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Ep 61 the pattern continues dumb money: amc, gme crypto – Matt Kohrs

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The Pattern Continues ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 61: AMC, GME & Crypto
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Foreign mum, hello, hello, hello. I think that might have been my longest moon gang entry ever we're always going for records here. Oh he's going for records, hello, hello, hello! Let's get ready! Let's get in this nasa space station make sure we're all set up. How we like it, we got my notes, got my pencils got my duck.

Headband, it's gon na be a day and a half folks a day and a half hello, hello, apes. It's a it's a day, which means it's a good day to be an ape any day of the week, doesn't really matter, but it is a particularly nice friday september, 3rd, hello, hello, hello, good morning to all well depending on where you are. It might be your afternoon evening night, i don't know, but i hope you're having a good one, uh very, very quick. I guess i'll remind you throughout like throughout the day about this.

Do not forget that on monday market close, we are on a three day weekend. Instead of 48 hours, you have 72 hours to kick back, relax, unwind uh, at least in terms of the markets. Maybe you have to go to work on monday? I don't know, but um i'll be working over the weekend, we'll be doing some fun. I don't know.

Maybe on twitch we'll be playing at some assassin's creed and saying saving egypt or chart review. I don't know, there's a lot of stuff we can do, but the market will be closed on monday in observation of labor day, and i do want to talk a bit more about that as it relates to kind of some recent craziness we've seen actually with amc And what we saw on memorial day and i'm sure you've been hearing all about that, but overall uh yeah you shut chad down yesterday yeah i mean i had fun. I mean of course um when it comes to cnbc, like i'm. Naturally, on my back heel a little bit just because of how things have previously played out with trey so like i was kind of ready and like you, can you can kind of see to my face? So if you missed the interview i was on, i was on with melissa lee uh arguing for the eighth position and that video is on the mat course clips channel.

If you haven't checked it out yet, but you could see that interview there. Actually, let me see if i could find it really quick for you um, so i was like all right like let's see how this goes and i was ready. I was like all right like of course they like approach it as if it's gon na be like all a-okay and nothing's gon na happen, and in it here's a video on the mac course clips channel so check that out. But what was funny is.

I was like all right: they're gon na do something they're gon na do something, and when i was talking with melissa, another person cut in which, like i don't know, if you could see it in my face or not but like that, was not uh a prepared Thing i was like: oh here we go. I was like oh brother, let's do it, let's do it, let's do it, let's do it uh, so uh. I was ready for it and it didn't really get like. I guess as like combative.

It wasn't really like a debate that wasn't how it was structured or anything but uh. I had a fun time. I thought it was well. I was um, i was happy with it and i hope i um, i guess, captured your voice uh.

Obviously, that's always like one of my biggest concerns is like i represent. I recognize that i'm not just saying what i think as matt core, as i like, have gotten to this position, where sometimes my voice is lent to the voice of the ape community. So i always want to be like okay, like is this like a math thought? Is this an ape community thought and i'm always trying to like, i guess - represent uh you guys and with that also remember, whenever you guys are engaging on social media, you in a certain way are still representing the community and i think everyone just being an adult And a human uh, it's funny like obviously there's jokes in there, but also we all know where that line is where it goes from a joke to being like kind of an inappropriate, an attack on people and even if we don't like them, even if they said Stuff about us uh - this is just your friendly reminder. Remember we should always be taking the high road because, whatever media is doing whatever you don't know what tweets and comments they're going to be taking from us, we want to try to be as unreapproachable as possible.

Remember uh, let's just when you're expressing things, especially in the world. It's probably one of those things where uh just be careful like you, don't want that tweet to come up and be like here's. What the apes just said, uh so just remember that uh when they go low, we go high message retracted right off the bat i like that td says. Fin rule now only allows one pdt flag removal for the life of the account uh.

I actually always thought it was that i didn't know that uh. I didn't know that you could do more than one. I always thought it was one for the life of the account. I didn't know what, before that, was it like one per 90 days or per year or something uh? What else do we have going on great interview? Thank you.

I appreciate that you guys are so kind all right, let's hop into kind of the setup for the day before we get into amc and jimmy and the specific stocks. Let's talk about the overall market right now, yesterday, ding ding ding, the s p 500 hit a new all-time high, based on fibonacci extension, i'm still targeting the high 455 just sub 456. uh. What's kind of a market mover today is this august non-farm payrolls increase.

So right here, 235, 000 versus 720.. So what's weird, is unemployment did drop to the expected level of 5.2 percent? But the issue is job creation is way lower than estimates, which is weird because it's kind of a mixed bag and it depends on like that's this. This is where you have to dive into like what the data and the ratios, and all that mean. So unemployment went to their expectations.

It dropped slightly to 5.2, but the issue is new jobs and new job creation. Uh way way below estimates so might see some choppiness. This was all announced at 8 30 in the morning uh. This is when this came out so feel free to dive into that, but that will be an impact on the market and right now, even though the jobs were made unemployment.

I guess they're pricing that in we have here. Let me show you the five minute right here. This is exactly when it came out. Look at the announcement that they're like hey.

It was fine, and then we saw this like kind of abrupt sell-off all starting at 8 30, and that's just because of that announcement. So i just want everyone to be kind of up to date on what's going on in the overall market, russell 2000 - we like chatting about this because we know amc is the biggest one, looking very, very strong if it can hold this 229 level, i'm at first Watching 232, but i'm really watching 233 and a half as the next target, but strong, strong momentum in the russell 2000 small cap stocks. Once again, amc is the biggest member of that in terms of amc actually before we do amc and gm as people are rolling in, let's start with some of these other ones that people have been talking about so right now. Excuse me b-b-i-g, shot up.

I don't like this that's a little bit bearish, but then it fought back and then it really fought back and now a little bit more bearish. So it's in between right now, bbig trying to make up, which way it really wants to go and, to me it's as simple as this: is it going to break below 7 30 or break above 9 50.. Those are my two watches on bbig. If it does does one of those i might take a trade, but until then we're just kind of patiently waiting sprt, i still think it looks weak.

I'm not saying that the play is done. I'm just saying i think, there's going to be a gap fill to the high from august 26th. We have this gap, it's almost filled, but not fully 20 flat is where i would be interested to see if it bounced there. That's still my play on sprt.

I've been talking about it, i do not have an sprt position, i've been in and out and i've been playing it both ways, but i still strongly believe it is eventually headed back down to this gap hill, probably sooner rather than later crsr. We talked about this not focusing on it too much just want a continuation, it's kind of a little bit of a chop right now, the other one that anyone everyone has been talking about is any any looking very, very strong, and then this morning very much gapping Down now just so everyone knows i do have calls on any, but i do have some time. So i want to see how it plays out, and i was really hoping that nothing crazy would happen today. So i had time to research it more in depth over the weekend, but this one, the metrics, are there uh it's highly shorted high short interest, relatively lower float on the threshold list, so something's going on with the ftds.

That should not be going on worthwhile to look into the sphere 3d company corp. Excuse me, but i just the pre-market is not the most ideal pre-market we're looking for, hopefully, a very quick bounce back at least to this. Like 8.60 70 error, um, that's what i'm looking for on it, but brutal pre-market action thus far, but let's see how it all plays out. So with all that being said, let's hop into the stars of the show, amc and g meme.

So thus far today, jimmy they've already borrowed 64 000 shares against. It puts the short interest at 12.16 utilization 33.4 shares on loan, 6.5 million in terms of amc. They've already borrowed a quarter mill against it already up short interest to 18 um. So yesterday the short interest in both both the share the shares on loan and shortest went up, but the utilization actually went down.

So what does that mean? How is that mathematically possible that the short interest and shares on loan go up, but utilization goes down. Just remember what utilization is it's the amount of shares on loan divided by the total loanable shares. So if this went up, but the ratio went down that tells you that the pool of shares, the total pool of shares, people are willing to lend out to potentially go short increase by a greater amount. It's this is that mismatch is not indicative of something illegal.

Illicit nefarious going on on the background, it's more of like a mathematical sleight of hand of how this situation occurs in terms of the charts. Let's go to the daily. Let's check out gme, so gme exploded, bull, pennant, lower highs, higher lows: we got the breakout it held and then held and then right here we kind of had a do nothing day. Really.

Yesterday, it sold off and then buyers bought it right back up pretty much by close, so we're seeing. We just want this to hold and we want it to continue so really. The first watch out of the gate is just yesterday's high 214.80. Let me mark that out.

The first watch of the day is for gme to get above 214 and 80 cents break yesterday's high and then follow the momentum back up to 225. After that, i'm watching 240.. We have very nice support at 208 and extremely nice support at 200 in terms of amc, a little bit of a different situation, still focusing on the cup and handle, and yesterday during stream, we were talking about some of the similarities in this three-day period. August 25th.

26Th, 27th and then what that led to we're seeing some overlapping similarities kind of recently, so we're hoping that that leads to kind of a push upward, obviously kind of similar to gme. We are watching yesterday's high to get above that and see if this is just a relative valley, a follow through and would love that break above the mid 46s mid 46s. I'm then watching the low 48s and then from there i'm watching the low 50s. So first watch out of the gate uh.

What is this 44.90 and it's currently trading at 43.70, but let's see what the market open actually brings us on the day. Um with all that being said, i've already forgot to talk about crypto, bitcoin and ethereum. Looking very very strong right now, these two are by definition leading the way yesterday, uh when ethereum was already moving. I was calling out four thousand, i'm still calling out four thousand there's money to be made in crypto.

I express this on a daily basis, but i strongly believe, at least for my training methodology that crypto i'm not actively trading it. I like to get in on dips, i like to buy it, and i like to hold everything. I've learned about crypto is the people who are like these crypto multi-millionaires, it's people who get in early and they wait and they say it. It's not really like an active trading style thing.

I'm sure there are people out there who have made a lot of money actively trading it, but honestly between option stocks and futures. I don't have that much time to watch another thing to actively trade throughout the day. So this one i like to check on more of like at least once a day and see where it's going and maybe i'll hone in on some charting over the weekend. But that's my methodology for crypto buy it on weakness.

Wait one two three decades and either you're going to be super right or super wrong: a decade down the line 20 years down the line, there's bitcoin and if you're they're going to be nowhere close to these levels, either we're going to be very right and we're Going to be super rich or it's going to be borderline 0 and we're going to get it completely wrong. That's how i view it. I don't think it's going to be like. Oh, maybe it's going to be like a couple percent higher than 4 000 or a couple percent higher than 50 000.

That's just not how i view it. Maybe it will be, but i just i would not bet on that at all anyway, crypto showing a lot of strength, if you want it download voyager, put in that code, matt21 m8t21. As soon as you, trade, a hundred dollars of any crypto out there, you'll get an extra 25 of bitcoin as a bonus, and i guess, while we're talking about it, don't forget to download public while you're at it download voyager, download public for public. You just go to public.com mac course: you'll get up to 70 dollars of free stock, no payment for order flow, no dark pools, no market mater, send all of your trades directly directly to a lit exchange way way better for our cause, and i think everyone should Be doing it, i mean it's also free, it's free trading.

They don't have options trading if you happen to be a big options. Trader you're not going to be able to execute that on the public platform. Just so you know um and, as you can see uh before we get into it, we'll give them the official shout out in a bit, but today's stream is sponsored by manscape uh. If you go to manscape.com moongang, it's pinned to the top of chat.

Let me just double check that what is it yeah manscape.commung? You get 20 off uh and free shipping, but we'll talk about that more later on all right here we are now, let's get into any of your questions. Message retracted. I, like the mystery, hey matt, subaru guy, again wondered what you think about v. I h high short interest play volume, picking up like crazy since yesterday v i h v.

I h whoa interesting action in the pre or post market into the pre-market. Let's see what's going on with the volume here, no, i didn't want that. It is definitely waking up, let's check out vih um, so i've seen slowly but surely more and more people talking about it. Did this page just for each uh acquisition.

Is this like a spac acquisition company, so it has a short interest of 37 shares on loan of 6 million with a utilization of 95, so that does mean it's going to be a lower float stock, so interesting opportunity if it can get above 10.70. 10 10.70. Is kind of the line in the sand for this stock um so once again, i'm just gon na throw that out there 1070. This thing might get some legs, but we are on the daily basis, seeing some volume start to pick up on it.

Look at the volume yesterday uh notable increase in volume, the price action i'm just watching this 1070 line. If it can get above that, you might have some opportunity all the way up to 11 50 would be my first watch. Yeah definitely 1150 would be the next important one after 1070.. In terms of these once again to make it very clear, any sprt, bbig bgfv vih, do i think they can make money on it.

Yeah am i gon na yell at you for making money? No i'm gon na applaud you. I want all of you watching to make money. I'm not gon na sit here and be like you can't trade that that's crazy um, but i still don't want anyone to group those with amc or gme. Mainstream media will try to put all those together as a meme stock and that's like the just umbrella term that they're going to use understand that you cannot.

The value of the community of amc of gme is very, very different and that's why i think it puts it amc and gme as like tier one options, and then these other ones, like i said any vih bbig crsr bgfe. All of those you can make money, but i wouldn't be of that mindset of like oh i'm gon na diamond hand this, because the diamond handing is more, in my mind at least reasonable when you have community support and that's why we're talking about these socks. Six months later, there's a good chance on these ones, the other ones. I listed these tier two and tier three options: they're going to be hot for a week or two you get in, you make your money you get out um.

I that the way you've, probably if you're, watching this wired, your brain for amc and jimmy diamond handing through everything buying on all the dips. I am not at the level to say that i would even be comfortable doing that with these other ones. To me, they're active trades, you watch a risk, you watch a reward, don't get too greedy with it. You get in you get out, you take your attendees and you move on um so with it, i'm not against anyone trading it.

I would just say: please be a bit more careful about your methodology and i wouldn't imply that your same mindset that people have been applying to amc and gme can you look at ttcf, charlie, zip charlie seems to like it ttcf tattooed chef. So that's another one. I'm seeing some info about it looks like it's trying to break out it's at resistance right now. If it can keep going, then i would watch 26 and then i would watch 28 ttcf all right.

We are at what's what is the info on this one? Uh short interest of 35.5 shares on loan 14 million utilization 98 so similar to vih, where they're, both starting to open the day up at resistance. If they get momentum and volume follow through the volume is looking decent. Uh vih had a bigger relative volume spike compared to ttcf. The numbers are there, but once again you cannot discount the value of the community surrounding amc and gme.

I would never at this point at least put any of those other ones on that same tier of amc and jimmy. If you're in here don't get greedy uh ttcf to me is a bit more of a chase, it's very much chasing because it's already up 50. Ever since august 19th august 20th, so this one seems like a less viable opportunity just from a charting perspective, but even they're, both a little chasing. So with that, if you want to chase whatever i'm, not the biggest fan of it, uh, but sometimes people just get excited it's a friday, maybe you're trying to make some sangria money for the weekend.

Whatever it's up to you, you can trade, how you want um with it. Both of them are up so you're you're when you're chasing like that you're increasing your chance of being a bag holder, especially if you buy at resistance. So with it. If you like these all these, and you don't have a position yet i would say why not let the market like build out a little bit the first couple minutes and see if you could find nice support.

I wouldn't say: oh okay, yeah, it's completely cool like right as the market opens to hit that buy button and see if it rips, like you, don't know like. Maybe they just all get smacked at the start, like do not be a bag holder. When you get into a trade - and this is important - and i don't know if enough people think about this, when you look at a stock, your first question should not be: where could this go because you're kind of way too focused on the potential profits in the Play your first question should be: how bad could this go against me? What is my risk? Do not wire yourself to be like wow vih, look at look at what this thing has done and, like i think, there's too many people who are like all of a sudden. Looking at the like the high and like this could run to 22..

I could double up no. What your question should be is being like hang on. If this goes against me, how bad could it truly go against me? You should ask yourself that question and then look at the reward of the situation. Why yourself? That way, trust me you're, going to want to focus way way more on capital preservation than focusing on these, like grand slam home run, plays hey matt.

What do you think about wdc and the probability of merging with keo? I i have not. I don't know about either of these companies wdc western digi - i don't know about the merger or the likelihood of the merger, but the stock seems a bit boring just sideways trading. A little up. Little down happy labor day weekend, matt see you on the moon.

Shout out joey face: are you concerned about the any dilution with the shelf offering so any dilution is gon na, like you're gon na see at first a negative reaction to the stock we've been through that with amc we've been through that with gme um? It's always something to consider and that's why i'm saying you can't get too greedy with it. That's why i'm saying these other plays to me are not diamond plays where you hold through anything, you have to have a training plan. What is your risk? What's your reward, whenever those get hit cool get out, please people didn't buy because of the box occurs, so why would they sell because of it? I thought that was perfect, love the interview hey. I appreciate that brian matt - i learned this morning that fidelity will only let you enter limit order 30 higher than the last trade is at the most brokerages um.

I've never really been doing it like that. It might be a common rule, but i mean it's their brokerage, so they're going to set up how they want, like. I don't think. That's like the craziest thing check out your tweets amazon, shorting, amze bezos kenny, bankrupting companies to take over toys, r us and blockbuster youtube.

Wait. Amazon is shorting, amc uh michelle. I have not heard it like amazon's, not a hedge fund. It doesn't take active trading positions.

Amazon is shorting amc for a buyout um. I have not made like this is new news to me. Let me check this out seems a bit strange, though looks like it's being reported by somewhat of a sizable account. Hang on i'm trying to find the info here.

Wait the one i just found is not a stock account. Where is it? I need to dive a bit more into this. This is uh news to me about amazon shorting. How would amazon take a stock position? Fbr x, uh the chances of recovery? My breakeven is 15 fb rx fbrx um of a recovery fbrx, your breakeven is 1520..

It looks oh a huge gap down, not looking that good uh. There might be a little bit of a bounce back, but some sort of news. This is why i don't like the pharmaceutical industries, because sometimes you have announcements like this. I guess it lost a drug or a test failed and you get massive gap - downs um it's! This is well like a good example of why i hate trading.

The pharmaceutical industry explained on super songs, it's false according to fool, okay, so some people are saying it was on reddit. It has to be true, uh yeah i need to dive into it might be true, it might not be um i'll have to look into it. Just a little bit, some people are saying that they messaged it to me. Um.

I don't see it though, on twitter mentions yeah with it. I mean it. I i really don't know if this is true or not true, but it does have like a sense of fun of people just trying to get scared i'll be like. Oh now, we're battling against amatron amazon like they're, trying to screw us over.

It does have um a sense of fud of something going on, but it might be true, it might not be true. I don't know i need to look into it. I can't just like comment on something i don't know about uh thoughts on sklz and sends sklz as a daily hammer candle you were talking about and senz is forming a massive uh buy cup in daily. So sends it it's it's another one.

That's in the bio pharmaceutical industry that i don't like skills, it needs to get momentum going and get back above 14.. I don't these days where it gaps up and sells off. That's not a good sign! So i'd like to see it recover back up to that 14 level. I chased a runner on any yesterday, but did listen to the plan and suck sold at nine 11 took 20.

Profit immediately bought more amc. Thank you. Matt shout out. I love people who have these plans? Hey matt.

Can you look at camber energy, dark pool 30 days 69 company without debt, uh think about long term? Thank you! So much um it trading on a dark pool or not well. First of all, there's no way it traded 69 on a dark pool. It probably traded 69 off exchange, but off exchange trading is majority run by market bankers not by dark pools. Uh cei, i wouldn't trade it because it's a penny stock.

How will the terrible jobs report impact the market today thus far, the market is shaking it off pretty nicely going a little bit back down, but we hit a new all-time high yesterday, so the jobs report was bad, but the unemployment rate was, as expected, did drop. So it was a bit of a mixed bag. Why are you supporting the twitter bot will meet it's? Not a real person. Stop people follow this spot, so many people burned on any.

It's not a play. Uh, that's your opinion, and how do you know it's? Not a real person and why? What do you mean i'm supporting it as in just reporting the news of like hey this account with a lot of followers talked about this stock uh, that's not supporting it when trading options. If your trade is in the money, can you sell the contract to another trader or can only execute um? You can sell it, but you don't even have to be in the money. You could sell it whenever you want.

What's going on with any uh discussion about a potential offering which would mean aka delusion, i went down the reddit rabbit hole in regards to amazon, i must say, drew mean it was a good read, but i've always been a sucker for fiction um. I i need to go into it like it. Could it could totally be a thing i don't know. I need to look into it, but um even with it is that gon na change anything with all this with these people who have like the mind-blowing dd and all that, is it gon na change.

Anything about like the core of the situation of what's going on for me, it's nice to know about this other stuff and like for example. Today, a lot of people are talking about the uh that dtcc rule going in about increasing the margin requirements uh from whatever, like a huge increase for the members which are clearing brokers and then they'll most likely pass that on to their clients the hedge funds. Does it change anything for us? That's always like. I think that's a good way to wire these discussions is.

Does it change anything for me, the play can be summed up. Have the shorts covered? No? Okay? Well then, i'm in it, like all this other stuff, i think, is just fodder that people are like driving into to kind of like. I guess feel that like conspiratorial thing, but if the amazon is is true or is not true, all these nscc rules, dtcc rules, i'll ask yourself: is it honestly going to change anything for you like does? Is that going to make you buy more sell share? Like is it going to make you do anything for me? No, like i'm just going to hold it um i'll, buy it technical support and then i'll hold it until the shorts cover uh. I still don't think you've answered the biggest question we've heard all year pirates.

Today's my b day, i hope we get some nice boom boom candles today, shout out richard in your idea. How would it affect amazon, mother of all short squeezes? If amazon buys it depends on the price that they buy it at? It depends on the valuation that they come in and buy it at if it's high. That would help us a lot if it's low, that would kind of screw us over all right, ding ding ding. The casino is open before an extended weekend.

Best of luck to all on this friday september, 3rd, get after it, in my opinion, going into a long weekend, they're going to shake people out of their place. Remember your plans and your convictions, not financial advice! You all! Do you shout out wall street viking, long story, short jeff bezos colluded with hedge funds to short competition into the ground. If amazon bought these companies anti-trust suits would occur interesting. This amazon buying amc fund needs to stop it's simple.

They cannot be a buyout with us voting and we own the shares they would need to buy the shares from us. That's a whole other interesting point, yeah like how would it happen when we know that there's not one single entity such as wanda, that has controlling vote right now to my understanding, they would need us to vote because shareholders own a majority of the company, so some And, like i said, i am not up to the date on the finer details of this particular narrative. I need to dive into it, but off the bat. Some of my spidey senses are already tingling about it, that it doesn't make the most sense to me.

Uh burger king wants to buy mcdonald's heard it on reddit trust me. Bro, pirates, amazon, bain capital citadel, do bust outs on competition, amazon identifies targets, gets with citadel baindi sure amazon captures market share. They would have to capture a lot of market share right now and also wait. Why is it bezos when bezos is done with amazon? Bezos has like left amazon he's now on to like blue origin um with it? I don't know that sounds like something good for me i'll dive into the dd over this weekend and then i'll give you my uh opinion next week on all that stuff uh, but with it.

If it is or isn't true, does it change your thesis on what you're going to do today? Does it change your training plan, if not probably doesn't really matter that much amazon buying amc is the story from may 2020 related yeah some people um. Some people have been like bringing up stories that, like were cited in back in 2018 and 2020, like the amazon news, like was kind of old news. I don't know if anyone is act like i don't know. If there's new news on that particular storyline about this amazon thing uh, it seemed like the most of the articles i saw about it were dated in 2018 and 2020..

Mmat is ripping. People are saying, so is vih mmat, looking good congrats if you're in it. I have no mmat position. I have no was the other one vih position, but that one was looking strong this morning as well.

Where would be a good opportunity to buy eth, also thoughts on bbig uh, so for eth i mean probably back when i was first talking about it like, like you want to buy on the dips, not like on the rips towards resistance bbig. Getting its teeth kicked in right now, bgfv bouncing back around on bgfe bbig, looking weak to me, and i would watch the support if it goes below seven. That's a big psychological level. That's not the best situation, but i think things could get kind of crazy below 650 and especially sub 6 on bbig mmat mmat having a good day.

Mmat is up 18, but remember we're only five minutes in i. When you have runners like this, i mean do what you want, but hitting the buy button right now is something that i personally believe is a very bad idea. You just don't know if this is gon na, be the high we've seen too many of these things where it gets either pumped up or dumped right at market open, and then it does something opposite within like 15, 20 30 minutes brambles. Thank you.

In 1979, burger king, a smaller company, bought burger chef. Now amazon, a smaller company buys amc check out sears and the german market up 300 had the same spike in january all right. What else do we have going on? Autobots unite amatron incoming have a great day shout out big shop. What are your thoughts on gsat and m-e-t-x? I could write those down but like no special thoughts off the top of my head, gsat and m-e-t-x.

We could look those up when things are a bit more boring, but let's see how this uh, the market opens on amc, gme, um amc catching a bit of a bid, the push the dump and, let's see if we can get this push back. I mean this pattern is becoming washer and repeat for amazon or for amc. Now we're talking about amazon too much all right. Let me see if i can find this.

Let me this is the reddit page someone just sent to me about the amazon thing gamestop. Oh, what is this gamestop is exposing the biggest financial crime in history, masterminded by some someone. You know hint, it's not ken griffin or steve cohen. This was written by top harris, h, h-e-r-e-t-h and it's posted on super stonk.

Yeah. There's a lot in here. I need to dive into it. To give it, i mean it's dd, you got to dive into it.

I can't just be like i'm not going to just support like sit here and support everyone's confirmation bias. It might be completely accurate, might not be accurate at all right away. Some of the things about this. The story are like making me um a little bit questioning of what is going on um.

But let's see, let's see, let's see all right a and y trying to hold on to seven jimmy looking good at 2, 12 50 amc at almost 44.. The current intraday high is 44.08 and the high from yesterday was 44.90. So that's uh, the first level. I really want to see it get above, sweet guys, listen, matt, don't chase.

I got burned the last couple days, also matt. How would you go about setting up an algorithm, uh there's various ways to do it, uh the ways mine have done it uh on tradestation. They have their own in-house language called easy language, and i coded up on that another other popular way to do it is, you could write it in python and interactive brokers has their api exposed and then you just code it how you want your buy, buy criteria? Your cell criteria, all that stuff, the dd, is very compelling on amazon. I put a link in the chat.

This is a good start point to go down the rabbit hole. It's not just one person's dd yep, i'm i'm not inherently against it. I just want to look into it. What are your thoughts on the pyth network? They use blockchain for stock data reporting, amc and jimmy.

Recent pricing has been inching interesting recently, uh, i don't really the pyth pro network they've even said it their self, like that. This is just like an early stage project. I don't think it's accurate. I don't know where they're getting their prices from like it's shrouded in a lot of mystery.

It's not that clear. A lot of things going on there all right, jimmy, looking strong gme, let's see if it could get above its intraday high at 212, 213, it's at 212 right now. We are kind of watching that high 214 level amc, showing strength and matt. Look for this to bend back around 6 20-ish any shot up got smoked.

Let's see if this could come back around but uh there we go amc there. We go amc, okay, okay, getting close all right. Next one is 44.90. We could just call it 45.

Amc jimmy looking good, looking good, looking good uh as far as the shorts for bbig have they gotten out also how much money has citadel lost since the start of the year on amc and gme um. No one knows how much money they've lost on amc and jimi and reference to citadel uh bbig sprt. They still have shorts, but that doesn't mean anything really. It means.

I suppose that the play is alive. If you want to look at it that way, but it does not mean that it has to go higher sprt, i'm telling you. I still think it's coming down to 20.. That's my opinion.

I might be right. I might be wrong, but i told you if it goes below 26, i'm looking at the gap filled to 20, which was thus far it's down at 21. I still think it comes down to 20., even with its higher short interest, and because of that i mean it's a trade folks. This is an active trade, sprt bbig, all these ones they're, not this diamond-handed play that has the community support and we're going to be talking about it.

Six months later, it's a very quick, maybe intraday, multi-day trade don't get greedy. You take your money and you move on um. Sometimes you do have to read the community supporting the individual stocks to get a better idea of like how long there's still going to be a play for so with it. If you make money on it congrats seriously, i have no issue with making people making money on the quick plays cool.

You made money, isn't that the goal of the stock market but um? I do take a little bit of issue with people trying to say that they're the exact same thing as amc and jimmy uh. As of now, i see no evidence of that whatsoever. All right amc just had a new intraday high ding ding ding 44 40 sweet and we're watching 44.90 as the target, which was the high from yesterday uh gme, pushing 214 and we're kind of watching that 215 level gme amc having very very good days. What else is moving bbig trying to bounce back sprt looking weak? In my opinion s, we have bgfv showing a little bit of strength um.

Any you see over here on the right side of your screen. Looking a bit weak, uh, how's iwm, holding up today a little bit of weakness with the jobs report, spy kind of flat, how's the tech sector looking kind of flat, but showing a little bit of strength. Tesla. We were messing around with that.

Yesterday, tesla tesla tesla, not i mean honestly. The interesting watches of today truly are amc and jimmy at least out of the gate uh. What about vih even vih is getting like truly today, this friday is a back to basics day. The exciting ones really are amc and gme right now for all apes making money on for amc, but i'm starting to get suspicious of all the sub 10 stocks with high short interest.

Moving just be careful, don't gamble, would it be right to say: sprt only needs around three percent of the amc community support based on the float to have the same community support as amc based on percentages thoughts. No! No! No! No because you that, wouldn't that's a little bit too basic of math, because you have to have enough community relative to the current shorts to overwhelm it, you have to have a community that supplies so much demand to overwhelm the supply thoughts on the bbig proxy uh Merger evaluation, 5 billion - that's a 38 share. If i'm not mistaken um, i don't have any special like bbig and those. I still look at it as an active trade where i watch support, pay attention to resistance, but i'm not going to be looking.

For i mean those ones, it is good like bbig, especially like so the. How do you say, low motif? That's a social media thing that they're trying to acquire they're, also somewhat in the world. I believe of this, like kind of nft. So right there.

That's some exciting stuff. The way we see tcat running uh bbig is there, but the the chart does not lie. So, even if you, in your own mind, you're like hang on this, is the catalyst. This is great fundamentals if the chart's not showing it like.

I very much why i'm more of a chart technician and why i care about that. More is because that's the true scoreboard you might be like hang on. This is fundamentally overvalued. Undervalued they're doing this catalyst this acquisition in the end, if the market doesn't care about it, it doesn't care about it or if it cares about it too much, it still cares about it too much because at the end of the day, what we do is trade On the price you get in at a certain price and hopefully you get out at a higher price um.

So the theories and the dd, all that is great and it might give you a little bit more conviction and give you an idea of where things could trend, especially if you're finding dd early before everyone else that could really really help you. But in general this bbig thing everyone knows about it already, so that's not like breaking news and right now it's holding up it got sold off and it's fighting back, i'm not inherently against it. It's just i'm telling you everyone, no matter what the trade is, pay attention to support, pay attention to resistance, pay attention to your areas of supply, pay attention to your areas of demand uh, but i i mean today the exciting ones: we're we're back to basics. Folks, right here, amc is looking great.

Gme is looking great. It's a good friday. It's a good good friday kplt. I like it as a gap-filled play thanks for your thoughts, just want to say you nailed that on the fox interview yesterday, i appreciate that it was a cnbc interview.

I was hanging out with melissa lee and but i appreciate the kind words. Why do you shoot down possible squeezes that could help funds? What do you chris? What are you talking about? Shooting it down? I've been in those i've actively traded them. I made money on them, um, i'm not shooting it down. I'm just saying you cannot think of this as like some magical short squeeze, that's somehow in the league of amc and gme, i just don't buy it.

Do i think they are good, active trades where you can make some money yeah. Of course i mean i, i publicly announced announced that i made a killing on sprt, okay and then i locked it in it's one thing to make money. It's a whole different thing to actually lock it in and have that money in your account, and you know what i did with it. I actually on that particular buy.

I bought some gamestop with it like from that money and i think i actually even got some amc calls. So i got some amc. Calls and game stop shares with my sprt gains sweet. That's what you're supposed to do, i'm not shooting it down.

I'm saying be realistic, be like uh understand what your risk and your reward is you can't with the excitement of these other things, and maybe it's because i haven't articulated myself clearly enough. These other plays, in my mind, are no way the same thing as like. Oh we're just going to diamond hand it till this thing squeezes to the moon, they might not squeeze. You cannot under value the size of the community and the support of the community that amc and jimmy have and truly they are second to none.

Um do bbig any sprt. Do they all have communities? Yes, but i think that they're, more fickle communities and all of a sudden if they drop more you're gon na see the community disappear. If amc and jamie were to drop a little bit today, the community is going absolutely nowhere and that's very, very important for everyone to understand in these plays if these other plays, show weakness. You're gon na no one's gon na talk about them again in the scenario that sprt were to drop to say like 15 today and then shows a little bit more weakness next week.

We would never hear anyone really talk about sprt until it starts moving again on the flip side, amc and jimmy if they were to drop today, people are still going to be talking about it all weekend long all all week next week, um and that to me Is one of the biggest parts of the thesis of why i'm so bullish and apish on amc and jimmy is because i think the community is so incredibly unwavering, while those other communities have not really shown that to me yet uh? What are your thoughts on zombie stocks rising from the graze series for one um? I would still zombie or not i mean it's just if it's showing momentum and technicals. I think that could be something interesting. You should watch trey's video from yesterday's zones of supply and demand great way to see the smart money is going ahead of the plays um yeah. So i haven't seen that video but zone's the supply zone's the demand, i'm assuming it's similar to what we talk about of just levels of support levels of resistance.

Uh support is a level of demand. Resistance is a level of supply, and it's just a price level. You either trade down to bounce around at or like mess around at and then bounce off of or demand or that would be demand supply would be the opposite. You trade up to it, you mess around there and it ends up getting rejected.

But that's why we talk about these key levels. It's not really an exact price level, like sometimes i'll map it out, but very much so, and i haven't seen this video. So maybe he's talking about something else, but i would assume it's in that exact same realm of whenever all day, i'm talking about sup like supply resistance right here. Early this morning we saw a level of resistance, aka, a level of supply, and that's why i got rejected and that's why i messed around here a little bit continued to mess around and then we actually overtook this level of supply with enough demand and now we're Pushing up to the next one at 44.90 um those words are kind of interchangeable, there's a little bit like if you want to get like really deep into it.

In factual. There is a little bit of a difference but overall you're seeing the regions, the price levels that the stock reacts to. Where are the buyers at where are the sellers at? But if he talked about something completely different, i don't. I haven't seen the video, so i don't know i'm just throwing out my my thought.

Please any thoughts on neuro. We could throw that on the list, nero flirting with hood price. I don't even have hood up anymore got tired of watching that. I still think hood goes down, especially with this payment for order flow, crap, uh, amc.

Currently at 44.06 it recently hit 44.50 uh still watching 44.90. Any is flat right now. Bbig is at 750 and he's at seven uh gamestop bounced off of what is this? 2, 210, all the way up to 216 and now we're at this level. The resistance level aka level of supply got smacked, came back down danced around at the level of supply broke out and now we're seeing if this level of supply turns into a level of demand, no specifically different from support and resistance.

He goes out of his way to distinguish with six examples of random stocks he traded and made money on all of them. Okay, i mean i'll have to watch it. I haven't seen it um. I.

It strikes me as a little odd of how a level of supply would not be support. That's like what or supply would not be a level of resistance, especially in terms of technicals, but i guess i i can't comment on it. If i haven't seen the video microvision waking up from the dead up 1618 today rolling into amc on the next sip shout out, gta nation uh had been watching lcid for a while bought this tip yesterday, and it's ripping always appreciate your insight and honesty. Apes, together song shout out brent arx crypto, looking strong check it out, thanks for everything that mad love and prayers from tennessee shout out old fashioned, truth uh, so the whole september third regulation hype was just another, nothing burger for the mother of all short squeezes.

I mean a lot of these. The regulation things are, people are setting up expectations way too high for what they do or don't become uh. It all comes down that we just have to watch the chart. I don't think we're gon na have like one regulation.

That's all of a sudden in the magic bullet, and then that gives us the squeeze. I don't think that's how it's going to work whatsoever. I think it all comes down to the technicals and breaking out of the key levels, for example huge breakout, 46 50-ish, and then we have another one at the low 48s from there we're watching to 53-ish and then we're watching 65 then we're watching 72. I think it's gon na be much more of the excitement and the energy as we get over technical levels and we'll see a quick, a very quick.

I guess follow through on all of that, a very quick follow-through and all that, where you see the volume pick up more, you sit, the bars get bigger and bigger uh you'll, see like you can almost like practically see and feel the energy in the chart. It was definitely complex how to watch it ten times to get it yeah. I mean i'll check it out this weekend, um, but just in general, if you look things up, it's very, very common to use a level of demand as, like the terminology is pretty much. It's the same as support um or if you have a level of supply another thing you could call that is resistance um.

So i'm curious how he said that they're, like it's specifically different, i'm curious i'll, have to check it out. Uh got more amc but, on the other hand, thoughts on sava sava all right. Well, any is doing nothing, so we don't need that sava's, looking weak on the intraday and it's looking weak on the daily as well um. I i'm not really liking what i'm seeing in sabah all right, amc, strong moving up to this level of 44.90 uh btcm, not the craziest fan of btcm i'd, rather just play crypto directly like just buy some bitcoin, buy some ethereum.

Something like that. All right. Let's get going on amc, showing some serious strength right now, all right man any is not looking the best sprt at 22 bbig coming back around bgfp. Let's do these at the three minute three minute, all right, perfect! All right! Amc, let's get going on the day! Current intraday high is 44.56 uh.

I noticed the trend across youtube for there being a ton of emotional investors in amc. We need to stop worrying about the smoke and focus on the fire wanting to diversify a bit. Can you suggest some other stocks besides crypto, you think, have great long term potential, so i can do some of my own dd um yeah. I think it's worthwhile to look into apple microsoft, tesla, roku, nvidia amd disney um.

Those are all ones that i think it's cool to start off with you're gon na find some other ones as you're. Looking into those uh, you could check out shopify. You could check out. Oh, i mean there's a host of great stocks.

Have you peeped any odd volume in amc options market? That's setting up for a possible gamma! We just know that there's quite a bit of interest uh for today at 50. That would be interesting a little bit at 40 well decent at 45 for today and we're getting close to that level. As you see, amc is on the move, move move right now. Um 50s are interesting, 50s yeah, and then it depends what week you're talking about.

But if you're talking about the september monthlies, 45, 50, 55, 60 70 all have a good decent amount of open interest right now, all right, let's see how this is going, amc just hit 44.80. Remember i am watching yesterday's high at 44.90 and then from there. We can watch 45 71., so it goes 4490, then 45 flat and then 45.71 mac go look at any release from today. They are buying backstock at 850, or am i reading this wrong um all right? I can check that out in a bit.

Do i have any thoughts on lucid, lucid, how's, lucid doing today, lucid had that gap down when the insiders were released, and then it just became a very nice gap-fill play. I think this thing continues to cruise up to whatever this low is uh 1992. um. So obviously it was ideal to get in right away, but uh just classic fill play uh, shldq um.

Why it's rocketing? I think something about an acquisition or a takeover or something something moving, but it's not trading on a normal market. That's why it has five letters. So i i don't like trading on the gray market uh someone said he's reading it wrong, it's an offering at 8.50 and that's in reference to any all right. Some people talking about clove not doing really much today.

Clove is up three percent. I don't know clothes. It might be a play, but uh it's pretty muted. Today i mean look at it on the daily.

It's just not going anywhere. Um clove looks like it was rejected at 9, 50.. So you'd want to break out above 9, 50 or watch for a breakdown of 8 30 would be the levels of action. I would say all right: what else do we have so any trying to wake up and then clove? What else do we have? Let's check in on the market really quick, uh iw, i'm trying to show some strength, and now it's trying to decide what it wants to do s p 500.

Trying to i suppose, get out of this wedge smp might be might be interesting right here.

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