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Ep 146 but why dumb money? dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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"But why Dumb Money?"
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 146
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Oh internet accent you folks, folks, folks, folks, folks so much so much to talk about the top of the hour. Here we could talk about how much money i'm currently losing on tesla. What is this tesla rip moon game? What is this tesla rip right now? I don't know what it is, but it's costing me a lot of money. This is insane who's buying.

This thing i want names. I want answers. This is ridiculous. All right, sorry, but i don't know what was going on with uh the stream like it.

It kicked off on both rumble and on twitch, but not on youtube. That was weird. I don't even know if it's it probably ended up breaking it on. Is it working on rumble all right? I think we're actually somehow going youtube having some weird problems, but hey moon gang we are live, we are live, live, live, live, live all right now, i'm seeing from some of your comments that gasparino is talking about amc today with clayman.

Is that true? Can someone confirm or deny that for me, because if so we could bring it up uh? I have liz claiming up right now. She appears to be something about uh, revving up the economy, something about the infrastructure bill being assigned and all that good stuff um. Let me know uh yeah true. Now he got canceled.

Why does my car smell like celery that was yesterday? I don't think he would have been on air yesterday. The market wasn't open. Yesterday, i'm just trying to find this gasparino thing. It's always fun to know what he has to say about amc, one of the most informed people of our time.

Uh nope, that's someone else. Where is he talking wall street uh? That was an hour ago? Nothing happening i'll, be talking. Amc today, manipulation tune in. Where is he talking we're? We need answers, charles, we need answers, man.

What else do we have? Of course it has to be about this piece that he's saying i'll, be on tv talking about amc stock manipulation tune in. I need a time. I need a place. Man, how does he expect us to pay attention? Oh clayman, all right alert he's back wall street crowd.

Grass mourinho is back, live with me, 3pm eastern fox ideas on how i should welcome him back. Let me know tune in all right. Well, i have it up. We can listen to him whenever he gets going here.

Uh. Let me get the volume in my headset all right. I can hear her and as soon as like it announces that he's coming on i'll. Let you know i'll, let you know i'll, let you know i'll.

Let you know, but we're ready for that um honestly, tesla might be going up right now because of this, the infrastructure build, expand, ev charging stations. I'm curious my thesis is that everyone upon this announcement may be coming out at whatever this is 240 uh did lucid rip. Where did lucid, just go lucid started to pick up. Rivian started to pick up.

Uh very well could be just related to whatever in the world is going on with the infrastructure bill, because, obviously, as they build out the ev charging infrastructure, that's obviously going to be a net benefit to these individual companies. So that's my going thesis there um. I also wanted to get in and more, i suppose cohesively explain the concept of buying the dip uh. I wanted to give you a like a better understanding, because i'm still seeing such a crazy amount, a crazy amount of false information about it.

So i just wan na i just don't know what time they're speaking and i don't want one rant to interrupt the other rant. I guess we're just waiting. Hmm hey having a great day broke over 43, currently at 4268 jimmy broke over to 11, currently at 208. In terms of these updates, amc they've returned 53 000 shares they borrowed 683 000.

Interesting estimated short interest currently for amc is 16.4. The estimated short interest for gme is 8.64 uh. I'm just trying to better understand one day my gravestone i'll have written matt queer said my car smelled like celery twice. Oh love it crossing rants is a bad thing.

Man i know that's what i'm saying is. I don't want to uh mix up two different ones. What's up with the level two on amc, weeble later um, i don't see anything messed up with this right here. Uh.

Is there something specific going on with the level two? It seems to be working. Remember when you're looking at weebles level 2. This is exclusively the new york stock exchange, one of 16 lit exchanges uh. So there are other lit exchanges.

There's all the market makers, there's all the dark pools. This is just like a one little. I guess portion of the overall picture of. What's going on the chart, this chart that chart what chart am i looking at if there's something wonky with the chart here, that's literally just like poor coding, that's a poor ui thing, that's not indicative of something i guess nefarious.

I mean it's just poor data representation check the real brennan b. Okay, let me check out this twitter account. This is just poor code um. This is just like a poor coding job like they like miscoded this, because what you care about is actual bid and ask like at the highest bid: 13, 12, 11, 10.

9. 8. 7. 6.

5. 4. 3. 2.

1. That makes sense and then the ask 34. 36. 3.

7. 38. 39. It would be weird if the bid and the ask were out of order, but this should always been be increasing, and then this should always be.

I guess increasing. If you come down so decreasing on the ask and increasing on the bid. This right here, hey gary gensler, want to explain what the fuck you do all day. No, that that's like a misinterpret like this is just bad code.

This is just like a poor ui. This trust me weeble's graphical, display a level two is not the end-all be-all for the sec. What you care about is the bid and the ask, and honestly this bit in this ask - is from the newark stock exchange, one of many other things going on um. This is an overreach.

I can understand why it looks wonky, but it's just poor code. It's messed up code and i'm not here to i guess, like defend weeble, i don't use weeble. I don't think they should have those problems, but that's not something the sec would look into the sec. Would look at it and be like wow.

These people suck. That's it ask was 50k. Hang on the ask. Was 50k there's? No, i'm not seeing the ask of 50k.

I see on that picture and ask of 4 000 shares at 42.38. Unless i'm, the ask is frozen. Oh okay, so obviously you need a bit more of a video to see it rather than the chart. I see what you're saying is.

This ask is filled right here so once again, though, this is just like a mess up because look at the trades they're still coming through 62 62. uh. These are the trades currently being executed on the new york stock exchange. But look at the time in sales, like obviously it's trading above 34..

This is just frozen like if it's just frozen and someone said it's been frozen for an hour. Um it's just frozen. Like i don't know, i i never found a crazy amount of utility in using this just because it's exclusively the new york stock exchange, you're missing the nasdaq you're missing iex you're missing in total there's about 12 serious lit exchanges 16 in total, but there's like 12 Big ones, it's seeing this it's interesting to look at to see where the walls are and aren't, but this is like a poor code problem. Um you're, seeing the time and sales come through properly.

65. 64. 63. 62..

It's obviously trading above this ask. This is just frozen right now. That is weird it's frozen because of manipulation. What what does that mean? I i am i'm a little bit confused on that one like how how would it be manipulative to freeze the level two when you're training above the highest ask on the level two, i'm not like quite following it.

I it would be weird if it was frozen and we were continually trading there, but it we're trading on top of it. So it didn't like really stop anything. I i don't quite get that one. Everything is a conspiracy when have you ever seen that, though i've never seen it and other people are saying it's working for them? Did it mine, isn't working mine is definitely frozen right now frozen as ice, but i don't, i think, that's more of weeble being weeble opposed to like needing gensler to step in and like we we're wanting uh gensler to step in and be like fixer code for Them they suck at coding, uh best test literature, don't look too happy.

No, my tesla is getting completely demolished right now, completely demolished right. Now, it's not fun, and actually i mean. Let me know please if gasparino starts talking, but i do want to explain something so their recently on the twitter sphere has been an assumption that buying the dip is equivalent to short selling. It's helping short sellers and actually some people have gone to the extent of saying that it's the same as short selling.

Let me make something specifically clear: no, it is not in one scenario when you're buying you're representing demand in the other scenario you're selling representing supply, they are not not only are they not similar, they're, actually polar opposites um. I know this has been making its rounds, but let me explain it to you, because beyond the fact that you guys just probably know that that's crazy, remember the market trades within the nbbo, the national best bid, the national best offer the best bid. Let me move this up, so i don't hear them. The best bid is the highest willing.

Buyer and the best offer is the lowest willing seller. So remember, lowest, willing seller is the national best offer the highest willing. Buyer is the national best bid and then, when the bid and the ask are the same price, that's when a transaction actually goes through so you're bringing up the bid you're bringing down the ask. So in this scenario that some people are trying to make of like buying the dip is bad.

So, okay, if the price is going down as in the the bid and the ask, are going down, because the price is the equilibrium between the two we're going lower. Lower and lower the argument is, we shouldn't, buy the bid like don't don't be buying. This dip do not represent demand because that's somehow help helping shorts. That doesn't make sense, because if you take away this liquidity, if these bids aren't sitting here - and this like would be a way better explanation, if the ask wasn't currently frozen on amc.

But if this size wasn't here, the price drops. If you take away the 107 at 72, then you drop to 71.. If you take away the 300 at 73, it drops like my point: is you need demand represented because if not it just drops, and then you always drop to the highest willing buyer? So if people aren't buying the dip, you just drop to whoever's actually willing to buy the dip and if that's very low, that means it goes lower and lower and lower. I can't believe that we are 11 months into this thing, and people like somehow like people with a following are stating that this is how the market works.

That is not how the market works. Um yeah. I find it particularly frustrating because we're 11 months into this, like i feel that people, especially if you have a following, should understand like the basic mechanisms of the market, uh man that is dangerous to put out there. The assumption that buying the dip is helping short sellers and or potentially worse the same as short selling is verifiably.

False stocks go up when there's more demand than supply stocks fall when there's more supply than demand. It is literally that simple, so, all of a sudden, if you're not buying the dip in whatever that scenario, is it don't focus on it being a dip or not a dip. Just in general prices go up if there's more demand than supply prices go down. If there's more supply than demand, if demand equals supply, the price stays constant, whether you're dipping ripping or something in between if demand goes away, if demand liquidity disappears, price drops because there's more supply than there is demand.

This is an inherent axiom of how the stock market works please. This is how the market works. We all need to get on that same page and, if you're reading, something or somehow maybe misconstruing what it means. No, all you need to know the takeaway from this is buying, the dip is good.

Buying the dip is good. Buying the flat is good buying the rip is good. Demand is good. Demand is what pushes the price up you always want.

Demand to outweigh supply demand is good. I don't care where the demand possibly is, but in those scenarios of buying the rip buying flat or buying on the dip somehow does one of those magically turn into helping shorts or being the same as shorting. Absolutely verifiably. No demand is good, no matter when it happens.

That's this is an axiom of the market. Folks supply demand prices the equilibrium between the two. All right did she start: hey, hey, beefy. What rent did i pop into you like the nasa, the nasa hoodie uh matt? They're just foot in trying to infiltrate us.

It's good you're, informing the new, true apes and people with no clue it. It's just weird um the person who's. Putting this out has argued that they've been trading for 10 years. If you're trading for 10 years.

You know more about the market than this: it's that's just factual, um, literally just how it works. There's no way you could have be around the stock market for 10 years and think that buying dips is helping shorts. You would have learned that that's not true within the first couple weeks, couple months of trading um, not a decade that that that does not add up in my mind, uh seems like even pico, pico or pico influencers trying to say rel. It seems like even pico.

Er pico influencers trying to stay relevant. Oh man, all right, i'm just waiting for gasparino to get rocking. This is going to be a fun one. You never know what he's going to say, but you just schedule schedule your afternoon for matt coors rant.

We don't know what the rant subject matter is going to be, but uh it's going to be coming. What else do we have latest info on amy amy, uh 16.4, estimated short interest uh? What else do we have? Hypothetically? Let's say your amc. Average was 43.66 200 shares hypothetically. Would you sell your shares to reenter at a lower price? If no, why, in hindsight, if you could guarantee that yeah, that's a smarter play, because now you have more at a lower average, but the risk is way too much like there's so many people that it thinks it's that easy, like! Oh just buy it back when it's cheaper, like they say that that it that's so obvious, oh just buy it back when it's cheaper, like this is what people focus their entire careers on doing.

They try to pick the peaks and the valleys, and now you have people within the community that act like it's. Just that easy they're, like oh yeah, you just sell it when it's high and you buy it when it's low duh like what are you kidding me? There are people who spend decades trying to figure that out, buy low, sell high, and now you have people who, like are just are just figuring out the market and they're like oh yeah. No, i can do that all the time like it's not a problem like i, i read this market like it's. The back of my hand, trust me man like if you were that good at it you'd be running your own hedge fund, you'd be operating with millions and millions of dollars.

If someone's methodology was that obvious of oh, you just buy low and sell high like duh. Why didn't i think of that? One that it's so funny? It is if it were that straight up that someone can do and just be like, oh yeah, i know it's gon na go lower. Okay, if, if you feel like you've, mastered the market that much have at it, is it mathematically a better play? Yes, it's mathematically, a better play. Are you risking so okay, this concept of it of saying, hey? I want to sell high and i'll buy it back when it's lower, okay, what okay, what if it doesn't go lower, is my first question like what, if you're selling and that's it - it's like it actually just starts to take off from there and then the other Thing is like this definition of like i'm gon na, sell high and just wait and then i'll buy back and then wait.

What's the difference between it going high and then also like. Oh wait, the difference between this height, but also the other one. That's going to be high, but also be the moas. I just don't get there's so many logical inconsistencies with that reasoning and in a certain way, it's egotistical, because apparently people have mastered the market in like the couple months that they've been in the market now and if you have awesome, i'm jealous of you, i've been Doing this now for a decade - and i haven't gotten to that level where i'm just like - oh yeah, i'll, just buy low sell high.

Why did i not think of that? It's not that simple, i'm being facetious, because it's honestly not that simple um and the risk in the scenario of amc and gme is just too great because you're, if you have a ticket to go to the moon, you're, now playing like freaking hot potato with your Ticket to the moon of like i want it, i don't want it, i want it, i don't want it, i want it, i don't want it it's if, if you believe it's gon na squeeze to extraordinary heights, what's the difference right now between owning, like whatever you Own and then like a handful more shares because you were able to like squeeze out a couple pennies and buy a couple more shares. It's just you're playing hot potato with your rocket ticket. It doesn't make the most sense to me and a lot of people who are new there. It's being overstated, how easy it is to trade that, and it's not that easy most day, traders fail an absurd 90 95 percent of people who attempt day trading lose money when trying to day trade.

It is not an easy profession by any means: cecilia, not a decade, matt you're. Only 24. people are like telling me my own age, they're, like you're, how matt you're 24. cecilia.

Where did you get this that i'm 24, and also where did you think she's like informing me of my own age, as if i don't know my age, all right, i'm just waiting, i have it on we'll be listening for a gasparino like it's just like you're. Wait did cecilia ever respond. You're 24., like i'm being informed of what my age is: you're 24. She never responded.

I want to know where is she he's 24. uh slight edge to leo brainerd that there's just too much opposition from let's go gasparino? We are talking about the insider trading scandal and you keep hearing about inflation and, as you know, the fed's main job is to deal with inflation. Um, you know bottom line, is i don't know if there's much daylight between you know from a policy standpoint, brainerd and powell, i mean they. Both are doves and you know i you know, i don't think you know i.

I can't imagine that brainerd is going to be leo. Brain is going to be a lot more uh hawkish on inflation than powell. So i don't know if you can really blame him for inflation, because the alternative would be even weaker uh. But that's what we're hearing and you know, listen if you told me two months ago that powell would be 50 50.

I would say, you're crazy. If you told me six weeks ago, i think i reported on your show and cavuto show both that he was in trouble and he was in trouble because progressives, don't like the taper uh. When you cut back on the bond purchases, when you're trying to sell a lot of bonds right now, the federal government is out, there is going to be printing money like needs to print money like crazy uh, to deal with this infrastructure package, and maybe the buildback America thing the last thing you need: you need a fed in the market at least buying the secondary supply, because there's not enough buyers out there. You might have higher interest rates so uh, but this has shifted um.

You know this. I think now you got to give a slight edge to brainerd. I would say i would be uh. I would.

I would not make a bold call. Let's talk about amc, i want to hear whatever smack he has to talk about her stock. Pretty remarkable give him where we are, and i think that's the culmination of a lot of bad stuff going down around uh the fed they've messed a lot of things up. They sent inflation sky high.

We get it. Yadda yadda yadda yadda open your mouth out about amc. That's the exciting thing. Donald trump hated him too and made that video, but just remember just remember, he's not exactly a dove, um and um.

You know our hawk and just remember one thing: the um biden has essentially caved on every nomination to the progressive wing. Now maybe this is the one where he says enough's enough, but if you look at the fcc, the ftc, you look at janet yellen in treasury and then you also kind of look at the justice department's anti-trust division. Look at the people that just put there's many other, probably arguably, better options to day trade people are people are giving leo brainerd the edge uh. Do you want to talk about amc? I know you love that here we go absolutely we're talking about amc percent right now, and i heard from a lot of people in the twitterverse who were excited to see you come back.

In fact, one of them told me that i should show you no mercy, not of course from cobra kai, so i'm going to show you no mercy how many uh, how many flowers does cobra kai have? Well, it's not cobra kai. It's baby mitz marie she's got hold on is that 4 million hold on 4? I think it's four well listen, um! I i don't care if this thing goes to 100.. This is not a short squeeze. You know this is this.

Is light volume trading going up? This is the apes buying more and for, and also i'm pointing out. Is this if you're going to say mr and mrs apes get involved in this stock because it's going to 100 because of a short squeeze, i'm going to call you out on it and say you're trying to manipulate the stock going forward? Because there is no short squeeze the sh, the stock is easily borrowed many of the shorts they can buy whatever they want. How is that an attempted manipulated short squeeze? Well, if you no! No, if you tout something, you understand what the what a tout does right. Of course, yeah yeah, you tout if you tout, if you tout on online or wherever baloney and the short squeeze meme is a baloney okay, it's not like.

I love adam aaron, he's doing a great job. I believe now that he's going to sell popcorn in malls it's going to the stock is going to go through the roof. That's one of his diversification plans right people just my point - is: if you're going to go out and tout nonsense that that that goes, which is demonstrably nonsense. You start particularly when it comes to stocks.

That's you start getting really close to stratton oakmont uh securities manipulation because those are lies. There's no there's no short squeeze here. There's it's easily borrowable we're not going to hit that now. Maybe stock hits a hundred because aaron aaron, adam aaron is a great ceo, which i think he is, but it's not a possibility.

I mean listen, it's already jumped 1915 percent year to date. So again a lot to play out here. There is a runway as we expect the economy to open up more and more, although right now we have a little bit of a flare up in in covid cases as we understand it, but charlie so lovely to have you back except you're you're, not here in Studio are you i'm gon na be i'll be back tomorrow? I will scratch you. I will grace you with my presence tomorrow.

I might even shave by the way, just shower. That's all i beg thank you. I might shower. Might all right, thanks, charlie the supply chain, trying to play grinch with holiday retail, but could be elf on the shelf? What what was that banter? What oh folks? This is why we do it.

This is why we do it. You never know when you're gon na find these pieces of gold content. Sometimes you just have to grind it out and out and out, and you wait for the content to find you and some days it just finds you whether it's charlie, gasparino, apparently not showering, which is weird banter. I don't know like if it was a joke.

I mean i think it was a joke. It was just like a bad joke like what i don't know. What's what's the punch line there ha, i don't shower. Oh okay, i'm not even saying i'm some amazing comedian.

I know i'm not but, like i at least get that there has to be some sort of like punch line to that, that's weird. Moving on uh, i always like his his need to mansplain to liz like she'll start talking. He doesn't stop, he gets louder and then, when she stops talking as he's rambled on that entire time, he has to end it with liz like comma liz seriously. Watch all their interviews, um he's just a guy who likes to talk over like it's weird, it's it's! It's not fun interviewing or speaking with people like that who just ramble rambo ramble.

You try to interject in like a lull in the conversation they keep rambling and you can tell it pisses him off because then he's like liz, comma liz. But let's get to the heart of it: let's get to the heart of what he was really getting into there so uh he said demonstrably false demonstrably false! That's interesting interesting because, if you think about about gassy bag, gasparino dipshit charlie, as some of the people in the biz call it in the youtube biz here, dipshit charlie, demonstrably false. That's such an interesting word, a phrase for him to allude to there he's the same guy who he takes youtubers content and he says breaking news and remember when he pumped robin hood here. He is arguing about social media touting a short squeeze.

I'm telling you folks is a short squeeze guaranteed. No one on this planet knows: there's risk reward in every situation. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not know what they're talking about as of now. Here are the facts.

There is a chance, a theoretical chance that 94 plus million shares would have to be covered if 94 million shares are covered on amc in quick succession. Of course, the stock goes sky high. Is that guaranteed? No i'm not in oracle, i'm not clairvoyant. I don't know what tomorrow brings.

I don't even know what i'm having for dinner tonight but to say that it's impossible. Well, i would say that that's demonstrably false. Are we current? If, if his argument is, are we currently living in a short squeeze like at this moment in time? Are we witnessing a short squeeze like if that's his argument? Well, obviously, we're not. The stock is traded at it's up.

Six point: eight percent - it's traded. 35 million shares like we, we know it's not squeezing active like what is it is my girlfriend blake lively, there's just certain things we know are not true, like i don't understand where he's coming from. So if there is a scenario in which 94 million plus shares are forced to cover, could the stock go incredibly high? Yes, of course, because on that we have gamma squeeze, we have fomo buying, yes, theoretically mathematically, it could play out. That way.

Are we currently living in it? No is this event, 100 guaranteed, obviously also not, but we're living in a scenario where this guy on national tv demonstrably false demonstrably fought. This is the guy who lied about getting nominated for a pulitzer he's like talking about demonstrably false. The pot calling the kettle black, except in this scenario, it's a kettle calling itself black in its own mirrored reflection. The guy doesn't know journalistic integrity.

If he kicked him in the ball sack, he literally lied about being nominated for a pulitzer and he's complaining about people spreading false information he's the source of false information. Folks gasparino owns. He owes my cardiologists a lot of money. The amount that my cortisol levels are through the roof, my blood pressure, everything everything is going higher and higher and higher the amount of money that i'm giving directly to my doctors gasping you got ta, send my doctor a thank you card or something because every time You open your mouth.

You prove once again that all you give a shit about is viewers. The first question he had in all of this wasn't anything about the mechanics of a squeeze or the success of the business, or anything like that. It was how many followers does that person on twitter have, because that's what i care about, do they have four million. Do they have four? I care about father like this person exclusively cares about optics and not truth, and i'm very, very serious when i state it.

There's no journalistic integrity. It is sickening to have a platform and knowingly spread false information, a liar through and through, and it's to the point all it is. It's views it's reactions. It's am i playing into it, but matt you're playing into it.

You're freaking out yeah. I am, i don't know i like how it makes me feel. Am i playing into it, of course i'm playing into it. I like seeing my doctor.

I always get one of those cool stickers in a lollipop. If i'm a good person when i'm there - and i don't act up too much - my doctor is a great guy. So i don't mind if my heart keeps going crazy because of gasparino, but in terms of the unfortunate viewers who listen to them when you're on media. When you have some sort of platform there are people who assume you're spreading truth, just by the fact that you are where you are, that's not good.

That is not good, because people can get to certain positions in their life without spreading truth. Gasparino is a good example of that this right here we know we're not living currently in a squeeze. Theoretically, if 94 million shares cover would that cause things to go completely freaking haywire, of course it would. Is it guaranteed? No, should we care mostly about how many twitter followers we have come on come on.

This is all such a sad play for relevance, views likes and engagement. That's all this is nothing more, nothing less. It is not a true depiction of what is or isn't going in armenia. Please do not forget that this is the exact same guy that his reasoning for being against payment for order flow is north korea doesn't have payment for order flow.

Thus, if the us didn't have no payment forward to flow, the us would then be like north korea. So i know i know we just went through some extreme mental gymnastics. But if you join me on that journey, you would realize that we have done uh like a hop flipping, a jump into the world of looney tunes land. But i guess that's also just the mind of charles gasparino uh.

Have you seen a screen grab? Are you seeing the ask below the bid how's that even possible yeah, it's a mess up on weeble if you double check it with another level, two source for the new york stock exchange you'll see a proper one. It's a mess up a software mess up on weeble. It's not um indicative of malfeasance i'll take amc 100 before the short start covering looking at c-l-a-c-a-l-a this week, presenting a medical conference thursday, a few extra amc attendees i mean if the conference goes well, that seems to be pretty. I guess binary like i just don't know if they announced something good.

That should be awesome, but if they don't, i would assume that's detrimental, then amc level, two yeah i mean once again. This is um. It's another thing in the community and i get it. It looks weird, but, with my background of like understanding, i guess just basic coding, mess-ups and also the fact that the time and sales is normal.

This seems to be a software issue on weibo of just literally a graphical display that that seems to be the problem. Um, it's it's a tech mess up. It's not like the time in sales is coming above in above whatever that mess up is like. I think it's frozen at like what 34.

we have trades above it right now, so it just shows you it's a tech issue. It's not, i guess, indicative of anything more sinister. What's this exit plan, you speak of if time in the market was easy, everyone would figure out and wouldn't be easy for long, exactly uh tesla level two is mess up as well. I mean if it's messed up on various ones, isn't that kind of proof look at that? It's messed up on every equity right there, tesla's messed up apple, currently messed up, look at apple's, also frozen, but the bids above it uh the s.

P 500, like it. It it's every equity and i think sometimes people get like so they act as if amc and gme is the only stock just quickly check it on another one. It's it's not it's just frozen here, but what other stock do you want me? I don't know. Dkng look at this um.

The bid is above the ask it's just obviously, a software mess up on weeble and i'm sure they're going to be pushing out a fix, probably relatively soon, because everyone is like pointing out their software mess up. But even that, like that's it's weird like i mean i'm even seeing these comments, that people are like mad. That, though, why would you just shoot it down like that, because it's just the truth like we're here to spread the truth, not a confirmation bias that makes you feel better like we're here to spread the truth that that's very, very important. Didn't you have a prompt to update when you turn it on yeah, so i did, but i haven't updated mine in a while that one's been there, my girlfriend's husband does the coding.

Will you check the new ftd data on ortex? Did the new ftd data come out nice ftd failure to deliver nothing like getting it super late. The latest reading is 6 000, so not much relative to what it used to be. At one point. In june we had millions four million four million four million.

Every single day, three million three point: five, three point: seven four point: four millions, millions, millions and now we currently have six thousand um i've previously spoken about this, but i think the insidious things that actually occur, they've gotten smart enough about selling stock that they don't Have that they pull off some of their shenanigans more so in the options market. I think if you want to see the crazy things actually going on a little bit here, yeah we have about 6 000 as of october 20. What is this 29th, but i personally believe that they've smartened up to that and if you're looking for something that's like, maybe secondary evidence to a smoking gun of sorts, it would be more so in deep in the money deep in the money puts deep into money. Calls confucius says: manipulating software gives you hardware amc back over 43, let's get going, let's get going, can you explain ftds and how they affect a stock? So this is an amazing question.

So ftd is failure to deliver. So basically it's an umbrella term. There's various types of ftds, the most common one that especially this community speaks about is naked shorting. So failure to deliver in the most generic sense means either you didn't have the goods or you didn't, have the cash um.

So if you said you were going to buy stock and you put in the order and it got executed, but you didn't have the cash. Well, that's a failure to deliver. If you're trying to sell stock that you don't have. Well, that's a failure to deliver.

In the first scenario you didn't have the cash. In the second scenario you didn't have the goods. Basically, it means you can't make good on whatever your promise was uh at the highest level. So a type of that i guess mess up is naked shorting, because naked sorting is selling stock.

You don't have so that is an ftd. There are other types and unfortunately, when we get the ftd report, it doesn't specify what type of ftd it is or even who prompted it. That's kind of an issue with ftd reporting, but i mean there shouldn't like, especially if you look at june in amc or if you look at january in gme. Those numbers should not be seen that that means something went wrong like systematically.

Something went wrong to have the spike in ftds we had um to me it screams manipulation. So the second part of your question was how could it impact the price it's highly dependent on the type of ftd if it's naked shorting your bloating supply, with demand? Being the same and or less so that drives the price down, but that's just one type, so it still comes back to what is the type of ftd uh truth. Transparency equals trust, t3 or tq. My goal for the markets mike shadow - i like that t3 trust transparency, truth trusts.

Truth plus transparency equals trust. It would be nice to have a little bit more trust in the overall system. Oh man, what else do we have? What other questions? We have ask your doctor about ftds, oh tesla, breaking my heart today. Breaking my heart.

There was actually some sort of tesla update amc share spike to recent high as hearing investors, business named a new buy as business daily named a new buy business daily amc business daily. Is this the swiss bank thing swiss bank business daily amc news um? I think it's i'm not a hundred percent positive, but i think this is in reference to the swiss national bank. Uh purchasing amc. What else do we have uh after 18 months? Musk finally sells his bay area mansion? What else do we have tesla shares? Tesla model s, slash x, delivery, slip all the way to 2023 for cheapest version.

I don't know what that means. Tesla star keeps dipping what might be next interesting, interesting amc, looking good gme, also looking good, both both of these moon stocks. Looking solid. What other questions do we have, as we have about 10? More minutes 10 minutes of rapid fire amc zero shares to borrow? No, i think, that's wrong if, if you're looking on, what is it, i guess like maybe fintel, i don't know what your data source is, but if it's fintel or stonco tracker, that's exclusively sourcing it from in interactive brokers, which is one broker.

You have to consider all brokers because remember different brokers have different pools of shares that they can lend uh depending on their share ownership. So what you're going to care about is more so of the overall utilization we have about 18 to go. So that's a good 18 million shares that could be lent out there. There are clearly more than zero shares available to loan out if you're speaking about amc, there's no shares to borrow that that's incorrect, there's about roughly 18 million among all the brokers, all the major brokers did.

I see the prog ftds was there quite a few of prague for all the proglodites who are listening. Prague, prague proclaimed prague. Let's see the prague ftds uh, i think we need to go advanced and right. Whoa whoa, whoa whoa.

There that's crazy holy. This is not. This shows something is going on with prague. The argument that this is not good.

This is not a healthy system. This shouldn't be happening. What was this bike? 8.8 million on october 5th these numbers, if you're looking for things that are, i guess, being maliciously attacked - look at prague. Folks, utilization 99.9 shares on loan 36.6 million estimated short interest.

32.5 percent uh the ftds are sky high. The cost to borrow is 117. This is this: has literally every single metric of being abusively attacked. The only thing that i see missing is that mainstream media is not attacking prague.

That's like the only thing of like whoever's in prague, you're stupid. That's me and that's like really getting nitpicky. It has a high short interest. It's on the lower end of the flow.

It's like kind of a smaller medium float, one utilization sky, high, cosamara sky high. This is nuts ftds up the wazoo. Prague is nuts man. This is absolutely nuts what's going.

This should not be happening. This, in my mind, is not too far off of what happened to gamestop in january check out these ftds. If look at this, it just grew grew, grew uh and at one point it had a lot that was mil, but remember it's also proportionate. I mean at that point: gme had a smaller float, but look at just how many there were and then it led to insanity.

We should not be having this needs to be investigated. What happened? Why were there so many ftds and right after insanity? Why do all the ftds cool off what happened in january for gme? What happened in june for amc what's happening in prague right now like that is insane. It is truly truly insane. It is not indicative of a properly functioning market, matt, full disclosure.

You got a product position yeah i do i do i do i do i own some shares uh. I actually like prague for more than a squeeze like, i legitimately think prague is an undervalued company. I i'm if it squeezes that's cool i'll, make more money, but i mean prague's coming in at half a billion dollars, 500 million - and it's disrupting a 10 billion a year like part of its business, is disrupting uh, something that's what 20x. I think i think prague i'm in it and i'm happy to sit on it, because i think it's a good company, i think it's undervalued, but if it squeezes which it has everything it needs to.

That's sick drop 1k, lucid before close to beat pdt, because earnings will be good, pick, red or green and i'll decide green. It is going all in. Thank you. What's going on big shop, prog prog prog, i mean i, if let me put it this way.

If you're in amc or gme or a combo of the two because you're like hang on, i see an opportunity where wall street took an egregious bet, they're abusing a stock, and we might be able to make money off like calling them on their bs. How is prague any different high utilization high cost to borrow high short interest, a clear amount of ftds in real time right now? I i just don't really see the difference. Um prague probably has a smaller community. So if, if you're putting a lot of emphasis on community support, okay, prague is growing it's there, but i mean i'm in it.

I'm not gon na miss it. My broker doesn't offer prog. Oh, i wonder why i thought prog prog trades on the nasdaq. If, if you have access to the nasdaq, you should be able to trade prague, i i'm six million ftds.

That's nuts is prague. What is progress i like how, when you look up ftd uh they're like oh, sometimes they happen just from a clerical error. They talk about a freaking clerical error, wild wild wild wild, so people in the uk are saying that they don't get prague. I wonder why uh is prague on the threshold list it used to be.

Let me just double check for you right now i'll check uh. As of friday, nasdaq threshold lith program prog, yes, it is on it. So here's the breakdown with prog, it's on the threshold list, high short interest: roughly 30 high utilization, roughly 99 costs to borrow over 100 ftds out the wazoo under valued company. Even without the short aspect, it's an undervalued company, it's disrupting the entire humera industry, which is a 10 billion a year thing uh industry, and instead of they have the patent for it to be injected.

They have the patents to stop injections. I should say they have an oral delivery method and right now human is being injected. So i, of course, is there a guarantee? No, but like geez, it's it's it's pretty obvious to me it. It seems like a high high edge bet, trying to assemble testimonials to help, as you can imagine, the expectation that i can do with three decades of professional wisdom and know-how into 200 words uh amid a sea of rockets, probably just make the poor communicator team thanks For everything duck, lord, did you see what happened to mara today, mara mara, maramara? What's mara, that's marriott, apparently going red mara whoa.

Well, that's a was there an announcement on mara like this can't be because of just because of bitcoin. I know bitcoin's down but geez mars down 27. There had to be some sort of announcement, some sort of announcement related to it and uh dragging celebrities to a youtuber. Looking at charts, talking emojis who doesn't answer his phone hasn't exactly made that any easier yeah.

I don't really like my phone folks, just i like to when i'm not here i like to decompress from technology. You know, let me put it this way. You don't need a phone to scream at yourself in a mirror. Uh mara is being investigated and asked to turn over the records of their mining locations.

Whoa. What else do we have sec subpoena? That's, not good! That is not a good scenario. Amara has been subpoenaed and also had a bet, but the earnings report was a bit ago. It wasn't today and the definition of insanity is what kinky kong, oh man, folks, we have a couple seconds left uh, i'm just giving you that warning um.

If you're battling pdt and you need to get a trade in some canadian brokers, don't allow certain socks, because the settlement type well simple, won't. Let me buy prague or d-whack. Oh, oh, strange, strange, strange! Okay, so it sounds like it's a brokerage. If you have a particular brokerage i mean in the us, it should be easy to get.

But remember that's not financial advice buy what you want. Do your own dd i've been in prague for a hot minute. Please do your own research don't buy because i buy that that's ridiculous anywho, ding, ding ding, the casino is closed. Folks.

The casino is closed to kick off this week, monday november 15th. We're about halfway through it wow time flies when you're having fun time definitely flies. When you're having fun amc great day up 6.7 percent gme great day up 3.48 and prague great day up 16.84 percent, a lot of things going on and i'll make sure to touch on all the exciting things in the update video. So in an hour or two i'll be posting an update video on this channel, not a live stream of odd uh, so make sure you check that out click.

The notification bell put on your whatever you need to it's. The bell click on it put set always um, so that will be coming out. Uh the clips from the stream, my reaction to gasparino my explanation of how i guess really how buying the dip is not similar to selling short that will all go on coors late. So make sure you're checking out coors light i'll get the other stuff on this channel, but, most importantly, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate all the support.

All of you. Apes are absolutely fantastic thanks for hanging out with me if it was one. Second, or for hours and hours today, i truly do appreciate it. Uh thanks for the likes thanks for the subs, thanks for being the absolute coolest apes on the entire internet, i'll catch you in the update video this evening, and then i will be live streaming tomorrow.

Bright and early at 9 00 am thank you and, as always for me, and share best of luck in the markets. You.

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