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Ep 49 ape nation: didn’t hear no bell dumb money: amc, gamestop cardano – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: Didn't Hear No Bell ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ
Dumb Money Ep. 49: AMC, GameStop & Cardano
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Brother, oh brother, oh brother, brother, oh brother, oh brother, oh brother, we are at it again folks we it is too green to not stream. Let's go amc. We are cruising we're cruising. We are some.

I don't know captain jack sparrow. We are on the the easy, easy sailing calm waters right up to 38 dinero folks. I think we are crushing it right up to that 38 range. I'm excited.

I was sitting here, uh, here's! What happened? We went offline, i'm hanging out in the discord. Things are going, haywire, franklin and baxter like dude. Before you go back on, you have to walk us. I was like all right, i'm going to do it and then i walk the dogs and they, like did not want to be outside they're, like they kind of looked at me.

They're, like you, remember how we said we want to be outside. We didn't want to be outside, so i was like okay, that's weird. I had the stream scheduled for 1 30 and it's only 110, so i just awkwardly sat here for like 10 minutes 15 minutes to get like going with it again. But yes, folks are these green glasses on? Of course, i need to protect my eyes from all the green i'm seeing in the charts.

I mean you're always going to hear about glue light protective glasses from whatever like who's it, like felix gray and zinnia in those um, i'm here shilling for the green light protection agency, uh, so much money i mean you guys need to see the fat stacks. I get paid to wear these on stream uh the entire entire green lens industry, fully fully supportive behind me and actually, in fact, every single time i say anything about green lenses, green sunglasses, john legend, john lennon, not legend huh. I bet they've both worn these types of glasses um. They just so much money.

Just like every time i hear chi-ching um, that's just how it works. Folks, the reflection is tripping me out um yeah. No, no, it's probably tripping us all out. Equally, you know.

What's tripping me out the gains in amc, the gains in gme the gains in cardano. We even have russell 2000 breaking out uh we're looking good folks, look at just another ding ding ding, like my phone's, going off these the the green sunglasses industry. Every time i say right there more money, every single time, they're giving me 420 dollars, it's just how it works. Uh man sprt also looking looking good right here.

Folks, look above 10. Look for a quick push up to like 10.75. That's a big level on sprt. I mean folks this is we're having ourselves quite a day, we're having ourselves a day and a half right now, um! That's how much that's how much green we're seeing in the charts today just rip and rip and ripping sprt about to crack through 10..

It's at 10 right now, i'm telling you sprt. I think the next stop could feasibly be 10.75, just based on some of its technicals, but sprt i mean the last time i checked it had a short interest of like some ungodly number like 70, or something like that. So this could be interesting. I personally do have a small position in it.

I have a position in cardano, a position in gme and a position in amc, so the four things you see on the screen right now for the point of disclosure. I am long on all of them. I want them all to explode uh, just because i want something to explode, doesn't mean it's actually going to explode and obviously i'm not a lawyer. I'm not a financial advisor, i'm barely a streamer every single day, closer and closer to losing my tether to reality, but anyway do what you want.

Do your own dd? It's your money! It's your financial responsibility! I implore you to fact check everything i say um and at the end of the day, it's your money. It's your profits, your losses, all these trades they're as much your trade as their my trade, i'm just giving you a little bit of commentary and some fashion advice and once in a while, we get into the realm of relationship advice, but that's about it. That is about it read gary gensler recent tweet. I was actually just reading that before i came on good call good call! Let's go over that uh! Mr gensler did just put out some stuff - oh right here, right here right here right here.

If someone asks a lawyer, accountant or advisor, if something is over the line, maybe it's time to step back from the line going right up to the edge of a rule or searching for some ambiguity in the text or a footnote may not be consistent with the Laws and its purpose, the spirit of the law, is about protecting investors. Our rigorous enforcement regime at the sec is about following the facts and laws wherever they may lead on behalf of investors and working families. This includes deceptive conduct by private funds, offering or accounting frauds, insider trading market manipulation, failures to act in retail customers, best interests, reporting violations, best execution and fiduciary violations or any other form of misconduct. And then right here he had a speech that he came out with um you can find on scc's website.

Once again, you could just find the link on twitter. It's at gary gensler got verified way more quickly than i did beings, i'm not yet verified um. It's more of a human platform, twitter instagram to verify people, they really don't like verifying apes, but anyway, what we have going on here. I like it because mainstream media - and we see this a lot on cnbc of them, trying to say gary gensler.

His comments are actually against retail traders and the manipulation that we think is going on because we're mainstream media and we hate the apes nothing in. He is talking about protecting us. He is talking about all the illegal illicit nefarious things that wall street insiders do damaging. The retail public, if you read this, like i said, and i've said this and i've been consistent with this message.

I truly believe that gary gensler is on our side. My biggest question is just: does he have the tools and resources to execute on what he's attempting to do? I strongly strongly believe that he is fighting for retails uh. He i think he has our backs, to put it the most simply way. I can i truly believe that gary gensler is out there fighting for us fighting for the market to be fair, more transparent and an equal level like trading playing field trading field.

Whatever we want to call it, i just question: does he have political support? Does he have the tools and resources he needs, or is he getting chopped down at the knees by wall street itself and their lobbyists and who they pay for um? I think it's a very intricate chess match and i think he's doing the best and i wish him godspeed in fighting for us and truly having our backs. But i read this: i thought it was highly supportive of us and i don't care what mainstream media is. Here's what mainstream media is gon na. Do they're gon na come to this three third tweet right here i mean someone time it.

This is clockwork market manipulation. They're going to do is they're going to blur out the rest of these tweets and be like market manipulation. They're talking about the reddit forums, pumping stocks, i, like i swear. That's what mainstream media is going to do they're not going to look at tweet 1, tweet, 2 or tweet four they're gon na blur it all out and be like.

He said something about mark market manipulation. I oh and retail right there. I bet he's talking against social media and he's gon na bring social media down. I swear that's how they twist things when really you have to take.

You can't take it out of context. This is all very, very important uh. He has a little bit of a typo. He should have had a bracket here, but that's all right, mr gensler, we'll give you a pass on that one, but right there i get it.

I see a lot of people. You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? I think he is remember. None of this stuff happens that quickly. I think it takes time and i think it takes planning and i think it takes big political people to be in your corner, um.

All that is worthwhile to know, i think it's important, but give it time. No one said that justice is like the quickest thing: no one's accusing justice to be moving at the same speed as usain bolt. We don't know the type of cases that are being heard right now. We don't know, what's going on behind closed doors, but just from various speeches and also different essays or whatever he's written out there and put online uh to me.

It doesn't seem that, like his biggest gripe is with social media. His biggest gripe is, with the same that happens year in and year out, that is damaging to the overall market and it's perpetuated by these wall street insiders. I think he's fighting against it and is he fighting against it for, like? Oh hang on, like i'm gon na, be the white knight in the scenario or is he fighting against it? Because if he wins that puts a feather in his cap and then all of a sudden in a couple years, he's uh, like i don't know the some even closer to the presidency, is he power hungry? I don't know - and i don't really care um, because i care his actions when it goes to, if he's doing it just to beef up his resume and get a big win. So he can go on to the next political stepping stone and be like the treasurer of the u.s, or something like that, i don't care is: are his actions going to prompt and promote positive change for wall street? I hope so yes, and let's see time time, will tell folks broken glassgate 2021.

Never forget! We are trying to forget that matt, hello from beijing. We are all amc beijing apes shout out shout out! Wait! If i do this, can i read all the chats at once chat read only. Why can't i read it all? Is he politely asking them to step back? You don't suspend dark pools. I still don't get why our community has like.

You should all know that payment for order flow is more damaging to the markets than dark pools. I don't think dark pools like there's a lot of parts about dark pools that could be fixed and i think a lot of people are fascinating, with suspend dark pools. Just because the community got it, trending and people have been talking about it, but i wholeheartedly believe. Yes, aspects of dark pools need to be fixed, but in general, payment for order flow pfof is far more damaging to the market than dark pools and a lot.

A lot of experts agree with that who have spoken about both so with it. If and i've said this before, if i had a magic wand that could fix any one thing about the market, i would fix payment for order flow before i would fix dark pools for sure. Can you look at the extended line from the june wedge on? The daily chart looks like we just broke resistance, yeah, that's exactly what i was pointing out right here. We broke it out around the low 36 and this is exactly why i have a magnet because i think 38 is acting as a magnet.

Why 38? Just because resistance resistance, resistance resistance, all right here, roughly at 38 kind of between 30 750, because we see these rejections and 38. So this 50 cent region - i think it's a strong magnet i'm saying 38 - is a little bit more just because it's halfway through this, like wick region, 37.50 to 38.80, so i'm roughly picking out 38, but right here. I hope everyone has a magnet on their chart because i think very much, acting as a magnet for the price action right now in amc. Amc is look at this if you zoom out on the five minute chart higher and higher and higher and higher one up becoming an astronaut.

I appreciate you joining up man shout out to one up. We are looking at 38 so that what we have about 63 cents to go for my next intraday target, but obviously i don't want to stop there. I mean we're we're still in our 20 out from power hour. This thing has legs on it today.

Folks, we got some legs moving. How do you calculate the intrinsic value? I need to know intrinsic value in terms of an option. Intrinsic value is the current price minus your strike price, so you have to be in the money. So if you have a amc, call option at 30 and right now we're trading at 37.50.

That means you have an intrinsic value of 750.. There we go there, we go amc, let's go to the one minute just for the lulls, just because i like how it makes me feel why not uh hit thumbs up apes bentleycool13. I appreciate that. Yes, thank you for that.

Whoa wait. Hang on is this. Finally, working oh wait. I think i finally got my stream labs thing or i didn't actually do anything.

It started working ex sir joker cheer cheer cheer cheer to the moon. Read this shout out sacrilegious. Thank you. Bro he's one shot has followed ta on solo.

Please looks like a solid by just interested in your thoughts. Let me write that down just so. I don't forget about it: derek solo, hey matt! Can you have a look at the extend line? All right. We checked that out shout out.

Jay one up became a member merkin early buddy. Would you do a call option on amc? I actually currently own call options on amc, so the answer to that is yes, i would i'll hit the like button, but you got ta tell chair to stop sending me explicit photos. My wife is angry. I mean i wish i could stop chair uh.

I just sometimes i look at chair's laptop. I look at chair's phone and some of the messages back and forth. It would let's, let's put it this way. It has made a grow man cry for sure the v sus zev zev.

Thus thank you, hey matt! Transferring from robin hood weeble didn't realize the full transfer would automatically close my robin hood account, but i'm not mad suck it vlad hodel. I am eld elds destroyer uh. With that, also don't forget, you can have multiple brokerages. So, for example, you just said you transferred from robin hood to weibo.

There's nothing stopping you from opening an e-trade account, a public account, especially all these ones, where they're giving you deals for free socks. Just for signing up. Take the free money. Folks, free money, matt i've really been appreciating your fashion streams, but i have a question on my socks.

I am curious when and why do you decide to change timing intervals for your charts? Is it based on volume um? No? No! No! No! It's based on, like my own excitement or if there's like yeah volume, picks up it's more exciting to watch it's just that's more of like part of the show is like. Obviously i want things going crazy on my screen just to get everyone jacked up and feeling some sort of way spoiler, followed. Respirator respiratory mat picked up. My first call option on amc break even is at 39.80 by august 27th.

With wish me luck ape nation solidarity, baby. Oh brother apes, not leaving timothy. Just so you know you will be in profit. You could be in profit before that.

You don't necessarily have to be above or below your break-even price to be in or out of profit. Yes, that is very important as you get close to expiration, but, for example, today, if we go up to like you might be in profit right now, because we're at a new all-time high, unless you top ticked it here. But if we keep shooting up to 38 in this moment, you're not going to be above your break-even price, but your option will be in profit. Uh break even comes much much more into play when you're, actually talking about like the day of expiration matt.

Can you see sprt supposed to be heavily shorted? It is heavily shorted sprt, which is on the bottom left of your screen, i'll double check the short interest. Last time i checked it was around 70 percent. Sprt currently has a short interest of 69.4 percent. According to ortex 69.4 percent, all right we did that.

Did this no you're a multi streamer shout out rm rmbevins shout out shout out all right, we're good there and i think we are all so good here, resubscribe jake. I appreciate you. I appreciate you brother brother, oh brother, the apes are running it to 38.. Oh brother, oh brother, green candle.

I mean hang on oh brother where's, my chart emoji. Oh brother, oh brother, the apes are at it again. Oh brother feels like an old brother kind of a day, man monday. What a way to kick off the week.

I am jacked, as mr ryan gosling would say. I am jacked to the tits. That's not for me, though. That is a i'm just quoting a movie.

You know you guys know the rules. You know the rules, one quote: one movie pg amz, moving folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, what a time, what a time to be in a it's always a b-e-a you to full day to be an eight, but today it's exceptionally beautiful. This is for any young kids out there who are like man like what should i be doing with my life like? What do i need for success? Well, maybe you shall go a little bit neurotic pray for a black swan event start streaming, your life, as as, if it's the truman show develop an unhealthy relationship with sangria start wearing the ridiculous clothes that you can only wear to college parties and then just really Double down on all that and see what happens? Do i yeah great question? Do i think that i should be a social media, professor at some sort of college, without a doubt without a doubt, without a doubt i feel like i could do this at the collegiate level. Can you take profits from crypto on weeble yeah, yeah, uh they're? Just still gon na spot you that iou, you don't actually own krypton weibo, but you could still make a profit.

I would highly recommend if you're trying to get in on the crypto game. I would highly highly recommend not doing it on robin hood or weeble get in on a place. That's actually a wallet dr coors, dr coors uh. What's going on, trey subway cup, shout out shout out looks like you're in aqst.

I do not have an aqst position, but it's looking good trey subway cup. Are you in cardano, dr coors, professor of apis behavior studies? I need to get into the professorial mindset like i'll. Wear a cardigan i'll put these glasses back on i'll grow up five o'clock shadow a little bit better. Obviously, i'd have to switch up my headband uh, i wouldn't be taking my headband off, but it would be much more of a um collegiate based one like a little bit more professional.

This is my fun headband and then obviously we have more of our like teaching. Headbands as well so like we have the duck headband when we're all excited we're partying we're raging, and then we have like the professional one like this is the kind of headband that you would then wear on um like national tv or go to a parent teacher Conference we have all sorts all sorts here. Professor lores, is that you, professor lures, no one cares dude jgs, then why are you here who deleted that my mods i'm starting to think that my mods are getting faster than usain bolt? Look at first to be in here: okay, it's very difficult to become one of my moderators uh, because beyond various moderation tests, i also put them through an entire gauntlet of physical tests and all of my moderators just to be symbolically representative of how quickly they kick Out greg's, all of my moderators run a sub 4 second, 40 yard dash. And if you speak in more a metrics like if you're a metric person listening, it just means that they're super super fast.

Basically, but for any of the football fans here. Yes, they're all required every single morning. They send me a snapchat video of them running a sub 40 sub 4. Second, 40., crazy numbers, crazy numbers, um, and that's just one of it.

That's just like one of the tests in the overall gauntlet and it works out. Like so when you guys are seeing it like the message pops up and by the time you can't even like process it in your brain, the fact that they're already deleted. That's it's very, very symbolic of how quick my mods work, we're not locked in the seller. Good jackie, let's just keep telling everyone that all right.

What else do we have? I can't believe this is now working. Oh wait! It's even showing me some of the subscribers whoa streamlabs doing what i pay for it to actually do all right. We did that solo. All right we're looking at that one up became a member someone followed respiratory matt jg wentworth has followed all right.

Rizbot shout out d hereage a has subscribed up 20 on my 35 still put option making bank on the premium you sold a put, which is a bullish, bet awesome, crushing it steven your thoughts on vxx hitting 52 week low, soon small gains until so. Vxx, look for that more so to move inversely to the s. P. 500.

If you think the s p 500 is going to keep ripping look for vxx to continue to come down is how you would want to look at that. One raise your hand in chat. If you were the intern that drew this short straw today, oh brother, oh brother, kilgore trading, shout out. I appreciate you joining up.

I didn't know that i'm up 80 100 on the call shout out shout out timothy. I don't know if you have multiple, but if you do have multiple call options: here's what you could do you could sell half at 100 gain and then let the other half ride and worst case scenario is you're perfectly break even on the trade like, for example, If you own two call options and you sell one of them at 100 gain, you have one left and in the worst case scenario, even if you lose all that value, you will break even on the overall trade. It's one of my favorite ways to actually handle options that are crazy. Runners, like this kong posting hope it was his only last scheduled post yeah.

So i saw that um. I have not spoken to him personally recently, but let's see, i think, he'll come back swinging. Coming back, you're legend, fantastic guy! Thank you so much for keeping this community positive, no matter what shout out! Ddd tom d cube tom cheer, cheer cheer shout out. Dr choon you'll have to tell us how you your met.

Your mother t legend. What's going on shout out, choo choo cheer lots of cheers going on over in twitch alex bear subscribe, shout out alex olo ashton, cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer ron, rawlings rowlings rowlings rawlings subscribe shout out, we got some excitement going and i think we are just man. Look at this look at this trend, we're seeing today what a beaut, what a butte clark you don't even have to zoom out that far to get so happy 36. What was i calling out 38 and what do we end up? 37.

90. Not too shabby. If i do say so, myself, uh yeah, i will pat myself on the back, because no one else does it. It's a good skill set to have.

You got to congratulate your yourself when you're right, but off by 10 cents, on a 38 dollar stock i'll. Take that so we knew that was resistance. Now the big question is: can we break that resistance? Just so you know, amc there's a whole mess between really 39 and 42.. So i think above 38 there's going to be some interesting levels, but between 39 and 42, that's all a messy area and it could do whatever it really wants in that region.

But what we're looking for is the break above 42.. We want to clear that region of crap, so that's what i'd be watching, of course, on an intraday basis, i'll be pointing out the levels to you. But if you don't have the time to like hang out in all these live streams and like go over it as it updates live and it's trading live what we're looking for in the short term, it's a test and break and a hold above 38. Then we want to see how it reacts to the region of 39 to all the way up to 42 and we want to see amc recapture 42 and hang out above it, and if we do that, i think clear sailing up to 46.

do here. Do you need buying power for options? Yes, yes, you're gon na actually have options buying power if you're even approved for options training in your account. Like a lot of the times, the brokerage makes you go out of your way to apply for options trading but you're going to specifically have options buying power, matt screw it. Let's pull out all the techniques.

Let's just put a rocket and cat ears, i mean we could do that. Is that why we're selling right now we just don't have enough rocket. What else can we hit him with? What else can we hit him with? We could hit him with a truck because we're trucking higher. Can you flip this uh? Does it let you flip it think to all charts? No, i just i wan na i wan na use the truck emoji, but i need to invert it.

How do you do that? Template visual object, free clone copy sync, lock, hide, remove settings visibility, no all right! Well trading view. We need that. We need to be able to invert it, because i need to have the truck going in the right direction here. Dude is this my thing not working very, very important, all right, choo, choo, choo, choo, choo, hey matt! It's me again.

I have a question. I hope you can give me your honest name. Do you think amc will compare to the gme squeeze um? It depends, it very much depends uh. There is a chance that it could completely eclipse the gme squeeze, there's a chance.

It could be the same thing and there's a chance. It can undershoot it that's why you have to monitor the current short interest and also what's going on in the really the options market. You have to look at the options chain and on top of that, the one thing that we'll never really know is just like. The amount of fomo buying, but those are the three inherent things: the short interest, the gamma squeeze and also fomo buying.

Those are the three individual forms of buying that will drive the stock sky high and at that point well then, if you're looking for a total aggregate, if you were to map those all out to just total buying power, that's when you would have to start comparing It with gamestop, but with gamestop. I don't like that comparison, because what we saw in gamestop was a severe under representation of where it should have gone. Um gamestop like right now, you're trying to compare amc to gamestop, and it's really comparing apples to oranges like even looking at the price level, is very, very silly. You should be looking at market cap, they have a different amount of shares outstanding.

They have a different short interest. They have a different psychology of people who are invested in it um and also with gamestop. Don't forget they stop the buying on major retail brokerages. To me, like your question, can it go there? Well, yeah it might, it also might not, but uh the point of comparing them is.

Is it's really really silly, because the amount of shares outstanding the time of the year, the people paying attention to it's? Just it's different. It's different. The the overlap between the two right now is the fact that they're both stocks and they're shorted stocks, but the comparisons should really end there. But whenever you do it i mean, even if you didn't care about the amount of shares out there or the short interest, or any of that.

You cannot judge it based on gamestop, because we do not know how gay how high gamestop would have gone because they stopped the buying of it, not on all brokerages but major retail brokerages, where a lot of people own games up and we're prepared to buy more. We're not allowed to buy more, so we don't even know they completely kneecap the demand so gme that chart. We could look at and be like. Oh that's, cool, but if you're like, oh okay, i wonder how amc would overlap to there.

That's only somewhat of an all-right comparison if you think they're going to kneecap the buying of amc, the way they do with gme like it's just it's, it's a really tough comparison, and i just don't think it's really even worthwhile all right. Where are we at all right idab71? Thank you for joining up as a prime member. Do you think some covering is happening now the volume is not huge, but the run is 10. On the day.

My 39 options incoming george v there's a good chance that, like maybe a small amount, have covered we'll know more on wednesday uh from the reaction to today, because remember you have to wait for t2 settlement and then you can return those shares later so right now Do i suspect that some of the newer shorts have covered yeah, they probably got in in the low 30s, got burned and they're like all right, we're done with this um, but we know, or in my own opinion i think, we're gon na start, seeing some serious Short covering probably around 50 and i'm definitely above 64 to 65.. I think we see people start like running for the hills at that point in terms of shorts, uh caesar, i think amc will be the mother of all short squeezes. Let's see time will tell let's put rockets on the cat ears, all right tulips, don't squeeze overnight. You have to grow them, i'm holding uh broke or rich.

This is a wendy's sorry for the caps. We love you mark happy birthday. Shout out. Fan fan613 king magnetic poop on the five day.

Amc chart. Yes, sir. Yes, sir just so you know i was listening to some of the cds you sent me to the po box. I appreciate it.

You have great stuff all right anyway. Here's the cup, here's the handle, we're looking for the breakout. I made a video explaining the cup and handle on top of that on the daily time frame. We do have the hammer candle as well um, there's a lot of technicals aligning in our favor.

So many technicals aligning up for us. We have a trendline breakout. We have a cup and handle it depending on the time frame, you're looking at there's so many various there's various bullish, technical setups and when you see that, on the various time frames, that's so incredibly beneficial because, as you see, some sort of convergence across time frames That tells you overall sentiment and i think overall sentiment right now amc i was calling this out last week i was like i think momentum is changing. I think that's what i titled some of my live streams.

It's like momentum is finally changing. We had a nice bull run. Then we had some consolidation. Then we had a bearish push, they shoved the stock down, but now that bearish trend it seems like they ran out of power, it seems like they ran out of supply.

They ran out of money. So we're seeing the bend back around and we just need to see what this momentum really comes to um. Obviously we all have our fingers crossed that this is just the start of it and we start absolutely ripping higher uh matt you're savage for streaming. For so long super appreciate it.

Joel honestly, i feel, like august, has been kind of a lacks month for me from february. Up until july, i was streaming nine to four non-stop. I went to go, get like a protein bar midday and that was about it and then i figured when the momentum was low. I was like all right.

I need to like physically and mentally recharge, and i just wanted to take a bit of a breather in the month of august, so, if insanity picked back up, i would be like what i needed to be to do those full day streams. Again, i appreciate the love, though joel matt, what was the catalyst that triggered the june 2nd run-up? It actually came a little bit earlier, um and june. 2Nd was kind of the end of the run, but it started days earlier when we broke out and held above 1450.. Mr ball for life has subscribed, shout out dumb questions, but if hedge funds start covering their shorts, can they still hide their naked shorts and not cover them confuse dave um? Yes, so prime brokers are going to be the ones who are hiding naked shorts, not hedge funds, there's a chance that hedge funds don't even know that they have a naked short position.

Uh because remember they they're just saying i want to go short, and then it becomes a naked short when the prime broker doesn't properly locate the shares that they're trying to short. So a hedge fund is not the one hiding it, but still a naked short or short. It's still a short position and to get out of it, you have to buy stock back, hey, match happy birthday, try to resize the truck on the training view until you cross over maybe flat flip the graphic. Try it out, go apes, good call.

Nope man come on. This is a tough one. Tough one training view we want to invert. These things did my thing just stopped working.

My keyboard is like not doing what i need it to do anymore. Folks. I know it sounds like i'm typing fast, but it's just not working no bueno wait, so i need 3600 to even get in on options sucks from working man at a bakery. Oh no! I guess i'll just have to keep watching this duck.

Man technically, you could get them cheaper, like you'd, have to look at something earlier, expiration or farther out of the money and they would lessen in value uh, so they would be cheaper for you to pick up. Just went all in on amc and aqst: let's go moon gang nine to five biker shout out. Vegan health lifestyle and royal indian shout out shout out. I'm happy that i can see these some of the subscribers coming and now i can properly.

Thank you and let me actually figure out why my stupid is it dead? Why did it just stop working no keyboard found. Tell me about it. Tell me about it connecting connecting connecting connecting. Are we good? Are we good? We are good we're back we're back in business.

We're not gon na get we're not gon na. Allow bluetooth to stop us. Dwayne harge, shout out shout out shout out shout out, ah folks, all right, it's 2 p.m. We are moving.

We are grooving. We are cruising amc's at 37.50, like i said, i'm watching 38.. Thus far we were rejected 10 cents before that. But what we're seeing right now is we want to not.

We don't want this to become a shoulder head and shoulder as an head and shoulder pattern. What we want to see is amc base and a higher low and get right above 37 66 to invalidate this head and shoulder potential head and shoulder pattern. So we don't want this to actually be the pattern. We want it to just be more of a breather where the rsi kind of calms down do not sleep on cardano.

As i said, i think, there's a very real shot that we see three dollars way sooner than later. How many cardano? Do i own a pretty penny? That's for sure. I i'm just saying that, because i don't know there, we go head and shoulder invalidated. I like it.

I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it.

I like it. I receive my moon gang merch, love everything we ordered and quick delivery. Jth woods hey. I appreciate it, i'm actually wearing.

We did a new one. This one says moon gang, i'm not sure if you guys can see it but yeah. Let me show that uh just in case anyone wants their own moon gang stuff. There we go moon gang merch, just go to moongangmerge.com and uh you're gon na see some of the oops that did not max capital.

Coming in. I appreciate that super super emote. I appreciate you appreciate you all right. Let me block all these, so i don't mess this up again.

Don't want to mess this up all right. We are good uh, str4 and 94., william goddess joining up shout out shout out amc move in moving folks, eight tapes, apes, apes for the win. You know it's always weird days like this, that those little keyboard warriors you notice how they all like kind of slithered. Back into their hole, they've borrowed 2.2 million against amc today, with a net of a return of 1.1 million short interest 18 in terms of gamestop, they borrowed 12 000 uh.

Not much, and the short interest is 10.92. Just your quick or text update right there. We're still using this magnet if you're on trading view. I very much hope you are also using your magnet to help out with getting it straight up to 38, because 38 should be a magnet price right now beautiful technical breakout.

I do like this sec thing. I'll have to come back to this. We'll do this we'll do this, and then we also want just today, look at the biggest money being bent biggest money being bet. 599 600k on july 15 hundred 2022 strikes whoa whoa there brother, that's a lot of money.

That's a lot of money, 600k saying that amc will go above 100.. I could be a money mover right there yeah, i'm just trying to get this a little bit more reasonable, uh 345, i'm put for 25, 215 000 for one or january 21st, 80s back and forth. We see hundreds. What is this one? When did they get this? One, i wonder if this was the in and out of this trade right away, no wow big money being thrown around today on amc, big money, big money, being money, big money, all right.

We are about what 50 minutes away from power hour. We see that uh cardano still trying to hold above 290, looking at that three dollar mark sprt trying to get back above 10. Currently training at 9.81 gme is up 4.65 on the day, crushing it at 167. um.

I do suspect that gme will have a little bit of a hiccup at 168, but the real level i'm watching at this point is 175 and then amc is up 9.2 percent on the dre trading at 37.57. Right now, all right! What do we have here? Awesome answer my first question, so some brokers know that they have some naked shorts, so would they make them cover those uh? It could be billions in my mind, but that's just my opinion, so the one that would make them cover it is almost the sec or finra their dtcc, someone coming to the prime broker and be like. Why did you allow that to happen? You need to cover it, not necessarily the prime broker coming to the hedge fund, because the prime broker is the one who created the problem and we need, more so of a governing body to hold the prime brokers accountable. And that's why you hear all those talks about like ftds and fixing the ftds, depending on the ftd, there's a very good chance that it's a prime broker, who needs to fix it subscribe straight becoming a member shout out.

Trey clubfoot billy today is most certainly a good day. Rg spins shout out happy birthday mike consider this payment for my name mormons like condos. They don't just like them. They love them.

Do you think the amc will squeeze will result in the sec starting to look into hedgy shenanigans? I personally believe that they're already looking into them um but remember like it takes it's still a legal proceeding. You have to it takes time to build a case to find evidence to do a forensic look in the company um it it takes time. You don't just like all of a sudden one day say: oh okay, we'll take care of this uh it it's a slow process, nikki nikki likey, all right, let's see 38 on amc close. I want to get this break of the current intraday high of 37.90.

Let's see if we could start gearing up and start drifting upwards as we get close to power hour, we're about 45 minutes out, and then i would love just like an explosive run. All power hour get people excited uh. What do you think about blackberry? That is the next amc it might be, but i'm doubtful i just don't see as big like anywhere close to the support the community supporting blackberry. As i do, amc jimi or i don't know - i even see more talk about like sprt than i do blackberry, so it might be.

I could check the short interest for you, but remember beyond short interest. You need to have a massive amount of community support and blackberry blackberry has a short interest of 11.7 percent. So it's there. It's just.

I don't know if blackberry is exciting people the way a host of other stocks. Are i i'm not in blackberry right now and i don't necessarily plan on creating a blackberry position, but who knows uh? Maybe maybe something will end up happening, that the community might turn its attention to it? I'm just not um. I guess i'm not the most. I guess confident that that will necessarily happen, but who knows who knows? Who knows who knows? Um s-e-s-n, that's the one that lost the fda approval.

I don't think that's coming back at all that um that had a fundamental change and the talk the stock tanked because of it cardano price prediction for the end of 2021 um. I think if the alonso hard fork happens without a hiccup and like the smart contracts, go live and it truly does become like an even more serious competitor to ethereum, and if we see bitcoin keep moving the way it is. I honestly think five dollars is within the question: um, maybe not necessarily that time frame, but like roughly within that time frame. I don't like putting my predictions like, oh by this state, it's exactly going to be this um, but i'm just thinking about it's proof of stake and if they go live with the smart contracts, their creation team, their engineering team they're highly lauded, respected people.

It's coming down to if this excitement on the alonzo hard fork, which is scheduled for september 12th, really follows through. I think we can see an explosion and then, as long as the other cryptos are not really being like a big headwind to it like. As long as we see the major cryptos such as bitcoin still kind of going up um, i i think cardano could keep going, but it really in the short term, is gon na, come down to the excitement from now up to september 12th for the alonzo hard Fork uh the more excitement the higher the price will go and then right at september 12th and right after it is going to be highly dependent on, is it executed properly into everyone's expectations. People are saying 150 to 200.

Oh, i hope so um. I very like i'm in it i'm just trying to be a little bit realistic of where i see it, going with the alonzo hard fork and seeing some of the correlations and similar announcements in the past. But i mean if it goes to 150 200. By the end of this calendar year i would lose my mind.

I mean we would we would do awesome stuff all the time uh. I'm just trying to really. I guess discuss and look at the correlation of when people would start first started announcing ethereum 2.0 and that, but who knows, i'm not really crypto expert by any means, i'm just i've been learning about it for the six months. So maybe my own suggestion is wildly off, but i find if i'm conservative and my expectations are beat that's better.

I don't want to set, in my own mind, expectations too high and then, if they don't get hit, i get pissed off and my viewers get pissed off i'd rather have them low, like you got ta under promise, and over deliver. Uh does ada have a having uh, not to my understanding right now. There is well even like bitcoin. Oh oh, you were talking about to like that technical.

Having thing that's for mining, to my understanding and no cardano, is it's not being mined? It's it's not proof of work. It's proof of stake. Uh 150 would put 88 how much 150 would put 88 at a 4 trillion market cap not a chance. This year, maybe 2025.

yeah, that's a very large, a very large market cap. So if you're, using the valuation of other market caps like right now, i believe bitcoin's at 950 billion and ethereum's at 400 billion. I think there's a chance that, depending on this live contract thing, i could see a world in which it increases 50 100, because that would be we're at 100 billion if it goes to half the value of ethereum. That's i mean that would be a lot of excitement that would be a crazy boom um.

But the one thing i've learned with all these when you have giants community support a lot of those things are possible but yeah. Obviously, you have to start crunching the numbers and be like okay. Is this possible or not? Do i think that cardano will surpass the market cap of bitcoin this year? No, no uh! I just don't know if there's enough time like we're already at late august, so we have september october november december. I don't know if four months is enough time for cardano to surpass bitcoin.

I would love for it, i'm not against it at all because, like i would become stupidly wealthy uh, so i'm just being a little bit realistic. Do i want it to happen? Yes, do i think it's statistically likely? No, not really not this year. I think it just needs more time. Uh, someone just said: bitcoin was at 1.6 trillion when it was in the 60s uh.

That's inaccurate. I mean we could see it right here like this. Is not like secret information coin market cap - if you just go to cmc.com right here, bitcoin is at 950 billion ethereum's at 390 billion cardano is at 94 billion uh. We have ripple at 57.5 billion.

You could check this all out on coin market cap. I would also love for it to be the better color yeah uh. You can see cardano's number three and i'm looking at it. Just it becomes interesting to say, okay like what, if it doubled up, because if it doubled up, it would just still be the half the volume of ethereum.

So that's like not the craziest thing and at this point, if we're trading roughly at three dollars, that's at six dollars. That's why i think there is a pathway for cardano to hit five dollars without it being like some sort of like crazy insane prediction um and then at that point, that puts it at 200 billion. And then we have 800 billion to go for market cap and given time i i do believe, there's a pathway in which cardano hits a trillion dollar market cap. I very much believe that i just don't think four months is enough time for that to happen.

I think it's gon na be more need more time. All right. We looked at that infinite. Star code, shout out, casey jane, shout out russian eskimo.

What do you think about blackberry next aamc? I wouldn't call it the next amc, no keith osborne. How do you decide what time interval to use when looking at these charts uh, the more the better one time frame is not better than other ones? You want to look at multiple time frames right now when i'm streaming and when things are moving. It's just a lot of people want the one minute chart just to see all the actioning that action that's happening. It would be pretty boring if i just had like the four hour chart up and we saw two bars per day, butterman film shout out uh.

Do you know anything about a potential sears play it's suspected to have liquidated assets? The socks are worth 15 plus. I have not heard anything about a serious play. Yo moon gang matt. Can you switch amc to the 10 minute for a few of consolidation? Looking at looking so negative in the one minute uh, i don't think this looks negative at all.

Look at this just rip and rip and rip it uh. If anything, we could see the higher lows and we just want to see that's going to break above 37. 70. 75, roughly like that um just so you know, i see some of the subscribers and followers coming in.

If i don't say your name, it's not because i don't see it it's because i don't know how to say your name, and i can't risk embarrassing myself. Any further than i already have while live streaming like wook's bass, will space. I don't know how to say that. There's two there's: what are you going with there that one's tough and now i seem silly because i don't know what it is and i was never hooked on phonics as a child and you're just bringing out some of my own insecurities uh.

It's not fair to compare crypto market caps versus stock market caps, apples and oranges, not the same valuation, uh yeah, i don't know who's doing that, but you definitely should not be comparing crypto and stock market caps like whatsoever. Um dolphin fan 73. Easy to the point. I like that one but yeah.

I agree you shouldn't be like looking at a a currency market cap compared to a company market cap. I wouldn't do that at all. Can't stop won't stop. Gamestop i mean gamestop is looking very very nice.

Today, it's uh, it's been beaten down over the past couple weeks, but now we're clearing 164 i'm liking it. Oh brother pips shout out mcmario 23, both becoming astronauts. I appreciate you guys. Is there an aaron? Will hedge funds cover naked chairs uh? That just is them covering their shorts.

It's still a short position by covering cover when you're short, covering just means buying stock back yeah. Of course you have to cover if it's a naked short or a real short any type of shorts. Yes, you eventually have to cover shout out shout out all right. I think i'm up to date.

There, oh quick reminder if you haven't already just to get people in here for power hour, we're about 30 minutes out. If you haven't, i would appreciate if you could drop a like if you haven't already don't forget to that subscribe button that type of engagement. It helps get more people in here, so whether you're, on whatever youtube, rumble twitch any of that stuff subscribe like follow. All that good jazz, you know the the good youtube overlord or, i should say, big tech, overlord, algorithm stuff, the algorithms that pay on the algorithms that run our life.

I paid for the 10 minute on amc. Why did you not show it uh, because more people want the one minute this show doesn't really work by like if you pay me, i have to do something: that's not necessarily how this worked. It's actually not at all how it works. I could show you the 10 minute, but i'm not going to stay on the 10 minute.

I rare. I don't even have the 10 minute up here. That's how much i don't use the 10 minute um. I guess 15 minute is close, but yeah.

Here's the 15 minute, but when things are moving like this, people, don't want to just see the 15 minute it. It only changes. Every 15 minutes they'd rather see than one minute where the action's at more franklin uh. I think franklin's napping he's in a big big nap nap guy today, matt you mentioned in the morning stream.

You listen to t-swift when running, stop, try motorhead, it's manly love you um! She did come on. That's why i was making that joke, but recently who was it? I don't even know. What's that justin bieber song, that's taking over tiktok hang on. Let me find the name of it, so this one came on and it was definitely a bit of a bop.

Where are we going? Where is my spotify spotify spotify spotify? Today's top hits stay by kid leroy that sound is taking over tiktok um. So i heard that song and then t swift always ends up coming on when you're looking at top hits, but recently, like what's been getting me going, is um the uh machine gun kelly's album tickets to my downfall. That's like a really good beat to run to. I, like it matt, i paid you to dance so dance.

I am such a horrific dancer. I uh. I actually you know sometimes well i'm saying this as if this is an obscurity hey, but you know sometimes when people get married, they like have a first dance together, i'm i would say legitimately nervous about it, because i'm such a bad dancer like i feel like I would have to take i'm sure they do couples like dance classes, so you could do a solid first dance, but i'm so bad at dancing and um. I would have to take care of that for obvious reasons beforehand.

Some sort of like choreographed dance that i feel better at hey matt, mr cavalier, king charles daniels, need some moon gang merch. All right, we'll have to do some of uh. Some dog based merch manny hempstead becoming a subscriber jeff, brazoo, jeffrey zoo, that's kind of a fun name all right. I think i'm finally up to date and someone just called us out good point, good point: we need to stand up to work on our six-pack folks.

We are standing up to work on the old six-pack. Don't worry, you'll never get married, do a backflip. I just gave you two whole dollars yeah. Whoever was talking about the charts before i think they understand the misunderstand, the system and those types of tips and recommendations, or i guess, requests - are much more better suited for my only fans, all right, someone said finish at 38.

I mean i would take that, but i would love to see a breakout. I mean i don't want to go just 40 more cents in the next 90 minutes of the day. I want to see us obliterate. It i mean 42 at this level.

Is me eating? Peas, type of a level if we close above 42, that's a peas eating day and if you're, just joining in and you're like. What is this kid talking about? It's because i absolutely hate peas, but even at that point i would be so stoked that i would still put those like grimy peas in my mouth worst vegetable. I don't know why we even invented it but um. I don't know who invented it.

But peas are an awful vegetable. There we go there. We go oh folks, folks, folks, folks where's, my green glasses. It's getting a bit too pr too bright in here too bright in here.

Brussels sprouts are worse. If you have like very good, like garden fresh brussels sprouts, they can rock like if you get like crappy, whatever brussels sprouts and like then, if they're like boiled or something. But if you get like nice baked brussels sprouts like garden fresh and put like. Obviously, like a gallon or two of butter on it, that's edible.

That's edible someone asking where the rocket is all right, we're gon na have, i don't know where i would fit the rocket all right hang on. I tried to get the truck earlier. Let's go here. No hang on.

I have a oops, obviously we're trying to we're trying to get amc to go home back where it belongs, and it belongs above 38. Where did i just see the home lemon lemon? Why did they give us a lemon like what?.

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