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Ep 70 calm, cool collected dumb money: amc, gamestop crypto – Matt Kohrs

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Calm, Cool & Collected
Dumb Money Ep. 70: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Hello, hello, hello: what is going on apes? Welcome back to the afternoon session, more than happy to talk with all of you, let's kind of dive into what is isn't going on uh. Definitely, some interesting action to say the least. Uh. Definitely interesting, interesting action.

Uh! Let's go over a couple of things that are going on, i mean right now. Midday some of the biggest news is actually this apple event. They did unveil the iphone 13 new, ipads and apple watch. I think it's.

The apple watch 7. uh. I have to admit, maybe other people don't feel this way, but i think the iphone 13 is it's a bit underwhelming um, smaller notch, bigger battery uh. It's not! I don't know it doesn't seem like some big.

It seems like an improvement like, but is it like? A does it represent, like the cost that people are going to have to spend for this. Is it better than the previous one yeah uh, i would say it's like slightly better, but like nothing, nothing, crazy, nothing, crazy whatsoever, in my opinion at least, but who knows? Maybe i'm missing something: peloton uh and weight. Watchers stock fall after the fitness plus expansion, so they are getting more into that world of health. Uh.

Here's the apple series, seven, the watch um! I do think that's a big move, uh or i think it's a strong continuation of of a move that we've already previously seen from them. They're coming out with a new low-cost ipad ipad mini, so that's kind of cool um. So they're, i would say it's a mixed bag uh. I wouldn't oh, i love tedla, so what a great show um.

So honestly, i i think in terms of this apple announcement, that's going on the phone part of it is kind of like the least exciting. I think the other parts, the other uh to me, what's interesting for the business and what's going on, but that's my own takeaway, i'm more interested in knowing their expansion into that health and health fitness sector uh. I think it's cool that they're getting more of an affordable ipad out there for people uh. I i feel like the iphone 13.

I don't know nothing too different there, nothing too crazy, but um. Obviously, i guess i'm not alone in this prediction being the fact that apple is going down today, currently down uh point eight percent on the day, uh dragging it looking a little a little bit heavy. Actually, as we're talking, it looks like it's about to have a small additional breakdown. I do think that apple is headed to the region of 145 ish.

With this uh they were definitely trading at a a premium, a premium premium for sure - and i i just don't know if this event is living up to expectations. We see a lot of this stuff of buy. The rumor sell the news type of a deal and this it. I just don't know if the event is like honestly leading up to the expectations um but we'll see, maybe i'm wrong on it, but uh i don't know i i mean i myself.

I have an iphone and i i think, i'm selling, like the iphone 6 or something i've had this bad boy for quite a while, but uh no nothing about the iphone 13 was like, oh, like i totally have to get this uh. If i, if i end up getting it, it's exclusively because this phone finally crapped out but like there was nothing like from a technical perspective that i was like, i need this phone and i need this phone now um. So that's kind of the news. That's been going on in the midday session um, i listen to a bit more of gendler speaking, nothing there.

The only real thing i would say that came out was right here. Um gary gansler just said that the sec gov is very close to releasing their gamestop report. What's funny is that gensler, who is now being, i guess, referred to as daddy uh? He he quoted report like if you watch the clip of it. It's really interesting um and i don't necessarily mean it in the best way, but he's like uh someone asked something like when are we getting this report and he's like oh you're, getting the gamestop report, i'm like what are you in as in it's, not a report Or i don't know i i i just didn't get it like.

He went out of his way to quote when he was talking about the report, so i was like did. Did you put any time into this? Are you looking at it like what is or isn't going on? I thought it was all a bit confusing, but anyway uh, so that was kind of some midday. It's a quiet day. Folks, it's a very, very across the market.

We're seeing very, very low volume today is just not that high interest of a trading day. I suppose, for whatever reason, ater looks like it's getting its bounce off of 10.70. Why would it be bouncing off of 10.70? I mean we knew it. Cap filled at 1336..

Interesting bounce, i kind of overshot this zone here from the end of july uh getting that bounce in there so a little bit of an overshot. I thought the bounce would have come earlier, but things are i at least the bounces finally engage on this one. Oh, oh, oh just so everyone knows uh for the sake of transparency. Like i said early in the stream uh the morning stream, i don't have ater and what i decided to do with amc.

I have not touched my gme, but i did touch my amc um. Seeing the low volume it's just not a good environment for options, so i dropped all i dropped. All of my amc calls and decided to pick up shares and i've previously done this when we saw that volume and volatility were drying up. I just don't think it's necessarily the best environment for options.

So once again repeat, i dropped all of my amc call options and i just bought shares, so i'm not fighting with theta and volatility and all that it's just it's once again. Uh, the environment started picking up and uh previously, where i was like okay, i see some of the the reasoning for options right now, but what i'm seeing currently in amc dropped all my call options. I had a three figure: call option amount dropped, all of them and converted to shares shares of amc uh. Just for the sake of transparency, i just the i'm getting destroyed by theta, like i'm just watching it getting destroyed.

The volatility is not there. The the the volume's, not there um, i have no issue with getting back into amc, call options when the volume and volatility get back, but for the time being, it's way way easier for me to just sh sit on shares. Sit on shares. Excuse me that was a awkward awkward blooper, but no i just converted over to shares.

It's just. I was looking at it. I was like the volume here. Even today, we traded 47 million like 47 million and it's 2 p.m, like the volume is low right now and it's gon na return.

One day this is the natural ebb and flow cycle of the market um. So i'm just waiting i'm waiting for the opportunity, but for me hey, i just saw it as a discount. I was like okay, i don't like what's going on with the the volume volatility, but i do like the price i do like this support level at 48.. So if i'm not liking the volatility, but i do like the price level the way to play that is stock.

So i just want to keep everyone up to date on what i'm doing dropped. All of my calls - and i will update uh everything accordingly and i just picked up more shares all right. What do we have? Oh, i am behind. Someone became a member for some reason.

I can't see the name, but shout out for joining up apple has been overrated since jobs, they force you to buy new products, and they also are like slowing down other existing products, which i'm definitely not the biggest fan of that solana. Getting hit hard by beta network being down because of grape ido d5 protocol, radium fyi to all watchers, so solana, getting hit is that just gon na represent a dip, buy a dip, buy i've been looking. If i'm being honest, i've been looking for an opportunity to get into solana to get more of it if you're in it you're not going to want to hear it, but i very much would prefer that this gets down to 140 120. Just so i could scoop up some more um would love the opportunity.

I don't think it's going to happen, but solana at 100 is a steal. It is a steal, love shopping on discount um, oh also over break. I i bought more hacks um. I doubled up at least on my initial investment into hex uh because hey i was like it dipped, it might be over and i just want to see if it'll go back up, but once again the game of hex is long-term staking, and i don't know if My stake went through yet, but i'm gon na be staking this bad boy for like multiple years, multiple multiple years so solana, i don't know, i'm gon na set myself an alert, a 140 alert, something like that add alert, sure sure we'll call the alert that whatever I want it to go down just so i can get more just so.

I can pick up some more uh. What else could be wrong, but when looking at another squeeze charts will do a huge dip before rip jimmy tesla? Is that fair to compare no uh? I don't know if there's like it might be, i i've never been aware of, for something to squeeze. It has to dip. First i've.

I don't know if that's like a try, a true and tested like pattern. Are you worried that hex is like bitconnect? No, not even in the slightest i mean those were wildly different things i mean hex is a uh. What is this one? Uh hexa's? Basically, they took old-fashioned cds like bank cds and put it on a blockchain. I don't see that connection to bit connect at all.

Um, like it's in terms of all the projects that i've started to learn about, and maybe i'm wrong on hex, it's like a pretty simple one: it's not some like overly complicated like mega project. To my understanding. They took bank cds and said we'll throw this on a blockchain like bada bing bada boom like dunzo, it's more of like a if anything. If you were gon na attack out and be like yeah.

This is just like rudimentary yield farming. If anything like you just put it in there, like your money's being used, you get paid in interest, you're, looking to gain interest on your money, and if you can compound that, i mean like warren buffett said compound interest is like the eighth wonder of the world. Um, i i don't see david necessarily the connection to bitconnect. Can you convert my wife to listen to your relationship, advice, uh, gornay? What's going on what else we have hey, matt, subaru guy here back in sprt at 1380, could you calculate a 10-day v-wap for sprt merger filing says the final exchange rate depends on it um i don't know.

If i can, i could try to really quick sprt v up. He wiped you up. I don't know if it's gon na subaru guy uh, it's gon na be dependent. Do you know if it includes supreme post market training, i'm assuming it doesn't very much assuming it doesn't pre and post market that's somewhere in here events show show no, no, no, no uh, it would change v wap of if you're, waiting, pre and post market.

So we need to dive a bit more into that a bit more into that nope theta shows negative 0.4. Again i see positive theta, i mean you'll. Never have positive theta on calls like literally never theta is always a negative value. It's a it has to be a negative value unless, like you're superman and like flying around the earth and like obviously, if you spin the earth around the opposite way, that means that time goes backwards like.

If you don't believe me, just read a comic book, but theta is always going to be a negative value. Timothy uh, because time is always working against you, because they are they're, always pitching us that concept. That time is like a linear construct, yeah. So, for for theta to go positive, uh you're, definitely gon na need some.

Some time travel, psa, spr tour, sprt merger goes live tomorrow. Eight one share gets you one gre guaranteed gains before the 10 day weighted average that determines gre price. So with this i'm a little bit hesitant to comment on the exact proportion conversion on sprt. I don't have any sprt right now, just so everyone knows.

I want to be very, very clear about that. Please be careful uh with it. It could go well here, but i mean i'm just saying: do your dd on it? Hey matt thoughts on cei looks like a chase at first, but don't think so great news higher volume i like to set up. Let me know uh, i would say it's a chase.

I mean ce. I has been running for like how like what two weeks now or something it's totally a chase. It's up. 23, today, after moving since august 20th, like this is that's.

What chasing is it's up for what? Yes? This is a chase if you want to chase it, if you're feeling good about it, have at it like, i wouldn't chase it, but i mean it's up. 420, almost 415, going up 415 from august 20th. Until now that that's chasing, that is chasing, if you want to chase good luck, like maybe uh, you have a reasonable risk, like maybe you're, just like, oh well, i'm gon na risk a dollar fifty and i'm cool with that like if you just pick out a Risk and have at it, but like don't, try to tell yourself you're not chasing because you are chasing and you might make money off of it. You can chase and make money it's possible, but you're also increasing the chances of you being a bag holder.

So i just want you, i'm not saying to not to i'm just saying, be careful and understand the situation that you're stepping into uh. What's the crypto app to invest and no, i need mat course code. Oh wait, uh! I i think i even forgot to talk about this this morning, so if you're trying to get in on this oops supported coins uh here's voyager the code is matt21 matt21. But if you download voyager uh, you just download it put in that code matt21.

I think. There's also a link in the description. This is for us residents and the current deal is when you trade, a hundred dollars of any crypto, you get an extra 25 of bitcoin. So let's say you buy a hundred dollars worth of bitcoin they'll.

Give you an extra 25 and right there you have in a 25 buffer uh another one that you can download is public. Both of these are apps. You download to your phone public is for stocks. You get up to 70 of free stock free stock trading, but what's best is no payment for order flow.

No dark pools, no market makers. If you want to take money away from citadel securities and virtue public's, probably the easiest one to do it. There are other brokerages that route your orders directly to a lin exchange, but i would strongly argue that public is the best uh public is about to roll out their own crypto trading and it has no options trading. Just so you know, public is much more of a you're investing in good companies and you're going to be in it for a bit of time type of a deal, but anyway, public that is, i think, pin to the top of chat.

If not it's in the description of the video, but you download public, you download, voyager both phone apps public. You just have to go to public.com course, voyager you would just put in the code map21 um. I think i can get rid of that now. All right.

Let's see if there's any new apple updates, i guess a better battery iphone 30, 13, 699 or 7.99 always always a way to get a thousand dollars out of your apple. I think that's their business model is: how can we get a thousand dollars out of the most people possible? That does seem to be like their their overall business model. Please chase it on cei, dangerous playing with fire folks playing with fire just found out a cache, app, that's payment for word flow, and now i downloaded public yesterday. Thank you yeah.

I mean all those ones, there's not many free apps that i know of that. Don't do payment for order flow, robinhood payment for overflow weeble payment for order flow cash, app payment for order flow. I'm telling you in terms of just like an app. What is this bug doing? An app that you just want to download and you just don't have to think like, for example, fidelity free trading, no payment for order flow.

But if you're not routing your orders, then there's a high statistical likelihood that your order is still going to citadel uh. But if you're using the fidelity active trader pro and you route it well, you could route it wherever you want. So then it's up to you and you could put it on a lid exchange. So if you don't want to go through those extra hoops of like okay, am i doing a lid exchange, or am i doing a dark pool, or am i doing a wholesale retailer? Such as citadel or vertu so easy to use public and try it out.

So here's your biggest issue with public. You try it out, you download it. You get up to potentially 70 of free stock, which it takes a bit to hit your account, but you get it if you don't like it, just don't use it. Just take your money, then take your free money and leave like it's really simple.

Is it bugging you craig? I love that joke jay fleming that you all right, sdc. What's going on with smile, direct club, smile, direct club smile, direct club, uh, sdc uh, so it is down one point: five percent today, um did it gap film, oh yeah. It gap filled today. I i think this play's over um.

It was it took when it got moving. It took two days for it to actually gap, fill to 664.. Look it it hit 665 today and this low was 663, so it overshot the gap fill by two cents. I think this play is now done.

That's what i was looking at it for was a gap-fill play. It's now gap filled, so i'd be content with it. What is going on in my futures account - maybe i can make have a little bit of fun. Welcome to the moon gang brother, okay, okay, where are we at uh amc dips every six days? Is that a pattern? I can back test that for you i've.

I haven't heard of that pattern. It very well could be one. I would have to do some some back checking to see. I don't know if that's necessarily one could be, could definitely be one, but i just haven't heard of it yet, but i'm more than happy to back test it ali shout out become an astronaut.

I appreciate that uh look at the mc one month chart every six day. Amc dips and it goes to a higher high today - would be six days uh since the last dip dipped before the rip. Well, let's check it out. Let's give it a little bit of testing a little bit of testing all right, so you're saying it dipped today, so uh, one, two, three, four: five: six uh! Let's, let's start marking these out, so one two, three four five, six or my off by day, like every sixth day, one, two, three, four, five six, i don't know if you're kind of doing like an inclusive or exclusive count.

So here's one day, 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 1. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. 11.

12.. Excuse me just allergic to all this market. One two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14.

15. 16. 17. 18..

19. 20. 21. 22.

23. 24. 25. 26.

27. 28. 29. 30..

Did i do that one right, uh, one, two, three, four: five! I count these all right. One, two, three, four: five: six. Seven. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. 16.

17. 18. 19. 20.

21. I think i'm off on this one. I think i'm off team one, two, three, four: five: six yeah. Let me redraw this guy just so it's obvious what we're talking about one two, three, four, five, six! I think i might have severely messed this up, and this is why you need to back test it and actually code it up and get the results.

This seems one two, three, four, five, six. So every sixth day i mean it's not the most like apparent pattern. One two three, four, five, six like it. It seems like it's a pattern as of recently, but not i guess, what's the time frame like, is this a pattern that we're seeing year to date? Is it a pattern that we're seeing since the start of august like i need a little bit of a time frame, but that's a that's something that we could easily back test because i've been saving amc's daily information as a data set for me to do like Some additional back testing on uh, so i'll mess around with it tonight.

Oh someone is saying tmi already back tested every six day, trends interesting, interesting, every six days, uh! Well, what was his result on it i mean i could i mean it's like something like. That's pretty basic to just kind of like cue up and test uh. We could look at it. I guess year to date, is kind of the data.

I've been collecting data on amc since january 1st uh. Thanks for all you do, can you explain the super trend? Indicator amc reacts a lot when it crosses different time um so that one's actually been called out to me by uh m in discord. I don't know the math behind the super trend indicator, so i don't know if i could explain it to the best, but it does seem like amc seems to react to it were more shares borrowed today than short. I don't believe so.

No, there was a notable return: 3.92 million they borrowed, 2.7 6.62 million were returned. Does that track? What happened two days ago, one two? Ah yeah do i think it's reasonable that, sometime between september 9th and 10th on the breakout of 50, that 6 million could have covered a short position. I do think that's pretty reasonable. 50 is a major technical breakout.

I think people are like we're going to risk 50. It went above 50 and they covered on that i mean it was just six million and we're trading like almost a hundred per day, so between this period of looking strong and them returning six. I think that's a pretty viable tmi said on one month. It is correct um.

So if you're looking at one month, that's at most four data points, maybe five data points and in the world of statistics that is not viable uh. That is not a like a a viable amount of like for a data set. You would want to do more um, that's not enough to like extrapolate extrapolate at one, two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine 10, 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. 16.

17. 18. 19. 20.

21. 22. 23. 24.

25. 26. 7, 29, 30., um, going back one month. It's just not enough of a sample size uh, you know it that doesn't mean it's not valid.

It means the conclusion. You're, drawing is the the confidence interview interval is going to be a bit off um you're not going to have the best confidence interval on it um, but i could i could back test that to actually would i be able to do that right now. Let me get this data set apps, chart analysis, uh, amc, amc, time frame daily settings settings window. All right, we want to go back to everyone was saying january 1st.

How do i pick that date, status line font color? No, no! No, must not be in here. Data i'll have to mess around with this time frame. I'm going back and i feel like the data before 2020 is probably data. We don't want to use in this test and i'm getting data from back to like whatever it was like 2012, but i don't know if that really makes the most sense to use windows preferences display symbol, yeah, i'm gon na have to mess around with this.

I don't wan na waste too much time on it at the moment, but with it just be careful about what your sample size is just because you see something like. Oh, it's done it four times. I i don't know. If that i would call that a pattern costing becoming an astronaut check out cybl cyber looks, looks like it's going up.

What do you think about bank of america buying 135 million share yesterday in calls puts and shares? Are they converting to apes or no? Something calls puts and shares yeah you never know with a big bank like that, the exposure they are or aren't carrying and what they're attempting to do? Um, it's tough uh. Do you know when ttg guys are going to contact the winners, amc theater giveaway you guys had on sunday yeah crystal? They should be dropping you um. So today, early this morning i got everyone's the handle, like so four of the five people that won the private screening reached out. Uh you being one of them um.

So i sent all those usernames to uh adam at ttg, so he should be dming you on and i'll confirm, post stream that he dms all of you today. How are they getting shares? They're sure it's so frustrating to see people paper hand when they manipulate the price uh. How are they just? I mean our utilization's, not a hundred percent. I mean there's literally, a 12 million shares out there right now that could be short between all the prime brokers.

Right now, the major prime brokers - there are still 12 million shares that are willing to be lent that are yet to go out on loan. So where are they getting them from people who are lending them? There's like 12 million still out there, and that's just as of now. Obviously the number is pretty dynamic um, but that's where they're getting them uh. What do you think will happen if big hedge funds that are long on amc, like vanguard, uh, vanguard's, a money manager? Not a hedge fund, just so you know, uh pulls out their positions before potential squeeze, i mean if they pull out as in they sell, there's um.

It goes down. That's that's in a lot of demand if someone like vanguard tries to sell 30 million shares of amc. Of course, it'll go down, but they're not gon na. Do that, do you know like it's very, very difficult for them to get out of 30 million shares, so they would do it over quite a while, like you can't just amc is not liquid enough, like out of nowhere just to observe absorb 30 million um.

It would be net detrimental to themselves because they would sell like 1 million. It would cause the price to go down like and as they continue to sell, they're going to get worse fills on all the following shares, so what they would do, ideally is. Do it slowly over time and do it into strength to not like upset? What like i mean, they do not want to dump 30 million themselves because they would not get a good fill on like they would get a good fill on like the first couple shares, and then, after that, by the time you get to the end, they would Have driven the price of amc down so far they like they don't want to lose money on the deal. All right.

Can you take a look at 100 utilization and starting to run, people are asking about tmc. I guess the discord is talking about, monitor so tmc. I'm just i don't like the chart because it just started trading and it doesn't. Did i miss something randy i mean it doesn't look like it's running.

It looks like it's doing the opposite. Um. There is support at 12.50, but anyway i could pull up the numbers on it: uh, i'm not the biggest fan of it just because it just recently started trading. So i don't even know what the good levels are.

I don't know where the levels of support or resistance are at, but tmc yeah. I mean it's so new that it doesn't even really have the numbers it should have shares on loan. It is a hundred percent, it looks like it's a lower float. Current short end strength is estimated to be 2 million, or 1.2 million outstanding shares is 30 million.

The the date is just not clear on it like or texas, looking like a mess, and i think this is just a function of it um. If i had to guess its short interest, the shares on loan four hundred thousand, it comes up by one, so we're at one point: five divided by thirty. Is it short interest? One point five divided by thirty, it looks like it's short. Interest is 5 on tmc.

I i don't really see the play there, but maybe i'm missing something um but yeah on tmc. I i guess i'm just not seeing it not seeing it not seeing it you play with spreads at all yeah i mean i love, i love selling. Like spreads, i mean it's, it's not exciting in the terms of like making per like massive percentage, home run swings all the time, but it's a great monthly income strategy selling spreads and if you want to buy, spreads, that's a great way to engage in the options Market with taking on less risk, uh sprt getting beaten down 13 bbig getting beaten down to eight tesla, i mean everything folks, look: how red everything is today. We're just seeing red red red red red today is a risk off day, which is definitely a bit of a bummer.

Ater is sub 12. sprt is at 13, bbig is at 8., oh man we're seeing selling today folks sell and sell and sell, but you know what that means. Honestly, when i see days like today, these are my more active days where i'm like. Okay, what is on my shopping list um, the days where everything is ripping in green, and i know it's counter-intuitive, i know it emotionally doesn't feel the best.

But when i see red, that's why i bought today i bought. I was a net buyer today because i buy on weakness um when, when these days are green and everything's, ripping honestly, like those are exciting days for me, because i get to watch my p, l move, but i'm not really a buyer. On the like on on green days, i sit, i sit when everything's green and ripping i'm like. Oh, this is cool.

This is fun it's days like today i mean i even said it. I bought amc today i like the dip. I bought it uh like closer to 48, so on the newest, buy i'm a little bit underwater right now, but i still bought on a dip. It's that simple uh days like these are why single malts were invented.

Just keep the faith i mean, i i and i've been here folks, and i, like we've seen this before of hang on. Let me get rid of this indicator. Why is how do i get rid of this? I don't want this here anymore, all right. There um people are going to be bummed out because we're down on one day like i, i don't ask yourself this: do you think it's acceptable for a stock market that naturally ebbs and flows to go from? What is this? Why is my hotkey not working? As of yesterday's close, we were up 67 and now today we're down eight percent like that's.

What would you rather, would you, rather, that we drop 67 and rally 7.8, or would you rather that we rallied 67 and then drop 7.8 like the the numbers? The odds are still on our side, like the number we're at now. All it's done is a race. The past two days we are now trading at the highs of the 24th, when we were all stoked like literally right now, this day, august 24th, when we were all losing our mind having a great time excited for what was going to happen. Next, we are at that price level.

We are like it's honestly that simple, like don't i i think a lot of people are like all we're doing, and the community is a bit too focused on like we always have to be like exactly the high. We were just at that is not how a stock moves we shoot up. It takes a breather. We base, we shoot up, it takes a breather, we have been shooting up from august 12th, all the way till september 13th like that, was a rocket like.

I said we gained 68 percent now we're taking a breather um there's i don't know i i think people kind of think of this situation really incorrectly. Look how like we're up. We are fighting we're. This is one red day in, like us, fighting back to this junk to an all-time high.

If, if one red day, i guess puts you, i don't know, i don't i i don't know the best way to articulate this. Besides the fact, this is a natural aspect of trading, if you need to do whatever's most appropriate for you to like handle your emotional reaction to red days, because in the world of trading, even the best traders have red days. The best traders in the world still have red days and whatever the best coping mechanism is for you you're going to need it, but right now i mean i'm telling you at least in my own opinion. Like i said i just bought more.

I was like oh sick, a dip like it shoots up. Um it's running running running, i buy the dip it dip it could base. It might go down a little bit more. If it comes down more, i think 42 is a great buy.

I think 45 is a great buy. I buy at support and i look for it to rip through resistance. It's really nothing too special beyond that. It truly truly isn't, but um don't forget that in all reality like we're up quite a bit ever since, like the summer session and to have like one bad day.

That's: okay! That's! Okay! A okay! In my book! What norm macdonald passed away yeah! It looks like uh the comedian snl. Like i mean he did a lot in the world of comedy uh. He passed away at 61 following a lengthy cancer ordeal. Oh that's sad! Hmm, he had a nine year battle with cancer, geez and well.

Family is definitely in my thoughts. That's a bummer, that's a bummer for the amc pattern you have to count backwards. Today is six yesterday's five and four, then three and two and the day before is six six five, four, three two one um okay, i mean i'll check it out, but still if it's only valid for like the past month, that's not a valid pattern. That's not like you need more mateo hello, works thoughts on the vortex data, w-o-r-x uh, a short interest of point, not even one percent.

That is not a squeeze play uh! That's not really, if that's what you're looking for, but i mean also remember folks. If you want to check out or text like you could look at or text so you're blue in the face there's a free week, trial in the description of the video. So if i don't get to the thing that you want me to uh check out just so, you know like there, you could use it all all week long and do what you need to do. Oh, hang on.

I didn't want to be on this. Of course, i'm happy to see the recent gains just said to see amc finally, reacting to market as last few days, it seems to have gone against the market yeah i mean so it's fighting a ton, a ton, a ton and like it's just right now, people Are obviously risk off, i mean apple's selling iwm selling like everything's just selling gamestop, is holding up game, stop actually showing quite a bit of relative strength. I mean ater is down 35 sprt is down 30 bbig is down 15. uh.

Everything everything i have up here is in the red. At this point, we would want to hit want it to drop 10 to hit ssr trigger price, lose the power for the day. No because ssr does not protect us as much as like it's i guess touted to protect us. Would i rather it just not drop 10, of course, because ssr doesn't do squat really if they say it does, but it doesn't, while i'm long in crs long term.

I think it could be a midday midterm, squeeze play or tex steadily climbing with price silly climbing chart please uh yeah. I agree with you. That's been my like previous commentary on crsr uh. It just needs to continue to put the pressure on the shorts uh.

Hey! That's not loading, i don't know it's not loading there we go come on come on there. Um the price has been more stagnant, not really climbing. If it pushes above 30. It definitely gets interesting, but you want it above 30..

It's morbid sideways, like a bunch of wicks, so you're looking for that breakout about 30.. Looking for that breakout above 30. 5k to invest, what's a good point on where to say way, not financial advice, um! Well, this isn't just for eterium or anything. Overall, my rhetoric is not going to change you buy at support and you pay attention to how it reacts to resistance if you buy it support and it breaks below your support.

Well, you just cut it for a very, very small loss. So in terms of 5k, i mean, if i were you, i wouldn't just simply throw 5k out of stock, especially if that represents a large percentage of my portfolio. I would scale into it. You could do five buys of a thousand each of something that you like, and if you really like it, especially for the long term.

Well, then you just kind of hold it for like a while you just like kind of cost average over a couple days. Couple weeks and if you're really happy with the investment, then you that's when you just like sit there, but ater i mean i can't tell anyone what a good point is, because i don't need a risk uh. If you want to be really aggressive and you're really risky, you could kind of buy it like really honestly whenever, but if you're a bit more conservative, you wouldn't want to target major levels of support or maybe not at all, because ater is not a conservative play. It's more of inherently a high risk play, but what i would do and what you should do alex are two different things, because we have two different financial situations.

We have two different personalities, which means we have two different levels of risk: tolerance. What works for me! Might not be what works for you and what works for. You might not be what works for me. I could call out the levels of support i see on ater, i mean a gap film.

We all knew there was going to be a chance for a gap. Fill honestly 10, it's ten dollars and nine dollars are the big support. Ten dollars and nine dollars, i would say, are the big support followed by eight. So it goes.

Eight nine ten are the major levels of support on ater. What else do we have iwm? You know out of my own curiosity um if, on today, if you were similar to me today on what is it september 14th, if you happen to buy more amc or gme today, shares not calls and you bought it today on this calendar date, uh, like drop A drop, a diamond in chat, i'm just kind of curious anecdotally how many people use today as a buying opportunity, um, i'm not asking for the amount or the price or anything like that. I'm just curious out of the the the 12 000 people in here. How many were actually net buyers of amc? Gme just drop a diamond in chat.

Look at this look at these diamonds coming in look at these diamonds coming in look at that. So for and, like i said, is this a valid a valid like research project? No but anecdotally, if you're questioning what are the apes doing, i would say this is a pretty good swath of the people who are involved in this and look at it. You have buyers, you have buyers, you have buyers, i myself was a buyer today, oh my god, i didn't know. Norma mcdonald had cancer, one of the very best comedians ever in absolute og, who will be sorely missed by fans.

Today's a sad day for comedy in general, i know moon gangs, turd ferguson is warning him, but him too, but r.i.p norm yeah. It's sad. I mean i thought he was a hilarious comedian yeah. It said that he was had a secret battle with cancer for nine years.

That's crazy! I know you didn't ask, but i bought 5k more today, roughly 100 shares shout out untamed faith. Not much will faze me at this point. I buy and hold and buy again. Volume is low as well as there are going to be swings.

I wonder how much control people have when the swings are 30 or higher goodbye on clove? I know volume is so low, but i like the a support. I'm not the biggest fan of clove elijah um. It just doesn't really meet my credentials of these ftd squeeze plays. I don't believe it's on the threshold list, so i wouldn't really mess around with it um when you come up with a training methodology, it's not.

It's generally not a good sign when you start like bending your rules, so in these ftd squeeze plays high short interest, i'm looking for something definitely above 20. uh, i'm looking for a lower float, i'm looking for high utilization, like hopefully above 95 percent uh. I want it to be on the ftd list and i wanted to start breaking above the small moving averages like. I want the price to be above the three day, the five day, the 10 days.

Something like that, like i want to see the price action start going upward, all right: the market man, oh man, man, oh man, like i said, uh at the start of this stream. Just to hedge everything, a little bit i i bought uh. I went short on one spy, futures contract, they're, very, very expensive, so it's definitely a day trade and it's like i mean i got it around up here. So it's really not that much and it's up 300 bucks right now, but i i need this back.

I mean this does not put my portfolio in the net positive on the day. It's been uh, it's been a rough day for old maddie boy between cutting my amc calls and just my overall portfolio. I made this stupid stupid decision to check in on my long-term account today. Why do people do that? Why do you like? Oh, it's, so bad, let's see how much more bad everything can be um.

So i checked in on everything today and i was i was seeing a bunch of red across the board, but hey it happens. Where is that solana dip? I have this the alert at 142.. I want to maybe i'll just put a sitting order in at like 135, if i could get that snagged, i'm kind of looking at like this consolidation region. I look solana um, i have a small amount and i want to get more like i want to be like what i would consider like a more of a serious investor in it.

I have several put options on sprt. I can't seem to get an accurate answer on what happens to them tonight after merger gary, so to everything i can find it does. Look like it'll just be a proper conversion uh, so whatever the proportion and amount would be. It would look that then you would have it be betting against g-r-e-e, but the best way for you to find that out, because i don't want to steer anyone wrong.

Just call up your broker, i don't know who you have, but gary um, i think it'll just convert for you without you having to do anything but give your broker a quick call, and if you happen to do that today, before the stream ends. Let me know - and i would love to share what they tell you to the rest of the group and obviously, if it's a long answer, um feel free to like just tag a mod in it and they can get it to me feel free to dm me. I would i say that, but my twitter dms are apparently just like not working amc about to test the upward channel bottom trendline establish 820. If it trends keeps the touch and breaks upward no later than thursday d lemmings, what determines the premium on a call? I want to buy amc call, but it's like a seven dollar premium.

I thought the premium would go down in price premium for an option contract, whether a call or put is decided by the volatility of the stock, the time until the expiration uh, as as in the time until your expiration date and also then, the price of your Stock, those are the three main things that come into effect and um. Actually, that's kind of like one of the famed models you might have heard of the black shoals model, uh. That was like notoriously one that people were using for options. Pricing matt.

Have you seen that jcs is offering a 350 dividend for shares zone 9? 30.. Yeah. Someone was talking about that this morning. I saw the gap up and i saw the gap up in a bit of weakness.

Uh, i don't. I never never never think it's a good idea to chase a gap up because, like i, i know from my own research that there's such a statistical advantage to playing gap fills. So why would i buy on a gap up when i know the odds say that eventually there's a gap fill matt? Did you say you cut your long-term amc calls i never really had long-term amc calls. So i don't know what you mean by that i had amc, calls that were scattered between at this point this week and scattered between the september and october monthlies.

But right now the volume drying up the volatility is drying up. So i just converted over to amc stock and i'm just waiting for volatility to return. I was just able to check my accounts. What is happening? Sprt, sorry, if you covered it already, but didn't ada move much after the throat do you know why uh yeah, i mean like this you're gon na commonly hear that saying, buy the rumors sell the news and the reason that's a saying is because it's super super.

True uh, that's uh, it's it's a saying because it has a lot of truth behind it. So right now with cardano uh trading at 2, 30. 2.37. Honestly, that's pretty solid! Still like cardano, i mean if it touches two i'll buy more but uh by the rumors of the news.

It's very rare that you see it's very, very rare, that you see the excitement of some sort of event actually match the like the prices and the delivery matched that level of excitement. So that's what happened. Nothing went wrong in the launch, whatever alonzo is alive and well. Cardano is currently up there with smart contracts, but now it's just going to make a new base and kind of start moving from there.

Someone just said: ada is going to flop. Watch your butts. Oh, i highly highly disagree. I think uh cardano and ethereum, polygon and solana solano, are like four of the best opportunities in the entire crypto market.

I mean the the utility and the way that our technology is trending um. I i mean i i feel so so strongly that ethereum cardano solana and polygon matic fast forward a decade if, if technology keeps trending the way, it is right now it's those things are going to be sky, high sky sky, high bullish, divergence, amc on multiple time Frames we finally finding a bottom um. I i'm not seeing quite a bunch yet on the five minute uh i'm watching that to see what does or doesn't happen, but i mean right now it's the definition of of oversold like it's. It's not going to be the craziest thing if, as early as tomorrow, we're actually seeing the bounce initiated just like if you pull up the rsi seriously seriously oversold, like you, said we're seeing bullish, diversions shout out to diamond dallas, page uh, the stock has gone lower.

The rsi is higher that just tells us that there's less bearish momentum, more bullish momentum, people are starting to step in uh, not enough at the moment. We want to see more, but today, folks, i don't think. Would i love to see the bounce today, of course, but what we're seeing across the market in general there's a good chance that this bleeding continues until market closed today there is a chance, and that's okay like just be prepared for it. This is this is why i tell everyone to always have a plan, because if you have a plan, you know have to you know how to react.

You know your levels, you know your risk, you know your reward. If you have a plan, anything that happens in between that plan in between the levels you care about, it's just all noise, it's just all fodder thoughts on doge upside potential. Can you see the chart is showing bearish uh doge i mean doge is uh. You you just can't discount the value of such a crazy awesome, crazy, crazy, awesome, community um.

They are huge, huge supporters and you just have to wait right now in the short term. Is it looking bearish yeah, i mean anyone that can see this chart can tell you it's looking bearish in the short term, starting from mid august. Until now, all it's done is go down, but hey we've seen these pockets of weakness in crypto before eventually creates a base and then moves again so with it with doge i mean i own doge, i'm not giving up on it. I still have it.

I'm gon na i i don't see how the doge story ends and maybe at the earliest after it hits a dollar. I just don't. There's too many people that have dogen are interested in doge. I just don't see how it ends.

I still think it hits one of those major levels: a major dollar level david shout out, justin. What's going on all right, i think i'm there. I intend to hold doge for 10 years, um shout out to evan's law, i'm going to hold mine until it keeps going uh. Do you follow richard hart on hex would be a fantastic interview.

I do the guy is such a character, such such a character. I think it's it's crazy. I think he's an interesting, interesting fella to say the least interesting interesting uh. Do you think there are chances for of a 56 call for october 29th after this dip? Unhedging is scary 56 dollars for the next over the next six weeks.

Of course, i mean amc could hit 56 tomorrow without, like it being like that crazy um 56. Is that, like theoretically possible by october 29th? Of course, it is, of course, of course, it is all right. Let me check out some of this stuff. Let me check out some of this stuff amc net return of 3.72 million today: uh short interest of 19.26 percent gme and net return of 25 000 shortages of 13.68 percent.

All right, we are seeing more and more bullish divergence in amc, so the the bears the sellers they're running out of steam running out of steam. What do you think about the motley fool article today on amc? Yeah? I read it uh. I didn't want to really give it any attention just because it's the same thing, it's nothing new, it's another person. Actually, it's not even another person, it's the same person, shawn williams.

What's his name tmf ultra long dude, the dude's, a ding-dong um, the dude is a a keyboard warrior that, like somehow got employed at motley fool. That's all! He is nothing more, nothing less uh! The dude is a leech on our community and it's honestly, our community that has like made him, have any relevance, but if you look into it and everyone check it out, i'm not saying to not read it. I'm just saying all you're going to read is the exact same crap of it's fundamentally overvalued. We that that means nothing to us.

We've heard that before, like is, is anyone surprised right now? If you're listening to me, are you like? Oh wait? What amc is fundamentally over? We all know that we all know that it's not new news, he must have been falling off in terms of relevance and he's like i got ta put one of these articles out again and then he hits up his buddy uh. Sorry, charlie and he gets him to retweet it, so it gets a couple. Extra views same thing same tune different day. What is the plan when 99 of the shareholders are saying amc going into hundreds minimum um? I don't.

I don't. I've never seen a metric like that. Where did you get 99 of shareholders are saying amc going into hundreds minimum um it? It could very very well be true. I just don't know.

Like i didn't know, i miss i guess i must have missed like the uh. The meeting um i, if, like i guess, i'm pointing this out, do i think you're right do i think that most amc apes believe it's going to go to like at least that yeah i do but uh jonathan. The reason i'm saying this is just one of the plagues of our community: is people just putting things out there with no due diligence, no sources, nothing, and then that loses our our community credibility um, so just be very, very careful when you're trying to throw out Metrics, like that did, would i think that most apes think amc's going sky high yeah. That's why they're apes, so i'm not saying you're wrong.

I'm just saying be careful about putting out things there if you don't have like a source to back it up, but i i do believe you're. Actually right, hey matt! What's your opinion on call options expiring this friday from today's sell-off, is a rumor for potential gamma. Squeeze i heard uh my opinion for call options. This friday is it's way way too close we're in tuesday, and if i mean, if it's one of the things i finally get across in this channel on anyone who actively listens, i will i i really want to express the danger of buying those weekly lottos.

It's it's just it's just not enough time like if you really dive into the math of how gamma delta vega, especially theta of how they all work, the more you learn about options, the more you're going to understand why you should not buy weekly lotto plays i'd. Rather, you be our daddy than gigi any day man that was, that was the the one good thing about today was the humor involved in that politician, calling gary genzer a daddy like who, who would have known uh when chance checks dm in discord. Um, i ready to study that 90 of statistics are made up, could be, could be all right. Where are we at amc? Finally, getting a little bit of buying? Let's see how it reacts to this trend line.

We just started power hour, but hey folks today, on days like today, you're gon na have these red days and we're not gon na. Have that same enthusiasm, but we can learn about other things. So, actually, as i'm saying that, if someone wants to do a run through, we could talk about unusual whales, we could talk about tiblio. We could talk about covered calls.

We could talk about selling spreads, we could talk about straddles, strangles iron, condors, butterflies, uh.

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