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Ep 144 moves are about to be made dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Moves Are About To Be Made
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 144
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Uh, oh moon, gang hello, hello, hello and welcome to power hour for today, friday november 12th. We have about 60 more minutes of fun in the sun. The ape sunshine, before we close out training for the week very, very excited and privileged to be here with all of you, crazy apes on this rocket ship to the moon very, very happy to be a member of ape nation. Let's do this thing folks, let's absolutely do this thing, so if you're just tuning in first of all, if you could help me out with the algorithm, destroy that like button, don't forget that subscribe button, if you're over on twitter give that a retweet.

Let's get some people in here to party it up friday, friday afternoon, streams they're, always so much fun. We can blare some music. We can. We can have some jokes, we always have a good time.

Does it really relate to the market not too much on friday afternoons, but it does relate to fun and if you're not having fun, what are you doing there? What are you doing there all right just to give you a quick update, i tweeted this out, but i do think amc. The power hour battle will be for forty dollars. We are currently bar coding. This is a lot of people have been pointing out that this is max payne theory, it seems like the battle will be for forty dollars as we get to market close.

This is obviously an expiration date. It is a friday. We do have some options expiring, so we're going to see what's happening at 40.. Now, remember this: isn't the monthly one there's going to be more open interest for the options that expire next week? Just so we're all aware of that, but there are still a fair amount of ones expiring today and the more in the money, the merrier so right now, amc currently trading at 39.95, a hair under this key psychological, key technical, key option level of 40 bucks, gme Trading at 200 very similar there 200 another major level, so both of these amc at 40 gme at 200 - very, very similar in this situation.

The market s p, 500, looking pretty solid, 466 65, a point, six percent on the day um. So what happened right around here? 10 30 - it related to jobs and i'll - be talking about that in a second tesla you might say: hey matt, tesla's down 3.7, it's down 40 bucks. I heard you're the best tesla trader on this side of the mississippi and you own puts you must be swimming in money right now. There's not many people out there who have puts when tesla drops 40 dollars in a day.

Well folks, you're right, i am the best tesla trainer on this side of the mississippi and i do have tesla puts, but what's also interesting about that is my i'm down money, i'm somehow down 40 to 50. I am down thousands of dollars even getting the direction of it right. Please learn from me. They don't expire today they do expire next week.

I gave myself an extra week, but what the issue is here is remember when it comes to options. Volatility matters: it's not just the price of the underlying asset. Has it trended in my favor? Yes, does it look weak? Yes, but does it have the same volatility or an increased volatility relative to the moment that i bought it? No, am i getting eaten alive by theta? Yes, please, when it comes to options trading, please please understand it's not just the price of the underlying asset. I would argue that's a third of the battle.

One of the other thirds that we're missing here is. The volatility. Is it the same or increasing from the moment you got into the position and other than that? How much time do you have till expiration? How far out of the money are you all those things come into play, not just the underlying price? That's incredibly important for everyone here to understand. I beg of you make sure you have your head wrapped around that before you start engaging in options.

Trading options trading is good for everyone to understand, but not necessarily a type of way to engage in the market. That's necessarily appropriate for everyone. So please, when you're doing it start with a paper, account start with fake money. Uh, you can't do option shading like a fake account on like weeble or robin or anything like that, the one off the top of my head.

I know where you can do a fake options. Trading account is on thinkorswim through td ameritrade, and i also think interactive brokers might offer that service as well, but a great starting point where you can mess around in the sandbox and you don't have to risk. Like actual legitimate money, just so we're all on the same page with that amc today, net return to 457 000 shares estimated short interest of 16.8 percent gme and net return of 27 000 shares an estimated short interest of 8.5. Once again, these are coming from ortex.

It's estimations but yes, um amc's been holding consistent at 17, while on the other hand we are seeing a a slow but steady decline in gamestop, unfortunately um ever since we we peaked here around september 30th and then the entire month of october, the whoever was in There, some of them started cutting uh their short positions loose. I suppose, and we went from 15.5 to about 8.6, so we dropped about eight percent there um we're seeing it. I'm curious for the next exchange reported short interest to come in because we've gone from 7.82 to 7.67 to 7 mil so they're estimating, and i want i'm putting an emphasis on that word estimated estimated short interest estimated estimated estimated i'm curious for these numbers to legitimately Come in and then we could see what's actually being reported by finra members, but unfortunately we're going to have to hold our breath on that. Let's talk about the overall market, so we shot up from pretty much all of october.

All of october, we were ripping ripping ripping higher to the point that we made a new all-time high. Multiple times things got hot, the technicals got very, very hot. In the overall market we took a little bit of a breather. We had five individual red days here.

After hitting the all-time high and now we're starting to bend back around, but i just want to point out how we didn't actually break this high on november 10th. I want to break this high of basically 467 and i want to hold above that high at 467.. Today we double topped it, but right now to me it's still very indecisive, i'm not seeing a clear trend, one way or the other, and at this point with about 50 minutes left to go in the day, it does seem as if we're gon na have to Wait for next week not much different in the nasdaq 100, very similar breakdown and similar breakdown here in the russell 2000. So three of the major indices that we pay attention to, they all shot up, hit a new all-time high recently taking a little bit of a technical breather and we're just trying to glean a better idea of what the next main push will be.

And hopefully we can hop onto that trend now some of the movement today, especially if you're paying attention to the s p 500 you're, going to notice it really got going at 10 30.. Well, why is that is? Well? We got some reports coming in workers quit jobs in record numbers as consumer sentiment hits 10-year low, the university of michigan's consumer sentiment index tumbled to 66.8 for november, representing the lowest level in 10 years. Inflation concerns waited on consumers with one in four reporting. Scaled back.

Standards of living 25 of people are reporting a scaled back standard of living. A separate report showed that more than 4.4 million workers left their jobs, a fresh record, and that's actually right here - a record 4.4 million people quit their sep in september, as great resignation shows no signs of stopping. I think that's an interesting way. To put it so right here where people are quitting, high turnover is primarily concentrated in essential frontline industries, where jobs can't be done remotely that to me makes a lot of sense.

Some of september's biggest losses come from the already strained, leisure and hospitality, retail manufacturing and health services industries, people left their jobs fastest in the southern region of the country. So basically, i don't know what's going down on florida, but a lot of people i guess are enjoying the beach is really my only assumption there. Obviously jokes aside, this is an interesting scenario. So if you take both of these into account between what's going on with consumer sentiment and people quitting it's very, very interesting, so we're in there's a lot of things lining up right now, a lot of things.

So over the past year and a half, we had the federal reserve creating money out of thin air and shoving it into the system buying as many assets as they possibly can. Treasury bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds are buying everything buying, buying buying backstopping the market, which sends the market to kingdom come, but it's kind of a facade of sorts, because the economy is not that good. So the fed has been shoving money into the system to go higher and higher, and higher and they've been doing it for the argument of hey we're attempting to keep unemployment as low as we possibly can, and the market going to kingdom come is a byproduct of That action a little interesting there when you really think about that, so their goal was never to keep the market high and higher. It was just a byproduct of all their crazy, crazy actions and with that, when you put so much money into the system with money being so easily accessible, there's more money.

Interest rates are low. That's inflationary that inherently devalues your dollar and now we're in a scenario where we're in an inflationary environment because there's too much money, there are severe severe bottleneck issues, even look at the supply chain. Almost every single earnings call you listen to right now of the major companies somehow in one way or another, bring up supply chain issues and it's also being represented by whatever's going out on the pacific ocean. There long beach la those ports that represent about 20 percent of american imports.

It's just backed up i'm. There are literally ships gigantic cargo ships right now, waiting in the water. Having no clue what's going on the last time i checked it was in excess of 80. President biden literally had to enlist the help of fedex ups walmart and that's interesting.

That sounds good you're like oh, those are major companies that are going to be able to help, but that's one of the coolest things of being able to talk to a lot of people such as yourselves is people here. They're like hey. I work at ups fedex walmart, we're already overworked understaffed, there's no way we're going to be able to give up extra hands to help the gridlock situation. The supply bottleneck situation going out there.

So it's one of those things that, like it just sounds really good. I'm like, oh great, all those companies are gon na help we're gon na get it, but reality the honest people working here like no way we already don't have enough employees for our normal job, no less being able to assist the government in a time like this. So you have inflationary causes, people, obviously labor issues. Labor shortages bottleneck issues, something's brewing folks, something is brewing.

Now am i saying this in any way to sound the alarm of doomsday and everyone freak out? No, i think you got to know the truth of every situation to be able to successfully make money whether the stock market goes up down sideways backwards. There is a way to capitalize on it, so my entire goal with this is to to the best of my ability express truth to you and not just be some like bullshit media source. That has some sort of agenda, because they're paid off by xyz, and they have to say this this and that folks, i wear weird glasses and a tiger shirt like no one's paying me off. I can definitely tell you that i am not of much interest for uh someone to line my pockets.

All i do to the best of my ability is explain to you at least how i perceive some of the big world movement very, very important, but whenever you get into the subject of inflation and value the dollar being devalued, a very legitimate question is like well How can i save some of my value? Yes, you might have more money, but if everything costs more, that means you have less buying ability. You have less spending power and right now this is the first time with the explosion in technology, specifically blockchain that it's the first time we're in an inflationary environment and people are saying, hang on. I might want to store value in btc digital gold, rather than physical, gold and right now, btc coming off of an all-time high. 69 000.

Currently trading at 64, 000. ethereum coming off of 4 800 4 900, currently trading at 4, 700. crypto, i'm bullish on crypto. I have a lot of money, at least to me a lot of money in crypto, and i think it's a unique way to protect yourself from potential devaluation in the u.s dollar or whatever your country's dollar happens to be, or currency happens to be, but a little Bit of an update on the crypto front, previously, we've talked about two different etfs that are currently out there: that trade on bitcoin futures.

Now that was a nice regulatory jump forward, very, very nice of like okay, the sec is starting to play some ball with these etfs. Now, once again, it was etfs based on bitcoin futures, not bitcoin directly. So if you bought the etf, you were getting, you were not getting direct exposure to bitcoin. You were getting direct exposure to bitcoin futures, bitcoin, bitcoin, futures they're gon na be very similar, but they're, not the exact same thing.

The main takeaway you need to know here is it's not a spot etf. If it's a spot etf, it's going to be physical. It's directly owned. It's going to be physically delivered.

Your purchasing of that etf is essentially purchasing of bitcoin. Now, with futures, like i said, you're buying the actual, not the actual bitcoin you're buying futures, so that's going to be more of indirect ownership, more of a cash settled scenario. So once again, we have bitcoin future based etfs, not bitcoin, exact, not bitcoin, spot etfs. Well, there's been a couple people who are trying to get those spot etfs, which would be better now.

First of all, i like the accessibility. I, like the regulation standing up and saying: okay, we're going to start to play ball and when you get these etfs, the coolest part of it is. In my opinion, regulators are saying: okay, i'm i'm coming around to this idea, more accessibility. But really, if you look at the money part of it there's over 10 11 12 12 trillion dollars in retirement accounts right now.

Now, with these etfs that gives retirement money, iras 401ks exposure, they can actually invest into it. So we're getting there we're not where i really want to be, but we're taking small small baby steps and that's exactly how the us government and regulation likes to do things and we were about to take a big step forward. Unfortunately, it did not come through. Sec rejects van x, spot bitcoin etf proposal, so spot bitcoin, so directly, bitcoin uh physically settled direct ownership, not bitcoin futures directly bitcoin.

The decision did not come as a surprise, given sec chair gary gensler's preference for a bitcoin futures etf. So he's going for more of that indirect ownership and hey that sucks. So here's what you need to know. In its letter, the sec wrote that the commission concludes that the fund has not met its burden under the exchange act and commission's rule of practice.

To demonstrate that its proposal is consistent with the requirement that the rules of a national securities exchange be designated to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices to protect investors and public's interest. Now i'm not a lawyer, i know a lot of you are watching me right now and be like i don't know. Matt you seem really put together. Are you sure you're not a financial advisor? Are you sure you're? Not a lawyer like you just seem.

You seem like a guy who really has his like shit together. No, i'm not like. I know a lot of people get surprised, but um i know. Maybe this is what lawyers look like.

Unfortunately, i'm not a lawyer, so this is the thing those lawyers and regulators fight about. I just find it a little bit interesting designed to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices and to protect investors and the public interest. I mean, like i said, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a financial advisor. Some of you might just classify me as a person who yells at a camera in my mom's basement, but wherever you put me on that paradigm, i'm at least smart enough to know that like if this is what they're going for jeez louise.

They let a lot of the things like slip through the cracks there not too long ago. The federal reserve insider trading we know day over day. Politicians are insider trading. We know federal judges are presiding over cases that and while they're literally trading the stocks involved with the companies who are in that case, but hey you know, they're fighting fraudulent and manipulative acts.

They got our back. The decision was widely expected, as sec chair gary gensler has indicated his preference for a bitcoin futures etf over an etf that holds bitcoin multiple times in the past. So that's his preference. We already have bitcoin futures, so of course he prefers it because he's already allowed it um, but right now, bitcoin uh.

We have the pro shares one bito and valkyrie uh btf. Those two are actively trading once again, it's bitcoin futures not bitcoin directly. It's a step in the right direction, but it would be nice for this to go so van eck is currently i'm assuming they're going to reapply. Maybe change some things with their spot etf and then also we know.

Grayscale is attempting to do the same thing. This we're getting in the right way and, of course, like we're running into a couple hurdles here and there i'm just trying to keep you updated, but um hey, let's see how it plays out fingers crossed for the next um. I guess the next application to the government, speaking of bitcoin bitcoin decline, could stabilize at 60k. So this is a fancy schmancy thing of saying: hey resistance, hey look at this! The rsi got high.

It took a time for a breather. We have the 100 day moving average. Okay. This is all very legitimate technical analysis and we are seeing that reflected in the chart.

Things just got hot. We ripped things out a little bit too hot we're taking a breather, they're thinking it's going to base at 60.. My argument is probably closer to 62, but at that point you're just fighting over small details. I still think it bases, and then we slowly build up momentum and get a push to the next new all-time high and the other final thing i want to leave with you with about crypto is loop ring.

So me, i'm very interested in crypto, very interested in gamestop and looping. In my humble opinion, is the connection of the two loopering price up seven fold this month on gamestop speculation, metaverse bets the token has surged from below one dollar to over three dollars in the space of weeks, and that's exactly what it's done lrc right here, you Can get out on coinbase? There is a link to coinbase. If you want to sign up in the description of the video, this thing is move and move and moving ever since. What like i mean this movement is nuts look at this in the end of october.

We were at 50 cents, it's currently trading at three dollars and it almost hit four dollars. So, what's the dealio well, first of all, metaverse you've probably heard that with facebook now meta getting into that world, it truly feels like ready player one and what's going on in the metaverse, and that is going to strongly tie in with a lot of blockchains a Lot of cryptos, but specifically nfts and loot, rings interesting, because that's really where it comes in with these decentralized exchanges marketplaces and then that's what you hear about gamestop and trying to do their own nft marketplace a lot of people connecting to the dots there. It's interesting. So high level, here's what you need to know about looping loopring runs on the ethereum network, specifically on layer.

Two zero knowledge, roll-ups zk roll up. So if you look into anything about loopering, you're gon na hear zk roll ups a lot and that's because it's the technology that sets it apart from so many other blockchains layer, two refers to a secondary protocol that built on top of an existing system. In this case, on top of ethereum zk roll-ups allow blockchains to validate transaction faster whilst ensuring the gas fees are minimal. They combine processes handled both on blockchain and off blockchain.

So to put that in layman's terms. Basically, it's built. You have ethereum level layer, one and then you have looping layer, two, it's built on top of it and what it does is right now, ethereum's a little bit too slow. The fees are expensive, so it gets triggered from layer one and then with the zk roll up technology.

The processing that needs to be done goes to layer two. It goes off of layer, one and it's done all the computation is done there and when it's done it then returns back to layer one. So it allows for it to be cheaper and also more expedient in the most layman's terms that you need to know. But this one is all about allowing people to create their own decentralized exchanges, lrc an ethereum-based project that allows developers to build their own decentralized exchanges has jumped a stunning sevenfold in price.

Just this month, nearing a market valuation of four billion. Analysts attribute the price jump to speculation, ranging from gamestop related rumors to the project's potential usefulness in the metaverse development. To me, bada bing, bada boom. You got the metaverse.

You got gamestop two very excited groups, a lot of crossover between the two i'm in loop ring. I bought it back at 1.36. I think - and i'm just going to hold this thing and hopefully it keeps moving up up and away. Speculation may have started when someone saw loopring, github and realized.

There's code being worked on that involve gamestop. So if you don't know about github, it's a repository where people store code and you can actually look at the code - that's written up so right here, loop rings, people saw that there was potential connections to gamestop and that's where those rumors came from it wasn't just A rumor of like oh, this might be cool people were literally looking at the code and saw some connections between the two which hey, i think that's a pretty unique way to do some interesting dd. So, overall, that's what i have for you. That's the update on loopering, what's going on with bitcoin the sec and then, of course, the hecticness of the macroeconomic situation facing the us and the globe.

Now, let's talk about some of these individual stocks, these stocks, these stocks, these stocks, like i said, amc, it's going to be the battle of 40.. We have about 35 minutes left it's going to be the battle of 40. 100 we're going up down. Barcoding uh market makers aren't going to be trying to pin this level, let's just see if they're more excited about calls or puts who they can burn more people on what else do we have? Oh, i should do some of these questions love it.

You ready my friend guys. Look, it's swag cores, you know what the sun just came up in townsville iphone ready to get dumb. I'm gon na get my sunnies too so brendan like, i said, i promise you, i would watch it and i feel like well. You already used the chip clip.

I mean i already on a day-to-day basis, do dumb things just in fox news, adam aaron, to accept doge and sheep in 90 days. Awesome. Can you break down prague support resistance? How does the chart look so to me, prague is a little bit more of a medium to long term play it's at support right now. Well, i guess support between 270 and three dollars.

We have additional support at 220., looking for the breakout of 355., but to me it's a little bit too small of a time frame, i'm interested in being a prog medium to long-term investor. If it squeezes that's awesome i'll take some gains i'll write i'll. Let it come back down and i'll re-enter, but prague, i'm not in this for a short-term play. I think it's disruptive to a massive medical industry um, so i'm happy to sit on it.

Matt you got to get satuma enu train with me, boo kitty. It's throwing ham on the ceiling and they're releasing sonoma mass tomorrow, amc total james and molly. What's going on, i do need to look into that. Hopefully i'm having some time over this weekend.

If i'm excited i'll i'll buy a little maximilian, would you play snap gap up snapchat snap, snap, snap, snap uh? Not yet? No, i would want to see some buying. I would want to see it above 55. I would want to see it above 57. I would probably want to see a breakout above 57 and get some momentum going right now.

I just don't see buyers on it, but the risk is nice. Your risk is very close by at 51., so the risk reward scenario is nice. I'd prefer personally just to see some buyers before i throw any money at it. Gotcha you're a troll wait who's the troll, i'm a troll mike mchale who's, a troll, i'm a troll! That's hurtful! I have feelings too uh.

Do you have your yolo option for today that you got on monday uh? My amc, one yeah it's at 47, so it's worthless at this point chair is a troll uh. Yes, we know about amc. Uh amc just gave the timeline for rolling out it'll break 3 p.m. The claiming countdown we could listen to her if she's bringing on adam aaron uh clay liz clayman.

She doesn't follow me amc to accept dogecoin in about 90 days working on accepting shiba inu. Okay. So you can't say shiba inu in 90 days you could say dogecoin in 90 days, but not cheap. This is something we kind of already know like adam aaron tweeted this out last night.

Um breaking amc just gave me a timeline for rolling out acceptance of dogecoin. Any news on she being new coin for the sheep army as well apes, not leaving, will be interested because it puts amc in a unique position, i'll break it at 3 p.m. I mean. Has she spoken about this to me it? I guess the 90 days is something, but it's not.

I mean adam aaron tweeted this stuff out yesterday, that we know doge is coming and she will come most likely. Next fans should read or scoop the prism of amc, yes, dallas mavs jumped in early, but amc theaters could largest cap public company claiming countdown good stuff good stuff. I mean, i think, i'm just a fan of any company getting more involved with crypto. I like this.

I, like amc's, taking certain steps into crypto game, stops taking apparently very serious steps into crypto. I applaud both leadership teams. I really really do i think it's a smart business move. Do you trust that i love you yes brendan.

I do trust that you love me in fact put it to the vote again. Do viewers trust i obviously have genuine love and affection for matt all right. We're asking the audience we're asking 4 500 people? Yes or no. Do you think brendan genuinely loves me and has affection, or do you think that it's not genuine and there's no affection involved? It's up to you, it's up to the apes listening right! Now, yes or no? Yes, he loves me.

No, he does not love me uh. Oh, the vote's coming in half and half thus far, not genuine. I don't know it seems kind of split here. Brenden i'd call it infatuation, someone said so toxic.

It's a toxic relationship all right! Well, while you guys are casting your vote, let's get pumping with another song, it's friday. What's this one whoa that just went red that went red on us here, i can. What, if i just like put it a little bit in the background? Is that annoying? If we do a little bit in the background like a little bit of music, is that cool is it cool? Is it hip? Would that give me points with middle schoolers? Why is this flashing red uh seems like we have some movement on the whole marinara sector? Gop lawmakers present cannabis legalization bill. Finally, republicans have released their marinara legalization proposal between gop lawmakers proposal on simple cannabis.

Descheduling, an extensive legislation offered by democrats. The new draft legislation read by republican nancy mace seems to fall somewhere in the middle of the measure. Titled. The state's reform act is currently in a preliminary form, although a final version is expected to be filed later in november.

Some cannabis advocates see the new proposal as a smart move, because many don't believe the democrats, far-reaching bill stands a chance of passing every chamber before being sent to president biden to sign. So it sounds like we have a middle of the road states. Reform act shout out to nancy mace, a republican from south carolina shout out to everyone in here from south carolina great state, all right, marijuana, descheduling, whoa, they're allowed to say. I was told previously that marijuana is racist to say as a word and it's offensive to someone.

Why is our government allowed to say it anyway? Someone give me the answer on that marijuana, descheduling on a federal level and being treated like alcohol, 2.75 percent excess tax on cannabis, sales, uh, blah, blah blah raw cannabis would fall under the agricultural commodity category and therefore be regulated by the u.s department of agriculture. Some people with non-violent cannabis related crime records would be eligible for expungement. That makes a lot of sense. Existing state licensed marijuana operators would be grandfathered into federal scheme.

Smart, while federal agencies could continue to drug chest. For cannabis, veterans would be safe from discrimination in federal hiring due to marijuana use. Doctors with veterans affairs va would be specifically authorized to issue recommendations for medical cannabis for veterans interesting. Well, there's your update on that.

I see a lot of people getting jacked up about amc. I mean it's up 20 cents, which is awesome, but the battle's at 40.. We still have 25 minutes to go uh thoughts on cashing out one of my aetheriums to get 20 salanas. Oh, you know counselor murray, i guess i don't know what per percentage of your utility crypto.

That would be, but i think it i'm very happy to be in ethereum solana and cardano and i have al goran, but i want more algorithm. I want to play all four recently: i've been hearing about the kind of awesomeness of avalanche, i'm not sure. If many people have been into avalanche, i don't own any, but i'm definitely going to be researching it in the near uh in the near term um. But i don't know how many people here are excited about avalanche, but so i i i just don't know how many ethereums you already have, but i think it's good to have diversity between ethereum solana and cardano matt.

What's your thoughts on ggpi seeking alpha's price target released today of 35 poll store ev fundamentals are solid retail interest um. I don't know much about gdpi, so i don't think i can like fairly comment on. What's a good or bad price target for it, i just haven't been tracking that it's totally netflix and chill. Okay, so friends tell the truth: uh, let's play a little game, called getting to know matt and brennan.

Everyone cool with that brendan, is trying to play a game with you. It almost feels like a saw type of a thing. Uh is this intro song to the timeshare video. You want me to watch best channel popping molly and raven to the moon.

Thoughts on bgfe 30 short interest, low float, 21 million, plus a one dollar dividend to be paid next week. Let's check it out: bgiv sorry, bgfv, uh, big five sporting goods corporation, so short interest. 33 utilization 97 shares on loan 5.62 million nice nice nice folks. This thing could get going.

I don't own any! So i'm in no way saying that as uh. Oh, like hey, help me out because i'm i'm in it and i want this to go higher. I want to make this very clear. I don't own any bgfe, i don't know if i'm going to buy or not probably not.

I feel like i'm a little late but um the price movement on bgfe, on top of the fact that it has a 33 short interest, a high utilization and it's a low float holy moly guacamole batman. You feel me the volume um volume's a little light. I would want it on average trade seven, so i think when things get going, maybe this could pop to like 20 mil volume. Market cap isn't even a billion.

This thing this thing has some room to do some stuff. Um i'd have to look a little bit more into it to see. What's going on, but uh this interests me, it has some sprt vibes from prior to the gree merger uh and for those of you who don't know about it, that's when sprt like ripped. I want to look into it i'll be looking more into this, but this is definitely um from all the other suggestions.

This one, i would say in terms of peaking my interest, it's a five star out of five star in terms of matt's curiosity level, should i should i put it onto my watch list and just see if this is news, bgfv report on it. That's news. Breaking news youtube, extraordinaire, matt coors adds bgfv to his watch list. After publicly announcing it is a five star out of five star on his curiosity level measurement system that he made up in real time.

That's a good headline right there. If any of you happen to work at like abc, and you want to run that story, let me know you have my permission. You have my complete permission to run that made 880 earlier on rjs. Congratulations.

Where is ifmk headed in your opinion, i fmk. I f m k uh, i don't know, but i hate this chart. This is a horrific looking chart. I mean this is ugly folks, this chart's uglier than me when i get done crying in the shower, so we might want to avoid that situation.

All right. Where are we at um saw nah? We may stumble into a little bit of an opportunity. You know i could be slightly indicative of literally everything our spark words with this thing. It's friday things are loose cool, sure, let's let it rip arbe thoughts.

I know spax can be iffy but seems like a leader in ar radar sector. Technically, technically looks good. What do you think uh a-r-b-e-a-r-b-e? It looks really good, but it looks so good that it's chasey i mean. What's your risk, your risk is what nine dollars 780..

It's trading at 14., it looks you're just a little late to the party. I fear like what i just don't see. A good risk point is the stock looks strong, but i just it's one of those things that you almost wish you were like in it. It's your show totally your call, but if you're feeling loose and funny, let's have at it of just like questions like, are you gon na ask me questions? What are you particularly pitching here brendan? You know what pisses me off that bitch on empty carol, bask and killed her husband, whacked him.

You can't convince me it didn't happen. I strongly believe carol. Baskin killed her ex-husband. I don't.

I want everyone to know that, like what side of the fence i'm on. Yes, she totally murdered her previous husband, i think, isn't tiger king two coming out in like a week, i'm gon na watch it. I need to watch it. It's culturally relevant.

Have you spoken with mark cahotes about his amc plan? I have, but he also said, don't tell anyone which means i shouldn't tell anyone. He was eaten by tigers for sure guilty viewers up, for, i think brendan we're all like up for what particularly like. Are you asking me questions like rapid fire questions? Is that what you want to do? Hi matt stepped yesterday on gmnl esports, your thoughts nice weekend, gmnl gmno uh. Oh, that's, not a thing.

Man, gm ln! I'm trying to figure out what your typo was gm. That's not one you're messing with me draftkings bottom draftkings. I am underwater on draftkings, but hopefully not for much longer solid support at 40 support at 38.. You could play off of that.

I bought it back here at 47, so i'm down by about seven dollars per share, but i just don't see the sports gambling sector like disappearing. I think it's just going to be stronger and stronger. They've even said that they didn't have the best earnings announcement, but they think that they're going to do the company has said that they think they're going to do very well in 2022. How on earth is there a second one, this time he's still in prison? I don't know how there is a second one, that's a good question, but it comes out soon.

They're also doing like a biopic on it and i think nicholas cage is playing the tiger king, which is probably more excited gmbl. This is esports gambling right, which i love. Those two together except the chart, looks bad. It looks bad bad, bad.

The baddest man in town maybe wait for this trendline breakout and then you could risk 520 is a potential way. I've never traded this. I don't have it, but i want it to do well, but you can't really warp reality to not believe that it's been in a clear bear trend. Matt, please, stop stalking me in space calls.

Thank you not a hedge fund. I was honored to be by you in that space call. I was honored to be able to sit by you in that space call yeah kinda brendan. If you have questions for me, let him rip i'm ready, i'm feeling agile, like a tiger like a teenage tiger.

Nick cage is the perfect tiger king. He might be more tiger king than the actual tiger king is sndl gon na hit a dollar it. Could i mean it's swinging back around to its intraday high of 96 cents. I mean to go seven more cents like that's, not that crazy and we're seeing it did well in its earnings that just got reported.

I believe you there last night or early this morning it beat on earnings and on top of that, we're seeing movement from the republican side, the gop they're, the ones suggesting marinero legalization talk about waking up in the upside down. I should included this in the last mission, but would you be able to check the price movement for ggpi? Oh whoa holy holy moly guacamole financial conglomerate. I mean i'm not buying things at an all-time high, but if you're in it congrats, this thing is ripping the biopic is called tropic thunder. Was that the bad bad leroy brown lyric, i heard uh? Almost i didn't.

I couldn't remember enough of the song, so i kind of stopped by wearing that shirt into cnbc special. You somehow turned your channel into an only fans. People gave you hundreds of monies to call you thick. You made it bro yeah and, like the amount of extra silence, i got on my actual only fans crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.

The amount of people willing to pay me 69 a day for access to my only fans, you guys would be disgusted at my bank account. My only fan's specific bank account my accountant, my like cpa lose lose in her mind, doesn't know what to do with all this money want to check out honestly the amount of money before i go into this next, probably more important thing. I think i could solve the us, like as a country, their debt problem, with my only fans just just an idea. I want to check out iq st, been uplifted to otcqx, going to be listed on nasdaq at the end of december, beginning of january, want to check it out.

Please iqst iqst, i mean penny stock. It's delayed. It's on the otc market generally up listings are good, but i wouldn't touch it until it's actually uplifted it's not good when it, it can't even make it on uh the nasdaq. So it's good that it's getting there, but i would wait for that.

Uh otc that market, the gray market um, is way less regulated than the nasdaq. The new york stock exchange, the lid exchanges that you're used to wonderful okay. So one of the things i've struggled with here is i'm australian and i used to do comedy in the uk, so we're expected to know our place and never brag. Okay, hey matt! What is your opinion on agc about 40 short pending a merger with a grab at 16.50 right now, it's at an all-time high, i mean, but once again, just because something has a high short interest that doesn't mean it's gon na squeeze folks, it means it has.

The potential to but high short interest does not represent demand; it doesn't represent buying. You need the buying to squeeze the shorts out with this merger. Maybe you'll get some buying there. A growth, corp financial conglomerate.

I'd probably want to know more about the details of the merger who's acquiring them. Why are they acquiring them? The price they're acquiring them for and kind of, build off of that? Do you believe that the autonomy of this community is really important to me? I do. I do i do i do brown hill metaverse, don't know what that is all right. Just so everyone knows we have a little over 10 minutes left, so just for anyone who is in the u.s battling with pattern day trading, if you're attempting to get it trade in.

So you don't like mess up with one of your day, trades on monday, just giving you that 10 minute warning. Usually i do it with like 10 seconds and that's not enough time uh. When are you checking the po box? I i just checked it recently. We did a week ago we did a big unboxing on friday if, if something came in recently i'll check again, oh that reminds me, i need to pay that po box fee.

Are you number one on all stair masters now not on all, because there's three and i don't like using the middle one, because i don't know, i don't want people on both sides of me. So i just use the one all the way to the left. The one all the way to the right and i'm of course, number one on both of those have you noticed how often people in commons wait? Have you noticed how often people in comments people can't actually believe? It's really me if you're a fan of occam's razor logic. What do you assess? That's from i mean occam's razor is usually what is that, like that, the the simplest reasoning or solution is most likely the right one.

So if you're trying to apply the simplest solution, why do they believe? It's not you. I think it's uh. A lot of people are thinking that your actions and commentary are abnormal to typical societally accepted forms of communication, so they think you're a quirky character. I think they believe it's you.

I just think that you're a strange, i think they think you're a strange person. I ain't worried about pdt, i'm worried about phd pattern day drinking. Why doesn't brendan just join the discord? That's a good question cootery. I wait till 5 pm to drink cadillac.

Pat, not all of us have the uh brendan burns. Seen you perform a few times expat ozzy here ryan miller, seeing brendan perform live matt. Can you give me a relationship advice about marrying a stripper in vegas yeah? You mean about intertwining your life with a strong entrepreneurship-based woman. Smart.

Do it so very often you'll have someone on your show from financial going, i'm johnny finance and i kick ass at being. Johnny finance, wank, wank wank uh the discord, it's in, like all the things that i use. If you want to sign up for public, if you want to sign up for voyager they're in the description of the video, all those things like. If you want to help me, if you want this software anyway and you're just trying to like sign up - and you want to use my affiliate link, that stuff obviously greatly appreciated on the description of the video and then the discord is there as well just before Anyone signs up for the discord i want to make this explicitly clear.

This discord is not like a buy, sell signal thing. I'm not telling people buying now selling now do this. Do that? No! No! No! That sounds like a nightmare from hell involving the sec. This discord is like where we just talk about ideas and share concepts and like kind of shoot, the shit it's not like a buy, sell signal, type of a thing, it's more of like learning together.

I've seen brendan on some big tv shows in the uk. I think brendan needs a segment every friday and matt's show yo. What's this bgfe chatter i keep hearing the chart is bullish thanks for monitoring, throwing it on the watch list. Um yeah.

I think that chatter from bgfv is. I just heard that there's like some dapper youtuber out there who's been talking about it somewhat recently and he put it on his watch list. I think that, like stirred up a lot of excitement for it, i don't know who did it, but i, like i heard through the grapevine that he's like he's a catch, never got my free voyager stock. When i use your name um, you don't get stock as soon as you trade, a hundred dollars on voyager of any crypto like you have to transact a hundred dollars worth.

Then you get 25 worth of bitcoin credited to your account. So in any sane world, what's more likely, i'm starstruck fan in a youtube comment section or i might be up to something all along. Would you like to know why you specifically all right? So this is a two-part question and i always get confused because my brain can't focus on that. So, what's more likely, i'm a starstruck fan in the youtube comment section or i might be up to something all along.

I think you're up to something. Would you like to know why me specifically, like me, me uh, i guess, and i hope this isn't like one of those like sending lotion and down in a basket into a whole scenarios. Uh ivan has a question ivan yo. You could answer me please ivan.

I don't know what your question is. What else do we have going on ivan's mad ivan feels like i'm not paying him enough attention ivan. What did you say? I sent an unpaid chat bro. Oh sorry, let me find it hey matt.

What do you think of? First dollar stock: thanks have a nice evening. First, solar fslr, nice trend - i mean it's. It got knocked pretty hard in 2012, but kind of had some rough patches, but starting to build up some momentum, um resistance, resistance support at 108. I would use 108, maybe 101, something like that and if you could get, if there's a breakout of this bull flag, this pair, like this channel two parallel lines down channel channel channel.

Look for the break of the channel, use your risk point potentially as the most recent relative low and play off of that from a technical perspective uh, but in terms of fundamentals. I don't know much about the company uh, okay, because you're the funniest one uh, and i saw you being genuinely happy for other people making profit from the outset. Therefore, profit equals altruism, hey. I appreciate that um, that's very nice of you.

It's definitely different than what my parents and my girlfriend say. They say you think you're so much funnier than you actually are uh. So it's nice to hear that people think i'm funny, but in terms of profit i mean folks, that's what gets me jacked up is hearing about other people's. Probably it makes me feel like i'm actually like doing something solid when people are like dude.

Like you taught me enough, and i just like made 100 bucks, i made a thousand bucks. I made 10 000 bucks like that stuff. Is it's like freaking heroin to me uh? Oh obviously, your eventual thickness was a huge bonus. I was not ready for the bonus thickness.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, paypal, paypal, paypal, paypal, that's what i hear from my parents and my completely real girlfriend. You know you're, not that funny must be living rent free in your head about my comedy. If you think i'm not funny flynn's flynn sword flynn sword. Thank you.

I appreciate that paypal reversal. Yes, i like that you're at some support, especially if you can pop over 212, play that back up to 226.. I think that's a solid gap. They'll play good eyes.

Good eyes, good eyes, good eyes, why does your twitch account say you're from bg? I don't even know what bg is matt if adam or aaron doesn't accept and join the mark. Cohortos idea is that a clear indicator that he doesn't care about the amc stock um, but that's weird because you don't know what the marcotus idea is. So how do you know about like joining it or not exactly you were at the end of the initial algo. I typed in weird huh a match made in heaven matt after seeing you on fox, i'm convinced you were actually buffed.

24. 7. The whole time. Can you confirm my theory see if i confirm it, then you guys are gon na start, realizing that all these antics, like all of a sudden they're like wait if matt was buffed, 24 7 is matt.

Also rico is matt. Also greg you, you see how it's a slippery slope. If i confirm that i'm buff 24 7. bg beefy guy, oh man, what did i have for lunch? Like a spicy thai peanut chicken thing? What else we have the unusual suspects? Matt is kaiser souza, oh man, the market's getting close in 45 seconds.

So, if you're trying to make a trade before the market closes. Just so you know, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, bulgaria! Oh! Why does it say? I'm from bulgaria uh. I probably wrote that when i was making fun of vlad because of it in his government statements when he was in front of the like congress he's like i'm just a boy. I, when i was a boy in bulgaria he said that, like 18 times when i was a boy in bulgaria, i realized i can make a brokerage and fuck it up, so ungodly bad that the public hates me when i was a boy from bulgaria, ding ding, Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding market's closed folks.

What was that last one? Hello, hello, luke? I am your father, oh brother, oh brother matt got the hard tuned megaphone one working. I have too much fun. This should not legally be a job should not at all muto gracias seriously. I appreciate the support.

It's been another wild week, amc coming in at 40 flat the battle of 40 them dirty dogs jimmy coming in at 202.. As always, you guys are absolutely the most fantastic subset of the entire internet. I truly truly appreciate every single one of you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. As for this weekend, there is no interview coming out, but i might be on twitch doing some like. I don't know i'll, maybe i'll shoot trey text and see if he wants to like play some like call of duty or something together and then we'll also be doing um, probably just some update videos.

I don't know whatever. Wherever i see some hot news. Maybe we'll do some crypto stuff or something like that. There's gon na be some content coming out this weekend, so do not forget to like subscribe turn on your notifications.

Also pin to the top of chat is the mat course clip channel. So all the most exciting things from the live streams, if you miss it, they get clipped and put on coors light. It is currently pinned to the top of chat, don't forget to check that out and hit that subscribe. Button obviously liking subscribing completely free and it's the only type of support.

I actually ask for thank you so so much. I hope all of you have an absolutely fantastic friday night weekend. I hope you're able to spend some time with your family friends. If you don't like your family, if you don't like your friends, i hope you enjoy your time to yourself.

Maybe you read a good book or i don't know, do something exciting like that. But overall i appreciate all of your time very, very seriously from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I will catch you this weekend, i'll catch you on monday and as always for me and chair best of luck in the markets.

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