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Moo, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, um, folks, look at this look at amc, looking like a hot tamale. Actually i should tweet that out, because it is it's feeling like a hot tamale type of a day uh. Why is it slight weird? Over here folks, folks, folks, folks, it's a good it's a good good day to be in a a b e. A u to full day to be an ape.

Let me make sure i am a okay over here. This is loading up um. There is some a thing i want to talk and, like i already know, it's gon na be like oh, like apes are fighting apes uh, what's going on with like apes and like so base, i know i'm probably building up this thing and like what's he talking About, let me just show you before it like. Ah man, i don't know you can be on the same side of something without fighting and you're just disagreeing about what something means and no i'm building this up in a really weird way, and i don't want this to become a thing.

Let me just show you what i'm talking about and i'm not okay, so um, here's what happened. Usually i tweet out amc and jimmy every day. That's how i did it and then gamestop numbers started getting lower in terms of the reported short interest. So i started doing it weekly and i forgot it on friday, so i did it today, just so.

People know where it's up like i'm not lying, i'm not the one who makes this data. This is 85 of transactional volume that is reported to ortex. So it's missing 15 of the legal legitimate picture and it's listing 100 of the illegal, illegitimate stuff. The point of ortex is to use it as a conservative floor value and follow the trend, because even if we don't know the magnitude, we can track the trend.

If it's going up or going down, i don't know how to make that more clear. Is this 100 accurate? Absolutely not so anywho! Here's what's going on, because i don't want this to be a thing. I said the short interest was 10.39 utilization was 42 and shares on loan is 6.75 million. 10.39.

6.75 million 42.. I'm not pulling these numbers out of thin air, and then people were messaging me because there's um this other account gary gensler's lost horse wrong. Gme float is 44.4 million uh. I don't know where i was wrong because i didn't say anything about the free float like at all: um shares on loan as per the new york stock exchanges, 7.66 million or 17 of the float.

So this is problematic and this is verifiably false, which is why i said please stop spreading misinformation. Why is this false? Well right here? This is data from july 30th. Folks settlement date july 30th shares on short, it's not even it's not even shares on loan like right. There that's wrong like to say that it's shares on loan shares on loan.

You take shares on loan and then you have to go short with those they're, not the exact same thing. Yes, they are highly correlated, but you can go with shares on loan uh. Without being short, so i'm just trying to clarify this because he meant short shares. That's why i'm saying the shares on loan you're citing is actually share short and right here we have that it's actually share short.

7.66 million. I agree with that number. I think he accidentally messed up the terminology. It came out on august 10th, but it was valid data as of july 30th, or to put that another way, it was valid data as of what 16 days ago, and so there's some weird things there um.

I don't quite know what he's getting out of this and or texas garbage. The short interest is impossible to measure accurately. Well, not really you you couldn't measure it somewhat accurately, for example, estimation of the short interest so right here, here's their estimation, they're estimating it like they were off uh more recently about by what 700 000 and, like other times, they're close. So this number they were overestimating it previously before that they were underestimating it.

The purple line, the one that we have more of is ortex's estimation and then on a two week, like i guess, you're behind it's always lagging you get the numbers, the exchange reported numbers um, which is not actually exporting. That's like a misnomer, but anyway yeah. You can somewhat accurate like right here on june 15th. They were pretty much spot on.

They were off by less than a what a quarter million shares. So no it's not impossible. Um, it's not perfect by any means, but you can get like within the realm of reason, um and then there was something here that i wanted to talk about. Free float.

Free float is a good thing to talk about, and this is a bit confusing and let me bring this up here for you, so within stocks, all we actually know is outstanding shares. This is very, very important. You know the outstanding shares. That's how many shares can be traded um by anyone, insiders, the people who own it? That's that's the amount of shares that there is in existence for that stock authorized ship.

Well, it's not authorized. It's they come from authorized shares, but outstanding shares is total shares. If you were to look into that, outstanding shares is two different things. It's closely held, plus free float closely held, plus free float, equals outstanding shares.

The issue here is: there's no universally accepted calculation for free float, different data providers say: okay, hang on. We think that pension fund there's no way there's going to sell so we're going to put them into the closely held category. We think that this hedge fund's a little bit more active we're going to put them into the free float category. So it's just like closely held is a block of shares that no one thinks is going to be traded, whether it's a pension fund, whether it's insiders who can't because of vesting schedules.

But my point in saying this is there's no perfect calculation that all data providers do to calculate free float. That's why you see discrepancies, not every provider will have the same methodology for calculating free flow. It's it's roughly going to be there like they're, going to be in the same ballpark of each other, but it's never going to be the same, because there's no universal calculation for free flow, they do the best they can and it's kind of like all right. We think they will, they could trade it, but we know these other people won't trade it.

So, for example, let's say: there's an etf, some data provider might say nope, that's part of the free float. They think we know they actively trade they're in and out. Well, another one might say no way is that etf going to sell these shares at all, so they might put them in closely held. But my point is here: is free float closely held, which that calculation were there's some discrepancy, but regardless of what bucket you put it into, it still adds up to outstanding shares.

So that's why between ortex or whatever your data provider is there's a little bit of going to be, some will go room there. Just so you know when you're coming into free float um, but i didn't even put the free float out there. I don't know why he yelled at me about that jimmy float is 44.4 million it. It might be.

I'm not like disagreeing with that. I'm just saying right here: the the shares on loan per new york stock exchange he's just clearly citing old data and, like i showed you that old data it's from july, 30th um so with it. I just don't want more misinformation. I beg you.

I plead to you, do not say anything mean nasty honestly, don't respond to this whatsoever. I don't want more infighting uh gary gensler's lost horse. I still believe that they're on the ape nation community side - i don't i don't know how to make this more clear. Do not say something negative do not attack anyone, especially someone.

That's another ape i'm just here, i'm not attacking him. I'm clarifying! Please stop spreading misinformation. It's just i mean i've gotten in uh, historically they've tried to say that i had no amc. No, i still have amc, i'm still very much.

In fact, as my discord knows, i went even more long on amc during lunch time today i announced it in my discord that i bought even more uh, so i don't know how to make this more clear. What i'm putting out is verifiably accurate. This is verifiably inaccurate, but don't fight, there's no need for personal drama at all. We something can be right or wrong without it being a personal attack.

Um, it seems like this is trying to be a personal attack. But let's, let's be better than that, let's be above that no personal attacks, i'm not asking you to do anything negative of the sort. I just want you to understand what this possible discrepancy truly is, but i need to reiterate this one more time. Please no attacking! Please no harsh words, please nothing like that.

I just think this is more of a teaching a teaching moment um, but yeah overall, that's what it is. Let me know if you have any questions or confusion on that or like what it does or doesn't mean, but in the meantime amc is looking very, very good, uh double topped at 36. So hopefully we get a little bit of a cup and handle heading into power hour gme. Also, looking good it's trading at 165, up 1.7 amc is trading just below 36 and it's up 6.72 percent tesla's coming back a little bit here looks like it's trying to break above watch 685.

Unfortunately, robin hood triple bottomed out between 47 47.5 and made its way back up here, so we can uh keep a little bit um of our eye on robin hood. To see what that's doing, oh, we should probably check in on crypto check in on crypto. So right now bitcoin is at forty. Six thousand four hundred ethereum is at three thousand two hundred fifteen cardano's at two dollars and thirteen cents, and then doge is at thirty three.

So overall i mean crypto, it's it had a weird, oh hang on. Let me i want to go back to bitcoin, really quick. It was very, very hot for quite a while uh, i would say all the way up until may and then mid-may up until the start of august. So we had what mid-may june july so about two three three months: let's call it three months where crypto was ripping before that, and then it kind of went into a lull and we got out of that bearish trend.

And now it seems like it's coming back alive like this is on the daily chart. We see bitcoin breaking out, but overall it does. It does seem as if there's some exuberance, some excitement. Turning back to the crypto sector uh.

So as there's money making opportunities, of course like, why would we not talk about it, especially with right now i mean, in my opinion, it's becoming a stronger and stronger argument of why we should even be in crypto to begin with, as our federal reserve on a Day-To-Day basis is always just doing the most wild of things that, like blows my mind day in and day out, but overall check it out um. There are many many good exchanges and brokerages to get your crypto uh, but one that i just think is incredibly easy. Um and it it might have certain implications of where you do or don't live. For example, if you live in new york, you won't be able to use it, but you could check out the app voyager it's right above me.

You can check it out. You could download it, we were talking about it earlier all right, let's go to voyager and uh what i like about it. It's just super easy to use. That's like my main um.

I guess support of this particular one and beyond that, it's a super, easy interface. They support many many different coins, as you can see right here, you just download it it's a phone app if you put in the code. What is it it's above my head, matt, 21. M-A-T-T 2-1.

You get an extra 25 worth of bitcoin as soon as you, trade, 100 of any crypto. So if you trade 100 worth of bitcoin you'll get an extra 25. So right there, you have a 25 buffer already built in. If, if you care about crypto, if you don't well just disregard everything i said, but i am notably excited about what we are seeing in amc heading into power hour, amc heading into power hour, i mean 36 uh gon na get interesting matt.

Do you think about the 10 strike for co-option spr this friday, not financial advice? I don't think that's enough time. I think you're playing it way too way too close. I saw a buy order of 69 shares pop up. Was that you not a hedge fund? It was not um, did you see tree killer 35 fly the banner over brickyard 490 on sunday, so i didn't know the name of it, but i saw that video and i thought that was incredibly incredibly awesome.

Does voyager have xrp? No, it doesn't. I believe it could be stored there and tracked there, but you can't buy it from voyager. Do you trade, t, qqq or any of their leveraged etfs? I have, but i don't currently have a position of any uh leveraged etfs right now i have a weibull and etrade account. Does etrade do payment for order flow thinking about buying only buying on e-trade? Thanks for all you do broseph uh.

I could check that for you e-trade, let's see who e-trade e-trade, e-trade, uh citadel was providing payment for order flow. Robin hood, e-trade, yeah e-trade's number two on the list: td ameritrades number three, charles schwab, weeble ally. So some of these, though just so you know, there is like a paid service um and then some of them have like the free service. That's pay for order flow.

But then, if you have like like, for example, um there's some more of like the pro services that you pay and you're like using their fancy software and then that's not payment for order flow. But whatever it was, according to the 606 citadel, was providing payment for order flow, robinhood, e-trade td, ameritrade, charles swab, weeble ally, first trade tradestation and then for fidelity. They were doing it for options, orders um, but with that being said, this is interesting. So, even though e-trade does do it for payment for order flow citadel, ranked as the number one venue for sending both stock and option orders and uh e-trades not on this list.

So, even though i guess they do some form of payment for order flow they're, not the main person like citadel's, not the main one they send it to, which is interesting. If you want to read this yourself, the website is wall street. On parade citadel is paying for order flow from non-online brokerage firms, not just robinhood, so you can check it out. Do your own dd dive into it um i do have an e-trade account.

I haven't used in a while. I know, there's e-trade pro, there's a very there's, a chance that e-trade pro does not do it uh on the pro service. I just want to put that out there um, because we're seeing some of the discrepancies in certain brokerages, like of when you get the better one, they're not doing pfof anymore uh, so you might want to just like look into that for really any of those main Ones, that's actually a very fair possibility: um matt, you still holding sprt. What's your thoughts on it yeah i am uh.

I mean i'm planning on holding it like for the remainder of the month. I have september monthly calls on it. So i have quite a bit of time. It wasn't like um the quickest play for me: uh give a shout out to singapore apes shout out singapore apes.

Let me know, let me know in a chat where you're from what country you're from all right. I think i am up to date. There perfect perfect. Let me make sure why is this discord not uh? All right, we are good.

We talked about paypal for crypto, rachel, no uh, you're 100 right before the new apes, 801 and really tested all they knew is green. This past week month has the tests we needed to get yeah shout out. Stonk sora shout out pete shout out tmi's avocado. Oh speaking, of which i need to respond to tmi black sheep, all right, i'm in i forgot to respond to him.

Just responded to him united kingdom shout out: austin ohio, canada, jersey, tibet, moon, holland, illinois, san diego england, greece, wales, montreal, honduras, netherlands, wisconsin, baby, texas, mars, the kremlin, tibet international, just generically international london, baby, germany, toronto, amsterdam, texas, wales, puerto rico, pennsylvania shout out, pennsylvania, bulgaria, Germany, brazil, zootopia brooklyn, dublin, israel, new york, ohio, kentucky key west holland, alabama sweden, florida england, romania, utah, shout out nepal, thailand, fort lauderdale, croatia, lawrence spokane, oklahoma, tennessee, toronto. New zealand shout out shout out apes around the world apes around the world. Let's get a little excited for the ah. There we go.

Let's get a little excited, i'm looking for this break above 36.. All right. I think we are there uh sheba coin. I actually don't even know where i would chart sheba toshiba coin.

Where would i chart that sheba us? Oh, i guess this um, i mean it looks like it's bending background. I really don't know much about it. It looks like it had a cup a handle, an explosion, it's running up to resistance if it breaks above that that could be strong um. It's showing some trend, some life, but in the bigger picture it's been pretty seriously beaten down.

So it's going to be running into some resistance pretty soon, whatever this mark is 12 15, if it gets above that that might be looking good but, like i said, i think it's important that i reiterate. I really don't know much about shiba inu. I think it was just some of it when i like, i must have somehow i think some of it was gifted to me in by voyager on voyager, so i'm voyager, i have like 250 worth of shiba inu, but i don't know anything about it from a Technical perspective, i would be looking for this break above 12, 12 15 and then that maybe even shows more strength, but the rsi is pretty overextended at the moment in time. So it might need a little bit of a breather or something like that.

First uh bitcoin sitting at resistance above 47. There was a little bit i saw at 49 and then i'd be watching 50.. I would love for btc to get back above 50.. I think that would be phenomenal sets up a test of 60 63 um 50.

I mean i feel, like one of these days, we're just going to be talking about how bitcoin's trading, above, like 100k, like we're gon na, be making videos of like oh it broke out today. This is it bitcoin hit 100k. Today, no idea when that's gon na happen, but i do think it's a very uh realistic, possibility, not saying it's necessarily soon but uh. I do think it's in the cards for bitcoin, at least at some point in its future, all right.

What other coinbase so tiger global got a position in coinbase chain analysis. Report billion dogecoin is owned by only 31 investors. What else do we have not seen anything specific to amc gme? We know that tesla's down today, because the new york, whatever governing body, is like looking in officially whatever that means to the autopilot uh. Can we hit 36? Today i mean we already.

Have we hit 3618 was the high we recently hit 36.. I want to see that break of 36 and then a run up to i don't know. Basically, 40 42 42 would be a nice. Breakout.

46 would be a major breakout um above 46. I would feel insanely confident uh if we trade above 46 on some decent volume. I would feel so insanely confident of it, at least at a minimum, at least testing the psychological level of 50.. What's up with naov, it's ripping today, n-a-o the n-a-o-v uh nano.

I don't know it's up. I mean there had to be some sort of news on it. Um shares on its plans to enter otc pain relief market. So there was some sort of fundamental announcement of getting into the pain relief market uh.

Obviously, the the stock market is reacting very kindly to it, but if you take a look at its daily chart, the point to get into this was on august 12th on this breakout you're a little bit late. Now it's a little bit chasey. It is trying to break out if you already had a position if you bought the previous breakout you're. Looking great, you got in around 275-ish uh.

Congratulations on the play, but i in no way would be considering chasing this right now. Uh market might dip around 3 45 p.m. Since potus is speaking about afghanistan um interesting, maybe we should stream that yeah. We might want to stream that just to kind of know, what's going on good to stay informed uh? What else do we want to bring up this tesla coming back nvidia, it's coming back off of 194.

roblox was taking a bit of a hit today, ooh more than a hit than i'd like to admit here. Folks, all right, we're looking good there i'll. Let that all load up - oh, let's, do this well! This is why we're not breaking 36 yet because i didn't put on the duck, headband seems to be off your game today. You got it coach shout out to charles payne, one of the hardcore hardcore silverback got ta, be a fan.

What are we looking at here? What are we looking at um uh? What is this institutions have a better interest in under reporting to places like vortex vortex? Doesn't have the whole picture, so it's pointless to espouse this information because it's without the rest of the market egregious and false. What's going on here yeah, i just wanted people to know this reporting and that's that's one of the things that i guess in this experience. For me of when some of this information was coming out, i found it to be incredible. Okay, so bloomberg is a very expensive platform to use bloomberg's short interest.

It is this it's the stuff that you only get every two weeks and it doesn't update in between bloomberg's terminal, like i said, very, very, very expensive, and it's great for many many things. So, for example, if you have bloomberg you're going to be up to date on institutional ownership, and those reports like that is very useful to have, but specifically for short interest. Bloomberg has no estimation uh whatsoever. It just runs every like two weeks.

It updates - and it gives you this old data which is uh. It's pretty incredible that i don't know. I just don't know whenever you see someone citing bloomberg data for short interest, just know that it's like exclusively getting this exchange reported stuff. That's always going to be old, it doesn't have like any internal.

I guess estimation ability which i just when i first found that out. I was like wait. What, then, why do so? Many people pay so much money for it, but hey, i guess the more you know. Can you go to members only if you stream the speech? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, good, call, trey's chest, hair, good, good, call, good good call.

What do we have here? Occam's fazer, this is uh. Looking tasty, my fellow apes wikileaks candles building into one massive w hey. I like that. I like that.

I like that, what do we have all right sweet? I think we're good to go we're good to rock. Is this not why? What's going on with the volume right now, are they just gon na make us wait for power hour when things get really tasty? So what are they really gon na make us go in the next? I guess 30 minutes 30 minutes. Perhaps a free guy beat box office expectations, displace delta fears, amc stock is rising, it sure did whatever happened with the fallout of um, the account that was trying to say no one is watching free guy. Wait s p, 500 record intraday high no way is the spy just running like this, especially with what's going on in afghanistan, well holy toledo, look at that holy holy toledo, as mr mr trey trades would say this: the s b: 500.

The bottom left here - uh etf, exchange rated fun, just think of it as a basket of stocks. This particular basket is tracking 500 of the biggest companies in the us, which is why it's thought to be a barometer for the stock market in general at large. Whatever you want to say, um right now, it just made a new intraday high and it's about to make a new all-time high in probably not that long of a time but wow wow wow, oh wow, whoa, wait sees it no way. Please it does this stuff.

Why why won't cheez-it ever reach out to me? Tease it on their twitter game, apparently huh? What is going on? Okay? So i'm seeing it apparently 3. 45 p.m. East coast time. I guess our president will have commentary about some afghanistan, stuff um.

I know i know no, i know i know. I know that a lot of you are going to get insanely political. So for that we'll have to switch to members only just to um. I guess in a certain way, save you from yourselves.

I don't want my mods just uh endlessly banning people, so you can never come back so for your own good, because i know a lot of us, i don't know, i guess, like people just don't want to keep but like i, this is not a political channel. I get that people fight about politics all over the internet, but let's not like we'll talk about politics through the lens of attempting to be as unbiased as possible. Like i'm not telling you, your politics are right or wrong. We're trying to dive into what's happening politically and how does that relate to the stock market? That's our goal here, i'm not telling you! Your thoughts are right or wrong.

I mean i'm not. I wear a duck headband and i scream at my camera in my basement for a living like i'm, not the person, you should be getting your political advice from trust me uh, but what we can do is take a look at it and be like okay. What will this do to stocks? How can we make some money off of a potential move, prompted by what our elected officials end up, doing and or saying, or whatever they do or don't sign? It's not for me to tell you one person is right or wrong. Trust me.

That is not me at all. If you want to know what you should be doing saying or thinking or something like that, we can make that happen, but i don't know, maybe we'll save that more for, like in only fans. Why is this not working? Oh there we go all right for some reason i had my own uh rumble was not working for me, but now we're good. Now now we are a okay um amc's max cost of bar was 14 thinking about trying to find trying out my first call option.

Looking at the 37 expiring august 20th, 134 premium timothy for your first one, i would highly. I would highly suggest that you give yourself more time. The biggest issue i see with new options, traders and experienced options, traders and anything in between - is people not giving themselves enough time so you're, looking at the 37th for this friday, like why not give yourself an extra week or an extra month, give yourself some time. I know it's more expensive, but especially for your first one like help yourself out.

I would if you want to play the 37s. Like that's cool, like i think, that's a good level, the 40s of working at 4k kbs's 4k, we're cruising. We are cruising at 4k, kbs's, don't know what it means, but i still like the sound of it. Still like the sound of it.

I hope i'm not down. Am i good on rumble? Rumble people wait a second what's going on? Do you not have any notifications? Am i live or am i not live? Someone needs to. Let me know, i think we're good. My my kbs expert said hey.

This is a a lot of kbs's, so he's like you're good tons of kbs's. Let me just reload this over here, you're back on rumble good on rumble locked on youtube. You're live! I think i'm good this. It's weird that, like this type of stuff happens when you're like oh, like right there i was talking a little bit about politics and all of a sudden kbs's went out the window um very quickly.

No matter where you are it's telling me, you should be good. Um recommended we recommend. Why is it all over? You might want to do a quick, reload folks, uh, i'm getting some weird, some weird stuff here. Just just the life of a duck, streamer devin's law shout out uh.

You did that on purpose for the outfit change matt, you did that in the middle of school me, timothy overall, i, like the price level you're looking at. I just would recommend giving yourself more time, uh for all levels of options, traders, one of the biggest things i see when they're going long on a call or long on a put. They just aren't giving themselves enough time. So i would recommend that sent me a message on ig lil will very very good chance or higher chance of me seeing that message on twitter.

Just so, you know check on apple. I have a 48 call option for september: 7th thoughts, apple apple, apple, apple, apple, apple, whoa. What a recovery in apple mac? Can you please check on apple? I have 148 options september, 7th uh jorge. I don't know when you got into them.

Obviously, the closer to 147, the better, but the market is turning right back around this one could get weird based on what the president does or doesn't say if he says something that appeases the stock market gods we're gon na keep going higher, if not the overall Stock market could come down and apple being. The biggest company in the world would probably also end up taking a bit of a hit with it. I mean apple is currently valued at 2.57 trillion dollars trillion with a t um. So this is gon na be definitely impacted on what the overall s p 500 does like they're gon na they're, not gon na move in lockstep by any means, but they're gon na be highly correlated um.

So if you are in nice profits right now and you're like hang on, i don't want to take on the risk of the political announcements this afternoon in about an hour you might want to just lock them. In i mean one in the hand is worth two in the bush type of the situation, but if you're feeling lucky i mean it's a breakout, it's above 150., i, like apple, i'm a long-term investor in apple. I do like it um, but it's up to you ride the trend. If the trend is there, the trend is your friend at least i got to watch gangnam style when you're off uh jorge.

I hope that helps you out, but with it trend is your friend uh keyframe frequency of four seconds or less? What does that even mean? Why do i get this error? I feel like it's. Not even my fault. Just bought 57 shares of amc was at 3k march, went to 102 in june and then back to 3k right now, due to the terrible call options hey right there with you, i've had my own horrific story related to just over leveraging too much of it too Much uh stream labs, keyframes keyframes keyframes, no clue what any of these mean. Oh, i need to change my like keyframe interval.

I feel like they're just making things up, but you know, what's not being made up right now: amc's very interesting action trying to get right about it's above 36 right now, thus far, we've basically triple top just north of 36. um. It's getting exciting. I mean i think earlier today, when we got above really 35.

I was saying the next stop is 37 and i still feel good about it. I think the amc chuchu train is on its way to 37. uh. I just want this to hold and we're setting up.

In my opinion, maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm overly optimistic, but i think we're set up pretty nice heading into power hour. I got in at 146 jorge that's a great trade uh and don't remember you could always lock in some profits. You don't have to buy all at once or sell out on one. So, for example, let's say you bought anything more than just one call option if you're worried about it, we'll sell some and let the other ride like meet yourself in the middle, hey, coach, coors, so the more money your contract goes, the further the bid ask spread, Widens no, not uh lucas, that's um! That might just be something weird going on the one that you're looking at that doesn't necessarily have to be true.

Good question: good good question: good good question: oh a quick, my quick question for all of you before we get rocking into power hour. We have about 20 minutes. If you folks could lend me a quick helping hand and hit that, like button completely free, just helps out with the algorithm, gets more people in here and if you haven't already, if you want to be a member of the moon gang where we talk about stocks, Crypto options, futures cheez-its, sangria life - this is the place for you, don't forget to hit that subscribe button, um real subscribes, synthetic subscribes, dark pool, subscribes, lit exchange, subscribes same thing with likes. All of those are welcome.

Why not? You could over leverage it get. Some calls on subscribe, sell some puts against the subscribe uh if you want to get some call swaps on the like button, whatever you want to do we're here for it, it's the the casino of social media man, you guys just uh, exploded it from 2 000 Up to 3 000 you're, the best, the the passion i love this stuff, you guys are the best uh hey matt. Can you check zom medica for me and let me know what you think, of course, not financial advice. Let's look into zom zom zom zom zom zom does not look good.

All this thing is done is sell off. I think it just keeps dropping. Unfortunately, i hope you're not long on it like. I don't want to be crushing your dreams, but it looks like it might be still falling to like 25 30 cents uh.

It just is not looking good selling selling selling zom, i just don't see any buyers, no one's buying it uh. I would not, if i had to play this i'd probably bet against it, but i would really just prefer to not play it dead and co. Show tonight in nc you'd fit right, i'm a in far away from nc, but i big fan of both carolinas really. I love the if you're in the carolinas right now, i'm jealous of you, i think they're awesome your tweet.

What did eor say for a while? He was updating us on s3's opinions. Uh will, as in lil will uh covered call. The main thing is you just want it to be below whatever the strike price is by the time of expiration all right. What else do we have? Someone said you were from s3 partners was tweeting, let's see what he's up to what did he put out in the world? He was talking about wish.

He was talking about tesla. He was talking about sofi rkt, palantir, oatley, gme uh, so he said, gme short interest. Uh is 10.67 and the s3 estimated shortened interest is 9.64 um. I think charlie is gon na have like a hernia when he sees that.

Oh for amc, though, he's saying the short interest is 21 and the s3 short interest is 17., so kind of in the middle of the ortex one. That kind of makes sense um because remember. A lot of this is you're estimating, as best as you can so they're in the range of 17.5 up to 21, and then ortex is kind of in the middle of this at 19.. Uh interesting interesting, interesting spy, looking very strong, how's iwm, looking so according to eor, not these numbers do not shoot the messenger uh eor from s3 is saying.

The short interest on amc is about double that of gme. Once again, these are estimations. These are not my own formulas, i'm just telling you what you are saying on twitter, not my own research. On that particular data point.

What else do we have a lara? Logan? Okay? I guess we're just kind of waiting right now, an hour. Well: 15 minutes till power hour, where i think things could get more spicy with amc and then past that president biden to speak about afghanistan at 3 45.. Does anyone um? Can someone in discord or chat? Let me know where we would be like where we can view that uh man, people are getting so so defensive about gamestop um for commentary in general, like just if you're always and i've spoken about this, and i don't want to beat a dead horse. You can't live in your own, echo chamber.

You cannot live in a world of confirmation bias where everyone that agrees with you is like amazing, and then everyone that disagrees with you is like a paid shill who allegedly works for citadel. That's not how this should go in any stock, whether it's amc gme any stock. That's not a good methodology uh for you to be a successful trader. You can't just do that.

I mean there's it's. We see this rise of just like keyboard warriors, who they just don't know what they're talking about, and then they just get super defensive like you should feel so confident in your own play that seek out people who actively disagree with. You understand why they disagree with you and then see if your opinion still holds water and like can beat theirs, be like okay, i see how you're saying it, but have you considered x, y and z? Hence why we have differing opinions. You can't just sit there and whine like some poorly, i don't know, develop psycho social stunted person who's like wow.

You, you disagree with me. I'm gon na scream. That's not a good way to handle the stock market like whatsoever. It's not a good way to handle life.

All right, people are saying cnn. Other people are saying ape news. Other people are saying fox news, all networks - oh so just everyone will stream it we'll be streaming. Live, live on dumb money, exclusive rights to the president's speech.

Uh, it's weird just because i feel like wherever we see it then we're gon na get that political connotation. I would very much rather just someone, show the speech and then not give me their political commentary on it. Does anyone know of a channel that will do that? That'll just show it without like completely bashing the other side during or right after the speech group think it's how you fail. As a group yeah, i mean it ebbs and it flows, and i guess i so if i'll be transparent, i am long on amc.

I am long on gme, but um the groups seem to like to fight sometimes like. Sometimes we have amc purists and sometimes we have gme purists and that's fine if you want to be in one and not both all the power to you, whatever, i'm letting you know, i am long on both, but you see it recently. It's not that big of a secret that over the past what week amc has performed better than gme. So now you see a lot of people in the gme community who are getting mad, and we saw the inverse of this earlier in, like, for example, like whatever january february, you would have some people who were like super into amc and then they would get more Emotional mad because jimmy was out performing people like to like hate the other part of the community, and i just it frustrates me because we're on the same side, if you are in amc, if you are in gme really the other person is definitely not your enemy And is probably closer to your friend than you could possibly imagine.

Remember the infighting between these two communities. It's so c-span all right, maybe we'll try to find it on c-span. I appreciate that um yeah we'll definitely try to find it on c-span, but just remember that this amc and jimmy thing like people are getting so so mad like all of a sudden if, okay, what i've previously seen i've been using ortex for months and months and Months if ortex is reporting a higher and higher number, so many people are like. This is amazing.

This is great ortex they're for the apes. This is amazing and then, as soon as there's like a one percent decline, they're like ortex is a citadel product, everyone's being paid off you're, getting paid to spread false information, it's just so emotionally volatile and then i just sit here. I'm like this is the exact same software that you guys liked like a week ago, and then they just like automatically forget that and like no, no, no, no, no! We we always hated that we hated that we never liked it and then, when in one week when this short interest goes higher and higher, it's gon na go back to absolutely loving it. It's just, i feel like i'm just being gaslit by a bunch of like keyboard warriors it's weird um, but overall, please understand don't fight between amc and jamie.

If someone else, if you're in one and you're talking to someone who's in the other okay, why would you want them to lose? Be like hey good luck? I hope you make some money we're all in this, especially amc and jimmy to make some money send a message to wall street. It's honestly that simple, like you, don't have to be in the same stock, all the time for that person to be your best buddy. They could be in the other one and you can be like. Okay, good luck, cool! I hope we all win.

There is definitely enough going on that amc and jimi can both go absolutely to pluto. That is possible. I i just don't see the reason of like the the fighting between the two i mean whatever i would um. If i were you, i mean i'm in both, you do you, but don't fight with someone else just because they arbitrarily picked the other one or maybe it wasn't even arbitrary.

Maybe they had a good reason. Maybe some people like to be in stocks closer to the early part of the alphabet, and maybe some other people like to be a little bit more, the middle of the alphabet. Maybe that's the reason i don't care their reasoning. They have their own reasoning.

They're, being, i guess, they're taking the risk by putting their money where their mouth is, and i wish them the best of luck. It's that simple, the white house's youtube channel diamond handed apes. Oh that's a good call. Let me check that out.

The white house's youtube channel: do you think they would hire me as a uh correspondent? What do we have here, white house, the white house uh all right, so they don't have a pending live stream. Yet the white house has 1.89 million subscribers do like even better and bigger content. I will never ever be able to beat an olivia rodrigo. Dr fauci crossover.

How that's amazing, i'm not gon na beat that i i don't have the connection to get olivia rodrigo. Okay, i would have to do. I don't know something i would have to pull out an amazing piece of content like a um, maybe some sort of like contest game between like i'm the host and then i'm whoa what's going on here? Am i back? What's going on with youtube, am i dropping on it still says four four kbs's: 4 000 kbs's. I think i'm live there shouldn't be an issue.

I hope, there's not an issue anyway, back to 4000 kbs's um, okay. So if they get, if the white house gets to two million subscribers by doing a fauci rodrigo crossover, i would have to do like a some sort of crazy content like i would need to get hulk. Hogan obviously involved mark sinclair, obviously involved riley, reed, obviously involved. It would have to be some sort of like mega mega form of content.

For me to possibly surpass that for sure we'll hire you on c span, i'd love to be the uh c-span commentator, uh matt. Just have been told utilization has hit 100. Can you confirm on ortex also ape scotland says hi ape fia? Scotland says hi shout out to scotland uh and also a specific shout out to scottish accents. I think that's um.

I think that's even more important right there, but utilization uh, mr k c show i don't believe it's a hundred percent. You might be looking at something like stonko tracker, but remember they're only getting data from one prime broker right now. This is about 60 of market volume, the live updates and then the top updates are about 85 percent of market volume of the coverage, but with 60 coverage there's actually been a net re return of 1.72 million shares the utilization's, not at a hundred percent um. So i don't quite know where you're getting it my assumption.

My knee-jerk reaction is, you probably saw something from stonco tracker, but if stonco tracker is saying none that just means that interactive brokers that prime broker no longer has any shares, but that's just one broker, but right now for all brokerage with amc, the utilization is not 100 uh the childist division needs to stop is the biggest thing that will kill this movement and stop squeezing hedgies are loving the infighting uh it's not gme or amc. It's both for all apes. I 100 agree with you uh, i'm in both. I just like the stock shout out my duck: suspenders uh we're just a bunch of board apes.

We fight to pass the time, hey matt. What do you think about amc, wheel, 37, 3340, um folks, uh, wait are my. Are we back? Are we back to full kbs output, 40 um yeah, that's gon na that's gon na be a meme before we know it. The only thing that would have made that better is if i had the glasses on.

I hope if this gets frozen again and i'm making that face, i just wish i had these on. This is why i shouldn't take them off, because i miss out on opportunities like that uh. I miss out on big opportunities like that and i think we're back. I think we're back very strange though beings like nothing, has changed from the morning till now, so i don't know why this is.

I don't know where else it happens. I like amc. It's almost like abc very easy. Another good reasoning.

What was i talking about with 40 anyway, 40. 40. 40. 40.

What was i saying with 40? Who knows, but it does seem like it's holding up, maybe a little bit better here: uh s s, l, bible, um, if you're having some of those probs over on rumble, don't forget to just do a reload of the page, a reload of the page. I think we're back 40. The 40 remix was fire uh i mean. Can anyone tell me what a good kbs is? How many kilobytes per second should i be transferring? Does any fancy schmancy streamer out there know the answer to that kb's.

Frank, frank. Someone named frank is very, very popular right now, all right enough enough with the games. Let's get down to brass tacks. Are we gon na break out at 36, yay or nay, yay or nay power hour power hour, uh borrow fee going up on amc, get ready.

Do does anyone think um that it's weird the timing about it like at all the timing 345 like he starts talking right before the market closes anyone else at all? Yes, no, maybe so, yes, no possibly somewhere in between 40. That's it! I just wish. I had these glasses on all right. Let's see eighth grade address whatever or just says, uh folks.

Well, amc, looking pretty up 6.3 on the day trading at 35.60, jimi, also green. On the day up, one percent trading at 164.29, the s p 500 - has been on a non-stop rally. I guess i don't know, maybe the country's just like saying hey, we really like whatever this speech is going to be like. I don't get why it's rallying.

It doesn't make sense, i can't even come up with a funny joke about it, because it's lunacy. This is a bunch of looney tunes that we're dealing with right about now. So it happens, it happens. It happens.

40. I don't even know what i was saying about. Frank, i don't know like whatever this clip. Part was frank.

40, frank, frank, frank, frank. Well, frank. It's gon na work, it's gon na work for you. I don't know what i was saying, but i would say it again.

I would say it again. Uh, can you look in a clove yeah, so we checked out clove this morning. It does not look good in any manner um, i'm not a fan of what's going on with clove someone just said: 4k is pretty low for 1080p. Well, how do i up my kbs's preferences? Let's see what happens, output output? Is it my bit rate that i need to change streaming advanced? Oh, you can't do it while you're live so you're, saying that i need to bring my bit rate up to like what four thousand five thousand six thousand someone.

I think it's weird, but i think it would make sense, but also how the market is pumping, makes me feel like they're gon na try to have retail hold the bag, so i bought puts could be seth. I mean it's just it's running like an insane person. The only thing just make sure you have enough time all right, someone's talking about bitcoin. Oh, i was talking about where bitcoins going bitcoin on the two hour chart took like a mini mini hit and now we're kind of going sideways with.

It seems like a lot of crypto going sideways at the moment. I think everyone honestly, we might be in this weird scenario where a lot of people might just be waiting for 3 45, like kind of just some, i don't know apprehension about. What's going on, do you live in a rural area, yeah center city philadelphia, so pretty rural, just just a small little town in pa, philadelphia, uh, more bitrate is more throughput, make sure you can handle it emotionally set your keyframes to two folks. If i'm being honest, do i know what a keyframe is? No will i set it to two because some stranger on the internet told me to set it to two.

Of course i will because i'm just naturally a trustworthy person, so wait. Someone out there someone with a big brain for streaming. Can you tell me what my bit rate should be and what my key frame should be my keyframe interval should it be like 3502, like 5002 or what uh? What are we dealing with here? Is there a paddy's pub in philly not that i've been to, but there might be it's always sunny in philly, philadelphia, hilarious show confirmation bias to your own dd um, i'm more of just a trustworthy, fella and i'll be like hey. Let's do it.

I have an ethernet in right now uh, so i don't know what what's weird with that matt lives by the liberty belt. You know. What's funny, oh wait. Okay, we just started power hour.

This is um. I have two different good stories for you um. So i'll start off with maybe the one - that's probably i guess arguably less humorous so story time with matt story time one. This was a while ago.

I had to go and get one of those like rapid tests, uh, because i had to travel and they're like well you if you're gon na travel. This was a while ago and you had to get one of the tests to make sure that you didn't have the rona and the place i went. I was walking walking walking and i stopped read the sign and it said this is the building where ben franklin wrote the declaration of independence, and i was like oh that's, pretty sick, like just this building on a corner like just a normal brick building and then Literally within, like spitting distance across the street, there's a duncan and then i realized wow. What a great branding for dunk like duncan america truly does run on dunkin the declaration of independence, the closest business to where it was written, where ben franklin was up all night and then he went and had to get like uh macchiato or something it was duncan Right there duncan has been there since the start.

Um, oh, is it for it's jefferson wow. I really messed that one up that wasn't the point of the story. It was more. It was definitely definitely more so of just that.

Duncan's been there from the start. If you want to know how the declaration of independence was actually written um, it was right there, it's been there since day, one uh, so that's something i recently uh wanted to share with you, and it came to my attention recently, but more importantly and you're. Talking about messing up words, this is where you're gon na start to notice a pattern of messed up words, but here, let's dive into this extra story, so it all started - and i asked my completely real girlfriend if i should share the start of this story on Stream because i was like it doesn't seem funny like i don't know, if the guys in the audience are really gon na laugh at this, but she's like i can guarantee you. The girls in the audience are really gon na resonate with it.

So i don't quite get it so i'll. Just tell the story for how it is, but anyway, so my five year anniversary was on thursday and we did stuff on thursday and then we're like, oh, like, let's have like. Let's go, do something more special on saturday. Like let's spend the day together, let's do all these things, so we went for a cool hike somewhere on the delaware.

We did that we came back and i had this reservation and in philadelphia there's like the celebrity chef ron, restaurant dude steven starr and i went to one of his restaurants elves and it was great and we made the the reservations blah blah blah. So we do the hike we come back and we're getting ready to go out to this restaurant and she's, like i'm gon na dress up cute, and i was like oh me too. I'm gon na put on my tiger shirt my like moon, gang tiger shirt that has flowers like if she's gon na look cute, i'm gon na look cute. That was my mindset, so she spends all this time getting ready and apparently like if you're a girl.

It takes like a literal fortnight to dry your hair, so i'm sitting there sitting there and she comes down the stairs and i'm not gon na lie. She did look really good and i didn't have the opportunity to say anything about that and i i right away went into my own emotionally defensive shell, because the first thing out of her mouth was: are you gon na wear that and i was like well, i Look cute, so that's that's the assumption that i don't look cute then, when i'm there in my arguably my best tiger shirt and if you guys were to see this as a video, i would assume you would be on her side because she had her makeup and Her hair and her outfit and her shoes - and i was there in a bomb, ass tiger shirt and then i wore my best pair of shorts, which happened to be black sports shorts, and then i had on a pair of sneakers. So, like i get it kind of like, i don't know anyway. That's the part of the story i was like.

I don't know how i can make that funny uh.

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