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Ep 148 space travel time: amc, gme, lcid prog dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Space Travel Time: AMC, GME, LCID & PROG ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 148
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And i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones, as the eggs of a power must stop breaking the law. Asshole is money. We got more smoothies than the jumbo juice probably thought you could have made us sell all the gooder in hell. We maybe wouldn't, but we more than the boot of the floor, six figures: ain't selling for less.

You took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other, my sister's here, my brothers, the fathers and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times give us the fucking money. Um excuse me, while i fix my desk, this is called professionalism. You know not a lot of people in this world when they're running a show are like, ah shit, the show already started.

I should i should probably have my desk set up. I like to let you guys see it in real time. This is it. This is raw.

This is unedited, we are coming at. You live from my mother's basement and the desk was not set up properly, but i'm told by many medical professionals sitting for too many hours in a day is not healthy. So here we are we're standing. This is your friendly reminder.

If you happen to have the ability to stand a standing desk - or maybe you just want to get up from that classroom, get up from that office, get up from that wedding or funeral wherever you're at right now, just get up and leave, let's have fun standing Is healthier you shouldn't be sitting around. Tell your teacher, you know: what's up tell your manager, you know: what's up tell that p that priest that pastor tell everyone be like hey the kid in the doctor who happens to be wearing a cardigan today told me it's healthier to stand up. I got ta. Go i can't sit here anymore and listen to you man.

I got ta go! Listen to this kid on the interwebs. This is how we're doing it today we're talking about distractions. The the theme of today's show is distractions. I feel like this is like the intro.

As if i were a magician, i was like, please suspend your disbelief in the magical hearts for one evening, one hour this evening, as i take you through the illusionary land of matthew, coors um, that's kind of what like this. This vi. Whenever i have a very thick collar going on, i feel like i'm about to like start pulling cards out of my sleeve and be like. Is this it was it a two of diamonds? Distract me uh.

What is going on folks mitch. Welcome back, you got ta! Look at e-l-e-k. We will check that out for sure, hey, matt thoughts on cute com gap, down, look at supply, chain issues and inflation hype all right. Let me write all these downs.

I don't want to forget them, i'm already going off off on a tangent. What do we want to talk about today? Showing some love and thanks for everything shout out shout out: uh q com, q com, q, com e l, e k, e l, e k, e l e k, e l e k? Here's what you need to know about amc currently trading out 43 dollars and 18 cents, nice breakout. We got double tapped at 4430, but let's see what power hour really brings us ritian up 12.6, currently the fourth biggest fifth biggest automaker in the world. A lot of you might be saying: wait: whoa, whoa whoa there duck kid: how does that make sense? How is a company, the fourth or fifth uh i can find out the number? I think it's in the top five now automakers in the entire world, and it's delivered 150 vehicles fascinating, you might say, but that doesn't make sense.

Well, neither does anything you're listening to a guy shouting at a camera in a basement like does it have to make sense, um a lot of people they act as if that's a prerequisite in this world, especially when it comes to the stock market. So many people out there assuming it has to make sense as if that's like the unwritten rule of like oh yeah, no, it should logically check why? Why why why, when, when, when what you're you're now just realizing things in life, don't make sense folks, it's not a rule. No, no one ever said things have to make sense, and this is just another example of it: prague having a great day up 39, pushing 485-ish pushing five dollars uh. I want to talk about prague, it's making a lot of people hot and bothered and not in the right way, so we're going to be talking about prague and distractions and really rivie and lucid all of them.

I, i guess you could argue - are distractions um. I think it's a very weird argument, but we're going to be getting into that like i said hot and bothered in the wrong way and then lucid, coming in up 21 training at 54.60, i've been calling out the gap fill to 56. It feels like ever since nom folks, i don't know how else to say this um but 56 uh. It looks like we're gon na get there after a beautiful gain of the day, uh lucid, rivian, crushing it prague, crushing it amc, crushing it jimmy um a little bit behind.

Still not it's down point five percent on the day, but it's over 200. It's at 208. We love that breakout above 212. a lot a lot of things going on hang on.

Let me get some of these one of your interviews. There was a discussion about what happened when jamie, when the puts ran out of money think had to do with liquidity. Explain please it's it's when they ran out of shorts, so instead they took their money to buy, puts to get additional downside. I guess like exposure, so there was no more shares to short, so they still wanted to increase their net bearish position so they bought puts.

I think is what you're referring to yeah, yes, making sense and not making sense. Let's try the route, see how that goes. You have to make sense about how you're not making sense, if that you know that makes sense right. You have to be consistently inconsistent thoughts on sony.

I think spider-man will honestly help ticket sales will boost amc as well happy birthday. By the way. I appreciate that. Let me write down sony.

We could check it out, but remember one movie for sony like one particular one sony is a big company. I think it's like 500 billion. It's a lot. Let me check out sony it's a huge company, so even if one movie crushes it, if we're just looking at the it's, a market cap is 153 billion.

So even if it does exceedingly well, i mean i think, we're at an all-time high. So it's gon na need quite a bit to keep going but think about even some of our best movies ever something like avatar or avengers - that's 2 billion. So, even if this movie were to get to that level, 2 billion - it's that's not going to be pure profit. Remember you have to pay like all the you're looking at first to recoup the money.

So then, if you look at like, let's say your net profit of, i don't know, uh 1.5 billion in pure profit, um that'll help. I mean, obviously i'm excited for the movie. I'm going to see the movie. I think it's going to be a very, very good movie, but i think at a certain point, i'm not going to expect like a 10 gap up because of the success of the movie, because that would represent a 15 billion dollar gain.

When is that really possible, when our best movies ever have only done around two billion in revenue? If it don't make dollar, don't make sense? Okay, so why do they call me uncle b and comedy? I have no clue. What doesn't make sense is how anyone can watch you for so long and not hit the freaking like button love you, i love that that is so kind shout out shout out shout out all right. Do you guys want my rant now or do you want your rant later? It's up to whoever it's up to all of you, you're you're, the viewers, you guys are the people who get to run the show, i'm just the talking head so i'll. Put that one on you um.

It's really hard to find your channel lately. It doesn't even show up in my subscriptions list no gold star from youtube yeah. This has been an issue for like um, quite a while uh about a month. Now i've been having a lot of issues, a lot of issues with youtube and their serving system, and all of that and that's why a little bit more recently, i've been saying, hey like please hit that like button, please hit the subscribe button because it's the only Tools, i really have at my disposal to fight back with the algorithm, but in terms of like promotion, particularly of me, it's just not getting out there, i'm not getting out there to a new audience, and i guess it's saying hey.

This is the only group of people on the planet. That's going to like you and there's like no reason to give. You serve you to other people because they're just not gon na, like you, so maybe maybe youtube's attempting to protect my feelings. They're, like man like this new group like you're, not good enough to be there, uh they're, not gon na, like the cut of your jib, and so maybe they have my best interest at heart.

But i i highly doubt it highly doubt it all right. Let's look up some of these and then we could go into a quick rant, so sony 150 billion dollar company sizable company. I don't know why i thought it was 500 billion that that would be like a top company pretty much in the world. It would be like a top 25 company, most likely um, but anyway sony.

It's looking good all-time high. I'm not going to buy anything at an all-time high. I don't like buying things at all-time highs, but it is looking pretty solid right now and since they still do technically have ownership of spider-man, which i don't know how many of you know this, but spider-man marvel um for quite a while there as a business marvel Was not doing well and they would actually like loan out and rent out certain superheroes and the likeness and like uh, basically for a whatever the contract. The loan contract was that, like that's how long they got it so, a while ago, back in tobey maguire days, uh, that's when it all started and sony was like.

Oh okay, yeah, like we'll, run out this spider-man character and make some movies and uh it's kind of interesting to see how, as a business, how much marvel has changed at first. It was renting out some of its ip just to keep like the lights on and now it's absolutely insane absolutely insane, uh so kind of a cool little thing there going on about sony and movies and marvel qualcomm, qualcomm ripping rip and rip and rippon. If you're in it awesome, i'm not a fan of buying a new all-time high, i eventually i do think this gap will get filled, but not anytime. Soon.

This is quite a bit of momentum. Uh, obviously crushed it on its earnings and hasn't looked back ever since then qualcomm is a very strong tech play. E-L-E-K uh, don't know anything about this. I don't like the chart looks like it just got going today.

It's delayed on the otc market. I i don't know what to make of it. I wouldn't trade it personally. Personally, personally, lucid is crushing it, i'm still looking for that gap.

Up to 56 um from the churchill capital days, prague we're seeing what power hour is going to bring us but prague. Turning a lot of heads making a lot of people happy today making a lot of people angry today, which, in a certain sense, is a good way into my rant. Uh. A certain sense is in a good way to my rant.

Do i want to do the rant now? The majority of big youtubers pay for the recommendations to get like recommended out to people is that true, i've never been approached by youtube to do that. Pay for recommendations, um, okay, yeah yeah, hang on. Let me: how can we do this? How can we can i do this over here whoa up close and personal up, close and personal? I think this will work hello testing. This is uh matt rant number one testing test, testing, testing, testing, matt coors rant number number.

One folks, this is something we've discussed many times before. In fact, this entire concept of distraction - if, if you look it up, what's weird right now because of the ape community, if you search the word distraction, merriam-webster is going to like shoot you through the canon of the interwebs and it's going to land you on the Page of jealousy right now, because prague is doing exceedingly well, it's the hot topic in the community, prague's up 37 rivian same thing: that's up 12 percent, lucid up 22 and you're hearing this distraction, distraction distraction. The only thing you're allowed to talk about, apparently is amc and gme. I want to discuss this from, i guess a a logical standpoint of like what it actually means for the community and then also on a personal standpoint.

So, from a logical standpoint, there's literally thousands there's thousands of equities. There are thousands of cryptos. There are so many opportunities and, depending on why you're choosing to engage in the market. That is all up to you.

If your exclusive goal is to make money, have at added there's a lot of money making opportunity, i am long on amc. I am long on gme. I am doing this because i think they can make me money. I think that's very, very important, but that's not exclusively the reasoning i am coming at.

You live myself through the interwebs, but i'll get into that in a second amc. I, like it gme i like it, i'm in both. I think they both represent a money-making opportunity, but with that being said, there are various other plays and you are the one who's in control of your finances. It is exclusively up to you.

No one else is the arbiter of your financial health. You should care about it for yourself, your family, your loved ones, at the end of the day, no one's paying your bills, you're paying your bills, that's so incredibly important. No, it doesn't matter like these people act. They have the gall to somehow be the ability to look into your pocket.

Like tell me, what's going on what are you in and it's this weird gatekeeping mechanism, and you see all these people who are pandering, pandering pain during pandering, and it's almost as if in a way you have these, like virtue, signaling apes, look how pure i am. I i'm i'm exclusively in amc and jimmy. Don't even talk to me about something else. Ah, did i get frozen by the youtube? Oh, my god youtube.

We're gon na have some problems here, alphabet. Where were we and scene one? So you have all these people who think that they can tell you what to do with your money and at the end, i i just don't get it to me. A core pillar of this movement is kind of fighting it back against the the elitism. The the fact that people think, for whatever reason they know more and they can tell you what to do with your money - that for some reason, apparently they're god's great gift to this earth, like the the best gift he's ever like.

Given us and he's like this is the guy who knows about markets, listen to him he's in he's in he's in amc and jimmy. I think it has stoked a certain cultural and social wildfire of the fact that hey you don't have to have that pedigree hanging on your wall dressing up in some fancy suit to like actually understand the market. That's been honestly, i would argue a lie. That's been pitched to so many people and it's a form of gatekeeping and we now see gate keeping forming within this community.

If you like, amc great, if you like jimmy great, if you like another stock cool, i wish you nothing but success. I i don't get it. I don't get it whatsoever these people. Coming back to what i was saying, they're virtue, signaling, look how much of a pure ape.

I am if you're arguing seriously for the the hate views that i'm currently getting if you're watching this, and it's just because, like apparently you hate me so much that you have to watch it and know what i'm saying every single day and inherently you become one Of my actual biggest fans, if you're of the mindset that you're a purist - and there is such thing as a distraction, let's take that route first, if you think there is such thing as a distraction, you should be in nothing but gamestop. I don't know how to be more explicitly clear this. I don't agree with this concept of distraction, but if you do, your account should be nothing other than gamestop there's no logic or world in which you're, like oh yeah, everything's a distraction, i'm a pierce. I have a i have jimmy and as soon as you say and you're already breaking your own logical rules, it doesn't make sense anymore and a lot of these people are going to say gme and amc.

You know there's a lot of gamestop peers who are going to say: amc was the original distraction, and people just talked about it for long enough that, then it was a sec accepted by the group. You kind of saw that with doge. You kind of saw that with sheep at first when people were talking about it. They're, like i don't know, i don't know about this one, and then it became the community.

Just ended up accepting it. Now, i'm just trying to point out the logical fallacies that these people go completely simone biles and their mental gymnastics to jump through to try to justify that they seem to like. I guess, just have a little bit more insight on everything to me. This movement - and this is so incredibly important - the eight movement do.

Am i the one who gets to define an ape? Absolutely not am i the one who gets to define the ape movement? No, i think it's up to all of us individually to define what it means for you as a person for me, what this entire movement means we're fighting for at least a fair shot at. What's going on in this absolutely insane world, too many factors outside of all of our individual control? Some people are born into a better situation. Some people are born into. Let's call it that's not such an ideal situation.

This is the entire argument that we get that sometimes people are born better off, sometimes you're, not we're arguing that no matter where you're born we at least just want a fair crack at it. That's all we're saying that to me, that is the the core pillar of how this entire thing is built is now with the expanse of technology, we're all interconnected in digital communities. We have connections to the markets, we can do what we want and we just want to play this game in such a fair way that that's all it is if we want to play in a fair way to get that fair shot where the playing field is A little bit level and all of a sudden, you have these people who are arguing that, yes, we all agree with that from the start and the representation of that was amc and jimmy. And now, all of a sudden, if you're fighting for market transparency and fairness, nothing else is allowed to represent that i don't get it so many people from this week today alone.

Let's call it we're able to put food on their table because of rivian, lucid prague cool. Why are we not applauding those people? They finally got a little bit ahead in life, and you have some fucking asshat on twitter, saying you can't play that because you're not an ape who the fuck cares. This person just put food on their table finally was able to maybe get a head on one rent bill and like we're just gatekeeping like, but it was a distraction that that's the most pedantic childish, bullshit argument. I've ever heard in my life and all it is bringing it back to the start of this.

All it is it's pure jealousy. It is pure unbridled jealousy that they're like shit. I wish i got into that play. I wish a little bit knew more about the market.

I wish i diversified a little bit more now. Am i saying this in any way to say yes, actively trade amc get in get out? No! No! No! No! Don't take that message away. I don't think these things should be actively traded. That does not make sense in the slightest i'm saying if you have some extra capital and you want to try to trade something else to learn a little bit about the markets.

If you want to take that risk reward set up, have at it, there is nothing wrong with that. Some of the apes out there are going to absolutely hate that i'm saying this, some of the apes out there are going to be like. Oh, no, that's cool! I'm trying to learn a little bit more about the markets, i'm trying to trade once again, because i know this is arguably be taken. The wrong way.

Am i telling you to get out of the amc and jimmy for more opportunity and try to jump back and forth? No, no, no timing! The market is extremely hard. It is extremely hard and there's a very small percentage of people who attempt to do that and are actually successful at it. That is not the message of what i'm saying the message of what i'm saying is: do what you want, because you're fighting for your own financial freedom and trust me some ding dong somewhere else on social media. Just because you abided by that random person's definitions.

They're not going to be sending you a check, they're not going to be ensuring there's food on your table. They're not going to be insuring your rent paid they're, not going to be putting presents under your christmas tree, they're going to be running their mouth on social media because it's social media and they could give two flying fucks about your actual success. That is so incredibly important for everyone to understand we're in a movement to fight for fairness and transparency and make sure the the field is as level as possible to me, it's a it's a it's a wrong turn. It's a misstep to associate this movement exclusively with two equities.

To me, this is a fight for market transparency, fairness. We want a fair crack at it. This movement cannot live by the success and or failure of an individual stock that doesn't make sense. If you think that illicit nefarious actions have only occurred in amc and gme you're going to be surprised when you start looking around, for example, prague's been moving today, the amount of ftds is outstanding.

The short interest is outstanding. This is a company that's trying to disrupt one of the most popular drugs known to man, making humanity a slightly better place, and it's being shorted to me. That's not good. That should not happen.

We caught these shorts to me. This is a picture-perfect setup of fitting kind of into the cause of the apes. If you agree with it, cool have at it. Maybe you want it.

If you don't want to trade it. Here's a freaking novel idea, don't trade, it do what you want to do. That's an that's an insane idea on more of a personal note, i i see some rhetoric of people stating you got ta, stick with what made you and then people are erroneously, assuming that i've been made by this amc crowd. That's actually wrong.

If i were to be made by a particular crowd, i was made by the gamestop crowd. I started streaming about gamestop i blew up because of gamestop and then i was streaming gamestop and then i was streaming amc. I included both earlier this year. I received a dm that i i can't share the details of and i'm not going to lie.

I i read this dm and, as whatever a 27 year old, dude you're not supposed to be getting messages from strangers and uh. This one, like i had a very clear emotional response to it. I still do thinking about it and the highlight of it is this person was able to forever change their life and their son's life who desperately needed medicine, and it was at that point that i i realized this is so much bigger than just like. Oh, the yolo bed of reddit, it's so much bigger than amc, gme or an individual stock of money uh at me at 27.

I came to the realization that this is like actual shit is going on. In the background, people's lives are for be forever being changed. Positive ways and we're looking into so much of wall street and shining a light on it. We have this opportunity in front of us that i don't know if it's ever been in any way.

I guess awarded to society, especially here, not that i know of so. I look at these people and i get it. I get that like amc, gee me, this is it. This is it this is it, but you have to understand at a certain point, when you take a step back, this entire movement has, i would say, a degree of meaning to so many people, and sometimes that's small.

I would say it's actually small that people are just in it for like whatever for the lulls, for the trolling, for like a little bit of money, and then you have the other side where people are literally doing things with their life that they never ever thought. They would be able to do. They thought they were born into a a particular box and sometime down their life. They're like this, is it i'm stuck here? I can't do anything and at the most inherent aspect, i would argue that this movement, that we're fighting for for this fair attempt in life, it's a form of hope and if you attach a form of hope to some like just individual like stock and that's it That that's, i don't want it to become a weak movement.

To me, it's a group of people who are doing their best. They possibly can to say hang on these elitist cronyism assholes who are continually lining their pocket, while other people are getting scraps that are on the street. Let's fight it back against that system. To me it's that simple! So if, if i was made by something i was made by gme, did i get bigger with amc? Obviously, at a certain point, did i run into a moral wall where i realized? I had a literal duty to anyone who took the time out of their day to listen to me to go beyond just screaming amc and jimmy if you want amc's 4290 gmz 207, like i i can say these things all day, but at a certain point i Ran into a moral wall, and i made a decision i've been afforded through the craziest alignment of stars.

I possibly could, in my life, i've been given this audience and as long as i have your attention, it is my moral duty to do the best of my ability to explain everything. That's what's going on, explain everything that i can possibly do opposed to just screaming about two stocks day in and day out. Do i talk about them? Yes, do i love them? Yes, do i believe in them? Yes, are there also an infinite amount of other things going on? That is important for all of us to know, for that slight opportunity, the slight minute opportunity to maybe take a step in the direction of having a better life. Yes and then that's why i talk about it.

If you agree with that sweet, i'm happy you're here. If you disagree with it, and you exclusively want someone to ramble off to you, the current price of two equities. Okay, that's fine, like i'm, not gon na, be everyone's. Like i'm gon na be a couple people's bag of gasoline, not everyone's cup of wine.

I get it. I get it i'm a little bit of abrasive, but that's also who i am at the end of the day like me or don't like me, i'm going to call it out with. However, i see it. However, i feel it 100 of the time.

Some of you are going to like me for it. A lot of you are going to dislike me for it, but at the end of the day, i think do it to yourself, and you owe it to the community to be a little bit more mature with really what is going on right now. In real time end scene, uh that took, i did not think it was going to go that way. I think some of the funnest things about a rant is kind of like that.

Michael scott quote, i start sentences and i don't know where it's gon na go like i just start talking, and i i like to see where, like i, i find the the ethos of it along the way. It's definitely very much like a michael scott type of sentence, thing that that's the rant. I just opened it up and let it rip someone has to say it. Wall street vikings shout out man steven becoming an astronaut shout out ian, and i don't i.

I truly appreciate the applause and i think some people it's so nice. It truly is nice to see support and i think at a certain point it's so i wish i wish i wish i wish um. I could share some of the things that i've received with all of you. I've received very, very personal things and the days that you're sitting there - and i i can't share this personal information, but the days that you're sitting there and you're questioning like okay, like am i learning about stocks, am i in this movement like what's going on? Is am i truly affecting change? I can tell you from the bottom of my heart with utter certainty in any capacity that you've been involved in this, you have made so many lives better, so many lives better.

I know people who have finally been able to get ahead on rent put food on their table. I know people who've been able to pay off drugs that they so desperately needed. I know women who have been able to get out of abusive relationships all because of this cause. So if you're sitting there and you're just saying what is it, what is it beyond the fact that people are trading? If you just want to trade, that's fine! There's! Nothing wrong with that.

I'm not saying like that. You have to have some freaking mother teresa-esque ideology on the success of this group. You don't, if you just want to trade, to make money, that's cool! I have no problem with money. Many people on this planet don't, but if you're of the mindset that you're like hang on i'm interested in this stuff, i'm interested in what's going on with the market, why is there so much insider training? Why is there so much like corporate corruption? Why is there so much market manipulation? Why are politicians being paid off with bribes? Why are they like just this all the insanity in an attempt to make sense about what's going on? Am i an expert god? No folks, i'm! I am 27 years old.

I am two years removed from my brain, allegedly finally being done developing, which essentially makes me two years old, i'm not saying i'm an expert, i'm not positioned as a person, who's the end-all be-all on the market, the economy, the shit that goes on in politics. All. I have going for me is the fact that i'm beholding to absolutely fucking no one man. As long as i pay off my rent and she's cool, my landlord, she doesn't care what i do.

That's my obligation. Life is paying off my rent, buying sangria and eating cheez-its. That's my only obligation. So if you look at it as two pillars, you have people who have a lot of knowledge, but can you really the the truth factor of it, the trust factor of it? You don't have that with mainstream media at all at all at all at all.

So much so much knowledge, but you don't know who their sponsors are. You don't know what they're told to say you don't know their agenda, you don't know. What's going on in the back doors with me, do i have that expertise? Absolutely not i'm going to be the first one to admit it. Do i get things right? Yes, do i get things wrong, also correct, but with me all you know, is you get pure truth? Sometimes i say things that i shouldn't be saying.

I probably go on too much about shit and i'm like dude i'm. How many times have you guys been listening? You're, like did he just say that if anything, there's no fancy producer in my ear telling me what to say, i just just grip it and rip it. That's how i treat this entire streaming process, so with it day over day, i dedicate hours and hours of my life to learning about what the hell is going on in the best of my ability to explain it to all of you and it's just going to Get better and better, i'm never ever going to change the trust truth factor, that's always going to be there. I do what i want.

I'm the leader of my own ship and day over day i dedicate hours to just be able to present to you. What's going on, and i just see this and it happened like i said it happened with sprt, it happened with dwack, it happened with sheep, it happened with doge, so many people are warping. What this is. I don't know how to be more explicitly clear about this.

I am not an amc gme channel, there are amc and gme channels and i wish them the best of luck. Do i cover amc and jimmy because i think there's rampant nefarious illicit things going on? Yes, do i cover prague because i think there's rampant illicit nefarious things going on yeah. Do i cover lucid because i think, there's rampant illicit nefarious things going on? Well, no, but it's also just running a lot and i hope you guys are making money. It's it's a cool stock, same thing with rivian, like i don't think, there's like rampant illicit nefarious things going on.

It's just up a shitload and it's fun to watch like at a certain point. If you're seeing people make big money, it's just fun to pay attention to what's going on. So i'm not saying i'm just like some like fucking vigilante character, that's always fun and crying non-stop. No sometimes it's just fun fun to watch things go boom like who doesn't want to watch that, but overall to act like you can exclusively pay like that's, not a movement.

That's not a core pillar of the reasoning of a movement. That's just like asshats being asshats. I just saw a rivien truck driving down a shot. All i can say is so much nicer in person than in photos, 10 out of 10 would recommend.

You saw the rivian truck. Those things are rare. That's like a holographic, charizard man. You know you don't see too many of those in the wild.

What do we need to hear about your factory, you're kind of like my ex? Sometimes i want to be around her, and sometimes i want to strangle her. What oh man, man, oh man, i watch you enjoy every day because you guys are real and honest with what's going on. We all appreciate that. I i i appreciate it and i hope i can speak for trey and saying this, like i'm sure he greatly appreciates it.

Drizzler b shout out shout out occam's phaser awkham. I appreciate you don't have to thank me. I should be thanking you, i'm so fucking stoked about the moon gang. Could you rant one more time with the voice changer that that meant a lot but wind lamp um, you crazy ducks.

You guys are all hilarious. I got my first hummer in the back row of amc. Theater back in high school amc was a wingman, then only fair. I repaid a paper.

I like the stock um so proud of you or the funniest one uh, the happiest of the wealth of others at the end of the day, autoplay born of a question nothing to do either company not given up and i'll keep uh banging on the glass of This double until it breaks. What else are we at? What else are we at potato? Salad is salad. I like how you guys bring it back down to such a reasonable, normal matte level, so quickly, so so back to potatoes being an alcamination of fruit, fruit salads. Thank you for being someone who values truth over hype um.

I i think i appreciate that um i've noticed early on in my life in um, just friendships relationships. I've had you, i've noticed. That's the one thing you can't get back as as soon as you break truth, it's done. It's done.

It's done. It's done, uh in so many inter-person relationships. It seems like you can come back from quite a bit, except for the fact of being untruthful as soon as you break that something about the way our brains are wired. It's just gon na eat away alive at you.

You can do a lot of bad things. That's going to upset someone whether it's a friendship or relationship, but if you're truthful about it, there always seems to be a way back in that scenario, and i've noticed i don't know in my relationships, there's that that's just so key, that's so important! That's the one thing that people just do not forget about as soon as you end up lying as soon as you start spewing bullshit people, don't forgive that they don't forget it, and i think in a certain way, if you were to take that on an individual Level and make it i don't know almost like personified by corporate america. That's the issue is we all have such an absurd problem with being lied to um. We we all have a visceral emotional reaction and, in a certain way, that's i would argue the embodiment with the current global citizen.

Discontent is we're continually lied to by the government, we're continually lied to by wall street. It seems like the people in power who make the biggest decisions who make the biggest paychecks are always continually lying lying lying and that's the thing that i think drives us all a little bit. Freaking nutty is, we know, we're being lied to and i just don't think our brains are the best at like accepting that and on the most pico scale possible. I can be because i'm just a pico influencer i was like.

Ah i could be right. I could be wrong and that's fine people like you when you're right, hopefully people forgive you when you're wrong, but the thing they just don't forgive is just when you're lying like you have to be truthful. You have to amc jimmy short squeeze. I just buy the socks to make the duckweed spicy food into challenges just now finding out that there is even a squeeze potential you're like oh.

I thought this was just a a way, a way to make that kid eat spicy food, fruit, salad. What are you tossing? I'm just here for the mormon condo advice, that's that is truthful, mormons love, condos mormons, definitely, love condos, uh, hey matt! I was wondering if you could check out saint krypto. I would like to get your thoughts check out the roadmap and the website. Okay, let me write that down saint inu cherium.

I still think you're richie, though hello jk, i met you at the past eagles game. Humans movement gave me the hope. Thanks mark tg, i distinctly remember meeting you and congrats. I remember your pats fan and in preseason you beat us uh, you beat the eagles, so congrats, but it was great to meet you man.

You were here for a concert. I think you went to a concert. The night before the night after i hope the concert was fun uh. Do i think that nvidia will crush earnings tomorrow and run like qualcomm? I don't know if it'll run like qualcomm, but i am bullish going into nvidia's earnings.

It's just similar companies have reported and they all be. I don't see why nvidia wouldn't beat uh walmart recently, like the demand in the supply like there's just such an incredible demand for their processing ships. I don't see a world in which the only way i could really reason in which nvidia doesn't beat. I guess, is supply chain issues like if they literally just didn't, have enough parts to such a degree that they didn't hit their revenue goals.

That's the only reason i could come up with. How long will i be here for 15 minutes, rum, springer, uh, you've kind of thought, the difference between jokes and memes, which might help play outside jokes and memes? I have a joke for you no lie. This is a complete truth. I have a friend who's, an accountant, and he was this is so silly.

He was applying for another accountant job. This happened within the past couple months and he was doing it and he must have cracked some sort of joke in like a series of interviews like it was a day of multiple interviews at this company, and i i called him after i was like dude how'd. Your interview go like i was excited for him like tell me about it. He's, like i don't know like.

I think it went a little bit off the rails. I was like well why'd. It go off the rails. He's, like i said something silly and all of a sudden.

The first guy told everyone else that, like he's the comedian, like he's the comedian of the group, blah blah he's like i'm, not really a comedian and in the next interview, or maybe an interview after that he's talking to like kind of the person. That's going to make the decision hiring he's like i heard you're the comedy guy he's like uh, i i guess he's like well. Why don't you tell me a dr a joke, and this is like for his interview and the joke that he told the guy he's like uh uh? What did the number zero say to the number eight and the guy's like uh? I don't know he's and the answer to that is nice belt uh b-e-l-t nice belt, and i guess the guy's response was just so like fucking stone cold like he literally had no response to it whatsoever and in fact, to this day my friend has never heard Back from that interviewing process - and he never uh never got that job, never the joke did not land, oh man. So where are we? I need to check that bringing a message from the kids to your basement.

Aka twitch. Can we get a good luck banner on amc, a good luck, banner uh? I guess what kind of banner do we need there must've been telling that joke for months, because i heard it from you well, this was like his uh. What month are we in yeah that makes that tracks? I probably told you like the day after because he called me, and i was like this one's so far off the rails. I got a funny famous comedian story, wan na hear it.

Of course, we do young, listen, lives, views from my shoes. I love that views from my shoes thanks for vocalizing, my frustration today, what's going on young, listen, i'm happy. I was able to have a voice that resonated with yours amc. This is.

This is something this is something stairs up. Elevator down. Remember fear is a much greater emotional driver than greed. Why is six afraid of seven seven? Eight nine prague is flying.

I'm i'm liking, prague. I'm happy happy happy happy all right. Let me check something else. Uh! You able to use regular, chats timing or will get f'ed up as always, which makes it that the one not making sense uh.

You could just dm into me brendan. Can you explain the belt joke? Well, you see cosmic it's because if you look at a zero and then you look at it eight, it looks like someone put a belt around it all right, reviewing squeezing and probably not squeezing. I don't think it's short. I think this is just unadulterated buying all right.

I don't think you have me brendan all right. We are oh 10 minutes. I thought we only had a minute left. We have a lot of time all right, let's get into it.

Let's see what else is going on so amc gme, let's see where we're at on the day amc they have a net return of 1.67 million and you might be thinking to yourself a net return and the stock's going down if you're returning. That means shorts are covering and if shorts are covering they're buying. How is it going down? Well remember to return shares. The settlement cycle is two days so at earliest.

It's shorts that covered two trading days ago, but also remember it could just be shares that went on loan and they never went short and they're just being returned. So, that's why there's a little bit of a discrepancy between seeing a stock not go up, but also like a kind of a wonky connection to the net borrow change. Remember we deal with this settlement cycle of two days. Estimated short interest is 15.9 percent.

In terms of gme, the borrowed shares 107 000 for a net is 64 estimated short interest 8.74 in terms of prague progenity the distraction of the day. That would be a good segment i'll call the distraction of the day. Others would call it people making money, but here in apelan we could call it the distraction of the day net return of 1.41 million estimated short interest of 26.6, and this thing is just moving move and move and moving prog um if it gets above 530. I think this thing could be explosive uh, so right where we're at now.

506. 505.. It's the high from march april. The reason i'm talking about 5 30 is right here.

I just saw this support this resistance, so it's kind of looking at this region of the lower fives and then from there. I think we're talking about 620 and man. A huge level is 775. support, support resistance, resistance, uh support.

Here i mean this is going to be a big level man and then just so, you know, prague's all-time high is 16 bucks, 16 buckaroos weeble news patent for prague. Do i? Where is my prague news, uh gary genzler i'll, be speaking at treasury market conference tomorrow? At 10 20 a.m. I'm not seeing prague news, someone said a new prog patent, the eod amc downtrend was just suspicious af. I mean this is kind of how they close amc out.

Usually they start at around two. This time they waited. I guess till what like 2 30., but it seems like the closing, is extremely dominated by one or the other we've seen times where it like really rips into close and then other times when it sells off, but it doesn't really, it doesn't seem. Maybe this is too anecdotal and i can't get the stats for you, but just like that sideways trading into close uh, it seems to be a rarity for amc.

It seems to either go rivian's way or the way we're currently seeing on amc gasparino is on fox. All right, let me see, oh man, do you guys really want? Was anyone streaming it that we could watch to wine back? Do you know of anyone who was streaming it and i could just go to their channel and then kind of rewind on it, because it looks like it's wrapping up right now: she's making fun of his beard. Anyone know who was streaming. It he's done like no he's a douche.

He was just screaming sorry apes. So i'm sure it was something like disparaging feels like it was very disparaging, but yeah we're getting close, but people are buying it right off of 42, so the 4430. Why was that particularly interesting check this out check this out? Look out, it's been rejected there twice before just an additional region of resistance, so it's almost a fake out breakout. So this is what we're eyeing up for tomorrow.

It's kind of right here we want the hold above 43.40 and we would love the break at 4440. Rejection rejection. It's the exact level we've been calling out uh it just that's what resistance is you're, not guaranteed to break out of resistance this time the supply overwhelmed? The demand - and it got smacked a little bit more uh, not like that was surprising, like someone was either taking a new short position. This could very well just be a new short they're.

They sold, sold, sold, sold, sold uh. They wanted to stop amc from breaking out, so they just started shorting on the second one, that's theoretically possible of what happened here: just sell and sell and sell and sell and sell and sell and salad and uh. That could happen like tomorrow or really we might find out tomorrow i mean, i guess, tuesday, so wednesday, thursday, so by thursday. It would be interesting to know if this just did relate to a higher short position.

Did you just dm me right now brendan i'm looking for it mark? How dare you hold any security other than amc disgusting? Can i get an update on frog? Please i like it. I like it. I, like it uh matt, gassy, stated: digital dividend might not be legal cause of debt yeah because i mean that guy is the guy who, just like screams legal know-how. That's like that's.

What are you gon na? Do get your legal advice from the back of like a lucky charms box, i try to send you a super long. Supa youtube. Didn't. Let me please check your ads on twitter.

Asap just want you to read something you might not no uh, my uh. I hope it's just from you i'll, just search your name, kinky kong. I always crack up when i say this speaking of gatekeeping, i have a photo project leading to a few other projects. I want every monkey to participate in if you feel like you're being ignored by any click, film, etc.

Please talk to me on twitter at kong, underscore kinky one um, that's one, as in the number kong k-o-n-g underscore kinky spelled the normal way with the number one uh homeless, i'm doing so much better with my little boy in a new place. Now i'm proud to call you my friend thank you for everything forever. I'm super fucking, proud of you, kiki kong. I'm i'm super happy privileged to have you, as one of my friends seriously seriously seriously.

I'm happy that things are trending in the right way for you, and i know that can be said about of a lot of people who are listening right now. I'm your your success. All of your individual success puts the biggest smile on my face seriously. Colin smell her kinky spelled the normal uh.

How tall is matt 5. 8. I wish on a good day i wish i wish. I wish all right amc bouncing off of 42.

42 50. We are about a minute 30 out 90 seconds left. The only reason i'm really reminding you of that is, if you're battling with pattern day trading, you might want to slip in a trade just so you don't get hit with the day trade tomorrow, uh apes, strong together becoming a space tape. Shout out, i'm excited for tomorrow, lucid looking great rivian's.

Looking great amc is looking great jimmy still looking solid. I can't say great if we're being honest, but it's looking solid 207 we're hanging out above 200 not long ago was at 160 170. if kinky is filled. Normally, how is kong's film uh? What else do we have crypto? Where is btc at whoa sub 60 btc, taking a little bit of a hit uh? I think, if we're calm cool collected with it, given enough time a couple days couple weeks, this thing will come back.

That's how i feel at least btc 59.8 ethereum 4200 solana down to 220.. I do not want to look at my crypto portfolio. What else do we have happening? Warm wine matt? I do owe you guys a cup of warm wine. That was something that was it thanksgiving, hey ma.

How thick do you want the gravy? If it ain't, corsy you're, grounded love, it love it. Oh folks, ding any. What a day, what a day coming at you live from citadel's offices and if i'm going to be honest here folks, as i'm reporting from everything that i'm seeing this place, is a dumpster fire. Let's see, let's see, what's going to go on tomorrow, folks ames includes out the day at 4260, gme 207 tesla 1054, lucid 55, 52 prong, 484 rivien 172 spy, slightly green q's.

Definitely green iwm, slightly green. I think we're. I think we saw some new all-time highs in the market today, as well. Almost we almost tapped it almost tapped it.

We were almost there what a day, what a day, what a crazy tuesday um here's the plan. I will be posting some stuff on this channel. Also on coors light uh, if you're not subscribed to either of those both of those make sure you hit that subscribe. Button.

Um we'll be getting some clips out on coors light this evening and then we'll also be getting um. Some update videos on the main channel and then i'll be streaming tomorrow morning, bright and early 9am et hope, you're, all there um. Thank you for all the support you guys are absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so so much i'll catch you later today on both of those channels and then i'll catch.

You live, live in action. Doing it in this basement, as always: 9 a.m. Bright and early have an amazing afternoon evening night. Whatever time it is for you, i hope you have a great one.

Hang out with your family friends hope you have a good time i'll catch you tomorrow morning and as always from me and chair best of luck in the markets, you.

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    This movement gave me hope again. I was a homeless junky before. I got clean 11 years ago and have since gotten a degree and a great jobโ€”but was losing hope due to the fact that the idea of owning a home for my family and I was impossible. This movement has shown me that I can learn to trade and make money beyond my bills and start saving for a home.

    Rent is ridiculous, home prices are too. But lately the prices are coming down in my area and Iโ€™ve got a quarter of my down payment saved and invested now. I finally feel like my goals are within reach for the first time in many years. Thank you to all apes!! All of you who are teaching us and sharing information and DD so we can try and win a little in such a rigged game. God bless you all. Check Will Kane YouTube channel for a shoutout to OG Apes!!

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    Bingo you hit it on the head the nail went through the board yes in the higher up of the hierarchy they have Pinocchio nose is longer than I care to think why they continue to lie to the American people Iโ€™ll never know they swore an oath to serve and protect and I donโ€™t ever see that anywhere in any facet of our government and yet we vote Them in and give them the job just knowing they are going to screw us over thereโ€™s something wrong with that picture definitely

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    The love and the passion I hear it in your words and your heart follow your path we all are different as snowflakes are different. Continue to walk your path that is why I watch and listen to your show. Knowledge is always a great price we pay for to have but listening to you I have been able to understand stocks better and be able to have a conversation with both my sons about them for they are in GameStop in the apes it is funny but thank you donโ€™t change just keep being who you are and for those that have an opinion take it for what it is for living in this world I donโ€™t have much of an opinion anymore about anything. I just shake my head and go all wet and go on down the road thereโ€™s not too many things in this world that surprise me anymore I think in the last four years Iโ€™ve seen everything that could blow me away. Just keep doing what youโ€™re doing as long as you love it thatโ€™s all that matters your mother is very proud of you just do what you do best being you. Robin

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