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Ep 56 moon stock movers dumb money: amc, gamestop more – Matt Kohrs

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Dumb Money Ep. 56: AMC, GameStop & More
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You hello, hello, hello. What is going on folks? Let me get hooked up here. Let me get talking to nasa and see how we are. Oh, that sounds crisp crisp crisp.

This is exactly what we want. Folks amc is looking hungry, hello, hello. What is going on apes coming at you loud and clear? I'm so excited i mean so many things going on, but the stocks are looking awesome. Of course, we're going to be talking about amc, gme, sprt, bbig, all that stuff we'll be talking about the russell 2000.

The s p 500, we'll talk a little bit about crypto, but an exciting, exciting day to be involved in the markets and, of course, it's always a b-e-a-u-full day to be in eight look. How good amc is looking this morning, amc already up 2.6 in pre-market after having a nice green day on friday trading, just at 42, we've talked about 42. So much, you guys all know the importance of 42. What is going on? Oh, we have some shout out.

Clubfoot billy shout out: matt's left sweaty sock. What is going on? Oh folks, i think here's, what i think is going on - let's listen up loud and clear, i think, what's going on, is we're all getting up on this monday morning. We're excited the apes are going we're pounding our chests we're excited for what's going on and then on the other hand, we have all of our our favorite wall street members and they're just sitting there a little bit confused. Oh brother, oh brother, oh brother, oh hang on hang on.

Let's try this one out! Oh brother, oh brother, the apes are at it again they're sitting there. They don't know. What's going on they're worried, we're excited we're all jacked up and i'm happy to be doing this expending this monday trading day with all of you all right. So, let's hop right into kind of the higher level stuff, the s p.

500 s p y on friday. After some pretty dovish, more so soft comments from the federal reserve, jerome powell on friday, with the jackson, hole, wyoming's or the jackson hole symposium hit a new all-time high 450. we're holding above that uh. This was the level i was paying attention to.

I was watching 450. I wanted to see how it reacts. Let's see if it holds it today, but seeing a lot of strength in the overall market. A lot of strength - and remember - i'm always here telling you about these headwinds and tailwinds as people aren't getting scared in these major indexes.

That is good for us, so we'll keep a little on the s. P, 500, but more important to us is the russell 2000. Why? Because amc is the biggest stock within the russell 2000, it's only 0.5 exposure, but that still makes it the biggest one. I mean this index is tracking 2 000 stocks, but anyway, on friday we had a nice new relative high we're looking for this breakout from july 12th.

I want to see the test of essentially 2 29 today and then from there i'd be watching 233. I wouldn't be looking at that, like in the immediate future, definitely a possibility, but i don't think we'll see continued explosions like we saw on friday, but i kind of want it to slowly drift upward. Once again. This is the daily look at the s.

P 500 and the russell 2000. Now, let's switch it over to amy, so amy right now at 42 and i've been up for a bit. I haven't been really sleeping much lately because i you can tell we're on the cusp of something of some sort of big move. Obviously, fingers crossed that that's upwards, but i have no idea folks.

I am not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a fortune teller. You have to make your own decisions. I don't give out buy signals. I don't give out, sell signals.

You are in charge of your own money uh last week. This is important. Last week we saw a lot of commentary as if i'm like, you should have told us about this. Why are you talking about? Like i talk about my traits, i am sharing my trading experience.

Real time live with all of you. This isn't a show where, like hey, i should copy that kid who talks way too much about fast and furious and duck shirts. This is not that kind of a show. There are many, i guess: groups out there and programs out there that do buy signals that do sell signals.

That's not me, that's not me in the slightest i'm here to teach you a little bit about the market, i'm here, to give you a little bit of entertainment. I am not here for you to copy my trades whatsoever. In fact, i don't want you to. I want you to do i'm trying to teach you more of a skill set, so you could do your own dd and have conviction in your own trades.

If i see opportunity in the market, amc, gme or elsewhere, i want to make money. I'm here i pay. My bills, by trading, i need to actively trade. That's how i make money.

It's not that crazy of a thing, but anyway, why? I'm specifically exciting is because last week people made serious money on sprt, bbig and i'll be talking about those, and i think they still have opportunity. I was being very, very transparent about my trade, but what i'm thinking is that specifically a lot of the money made on sprt? We are getting this nice setup and i've talked so much about a cup and handle. So if you go from july 9th all the way to the end of august here august 25th, we have a giant cup and we are looking for this handle to form. And if you saw my update video yesterday, i said i specifically wanted to get above 43.17, which is the low from august 25th to really start forming this handle if you're new to the world of cup and handle it's basically a giant.

You followed by a another. Smaller use so here's the cup here's the handle. So basically you just have one: u a smaller: u with a higher low and then you get that explosion, but the reason i'm excited about it is check out what happened hang on. Let me right about here.

Let me so if you go from march 18th, all the way to may 18th a giant cup, a giant giant cup, here's the cup and then we had about. We hit the cup and then three days four days. And then we really started picking up on day. Five giant cup handle explosion.

Now, does this mean it has to play out that way? No, it doesn't at all, i'm just saying. Obviously amy here amc has a precedent for moving in that type of manner, and if people like me are noticing it there's a lot of people who know what amc is capable of they're seeing this and as soon as it starts spending back around, i think there's Going to be more enthusiasm, we've really seen a change in momentum specific to amc. Ever since mid-august, it was getting beaten down from mid-june to the end of june, pretty much all of july until mid-august, and then something changed right in here. Mid august was when the momentum started to shift and honestly you could even see that in the macd, the moving average convergence divergence.

That's this technical indicator on the bottom, but if i scroll in you can see right where it switched over into bullish, aka, apish momentum and we're just looking i've been saying this from the start. We have the momentum. The gold in question is: how long can this momentum continue? What can it lead to and that's what we do here day in and day out, we're watching the levels? Are we seeing buyers? Are we seeing sellers what price levels are people really positioning themselves at, and it just so happens that from march of may of this year, it's starting to look very, very similar from mid-july to mid-august uh right now, like we're seeing that similar cup and handle pattern? I'm liking what's going on and of course, there's other technicals to be done. You can look at volume profiles so much, but i don't want to clutter the chart of what's going on right now.

The main takeaway is, we are continuing this momentum and for today's specific action i want to see an overtake of the low on august 25th would love after that to see an overtake of the high of thursday 44 78 and then we're back to this 46 level. I've been beating the drum on this, but equivalent to may's 1450 level. I think that's the 46 level now i think, they're very, very similar, i'm looking for a break above that we broke above it we didn't close above it. We had okay volume.

I want to break above 46 close above 46, and i want high volume, as in the market, is going to accept that price level. I'm still that is the line in the sand. For me, i think past that i'm sticking to it. I've been calling out 1450 when that happened way back in may, i'm now i'm sticking to my guns on the 46 for this level, so that is what i'm specifically watching there in terms of gme another bullish pattern, but a different one.

This isn't a cup and a handle. This is a bullish. Pennant, it shot up, lower highs, higher lows and you basically have oop. My apologies.

Sorry, i'm now that i'm on a pc and mac a little different hotkey situation got ta rewire my brain to do this, and why is this one not working all right? Whatever lower highs, higher lows, you could see it's a triangle. So here's the pole, flag, lower highs higher lows, bullish pendant these commonly break upwards - they don't always have to, but i would say, confirmation comes if we get above and close above the high from thursday, the 26th at 2 17, which is pretty similar to that level. I've been laying out with you of 212 to 215 being resistance, but look for the follow through above 225. On top of that, i'm then watching 240 and that's all for jimmy and not this wednesday.

But next wednesday september 8th is gamestop's earnings announcement so that we do have a upcoming fundamental catalyst, so those are the two main ones so for amc, they've already borrowed 1.2 million against it. Today. The short interest is pushing 17.5 utilization 93 shares on loan 107 million. So both the short interest and shares and loan went up on friday utilization slightly down, so that just means more people are offering their shares to go short in terms of gme.

They borrowed 23 000 against it today. The short interest is 13 utilization. 35 shares on loan 7 million. Now, let's switch it up to kind of the new kids on the block, sprt and bbig.

Now let me make this uh explicitly clear. As of now i do not put sprt or bbig in the same category of amc and gme. Do i think it's a good trade yeah, i think, there's a lot of potential there. I think there's a high short interest.

I think they're relatively low float. I think there's a way to make money, but the reason i don't put them in the same category is because they don't they do have community support, but not the same size. It takes time to develop community support. Think about how big the community for amc and jimmy grew from september till now bbig sprt to be completely transparent and honest.

I don't know it might become that it possibly could. But as of right now, i view it as a good trade. You might be able to take like advantage of some sort of short squeeze for me on sprt. I took a lot of money on the friday run up and with it i don't know.

If this short's covered we find out tomorrow, we traded almost 18x. The free float on sprt on friday there's a good chance that the shorts could have covered. I don't know tomorrow. If we, if this update, then we see that the shorts didn't cover that changes the narrative, but right now we're in that two-day settlement period.

No man's land, where we don't know what's going on so with that, i'm in no way against it. I want everyone to make money off of any stock you're trading, but i do definitely put amc and jimi at tier one, and then i would put sprt and bbig at tier two for now. Obviously this is a dynamic situation. It can change day in and day out, but on sprt.

We have to wait till tomorrow and bbig is having a very nice opening today. Well, actually, they kind of both are so we have to wait till tomorrow and the next day to see if the shorts are or aren't covered. That's what a short squeeze is if all the shorts covered. That means that the squeeze is over if they all covered, but we won't definitively know that information until we get that update from the two-day settlement so right there, if you're in it cool, i'm not going to be a baby and saving bill, you can't make money On other things, how do you think we get more money into amc and into gme? You need more money to go in, and one way to get more money is to make other good traits uh.

So i mean i know some people on the the social interwebs are against other stocks. I'm here i want you to make money, i'm not going to sit here and bitch in wine if you're making money on something else. I'm going to congratulate you because that's most likely why you're engaged in the market is to make money. So why would i sit here and be like? Oh, you can't make money somewhere else.

I think it's um a very unfounded and a slightly selfish, slash jealous. Look at the entire situation if you're making money good for you. I am happy for you in terms of sprt. Let's take a look at its daily chart, so it did gap up and it ran - and i don't like this setup, if i'm being completely honest on this, let's take a look at the 30 minute: the fact that it ran and couldn't hold it.

We saw a run-up and then the market was smacking it back down and it traded a lot of volume. There is a possibility that the short's covered. You have to accept that, and we won't know until tomorrow now fast forward till today. It is showing some strength in pre-market, so today, today, tomorrow is going to be a big decision day.

I don't know how it's going to play out. All i can say is: let's watch the levels if it goes below 25 26. That's pretty bearish. If it starts breaking above 47.48, that's pretty bullish.

So you know me folks, i'm just playing on these ones, because i think of sprt and bbig differently than amc and gme those ones. That's that's more of a social cultural statement that i'm trying to make on. What's going on in the market, sprt bbig, i just want to make money. I don't i'm just trying to look the best opportunity to make a solid trade, whether that's up down or just not trading it at all, i'm just watching these levels, i'm calling it out.

I'm going to say bearish below 2526 bullish above 45, 47 48 in that region. It's honestly that simple for me and we're gon na know more about the shorts and if they did or didn't cover tomorrow, but, like i said it is showing some strength in pre-market. It closed out friday, post market trading at 28, and it's already at 36 today, so this thing can move remember with sprt. This one is much more of a play: high short interest.

In fact, i could show that to you now a short interest of almost 73 percent utilization of 96 shares of loan of 5.63 million. It's a low float stock, the floats about 9.3 million, which is why it moves it's such like a rapid whiplash manner. In terms of bbig, i've never had a bbig position, but i saw a lot of people talking about it, so i just wanted to share the information that i know about it. So for bbig, the short interest is 28 utilization.

99.9 shares on loan of 17 million. This one is a lower float, but not as low float of sprt. It has a float of 44 million shares so bigger than sprt, but still smaller than amc and gme definitely smaller than amc bbig. What you need to know about it is yes, it's highly sorted, people have been paying attention to it and i think part of the reason why it's starting to pick up is because it it's a acquisition company and right now it has a specific emphasis on nfts.

In the cryptosector non-fungible tokens so right now because nfts are running rampant, i don't know if you've been reading any of those stories or not, but the nft sector is running absolutely crazy, which, with bbig having a specific vested interest in that that's doing well, and that Might have been the catalyst that started to get the stock to really pick up and put pressure on the shorts, so it is related to the nft world. They are also in talks to acquire low motif, which i believe is a new social media, where you can share like videos and slideshows of pictures with people on your feed, so they also have like, i guess, a social media play going on. I just want everyone to be to know a little bit more about the stocks that people are talking about. Maybe you aren't invested or something like that, but to be very clear, i do not have a bbib bbig position whatsoever.

Uh i might make one. I might not make one i'll keep you all posted, but a big thing with both of these is the relatively lower float higher short interest, they're getting more mentions on social media, but what i find particularly interesting that kind of sets it apart from, like, let's say The third or fourth tier options of highly shorted stocks, both of these have something going on in the market that should not be going on both of them bbig right there and then also sprt, are both on the threshold list for the nasdaq. As in there's a considerable percentage of their float, that has failed to deliver these ftds. They shouldn't be happening.

It's honestly that simple something is going wrong. Some players doing something they shouldn't be doing to prompt such a sizable amount of ftds we've been over this here. Let me show you the ftds on sprt. This is some people ask me about.

Oh this one shorted, this one shorted. Is it an interesting play most of them? I just shrug off just because it's highly shorted does not mean it's going to squeeze what catches. My attention is, where i see more illicit things going on in the background, for example, about 10 of sprt's float is failed to deliver as of july 30th. That should not be, that is not normal.

That is not a healthy market. Something is going on that shouldn't be going on in terms of bbig. If i'm being honest, i know it's on the list, but i didn't know the size of its number. So bbig is also at 800 000 and if we go out a little bit more look at these ftds look at this spike in ftds, and then it ran after that.

These ftds should not be happening specifically with the ftds, the short interest, their float and the utilization and gen just the uptick in the chatter across social media. Whether you're on reddit twitter, discord, youtube we're seeing an uptick in these two which gives them potential. Does that guarantee squat, absolutely not when you're going into this people are asking me like? Should i change? Should i not chase? First of all, i will never ever ever be supportive of chasing. You always have to know your risk and have a realistic risk.

The name of the game is always playing high or optimized risk to reward setups bbig. It does seem like you're a little late to the game. I mean it was already moving. It would have been nice to get in right around here at 461.

You pretty much. Would have already doubled up if you get in today? What is your risk? Are you gon na risk the pre-market low of 760, whatever it is, even if you're gon na chase a runner? Please have your risk established. Don't ask me, should i get in here? I don't i'm not gon na tell you guys because it i don't know your risk tolerance. I don't know your financial situation.

All i know is you have to have a risk and you should theoretically have a reward. Don't just let it rip and be like. Oh, this is great um, that's what messed me up on sprt. I did a trade review and i was explaining how i should have traded it better.

I don't. I know it's a very emotional thing when you're seeing runners and a lot of money's involved, please have a trading plan, i don't really. I it comes to a matter of opinion of. Is it a good or a bad trading plan? And that's i guess to the eye of the beholder, but whatever it is.

I know you should at least have a trading plan. Don't just get in there and be like well. If it goes here, am i going to sell if it goes there am i going to sell, have some sort of established plan in your head? That's all i beg of you. Please.

Please have some sort of plan. Let me go back out to the amc. All right, so we went over a uh, sprt and bbig as like a little bonus there, both of them on the threshold list. Both of them have high short interest.

Both of them would be closer to low flow, but sprt is the lower flow play. But really it looks like the hot one. This morning is amc. It's pushing that breakout level at 42..

Gme uh, like i said it's in that bullish pennant, and on top of that they can just not get below 200 as much as they try to push gamestop below 200. It is just not going it's showing a lot a lot of strength. Whatever is going on, a lot of buyers are stepping in anytime they get gme to 200, so there is definitely some bullish. Api-Ish demand near that key psychological about 200, i'm looking for that breakout of 212 to 215..

It recently hit 217, but i'm still watching my region. So that's your quick setup on the day just very quickly: crypto um it shot up. We had a breakout, but now it's showing a little bit of weakness, at least on the two-hour chart. But let's see, if it bases throughout the day, all right, let me get to some of your questions.

Some of your questions are right. Is this showing up the way it should sweet? I think it is working today. Awesome awesome, awesome, all right. What time is it just don't know how fast i have to go, oh before the before the market opens, because i don't want any of these keyboard warriors freaking out.

I need to stop this morning stream right. Past 11. Am i have an interview and then, after the interview, i'm coming right back on so no matter if the stocks are up down or sideways, i do need to split today's stream into two different segments. Just so everyone knows, i don't need someone be like.

Why did he just stop right now, i'm calling it out now i have an interview about like a little bit after 11. So that's when i'll be ending this stream and then i'll come back right after that. Just so, everyone knows just trying to be very obvious about, what's going to happen today, all right, clubfoot, billy, matt's, left sweaty stock. Thank you for becoming space apes, clubfoot billy, i'm way too hungover that fight, though yeah.

So if anyone out there bet on jake paul. Congratulations: you made some money. These voices in my head are getting out of hand. Shadow club billy plot twist matt is wrench capital.

I don't know if my voice will ever be like that crispy smooth at such a deep level. He has a definitely an awesome voice. What about options for bbig and rot laura? We could hop into them, but both bbig. I don't know much about root.

I saw some people starting to tweet about it, but um, bbig and sprt. They definitely have what i would consider more so bloated options. Chains monday morning, let's go oh brother: do you have any amc options? You like three to four weeks out, um i've really just been watching the 50s on amc. I guess some people on the 60s.

It kind of depends once again with it the how far out you go on the money, it's just more risk. What type of risk do you want to take? I want to sprt, you is sbrt, a short squeezed position. Sorry, i'm new to this. Also thanks for the shared info um, it is, but also the shorts may have covered we find out tomorrow on friday, it traded almost 18 times its free float.

There is a chance that all the shorts covered we do not know. We will get confirmation tomorrow at the earliest. I should say: check out ater same flow and same short interest as bbig, so we can look at it ater another one, but with it remember just because something has a high short interest for me. I think it's more interesting when it's on the threshold list, because it tells me something's going on that shouldn't be going on and you cannot undervalue community support.

I can't stress this enough as of now as of uh, when i'm saying this on what august 30th 2021 out of all the ones we've spoken about, amc and jimmy still have the biggest communities and that's very, very important matt. You demand lfg ooga booga, shout out james t2 u.s, hashem, not having complete data. Blinds us apes get money on any play. You can, let's all lift each other up and stop crying yeah.

The people who are crying were just jealous, basically that they didn't get in. On the play, i would assume any thoughts on root for a quick swing play all right. So, let's check out root, root, root, root, uh i'll, have that on the list. But let's do that after market open love, what you do brother there are always more plays and cultish behavior on twitter.

It's weird got caught holding the bag on sbrt last friday, as i stupidly chased. What do you think about my chances are making some money back. This week on, sprt, you're, gon na know a lot more at open. It is gapping up it's up 38 in pre-market, and i'm telling you i think, if it could get above the 45 47 48.

Basically, this junk in here these highs, if it could get above this, it could keep moving. I really don't know we have to see the price action at market open uh. Can you look at bbbyy all right, we're going to put that on the list b b b y got that on marketwatch, it's 21.75 short interest and a lot near the money puts yeah. So i think marketwatch is pulling old exchange, reported data that might not be up to date.

Hey man, i have a thousand dollars on the sideline i'll make some extra money for amc. Your thoughts on root, a lot of people asking about root is something more crazy. Going on that, i don't know about root is up 23 in pre-market um, it's at resistance. I would not chase this out of the gate.

It is right here this resistance support, it's kind of in a danger zone. I would look for it to clear some strength around 850 and then you have to watch 960.. This has been a very much a downtrending chart, so this might be an official trend reversal, but i don't even know if this is a shorted stock. What is roots? Let me check out: let me check out root for you.

I don't like this chart that much because all it's done is really sell off, but it does have a short interest of 26.37 percent uh. Its shares on loan is 16 million, so its utilization is 88. So sprt is still the lowest float one um, and that doesn't mean this isn't going to go. It's just.

I like its daily chart, a lot less because all this thing is done as ever is sell off, and you need to watch this overall downtrend um. So this is really my first time looking at root in a couple weeks now, and my knee-jerk reaction is that i i s what i see in bbi gene sprt, i like a bit more, but that's that's just my knee-jerk reaction. I haven't really been diving into root uh, so i don't want. No one should be making any training decisions based on what i do or don't say.

Uh today is beautiful, shout out to the diamond handed bean, mr boulay whoa. That sounds awesome, clear, af. The voice changes are going to be the next level for your youtube channel micah's mix with the little notch. Oh for sure, uh mma t litter jit, or is it chasing now how's the vortex info on it thanks bud, so mmat, i would say, is legit.

I have no mmat position, but the or text data to my understanding is a little bit um. It's not telling you the full story, because mmat, just an acquisition of trch and trch had shorts mmat doesn't have them. Why is this not loading? It doesn't have the most right now, but it does. It is carrying over the shorts from the trch acquisition.

So that's a bit more of a complex play, but i mmat. If you look that up, it has a short interest of seven percent but, like i said it's actually kind of gon na be bloated because of what's going on with trch, so that one's a little bit more of an intricate play. Do you think workhorse will ever squeeze, i mean it might in the future? I don't think it's a squeeze candidate right now, but i am invested in workhorse just as an eb play, but i'm not looking at it for a squeeze right now. This is my first super ever.

Can you check out root uh? We did that one, i'm curious your opinion, not financial advice, uh so root it might. It has potential. I mean i'm not gon na say it's like the worst play i've ever seen, but i think there's, let me say, like i think, there's better plays in the market right now in terms of risk to reward, but just because there's a better play doesn't mean that Actually ends up becoming the best play check, gsat all right gsat on the list, gsat uh heard of sisla. That's the private crypto island holders coat own and travel when they want cmc list soon big celebs backing it uh.

First of its kind, crypto island token, on pancake swap uh. No, i haven't i like to stick with the more well-known cryptos. I know you're not a fan of crypto miners, but what are your thoughts on btcm 39 million flow 25 short interest, um 99 uh don still with it. So it looks like you're going for the short squeeze play, but that doesn't mean it's just because it has.

Those numbers does not mean it's gon na squeeze. Even with that i mean it could do better. If crypto goes up, you need crypto to go up and you also need it to somehow beat out uh. I guess mara riot, there's just more competition in the crypto mining space.

On top of the fact that you also need crypto to like trend in your direction. Zachary, you look good, you know what zachary you look good if the shorts covered, why would brokerages increase option strikes? Sprt has now options uh, because shorts covering has nothing to do with the options. Ding ding ding, the casino is open um. They expand the option shane.

If there's just more demand, for it has nothing to do with shorts covering leslie, that's a good question all right. So here we go amc hanging out at 42, i'm watching that 42 level and then from there we're watching 43.70 gme at 206.. We amc showing some strength out of the gate, all right i'll throw up bbig like i said i have no bbig position, but i'm sure a lot of people are interested in it. What's the biggest benefit between shares and options? Why would i get the same outcome if i bought 100 shares instead of an option, i'm new to options uh, not necessarily because options options are higher risk higher reward because you could price in things such as volatility? There is a different pricing mechanism - it's not exactly equivalent to 100 shares.

It is right at the moment of expiration, but beyond that you have to factor in uh time until expiration and also you have to factor in volatility uh all right already, some greg's. That means we're off to a good day. Greg's this early in the morning tells me we're gon na have a good day uh. No, i have no idea about these decentralized island.

I doubled my shares on amc thanks to sbrt total of 800, shout out my opinion on n a o v, we'll check that out. My mma t calls 917 uh 250 roll sell, hold taylor, that's all up to you. I mean you're already up now, you're just trying to get out at the the perfect opportunity um. So that's a big question is like where, when you're up so much whoa, bbig bbig the next target - 11, 20 11.65.

So the mid 11's is bbig's all-time high. Just so everyone knows the mid-11s um when you're up that much that's. What's your exit strategy now you're just trying to like almost top tick and exit, and there is a decent amount of luck involved in that i don't know if there's necessarily like a perfect way, if you're uncomfortable in questioning what you should do, i find that it's Usually easier just to lock in your gains, then all right, all right, let's see how amc is opening up today. How are my positions? Let's do a quick check.

You guys know me. I like to try to do my best to wait. Those first 15 minutes on everything just to see if we have any trends going in the market. I really don't like making a position in the first 15 minutes.

I've just seen too much whipsaw, especially chasing like minute, one minute. Two on a monday, you might get a really good fill or you could top ticket. You might bottom ticket. It's just there's a lot more risk.

That's why i like to be calm. Cool collected those first 15 minutes greg's in at 9, 30 hedgies get hurty love. You bro, but the bell is underwhelming. Oh, do i need to bring it closer? Oh wait.

I think i have an announcer voice. Maybe i should do this in the future testing. The market is now open, ding, ding, ding, the casino is open folks. Maybe that's a better one.

To do for market open, just like some fancy announcing voice could be, could be amc hanging out at 5160, jimi bouncing off the low 200s at 206.50. All right, let's see what is going to go in here. What is going on in here, amc 4170. I know i know a lot of this like the monday excitement when things are looking like this and they totally can move uh, but it's still sometimes you miss plays when you have like mine, and sometimes i break my own rules.

Just if i see something special but a lot of the times i just wan na i wan na, wait and see how things are actually panning out all right. We did that burger. Thank you for that super chat, very kind, um matt. We need to get you here on off youtube pretty soon it will be censored uh.

That's why i multi-stream to everything uh i multi-stream to youtube multi-stream to rumble multi-stream to twitch, so shout out to everyone tuning in uh, multi-streamer, all right, amc, 4150 bbig hanging on at 9, 25 sprt trying to get out of its little wedge setup here at 40.. Let's see how this goes, let's see, what's going on vernon becoming an astronaut shout out morning, matt remember greg's have feelings. We should hurt him, often as possible. Happy monday apes all right.

Let's see how this is going, sprt a little whippy at open same with bbig. This is exactly why i have my 15 minute rule. Sometimes you get excited and you buy just because you're like oh wait minute one minute two good and then you might get a little smacked like bbig. It doesn't always work.

I need to be very very clear about that. I want everyone to understand that. Sometimes you do miss plays when you sit on your hands for the first 15 minutes, but in my own experience i've found it that it makes it it makes it more net profitable. For me, yes, i'm going to miss, plays sometimes that happens, but given enough trades, i find that being calm.

Cool collected waiting. Those first 15 is a is a big benefit, especially when you have like we just got out of the weekend. So there's pent up energy for monday action all right as long as of long-term potential to be short in the future new ipo cpop, going to the 90s and now trade sideways round four thoughts, long-term potential, gta nation. I could check out the chart but long-term.

That's i feel like sometimes outside of the world of technicals. You just have to more so know what the company is doing here we go amc bouncing off of 4130. This might be the bounce of the day. Fingers crossed that it is, let's see if it gets back above really 42..

What is this one more greg's. Look at all these greg's interesting, oh brother, the greg's are in the house all right all right. What do we have going on? What are we doing there? We go amc amc with that bounce watch this 42 level. Let me check this out for you, 42 right there.

There we go bbig bouncing off of 850 amc trying to recapture 42 that could get exciting and in the short term, let's see if it could take out its intraday high at 42.30 and then gme we're watching this intraday high at 208. But i'm it's still much more of that 212 to 215 area. Sprt doesn't want it doesn't know what it's going to do. It's trying to decide it doesn't want to be above.

40 does not want to be above 40 patients, patients, patients. Another good reason have that 15 minute rule bbig if it gets above 10 um i what was it the mid 11's amc holding on nice amc old brother amc is looking some sort of way this voices are so funny they crack me up all right. I don't want to overuse it and annoy everyone. Oh brother, oh brother, amc dancing at that 42 level, sprt literally, nothing you can do besides weight.

It's just barcoding sideways. You have to see which way it breaks jimmy at 204 right now, iwm a little bit down on the day, s p 500 a little bit up on the day, sweet, sweet, sweet. Let me make sure i'm up to date. There shout out all right now we have now.

What is the is it all? Oh, it is all all right, just got ta switch it up a little bit all right. That's the trend line. I am watching all right all right. All right amc we're looking for that movement.

What else do we have going on any signals to check out today? Any breaking news, anything anything? What do we have going on all right, sprt, try to make its move. Uh got smacked at that 43 level. Interesting amc! We are watching this trend line on the top and then just so you know gme just for my listeners. It is at 203 right now.

Amc is at 4140 ba bib g in the middle of its range sprt looked like it was going to go, and then they quickly pulled the rug on it. Looked like it was about to get a little choppy a little choppy in there. Gme 204 amc 4150. What else do we have going on crypto trying to get a little bit of a bounce in there? Any thoughts on a t, e r, a t, e r uh looks kind of weak on the opening yeah it gapped up it gapped up above its previous gap, and now it's selling off um to me, it looks like it might be, coming down to 650 to Fill this gap there we go amc there, we go amc there, we go amc all right.

We see you amc, we see you getting that 42 breakout. We see you. What are you doing? Amc like the smell of tendees in the morning come on. What are you gon na? Do amc you gon na break? What are you doing flirting with this breakout line on flirt and flirt and flirting boy? Is it flirting all right, sprt still sideways we're waiting for things to start actually trending uh atr, not the biggest fan of it, shown a bit of weakness, in my opinion, showing a bit of weakness, all right, sp r t also now showing a bit of weakness.

I would if i were in it, i'd be watching 35 55. uh. I like amc right here. I am a big fan of amc right here.

Gme also amc is showing some strength we're seeing this bend background here we go here. We go there, we go macd. Look at the strength here we go here we go here. We go all right.

Nice, nice amc a.m. Oh brother amc is ripping to the moon uh, someone checking on ken griffin. The apes are showing up in the last trading days of the month. Strength, strength, strength, attention all citadel employees.

The apes are in the building. Please find the closest exit at your earliest convenience. The apes are in the building, i repeat citadel employees, please find the closest exit at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Ken griffin out i get it, my maturity level is low. I get it, i get it folks.

I wish i was more mature, but i'm not. This is what this is. What my life is now all right, we're trying to get this break out and remember. I am after this on amc watching 43.

Hang on 17.. There we go. That's my next level up there at the 43s uh, but i knew you're, i'm definitely not wrench capital. I don't know.

If my voice does what he does right, we are moving. We are grooving gme, looking good 210 coming up to my region of resistance, oh sprt, looking a bit weak, how's, bbig bbig, let's go to the one minute, bbig double topped at 10: there we go so actually bbig, looking strong amc and jimmy looking the strongest and Sprt looking a little bit weak but remember we are only 15 minutes into the day. That's all, obviously, there's so much more time left in today's game. Let me just fire off a hot text.

All right amc cruising up to my next target jimmy pretty much at my target. It's this 212 to 215.. Sometimes it pops right above it we hit 217 last week and then got kind of smacked below it, but we are looking good right there, all right, sprt coming to its low. If it goes below this, there might be a quick push to the 30 level.

Maybe the mid 20s, something like that. All right amc all right, so to be clear for everyone. Just for the sake of transparency. I am long on amc.

I am long on gme. I have no bbig position and i have no sprt position so no position in the ones on the bottom, long on amc, long on gme, uh man, amc was cruising for a second there and now it's showing i got. Where are we going there getting smacked right at right at 42.90? That's weird sprt trying to base, let's see if it does swing back around all right. Amc, 4236, gme.

210 amc is up eight 3.78 on the day and jimmy's up two point: three: eight percent of the day uh. What do we have? We did that yeah bb ig is on the chart, those voices we needed, i'm here for it niki5, we love the voices started. Reading reminiscence of a stock operator for your suggestion really enjoyed it so far. I can really tell it had a decent influencer based on the advice.

You typically give us thanks for recommendations on the ta book next yeah. Those are all great books. I need to build that list out a little bit more um, so there's more solid suggestions out there. This is for the voices love it shout out.

Mlev matt, if amc reached 50 today, would you eat? Peas, live come on, matt say? Yes, i don't think i could by the fact that i don't have peas like i would have to do it. I guess a different day, but i also don't want to redo a pee thing um. We we did that we got to go into the new thing, and so i was hanging out with the discord this weekend and we were talking about it and they talked me into getting. I don't know how to say it, but it's like one really hot chip that people are doing the hot chip challenge with the i don't know it's just like one chip that, like, oh, i don't know, i feel like i'm seeing videos on it with people like.

Oh, the hot chip challenge is like seven bucks. You get off amazon or something so i ordered that and that might be the next one. The next food eating challenge. Can you look up bgfv big five sporting because it was like the toys, r us and my teenage years? Uh, don't want it to meet the same fate, bgfv bgfv.

Is it gon na work here sprt, thus far bouncing off of this low g meme nice? It shoots up bouncing right off of this 2 8. Gee me, this intraday chart looks like a beaut. Why can't i type in bgfe, b, g, f, b trades on the nasdaq and it has a short interest of 66.5 utilization of 91 shares on loan of 8 million uh? So that's a lower float actually even relative to bbig, and i'm talking about bgfv big five sporting goods corporation um, higher utilization 91 shares on loan 8 million and a short interest of 66.5 percent interesting uh, probably worthwhile to watch bgfv bgfv uh. I need to look a little bit more into it.

I don't know if it's on the threshold list. Actually we could check that wait. Where did the threshold list go threshold list? Let's see if bgfv is on it bg, it is not on it um. So maybe i i it sounds like if it's not on it, maybe it just hasn't had enough ftds in a row potentially um, but we know that bbig and sprt are, and that's remember, depending so bbig bgfe sprt, all trade on the nasdaq.

But then gme and amc you would actually search those on the nyse, the new york stock exchange, so they could be listed on different ones, as kind of like their home base, all right sweet. This is for the voices. Can you say, what's up guys, it's wrench capital in that deep voice? Now, that's it like! I don't want to like take his thing or anything i i don't want to like it for it to come off, inappropriately i'm a fan of wrench capital. I don't want to like make.

I don't want anyone be like. Oh, he was like making fun of you or something, because i really respect his videos. I really respect him as a person uh morning, ames have the best. Damn week love you all shout out.

Kinky kong thoughts on opt. I can write that down. O-P-T-T-O-P-T-T amc is looking good, please for the love of god. How do you find these good buys like bbig and sbrt? You just have to be kind of involved in the community um there's a lot of people are active on reddit um.

I found out about sbrt from like my discord. It wasn't mine, someone brought it to my attention and then the discord was talking about it more and more and before sprt was going crazy. I mean i announced i created a position like two weeks ago in it and then on friday. I announced that i closed.

My position and locked in gains it was just a trade and i use that now to buy more amc and gme. So to me it's awesome, like i want to find these awesome traits to generate more capital, so i can get more shares before the potential mother of all short squeezes on amc and gme, ghost pepper chip. If you don't eat hot stuff, that chip will kill. You, oh i don't i'm i'm not awful with spices, but i'm pretty bad with spices.

Today might be the day that amc and hood cross - oh it might be. That would be amazing. Let's check that out. Charles payne suggested big five sports yeah.

He was just saying it's like a highly shorted stock, like that, i guess people are paying attention to kplt, please kplt, all right. It's on the list, kplt kplt, a citadel bought, bbig and mmat shares calls puts back on 816.. I saw this on the 13f filing. I wish you'd mentioned this too natasha.

Why does it matter they also own amc uh? The issue is, we don't know who is? We don't know their short positions uh when you're a big hedge fund, like citadel they're gon na own. A lot of stock trey's already made a video on this. They own disney microsoft apple, they own. Almost they own amc.

They have an amc position uh. The issue in all of this is that shorts are not reported so just to look at a 13f filing and be like someone's in this. That doesn't tell you much because it doesn't tell you their net position. What we care about is your net position.

You could own a million shares, but then, if you're short, 10 million, it doesn't really much matter. Uh unboxing i got a spammy email from an imposter saying you would invest for me up for 30. Make people weird please unbox, sir? Yes, so overall, remember i no whatsapp, no telegram! I'm not asking you to send me money, i'm not providing like a secret investment opportunity or anything like that. For anyone, please be a worried about scammers.

I am matt underscore cores. Above my head, twitter, twitch, instagram matt underscore coors, i'm not dming, you i'm not emailing. You i'm not what's happening you please do not get scammed. I'm not pitching you some sort of special investment opportunity.

I'm not telling you that this weird little crypto you've never heard of is like the next best thing. Um. If you think it's a scam, it probably is and go out of your way like it's not me. I am just mad underscore cores, please.

If you see these fake accounts, please report them. They're horrific rumble now has tipping fees are only 20, which means matt and all creators will make more on rumble, join us on rumble shout out to chris uh. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop in here. Yes, i do have a rumble account, uh and i'm right currently right now streaming on twitter or not on twitter, twitch, youtube and rumble check out my twitter.

If you want to see the rumble link, it's right here, i tweeted it out this morning. Here's the rumble, limp. Here's, the youtube link, um you can make accounts on both of these. It's a rumble is a competitive video streaming and video uploading um software to youtube.

So check that out um right now on there and then, as chris just said, uh there is in terms of tipping youtube, takes a much bigger cut than rumble. Does all right, sprt bouncing right off of this low? That's a very nice confirmation watch for how it reacts to 43 you're, just kind of playing this range right now on sprt. If you still have your position and then on honestly bbig as well, the same highs roughly the same lows: amc is looking strong. Just got smacked at 43 and we're watching for it to get above what was this low over here? What is this low? This low is 43 17 43 17.

This is what we're watching and then, after that level, to level tranche to tranche um pretty much 45, but the high 44s all right bbig not doing much. What was the other one bgfv bgfv, not wait. Is it trading? What kind of volume oh bgfe doesn't have? Really volume yet i'd want to see more volume. I want to see some excitement getting into it: iwm iwm, coming back up to 226 amc, looking strong gme, looking very strong and actually sprt, showing some strength right now.

Watch the 43 region. All right amc trying to get that breakout. I didn't hear you were losing your voice, but i pictured you in a basement all weekend trying out the new voices until you couldn't speak any longer, carl, that's actually exactly what happened. I mean i was going through.

All the voices possible uh, it's there's, really fun ones, really fun ones. Uh. I don't know what the citadel exempt form the 1940 investment company act. I don't know what that is.

I've must moved out of my own and your streams are on all day you're. Pretty great company matt left from uk i've learned so much from you. Thanks, hey i'm happy to help lucas um. Do you have a position in bbig? I do not.

I have no bbig position as of now and i have no sprt position as of now. I am long on amc and i am long on gme um, some people so um. I guess for a moment of like honesty and transparency, one of the things that very much worries me on my position. Right now is obviously i don't ever want to be accused of like manipulation or pump and dumps like.

I always try to give my reasoning. I always tell everyone to not follow me. Do your own dd. This is not a trade alerts thing and i thought i was doing better by being insanely transparent about sprt of, like i got in here i got out there and then other people brought up like hang on.

You selling might have caused more. So i'm thinking what i might do moving forward is give everyone updates after the market closes like that day, so like in those update videos, i do so during the day i could be like yeah i am in or not in but like. If you guys want the specifics, i'm just doing my best to never ever get even close to the world of manipulation. I always try to give you my dd.

I don't want anyone copying me. Clearly, i'm not a financial advisor. More importantly than that, i am not a fortune teller, but i also understand that there's some people who are like well hang on, like if you sell that maybe other people, even though we know you're, not a financial advisor, you might like sway their opinion, and i Don't want that at all, so i'm i don't know, and this is the thing that i'm trying to like really get ironed out with the lawyers of like what do. I legally need to do to be more careful with all this, and i need my lawyer to confirm this.

But my going thought is an update that night, like obviously you might tell from my mannerisms of what's going on um of where i am and not, but maybe i'm thinking that night be like okay. This is where i got out and do it more of like a trade review type of a thing, but just so everyone knows, like i hear you like, i don't i i'm. I don't want to negatively influence anyone or i really don't want to influence anyone period. Uh, but i just want you to know that, like i understand where you're coming from and it's more of i don't i'm not sitting here and be like nah, i want to do it because i can do it.

It's like more of like okay. What do i legally need to do so? I don't i'm not the next person in front of the government talking about manipulation and like social media getting accused of this um. So i just i hear you and i want you to know. I hear you i just there are legal concerns at the moment in time.

Uh. What do you think about root? Can you check out the short interest yeah? It has a high short interest. We were checking that out, but i really don't like its daily chart.

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