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Turnaround Tuesday & Crypto Crash
Dumb Money Ep. 79: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Foreign mum gang hello, hello, hello. What is going on all you, beautiful apes, hope you're having a great great tuesday morning afternoon evening, night, whatever it is, let's get. Let's get all hooked up here, let's, let's make sure we're talking to the right people, folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, oh a little low! Today there we go there, we go what is going on happy tuesday. What is it tuesday, september 21st and we are kind of eyeing up an interesting potential turnaround tuesday.

Yesterday, not the best day for the entire market. I mean there's a lot of things going on and the s p 500 dropped. 1.7 percent. The nasdaq 100 dropped 2.2 percent, russell 2000 dropped, 2.4 percent amc was down, 9 gme was down 6.25.

Many many stocks were very much in the red and there's a couple things going on a couple very, very important things going on the. If you search this and really even what i was focusing on in my update, video yesterday - was there's a lot of external pressure from evergrand. Evergrand is the second biggest real estate developing company in china. But beyond that there are a lot more.

I think they have a theme park like they either do or used to own a soccer team. Very, very big company - that's been around since about - i think - 1995. 1996. I think 1996..

But anyway, what you need to know about it is kind there was. There was a perfect storm that put this massive company on tilt the definition of a debt crunch, but it had about 305 billion dollars in debt and there were some social societal pressures going on that related to housing prices spiking in asia, where it primarily develops and With that, and then you factor in a little bit this cove it, it just got into a bad situation where its business model fell apart and that the debt is coming due and it very very much looks like i mean if we look at the chart uh, It's taken a very very, like year-to-date returns on the company on evergrand is about an 85 percent decline um in the past week, it's fallen 30. The the wheels are coming off of this one, and the reason why, like you, could ask okay well, why would one company have such like an impact like one company going down like we've seen this before? Why would one company's demise impact not only the asian market but the global market, and the reason is because of how many people it was associated with to and to what degree i mean 305 billion, that's billion with a b we're, not talking million we're talking billion? That's two percent of asia's entire gdp. Not asia! Excuse me china's gdp, that's that's a big situation.

There are many suppliers, subcontractors, people who are going to end up losing on this deal, they're going to lose a lot of money because just someone's not going to foot the bill um and that alone is obviously very, very bad um. Just the situation that it is becoming, but i don't know if that one alone would have really added up to what we saw in the market yesterday. So, on top of this whole evergrand situation and basically just what 30 like 0.3 trillion dollars in debt - that's probably not gon na be repaid, and i don't know i'm seeing conflicting, like i guess, opinions on if the government will or won't bail them out as in Their own government, but anyway we'll figure that out as that storyline particularly develops, but what's interesting is there are other headwinds we're running into so. For example, the united states government is currently in political gridlock between our own debt ceiling and moving the ceiling and taking care of that, and i believe that our politicians returned from recess yesterday, which is just insane like you'd, think that this is a serious issue that They're not really going to take like a break in between figuring out so anyway we're worrying about our own debt ceiling.

On top of that, the federal reserve is they're actually meeting today and tomorrow. The minutes will get released tomorrow, wednesday september 22nd, and that's important because we're going to find out if how they plan on handling the tapering of the asset purchases. So, if they're going to be really really aggressive with their tapering. As in like you know what this is enough, we're done.

Uh, that's not going to be good, but if they kind of do it more, i don't know it's expected that they're going to do it, it's just to what degree and how fast are they going to stop all this bond purchasing all the s asset purchasing and On top of all that, the little cherry to throw on the top of this weird sunday we've been building, there is seasonal weakness in the second half of september, which is where we're at right now uh for seasonality. You could check it out on the website. Equity clock. I know i have any affiliation with them, but i do think it's pretty cool, so we just have a couple things brewing in the background and i think one of them individually wouldn't cause such a uh, an emotional panic that, like we almost felt through the market, But this is, we are where we are, and i don't think that any of this is going to be something that like i, i don't think that this is a scenario that truly leads into some sort of catastrophic sell-off.

Maybe it will um, but also if it does or doesn't hey we're here we play from level to level we pay attention to support to resistance. We play it from tranche to tranche to tranche. If the market and the stocks go up down sideways, there is a way to play it. There is a way to make money and i don't want people to panic like don't think that you can exclusively make money by like going long in a particular stock and sitting there for years and decades and that type of stuff hey.

We can make money, like even i mean shout out to some of the people in the discord last night or actually yesterday making a killing on spy puts. I know some people are going to play. Some vix puts today, as in they're betting on turn around tuesday. For those of you who don't know about turnaround tuesday, it's this phenomena in the market where, if there's a red monday, especially a decline of greater than one percent, the stats, the odds very much favor a green tuesday.

Hence why it's called turnaround tuesday. This is not something i've made up. This has been documented by many many people in many many books and many many research papers. It's a very well-known phenomena, turnaround tuesday, red monday, especially in excess of one percent, commonly leads to a strong tuesday and that's what we're living right now in the moment, the market's about to open up in just over 20 minutes - and i i am betting on a Turnaround tuesday, now you could play that a couple different ways and obviously i'm not a financial advisor.

I can't tell anyone what to do or what not to do, but i just want to remind everyone that playing sp y iwm qqq calls may not be your best idea, and this is just my reasoning. Obviously, you should do what you want, but remember when you're playing calls. You are betting on various things outside of just the value of the underlying asset. So, yes, you are betting on price.

You want it to trend up if you buy a call, but on top of that you have time because you're playing an options contract. Obviously, as you get closer and closer to expiration, it picks up exponentially the amount of theta decay. That is hurting you, but a very very important thing is volatility. So yesterday, if you check out the vix or uv xy or any of those right here, this is the volatility of the s.

P. 500. So, as the s p, 500 sells off, the vix is going to go up. They move inversely of each other in most circumstances.

So if you're betting on the spy going up today and you're like hang on, i want to buy a call. Don't forget that an important aspect of any options pricing is volatility and, if you're betting on the spy going up, you're, inherently betting on volatility coming down. So, even if you get the direction of your call correct today, tomorrow friday, you might be in trouble because volatility could be dying off. So even if you get direction right, your premium, your options still could lose value because volatility is moving in the opposite way.

So in environments like this, and the only reason i'm talking about it is because i was personally burned on it back when the rona first hit in february march of 2020. Really in march, i was playing, puts on the way down. I made money - and i was like oh i'll play - calls on the way up and even though i was right about the direction and the market started to bounce, i got seriously beat up and actually ended up, losing money on the second half of that trade, because The volatility like jumped off a cliff and because the volatility dropped so much it. Basically, i lost so much value in my premiums, so i just want to clarify that to everyone that if you want to play the market bounce back today, if that's something that interests you, i would personally say you have to be very, very careful with calls.

Maybe you want to buy sp y qq iwm directly. Maybe you want to play it in more of an intricate way by getting some puts on volatility, because if you're looking for the market to go up, like i said, that's inherently, that you think volatility is going to be dropping. So you could get puts on volatility. Uh, i know we're getting in a little bit into the weeds and if you have questions on it, obviously like feel free to ask - and we could talk about it more when the market gets going.

But i'm just seeing a lot of things on twitter that people are specifically calling out like spy iwm um q like these calls, and there is a time in place for calls, but right now with the overall market. I don't personally believe it's a time if anything, if i see amc or gme bass today and like we see some strength going over into tomorrow, that might set up some nice call opportunities for, like the october time frame like early to mid october, um a little Bit out of the money, but obviously this is a good discussion when we see the market develop and we could check out the option chain and we can build off of that. But i just wanted to share a couple thoughts on the overall market because it is very important. Last night, if you didn't know about it, crypto not looking the best aetherium is selling off of 3 700 down to it actually went.

Sub 3 000 bitcoin went from 49 000 down to at one point. It was just above 40, 000 cardano went from 280 all the way down to two um hex went from 51 cents, all the way down to 36 cents, like we're just seeing a lot of volatility, and the bears currently seem to be in control of crypto. So, for me, i'm still bullish on crypto. I still have my crypto, i'm not selling my crypto.

If anything, i'm just looking for the momentum to start to change back to the other side, where i could actually have a nice dip buy on the entire crypto environment. Right now, just waiting, patience, patience, patience and honestly, this might be the time i can finally get into solana. I don't have any solana. I want solana uh, i'm basically just waiting for solana to in one way or another, just kind of break out of this downward trend.

When i see some strength, when i see it getting bought back up uh, that's when i'm going to hop on to the solana chain, uh interesting, actually literally just this morning, i was attempting my best to learn about proof of time, so we have bitcoin, which is Proof of stake we have cardano. Oh sorry, bitcoin is proof of work, cardano proof of stake, and then we have solana, which is proof of time. So we just have all these different consensus models that are really starting to gain traction and it's cool to learn about. But i do like this one.

If you haven't heard of it, their utility is actually kind of related directly to us here in the finance sector, they're attempting their best to pivot or to position themselves to help get the entire financial market on the blockchain. And i obviously hope that they're successful with their their undertaking uh just so you know, let's go over amc and gme specifically so amc to start today off they've already borrowed 637 000 shares against it with a short interest of 18.73 shares on loan, 104.65 million utilization. 91 in terms of gamestop they've, already borrowed 132 000 against it today, with a short interest, estimated of 13 utilization 38 shares on loan of 7 million in terms of the technicals on these two moon stocks that we pay so much attention to. So we are gapping up today on amc by about one percent, so i like it green, is good.

Yesterday we were pushed below this trend line that was formed between august 11th and august 20th, but at the end of the day, the last hour of the last half hour, we saw buyers stepping back into the market and it was able to close right on top Of this trend line and right now we're gapping up relative to yesterday's close. So i'm looking for a reversion and i'm still calling out this gap fill at 44 20.. I hope that this comes obviously sooner rather than later, and i do think that the odds favor that, but once again my first target is this gap fill from september 17th, the low at 44.20 uh. So that's definitely, i would say, in the short term my game plan of what i'm looking for in amc in terms of gme, also gapping up today by about one percent relative to yesterday's close, we found support between 188 190.

We have this wick same thing. The last hour half hour, people started buying it back up, i'm looking for jimmy to retake 200, which has been so incredibly important for gamestop lately after that there's a little bit of a hiccup around 208 50 and then from there. I'm still watching that region from 212 to 215. um, so the name of the game today is very much.

Will we get that turnaround tuesday? A lot of people are talking about it. A lot of people are betting on it, but now we have to just sit back and see if that bet is a good bet or not. We see that the market's gapping up by 0.5 percent - i shouldn't, say gapping up, but i mean i guess it is technically compared to yesterday's close, very, very, very much looking for things to go green today. Uh we're looking to follow through on turnaround tuesday.

Will it happen? I have no idea: do the odds say that it is more likely for that to happen than not happen. Yeah, but i mean also you're supposed to win most of the hands that you're dealt pocket aces, but that doesn't mean you're going to win every hand. We're doing our best to play the odds, we're doing our best to play the statistics, and we have to just sit back and see how this actually ends up, pulling pulling off all right, uh, not that it matters, but is amc on ssr today. Yes, it is so there's a good chance, you're going to hear more about ssr short sale, restriction, short sale restriction is basically when a stock drops 10 relative to its previous day's, close 10 or more it's put on ssr um, and it remains on ssr for the Entirety of that day, whatever is left in that trading session and then the entire trading day the next day, so yesterday amc dropped more than 10 percent at one point within the day.

So that means it's on ssr for the from whenever it was hit. Yesterday, for the remainder of the day, and then it's also on the entire day today, what is ssr when you search it short sale restriction, you're going to find information about, what's called the uptick rule, so basically it's a it's attempting to stop the dog pile effect. So it's saying you can only take a new short position if, in the scenario the stock is actually trending upward. So if it's trending downward, you can't take a new short position and when i'm saying you it's more of the editorial you um, there are some people who are exempt from this ie market makers.

So, even if the stock is like just selling off selling off selling off and you're on ssr, most people are banned from shorting. It i.e dog piling onto it, but market makers are not market makers. It's referred to as short exempt. If they believe that the environment is still appropriate for them to short, they can still take a short position.

It does not protect us as much as people think it does, or really as much as it's like, i don't know, put on a pedestal, be like look. It we're gon na stop it over the past six months, every time that i've been watching some of these crazy moving stocks on ssr um, it does not seem like the uptick rule, really protects us as much as uh. I guess it's presented and showcased and highlighted to present us. So, yes, amc is on it.

I don't know off the top of my head here. I can look this up if jimmy, i believe this information can be found on stonko tracker. Let me just double check. Really yeah sanko tractor.

If you let me just double check this, so ssr is on for amc. Let me just check gme. It is off for gme um. So just so, everyone knows a little bit more about ssr, but i don't know it.

I don't think it's bad like it doesn't hurt us, i would say, like i wouldn't be like: oh i'm against it, but it it doesn't protect us as much as people like to say it protects us uh. What else do we have been in amc since, before five dollars bring on the fire sale shout out edgar? What's going on man uh? Suddenly i feel less alone shout out tommy's touch uh. Can we get uh check the chart on a and why nicholas? Of course we can and why so, it's kind of just that the support, so we have previous resistance, this cup, the handle the explosion, and then it's been down dancing around right at six dollars. Support support support so really you're looking for it to hold six uh.

Yesterday it looks like it closed at 575, but today we're gapping up above six you're looking for it to really just start pushing upward, and i would love to see it above 680. The high from september 17th for like just to represent that some bulls are stepping in and excited to get it pushed above, 760. uh right here, the name of the game on any sphere 3d. It is related to kind of the bitcoin mining world um with it.

Bitcoin miners are interesting because you have to weigh out two separate things: the business, the fundamentals uh in the competition within bitcoin mining and then also crypto itself. So we know i mean, as i was just showing you crypto right here, not looking the best so um that's a little bit of a headwind for any krypto miner and i'm talking a n y mara riot. All of those like, obviously, if crypto's not as high. That's not as good, but then on top of that you have to worry about the like inter-business competition between all these miners.

So that's something to consider, but from a technical perspective, you're looking for it, for it definitely to stay above six good morning, sir duck thoughts on what eth will do today, people say will continue to drop today, um ethereum. Today, specifically, it is looking heavy which pains me to say, because i have quite a bit of ethereum, but i do think that 3 000 will act as a pretty considerable support, but my thoughts on, let's like take ethereum, specifically the farther it drops. I strongly just believe the better the opportunity is. I am not an active crypto trader.

I buy crypto that i like on major dips and i'm planning on holding it for multiple years and ethereum is no different. If i see ethereum sub 3000 in, i don't know if it'll ever happen, but if we somehow see ethereum sub 2500 sub 2000. Oh, what an amazing opportunity it is uh. Can you check out tmc for us tmc? I haven't been too hot on.

I know some people are interested in it. It's just not. I mean it almost made a new all-time low. Yesterday it made its second lowest trade.

Ever i mean before this we saw 831. Yesterday we saw 8.52. I i just i'm a technical trader and i'm just not seeing we see over one two three four five days that the low is the close is lower than the open. I'm just not seeing many buyers in this um and i think people who got caught up into it.

I don't know who necessarily like who is pushing it or why tmc was getting people excited. I just we only have information, basically from september 7th until now, and even on that information we have this. This looks like a like a shotgun shot like there's, no clear trend, it's just kind of a mess. Um trading is difficult enough on nice, trending charts and then, when you throw in a chart, that's just is like it's a it's a scatter plot.

This is just randomness uh. I think it makes it even more difficult if you're in it. I wish you the best of luck, but this is not something i would personally mess around with just because i'm i'm looking for the low hanging fruit folks, i am looking for a nice trend that i can get a piece of uh. This seems like to be a very difficult, very difficult.

I mean ever since it started moving september 7th. Until now, it's only had two green days. I mean you're looking at what eight red days and two green days it. Just i don't know i i don't know what people see in tmc.

I feel like i'm missing something because i see that a lot of people are talking about it, but if you're in it, i do wish you the best of luck, but it's just not something i'm willing to trade. It just seems like a messy trade uh. Can you check out klr, of course, all right? We have about eight minutes, so let's just keep this rocking klr. What is this? It's a specialty telecom company um.

So i mean there is an interesting gap fill plate that maybe it looks like it wants to fill today. 10.60 uh. I don't know if i would necessarily play because it's already at 10, 40 and like so just to get 20 cents on a 10 stock, might not be worth it um, but other than that. If it continues to show strength, specifically man it once it gets back.

Above 11 50ish you might keep pushing, but you are somewhat trying to catch a falling knife because all it's done all of september is sell off. So i wouldn't want to see a very obvious u-turn, like we've seen previously, let's like for most recently late august um, but the risk reward is there. I mean risking a dollar the most recent relative low around nine and some change to hopefully ride this back up to 13.. The risk rewards there uh.

I i guess i would need to look more into the company, but i would be patient and wait for buyers to step in on this one. Would i check out bb bbq, i mean i love barbecue, so i'm inherently in support of it, but also it looks like we kind of have a double bottom situation and some strength. I mean this thing is trying to break out of resistance at 16.50. If it does, i would then be watching closer to 1950.

Like i'm seeing strength in the chart, i really do like the higher lows. It's spending back around breaking out of levels of resistance. The rsi is a bit high on the daily chart. So um, i wouldn't say it's like a five star setup.

I would want to look a little bit into the option chain and see how built out it is, but um the risk is a little bit wide. It's about a four dollar risk for a three dollar reward, so i don't know if the risk rewards necessarily there, but i do see strength in the chart uh. How do you feel about atr ater, ater, uh atr, it's looking, it's looking strong atr is interesting because it has a high short interest: a lower flow high utilization. The moving average is starting to bend back around.

We know that atr has been in discussion with this ftd short squeeze like methodology and um, as true demon was mentioning yesterday, it's starting to, if you haven't seen his reddit post on, like the type of strategy he's been employing with this uh. Just so you know it is starting to check off all of his boxes. It looks like it's gapping up by 60 cents, i'm looking for the push and hold above the lower 13s and from there. I think this thing could rip to 15 and then potentially 19, but we are seeing some strength in ater.

It's definitely worthwhile to have on your watch list. Let me just get that added all right. What other questions uh! Sorry! If i missed what can you check? Bbig bbig how's that one looking bbig uh, so it caught itself at support. Yesterday we have this.

What a seven cent gap up today, bbig um it pushed it sold off. You just need that momentum to actually swing back around. I would say you could be confident of people stepping back in if we really start pushing that nine dollar mark and it's currently trading at 730 uh, but ever since september 10th, obvious downtrend you're. Looking for that trend to break, you could probably check out the macd um, depending on what time frame you care about, uh it it did cross over into the bearish territory on september 16th.

So maybe if you want to go with a smaller time frame like the two hour or the four hour, looking for this to cross uh, maybe even with a technical breakout of nine, that's one way you could watch bbig riley reed. Thank you for that. Super emote, nicholas smith. I appreciate the full transparency and honesty you bring to this community, not to mention the extensive knowledge toolbox, shout out nicholas, that's very kind, uh, very, very kind.

I hope you have an amazing day. Man, uh hi matt thoughts on pfe calls october, 15th, 48th, so pfizer all right. We could do the technicals so with this one you're still kind of looking for this to get out of its own trend, which it it very well might be doing today if pfizer breaks out of its bear trend from late august uh, it does give more credence To that thought of okay, i want to do these calls um, but with it beyond this technical setup, you have going on and also just so you know, your first watch would pretty much be right here at 45. we have some resistance and we have some support And some resistance, i would be watching 45 and a half, but anyway, beyond that this one you would want to be up to date on what is or isn't going on with shots.

Uh are, is fizer going to be making booster shots? Are they going to be selling the booster shots? What's the cost, how many people are getting it? What about the the trials and people who are younger than whatever the current cutoff is um, and i this is not me giving a political statement on shots and who should or shouldn't be giving shots. This is me saying: if you care about this as a stock and you're curious, if it's going to be going up, it would be beneficial for you to look into okay. What's pfizer doing, are they giving out more shots? Are they selling them? What are their profit margins? You have all that to look into, so i don't want anything for me and my comments on pfizer to be somehow conflated with some big political statement. No, it's a business statement.

Are they making a lot of shots? Are people going to be using a lot of their shots? Are they making a lot of money on their shots, because all that will come into play over the next month or two of the success of it as a stock and how the chart will perform uh? Good morning matt, would you please be kind enough to give your input on? Is this another uranium, one nope united rentals? What does this financial rental leasing um? So i wonder if this has some going to be influenced by all the evergrand stuff, but anyway the first thing i would see on this one is a gap fill up to 338, especially if we get above yesterday's high at 333.71 uh. What are we at pre-market? We are at 331., so if this gets pushing a little bit, i do think it's an interesting gap-fill play up to 338 in terms of more of a medium to longer term. I don't know much about it. I do see that the macd is kind of in the bearish territory - um, not not the nicest bull trend ever since mid-august, but you never know it could obviously break.

I mean i would be watching this top trend line. If, if you like the company, maybe you know more about it than i do, but in the very short term i would just be curious. If you can capture 338 uh, pretty easy gap fill setup, the the risk, maybe not the most obvious, nicest risk - i mean. I guess you could risk 325.

I would be interested in risking 325 but ding ding ding oops ding ding ding. The casino is open. Let's get going folks, let me drop to the one minute. Let's see how everything's coming out of the gate today remember we are talking about turn around tuesday.

Let's see what kind of strength there is or isn't open the casino, let the kids play all right. Let's see how this is all going. So out of the gate, we see amc going green iwm, going green gme, we're seeing a red bar and s p 500, also seen a red bar on that one interesting interesting interesting. What is the overall market doing today looks red, looks red, looks red, looks red come on.

This is supposed to be turn around tuesday. What's with all these early morning, jitters it has, it looks like it needs to. I don't know it looks like the market, maybe had a a rough night last night like what's going on here. Where are the buyers at? I was pitched this whole thing about turnaround tuesday.

Where are they at i'm being a fit bit? Facetious people just so everyone knows, i'm not um. Remember we like to sit on our hands for the first 15 minutes and see how things truly are or aren't panning out, calm cool collected amc currently trading just above 41, 4120 gme is at 195 trying to hold on to this level of support and resistance, depending On what side of it we're at iwm, it did shoot up to 219. Now it's down to two 18.5 spy selling off from 436.75 down a dollar to 435.75. So, let's see if we can get this nice recovery uh thanks for being the realest guy out there.

I found your channel back in march. You've taught me so much and changed my life. I love you bro, keep up the incredible work. I'd like to talk to you on twitter, spitfire gaming.

I very much appreciate that those are super kind words you're, making me smile man um, i would the probably the best way to get a hold of me is to dm me on twitter, but i say that very hesitantly just because, as i was showing people yesterday, I'm not getting any notification updates and i'm getting dms but they're coming in very late, like almost one to two days, late love the channel. Can you give me some ta on nvidia support resistance bullish today, thanks for all you do for the community yeah we'll. Definitely pull up nvidia. Let me write that down and shout out to dara daryl milner for becoming an astronaut shout out.

Darryl. Welcome! Welcome to the group all right. Let me just write nvidia down, so i don't forget about it. Let me write it down.

Where are my notepads? Where are my new boats, notes, notes, notes, notes, notes in wow lotto a lot of scribbles on this? I might need a new notebook folks. I definitely need a new boat we're running out of pages all right, all right. Let's start with our. Let's start with our trading journal today, what is it tuesday, the 21st tuesday, the 21st 21 dear diary? I was told it's turn around tuesday when lambo all right, we got, we got our diary started on the day and it looks like also to the diary.

We need to add nvda nvda big fan of nvidia brad kent bell becoming an astronaut shout out brad max dennison. You lit the back flame candle. You virgin much love shout out daniel, shout out daniel all right amc kind of dancing around trying to figure out what it wants to do today, and this is kind of expected folks, team team team team team, i'm telling you you got ta just chill calm cool Collected those first 15, 20, 30 minutes. We are in a weird, more interesting, precarious time right now, so let's just become, let's be cool, let's be collected, let's be like robots like, let's use our.

If then statements, if this happens, then we'll do that. If, if your, if is not hit, then don't do anything stay calm cool collected just listen to some random guys that yell at a camera in their basement all right. Let me get going here, oh um, as we're waiting for all this to really develop on the day. If you haven't already, i would greatly greatly appreciate it.

If you guys could gently tap the like button, i see a lot of people um. It's this whole concept of being hyper aggressive and to your like button like destroy it annihilate it break it um folks, i don't know if i could support that like. I would just appreciate a quick, a quick like you know, just a quick tap, let's not break anything, it does help out with the algorithm and don't forget if you want to be a member of the moon gang. All you have to do is subscribe, follow all that stuff completely free.

I do appreciate the support uh i see some people saying ater is moving. Ater is moving. Oh 1325 uh. The low 13s was what we were watching, let's see if it could hold this um ater it's setting up.

It is looking nice. I do admit that i want to see some volume pour in above 13 and i want it to hold above this 13 level. Brian becoming an astronaut ffie cup and handle also look at bbig vortex. They are planning to try and drop.

It read the ticker on amc, weeble, uh sally. I'm sorry, i don't quite know like do you want me just to click on it, so it pops up over here as the main information. Sorry, i think i'm having a slight misunderstanding. My apologies sally ffie cup and handle all right.

What's ffie, let me put that on the list, but in the meantime we can look up the bbig or text number f. I e okay ffie. We are looking on vortex. All right, b-b-i-g probably helps if i spell it vinco ventures.

So the short interest is 27 percent. They borrowed 3.34 million against it. The shares on loan is at this point in the realm of 28 million, and the utilization is 92 um. So those are the numbers we're starting off with bbig, i mean when you have any highly shorted stock.

Like this um, i mean that that's quite a bit of a short interest. 27. Of course, people are trying to knock it down. That's how apparently 28 million shares worth of people are uh attempting to get it down like that's how they're gon na make their money all right? What do we have? Uh people? I see a lot of commentary on lc id, let's how's lcid, looking right now, looking good lcid up 4.7 loosen motors, it's a nice ev play.

This is one that um to me. It's a bit of a passive investment, i'm not an active lcid investor. I just like it because i'm a fan of the ev sector and lucid motors is specifically filling in appetite for the luxury high-end ev demand within the u.s. It's a relatively new companies.

It did get to the public market through a spac acquisition deal. It was um. Churchill, investment whatever it was, it was another another spac vehicle um and that was actually back here in feb and then that's when it sold off and it looks like it's now. Finally, fighting back um, i i mean i like lcid, i've been in it.

I've gotten. I've been through huge swings on this, and that's why it's more of a part of just like my longer term investment, i'm not actively trading it, but i, i personally think it's a good medium to long term bet most recently, ever since september 1st, it's i mean September's been a great month for lcid it's up, 58 in september. I would like to see it get above this 28 to 30 region. It's at resistance right now, but i do believe it's headed up to 2830.

I want to see how it reacts to this zone. That's going to be definitely a level of supply, so lcid we're at a little bit of resistance right now, but i'm more interested in the 28 to 30 zone um is how i would want to see it react, and i would want to see the bulls and The apes step up in that zone roughly all right are we getting our turnaround tuesday that everyone's been talking about all right, we're we're pushing ater it's holding above 1325 atr uh. We were talking about it, a little bit pre-market showing some strength. It's flexing, uh amc.

Just below 41, it's at 4084 and then jimmy's at 192.26. Ticker says what are they? Hiding institutions are trading a ton of amc on dark pool, um institutions commonly trade on dark pools; uh. That's not uh to me like that crazy of a thing uh, that's when, when people are attempting to create and sell off large positions, create and unwind large positions, big institutions are going to use dark pools. Why are they going to use dark pools? Well, because it's uh it's more competitive, it allows you to hide your buy orders and hide your sell orders.

But still i don't want anyone to be confused. All you're doing is hiding a order uh as soon as your order is hit, it does have a material impact on price um. There's there's no way to get around it. You cannot willy-nilly just buy or sell huge positions without having an impact on the price people.

In this community specifically are overstating the nefarious nature of dark bulls, i think dark pools could be more regulated. I don't think they're perfect. I have some personal issues with some aspects of them, but am i just inherently against dark pools? Well, no, and that's mainly because i understand how a dark pool is and what it does. Um in my personal assessment.

Payment for order flow at market makers are far more damaging to the market, and our specific cause than dark pools are that's. What dark pools are like when you on weeble, you see the level 2 over there. A dark pool is the normal market, but without that you just can't see the sitting buy orders, and you can't see this sitting sell orders. There are going to be some people who try to pitch you.

The concept of trading on a dark pool has no impact on price um that that's just factually inaccurate. No one who knows about the market would agree with that statement. Uh. Can you check xcla? For me, yes, all right, let me check this really quickly down here: xcla uh, one million uh uh xcla for its price has very very low volume and it's just selling off the the bears are in control of xcla uh.

I buyers have not been stepping into this since mid-july. Excuse me, mid-july, uh, i don't know. I was mixing july and june there, but um the bears have been winning and you need to wait for the trend to actually break um. People are asking about nvidia nvda.

So uh right here, right away whenever i see one of these gaps that does interest me um, so nvidia, so to be very, very clear about nvidia, i don't actively trade, it i'm a long term investor. In nvidia, it's uh it's a decent portion of my long-term investment portfolio. I like nvidia and in the short term. If you want to actively trade it if we can get and hold above yesterday's high at 214, i would look for the gap fill up to 218.

If you're looking for a quick little play um, that's what i would recommend paying attention to on nvidia if you're more of a short term person. But for me in video i just like to buy any major tips if we can somehow get into the 180s 190s i'll, just add more to my long-term portfolio and then just kind of forget about it. Nvidia, i think, is a stock that you could buy on weakness and then you just forget about it, but big fan of it ffie trying to break out ffie looking strong right here. What is the short info on ffie faraday futures, intelligent electric? So it's a smaller ev play short interest of 12.6 shares on loan.

17 million utilization 100. I'm unaware what is this one trading on? It is trading on the what ffi, what market does this one trade on it's trading on the nasdaq? So i don't believe this one's on the threshold list, but in terms of technicals, it's showing some strength like right now, actively it's trying to break out ffie is it's flexing you're, a little late to the party? The entry was probably back here at 9, 50 on september 16th, but uh. So it's a little bit chasey right now, but if you are in it i do admit this: it's flexing its muscles. It is on the threshold list.

Was it just recently added nasdaq threshold? Nasdaq uh, let me just double check this one and i'll also list off some of the other ones that i see on it so ffie definitely on it. So is ater bbig uh. What other ones do i see kplt and w-k-e-y? There are more on the list, but i was just listening off the ones that i recognize people asking me about throughout the day once again: ater bbig, ffie, uh, kplt and w k e y are all on the nasdaq threshold list. Remember there are different thresh like the new york stock exchange.

Nyse does have its own as well, so you would might want to double check that the ones i just read up are for the nasdaq okay. It's been uh according to wall street viking, it's been on the threshold list as an ffie for the past six days. On hlbz hlbz we did see uh. This was a tiblio callout from yesterday on hlbz, what a gap up movie - whoa um.

This was all over tiblio. Yesterday, i'm something had to happen. Was there an announcement? I mean this thing is up 126 um. I would want to dive into a bit of the news i don't like when things gap up and go red, that's not generally the best sign uh, but what's happening here um.

It announced a partnership with amazon, it's working with fox to broadcast the championship. The italian series volatility it already had a volatility halt; um, hmm, crazy crazy. So it sounds like it's up on just partnership. Announcements um, like i said i from a technical perspective, i'm not the biggest fan when it gaps up and doesn't hold green.

It's trading lower than its opening price, but regardless it's still up 126 percent uh, probably worthwhile to check a little bit uh throughout the day, so it sounds like hlbz, uh, amazon and fox two interesting big work like noteworthy. I guess partnerships, that's great, for it all. Right so iwm trading down, but the spy training up interesting, interesting, interesting uh. I watched the big short in loki.

It looked exactly like this in a way not the housing market, just obviously saying you're all bottlers by the way shout out hippie long stockings, uh, mary newport, asking about i-n-r-t i-n-i-n-r-t. I think you most likely meant i r and t not. I n rt how's this one doing today it is uh break even right now, uh i mean it's a higher risk reward play like if you're, okay with risking 26, if we can get above yesterday like if this is just kind of the valley like it shot Up and right here, the bear is in control a little bit if the bulls are attempting to regain it by pushing it above 33.85. If we get a nice close above that about 80 cents higher um, that could be some strength in irnt um.

For me, it doesn't necessarily meet my training criteria because it just started getting trading activity at the end of august. I wanted for me, i like the chart to be built out a bit more but hey if you just like this recent strength like if you think this is like. Okay, it pushed it, took a breather and it's gon na push again. There is opportunity there, so it doesn't meet my checklist, but i could definitely see a world in where it's meeting many other people's checklists of what they do or don't care about.

Uh they're, referring to a benzingo article, questioning why amc's dark pool volume is so much higher than other stocks typically are uh. I would want to see it and i would want to see the information, because i see that quite a few people are amc. Shares are training lower monday, overall weakness uh. I want the facts and figures.

Investors might be interested in the fact that about 60 of the volume for the last 30 days has been traded by institutions over the dark pool compared to 40 on lit markets, and why only 8 of that 40 percent traded on the new york stock exchange. According to finvis, the percentage of shorts still in the stock are 20 with a float of 448. um. So this is actually wrong.

I'm surprised, i don't know who wrote this but um. This shouldn't say that investors might be interested in the fact that about 60 of the volume over the last 30 days has been traded by institutions over the dark pool. Um. The data i've seen this should say traded by institutions off exchange off exchange is very different than dark pool.

Off exchange does include dark pool, but it's mainly market maker, sixty 60 uh. I would want to know their data source for that because, like the data that i've been seeing, at least for the month of august, does not suggest this whatsoever um a lot of people think that all their, i guess, inappropriately conflating off exchange trading being exclusively dark Pool where that is just not the truth of the situation, the truth is, is there a lot of off exchange trading, guess 100, but that off exchange trading is between market makers and dark pools, and i don't. I have not seen any facts or figures that say the dark pool exclusive trading is 60. I've seen facts and figures that say off.

Exchange trading has been 60 of the overall volume, and i don't know where they're oops getting this uh. They didn't even like cite where they're getting this information, which i think is a little bit of a bummer yeah um. I don't know the author, so i don't know how it would reach out or anything um. It might be true uh.

I have some a couple red flags going off in my head, just because it's contradictory to some of the information. That's posted on finra's website itself, like on otc transparency like on the official government website um, but with that uh it could be true i'll, just reach out and i'll. Ask the author, like i'll reach out to my contact at binzinga and just ask that may include some of the payment for order flow from the retail wholesaler that it should, but then that would be no longer dark pool trading. I do think that 60 number is right.

I just don't think it's all dark pool. I think a lot of that 60 percent. That subset of 60 is most likely the retail wholesalers uh hey matt. I know you typically stay away from ipos, but you mentioned interest in ar bk you getting in early uh arbk, no wait.

What is this one? What's i don't even know uh the the one ipo i would be interested in is starlink. Is that the ticker? I don't think so. Um, let me see what ar bk is um trading. New ipos is very, very tough.

Argo blockchain, oh uh, so someone asked me about it. This is a blockchain play. Yeah, i'm not gon na mess around. With that.

I learned my lesson from coinbase and their ipo a lot of lot of excitement and it pumped for the first, how many ever minutes and then it sold off for multiple days in a row um. I hope for the people who, in our in ar bk and the people in the company and everything i hope it does better, but in terms of playing a crypto ipo, i learned my lesson with coinbase um. I i don't need to make that mistake again. Uh stonco tracker states the same percentage for dark pool.

Uh stonco tracker, unfortunately gets quite a few things wrong, uh on their their. It's not like stonco tracker is a like a peer-reviewed data source. That's like highly accepted by a lot of people. Stonco tracker is very good for certain things and it's like verifiably inaccurate for other things um, so you have to take it kind of with you have to dive into it.

Like i said, they are very accurate with some things i do like stockholm tracker for certain facts and figures, but not all stonker tracker, i would not say, is generically a source of truth that we should all be using uh, davin, daven foss becoming an astronaut shout Out david, hey man, i know you too. All right, we talked about bb option plays, played the tech analysis. Bb options play the tech analysis. Why pp options play the technology? Wait, matthew, soto, bb options play the tech analysis.

Why sorry matt? I um? I love the name great name, but i'm a little bit confused. Bb options played the tech analysis. Why uh? I i just need a little bit of clarification um. So if you want, you could just tag a a mod and like just try to um.

Maybe if you could just like re-state that question a little bit so i could help you out uh. I hear you on dark pools, but if hedge fund only buys on dark pools in small quantity and sells in regular market at large quantities, wouldn't that affect the price yeah. But it would affect the the price in the exact same way as if they did it. All on lit exchanges, if they bought small quantities on lit exchanges and sold large quantities on lit exchanges or dark pools, there is no.

The actual effect of the trade of like okay. Here is why people use dark pools. They use dark pools, so other competitors in the market don't see their sitting orders, but if you're talking about the order actually being executed of like the buying going through and the selling going through it, it has the same exact impact on a dark pool. As a lid exchange on anything, there's no difference the difference for dark pool and why people use a dark pool is so you don't see they're sitting buy and sell orders because, for example, if someone's trying to buy 10 million dollars worth of amc - and you have Your order, there amc is not liquid enough to instantaneously fill 10 million dollars worth so you're trying to get a fill without your competitors, knowing because you don't want them to run the price away from you and you don't get your fill um.

So it's it's a way of engaging in the market by keeping your cards closer to your chest, so they don't see your sitting, buy and sell orders. That's it when the order is actually hit. It has the exact the exact same impact as if you were trading on a load exchange, this mechanism or this argument of people trying to pitch. Oh oh they're, buying on a lid exchange or on a dark pool and selling on a lid exchange, and that runs the price down.

That's wrong! They're not going to do that, and even if it were right like even if i were to save for some reason, which it's not that that is possible, you would see supporters of amc. Do the exact opposite. They would buy on a lid exchange and then sell on a dark pool to undo it um it it just. Doesn't it's not mechanically how a dark pool functions and also, if it were it, just doesn't pass the logic test of like okay, if the system's like that, obviously other people in the market would notice it and then they would be like okay, cool i'm gon na.

Do the exact opposite, so their position doesn't get hurt. Trust me. People like blackrock and vanguard and people who are invested in amc and gme. They don't want to lose money either.

They are very much looking for the stock to go up. So if this was a known mechanism of buying on a dark pool, then selling to an exchange to drive the price down, they would do literally the exact opposite. You think someone like blackrock who's, managing billions and billions of dollars doesn't know all the little loopholes and tricks of what they can and can't do um. They would do literally the exact opposite, but the reason they're not doing the exact opposite is because the inherent thing that people are trying to pitch like the first thing and buying on a dark pool, then selling to an exchange to drive the price down that doesn't Exist in practice, and that doesn't happen.

Uh from dan mark heidi from denmark shout out for becoming an astronaut, hey matt, been watching you for ages and made a lot of money. Thanks to you any chance, you could take a peek at irnt thanks for being you! Yes, i rnt irnt so good morning sold off kind of halfway in its range right now, uh just so, you know, amc just broke below 40. Unfortunately, on the day as the spy is also dipping ever since uh about 9 50. This morning, irnt irnt, where you're looking for it to successfully bend around.

I would like to see it close above 33.85 on the day, so it has about a dollar 40 to go because right now, it's still technically in a downtrend since september 16th. So i would, i would want to see a little bit more strength, hey matt i put big puts on chinese stocks neo and xpiv to save pinot yesterday, since the market was about it to get hit, would you cut your positions? Weight puts 33 35 uh october. First and eighth neo how's neo, looking uh neo, is still trending downward. So if i were you that one, i think is fine uh, maybe don't get overly greedy, but it's still trending in your direction same with xpev in the very short term.

These are still both. Looking weak, which makes sense because the situation we're currently seeing because of evergrand is not a good situation october. 1St is a little bit of a quick expiration uh, so i would want to lock in profits on that one a little bit sooner than later, but october 8th is a good time, uh a good time frame and especially, i think you're going to need it. A little bit more with xpev uh, they use off exchange for the sub decimal pricing.

They can get with retail orders. Unlike the lid exchange, they lit. Exchanges have sub decimal pricing as well um.

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