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Ep 152 apes in space amc, gme, prog tsla dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Apes in Space πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 152
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So, oh welcome back to the casino folks we are here in power hour in lovely stock market crypto land and we have about an hour to go 60 minutes for some fun in the sun. Best of luck to all folks. What is going on! I hope you miss me as much as i missed you. Some would say that it's a form of codependence other people would just say it's a nice healthy digital relationship.

Whatever you want to call it, let's be a little bit more positive and see. Let's see what we have brewing for this particular power hour folks, before we get into anything stock related, i need to share a little a little news story. I was just consuming myself, so i don't know if you've been seeing if you've seen that movie molly's game um. I don't know the name of the actress, some redheaded lady who's, a very good actress.

I just her name escapes me at the the moment, but it's about this lady who moved to la then she moved to new york and she was running a high-stakes poker game now the likes of like ben affleck, toby mcguire, and that was just like the actor World, like you, had these big wig mobsters wall, streeters blah blah all of it. It's crazy movie check it out. It's called molly's game well, anyway, jessica chastain, that's it jessica chastain. I appreciate that uh she's, a very good actress anyway.

The business insider had done like i was just watching this, like video interview with her, and she was saying in one night like the minimum buy-in was 250k minimum buy and so like. This is like the rich of the rich and people would blow through what she said in, like the first like half hour. Well, she said in one night she actually saw someone lose a hundred million dollars. Where do you have to be in your life to like lose a hundred million dollars now? This was not documented in the movie.

This was literally just in an interview. Um, that's crazy! A hundred million dollars there's been days that i've lost. I don't know like 20 25 000 in a day, and i like want to vomit. It makes me like physically ill.

I just it's awful we're not even talking six figures and this person is losing like so much more a hundred million dollars crazy. I can't i don't even know if our brains can wrap around that 100 million dollars. That's money that 30 of us together commonly don't see in your lifetime, like you could take 30 of us, our total income. You put that together, a group of us, a classroom of us and that's what someone lost in a night in a night, wow wow wow.

So anyway i watched that and then i was like ah well. I wonder like what else do these crazy wealthy people do so then i stumbled across this other thing, where it was kind of documenting uh what they believed to be some of the richest people in history. And yes, right now, like people talk about elon and stuff, but historically, when you address for like the time and inflation and all that there actually is other people in history that they think have been more. I guess wealthy relative to their time, and there was this one guy way back when in africa who was traveling, i believe from like west to east africa, and he was super super wealthy, some like fancy king pharaoh guy and when he was traveling.

He was doing this like pilgrimaging well on his way. He brought all these people that had like gold and diamonds and silks and all this stuff and every so often he would stop at the little towns when he was like going to his final destination. Well, this guy was known to - i guess, just kind of like be lavish and spread wealth and everything he did it so much that the cities he stopped by like he was just giving out gold and diamonds and precious other stones that he actually messed up. All of these local economies.

Imagine if the best thing, the best way i could like really point out is like imagine if, like elon, came to a small rural town and just gave everyone like five ten million dollars, do you know how much that would mess with the entire economy of an Area, if everyone had that money and all of a sudden just like what even matters at that point like gasoline rent, diners who's, gon na work, like this guy, like unintentionally, ruined multiple economies, just because of how much he donated to everyone, because at that point like, If everyone just has money now like well literally, i guess just no one's gon na work and way back when they didn't have robots or ai or anything. This is hundreds and hundreds of years ago, crazy, stuff, crazy, crazy stuff. Anyway, i just wanted to give that out. Um.

Are you going to talk about the stimulus check? You know i just heard a little bit and i didn't know i was a little hesitant. I didn't want to spread false news. I saw a something about it, but i thought it was like kind of murmurs the main fed or the main government thing i was seeing, was more along the lines of the fed and they're confirming that we will know by thanksgiving of who the ned the next Federal chairman is, or if it will remain as jerome powell um the stimulus thing. I don't want to spread any false information here and i'm not seeing anything from the new sources.

I personally trust hang on. Let me just check one more. I know one more. I could check uh here we go here, we go.

Uh judge dismisses meme suit versus robin hood citadel securities dj hood uh. I just wanted to share this with you. This was something important judge, dismisses memestock lawsuit against robin hood and citadel security's ruling says evidence found by investigators. Lawyers wasn't strong enough to support accusations of a legal collusion uh.

I wanted to bring that up. This isn't the newest thing. This is what gasparino had been tweeting about this morning, but i mean kind of important. Nonetheless, remember, though there this is one of many cases.

I just want to really like drive that point home with everyone that many cases right now and i believe, they're being heard by a judge in florida um what they did was they took all these federal cases, kind of blocked them up, and then this is the Judge who's hearing him out. This is a different one, there's one, but this is one that apparently is not going through anymore. I saw some people who have more legal knowledge than i do kind of pointing out. Some, like, i guess, not discrepancies, but like weird aspects of this of like hang on - it's maybe not so straightforward, but i definitively know that this is one of many lawsuits.

Many many many lawsuits against robin hood. Robin hood markets scored a victory as a federal judge, dismissed a lawsuit, accusing the firm of colluding with electronic trading companies citadel securities to stop investors from buying gamestop and other meme stocks in january. It's kind of that. The headline there white house says u.s has discussed a possible joint release of oil from reserves with china and other countries.

So, with a talk like that, i bet oil prices are dropping. Hang on, let's check out some oil. What's crude, doing crude crude crude! Oh! Actually up a little bit, but overall you can see it's it's taking a bit of a breather, i would say: support is somewhere between 74 and 75. Right in this region is what i would personally be watching on oil white house says it is vital to confirm ambassador to china.

I was also reading during break that they're, possibly considering a boycott of the beijing olympics, but um we'll see how that goes another year and i'm still once again not invited to the olympics, which is a shame. They should have stair-stepping as an olympic challenge, even if they did it's not like, i would make the team, but they should still have. They should still have that. Why is day trading hashtag day trading trending on on twitter right now, uh? What is going on with this particular hashtag? I guess people are just saying hashtag, day trading.

You know i really commonly do not engage in a day trade, but i'm currently in one, but if you guys want, i could leave it up to you or i could leave it up to the magic flipping quarter. Uh. Currently i have puts on rivium rivine rivn. I got them early this morning my thesis was simple: um i've been stating how i think ipos are overpriced.

This one ran to extraordinary heights. At one point, it was valued over 150 billion dollars. The company has delivered 156 vehicles, it doesn't make sense for a company to be valued at a billion dollars per vehicle. That's been delivered, it's just way too much hype uh.

The cart is definitely in front of the horse on rivium. So i decided to get some puts and what i did was. It was kind of like a half lotto play. It wasn't a full on lotto play so i say a half lotto play because the expiration date is tomorrow, but when i did it it was pretty much at the money.

I got it at 132 and i think at that time maybe we were trading at 133. 134 or something like that, so it's 132s that expire tomorrow. I have five of them. Currently, i'm up 90 um.

You know i'm already in the money and i have five. So we could the smartest move. The most conservative move is to lock in my 2 500. That's the smartest move for people who have a little bit more of a risk appetite this better move.

The risk reward move is probably to lock in three and let two ride, but that's not why we tune in here. We tune in here because you're all my financial advisors, i'm not the financial advisors, you're the financial advisors so like we normally do day over day. I come to my financial advisors and i ask you: what should i do with my money? How do i turn my money into more, so this is going to be kind of a two-fold thing. Question number one is: do you guys want to answer it, or should we go to the quarter and we'll let the lucky quarter decide what i do with my rivien position.

Uh we could do a poll and you guys could vote or other option is. We could just go right to the corridor and do a virtual flip of the quarter and see how this all plays out. Um we'll see how this all right, i want to know. If we're going more quarter or pole act, i'm surprised more poll quarter.

Court uh the quarters are coming in, though, pull pull, pull, pull okay, a lot of pulls okay, i'm seeing more pulls so just said: ask elon uh all right, so let me see how i could create this poll. I only have two options um, so i can't do an in-between all right, matt's rivian puts uh be smart or yolo all right. These are our two options. All right, i put the pole up.

Let's see, let's see how this goes. Um we're gon na have to have, i don't know, i guess we could let that run for about 15 20. 30 minutes uh, but matt's riving puts two options: either be smart or yolo. There's this whole concept of don't give financial advice on social, immediate and that's fine, but i don't see why pico influencers can't receive financial advice from their viewers, like i don't think, there's a rule against that: um whoa.

50. 50. So far, this is crazy. This is crazy, we'll see how this one plays out.

Oh man, man, oh man, one of these days, i feel like a real financial advisor, is gon na see this and like lose it. This is so this is content. Wait. Is it really this close wow? Look at the audience some people are trying to be smart.

Other people are saying yolo. 50. 50.. I, like it folks, my financial health is in your hands.

I just want everyone to know that if i end up going hungry this weekend, it's because of how you guys led me 51. This is crazy. This is as divisive as you as politics. 51.

I'm losing my mind right now. Why is it so close? 52? A thousand people have voted divisive. I know i know that i'm a very divisive member in this financial commentary ape community, but this 5149 you guys, are at each other's throats. I like it, i like it.

I like it. I like it. It's like the brexit vote. Right, well, it's so it's so close that i'm gon na give it more time.

This is cr. This is a nail biter. This is a nail biter. I could, since i close my eyes and voted, not my money um.

Where are we at hey, not sure? If you already checked this c-u-r-v love the show very important, i have not checked c-u-r-v, but i will write that down. Can we vote again? Is that a naked vote exactly c-u-r-v is board api part of the ape community uh i mean i don't know. I feel like i don't really get to define, who is and isn't in the ape community. I think board yacht apes, like those nfts, are pretty cool.

Do you know anything about e engine coin yeah uh nft based crypto uh, not the most popular one, but it's still pretty popular. I would say it's like on like the same level of flow, showing some faith in chaos huh crazy. This is so funny. It changed.

The setup for the punchline they closed got ta flip the quarter. This close yeah, it's literally at 50 50.. You guys are gon na make me flip the quarter anyway. It is perfectly 50 50 and 1 700 people have voted folks.

What am i even going to do at that point? This you guys are messing with me. I can't this is. I thought my financial advisors would be a little bit more straightforward with what i'm supposed to or not supposed to do, not a 50 50 perfect. Imagine going to your financial advisor's office and they're, just like oh yeah, uh, maybe, but also, maybe not they like just kind of shrug.

This is the worst financial advice ever uh more poll new. I don't think i can give more than two options. Unfortunately, this is a nail biter. This is a nail biter.

Can you explain how to use fibonacci retracement and also look at a ticker r-e-e-r-e-e? Let me write that down and let me i will not concede. I demand a recount. You guys are doing this to me as theta is burning me alive. They expire tomorrow, this the indecisive actions of the community.

Right now, it's costing me money, it's costing theta every you guys are. Are you guys pinning it to 50 50 just to screw with me all right? Where are we at double down? I dare you all right? Where are we at l g v, m, l, g v n? What was the other one? R e e r e e, and then we also have a fib retracement, okay, so a fib retracement yeah. I could actually show it right here. Fib retracement would be something like this, so a legitimate retracement well hang on.

That's not drawn properly fib. Why is it? I guess to the downside: no no hang on this isn't! This is not right. I guess i end up using extension more. Why are these percentages all off? Oh, oh! No, no, no, never! Mind nevermind um! Okay, so i think they just must have updated it.

So the percentages are on the left: zero percent, twenty three six percent uh thirty, eight percent, fifty percent sixty two percent. Seventy eight percent use the left number for the percentage and then, in the parentheses, that's actually the like the equity value, whatever you're looking at. So this right here on riving is the fibonacci and a lot of people like this to see. Okay, like, for example, we came down here and then the bounce was back up.

It was a 23 retracement, so fibonacci, it's just a very famous sequence of numbers that people have noticed the patterns play out in many aspects of life and nature and yada yada yada, and they found that sometimes there's utility of that in the stock market. So, for example, 100 retracement of anything is basically it comes down, and then it comes back to wherever you started it. So, of course, that's 100 bounce back because you're at your original value and then you have the fibs are the ones that people look at. Are the twenty three point: six thirty, eight two, fifty sixty one eight and seventy eight six and then a hundred of course it gets more and then that's in the realm of fibonacci extension.

But really people just use this to kind of map out and see. If there's like support or resistance, i use fibonacci extensions more than retracement i use extension when we're breaking out to new highs or new lows to see where it could possibly go: uh 1900 votes, but only 800 likes. Oh that's a good point! Folks, if you haven't already i'd appreciate that that, like to help me out this video over 2200 people have voted, i know you guys are actively clicking away. It would be one thing if you had an excuse that you're secretly listening to me, while your manager thinks that you're doing work or your spouse thinks that you're doing, i don't know, work in the garage, but i would i would appreciate a little help with the Algorithm, but if not that's all right, i'm just appreciative that you voted anyway makes me feel more confident in this decision.

Nothing like crowdsourcing your trades, always a solid idea. I only like polls, this pal community is perfectly balanced, so we have some people who are yellowers and then i can't believe this is 50 50.. All right we're gon na give it another minute and a half we're gon na go to the 10-minute mark. I can't believe it's 50 50..

This is gon na edge out by just a couple votes. This is crazy. I'm excited. Let's just wait.

Eight minutes we'll let it run up to 10 minutes and we're going to see how it plays out. Well, you may need some cheese jesus this weekend, jose. What's going on the only time they ever get, this refined and orchestrated is when it's funny switch accounts and vote again. Oh i love it.

I love it. I love it. I love it all right less than a minute folks, we're almost at 2500 votes we're going to see how this one plays out. Uh, nail biter, nail biter, we have about 30 votes to go and then we're at 2500.

I feel like that's statistically significant. That's over half the audience has voted on what we should be doing in this trade. Please just yolo, someone says trust me all right, we're over 2500 we're closing in on this all right. 10 minutes.

Let's end the poll we're ending the poll. Let's see the final results: who's the winner who's, the winner who's, the winner. Oh wait, yolo yolo, one wait. How do i get the exact details? Yolo, apparently edged out.

It says: 50-49, it's yolo whoa. I wish we could get the exact count, but i guess it's not that detailed, but yolo won all right. You know i wish i could be smart. I wish i could be a good teacher, but you guys have chosen entertainer.

Instead, someone said recount rigged election uh in the words of ivan drago. If he dies, he dies synthetic votes. Well, here's to hope into a rivien gap down tomorrow. I suppose, don't forget the mail-in votes.

50-49 is an automatic recount. I think they have to do that. To show you who, like the winner, was, i thought it would give me the exact numbers it didn't so in shorted, your poll. Well, i guess we're here now it was rigged youtube about to nuke his channel with these rigged election comments.

Probably they're gon na think that this is super political they're like. Why is this kid who's wearing a frog hat talking about the election and then they're going to yell at all of you for giving financial advice? Just wait on that one! You think i'm in trouble! Wait till youtube sends you guys an email. Were you giving that poor matt kid matt coors character, financial advice? I see it no different than when everyone participated in elon's poll of should he sell 10 except his was a 20 plus billion dollar decision and mine was a uh like three thousand dollar decision. My mouse wasn't working clear.

Voter suppression, uh well, yellow win. I hope you guys know something i i don't know. Maybe we should look into some of the some of the info about rivian at this point currently valued at 108 billion dollars, which also means - maybe you guys are on to something, because let's do a little bit. Math, a little bit of math, so lucid, has delivered more vehicles.

Has a market cap of 74 billion ford, which has delivered millions of vehicles, has a market cap of 78, so ford 78, lucid 75, roughly gm 90., so rivien is still worth more than all. Of these companies, gm and ford have delivered literally millions of vehicles. Lucid has less so, but it's also on a crazy run. Lately uh, what's volkswagen coming in volkswagen, uh 137! So now volkswagen has recaptured, and then toyota should also be quite a bit more at 258..

So basically, right now it goes tesla, toyota, volkswagen uh, and then i guess gm or no rivien vivian dengeam yeah i mean rivia needs to drop another 108 billion or 18 billion dollars. Excuse me to be the same market cap of gm. So right now, rivien a company that has delivered 156 vehicles is the fourth most valuable, auto player on the planet. I think you guys are onto something with your yolo bet, maybe not on an intraday action for uh options that expire tomorrow, like maybe in the short term.

We got it wrong, but overall, i think your thesis is a good one. Someone hand me a moose head. I'm storming my mom's basement immediately. Let's go brendan.

Oh man, man, oh man, interesting interesting, interesting. Well, now, i'm a little more nervous. We got ta see what's going on all right, let me check out the flow on this stuff rivian. The flow is bearish 53 to 47..

Let me double check that with another website. Let's see what we can actually find out here, login login, all right. Let me search on rivn the flow apparently on shutterflow for the same echo. So unusual wales is saying: bearish cheddar flow is saying bullish.

Well, that's awkward, that's really awkward! For me. You know it's like which one do we trust there, which one do we possibly trust at this point, i'm stalling i'm not sawing anything. You guys already voted. I'm honored, i'm yellowing it till tomorrow, like that's, already decided it's 50 50, but apparently the yolos must have, i guess, edged it out by a couple votes.

Youtube said that the yellows won and i can't do a recount because that's not honoring the first poll. Imagine all the people who went through the effort of clicking yes or no number one or number two on the first one they're going to say: hey were my efforts not worth it, and i don't want to do that to all the original voters. That would just be rude, so i mean it's in there. It's the vote's been cast, the numbers are in, it was a nail biter, but hey a winner's, a winner.

You got to honor that i'm just trying to really psych myself up that this was a smart move, but we'll find out share a recount on matt's votes. You are listening to us. Of course, i'm listening to you guys. You guys voted time for another vote on which site to believe i voted twice.

I'm sorry, you arrest me. I demand a recount someone hand me my hand, ties no hand the hand ties to me. No tie my no not my tie, dag navit wake up sheeple. It's true: this is bs, i'm smart money youtube is using a dark pool.

Yeah, it seems like we did lose a couple votes somewhere here and there so uh someone might want to do a little bit of dark pool. Checking uh. Also, someone might want to check the short ladders as it involves youtube voting. We we got some swing votes coming in, so just so, we were just joking with the yellow, hey, you guys voted it.

I think this is a good learning lesson for all of us. So sometimes, if you vote for a joke, you might have to be stuck with those consequences. Now you can interpret that. However, you want - and it may or may not be funny, but i think it was funny vote on a revote vote.

Doesn't count synthetic users voted. Yes, damn forgot to turn off my vote lending. Oh well! Here we go. Let's see how this plays out.

I, if i'm being honest for a second i'm, not the most happy that it recaptured 125 i'd prefer that it gets rejected right here. But let's see how this goes. Oh no here comes the best rivian trader on this side of the mississippi short ladder attack on the pole, roll to 70 puts for tomorrow. Just have everyone tell who you voted for for the account and what they say.

Hey mark. Just wondering if the gym story from this morning is related to you looking to move, cheers um for legal purposes. I can't confirm or deny that, but yes unrelated, but been a while, since we had rockets on the chart, i think we had rockets on the chart. Yesterday, didn't we, i think we had rockets.

We definitely had magnets on the chart. Yesterday short ladder attack check out the ore decks on your pole. I smell something fishy folks. Let's do some chart reviews.

You know things are a little bit quiet. We still have 25 minutes on the day. Let's do some overall chart reviews. Maybe we can find a potential interesting trade so right now the s p 500 is doing squat.

We ran into the same high but the macd crossed over, and i just wanted to show you the rsi what's kind of interesting here. Let me make this a different color, so it stands out a bit more upper band, lower band all right and then this so we're in a scenario right now: oops that's referred to as bearish divergence. So basically we've got into the same level. But if i were to make nope, how do i do this? What's the hotkey check this out, so we basically got to the same level just above 470, but when this happened, look at the decrease in the rsi, the relative strength index, this maps out momentum.

So what this is saying is, even though we got to the same price level on november 16th and on november 5th, whatever it was, there was less bullish momentum. The momentum went down. This is why it's referred to as bearish divergence, same price, or sometimes you even go to a higher price, but the momentum is less. This is commonly indicative of at least a sell-off, maybe a period of consolidation, but this mismatch is telling you that something's iffy about the movement now does this mean that it has to sell off it has to trade sideways no, not at all, but if you were To look at the odds of it, that's why it's called bearish divergence is because there's not as many people buying here the second time around as there were, was the first time definitely something to consider in this scenario.

So the way i would look at it is basically it's a non-trade if it breaks out cool we're waiting for open price discovery, maybe this will just keep ripping, but on the other hand, if it goes below 466, i would think that there's a way to play And maybe make money to 462 or maybe it'll fall even further, so playing off of this bearish divergence. I don't think there's a play right now, but me acknowledging that there's bearish divergence. I would be looking for the breakdown of 466 467 and the follow through on this divergence, and then i'd be looking for the support of, and maybe a breakdown of 462.. Now, how could you play that? Of course, you could short the straight up market? You could buy, puts you could play volatility.

You could get calls on volatility. You could go long on volatility, there's various ways you could play it, but it's more of okay. That would be my thesis of if it can't hold with the divergence. I'd be looking for the continuation down to 462, but the trigger for this trade would be going sub 466.

um. So right now to clarify it's a non-trade but watching 466 and watching this. If it gets above 470, who knows, maybe the rsi will go higher than it was previously and we'll just see a new all-time high from there very very possible, let's check out the queues, the queues, ding, ding ding, the tech sector did hit a new all-time high New all-time high uh call out right here, so this would be when people ask about like fibonacci extension. This is a good time to use.

Fibonacci extension, you go from the last relative low to the last relative high to the last relative low low high low, and then you get this extension and at this point i would just be targeting these individual levels, so basically, 407. 413. 419. So this is my next target right roughly.

Why is that not drawing hello? That would be my next target on the qs, and that would be my next target after that, so, 407. 413. That's what i would be watching for this continuation um notice, the difference here in the macd, the moving average convergence divergence it wanted to cross over, but it saved itself. While on the flip side the spy did not.

The spy actually went red uh. It might be small, but it's definitely worthwhile to point out now in the russell 2000 little bit of a different story, this one's obviously down trending right now we could just connect the all-time high to the last high. It's trying to hold itself at this support that we've seen look at previous all-time high resistance resistance, kind of a consolidation. It's that's literally, where it's at right now, so it might be attempting to catch itself, but if it doesn't, i would be looking for a flush.

All the way down to 230., so the way you play this is you wait. Is it going to actually close below it on volume and start to drop, and you can play this or is it going to bounce and test this wedge and maybe we'll get a breakout from there? So out of these three i would say the qs are more of an obvious setup right now. The spy and the russell both require a form of patience. I don't really see an active trade there on cues.

The way i would want to play the queues is actually a little bit different um. I wouldn't go long here. I would attempt to make money - and i haven't done this just to be completely transparent with all you. I think the best way to play this one is to do a put credit spread.

So i would do something along the lines of maybe selling the 388 puts and then buying whatever i don't know like the 382s or something like that. But once again a put credit spread, i think, is probably the most conservative way to still get a nice payment off on this cute movement, because i don't think it's going to come down. That's exactly why you would want to get into a put credit spread. Not a debit spread, you would sell the higher strike price and buy the lower strike price, and as long as it stays above, the higher number, you would keep all you'd keep the net premium if you're unfamiliar with the spreads and i'm confusing you um, i guess Just don't worry about it for now and i can explain this thread or the spread technique a little bit later, but for those of you who do want to know a little bit about it, let's see what kind of cues cues they're suggesting anyway right hang on.

Let me find on tiblia what they're suggesting all right. So we have some cues right here, they're saying the 396's, so they're even more aggressive. 396. 395.

394. 393. 392, with uh, 20, 18, 16, so eve tiblio is calling out the same thing imc, like all these q put spreads uh, that's their suggestion, a little bit more aggressive, so they're saying, basically it's not even going to come below. Here i was picking out 388 just because of the relative low.

So if you want to be more aggressive, you just pick up that first number, so overall q's, i think the most optimal thing right now is a put credit spread. Iwm needs patience, spy needs patience. So that's three of the major indices that we pay attention to. Let's look at some of these other ones.

Tesla went up the macd crossed over and then it sold off. But now it's coming back very interesting right where it's at is a previous resistance level. This one's kind of tough, because even if you go long, your support is far away. It's 983, like you're you're, risking over a hundred dollars per share.

So if you're, okay with that risk, i mean percentage-wise, it's ten percent um, probably that's! That's kind of a large risk, especially because your upsides another hundred, so it's a one-to-one risk reward ratio. Generally, you want something: that's a little bit better than a one-to-one risk ratio. So even this i mean i guess if it gets momentum you could get in and out of, like maybe a quick call like just try to ride the momentum a bit, but i think tiblio actually just had some spies or tesla stuff didn't they was that on Page one: what were they calling out about tesla right here, so tesla they're, very interested in a put credit spread, as in it not dropping very interested in selling the 980s, the 975s, the 985s 9 000. 999 89.70.

Okay, we're seeing a lot of that for the decembers, so tiblio is calling out basically saying it's not going to drop below this in a certain way. You could say this is similar to the queue setup of like hey. If you don't think it's going to go below it, you would sell this, put you buy another put below it just and you collect that net premium you sell the higher put you buy, the lower put, that's a put credit spread credit spread, not a debit spread. You want to sell the more expensive one and you want to buy the cheaper one.

You want to sell the one that has a higher strike price and buy the one that has a lower strike price, so they're basically saying by mid-december. If you think it's going to stay above 970 980, you can engage in this. Let's take a quick look at lucid, lucid, taking a realistic breather. I don't know why in the world i have this many lines.

Sorry that was not fun at all. Um lucid looks like it's currently on the way for this gap. Phil, oh wait. What is i'm on prague? Why did i sorry? That's why i thought i was in like lucid mode there we go uh.

I thought the chart looked weird. I was like. I also know lucas is not trading at 355. um, so speaking of lucid's gap fill.

Let me get rid of all this junk. Let's clean up this chart a little bit, so we have a gap. Fill to the top side. Lucid is currently at 46 13..

Now this is a clear level: 45 resistance, resistance resistance, finally got the breakout, so 45 is something worthwhile to watch. They tried to push it below it today. They couldn't push it below it and we kind of based and we're going to see how that's going to go if it goes below 45 you're, then back to watching 40. But if you see it start to turn around, i mean in a short-term thing.

You could play this gap film back up to the low from november 17th at 50 31, but with that, that's a little bit of a shorter time frame and i'd just be watching like. Is there going to be momentum or not on rivien? What what's going on with riven this is why rivien's tough? Just because the ipo um is like it was so recent, we don't have much of a chart not much of a chart at all um, i'm watching this consolidation area right here you see how it's basing today, look it it's right of the consolidation on the second Day of trading, so i'm gon na see if this can hold well. I wish i could see if it could hold, but i got ta abide by the rules that you guys gave me. My hope is that it doesn't hold here.

I guess at this point now that i'm yellowing it and i'm watching the low of this consolidation at 115.. This is kind of the volume shelf area i'm going to care about. If you haven't heard that term before that's fine, but the fact that it's below 125, like it resistance and then a bunch of support 125 126 into pivot area, the fact that we're below it not good, it's not the most cons like um, i guess not concise, But it's not the most confirmed move because our volume is half the volume uh. Oh wait! No, no, never mind! We don't even have 10 days of training, so i don't even know what the average volume is scratch that scratch that scratch that so the fact that it's below 125 resistance support in this region, we're closing below it to me, that's a sign of weakness.

Uh! It's definitely a sign of weakness, but i'm going to yellow this tomorrow, just because all of you told me to let's see what's going on with nvidia, so as you can see pelosi and her stock, have i mean the earnings announcement completely messed up. My previous technical analysis, but even this is a bit weird - i mean i love nvidia. I truly love nvidia, but when things gap up and go red, it's just generally, not good. Is it always bad? No, but right away.

My mind is like how can i make money off of this gap film? Now, i'm long on nvidia i've been long and nvidia and i'm not really the most uh like. I don't really actively trade nvidia, but i mean with this like if it weren't nvidia. If i was just looking at this chart, if it was a random ticker, i'd be like yeah, i see a gap fill right here, a gap up going red. Is it going to fill tomorrow? I don't know maybe next week i don't know, but as soon as i see weakness and it like, they can't hold whatever the previous day low was right away.

I think, how can i make money off of this gap? Build there's various ways to do it. You could do with puts you could do it with a call credit spread. You could do it with shorting. You can do it by getting out of your current nvidia stock and then buying back on the gap.

I mean there's so many ways you could do it. Um some are riskier, others are less risky, but now we have three gaps. We have one gap to 305, another one to 267 268 and then we have an additional one into 233. These are all legitimate gaps that i think given enough time.

Unfortunately, nvidia will fill. I'm saying, unfortunately, because i'm long on nvidia it doesn't make me in any way happy because i know like my unrealized gains are going to go less and less and less, but if we get down to 233, i'm just going to be buying more, i mean. That's! That's a steal in in terms of nvidia. If we see 233 i'm definitely buying that gap, that's nvidia! What else do we want to look at? We could check out prog since we clicked on that before uh, so prague, yes, uh before we were talking about lucid's gap filled with the upside prog, has a gap filled to the downside um.

Will this get filled yeah? I think so. Eventually, given enough time, once again, i think it will get filled, but that doesn't mean it has to get filled tomorrow. Today it could take weeks months years, it's very possible. It could take a while.

What i'm looking for on nvidia is basically for it to recapture this line around 4. 30 40.. We just see this clear, wick resistance. If we could get back above that and then notably back above 465, which is today's high i'll be kind of looking for this v shape, my belly is - and i call it a larry williams - either uh like peak or valley uh.

So the valley is like the downward v and then obviously the peak would be the opposite. When you come up and you break down generally actually right now, you could this one my buddies and i we would define this as a peak. It's a three to five bar setup, three to five bar setup: uh, usually we're looking at the daily, but you could apply this to any time frame. So this would be the peak right here where you have one bar another bar where the high is clearly above it and then the third one right here.

This would be the peak, but what's weird about it is sometimes you have to wait for that next, one, because, depending on what's going on here, the peak could quickly turn into a valley. If you just invert that, because this would be, you either have bar one. Two three: that's your peak or bar one two, and if the next bar goes higher well, that then turns it into a valley and whenever you're looking at multiple technical structures, i find it most profitable to use whatever the most recent technical setup is not saying. Oh, we have this current valley, followed by a peak, um or previously peak i like to use whatever the recent one is, and that's a little tidbit that i got from my algorithmic trading days days.

I still actively do it. Sometimes you have conflicting signals that fire. Sometimes you go long, some tell you to go short. I always use the signal.

That's the most recent one, that's really getting into the weeds here, but i i always just use the recent one, all right rivien. We checked that out. Uh we've talked about amc and jimmy a lot. What are some other popular ones? Apple? Let's see what apple's up to apple, what is apple up to apple in a new all-time high uh.

So if you're in apple apple's, a part of my long-term investment account, what's apple up to literally worth 2.6 trillion dollars becoming the like once again retaining the most valuable company in the world and i'm acting like oh, like. What's this little scrap of a company doing the most valuable company in the world, uh! Congratulations! If you're long on apple, i made a video at the end of 2020. It's still on my channel uh talking about how i think apple this year could hit 150 potentially 175 and in an extreme bowl case 200.. My first prediction was right: uh next one is 175 and i guess my back's a little bit against the clock because i have about a month and a half to see if this can get up to the 175 region.

But just remember every dollar. We add. That's a lot of money, we're talking about a 2.6 trillion dollar company. A 10 move is another 260 billion dollars in market cap.

Sometimes you have to have an appreciation for what a percentage move actually means for the company. So this is another example of how you could do a fibonacci extension. So you go to the previous relative low previous relative high previous relative low and right here. My next stop would be 159 and then, after that, i'd be watching 162.30.

So the previous low, the previous high, the previous low, and that's how you set up the extension and you just let this price discovery play itself out. You're an open range. It's blue skies ahead! So that's what i'd be watching coming up to that? First target of 159.11, then 160 230 is what i would personally be watching. There remember a lot of this when you're doing technicals it's much more of a art form than a science.

There there's nothing ever in technicals, that's guaranteed. If you look enough, you can find a counter example or a place where, like it, always breaks down you're just looking for setups, where you have an edge for all my poker players out there for all my blackjack players out there. The market is continually looking for an edge, that's all it is. You look for a situation, that's your edge, and then you play that and you always play it with proper risk management, and you never go all in on one particular thing, because there's never a guarantee.

It's going to work out like it's a game of taking as many data points as you possibly can take smart bets over smart bets over smart bets and given enough data points, that's how you end up being net profitable. Sometimes this is the best setup in the world and it still just goes the other way. That's fine, there's no such thing as a hundred percent uh when it comes to the market ever ever ever. That's why it's just time and time again, especially if you're a short to medium term trader you're, just looking for your scenarios, you take a proper risk to reward setup.

You always your first thought should be if it goes south. How much can i lose? I want to live to fight another day, another way to say that from all these, like boring, old-ass financial advisors, they're going to tell you diversify, diversify, diversify, i'm telling you the same thing, i'm just i do it where i wear like a frog hat instead, so It's really the same message: it's just. I have a cooler like costume collection than they do. It's really not much different uh thinking about looking in 2000 percent gains.

Could you check the technicals i o and q i'd? I see lower volume, i'm thinking quantum long term, but by at new ac. I don't really know what much of that means, but i'm happy to look at the chart. I o and q looks like it's. Finally taking a breather.

Look at you have that bearish divergence, the stock went higher, the rsi went lower. I think this thing starts to sell off. Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong, but we're seeing a mismatch right here. Um the earnings sent it orbital, which is good.

This looks like it's a spack play, it must have announced who it was acquiring back in september, but anyway, just from a technical perspective. I know nothing about the fundamentals of this company. The stock has gone higher, it gapped up went red. We have bearish divergence in the rsi if this goes below today's low tomorrow.

That's the classic larry williams peak, it's a mountain peak. I could draw that in for you, if that's going to help. So sometimes you have like a peak. This is kind of a mountain, and then you have another mountain and we're going to give it some snow and we're going to give it a a skier.

We'll give him some arms got ta give him his skis, uh, all right, so yeah and then he's gon na go this way, so yeah classic mountain setup. This is a peak right here. I obviously it's winter season. I know a lot of you are skiers and snowboarders.

I think this is useful to use, but you can see kind of a peak setup that we have going on there's a lot of similarities with winter sports in the market, and i think we we all are well aware of that feel free. If someone wants to screenshot that and sell it as an nft, you have my permission. Oh my god. This gear now makes sense, uh manipulation, shoves another cheese in mouth, oh yeah.

I robbed you of that funny. One micro story the other day. Sorry about that estate. Agent rang would the would the viewers like the story for fun steak, twitter, dm live brendan, i think we're all confused there.

Is this a skiing story, where's the lodge in the bunnies they're at the base of the mountain? If you wanted, you guys want to know where the lodge and the bunnies are um. That's actually on a completely different stock. All right, we're gon na get the lodge we're gon na give it a chimney all right. I don't know how to draw a bunny mm-hmm.

I don't this bunny's going south sorry, i don't know how to it's. Gon na be a big bunny, a bunny like a godzilla, bunny type thing um. This is embarrassing. All right, you guys are just gon na - have to use your imagination on that one, but yeah.

This is kind of like a godzilla bunny platypus in a party hat, apparently messed up ears eating this lodge but yeah overall, sometimes you just have certain things that are so obviously going to go down, and this might be one of them. I've never heard of this stock. Before i don't know what row bin hoed is robo in hood, but uh the chart looks really really crappy. So i don't know what to tell you about that, but i do see this bunny platypus godzilla creature eating the lodge at the bottom of the mountain, but ro robin roe bin hoeid, robe, robin and hood uh looks weak, never heard of it, but you might want To check that out might be something worthwhile to look into uh show us your position on amc uh i mean you can look it up on public, just create a public account and you could see my amc and jimmy among other ones.

Why show us your position on amc sign up for public? You can see it til ray down big. Do you expect to bounce back my options expire. Resistance team, since how do you see tomorrow, playing out one day plays um, are extremely difficult whenever you have a very short time frame, there's a lot more randomness involved. I don't think it's advantageous to play any form of options really on the marinara industry right now, because it's it's not a technical play, you're just waiting on federal developments, how's it going.

What do you think about rkt bounce if it closes on a hammer today? Also, tsm resistance, breakout uh. Let me get rid of this rkt. Isn't that rocket mortgages yeah the hammer off of support 15, that's a very legitimate technical setup. I like the fact that you're seeing the hammer uh bouncing off of support.

Your support's closed risk rewards there. That's a solid setup: what was the other one tsm semiconductor semiconductors are crushing it today because of it's a sympathy play nvidia crushed it. So many other ones are crushing it, but you want the breakout of 125. on tsm.

The real jay hooser, matt pfe has a cup and handle on the monthly and covet is picking up in your that's unfortunate. It's that resistance. I mean i don't like to buy at resistance because you it's called resistance, you don't know if it's actually going to break out or not. Is this an all-time high for pfizer? It's about to be uh, so pfizer's knocking on the door of an all-time high, but also i want to point out here there's it's not very volatile, like this looks like a nice run, but even this drop all the way down here.

That's seven bucks um. So it doesn't move that much and it's because it's already a 288 billion dollar company once again a one percent move is pretty considerable in terms of market cap. I see a cup i see no handle yet if it gets rejected here and starts to build back around it might be handled, i would be concerned about the gap below it, but you're saying that uh cases of kovid are picking up in europe. Well, if that's true, i think pfizer would be a profiteer of that.

Oh whoa, the bell ring ding ding, the casino is closed. Someone said jimmy and loopering partnership confirmed well. Loopring didn't react to that. Unfortunately, are you sure that it's confirmed, because i feel like if it was loop ring, would be bought up right? Now? That's a bad money, the one destroying the lodge the bunny platypus godzilla creature, i've created for all of you.

This is this is something everyone learns at financial advisor school. A lot of people think when you go to financial advisor school, it's something along the lines of oh, like you're, going to learn about risk reward and this and that and socks and options, and most of it is doodling. That's the secret that they don't want out. There in the world, but it is it's mainly driven by doodling um.

There might be some financial advisors here like what are you talking about? That is not what i did in my financial advisor school. Well, maybe you didn't take your financial advisor school in a back alley in philadelphia. I don't know i don't make up the rules uh entirely different words from what rin open micro story. It was a mere 48 hours ago, jesus h, corbett.

This is like trying to coach a goldfish to play the piano that is very difficult to do uh. What do you think about a 95 call option march 18. 2020 to amc. I have no idea about that.

I mean i wouldn't engage in options on amc or jimmy. Until i see momentum, i would want to see an uptick in volatility volume and like technical breakouts, i wouldn't just arbitrarily buy a leap like that. I don't think that's a good risk reward set up. Overall.

Thank you for your support. I actually have to film an interview and then we're going to get that interview posted on saturday, so i'm going to prep up for that interview. I will also post an update video on this channel in like an hour hour and a half something like that, so update video coming out on this channel and then don't forget about coors light where we just clip all the things that happen on the stream. If you miss that throughout the day, uh, thank you for all the support.

Thank you for the likes. Thank you for the subs. I do truly truly appreciate it update video coming out tonight. I will be streaming bright and early crack of dawn tomorrow.

9 a.m. Be there be square, as always from maine share best of luck in the markets.

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    Today, after the bullish claim was made when PROG tanked and was at 4.30 a share: "Yea, those shorts on PROG will fill but it could take months or even years."

    PROG AH is currently at 4.18 and dropping.
    YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE DOING!! You may gain a social media following by wearing costumes and ranting your belief system but I have yet to see any correct financial predictions. Maybe you could get farther away from massaging your own ego from a schoolyard popularity contest and closer to focusing on providing useful information that investors can benefit from.

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    [2] SHFs are doing short attacks in instalments and daytrading of AMC, driving prices down by a couple of dollars or more on day to day basis. They borrow millions of shares on Monday and load up to attack certain price levels such as $40, 45, 48, 52 etc) throughout the week, especially on Fridays.

    [3] There are also many other tactics to scare people away from AMC such as FUD articles in media and negative comments on social media etc. Also, FTDs (failure to deliver) of millions of buy orders always in the queue for AMC.

    Despite of such coordinated efforts, stock is up 1900% since Jan2021. Imagine how many shares have already been bought by Apes as well as institutions. This is a mind-boggling setup.

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