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Ep 50 amc gamestop : ignition time?!?! dumb money: moon stocks crypto – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ: IGNITION TIME?!?!
Dumb Money Ep. 50: Moon Stocks & Crypto
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Hello, hello, hello! What is going on? What is the going on what a tuesday folks, what a tuesday morning? Well, maybe it's not your morning whatever it is morning afternoon evening, night doesn't really matter, because i hope you are having an absolutely phenomenal one right here. Coming out of the day gate what a day to be in eight right here we have amc, gapping up currently trading at 37. 30.. You guys know it.

You guys know it we're. Looking for the test and the breakout at 38., i've been beating that 38 drum and that's the first level. I want to see test, and i mean honestly, we could be testing it like right out of the gate minute, one minute too, all very, very possible here. Let me move this, so you guys can see this a little bit better, so 38, very, very important, but amc looking nice in pre-market trading.

It is up 52 cents up uh 1.42 percent gamestop also up almost up a full percent of 0.86 uh trading at 166.30. Right now, the russell 2000 also looking to gap up, but the s p. 500. I guess it's slightly green, but it's pretty much neutral.

So the we love tracking, the russell 2000. Obviously, because amc is a part of it and it seems to provide headwinds and tailwinds for what is going on with amc, uh and then gme used to be in it. It hasn't been since late june. Now it's in the mid cap sector, not really the small cap sector uh, but overall man i mean i got up this morning and i don't know about you guys but um.

I, like just i'm in this habit of right away, opening it up to see where we at and man i i must have gotten in around here and already big smile on my face because we did close out yesterday sub 37 on amc. We were at 36.78, so as soon as i saw 37, it's just telling me. We have momentum, momentum, momentum, momentum right now, the bulls, the apes, the ducks the tigers, whatever you want to call us. We have some very, very nice momentum and i i want to see this 38 and here maybe i can zoom out here.

Just you know yesterday the s p fun smp. Excuse me 500 hit a new all-time high. I'm definitely looking for a continuation up to 450. In terms of the russell 2000, a lot of strength, i'm looking for a continuation to this trend line between 221 and 220 150.

Look for that breakout there. If it does break out there very, very good for amc and then obviously s p 500 that'll be good for the amc and gme as it continues to move upwards so overall we're looking strong there. Why did? Why is my thing? Jumping the autofocus autofocus autobots. What's going on with the autobots all right, i think we're good.

Maybe i just need to be closer to the camera. Oh officially rocking the 354 short uh. We have the nice embroidery. 354, all this one's all for sorry, charlie, all for sorry, charlie, all right anyway, back to amc, so i think we could see it better here on the two hour.

Look at this. This is how important 38 is rejection. Yesterday, rejection on august 18th, rejection on august 17th, rejection on august 10th and then tons uh. We have another rejection july 23rd.

Some support in here some consolidation, another rejection overall, no matter how you slice it. Clearly, the stock is reacting to 38 dollars. So this in a certain way when you're looking at the technicals of it, and it could be kind of considered if we get above that kind of confirming the breakout from this trend line that we've been following ever since that crazy run-up in june uh right here. We just have this trend line, rejection, rejection, rejection and then, finally, yesterday we had a breakout.

So i think a break above 38, and especially close above 38, would be a nice confirmation that this is an official breakout and then once we get into this region. I do have it marked as red just because we have all this crap from previously between 40 and 42. So in the june time frame, we had a bunch of support that more support. Then it was acting as resistance, a little bit of consolidation, more resistance.

So, above 38, i do think it's relatively gon na be an okay trip up to the 39, the high 39s but 40 to 42. I am predicting that it'll be a bit of a fight and that'll make it so much sweeter when we break above 42. We close above it and have easy sailing up to 46., so these are the major levels i will be watching, of course, throughout the stream, as things are developing i'll map out intraday resistance support, all that good jazz, but the name of the game today is to See what happens at 38 on test number gazillion and then above 38, we'll be watching 40 to 42 uh. To put it all in, like kind of basic terms in terms of gme, gme is having its own wedge breakout, not a wedge.

That goes back to the craziness in early june. This is more of a recent wedge, but a nudge, a wedge breakout nonetheless, and also exceeding past 164, where it struggled for all of mid-august. So if we hold this, i mean let's watch 170, these previous spikes and then really it goes right up to 174 to 176. uh.

So above gme above 169, i think nicely sets up a test of 175, but overall amc and jimi. Looking very very nice today, i'm excited to see the type of momentum in the follow-through we get on them in terms of crypto. Bitcoin was officially rejected at 50 000, but we are still seeing a pattern of these higher lows. So what i would say on bitcoin is watch 49 000 and watch 49 900 see which one is broken first.

Are we gon na make a new high, or are we gon na make a new low? That's how we pay attention to that ethereum, going flat at 3, 300 doge holding on to 31 cents staying strong above 30 cents and then right here. We also have matic that, on the two hour chart not currently looking the best we're seeing some lower highs and some same lows, so we do have this kind of a bearish wedge going on. It's not the craziest thing to see these break in an inverse manner. So if you're paying attention to matic, i would look it to get above 1.63 and then see how it reacts to this trend line and then, of course, i've been throwing out some update, videos and stuff on cardano.

Getting me excited about that. Remember cardano. We do have a fundamental development with it that will be the alonzo hard fork where, on their proof-of-stake consensus, model, attempting to go, live with go, live with smart contracts and that's one of the interesting things that really sets ethereum apart. That's why we have these d5 applications.

That's why we have nfts uh, sir cardano stepping into the league and arena with like the big boxers, and i honestly think that they are gon na pull it off, but once again uh it could be a lot of excitement and enthusiasm that carries ada all the Way up, uh up to september 12th when we're trying to see what's going to actually be going on with the alonso hard fork. So if you want to know more about that, i did post some update videos by no means, i'm not saying that i'm the source of truth and the expert crypto manner like for me, i'm learning as i go with it. I feel a lot more comfortable in the worlds of stock and options, but i figured hey crypto worthwhile to learn about and, as i am learning i just kind of want to share that experience with some of you and honestly, the amount of messages and stuff i've Gotten you guys have taught me so much about it. So that's some little fun extra content that i just like doing, but overall right now, amc jimmy, looking strong, seangstrong love jimmy above 164.

amc would love to see this breakout of 38.. It's gon na be a good good good day. All right um did. I already miss some questions shoot.

I did all right before i get to the questions. Let me quickly give you the ortex numbers. Okay, amc, they've, already borrowed 1.2 million against it. Market has not even opened with a net of 1.06 million.

That's a short interest of 18.2 percent for gme they've, already borrowed 91 92 000 with a net a 72, and that puts it short interest at 11.1. So what's nice on, gme is recently. The short interest was trending downward, but now we're seeing an uptick gme did get all the way up to. I guess: let's call it 17, but now we're seeing that it kind of based and we're picking back up off of 10, so we're back up to 11.15.

Would love to see gme short interest to continue to get back up to the 12 13. 14. 15.. I want to see it slowly, climb upward, which would be nice and we're also seeing some volume finally return to it.

Jimmy hopefully not really its price. Well, i guess in a way you could associate it with its price, but more so of i hope we bottom out on the lack of interest like it does seem like interest enthusiasm, volume coming back, uh, so very excited to see that in gme i don't know Necessarily, what prompted that we even saw that a little bit in amc not to such a degree, but i think a lot of it potentially could have been just the summertime like july august, it's the first summer in two full years that people are going out. People are literally just not consuming technology they're, not watching videos they're, not on twitter uh people are literally just not trading, so i'm hoping as we get to the end of this month, specifically labor day here in the u.s. I hope that kind of represents the end of these vacations, and these breaks and people are getting back to kind of how we were before, as in paying to attention to the market a lot more than we previously have all right.

Let me get some of these questions. Where were we? Where were we l4g custom fabrication? Oh daughter, oh daughter, good morning, matt happy birthday calling pxwl this morning, amc to the moon and beyond adventure joe is calling out p-x-w-l waski vildix wall street viking. What's going on good morning pumped about amc, any thoughts on sprt today, sprt sprt sprt above 1185 is, i think, could go. That's my next level on sprt.

I am long on sprt. Just so everyone knows uh. I don't have a position in the russell 2000, but i'm long on amc, long on gamestop and long on sprt, and let me just get the weekly chart here, so we could all see this a bit better. So this is why i'm watching 11.85 - because we have these triple tops right here from february 2012 april and 2012 and also january in 2014, all roughly in the high elevens so between uh, i guess 11 50 to 11 85.

That's why i was watching 1185 and past that i would be watching roughly 13.75 um - maybe 12 50 first, so i guess the high 11 somewhere between 11 50 and 11.85, then 1250 and then 13.75, but looking very, very strong on sprt. I don't know how much of a community support sprt truly has uh. That's obviously something you need to ask yourself if you think it is a legitimate short play, but does it have the numbers it needs to be a short play? I would argue very much so let me double check the short interest on sprt sprt sprt has a short interest of 70 percent uh, so it does have the numbers and needs and it's a low float. I could see this thing doing something pretty crazy, but with it what's the best way to wear this.

Okay, don't be greedy, there's no way. Sprt has the same size of the community, that's gon na diamond hand, amc and jimmy. So with amc and jimmy. I think it's reasonable to be like hang on.

Like ups downs, i could probably diamond hand this because there's so much community support sprt, i would say if you see a hard rejection at one of these levels, don't be greedy, be happy with your gains, because it is it's something insane that's playing out, but i Do not put it in the same league of community support that i would amc or jimmy. Do i think it's a very legitimate play that can make a lot of people a lot of money. Well, yeah, i mean i have calls on it and i'm up quite a bit on those calls, but i am treating it differently. I'm going to closely watch my levels of resistance and if i see a hard rejection at any of those, i'm out cool and then i have more money for amc for gme, for whatever else i want um, but with it i'm looking at this as, like, i Said just i, i want to be careful with how i articulate it, because i don't think you should be thinking of sprt as the same as amc and gme solely because does it have community support? Yes, but the community support is like in this very quickly for a squeeze make a lot of money out.

While you have more of die hard supporters of amc and jimmy that i don't personally see on sprt. So i would definitely classify it as a shorter time frame trade just so everyone knows all right. Let me get this all right. Dm gmil shout out good morning: ortex scores, vr px90 size short squeeze trigger um, wait don vito; that's not how ortex scores stuff low float, high short interest, high utilization very high, costly bar.

What am i missing? Looking for lemon pepper tendees? What is this one vr px? I have not heard of this one vrp - is that how i didn't know that or tex scored like probabilities, like that, i know that s3 partners does some things like that. I do not like this chart at all. It shot up. It looks like it's already coming down um.

I would not do this one. It's a pharmaceutical play, not a fan, uh v. What is this one vp vr px? Is this the right one v rpx compared to sprt sprt in my opinion, is exponentially a better play than uh what i was seeing in the chart of vrpx that one already looked weak. It looked like it already had its move morning.

Matt, let's go shout out. Shout out occam's phaser! Thank you for gifting that sub p x, l w t x, l w this is shout out to adventure joe this one's moving. It's a semiconductor play uh, so maybe it's moving and it's right at resistance. I don't know if i would chase that if it keeps pushing, i would watch the low sixes between 6 12 and 6 20 and after that, seven in the semiconductor industry.

I still like nvidia and amd the best kh for nda shout out becoming a member, enjoy the content, thoughts on xcad possibilities of functionality across social network platforms - xcad xc80 - i don't know enough about it. Uh of its background, i mean i could check out its chart. Just to see what's going on, there chart not looking the best um so since i don't know fundamentally what it's attempting to do and the team behind it i'd be a little bit hesitant, but from a technical perspective, i'm not. The biggest fan of the chart looks like it might be coming down to right below a dollar, and maybe that would be a better investment point, but this is also comparing it to tether.

On kucoin sounds like a bit of an obscure, obscure one. I think today amc will break the 40 resistance js. I would love that i mean to me a perfect way for this to play out. I think an absolutely perfect way for this to play out today would be a quick run-up and snap of 38, like we just run up, and then we kind of drift to 40.

Maybe we poke our head above 40 and then get knocked down. Let the rsi cool off and i would love ending the day in that region between 40 and 42, and then tomorrow we get uh the tests and breakout of 42.. I think that would be like if i could write the game plan for today. I think that would be healthy in terms of the technicals.

It would be enough for people to pay attention be like hang on. Is this like a play? I really want to be involved in. I think there could be a lot going on if that was the scenario if i could write the story book, but obviously, let's take that a step at a time. First up is just 38.

That's what i'm 100 gon na be watching right out of the gate. All right we have about 12 minutes, hang on. Let me go back to the 15 minute on this s. P.

500. Looking strong russell 2000 looking strong, the tailwinds are definitely favoring us right now. Definitely favoring us! Please uh! Don't just look at the chart. Look at the data sheet is priming, vrpx uh.

No, i would i mean for me, i'm a very technical trader, so i'm gon na look at the chart um and no matter the data. The important thing is the chart. I mean that's the price level like no matter if you're looking at the fundamentals, the short interest, any of that all of it, the entire story plays out in the chart um. So i would disagree with that of not looking at the chart.

The chart looks weak to me and something has to be going on there. Maybe i'm wrong, like i'm not saying it's play, i just i'm a little hesitant whenever it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, because you see a lot of things like sesn previously, where fda approval or it doesn't get approval or it loses a drug or there's a good Test or bad test, it's too binary and my field of expertise is by no means the pharmaceutical world, so i'm not the one that could be like. Okay, hang on this drug will have good efficacy. It won't have good efficacy so with it.

I'm much more. My background isn't tech, so i can speak more accurately about semiconductors, such as nvidia or amd, or amazon's, aws or microsoft or apple. I get the technology field a lot more than i get the pharmaceutical field and i highly implore all of you, trade. What you know you have an expertise in something: what industry do you work in the industry? You work in.

You inherently know so much more about it. If you work in the restaurant industry, maybe look at those mcdonald's, texas, roadhouse, darden, all those trade. What you know folks, uh, it's gon na - be a lot lot easier for you. Just because that's where your knowledge is you'll, get the terminology you'll be able to spot things that other people won't be like hang on.

Does this add up? Does it not add up, and for me it's just the pharmaceutical world is not where my knowledge really lies, so i tend to avoid it all right, occam's phaser shout out whoa occam's phaser gifting a lot of subs right there uh taylor page. What's going on, can you check on telecoin my ape leader? I know it's taking a breather after a big run-up but curious about ta. All right telecoin shout out clubfoot billy what is telecoin doing telcoin telcoin to i guess we could compare it to right here yeah. I mean it ran up and if it doesn't hold this, it looks like it's going to fall.

Even farther could come back down to 2 cents. I would be a little bit hesitant about this one. I don't know much about it. It looks like it's just some super cheap coin, but we have seen super cheap coins run in the past, but when you're doing when you're playing around with these super cheap coins, you have to really know what they're about their leadership team.

What problem are they, starting? Like attempting to solve, i wouldn't just be like: oh, this had a crazy run-up like i'd, want to know more about it. That's why, for example, i trust so much more in bitcoin, ethereum and cardano, because i get what they're trying to do. I don't know much about telcoin, but the chart does look weak all right. We did that sam, hey matt.

What do you think about lucid? Do you think it has a chance to short squeeze uh? I have? Is it a highly shorted stock, lcid, lucid, lucid, lucid? This is an eevee play, so i like it as a longer term investment um, it's short interest. Ah, not really. It's seven point: seven percent! That's okay, like you, might get some move, but you're not going to get some sort of like ground breaking mother of all short squeezes um. So not only is it short interest low, but a lot of people who are in it aren't in it for a short squeeze.

They like it because they like the ev sector. So i don't know if i would look at lucid motors as a short squeeze. I would look at it as an ev play in the us for the luxury market shout out lex, a shout out. Lipster, let's get the squeeze going, i need to fix my work fans exhaust today.

Thoughts on elky lkco chart it's an autonomous vehicle. Lkco i mean when it comes to autonomous vehicles. It's gon na you're gon na be hard-pressed to find a play. That's currently better than tesla uh, and that's really because it just has so much notoriety.

The narrative around elon musk tesla, it's all massively beneficial to the stock. This one, it not even commentary on its industry, but this one might just be like hang on. You might be catching a change in trend. Uh, a bear trend might be bouncing and you could.

The risk reward is a nice setup, you could risk 120 and maybe you could target a dollar. Ninety you could target 225. You could even target all the way up at 3.. The risk reward on this is good um, but i don't know much about.

Like its fundamentals, have you watched astro proof of manipulation? It scares me for a simple fact: we are not in control, we are just watchers, it blew my mind. I have not seen that particular one l4g uh fabrication. I will check it out, though big bad bear. Who are you trying to scare you've already lost? The question is the cost we post memes of big rocket ships when margin calls you'll be like new phone who dis.

We are apes and it should be clear. These diamond hands have no fear. Shout out ryan s kicking us off. I like that.

If there was a ghost kitchen etf, i'd be all over that in the meantime good morning you big beautiful stinky apes and if you're paylo, a politician, you'll know everything and outperform the market consistently: hey rvv tf chart. So the fact that it's five letters means that it's going to be on the otc market uh, i joshua. I do not like training it. If you don't think, if you think that our normal market has a lack of regulations that you find to be frustrating uh, the otc market is even less regulated.

Those five later ones uh be careful with it or it might end up being a mutual fund. You have to look into it, but um not the biggest fan. I don't like with mutual funds, even i'd, rather just trade, an etf xcla, a short squeeze play. I don't know about that one either when it comes to a short squeeze play.

I mean it's hard to find one. That's a better candidate than amc and g me. I would put those as tier one and under that. Maybe tier two right now would be sprt, but no xcla does not.

It doesn't have a short interest of five percent um. It's sub five. I would not look at xcla for a squeeze play. Could you please check vet wondering if there's possible gap fill in the uptrend vet? Vet vet vet um? Well, it skipped the gap.

Now you have a weird double gap, so it gapped down. Then gapped up weird double gap um, so i think eventually these gaps would be filled, but i think you're watching this gap up here to seven dollars possible uh. I don't know any clue what this company is, but it technically would just be buying on weakness, which buying on weakness is better than chasing strength, so you could pay attention to it, but you would have to either risk 580 or 550. So i don't like that.

Risk reward setup, but maybe you do i'm not. I don't think i would throw my money in this some energy company - oh wait. Overall, this thing has been in a massive downtrend all right. I changed my answer on this one uh i mean all this thing has done from 2016 is sell-off, sell-off sell-off.

I don't think i would mess around with this one selling sell and selling um. You can't fight that trend. That hard i mean that that's a pretty bearish trend, whoa. We don't want to leave all right.

We are a couple minutes out, so let's switch to the one minute folks, let's get ready, let's get ready lots of great questions already this morning, all right, one minute! One minute, one minute: we are ready to rock team, remember gamestop out of the gate watch 169. We want to break above that then 175 for amc watch 38. After that, the closer to 40, the better. Let's get ready with this thing: i'm ready i'm ready, i'm ready.

Let's get rippin rippin rippin rippin rippin, rippin matt, google, yarbor versus versus the hedges; okay, all uh! I don't know what that is. Johnny, so i'll have to check that out. Texas roadhouse predictions um to the moon. Obviously, when you have when you have ribs that are that good, when you have that butter, the cinnamon butter whatever? That is that good? I mean obviously that restaurant, probably one of the, only verified restaurants that will be on the moon with us, shout out to all the apes in israel thanks for all you're doing with the community, keep it up shout out shout out shout out.

I appreciate all the subs shout out to the apes and energy all right. Let's get ready folks, i have the bell. We have the bell ready. We have the 354 sorry charlie shirt on iwm, looking good s, p 500.

Looking good sp y, that's the etf! For it russell 2000 s, p 500, looking good good, good amc, let's see if it gets ripping today at one point today remind me. I do want to talk about the options chain. We are seeing more and more bets being placed on the 40s uh. For this friday, which i think could be awesome, you need a cowbell who's.

Sonja's trickle tv, texas, roadhouse, is gross. Please be careful with comments like that um, my mods are very nice people, but even they have their own limits. Triggle tv be very, very careful with anti-texas roadhouse comments. My mods and myself will put up with a lot, but we even have our own lines all right.

Let's get ready folks, let's get ready for the bell: let's get ready, ready, ready, vortex tweet on sprt i mean the short interest is 70 ding ding ding casino is open. Folks, it is open, it is open. Let's see how we are gon na start today. Off.

Remember a lot of whipsaw very commonly in the first couple minutes. So, let's calm cool collected, you know all about it: party 100. Let's go also new to bitcoin magazine 15 minutes ago. They confirmed microstrategy bought another 3k coins and now holds 2.9 million in bitcoin.

That is crazy. Shout out joe prime all right, uh matt doran you're, asking about the n a o v chart. Let me write that down and i'll do it after market open. Let me get the old notebook out the old notebook, n-a-o-v whoa lots of notes.

Here, lots of crypto notes trying to learn some stuff n, a o v n a o v got it, got it written down all right amc. You know where to go. Let's get that magnet rocking all the way up to 38. Let me get the magnet just so it knows exactly where to go today.

No, we don't need the bouncy ball. We need the magnet. We need the magnet right there. All right, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect uh.

If you do have training view, i would highly appreciate it if you also put a magnet on your own chart, the more magnets, obviously the better, the more magnets, the better all. We need moss, moss, magnets, uh, hey man, i heard ken is moving to philly. After the squeeze word on the street says he bought a tent down in kensington all right. We did that uh morning matt the companies that lent their shares once the squeeze begins.

They obviously don't have the shares to sell until the shorts buy back the shares. Thus why we as retail, have a great position on amc um? No, so well we have a great position, but not because of that. So if you list like lent yours out, you can still buy and then, like you, don't have to wait for them to be returned because as soon as you're trying to sell yours, if you're the original owner, if the brokerage doesn't have enough for you to actually Sell then they'll force a buy-in on the shorts uh. So if you lend yours out, you can still get out of your position pretty much when you want and that gets into the situation of brokers forcing buy-ins on shorts.

We have a great position because of the community support the technical uptrend and the high short interest, not because of the mechanisms of the institutions who are long on amc lending their shares out. My second question is: if our broker lends out our shares, how does that impact our ability to sell during the squeeze? I turned it off because i turned mine off but curious. Joe miami you'll be good to sell um with it and that's what i was just saying of if the broker doesn't have enough shares for people to sell that's when they force buy-ins upon shorts good morning, awe amc will hit 42. Today.

I love that aj danny. Shout out for subscribing super chat or text tweet on sprt or text tweet on sprt uh. It's probably just saying that the short interest is 70. I would assume without reading it all right amc.

They tried to scare us right off the bat and now we're bouncing back amc currently trading at 37.14. Jimmy currently trading at 167.. Remember amc we're watching 38 gmu. We are watching 169 s, p 500, taking a little bit of a hit, but the russell 2000 is holding sprt short squeeze trading signal.

All three types of short squeeze signal were generated based on the recent price interest and high short interest level on sprt or text trading. Signals are based on historical performance and not investment. Advice trading signal identifies squeeze events with a high conviction, but may trigger too late or recommend a holding period. That would result in a significant loss that is from ortex on their twitter talking about sprt sprt.

Where is that at anyway s p 500 taking a hit right now, let's throw up sprt sprt. Remember i'm watching that a re region between 11 50 and 11.85, namely 11.85 gme, shown a bit of strength at 167.50, would love to see that up to 169 and amc looks like it wants to snap through 37.30. As i'm saying it, we are getting that snap. Uh watch the run and rally up to 38.

uh 38 is very, very important. We were rejected there in borderline, infinite and amount of times. We want this time to be different. Every time we come up to it, we are soaking up supply at that level.

They can't hold that um we're just pounding on that door at 38, and i just i think it can only soak up so much supply before we successfully break through and i'm hoping fingers crossed. That today is that day and then i want to see a beautiful rally into that region between 40 and 42 and obviously the higher the better but um. I we at a certain point. We still have to pay attention to the rsi.

We can't have it being too overbought uh. We don't want our rocket engines to get too hot and uh with it. We we all know about some of the shenanigans that go on with market halts. I would love to just always push the edge of a market halt without getting halted like if we can always be like right below the percentage gain.

We need over whatever time period, to be right below a halt. That would be amazing. All right, gme, coming up to its first level, 169, look for it to exceed 169 and then from there we're watching 175. 169 at resistance.

Uh, thus far got rejected at 168 68. So i guess what off by 32 cents but we're watching we're seeing some strength. Iwm is pushing. This will be very good for amc.

Folks right now, amc is up 1.6 on the day. Gm is up 2.25. On the day we are seeing some strength. Sbrt pay attention for this to get back above 1140, its current intraday high.

What's cardano doing it's at 275, taking a breather bitcoin is at 48 400. uh dogecoin is now below 30 cents. Ethereum 3250 amc moving moving moving grooving grooving grooving moving! Oh, if you haven't already no matter what platform you're on, i would appreciate it if you could drop a like a royal rumble, a follow a subscribe. That type of engagement helps me out, and so does this type of engagement.

What you're doing franklin, what you're doing franklin so franklin's here now we got ta rip folks, we can't not rip. We don't franklin, he's never seen a short squeeze. He's lived, a very short life, thus far, so it makes sense. He hasn't seen a short squeeze, but franklin there's a lot of people who need you to watch the screen or are you just going to take a nap? Are you just going to take a nap dude all right? I guess he's not that interested in it, but this has to be good news.

Franklin shows up right when we get moving amc. 37. 80, we're 20 cents away from its test level. Support.Com coming up uh, i said 11.85.

What did it hit 11.71? So we're kind of in that region where, if it goes, we the next stop might legitimately be 12.50 gamestop also moving broke above 169. If it holds above 169, we are watching 175. uh gamestop getting some legs to it, iwm pushing guys. We are firing at all cylinders right now, green, green, green, green, green.

You got ta like it. You got ta like it uh. What do we have here? Maybe we will be nice and offer jobs for the shorts at texas roadhouse. They can serve us watch.

Your june second stream, i think the tiger shirt catalyst is a problem for me. Um, if you guys want, i can throw on the tiger shark, the lt gray shirt for tomorrow. I want to try this one out the 354 shirt uh. We have a nice embroidery.

Um and thus far, it seems like it's a solid one for the day, all right, amc coming up to its test right here at 38., sprt still looking pretty strong folks, if you're in that. Actually, what i really don't check my sprt position as much as i should, but it looks like we are cruising on that nice all right sprt! I have i've been in this for a while uh nice up a hundred and eighteen percent nah oop all right. We just hit 1186 on sprt this one's moving, folks move and move and moving. This might be the big old day for sprt.

I hope i hope they all rip. Oop see you franklin, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, franklin, he's so rude. He never says buy back to me, never says, buy back to me all right, sprt, looking strong jimmy, looking strong amc, taking a little bit of like man, it's getting scared right at this 38 level. It runs up to it.

It's excited it's almost kind of like franklin in a way like he acts really aggressive and then, when he gets to another dog, he kind of gets like a little scared. Um, that's what amc is doing. It's like really aggressively running up to 38 and then it's like whoa man do. I actually want to do this and it like franklin.

He forgets that he's like 10 pounds, soaking wet, but hopefully this changes, hopefully all of a sudden franklin - turns into like a gigantic pit bull or something and just rips right through 38., all right, sprt blowing through 12. The discord, the moon gang discord is crushing. This play uh absolutely crushing this place so congrats to everyone especi, especially you, seth, daddy, daddy, uh. Next, stop on sprt is 1250.

After that 13.75 amc ran all the way up to 37.95. We're looking for this bass. Uh, honestly, i don't hate this because what will happen we run up rsi cools off a bit, so we have a better chance to actually break through 38, so we just need a little bit of a reversion and when it swings back around, i think that's when Some day, traders might start piling into amc to get the 38 breakout. So let's pay attention as soon as you see one green bar really kind of poke its head up, maybe get us into the range of 37.75.

Something like that uh. You could see some nice moves there, sbrt uh, someone just said: gon na get halted yeah most likely. I bet it does get halted. I mean with all right.

We just hit my next target uh 12.50. After this i am watching 13.75. So another dollar 25 from here um. If you're asking, is this your point to chase? I mean no you're kind of late to the party people have been talking about sprt for a while, i'm never ever ever a fan of chasing a runner.

You want to get in when it's weak and you want to get out when it's extremely strong, all right amc come on. Let's get this bend back around i'm looking at this resistance now, acting as support, we had resistance in minute one and resistance in minute. Five around 37, 35, 37 40, seeing if it now acts as support - and this gives us our bend back around - i think in the region of 37.70 about 20 cents higher than where we are right. Now.

I think that's when you're gon na see dip buyers or sorry day, traders and dip buyers really start to come in and watch it watch for this reversal. Watch it watch and watch it wait. Why is the volume not showing there we go? I want to see the volume because it can be useful to see the various volume spikes all right volume - volume volume - that's what we need here. We go uh, so i think, depending on how this bar closes, i think some day traders are going to get pretty interested right here.

Don't sleep on gamestop gamestop is moving. I'm telling you 175 would be my next uh region of interest really 174 to 176.. But if this minute bar closes up and we get this swing, watch for a volume pop we're looking for this volume pop and a price action pop on amc and then that would make me extremely confident of the test of 38. where's.

The volume where's. The volume amc thus far has traded 7 million, not too shabby for 13 minutes into the day. Gme has traded uh, 260 000. Honestly for jimmy's recent volume trading.

That's actually pretty good for gme uh, so we are moving. Amc is up. Two percent gme is up three point: five percent and sprt is up uh. Ten percent very volatile over here looks like it's not successfully.

Holding the 1250 level it hit 12, 65, 1267, so overshot it by what 15 cents uh but, like i said, 1250, was resistance. So that's you want it to base and swing back up above that all right come on. Let's get this volume spike on amc. We want one volume just to really pop it higher all right.

So what we're looking for! I was telling you 37.70 75 right here. That's exactly what we wanted above, but gamestop does not care, can't stop, won't stop. Gamestop looks like it is just trucking higher today, trucking higher higher higher. Oh, am i already super behind.

I got distracted by franklin, silent, forcer, silent and silent enforcer, silent enforcer, because i know you don't want to get dmcad. I've got rus in my headphones and it's great with your commentary. One might say a perfect combo. What's going on jeremy shout out nathan shout out witty c o d, your teacher said you'd never get engaged.

Also. I got my shirt for me and my son yesterday go saint jude. Go apes, love you all kinky kong. I hope you enjoy.

The shirts dim lit knight michael jackson, favorite sock, amc. We need lemons, we do need lemons. Is that why our amc is not moving quite yet where's the lemon folks, we got ta, we got ta, let it know how to squeeze. We got ta, let it know how to squeeze all right.

We got the lemon, we got the lemon, we got the lemon and then we also, let's throw the cat up here. Let's throw the cat up for gme all right and hopefully sprt gets that bounce. So we'll give it the basketball, because we need sprt to bounce right about now. Please there we go there, we go folks, i'm excited all right, all right we're! We are that 15 minutes into the day.

I like to wait. Those 15 minutes gme showing a lot of strength, i'm watching 175.. It's currently trading at 173, just north of it amc trading at 37.60 and we're looking for it to basically just crack through 38. It is it's a little scared of 38, but let's help it out.

Let's, let's show that we support it. Folks come on amc like we're the we are the cheering section. A lot of people think that i don't know what you think this show is, but we're a bunch of stock cheerleaders. Honestly, i think we should all have pom-poms.

I don't know who's listening out there, but we need moon gang pom-poms. I want everyone in the moon gang to have pom and we just cheer we're just gon na sit here and cheer the way people cheer at sporting events at horse races all that stuff. We're just stock cheerleaders, that's all it is we're bouncing off the lemon we're bouncing off of the lemon uh milan has subscribed. Shade has subscribed victorious queen d-l-o predictions.

I don't know anything about dlo, but i can bring it up in a little bit. D-L-O d-l-o geckos play shout out taylor m-m-a-t a lot of people asking about mma tape, we'll bring that up in a minute all right. What are you doing this lemon? Is this lemon gon na continue to be support, the classic lemon support all right, and now we actually have a new setup, a new setup before 38 on an intraday basis check out this trend line. Watch this trend line now the lemon's in the way lemon's in the way, hang on gme amc and the russell 2000 all simultaneously just had a red bar simultaneously had a red bar amc, currently trading at 37.42, gme, currently trading at 172.20.

Folks, we need more lemons. Sprt looks like it is bouncing off of the basketball, let's see if it can actually clear. 12 30 on sprt come on. Is this a fake out or what? What are you doing? Amc, judging by iwm, judging by gme, it does seem like this red bar on amc is kind of a bearish fake out uh.

They try to knock it down, they try to knock iwm down and they try to knock gme down. They quickly reverted, and i don't think that amc will be that far behind um, i'm kind of loosely watching gme over here to see what this bar is doing all right. Where are the buyers? Where are the buyers? Someone said a lime: we got ta switch it to a lime or a different fruit. All right we'll go from a lemon to a lime lemon to a lime.

There we go. Maybe the lemon is the issue and we need more of a lime thing going on. Uh mmat longish options, four dollars 917 or pure shares. This is a current pelosi.

Play 168 000 shares 1.2 million, also d play for 12 weeks, six months of return, um taylor, all right i'll, bring up the mma t chart and also the d e chart, but we'll have to do that a little bit later. Bob carp shout out: no, please not the lemons matt. What are your thoughts on workhorse as a short-term squeeze in long-term play, not fud, we'll reinvest in amc um. We can look at workhorse, but i i mean there's three better options on the screen right now for squeeze plays than workhorse amc.

Gamestop sprt are all better squeeze players than workhorse uh long-term play. I think it's more of a legitimate thing, i'm in workhorse for the long term, but a short squeeze play. I don't think i would put workhorse into that. It's a babe beyblade kind of day.

Let it rip. I can't wait to watch part two of the meltdown. You had in june when we ripped to the 70s me either cheeto cheeto shane becoming a member shout out. Cheeto shane transfer hood to td, took a few days woke up to see all 124 shares and 28 gme happy birthday me laura sorry, you're, never getting married gerald harris thanks for subscribing man all right, so it looks like the trick is.

This is more of a lime type of a day, opposed to a lemon. So when life gives you lemons, you just got to turn them into limes. That's what we're finding out right now, uh people are saying, george w. This is not uh.

I would yeah yeah you're right, i would say it's a george w and we're about. Let's get this trendline breakout, let's get above 37.80 and let's rip folks, let's just rip, i tweeted it out this morning. It's it just smells like a ripping kind of a day. It's a ripping, uh, the old classic lemon versus lime, charting issues.

You see it often folks they've written about this, as in history books for quite a while, but the old lemon versus lime issues all right, sprt coming back sprt if it actually gets above 1250, i'm legitimately watching 13.75 uh - and i know it sounds crazy, but sprt Does have a short interest of 70 um, it's a low float stock, but it's also a big. If will it get above 12.50 enough people have to buy to get above that all right there we go. The limes for the winds put the limes in the coconut and take down wall street. I think that's a saying if it's not we're gon na, make it a saying the lime in the coconut and take down a corrupt wall street economic system.

Am i right am i right uh? I think someone said that it's totally a saying trust me. It's totally a saying: a lime pepin, it's a lime, pepper tendy. It's a lime, pepper tendy. For the day i like how everyone just confirms they're, like yeah, totally men.

It is totally a saying, like whatever you say, duck kid whatever you say, duck boy, oh, what a day sprt moving gme looks like it wants to swing back around amc going for that 38 level. Folks, 38 38. Amc has a date with 38. We all know that trigly tv just subscribed cootery, what's going on today, is awesome cootery every day as an ape is awesome.

This is just more a financially awesome day to be an ape confirmation bias. Probably, but is it really when you have the lime on the chart? Folks, just so you know, this is trading view. There's some sort of free like month, trial. It's in the description.

If you look up emoji charting in the description, you too can become an emoji charter and i think it's a free month trial, there's some sort of bonus, but the links in the description just look for the tag called emoji charting you'll find it in there sprt Gear and backup um, this thing could really get going. Amc could really get going, gme could really get going. Indoor golf claps, indoor golf claps to the moon boom boom goes the dynamite amc above 38.. Oh, we finna break out now.

Folks, we finna break out. Let's go: let's hold next stop next, oh didn't want to do that all right. Well, we actually don't even need this trend line anymore, all right. That was it.

That was the secret, no more lemons. We need limes. I guess i hope everyone's cool with lime, pepper tendees, because the lemon pepper tendees may have been the thing holding us back, a quick color change, but that's why you got to be agile in the stock market. That's why a lot of people still refer to me as the agile chris hemsworth of the stock market is because of things like this.

A lot of people are going to be set in their ways. They're going to be like you know what i threw a lemon up, a lemon has to work and i refuse to change my lemon but right there. This is why i have the moniker of the agile chris hemsworth of the stock market, because i'm willing to shift with this situation that quickly, we noticed the lemon wasn't working the lemon kind of brought us down. You switch to color, you just click on it.

You switch it to green. You now have a lime and you see what happens when you put a lime up. There stock goes sky high. I don't make up the rules, i'm just trying to play the game and i'm trying to teach you guys about the game.

We're going we're going we're going one day, chris hemsworth. I just get that dm he's like why'd, you keep saying my name i'll, be like listen, christopher! You just simply don't get it. You just don't get it christopher watch for this trendline breakout on sprt. Maybe we'll get a bounce off the basketball, all right, we're holding, let's hold 38 hold the door, hold the door all right, lemon lemon adjustment, and by that obviously i mean lime adjustment, we're adjusting it from lemon to lime, kind of way kind of the way we Can turn what water into wine you just turn a lemon into a lime water to wine lemon to lime.

It's a thing! It's a thing, don't worry about it! Folks. The one thing that this show does not need is any more fact checking. Let me just ramble in my own lunacy. Let me just have fun today: it's a it's kind of a attendees tuesday type of a vibe in here.

Oh we're cruising now we're cruising cruising cruising cruising all right, gme, looking good! What was i saying, 174 to 176 and when we hit 175.31, it's almost like that crazy. Kid knows something all right. Amc! You got ta! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, strong performance, strong performance! You know in the off season, we heard a lot of rumblings last season. Was good for amc and jamie in the off season, we heard a lot of murmurs.

Are they working out? Are they showing up at practice? Are they getting the proper exercise schedule and the proper nutrition that they need? But now now that we're back in season number two preseason, we can see that both of these athletes were working very very diligently in the offseason and i'm excited for the performance that we're gon na see through the season. And no doubt in my mind, do amc and jimi make the run deep into playoffs deep, deep into playoffs this year and i might be a little early to it. But if i had to bet on the futures of the bowl games right here, amc gme, strong, strong contenders, strong contenders chatting so much poo. But i mean hey.

If there are people in chat who are being like naysayers today, like they're just mad, that they got out they're mad, that they paper handed they're so perturbed on a deeply human spiritual level that they're like man, why did i listen to that random comment on reddit Or twitter or discord or youtube that i should sell um a lot of people. If you see someone being negative right now, they're mad at themselves and they're projecting it on you and that's all right. I mean we all make mistakes, they might have just made a massively messed up financial mistake and i feel for him that sucks all right. What are we doing? I i get on these rants and then i get super far behind on these messages.

My apologies, doctors say it's something about me having ad and i was like. I thought this like was math class and they're like wait. What you're at the doctors - and i was like what's ad and like it - it gets weird. I don't know doctors, doctors all right, put that on a shirt put.

What on a shirt, lime content is why i pay you lime content, everyone we here we were. This is this is what it is very exciting to me as a creator is when we're all learning together. That's the exciting part is like hang on. For months now we went on thinking that it was lemons and just on a random tuesday on a random tuesday.

This is as romantic of a storyline as the notebook will ever be a random tuesday. Out of nowhere, we met limes and limes changed our life crazy, stuff. Absolutely crazy! Doctors are fun, uh line content hey match. Will you take a look at ftch, picked it off of one of kringle's discord's alert at 38., uh, i'm not in kringle's discord and well, if it's his like that's his content like i'm not trying to take his content, i don't really know much about ftch, but I mean if kringle has a strong thesis on it and, if you're liking the chart have at it.

I could give you my opinion on the chart, if that would help f t c, h, f, e c, h, uh, but still still definitely his then uh brian miller becoming a member shout out trickle tv. What can i do? I have an in the money call, but i am at a net loss. What's the best way to play it well being in the money or out of the money, doesn't necessarily mean you're in or out of profit. Uh.

Remember that it you can be in the money not in profit. You could be out of the money in profit. Those don't necessarily have to correlate so for you. You want the whatever stock you're, referring to to continue to trend in your favor glory, has subscribed jason matte energy red day, matte energy, mr short, stuff matt.

You need to calm down son. Some of us haven't had enough coffee to keep up. Let's make it great tuesday apes. Well, more coffee dan! You got to get that fuel into you, spoons in the chat for shorts to eat our ass.

I think it will work. Can we get a lime in the coconut and take on a totally fraudulent financial institution called wall street t-shirt? I don't know if there's going to be enough space on that particular t-shirt, we it might have to be really small font, amc and jimmy booming, like the salt lake city, condo market yeah. I love this days like this. I love as much as a mormon loves condos.

I mean i'll be very, very upfront about that. I know everyone's like man mormons, they love their condos, but you know what i love more than a mormon loves a condo these stocks right now these stocks make me. I mean it's in the exact same league as a mormon. Loving a condo only do green fruits from now on, got it mister, uh, every green fruit, except for peas, um, but wait what's the p line at today, the p-line, if we close above 42 i'll i'll, eat, peas i'll, do it i'll do it for the cause? Matt definitely lived in charleston uh, we finna break out, love it bro uh.

I did live in charleston, but that's not where i learned about finna the one day on stream i found we were doing a word of the day for a period there, and then i found something that said a gen z word of the day and me obviously.

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