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Ep 46 ape nation friday: amc, gamestop crypto dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation Friday: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
Dumb Money Ep. 46 w/ Matt
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Mum, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. What is going on everyone whoa, the camera just jumped on me. How do i get it to uh jump back? That was a weird jump out. I guess it's just one of those friday issues.

It happens. No big deal no big deal folks. Folks, folks, happy friday, y'all happy happy moon gang ape nation fry day, hello, hello, hello, amc is trading at 33.77. Gme is trading at 1, 53 30..

We have an upswing in the spy. We also have an upswing in iwm. I'm hoping that some excitement in the general market, these major indices, that we're paying attention to hopefully leads to some excitement in both of these stocks that we are mainly watching before i get into the vortex numbers for amc and gme and all that stuff. I did want to quickly show you that we were talking about this as a dip buy opportunity in bitcoin and ever since then, at 44 8 i mean we've shot up to 47.

It's looking strong right now. It is looking very, very strong right now. In fact, i forgot - let me get this up here, just in case you're trying to get involved in some crypto voyager, it's a phone app for crypto and if you just put in that code, mat 21 that'll get you some extra bitcoin, but anyway crypto. Looking very, very good uh, let me do a quick technical on this one we're seeing strength.

I honestly think it's coming up to 48 000 in the near term, i'm just seeing a lot of strength that shot up it consolidated at a level of resistance. It looks like it wants to go up to 48 and then pass that at this level, 47, 48, 49 and then obviously the key psychological level of 50 000, so uh. My next stop is 48 in terms of ethereum. Looking very, very similar.

I think this one. Let me actually do this really quick. It already had a trendline breakout. I just wanted to zoom out to show you guys this.

I think the next stop might be 3. 300. cardano is just ripping uh. We had this flagpole up now has lower highs higher lows.

This is a bullish, pendant, i'm looking for a continuation, but i do believe ding ding ding. This is an all-time high for cardano, aka ada, but uh. I know they have some live contracts. There's some oops there's some development like actually going on with it and obviously it's being well received by the public, but this thing showing an incredible amount of strength if you're trying to uh for cardano.

This is a tough one. I don't know if i could possibly recommend chasing this. I mean it's. It is a bullish pattern, we're seeing strength.

I do think there's a continuation, but your risk is probably just too far away. Uh, i'm in cardano, i'm in all of these, i'm in bitcoin, ethereum, cardano and doge, but with this i think it's very important to just don't chase a runner. I, like cardano, but i also think at some point in the future you're going to get some sort of break, so i think that is you're gon na get a break from this overall run. So i think you could save yourself some money, but in the short term, i'm still looking for a follow.

I'm looking for a follow through on all of these, because they're all looking very strong, even doge, we're starting to get uh kind of a weird cup and handle, but a cup and handle nonetheless look for it to break out of 32 6 and then make a Push up to 34 and pass that we have 35, but crypto right now is looking very, very strong. So i just wanted to throw that out there and maybe closer to the end of the morning stream. We could go, come back and see what's going on with crypto all right, so today, there's already been 1.77 million shares borrowed against amc. The short interest is 18.08 utilization.

89 shares on loan 10476 uh. Basically, 105 million. Remember um. So when i tweeted this out this morning, uh, i don't know what was going on, but i saw like an abnormal amount of comments that ortex is t2 if you're listening uh.

First of all, i don't know who's saying that, but they are, i guess, getting information out there. That is incorrect in a weird way. You could argue that the estimated short interest is kind of working on a t2 settlement, because it's based on the shares on loan and shares on loan. When the short covers you have t2 settlement and then they return it, but very much.

The shares on loan and the utilization are accurate. I mean every morning these update, it is not t2 settlement and these live updates. Nothing about this is saying like shorts, covering or anything like that. It's return, shares borrowed shares, borrow change and after that, they're making an estimate, but in terms of shares on loan and utilization and the cost to borrow this is not t2 stuff.

So once again, i don't know who's trying to get that information out there. I do see that there's depending on how you look at it, you could argue that their estimated short interest is working on a t2 delay. I i think that there is a little bit of validity to that argument, so, like i'm fine with that, but in terms of shares on loan cost of borrower utilization, these are very much happening, real time accurate and not on a t2 settlement. Just so everyone knows, gamestop has a short interest of 10.59 shares on loan is 6.88 million and a utilization of 37.

When things start updating for the day, we will come back to tiblio same thing with uh. Any of the unusual options plays here from binzinga uh. We have to just wait for the market to open on that one other than this. Are we seeing any breaking news what's going on? If you didn't get to hang out in the stream yesterday or see the update video just so you know, there's probably you probably at some point on your radar.

People were really trying to push the rhetoric of bloomberg somehow confirming that there's what 2.5 billion naked shorts or synthetic shares phantom shares counterfeit shares, whatever you want to call them and it related to amc trading on the brazilian market. I highly highly recommend you check out the update video from yesterday because i discuss it and basically i do believe that there's evidence, namely the say, technologies vote for shares that shouldn't exist um. So i'm not saying that there aren't synthetic counterfeit fandom shares. I'm just saying that the whole brazilian thing is not indicative of that, and people just didn't know that um a share is not a share.

They trade differently on foreign markets, so there is a difference and on the brazilian market, they're not shares they get. Basically, you clone amc and they did a six to one parity uh in what's referred to as bdr's brazilian depository receipts. We do it here when we have a chinese company trading on the american market. There are adrs american depository receipts uh.

The uk has things called cdis, but it's all just this, like cloning mechanism, where a different foreign countries company that also trades on that foreign country's market can trade on your market but um. It's just like the process and basically the weird representation that they have to do to show that that company is trading on this market. But it's not one in the same. A share is not a share.

Um and, like i said to be very very clear. Do i think that there's evidence, um or very strong, let's say secondary evidence of the numbers just simply not adding up, especially with amc talking about the say technology things or even looking at all the failed to delivers in amc and jimmy yeah, i'm right there, i'm Just saying that one very particular piece of information that people were going like hog wild about yesterday about this brazilian thing, uh was just like a misunderstanding and i um, i hope, no one's pushing it after this point it seemed a little silly to me what else We have going on here all right. We need that gamma. Is there any other breaking news? Coinbase is, i guess, in wall street today, what else do we have going on all right? Was there any breaking news on this all right investor place, saying that gamestop is a buy at a hundred? Why was this cheers of companies? Reopening sectors, including amc, are trading lower as concern uncertainty for restaurant travel and resort names - okay, interesting that came out yesterday.

So really, no breaking news thus far this morning between amc and jimmy, but we are seeing just between the russell 2000. Russell 2000 is tracked by the etf iwm and the reason we pay attention to that is because amc happens to be one of those 2 000 companies tracked in it and they're not going to be exactly the same. But i like to think of it of generic headwinds and tailwinds type of a deal, but russell 2000 pushing we also see amc, pushing and also the s. P 500 is showing a little bit of strength, as we have about 20 minutes to go until market opens.

All right, so that's your quick rundown. Let me see what kind of questions everyone has thus far off camping for the weekend. Oh shoot. I already lost some of these crap off camping for the weekend.

Have a great friday shout out club foot, billy sheba, going live on weeble september 6th uh, so i would highly highly recommend you look into crypto trading on weeble or robin hood, because you do not own the coin. That is i i don't know much about crypto. Honestly, like i have a decent amount of knowledge, but i know one very important thing is: whenever you're buying you want to legitimately own the coin, that you're buying and when you're buying crypto on robin hood or weibo, and i've been saying this for so so long. Now it's more of you're buying a fancy iou, that's representative of allegedly the price value that you said you wanted to get it at at the time you bought it, but you do not have the coin weeble.

You don't have the token weeble and robin hood. Do not function as wallets; you can't transfer it. You can't take it offline uh, so i would you have to be careful with that. Definitely please please be careful if you're trying to buy crypto on robinhood weeble make sure you're buying them on legitimate exchanges for legitimate, wallets uh.

So for that one i see that people are excited about. I guess that some september thing for the sheba weeble thing, but i would i i wouldn't get it there. I would get in on a place that i have like the legitimate wall, because i want to actually own it. I don't want to own a fancy.

Iou uh morning, can you look into the correlation of quarterly futures, expirations rollover and run-ups? Yes, uh moonshots. I could definitely look into that off the top of my head. I know that there actually are some correlations with the futures expirations, but maybe i could put something kind of cool together to show everyone like the math over this weekend. Breaking news tops lost rights to mlb cards and fanatics get them huge hit to tops.

If my research is correct, top's part of mudric interesting, someone said good morning. Franklin franklin was bad this morning, uh franklin was definitely bad. This morning i was walking both franklin and baxter and um. I was walking walking and back somewhere in front of me.

Franklin was behind me and then i was looking back at frank. I was like all right franklin, we got ta go and then i look out back to see what he's doing by the time i looked back at franklin. He had two-thirds of a pizza in his mouth, like inverted in his mouth, and i was like franklin. What are you doing so like i ran over? I was like give me that pizza, so i was like it started to rain here in philly this morning.

So i'm there wrestling with like a 10 pound dog to get this pizza out of his mouth and he had like the jaw strength of a freaking, great white shark, and then he starts growling at me. So i'm there getting rained on people are watching me wrestle. The other dog doesn't know. What's going on, so i'm trying to pull this pizza out of its mouth and he would not let go so.

Then i tried that thing where you like blowing in his nose and he let go, and i got like some of the pizza out of his mouth and then ended up just ripping it. So now he just all that he had left in his mouth was his mouth size of pizza and i got in there and i threw it and it was just a whole debacle and then i looked up - and there was this like kind of crazy lady who Just watched it, she was like standing two yards away from me and she just looked at me and it would. It would have been hilarious if she just said like. Maybe you don't know what you're doing, but obviously i don't think she's a moon gang member.

She just looked at me and she's like dogs right and i was like you just watch this entire thing, as i like, i felt like i was wrestling a line to get this pizza out of his mouth. What's crazy about it, is i don't know where he got the pizza like in the seconds that, like i, was explaining it like back and forth, we were just on a sidewalk, it wasn't like. He was near like a pizza, came out of the ether uh almost akin to the way they these hedge funds get all their shares like. It was just pizza popped up and franklin had two-thirds of a huge.

The two-thirds of the pizza was two-thirds of his body. He is a small dog, it was a sight to be seen and then there was there me wrestling him about. I don't know like 160 pounds more and like he gave me a run for my money uh. What do you think about baby doge and how fast i've reached the almost same holders of sheba, sheba, baby doge, all those uh? I think they are all secondary and tertiary options to doge itself.

I don't see any of those outperforming doge, because doge already has the critical mass of support. Uh, it's a huge, huge community. I don't see any of those other ones doing better than doge all right. We did that we did that.

Shout out shout out shout out. Shout out hang on. Let me just take care of a discord thing: no, okay, so amc showing some strength. Oh, let's map out some technicals, the previous close.

Where did we close that 33? 82? Oh so now we're actually gapping up on the day, all right, drawing so the thing 30. What was it? 33. 82. 33.

82 right here, all right 33.82. This is the red green move and then obviously we will be watching 35 18ish for the next one, which is where we saw a little bit of this mess yesterday. So out of the gate, let's watch just north of 35 for that breakout in terms of gme. We close at 150 290, so that's actually also gapping up nice.

I like to see it i like to see it right there, so that's the red, green move, so actually both amc and jimmy looking to open up the day green. We do have about 15 minutes to go, but i'm loving the strength in the s p, 500 iwm in terms of the overall market. Before we go into amc and jimmy's breakdown, i mean we were calling out this support level bounce bounce and ended up perfectly bouncing there um. That was a good risk to reward setup and we are seeing the follow through.

The first thing i would watch is 442.60. If you happen to be paying attention to this overall market 442.60 roughly right there, i would watch that follow through and after that, i'd be looking at a test of the current all-time high for the stock market, which is 447.11, and this is for the s p. 500 in terms of iwm, so we did somehow hold this support at 211.50. I want the follow through and a breakout of 213 after 213.

I would be watching 215 30ish 40ish somewhere the mid 215s, but uh this iwm, the small cap sector, which amc is in it's only been red days since august 12th, just down down down down down down down. So hopefully we get a bit of a reversion in here. That would be obviously very nice in terms of amc. We know we have this pretty important support at 33.50 kind of maybe 33 flat-ish, but halfway between this range that we've been messing around with.

So it looks like it's bouncing off of that which is awesome in my book and what we really want to see on an intraday basis for today, midday and the follow-through, i would love to see a breakout of around the mid-36s. I want to get above this trendline that we've been under for quite a while uh the rsi is low. Recently we saw this spike in the rsi. We saw a bit of bearish divergence.

What i mean by bearish divergence is hang on. What is the there? We go so from here to here. Uh amca went higher these two vertical lines that i have, but the rsi didn't. So that's a mismatch.

Uh price higher rsi lower that is referred to as bearish divergence and it's commonly a sign of a feature, consolidation or even a sell-off, and that's exactly what we saw. We saw a perfect sell-off all the way down to the next level of support. Now the rsi, which is one of the most common momentum indicators, is showing that it's it's not technically oversold, but it's very close to oversold. Typically, we have to go right below 30 and it got to 32, but remember a lot of this there's.

It doesn't have to be exactly precise, like that, there's a little bit of art and it's not fully signed, but anyway we had this sell-off. The rsi is now very low, we're looking for this bounce and a follow-through and then hopefully, a breakout of this trendline, and i want to get into this major region of resistance. But ever since the late day on august 18th, they've just perfectly walked this down. This was highly systematic selling.

If you look at the two-hour chart, they just it was some sort of. I would guess planned very well executed, methodical, sell-off someone just getting out of a position or someone creating a larger short position, but that's always like this is just a perfect ladder down down down. Hopefully they are done with whoever was selling this, whether they were creating a short position or someone getting out of a long position. I don't know what it was, but just someone was selling.

We want this bounce and we want to see this follow through, and that would be nice just because we have this double top and it might be just setting up for a very nice cup and handle. So here would be the cup with the cup being a little. I don't know a little bit weird shaped um, but we have this handle we're looking to break out of this bowl flag, a perfect para or kind of not parallel. If you had two parallel lines, a perfect channel walked down uh that is going to be referred to as the bull flag.

So we're looking for a breakout of that bull flag which would create the official cup and handle the third official test would be up here and let's call it the mid-38s, and we want that breakthrough. And hopefully just we crush 42 and get right out of here. In terms of gme right now, we do have some upcoming support at 150.. We might not even get there, though, before when i was talking about amc, not being technically oversold yet on the two-hour time frame.

Gme definitely is we dip below 30.? So i'm hoping enough people view this as just a classic dip buy opportunity of something that its price is a little bit too depressed, so press whatever you want to call it, and we do have some important support right here, not far away. So i would love to see also a bounce and a kind of a return in the value of gme, at least its price value right here. But it is looking good kind of the same thing. Uh, maybe not the exact same thing, but we saw a pretty similar.

I would call it. I guess: walk sell off over the past two days, just selling selling selling, just not to the same degree like there was a little bit of some green in there. But remember: gme is trading even on a proportionate amount. Uh, it's trading quite a bit less! So i'd love to see a bounce right here off of the it being oversold some enthusiasm to come back, we break above 164 and then that gives us a run-up and a test all the way to 175..

That would be a okay in my book. Without a doubt, let's go back to this crypto i mean heading into the weekend. I really think this is gon na be strong. I really think it's gon na be strong.

So, oh i see some of these people are talking about sprt yeah. I got an alert that it's gapping up today, sprt just so everyone knows i am long on sprt uh we've been talking about it for a bit and it looks like it's following through. I believe it has a short interest of around 69. I will double check that s p r, t s p, r t, yes s, p r t currently has a short interest of 70.38 uh.

So hey. I hope this is just like a super green friday. I also have no idea why my camera keeps like going in and out uh. I wish i could fix that.

I'm sure there's something in the setting. I could do so it's just like not hopping like i wanted to stay exactly something had to get switched over to auto, which is beyond frustrating i'll, have to figure that out in the midday break all right good morning. What's going on kinky kong? Good luck with your surgery be psyched. I believe also that kong posting is going into surgery today, so uh.

Hopefully, everyone's thoughts are with them. I don't know if people are looking i'm seeing two different ones. Is it kong strong or is it king kong uh, which one is it i want to put out whatever the right one is turn off: autofocus yeah. Suddenly a wild pizza appears franklin attacks.

That is exactly how it happened good morning, matt watching with my seven-year-old. She wants you to know: you have great hair have a great day, adventure joe. That is awesome. Shout out to both you and your seven-year-old.

Did you see the tesla robot on ai day yesterday i saw a little bit. I actually saw some memes about it, but i didn't see the full video. I need to check that out. I was seeing some really really funny memes of joe yeah uh, the i robot matt now with what is going down in afghanistan.

The three-trill infrastructure bill will most likely not pass. Will that hurt amc and if another war breaks out um, obviously with that that would have more of an overarching impact on our stock market and as we've seen if the s p, 500 russell 2000 are going up or down. This is more of that analogy. I've been using of it functioning as headwinds or tailwinds to amc.

I don't think that the infrastructure bill what's going on in kabul. People are like, oh, this is directly tied to amc, but it is directly tied to the market and obviously when we see a lot of money flowing into the market or out of the market recently, that does seem to have some sort of clear impact on the Value of amc stock, so i would say through a secondary manner. It does, but really you first just have to watch spy and iwm uh, hey matt can't get mad at franklin. He's just biting and holding he's learning from us he's just practicing his diamond balls.

Very. Very true he he got that he diamond paul diamond john, the uh, the pizza. He found all right. So the story i actually saw, though of like.

Obviously the infrastructure bill is important in afghanistan's important, but uh people were trying to correlate. I guess the i don't know, let's call it the current fear level of like just a little understanding misunderstanding or just it's unknown. It's not even really misunderstanding. It's just unknown of what will be going on or not going on with the i guess, maybe world shutting down again or not.

Obviously, no one wants that to happen, but i think the market is starting to get a little on edge, trying to understand what our political leaders will decide for any of that. But um i don't know, i'm remaining optimistic, i'm hoping that i don't know. Maybe it's naively optimistic. I don't think we're gon na go back down to a full-on shutdown.

I just don't um. I i mean, i guess, there's various reasons, but i guess really. It might all just boil down to the fact that maybe i'm just being optimistic, but personally i don't want to go back down to a lockdown like just for me. I uh psychologically obviously did not enjoy it.

I understand what why it happened. I suppose but um. I don't know, i think, there's just i think it's very different. I think it's quantifiably different than what happened in what i guess february or march of last year.

So, even if we do have some sort of regulations, i don't think it would be to such a degree, but i'm also saying that with no biology expertise with no, what virus expertise, no political expertise. So really those are just my thoughts, but with it i guess i don't know they don't call me and ask me for my decision so uh, obviously we'll be uh going through all that one together tyler, what's going on hey matt nice meeting you and your girlfriend Last night, how are you feeling today tyler? What's going on uh so folks? This is hilarious, uh tyler, who just sent in a super chat which obviously thank you. I went to the patriots, eagles preseason game last night and the eagles. Unfortunately, we got absolutely smoked.

Uh. The patriots i won, 35 to zero, but it was cool. I got to see cam newton and belichick like that was the side. I was sitting on uh, but when i was there just getting some libations and i think some like popcorn or something i ran into a moon gang member and that happened to be tyler.

So it was great to meet you tyler happy to take a picture with you uh, but i hope you had a good night and i believe you said you're going to a concert today. So i hope the concert is fun. I hope the weather doesn't mess with you at all uh. But oh someone else said what was this? No more adult content allowed on only fans yeah, it said no uh sexually explicit content anymore and then even that was creating a lot of jokes of just like so they're saying, no more only fans, but it looks like they had pressure from the big bank payment Processors to kind of get away from that - and i really am curious like that - is what it's for.

So i don't understand like what it is as a as a business. Now i i don't get. It has over 1 trillion in natural lithium for batteries in the ground, and china is looking to retrieve it now. So with things like that um, i don't really say like.

I want to shy away talking because, with that, like i don't want to, i feel like i'm teetering on a very interesting tightrope, because for me this is not a political shouldn't, be political. I think everyone should be informed. I want more people to be informed. Pretend that there aren't any fifty percent of you probably fall on one side of the aisle and style.

So i don't want to be a fight, but i do think it's still worthwhile to talk about and i get that people might get some sort of aggregate or what is going on is it freezing here? Is everyone freezing hang on? Let me double check. Is it just youtube says my stream quality is good. Hello, hello, hello, testing, testing, testing, one two, three testing testing uh right in my back. Am i back now? Are we back? Are we back hello, hello, hello, testing, testing, testing, one two? Three: hello, hello, hello, hello, buffering, buffering, buffering buffering uh, but am i good now what happened uh? Why is this happening? Dream? Health youtube is not.

We are good. We are good good, good, all right, ding, ding ding, the market's open folks, pretty weird that happened right when it did, but let's go to the one minute now that we got all those uh. It looked it's just what i've learned from this, and i really hope my computer from artisan is coming super soon. I've learned from this that streaming live streaming and macs do not go together.

Um macs have products that are very, very good for certain things, but streaming it whatever i do. It just does not play well with obs. It does not play well as streamlabs this weekend. I will be attempting restream to see if that works better with a mac, but even there there was nothing it just like randomly dropped, but the entire time my stream labs was saying it was good, but it got like dropped from everything simultaneously, but all right, we're Good now, hopefully that was like the only hookup of the day, but just so you know this weekend, uh i'll be trying to get restream and really i'm just trying to get through until the like full-on high horsepower, pc ends up showing up, at my doorstep, all Right, we are moving now folks, we are moving.

We are grooving moving and grooving all right, amc, green right now, trading just below 34.. Remember we're marking out the 35 20ish level uh iwm a little bit choppy sprt trading at 922. Would love for sprt to rip today. I'd love, amc and gme to also rip today, but thus far.

First couple minutes into the day, amc and jamie in the green. The green green green: where is hood at hood hood? Hood? Hood? Where are you abc there? We go okay, hood 45-51. I guess in a way i'm happy. I didn't swing.

Those puts uh, they did expire today, but i got out of them yesterday and locked in that gain after the macy's macy's is on the move as well. Is that still crushing it? We were talking about meishi's yesterday, i know a lot of the people. 22. 22, that was the the resistance from yesterday.

Wasn't it 22 22 yep perfectly that level you're looking for the really? Let's just call it 22 25 it'll be a little bit easier to remember, but that's the exact breakout you're looking for there we go there. We go amc amc's, showing us how it's done there. We go all right, moving and grooving gme moving and grooving. Let's go higher and higher.

You are alive and clear captain tom paul major. What's going on, i love for whatever reason. Now, when i hear uh captain tom, i always think of this secret life of walter mitty, which is a short story, but then i think they made an adaptation with ben stiller, which is a good movie. It's a good story too, but i really like the secret life of walter mitty.

Is it a short story, or is it just a book whatever it was, i read it in high school. I remember krispy kreme, almost green always got to go long on those donuts long on the donuts shout out, seth meet kevin uses, a mac meet kevin, probably like well. I can't i was about to make a joke that he probably has a better mac, i'm legitimately on the newest mac, like i have a macbook pro that is a month and a half old m1 chip uh. I wonder if he he must just use restream or something else.

It must be that the m1 chip doesn't play nicely with stream labs. I feel is like my going theory right now: huh i'll have to figure that out, uh darcy, my fave movie, it's a great movie. It is a great great movie. Amc shown some strength just hit.

What was this 34 35 macy's? Making that move trying to break out sprt, let's see if this could hold nine. What do you think about g r and q g r and q? It is up 106 green pro capital uh. The fact that it's gapping up so much tells it had to be some sort of fundamental driver, maybe an acquisition or something like that, uh being pro capital, i wouldn't chase it. I'm not ever gon na chase something gapping up a hundred percent uh if you're uploading to three services you're using the triple the upload bandwidth, find out your upload speed, uh can't i just do that with a speed test.

Feed test run speed test. My download is currently 12. internet speed test and my upload is currently 44 45. 40 46.

Can we see 46? Ah 46? Download is 13 and upload is 46. Your internet speed is fine. Your internet connection should be able to handle streaming and hd video if multiple devices are streaming video. At the same time, you may run into some slowdowns.

I find that very weird, because i am ethernet in right now, like i'm using ethernet all right g, r and q. Like i said i would not touch that. Don't really care about it. It's a gap up, i'm not going to chase a gap up uh.

Can you look at et chart good, invest or no so investment? I would think a little bit longer term e t e t e t e t. What's going on franklin you're going to come up here and chill come on, come on jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, i guess you're not in the jump and move today all right just chill out man, uh e t e t e t e t. No! It's just down trending uh. It might be a worthwhile trade when it finally reverses trend, but it's showing no signs of trend reversal right now on et cnut.

How is krispy kreme doing krispy kreme, potentially going a second green day, a second green day on krispy kreme? Oh there you go franklin all right: krispy kreme, showing a bit of strength. Uh amc just got smacked off of 3436 and right now it's at 33.75, let's see if it can quickly recapture the red green move here at 33.82. Uh jimi is at 155. all right.

What's up with naked nakd and akd uh, this is one that i have not liked really at all. I guess there was some sort of gap up, but really it's just range bound. It's i nakd. The only reason it showed some strength back here was because it got grouped into all these other stocks that were highly shorted, so people ended up buying it up, but really there was no relation to the meme reddit world uh, it's kind of just a bad company.

If you like, looked into its fundamentals or anything like it, had to get rid of all of its brick and mortar stores like uh, i don't like it, i wouldn't put my money into naked in any way. I don't want to go long on it. I don't want to go short on it. I just don't want to mess with it yeah.

If you're going to three different locations, you need to set your bit rate to triple the minimum for 1080. Oh for 10, 80. 30. It's 4k so set it to 12.

gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha all right. Thank you for that, and i'll also saw your dm's uh yeah i'll, be trying to set up something with you this weekend. Thank you. I appreciate that what else we have is hood, showing anything today, doo doo doo good.

Looking week week week week, we kitty week week week, um amc trying to fight back to recapture the red green move right here at 33.82. It's about what 20 cents right below it. So, let's see, if there's some strength there, how are the markets? Looking s p 500, showing some strength, looks like it's going to just keep continuing macy's showing strength. We got that breakout.

I think the next one is in the mid-23s, but remember macy's. They crushed their earnings, they had an announcement about toys, r us uh and it is a somewhat shorted stock. I believe the short interest is around 14. I have no macy's positions.

I know people in the discord did i'm ready for it. Oh cat moore's. I'm excited to check that out um, but people make money on macy's. I'm, unfortunately not one of those people but to everyone who is congratulations.

Solid trade market combat macy's options currently doubled up breakthrough 22.45. Is this a head and shoulders five day on pfizer, p, f, e, p, f, e head and shoulders on the five day, one two three four: five uh, not the moat, like i guess. Maybe it would be more of the head and the shoulder and you're looking for the neck snap around 48, but i would i don't to me this is just a break from an overall bullish movement uh. I would be bullish on pfizer.

I have no pfizer position, but i would be looking for the breakout of 50 and then a continuation, and hopefully it gets above 52 but um as there's more and more rumblings about this whole booster shot thing. I would argue that that would probably benefit pfizer because that's more adding to their bottom line. I don't know if i'd be going against pfizer at the moment, just kind of giving just what's going on right now in the u.s and in the world call internet provider and get the fastest they offer. I have i pay for i pay for gigabit.

I don't know if i'm getting gigabit, but i pay for a gigabit from whoever like verizon or something bill n message. We talked retracted, uh gaming, ada cardano is cardano, ripping cardano is ripping. I i mean actually they're all looking strong um. We i mean i was calling this out on crypto, which is weird because, like i said, i don't really have crypto expertise, but i was like hey.

This looks like a good technical buy. I feel like. Maybe i don't know about like the fundamentals and the technicals as in the like software technicals of what's going on with crypto, but really you could still do the same technical analysis as in charting and chart breakdown, and i was saying hey. This looks like a great buy.

That's exactly why i've had this up for now the past two days and thus far hey i'm gon na pat myself on the back, because i usually don't get calls right. So it's nice when i finally do who knows maybe i'll have to retire my hat as the best tesla trader on this side of the mississippi and switch it over to the best crypto trader on this side of the mississippi. For those of you who don't get that joke, it's a joke, because i had some very horrific, tesla trades. That's why it's a joke, i'm making fun of myself! But anyway, this one panned out very nicely and it worked for all crypto and i think we're gon na see a continuation in terms of charts.

I still i mean i'm in cardano. This is putting a smile on my face because i have a good amount of cardano at a dollar 46. So i'm up a nice nice amount on it, but at this you still shouldn't be chasing a high uh, wait for it to take a bit of a breather other than that, though bitcoin right now is looking good look for this breakout of 48 000 and a Continuation to 50 000 ethereum we're looking for another breakout. There looks like it wants to run up to this region of 3300 doge, also looking strong.

So even though i love cardano right now, if you're like well, what crypto should i get? I do believe, there's other setups as in less risk, because right now with cardano, even though it's showing a lot of strength like what would your wrist point be 220, two dollars flat if you're, okay with risking 220 we'll have at it. But you are going to be risking 40 cents then, or are you risking two dollars and now you're risking 60 sec like it's all ask yourself: what is your risk reward set up for me? It's actually relatively easy in the fact that i'm just not going to be selling i'm going to be holding it for years, so i've got it i'll just sit on it. It's really easy for me: uh you're, the champ champ. You can do the best tesla and crypto trader this side of the mississippi crypto market.

Looking spicy right now, matic is as well matic manic, matic, matic matic is looking great right now matic looks like it wants to break out. Uh matic watch it break out of 155 and just push i wish on the intraday. I wish amc's one minute chart looked like maddox two-hour chart right now. That would be nice.

That would be nice all right. Amc, 3360 macy's taking a breather off of 2260 pfizer. Still pushing how's iwm looking iwm, showing some strength, which is odd. I thought there would be more strength than amc.

Are they shorting it right now? Is that what's happening, they have borrowed 2 million against it and how much have we traded today and we've only traded 5 million, so theoretically, if they just sold those 2 million? That would be kind of a pretty reasonable explanation for what we're seeing. What are my thoughts on microsoft at the moment? Msft uh well intraday, it's showing strength, but let me look at the daily chart. It's another chasing thing and right now, you're chasing it at a key psychological level of 300.. The point to get into microsoft.

Most recently was all the way back here in early june or if you were really aggressive when it broke out of 291, but the most recent i way i would have entered would have been right here. Early june, you could have risked 243. You could have gotten in at 254 and since then it's been running this is chasing and i i i've seen chasing go bad so many times. So i i'm not going to say him be like yeah.

You should totally chase something. No, you buy on weakness and when it's ripping you sit back with a smile on your face: uh jmr s, q r t wait what hello jmr! Am i missing? Something? Is that a joke, or did i just not put it in right? What's going on here? Sqrt uh not coming up matic is here, though right, polygon, polygon, polygon, polygon. Look at this beast. Look at this beast on the move: oh sprt, sorry, jmr, sprt, how's that one looking ooh looking a little spicy itself.

Today i mean it gapped up and then it sold. So i was like yeah. Maybe we're not going to get that follow through, but people are not forgetting about sprt support.com, that's the one that has like a 70 short interest. Uh brought to my attention by the discord, specifically true demon.

All right, i would love to see amc bend this back around. Let's get above 33.82, it's within striking distance, it's currently trading at 33.55 and then gme is at 150 60.. Let me double check. Oh wait.

How do i do this voyager, voyager, voyager, voyager, voyager voyager, when it comes to training technologies? I think you need to follow updates to make quick trades when it comes to tesla. You need to follow when elon releases things and sell every time the day of the release. So that's kind of reminiscent of that like buy the rumor, sell the news type of a deal based on the chart. If volume trends upward the technical level does the chart support a break above 06 adult industry coin ticker.

I have not heard of that. I'm a toaster, but overall, when you have a breakout, you want it to be confirmed on higher volume, because that means the a more sizable portion of the current market participants accepted the breakout level. I even heard kenny yelling timber before they smacked down just now, uh. What do you think about pltr calls today for 25, like today's expiration uh, i mean that's a gamble, move if you like gambling, let's see, what's going on with it uh, showing a bit of weakness right now.

I really the times i do dailies, as in like playing the day that day's expiration that's super risky. I understand, like that's very, very similar to just going to the casino and playing some random game. So if you're, okay with that type of risk, have at it - and i know people who do it and make money but uh, it's a high risk reward setup when you're playing with options and it's even more higher risk higher reward when you're playing daily expirations. But i do like palantir for a long term investment.

I think i have some in my retirement all right. Amc there we go boom goes the dynamite on amc boom boom boom. There we go sorry, i don't want the dog to eat that come on amc, going green, going green with amc, go in green with amc. Why does this not work trying to check my crypto portfolio? But i don't know my password.

What is my password? Oh, i got this. Sometimes i feel like plaid is having issues specifically with capital one right now. I don't know if other people are seeing that having some plaid connection issues, does another bank work right now, plaid plaid plaid? What is going on come on work? For me, plaid work for me, plaid nope nope that didn't work. Take my money before the gov does shout out.

My ig tommy's touch furniture ak and like home, renovations, pretty cool stuff just jumped in ada whoa mama by the way got ta teach my wife's boyfriend. How to trade now that only fans is going pg, it's going to be a good day! What's going on jack, hey i like it, they try to beat amc down, but right here we're seeing a fight back which uh, obviously i'm a big big fan of uh cat morris. These are absolutely hilarious. I'm definitely going to get them out on twitter.

Definitely going to get these out on twitter. What is this one uh, plaid issues, other people are having plaid issues such a pain, such a pain with plaid, just such a pain, all right. We're watching right now for people who are just listening. Amc saw strength this morning, then they smacked it down and right now it's battling at the red green move resistance, as in where it closed out yesterday.

So let's see how this actually goes. What is my password? There we go there, we go stay informed. No, i would rather not all right all right all right amc we're seeing some of them green boom boom candles. Hopefully they get more green and more boom boom.

That would be awesome. Pltr, taking a little bit of a break right. There macy's whoa macy's, not holding the breakout level interesting. I wonder how this one's going to play out today.

I wonder how this one's gon na play out all right. It may 25th we're in august right yeah. I don't i'm just trying to figure out why plaid is having so many problems like i just tried two different accounts and it seems like plaid is just having really weird problems. Nvidia is moving hard, hopefully up.

I have a lot of nvidia all right, nvidia above 200 i like to see that how's roblox doing roblox ooh roblox, making kind of a move as well rblx. I have positions in well, i'm long on everything you see on the screen right now: roblox nvidia, gamestop and amc shout out all the narcissists in here. What's going on, narcissist um only fans is pg. Now matt.

I want a refund, it's no fun now uh, i'm! But i heard that they're gon na just spin it off and have like a pg version and an r version is that is there any truth to that? Someone said that breaking news, my name is not justin shout out to kelly ripa um. Someone was just saying that it was reported that pelosi bought nvidia uh gr enq halted, yeah volatility hot - that makes sense, john sprt a buy now or wait for you non-financial advice. Oh for me what i buy now, so i already have a position, but let's take a look at the chart: the bigger time frame, honestly, if you're, okay, with risking somewhere between eight and 750. So if you're, okay, with risking what a dollar fifteen like.

So it's just, i am seeing a giant cup and handle uh and generally on a cup and handle if you're getting the handle bend around that's good, which is what we're seeing right now, but just understand. Your risk is a little bit wide all the way down. At 750., so if you're, okay with that risk point, that's a technical, buy then but understand what the risk is. That's how i would look in at it.

I got in back here somewhere in this mess, maybe even earlier but uh. I have september call options. So i have a good amount of time, but this is what i would be watching is the cup and are we finally forming the handle for the breakout at 1070.? We got two touches. I want to see a third touch and then rip to basically twelve dollars.

Amc holding still above the red green move. Let's keep going wan na, see it whatever this high is, i guess, 34 20 roughly something like that on amc is what i'm watching right now roblox pushing pushing pushing come on roblox higher higher higher all right. What else do we have macy's, like, i said i think it was taking a breather - might be coming back iwm all right. How is cardano looking cardano is still pushing matic, still pushing bitcoin, pushing doge pushing um with it just so.

You know if you're trying to get involved with that, there's a a lot of good ones out there. A lot of people like coinbase a lot of people like gemini, a lot of people like uphold a lot of people like binance. I, like all of those i'm right here, i'm also talking to you about voyager. I think some people use kraken.

Some people use think gate. Io is another one, i'm just trying to think of it. Overall, though, all those ones i just said are going to be way better than getting your crypto on robin hood or weibo, because you don't own the crypto on robin hood or weeble. They don't function as wallets.

You won't be able to take them offline and that's for the like, i said not much. I know about crypto. I still know it's incredibly important to truly own the coin, that you think you own robin hood and weeble um. You might be using them for stocks and options, which i still have issues with that, but for crypto i mean there, you don't own it well, really on robinhood and weeble, you kind of don't own anything ever you always own, these very fancy ious and that's how It works especially with their margin accounts.

So if you care about true ownership, especially in the world of crypto, robin hood and weeble is not where you want to be at what are you doing? Baxter matt? If weeble and hood are dangerous for owning doge? Can i transfer my current position to fidelity pro trader or what wallets do you like um? I don't know much about fidelity tro pro trader for crypto um. I have fidelity, but i have that for my like investment account. Like my longer term uh, i don't have any crypto on that right now, i'm pretty much spread between most of it for me is coinbase and voyager, and then i also have stuff on block fi and gemini. Those are the four that i just happen to have crypto on um i've been trying to make a binance account and it's having a big issue accepting my government id.

I know a lot of people who i really respect within the crypto world are specifically on finance. I have a cracking account and i have no issues with kraken. I just haven't funded it um, but i don't know about the tran. My will you be able to transfer doge to a fidelity pro trader.

I don't think you'll be able to do that. Um, but maybe i'm wrong, so if someone has done that, please correct me uh, but i don't think you'll be able to do. You have any suggestions on how to get crypto new york state. Yes, gemini gemini is the registered crypto exchange that, like it, is registered in new york.

Gemini, that's the one made by the winklevoss twins, the ones who are in the story with like facebook, and they fought with mark zuckerberg those two 12 like tall rowers from harvard they started gemini, and i think it's a nice story. You know you had these like super rich elites and we all felt bad for them because they weren't as rich as elite when they got kind of screwed out of facebook. But you know they became even more rich and more elite by finally getting through in the crypto world, and i think it's a nice cinderella story. Like you know, it's like you have these two tall strapping white guys who are olympic level athletes born with this silver spoon in their mouth and what's it like we're all bummed for them, because they're only multi, multi millionaires, but now they're billionaires.

So it's nice! It's nice, you know coming back around for once, for once, the rich and elite have a winning day, but no gemini is good. I have money on gemiini. I've used gemiini. I liked it because when i was in new york i needed a new york account.

So i used gemini, uh, matt and kenan both don't want to mention amc, ftds craig. What are you talking about? The f i've talked about it the day those were released. I talked about it, craig, don't be a keyboard warrior. Do a bit of do a bit of research! How about that craig? How about that, mr craig, if that is your real name, iwm, showing some strength, i want this breakout to hopefully come back over to amc.

Amc still battling it right here at the red green move of 33.82. Do you drink that or shake it um? My i use it as like a you know. When shake weights were big, big, shake wigs uh, that's how i use it. It's how i get my exercise everyone's like but matt.

How did you get so strong that you can bench the bar matt? How did you get so strong that you can squat 65 pounds matt? How did you get so strong that you could deadlift almost a hundred pounds? Folks? It's because i always i just do shake wake workouts, that's my secret! That's my health secret uh, lots of shaking i'm so dumb only got 1k of 88 and xrp. When i, if i had the chance to get 3k of each well, you live and you learn hey. Who knows maybe one day those will both rip for you. So much that you're not gon na care liquid iv, for when for when you need liquid in your system at three times the rate of hydration getting just drinking normal water.

That is so yesterday. If you want to be cool, if you want to be hip, if you want to be able to hang out with your gen z, kid don't drink water drink liquid iv, don't go from the bland mom and dad that you might be accused of being. We know you're cool. We know you used to listen to hardcore hardcore rap hardcore rock back in the day, but now times have changed these kids these days they don't have time for normal hydration.

You got ta get 3x. The hydration with liquid iv be the cool mom and dad you know you can be liquid liquid iv. Look at that they're getting they're getting free sponsorship. Out of me.

Matt shows for shake weight. I would sell so many shake weights for them. Uh. I don't even know if that's still a company, but i would love to be sponsored by shay quake.

I would just sit here right here all day. I would i would double shake weight. I'd be so ripped.

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    Furthermore. I'm still really ticked off that Matt didn't announce the FED's Jerome Powell announcement FIRST THING Wednesday morning.
    Matt, you HAVE to keep up with the day's events better. We tune in and assume you have the basic info of the day. We are watching you, not tuning around on the web or news or etc.
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