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AMC & GameStop ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ: IGNITION TIME?!?!
Dumb Money Ep. 51: Moon Stocks & Crypto
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Gang hello, hello, moon gang: we are back at it again, hello, hello, hello! Let's do this thing. I know i get it, i'm starting a half hour early and it's because i'm having fun all these people being negative nancies of amc coming off. You know what at 12, someone pulled a u-turn and now amc coming back above 38. gme practically on steroids.

At this level, i was telling you 175 we've ripped path set now we're watching 184 uh. That's where we're at now, but i'm going to be paying attention to 1 8 8., all right, all right! All right! We're! Looking good iwm! Looking strong right now, sprt kind of doing this consolidation thing we're seeing some lower highs, we're seeing some higher lows we're just seeing some mess around in there. So uh, let's see what that's gon na. Do i mean gme? This is insane.

This is the exact same type of enthusiasm and excitement that we just need to continue. Look at this volume spike. You can see it on the bottom of the screen right here, a gigantic gigantic up tick in volume, uptick in price i mean we saw 170 and ever since then we said goodbye, it's been fun, we'll see you later, but gme ripping like a madman. Amc is two we're back up at 38.

38 is such an incredibly important level above that we're looking a okay folks, a okay. I love it. Someone just said: tmi just got deleted. What happened there? Tmi blocked like uh.

He got uh hang on what happened? What happened, what happened just got taken out jay just caught tmi team. I deleted again tmi stopped wait. Is this channel like gone uh? There is kind of a difference of some of that stuff that might or might not be happening, hang on. Let me double check this.

Let me double check. Let me double check heck all right. Let me youtube tmi tmi tmi, tmi uh, i still see his channel is up uh. His channel is up so he wasn't axed uh, i'm seeing his channel and then his feature channel yeah he's still there uh.

So maybe he had like an internet issue but uh his channel is still like. Definitely a live living channel right now, uh just so. Everyone knows i'm still seeing it um his channel, i'm trying to figure out. What's going on, they cut it he's yeah.

No, i still see his account. I don't know he didn't get banned. Uh stream got cut, i mean, but when it gets cut by youtube, think about it when it's been cut in my case, like my channel was gone like they just completely like thanos snapped my entire channel, i still see his channel, they removed, they removed the video They removed it for guidelines, hang on pay attention to that because oh hang on this is this is interesting because uh, this is how it developed previously. For me, i lost the video, and then i lost my channel so over the next couple of minutes, like literally just keep checking because they might be honestly in the process of removing this channel.

Was he talking about anything that would legitimately stream four hours ago? Was he talking about anything that would take down his channel to anyone's like knowledge? There was he talking about anything risque that could be in the uh said, removed violating community standard guidelines. Interesting interesting, all right! Well, if i get a text uh here i'll text them and see, what's going on i'll i'll, get you guys the skinny on the situation, tmi, what's going on with your channel all right i'll, let you know uh! I will definitely let you know, but amc cruising at 37.67 gme cruising at 182 sprt waking up look for this wedge breakout, then a break of 14, and this might continue into i guess, the later half of the day, but overall we're seeing some strength ever since Pretty much noon o'clock in terms of ortex net return of 300 000 shares short interest on amc's 17.96 percent in terms of gme there's a borrow change of 8.7 000 short interest of 11. I am so so happy gme. Let's go! Finally waking up.

It's been quiet for a while now, but i'm loving this action, i'm hoping that i can spill over. I want to see the break of 188 and then from there we get into the high 190s and above 200 i mean what an amazing day for gme. Congratulations! If you've been holding through that um everything on that, well, i'm not in here. Let me throw up roblox now i can say everything you see on the screen right now.

I am long on amc, gme, sprt and rblx long on all those uh as soon as tmi responds to me. Obviously i will let you know what is going on uh. I just shot him a text just to see what's going on uh anyone listening to it, though, can you let me know, was he saying anything that you thought like could be making youtube mad or anything like that? Um, a lot of people saying no! This is what's scary. This is exactly why this is exactly why i have those backup accounts.

Just so you know um this. This happens. I mean i've been taking it down twice now, tmi has been taken down twice. This is 100.

Why? You guys all need to know hang on. Let me just show you this. This is the backup youtube channel matt course clips we're almost at 10k subs. This is my duck caricature uh.

If you want to check that out uh, it should be like featured on my channel. This is my backup youtube channel, because i've lost my channel twice. I don't want to get in trouble. In the meantime, we are clipping parts of the stream and who knows maybe i'll put the crypto content there uh, but the mac course clips channel subscribe to that.

If you're checking it out right now, um if you off of youtube, because a lot of people said hey man - well, maybe that's not the best um. If you go to this right here, matt coors on rumble check this out. Matt coors rumble. This is actually the morning stream i multi-stream in the mornings now on youtube on rumble and also on twitch, so check this out.

I am matt. How do you see this right here on matt coors on rumble and then obviously, if you go to matt underscore that's also another backup and, as you can see, i hang on. Let me mute this. This is some inception stuff like we're talking about me.

Seeing me right here, uh - and this is now me reacting to me talking to me, seeing me on twitch and, as you see, i think we're going to get even one level deeper and now i'm talking to me about reacting to me, seeing me on twitch man. This is going to get real deep folks, oh man, all right before we get to the fourth layer. Let me exit out of that because that's going to get too much, but just so you know tmi. He texted me back.

What's going on no idea, they just took down my video for some reason, copyright, but i was talking about charts, so he was taken down for a copyright strike, a copyright, weird things happening in this community um, and i implore all these guys trey tmi. Well, i guess tmi is kind of the main other streamer right now, just because of trey's work schedule. But with all that in mind, i i'm gon na talk to them, so he was talking down taken down for copyright, so he he didn't lose his channel or anything like that. Um he had a copyright strike and i hope he fights it because that seems definitely absurd um.

But for all that i think we should all have backups. I think we should all be on twitch. I think we should all be on rumble and i think we should all have backup youtube channels just because this is getting insane it's it's absurdly insane. He mentioned cardi b.

Oh wait. He mentioned cardi b. Did he play cardi b? Copyright just played. He played the boom boom song um.

Maybe there's a chance that the algorithm in the background, recognized the song and then hit him with copyright just because it knew that it was another audio clip on youtube. It does have some fancy algorithms that do that. In the background, that's a going possibility, i suppose um it's not illegal, but it was just taking that, like that's a copyright violation uh perhaps that they looked into it, but he didn't lose his channel so uh. Hopefully he gets that squared away uh.

He just said her name, he said shout out cardi b yeah, saying shout out: cardi b, wouldn't get you in trouble, but playing music in the background could potentially get you in trouble um. So people are saying he played boom boom. So the best thing he could do is reach out to martian, xtg and martian xcg, i believe, could stop the copyright, even if youtube originally triggered it. Martin xdg could be like.

I think i think i'm not 100 positive on that um, but maybe that might be the best thing to do, but it could have been boom boom candles. The the song i don't think saying shout out, cardi b would do anything there. Man look at gamestop. It is ripping right now, gamestop gamestop gamestop ripping some faces.

This is awesome. This is great, but overall um where'd you go. I mean i had to walk the doggos. I had to watch walk franklin.

I had to walk back sir and then oh um. I was trying to figure out some patreon issues. Just so you know there is a moon gang discord. It's all through patreon, it's in.

If you just signed up if you're listening right now, patreon is having issues with the integration, so i'm working my best my fastest. I've emailed them a lot of strongly worded emails to get that figured out. Please just give me to this evening to try to get like. I don't know what's going on with the integration between patreon and discord, but people are not getting the link to discord, but just so you know everyone is having that problem.

It's not a user error on your point. It's patreon's like yeah we're trying to get this figured out as soon as i have information for that. I will keep you updated um, but something i don't. I don't know.

What's going on between patreon and discord, but they're not playing nice right now, um. I will i'm gon na. Keep you updated just give me till this evening to really try to figure out what is going on with that uh. We in the discord need a rant topics: renaissance festivals.

How do you feel about avocados? Why is asparagus the best veggie um, we're gon na have to hop into those all right, renaissance festivals, i've been to one, and i had to go for high school credit uh for history class in like 11th grade, and i dressed up as a monk and this Uh this cute girl sat by me on the bus and i was trying to act all cool, so i ignored her the whole time and and then and then we didn't talk so yeah. That was weird. I played that one wrong um, but renaissance festival's cool. You always get those big turkey legs.

Those are fun. How do i feel about avocados love them? Uh super food, i'll eat, avocados. I love them in my salads on my burgers and my whatever i just like. I like guac uh, i'm a big avocado fan.

Why is asparagus the best veggie? It is not the best veggie, not the best veggie in the slightest uh. Many other i mean i'm a big green beans fan and i guess you could argue that green beans and asparagus are close cousins, but i mean they're all they're good, like i would love it like. If you have a nice, a nice properly cooked asparagus with steak. Oh i'm all for i'm not against asparagus.

I just don't know. I think it's a bold statement to say that it is the best one. Hey marilyn did your very real girlfriend get her swag artsy cat. We have not been to the p.o box, yet uh, but uh she's actually very excited for it.

We were talking about it. Last night, she's like thoroughly excited ape town, artsy cat. I will let you know ape town shout out for becoming an astronaut. I appreciate you bro, i played music on my channel and they didn't get blocked like that.

They gave warnings afterwards. They didn't seem like legit at all uh. It sounds like maybe someone reported in them or like a lot of reports um. So, with a lot of this stuff that we're seeing specific to youtube um my best suggestion - oh gamestop, is right now at resistance watch it rip through 188..

188 is a big level if jimmy can get above. This oh brother, oh brother, gives me those beautiful flashbacks. All the way to late january man pretty much this is amazing. This is so cool in gme i mean look at this.

Look at amc's run as well, roblox, looking strong sprt the thing to really tie this. All together is sprt going above 14 uh. Getting that breakout, i just want to see green across everything right now: green, green, green money, money, money and look at that. Look at that.

I have the maturity to say that i don't care which one of these you're in if you're, making money. Congratulations because that's what i want you to do if you're watching this channel. Of course, i'm happy for you if you're making money, if you're, making money, you're, happy you're, dropping fire, jokes and spreading positive karma, and then that gets me more amped up and then we're amping up other people. It's always good.

I just want everyone to be making money. I want to be the guy working at the wendy's taking down wall street and we could do that in multiple multiple ways: tickers to the left. Um. How do you do that? How do you like rearrange your trading view? Page franklin: what are you doing? It sounds like he's driving like a mack truck up there.

I don't even know why anyone gives him keys to a mack truck. They all know he's not the best at driving those types of vehicles because he's too small he can't look over the steering wheel and hit the gas, and yet it oh like whenever i go down a level he um he it just. It sounds crazy. Whatever is going on up there, it honestly sounds like he has a mack truck full of squeaky toys.

That's what happens when i come down to work. It just goes haywire up there, hey buddy super chatted. At the moment you got caught off of youtube. A few weeks ago then got my youtube suspended, just got it back.

Anyways originally wanted to say thank you for the good times in the car. With her family trip up north shout out seth, i'm so happy, you actually got it back. I mean it. I trust me been there been there twice: it's no fun whatsoever when they just rip it out.

So even there seth for you highly recommend, checking out. Wait, hang on uh, no idea, copyright. I was just a child and safety policy. Mass bot report attack man.

That's crazy so with tmi uh he still has his channel, but that one was down and he's telling me that it was because the child and safety policy, so it sounds like there was another bot attack on our community. I that's my sneaky suspicion of. What's going on is that someone is getting a lot of bots together and then they just all mass report a video at once, and it must go over the line of youtube's threshold and then for to error on the side of safety. I think youtube takes us down seth.

Maybe that's exactly what happened to you. I personally believe that's what happened to my account twice. It sounds like that's. What's going on with um tmi, so with tmi.

This is exactly why you need to pay attention to his backup channel as well as well, so he has the normal, the mass investor channel, but then he also has the mass investor i believe, network. So that's why you want to be both and that's exactly why. I have backup channels but crazy stuff, like this is happening, but um shout out to tmi good thing. He did not lose his channel.

It sounds like that. One individual video was taken down, but who knows the last time this happened? It happened to him and then within a week it happened to me so uh, i'm not saying i. I hope it doesn't happen to me but pay attention. This is why trey has a backup channel or the other main people in this community.

It's so good to have these backup channels, because you never know when insanity like this actually happens. Have you ever had area tacos? I have not mr morales cape town. Hey marilyn. Did your very real.

What's going on artsy cat all right, his last statement was: let's go amc. Let's go gme things bs on a possible short squeeze uh. I would agree that sprt is on a potential short squeeze. I want to get it.

I want to see it back above 14 and i want to see what that goes to, but i'm loving amc above 38. This is very, very strong and the current intraday high 38.50 uh, i'm still mainly watching 3870. As my next whoa whoa gme on the move. 191, i mean at this point we're watching just the high 190s.

200 200. Is such a key psychological level uh, but this one is on the move. Move move, congratulations to all the people who had to withstand those naysayers and everything about gme um. Definitely a nice uptick right there, nice, nice, uptick uh, i'm a mod on t and my channels.

We timed out so many people for talking bad about you today may have to do with that. You um, i don't know. If you guys timing, someone out would bring down a video uh that doesn't sound to be about against like their guidelines. I think there was just or maybe are you saying you time those people off out? They got mad and then reported tmi's account, maybe like i.

I could see that if that's what you're saying darth, it's just crazy how easily it is uh to do this stuff, uh yo, watching in australia here. Do you think amc and jimmy will go together. Thanks for the great vids, i mean right now. I think there's a lot of excitement and they pour over.

I mean obviously uh on an intraday basis. Jimmy is clearly performing better. I mean jimmy's up 16 and amc's up four percent, so i think excitement can help each other play out. But right here, like i mean look at this volume explosion in gme.

This is phenomenal folks. This is absolutely phenomenal um. This is exactly why i tell everyone why i just have always remained in both like i didn't. I didn't necessarily see how, like one was clearly a better play, because i thought it was comparing apples to oranges like different, floats different short interests, different types of people involved in each of these, so i was more than happy to and i'm still happy to have My money in both and i still think they go higher, am i right who knows? Am i wrong? Who knows, but i'm just saying for me, i, like the risk-reward setup and it looks like amc, does not want to be late to the party and it is also following through right about now.

This is great. This is great uh. Let's talk about amc wearing nikes, it's running t legend, i'm saying they may have reported him for that. Dorothy, hey yeah! I i agree with you.

Tmi said something about making investment videos for kids. Maybe the algorithm on youtube saw kids in the video. I don't know just a thought: yeah weird things happen. This is why people like tmi have backup channels, just because of this type of craziness daddyos.

What's going on, all right am i i think this is now working. Yes, okay, uh, awesome awesome, but yeah shameless wait. What is this banana banana for the chart because mix? I love this. What is this? This is a good setting for viewers on training view to see the timber and time frame easily.

Where is this? The watermark appearance chart settings start settings settings settings mind the right thing. Wait. Yours is chart settings, appearance and then come over to the watermark. Oh sweet.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Okay, apply to all okay sweet. Thank you yeah. So now we can see this a little bit better amc, gme roblox, just popping up there. I like that watermark.

Thank you, jamar uh. What happened to tmi uh sounds like they believe it was some sort of community guideline violation. That's why they took the video down, but it seems strongly like it was not in like any manner um so just another. I mean, in my opinion, with big tech continuing to do things like this specifically youtube and twitter.

I hear of it the most of just like completely ripping people's platform away from them, for like no good reason, and i get it. Okay, people, folks, people, folks, people, folks, you know people don't have to get on their high horse and be like it's a platform like it's their platform. It's a private company. They can do what they want.

I get that argument. I'm just saying you can't apply the rules differently to different people on your platform as the owner of the platform, you create all the rules, and everyone should be following those rules equally, so my issue is with how the the application of rules differs from person to Person to person um, yes, i get it when you sign up for their platform. It's a private company they're. I get it, i'm a fan of businesses at any level and making your own rules.

I think that's awesome, i'm just saying once you create rules, it can't be applied to different people in a different manner. They should be applied uniformly across the entire platform. All right right now: amc at 38.60, ding, ding, ding, new, all time or intraday high. Excuse me not all-time high.

I would look, i hope. Hopefully i am saying that tomorrow, but anyway, amc is what is it doing right now we are seeing okay, so 38.70 is resistance on kind of a bigger time frame and then obviously 39 is a key psychological level and after that 39.70, that's the start of the Real gauntlet from basically 40 to 42., so overall, what you need to know at this point is the key thing of between 39 and 42. Roughly is a lot of resistance, scattered at different levels. So if you don't have the time to hang out in every live stream and all that good stuff, what you really need to know is: we are looking for amc to hurdle like an olympian like i'm talking like a usain bolt olympian, and then we throw in One of those high jumpers that can just hop over 42 because after 42, i'm expecting a usain bolt esque sprint to 46 lots of resistance at 46 because 46 above that uh, some nice volume and nice close.

That is confirmation that the bear trend is dunzo. It is dunzo donzo dunzo above 46, and i think that is the price level where the shorts are going to start to get nervous. And then, if we have a breakout of that key psychological level at 50, i think that's legitimately the point they start their pants. So if you want, i don't know, maybe um a secondary tertiary investment idea.

If you want to start buying a pampers diapers, whether it's the company that creates them or if you want to buy the physical product and stand outside of citadel and sell that there's many ways you can make money on investing in or reselling adult diapers. In the current situation, obviously i'm not a financial advisor and i'm not a diapers expert, but i can read the writing on the wall. Folks, investment in diapers at this point in time could be one of the best decisions. Besides investing in tulips, tulips and diapers.

That right now, i'm bullish on both of those short, medium and long term. I don't know how to make it more obvious. It is what it is, i'm calling it how i see it right now. Amc cruising did not care about 38.70.

We are above 39.. Oh, i thought it got halted. I was like here we go here. We go we're, starting with the halts um right now, we're like i said, there's little resistance, scattered pretty much from 39, all the way up to 42, and i don't know which one it will or won't react to.

We are basically just waiting to see and we want it above 42 and then from 42. We want to see 46.. Gme is looking phenomenal right now, i'm not forgetting about jimmy it's at 195, and it's cruising like it's up. 18 on the day or 17.5 watch 200.

The the way 200 is a key psychological level. Think about that. The same as amc at 50.. Both are just major levels that many many people are going to be reacting to above it.

I could see some fomo buyers coming in, but to get above it you might have some day traders and swing traders who are happy to take their profits there and we might see extra supply so we're looking at major breakouts gme at 200 amc at 50, but First, amc has technical issues to get over at 42 and then 46, but i would say just the way you could think about it as a human in doing human trading, 200 is obviously very important for gamestop, and then that kind of sets up the test of 220, but i could talk about that in an update video uh. If you haven't already uh, i did start a little early today, so i think i messed up some people. If you haven't already, i would love it if you could destroy the like button. Scientists can't explain why, but the more likes the more rumbles, the more followers subscriptions all that stuff it does help out.

It prompts more enthusiasm. We have about 13 000 people watching right now, so whatever platform you're on, if you could just murder that murder that, like button real likes synthetic likes whatever likes, you want to call them. But let's show a little bit of support for amc and jimmy, and obviously i'm just saying that, because it helps with the algorithm gets more people in here gets more people excited and lets. People know we're not going anywhere.

We've been in this since oh shoot, we've been in this since january and if all the ups and downs haven't really gotten us out now, obviously we're not leaving, but they still think i mean i. I read all these articles and stuff about like oh, how the apes are leaving and they're selling. I mean even this morning, people were trying to spread flood of this selling amc to get into sprt. What are you talking about? Who is selling this thing? Answer no apes are selling this thing.

The apes right now are saying whoa they're, saying whoa whoa whoa. This is exploding right here. This is the major resistance. I am paying attention to 39.70.

Let's see how amc reacts to that gamestop. Looking good at 195 would love to see 200 roblox, looking good and sprt kind of not doing anything right now, but watch for this top trend line. We are not leaving matt. Why was cmi remember from youtube not removed a particular video was taken down.

It looks like he got a copyright strike but um to my understanding. It sounds like it wasn't deserved and i hope he fixed it or i hope we get more information, but it wasn't like his account was terminated like it was previously. My first amc call option is on over 200. Oh brother, timothy lol.

Here we go we're starting with the haunts. I thought it was, but it was just um a little bit of a freak out. Hang on. Maybe are my amc calls.

Finally, in the money are they are they are they? Where are we yes? Finally up? Finally, finally, up all right, my amc uh, my first batch of them are in the money or they're in profit. So much all right. Let's keep this going. Let's keep the fun fun going.

Uh shout out, you guys did destroy that like button, we hopped all the way up to pretty much four thousand um, so we're about like one one thousandth of where we're gon na go. I don't really get this liking thing. I just get if they're allowed to synthetically short. Why can't we synthetically like and just mess with the youtube algorithm like i don't i don't see any difference all right come on um like i said this is resistance.

It was rejected at 39.78 and i guess i was off by seven cents, but i don't think this is done because we're not even at power. We have an hour to power, our all of you, people who believe in the linear nature of time in the gregorian calendar. We still have one hour to go until power hour, so we have 120 minutes of my dj session. My stock commentary dj session of just ripping higher um the ripping.

This is what i tweeted out this morning. It's the rippening, and what do we have the title of this one ignition time. Question mark exclamation. Point question: mark exclamation point: it's like a very aggressive interrogative.

It's an exciting. It's provocative. It gets the people an exciting interrogative uh off exchange youtube like button. That's finally, on to me march, thank you and whoever is in your discord, made the sprt play.

I made a nice little profit bought 50, more amc. Also. I got that saint jude yesterday, oh boogie, thank you so much for getting that shirt. I still i'm not gon na lie.

I'm still a little bit uh on cloud nine for the amount of money moon gang was able to raise for saint jude children's research, hospital 20, thou and think about it. When we're all stupid rich from this place. Think about how much money we'll be able to raise for organizations such as saint jude and related ones. The ronald mcdonald penn state, thon uh.

The list goes on and on of amazing charities that i mean i've seen it firsthand even when the stock wasn't doing the best. I saw how charitable people were being it gets me so excited to know. I mean kind of like my own act and my own shtick aside. I really am excited to know what our community can do.

Uh, when everyone's just like jacked up and has a lot of money, i mean imagine all of us just like what the things we could do, the charities we could help the uh it. It gets me so excited to think about it. Um. I think we could spread some amazing amazing good across the world.

Uh matt 36 people have disliked this stream really. What do they want? A dancing money, monkey uh billy ray - i don't know they probably just they're, probably people who shorted amc, they're. Probably people who shorted amc people who shorted gamestop and they're like i'll get you meddling kids like very much they're, like uh scooby-doo style keyboard warriors, who are just like pissy, that they not only did they paper hand out. They shorted it.

They probably shorted amc in like the low 30s and short of gamestop in like the 140s 150s and are just like you know, what'll make me better in this dislike button. Uh little little do they know that in youtube's, algorithm, dislikes and likes are considered to be the same, like engagement and youtube. Doesn't care about it or they're, just like jealous they're, just jealous that they don't have franklin upstairs driving a mack truck of chew toys. All right, sprt still in its wedge, amc right there.

It was at that resistance. I was talking about 39.70 and the only reason i didn't do any like special math calculations. I didn't call up stephen hawking to get an answer here. I literally was like oh wow.

Amc has been rejected at 39.70 before i wonder if it will be again, that's all i did for it. I didn't do anything like fancy. Nothing fancy but amc. Looking good we're about to go pick up, our the apes and the apex who we left in the 40s we're coming back to scoop them up on the spaceship before we pick up the apes in the 50s, then the apes in the 60s and then we'll pick Up those few apes in the 70s and gamestop same thing, we picked them up from the 150 to the 200s.

Now we're looking at all the apes up to 250, then 300, then 350 and the list goes on and on and on hey matt. Your rants are epic. You will do good in good stuff. What's going on mike, let's go you're, never going to get married.

Imagine how many likes and subscribers you have in the dark pool. Oh you guys, don't even want to know everyone's like matt. Why don't you have more subs or more likes well, they're being suppressed in the dark pools? Folks, the dark pools of algorithms, big red on 43 covered calls. If i don't want to lose money, should i just wait till they get exercise and just use that money to buy shares back, not advice, mlev yeah, your biggest risk.

There is if, in the time between before you actually exercise, if there's a gigantic run past 43, so if it's like a little bit, all right you'll lose out a little bit of money, um you're. What you need to do is if it continues to run, and you were selling covered calls. You would take 43 add on the premium. You got for it and anything past.

That is profits that you're theoretically missing out on you're, not going to lose money you're. Just not going to make as much money so yeah if they choose to exercise. At that point, you would just be like okay i'll take my money and buy my shares back. That's how i would play it.

Shout out jason apes to the hedges look buddy gary. I heart you, king vortex gaming. We need a pant style, adult diapers and call them kenny longings matt 30. All right! We did that the 36 people - just don't like me, you know, what's weird - is i think, people okay on social media they're like, but only if they could meet me in real life like this is just my internet persona.

I swear if i could talk to them. One-On-One, i think they would like me um. I disagree with that to you to the little uh keyboard warriors out there. I i don't.

If you met me in real life, you'd probably want to double dislike. You'd probably go out of your way to make another account and be like wow that kid is a dick um, i'm not saying there's nothing redeeming about it like it gets worse. If you meet me in my real life, it's just it's more! It's worse like, if you think you dislike me now through the internet, oh in reality, it would be exponentially worse, like you would have um, you would have to go to therapy for quite a while to handle the rage and the pure irate nature. You feel just knowing you've met me in person.

It doesn't get better and i don't get why people say that i'm like. Oh, they only know a little bit of me. It's just my internet. If only they met the real me, it would be better um.

I i don't no. I don't think that i i have enough critical thought and opinion of myself to know. That is in no way true. It's gon na get worse, uh matt.

What do you think of the mass volume candles? Please opine, mostly i'll, go buying um. It could have been some algal buying that then triggered other people to just start dumping in money. I would think i don't think it's purely one thing. Uh could have definitely started by algo, but we saw that the algos essentially kind of turned on around noon, because that's when everything started turning and then it just kept going - and i think people got excited and started pointing it was more of like it very quickly - Became a self-fulfilling prophecy, i would say portuguese ape in amc at 51 and gme at 201 june and hold on strong gratitude of matt for igniting my apness back to entry and moon after thanks for all your hard work, it's much appreciated doesn't go unnoticed, been here Since late january, and i'm not leaving don't say diapers think of the i said adult diapers, adult diapers.

If i buy bitcoin at 50 000 and drops 20 000, could i sell for 20 000 loss and use it for taxes to buy back in uh? I don't know if there's wash sales so there's something in the stock market where you do have to wait some time before you could buy again about a month. Uh. That's like a tax thing uh for crypto. I don't know what the tax laws are related to.

Crypto shout out trey subway cup amc and aqst at two all-time highs this week, hey matt! How much money do you think hedges have lost in total since february? Oh probably in the definitely billions of dollars uh. I was reading a metric on this um. I would probably close to like 7 billion. I think, if i'm recalling the articles right um, i think 10 billion might be a little high in an estimation but uh in the realm of billions.

Definitely i know i've read numbers over four, but i feel like i've read more uh. So that's why i'm roughly guessing 7.5, but i could look into that a bit more super chat and apes ain't, leaving thanks for the shout out all please don't change the name of mac horse clips to coors light all right. We could switch that to coors light. I love that that's a great suggestion, seth.

Ah man, these are hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. What is this looks like moon aids for you tonight breaking 40. I very much hope so. Excitement excitement, excitement, excitement, yeah, drink break, i'm just screaming.

Oh bubbly water, for when normal water isn't painful enough like who invented seltzer water. It sells for water like a sadist, a masochist like someone who's like you know what would make this water better if it hurt every single sip i took and someone's like? Are you all right, kev like what did you just say he's like i just i'm drinking water and i like this hydration, but i just wish it was more painful and then like what leave? What are you talking about and then he left and he created seltzer water, and here we are today - it's probably a multi-billion dollar industry. All right, gme, like i said it was right below the key psychological level of 200.. We have to watch 200 on gme.

Very very important and then amc, it's gearing up for this test of a major resistance. 39.71. If we clear 40, i'm trying to it might honestly be clear sailing up to 41. But remember 42 is the spot of the major breakout old school italians, love seltzer! For some reason, i would argue that old school italians also love extra pain.

Have you seen the video of kid chugging celsius, the one where he chugged it and then turned around and like ran into a garage because he was in pain? How positive would the price action this week close for above 40, major tailwind or just kind of positive, i would say major, tailwind, um well, a 40 would be good above 42, i would say is a major tailwind, but 40 is interesting because that's where the options Market is built out, uh right here view amc for this week's expirations 40. We see 1.7 million shares that might have to get hedged for and that's kind of the uh. Well, if we get up to 80 by friday, that would be another 1.1 million. But us overtaking 40 helps in terms of gamma hedging gamma squeeze, but 42 is a nice technical breakout.

Uh amc is looking like one hot tamale, hot tamale gme. Looking strong amc, looking strong jimmy looking strong sprt up still 14 amc up, eight jamie up 18 sprt up 14 folks. Folks, i mean what a day to be a pom-pom cheerleader for stocks. Good stuff, good stuff come get me at 43.

It's what's going on! Counselor murray, everyone says see: bb going up thanks folks gave me a lift uh brendan burns. Just you know i'm not in bb, and i see less talk about bb than i do. Amc and gme definitely number one and two i'd say: sprt is right behind that um. Look at amc all right now.

This is a fun point where i go back to check my position for a while, i like to like hide it and i'm like. Oh, i don't know if i want to do that type of stuff, but amc i love looking at these gains. Oh, oh, that's! Good! Oh! That's! Good! Hey! That's! Fun! Kids! Oh hey! Kids! That's fun! Love! Checking in on those gains, the gains, the gains, the gains. The gains the gains, the gains uh.

Where are we doing? What is my buying all right? Where are we going? What is today today is tuesday. Today is tuesday. Next, today is tuesday right. Oh, we could do some damage here.

Folks. Yes, we can easy easy, peasy lemon squeezy. We could do damage, we could do damage. Why? Because we can, because we can alright amc it's at my level.

39.70. I want to see this kind of hold and i want to see the reaction. It got rejected right at 40, big breakout at 42. sprt trying to bounce gme.

Looking some some form of purdy would love to see that above 200 roblox - i just have it up there. I don't know to keep us based man, iwm running running, running love. This above 221., that's actually a pretty big breakout in the russell 2000, which is very good for amc and kind of good for gme. I know it's not in there any gme doesn't need help.

I mean gme is just ripping on its own right here. Gme see folks, this is when people start fighting between amc and jimmy. Remember you can win together. Our enemy is wall street.

It's the crooks on wall street. It's not other apes who might like one of these more than the other. That is not your enemy. You shouldn't be fighting with someone else for me, i'm in amc, i'm in jamie i'm in sprt, i'm not in iwm, but i'm in both both can win.

Look at look, i see green. At the same time, you don't have to fight with each other. Remember who the true enemy is here: don't waste your time or energy, arguing with like an ape of a little different creed, um we're still all apes and gme taking the cake today, almost up 20 on gme good for everyone in gme uh, that's awesome and i'm Not saying anything bad about amc amc is up. Nine percent sprt is up 17.

It's green. This is awesome, awesome, awesome, stuff. Folks, can you give me some insight on how you would create a trading plan for options, scotty um? That would be a very in-depth long. Conversation, i would the best thing i could say is check out the trading options playlist on this channel on the mac, coors youtube, channel and kind of start there.

Oh folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, this is so disgusting. This is so stupidly, green, in my account all right. This is, this is fun and they say in america you have to go to college when in reality you just have to yolo a stock hope it catches, cultural, wildfire, rips to the stratosphere, and then you just have money to live for the rest of your life. This is hilarious.

This is absolutely hilarious. Uh just past break, even on my amc, call hold sell timothy all up to you. If you think it's going to continue to trend upward, i would hold if i were in position. If i thought it was going to trend upward, i would hold if i thought this was it.

I would sell right now and me me being long on amc. I personally think this is not financial advice. This is not legal advice, it might be romantic advice though i don't know, but i am long on amc. I think it continues to go.

Go higher um, like i said, not financial advice, not legal advice, potentially romantic advice. I don't know i don't know what you people are into, but uh i think amc keeps going. I think jimmy keeps going, and i know this is exciting, like we're all here like we're all having a good time. We're excited we're jacked up, but remember: what's happened in the past with days like these, the excitement carries over into the night session pre-market we wake up.

We clean our eyes out we're like, what's going on, we quickly roll over like get out of the way completely real girlfriend. I need my phone, you open your phone up, you look at it. You're like we just gapped up 10. What's going on and things like that, it's wash rinse repeat your blood pressure is going to go high.

I'm going to tell you if you're, if you're, someone like me, and sometimes your heart does weird palpitations and stuff get ready for it. Your heart is going to be all over the place it's going to get nuts, but we're cruising right now. Folks, we are cruising zachary becoming an astronaut matt get those green peas. Oh, i did, i did say above 42 and i would eat peas, potentially the biggest regret of my live streaming career you're, witnessing it right now.

I did earlier say today i would eat peas. Why did i say that all right all right? No, you guys have it. You know you're right. I did say that i i do.

I can't even be like. Oh you're gaslighting me. I never said that. I did say that, and i admit i said it amc.

I hope it closes above 42 i'll be a wealthy man um and i guess i'll also be a wealthy man who has to eat peas, disgusting, okay, fine, well, wait way to take this wind out of my sails. I forgot about that all right. Well, we're cruising! Whatever folks, this is awesome, this is awesome. Awesome awesome! Let's keep this going, hey, let's get more people in here.

If you haven't already pl, don't forget to that subscribe button. Destroy the subscribe button, destroy the like button. The royal rumble button the follow button, all that stuff um, all that stuff is free. It just helps out with the engagement and gets more people in here to see the fun as we close out.

We have an hour and 40 minutes, so the market closes today and boy. Oh boy, the ripping pro tip frozen. Peas are better than canned peas. Do you have peas in the house? No, i'm gon na have to go, buy em.

Here we go someone's like did. He just say buy: is he gon na spend money on something? That's not amc. Uh yeah folks, i'm gon na have to go, buy some peas. If i'm doing this, hey buddy get ready for the pizza, i'm excited for it.

If that's the trade-off me eating peas. At 42 we're gon na. Do it we're gon na? Do it? Oh brother, oh brother, oh brother, little brother or brother or brother. Look at this ripping g in me.

Look it just like it shot up and it's like wee and then it just completely exploded to the upside. It got above 200, but it couldn't hold that quite yet. Um 42 is gon na get nuts folks, it's gon na get nuts. Let's do this thing.

Let's do this get ready, my amc account was down over 20 only weeks ago, and it has been read for months. I just saw it turn green thanks for riding along with me, matt hodel, getting closer and closer to hood baby. Oh, i i my guess was amc passes hood at 42. uh.

It might be a little bit higher. Remember as we pass robin hood wave, be respectful, obviously be respectful. We're always going to take the high road, but it does seem, like amc, hopefully crosses hood. Pretty soon um, i love it.

I love it. I love it. I love it. Amc seems to like tuesdays.

Uh. Does this kind of remind me of tuesday june 1st? Also amc has big days past tuesdays. Well, it had a very good monday yesterday. So i think it's just momentum we're seeing a technical breakout, we're seeing people getting excited um.

The summer's coming to a close people are getting done with vacations they're coming back into the game. Can we have a look at the amc and gme numbers we can but uh right here? Uh short interest is 17.87, a return of 843 000 on gme borrowed of 30 000 in short interest of 11, all right crypto's, still taking a bit of a dip, but uh amc is ripping. Amc is ripping all right. I don't know if i'm like legally allowed to share this or anything, but on the dip today, uh, i got some amc and i was like hang on something around 12 31.

I was like. Maybe some things are gon na turn around and that one plays and it's not locked in and you shouldn't be bragging about prophesied, aren't locked in, but hey we're family um already up 12k on that, like one little dip buy from earlier today, um, remember: that's why You buy on weakness. Buying a hey buying on strength is fun. You can get some rips in there too, closer to being a bag holder but buying on weakness, identifying support um, that's where the that's, where the real stuff's at 12k 12k, one dip buy folks one dip buy and then obviously that's just that's just that position.

That is one piece. This is just ripping. Uh love, it love it uh, i'm so confused matt. Can you please help? Can you explain why amc isn't freaking one cent moon gang for life? Maybe it just has more value than one cent rich greenfield pissy right now.

Uh, what about ortex um? What about ortex uh? We! We just checked that if you want to rewind a little bit amc roughly 18 short interest and gme roughly 11 short interest, all right, we're gunning for the p line! 42. 42. If you guys want to see it, this is gon na there we go there we go here. We are folks, here's the magnet to 42.

This is why 42 is important. Just support support some support, some resistance after that yeah. This is why we're watching 42 would love to get it above. 42 after 42., especially on some nice volume, some nice momentum.

I can honestly see pretty clear sailing to 46 uh a nice four dollar move potential. Gme also, i mean these are all having a great day sbrt, not closing out, but who knows this could catch a base and turn around sprt still has nice gains um gme up over 20 amc up 13. It's getting crushed right now. All right here comes the fee time: uh man, oh man, man, oh man, please uh.

All right. We have to do this too. People are meant all right. We're gon na bring it up.

Um, we'll bring it to that next level. People did message me and like dude, when we do things like this um we're on the edge. We have to make it fun so above 42 and we don't even have to close above 42. above 42.

We on the merch site here i'll bring that up. So you guys can see it um. If we go above 42, even by a cent, the code ps will go, live in the discount all right. I can't even finish it 15 off code, ps, moon, gang merch, all right.

I said that as soon as we go above 42, this is so exciting. Let's go, let's go code, ps, p-e-a-s, 15 off moon gang merch, but we have to go above 42. The code does not go live unless amc hits at least 4201 folks. That's what we have to hit and you could get your code p's p's, p's p's.

I can't believe you guys talked me into this. This is why this is why cyber bullying isn't healthy. Sometimes people get bullied into eating their vegetables 42. Are you gon na see it? Are you gon na see i'll zoom in gme also looking phenomenal? These two are definitely the bell of the ball right now, the bell of the ball uh where's, my rsi where's, my rsi, all right all right apes, all right! Let's, let's start talking with people on twitter, all right, twitter, twitter, twitter, all right, we're moving we're grooving nope! That is not gme! There we go, there's gme! Sorry i just got distracted had had to fire off some tweets.

You know i had to fire off some tweets all right. How do i get back to all this i need to here we go whoa chat's, moving real fast. You guys are speedy. Speedy, speedy, oh looks like i dodged the p bullet by what is this? What's the high sixth sense? Sixth sense, i was saved from the p bullet whoo whoo-hoo cunning, close cutting.

It close. I say that and it's just going to base and rip not even to stop at 42., all right we're going to do it. Ah, here we go there, we go there, we go there, it is there, it is all right. Is it going to happen? We're getting close.

Amc is at 41.81. Gme is at 198.60. Both are looking absolutely phenomenal. Looking phenomenal all right, we're gon na see it.

So what did you see that it just shot up to 42-25? All right um? Yes, yes, the code is live just give it a couple seconds um. I don't know in what manner i'll be eating peas, but look for that um. I will be uh eating some peas eating some peas, it happens, but that was such a decisive thing. It wasn't like it just got over.

There was a huge volume spike and it was like we are buying. There was some hedge fund out. There was like. Oh, this kid's eating peas.

He didn't even he didn't even try to slow it down. They're, like oh, we'll hit 4201.. He absolutely just destroyed the line. All right, i'm a man of my word.

I will be eating. Peas, be on the lookout for that um and then i believe the code is already live. Oops uh austin, if you're listening right now, if you could put the banner up, so everyone knows that it's ps p-e-a-s, if you could put that banner up, that would be great. That would be great uh gutierrez mr drock eat the peas on tomorrow's stream.

We'd love to see your mouth full of delicious feet, kenny, trying to get back at making you eat peas. If i sold 60 calls if they exercised or at least get paid, the 60 per share yeah, you do get paid. The 60 per share. King um jordan, stock price higher rsi lower.

Is that good? No that's actually bearish diversion, so it might need to cool off honestly. Here's an ideal scenario to me. Ideal scenario is, if we coast at 42, like just all the way until 3 pm, i would love a half hour of coasting sideways and then for power hour. We just rip because if you're going sideways, the rsi will drift back down to neutral and then inherently will have more time to actually run up on it um.

So i'm definitely looking for some sideways movement that if i could write this, that would be how i would write this book sideways at 42 for about 30 45 minutes, and then we rip in power hour all right. What else am i missing shout out to all the new subscribers, so many names coming in so many uh people on twitch following so many people on rumble? I appreciate all the love and support and i hope you are making a disgusting amount of money. Look at these explosions: let's go! Let's do this thing. Ah, i'm gon na look at my p l to give myself heart palpitations.

Let's do this thing. Let's do this thing? Oh, ah, sometimes you sit there and you're like man. Do i have too much money on this play and then days like today, you're like i don't have enough money on this play. I love it.

I love it swinging back around green across the board. Actually no lie. Everything in this account is green, except for one of these stocks, i'm down 30 cents on for the day, but other than that everything is green, green, green. This is nuts 42.

I'm telling you folks franklin come here. You need to see this man, it's crazy franklin!.

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