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Screw kenny cause we're holding on forty life. Getting them tended so soon, don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, swimming pool champagne every day, hey fam what you do wan na Hang one or two: oh, you got a mansion too. Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night.

We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten and just couldn't come for him. Ace was strong until the end. Now, let's retell it shit to tell they'd be sweating had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling till we sent it to heaven. Now we be out of yelling, hey screw.

You kenny brought my wife a minivan to share with a boyfriend, but i pull up in the bench plate, saying olive cranes going on an airplane, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday cause, we're holding we'll be mistaking the apes won't. Be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon, today's expectation probably more manipulation. If you'd be a creation of a crooked operation bought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us for holla.

If you spend your last dollar on, we don't claim to be scholars, we the smooth brain dummies and we never stood totally yeah. We do this for love and we do this for our honor. A follower of living ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust m-o-a-s-s.

Oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space. Go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out john rocket man. This is the way gon na be girl, really nice ground control to major time.

We bout to have liftoff, don't be mistaken, the ace won't be shaking no breaking because we're going to the moon don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to them we're going to moo gang hello, hello and happy happy friday, september 10th boy, oh boy, girl, oh girl, are we ready to fit a day and a half within this particular day? Folks, it's mostly sunny. 64 degrees fahrenheit, whatever that means in celsius. I don't know if you're using that made up scale way back when i don't know what it converts to 20 30.

Something like that who knows, i just know it's a beautiful day. It's a b-e-a-u-tu full day. Folks, look at this amc. Amc, 49-27 in pre-market training up a nice, 1.55 percent.

Folks, it's a friday. It's a friday fun day. We're gon na have some fun. I see some people saying that it is um a copy written song yeah it is uh.

Have i lost all of my revenue on the past couple of song videos entire live streams, because i've played that song yeah i have um, but also and and we'll get it figured out - hey good, karma, good vibes only. I strongly believe that if your heart is in the right spot, it all works out in the end, did i lose it? Did i lose some money? Yeah does it matter when i have these buco bucks from amc, gme and whatever other stock going literally orbital, not really folks, we're here for a fun time, we're not here for a long time here for a fun time, not here for a long time. I am excited all right. Let's start hopping into everything i guess before, as people are uh, i guess, starting to pour in for the day getting ready whether you're driving to your commute, if, if you're, already commuting, if you're already at your office, whatever you're doing, if you're dropping your kids off At school just tell everyone: they're gon na have a good day.

You know it's whatever, whatever kind of day they think they're gon na have it's gon na be a better day. Let's start hopping into some of these stocks and we'll save amc and jimmy. For the end, so the s p 500 basically ended up closing right at this level of support at 449, but we are gapping up in pre-market kind of halfway through the region. I i kind of want to see what's going to happen, i'm looking for that breakout.

Above 450, 167 or if it gets rejected there, we could look for the support at 449 ish roughly in that area. So currently in the middle. I don't think it's much of a trade till we see a clear direction on it, but please keep in mind. We are not that far from removed from a literal all-time high in terms of the russell 2000.

We care about this because amc happens to be the largest stock in it also gapping up halfway in the region, very, very similar breakdown. We just need to see which way is it trending? Is it going to get above 226 and return to 229, or is it going to break down below 224.50 and come back down to 220 ish, so both of these main indices, we pay attention to the s. P 500: the russell 2000: it is a waiting game. Now, let's talk about some of these other ones, ater i was saying i like it.

It kind of meets some of my credentials of high short interest, lower float, higher utilization and also on the ftd list. This one uh we're just looking for the breakout above basically 11.50 and then from there. I would watch 1265 but ater definitely a worthwhile watch in terms of bbig. I do like the gap up anything above 11 holding above 11.

I've been very clear about this that i do like it um with it we're just looking for this overall, the previous all-time high is 11.60, so look for it to push those levels. 1160. 12. 1250.

Something like that and this thing could get going again. The one thing i do want to throw out to you in terms of technicals and when you're talking about an ftd short squeeze, maybe not as important but the stock has gone higher and the rsi has gone lower. That is referred to as bearish divergence. So for all i know it could push today and the rsi could spike and there might be no more bearish divergence.

I'm just trying to point out to you the current technical setup, but it is looking strong in pre-market in terms of sprt. There is a 60 cent gap down today, but i'm still looking for this gap-fill play up to thirty dollars and fifty cents sprt it shot up, got beaten down, started to show some strength. This was a great entry right here between what 22 23 somewhere in there. I love this reversion.

You would be using 1920 as your support. Looking for the gap fill up to this to clarify, i have no atr position. No bbig position, no sprt position, uh, i'm out of the ones that we're mainly talking about my account is pretty much all amc and gme. In fact, it's all amc and jimmy right now the the public account that i share with all of you uh.

I am long on a four figure share amount of amc and i'm long on a three figure share amount of gme. I have no gme calls. I have a three call figure amount of amc calls some of those expire today, though, so, probably early morning, i'm going to be looking to roll, i will be taking some of the calls that expire today, whether in their a profit or they're, a loss um. There's a very, very good chance that i end up, i guess getting out of those and then right away, uh, looking for a farther out, expiration and i'll either be looking at end of september or probably october, something like that for the ones that i choose to Roll into because one of the biggest things i see going on with amc and gme when people are trying to trade, these options is they're, just not giving themselves enough time.

So i plan on doing nothing if i do anything with the share count in either of these i'll be adding shares uh. But in terms of calls uh, i have no jamming calls and, in terms of amc, i'll, be rolling some to a farther out date, because to me the play is very, very much alive and in terms of that check this out, here's what we have going on With amc this morning, short interest of 18.35 shares on loan of 114 million and utilization of 91.44. Please pay attention to these trends. Uh.

The red line is the shares on loan up up up and away and then the average duration of the shares on loan. How long these people have been paying the cost, to borrow hoping for amc to drop, has also been going up up and away and we're pretty much at two months right now and if we're at two months, what does that bring us to mid-july? Where is mid-july? Roughly mid-july, mid-july, honestly we're kind of mid-july is right here, we're in the zone you can. This is a very fair mathematical argument. Roughly mid-july is right here check this out: let's go on a little thought: experiment, roughly roughly roughly roughly roughly mid july in here.

So that's kind of the point where, if you go back 60 days, we know that this is the average duration of these shares on loan, so you could actually say that there's going to be a decent amount. We know some shorts got in here. Obviously, but i'm saying the average one based on that average duration of how long they've been loaned out they're, sweating bullets right now so on this breakout, especially on this breakout of 60, were more of these shorts piled. In i mean these people who were shorting like they're, starting to sweat like their their p l, they went from positive to maybe neutral to positive, positive, positive, maybe neutral, now they're, looking at their p l on their amc position and they're saying what in the world Is going on, we were positive, why would didn't we lock in our gains - and we know they're, not locking them in by the fact that this duration is going bigger and bigger and bigger, which is telling me that the older shares on loan and i'm being very Specific to not say short because shares on loan is slightly different.

You have to rent them out and then you can go short. You don't have to um that that's. It is a small distinction, but it's an important distinction, but anyway, so they've been out on loan for two months and right here. Let's just think about the psychological implications, if we're about to get this breakout - and this is the zone that the average shorts in they could start to really really sweat, because all of a sudden they're in the red and then of course, like above 60, like this Kind of level of resistance right here, rejection, some consolidation, rejection rejection.

If we go above 60 today, i mean it's it's one of those things - and i was talking about this yesterday - that usually when a stock runs the more it runs, the closer it is to being done and you're going to see, volume, exhaustion and you're going to See this candle start to look a bit tired, but with amc and gme and like really these short squeeze candidates. Actually, the opposite happens as it moves there's a greater chance of it, moving more because you're getting closer and closer to that actual squeeze, whether it's a short squeeze a gamma squeeze or just good old-fashioned fomo buying in a highly publicized stock. This could get intense uh. I i don't know how today is going to play out.

I very much like that. We're gapping up in pre-market amc at 49 23, as i'm speaking uh yesterday two days ago. Excuse me: we had a high of 49.40, so we're watching that i don't really care about that level. I care about 50..

I care about that key psychological level of 50. I want to go up to 50.. I want to break above it and i want to hold 50.. I want to close above 50..

I want 115 125 million in volume trading. Ideally, all above 50 would be a perfect scenario set up for us today on this beautiful beautiful friday in terms of gme. So yesterday we know it gapped down nine and a half percent and then bought all the way back up and then sent basically kramer for like a mental hernia. He like could not understand.

There was actually many analysts who were like losing their mind that people were buying jimmy back up jimmy the breakdown right now i want to see it get back above 205. Above 205. 215 is a very real shot. Congrats - and i said this in the update video yesterday congrats to everyone holding out in gme - i mean it was not the best opening and people they held their ground, they dug their heels in and buyer stepped in on the sell-off, and they pushed it right back Up to quote-unquote normality, from whatever we've been seeing from august 25th up to september, 8th so right back in that zone and we're still watching this trend line.

I'm watching these two different trend lines. I want to see how gme reacts to it, we're looking for a breach of 205 and then i said 215 and we already oh there's already a small net return on gme. Today. Utilization 34 shares on loan, 6.8 million short interest 12.39 and a net return of well it's net neutral, 7.7 000 shares we've been seeing a similar pattern relative to amc of the average duration of shares on loan.

We kind of based around 25 days, yeah 24.5 and now we're up to 39, but the shares on loan has been pretty consistent. A different pattern for those shares on loan on gme not much of an overlap with amc, and i think it's good to illustrate points like that, because they are obviously related place they're, both highly publicized. They both have massive community support, but it's certain things that we're seeing under the hood in their data trend that actually it really does separate them, and i wouldn't say that, like oh, these are the exact same things. Do i think, in reality that they're gon na end up moving together? Well, of course, i do, and my reasoning, for that is just the sentiment of the group when either of these get moving, they get publicized and people know what happened with both of them previously and they're like hey.

This might be a money-making opportunity, but under the hood the data is different. They're different floats different short interest different shares on loan. They really do have a slightly different community support. Uh, like i said, i'm in amc, i'm in gme.

I think they both win together. I really do uh, but i the point of comparing them. I don't necessarily agree with you can't say one's better than the other, because they're two different stocks like they're, not they're, gon na move differently um. So i i like both i'm willing to bet on both.

I don't think one is it's. It would be an interesting argument to say this one is clearly better than the other one. I don't even know how you would compare them they're, not in the same sector. They have different different people, paying attention to them really in terms of the psychology of the retail support, maybe not the people, betting against them.

Maybe those are the same people and we could see some commonalities there. I'm just trying to come up with, like some sort of reason why it would be good to compare the two, but i just don't honestly think it would be um, but anyway congrats i mean look at this recovery on jimmy 177.50, all the way up to 202.. It just was buying, buy and buy, and then it coasted and then it's holding that i mean that was an awesome dip buy opportunity. It was an amazing to buy opportunity all right.

What else do we have going on all right? That is your quick rundown, uh, quick, cryptocheck, uh ethereum. Looking a bit heavy, i would look for support at three thousand two hundred 3000 on ethereum, in my opinion, would be a steal. Cardano is trading at 243.. I do want to see it hold 250 and push above 280..

Don't forget with cardano. There is a fundamental development uh going on on september 12th. In two days. They are doing the alonzo hard fork where they are going live with their smart contracts.

Hex is trading at 48 cents, hex doesn't stop, hex is just up up up. This is the one that i got into at eight cents, so lana uh. I have a small position in it. I do like it uh it's looking a bit heavy right now.

You might find support around 159 ish uh, but i'm a fan of solana, polygon matic. It just looks like right now: crypto's looking a bit heavy um yeah. So what we're looking for and it'll probably be bitcoin. That leads the way but you're looking for bitcoin to break uh above 4700 or 47.

500. Excuse me uh. So that's your quick crypto check on the day. Obviously, as trades come in, we'll check the flow on amc and jimmy and throughout the day we'll see if there's any interesting plays that tiblio is kind of mentioning to us.

But with all that being said, let me hop in and get some of your early morning. Questions folks wait a minute: where did they all go? Where did they all go? Why did they disappear all right? I think i found him uh bigness, oh brother, chris uh. Thank you. I appreciate that sticker.

Can you take a look at irnt for us? I could write it down for sure and then during the midday, when there's a a bit more calmness, if there is calmness today, i could pull it up, but uh we've been looking at irnt recently and i was not the biggest fan uh. You know you're a superhero when you take your mask off and your hair is still perfect. That's just a lot of dawn dish show people every time you play this song. We should all stand up and dance.

I do all by myself. You should too matt fred uh i'm down to, but you might see one of the worst dancers ever. Thank you so much for that morning, energy. I needed that this morning, matt you're, the freaking man shout out matt good name good morning matt.

I turned 33 today and just wanted to thank you for everything. You've uh taught me since june. All i want is, and in the green shout out scott, i would love for this to end in the green uh, not just green, but like crazy, crazy, green. A little bird told me to pay attention blackrock, making a pretty important filing last time was june january 22nd.

I'm curious what that would be in reference to. I really like how the next few weeks on t mobile look any thoughts on rklb uh. We checked that out yesterday. I thought it was super chasey, but we could take a look at it again today.

Mc on its way, sprt ordex, combined with the actual charts, looks more crazy than ever. Unbelievable bgfe is a good earnings and high short interest. What's your opinion, let's go apes thanks man, i'm still holding amc, all right, so bgfe. I believe this was actually one called out by uh the silverback charles payne, m8 mttr.

All right. That's also on the list. Mttr, hey mark! It's my wife's birthday today, uh amelia, can you wish her some big boom boom birthday candles for amc and happy birthday to you as well mark i appreciate that shmoopy wookie, what a crazy name but hey happy birthday to amelia. It's not amelia.

It's a is that just a really interesting way to spell emily woogie, that's in no way amelia! Sorry i had to bring up. I lost all the super, so i had to bring up like a weird thing in the youtube back end and it is like running through it very very quickly. I think that's just one of a fun way to spell emily, so shout out birthday, happy birthday to both of them. How about that happy birthday to both all right now, let me see if i could get back to the normal screen, where i can actually read these things: uh fantasy football update who had cooper, lam uh cooper in lam.

I don't know not me, but i am. I don't want to get frustrated. I do want this to be good vibes only, but ezekiel elliott in no way performed for me uh. He was one of my more highly drafted running backs um and he got me like no points, so i don't know what was going on there and it highly highly frustrating good morning, ruby uh.

Why does matt and stv look like they might be? First cousins? Where are you trying to hide both finance guys lemon? Oh short, the vix, you're, saying short, the vix and i look similar. Maybe we are first constants. Maybe we'll disclose that information in the future with shares on loan? Can it be day traders that have borrowed and used the short covered intraday, but not holding short positions overnight yeah i mean for a day trader to short. If they're getting in and out, they still have to go through the typical loaning process.

That is definitely accurate. Gevo, that was an announcement. I think they partnered with someone, but still i wouldn't it's one of those things buy the rumors sell the news, don't chase it an entire day after the news was um released, no question to ask just letting you know. Today we are going to the moon julio.

Can we classify bbig as cup and handle on the hourly screeching back six days b b? I g. Let me check that one out very, very quickly: bbig, let's check out what we have uh, no, it's more of a like a upward channel. We are consistently seeing higher highs and higher lows, remember cup and handle you're going to typically see that same high three times. Bbig is just pushing higher and higher and higher, i would say an upward channel on that.

One don't be mistaken. The apes would be shaking or breaking we're going to the moon chad. What's going on, hey mark, i sure appreciate you happy birthday. How do i roll an option on weeble? Do i simply sell my current position and buy a new position? Correcto mundo, sir? Hey mark it's my wife's birthday.

Another birthday in here shout out happy birthday to your wife. There's nothing better than hanging with thousands of apes. On a fantastic fridays, let's make some money i do agree. Could you take a look at k, r b, p, k, r, bp, all right, write it down, don't want to forget about any of these matt for bbig.

We had 8.4 million short exempts on september 1st ftd settlement date. Potentially today, option chain has roughly wait. Why did my camera just jump out and jump back in ftd settlement date? Potentially, today, option chain has roughly six mil shares that has been head for 15. 17 demo money to amc so with it.

Just i get a little a little. I don't know the the settlement dates. No one has thus far been like hey. This is the day that everyone's gon na cover, like no one's, been right about that, like i get.

What you're saying i'm saying? Okay, we had all these ftds and if you do, some quick math like this looks like sometimes that they're gon na have to be covering. But we've seen this before with amc and jimmy and other sucks where, when people are calling out that date, we don't really seem to get movement on that date, so i wouldn't be playing like i wouldn't be holding my breath on it. I wouldn't be playing like daily options or really making any trades based on it. If it comes okay great, but i would still have no expectations, i have 49 calls expired today.

Do i roll that open or hold to see what the day brings uh it? It really depends uh. If i were you, if i were in profit at open, i would take those profits and instantaneously roll opposed to like fighting with theta. But if you're feeling like super lucky today and you want to take a big lotto bet, you could hold throughout the day because you would make more money if you're correct on the day for like this specific action but uh. That's not exactly my style, but i i can't comment on what type of risk you want.

Remember, folks, not a financial advisor, not a lawyer, not a fortune teller. None of that. I can just share my own opinions, but that's basically it. I can't tell anyone when to buy.

I can't tell anyone when to sell. All i do is share my own opinions on what i'm seeing. Am i wearing a bib? No i'm wearing suspenders to hold up my shorts. I don't want any more naked shorts in the game.

New thumbnail was great, shout out trader mike yeah. We have the the ape the ape versus the snakes. If you look at the snake, he also has paper hands and his name is greg. There was a lot of effort that went into that thumbnail, hey matt, my partner, and i are celebrating 10 years together today.

Let's go to amc, tendee town shout out: hey matt. What do you think about cei? I wasn't the biggest fan because it's a penny stock. It looks strong, though we could take a look at it throughout the day, but i really don't like getting into penny stocks. Cowboys didn't have their best alignment, bucks, defense, stopped, runs and zeke did a great job blocking all night for zach bounce back next week yeah.

But i need the points this week. Folks, uh, i can't lose to review dork and ezekiel elliott is like causing me to lose to him and it's not fun. It's not a fun time all right. I think i'm up to date beyond the trades.

I want to recognize you as a person that discovered something you are passionate about and made it your career. Thank you for the inspiration, nick uh that that actually like it means a lot to me uh. It really really does i mean the start of this and the struggles i've had and like we could talk about that a little bit throughout the day of like some of the insanity that, like this career, has taken me on and like it's just i don't know, I i feel so just stupidly lucky i i really really do i feel so lucky. I feel so fortunate because you're always like pitched this concept of like if you have a passion and if you just keep working and working and working and i'm sure some of you listening right now are in that situation.

You're, like hey man, i'm like i'm following what i really really care about, and i keep doing it and it's just not working out, and i don't know like that's why i feel lucky because, like it finally did work out for me and i finally got that Traction but also understand it's funny, so people say like oh, like kind of like that overnight success like you blow up out of nowhere and like it's funny and it's cool, and i take it as a compliment. I really really do, but i mean i did this for 11 months 10 months and i got nowhere. I worked on this for essentially an entire year, and it was just like i mean i remember still the days when i like. There was one particular day in july of last year that by noon of the next day after posting, a video, i had 300 views and, like i was like this, is it i am youtube, and it just shows you how like crazy things, can actually go, but, Like whatever you're currently doing in your life, i mean just you got to keep your head down and keep walking forward.

That's the only thing and like you just got ta wait like. I very much believe in that saying that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. You can never make a bet on opportunity, but you can at least do your best to always be prepared and you just if you're prepared and you're honing your craft and then you whatever it is whatever it is at all. You just got ta keep your head down until your opportunity arises and when it does, you got ta attack it with as much ferocity as you can possibly muster.

My passion is to own texas roadhouse, but you stole that what is going on? Not a hedge fund, literally i'm a toaster, hello, hello! Thank you for that very kind. Super chat so glad you quit your day, job to start a podcast b, strain 86. What's going on mary newport happy friday, everyone i won 500 on a scratch off, so sharing the good vibes mom matt. Can you talk about clove and sklz today? What is your favorite infrastructure stock? All right, let me do all those and then we can run through some of the infrastructure plays clove sklz, all right, we're building out this list could be a b be a youtube day and the temperature was perfect for riding my harley.

I bought with amc options into work. Shout out that is so cool we're already seeing lives being changed. It's my girlfriend husband's birthday shout out to greg remember when you could buy amc at 45 36. Yesterday, all right, let me switch the chart we're about to open.

We are about to open man, i'm new, to missing. Thank you so much for your channel 100 shares of amc. What extra strategies would you recommend for amc when it blows up i'll talk about that in a second attention attention? The casino on this frizzle day is open holy guacamole batman. Amc is already on the move: whoa ken griffin, i hope you're watching partner, all right folks we're we're seeing some strength out of the open, we're seeing some strength.

My exit strategy, pretty simple, i'm riding the trend and i'm looking for the shorts to cover it's not a a specific price level. It's not a specific percentage gain or really anything like that. I am very much looking for the shorts to cover and i'm very much looking for to see what's going on with all the shorts and on top of that as the shorts are covering, we'll see the trend up up and up and that's why i'm putting those Two things together because they kind of like they do highly correlate with each other. All right, hey, matt, check out root, r-o-o-t uh! I don't know if i would agree that that's the next potential squeeze we've been looking at route a little bit.

I do think that there's other opportunities uh, but it might be like i'm not saying you're wrong, but i'll check out the chart we'll check out the data we'll see what's going on with it for sure financial advice, never life advice, always thanks! Matt. Did you see my chat about imc chicago covering? I did not timothy all right, jimmy at 196, the spy pushing russell 2000 hang on. I did want to see my russell position in the futures market is today. Today i think, is the rollover day.

Who is that that might be next friday might be next friday, all right so thus far, amc still looking hot got very close. It hit 49.88, so we're seeing some some aggression in the buying uh. I want to obviously see how this this thing really reacts to that 50 mark. So within spinning distance we were 12 cents off, but this is the opening volatility i like to stay calm cool collected.

Let's see how the market truly opens and let's see where the trend lies, let's see how basically people are positioning themselves, the spy, looking strong, all right, gme 194. We want to see gme above 198 and then want to see how it reacts to 200. all right. What are you doing? Uh amc, 4917 uh, i'm expecting quite a bit of chop and insanity like in these first couple minutes people really gearing up to see.

What's going to be going on all right, we have that. What are we doing here? Our oh hang on the russell 2000 to 24 50. We know there is support it's at 224.80. The only reason i'm like commenting on this right now is because we know amc is the biggest stock within it, and i just want to see what kind of base we're making but hey amc, we're holding 49 still we're at 49.05.

Let's see how this all really pans out on the day, let's see what kind of base we make and i want to see what sort of push we have be nice to get right above 49.50 um for like a really quick little intraday target. That's what i'm watching 49.50 just to get back above this and then we also have 49.88 the current intraday high. I say current because i don't think it's going to be lasting that long. I know the market just opened and i know we're on the one minute, but we can just pay attention to this macd.

It did just cross slightly red, but let's see what it's really going on. I'm not the biggest fan of using the macd like right at open uh, because the macd isn't really taking volume into account. It's taking the previous exclusively the previous bars and the the information on those bars. So when you're, including some of the pre-market action with the market open, it gets a bit wonky so i'd, rather it build out for a little bit.

In fact, i believe in that so much maybe we shouldn't watch that right at open all right, we're looking for iw iwm to start pushing spy had a nice push out of the gate, but right now at 451, i'm looking for that 450. 160. Breakout. Oh russell! 2000, what are you doing to us? What is the russell 2000 doing? We don't want to see that much red over here.

We don't want it to have an impact on amc, but yesterday the russell 2000, the s p, 500, the nasdaq 100, the dow 30. All in the red and amc and gme in the green uh, so that not not dragging it really as much lately, they were able to fight back. Is it true that the hedge fund imc chicago lc, wised up and covered their entire position of 1.7 million shares? 110 million plus left to go baby um. I don't know about that.

It depends on the you have to look at the dates and the filing versus the exercise date and all that. But i haven't heard about imc and they're, covering is that are people tracking that through fintel through those filings, because if so that is uh slightly delayed data? Well, maybe not even slightly. It could be severely delayed data. Here we go.

Okay, the buyers are pouring into amc watch 49.50 after 49.50. We are watching 49.88, but the main watch these two levels - yeah they're important - i'm not saying to not like care about them, the main breakout that was at 50 flat. That's a huge psychological level. There are going to be many many people reacting to the 50 mark on amc.

Many people, people are talking about ater atr, it's up, seven percent, it's looking good uh gme catching a bid, amc catching a bid. Here we go here. We go amc pong. What's going on, let's not wait hitting the like button hulk smash that bad boy.

We love you markors. Where do you trade futures platform-wise? How does it differ from the regular market, more ta, focus or fundamental um? I use both fundamentals and, like you still need to know like what's going on that, one is like going to be. Sometimes i find that fun the futures market, what they're tracking is inherently more based on what we see uh like kind of politically like the because it it's still the s, p. 500, it's still the russell 2000, but then there's a like.

You have to pay attention. Like copper and gold and the bonds um, but you still use ta and fundamentals and the platform i use is tradestation uh for my futures training and that's just because of it. For me, when i first started, it had an easier hookup to algorithmic based stuff uh, but there there are other good ones: ding ding, ding, amc 50.. Are we gon na get that 50 breakout? We hit 501? Oh amc, amc baby, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, amc, baby september.

Here we go amc on that move. Let's go. Let's go all right now, holding above 50. Now we don't know if it needs to reaffirm 50.

we've seen this before, where it smashes through something it might need to reaffirm 50, because that was a pretty swift breakout. That was a pretty incredible breakout, but my next watch is legitimately 52-50. So up another two bucks: do you use any particular scanners? When trading yeah i mean i'll use like see? What's going on the biggest percentage gains based on certain volume, i mean there's a lot of like scanner like you just set them. I mean i'll use a scanner, but it's all about how you set up the scanner of like what are you scanning for all right.

This baby needs to keep moving, moving, moving and moving moving grooving. Let's see how it goes to 51 man. I love this. I love this come on.

Amc keep doing your thing, let's see 51. uh just for the people who are not watching and listening. Amc currently has an intraday die of 50 79.. Let's watch those whole dollar values at 51, 52, but my main watch is like 50 250-ish uh 53-ish and then that is kind of a big uh, potentially a big.

I guess almost vacuum that could get filled all the way up to like 60. uh and there are other important levels of resistance. We have to watch 60. We have to watch 64..

64 is like a pretty incredible breakout level: 64, 6, 4. um and that's the exact consolidation we saw on amc back here um. This is why i'm calling out 64.. We saw some consolidation, but also 60 is important.

Like rejection rejection, we have the shoulder head shoulder. So check out 61, i guess technically uh and i know i'm getting ahead of myself, but you never know how crazy amc is going to get today. You never ever know all right. I want to see the russell 2000 keep.

We don't want the markets dragging this down. We want to just a green day across the board. We don't want to run into any headwinds here. Oh people are talking about bbig bbig's, looking good bbig's, looking very hungry congrats if you're in bbig.

This looks like it wants to also move, but come on. Amc gme is at 198, look for it hit 199.50, look for jimmy to recapture that 200 level. Uh. If you haven't already, i would highly appreciate it.

I think we're firing on all syllables here, yeah we're on twitch rumble all that stuff. If you guys could help me out with that engagement, it would mean a lot to me if you could just drop a like. If you want to be a member of the moon. Gang subscribe, follow all that stuff completely free and that type of engagement does help get this video served to extra people uh.

So i would appreciate that. Thank you come on amc. You know you want to push it. You know you want to push 51.

all right. Macd, looking pretty strong bbig making its move iwm coming back iwm we're watching 225. come on push this 50 61.. You got this amc, you got this amc.

Is there a play on lemons or rockets on the chart? I am only good enough to be dangerous at this point. Grab yourself a drink on me, not financial advice. Oh we're gon na get some rocket action for sure i don't like how it doesn't base properly there we go there we go. Maybe they need different things today, we're seeing some different looking charts between the two amc at 50 50.

The high is 50 79 jimmy's at 196, 20. come on 50 50 30 cents to go on that we did just get above 50. 60., like i wonder. If we're just getting this: u the! U shape we just kind of want to hold, but this is what happens when you're in the mini chart, it's so close and choppy that it's not the technicals are confirmed and broken very very rapidly, especially on a stock.

I mean we've already traded 13 million and we're 12 minutes into the day, we're trading a million a minute uh. We have seen higher on amc, uh, like especially back in late may, early june, but relative to what we saw in like july and august. It's pretty good volume, like i said to me. Obviously i wanted this breakout at 50.

Clearly, i've been stating that, but i also want it to close above 50 and i would love to see 115 125 plus in million uh million volume. Today on amc come on. It's it's deciding which way it wants to go uh. There was a lot of enthusiasm at the open, a lot of enthusiasm and it's deciding the powers to be the stock market.

Gods are deciding which way the next push is about to go. How did the rsi look yeah? It got quickly, overextended quickly, quickly, overbought bbig, making its move just hit 11.70. All right amc. How are you going to play this one? How are you going to play your hand on this one bbig actually still holding there? That's looks nice all right.

All eyes watch an amc which way is it going to decide to go? What way uh is it going to go up? Oh brother, it looks like it's coming up, looks like it's a hungry one, hungry hungry hippo. Let's see how high will it go? Nobody knows, nobody knows we're pushing we're pushing let's go. Let's go we're just messing around right at this 50 60 level. Rejection, rejection, rejection, three individual minutes all got smacked right there after the the burst up to 50 80..

So i actually, i think, i care a little bit more about 50 60 than i do 80 and we just broke above it. Let's go hold it hold, it hold hold, come on come on. Let me quickly do this, let's check out 30 minute all right. Let's do we're at 50, 67.

72. All right! I have to go back to this for now boom boom boom. Let's do this thing, iwm catching a bid as well. We just don't want any of those headwinds to run into next.

Stop 51. Next, stop 51.. All right, we need these to rock and roll rock and roll 51 gme, also making that move to 200. Let's go jimmy iwm with a beautiful pop watch 225 on iwm we're watching 51 right now on amc.

This is bananas. Folks, this is bananas. Here we go 50 151. Let's go, let's go push it push it push it uh matt! I don't know much about hlbz.

My like focus has been on more of like i haven't even really heard about hlbz recently joshua. What's going on, money is the motive bbig and sprt atr root. All side plays from my babies. Amc jamie shout out to mr boule maga amc ad campaign in variety fuel up apes.

Let's go amc bbig shout out wall street viking matt in amc since january. At 12 cost basis, if i buy more, my average cost will be 20. What are your thoughts on averaging up, i like 12. yeah, but if it goes up more than the second time you purchase it, you make more money uh, that's just like.

I guess the the weighting of really averages: it's just your average weight. So if you have 10 shares at 10 and then it goes up, you make basically based on that weight of 10 if it goes up, but if you buy another at 20. Yes, your average goes up to 15, but every time it goes up higher than 15. You make or really your second buy at 20.

You make even more money than you would have in the first scenario. I would not be that hyper focused on your cost basis. Like it's highly important, but also be focused on how does the stock move from all of your individual purchases just got my six-month trading badge attendees thanks to you, keep it up brother shout out. We just broke 51 on amc.

Jimmy broke 200 iwm coming back bbig hanging out at 11, 40., it's gon na be a day and a half. It will be a day and a half q moon music, shout out leon love when cnb says says: classic memes are dud dead suck at cnbc, not financial advice. Just went green for the first time been holding 549 since june. Thanks for all your content, non-financial advice shout out gregory your fake low voice is still higher than french capitals.

Hey i'm! I! I can't compete with wrench's voice. That is that's something else all right, we're hanging out at just around 51 on amc. What do we have? What do we have? What do we have? Let's see what we can do all right, amc, looking pretty good what kind of buying power i like! I did that deposit a while ago and it still hasn't hit. I was at a couple days.

I guess i need more time more time more time. Let's see, let's see how juiced these options are probably pretty juiced. If i had to throw out a wild guess, if i had to throw out a guess, what is the implied volatility yeah, it's going to be sky high. Of course it's going to be sky high.

Why would it not be sky high? Why would it not all right when uh the russell 2000? What are you doing? You were looking good. You looked like it. You wanted to come back to 225. All right.

I love amc, though amc holding up 4.6 percent gme is up 0.5, both amc and jimmy. In the green, i think we're at an interesting point where hang on. We have this kind of this wedge. Let's see how this actually builds out.

I wonder if it's the russell 2000 don't drag us down, man, the russell 2000 got smacked and amc was not that far behind the russell 2000. What are you doing to us? What you doing dude all right, bbig holding on we're just looking for that reversion all right, let's, ah man, this does seem right here, the russell getting smacked, but is it just gon na base? Are we gon na get lucky? It almost had a weird awkward higher bounce. Someone is trying to keep the russell down as soon as the russell got hit right here. That's exactly where amc actually like got below this wedge, which i can't even really call it a wedge, because we didn't even have three hits, but right here, amc doing its best to hold it.

It's not really letting the rustle like some of these volume pops that we're seeing with the big bar on the russell it is, but i mean amc is just kind of basing and like fighting back so like at first, it's getting a little startled by the moves, But then it's like nah, never mind we're gon na keep doing our thing. We're gon na keep doing our thing. What is the russell 2000 doing today? Oops? What is the russell 2000 doing? I don't think it even knows all right, amc show that show us you don't care about the russell 2000, not one bit all right. We get here.

Let's go to the three minute on this. Let's clean these charts up just a bit easier to see. I, like gme, still hanging out 199 200 it what it did, get all the way up to 20130. So similarly, strong we're just saying what in the world is going on with this guy, what in the world is going on in the russell russell's messing with amy? We might have a nice just double bass right here at 50 20 on.

We don't want this to become a shoulder head shoulder. We definitely want it to keep pushing right here after and kplt on the move. After i don't know what, after is ater, maybe is what you mean. Ater atr is up ten percent of the day, atr that one's one we've definitely been talking about.

Kplt uh, not my favorite for like an ftd short squeeze, but i do like it for a gap fill play up to the nine region. All right, amc, whatcha gon na do baby what you gon na do baby. This might be a good time to roll to roll autobots roll out autobots roll out. What do i like all right? Let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see all right time for amc to do its thing.

Man, the only thing i don't like about the scenario right now is that the small cap sector is not looking the best uh it just broke below 224.. I think my futures account is getting messed up. Definitely is shout out travis for joining up becoming a space ape. Can you smell the potential in the air today uh? How does t-mobile look over the next few weeks to you uh? I hate t-mobile i'll write it down.

T we'll check that out in a second, if we care so much about the russell getting smacked. What happens if the whole market gets a crash or correction soon, bad news for amc, not necessarily we care about the russell because aim, the russell 2000 is an index and the etf is tracking a basket of stocks. Amc is in that particular basket. That's why we like that's, why we're talking about the russell and not necessarily the s, p 500, or the nasdaq 100, or the dow 30, or any of those other ones, because it's like specifically in it um amc is in it.

Amc just got hit as well. At 50, 50. uh a weird sell-off. A strange sell-off hang on, let's see what's going on here, pbig, but the russell is bouncing.

So that's why we care about it, because you have to look at what that particular basket is tracking and this basket i.e. The russell 2000 has amc is in it, it's part of that basket and it's specifically the largest stock within that basket and amc, on the other hand, is it's not in the s p 500, it is um, the gme is not in the s p. 500 gme used to be in the russell 2000. Then it got moved to the s p 400 mid cap, so you just have to kind of see like where the stock's at and like what basket it's in, and you can get a better idea of how that particular basket is or isn't moving uh.

Who is this guy? Let's kick him rad propaganda becoming a space ape? I appreciate that shout out. What's going on frank, thank you. If what you say is true about the funds being such a small percentage of amc, how is it having impact? How have they figured out a way to use them uh? I don't. I don't know what do you when have i funds being such a small percentage of amc, i'm not quite sure what that's in reference to i've nev, i don't small percentage of amc.

How is that still having an impact? The current ownership does not impact the price of a stock. It's all about the current buyers and the current sellers. Do you know why amc is currently trading at 49.96, because the most recent buyer and seller agreed that it was worth 49.96? Not the current holders of the stock. A stock can move on low volume, high volume, it's all coming down to what did the most recent buyer and seller agree? The stock was worth it has nothing to do with the current ownership.

My option chain has dates that aren't friday on fidelity september. 10Th. 13Th. 15Th.

17Th. 24Th. Yeah i mean they can add those like there's no rule of what has to not be there like. The market makers are going to build out an options market.

If there's more demand for it, can you explain how the options market will react to the price? I don't quite understand how and when people get their shares if they bought a call option at 50 strike that expires today, oh, you would just exercise it uh. Once you exercise it - and you like, i think, there's technically a two-day settlement window for it to get there like the normal settlement window uh. If we want to get like super technical with that, but once you exercise you're exercising on the contract and your contract says you're you're owed 100 shares at that strike price. If you choose to pay, you still have to pay 50 a share, but if we're trading above 50, well, that's a win.

You pay the strike price, not the current price of the stock is the chip challenge 55 for today, no way 55 is so easy for amc to get to today. Today's uh chip challenge would be a close above 60., all right so amc as of now. We are seeing, if we're being honest on the intraday oops on the intraday perspective. Why does this not work we're seeing kind of a head and shoulder setup? This was a weird volume.

Someone sold a lot right here at 9 on amc um. It was holding its own, it was strong and then they sold that. But look at this that sell-off bar it did strangely align with the russell 2000 actually getting a pop, interesting, interesting, interesting. This rocket's in the way for right now all right, jimmy hanging out at 198 right now, vbig.

We just wanted to see some movement. We want to see some some trends, not chop chop stuff is where it gets so, incredibly boring all right. There we go amc. Trying to break out of this trend, i like that, i like that, can it hold we're watching 50.

60. 50. 60.. The current intraday high is 51.07, so let me actually mark that out for everyone.

50. 50. 107., we're currently trading at 50, 30 uh, but, more importantly than that, we're breaking a trend line and we're watching for the reaction to 50 60. above 50.

60. I think another retest of 51 is pretty likely gme pushing above 198, almost at 199. Its intraday high is right here at 201.25, all the highly shorted stocks got smacked. At the same time i mean the market got smacked.

If you look at the russell 2000, the s p. 500 - i don't know if you could. Even just i mean i'm assuming a lot of it wasn't even just highly shorted. It looked like a bigger overall group, sir doge a lot.

What's going on any thoughts on clbq asking a friend asked the man a clbq, the fact that it has five letters. It tells me it's on the otc like gray market, so i wouldn't trade it if you think that the normal market, the quote unquote normal market like is not well managed and some crazy stuff goes on you're gon na hate, the otc gray market. I've heard you say: half of one percent yeah 0.5 is amc for the russell 2000. How much of amc shares are tied up in the russell 2000? You just do 0.5 multiplied by whatever i don't know.

The number of the russell 2000 count off the top of my head, william. Thank you, thomas shout out after amc goes to the moon. What's the long-term strategy after that, are you and your friends of dividend income or will you continue to simply pursue shorted or do a combination of both uh, i'm not the biggest dividend trader? I find it to be a bit boring uh, but if you're making money making money is not boring, but i i was never really a like a short hunter like i'm, not inherently a person who looks for short squeezes, i'm a person who looks for good trading Setups uh and sometimes that might be a short squeeze play, but i like i hunt for good technical setups, so that's what i will be doing and not even necessarily post amc and jamie we've been kind of doing it. In the meantime.

Recently we made a killing on sprt, both ways i didn't make a killing on it, but i know a lot of people listening made it killing on bbig who are currently making and killing on bbig. Some people might be back in sprt. Looking forward to gap fill it's just for opportunity. People are just looking for good opportunity and it's not even necessary to the stock market.

We look for opportunity in the futures market, the options market, the crypto market - there's a lot of opportunity in the crypto market as we're like speaking right now. All right amc get get back up to 50 60.. Currently, 50 35. Getting this trend line, breakout um!.


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