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Ep 150 apes vs snakes: amc, gme, prog tsla dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 150
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So so so mum gang hello, hello, hello, another day comes and another technical issue day with youtube. You got ta love it. You got ta love it. You got ta love it.

What is going on folks? What is going on? I'm not gon na i'm a little bit surprised, i'm a little bit shaken. I would say i just found out over break in between the the morning stream and this afternoon stream. I just found out that some people in the community - don't they don't they don't. Like me, i mean it's been 11 and a half months of doing this and colored me surprised, but i had very much a what in the tarnation type of a moment.

Not not everyone likes me. I don't know, i don't know what i'm gon na do here. I don't i don't know it's unsettling. It's unsettling.

I just thought this entire time with me having such an abrasive personality and telling the truth at all points, since when is that gon na make people mad? Oh man, this community, the internet, not even this community, the the internet, is one of the coolest things. The internet has to be one of the most fascinating developments. We've ever we've ever come up with one of the most fascinating inventions. You got ta love it.

You got ta love it. You got ta love it folks. We got some things to talk about amc trading at 4216, gme trading at 210, the s p 500, a little bit less than flat. On the day 468..

Prague actually went red, unfortunately, not too long ago. Down by 1.86, like i mean that's a couple cents when you're talking about something five dollars, but i'm not being able to hold it, some people are trying to point out the fact that, with it being november 17th, then, depending on what's going on, you could look Into the finals of like okay, is it theoretically possible that they could have deluded to the tune of at max 13 million? Yes, let's think about this two different ways: does it make sense for them to want to dilute it? Prague, i'm talking about progenity? Yes, they can dilute 13 million shares and right now we're dealing with basically an outstanding share count of 180 million free float of 80 million, so that kind of gives you an idea of, like the degree of where 13 million fits into the scheme of it. Is that possible? Yes, does it logically make sense? You know i've been thinking about this and i was also kind of talking uh. I was reading over commentary from both wall street viking and true demon, and i have to say i agree with them.

They had this in their back pocket as a company for a couple weeks. Now they didn't necessarily have to wait for today, uh once again, please dive into the sac filings, but also some very good points are being brought up of. It doesn't make sense for them to do a dilution. Now, when there's like going to be a partnership with a bigger pharmaceutical player to to me, the timing seems a little suspect, but let's just say that i'm wrong on this.

Let's say that we're all wrong on this and yes, they did dilute it. Let's say they waited for november 17th and they dumped this 13 million. 1 3 million shares on it. Folks, today, prague's volume is 200 million.

Two: zero zero and we're talking about a dilution of 13. that that that's small, that's small, like we're we're less than a tenth of it like we're, damn near a fifth of it, not it's not a fifth sorry, five percent um, not a fifth five percent. If, if we trade, 60 more million in the next 13 minutes here, it's literally 5 of just even today's daily volume, is it theoretically possible? Yes, it is it is. It is if you dilute that delusion people don't like that, because your your position's inherently being diluted, but then again you also get more money, but from the filings i'm reading not too long ago, they've already been raising 20 plus million dollars as a company.

So am i saying that this is complete fud and am i here to completely debunk it and say it's absolutely impossible? No, because it is possible, it is possible if we're being completely honest and seeing looking in each other's eyes right now. Yes, it is possible. Is it the most logical thing, not really if they did do it, how much of an impact does it truly have? Well, we traded over 200 million and we're talking about 13 million and that's if they decided to do it in one day, no less, like kind of spread it out over various days, something to consider for sure. But let's just be a little bit honest about.

I guess the overall situation so anyway, markets are being a bit wonky. If you look at the russell right here, the russell down by 1.2 percent cues flat spy, slightly red, but even amc. We were as high as 44. We came down and bounced off of the low 42s gme was as high as 218.

We're bouncing off of 210. Prague was as high as 620 we're bouncing off of 460. kind of a day where the morning was really exciting. We sold off.

Midday was boring, and now we have a little bit of bearishness and a lot of different equities, but hopefully from now until the end we see a bit of buying. That would be absolutely phenomenal. So beyond this, i do want to give you kind of these ortex updates so for amc, estimated short interest, 15.6 net return of 1.94 million shares today for gme net return of 34 000 estimated short interest of 8.8 and for prague short interest estimation of 27 within Net borrow of 346 000. just want to get those metrics out there, obviously, throughout the stream we can check on it, especially before the market closes up for the day.

But i do want to talk about some just other pieces of news. Crypto.Com buys naming rights to lakers staples center in a 700 million dollar deal. The staples center will be renamed for crypto.com. I think they should call it crypto.

I don't really like when you name things that have like the dot com in it like. Let's just call it crypto the crypto center anyway, next month, in 700 million deal for naming rights to the home arena of the los angeles lakers. The name change will take effect on christmas day as the lakers host the brooklyn nets in the nba's annual christmas day. Games the deal, links crypto.com with one of the nba's top brands, offering crucial brand awareness of the cryptocurrency platform positioned itself to capture market share in the growing digital currency space.

So i just thought this was a little bit interesting terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but a person familiar with the deal told cnbc that it was a 20-year contract worth 700 million, so some murmurs some rumors, the rumor mill going. This was not publicly disclosed, but i guess just a person familiar with it said: 20 years 700 mil whoa whoa. That makes the deal one of the richest naming rights agreements in sports. In september, the steve obama owned clipsers agreed to a 500 million deal with financial management tech company into it and tastebake in 2016 struck a 20-year dual year deal.

Excuse me roughly 300 million naming rights with the golden state warriors previously. What the staples center is staples reported, 116 million over 20 years, starting in 1999 for the naming rates to the arena so 116 for 20 years now, going all the way up to allegedly 700 million for 20 years, not bad! That's about 6x growth! In 20 years time, that's that's a good chunk of change just to call your arena something moving on another day, another tesla stock sale for elon musk, 8.8 billion over the past seven days. We know this is probably about halfway uh. According to his twitter poll, which i very much think he's going to follow through on mainly because he needs money to pay off taxes for other options, things overall he's coming out net ahead, but we know the number is going to be closer to about 20 billion.

So, like i say he's about halfway, i don't think this is going to end or articles like this or headlines like this are going to end anytime soon. Once again, i strongly think we are looking at about 20 billion halfway. There tesla ceo offloads, another 973 million in stock in nearly halfway to a goal of selling 10 percent of his stick exactly right there so about halfway. I think if he continues at this pace, we're going to be talking about it until probably the end of next week, speaking of some crypto and all that craziness and gains and money avalanches, a v a x, avax token surges to all-time high after deloitte deal defying Crypto trend avalanche is an ethereum competitor that facilitates decentralized applications, also known as dapps, and the creation of custom blockchains on its ecosystem, launched by ava labs in 2020.

Just so, you know it was originally created in 2018, but the mainnet went live in 2020, just so. Everyone knows avalanche's native avax token, has a cap supply of 720 million, it's also deflationary and it used as part of the consensus mechanism for paying network fees. So they have uh some very unique things from a technology standpoint and just you know, i want to show you the graph of it and why i'm talking about it, but anyway, avalanche founder. This very smart, professor from cornell, said his company will be partnering with big4 accounting from deloitte to build more efficient disaster release platforms using avalanche blockchain.

So that's the update on it and i just want to show you why i'm talking about it. This is avalanche in the bottom right right here i own none, but i want to own some look at this coming off of ten dollars: shooting up to 50 shooting up to 80 coming down to 60.. Now, at 107. this thing has been on a monster run and it was able to get over that hump of 100 with the deloitte announcement to be clear, i own none, but i want to own some i'm going to wait for an opportunity to buy dip and Then i'll create it so what's kind of special about this, is it's impressive technology for a couple reasons um and the highlight of it? Is it's attempting to be, in a certain sense, a hub of tokenized real world assets, and recently it's been pivoting a bit more into nfts, just because nfts have been really hot, but what you have going on and why this one from a technology standpoint is pretty Impressive is it has three different things going on with its blockchain, so you have the x chain, the p chain and the c chain, so the x chain is about minting, like the tokenization minting all those transfers that type of stuff.

Then you have the p chain which is going to be about your network, validation, security and then, finally, the c chain, that's where all of its actual smart contracts are going to be in smart contracts. That's the exact same thing that sets apart cardano. That's the thing with our ethereum solana: it's how we have these nfts and d5 and all that you need those smart contracts, that's the key to utility, so avalanche, obviously smaller than ethereum in terms of like namesake and name recognition, but with it it's considerably cheaper uh. It's considerably faster, opposed to like 13 transactions avalanche can do up to 4500 because of the way the these back end.

Blockchains are set up for avalanche. It's pretty cool uh, like i said, i'm interested in it. I want to learn a bit more. I just want to give you the recent news of why it seems like all cryptos are red, but we have one very well known, one that is soaring higher and higher.

This recently came onto my radar uh before i was looking into the news actually by. I was reading dave lauer's twitter, and he was talking about it of how it was impressive to see that this one's making new highs, as the other ones are taking a percentage breather right now avalanche. I just want to throw that out there, like, i said i have none i'll, let you know if i do buy any, but maybe just something worthwhile for everyone to look into. If you want to, let me know in a chat or something how many of you already knew about avalanche.

This is one of the first times i've been hearing about it, but maybe i'm just living under rock i'm curious. How many of you have heard about it? How many of you are actually already in it uh? It's it's something new to me and i just wanted to put it on everyone's radar now i know i know i know i know to all the hate watchers right now who are steaming out of their ears. How dare matt kors talk about anything that is not the stock that i'm in right now, how dare he, the gall of this duck kid to possibly bring something up in the world of financial news and media? I i want his head on a spike. This is unacceptable.

He is not allowed to talk about anything unless it's in my portfolio, i will have none of it. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry am i actually sorry absolutely not uh. I could i don't know, i don't know if i have the ability to muster extra fucks to give about you um, but to the hate viewers right now, hey man, it's it's gon na be a tough ride. It's gon na be a tough ride.

Uh will i cow down to internet mobs who are uninformed? No? No, no! No. I get a sick pleasure out of just poking and prodding and just like pointing out the idiocraty of which surrounds your life. I i get man, it's it keeps me going. I my life runs on sangria, cheez-its, caffeine and pettiness, and, if i were to give you like that food pyramid of where it's all at pettiness is the core foundation, it is the core foundation of what keeps me going uh.

So no, no! It's not gon na lighten up like in any in any any aspect, speaking of pettiness and where we can all i don't know, learn a lesson or two. I want to play you this video from january from one of the og silverbacks um, but charles was looking at this phenomenon some weeks back now. You know charles payne. If you look at the catalyst initially for attention going to gamestop, it was you know, a guy who was going to take it to the internet level, joining the board finding a way to be more than just a brick and mortar concern.

Look promising enough for bank of america to say all right. This is an issue. That's worth! Maybe uh! 10 15! More share! Nothing like this! So what happened right well, neil first of all, i got to say i recommended many of these stocks on january 11th or before i've got the report in my hand, that i sent out to my subscribers and here's the list the shorts. First of all, all of this nonsense all of this noise, all of this whining by wall street, it's making me sick, 140 percent of gamestop was short.

I didn't hear one person on tv complaining about wall street trying to crush gamestop 140 percent short. I told my subscribers buy this stock and they made a fortune. I also told them to buy virgin spaces virgin. We took profits on that today.

Fizz, that's up huge tangerines is up huge neil. You can't allow wall street to short 75 of a stock and nobody says anything crush these companies into the dirt and then, when the individual investor makes money everyone's up in arms, oh they're going to lose their shirt. Don't you think people are trading if they traded 80 billion shares a day. People are ringing a register.

I have a kid who bought a house, he had he made fifty thousand dollars and bought a house. So, yes, some people are going to lose if some are going to win, but if you want to, they want to change the rules of the game now, because the general public is making money after decades of the shorts, crushing thousands of stocks into the dirt. I've watched stocks being crushed completely to zero and no one ever whispered anything because those stocks didn't have wall street sponsorship. They were small names.

Maybe they went public to a reverse takeover whatever it was, the shorts have had their way with the market for decades. No one's ever complained about it, so i am thrilled if you are going to try to destroy a company by shorting 140 percent of its stock. You have to accept the fact that individual investors are playing the same game, that you're playing and now you're losing boom boom boom boom boom boom right there, and i i think he touched on some very interesting points, and it really that was from january folks. That was, i believe, january 26th.

27Th 28th, like that was something that charles payne said like before he talked to any of us like we, we really as a community didn't have a direct line until with charles payne until like june. So this was months. This was six months five months before um like we had any real like clear connection and support from charles payne. Oh well, i'm trying to point out the fact that he was always supporting that was january and he was like saying: hey like they figured out the game.

They got you here and now like everyone's like bitching and moaning about it, uh in terms of wall street. When they're like, oh, this isn't allowed uh. I just i thought that was interesting to bring up. I wanted to share that with all of you uh just finding that in i don't know a series of things that i have saved and all these other crazy videos uh very, very interesting, and just it's always coming back to like this concept and this rhetoric that We've been discussing of the game, the game, changing the rhetoric, changing you're, moving the field goal, uh just a lot of things that you're they're, acting as if it's like hard fast rules, but then, when the game's underway - and it's not going their ways, it feels as If they're moving the field goal, which is insane, how could a financial system possibly be operating in that manner, but that's literally what we're doing right now and that's in my eyes, one of the major things that we're actually fighting against and back against is saying no, Like this tell us the rules make sure the rules are fair for everyone involved and then let us play if we're right, we're right if we're wrong we're wrong, but right now this concept of a almost like a dynamic game of like nah, like let's just keep Altering the rules until they end up winning, that's the part and it's kind of cool to see that even in january, charles payne was kind of, i guess, orating that ill illustrating that on national tv right when it was going down the insanity of it.

I need that frog hat, please matt. What's going on little smelly nuts, do i mind showing the prog or text not at all uh 27 percent. Uh did matt course talk about his wine with no ice uh i mean i drank bottle like room temperature wine. Out of the bottle no ice involved, and it was, i just don't get why people do it.

I think it's um. I think it's a big conspiracy. I think everyone thinks that they're supposed to like room temperature wine and like it's just something that they share and they're like yeah, yeah yeah like you like it and then everyone's like uh yeah, i like it too. I guess i guess we both like it um.

I i think it's just a travesty that we're all trying to act like we like it and we push it forward and forward, and just generations and generations, and everyone's like almost peer, pressured into thinking they like something that they don't like in reality, no, liquid wine. It should be cold that it's it's wine, it should be cold. I love how big you can be chris. What's going on? What kind of wine do you recommend um? I think the the napa wine has a duck on it, and i i pick my wine by the art on the bottle.

It has nothing to do with like the year, the taste or anything like that. I am a wine consumer exclusively based on the art of the bottle. I can't stand you. Here's five dollars, man, i hate you, take my money hump day house, thickie papakur is doing nothing but love over here in sacramento, california, oh decoy, it's called decoy, so shout out to decoy free sponsorship.

Get yourself some decoy duck wine long ladder attack on prague. Are you in options for prague? I am. I have a various options and also stock in prague right now. I like it i like what's going on, maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong, i'm just letting you know my thoughts and why i'm in it and i'm i'm excited jesus, matt, room, red temp, chilled white sangria with eyes or or you can have them all with ice.

That that's an idea all right hang on. Where else are we someone they keep saying someone died? Did someone die like actually that i should know about nikki i've actually had that one and i picked it because of this picture. I liked it. I liked the circus picture.

I've literally had that, just because i was like. Oh that's, some cool art i like that art. You know how they say. Like don't judge a book by its cover.

I do the exact opposite with wine. I'm like. Oh, that's, cool i'll. Take that young who has passed away young dolph, is this true or am i spreading false information hang on? Let me just pull up the news.

Really quick, uh, rapper young dolph, shot and killed in memphis law enforcement sources have confirmed whoa three independent law enforcement services have confirmed this well, that's uh, wow young dolph, 36 walked into a store to buy cookies and someone drove and shot him around 1 p.m. On wednesday, at the bakery in south memphis i get this is this story saying he was uh. He was shot while buying cookies, wow in memphis huh. I guess it's not fake news.

I guess that's very much real news. Uh i hurt petty matt stay thick and petty yeah. What's going on jessica, uh we're doing go by art on the bottle, geez geez geez, jeez crazy. I wonder it sounds like it happened not that long ago, like an hour two ago, i i thought like was.

I confused a little, i mean that's an interesting thing to throw in the report like it is specifically calling out that he was buying cookies. Like that's an interesting like that's a very specific thing that they had to like, throw in there like he was purchasing cookies. Um, but i don't know if who knows, if that's part is true, but there are many news articles right now: memphis-based rapper uh man world's crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. It happens.

It's sad all right, amc, currently at 42 30 iwm waking up, and we are looking prague messing around with that red green move feels like it's almost getting pinned too it's just like. Oh birds, closed from yesterday, gme coming down a little bit 209 gme. Obviously i wish it was staying over 210, but over 200 still a nice psychological win, uh whoa whoa whoa whoa. This is pretty crazy check this out, uh kaleo wall street vets chairman you back an amc game.

Yet i'm down. If you're down, i've got 1.8 million dollars worth of out-of-the-money calls, i aped into it. So i'm 100 in whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa, 1.8 million 1.8 million. That's crazy! That's a serious bet! Uh! Do i have a future date for an interview with adam aaron.

I do not um, i have some things cooking in the background uh like very, very big things, but like nothing, i guess of that level. I mean the things i have on going on. Like i don't know, i don't know if i could like publicly say it. So, instead of like risking making other people mad, it's just easier to like you guys we all find out together when i finally post it um.

So i don't have anything cooking in the background with adam aaron, but we do have some very, very, very exciting things that uh. When all is said and done and it comes out, i think jaws will drop to the floor. Real talk. Matt.

Can you be a stock? Can i give you three percent of your net worth now and you give me three percent back in five years, hello seriously do congrats on your career. I've been seeing you everywhere lately. I appreciate that. That's so kind um.

I don't know if that's a thing three percent of my net worth, i guess, if we did that you would have to like you understand, you'd, be taking into account how many cheeses are up in my pantry right now, like that, i would argue that that's part Of my net worth so, if you're, okay with that, maybe we could talk but um on more of a serious note, i've been noticing lately i've been hearing through the rumor mill on twitter. Let's talk about rumors and drama, because why not um that there's been some people going around buying like equity stakes in youtube channels? They're, like hey i'll, give you like. I want x percent right now. You pay on a certain multiple and then you get that percentage cut of the revenue for how many every year's forward, the entire business and landscape of social media and particularly youtube, is changing rapidly.

Now i myself am not a tick-tocker, but i think that's even heading in the way of somehow even more money and like i guess, that's the thing that i know there's like the tick, tocker fun and people still pay for ads and that. But i'm saying to be even like more mainstream advertisements, the way that youtube is and there's people on tick tock who get serious views series series serious views, it's just interesting overall, i think it's an exciting time to for social media in terms of running your own Business being your own brand, because before the expanse of technology, it was mainstream media. You had to work from one of those companies work up the corporate ladder and then maybe you had some sort of public facing brand, but now seriously trust me any ding. Dong can turn a camera on themselves in their basement and shout out it for hours like it's there's, no rules.

I've looked into it like literally. Anyone like i was just like. Oh like can i do this and they're like we don't see. Why not - and i was like all right - let me work at shouting out a camera in my basement.

Um social media itself is changing the entire landscape of media, and i find it very, very cool because all of a sudden you're seeing trust really pivot from like a media source like the these classic big ones to just individual people. People are like i'd rather listen to that person than like a staple media name, and it's just changing so rapidly with technology. It's really really cool. It's an exciting time.

Uh. The calls are posted on cleo's widow, 500k more if amc is under 44 on monday whoa. That's crazy, rumors and drama. Oh my shout stegosaurus, seth, daddy and stegosaurus um shout out shout out to what a wheat wine and barley wine whoa.

They make wheat wine and barley wine. Where will they stop? Aren't there rules on this stuff? There's no rules, youtube! Algos hold my beer yeah. I say that even though i've been terminated what three times and i've is that how many times i've been terminated at a certain point, you lose count. You know your first.

Your first termination is unsettling you're like what is going on. This. Isn't allowed termination two you're just like what's going on here and then termination three you're ready to go like full russell, crowe gladiator on the entire system? What is up with draftkings someone said: what's up, what's up with draftkings? What's up, what's up draftkings whoa, don't want to look at my draftkings investment at this moment in time. Is this just a really bad shoulder head shoulder? I hope not, i really hope not.

Uh looks like we have upcoming support at 35.. I got in here at 47, so that's not good, that's about down 20 on that investment, but maybe we'll be lowering this average if the opportunity presents itself. But for me this is a long-term home. This is not something i like actively pay attention to.

It's in a different account, i just buy, i hold, i sit, i buy hold. I sit uh thoughts on a video going into earnings. How is nvidia performing today are people excited seems like they are the opposite of excited, as you can see from my technical analysis. Right here, here's kind of the game plan i have.

We have the ark, we have the ball coming down and then it leads us into more of an interrogative, a question, a mystery. If you will and then that mystery is okay, is it going to gap-fill 267 or is it going to gap-fill 233? I, like nvidia, i'm bullish on nvidia in the short term, i'm seeing a little bit of bearishness, but that could be completely wiped off the map. When you start considering just the fact that the earnings is today, that's a fundamental driver, if they beat earnings, it could gap up. If they miss on earnings, it could gap down uh, it's a 50 50 shot overall, medium term, long term bullish on nvidia short term.

It's a big old question mark uh, big old question mark and yes uh before many people ask. This is professional level technical analysis right here deal. You have to take into account how many cheeses you'll have in five years solid that contract inc, we're inking it up. Inking it up uh.

What else do we have batman versus spider-man like conceptually or are we also talking about an individual actor? Because, if we're talking about like individual actors, it's going to be hard to be better than christian bale, but if we're talking about just like the character in general, like let's say from the actual comic books, i think i might have to give spider-man that edge. It's tough, that's that's a very good question. Uh. Do i think it's a good time to get into solana.

Solana uh, if solana successfully bases at 210 and can get back above 220. 225. That would be the kind of demand i would want to see um. I would find that to be particularly interesting, you're close to support you're playing some new demand after a sell-off, you're, just kind of waiting for crypto in general to bend back around.

But when i'm saying like that, bend back around when you're starting to see demand. That's exactly right here, like yeah, you might want to see a little bit more, but i don't know, maybe i'm the crazy one, but this is exactly what i'm talking about it sells off and then all of a sudden, you start to see that u-turn, it it's Making the cup so like, if i were to finish my drawing here, hang on, let me let me do a little bit better. It's always the stock market is not much more than just like a nice cup of tea. It's always about the cups of tea.

So you have the cup and then here let me just better draw this for everyone. You have the handle - let's put some liquid in here. Let's make this this yeah, so it's like a hot cup of tea, but you see how we're filling it we're pouring the tea into the cup and then it kind of rolls around here and then you start to fill the cup back up. Uh! That's exactly what i'm looking for here now, this particular cup.

It gets a bit wonky, it really does. The question is: is there a hole in the corner of the cup? That's what we have to find out and that's really what we're seeing around 61 000. Is it going to bend back around kind of build this up and get the momentum off of the tax issues right now in the infrastructure bill as they relate to uh crypto, the regulations there, india, making some weird moves and then also china reiterating the fact that They're, not gon na play ball with crypto once again um, but overall, this is what i'm watching. Risk is set up.

Your risk 58 000 we're seeing the swing back around. Another thing i want to illustrate here is remember in time frames when it comes to the market. It is easier, it is easier. It is easier to be a long like the longer the time frame, the easier it is to be engaged in the market.

The shorter the time frame you have more randomness involved, so, for example, this could be right right now, like this overall, like oh, it's bending, but even even if this is a proper, accurate bullish call in the short term, it could still drop a whole like thousand Dollars - and this is still valid - so that's my point of the shorter, the time frame, the more randomness that you could be subject to um it's one of those things that the s p 500. This is a great example. Some days we look at the s. P.

500 and we're like whoa like it's down, it's doing this, it's down one percent, it's down two percent, but over the long term. Oh that's reasonable! Even these dips, i mean this was a month of hell, but even if you just kind of held up you're like oh wait, it goes and you zone like this is the market the longer the time frame, the less randomness involved? You could argue that this was the randomness the event of an entire global pandemic, but still, if you had enough of a time frame, if you took a big enough snapshot, well, the the thesis was still intact of what to do so. I think that's a good thing for everyone to remember the shorter, the time frame the more randomness you're going to have. Even if you look at something such as amc, gme yeah certain days are weird, but look at the picture all right.

The apes came into the scene here, it started to build up higher lows. Got this craziness, we had a pennant lower highs, higher lows, the the overall picture. Let me get rid of this just so it's easier to see the overall bigger picture is still intact like this is so incredibly bullish. I don't want people to get caught up into the minutia of a single day single week movement, because, overall, this is what we're dealing with.

What you see right here, hang on check this out. I think this could actually be a really good exercise for everyone involved. I'm just coming up with this on the spot insanity all right. Let me bring up amc all right, amc daily.

How can i get? Let me just hang out make it a little bit more accurate, all right right there. What do you see pretty freaking similar? I know the one on the left includes more time, but overall, this is what i mean with randomness and long term. This on the right side of your screen was basically january all the way until may, this, on the left side is june. Until right, now pretty pretty similar it shoots up, it comes down it.

Spikes, it has one little pump up comes back down, has another pump up and we're waiting to see where this goes now? Does this mean oh matt, you're, so you're showing me bars on a chart? Does that mean it has to play out? No i'm just trying to best my best to illustrate when it comes to the market. History doesn't repeat, the thing is in the stock market. History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes, that's a very, very common saying and okay, if we're rhyming hey. I have no issue with this type of whatever this thing that we're whistling is right.

Now this little tune. If this is the one that we're rhyming with, i am a-okay with that, but, more importantly, let's take into account the picture of this year because i think amc is a completely different company ever since january. Oh we're still up folks, like i know, there's been craziness. Ups downs, but even look at the spy when you zoom out, you have craziness.

Sometimes that's not so good, but it's still is the overall big picture still intact. I would argue very much yes, especially if we get above 46 because then we're talking 53, then we're talking the low 60s. Then we're talking the all-time high of 72.. So please, if you find it to be emotionally distressing from day to day today, um, i think it might it's okay to take a step back.

Look at the big picture of things learn about other aspects of the the market and even with this, if you're also noticing that somehow related to amc and jimmy jimmy is going to be a similar scenario, if you're noticing you're, like hang on duck boy, as you Say with like uh a a tone of certain sorts you're like hang on, if it's going up like how am i down - and i think a lot of that is people who are so new and they see how much options can make you money and they jump Into options a little bit too early and you just get burned on premium time and time again until you slowly see your bank account drain if you're new to options. Yes, you can make a lot of money. It is a derivative class that has a leverage rate of a hundred to one. You can make a shitload of money if you're right, but with that leverage comes higher risk, so the odds aren't necessarily in your side.

So if you're new to options, i'm not trying to scare you away, i'm just saying make sure you're, actually dedicating the time to like learn what you need to learn about them. Just learning about calls and puts now that doesn't mean start training calls inputs. Now. That means okay, learn.

It learn the strategies open. A paper trading account where you can trade with fake options just to like hone the skill, it's a skill, like anything else, uh tara's trying to get you to stream uh to stream it. How do i stream it? Hey gon na have gasparino on your stream he's on in eight minutes all right guys. I can't miss this one where's gasparino where's, he um it's three so fox.

Is he on clayman claiming claiming claiming? Yes? No, maybe so it's unique that's why they customize your car insurance. So you only pay for is that where we are on clayman anyone kim's the best batman, you uncultured swine yeah. He is pretty good breaking i'm about to go on with liz clayman and clarify whatever reported yesterday regarding uh marco hoda's plan to help amc get into more details. These are the days that the content finds you all right.

I can hear it in my ears. I know you guys can't hear yet we will get here when it gets going. Prague going green on the day jamie down by 40 cents, gme in the green iwm, trying to fight back um shout out shout out shout out shout out uh folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, i think i'm on the right thing hang on. Let me just find this.

This is so loud. Excuse me: where are you charlie, we're coming we're coming charlie liz breaking? No, no, no, no uh, charles gasparino! Why doesn't he follow me tune in i'm about to go on list claiming and clarify that i reported yesterday blah blah blah we'll get into more details about my convo coming up all right, we're doing it. This is a legal alert for individuals with pork. They tricked us folks, they tricked us bamboozled hoodwinked, they started it.

You all saw it. You all saw it frustrating frustrating to say the least. I fan i feel hoodwinked, just like in over the hedge they tricked me they tricked all of us. I have uh began, making good money swinging options, but i definitely paid to learn.

Unfortunately, thank you, matt dark horse, i mean that's a lot of people open. The paper trading account still lost money. Oh man, all right, parkinson's. This might be a little bit tinfoil hot, but do you think they were just waiting for a lot more people to view what's going on? Is he just trying to backtrack and protect himself legally because he spoke about cohotis without saying things he like should have said.

All right, let's get come on, give it to us liz, no golf all right, we're waiting! Ah come on all right. Uh amc, forty two dollars, jimmy 209 iwm coming back how's the spy. The spy is waking up actually prague, 490 tesla, 1 100. Almost six dollars away lucid hanging out at 52 rivian.

You know they tried to push it down to reality and people still kept buying that that's ridiculous. Another one hi, i'm jason, ceo of vault health. We are proud to be a sponsor of matcoors duck channel. We hear he is one petty person, but that's what we do here at vault health.

We help people that have to walk the tightrope between low self-esteem and narcissism like our favorite youtuber, mr m coors, all right we going here, we go. What do they say fortune? Favors, the brave the crypto exchange famous for its inspiring slogan and celebrity spokesman, matt damon emerging dramatically in a black t-shirt, making its mark after inking the biggest naming deal in sports history. The storied staples center, in los angeles, will now be called the crypto.com arena. After the singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange paid more than 700 million dollars for the naming rights.

The arena, of course, is home to the la lakers, the clippers of the nba, of course, and the la kings of the nhl. The name change will take effect on christmas day and will be in place for two decades. Bitcoin ethereum litecoin all are lower right now. We've got quick breaking news.

President joe biden now at this moment hopping into an eevee hummer during his tour of a general motors plant in detroit. This is one of the first production, 2020 gmc hummer ev pickup trucks to roll off the factory line. As we are looking at this, it's a white one you can see the back is different from the old school hummers. It's actually a pickup.

The president is expected to make remarks on the eevee future in the next hour. These things, retail at 108 thousand dollars for the all ev version it's pretty tricked out president's in it, he's getting the feel behind the wheel of the ali v hummer, all right, we'll be uh checking in maybe we can do a big little. That's breaking news as we go on man, car they're like shut up mark the hodis. You know this name you may have.

If you are watching charlie yesterday, he's a long-time investor who specialized in short selling throughout his 40-year long career, but in kind of a switcheroo he's now an investor in amc, entertainment, yes, the theater chain and has come up with a very unique pitch that involves a Special kind of dividend for shareholders charlie after your report. Yesterday, you spoke with mr quijotis last night right. What did he have? He wanted to set the record straight on a couple of things, a correction i want to issue. There was a banner that said.

Quahotes is said to have met with adam aaron, the ceo of amc on this plan. He has not met with him. You know he has provided him and i'm going to read some of this stuff off and it's going to. This is going to be a really interesting story in the next sort of couple weeks as amc.

If, particularly, if they go for this, i mean i don't know if they'll go for it, but it's going to be a fascinating story and we're going to have mark on on the 23rd he's agreed he's traveling as soon as he gets back on the 23rd he's Coming on, he wants to talk to you and i about this so too, you too yeah. He wants you to moderate here's what we know and i'm going to read some of this stuff kind of like headline he. He told me that he emailed aaron a vague plan to issue a securities token as a dividend on amc stock. Try to get your hands around it.

Amc probably couldn't issue a dividend, but if you issue the token it could have inherent value. Okay, quahotis says the token will trade on patrick burns or the the t zero platform that was founded by patrick brown, he's a part of it now yeah, the former ceo of overstock uh. The purpose of the concept is to put an nft with value into the hands of amc shareholders, so they get something in value: the shareholders now here's the secondary and if he called it an added feature which is fascinating. It will, he believes, end the debate once and for all over whether amc is subject to naked shorting.

Why is that? If you have this this, this dividend right, um and you've lent out the shares right, the people that you've lent out the shares to hold shares that it's that are essentially owned by somebody else. The broker lends the shares out. You know in terms of a short sale, the ultimate owners. The holders are going to want the shorts, the the broker to get those shares back, so they can take.

They can basically get the nft, get get the dividend right. That will create the situation where people will eliminate shorts. Well, you'll start buying this like crazy. Now, if there's these synthetic shorts, which is the sort of wickedly open position, listen the city of miami issued its own token and they are making money happening.

That's different when you issue a token, but let's get back to you, i know, but let's get back to the original purpose. Overstock did something like this, which squeezed the shorts. Yes, remember, that stock started trading up higher. This could be the same thing where you get a short squeeze coming out of this, which could be very painful if anybody's really short.

Now we should point out it's only 17 short interest, not huge amounts. I mean it's not a hundred percent but uh anyway. It's going to be interesting next wednesday, everybody tune in next wednesday. I will moderate and i will keep them apart hope i don't get punched in the middle, but um.

Thank you. Charlie. We are coming right back. Dao is down 167.

well uh. That was weird, just kind of cut out honest there uh overall, it seems interesting. So what is going on and like the tone that i got from that is basically charlie, got caught lying mark, quahotis called him out and then the very next day he's like kind of backing it up and he's like. No, no like this is actually what said.

Let me set the record straight um once again, just like a plus reporting from charlie gasp, mourinho, always going out publicly when you know he always has everything right, he has the sources everything's tip top. This is one of those one-off things like he doesn't make these mistakes. Often trust me trust me trust me. He he does not make these mistakes.

Rarely rarely makes these okay, maybe okay. He makes him well okay, he makes them a couple times more than we want, and by that i mean weekly, you know in fact, every other day there might be a mistake like this, but it's okay, it's we! We got him under control. Don't worry about that! Overall, marco hodis is arguing that, instead of a normal cash dividend, we can do a special dividend based on nfts nft blockchain there'll be value there, but it's also a unique way to basically get a track of all the ownership, and with this, when you have a Verified ledger you're going to be able, like he said. Actually this is the one thing gasparino got right.

It would end the debate of are there naked shorts or not, because everything would be 100 verified through the blockchain ledger to my understanding a week from today uh. I believe marco hodes is currently in europe as i'm saying this live and i believe he's coming back and it sounds like he's coming on to speak with gasparino, and i am it sounds like liz. Clayman will be the moderator of that. If i had to guess it's gon na be popcorn worthy uh, just judging how mark discusses gasparino right now, like even on space calls and stuff so uh, i think there's gon na be some some excitement to say the least so mark your calendars.

A week from today uh it sounds like gas moreno's going to be going, live on fox that'll be interesting. The 23rd isn't that the day before thanksgiving right is that the day um, i i don't, even the market might be doing a half day. That day, i'd have to check that the holiday calendar, but something definitely to pay attention to with it he's trying to very much tie it to overstock. But overstock was also a story of something that was abusively shorted and then it ended up having a short squeeze.

So gasparino seems to be attaching it in a certain way of like hang on like is this allowed like? Yes, it is allowed to find out if there's naked shorts or not like that, that as investors as company owners and leaders, you should 100 be able to know that if you're, what your investment is, is being diluted by like a fictitious amount of supply, so that That tone was weird that, like hang on, is this even allowed? Yeah, it's allowed um you're allowed to have those answers. You should have those answers, but most important from that thing before it was cut out on us was i just noticed how gasparino's tone changed. He went from very combative to now. He was just reading he's like oh, this is how many times did he say, fascinating and even with the cutout, he might have thrown fascinating in there a couple more times, but it was all fascinating to him reads: is sweet, fascinating reads this tweet fascinating, all fascinating, Fascinating fascinating and you have to understand it was fascinating like to someone like that.

Journalism is fascinating. Like true journalism like that that shit could blindside you so like i get it, i'm right there with him. It is fascinating to actually care about the truth. Uh charlie's short graveyard squeeze kenny got him.

I've been in avax and lrc for a couple weeks now just got into r and d r dot x, since all in podcasts mentioned saturday, r and dr might be big one worth getting in early. I had to look into that tray subway cup. What else do we have uh about 30 seconds to market close folks? Let's see what's going on kind of a not crazy day in the market, the three of the major indices, a bit flat iwm down uh amc down gme up by roughly the same percentage prague slightly in the green, but not as exciting as what the pre-market was. Crypto trying to start to claw its way back, but let's see how that all plays out uh.

What do we have? Um, let's see didn't she say, he's now invested yeah marco hodis, i believe, has 60 000 shares of amc. The last uh, i believe, that's what i read on twitter, ding, ding ding. The casino is now closed. I always love being able to hit the the closing bell here from citadel's offices.

It's always an honor, a privilege of mine to hit the opening bell and the closing bell uh very much appreciate it. So folks, that's it for you amc closed out the day at 42, 13. jamie was at 210. tesla 1090 listed lucid 5250, prague, 488 rivian, 146.

bitcoin, currently above 60, 000 ethereum above 4200, so lana just under 220 sheep hanging out at 48.. That kind of um. This is going to be a day in the markets that it was exciting. It had a lot of potential at the opening and then it got very much just quickly boring.

So here's to hoping that tomorrow is a little bit more exciting a little bit more volume. A little bit more volatility, but right now, hey the course is still in our favor. The apes have obviously charted out this expedition and we are still trending in the direction that puts a smile on my particular face. Here is the plan.

I will be posting some stuff to coors light. Remember that's pinned to the chat above right there above me, wherever it is. Uh click on that check out the clips channel for the live streams and then i'll be posting an update, video on this channel, the main channel so before you head out. If you want to help me with the algorithm, don't forget to drop a like hit that subscribe button liking, subscribing completely free.

I do very much appreciate it. Obviously i will catch you in those videos on the clips channel and update tonight and then i'll be streaming. 9 a.m: bright and early, you can bet your bottom dollar on it overall, thank you for the support and, as always from me and chair best of luck in the markets, you.

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