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Ep 38 amc gme : apes are showing strength dumb money st jude reveal – Matt Kohrs

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Ep. 38 AMC & GME๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ : Apes Are Showing Strength
Dumb Money St. Jude Reveal
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Mum, hello, hello, hello, happy monday, folks, monday august 16th, halfway through the month, hello, hello, hello. What is going on, we are uh hang on. I am way too zoomed in here way too zoomed in we got to get the hair. We got to get the moon.

We got to get the whole thing we got to get the whole shebang there, folks, the whole shebang. Folks, it's another start to an awesome awesome trading week. Let's hit the ground running one thing that uh before we get into the vortex data and all those things um. Obviously, today, like i tweeted this out and i'm sure a lot of you guys are expecting it, we will be doing.

The donation reveal uh the saint jude total. I have it. The money is already sent to them uh, but i want to kind of announce it live with. All of you uh.

I just think it'll be exciting because it it's um. It's a donation. Charity drive. That was only possible because of the eight nation because of moon gang, so i kind of want to announce it live with all of you just so.

We all know where we're at on it, but before we get into that, we'll save that for when the the market's already open and we're ripping higher and higher and higher. But i have that number right here, very, very excited, but before we get into it, let's go over some of our numbers. Um short interest very high on amc, 19.2, very, very high. The shares on loan.

It's been the highest we've seen in a while 112.6 million utilization, 92 percent in terms of gamestop short interest is 10.41 shares on loan 6.75 million utilization 42.33. So with all that um the big thing here and i'll show you the technicals but overall more sword like i guess for gme and gamestop um, it's been lower volume. I mean right here. You can see that we're trading two million one million one million, not even a million one point like we're around that million mark when we had some of this insanity, though we're trading 60 million 30 million 50 million 150 million insane numbers right now, we're not seeing Much crazy action just because the volume's so low, that's, not necessarily good or bad.

It's just it's not being actively traded. High volume does not relate to a price going up or down. Necessarily, it just relates to more excitement the the greater chance of something happening. So right now i would love for this to um get some volume back in it as we head to the end of this month and then really in september october, start picking up the excitement.

Obviously, we want the price action to like also trend upward um and obviously that could also benefit amc uh before we get into the technicals of amc and jimmy just so, you know on friday the market did hit a new all-time high uh. It's coming down a little bit and i think there's a little bit of concern about what's going on in afghanistan um it's interesting, so this is right now trending on twitter taliban in control, in afghanistan, after seizing presidential palace in kabul. So this type of stuff - i'm not here, to give any political commentary in these types of situations, but i do want to, i guess at least highlight or showcase of how obviously large world events like this do have an impact on the stock market. And i wouldn't be surprised if that's the reasoning for being down a dollar fifty in pre-market um.

So with it, when you have big world events like that, it is worthwhile for you to stay a little bit up-to-date of what's going on and its potential impacts and those because it does like it. Obviously, world events such as that will obviously have an impact on the u.s stock market. You could watch the oil market, the bond market, the gold market. A lot of those things are going to be somewhat tied to what's happening here.

So it's worthwhile just to stay on top of world events, and i mean honestly, it's just good to be more of an informed uh citizen anyway. Um in terms of crypto crypto is still looking awesome. Bitcoin trading at 47, 000 ethereum trading at 3, 200 doge at 34 cents and then cardano at 2, 15. uh crypto definitely waking up.

We kind of had a multi-month breather there for a second, but it's picking up beautifully right now, um. So i think this is worthwhile to watch for me uh, i'm in crypto. I've already explained this to many of you that i don't actively trade it when there's a big decrease in price. In some of my favorite crypto, i view that more as just okay i'll buy it, but it's a long term hold for me.

One two three decades down the road i'll either be very right or very wrong, but i'm in no way actively training it not as as of now, because i just don't really feel comfortable in my own knowledge of it. I'm learning every single day um, but i definitely feel like i know much more about options and stocks and features than i do at crypto at this moment in time, there's just a lot of technical difference between the individual coins uh. So i'm trying to expand my own knowledge and honestly, i want to bring you on that journey with me like, i feel, like i said much more comfortable with stocks, but i want to learn about crypto and, as i learn about it, i'm planning on posting those Videos be like okay, i just did a deep dive into cardano. Here's.

What i learned tell me if i'm right tell me if i'm wrong, tell me what else to go, because i'm sure there's many of you watching right now. That could probably teach me uh not just a little bit but quite a bit about crypto, but overall i'm long on crypto, the four you see on the screen right here: bitcoin ethereum, cardano doge. I am long on all those i'm also. I have some algorithm.

I have some v chain, i have those are probably the two main other ones and the next two i'm planning on buying are oh, i also have litecoin uh, but the next two i plan on buying are matic polygon and then also uh. Some. I want to pick up, i don't know i'm i guess, i'm between ripple and solano uh between my next two of like what i want to like to build out my crypto portfolio, but overall, if you're interested in crypto or if you want another brokerage, uh check Out voyager, it's in the description of the video. If you use the code matt 21matt21, you will get 25 worth of bitcoin once you trade, 100 of any crypto on it um.

So right there you have like a 25 buffer built in you, buy a hundred dollars worth of bitcoin. You get an extra 25 25 risk buffer built right in all right. Now, let's get to kind of the bell of the ball right here. Let's see what's going on with amc right here, we're looking nice.

Is this the same 3370? Okay? So this is coming. I actually want to drop this chart right to the two hour. Okay, so we have been talking about 3350 for quite a while, and it's just this we're. We almost have a weird inverse head and shoulder, but not really, but what? Whatever you want to call it, it's an important level and the longer we remain above 33.50, the better so from here i will be watching 35.

We just have some resistance resistance, support, support so 35. If we open up up above 33.50, my first line in the sand today is 35 flat and then after 35, more in the range of 37 for like a small intraday target. But still the huge target 38 right here 30 will be important. Rejection rejection but we're still watching 40 to 42 huge region of resistance.

So, as we come up to all these levels, i'll call them out. I just want you to know my first target right out of the gate this morning. Hopefully, there's some enthusiasm will be right at 35 and then just so you know, the closest support right at the morning will be around 32. in terms of some fundamental stuff.

I do want to talk about free guy, so this is the ryan reynolds movie that came out. It beat expectations on opening weekend, disney's free guy tallied more than 28 million at the domestic box office during its opening weekend higher than its 15 to 20 million forecasts. So, depending on what number you take there? That's a 40 to 50 beat, which is awesome right here. I thought it was funny that they said positive word of mouth.

I think this is like a subtle nod to the ape nation community, but right there free guy, doing very well and it's kind of funny - and i made a video on it yesterday, of how there were some people who we now know are actively betting against amc. Who were trying to point out how bad free guy was doing, even though it actually beat its expectations? Uh there was that twitter account diogenes, and then we also had sorry charlie from fox uh. Both of them were trying to hop on about how the movie theaters were empty and there's two ways to look at this very honestly. There's two ways to look at it number one one theater one movie, one show time: that's not enough of a.

I guess. Data set to make any sort of extrapolation hypothesis, theory uh, you can't it's a single data point: it's useless, you can't use it, but even if, for some reason we wanted to use that, then people were looking into diogenes charlie and there was many many people kind Of pointing out how there was so many inaccuracies within the story, um the date in the message, what was going on on that that movie theater, for example, the ticket sub, seemed a bit weird, not the right auditorium. The seat color people who know more about photoshop, were pointing out. Like hang on.

This looks like to be highly doctored. There were a lot of inconsistencies, i'm not sherlock holmes, i'm not a lawyer, so i can't speak to like oh. This is right. This is wrong, but what i can tell you is if, in the world, the person who posted that knew that it was false information, and on top of that, we know that this um - what is his name right here? So this guy? I don't want to play this.

Video hang on oops all right. I didn't mean to do that. He had a cnbc right up, but anyway, what you need to know about jim chanos. He recently last week right around the earnings time.

A week ago today he went on cnbc and he said yes, i am betting against amc, blah blah blah fast forward to this weekend. He gets into this twitter drama where, if he actively knew what he was posting was false. That is illegal, it's being referred to as being a stock basher a stock basher is a person engaging in an illegal type of market. Manipulation to make the price of an asset fall.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but if he knowingly put something out there. If he knew it was wrong and he knew that it could have a negative impact on a stock and he has a position that could benefit off of that. That is illegal. That is the definition of market manipulation.

Excuse me, i'm sorry about that. Um, i'm just sometimes i get allergic to all this going on, but anyway, if it comes to that, if someone looks into it, if a lawyer looks into it if the sec looks into it and it finds out that this twitter account diogenes knowingly posted false information. In an attempt to make a material profit off of it, that's illegal, that's being a stock basher! You can't do that um and right here. The actual evidence points to the opposite, free guy.

It topped expectations. It wasn't a somehow a theater where they were all empty and tickets weren't selling at all. That's actually not true. That is not the narrative.

That's the narrative they're trying to push, but it's actually woefully inaccurate uh. So i just wanted to give you an update of what was going on with free guy ryan reynolds. If you haven't seen it, i mean it's uh, i i saw it. I enjoyed it, but um, i'm just a big movie fan i'm in no way one of these um.

I guess like hardcore critics, i'm one of these people who consumes every movie is like oh cool. That was a cool movie. My bar for entertainment is incredibly low. Um, so i just want to let you know what was going on with that kind of like the hot drama over the weekend on twitter uh check out stock bashing.

I have more of a, i guess, full-fledged video on what was going on with twitter, the stock basher and jim chanos um. That's my update, video from last night uh there's a duck on that thumbnail. Like there's a walking duck. I think it was called more amc.

Manipulation or something so if you want more of the nitty ditty nitty gritty details, that's a weird one, nitty gritty details on that particular thing. I recommend checking out that video, but that's kind of the setup for today uh overall crypto, looking good market might be a little bit weird. I want to see the reaction to what's going on in afghanistan with the taliban taking over the palace in kabul. Uh kind of obviously an interesting global update, as we have some news coming out uh.

What is this we're gon na check these out um? I saw some people talking about and let me know i guess we could see uh if there's some happenings with s-e-s-n. I know some people were talking about that that wasn't really a shorted thing, the value as soon as the fda denied the bladder canter treatment. I believe it was that inherently means that the company has less value and people are going to be spending less work. That doesn't necessarily mean it was shorted down.

It means just the next buyer and the next seller went down at a much lower price. Tesla is down this morning because i do believe that it was announced that hang on. They are officially looking into there's like an investigation into the autopilot yeah right here. Tesla shares sync after the national highway nh.

What is this? Something? Something something authority announces formal investigation into autopilot for all models from 2014 to 2021. So that's why tesla's down a little bit the? What is the nhtsa national highway? Whenever i see this, i can't help but think of super troopers national highway traffic safety administration um. But i always think of farva whenever i see this and they're the ones that are currently looking into tesla like. I know it's wrong, but i literally picture farva trying to talk to elon musk um.

I don't know if that's good or bad for the stock, but i 100 percent. That's how i viewed in my mind. I think farva's calling up elon he's like hey we're looking into your vehicles and then like elon's yelling back at him. I don't know this is that's just how i view it, i'm not saying it's necessarily right or wrong, but i think that's what's going on with tesla right now and please before we get into it today a couple important things.

Well, i guess all this is kind of equally important but um. First of all, you know, i'm not a lawyer, you know i'm not a financial advisor. Please do your own. Due diligence do not copy my trades.

You need to have conviction in your own trades and, most importantly out of all of that, i'm not a fortune teller. I don't know what market opens gon na bring. I don't know what market close is gon na bring. All i can do is give you my opinions.

I might be right, i might be wrong, it might be somewhere in the middle beyond that. Please understand that there are many many fake accounts. Actually this weekend i saw some accounts, and i thought this was disgusting. Some accounts were trying to mimic me and then ride off of this saint jude thing to get people to give them more money.

Please please, please, i beg of you understand if you look up matt underscore coors matt underscore coors. That is me. If you check this out on twitter twitch instagram, i am matt underscore coors, i'm not matt underscore core's um official llc there's! No, i the it's an o. It's not a zero.

Just double check. This uh matt underscore course be careful twitter, twitch instagram. This is me. I'm not verified at night anything besides rumble and youtube.

They both have verified me. I really don't see many bots going on in rumble right now, so shout out to rumble in terms of youtube. There are a horrific amount of bots so with that you're gon na have to be careful, but i should have a check mark if i'm responding to you at all i'll have a check mark and if it's on one of my videos, it's gon na be differently. Colored on the back um kind of like a darker color, so on rumble on youtube i'll, have a check mark.

If i'm ever talking to you on everything else, just look for matt underscore cores um. Just so you know, i don't i i'm not on any of whatsapp telegram asking you to eat like don't, send a a matte coors account money like that. Uh just actually double check, and i just don't want anyone to get scammed, because i see it and i give these warnings and the reason why i give the warnings like almost daily is because people are messaging me daily. That they're pissed off at me, like i sent you this money about an investment what's going on, i was like well, can you send me the account like the screenshots and they send it, and they were talking with like another twitter account like that's not me, we're Dming on this account right now, i don't have like multiple mac cores accounts, so just be a little bit careful with that uh.

Could you please do an ortex update, uh and support, including average time shares utilization and chart analysis thanks, yeah, so uh get drone get droned. Now, if you want to just rewind a little bit uh, we did that earlier today, uh and just so, you know - i don't know if i went over the average age, but the average age right now for amc is around 41 days for the shares on loan. Please understand what the shares on loan: that's not going to be it's highly correlated with the short interest, but they're not the same thing. You can take shares on onload without shorting and just returning, and that would have no impact on the price action um.

So highly correlated, but not the exact same all boogie, what's going on march bloomberg released stats, saying 22 billion shares of amc have been traded this year alone, 50 times a float seem irregular. Also, how do apes own over 80 of the flow institutions now own 28. um, so no uh, trading, 22 billion - is not in my mind, weird at all. It's actually representative of how insane this event is.

I mean this is a black swan event. It is a cultural wildfire that took the retail training public by like storm. It makes sense to me that it's being traded a lot because there's been a lot of action. High volatility - that's how you get these giant price wings is a lot of training.

So to me, is it irregular yeah, but is that, like indicative of manipulation? No to me it's indicative of the excitement and the insanity of what this event truly is um 80 of the float? That's a metric! Remember that we know from early june um right now. We have the update on institutions, but not on, i guess, retail, because the last retail update was from june 2nd and then that's when adam aaron tweeted that out and also filed it with the sec. That's where that 80 number comes from uh. We don't have like an up-to-date retail ownership, but apparently we do have an up-to-date institutional ownership, which appears to now be around 28, which i guess is suggestive of apes.

I guess dropping to roughly 70, but even with that, i'm saying it hesitantly, because i want to look into it a bit more myself, but i just want you to know the 80 figure we're now in mid august. That's a number from early june. So that's two and a half months old matt. Could you do a quick tutorial on how to do withdrawal funds from crypto after selling i saw weibull doesn't support it, i'm confused uh.

You could always take money out. You have you just have to sell your position. Let the funds settle and then you could get out from there alexander. I don't know if i can make a full fledged video, because it would be more of like a 10 or 15 second video, but the way you sell a stock, you would sell the crypto.

You would wait for the trade to actually settle and then you could just take it out um. But when i say the trade has to settle that's important, because if you sell crypto right now, that doesn't mean the funds are ready for you to withdraw. You're gon na have to wait a couple days and then, after that waiting period, then you could transfer it back out to, like your bank account all right hang on. Let me load this up, make sure we are good over here and then double good over here.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet all right: let's do this all right perfect, shout out to everyone tuning in just so. You know for safety redundancy sake. I am currently live streaming on both we have it on both youtube and we also have it on rumble. So shout out to everyone in the community whether you're on youtube, rumble and uh.

I think it would actually be nice if i somehow figured it out to get it rocking with um additionally on twitch, but i need to look into that, but i am excited uh. So special shout out to artisan builds a company that makes very high-end fancy very, very cool pcs. Mine will be being built this week and then i'm assuming i'll be getting it next week or the week after. So at that level i'll have the proper i'll have the proper technology.

I need to really fire at all cylinders, but we also have a a special shout out to presonus uh, so we got a new mic to try out but more exciting than that. I mean i'm very happy with this mic, but i'm excited to try this one out to see how it goes. But on top of that i have a kind of a cool, sound board that i'll be able to use with it and i'm interested in seeing if i can really get my own um. I guess like auto tune and do some fun voice stuff, but i'm excited very, very excited.

So what are we at about seven minutes to market open? So i think this is how it's gon na go. We'll mess around we'll do whatever i'll answer some questions and then from there at market, open, obviously we'll see what's going on and then about like 15 20 minutes into the market day, uh we'll be going over the official saint jude numbers uh. Just so we're all up to date on that - and i am, i am so incredibly excited to reveal how all that has been going. Uh very, very excited uh.

I was hit up by what i thought was trey once the account started, acting like a brokerage info. I wanted to uh. If i want to join private deal, i said you're, not trey, i mean yeah, it's gon na happen. It's a game of numbers.

A lot of you, i'm sure, are asking like well who's, possibly getting scammed like this. Well, their goal is to reach out to tens of thousands of people and if they can scam, two people they're happy for them. They're they're, scam, artists, that's what they do on the tray interview with adam aaron, adam aaron retail, held over 80, but he said it in passing, so it's not exactly definitive once again that number they haven't done. Another share account.

The most recent share recount was from early june so that when you're hearing this 80 number, it's um, it's not the oldest data, but it's also not the newest. It's from june 2nd shout out to our boy, not a hedge fund, for calling out wall street seneca. As being jim chanos a month before it was cool, this community is the best shout out tony shout out to not a hedge fund shout out to uh ryan as well. I mean there was an amazing amount of dd and i tried to make that clear.

In my video, like i wasn't trying to steal anyone else's like, i tried to shout out the accounts that, like we're looking into it, uh, but amazing, amazing effort from the community for sure for sure for sure uh shout out to dave's unbranded. What's going on shout out shout out, i am excited, i am very, very excited what is going on over here. Why can't, i see chat where is chat, chat, chat, chat, all right. There we go there, we go kelly, ripa, never sneezes.

I agree. She doesn't she's a that's. What professionalism is amc, amc 34, pushing man strong, all right, so really, first little target, which i mean we could hit this in the like. First minute, opening is just 34.50 right here, the high from friday.

Let's see if we just explode from that at the opening uh tesla wasat, they are, the farva is looking into their vehicles iwm here, let me drop it to the minute to the minute to the minute um. Just for i guess disclosure's sake. I am long on amc. I am long on gme.

I am short against robin hood. I'm long on puts i i haven't literally shorted it, but i have a net short position and then for iwm. I don't believe i have a direct investment, but i'm watching it because we've noticed that it has a lot of headwinds and tailwinds related to amc um. It seems like there's some some important things to watch there um, but for market open.

Let's see how the s p 500 opens up, i'm interested to see how the market is going to be pricing in what's currently going on in afghanistan uh. I want to know if it's going to impact the market at all, if it's going to end up being bullish, bearish, something like that uh someone said only audio on rumble. I think you just need to reload the page uh, because i'm seeing the rumble one work right now without a problem. So just a quick, quick refresh of the page to get you what you need.

A quick, quick refresh, oh potentially, an important update. I just always get excited about haircut day, but today it is a haircut day for me, so i'm very very excited about that. So tomorrow you might be like whoa, who is this completely new human being on my stream um? And it's not it's gon na. Be me, i might look completely different, but it's just going to be good old, good old matteo, with a different haircut.

Any thoughts on the jimmy tweet about being in the end game, pretty excited tweet, but holding my amc and gme, no matter how long it takes stay, amazing, um! So with it, i like gamestops. I guess like whoever controls their twitter because, like it is more cryptic and fun and they kind of um engage with the community in that style, which i like uh. So i don't want to give too much like. I guess i don't see in any way how it could be bad, um so neutral to positive for us.

So that's how i would interpret it any all. Right heads up, watch, sonos 5 patent infringement by google, also an acquisition of another company shout out the devil. You know uh i'm in the air today, so if you guys squeeze without me, take my sacrificial calls that i can't close good luck today. Sprt is up.

Seven percent in pre-market shorts piled on no covering on friday, util up again volume traded 3x flow on friday. Watch that ticker closely all right. What is sprt getting up to sprt uh. I do have some calls on sprt, i'm looking for this thing to.

I think i want to see like 1180 1185 was kind of a technical target of mine for robin hood, i'm looking for a breakdown of 49. I at first thought it would be the key psychological level at 50, but it's based for some weird reason right at around 49 and i honestly thought robin hood was going down on friday, but then um charlie, sorry charlie there from fox pumped it. I still cannot like uh, i i hate to admit it, but i very much he was living rent-free in my head over the weekend, the audacity of that guy he doubled down on he's like no, it was breaking news. No one else talked about.

I was like dude: have you seen the plethora, the myriad of youtube videos that related to that rule and like talking about to 4617, and he was acting like it - was breaking news dude. It happened back on july 22nd and he's acting as him talking about something on what august, what 13th is somehow breaking news he's, calling it a scoop with all these sources. The dude, who is like fakes being a pulitzer nomination like, doesn't know the definition of journalistic integrity whatsoever. He makes things up on the fly and he like very, very much ended up pumping robin hood on friday afternoon.

You can look at his exact tweet. You can look at right when roman had started running, it went up and the reason it's coming down now is because people realized it was just charlie pumping it. There was no validity to what he was actually saying out there, which is exactly why robin hood came back down. I guess i realized what was going on in real time and i got amped up and i wanted to rip them apart.

But if i was really thinking about it, i would have ripped them apart and also increased. My bet against robinhood because it was a pump and dump ding ding ding, the market's open for the day, the market's open for the week. Let's do this thing folks, i'm excited i'm excited. Hopefully we get some more gme volume.

Hopefully robinhood continues its trip down. I want sprt to show some strength and let's see what amc's up to amc 3350, it is a level i mean an important level right here, just hit 33.49. So, let's uh, let's check this out 33.48. I would like to see a nice just bounce there.

People doing some buy orders. What do we have going on on the new york stock exchange? All right, not a huge bid, not a huge ask. Let's see how this all ends up playing out: uh matt, if you're gon na get a haircut, you might as well get them all cut. That's a very good point: uh will my margin requirement increase when we squeeze? I don't want any shares on margin.

It takes six days to transfer my account to cash um so with that there's no definitive rule, because each broker can make up its own rules of what it thinks it's the appropriate margin is so jen, i'm not really too sure with that. But um. If you want to switch to a cash account, i think if you start that process now and obviously there's going to be some risk to it. I can't guarantee anything, but if you were to start that today, i think you're going to be good, because the amount of shares that are on loan, it's actually impossible for them to all cover.

Within one day it really is um. We just aren't trading enough volume that really accounts for all the shares that are on loan. So if you want to start that process, i personally think you're good to get that kick started today. I really do uh.

I got charles to call me dummy this morning. I thought about swooping through his level, but i'm 69 and don't want to feel like breaking my back brody. That's hilarious, uh, hey matt, don't be so short on your hair. Go long and let your hippie flag fly.

I could i guess i could do more of the winter thing like start getting uh like uh. What's it just really grow it out? I don't know so many options. It's just still hot i'm in philly, and there was a basically a heat wave this past week and it's just my hair is too long. I keep messing with it.

I want to still go short, maybe after this, though, as we get into september september october november, when it gets a bit colder, maybe i'll grow it out see how it goes working from home for two weeks and wow. It's way better watching you on a computer versus watching mobile, like i've, been here's to a good week. Shout out mlev shout out amc currently at 33 gme at 160, robin hood at 49.70 and then sprt at 8 40.. What are our indexes doing? Um? Let's do iwm and let's do spy so iwm getting hit.

Sp y getting hit, looks like there is some blood in the water right now, but once again for me - and i'm not saying this is a necessary rule for everyone, it's just what's benefited my own trading. I very much like to wait those first 15 20 30 minutes and see how things are shaking out, especially on a monday when the market's just getting going uh. Oh quick side point here, uh true demon, if you're still listening, obviously safe, travels, safe travels. My man a lot of red in the market right now amd at 111.

I did go long on amd. On friday. We saw that breakout of 110 uh. So i made that announcement that you should rock the mullet.

I could grow out a mullet and then just get those like reflective, colorful sunglasses that could bring the stream to the next level. I think that's a very good suggestion. I appreciate that. I appreciate that very much all right.

Where are we at amc bouncing off of 33? Let's see a recapture 33.50. Hopefully this is it with iwm uh getting hit. Oh, what was the other one on friday wish yeah context. Logic was one that got hit and we were talking about some people doing a dip, buy.

How wait what level, because this one missed on earnings and it dropped by like quite a bit. This was it right, the one that was down like 20 percent yeah, i mean it was around 10 and then it plummeted to 650. I was curious if people it miss on earnings and it also lowered its guidance for the futures quarter like the future, like the upcoming quarter um, but i was wondering if people just thought it was a bit of an overreaction they're like yeah like okay. We know that they missed.

We know that they lowered guidance, but i'm just curious if people are like a bit of a real overreaction like and maybe they run it up like halfway, maybe from seven we were at ten. So maybe we could see eight fifty nine, something like that uh. It did seem like people had a bit of a a panicked reaction to that earning. So i'm curious if we're gon na bounce from there.

If you had a mullet and shades, you would be doctor disrespect yeah. No, maybe i shouldn't do it for that, because it's just too close to him and i have nothing but the utmost respect. I actually, in my personal opinion, um, i think, he's one of the best streamers in the game right now. Um he's definitely one of my top three um and i'm just talking streaming at large uh.

He he he's an og, he's very transformative, he's such a character. I personally think he's a good guy um. I i have nothing but but pure pure respect for doctor disrespect and what he does. I i wish one day one day i wish i could get to like half of what i perceive his skill set to be.

I think he has a lot of natural talent and i think it comes through very, very well and i think he's a good guy honestly, i would say the same and it it's weird because i know i'm talking about video game streamers, but just as like a Business a character. I learn a lot from these people of like the best way to carry yourself the best way to interact with the audience um another one. I would put up there that i just have nothing but respect for because i think they're, a complete raw talent and game changer within the like community of just streaming is um. Ludwig uh he's another video game streamer and when i'm i'm talking about dr disrespect ludwig just so everyone knows these people are like exponentially larger than i am it's not like we're even in the same arena.

Well, first of all, those two both do it more with gaming um, but even i'm just saying in their pure size like they're, i i wish one day to be in their league but uh they both of them just have such a crazy amount of raw talent. Just like off-the-cuff raw talent - and i respect both of them - no doctor disrespect the nice version off exchange youtube like button shout out. I love that that is hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious, all right so uh around 9 45.

In about what i don't know, eight minutes, something like that: uh people are talking about tim, the tatman, absolutely love tim, the tatman, and i don't know if anyone said him but um, nick merks as well. It's kind of funny, i'm talking about my favorite streamers and right there. I named four of my favorites and they're all gamers, dr disrespect um ludwig tim, the tatman nick merks i'll, have to like really figure out a number five for my list, but those guys would all be in my top five um they're, like i just learned more From like the business model like there's so much to learn like when you're on this side of it and i've learned an exponential amount from all four of them, that is dr disrespect. I'm pretty sure dr disrespect might be like a full foot taller than me.

How tall is that guy um? What is interesting is he's the back-to-back blockbuster video game champ and i'm the back-to-back youtube harmful and dangerous champ. So we have a a lot of a lot of overlap there with being the the back-to-back champ, and you know who else is the double champ conor mcgregor? So it's just three guys who are all the champ champ uh fl gc borrow fee is 125 percent, and it's up like a thousand. Let me see that flgc i'll pull up the or text numbers really quick uh for my listeners. Amc is at 33 jimmy's at 161..

Iwm looks like it's trying to base um wish trying to hold on to seven dollars. What is the spy doing? Spy is looking very similar to iwm uh. I think there's some hesitation once again of what's going on uh in kabul right now uh. What else do we have good good, getting hit? Whoa hood might be going down today.

Maybe maybe maybe maybe, let's see 47.50 47.50. If hood breaks through 47.50. I would then be watching 45.75. Let me repeat that one more time.

Hood is currently training at 48.40 if it does not adhere to the support at 47.50. If it breaks through that and violates that support, my next stop would be 45.75. Like i said, i am bearish on it, i'm betting against hood. I personally want it to go down, because i don't see how a company who treats its customers like crap and then on top of that, their main income - and this is probably more impactful on the stocks value - is it's income payment for order flow? If there's more, i guess developments and murmurs about that being banned in the us, that's 60 of its income, it's revenue from last quarter! If we get rid of that, if that's outlawed yeah the stock's going down it's 60, i think it was exactly 63 of the company's revenue from last quarter.

If that goes away, you're gon na see a huge plummet in robinhood, and i kind of i was thinking about this, and some people were. I was trying to think of a good, a good methodology, and i was talking with mike about this on true trading group. Last night of so people and the common thing about robin hood is like hang on, you have to give it some respect because it democratized um. What's it democratized finance and it got a lot of retail in so at first.

I respected it for that, but also as many things in this world go. Yes did payment for order flow lead to the advent of free trading, which brought a lot of retail traders in yes, that is that is true. That is verifiable. I agree with that, but i would recommend it thinking about it.

This way. Did the wright brothers stop at their first airplane and they're, like you know what we did it we're good. No, you iterate past that you can always approve upon things. Do i respect it? Originally, yes, it's what led to the first age, the first age of free trading, but from there we found out that other players, such as fidelity such as public, have figured out methodologies in which they don't have to do payment for order flow and can still offer Free trading, so this is how i'm connecting it to the wright brothers.

It's like: okay yeah. They made the first plane, but you don't just stop there and say: okay, we're done like how could we ever? Why would we make the boeing 737? We already have an airplane. Why are you hating on this, the original airplane? Why would you hate on the original? What automobile the tin lizzy like we have it we're good? No, you you improve upon it. You can make the system even better and even better and even better.

You don't just look at something the original be like nope, that's the original. We don't need to improve it anymore. That's what i'm talking about. We have this system of free trading for retail and i like it, but i personally believe and many other people believe that through superior business models that still allow for free training, but we necessarily don't have to have the poisonous nature of payment for order flow.

Uh. All right hang on uh. We did these matt with the mullet and shades. I think it would look like joe exotic get him a pet tiger.

I'd like that um. How does lowering your cost average affect you in terms of unrealized losses? What are the pros and cons so think about it in a in a base case of let's say that you own ten shares of something at ten dollars, so you have a hundred dollar investment and if it goes up a dollar you make ten dollars. If it goes down a dollar you make you lose it ten dollars, because every single dollar it moves since you own ten shares. So let's say the stock drops to five and you buy another 10..

So now you have 20 shares at an average cost of 750.. So anything above 750 you'll be in the green anything below 750 you'll be in the red, but its movement will be of a higher magnitude now for every dollar movement, instead of being a swing of ten dollars, it's now a swing of twenty dollars, because you want Twenty shares, instead of ten shares and your break, even instead of being ten dollars, is now seven. Fifty. So, even though you lowered your cost, average you've increased your risk to reward because, with every dollar movement, it's a 20 swing instead of a 10 swing um and obviously, if you bought it at 10, anything above or if you bought your second buy at five dollars.

Anything above five: it's going to be overall, better relative to your original position of when you invested at 10, but if it goes below five, not only is that worse, but it's extra worse because you have more shares losing money, so the pros and cons of it Are the pro it? It lowers your average and it can be a con, but it could also be a pro of depending on the trend of the stock, if it trends in your favor you're better, because you own more shares, if it trends against you that's worse, because you have more Exposure and you'll lose even more money, so the size of it you've just increased your risk to reward basically hey matt, not financial advice. I have a long position tbl tblt, for about six weeks. They reported miss on earnings per share but exceeded sales expectations, thoughts uh. I mean mikey, it's not really my thoughts, it's.

How is the market reacting to it, so you're saying that they missed on earnings but beat on sales? It's down? 10. So that's, not good um. So the market doesn't like this really at all tough built industries. Uh.

Clearly a gap down i mean i don't know what your risk is for me if you're in it. At this point i would probably be risking 57.50 as long as it acknowledges the support from july 19th. I would be okay with holding it myself, but i don't know your risk to reward um. That's how i would view this situation, but if you're in it i mean you're, paying attention to its earnings and all that, so it sounds like you might be more interested in the long-term nature of it um.

So if you're in the long-term nature of it well, like one earnings, isn't going to make or break you, but at this point that's my personal risk point if i were in it, but i do not have a tblt position uh. Thank you for actually pronouncing diogenes correctly, no problem uh all right. What else do we have hey matt amc? They have returned 6 million shares. How come it's still down? They have returned six million uh.

I don't know. I haven't seen the six million uh. I see a return of a hundred and ten thousand a borrow of 71 and a net return of 38, so i can't really comment on the 6 million because i don't know where you're getting um. I guess that data point from all right i want to here.

Let's go to the three minute, the three minute, the three minute, the three minute: okay, so let's get some extra, i guess karma in a certain sense, so amc is looking good right now and folks. Folks, folks, it is time for the saint jude reveal, and i am i don't know uh i i think it almost understates it, but i think this is probably one of the most proud announcements i've ever made on this channel, and i want everyone listening right now Or everyone who's going to be watching this video to understand that this is because of all of us uh right now, no matter what's going on, you should hold your head just a little bit higher today, because of what the moon gang, aka eight nation was able To pull off for saint jude children's research hospital, so for those of you who missed the story, what happened was on tuesday um? It just kind of got to be a trolling joke with the super chat matt, and then i switched my name because people were sending him money and they were mad about super chats and then i was like yeah. I could be petty, so i switched my twitter name and then i said i'll. Take it the next level, i'm going to go back and look at all the super chats of people who were talking about super chats in a negative light and i'm going to hire a graphic designer and sell super chat.

Matte shirts. Well, when i said that the amount of dms i got of people who were actually going to buy the shirt before it was even live, it was a mess and then, from there this was last tuesday. I realized i can go even bigger with me when you're on this side of it. It's like.

Let's leverage it up and i like it was so big and i like didn't, want it to be like oh, just money that was coming in to me. So i was searching around on tuesday and i was like do you know what would be amazing and also at that point in the week i i also started realizing some psychology. Things of there are many people in this community who i get it like. You almost project your own life, but i need you to understand that.

Yes, it's important, obviously we're all happy when our p l is green, but understand that if the biggest problem in your life is your p, l being green or red you're doing infinitely well compared to so so many people out there like very seriously and right here. This is just one of those examples where people families impacted who have to use the saint jude as a service. They wish their biggest problem was what's going on with a certain stock investment so with it, i think sometimes you have to do these types of things to it's humbling. You have to keep yourself a bit, grounded and realize that sometimes, when things are going bad, it's very much relative to your own life into other people's lives.

They would be so happy to be in your situation. So i think, with things like this, when we end up talking about money and life and what's going on in this community, sometimes i think it's very healthy to take a step back and realize really what's going on in your own life and how, for a lot Of us compared to other people, it's so much better. So on wednesday i started with the drive and we started. Selling shirts and, like i said, 100 of the profits are going to saint jude.

Just so everyone knows the donations already made. This is a done deal. So i want you guys to know where that total was at so from wednesday. Until sunday we sold the super chat, matte shirts and the profits for that was dollars and 5655.55 cents, but hang on yesterday i was doing a stream with true trading group.

They heard about what we were doing. They were super super excited more than happy to support the cause and they announced on the stream. Yesterday, special shout out to adam and mike of the true trading group. They said whatever it is, we're gon na double it uh.

As in they match it, so they doubled it up. So that brings the running total to if i did my math right, eleven thousand three hundred and eleven dollars and a little bit of change, and i was like okay. This is awesome, that's so cool, but i think there's a little bit more, that we could possibly do so. What i did was, i looked at the super chats wednesday, thursday friday and i scratched my head, and i was like, let's pepper those in let's see where the number gets to and if you pepper those in after, like youtube, takes their cut and everything it got To 13 855 - and i was like that's good, but not really where i wanted to be at so then i thought well what if i match it so now we have the three groups of five thousand six hundred fifty five dollars from the shirts from true trading Group and then from my own personal match - and i was like okay - that's getting somewhere, because that brings you up to 16 967..

I was like i like it, but matt. Why don't you match it and then also add in those super chats - and i was like? Okay, so that number comes to 19 511 and then i figured i sat there and i was like you know what you know. What at that point, you might as well just round up a little bit more. We all like those straight numbers, so i am so happy to announce that our moon game community has officially sent it's already a done deal.

Saint jude children's research hospital from the moon gang has received twenty thousand dollars flat um. I just wanted to give you the breakdown, but in total twenty thousand dollars they already got it early this morning from the moon gang has received 20k saint jude uh. I feel like it's. The least we could do but uh.

I'm super happy, like i said i think, honestly in my career, everything on youtube of what's going on um. This is probably like one of the most exciting things i could say like right here: we're making an actual change for these children, these family, but right there. That's the number uh i just want everyone to know and i'm i'm so so proud of all of you and, like i said a little bit earlier, plenty of reason to hold your head like a little bit higher today, because i truly truly believe this is an Amazing organization, charity donation drive whatever you want to call it, it's an amazing effort. So for all of you, i think you should applaud yourselves, because this was absolutely phenomenal, but i just wanted to give you that full update of everything related to moon gang insane chewed but uh, i'm i'm positive.

This will be all going to an amazing amazing use. Now, back to the stocks back to the action, uh marvel shanxi went on sale, amc here i come what's the setup for turnaround tuesday, uh great question, so for turnaround tuesday. That is when the market sells off on a monday and really any red monday. There is some sort of statistical advantage to the bounce back on a tuesday, but there's more of an advantage if monday drops by more than one percent.

So, if it's down by more than one percent it the odds, really increase for turnaround tuesday, as in tuesday being green. So, that's why i call it turnaround tuesday, but you're looking for the s p 500 to drop by more than one percent to have more of a statistical back and right now the s p 500 is down by 0.6 percent. So it's a possibility for sure amc right now is at thirty to eighty it's holding uh, but right now i mean there's a lot folks, look at all this right. The market is just being hit right now, so in a certain way, i'm like just hedging it with robin hood being annihilated, uh, so definitely hedging, my overall portfolio by making some extra attendees on my robin hood, puts uh way to go.

Matt and hood is down. This is why we love you thanks for you doing hey. No, i mean folks. Like i mean i guess i was the one like that.

I'm just saying it, but this is all of us like this is what our community did. This is not what matt coors did like yeah. I talked about it true trading group. They gave a huge push to it, so special shout out to them, but it's the community that made this possible.

This is all of us. This is not just a single person's thing. Our community came together and in a very like i mean it, was a crazy idea on tuesday afternoon, like through the stream, i was like. What can i do and it was an idea thrown together at the last second wednesday to sunday we raised 20 000.

That's the power of this community um. It's amazing! It's amazing! It's amazing and truly apes. Together, strong we came up with it. It was super fast.

It came out of nowhere and we raised 20 000 for it uh. It's amazing stuff, aj, 20k, matt cruz. I love you, but in a bro type way shout out to st jude my favorite charity as well. This reminds me of when jimmy banded together and donated to the gorilla sanctuary apes together, strong apes, climb and move mountains together.

We certainly do as a dad of a one and a half year old with another on the way. This is amazing. Super chat, matt apes, donating bananas, i love it, i love it. I love it.

I mean i was so when the numbers were coming in last night and then i saw everything this morning i was just like i mean i was just like gliding around my apartment. I was like i don't know. I i honestly think this is probably the coolest thing. I've done not only in my youtube career, but in my entire professional career like i am i don't know i i don't know if i could probably like articulate it um, but i'm just so happy, i'm just so.


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