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Ep 69 calm, cool collected dumb money: amc, gamestop crypto – Matt Kohrs

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Calm, Cool & Collected
Dumb Money Ep. 69: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Foreign mum, hello, hello, hello, folks, i was just checking out some crypto stuff right here, uh we we do have some important things to go over about just kind of the large market. Of course we're going to be hopping into that breakdown of amc, gme, sprt atr. We do have a lot to go over, but uh some things that just came out this morning that i want everyone to know about of what's happening today. Five things to know before the stock market opens on tuesday september 14th.

I just want to kind of quickly share all of this with you to see. What's going on wall street, looking steady ahead of key inflation data, actually i want to dive a bit more into that apple to hold launch event, release ios security patch uh. So with the launch event, we definitely uh might want to be tracking apple. Today, uh i mean this is more anecdotal, but usually with these launch events, the stock does react in a pretty positive manner.

Kathy wood foresees big gains for tesla and crypto. In fact, she i was just seeing some things with benzinga that she was actually reiterating her like 500 000 target for bitcoin, specifically also pretty bullish on ethereum. She runs arkhamvest. That's where you might know her name, sec chairman, to face questions about crypto regulations, we'll be looking into that, and also house democrats propose tax hikes to pay for 3.5 trillion dollar bill uh.

So that's your quick rundown of like the five major things to pay attention to for the day but, like i said, number one, the key inflation data that information is actually already out stock futures jump. Ah after cpi inflation report comes in less than expected. So that's actually pretty good for the market and as we're about to see in the s p, 500 and on the russell 2000 that um inflation, maybe i mean i never bought it like, and it still blows my mind a little bit. I don't think that this inflation situation is transitory but they're.

That's what the fed's been saying this entire time and right here, uh u.s futures jumped tuesday after key inflation reading, showed a consumer price rising less than expected. So maybe maybe i mean i i don't know. I don't buy it, but i'm hoping i'm hoping inflation isn't as bad as uh. It really looks, but right now, that's why some of the major indices are up just so.

Everyone knows goldman names dennis coleman as new cfo starting next year for retiring steven. Don't know what that's all about, but anyway, let's take a look at the overall market. It can probably actually be centered right here, so we're seeing a nice pop uh on the recent news for the s p 500 about this inflation coming in not as hot as expected. We saw a pretty nice pop there and i'm looking to see if there's going to be a continuation above 449..

I do like the s p, 500 above 447, but if this thing can clear 449, where we've seen some support, we've seen some resistance. I think there's a good shot of it. Returning back up into this kind of zone of supply that we've previously been seeing seeing paying attention to watching whatever you want to call it, but let's watch 449. That means it has about a dollar to go in terms of the russell 2000 tracking, the small cap sector same thing, nice pop because of the inflation being not as hot as a lot of people were expecting.

I want to see this clear. 224. 50. Maybe 225.

I'm sorry, i don't know why my camera's hopping, like that all right looks like it fixed itself anyway, we're looking above 224.50 that is resistance but 225. I care about the russell 2000 specific to the russell 2000. The reason that we're talking about it is just because amc is the biggest stock within this particular index so worthwhile to pay attention to, but both both of these indices that we watch are looking strong because of this inflation thing going on and just because a little Bit because i did talk about apple, let's just pull up the apple chart just for anyone paying attention to that apple also, currently sitting at a key level, 150 key psychological level and honestly resistance support. Not that far away.

I would love to see apple uh, pretty bullish if it can get above 151. I think there's a good shot of it. Coming up to 154 then or on the flip side. Look for the breakdown of 149.

I do favor the bulls in this scenario, just because anecdotally, the it seems like market participants do react well to apples like launch events and also just in terms of the technicals. It's not that, like recently it was pretty oversold, so i would be looking for a bounce back in apple and just because people seem to be asking about it. More tesla, uh right now looks strong uh. I'm looking for yesterday was a weird day it sold off, but bounced back uh.

It looks like it wants to push 750 today. After that i would look for the break of 760 from there. I would watch 780, but it seems like in terms of these bigger companies like these large cap stocks uh. It seems like there's reason because of the s p 500, and what we're seeing there kind of having a little bit of a bullish bias for the day.

But who knows that could change that open, but for right now before market opens, it looks like people are kind of uh pivoting back to being risk on because of what we're, seeing more so related to uh, all that good inflation jazz and really this is the One that's confusing me a little bit. It really is uh not expecting crypto to react positively to that news. In fact, i wasn't expecting crypto to react positively. Generally uh they're gon na move a little bit inversely as people view crypto, really as a store of value, but actually the opposite.

Uh bitcoin right here on that news, doing better so um interesting, interesting to know, but right now, crypto on a shorter time frame. Uh. Actually, taking that inflation news pretty well uh opposite the direction that i would have expected it, but um it looks like bitcoin's heading back up to 47 000 from there i'd watch 48 and a half ethereum at 3-3 cardano right here, 2.40 ish cents. Looking for it to make a base and sorry swing back around and then hex is still doing its own thing at 40 cents.

Let's talk about the stars of the show: let's kick this one off with amc, so amc today, they've actually already borrowed a quarter mill against it short interest. 19.95. The shares on loan uh with this taken into account 112 million utilization, 90.47 uh and just for anyone who's curious. The average age of these shares on loan is now officially over 60 days.

We were actually at 64 days, uh, that's the highest. We have seen it in quite a while in terms of gamestop they've already borrowed 46 000 against it short interest. 13.81 shares on loan, 7.5 million and a utilization of 36 in terms of the average age of these shares on loan for gmd. It is almost 34 days just so.

Everyone knows. Oh talking about data. The whole gme float of 250 million. I've sent out two different emails to like one to that yahoo, one and one to another contact, um and thus far.

I have not gotten a response, but just like i know there was some discussion and concern about the yahoo finance talking about the flow and some other data providers. The reason multiple people are reporting. That number is because they're all using the exact same one tainted source. Just so everyone knows there: it's not like they came to that number independently, they're, all sourcing that data and that's why we're seeing some places use that data, but overall, remember you get what you pay for free data from yahoo finance is going to be free data From yahoo finance, if there's any sort of paid service such as ortex or bloomberg, i would trust them exponentially more than i would trust the free source such as yahoo or any of these other ones where people are just like clicking and seeing it.

Usually, it's delayed. There's a better chance of it being referred to as like dirty data, or something like that, but um that to really sum it up, it is wrong. Gamestop gme does not does not have a float of 250 million shares. That is incorrect data um and the reason why it's being reported, that's what i'm trying to get to the bottom of for everyone.

I'm sure there's some weird bogus explanation, but just so everyone knows, gme does not have a flow of 250 million in terms of the technicals. Let's start off with jimmy, because i was just talking about it so previously because of the earnings it got knacked out of this kind of trend, this this region of supply that we've been paying attention to. But i love that i got back into it on a series of higher lows: love that it's battling it out in here. Holding above 200 is very good for jamie.

It is very good for jimmy. I want to see it overtake 205 from there. We have to watch 208 and a little bit of change and then 212 to 215 above 215. I'd feel pretty good about it battling it out at the top of this range of 225, but uh i mean firm handshake, says dr disrespect would say to the gme crowd getting this right back up to where it's more recently, that's it's like normal quote-unquote, normal area.

So seeing some strength there - and i just want to see some follow-through, but in terms of pre-market, um, hey, i'm liking it we're at 203 anything above 200. I do like gme amc, still hanging out above its own range two days in a row. Uh, the volume is a little lighter than i want it to be. Amc is coming in at a volume of 75 million shares.

I want to see it one of these days, while it's a trading above 50.. I want it to be 115 125 million. The volume has been light on amc uh. I want more general market participants to be accepting of the new price, and one of that one of the signs of that is going to be a lot of volume traded at these levels.

So once again, amc um. We know 52 is kind of an important breakout. 53 is also a pretty notable one, we're currently dancing around at 5164, which is essentially where we closed yesterday, so not really a gap up, not really a gap down uh interesting to see what the open is but, like i said, the volume has been going down Down down so i'm looking for kind of almost a momentum shift in that in the volume to start going back up - and i want to see these days where we get back above 100 million in volume to really confirm the new price levels that we're currently seeing. Um here let me do that's so right now: amc gme, looking good yesterday - and i talked about this in my update video yesterday.

I think, because of the gap up and then them essentially closing flat based on that gap up, even though both amc and jimmy were in the green. I think people had a bit of a weird emotional response, as if, like the expectation, was a lot more and of course, every day we wanted to go higher than whatever the value is, and that's fair, but remember i mean any green day. Yesterday. Amc gained three percent jimmy gained six point.

Eight two percent a green day is a good day um. I think we need to be a bit more uh appreciative of days like that. We can't i i i sense like the mood was a bit like neutral as if oh like we expect this don't have any expectations. Every single day is in a battle and we battle for every single cent that amc and gme go up.

So please please remember that, and i mean hey if we just get these back to back to back always just like these small percentage gains day over day over day i'll be super happy. I love it uh either way. Green is good, and i think just because a lot of people are going to be interested, let's quickly do a run through of some of these other popular ones that people are curious about. Sprt sprt has a short interest of 97.35 percent shares on loan of 7.13 million and a utilization of 97.

So sprt, i do think, is an interesting all the numbers are there uh. I just want to see a bit more strength in it. I actually don't even need this block anymore. Let me save that there is a gap-fill region up to the 30s, the low 30s, like between 30 and 30 50..

I just want to see a little bit of a trend, a little bit of strength for me to get back into sbrt as soon as i see it, bending back around or in the scenario that it's severely oversold at support. I could see myself then getting back into sprt, but in terms of the metrics very, very strong, very, very strong on sprt the short interest, the shares on loan and the utilization, the other one. I see a lot is bbig bbig. Why is my camera popping out? I don't get why it does that the short interest is 26.91.

The shares on loan twenty six point: three: one million and the utilization. Ninety nine percent uh. So right there has the same numbers: bbig is a bigger float. Company relative to sprt spr is, by definition a low float stock, so i like that bbig.

I would like it just to kind of recapture 10 and get out of this momentary downtrend that we're seeing right here um i. I would actually really really appreciate that. So we have this momentary downtrend. I want to see a reversion pretty much on that uh, so i'd watch the 10 mark and then 11 and above 11.

This thing could have quite a bit of strength. Let me think of the other ones that are commonly asked about bbig uh, i think oh ater is one that people have been asking about lately ater. What is this camera doing? I have like not switched any settings on this camera. I don't know if it's like a lighting thing and it's not picking up my face or do i need to switch it myself right there does that work.

This is crazy, though, sorry about that. Okay, anyway, ater short interest of 53.7 shares on loan, 13.6 million and utilization 99 percent. So this one uh is kind of in between the previous two. It's a bigger float than sprt, but a smaller float than bbig um still has a higher short interest, but relative to those other two actually um, it's less than sbrt for sure um.

This one is interesting really because it has been picking up like the excitement in the stock and uh. When i refer to the excitement, i'm just kind of pointing this out. The only thing is when it runs so much and i'm not gon na, like ever ever switch my rhetoric on this like what what's the chase here. Folks, like i mean it, gets very dangerous when you're.

In this i mean it was overbought for four days straight. Uh and that it could keep going, but every day it does another day that actually means it's a little bit closer to like it running out of steam and people running whoa running out of buying pressure on this. So i do have a bit of concerns. I mean with it.

Obviously it could squeeze it all these everything i've talked about today really and we've we've seen the metrics on ortex all have the capability of doing something insane. It's just really. What's the question, that's the question it's like well, how insane is insane like what kind of percentage gains? What kind of movement are we actually truly talking about here, um, so ater i'm still liking it. I think it's pretty interesting where it's at and what it can and can't do um.

I don't know what i would like to see is. I just don't want to see any bearish divergence in the chart. So what that means today is on a move upward, a spike upward. I do want to see - i guess man that is high, that is very, very high.

We didn't need to almost exceed an rsi of 90, which is uh like the max value is 100. so and that's possible. If this thing gets moving, it's going to have an rsi above it. I just don't want to see any bearish divergence, but maybe maybe the people paying attention to this are not.

Maybe they don't care about the these technicals. This rsi, at all, that's also a possibility but atr all these ater bbig sprt, all all worth the watch just to see what's going on um, but any people are also asking about any and he was looking pretty weak recently. Wasn't it any sphere? 3D sphere? 3D. Uh whoa wait any has like no short interest, uh the short interest on any oh wait.

Wait. This was a a miscalculation. I think i remember something was weird about the any data set of, like their estimation, was off by quite a bit. I need to think about any, but i remember the um it's the playstation remote whatever i think, oh, that or that's like is it is that the lighting? That's like messing it up back here.

Let me try that for a second, because this is getting annoying. I feel like that, shouldn't be the lighting, that's causing the the readjustment um, but anyway with any uh. I i think because remember this is estimated. I think they were estimated like severely underestimating uh.

How much was actually going to go short against it, so any a little bit of a weird story, but you have to dive in a bit more into the data on that one. I would say out of all of these right now, the ones that catch my eye are currently and for this type of play. I'm and once again never ever saying that these are even in the same league or even really the same style of play as amc or jimmy, but sprt and atr are both kind of uh. I guess catching my attention of the levels they're at and the numbers that i'm seeing in the what's being reported by ortex s, p 500 still trying to hold up here.

On top of that inflation news, we have amc trading at 5137, gme trading at 203.. So really not much of a move for e of the either of these in the pros post or pre-market sessions uh. So we're just waiting for that bell to go. Ding ding, ding, ding, ding ding at 9, 30.

camera had too much coffee. This morning i don't like, i didn't switch anything on it. I just turned it on, so it must be something with the lighting or maybe just it looks at me and it thinks i'm ugly. A lot of people asking about sdc smile, direct club sdc is up five percent.

It's a good looking chart, it looks like it almost might have a gap fill though yeah smile, direct club. I just think it goes to 660.. I mean to me this is a somewhat easy of a gap-filled play and i don't know if i would try to make it anything more than that but looks like they have. This gap fill up to 663.

So, if you're not already in it, the reward. Isn't there much more, we were talking about this yesterday i could see if it's being shorted in any manner. I don't know if it is. Oh, it is interesting.

Uh short interest of 38.67 percent shares on loan 36 million in utilization of 88., not the best one. We're seeing just because it's more of a like a mid-tier float relative to the other ones that uh we've been running through, and i can just tell that from the amount of shares on loan. Remember the lower the float the easier it is for a stock to move. Think of it as as less baggage, the less baggage you have the less shares you have to carry with you, the easier it will move so compared to something like whatever sprt or atr.

This is a higher float stock, so for this entire concept of ftd quick swing short plays um. This one has potential, but in terms of technicals in like i guess it would have to get above 7 30, but we've been talking. We talked about this yesterday, just in terms of a very quick gap-fill plan. I still think it's gon na do that capital play but uh, i don't know if it has enough like juice or enthusiasm behind it, to push higher it.

Might it definitely might so we could watch it throughout the day um. But to me this was a quick, just technical play, all right, i'm way behind. So let me uh answer some of the questions. Everyone, let's hit, the like button before matt shows up.

I appreciate that hey matt is root being shorted, i believe so, but not the numbers aren't as high. I don't think as any of the ones that we've already checked today. Yeah 25.67 shares on loan, 20 million and utilization 92. So in terms of ftd squeeze, i don't even know if roots on the ftd list, and even if it were this, one has probably relative to sprt ate or even bbig probably has the least impressive numbers.

Can you please check out mveb as well uh yeah? No, this one is not a play. I'd be paying attention to the numbers. Just aren't strong enough for this, like ftd short squeeze thing, it is the lower float, but i mean this one has 18 19 and that's very, very high for the or like a normal stock, but like if there's better opportunity, i would go with the ones that Are better opportunity um, so not the! I just think there's there's a better edge in these other ones that we've gone through compared to nveb and root, like i think these are two of the weaker ones that we're seeing right now, uh relative to things, the other ones that we ran through earlier today. These shorts need to cover before merger can short to get away with not covering and wait for.

Ticker to change degree does carry yes, they don't have to cover. They would just have a proportionate short position on gre. Can you check out kplt? I mean kplt it. My my i guess, discussion on it has not changed.

I'm just looking for the gap fill up to 9 30. to me, kplt is like not a short squeeze play. It's more of a technical play. Your risk is getting a bit far away uh.

I still think you have to risk like six dollars so now you're risking a dollar 20 to make uh. What's this, i guess 220, which it's okay, but i still think kplt is a gap-fill play up to 930. need to adjust the f-stop if you're using a dslr, i'm using the sony a7. I don't know if that's technically dslr.

I think it is uh yeah, but it's something with the focusing something with the focusing and coffee had too much camera had too much coffee shout out wall street viking hurry up. 9 30. apes are ready to play good morning. You be a youtube apes hope.

Everyone has a great day shout out big shop. Matt's camera is in doubt it must zoom out when you check tech on the chart for mnmd, please. I have 100 at 283 and just curious about your opinion on the chart. Mnmd, not looking the best uh.

It looks like it's gap. Filling down to 222 gap. Fill down to here is what i'd be looking for on that club flip billy, thanks for bringing me on the twitch team, much love as always, yeah clubfootbilly. I noticed that you're in there quite a bit and just with, like i guess, uh the more people participating in watching on twitch.

I figured it was logical for me to get a couple more mods over there. So uh. I hope i hope you don't mind. Matt svrt is merging end of day with green edge.

To i swear to will no more tomorrow. Spr2 will only take up. Eight percent of the new ticker gre, so short interest play is gone yeah with it um. Actually so i don't have an sprt position actually at just so.

Everyone knows in my public portfolio that i talked about with you guys. I mean exclusively amc and gme right now. I have no bb g sprt, a ny ater. Any of those i do not have any of them um all those comments were hopefully just unbiased.

I do not have skin in the fight for either of those stocks. Actually let me just double check. Didn't i make a small position on something yesterday, i don't want to speak incorrectly. Let me just double check.

Okay, i did pick up a small ater like, and that was the one that was like. Not even i don't even know if it was like one percent of my portfolio, so i have a baby atr position. I actually forgot about it, but with sprt um, the the merger and all that information and the proportionate rate that play might be a done play now because, like adam just brought up, it becomes a very, very small part of gree uh. So that does complicate the situation and with sprt um it.

It becomes more risky today, with today, being the final day before the merger goes through. So everyone needs to know that if you're in sprt with it, you might have to wait till some of the dust settles with gree and what i'm talking about is like to me. It's somewhat of a similar situation of when mmat absorbed trch. So a lot of people like trch for the potential of a squeeze, but then, when mma like absorbed it, then that absorbed all the shorts and the short interest and the next day the way trch was moving.

Originally, you didn't see that follow through because it came became. It was almost diluted. It became a small portion of the overall stock, the new stock, and that might be a similar situation with spr t uh when it goes into g r e. So with that, don't think that, where you're going to see the exact same numbers and behavior when it's absorbed by the new stock, because now it's technically it's part of a whole new company, so please with that one be careful tomorrow, sprt is g-r-e-e cause the people.

Ask for opinion: do they as cover shorts and nate? No, so to my understanding, the research that i was doing last night, the way, if you're long on sprt you're going to get a proportionate amount um with gre, especially if the borrowers are there uh. It gets a little bit more complicated because when you're long, you're long but shorts, it's a little bit more complicated, but everything i was reading last night um was indicative of the fact that the shorts would be a similar proportionate thing, except instead of betting against sprt You're betting against g-r-e-e, but don't forget about like in a sense the short interest percentage would almost be diluted. You're gon na see like a drop in it. It's not like gree is gon na.

Have that same 90 short interest, so the play does change uh, gme, forward price earnings. I mean when you're looking at pde, that's a very fundamental breakdown and i don't think gme is a fundamental play. I don't think amc's a fundamental play. What happens to option contracts on the sprt merger 20, 10, 15., so eric um, that's actually really one of the things i was looking into majorly last night about what this merger is and i wanted to find.

I guess proof exactly of what's going to go on with options: that's really what i was looking into, not necessarily the stock, the stock's a little bit easier to track. What's going to go on with, but in terms of this, most of the rhetoric i saw with the sprt is same thing that it would be changed proportionately, but i actually did see a couple of threads that disagreed with it and um. So with that midday today, when i take my midday break uh today, just so everyone knows i am planning on streaming 211 and then i'll be hanging out with the discord for a bit and then i'll start restreaming at like two. So i'll do two different sessions.

Today, just so, everyone knows um, but maybe uh, that's another one, so that i'm like looking for a specific response on, but even with it um not even really to options seeing using the mmat. I guess pattern and blueprint when they absorb trch and this gre and sprt thing um. I don't know i in this scenario, if i was up quite a bit because we've been talking about sbrt since, like the eight nine dollar range i mean i, i don't see there being harm in locking in what your gains are waiting for this merger, the dust To settle and if you still like to play going back in it's so much better to lock in some capital than to risk your gains going to zero uh like it's all about capital preservation, ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding, oh brother, the market is open. Let's go, let's go, let's go, the casino is open all right.

Let's see how things are gon na shake out um and with the sprt thing uh all that we could talk about it more as it gets closer to market close or even the midday session. I can sprt okay, we have it up over here for me and i'm not saying that this is right or wrong uh. This is just kind of how i personally think about it when there's an upcoming fundamental change, that's like pretty obvious and a lot of people are chain like like paying attention to it, and i feel uneasy about what is or isn't going on. I just lock in my profits it's so much better to lock in your profits than take a risk like to me.

I have a bigger issue with holding and watching all my gains go to zero like mentally, like i hate that opposed to locking in games and then see it continuing to run because then i'm like, oh, i could have held more like that's a bummer blah blah Blah but um, i know, what's more like emotionally upsetting to me, is being up big on a play and then watching it come back down when i'm just like. Why did i not like uh, i get more mad at myself for being greedy than i do for being cautious all right? Well, amc is at 5117 down 50 cents on the day, but it is pushing back right now, looks like it actually looking for a new intraday high uh. But let's see how things shake out. I want to see how people are reacting to the.

I guess more reasonable inflation indications that we just saw for august matt. What is the maximum loss on call options? It depends if you're going long or short, but most people buy calls and buy, puts, and in that scenario, if you're going long on a call or going long on a put, your maximum risk is the premium that you spent on it. It is different, though, if you're selling calls and selling puts uh that could get a little bit more hairy all right. I think i am up to date there uh josh uh.

What about li efe like? What do you want to know about that? All right, amc, fighting fight and fight and fighting gme, also fighting recapture 200 battling at 200 amc just tapped 5130 and i just want to quickly know it's closed from. Yesterday it was 51.72. It looks like i guess: it's 51.72 51.72 dancing dancing dancing around um. We we've been kind of getting used to this that the first 15-20 minutes is kind of, i would say, over the past couple weeks, kind of some bullish chop, like it shoots up and chops, i feel, is the common pattern for like market open, at least that We've been seeing on amc and gme.

Obviously it could buck that trend like any day it wants to, but it does seem to be a trend that uh has been going on recently. But let's see what's going on light volume, very light volume on amc this morning, we've only traded 2.4 million as we're three minutes into the day and gme has traded 120 000. how's. The market, looking i looks like iwm - might be trying to base at 223 uh spy, not looking the best and which is surprising.

I thought people were going to get very excited about this inflation news. How does the life chart look to me? I mean it's a biotech play, so oh and it's it's a gap. I mean i'm not going to chase the gap up. I i don't like it.

It would have been one thing if you got in here, but like on a gap up, i would never never chase a gap up too high risk of being a bag holder way too high risk all right. I think i answered that we didn't iwm trying to spin background. So what i'm looking for right here, look for iwm to push an amc to not be that far behind um we were kind of noticing that amc is doing its best to buck the trend of iwm, but it still is putting some weight on it. So look for both of these on the bottom, the russell 2000 and the s p 500 to push green, and should that should alleviate some of the pressure that we're seeing on the i, basically, the amc and gme stock and price action.

So look for these things to push on your bottom screen and then on the top screen. Look for these ones to hopefully follow suit. What is going on in the futures market, um kind of flat flat from that pre-market action right now doesn't quite know what it wants to do, trying to decide uh for my listeners, amc is at 50 64 and jimmy is at 197.. Let's see, let's see, iwm was trying to pop right there, but then it's getting smacked people are trying to decide how to interpret all this news.

Uh someone is asking about. Ater atr is at 15 33, not the best getting sold off. This morning. It went from 1670 down to 1480 very volatile uh we're getting some nice swings on atr.

I wonder: let's pay attention to this, pushing back, but currently on the day down 14, but it also gained over like 50 percent. Yesterday, iwm market people are worried about the market right now. That's where we're getting a lot of this chop come on push it back. Let's see some green here folks, i want to see some green.

What's the update on your ater thoughts, um ater, i i like the numbers, the price action today, thus far sucks but uh. If this starts to base and push that 16 17 area again um, all it still has everything it needs for a squeeze, but that doesn't mean it's gon na squeeze uh. These are all prerequisites. You need the price action to follow through, like that's usually when a lot of people are asking me about these plays um it's of the line that they they find, something that is a high or short uh.

Some of the people are going out of the way to find a low float, which is very, very smart and other people are taking it the next step to finding a like one. That's also on the threshold list, and i like that, but still remember just because it has all those a squeeze doesn't guarantee just because you're, like oh found this this and this uh, it needs all those things to squeeze, and this is a very, very important distinction. But the final missing piece to that particular puzzle very very much relates to okay. Is there demand? Are people starting to step in and buy it? Do a lot of other people view it the same way? You are viewing it so right now on ater, it could go, but you need people to start to get interested in it to put that pressure on the shorts uh.

What's up bro wondering if you tried the dirty dust yet i hope you dig it. I did. I think i'm i think you said two or three tubes and i'm already through, like one entire tube uh shout out carl. It's awesome.

All right looks like the market's waking up now so um, instead of opening up at 9 30. Maybe it looks like it's. It was a little late to the office today. It looks like the market's waking up about eight 10 minutes into the day.

Uh we're starting to see some buyers step back in, but, let's see if they hold, you could see how, like the momentum, is all literally starting to switch before our eyes, yeah and, of course, right as we say that the s p 500, it was looking strong, Like it wanted to come up, then someone started selling. It pay attention to these two on the bottom and i i'm still i'm still thinking that these two, if they go it'll, make it way way way easier for amc and gme to go uh ater now sub 15. So there's sellers in the market. It looks like people are just taking their profits from that huge gain yesterday.

Maybe it bases at 15 and starts to move off of that, but what is going on with the s p? 500. It can. All it's done is barcode barcode, barcode, barcode, uh. Russell 2000, though, pushing nicely pushing nicely what about zev uh, so zev didn't really meet my criteria just because it uh.

I don't believe that one's on the new york stock exchange - a lot of these other ones - are on the nasdaq, but both of them have independent threshold lists that you could look up zev. I really didn't pay too much attention to, because it's not on the threshold list, which means it doesn't have not only a magnitude of ftt's ftds fails to deliver, but also has them for quite a while. That's why i think sprt like atr or any, are a little bit more interesting because they're on that threshold list. So for me, that's a it's a prerequisite, and maybe it's just one of them, but it's an important prerequisite.

That's why i'm calling these these plays. Like the ftd squeeze plays well to be an ftd squeeze play, you have to be on that threshold list and i don't believe zev is atr, re-entry point. Dissing hasn't squoshed yet and still trending on social media uh. So atr, let's take a bigger look at it.

Uh potential re-entry point at 13.60 might not even get there, because it's already oversold, based on the 15 minute, would love to see this recapture 1560, but in terms of technicals somewhere between 1370 and 1325. So we could call it 1350, like kind of halfway in the middle would be the next technical area. I would watch, but i wouldn't be surprised if it bounces early just earlier, just because of how oversold it is all right, amc, picking up gme picking up. That's exactly what we want to see: um spy and iwm kind of drifting downwards in a weird way, but uh looks like amc and jimi.

Don't really care too much about that amc bouncing off of 50 42 pushing 51. Once again, the current intraday high is 51.30 and yesterday's close was around 51.70 uh, so we have about 60 cents to go uh lana yeah. We took a quick po like a quick peek at root in pre-market. If you want to just rewind to that, i bought atr at 7 and took profits at 19..

Thanks for the updates. Congratulations, that's a nice gain 12 per stock. I mean per share. I should say that's a very, very impressive seriously.

Congratulations! All right amc! What are you doing? Amc man always still flexing its relative strength compared to the russell 2000 we've seen this now for about a week and a half where the russell not looking the best the market, not necessarily looking the best but uh it just does not care. It's that simple that amc and gme like once in a while. If there's like some selling like right off the bat it'll affect amc, but usually amc kind of gathers itself in a cool, calm collected manner, and it just continues to flex flex flex. So right now amc is trading at 51.17.

I'm watching that 52 mark. We could watch the close from yesterday around 51.70 jimmy holding 200, which i really really like, but both of these guys amc and gme having low volume today low volume today uh. What do you think about jcs and special 350 dividend announcement in your opinion? Is it goodbye? Do you like the chart? Jcs? No, i mean it's gapping up on that announcement, but a gap up that goes red is typically a bearish sign like it shows that the market is not accepting the new price um. There's such a high probability of an eventual gap bill back down to 680.

So i don't want to waste. A dollar 20 per share. Aei is on the threshold list. Yes, adventure, joe and uh, we're actually seeing some strength.

This is like i said it. I've been calling out this as a gap-fill play up to 3.36. What do you see? Bbig doing once utilization maxes uh not much any like nothing different, because remember that utilization is it's dynamic, uh more people could loan theirs out and then the utilization would drop and then it could go back up to 100 and then the shares on loan would be Even greater once you hit 100, that's not like the final hundred, because remember that pool of total loanable shares is dynamic throughout the day. So i don't think like something crazy or magical happens when utilization hits 100.

Besides, the fact that the cost to borrow will most likely spike to like additional sky-high values, thoughts on mmat uh, just kind of sideways chop, you're looking for it to break above 550 560 and then maybe you'll get an additional push up to 650.. But it really it just hasn't been doing much like not. I don't know just kind of sideways ever since that, like pretty much all month, uh drifting upward uh has some momentum. I would say the momentum is in the favor of the bulls, but you want to see a clean break above.

Let's just call it 575 and a hold above 575 on mmat, but please be careful on the 15-minute chart. It is overbought according to the rsi sprt. At 1775. yeah, this is a little bit what i was alluding to this morning and just be careful with this merger um.

It's it's a tough prediction to see what it's going to go. It's actually kind of like a 50 50 like just you're flipping the coin and it's sprt today because of the merger coming up. I would, i would argue that it's kind of outside the world of technicals today, because it's being fundamentally driven by the fact that it's being acquired - i know weeble - has a transaction limit of three million dollars. Does public have one? I have no clue.

I honestly didn't even know that weeble had a transaction limit of three million. I've never traded that type of size. Can you explain the benefits of averaging down on call options? It's the same argument as averaging down on a stock you're increasing averaging down. I guess lowers your your break even level, but you are upping both your potential risk and your potential reward i mean averaging down, i don't think, is any more special in options than it is in stock.

You're, just lowering your breakeven point but you're, also taking on a higher risk reward profile wall. In doing so, have you seen the seller boxing dd yeah? I have so i actually dove into that last night and i read everything and um. I i believe that it's a thing i suppose, like i, i guess i'm not against it, but like when i started to realize more and more what they're talking about it doesn't seem to have any impact on the current current state of amc and gme. If the entire argument is that they were attempting to do that way back when, like december january, with amc and gme okay, it was in a failed attempt and a lot of it cost a lot of people a lot of money um.

But i i guess it's useful to learn about to learn patterns and see if it repeats in the future, but the seller boxing thing: does it currently impact amc or gme? No, so i think you can learn about it and maybe apply it to like future stocks. In future scenarios, i think that's like maybe a valid way to interpret the information um, but in terms of does it help anything with amc or gme or hurt anything with amc and jimmy. At the moment. No, not really, unless i like, am completely missing something: a lot of people saying ater coming back there, you go 1668, we're watching.

Uh amc coming back, it's kind of interesting that amc, gme and atr all kind of moving together, and just so you know the s. P 500 is very much in a bull flag. So, look for this bull flag break, i'm i'm hoping it can really hold on to whatever this level is right here. I don't know why these are green or sorry excuse me, yellow over on the side, but we're watching the bull flag on the overall market.

Right now, amc is flexing pushing 51.40. It has about 37 cents to go until it is green and gme just went green on the day at 203.. Uh. Look at that nice macd cross on amc and jimi, solid stuff ater.

Making this run up to 1670 intraday high atr has a dollar 70 to go. So that means what it closed at around 18 bucks uh could definitely go green on the day, but it's going to take a bit of time on ater. We have come together as a unified 8 family to become a modern day, robin hood. This is our chance to write a page in history.

Will you be remembered, shout out frank, matt thoughts on irnt, uh yeah, so we've been looking into that? It's not it's! It's not technically a new ipo or direct listing. It got uplifted. So if you look at the chart, i'm a very technical trader. I like looking at the chart - and it's only been having activity in like a valid chart for not that long of time um.

So it does um, i don't know it doesn't intrigue me that much if you want to be in and out of it for a quick day, trade hey. I wish you the best of luck have at it. I hope you make some money, but it's not a play that interests me especially right now, when i see a lot more opportunity, i see, of course i mean like i said. Everyone knows my account right now is 99 amc and g mean one percent ater um.

I do have a position in the s p on my futures, account i'm playing the futures right now, i'm a lot. I just took a small like a personal bet. This wasn't even an algorithm. I took a personal bet on the inflation, so i'm a little bummed about this today, but um irnt.

I just see better opportunity like i'm not going to pay, take like low probability setups when there's so many high probability, setups right now, buenos dias me amigos shout out robert moore all right so jimmy like i said in the green currently trading at 0. What is going on with my these lines? I guess we're just going to have to get rid of these for now, because it's definitely messing up in a strange manner. It's like, oddly, showing them. There looks like a little bit of a tech mess up.

Okay, atr. Looking strong likes like it wants to test, it's like opening value of 1670. spy. Unfortunately, for me, looking weak uh, but it doesn't seem like amc, gme or ater, really really care.

Um amc almost went green on the day. Its green mark is around whatever that is um. 39. 51.69.

I believe if i'm or 70, something right there but um. Basically, it's 30 cents shy of going green on the day um and it has a very nice rally. I mean it's almost rallied a doubt. A dollar an entire dollar since 9 37 this morning, uh, that's pretty impressive, especially given the fact that iwm and the russell and iwm and spy are not like in the best, but we saw this yesterday.

If you look at the the chart of the uh, the two major indices, we pay attention to on this channel, at least yesterday they were super weak in the morning and then all day they just like ended up recovering. So i wouldn't be surprised if they end up doing that again. What do you think about aei and its spiking and it being on the threshold list? Is aei spiking, it's up. 11.

That's good! Um! Oh, we talked about it's. A gap fill up to 336 yeah. We've been talking about that, but now it actually has a gap under it. So i think eventually it's going to fill both of these gaps to 336 and also back down to 285.

when the squeeze happens. Will it last days, in my opinion, on the last days not it could last weeks, but just based on the days to cover metric. It looks like it's going to play out over a couple days. I would be willing to bet any amount of money that it's not going to be a one-day affair, there's just simply too many shorts that have to cover, especially when you're talking about amc um.

It's just we're not trading enough volume for all the shorts to cover. In one trading day, ater moved a dollar forty and ten to fifteen minutes. Such a low float stock, yeah you're gon na see that like and that's the lower the float the easier it is for the stock to move not a squeeze play but put b k s y on your radar shout out frank thoughts on fuel cell. I think fuel cell, i mean i've kind of been an outspoken like supporter of the ev industry.

I think fuel cell has potential as like a long-term thing, i'm interested in it, but a lot of these eevee plays most of them. I'm not swinging like. I think the money to be made in the ev sector is to hold over, like a multi-year period, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right all right, so here we go. We can start doing some analysis.

Why is this not there? We go all right, so amc, the intraday low is 50 42 and the intraday high is 51.55 gamestop. We are looking at 195 and 204, basically ater atr's, showing some strength uh wild day, it's gone from 1668 down to 14.68. A perfect two dollar drop currently trading at 15.87, so it's up more than a dollar, but it looks like it's trying to bend back around and see how it reacts to really the 16. The mid-16s sprt 1750 shout out chris okay i'll i'll, be on the lookout for that.

I don't know why, but someone else even yesterday was saying that they dm me on twitter and i'm just like. I don't know if i'm having twitter issues but like i'm getting no dms right now, like literally nothing is loading. I bought a call on weeble for amc. Yesterday, i closed to sell the contract for a under profit.

However, this morning i have contracts saying cover stock leg contract with 300 shares uh stanley. It sounds like. Maybe you did a little bit something wonky either creating or closing that position um. I i don't quite know what you did and yesterday i closed to sell the contract for 800..

However, close is it closed to sell uh? I don't know if you accidentally, but it should have been sell to close, not close to sell. I don't know if you mistyped that or if you actually entered it in wrong, but that seems a bit weird. However, this morning i have contracts in saying cover stock leg contract with 300 shares. Yes, something seems weird there stanley, i don't think you executed it properly.

Um, i don't quite know what you did off just reading this. It does seem strange. You're gon na probably want to reach out to their support and like get be like really ask them what you did or just close everything like click on your positions and just like sell to close, not close to sell so you'd want to sell the clothes just Like just go flat on it, if you're confused about where you're at upcoming short squeeze on root uh, i don't know about that root is not on the ftd list. I don't believe i could double check that, though, just so everyone knows so root has a short interest of 26 percent shares on loan of 20 million in utilization of 92..

So, even that, comparing route to some of these other plays, it still seems a bit weaker on a relative basis. Where is this it's? It is on the nasdaq yeah. I don't believe nasdaq threshold list. Let me check this out.

Let me check out the reg show: yeah root is not there, so it wouldn't meet my criteria for this type of pattern that a lot of more people are starting to notice. If sprt ran 200 in shorts still didn't cover, how was it a short ftd play? Also doesn't affect the short squeeze thesis in any stock um i mean we did see shorts cover um. We did see about two days later and three days later there was a net return on those um. We didn't see them all cover and that's why i think sprt, barring any discussion about this merger.

That's why i still thought it had potential because i was like hey shorts are still in here um, but the the shorts they just either. Remember if you're short, that doesn't stop you from trading it in an other way. So these people, who were short on sprt in the meantime to hedge their position, they could have bought stock and, like just been like, if they were short, 100 shares, they could have bought 100 shares and then they're net neutral and when they see it start to Get weak and bend back around, they could cut off their long position and ride the short down from there. That's a possible style.

You can hedge with the options market just because someone's short, they can hedge a position in whatever mechanism they bet like seem fit um. If you buy stock and are short stock, that's referred to boxing, you could hedge on the options market um, and then there are some people who are just straight up short and i'm assuming those are the one or some of the ones that we saw cover two To three days later because of the settlement cycle um, but with it, that's why i still thought it had potential, but that one does get a little bit murky now, given the information about like the merger with gree, how is it a short ftd play because that's Like what i'm referring to this entire group of things that are on the ftd list, with a high short interest, a low flow and a high utilization and a high cost, to borrow, that seems to be the viable pattern, lately is, if it has all those prerequisites On top of getting some demand like the stock swinging around and kind of flexing its muscles, that's where we're seeing some success? How does the stock get onto the ftd list basically has to have 0.5 percent of its float outstanding shares? I think ftd for five days. In a row, and then it gets put onto the ftd list, it's on the ftd list until the ftds are taken care of, and they have to be taken care of for five days in a row and then it'll get removed. It doesn't get removed as soon as the ftds are cleared.

It has to be under whatever that value is for five days, so it takes five days of high ftds to get put onto it, and it takes five days of low ftds or zero ftds to get removed from it. Hey matt, thanks for your content, i want to hear your thoughts on uco. I think it's uh thinking of option training and i've been holding it since april 2020. Uco oil uh, i mean oil's, been strong recently, and i don't really expect that to change anytime soon.

Uh, in fact, did this just have a technical breakout. It did uh if it holds this. I i mean i don't know if you're buying calls or puts it sounds like you own it.

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