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Ep 154 ferocious market action amc, gme, lcid prog dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Ferocious Market Action
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 154
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Life getting them tended so soon, they'll be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going till the monday very soon going to wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter sweeping pain every day, ain't fam. What you do wan na hang one or two: oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten henches couldn't come for him.

Ace was had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause. We never be selling until we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw. You kenny. I want my wife, a minivan to share with a boyfriend, but i pull up in the benz played saying olive cranes going on an airplane.

Don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday cause we're holding on for delight getting damn teddy. Today's expectation probably more manipulation. If you did, your creation of a crooked operation bought more while it was low, got more dips and trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd let go what the hell you take us for holla.

If you spend your last dollar on bananas, while living in squalor, we don't claim to be scholars. We the smooth brain dummies and we never stood totally yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor apollo 11 ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymores, we trust, oh hell, m-o-a-s-s gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done.

My dd call me out john rocket man. This is the way gon na be girl. You know ground control to major time. We bout to have liftoff call us neil h, strong gon na now, and exactly that.

Let's go folks. Let's go amc at 41 up 1.5 gme gamestop can't stop, won't stop gamestop, crushing it look at that. A nice volume pop the average volume over the past 10 days has been 1.355 mil we're at 2.33. This is exactly what i'm talking about.

We need volume excitement to return. Typically, when you see these nice movements with above average volume that gets a lot of people excited, so, let's see crushing it today, game stuff up: seven percent creating at 224 um i've been calling out that 225 area. If we look at the bigger picture on gamestop right now, this is exactly where we are at. You could argue cup handle? Actually, you could argue a perfect cup and handle let's see if we get that explosion very interested in seeing what happens all the way around 255 man amazing stuff for gamestop, if you've been diamond handing your gme, that's great.

That is great. That is great. Uh amc. We're just above halfway in this pendant, so we're looking for the enthusiasm to get back uh on this wedge right here, but looking for this push through at this point, we do have about 55 minutes.

So, of course it could happen today, but it does look like we might be looking for this wedge, breakout uh in hopefully the start of next week. Hopefully fingers crossed on that one. Let's see what's going on with amc and jimmy uh with the excitement. Next week, prague amazing day prague up 12.

We did get a double top at 5 15., we're looking for the base at 480ish and see if we could get that follow through and then lucid right here, um lucid having a very very solid day. So, in terms of where i am at i've closed my rivium position, i have closed my lucid position. I took all of that and i bought some additional amc shares and then i took the leftover and i rolled out farther on lucid. I got the lucid monthlies december monthlies, so i gave myself four weeks because i was looking at the daily chart and i was like hang on.

This thing might be moving for even more time. I got the lucid 70s for december um as of now like in that new position, everything that i rolled into uh. It is down. I don't know if this is gon na work.

I don't know if it's not. Obviously, that would be a new all-time high for lucid and i'm not necessarily calling for it to go in the money. But i don't think it's that crazy to think that we could get a break of 56 and then hopefully a touch of the current high around 65-ish. So, like i said, i'm gon na be agile with this one.

If i get a nice percentage gain i'll, probably lock it in not necessarily betting on it going in the money, but i gave myself plenty of time and that's a big thing i want to stress, with whatever options you decide to play. Options are not solely determined on the price of the underlying asset. That is so incredibly important. People are like hey.

I got this amc at 41 and it's 41 today. Why have i lost so much value because volatility matters in time until expiration matters? I would argue that the value of the underlying asset - that's a third of the price, it's a third of the equation that goes into the pricing model, for these options, volatility and time until expiration are so incredibly important and, as you get closer and closer to actual Expiration you're going to see a lot of that extrinsic value disappear at an exponential rate, not at a linear rate, as you get closer to expiration volatility and your actual theta, your theta decay matter. So so much more, not just linearly exponentially. Please! Please understand that before you start deciding to engage in options trading, if that's for you, but overall amc, gme, lucid prague, all looking very, very good rivian whipsaw there were some rumors of ford getting out of their stake.

Just locking in their attendees could be true kind of rumor right now, thus far unsubstantiated, but we'll see, see we'll see we'll see in terms of the ortex numbers. Just so you know the estimated short interest of amc's 15.46 percent, that's obviously still above average. Uh 15.46 estimation around 80 mil we're going to see if those 80 mil cover gamestop lower short interest um. This has dropped off considerably ever since we saw the reports from early early this year, hang on right.

At one point we were talking about: 79 million. Being short, currently, we are looking at six 6.3. Now, why am i bringing this up matt? Are you spreading fud? Well, no, i'm just trying to bring up factual information that the short interest is considerably less than it was in january, but with it. I also want to bring up the fact that yeah 5 million - i mean 5 million, getting moved out of their position.

We we don't trade that in a day, right now we're at 2.3, so that is considerable movement on gme in general of the the shorts that are estimated to be out there, our current volume, if the shorts wanted to cover they would be in trouble and even Outside of the world of shorts, i think dwack, i'm not in dwack right now. This was not really being shorted. Was there some shorts? Yes, of course there was some shorts, but the movement itself from 14. All the way up to 174, that was pure fomo buying excitement just pure unadulterated, buying demand.

So when you have this combination of the fact that we don't trade enough volume for all the shorts to really get out in two days, on top of the fact that we know this is coming from gary gensler himself, the movements we saw in january, they said Not a short squeeze, not a gamma squeeze that was good, old-fashioned, retail and that's a very, very important thing for us to all wrap our heads around, because so many people are saying the fact of, like almost like it has to be shorts. Getting out for this stock to go up well, not necessarily. The original report already disagrees with that. They said not a short squeeze, definitely not a gamma squeeze.

We have these examples, such as dwack going absolutely crazy and the shorts that we know like the certified shorts that are plain as day they couldn't get out in an entire day of trading, even if they wanted to. So you have various things all moving together and this is completely discounted. The entire entire argument surrounding gamestop of fundamentally it's better. We are waiting for announcements related to looping, the nft marketplace and also everyone's waiting on it.

Gamestop amc people are waiting as if, like they're waiting for a shoe to drop because it already has that attention. People know what gamestop is possible. So i feel like there's so many people on the sidelines right now, just waiting for something to actually play out to actually occur, and when i put all that together, at least in my own estimation, hey, that's something i'm going to bet on that. I've been public about this.

I have a four figure share, account related to amc, and a three figure share account related to gme. As of now, i have no calls or puts, i have no options on amc or gme, i'm not buying, not selling, i'm not in the options game on this. Yet i just i, i don't quite see the environment. I i'm like fully enticed in uh, but i'm gon na be waiting.

I'm gon na be waiting and i'll. Let you know if that changes, but right now, uh through eq, like stock ownership, equity ownership share ownership long on amc. Long on jimmy four figure share count on amc. Three figure share account on jamie and lucid.

I have a lot of calls right now december, prague. I have calls and shares all right. Where are we at come on cookie? Thanks for all the work you've been doing to educate the apes, your videos keep us calm, cool and collected happy to do so. Uh low volume - and we are in the green.

If you know what you know for a kisses matthew, you beefy bastard, you forehead kisses. Shout out chris taylor december 17th: six dollar clove call thoughts offering done soon uh. I i don't get too excited about clove. Oh wait.

I see what you're saying you're playing this gap fill okay if they actually complete the offering yeah, but it's a little bit of a knife, catchy territory, uh, maybe another day of demand, especially if you close above 584, could be better. But i mean that's a new all-time low. Yesterday, that's a lot of risk. You don't know where you're this is an undefined risk situation and i don't like playing those uh the reward.

It's there, it's kind of small, but i don't know what the risk is. That was a new all-time high low yesterday, i'm not sure if i would play clove uh brendan. You said. Thank you.

You're welcome, there's no magic button right. I don't think so. King griffin was the one who outbid by to buy the constitution check wall street journal. No way seriously no way um.

I very much hope that your wall street journal constitution. I hope this isn't true. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me citadel ceo, ken griffin, outbid a group of crypto investors for copy of u.s constitution? Oh man, no way you can't make this up. You can't make this up chicago hedge fund billionaire ken griffin, said he won the 43.2 million first edition copy of the us constitution at sotheby's auction on thursday, and now he intends to lend it to uh free arkansas art museum wow.

This is you can't make this up. Oh, oh wow! This is just like so in your face, so uh, okay, wow uh, so instead of letting the people buy, the us can wow that simulation confirmed right like that is me that is so ridiculous. Oh man, man, okay, i like that's like i was covering the constitution story just because i thought it was interesting. I think, in this sphere of like apes.

I think i've been the only one that like really kind of talked about, because i just thought it was cool. I thought it was like a cool little like tidbit of a thing i in my wildest dreams did not think it would so directly relate to this group so directly, a relay to this group. That's insane hey mateo, deep in the money. Amc 50 cent call 22.

Think about exercising, i still have time, but i'm concerned about theta interest in your thoughts um. If you exercise it doesn't matter at all, because you're just you're, just converting it to shares right. It doesn't matter your profit on your options: you're just you're, converting the contract to shares, so theta doesn't matter, and ken griffin is thanos right now i have tagged four apes, including you with four comics uh, know the other half of what i want. I get strange calls from country code: seven, google, apes, google actual lfg.

I don't know what that country code is matt. When you go back and read the last message: read slow and clear as you can please. I need to tell the group that the reason i i'm hard to understand is sometimes you leave out whole sentences brendan. It sounds like you're just trying to blame it on me.

Now i don't you could google what country code 7 is does exercising it work? The contract you're exercising the contract, as in you're saying, yes, i want to buy a hundred shares per contract at the strike price, not at whatever the normal, like, not the current trading price, whatever the strike prices of the contract. This is so. This is from short, the vix kenny boy facing public backlash and lawsuits also kenny i'll just buy the constitution. Ah, it's too funny.

If you don't laugh, you'll cry it's so wild, ah the same guy. Who is basically what did he say recently when he was talking to that um sorkin kid uh? He was saying that, like oh, it's like died down, it's just like it. No one talks about it anymore, he's like no one talks about amc, jimmy like it's just being gaslit by a billionaire he's like gaslighting america. I have the constitution now so wild you for mumbling me for trying 10 months straight.

I think we that's fair, happy friday. Matt, i saw your hood rant yesterday, got a song for you, ro robin hood, violently down a row down the street merrily merrily apes know it's bad, a bad dream: the real j hoozer. What's going on man, thoughts on atvi has been eyeing a gap for a while, but so has the ceo atvi uh. It still looks weak to me, activision and they're running into a lot of social issues.

Right now and i believe some of the respected game developers have been leaving, i don't know, i'm a fan of esports, i just don't see any buyers on it. I don't think this is an opportunity. Uh someone breaks in and slaps an amc sticker on it. Like should we hire nicholas cage, i think that's an effort.

We could all really help with let's hire nicholas cage to slap, an ape sticker right on the constitution. I think it's a good idea. I think we could do that that dow constitution that group constitution dow um, let's hire, i think we need to go fund me - go fund me for nicholas cage. Actually, i'm gon na put that out legally.

So my lawyer, considering, i think, start a. I think we should sort of go fund me to hire nicholas cage. He doesn't spell his name in a weird way. Does he? I should probably double check that i don't want to disrespect one of the greatest actors of our time.

That would probably end poorly on me. He does spell it weird good thing. I checked, there's no h in that baby worthwhile. You know measure twice cut once we need it back.

We need it back anyway, on a positive note. Maybe we'll be able to buy it ourselves and not go through the means of nicholas cage by the way. Gamestop and amc are looking right now. Gamestop is having an incredibly good day, an incredibly good day, it's just under 228, what a phenomenal day, ice, cream sandwich or ice cream bar we're a divided house who is right, uh ice cream sandwich for sure easy, easy, peasy, lemon squeezies hire liam neeson uh kenny.

Can now alter the constitution to say market manipulation is encouraged. What else do we have so wild? I like it, the insanity of life, matt question: how come i buy things? The price drops, probably because the market has it out, for you. Welcome to the moon gang brother, someone just asked me you're seriously, curious of where you would put h in nicholas. Who is this uh christian kurtz, i'm genuinely curious? Where would you put h in his name in nicholas cage, nick ha, less cage nicholas is commonly spelled with an h.

In fact, welcome to spelling with mac cores sometimes nicholas has an h in it other times it doesn't. Oh man, it's like very commonly in nicholas so nicolas, oh, i like this. I like this. I, like the chaos man.

We need to get this back from lucid's, crushing it. Oh are my new, lucid ones, up, yeah, three percent: six, six, six, six, six! Six! All right, where else do we have? What was the other breaking news that one this is? This is the craziest news? That's knocked me off my game and as we're all debating on how to spell make always hey duck boy. This is the president of europe, which companies will get whacked with the european shutdown. Ps kenny is a super villain uh i mean the first thing: that's going to go if it becomes global, is going to be travel, leisure, uh cruise lines like the same things that got completely whacked in the first go-round.

But let's see how much, let's see if it's quickly put under control or if it gets bigger, j, kiss hello, hello, hello, uh! What else do we have uh whippet snapper becoming a space tape, shout out thoughts on for a trader trying to go full-time advice? Yeah? I would make sure that you probably have at least like a full year of trading like of profitable trading. Before you decide to make it your full-time job. I would argue. I would strongly argue that uh matt, could you elaborate on amc 145 calls for december? Being big interest in the options market, so big interest just means a lot of people are buying them and inherently that means someone's selling them, but um well like any option if it goes in the money you're.

Looking for the study, the stock to trade above that, so people apparently are thinking that there's an advantage uh to the bet that amc will be above 145 in the december monthlies, most likely the december monthlies, which would be about a month from now. Is it possible yeah, it's totally possible uh, but obviously we have over a hundred dollars to go, so you would basically need the squeeze to happen. You would need all the shorts to be forced to covered so kenny bought the constitution shake my head. Exactly nvidia broke 330 whoa whoa.

There wow pelosi, crushing it another good day to be pelosi another good day to be pelosi. What's the next level for gme uh on gme, i am well we're kind of at it right now, roughly 2, 30 and yeah 229 to 231 after that 250 to 255. above 231. I think it'll have not much of an issue getting all the way up to all the way up to 250..

It's going to be hilarious when this document is the last asset. Kenny has left his cell, i'm up 200 one meme stock. I quit tomorrow not a hedge fund, uh, amen and share thoughts on ilus with eevee going forward. I think their patents will be key.

Ilus uh, maybe but the chart's looking a little heavy right now and it's also a penny stock. That's trading on the gray market. So i'd be very, very careful with ilus, i personally wouldn't trade it i spell matthew without ts or an h. I, like it m a eu meow meow uh, but very quickly.

I just wan na isn't am i losing my mind. Saint nicholas is spelled with an h. I just want to throw that out there that probably one of the most well-known nicholas figures that many other nikolai have been named after is saint nicholas with an h i just want. I use that, as my evidence, that nicholas is probably most commonly spelled with an h.

You know saint nicholas, the uh, the dude, who like apparently made the dude who comes down chimneys, something i don't know, there's some sort of rule in there. Uh lucid next price discovery; no, no! No, because uh lucid's traded higher than this in the past around 63 65-ish. Remember lucid, was this backplate with churchill, capital, v, um, there's also saint nicholas with a k, no h, greek tradition, saint cage, saint nicholas, cage santa claus. Oh man, i can't believe with the social storm around ken griffin.

He thought it was like a good time to buy the constitution like what his pr he can't have a pr team. No way does he have a pr team, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy he's trolling. He is trolling jerry being right. He's trolling hard, he's very much.

Trolling us he's power tripping what a insane insane flex at like one of the worst times for him to possibly do this. The only other time that it would have been worse is like, if he did it in like mid-february like right after the buy button right after we're like what, if he did it, what if he did it like right around his congressional hearing with like roaring kitty In all of them, insane a-g-r-i short interest in days to cover agri, um short interest, not announced and days to cover based on the two week is 2.07. I guess it doesn't or tex just doesn't, have it he's doing it for pr donating it to a museum that provides free admission? Oh, it's 100 percent, a tax write-off and that's what i'm saying is his pr team is awful. They're, like oh dude, they're gon na love, if you do this they're they're just gon na love it like the public's gon na, be on your side.

You just gave it to a museum, dude they're gon na love. You man, his pr team is like his. I don't know his like high school friend, who he just like kept around as he became like uber uber, rich and he's just become like a yes man he's like yeah dude, they're gon na love, it they're gon na love it so much like whatever. Whatever you did wrong in the past ken, i bet, if you buy this constitution and you donated to a museum and in doing so outbidding a literally decentralized group of people, 17 000 people who collectively will own it they'll.

Forgive you about everything and ken's like really like. You think that'll work and the guy's like bet my bottom dollar it'll work, and then he did it and now he's like he's the kind of guy. That's still gon na be confused on why people hate him even more, like he's gon na be reading tweets like mine, tweets, like whoever i'll be like, why? Why are they mad? I i i'm giving it i'm giving it to a museum like, of course they know. It's a tax write-off but, like i just bought it, it's my money.

I didn't have to spend that and i gave it to a museum for free like what's what's the problem. He is 100. The person who's, just not gon na understand, like he's also the kind of guy - that's probably just going to create a replica, send the replica to the museum and put the actual constitution in his like chicago penthouse, new york city. Penthouse he's totally totally going to do that.

What's it, maybe i've watched too much billions, but he's gon na put it at a what's. It called like a free port where he doesn't have to pay taxes on it, he's lending it not donating thomas. That's a very good distinction, he's lending it so like he's like, i left it there for a week. I gave it to him for a week i'll just take it.

Take it back now, he's gon na keep the real copy in his bed goes. This is uh exactly why we need. This is why we need to hire nicholas cage, new floor constitution uh. What else do we have he's the kind of kid that got beat up when he was in school uh? What else we have any gaps on cost and costs? No, this is all-time high.

Just ripping higher and higher and higher just price discovery played himself out runaway trade, uh love the stream, but can't watch anymore. I had a dream about you. Last night you had a duck body playing football and teaching me about gap fills. I think i watch you too much need a break.

Good luck! Gerald! You can't do this to me. You can't leave. I can't i can't afford. I can't afford you leaving me right now, as i'm seeping into your subconscious and turning your dreams into nightmares me with a duck body playing football that doesn't sound right, oh kenny, even the constitution will not make you a chick magnet give up.

While you can. Oh, hey, matt have a great weekend. Dude you legit, got ta, be cracking up my bottom dollar to work. I bet you're right.

I, ken griffin, if you're listening right now, hire me to be your pr team fire all of them. Whoever you have telling you that your dumb ass ideas are good ideas that your tweets, your dumb ass tweets, are good tweets that your commentary, your dumbass commentary talking to sorkin, is good. Dude hire me out i'll tell like jesus. You are getting the worst advice, your ideas are so bad.

You, i don't get it. This is a good business proposition. It really is. You have political influence, you're very, very wealthy, you're, rich you're, probably one of the world's like top 2 000 top 1000 richest people.

But you know what you don't have is the fact that no one likes you like geez. It's it's not hard. It is not hard at all, there's other billionaires out there, who are telling senators that it looks like their pp just came and telling other senators that they're surprised that they're still alive and people like that guy. You have to be looking at yourself and you are, you have to know you're doing something wrong.

Man like that's insane, if you think that, like no just all billionaires are treated like this. Is there a counter culture, movement against billionaires, yeah i'll? Give you that one, but there are also billionaires that are exponentially like more than you, people hate, jeff bezos. They hate him, and yet they still like him more than you. That is absolutely ridiculous.

Like ken griffin, you might have the award for the most disliked billionaire in the world. Like i know, as billionaires, you have to just strive for things that money can't buy you, but that's not the thing you should be striving for right now. You shouldn't be striving to be the most disliked rich person, hey you're, playing the game wrong man like it's so ridiculous. Ask for president matt for vp i'd be like the most useless vp ever, even though most vps are useless.

Just historically in the us, jeffrey jeffrey bay's, os gates is way more hated. No, no no gates is not more hated than ken griffin is gates hated by some yeah, but gates is also revered by a lot of like techy people. Um he's like a lot of people in the state of washington. Like him, ken griffin is hated just unanimously by everyone.

I must live in an echo chamber, they told me i should buy the constitution ken we almost paused to collect emotions. We almost lost one of our greatest us documents, but i saved it like do you think? Here's here's what i'm picturing going on tonight. Ken griffin, like a middle school girl, is gon na flop down on his bed on his stomach and his like. Legs are gon na, be kind of like cross behind him and he's gon na get on the phone and he's gon na call up nicholas cage and he's gon na be like hey, nick and nicholas cage.

Who is this he's? Like? Oh, hey, nick mr cage? Sorry this is uh, my name is ken griffin um. I i work in the stock market. Maybe you heard of citadel securities, but i got your number because i'm super rich and nick cage is gon na, be like what what he's and ken griffin still gon na be there like twirling his hair and he's gon na be like. I just want you to know that, like you and i are kind of the same and then nicholas cage is just gon na like freak out and hang up, and obviously ken griffin is gon na, be a little bit like dismayed by the whole scenario.

But i think i assume that's gon na be happening tonight. Maybe it happened last night uh, either yesterday or today, i'm assuming he's gon na try to connect with nick cage and be like hey, like we're kind of the same people hit jeff bezo, but they still like him way more than they hate you uh. Can you explain inverse leverage and i is sgg worth buying in weakness? Okay, so s, q, q q will move inversely than the q's and you can also leverage that so like. If the queues were to go up, one percent sqq would go down would go down, but then you could have leveraged ones where, if the queues go up, it would go down by that multiple um, so leverage just means multiple like and inverse means opposite direction.

Uh matt. I also need to take a break starting to sharpie. I've been dreaming, i've been a guest co-host for months now you have been a co-host champ champ uh, ken griffin is a pc master race. Guy, i'm superior you just got ta know it.

This is so wild, so so wild. I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait new floor constitution.

Oh man! Well, if you see me out in the streets of philadelphia tonight where i don't think the constitution was written here, but the declaration of independence was written here so close enough they're, both old-timey things that are important to us history, if you see me i'll, either be Laughing or crying maybe i'll, be crafting so crying so hard, i'm laughing or maybe i'll be laughing so hard, i'm crying, but wherever it is just understand. If you see me this evening in philadelphia in the city of brotherly love, a city that is so closely entwined with the historic fabric of our nation, just understand i'm working through some things, just some like obvious emotional turmoil, um ford no longer going to develop eevee With ribbium uh no longer going to develop, i thought they just sold their stake and wasn't that a rumor uh, let's see, do i have ravn, what's what's the hot gossip on ford being pissed off that rivian's worth more? No! No! No! No! Let me see if i can confirm this news for the group of people listening to base was calling ken i'd have to think of that. That's a good one dibs on the liberty bill after moaz uh. Where are we at all right? So what am i looking up right now, rivian latest, let's see the hot gossip, ford and rivian have reportedly canceled plans to jointly develop an eevee according to automotive news, drama, drama, drama drama, ford, totally pissed off that riven's worth more remember that rivian money means more To ford as cash than it does as stock ford is not a hedge fund.

That's from kramer! I don't know what that means for remember that rivien money means mortar forward as cash than it does to stock, oh as in they could use that for liquidity for their own development. That kind of makes sense actually all right, prague at 472, still looking great amc, solid amc in the green jimmy very much in the green, lucid, very much in the green prague, also very much in the green, prague, prague proglodites. Lo, what's something we call called the lucid, the proglodites, the lids, i need a name. We need a name for the lucid, the loon, just the lunatics, the proglodites, the lunatics, the amy's, the jimmies lucidites lucid ears, lucid dreamers, the loonies, the loonies.

I like that one tp lucidians whoa, that one's cool, the lucidians lucidians the loony loose city. I, like the lucidians, i don't know who first said that, but that's an awesome name, the lucidians, the proglodites, the lucidians, we're all coming together, we're all coming together to get the constitution, i'm thinking about it. More obviously, am i fixated on this constitution thing yeah. Obviously, i feel like the only other, bigger dick move would have been if a non-us rich person bought it like imagine if just some like billionaire from europe's like i want the us constitution, i feel like there should be a rule against that that you're not allowed To sell the us constitution to like a non-citizen, so i mean it's bad but like imagine if we find out that, like griffin is like canadian or something i better look this up because it might get worse.

Imagine if i find out that griffin is canadian and he's not even from here can griffin wiki, where is he from at least at least be american? He was born in daytona beach he's a floridian that probably actually explains quite a bit explains quite a bit. I bet he's dutch, i'm not making fun of canada, i'm just pointing out that, like it would be even more crazy if he wasn't even american. I have no issue with canadians. I, like i, like canadian bacon, aka ham.

I dreamt i gave birth to a coors light when opened the tulip grew from it. The flower turned into your face. I won't watch stream again until monday. Hey it happens, check this out.

Jeff bezos equals regular billionaire ken griffin equals greg billionaire. Oh man, that's actually a more appropriate title. Florida man steals constitution from public. I better fix that title for the public florida man steals u.s constitution from public florida.

Man steals u.s constitution from public. Oh, maybe you guys probably don't find it funny, but i very much operate this show on what do i find funny, i'm in a shame, floridian jokes on him: he gets a synthetic constitution. Facts ken griffin's middle name is greg. What is his middle name? That's a weird middle name: did you catch the thing i sent you on public from the katy perry, also better lucidians than loose idiots or losers? Uh kinky kong? I missed the.

I sent you on public from the i missed that one uh hello, cheesy crunch. Oh man, oh man, he loves a good synthetic. You know he's just sitting there like super confused, he's like why. Why is this even a thing uh did we squeeze yet no is, is the answer there? What did you do to your lucid uh rolled it into a lucid position that expires in mid december, and i also bought a couple more shares of amc, because i was in one of those moods.

If ford doesn't want riven skateboard technology, that's fine, they can create their thunder all by themselves. Let's see how that goes. The butter mat ooh ouch robin hood, new all-time low darn it. Why didn't i buy, puts on hood hey? It would have been most likely a profitable trade for you.

I wonder if i think i don't know i just wish. There was another petty super rich person that was obviously on our side. That, like would just do super super petty things like buy ken griffin's childhood home and turn it into a wendy's. That's what i'm gon na do we're new price target.

For me, i need enough money to buy ken griffin's childhood home and then set up a franchise wendy's right on the grounds, knock the home down, set up a wendy's. That's my goal. So, however much money that cost that's my price target, everyone's like matt. When are you going to cover? Is it going to be at a gazillion dollars? Is it going to be when the shorts cover i'm going to cover when i have enough money to buy ken griffin's home and establish a wendy's and hire a full wendy's staff to operate, send wendy's on the premises? So whenever you anything else from here on out is fun, it is 100 fun.

That's what i'm selling amc jimmy! I need enough money to do that. Viking, griffin's childhood full! Stop the texas roadhouse make it a banana republic, the old wendy's, texas, roadhouse banana republic, combo. No, it's got ta, be that's where riley reed and i will finally have our texas roadhouse. It's gon na be at the the site of ken griffin's childhood home.

I think it could work. I think this could all work. It's the plan's finally coming together and so for for such a while. I i couldn't clearly see where we were going, but now i can confidently see how this should all be playing out.

Buy ken griffin, a blinking doll and put it outside his cell as to watch an inanimate object, do something he can't a blinking doll. Oh man uh, since ken griffin bought the constitution from the people, i've decided to create a dao for the people to buy citadel. Oh man too, wild too wild. Well folks, it's friday, friday, friday friday, we laughed.

We cried i'd like to think that we learned a thing or two and with about five minutes left in the stream, what a day, what a week, what a week matt, can you tease anything about your interview tomorrow? I certainly can the gentleman hint he's a guy. I interviewed that will be premiering at noon o'clock tomorrow, clear your schedules, i don't know if you're going to a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a funeral, cancel it because an interview is coming down the pipeline noon o'clock tomorrow, e.t will be dropping an interview with a gentleman. Here's your hint, he has some very, very funky, colored hair, very funky, colored hair, that's actually giving it away, but i'll wait for you guys to start guessing it and then i'll just say: yeah push prog uh over five yeah 495 very possible. We have about three minutes.

Left, yes meet kevin, you guys all got it so uh. We have about an hour long interview with me kevin and we talked about it all. We talked about the fed inflation corruption, his gubernatorial campaign. We talked about amc, we talked about pelosi, we talked about newsome, we talked about uh investing, we talked about real estate, we talked about crypto, we talked about fundamental analysis, we talked about it all.

If you want to hear something about anything. It's in that interview. You name a subject: we talked about it. Takashi 6.

9. florida man buys the concept of irony from people tulips sure we talked about it all ronald mcdonald. Yes, i also interviewed that guy can we talk about riley reed sure i hear she's getting into a um a texas roadhouse franchise with an inspiring youtuber, send apes over i've written them a setup and punchline to use my account got locked it's back up thanks how'd, Your account get locked all right, the proglodites are fighting, the lucidians are fighting the jimmy boyz. I don't know why i like to call gamestop jimmy gamestop is looking phenomenal right now.

It's looking so freaking good uh, yo you're literally my two favorite finance youtubers. This will be a crossover episode for the ages. Hey. I hope you guys are excited so not like, like what a little over half a day noon tomorrow, it'll be dropping um.

It was a really fun interview. I was super privileged to be able to chat with him. Pelosi equals 14 teller. Invidians are excited.

Well, of course, they are. It hit 3 30 up 4 percent crazy day recovering hillbilly, hey it's okay to be a hillbilly, nothing wrong with the hillbilly interview, matt from matt strats lol. Because of the thing i just said say my name like you're an emcee burns. Please welcome to the stage brendan burns.

You may know him from various high level placements at local hot dog eating competitions. He is looking forward to finally making his debut on the nathan's july 4th competition stage this year. Please give your hand up for brenden burns hot dog eating extraordinaire matt strats, where zac had been beat him up and put him in a closet until he learned his lesson. Yo matt, your channel has been growing like gangbusters want to say.

Thank you for the inspiration man. Hopefully one day i can collab with you in the future dip and rip trading. I hope you crush it. Man hey my little tidbit, my little secret sauce for anyone out there.

Consistency is key. Just do it. Do it put in the time put in the grind, consistency, consistency, consistency, all right, we're about to go ding, ding, ding, ding, folks, the markets closed not only for the day but for the week, and this marks the first market closure, where we all have a concise Plan of getting back the constitution - let's just remember that let's not take our eyes off the prize here, insane, truly, truly insane. Folks, on a very serious note, i appreciate the support you guys are absolutely phenomenal.

Don't forget on your way out if you want to help me out to destroy that like button. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already um in the description of the video you'll, find a link to the coors light channel, which is like the clips channel for all the things that happen on the stream so make sure you're checking that out. As well, i think it's almost at 20 000 right, it's growing like crazy uh, or am i making that up? I might just be completely making it up. I don't know why can't i find it.

Why can't i find my own channel? Oh here it is yeah. Whoa yeah, okay, i was right. It's almost at twenty thousand, so ko k, o h, r, z, l. I t e, it's the duck figure of me.

The last one is. You won't believe how petty this is. We're gon na have to update that because we have new pettiness of ken griffin buying the freaking constitution, but we have this. Is we covered the two constitution stories so crazy, stuff, absolutely crazy stuff, but check that out? Overall, most importantly, thank you for your support.

Judging by how things ended this week, i think, as we go into thanksgiving next week, things are going to be nuts. It feels like they are definitely going to be nuts, so i'm excited to see how all that plays out. Very obviously thank you, for the support have a great weekend enjoy your time with your family friends and hey. If you don't like your family, if you don't like your friends, i hope you enjoy some solo time and maybe you're able to watch some netflix or something like that.

But whatever you end up doing this weekend, uh be safe. If not, i hope you have some fun. I will catch you i'll, have the interview with me kevin tomorrow and then we'll have some content for you on both of the channels on sunday and then i'll be streaming again on monday. Just so, everyone is well aware.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you and, as always for me, and share best of luck in the markets.

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