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Ep 73 patience pays dumb money: amc, gamestop crypto – Matt Kohrs

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When in Doubt, Zoom Out
Dumb Money Ep. 73: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Foreign, hello, hello, hello, folks, what a day, what a day, when another beautiful day to be in ape hello, hello, hello, hello! I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful thursday september 16th. Hello, hello, all right! I think i am all i think, i'm all ready, i'm ready, i'm ready all right folks. Of course we have to hop into what's going on with amc and jimmy we'll be talking about that we'll be talking about the overall markets, we'll be talking about a lot of the things happening here happening there happening pretty much everywhere. I see already some people talking about irnt.

What's that one doing oh interesting, pre-market whoa. What is this thing irnt is all over. The place could be interesting, also kind of watching some hey man. We have so much to talk about.

Let's uh, let's hop right into it, let's hop right into what is going on. Obviously we are all apes, so we're all apes that are specifically interested in space travel. So i thought this would be cool to shout out spacex launches inspiration for in orbit, so basically for civilians. Uh are now in space and the pictures from it are so so cool uh.

So congratulations to spacex and godspeed to the team. But some of this stuff is absolutely awesome. This was launched last night, uh very, very cool stuff. I believe it came out of florida but uh like i said: good luck to them.

Congratulations to this team, very, very cool stuff. Five things to know before the stock market opens on thursday, which is today wall street tracks, lower after a bright spot. In a tough month, investors to watch the latest retail sales, weekly jobless, claims data much of september losses historically come in the back of the month. Fda strikes, cautious tone ahead of vaccine booster, meaning and southwest airlines, unveils new covid vaccine incentives for staff, basically, where i think if they can show that they're fully vaccinated by november, they get some sort of bonus, so that's kind of what's going in the market, nothing! Nothing too crazy, um, one of the things i do want to talk about since we've been talking about payment for order flow when gary gensler was referred to as daddy, and there was that one senator tim scott who was like in a weird way defending it.

I believe he's from south carolina anyway. He was defending payment for order flow and shout out to unusual wales for pointing this out. Two days ago, in gary ganzler's congressional hearing, senator tim scott asked about payment for order flow, stating that the inquiry would jeopardize financial accessibility. Incidentally, he failed to know his payments indirectly from citadel, so right here, uh, obviously citadel securities, one of the main beneficiaries of payment for order flow thrown in some hefty donations about 4 million dollars right here to a pack, the national victory action fund uh.

So right there like this is what i was talking about. I honestly didn't know this and shout out for unusual whales for pointing it out. I love tracking the unusual whales. What's going on with the government uh it's nice to know where they all have their money at because usually they're very good traders, but anyway uh.

I was kind of explaining that the only people who defend it are directly benefiting enough. Like virtu citadel securities. Politicians who have been paid off, such as tim scott and then you have other what was my third category. Oh news anchors that have a single digit iq.

Those are the only three people really defending payment for order flow, uh paid off direct beneficiaries or just like mainstream media pundits who absolutely hate us and cannot come up with a unique thought of their own. But um pretty interesting, but anyway tim scott, four, four mil to the national victory action fund, uh, interesting stuff, we'll come back to binzinga the philly fed manufacturing index 30.7 versus 18.8, expecting 19 uh, 19.4 expected or prior uh. So that's interesting for that's actually really interesting. Why was it so much uh higher than expected? Uh continuing jobless claims 2.665 million versus 2.75 expected uh, so these numbers coming in initial jobless games 332 versus 330 expected, so that's pretty much on par um.

So a lot of this is actually probably explaining why some pre-market action is uh, we're pretty much flat um. I was checking this out earlier this morning when i was watching. The jobless claims come in um, so it was coming down, but we're seeing this v-shape recovery into open on the s p, 500, and a lot of that will be relating to these numbers. Retail sales jobless claims we just have some movers.

I believe the fed also will have some commentary today. Tomorrow. Don't forget tomorrow is quadruple itching expect higher volatility, not necessarily bullish, not necessarily bearish, but on the flip side there have been people who commented that over the past two decades that time frame between september 17th and 19th apparently has always been negative, and tomorrow is the 17Th, 18th and 19th or saturday and a sunday. So i'm curious to know if that will hold true.

But if that apparent historic pattern is true, which is kind of a weird way to look at patterns. That's not the best way to normalize these datas. The data sets because it can include weekends and holidays and blah blah blah anyway. Um it'll be interesting to see if that holds true for tomorrow, which would then be the 17th um.

Like i said, we were just looking at the unusual whales thing uh. When the market opens we'll start charking it um. We are seeing some interesting data for irnt uh. I already saw some people commenting on it here.

Let me go back just so. I could show this to you the flow on irnt uh dominated by the bulls 57 versus 43 on irnt. Just so everyone knows tiblio the market's not open, yet we'll check that out. Crypto uh.

I was kind of marking these spots out yesterday. So this was my interesting spot on ethereum. Thus far, that's played out very well. I marked it at 3 400.

we're now up 200. Since then i marked out cardano around 240ish uh. It did go up to almost 260, but now back down to 247. So, let's see how that plays out and hex really has not moved much since then it looked like it wanted to pop its head up, but um.

I was watching it at. I don't know what 38 39 40 cents currently trading at 39.25 bitcoin coming back around watching 48 000. Above that, i do think, there's a good shot of us retesting 50 000 and that kind of seems to be a very interesting point for people who track crypto. Um overall, i think bitcoin above 50k does uh.

It invites some enthusiasm and invites some excitement uh so worthwhile to at least point that out and be watching bitcoin around that 50k mark in term uh. First, let's do this! Okay s, p! 500. Ever since september, 2nd has been selling it off uh. Yesterday we had a nice green day, i'm looking for this push, basically above 449 and then a test on a breakout above 450, but uh.

I think this sell-off might be coming to an end. I really do uh the momentary one, at least from this early september. Time frame looks like some buyers started to step back in yesterday, and i want to see if we have enough enthusiasm to get back above 449. If so, i think, there's a probably not maybe a not immediately by any means, but i think there's a good shot of us testing this 454 level and maybe making a new all-time high in terms of the nasdaq same thing been selling off that one started itself.

A little bit earlier, but got enthusiasm yesterday and really the same scenario with the russell 2000 selling off since september, 2nd got enthusiasm. Looking for the follow through want to see a break of 224.50, i want to see it start pushing up above it so overall on the major indices, the spy, the qs and iwm i'm cautiously. Today. I want to see how they open, but i am cautiously bullish.

Uh on their performance today, uh seeing the numbers that are coming in and all that type of stuff um, the i don't know really just the the momentum we were able to get out of this bearish downtrend and it looks like it's trying to put up some. Some form of a bullish fight, so i i definitely i'm cautiously for today - i'm cautiously bullish on all of those all right. Now, let's talk about some amc and some gme amc they've already today, already rented out 2 million against it already today. Crazy short interest 19.12 shares on loan.

Taking this into account, 107 million utilization 87. It would be higher if we saw this um the live updates these ones on the top. Here they update uh once a day early in the morning and then from there. We have the live update, so the utilization would actually also be higher in terms of jimmy um net neutral, thus far in the day.

Uh short interest, 12.77 percent utilization 31 and shares on loan seven million in terms of the charts. So here we have amc uh on the bigger time frame we had the cup the handle we had a fake out, breakout it got up, could not hold the 50 and we're back right in this range, so it still comes down to looking for that breakout between 48 and 48 and some change we want it to come back up there and then, of course, at this point we would like it to break basically 53, which is where it was recently rejected on september 13th. But on top of that, it's also a very important previous technical level, so a lot of action playing out at 53.. With this, i do believe that it just gave the rsi a bit of time to cool off uh, but we do need that momentum follow-through today.

I would love to recapture these the low 48 mark and get back out of this range in terms of gme. They try to beat it down with its earnings the bulls, the apes. They stepped right back in pushed it into this range and right now we're kind of it's not really no man's land, but we want to see. Is it going to break down break up? Obviously, fingers crossed that we break to the upside huge support at 200..

We'd love to see a recapture of the mid-208s from there we have 212 to 215 after that 225., but amc and jamie yesterday. Both of them did not look the best in the first 15 to 30 minutes, but then all day people stepped in they rallied it, and we had a very, very mid-session ending session um, one of the main things we're learning with amc and gme, and this is Like i guess for me personally, a big learning lesson over the past six months. Is it's just there's so much truth to this concept of hey when it's down you're shopping on a discount, because thus far from january till now any major dip. If you bought every major dip, you would still be pretty net profitable on the entire situation, because there's people out there some entity, whether it's retail banks, other hedge funds, someone is stepping in and buying it every time, there's a serious dip, which is definitely a noteworthy Pattern to at least showcase and see how it could be traded upon and just really actually back testing the validity of it, but anyway, amc currently trading at 46.28, jamie currently trading at 202.50 uh.

Let me i-r-n-t, let me throw this one up add to watchlist. Where is this there we go all right. I rnt already at 43 up 30 crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. I wasn't the most interested in trading this one just because it recently got activity and there wasn't much of a built out chart so me being a technical trader.

Not really my cup of tea but hey if you're in it seriously, congratulations, i hope you're making a stupid amount of money. I really really do. I really really do all right. Let me get all this set up for market open folks and then we'll do some questions we'll talk about.

Whatever is on your mind, all right we have irnt. Also we have any as well uh hey mark. Is it true that when you were a young, a group production jumped you for your cheese, it's meg griffin, i i can verify that is true, hey matt! What are your thoughts on china's evergreen that will be defaulting on 300 billion of debt? Money could possibly help out help us out on amc. No, i i don't see the connection i mean.

Maybe it could uh, but as much as maybe it could help us. Maybe it could hurt us, but i i don't think that there's really any connection between the evergrand and amc. But with that being said, there people were asking about some of the casino stocks such as wynn and las vegas sands they're, under a little bit of pressure, because the government in china is kind of tightening up the rules and regulations on some of these chinese-based casinos. In macau and obviously that is not being received well by stocks such as win in las vegas and uh.

So, if you're in that sector just understand that there are potential new gambling regulations going on in the country of china, amc using crypto by the end of the year, a announced that last night mark capp impact new apes and route. Your thoughts thanks matt um, so yeah. We actually knew that for quite a while. I think i already quote tweeted this right here.

We knew from the last earnings announcement that they were going to be accepting bitcoin by the end of the year, uh that that was well known information. What is interesting here is. I can confirm today that when we do so, which is in reference to them accepting bitcoin uh for online tickets and concessions by the end of 2021, they were also accept aetherium, litecoin and bitcoin cash. So the fact that before this tweet, the known information was bitcoin exclusively and now i love that they're kind of venturing out to ethereum litecoin and bitcoin cash uh pretty interesting stuff.

I i don't know how much of an impact it'll truly have on its market cap. Like i, i think that could get some crypto enthusiast kind of excited, because i personally believe that there's a pretty solid, um psychological overlap of people who truly enjoy crypto and people who are in the amc, gme fight, because it's very much of that mantra of going Against the man, don't tell us what to do. The government has too much power wall street has too much power that type of a psychology basis. So because of that, i personally think there's a huge psychological overlap between the ape community in amc and jamie, and then these crypto enthusiasts, i i think, there's it's a in my mind.

It's a match made in heaven um, so i i think it's smart um. If anything, i there's no way it would be negative is what i'll say uh. I don't know how much enthusiasm it will really drive. I mean, obviously i hope it'll drive a lot, but i mean, as of now, it's not like it's really playing out in amc's.

Chart, i think amc is actually slightly down in pre-market. Isn't it yeah it's down by 60 cents, so i mean the news has already been disseminated and everyone kind of knows about it, especially people on wall street, with the big bucks who are kind of like bullying. The stock either up or down uh, so the news is definitely it's out and about um, and i it's not uh as of now. Maybe we have to wait till 9 30, but as of now as of 9 15, not necessarily the the news or the announcement that is causing a huge reaction: hey matt, what's a better play, buy yang shares or buy yin puts uh keep up the good work.

Shout out frosty balls, i'm recklessly bearish on cues with 500k. In puts. I mean good luck with that uh. I don't.

I am very hesitant to bet against the market right now, because anytime, it looks like it's about to take some form of a breather. That's right! When our government or the federal reserve steps in and does something and then the market rips from there it's been - it's been very, very difficult from march of 2020 until this exact moment to make money. Betting against the market, uh have people done it yeah, but there's been no solid time period of a bearish trend, uh there's little periods of weakness and then it bases and just ends up ripping from there. Uh, oh hey mark.

Can you take a look at tmc or text data? Maybe add it to the watch list? Um tmc i mean i could look at the or text data. It's not anything that, like is overly interesting to me. The last time i checked it, uh yeah, and the reason for this is because it's not coming up on vortex, doesn't have the data um. It's saying that there's only half a million shares on loan with a utilization of 70 to me, tmc is not a play.

I don't like the chart, i don't like the data um there. I would staunchly argue that there are many many better plays out there than tmc uh people asking about irnt. They want the data on it. I don't even know if vortex would have that.

Okay, it does irnt, has a short interest of 12.7 shares on loan of six hundred thousand and a utilization of a hundred uh kind of some wonky numbers for its action. But right there i mean, apparently it's 12.7 percent. So this is what could happen with allegedly an estimated short interest of 12.7 crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. I mean this thing is moving right now i it's moving in such a degree that i feel like it has to have higher short interest, but it's also an extremely low float stock like an extremely low flow stock and the lower the float the easier it is For a stock to move, in fact, it has wow only about 40 million shares about 40 to 45 million in free float, which is very, very low, very, very low matt good morning.

I have call options for a certain stock for december with a strike price of eight dollars in a stock. Right now is that 46? Can i exercise it or do i have to wait till december? No, once you have the contract, you can exercise it anytime. You want up into and including the day of expiration max. I bought 8 45 calls on iron t yesterday, when i was at 25, couldn't sleep waiting to collect 10 days and buy amc.

Congratulations, you are crushing, i mean irnt is up a lot. I have no irnt position. Um the one i picked up yesterday was a-n-y, that's the one i picked up um. I i guess i rnt from yesterday today this one was clearly the better play.

I just wasn't the a fan of how new it started trading because of the uplifting from the otc markets to the nasdaq. So i was like. Oh, i want the chart to develop and i missed it. I mean sometimes my rules make it.

So i end up missing a play and this was one of them, but if you ended up catching it seriously, huge congratulations. Um, mr jacob there's, no way that the public float is higher. Oh wait. Public float, 275 million shares outstanding 766 is squeeze the debt.

Thank you um. I don't think coty was like the most interesting squeeze play. Let me check out the numbers: c-o-t-y uh, yeah. No short interest is seven percent utilization of eight uh c-o-t-y does not seem to be a short squeeze candidate unless i'm like completely missing something, but according to ortix, it does not have the numbers that it needs.

Take it easy on your keyboard today, please, sir. I feel like i am way late with irnt. Any eight dollar october calls still worth holding uh, i think so on any um we're just looking for that breakout at 760 and it's at seven dollars right now, um and you have till october. So i'm giving i'm giving this play a a-n-y some just time to breathe, especially if we're just waiting for like if any truly is tied to some of the success in crypto i mean crypto looks like it's rearing its head right now, um so with people.

Knowing that any is shorted, it's a lower float stock and there's some murmurs some rumors that they already have some miners out in the ecosystem, like already being deployed um. I think the odds are good for any, but i want to give myself time. That's why myself? I got the october monthly is the same as you uh, hey matt got absolutely smoked on sprt g-r-e-e, but is it weird that i only enjoy my losses? It feels like i learned way: more walls getting burned. You uh whenever you lose money.

Those are the lessons that end up sticking with you uh some of my best lessons were learned on, like more of my losing trades than my winning trades matt. Why would my average share price go to 41.27 to 51.69 on td ameritrade? I bought 91 shares at 44.50 yesterday, just wondering uh, maybe a very bad fail like i don't know if you did a 250. uh. That makes no sense something there's no way if you were previously in at 41.27 and you bought more at 44.50.

There's no way that your average would go up to 51.70. That's like define the law of math, so you know how shorts are losing money each day, they're not covering who are they losing it to where is it going they're paying the interest payments to the people who originally owned the shares because remember they're, renting the shares To them, so the prime broker takes a cut and the original person who's the owner who's lending their shares out. That's who they're paying spy going down. You see the market coming down today.

No, not really. If anything, i actually see a bit of strength in the spy and the qs and iwm today, like i said cautiously bullish on the overall market. Today, uh someone asked about oh pat. What is this uh way way too new financial conglomerate, but it just started training.

I wouldn't mess with it, not my specialty. Oh hey, mark bbig, 10 october monthly worth holding uh. I think so i mean bbig. This thing is not done.

Uh we're seeing a lot of action in the options market, we're seeing huge action in the options market. If this thing gets some demand, some price follow-through uh the leverage that we're seeing in the options like it'll like blow the top off of this with it. It's just a patience play. You have to see if momentum will start to build and if the price action will return specifically look for it to get above 9.50 t-u-e-m uh.

Someone asked about a gap-fill play on this, maybe eventually, but this thing looks like crap right now i mean man on the gap down. All it did was sell, sell, sell it sold to such a degree, though, that i do think it's a reasonable like somewhat of a reversion play uh, but now it's also gapping up. So now you have a gap on the top side right here from september 8th to 9th, but now you also have a gap on the bottom side. So that's the question of like which one's gon na fill first and when i get into scenarios like this i'd.

Rather, just like it's a tough trade folks, trading itself is difficult enough, don't go after the tough ones, go for the easy, layup trades uh will the share recall take place during a market craft if shorts are over leveraged and you will get a margin call, even If you're up using margin, no a margin call is when your account is down, but you can still. Buy-Ins can still be forced, so basically picture this, there's a bunch of people who own a share and they are giving it to their broker to loan out to a bunch of people who are short. If this bunch of people are like, you know what we want to sell our position, we're done with this, we need we need to lock in our attendees and if the broker doesn't have enough shares to give to all the original owners, the broker can send buy-ins To the people who are short uh, be like hey, sorry, uh, but the original owner needs these back and they can force a buy-in and buy-ins like i've, seen them before. Where they're, like you, have an hour to get out of the position uh, my td averagers, are always off.

I go to the site and manually figure out my average uh may count your trades of a stock, not just the ones you currently own. Oh that's weird. I didn't know they did it like that. I might come on td yeah joshua.

It seems like it's just off in some odd way. Uh. I don't think it doesn't sound right. Oh uh shout out to these nuts for becoming an astronaut shout out to mike tyson joining up.

What's going on mike matt, i know people get interest from lending shares, but when they get their shares back, they will be worth less than before. Are they not losing money? Why would they be less than before? Um? Okay, if you are very confident in your position like very, very confident and you're long on a stock and you're like no, i don't care it's not coming down, such as amc uh. You would be making a lot of money like because not only are you getting the gains of the stock but you're also getting interest payment uh just so right here they get their shares back, they would be worth less. I why they don't necessarily have to be worth less and, in fact, the people who got into amc at eight about thousands of shares and loan them out to get even more money.

They don't care, i mean to them they're, making the interest money and also the gains of amc mary newport. What's going on, could the people short be loaning the shares to themselves somehow through a third party, basically paying themselves to short, because the people won't be loaning? The shares no because to go short, you have to loan shares from someone who actually originally owns it. If you're short, you don't own the stock, the boss army want to send love and an invitation to ride to the moon with us, tg boss token crypto morning. Matt today is my 30th birthday, not financial advice, but do you like spy 450 calls today? Looking for a day trade um, i would want to see the open.

I don't know, if necessarily we'll go in the money on that, but if you're looking for a quick like percentage pop you, you might be able to get a nice 5. 10. 12. Something like that, but on the spy i still want to see the opening funny i sold my iron t 45 call at 37 end up maxing out, profit.

You think has likes to go further. I could buy to close and keep the longs um iron t definitely has some legs on it. I mean it's up. 39 percent is, if any it's it's up.

12 bucks in pre-market. This thing totally has legs totally totally kathy wood bought g-r-e-e. Is that true? Daddy is oh shout out: fuzzy g daughter is in recovery. Awesome.

Oh fact. I think she may be faking her broken elbow to stay home from school and play minecraft jk. Thank you, apes, fuzzy g, so happy uh, she's doing well. Um! That's awesome! We don't want our.

We don't want our new space apes in training to get hurt. I did some reading on irt friends at seeking alpha raved about its potential within cyber security, called out a 40 price target. Oh interesting, all right, i think the market is about to open. We have about 45 seconds matt.

You need to take a look and give your insight on transferring gme and amc to computers there. It's a huge thing on reddit right now: um, i'm reading a little bit about it uh! Well, i read a lot about it, but i'm trying to confirm some stuff because with all this like yeah i mean are things on reddit right, yeah, but also things on reddit are wrong, so i i'm i don't know i guess trust but verify so i'm in The process of trying to verify all this info going on about the computer share stuff, but i also don't necessarily know what it would or wouldn't be indicative of, and i don't fully understand if i don't know, i just want to verify some of this computer share Stuff there's a lot of people who are going to hop on the bandwagon and just start saying things that they don't understand: ding ding, ding, ding, ding ding. The casino is open. Let's get rocking today folks, amc coming out of the gates, like a bat out of hell: 46 30, all the way up to 46.80.

Let's get rockin, let's get rocking, let's get rocking irnt at 4130, gme and 20350, a ny at 684., hey duckman, happy birthday! What do you think about indp? I mean i could write it down. I didn't find indp to be the most interesting, but i'll check it out no issue with that i-n-d-p all right. It's on the list, any thoughts on e-l-o-x-x pharmaceuticals. They have a new drug coming out to treat ms and recent institutional buying and currently under two uh.

No, i go out of my way to uh avoid pharmaceutical stocks, because i've found that they're not really brother they're, not really technically sound, they're, very, very binary either. The drug gets approved, the test goes well and the stock shoots up or it doesn't and it like plummets um. It's not they're, not nice, trending stocks they're so fundamentally driven. So unless you have that spur like that expertise of saying, okay, this drug will get approved.

It won't get approved like what are the odds, and i that is not my expertise. I know a lot more about the tech sector than i do the pharmaceutical so folk trade. What you know trade like i'm, not just going to all of a sudden, be like. Oh, i love pharmaceuticals like i, that's not where my knowledge lies.

So i don't know what my edge in that scenario would be yanni becoming a space ape shout out yanni. I truly appreciate that uh uranium is running, but it's running so much. I think it needs to take a bit of a breather. It's almost looking too hot uh, i would say uranium right now, although ccj you, you un, whatever there's so many of them um all of those guys.

I i really really think that they're going to take a breather and then you want to save the base if they continue and swing back around but uh the technicals are looking a bit hot. In my opinion, a bit hot uh, all right, irnt uh, sub 40 how's, the spy doing at open, strong, strong, strong, all right, calm, cool collected folks. Let's see how this all opens up um minute. One amc tagged 4680, currently trading at 46.20., any was down at 6.75, but it just recently hit 7.08 um on a y.

I'm still watching that 760 breakout gme hanging out at 202, not much range, not much volume going on thus far on gamestop. That is amc swinging back around fighting fighting fighting all right. Let's get going on the day. All of you folks, you know me.

I like to wait those first 15 20 minutes just to see how things are. Opening um uh at first looked like a little. A little bit of a confused opening seemed like not. A lot of people knew what was going on, but now we're seeing some money pour in.

Let's see if this trend continues all right, we have um people trying to pump boss, token might be a pump and dump i don't know. I haven't really heard about it. Besides the people who are coming in and sending super chats to pump, it could be legit, but also i don't know if things are legit. I kind of question like why do you need to like just come in and do super chats in someone's live stream? Uh kathy wood buys gre sounds like fake news with the recent merger.

Gre is risky for big money. Maybe she went short on it. I still predict gary's bottom near 35. This week.

Um i mean i don't know where, like i wouldn't say she short it. I don't know where you came up with that uh. I don't know if she's really known to be a short person at all um, but she does announce when she buys things like it's not that hard to track down what the funds are in. What is this uh? Oh, this is interesting, so any which is the company's sphere.

3D merger target griffin launched his first batch of its 2000 or 7200 s 19j miners. So a andy did launch the miners interesting interesting, interesting. Thank you, cootery, for sharing that i hear. No effin bell calm cool collected, shout out twitch gang says morning, shout out shout out shout out shout out all right: amc we're just looking for this momentum to carry it's above 46.50 uh.

We can watch well actually, where we're at right now, 46.50 is kind of an important level. We wanted to stay above that, but the real breakout we're paying attention to is those lower 48s all right. What do we have um? When i mean the scene? Oh, the boss, token thing um: if it gets excessive, we can get rid of it, but i'm not seeing too much of it. Okay, irnt back above 4260, interesting irnt.

Let's go back to that already having some action man. This thing has a lot of volatility. I mean it's already traded its 10-day average volume is 13 million and we are six minutes into the day and it's already traded, almost 9 million. That's that's bonkers! That's so crazy.

Um, a lot a lot of interest in irnt. A lot of interest got screwed on sprt gre merger had 67 s per teen, supposedly converted to 7 gre. How does that make sense? Luckily i got my initial investment um. No, that makes sense because sprt is about.

Like the proportionate rate, i mean - and this was in all the filings - the proportionate rate was 0.115. It wasn't like sprt was like the exact same size of gre like as a company. It was quite a bit smaller um, so you you wouldn't get the same. Conversion like remember.

You're, converting like a share is not a share like different companies have different amounts of shares. They have different market caps and you have to kind of do that. Math of the situation like it's not going to be one for one. It almost rarely is.

I don't know if i've actually seen a merger. That was a perfect one for one conversion does matt have a position in irnt. I don't. I have a position in amc and jimmy, as course, i have shares of amc shares of gme and i have any.

I have call options for october. I have no irnt and i think am i long in the future. I am not i'm not even long in on spy right now, uh is it a bad sign for us at utilization, for amc has gone all the way to 86 no uh. Well.

First of all, i think that's a little bit dramatic all the way to 86. I mean it was at 90 91, so it dropped like five percent um, but that could be indicative of really three things. It could be. The pool of people who are willing to lend is larger.

The amount of shares out on loan has decreased, or a combo of the two would all successfully decrease the utilization thoughts on true fi crypto um, my crypto, i guess opinion and where i'm at on crypto. I really don't mess around with these. Like small little alt coins like all of the coins, i really pay attention to are going to be in the top 15 or 20. um.

I view it the same as these little alt coins are the same as penny stocks. If you pick the right one that explodes you're going gon na make a lot of money, but most of them end up failing um, and then i view the the top 15 20 as to be equivalent to like your amazon, your microsoft. Your tesla, like i feel, like the good well-established companies within the u.s market, are like the top coins on coin market cap and the other ones like yeah. In penny stocks, you can make a lot of money, but a lot of them are just crappy companies that are going to go nowhere.

That doesn't mean all of them are, but i think there's a lot of correlations between the established cryptos and established blue chip stocks and then the small little altcoins and small little random penny stocks um. So it's just risk tolerance of how much risk you want to take on and right now. I think i've been pretty um upfront about all of this. I i'm by no means a crypto expert, i'm learning day over day, and i try to share what i'm learning with all of you um, but when i'm new to something the way like if you're new to trading like you, don't want to start with penny stock Trading, it's so much more difficult, so i'm not going to start with random little alt coins.

Uh! I'm going to try to learn about the coins that everyone talks about and is like kind of basing the rest of the market on um. I i'm not. The biggest fan of tmc, the short interest is still not that high all right amc battling it out at 46.50, we've double top 46.80 uh amc, showing some strength, we're about 30 cents away from going green on the day, irnt got smacked below 40. how's.

The looking the spy doesn't really seem to know what it wants to do: uh gme hanging out at 202 a.n.y getting smacked right now at 7 30, but that big breakouts at 760., so any any, is within, i would say, striking distance hypothetical if we loan out Shares for a week or two and then turn off lending what would happen um it depends kind of on what yours, this situation, with your broker, there's a good chance that nothing special would happen. They would just find other, because that would be. I see where you're going with the question, and that would be more of an issue if utilization was at a hundred percent, but right now it is relatively easy for the major brokers to locate shares of amc that people are willing to lend out um. So right now not much would happen, but i like your question, i like how you're thinking uh that would be more of a putting pressure on the shorts, but in the scenario of utilization being at 100, all right sweet, sweet, sweet, and just so you know i'll.

Do this read in a bit, but shout out to manscape uh for sponsoring the stream they've been with us for a while. In fact they are one of my. They are my first sponsors, so they hold a special place in my heart. They've been with me through a lot of ups, a lot of downs, uh very, very happy to still be sponsored by them and i'll do that official read so you guys can know what they're all about and the deal and all that good stuff in in a Little bit on like an hour or something but uh, it is pinned to the top of chat overall, if you want 20 off and free shipping on any manscape product, shipping worldwide use the link, manscape.com moongang and that discount will be automatically applied.

All right amc, looking froggy amc, looking very froggy right now, actually any is also looking froggy. What do we have? What's going on with g-r-e-e, i see some people g-r-e-e coming back bouncing off of 43 up to 47 up 7 on the day nice to see that it's coming back. Am i missing any other questions all right, my duck, daddy, all right, uh! Actually, everything we see right now is flexing a little bit. G-R-E-E-G-M-E a-n-a-n-y and amc um we're seeing some green.

Is the market going green? No, the market in fact, is doing a little bit of the opposite. Huh interesting spy down qqq down iwm down, but we're seeing these other things start to flex, i'm looking for a gigantic breakout in i. Well, i guess all of them, because i know people are involved in all the ones you see on the screen. So that's the team, i'm rooting for today, i'm rooting for team, green teen, green iron t was halted.

Uh, i'm seeing that hang on iron t iron out, uh nope didn't come up. There filters iron t, yes trading hall at 9, 40, 35 uh reason not available. Probably a volatility halt, definitely going to be a volatility halt 100 of volatility hall, i mean it went from 44 to 38 in what six minutes volatility hall, uh matt, seeking alpha article on amc, accepting litecoin bitcoin and other cryptos yeah, the other crypto is bitcoin cash And ethereum, so we knew from the earnings announcement that they were going to accept bitcoin by the end of the year. They've been very public about that.

What we didn't know was about litecoin, bitcoin cash and ethereum. I think it's really exciting adam aaron tweeted out about it um. It's! I don't see the downside. I think right now, the way the world is going culturally, socially and maybe not so much politically, but i think we're trending into a world of crypto.

I really really do uh, not maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but given enough time. The the argument for crypto is just so so strong, so incredibly strong to have a store of value, i.e, bitcoin, to have digital currency, i.e, something like doge and then to have just utility ethereum cardano salon like like the way we're seeing the explosion in tech. Crypto is truly a no-brainer to me. Here's my mindset, i think the game plan, if you're watching this, depending on your age, let's say um, let's say you are still willing to be invested in the markets in a couple decades.

I think this is the game plan for a crazy amount of wealth for people who are, i don't know, millennial, gen z, something like that. I think what it is is you are looking to get fortunate with a play like amc and jimmy where you talk, turn a small nest: egg into more of a decent amount of money, uh sizeable money with a huge percentage gain, and then you take that money. You park it in crypto and you forget about it. You'll forget about it.

I truly think that is like a very basic one. Two, it's a two-step plan. It's a two-step plan on how, like i think, money can be made for people really watching this stream right. Now you make money, you make the nest egg on a nice explosion, the mother of all short squeezes amc jimmy.

Maybe you made some attendees on irnt. I don't know sprt bbig bgfe whatever it is, you somehow grow your nest egg to a decent amount. You park it in crypto, you forget about it and i i think that's the plan. I really really do for like our time period that we're in right now.

I think that is a great way to amass wealth. I truly truly do all right. I see more and more people asking about sdc matt. Can you explain the type 1 type? 2 short squeeze alerts? Are they just estimated days to cover positions? No, no, no type! One and type two is just like how they bracket types it that nothing has nothing to do with time.

It has nothing to do with better plays or worse plays, it's just like how they categorize some of their signals has nothing to do at all. Really, honestly, those types don't matter to us all right, sdc smile, direct club uh - i i still like i don't. Does it even really have the numbers for a squeeze like the chart? I don't find to be that exciting because it already did the gap bill. Maybe if it continues to show momentum and closes above six could get interesting uh.

The short interest is 46 shares on loan 43 million. I wish it were. A bit of a lower flow utilization is 96. We are trading on the.

What nasdaq is it on the threshold list sdc? It is not so uh smile, direct club uh, not in love with the chart, and it's also not on the threshold list, so it wouldn't meet my criteria for a like ftd short squeeze play, especially when it has two knocks against it. I don't like the chart really like, i think the chart's already complete it already completed this gap-fill play and it's not on the threshold list and it's honestly not as low of afloat. I think there's better plays right now than sdc if you're in it. I think there's still opportunity to make money, but i would rather take four and five star setups rather than like a two or a three star setup, all right thinking about putting some apple stock.

In my ira i see a head and shoulders in the chart. Looking at entry in the low 140s tips uh, i like that as a price level um. Actually, myself, i have a buy order sitting in my retirement account to pick up some apple around 145-ish myself, all right, amc knocking on the door pushing above 47 looking strong, a lot of wicks right above 47 battling it out at that key dollar level. If we hold 47, i i i don't see really what would stop it on its way? All the way up to 48.

does public pay for transfer fees, sign up bonuses um, i don't know. I would assume that the first transfer they would pay for. You uh like because that's just very common, but the sign up bonus is up to 70 of free stock up to 70 in free stock uh. You just have to go to public.com course.

The link is in the description of the video free trading free stock and no payment for overflow. No dark pools, no market makers. All of your orders are going directly to a lit exchange. All right amc, looking good, looking good amc, looking good wow, let's oh man, i just want this to bust through 4710 and really get things going all right.

What else do we have thoughts on lcid today? Love this eevee startup, so lucid, um, lucid, is one i'm interested in. So i'm a fan of evie, i think by the time we hit so right now. Let me throw some facts at you. Ev the electric vehicle industry roughly represents two percent of global vehicle sales.

Two percent it is growing. There are some estimates that by 2025, it'll represent somewhere in the realm of maybe 10 to 15, being a realistic guess, 20 being like a kind of a bullish bet, but even that that's over the next couple years, a 10x amount in ev sales. So i like that, i i think by 2025, we're gon na hit a technology breakthrough where evs reach a price parity with common, gasoline and diesel-based vehicles, and i think at that point you're going to see a big demand inflection in the world of ev and maybe By the end of the decade we'll see global ev sales, representing about, i don't know - maybe 30 to 40 percent. If we get to that technology standpoint, because at that point, if they're the exact same costs as common cars and we build out the infrastructure for charging, i don't see why people wouldn't adopt it in mass.

So because of that, for the remainder of the decade, i'm probably going to still be pretty bullish on ev. So i like the leaders in the industry such as tesla, and i i do like neil - that one has a couple political risks because it is a chinese-based company. But with lucid i mean that's a bet on the luxury eevee market within the us, and i strongly believe that there is an appetite for it. So i do like lcid uh, i'm not going to actively trade it, but i think it's a worthwhile like medium to long term, hold more of a long term.

Bbig she lives. Bbig. Waking up bbig always seems to have that interesting battle at eight dollars and forty cents. I love seeing really long licks uh.

Both ways on amc haven't really seen that before usually solid bars. Can you explain the significance yeah? So when you see a wick that means within that time frame it either got bought up and sold off or sold off then bought back. So whatever you're, seeing it's more of saying, hang on people are not necessarily agreeing with it that momentum that price they're like nah and they do the they end up buying it off so like. If you see a stock sell off one day, but then the daily.

It's like just a giant wick and people bought it all the way back up, they're, saying hey: this was a dip, buy opportunity or right here you see a top wick top wick top wick. It tried to break out and then there's too much supply and they started smacking it um. So that's how you could look at the wicks like we're. Seeing actually like you said gary, that's a good point like we're, seeing an inordinate amount of amc wicks today, um.

So to me, what's our volume at right, i mean we're still kind of low on volume, but, like i want, i want it to get a bit more whippy. I want volume. I want volatility because historically over the past six months, that has favored the apes so uh, i want people to get excited. I want this to hold above 47 and with the wicks with the volume, the volatility uh.

I i i want that to come about, because i i don't know it when it gets boring and it's not moving much then everyone's kind of low energy and, like all right like what's going on, then i feel like i'm sitting here and reminding people like hey. Remember how much we're up on the year on the week on the month um, but when we see the excitement and the movement i mean that gives the energy to the community by itself. I think those are like some of the fun parts dear duck ape thoughts on rivien spak love the channel so right now spack plays they were the hot topic. They were legitimately the hot topic of 2020.

I mean the trading plan like right now, for example, the way people are making a lot of money are on these ftd short squeezes um. That pattern won't always exist. You have certain trading methodologies that are viable for x amount of time, and then they go away. Last year, in 2020, the trading plan was, if you hear a spec, you buy us back and you make money um and actually now it's kind of gone the inverse where spacks are not performing the best so that that's something to consider uh.

It might do well, but i'm telling you the recent trend for spax is not the best trend. 801 ogs, never forget where we came from shout out oilfield trash matt after this squeeze. Would you consider boxing matt the ape kenny cor? The mat the ape coors versus kenny underwater griffin - oh geez, geez, louise all right, and why not doing much right now, jimmy looking strong gme. The next line in the stand for gamestop is 208.50 uh.

Just so everyone knows, amc hanging out at 46.80 actually looks like it's about to gear up for another test of 47., the current intraday high is 47.09 and jimmy literally just hit a new intraday high at some in between level 206.50. Like i said, i'm watching 208.50. Currently, uh a andy is trash compared to tmc. I don't know how people come up with these opinions.

On stuff i mean the if you were to look at the numbers like the data like. If this is an opinionated thing like you could see the numbers, the facts and uh, i would argue that any is a stronger play that doesn't mean it will perform better but, like i think the odds are better on any versus tmc, but um they can both. Do well, they can both fail. One can do the inverse, it's always about playing the odds.

Just because something has higher odds. That doesn't mean it has to play out um, not at all. In fact i just would i see i don't know. I i just think any especially it's it's in crypto and right now we all know how crazy crypto can get.

So i don't. I think i see a lot of things going on for any, especially if you have a bit of a longer time frame like if you're, okay, with checking this play out for the next four six eight weeks um, i think, there's a lot of potential. Can i look at clove, how's clove been doing not moving at all seems like uh kind of a boring play might be showing a bit of strength right now. I would like to see it get above and close above like 8.75 uh close, doesn't really interest me.

All that much just because, like with these ftd short squeeze, is like think about that ftd, like look for it to be on the threshold list, if it's not on the threshold list, i'm honestly not going to be that interested in it. I think people are trying to beat all these other stocks into a certain type of play just because, for whatever reason they like the stock and maybe you're invested - and you want it to do well and it could still do well, but it that does not seem To be the pattern, the pattern seems to be very specific. Is it on the threshold list? Does it have a high short interest? Does it have a low float? Is there a high utilization? Is the price action slowly but surely trending upward? That's the list of prerequisites right there and all of a sudden. If you take away one and if you take away two or three, it's not that type of play, then anymore, literally, i'm a toaster, hello, uh, hey matt r-y-c-e-y.

What are your thoughts does have the three requirements for a short squeeze um. Okay, remember, a short squeeze is different than this whole ftd short squeeze saga like this ftd short squeeze saga like amc and jimmy. Aren't that amc and jimmy are there moon socks? It's a cultural movement sprt. What is it irnt? Any aei like uh, all those ones, that's the ftd short squeeze and um rolls-royce, i think is r-y-c-e-y - does not, and also that's not even on a normal exchange.

That's on the um otc market uh. What do you think about tmc supposedly 160 short interest as they double the daily volume? I don't am i missing something on tmc when i look up the information on the metals company, it says that it's short interest. I guess i have to calculate it. It says 000, what's its float, it doesn't seem to have that high of a short interest.

It says its shares outstanding or 30 million, and it says that its estimated short interest is around a quarter. I feel like am i missing. Something like is ortex not having the right data on it or i don't know, what's going on there, but also tmc. It just started getting action september 7th and it's a gap up, that's red.

If anything i feel like this is this is dangerous. This could come back down to 11 for this gap. Phil right there you have this gap, fill that's still live, it doesn't have to be filled today or tomorrow. It might take a couple weeks or a couple months uh, but when i see a gap up and the gap up doesn't hold a gap up red, it's a strong indication.

It's going to end up gap filling sooner rather than later, so it just started trading. I'm not finding any short interest data on it. That's like impressive uh, i don't know necessarily who's pushing this play like it's and someone's saying that they have locked up shares. So that means, if they get out of the lockup period, they're gon na dilute the stock and all the insiders are gon na sell unless i'm like completely like off base this year.

But like i don't really see, i i don't like the chart. I don't like the action, i'm not seeing the shorts like i, i don't really get it. Uh gme coming right up to resistance. 208.

50. It's at 208 right now. Amc also waking up pushing 47 again uh our moon stocks.

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    Just want to comment on the trilliannaire part. In thirty years, it will still just be billionaires, except in billions of bitcoins

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C M says:

    Fact checker. The SEC is Covering Up For Citadel! | SEC Profiting From Citadel!!! Welcome to the SEC Virtual Signaling World . All we can do is buy and hold long term

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AMC Millionaire says:

    AMC to accept Litecoin, Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, for online movie ticket, concession purchases | Fox Business

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