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Dumb Money Ep. 57: AMC, GameStop & More
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Hello, hello, hello: we are back at it again, daniel back at it again. You never know what you're gon na get. I never know what i'm gon na give honestly it's just we just kind of we're just flying by the seat under our pants. You guys know how that is you just kind of sometimes you just have to let it rip and hope for the best hope for the best we are live once again.

Hey: hey, hey! Welcome back to what is this episode? Something episode, something august also something episode something august: something we're here to talk about stocks, we're here to talk about stonks and attendees, and all that good stuff in between. Let me just get it all set up here for us before we get this fingers crossed afternoon rip sprt. What are you doing brother? It is down at the support of 35 amc, looking good jimmy, looking good good, good, good, good uh. Someone asked: why is this subreddit harsh on matt kors, uh they're, a bunch of sad keyboard warriors, you know, they're, i mean they're just there like shit posting on reddit, like what do you think is going to happen with them, uh folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, i Think we are good to go.

We are good to go uh who's, this cass 888. Let's get this greg out of here. Uh see ya, bye, bye, bye, bye, crush them, crush them, crush them crush them all right. Let me check this out.

We are live here. Shout out rumble nation shout out twitch nation and shout out youtube nation all right. I think we are good here shout out discord. We are firing at all syllables right now, all syllables.

We are engaging in all right. Let me get this we're going to watch. Basically. 40.

yeah. I don't really like this trendline sprt. This is when you have a lower float you're going to get this crazy chop uh harder to distinguish trend, but still basically in this range, wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and and then, of course it doesn't work now, of course, why Would it thanks man, i've been watching you since january amc to the moon? What is your take on k, p l t k, p lt k, plt up 31 on the day uh swinging back around. I would watch 591 and then look for a gap bill pretty pretty straightforward.

There is a gap region under it, so you have to be a bit careful and your risk is pretty much three dollars a little bit wide of a wrist, but hey the reward's pretty wide too, but probably not my play waste of money. The greg should cut with a voice, mr boulay, my guy uh. What else is going on all right? Amc gme? I left the macd up for my own purposes and right here we are seeing that they're bending back around the current intraday high. Let's mark that off.

So i can zoom in 45, 18. boom boom we're gon na get more of those rockets. I need all all the animations, because why not all right it feel maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i'm optimistic, maybe i'm just a guy who found a voice enhancer.

Now i'm just a little too excited about life in general, but it feels like it's going to be a very interesting afternoon very interesting afternoon. In fact, so, let's see how it all kind of gears up at sprt watch for this to push 38 39 and 40 amc watch for it to push 44.80 and then for gme watch for this to push 214. Basically, where we have this like triple, rejection essentially could be a very exciting bullish. Apish afternoon fingers crossed that it is uh.

What do you think about b-e-m low flow around 40? Well, just because it's a low flow around 40 that doesn't really tell you anything uh. It was oh super low volume. No, it's only traded 56 000 shares. I wouldn't touch this one uh.

Can you get your take on hiti uh? Not a fan uh, i think till ray is the best player right. Isn't this a marijuana play? I think that tail ray is probably or just the sector as a whole. If you play the etf mj uh mother duck, are you looking into tesla play off the news that they applied to support texas? That's electric power, tesler tesla, tesla, tesler, uh tesla is looking strong uh if it gets back above 226 watch 230 um, i'm invested in tesla right now, i'm not actively trading it, but i do have a at least for me a sizeable investment in tesla, but that's Like a multi-year hold, all right, oh shoot, shoot shoot. I forgot to tweet this back back at it again daniel need to tweet this out, because i said i would all right: let's get this youtube stream copy paste? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no, no and the royal rumble royal rumble royal rumble copy, sweet, sweet, sweet all right.

One of these days, hashtag tulips, will get trending and i am completely here for that day, all right back at it again daniel just tweeted that out so people, hopefully we'll get notified about that. We are good. Let's do an orc text check before we rip into the afternoon. Uh quick, quick or text check all right amc.

They borrowed 1.67 million short interest to 17.4 percent in terms of gamestop. They borrowed 54 000 short interest, 13.2 percent sprt. They have borrowed 53 000 with a net return of 42 short interest of 72 percent and bbig. They have borrowed 411 000 with a short interest of 28 bbig.

I mean very obviously it's getting. Its teeth kicked in right now, uh, but that doesn't mean it can't recover, but still very much in a downtrend. You would want to see it above 773. 822 840 um weakness today, profit taking for sure uh would be my major guess, we're not seeing that many short, but you know what's running right now: amc is on the move, move move gme is on the move.

Sprt might also have that move. I mean they can all win on the day. We don't have to pick and choose we can we in this group can walk into bubblegum? We are more than capable of making money on multiple plays at once, as we have in the past, with amc and gme uh thoughts on bbig i'd like to see some buyers up and it has capability to move. I just we need to see buyers about, to go to a texas roadhouse for the first time this weekend, amc cup and handle on the 10 minutes.

Can you check? Yes, all right, uh? Well, we're getting a cup, not necessarily the handle. This just could be a reversion explosion. Um, yes, if you're going to texas roadhouse more importantly, get as many of the serving rolls as you can with the cinnamon butter, and i'm telling you if you're very hungry, get a full rack of ribs. If you're only kind of hungry get a half rack of ribs and then, as for your sides, get green beans and mashed potatoes and if you're more of a sweet potato person get that instead of the mashed potatoes.

But eric that you cannot go wrong with that order at texas, roadhouse all right, and then you wanted the short interest on macy's vortex, ac's, uh, macy's, macy's, uh 15.4 on macy's macy's is looking strong 23.76 and they also have the toys r us thing going on. So a little bit of a sentimental catalyst there is there any vortex on bgfe. I think if i miss it, if you did earlier, i'm seeing older info on b g f e b g f v, big five sporting goods um. So the short interest is there, but the volume isn't short interest.

Sixty six percent shares on loan, eight million utilization. Ninety one percent - all solid, but it's just people aren't trading it yet bb ig the entire flow is in the money above 750 still 15 million. In the money above six, just because it's in the money, though they've done that hedging so uh right now, that effect is already done. Uh they've definitely hedged it this morning when it was at ten dollars, uh so you're looking for it for them.

To almost add more options for them to go in the money or just like a technical balance and a reversion whoa whoa whoa. There amc waking up hello, hello, amy. It's been a hot minute babe. Oh brother amc coming up to it's intraday high.

Should we auto-tune it a little uh old brother, singing, hello, hello? No, let's not do that one! I don't like it. Oh brother, the apes are at it again all right. Are we gon na pass hood hood here we go here. We go we're gon na pass.

Everyone rockets are passing, get get ready, hang up, hang on rockets are taking off we're about to pass here. We go 98 45 they're right there. Bingo bingo was his name. Oh we're we're within 15 cents.

It's gon na happen. Folks. Here let me move these two up. We can see the price is right on the right for ooh, 12 cents, 10 cents.

It's exciting a moment, we'll all remember: seven cents, six cents, two cents! Are we gon na? Do it? Are we gon na? Do it three cents, three cents we're right there? Ah, it passed indoor voices, indoor voices, oh brother, the apes have passed robin hood. Oh brother, citadel citadel employees attention attention all citadel employees. The apes were right, we were wrong, amc has surpassed or robinhood. This is problematic and i am very much questioning if i will be able to afford my fourth yacht in the cayman islands.

That's why i was routing all my money there, but this is going very, very poorly uh, so can kenny g out for a couple minutes. As i go cry, i will be back shortly. Thank you all right folks. You heard that that was uh.

This everyone thinks it's a a voice thing. It's not. I just got a direct line into the citadel offices. They sell that everyone's like matt, has the voice recorder.

Matt has a voice enhancer no, like i literally i just these are like literal announcements from citadel securities. Um i citadel the hedge fund citadel securities, like i just i have an inside man and they're like hey like i'll, just record it, and we just have that line in it's just a phone call. Nothing really to see there shout out to kelly ripa she's, unstoppable. All right amc, bingo bingo, was his nemo time to do some shit posting on twitter because we can, because we can bingo bingo bingo bingo bango bongo we're back to the original lt gray shirt, as you can tell, as you can tell ooh.

This is just getting wider: the descript it's not it's almost not even fun, to watch it at this point, like you just feel from them. Just so wrong amc passes who would wave? Oh wow wow wow wow. Well, it happened, it did it on today. August 30th.

Is this the last day in the month? Does anyone actually know how many days, oh there's, 31 days in august who'd, have thought for all you. People who believe in the gregorian calendar never knew that there was 31.. 30 is always a safe bet, but 31. geez geez louise.

How many days does this thing really need uh? What are we doing? Uh dmg on twitter, your trading journal idea. My wife is he's ceo of paper crafting e-commerce company that would design print and distribute. I would buy one oh fudswater, uh would love to talk about that. Like would truly truly love to talk about that uh love barbecue.

I thought it was the steakhouse i will be in yours and riley's all day, a cup in hand on the 10 minute extending after i was oh okay, let's do the 10 i'll just show up to 15.. That's a little bit more common, oh okay! You're watching this cup and handle that's a beaut of a cup and handle um here, let me hide right here: check out this cup handle explosion, we're just looking for to get above, 45 hold above 45 and rip some faces off, but the technical structure right there Very bullish momentum still bullish, even on the 15 minute, i'm looking at the macd here and you just can't sleep on these stocks, they've proven themselves that they can just move absolutely out of anywhere until as long as there's still a community there's still like a chance. In these stocks ripping sky high, and is it guaranteed absolutely not? I know there's some people out there that are guaranteeing this type of stuff. You cannot guarantee it um.

That is very, very silly, and i'm not even saying that, like, of course, i have to say that, like legally to protect myself but like it's also just logical, like no, nothing is guaranteed in the market. It's just not how it works. Folks um, but things are looking good. I've been talking about it now for two weeks of how the momentum from mid-june all the way until mid-august was against us, but the momentum is switching like this is just now becoming a momentum squeeze play and let's see how it goes, let's see how it rips Honk and wave uh honest question: if the entire flow is in the money and people hold their shares, then it's not impossible for them to be able to hedge all the options it most certainly is because in sp rt or bbig uh they don't own the float.

Retail doesn't own the float, there's institutional ownership that could be traded multiple times, uh sold some tesla put back into amc, jimmy some profits for current beach vacation. What a great day to see amc jimmy going to the moon, love the new effects shout out jose de los santos, what a great name, honest question! If a five dollar leap on kpl seems it was fairly comfortable over 10 for well over a year. Just your opinion financial advice, honestly, a five dollar leap, uh, so you're playing it. I guess in the money on kplt - is that what you're saying i don't know if i would necessarily do that uh tomorrow i got another interview.

I should tell them a resume. Instead of submitting my resume, i like it matt do you see, bbi geograph was bleeding or still a strong play did not look the most strong. It might be covering coming back you're looking for it to get above roughly 760. Some support resistance support resistance.

Look for it to recapture that level, they're trying to beat sprt down and they are just not having the most success with it. Pretty much range bound, but a weird wicked whipsaw day, um very strange on sprt, if you're still in that play uh. But amc is looking like a butte we're getting cup and handles all over the place. Just dutch tulip dutch tulip dutch tulip, they just don't stop and i'm a fan of it huge fan of it.

Well, can you take a look into kplt. Kplt looks to me just like a gap filled play nothing like too crazy past that necessarily it might become something but um. I don't know. I just think.

There's more, like i mean amc and gme are looking great right now, sprt it it still is legitimately holding a 39 gain, which is insane uh. We know this thing can move out of anywhere it's just when there's so many easy plays. Why, like make it difficult with a play like kplt um, and why i think it's difficult is. First of all, i don't know if it's short but like it's intraday, that's a tough one.

It shot up, but now it's coming back down. If you look at the daily, it went up to resistance, got smacked, and now you have two gaps. Is it going to do a top gap, hill or a bottom gap bill? First, that's what i'm saying it just seems like a more difficult play at the time. Being like when you're looking for your trades look for the easy layups, don't like go for the tough trades like make it easy on yourself.

Folks, boot, ass, audio plug records moving over the place, uh any opinion on app h. They got hit because of earnings, but recovery 26 short interest of free float 10 days to cover 93 utilization. I mean if they got hit on their earnings depending on what they said. They might not buy it, but this is a little bit different.

I actually like this play more than the ke plt play just because you don't have that bottom gap. You broke above eight watch this high from the earnings day, which was nine and then, if it breaches nine, i would watch 11 followed by 1180 for the gap fill. So this one might be just a good reversion after getting destroyed by its own earnings, but looks like it's bouncing back and you're buying on weakness, which i always i'm more of a fan of buying on weakness than way more than on strength, um. So the risk reward, i would say, is better here in relative to kplt, at least in the way that i would personally play it.

I think i'm up to date, shout out shout out shout out shout out all right we're back at. Oh, if you haven't already. I would greatly greatly appreciate it if you guys could all destroy that like button again guys gals apes apex, whatever you want to be, doesn't really matter to me, but since i had to do that, read start the restart. Sometimes it's more difficult to get uh that momentum going with the algorithm and that's one thing that helps out is if, if you're on youtube, if you want to drop that like if you're on rumble, if you want to drop that royal rumble and then, of course On all of them subscribe follow that stuff.

If you want to be a member of the moon game, jeff, what's going on sleeping on bgfe been climbing all day, showing no signs of weakness at all up 275 of my calls it's just not being traded, though bgfv has super low volume. It's short interest is high, but oh now whoa, when did this volume come in its volume had a spike? Recently we checked it out this morning. There we go all the volume is coming in ever since noon, uh so yeah that is now becoming a stronger play. I agree the short interest.

Is there the utilization? Is there it's a kind of a lower float um? I was just looking for volume because i saw the volume going down down down down and then this was the beautiful point to really get in, even though it's a bit chasey, you have that volume confirmation. But here, as i know, i know i'm going to say this and people are still not going to listen to me - do not chase you buy weakness and you hold into strength and you let the trend go um, don't just chase it, because it's at a high, Like wait, you got ta, be the person who's early to the party. Uh me solo, becoming an astronaut, take a peek at rnxt rnxt, not doing much on the intraday. Thus far, oh and it's brand new uh it ipo three days ago, i wouldn't recommend trading new ones.

It's i'm a technical trader and when it's so new there's not much technicals to go off of uh, but no one uh, j, raleigh uh, no one's sleeping on m bgfv like we're talking about it. I have it up here. It's looking good we're just waiting for an opportunity b. G fv, strong, showing strong, looks like uh uh.

My next watch on this one would be 30 and a half, then 33, then 35, then 37 uh. It's moving, though, moving it's just a question of like will this previous junk in here from may june? This crap? Will it block it or will it like just rip past it stream wouldn't open via youtube app youtube sucks had to close app twice for it to work? Oh, that's! I'm sorry about that. Well, at least it's working now, though, thank you for the uh heads up, though i wonder if it's just some weird technical issue that they're, hopefully taking care of, hopefully taken care of, does bgfe even have um an option chain, build out options chain bgfv, it kind Of does but not really 30s and 35s for september interesting, some of these when they're like lower volume and not that much interest, some of them don't even have options at all. If there's just no demand got ortex this weekend, thanks to you and love it, i wish i did this months ago.

Spent hours looking through 50 plus stocks and tcf would best similar your thoughts, um tccf with it still remember that, just because it has these numbers, you have to have some other part to the narrative. Is there huge community support? Is it on the threshold list? You need much more than it just being a low flow, highly shorted stock. That's like i said more of like a prerequisite uh. Can you check out vyr it's an nft stock yeah, so we're seeing a lot of these nft stocks moving right now and we've seen this happen before vyr? Is that the right stock pyr? That's uh? Rich? I don't know, i don't think that's right, ticker um! When we've previously seen this just remember that didn't hold, there were massive gains, but people that, like didn't lock it in got burned.

Micah matt haven't gotten to see the rocket. Yet, let's hit it here, i'll show it to you, we've been doing it. We fired it off there. You go right above my head shout out to micah.

He is the one who made this so um. The artistic ability is definitely his and i just get to be the happy person who gets to use it. Uh russell 2000. Looking a bit weird amc, looking good hood, looking like crap spy, looking it looked weak and now it's bouncing back so on hood watch 453 on hood, i i have no hood position, but if i were in it i would have probably locked in gains right when It broke below this because you never know how far it's going to lock and in this situation, you'd be pissed off because it came right back, but now it's showing strength once again and what you could do no wrong button.

What you could do is watch kind of this trend line, or it is showing some strength right now, though, amc just for my pure listeners, it's currently trading at 44.80 and we're looking for it's just kind of consolidating at this 45 level, uh we're looking for the Breakout of 45.18. gme is hanging out at 215, the top of its own range that i've been talking about at nauseum, we're looking forward to it 217, 218 and kind of rip from there. It is not even 1pm, which does i mean with this type of strength and consolidation does set us up for an interesting, interesting setup for the after afternoon. Very much does oh so uh just so everyone knows the am uh when i was quickly taking that break.

For the interview it was with yahoo finance and right now it is live. If you just, i don't want to watch that or watch that later or whatever, but it's on the mat coors clips channel uh is it live it'll be up there shortly. If it's not already live, maybe it's just taking a little bit to load but yeah. It was with yahoo finance um.

It was kind of funny they were asking they're like they were like surprised that robin hood isn't a meme song. I was like in what world do you think robin hood? Is a meme stock uh any thoughts on edu? Will it come back? Maybe i don't know it looks like it's having an alright day today. It's up 10 um. I my first watch would be about 294..

It needs to get above that, but like it's down for a reason like all this stock has really done ever since february, is sell-off so like you're trying to catch a falling knife you're trying to like bottom ticket. So maybe if you get that break out, it might go, but it's not one i would mess around with. I want to buy a couple shares of amc at 43, but it was within the first 15 minutes, so i didn't i'm still chasing since almost the time missed opportunities at 43. What do you you could have gotten in at 43 like at 10, and it was definitely still chasing at that point? The better point to get in would have been like around here from a technical perspective, because you're at least at risk.

If you got in at the first point at 43 was chasing on an intraday basis once again, you're still waiting for support, you're looking to get in at support and pay attention to breakouts at resistance, but even with that, if you don't want to wait 15 minutes, Don't wait 15 minutes um. You can see how it goes for you for me, i'm a much more profitable trader by waiting 15 minutes, but maybe you trade in a different way where your best trades are made within the first 15 minutes. I don't know. I just share what works for me.

It's not necessarily what's going to work for you, bullish on a firm after the gap up after a firm, a gap up no, not necessarily uh. It's one thing to chase a stock, it's even worse, to chase a gap up because it might just do a gap. Fill on you. I wouldn't.

If i, if you had a position, that's awesome, you crush it um, but i wouldn't do it now. All right. We did that pyr wasn't a stock march, i'm up 530 percent on bgf calls for october 15th. Do i wait thing out or sell in the handful of shares and ride those out, not financial, all boogie, i mean if you're cool with your gain, you could lock it in.

Then you have money. The i don't know where it's going to go. You're, asking me to, i guess, like in a certain sense, predict the future for you bgfv, it looks strong volumes coming in, it could keep going, but even right now this might be the top. I have no clue if you want to lock some in and you just don't know um right here.

I cannot tell the future. I see a little bit of weakness, but it could honestly base right here and just keep ripping so with it. When you have such nice gains, i mean don't be afraid to lock summit and that's the whole point of it is to like get some of your money make money. I think people get like really mad.

That they're like oh, if i like, waited a little bit more. If i like, didn't wait as much, i would have like top ticket. You do not want to focus on top ticking it, because it's pure luck, you want to just be happy like hey. I had a winning trade and then you review it and you're like okay.

In what ways could i have traded it better without knowing the future information um? It's honestly that simple bgfe, it looks good. I mean it does look strong that might be its top or it could run whatever another 18 today. Obviously, both are still possible, but with it it's more so of you have a winning trade. Everyone is focused on top ticking and you should not be focused on top ticking focus on taking a majority of the move.

The the meat of the move should be your goal, not a bottom tick and a top tick chase. For the first time today learned my lesson on bbig at least it was only 200 minor, all apes on what plays you're willing to lose on the four-wheel chart for amc, there's a big difference in mfi and rsi just curious how you would read that um? That's actually an amazing question. I think that's good enough that i could do that in the update video, cynical oatmeal to explain it not too many people are interested in following mfi, but if more people are tracking it um i've used it in the past, like it's, not my like go-to, but Um, that's a great question. All right: amc, breakout, ding, ding, ding, oh brother amc hit a new all-time high.

Coming to a theater near you, this winter amc on the moon a voyage. You will not want to miss uh, so amc's rip him sprt, not really doing much hanging out just below 37 gamestop pushing it's 217 to 18 level. Watch for that breakout and amc just tagged. What was it 45 38? If this holds i'm looking for a crew straight to 46.

uh? Don't let greed beat you small wins is better than big losses. Bye, bye, hood hood ernie! What's going on when you go to vegas, you ask the dealer: if you're going to win it's all vegas baby yeah, i mean with it like there's and i don't know why. I think there's people who are trying to grow like a social media following or something that uh or try to get likes and views they're like oh, like man like this, is like it's guaranteed. It's guaranteed no, like there's still risk and reward to literally everything we're possibly gon na do here.

Um and you put the edge in your favor by finding like whoa, what's going on here, by finding good edge, plays and make sure the risk reward is in your favor all right any news to go over all right, amc, it is holding it's holding it's holding Its holding, what do we have here? Okay, amc, pushing looking very strong, gme, looking very strong, and this is exciting, because it's only 1 pm we still have 3 hours left like a lot, could happen. Oh here we go these people all these greg's they're. So funny 45 50 4650 might prove to be a strong level, consolidation right in the middle of the channel, where amc has been hanging since friday, whether it moves towards 48 today or not not a prediction, but an observation yeah. That's why i've been calling out 46 as resistance um we've been over it, but we're not closing above it and definitely not see like okay volume of it, but we haven't closed, but i very much think if we close above 46 on volume, i'm talking, especially if We can get into that realm of pushing like 200 mil 175 200 mil above 46 on a close, that that'll be awesome, absolutely beautiful setup and once again it still doesn't guarantee anything, but it puts the edge more and more in our favor.

Oh wait! Wait before we before we ban this guy, i do have it chair 15.. Oh matt, cory sold his amy see stop listening to him, oh chair here. Let me go back to this um. Thank you for your comment, chair i'll, make sure to get that to the complaints department and we'll we'll get back to you as soon as we uh we possibly can there um but congrats on being a loser.

Oh she sold his. No, i didn't. I could guarantee you chair. I have more in amc than you probably have in your anything like i'm so much in amc i this explodes, i become a multi-multi-millionaire and then this i'll just go even more off the rails with it so like we just have all these like bitchy whiny, like Complainers dude get out of here seriously.

Just these people are so mad that they're not getting this money like they they it does not compute in their brain that there's a community having fun making money uh, it's just a better way to be and they're just so so negative um. I it just blows my mind, like i they're on the outside of the party, we're all here having a great time, we're we're learning about the market, we're laughing we're making money like it is perfect. It's a great community of people who are supportive, helping out the rest of society, trying to like point out some of the illegitimate things going on in the stock market. And then you have these losers, who are just there like wasting their time like it's just what side would you be on and i feel for them.

I just like picture very, very sad people who are just like sitting there and they're, so they have so much anger and so much hatred. It's like just chill dude like find a good group, find a better outlet in your life. Go for a run. Ah, thank you james excellent interview with yahoo.

I appreciate that the best part of amc right now the price action is true apes and etfs, adding or entering long positions. Um. Probably i would assume it's that also we're going to have some algorithms that are switching long they're buying on the momentum there's a whole host of buying. I like money, shout out daniel thoughts on ual and delta herding, airline stock thousand yeah and delta.

Wait. How did they hurt the airline stock thoughts on united airlines and delta herding airline stock? How did they hurt the stock? What do you mean all right, sprt, still sideways at 37 you're, basically looking for either a breakout of 38 or a breakdown of 35, but amc uh. It just hit 35 56 and i'm still very, very much watching 30. 46.

Sorry i hit 45 56 and i'm watching the 46 breakout echo lotus becoming an astronaut shout out matt in the interview. You said you have no robin hood: it's not a meme sock, maybe a joke's up, but definitely not a meme. That would have been funny. I it blows my mind that um people like somehow like are putting that particular stock and company into the same world of meme stocks, which is still a misnomer.

Like i get that and like sometimes like. You have to choose the points you're going to individually battle on in an interview like you're not going to sit there for the entire interview and be like you're wrong here here here and like you have to pick like more the important ones um so like yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of just like this entire thing being called a meme sock. I don't agree with that: um moon stock short squeeze potential like there's so so many names that would like make sense with it beyond meme stock, because it's kind of de-legitimalized delegitimizing. What's actually going on, but even with that when they're like is robin hood a meme stock, i'm like like it's crazy to think that that, like i don't even know where that rhetoric started.

If there were it's to me, it's funny, because it's the one stock in the entire stock market, that's like the farthest away from being liked by this community, like if you had to pick out one stock, an individual stock that the community just like hated like at A high high majority almost like unanimously it would be robin hood, and it's kind of funny that that's one that like was somehow like passed into it uh. Can you look at nakd and it's start. I am not the biggest fan of nakd. I think it just uh: it's a penny stock.

It it got grouped up with amc and jimmy the highly shorted socks back in january, but this one was being shorted because it was like kind of a crappy company um. I'm not a fan of this penny stocks. Aren't my deal, i don't like the thesis behind it if you're in it. I hope you make money like i hope, i'm wrong on it.

I'm just not going to put my own money into it. Um, not a fan of nakd, but, like i said you could be it's just i'm not gon na put my own, like, i hope, i'm wrong. I hope you make a lot of money uh. I just don't really see the opportunity there, s p, 500.

Looking strong! All right, i, like money, shout out daniel all right amc gearing up for its next push. I'm telling you 46! 46. 46. That's what i am watching and then we're watching 217 on gamestop.

It's currently trading at 2, 15. uh check out nakd volume same day as gme spike. I mean all highly shorted stocks. It was a giant shorted stock.

Sympathy play that's why we were talking about noke bb amc. At that time, everyone was just buying highly shorted stocks. What are your thoughts on bb and wish? I haven't looked at bb in a hot minute. Let me give you my opinions on.

It looks strong, it does look strong uh, i don't have a p bb position and i will not be creating one uh. It looks strong, though i i'll give you that looks like there could be a nice continuation on wish, which uh same thing. I it does look strong, look for it to get above 789 and then a follow through up to 9 30. uh.

This was beaten down by its earnings. I think it was a beating down a little bit too much, but i'm still, i don't think like wish, will be a short squeeze play or anything. I just think it might be. A good technical buy good reward, pretty reasonable risk kind of a nice setup.

All right, it looks like amc just hit a new intraday high. We are closing in on our target of 46. sprt, not really doing anything right now. Pbig bbig, bbig, coming back around uh.

Could get interesting watch for bbig to get above 750 and then above eight here we go amc moving old brother, oh brother, oh brother, oh brother! Amc is on its way to 46. What will the apes do? Next stay tuned stay tuned um. Instead of banning all the greys, is there a way instead of banning all the way? Greg's is their way. You could just boot them into a separate chat room and let them be miserable together.

Then we could check in on the carnage every once in a while. Uh, it could be a good pay-per-view cage match type thing brambles. I like the suggestion. I don't know if technology is quite there for uh pulling that off, but i like it all right.

What do we have here? Still? What are we looking at coordinated attack? Oh whatever, whatever i mean, all these people, they're just gon na complain and whine matt, anything on mogo, not short term but long on mogo. So when you're asking for long term, that's much more of like understanding the fundamentals of a company like even outside, like long term, i think multiple years uh, which so really, i guess, unless you're like what looking at a monthly chart, you're going to want to know More about the fundamentals of the company - and i don't know anything about mogo off the top of my head: sean, hey, matt, technical question: what is boylinger bands that says amc has crossed over to the upper boulderman indicating a bullish trend? Uh. It's another momentum indicator. If you want to do a quick search on investopedia, if you want, i can make like a breakdown, video explaining the math of it, but it's just another like oscillator, it's another, very common one like up there with rsi macd, it's another oscillating momentum indicator, but definitely A popular one like that's not like a lot of people, are going to use the boiling bands and look for those crossovers kind of not the exact same but kind of a a similar trading thesis where people who use macd and they look for the lines to Cross for like an entry and exit uh, people will do that also with boylinger bbig, average 18, currently 200k volume, but still shorting, uh bbig.

I thought this one was hard to short on bbig uh. It's yeah, it's pretty tough. To short, the utilization is 99.9 um and they had a net borrow against it. Today this thing is probably fully tapped out bbig, i mean look at the short interest or the cost to borrow on it 220 insane insane insane insane insane.

Another five dollar for rnxt is 15 worth an answer. Uh. What you want me to look at it, it's a pharmaceutical play which um not the biggest fan. No, we already talked about r nxt, it's a new ipo.

I know i wouldn't mess with it. I'm a technical trader, uh there's just not enough of a chart, but we already talked about r and xd mark if you just want to rewind, but the the quick thesis is it's way too new, so i wouldn't mess around with it. Uh peas, are the food preferred food of greg's? Can i use the voice to say purse previously, oh previously, on dragon ball? Z, nah! That's not exactly the intonation previously on dragon ball, z, who's, gary gensler, sending some other comedian. Investors is your way to show them something.

What time is less busy in super chat for fewer distractions? Probably midday as long as like a stock's, not going absolutely haywire all right uh, i got fired for the orange juice factory yesterday said i couldn't concentrate lv roy message retracted. I very much do like the mystery gme catching a bid, amc catching a bid. Matt. Can you check out vortex vih 6.8 days to cover high short interest? Well, what else do i need? Well, if already has that stuff remember just because it has that stuff does not mean it's going to squeeze.

You need more of that support then like how many people are going to buy it on that, like it needs some other aspect, the narrative, the catalyst that's going to get it to the moving averages across and for buyers to pour in on it. Steel 1608 twisted montana massive super emote biggest biggest super chat of the day shout out twist. It's very kind of you all right. Where else are we at? We did that.

Let me double check. Let me double check that i didn't miss anything. What are your thoughts on xela, so i hear a lot of people talking about xcla, but let's see how it's doing kind of boring today down point eight six percent trying to swing back around the question is: is it just going to be a low or high Or we'll get a continuation, you have to watch kind of the 280 level, but i do like how it's like perking its head up. Let's just see if the momentum can follow through on it, how bad will theta decay affect my 50 call for 7 14.

Does this speed of the decay speed up at certain points um, so you could see theta right away, um, it's not a like hidden thing, uh. So, for example, if you're coming over to weeble i'm on bgfe, but it shows you the theta, and this is how much you would your contract would lose value if you held it to the next day and everything was else was held constant and to answer the Second part of your question: does it speed up yeah? It speeds up every day, um, it's more of an exponential growth in your theta decay, theta theta theta, the one of the worst parts of training options: ducamis maximus. What indicator would confirm? H, vih breakout, i'm seeing daily candles cup and handle reversal 40 percent interest. Low flow volume ramp might be uh pre-squeezed, but trying to determine entry v.

I h all right. Let's check this one out more people asking about vih. What is this one an acquisition? So this might be like a spack play, so i would very much like it to close above this august 12th high of 9.99, even better above 10 10, but really not swinging that much vih. It's only got point two: five percent uh.

It is showing strength, though, is it being shorted vih? Let me search it. Vih short interest of 38 shares on loan is 6.34 million utilization 98 yeah. So the numbers are there now the question is: will you get the price action follow-through and i would like to see on higher volume? What's this volume look like okay, the volume is picking up uh see if it gets above close above 10 on high volume. That could lead to something a bit more interesting, but this thing does have small range and even though its volume's picking up it's still low volume, only 1 million traded, i mean this stock is ten dollars and gamestop is more and it's traded.

2.5 million and gamestop trades at 215. So, even though relative to itself it's picking up volume uh, it needs a lot more volume, a lot more dollar volume to flow into it, so that one wouldn't be the highest one. On my list like, i would watch it to see if that comes becomes true, but i would want more pih. What else are we looking at? Let's go back to pbeig how's this one.

Looking today is gap up weakness, not a good sign but intraday, showing some strength. 750. You could watch eight dollars if this thing actually gets above eight. The party might be back on for bbig sprt.

I guess the same would be said if it gets back above 38 and then the party is fully on for amc uh. I am on the one minute. Let me show you the macd a little bit of weakness right now. Look for this to spin back around and watch for it to get above 56.

Where do we hit 70 45? What, where am i pulling these numbers out of? I mean 45 70. amc is currently trading at 45 11 gm he's currently trading at 215.. All right! We did that echo shout out to echo beef before becoming an astronaut alex v roy shout out. I forgot to wave to robin hood bye, bye, robin hood, hey matt, can you check out atip and let us know what you think: atip oops atip.

This is another one like it's a gap down on earnings and you need some sort of breakout and then the gap fill play is potential, but look for strength to come in or really dive into the earnings and see if it was as bad as it was For this sell-off, because it also got hit um, hey baby, can you please have a look at finra margin? Debt as it looks out of hand, uh, david's, wife, uh? Unfortunately, i don't know how to see the finra margin debt. I don't know where that is on. I don't know how i would track that down. Literally i'm a toaster, oh hey! What's up, oh hey mark gsat people asking about gsat gsat gap up.

They sell it off being bought back interesting, interesting, tough play, not the nicest technical setup, but it gapped up. They sold it down now being bought back shown. Some strength watch this 240 line right here where it opened if it gets above that that could get moving a little bit um still not my favorite. I still like amc more.

I like gme, more both of these way more. I even like sprt more than gsat right now, uh someone this morning was saying that it's a potential acquisition, i guess, or at t or merger, or deal or something like that um. I think this is in the world of 5g, so if you're uh a proponent of the 5g sector, i believe gsat would be a good play for you. I just don't know enough about it really, but from a technical perspective, just watch 240.

uh, it's a bit chasey the place to get in was probably back here around 11 30 closer to two dollars and 10 cents um. So it's definitely a little bit chasing now. But maybe it'll get rejected at 240 and you'll get a dip. Do you think tesla will drop back below 700? I feel like it goes below 700.

All the time like in its history. Will that probably happen? I would guess yeah. I would bet that at some point it will no way seriously. I don't know if this is true, but someone is saying that on reddit, someone posted that they were mad, that i tweeted about amc passing robin hood.

That blows my mind if someone out here is more supportive than robin hood than you are of amc and if you can't just see the joke in that um you're. Never ever gon na, like me and instead of like wasting your little keyboard, warrior finger energy um on reddit you, you should just go somewhere else and find someone that's supportive of robin hood. Maybe you should go, listen to jim cramer or sorry. Charlie.

Are you kidding me more supportive of robin, and why would you ever if you can't see the joke in that in waving as amc passes, robin hood um we're, never we're literally never gon na ever ever see eye to eye like what. If i wonder what reddit that was posted in um, if it was in the amc or amc, stock, subreddit or super stonk like you're, just oblivious to history, and what has actually happened all right, let's check out bbig could be kind of coming back. See right here. Wasn't this what we were talking about with bgfv of like not chasing, and that could have been the top you want to see if it finds support at like 27 26 50..

Maybe it swings back around and has like a nice afternoon session, uh matt. What are your thoughts on the algorithm repeating every 90 days recently discovered by astro uh? I haven't heard about it. I don't i can't like really talk about. I don't know i i i saw some stuff on twitter of people pointing out like a multi-week cycle um but cycles like that's, not really breaking news like there are many many well-known cycles in the market and if it's a 90-day cycle, that's cool, but i haven't Seen anything about it, so i don't know if i could, like, i guess, freely comment on it.

I just don't know what it is. I really don't consume um much like youtube comment, content in general, not even amc or jimmy. I'm just saying like content like when you end up streaming all day like i'm, not after being on stream all day, i don't want to be like just watching more videos and, like you just get tired and like i want to go like outside or go for A walk or after i do all that stuff um, but i don't know astro astro from the things i've heard in the past has solid stuff, so that'd, be, i guess, cool to look into rico's here rico. What's going on rico, hey matt been here since march.

Thank you for everything. You've done. Have you seen the dd done by crying wanted your thoughts? No, that's not like. I'm don't consume like this reddit stuff and people's dds, whether on whatever medium i just i'm not really consuming it.

Um there's so many people out there and it sucks, because there's really really awesome dd out there there's great points. There's great videos um, but for myself like i, just got frustrated of watching all this other stuff where everyone's like it's gon na squeeze tomorrow guaranteed and then they would throw out some like crazy value like tomorrow. It's doing this and this and it's just like i myself, got so tired of it. I was like how much can we hear this same crap over and over and over again um, so i just found it like incredibly tiresome.

So i really don't. I don't know. Maybe i should um - and i like in the mornings to check on what's going on on twitter like i'll, see, okay, like people are talking about this this and this so like before, when we had to disprove the brazilian thing about, like the brazilian market. Being proof of naked shorts, which it wasn't people just don't understand, like depository receipts, um so i'll check in on twitter to see like what the hot talk is in the community but as for consuming youtube videos.

The main videos i watch are honestly music videos, uh and then i don't really read write anymore. I feel like reddit's, completely changed. I loved reddit um, even before i had my own youtube channel when i started my youtube channel. Like a year ago last summer, i was on wall street bets every single day.

I love that community and when gme had its craziness in january, there was a palpable change within the community and then amc stock and super stonk also spun off, and i was like okay. This is cool like we're gon na get that same personality that i like. But now i would not be surprised if those are infiltrated and it sucks, because i know that there's all very, very smart, dedicated people within those communities and but then there's also people who are obviously like actually against the cause and like posing as fake apes. So it's just like frustrating to - i guess sift through all that and i i can only imagine on your side of it, of like when you're hanging on you're consuming this content, that content and you're getting pulled in a million ways and um.

If, at a certain point, if like i could understand, if you just almost feel tired from all of it, like you're, just like what is going on and it gets super super toxic uh on all of these, like social media gets insanely insanely toxic. So i think for my own sanity, i just kind of about two months ago, really really just dialed it back. Um uh have you heard of g america, copyright being brought up everywhere, now direct straight to the dfv roy corte youtube video. This is so strange.

G nope have not heard of that. That sounds like maybe another thing that i would know if i was like on. I guess reddit. If it relates to roaring kitty uh matt, could you please check out sqbg sq? What is it? Bg, uh low volume hasn't traded.

A million it's a 12 stock, so right away, i probably wouldn't trade it. The daily chart looks strong, though uh you would want to get above 12.50 close above that and really you're getting rejected at 14.50 time and time again, uh so above that could be interesting, but ugly, looking chart ugly ugly chart, this one seems like a tough trade To me, could you maybe make a killing on it? I wouldn't be surprised if you did, but it seems like a tough one. Mort i'm getting spoiled. Are you all day streaming again um? So today i had to take a break, so it wasn't technically an all-day stream, but for the remainder of today i'll be streaming till four to see.

What's going on people talking about bbig, is it swinging back around pushing eight so in here between eight and eight forty, eight is a nice one, a breakout above that i feel a test of 840, but you could see resist and support um things might be. Waking up i mean honestly, everything on this screen right now is showing some strength today. Uh, let me drop this sprt is up 42 bgfv is up, 15 bbig is up, 50 gme is up, four percent amc is up 10. All these are in the green, and i think this is nice proof that there can be multiple winners.

Uh there doesn't necessarily have to only be one and oh, this is taking money from that play. No, no! No. I very much think, as money is being played in certain money is being made in certain place. It flows into the other ones and it helps them out.

That's why we have the entire terminology of sympathy plays, because you see this stuff quite a bit um. So for me i i it's not that surprising that they're all winning uh can you have a look at wait. What is this hang on? I already lost the message: is a cup and handle forming on solana? Let's check it out. I don't quite know your time frame all right, so definitely not the day.

You must be smaller m. Okay, it looks like you're at the five or three minute yeah. If you get this fall through to 107, i would call that a cuphead handle um. I'm a fan of solana, i'm a fan of polygon, bitcoin, ethereum cardano, i'm specifically a fan at this moment in time of ethereum in cardano um.

If i had to give a projection for the next like month or two, i think ethereum and cardano will do very. Very well, and that mainly relates to the craziness happening in nfts, smart contracts, the defy applications, a big big fan and extremely bullish on ethereum and cardano. I'm in no way actively training it. It is very much i buy it on weakness and then i just hold it and i plan on holding it for a while all right, amc showing some strength, gme, showing some strength.

We are looking for the intraday breakout of 45.71. Have you on max in the car and can hardly hear you? Can you boost it up a little on your side uh? No, my audio cj is coming through at uh negative five, which is usually where i always am um.

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