be talking about beta robin, had screwed me over i'm transferring out, and it says my account is in deficit when i had 10k amc in 10k cash, but it knows it says i have -10 tesla and i owe 5k. Do you have an idea? What happened? No, you would have to reach out to them. I have i don't know i don't use or like really use robinhood at all at all you're going to want to get on there with their customer service. Your thumbnail golden happy friday have a blessed day.

Moon gang, hey, uh, i'm sure the the moon gang team is going to be stoked to hear that you guys are liking the thumbnails so much all right. So someone did just ask about this. Let me get ready, okay, so here's amc. Actually, this is probably the best way for me to do this.

Let me get this actually a better way to do. This is putting it on top amc daily spy daily and let's get rid of everything that we do not need. Okay, so we have do do do do do do okay, let's talk about beta b-e-t-a, it's a common tool to be used within the market and it's basically measuring out volatility, and a lot of people have been noticing certain beta values, like i think, if you come Here on yahoo, finance you're going to see the beta value, where is it beta based on the five year and it's using the monthly data points um a positive beta of 1.3, but that's the five year using monthly. You can find these other ones here.

This is what i saw a shout out to rizzo on twitter. He was using this one beta of a one year and we're seeing a negative 7.54. So five year we're seeing a positive one. Uh the one year we're seeing a negative one um.

What does all this mean? What in the world is beta we're seeing these positive values we're seeing these negative values? Can we use it? Can't we use it what's going on with beta, so beta is a measure of volatility on a relative basis to typically the s p 500. Yes, you can find data sets for other major market bench. Point benchmarks, such as the nasdaq 100, the russell 2000, but most of the time, if you ever see beta, it's going to be something's relation, whether an equity or an etf to the s p, 500. But it's the volatility beta is a measure of relative volatility.

Now, for my people out there who really want to get into the math of it, what it is, is it's going to be the covariance of something such as amc to the s p 500, divided by the variance of the situation covariance divided by variance and for People who care about the exact math? Okay, that's what you need to know going on there, but really what you need to know in the most general sense. For me to make this simple is okay: how much are these things related? Are they directly related? Are they inversely related? Are they not related at all? So that's. What beta gives you most of the time you're going to have beta values and and it can exceed it, but most of the time you're going to have they're going to be lower numbers. So if you have a beta of one - let's just i know it's not, but this is a 1.3 okay.

So what this means is amc and the s p 500, based on the five-year chart using monthly bars. That means that it's pretty correlated the volatility is the same. So if you have, let's just pretend that there's that reading of perfectly one, if something has a beta of one, that means it's pretty much gon na be moving in a similar manner. It's going to be directly related to the s p, 500, and the volatility of these moves are going to be the same now.

Does that mean that every single day, if one goes up by this much, it goes up by the exact same percentage? No, no! No! This is still like the correlation of the volatility, so if it's negative one, that means that it's going to move inversely, so whatever one does, the one will most likely do the inverse of that. So generally, if one's trending up, you have the other one generally trending down, but you do get into scenarios. Well, even such as this that you have on the five year, amc has a beta of 1.3, so that means that amc based on this time frame is about 30 percent, more volatile and typically in a positive manner. So what you could glean a little bit from this is if, on this time period with this data set, if the s p 500 goes up, you can expect amc to go up and actually more of a volatile manner.

So most likely the gains will be greater and then obviously, let's just pretend this was negative 1.3. That means it moves inversely. So if the s p 500 were going up, that would mean that the at amc is going down but to uh more of an extreme, highly volatile manner to the tune of 30. So with this, can we use it? I think that's the big question is: can we use this and ah okay, it's tough? It's tough! I think it's good to know beta.

Am i going to be out there and saying hey, because i see that there's a negative 7.54 on the one year. That tells me that, because it's inversely related if the spy falls, that means that amc will move to kingdom come. I i don't come to that same conclusion. First of all, when i've done my own research writing these algorithms, and sometimes i've used beta to see what's going on, i find that it becomes more complicated when beta is not roughly consistent over various time frames, um one of the biggest things you have to realize About beta is it's valuable if the thing you're tracking is actually more related to the benchmark? It's very very you would have a tough time arguing that amc is related to the s p 500 benchmark.

Amc is a movie theater chain coming out of a pandemic where how correlated could this data be? If it doesn't make the most sense? To me, we know the s p. 500 has been pushed to kingdom, come by the federal reserve trying to save the market, while amc was particularly impacted by all the insane happenings of covid and lockdowns, so right off the most general level. The correlation between the two like, is it even appropriate to match over these two data sets. You have to ask yourself that i don't think so.

I think it's okay to say, amc is a little bit more related to the russell 2000. I think that's a stronger argument, but even there we know the the markets, the these major benchmarks. These major indices have been held up by the government and the federal reserve individual companies such as amc, like highly impacted by covid. So i question their relation right there and even if you don't maybe you're like no, no, i do think they're related, hey.

Okay, that's your opinion like we could discuss it, but another thing is beta is very much uh. Actually, this one's a better one. So remember what i said for all my math geeks out there beta is covariance divided by variance, and that means that you're, assuming all price movement, falls within a normal distribution. This is one of those mathematical sites of hand where it's an assumption that we know is not true in practice.

We know that price movements do not fall into normal distribution, but sometimes you make certain mathematical assumptions to make the math easier. So it's one of these things of theory versus practice and then we get into a scenario such as amc, where it's symbolic of a fight for market fairness and transparency. So you could really say that the price action is even more abnormal and i would argue it very much - does not fit into any normal distribution. So this is for a little bit, like i said, a little bit more of the math geeks of like how do we get to this point, and what you really need to know is some of the inherent assumptions of how we calculate beta are probably not assumptions That are true in practice, they're not true in practice, and i would say, they're even farther away from true when it comes to abnormal stocks such as amc and gme.

So i know i'm throwing a lot of math at you and uh shout out to batman stocks. Uh he he had this great great analogy, so i'm hitting you with math. I know i'm showing you these charts and i i can already see a lot of your eyes are glazing over you're like dude. I did not need a math course like this early in the morning, i'm right there with you.

What beta can do is let's talk about in in sports. This is batman socks. This is a great analogy. If you look at a team and you're trying to predict, are they going to win this upcoming weekend, your favorite football team? Well, you can look at the historic performance.

Are you dealing with the team that sucks like the lions and they've lost every single game, and what are you gon na use? Are you gon na use how they performed in practice this last week like? Are they? Is everyone crushing? It is everyone healthy? Are they great we're coming in? Are we gon na use this season, or are we gon na use multiple years? So that's the difference of? Should we use the five years? Should we use the one year? Should we be using just the month like you, have to pick the time frame, that's most applicable and amc, that's where it gets super super complicated, because insanity hit at the start of this year. I would argue that amc is a completely different equity in 2021 versus any time before 2021, because we have such a crazy social cultural wildfire behind it that it's never had before. So i would say, the data set itself. Amc's price action is completely different, so with it you have to ask yourself: okay, like when you're talking about like a football team.

Well, yeah, it could be hyper different from season to season because we have new players and i think, with amc, it's almost as if you're talking about a completely new sport - and you just happen to have the same team - that's probably the way i would think about It but overall what you need beta you're looking backwards, it's always a lagging indicator. It's like based on what we've seen historically, this is our prediction moving forward, but it's always inherently lagging data because you don't know what's about to actually play out. That's, i think the best conceptual way to think about it very specifically beta is a measurement of the relative volatility when compared to the s p 500, most of the time, and when you see a positive beta on a larger time frame such as the five year Or a negative beta on a shorter time frame such as the one year, does that mean that we should hope for the market to go up or down, especially on the one year? I would not in any way be like okay, if the market crashes right now. That means that what was this number that we should go up so if the market crashes, we know this is negative, so that tells us it should move the opposite way to a noteworthy degree, almost like 700 percent, more volatile than the s p.

500. No! No! No do not take it. That way, my assumption - and i hope we don't find that this out, if the market crashes or if it goes down, i shouldn't even be using that word crash. If it comes down, i don't i think amc is going to go the same way just because we know the spy and iwm are roughly related, and we know recently.

Amc is more connected with the russell 2000 than anything else. I am by no means thinking or hoping that the market has a considerable selloff, because i do not think that that would prompt amc to go to the north side. Ding ding ding, the casino, is open and then obviously um. I hope i didn't get a little bit too much into the math there, but if i, if i ended up confusing more people than helping people with my explanation of beta, please let me know i know.

Sometimes i get a little bit too much into the like. The math of situations, but if you need me to come up with, like maybe um a different analogy than batman's one about okay, like the team you're historically looking at a team, how it performed, how is it going to perform in the future type of a deal? Um, do you look at the team relative to its performance over the five years over the past season over the past couple of months over the past week in practice? Um, i think that's the best analogy to really like consider what's going on there and but remember it's always historic. Sometimes teams do better. Sometimes they don't do better.

It's it's always backwards looking, but what you really need to know about it is, i i don't think it's that actually applicable to amc. I guess i should have said that from the start is, i think beta is most viable for massive etfs uh. You can see the correlation between the qs and the spy apple, microsoft, tesla, probably not even tesla amazon. Some of these big things, i think amc i mean we actually know this beta - is a less valuable tool to use when you're talking about small caps and tech stocks, just because they are already inherently more volatile than the s p.

500. So it's it's! It's one of those things that this causation equal correlation. Now let me give you a good example: uh. Oh actually, this is that this is fun.

This is stuff we look at when you get too far into math. What is this one? Crazy yeah? This is my favorite one, so once again, when you see, i think sometimes people try to overlap data sets when you shouldn't. So here. Let's check this out.

A pirate shortage caused global warming, global average temperature versus number of pirates, so, as the number of pirates has been going down, we're seeing the average global temperature of the world going up. So that leads us to the conclusion that obviously pirates are what keeps temperature low. Um, so we actually need more pirates back eating organic food like some of these, are just crazy m night shyamalan makes bad movies because people don't buy newspaper um, so m night shyamalan, as this is going down, were they're just not buying newspapers anymore. So if we increase newspaper sales m night shyamalan's, his rotten tomato would go up.

Uh using internet explorer leads to murder, so we're seeing that the murder rate, i believe, is this in the u.s is going down, but then also so is the use of internet explorer. So that leads us to understand that the only implication on murder was internet explorer usage. Mexican lemon imports prevents high weight deaths yeah. So sometimes you just have to i'm just bringing up this, i'm being a little bit facetious but like you can find correlation sometimes, but then you have to ask yourself: okay, like is there uh an appropriate reason to be comparing whatever you're, comparing there's? Actually, some wild comparisons, i think between tom.

Oh man wait! What's it not tom hanks, not tom cruise, who am i thinking of who's, the guy in national treasure, nicholas cage, uh nicholas cage, his movie premieres and something with bees and like the bee population, all right, you guys really want sndl. Let's bring this up. Sndl up 30, hey amc on the way to 40., but why male models nicholas cage b? Correlation? No, that's not what i want. I need to find this man.

Some of these are hilarious. Um. We have there's a strong correlation check. This one out just very quickly.

Number of people who drown by falling into a swimming pool number of films, nicholas cage, appeared in nicholas cage. Obviously, by this correlation he should not be appearing in movies, because people keep drowning because of it per capita. Consumption of cheese number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bed sheets folks do not eat cheese. The more cheese you eat there are people dying because of their bed sheets, divorce rate in maine per capita, consumption of margin, um margin we're just jacking up.

Jacking up the divorce in maine, honey, producing bee colonies, juvenile arrests for possession of marinara, uh inversely related right. There, inversely correlate so we'll have more as we arrest less and less juveniles we'll have more honey producing bee colonies. These are all these are all correlations. We need to know about hey, i'm just here to spread some truth.

Matt doesn't make you nervous. Loopering is out of china. I believe thoughts. It is out of china, but it does not make me nervous uh.

What else do we have hey matt thoughts on disney 170 next week? Uh all right, let me write down disney, so i don't forget to bring this up uh but disney. I believe they missed on their earnings. They had less than expected subscriber growth. When i look at man he's talking about divorce, stop eating cheese, it's killing people in bed sheets, all right, uh d.i.s! I got disney uh.

How many i'm curious? I i have no s and dl position, but i'm just curious how many of you in chat right now are do own sndo? Can you let me know, matt people believe there is a correlation between the length of nicholas cage's, hair and the quality of movies starring him long, hair equals good movie or vice versa. I own it i own it. I own it decent amount. I will not stop eating cheese but you're gon na.

Let people apparently die then in their bed sheets. What does the buyback on sndl mean? How would affect the stock so the buy the it means just the companies buying it shares, because it that's typically a good thing, because it's so it's almost signaling to the public, hey we're buying it, because we think it's cheap, as in they're telling you that it's Undervalued, so a buyback, i would say, is most of the time a pretty positive signal to the public, hey matt. In your opinion, is it good or bad that ibm, ge and jj have all split their companies into smaller entities with this month um. I actually think it's a good thing, because then that means they could be more myopically focused on making that division.

That's now its own business successful. How did you like that twitter call? Last night uh i mean i, i guess i didn't. I think there's quite a bit of drama within this group that needs to just be forgotten, um. I think it's silly in my own opinion to try to actively day trade amc, gme um, but that's my opinion and i'm not here to tell people what to do but also more important than that, because everyone's in charge of their own money, obviously more important than That is whenever we spend time doing those things and discussing those things and having many hours of discussion about it of it.

It's it's in a certain sense of waste of time uh. I think our time and efforts are better spent um trying to really figure out. What's going on on wall street, how the market structure set up who's in bed with who opposed to just like people's tweets people's reddit messages, people's youtube, videos, um, there's only so much time. In the day, we have a total amount of effort that we could all expend in a day and i think, there's better ways to use it than sometimes how our group does use it.

Who just says did adam aaron really sell amc to buy gme like is this a? Is that real, kenny kenny chew to you where'd you get that from like. Where do people come up with this stuff? Um adam aaron sold some of his amc. We know that he said that for two quarters, this uh people are very, very surprised about it. Please understand um, i believe he sold what 600 000 shares.

600 000 in a float of 512 million. That's a drop in the bucket of the float. It's a drop in the bucket of the average volume we trade on a day and it's in no way a surprise. The dude is 67 he's planning for his estate he's doing what he wants to do he's still one of the largest individual owners and in no way is a surprise.

We all knew this was coming. We've known it's coming for six months because he's announcing he's like i'm gon na do this by the end of the year. I'm gon na do this by the end of the year. I'm gon na do this by the end of the year and now a lot of gamestop purists, we'll call them or like wow.

He did it. We knew he was gon na. Do it like i, i just i find it weird that they're so fascinated with it and uh, in my best estimation, attempting to prompt some form of like division between the two groups. This in a certain sense, should be representative of a solid mindset, and i guess for me a solid reminder for all of you of this trade that you're in or maybe you're not in it's all up to you.

Your trade shouldn't be based on is someone else in or out um, and i see a lot of people are being wired that way, and it makes me feel like i'm, not articulating it enough. If you're in amc and or jimmy or any other stock, you should be in it or out of it, because you want to be in it or out of it, you shouldn't be making any decisions based on what i do, what what trey does? What ryan cohen does what adam aaron does you shouldn't? It should not be based on if they're, in or out, because you have no clue what's going on in their life. You have no clue the information they have. You have no clue their time frame their goals.

I i just you have to be in it because of your own dd and your own conviction in the play, not someone else's conviction or lack of conviction. This man was murdered by mr kixin, save the drama for your mama. We've never seen you and kenny boy in the same place. At the same time is there something you're hiding that's a very good question.

I think someone should look into that. Matt coors has never been pictured. I've never been in the same place like that's. That's suspect.

I've never been in the same place same time as ken griffin of citadel securities. I think i think we need to look into that. The wicker man remake of 1970s filmed with christopher lee nicholas cage film where he was tortured with bees, whoa uh. I do not understand the la this logic thing: turkey or chicken, better turkey or chicken better.

It depends on what we're talking about um, that's actually a good one, turkey or chicken better i'm a fan of both i was just gon na. I was attempting to split it up, be like okay, if it's a sandwich, i like turkey, but if it's like a hunk of meat like uh like just not sandwich form, i like chicken, but that's not true. I, like both, i like, like chicken, salad, sandwiches and turkey sandwiches, and then i also like turkey like on things i like them. Both, i don't think one's better than the other, a turducken.

Turkey is dry. Well, you just have to cook it properly. Then i'm a fan of both i i can't commit to one being better than the other, i'm sorry to everyone, who's trying to divide this community more by turkey versus chicken. I i can't i can't hop in on that particular fight.

I'm i'm sorry morning, i'm late did i miss anything, love y'all, kinky, kong nope. You didn't miss much. We talked about beta. If you want to know about positive and negative beta um.

I could clip that if people want me to put that on coors light, that's not a problem, but i also saw you in the space calls last night. So i hope you got enough rest that, like went on very late, matt sold turkey to buy chicken. What a shit! What is this one? What is this one uh fyi public now has a web to track your portfolio, sell and trade like a public web app. Let me see if i could log into mine public public.

If you want public and that's where i'm doing my trades right now, uh, i believe it's been to the top of chat. You get it's free to sign up, you get you get paid to get going with it as soon as you start trading. Like you, deposit money, you get up to 70 in free stock um. They did roll out with crypto somewhat recently.

They do not have wallets. Yet and they have no options training, but i like public because they in no way deal with market makers, there's no payment for order flow. I think one of the biggest issues in our market structure right now is the extreme amount of off exchange trading. So i think we need to fight that as much as we can and one of the ways to do that is to avoid payment for order flow.

If you want to get on public, it's for people in the u.s, it's pin to the top of chat free to sign up you get paid when you actually get going with it, and i thus far i've had a good experience with it. If you create an account, you can actually see what i'm in um. So i know there's these like bullshit rumors, that, like i'm not in and i don't have - you can see that i have both amc and jimmy um in my public account like right now. Public.Com cores, what does it say, uh downloadpublic.com app and enter the code matt when you sign up it's hard to believe that i'm the only mat like how did i get that code interesting, the code, matt public.com, not course, honeydew versus candle, very obviously cantaloupe.

If you think that honeydew is better than cantaloupe, if you're taking the world's best cantaloupe and the world's best honeydew, the cantaloupe is going to win, i i don't even i i honestly get into fights with my father about this. My father thinks that honeydew is better and i just i don't know it. It was when i first had that discussion. It was the first time i wanted to become emancipated.

What else do we have uh doj youtube link is legit. Actually, just the talk interesting to see if it's lip service or corporate crime or if they will act more power than the sec, so i actually did listen to it and they are from a high level talking about just like corporate corruption. So i mean to me: that's a huge blanket statement and i'm just kind of curious where they're like how they're defining it and what like subset of corporate corruption, they're, actually interested in um uh people are right away, trying to like right away like oh. This means ken griffin i was like: where are you getting that from like that? Doesn't really add up to me um.

I hope something happens. I hope it's not lip service, but it they just said corporate corruption. That's so generic. I just don't know like right away.

People are trying to tie it to citadel and i'm just a little bit confused about that pineapple and pizza, of course, hey beef titan. What's your take on snell's q3 earnings and their announcement share buyback also would really appreciate your take on the chart, not financial advice, of course, happy birthday and stay thick um impressed with it. They beat on earnings relative to a year ago. It's an 80 mil swing from losing 70 to being positive by 11, now um so impressed with that a share buyback! That's a signal to the public that, like hey, we think we're undervalued, so we're going to buy ourselves at a discount.

So that's strong! I still am a little bit more biased towards tilray tlry, just because they're a bigger company, they have more name recognition, but overall, i don't think either of these are technical plays. These are patience plays and we're just waiting for federal legalization in the u.s um. I unfortunately don't have that insight into the u.s government of like when this will or won't get going like it's already, obviously being discussed um, but i think we're just kind of when it comes around to these marinara plays we're just waiting for legalization on a federal Level what's up, prague is down, we still holding i'm holding my prog it's at three dollars, but i'm like i said uh if prague ends up squeezing that's cool, but to me prague is actually a medium to long-term investment. I think it's undervalued i like, what's going on with it, i'm going to hold it richie uh.

What are your thoughts on amc announced partnership with dreamscape? I have not seen that yet did adam aaron, adam um retweeted, that's hilarious, um, so the dreamscape one. This is what i saw big news flash as promised many new ways now to pay online at amc. We probably now accept drumroll, please bitcoin ethereum, bitcoin cash litecoin, also apple pay, google pay paypal, including uh. Incredibly, they are already accounting for 14 of our total online transaction.

Dogecoin next and i bet sheeb sheba enu will be after that. That's hilarious, um. Let me find this dreamworks thing that people are talking about amc, dreamscape, sorry, wait! Is it um? This is coming up as just like it being a theater dreamscape at ames. What is dreamscape the ultimate destination to experience, vr entertainment? If that's, what they're doing, if they're getting into the world uh dreamscape to launch immersive virtual reality destination in partnership with amc at new jersey, westfield garden, state, plaza, uh, so uh to my understanding, this looks like it's gon na be kind of like a vr thing, Which that's that's a smart play, i'm a fan of that.

I just think our world's obviously going into vr uh uh. This is apparently new like breaking news right now and i i very much hope this is true and i hope it uh grows uh. I think that's a like, i said very smart. Wait till pelosi gets marinara.

Then it's time, hey matt. Do you think lucy can break out of this sideways trend? Do i think it can? Yeah? Of course i mean tesla hasn't or lucid, hasn't really been trading sideways. It's it's been ripping up um, so i'm not really seeing much of a sideways trend. I'm seeing up and up and up uh, i think, maybe, if you're seeing sideways, maybe your time frame is just a little bit too small, maybe you're, just seeing like three days worth but overall lucid, is having a nice nice push today, amc above 40 dollars jimmy Jimmy's volume has been super low.

I i'm very much hoping that enthusiasm comes back into gamestop. It's traded, 116 000 shares and we're already 23 minutes into the day. Um on these minute charts we're barely getting some of these trades through. That's.

We just need a reinvigoration into it: uh we need some hype, some hype, some hype, some hype, the spy selling off a little bit amc, looking good notice how quiet things seem when we're not discussing your thickness in my video yawn, all right, amc above 40.. That's great news: let me see how my i've been getting demolished on. My tesla puts absolutely demolished uh to the point i i don't know, i don't even want to check on it like i'm hoping i needed this move to. Hopefully, just go back to break even no less like what i've already lost trading tesla earlier this week, frustrating frustrating frustrating nope still down so double down all right.

Well, let's see i need they don't expire today. My tesla expires next week, but i i very much need this to go the opposite way of what it's doing right now, but hey at least we're making some money on amc. I think we're there and someone asked me about disney's chart. Let me check that out.

Disney disney disney disney, currently down point seven five percent after it missed its earnings. I mean i, like, i don't think disney's gon na go anywhere like i don't think this will perpetually keep going down um. I don't think it's gon na like disappear. Anything it's at support.

Sorry, i have the hiccups um. If it can't hold on to 161, i would watch this gap fill to 155. That could be an opportunity and there's obviously a gap to the top side. Disney, though i mean the lower, it goes, i'm i think disney's a long-term hold uh.

I do think it's interesting that netflix disney hbo and peacock all their signups are way lower than expected, and it's interesting just because the narrative we're always told especially anti-amc, is that streaming's going to like kill the theatrical experience. And it's very interesting because the most recent reports from all those companies i just listed - suggest the opposite: matt they have a dreamscape in only a few states, including my city, columbus ohio. I go all the time they've been doing since before covid with amc interesting. I like this, this dreamscape, which is like a virtual reality thing.

This partnership with amc, that's great: how buying and selling affect the price? There's, always both um yeah. They happen simultaneously because it comes down to the price that you agree upon is the are the buyer and the seller, agreeing on a higher price, the same price or a lower price base to the current one so like right now, amc is trading at 40. 22.. Are the next buyer and seller gon na agree on 40? 22? 23.

21. It's all about the agreement. Where do the buyer and the seller agree on the transaction happening, the cash going? One way the share is going the other way. Rivian.

Someone just said a rivian pop rivian, whoa rivian wow. Look at that rivian fighting back 129. Improving 112 billion dollars has delivered 150 vehicles. You got ta love it uh people are asking about live nation.

L y v yeah live nation, so i would be paying attention to this capital at 107.50 um. It gapped up, apparently on a good earnings but selling off. I would definitely just be looking at this gap bill to 107.50 um. That's how i would play it.

The risk is a bit wide, you're kind of risking the uh. I assume the all-time high of 128. um live nation, it's interesting um and i'm just thinking of it through the the whole travis scott thing of i don't know. I guess you'd almost have to talk to a lawyer about it, but, like is live nation in some way, like legally culpable of what happened.

Um, that's something that i would ask and be like. Okay, like are they? Aren't they, because, obviously that could be a pretty sticky situation. Ah, amc having a good day would love to see 42 currently trading at 40. 28 amc is up 2 jamie's down 1 right now, uh they are listed in the live suit.

Someone is saying yeah that could get hairy uh. Obviously there were, i believe, eight fatalities involved, and on top of that many many, i think, like hundreds of people were injured. It's it's. It's a sad situation, uh prague, 295 jimmy 202.

It's interesting to me. That is just jimmy's just not moving. Today i mean look how sparse this chart is, and we're not like this is supposed to be the higher volatility time in the day at market open um. This is unfortunate.

We just need, and you just have to be wait, waiting waiting waiting, i'm not getting rid of my jimmy. I still have my gme it's just. We have to wait for something to actually happen. Oh it's up to nine man.

That's that's! So sad, uh thanks for the daily market, lessons wrote a punk song dedicated to ape nation uh teaspoon. I would love it if you could send that my way, i'd love to give it a listen, disney earnings prove that amc is not dead and kramer won't admit it. I mean yeah at this point the people uh that guy from what is it motley fool um. I don't tmf ultra long or whatever his name was.

I don't even know his name anymore. Why don't? I remember it probably because there was no point to actually learning his name, because the guy was a clown, but him kramer, gasparino, they're, never ever going to admit we're right. Amc could squeeze to kingdom come and they'll be like nah that they're still not right. That's they'll just be like nah.

That's not this thing will squeeze and they'll be like no, that's not what i consider squeeze. I thought a squeeze would be higher, so you're still wrong, like no matter what happens they're going to keep moving the the goal post um. It's just what it's going to be like these people are literally never going to admit that we're right, even if we're as like, but also who cares like do, we really need them to say we're right. I mean what we care about is hopefully getting some money and then, on top of that, i very much care about like actually fixing some of these serious issues in the market.

I know not everyone's here for that fight, but i am um. I know some of you are here just because you want to make money and that's fine, like i, i don't think that's uh problematic, but i think of the way this is all trended is: there needs to be serious market reform because people what happened in january, We were days away from many serious cataclysmic financial events occurring and the structure that got us to that point has not been fixed, they're trying to sweep it under the rug, and this would literally impact everyone in the freaking globe. So yes, do i want to make money? Of course, that's why i'm in the market? Why would i not want to make money, but i think what is really driving me is like. I want to fix some of the issues in the market that we are now well aware of some hype.

With 4.7 million of us i mean, if only we had an edinburgh award-winning former comic renowned for his crowd. Psychology and far-reaching complex works among us, explaining so very clearly howie brendan sounds like sounds like you're suggesting it. I love turkey skin all of it super healthy. Oh man, i think, there's a dreamscape when i just googled it not far like from me.

I think there's one in new jersey is brendan crazy, no he's an ape so as much as apes are crazy. Matt, don't listen to the haters you're, not fat, yet yet stay hearty chunky. Monkey love you in everything you do for us. Bro keep ranting, um sndl squeeze doesn't seem to be squeezing uh it's up, but i it the intraday action is down.

Apes might make a viral video to play outside our bubble, if only, if only lord, if only if only tesla's going the wrong way. What are you doing? Tesla, besides costing me money? Don't worry, you were one sandwich away from fat makes me feel good. I'm definitely not gon na be crying on the stair stepper tonight. Thinking about this how's rivian, looking uh 1 30.

reviewing how's lucid looking today. These particular days are the weird days to me when you see three of the major indices: iwmqs spy, green, green, green. But then you see equities red. Those are always like the head scratching days to me, i'm like well, what are they tracking in these baskets?.

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