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Ep 97 stocks crypto: the return of volatility dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Stocks & Crypto: The Return of Volatility
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 97
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And i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones as they act over power. Stop breaking the law. Asshole is money, the money at the streets like a quarterback. If you didn't mean a thing: water up, a duck's black ain't, just not leave a nut until we get the money stacks monkey monkey too monkey holding fluid blue monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq 10.

11 bamboo. My sisters here, my brothers, the fighters and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times fucking money, um, hello, hello, hello, brother, brother brother. What is going on moon gang today is tuesday, october 5th october 5th, oh whatever.

That word is uno dos tres cuatro cinco, cinco, cinco, cinco, actubre, cinco, cinco de actubre. Who knows what it is? I don't know i haven't made it that far with my little dora the explorer app to help me learn spanish. So when i finally learned that i'll, let everyone know what it really is, but i hope everyone's having an absolutely fantastic day. Let's get after it, we do have a handful of interesting things to go over this morning and then, hopefully, a great day of training ahead of us, i'm very, very, very excited, but hey before that.

I just i really hope, you're having a great day, hope you're having a great day, i myself, what are we at we're on day? Three, you know i i i've always hated those people who like get up early and um, have their life together and just see like really what's going on and trust me, i'm not gon na i'm not gon na become one of those people. It's just not me. It's not in my personality, i just don't have that much drive in my life to do that thing of. Like i get up, i i go to the gym.

I make my bed like. No, it's not gon na happen, but, as you all very well know, i'm probably one of the most petty people. You're gon na meet and i've started to notice that i'm not on the top of the leaderboard of my stair stepper at the gym, so that little that little thing right there. The fact that someone thinks that they can walk up more stairs than me.

It's gon na drive me insane and right now i don't have the number one spot. I don't. I don't even have the number two spot uh. I have the number three spot and i have the number four spot.

I don't know how it works. I don't know if it's in between all the machines, if it updates - i don't know, i don't know how it works. But, as i saw this morning, i'm spot three i'm spot four and it's. I can't have this um as of now the number one spot is.

I guess some character named dss, no clue who he or she is, but i have confirmed unconfirmed reports that it is a citadel plant sent to ruin my life so i'll. Keep you update on all that. Obviously i know it's it's it's important for everyone. It is important for everyone to know, but probably more important.

We should check out what's going on in the overall market. Today, wall street looks higher after monday's tech decline. So thus far this morning we are kind of seeing we're seeing some bouncing here's, the cues, the q's qqq, that's going to attract the nasdaq 100. That's an it's an etf in exchange, traded fund.

It does track a basket of stocks. This particular basket is a bit more tech heavy. So when people are talking about the tech sector, you're commonly talking about the cues and as you can see yesterday, we came right up to the support of the low from july 19th and thus far this morning. It does appear to be showing some strength pre-morning.

I was checking some of the futures market from the overnight sessions. We are in the green right now. You could say the same thing about the s p 500. This particular etf is going to attract 500 of the biggest companies within the us and then the russell 2000 tracked by iwm.

This is going to be more of the small cap, and we talked more about this just because amc happens to be the largest stock within it, but, as you can see, all of them, they are up in pre-market as of now. The russell 2000 is up 0.4. The queues are up 0.35 and the spy is up 0.4, almost 0.45, so we are seeing some green pre-market um and all of these are at levels of support. Well, specifically, the spy and the cubes seem like they're coming right off the support and hey could be a good risk to reward setup.

I'm very very curious to see what kind of momentum we have in the first 15 minutes. 30 minutes an hour of the day to kind of get a, hopefully a better understanding of what truly will play out over the day. Number two us faces recession. If congress doesn't act on debt limit yell and says so we know this lady, who i'm not the biggest fan of her she's, specifically against crypto and she's, also just part of the establishment that we have going and she's been calling out the date october 18th.

So, what's that give us about 13 days where she - and i just don't know why i always come back to her word of it - could be a calamity? Oh no batman, but anyway it is kind of a serious issue. Um, don't let the word calamity just make you laugh. It is kind of important, so right here biden warns that ua may breach debt limit blaming mcconnell. This is a classic.

He said she said right versus left political gridlock and a couple of the. If you look at what biden's saying he's going to refer to it as like, oh the republicans are stonewalling us and then the republicans are saying: why don't you just use reconciliation and then, if you're like me - and you forgot everything from your gov class you're like What in the world is reconciliation, and basically it doesn't really matter much for the house, but it's kind of relating to the senate, where it almost seems as if all these gop members, they don't want to vote on this, so they're, basically trying to get the democrats To get a majority and if they can pass it through, but the difference between just passing the bill which suspends the lending the like the limit of this debt ceiling on the other way, reconciliation, which is apparently a pretty like, i don't know, lofty cumbersome process. It puts a specific limit, so, instead of just suspending it and saying we have no limit they're saying do this reconciliation thing and give us a hard number and i'm sure it's some sort of political chess move that they're going to be able to use in, like Future political cycles - that's just my guess - i'm by no means a political expert, i'm just trying to learn enough to convey to all of you, because i i need to know enough to the point of understanding how it's going to impact the overall markets. So i'm just trying to share what's going on, but i obviously know me saying anything like this right away prompts some sort of political debate in chat.

All i ask is you know you, i'm fine with people debating just be respectful of each other. Please all right! More important and well equally important, but just a different aspect. We were talking about kind of uh. What's going on with the trading between u.s and china, u.s trade chief to engage with china on trump deal shortfalls, the biden administration will directly engage with beijing in the coming days to enforce commitments in their trade deal and start a new process to exclude certain products From u.s tariffs in an effort to help american workers and businesses, u.s trade representative catherine is set to speak to chinese vice premier li hu lihi lee hee soon and will be the first meeting where she mainly stresses china's shortfalls in an agreement struck under former president Donald trump, i am committed to working through the many challenges ahead of us in this bilateral process in order to deliver meaningful results.

But above all else, we must offend to the hilt our economic interests. I'm hoping that in this particular showdown on the mat that we can continue to kind of show a little bit of strength and flex a little bit. Obviously, that would be advantageous to us our as a country, our economy, uh. We want the tariffs to clearly go in our favor, all right, oh a little bit about it.

I guess before i got into the opec oil thing, which is a kind of an interesting development right here. I was talking about corruption yesterday in the federal reserve and basically uh clarita, one of the fed members who way back in march throughout march. He got out of all of his bonds and ended up buying stocks right before they lowered interest rates which helps the economy. So he made a killing on the bond trade and then made a continued killing on the stock trade um.

But right now it's you can't do that stuff. That is abusing your position and now the inspector general probing whether fed official trades broke ethics rules or the law um. So i am, i don't know, i i've been called many things in my life, but i've never been called an inspector general. It sounds cool and i'm assuming it's like a cousin, related role to inspector gadget.

I don't know i haven't researched that i'll keep you posted, but anyway this it could become a big deal. I mean i'm not gon na hold my breath on it uh. We obviously know like, even in my like when i was doing the pandora video yesterday, the pandora papers update um. I talked about it.

There's there's a big sense of cronyism going on in this world, but you never know you never know if this person is actually going to drop the hammer on them. But here are the key points. The fed is working with the office of the inspector general and its review of trades made by central bank officials to determine if they met ethics standards and did not break any laws. I don't know about the laws part, but i would strongly argue it did not meet any ethic standards.

I mean, i think, that's pretty blatant those trades, some of which total millions of dollars have sparked concern that central bank officials have could have traded based on non-public information well, duh fed vice chair richard collider clarida, the guy i was just talking about dallas fed president Robert kaplan and boston fed eric rosengart all traded just before and during the coven 19 haul. They were all on my list yesterday, among one other name here. Oh pal powell was the other one. There was four guys i named so all these guys, kaplan, rosengreen, clarida and powell.

All these people, who are part of the federal reserve have been actively trading and actively making and killing, and it seems like they're the timing of their trades abnormally tied to what is going on with interest rates and the policy. The absurd policy of quantitative easing that we've seen as of recent speaking of pal. This is news to me. I didn't know that you could actually bet like there's a breakdown like a, i guess, a a betting thing, the probability on who's going to become the next uh, the next federal reserve chairman and, as you can see, powell down down down and brainerd up up up.

Uh, so that's as of 10-3, what's that two days ago, so as of sunday um, but the the probability of i guess powell retaining his position is, is going down with every single passing day. In fact, some would say he's at a support level and let's see if this breaks through um, he seemed to be higher like at one point in time, literally the end of september over an 80 chance, but basically now with warren calling him out and just other Things that are kind of going awry with all this insider insider alleged in signer, i should say just in case there's a lawyer. Listen to me his stock, his chance of getting there is going down down down. This is cool.

You could check this out. It's a article posted by bloomberg, pals future markets, dips and uh yeah built out market for that bet, kind of interesting oil process. Oil prices rose to a seven year high after opec allies move. So this is very very interesting.

There is a certain subset of families and connected people who kind of control the world's oil supply. It's not really a natural market of supply and demand. It's like these group of people who kind of get to decide what they want to do and most recently both opec and their allies decided against increasing the supply of oil and when you decide to not increase the supply. Obviously, if that's not happening, demand's going to stay the same or even increase, that's going to send prices high and that's why we're seeing oil at some points over 80 a barrel and also it's going to be kind of related to even with us when we're talking About stocks like cei, that's in the oil and gas industry, so it kind of makes sense that these stocks related to this world are also doing well, because the supply of oil is being constrained and we're just seeing it rip higher and higher and higher facebook whistleblower.

To testify platform outage fixed, so this was kind of crazy yesterday uh for a little over what was it six hours? Um many things were down, including facebook, whatsapp and instagram um. There was many, many jokes, but i mean i'm i'm always here for jokes, but also, please remember that there's many people who make their livelihood off of this stuff like for advertising, their business and those types of things so like. I always think in my mind just because it's like, where i'm from of small business, that's my background with my family uh. So when things like this, like, if there's certain families, relying on that and like their advertisements for money, it kind of sucks um talking about the platform outage uh, it's not like really, i care too much about like these instagram models or anything along that um.

Just for me uh, this is kind of my background in terms of like the text, so i was kind of interested uh in what this was. It was the bgp protocol uh. I think it's. What is it it did? I wrote this down.

It stands for border gateway protocol. I never, i always just knew it was bgp. Basically, it's just it's a map where all of us, the computers, the internet world, can find all the resources you need for it to load and that was broke like the map. Wasn't there so that's kind of what was going on in a technical sense.

We don't have to get more into detail, but basically the world's computers could not find what they needed to find and that's what led to this, and obviously it's now fixed, but with that being fixed, that doesn't mean that facebook's problems are fixed. Uh, remember, i think her name is francis uh. What's her name um, there's a francis? What her last name is x hagan. I think it's hagen francis hagan.

She is going to testify in front of congress today about basically right here. Facebook hearing whistleblower francis hagan, testifies before senate panel so to the wall street journal. She released all these documents and then she also did a 60 minute interview, basically talking about how facebook is putting their bottom line, revenue above everything else, and she it's of her opinion that they're actively promoting and prompting like hate and anger, because it gets more engagement And when you get more engagement on social media, that does end up relating to more money and honestly, it's like not that surprising to anyone. I mean even look at like youtube here.

How many people do we know that they grew and they got views because of drama and fighting, and i think facebook's just been pulling it off at like a way larger scale and a way more uh, malicious and intellectual scale like they're, very smart. They have all these fancy algorithms. It's not that surprising that facebook has been kind of like doing this, at least according to her, and she has the documents the wall street journal, but uh yeah. This is going down today, so facebook's had a rough run of it.

I believe what was it yesterday, everyone was pointing out that, like i think, uh zuckerberg lost like six billion dollars. Yesterday, he's not been having a good one and some would argue that it's kind of justified for what's going on like the shortage or sorry the the stoppage of their services, facebook, instagram whatsapp. They fix that technical problem. But but this is by far a bigger problem, and i would assume just because of the climate that we're dealing with right now.

I would assume that the senate is going to come down pretty hard on facebook. If i just had to guess and in terms of crypto uh bitcoin breaks 50 000, which is awesome, we're still above 50, 000 crypto is rip rip ripping ethereum is looking great uh. We have cardano at 222 we'd love to see this above 250 solana right below 170.. I mean crypto's, just really flexing it's looking awesome with it.

There's no particular thing like at first. This got jump-started when powell, the fed chairman, said that they have no intention of banning crypto kind of opposite of what the people's uh, the people's bank of china pboc, was recently saying um. So he kind of undid some of these uh. The remarks from the political leaders over there in china so that kind of jump started it.

But since that was a while ago, like that was at the end of september there it's more of it just found, support and people like the demand came back in and for me, i'm very, very excited with crypto being or bitcoin being above 50, 000 and the Rest of the crypto sector really being elevated, so i think that's awesome news and last but not least, tesla must pay x, worker 137 million over a hostile workplace and racism, so owen diaz unfortunately had to be. I guess the court found that he was putting up with racism and that uh apparently accounted to 137 million dollars. I wonder is tesla up today. I think it is yeah it's up, so it doesn't really seem to be impacting the stock, but to a company that is worth 774 billion dollars.

137 is very much a speeding ticket, but also within the world of ev and vehicles. Um. Just so you know, gm came out with a statement la yesterday that they believe their autonomous sector is going to eventually reach a revenue of 50 billion um, and to me this just gives a little bit more credence to the world of evs autonomous vehicles. I've said it many many times, i'm very bullish on the sector for the remainder of the decade, very, very bullish, i'm looking at all these stocks, the upstream and downstream companies that are related to the world um, it's just as technology advances.

It's it's not going to be long between before evs really hit a price parity with common gasoline and diesel vehicles. So to me, it's a strong sector to bet on and i myself i'm invested in various stocks, i'm invested in tesla straight up. Uh we've been talking a lot about lucid we've, been talking about kathy woods, uh rq etf, which is tracking the autonomous ev space. There's there's many many good options there, like obviously gm's getting into it, they've been in it for a bit but they're continuing to develop it uh.

Recently, people have been asking me more and more about ford, as ford is stepping into that space. I truly believe that that overall sector, the eevee autonomous sector is a strong, a strong bet in more of a long-term sense and honestly, what we're seeing recently, potentially even in the short to medium term, at this moment in time. But overall, i truly truly believe that evie is a good long-term bet in everything and at least the writing that, like or that i'm seeing on the wall, in my own opinion, all right. So that's your kind of quick breakdown of the overall world.

What's going on specifically to amc? Just so you know uh, the utilization is 86. The shares on loan is 113 million, and the short interest is currently 20.4. Another commentary about amc. This isn't really specific to it, but it is, i guess, specific, to the like world of hollywood.

What does this acronym stand for the iatse, the theatrical stage? Employees 98 of them confirm that they want to go on strike. They voted for a strike 98 of this overall organization. Maybe it's a union. I would assume it's a union um and it's the classic things that you want in a strike: they're going for higher pay, less work hours.

So with this, this could, depending on how quickly it is or isn't resolved it could obviously have an impact on film creation and with film creation, if not many films are being made. What's that going to do to the movie going experience, i really don't know um. I don't know how long this will or won't last, so it's just something to keep on the back burner and pay attention to, and let's pay attention to what the theatrical stage employees, let's see how long the strike goes on it might be resolved very quickly. It might take some time i don't know, but it is something to at least pay attention to game stop.

The short interest is 15.07 percent. The utilization is almost 36 percent and the shares on loan just below 9 million now coming in at 8.82 million. So for amc and gme, some quick technicals amc is currently at support. We've seen this before it is resistance, support, support resistance resistance, some consolidation, some support, uh and we're talking about that 37 level, pretty much where we're at right now, the low 37's.

This is kind of an important pivot point for amc. If it can't hold it, i'm what's once again watching 34, but if it can hold it, i'm looking for the return to the key psychological level of 40 and then pass out i'll be watching 41.50. I'm very very interested in 4150 rejection, rejection, rejection because above it we know it's important resistance, but past that we have the gap fill hopefully in the short term, up to 44 20, and this gap is from september 17th to the 20th. In terms of gamestop.

We've been in this bull flag for quite a while. I know it's kind of weird. It doesn't really make sense. It almost sounds like a misnomer.

It's training downward in this parallel channel and those are called bull flags. It's training upward downward channel two parallel lines. These commonly they don't have to, but they commonly break upward. That's just the name of this technical structure.

It doesn't have to go that way. That's just where the the edge is uh. The caveat to this entire technical structure. Is you just don't know how long it's going to build out for so there's two ways you could play it.

You could play it by maybe you're feeling lucky and you buy it at the bottom edge and you just hope it's the last time it touches and the next time it touches the top one. It's actually a breakout or you could wait and look for the breakout and then just kind of risk. The most recent low as your risk reward setup. Well, your reward setup would obviously just be a continuation, but the risk would be whatever the most recent touches and you're, hoping that that breakout actually holds.

But once again i would strongly argue that gamestop ticker symbol gme, is currently in a bull flag and let's just see what it does or doesn't do um as of today to get out of this bull flag, we would kind of be watching 178 ish. So that's a level you could watch uh, that's the important breakout level, at least to me in the short term - and i would i don't know for amc to do the equivalent thing. I'd watch this dollar 50 region between 40 and then 41.50. That's the region.

I would watch for an interesting breakout today in uh, for i guess really both of these moon stocks all right. I think we get all over this. Let me just check my notes, the senate committee um with francis hagan. That could be interesting.

That could definitely be interesting depending on what like it's gon na take time, but maybe the senate decides to uh somehow put regulations on big tech, which i mean. I don't think that would be the craziest thing um, depending on whatever truly is in her testimony, so that you might want to throw that on your radar just to pay attention to it. We could, i should probably put up facebook throughout the day. I'm assuming it'll be a mover based on what is or isn't said.

Let me throw this up here. It could be an interesting watch, but i mean i don't know really because i mean look at tesla. Tesla got hit with racism in a hostile workplace and they were fined and the stock doesn't care. The stock is up even more so you never know.

Obviously, there could be good and or bad things happening in reality and the world and socially, but it doesn't always have to translate into a direct impact on the stock market. We've seen that many times before i mean even sometimes fundamental developments with the company. Don't have a dirt like we've heard, very good earnings, announcements and the stock drops. We've heard bad earnings announcements and the stock rises uh.

Sometimes it it can be a crap shoot, because you don't know how the rest of the world is really gon na interpret and react to whatever the the news is at that moment in time. Uh amc currently training at 37. Remember we're watching that low 37 level. As support, i wanted to quickly retake that gme, currently at 172.20, um iwm and spy, they were pushing upward.

We looked to have a relative to yesterday's close, a gap up in both of them, but a little bit of heaviness right now um, but we also have about five minutes to go, so we could just wait. Uh, no, no need to really guess when we could. Just be a little bit patient and see how this all is or isn't going to rip all right. So that's my breakdown.

That's just the what i would say everyone needs to know: oh shoot. How did i lose all of those already? Ah, this is frustrating. I was gon na go, get your questions, but sometimes youtube just makes them disappear. Let me see if i can get these back.

Let me see, let me see all right. Oh perfect. I got them uh after that p r, o g, one channel prague. What's going on with prague um closed yesterday at 140, we're up to 158 um, so it shot up.

Looked weak, looks like it is gon na acknowledge this support at 147 ish. We could just call it 150.. If i were in prog, which i am not, i would be very much paying attention to 175 today, currently trading at 157. Remember prog.

It does have a pretty notable short interest here. I'll show everyone. This is a, i believe it's either cancer testing cancer treatment. It's kind of in that world.

It's definitely like a bio biotech, pharma world uh short interest is almost 74 utilization is 95 and shares on loan 16.6 million. All right, hey bro, have you heard of boss, token nope, but i am getting quite a few um super chats of people that seem to be trying to pump it uh, i'm not in it. If you're in it hey um, i would just say, maybe don't get greedy if you're making some money, congratulations, uh, i'm not gon na there's, always different ways to trade. Like not everything has to be a long-term investment.

Not everything has to be a diamond-handed fight against. Like illicit actions that within wall like within wall street, so with boss token, if you're just in and you see that everyone's excited and it runs up, i would just personally i would just be like okay, like i don't want to get too greedy once i have A nice percentage return. I would just like kind of lock it in, but i don't know anything about it. Uh watch the twitter video from the german.

Oh, i think they flew uh like a banner over in germany right uh. I think that's what happened? Hey matt: what will be the action plan for amc jamie? If the market flashes are we still negative beta? Will it trigger moas? I do it could, but i would i mean it could, but i really, i don't think the odds are necessarily that way. People try to point out this negative beta thing and i just think it's people who don't understand what beta is beta is a a value that is telling you how correlated is a stock to the s p. 500.

So basically people are saying hey. It has a negative beta so as in if the stock market goes down, that means that amc should go up. The issue here is is beta, is calculated based on a certain time frame, so i could show you time frames right now, where amc would consider to have a negative beta but other time frames where it would have a positive beta and in fact, on most time Frames amc does have a positive beta, as in it's correlated with the the same movement of spy, not inversely, i'm not saying it's always going to be positive. There are time frames.

I've seen them myself where it is a negative beta, but that's not necessarily that doesn't hold true in every time frame. So i would not be making any trades or decisions, or even myself, finding any mental comfort in this concept of amc being a negative beta and somehow like hoping for a market crash in the event of a market crash. The reason i could see it going either way is because you don't know who's going to like pull the rip cord first. Is it going to be the big institutions who are long on amc such as blackrock the money manager, vanguard or is it going to be? The people who are short on amc - we don't know um so like i could not sit here and truthfully tell you that, like a market crash would be good or bad because we would have to see how it plays out.

But in reality i think it's very. Very bad to like hope for a market crash, because in no way would it definitively prompt the moas like no one whoever's pitching that concept. I i just don't think that they know enough about the market and also with it um to me it's pretty like inhuman uh. When the market crashes people lose their lives.

There are, is a lot a lot of money within the stock market related to government programs. So when there's a lack of health insurance, when there's a lack of food like the meals on wheels, type of thing, homeless, shelters those type of things, it's not good. People like there's, there's some stat out there with every percentage drop in the s p. 500.

It is directly correlated to the loss of like x lives. I don't know what that number is off the top of my head um, but a market crash is nothing that i'd be like. Oh, i hope this happens because it usually has some um like lives like at as a cost, so like it's, not something i would ever be hoping for. Uh uh, but hey coach coors.

My wife had a request to play that sweet song by the grillionaires. For our anniversary, thanks for all you do yeah, i started off the the stream with it ding ding ding. The casino is open. All right.

Let's get rockin matt is mmat a short squeeze with your opinion. Mmat is a bit more of a complicated play. In all reality, because um, it's short interest, if you just look it up on ortex, it's not like that evident. Its short interest comes from the trch merger and even with that, if you own trch well now you're doing a special dividend thing with the mmat acquisition.

So with that um mmat, if, if you're really diving into the dd of what happened with trch um, it's definitely interesting and i would say the probability is there. But it's a bit more complex than a lot of these other plays that people are discussing, because you have to look into the finer details of that acquisition have a good day shout out meme maker og thoughts on scc. Since it's now on the threshold list. Are you looking at a position? Oh no just being on the threshold list, would not be uh.

That's like not that's one of my prerequisites. I would want it on the threshold list. I would want a high short interest. I would want a high utilization.

I would want it to be a lower float, but also, i think, the one that people really forget is the positive price action. I want to see it coming above, like the form exponential moving average, the four simple moving average. You need that positive price action and i don't know if sdc has that at the moment in time. It definitely doesn't have that at the moment in time it's in a bull flag for sure, so i'd be waiting for the bull flag to break uh.

But there is clear support at five dollars: five: twenty uh. If it goes below five, you could watch 485 and then you're watching the all-time low 462. But you need the price action. I i wouldn't just arbitrarily buy a stock that, like i'm, not seeing any demand in uh.

Please tell me what's up with no we'll keep dropping to 5 50. No, no uh! Please delphi saver! What's up with no i'm not seeing that as a stock, could you send the stock that you like? I think you have a small typo there. Could you send that to a mod uh, these discord pump and dumps are swarming. Your channel could be.

I mean i. I don't think it's ever really like it's tough to like. Can you make money on pump and dumps yeah, but there's also a lot of bag holders in pump and dumps, and it's just okay like which one are you gon na, be how agile are you gon na be personally, i would never go out of my way To be like, oh, i want to get involved in this pump and dump. I don't think it like.

I can't tell anyone what to do with their money, but um pump and dumps create a lot of bag holders, and you don't want to be the one who's there when the rug gets ripped and one way to battle that - and this isn't even necessarily just for Pump and dumps this is for just any time. You're engaging in the market is your risk and reward. You cannot enter a trade and just be like okay, like i'm in now like what am i going to do always have a plan at what price level would it hit for you to get out for a loss at what price level or whatever your other metric Is would you get out for your reward, like just have a training plan and there's so many different trading plans you can get in and be like? I'm gon na hold this for three days. I don't care, what happens you can get in and be like? I'm gon na risk this price level you can get in and be like.

Hey, i'm just gon na, have a trailing stop. You can be get in and be like. Hey, i'm gon na sell some here and here percentage gain price level. Uh.

You could be waiting for shorts to cover, there's so many different options for you to create some sort of trading plan, and for me i really don't care what your trading plan is. It's just. I want you to have one if you're listening right now, i beg of you no matter what stock option future crypto, whatever, if you're betting on powell getting re-elected to the federal chair, i don't care what it is just have a plan have some sort of well-defined Plan so in the case of a volatile movement or maybe you're just bored out of your mind, it doesn't matter whatever the environment is. You should have a plan, so you know you're gon na how you're gon na react in in trading when there's especially volatile movements.

It's easy to see like a deer in the head, like scenario of like i don't even know what to do a lot of profit. A lot of loss like you just don't know what to do and that's why having a training plan is so helpful, because you're gon na have a better idea of how to react in whatever the given scenario is um, and so for you and that's different. It's not like there's a perfect planning system out there. Everyone has a different size portfolio, everyone has different goals.

Everyone has different time frames. Everyone has different personalities, which inherently means they have a different risk tolerance. So i can't sit here and be like hey like this. Is my plan and it's best, so everyone should be using my plan.

Well, no, not necessarily i have winning trades. I have losing trades, i'm sure you watching have winning trades. You have losing trades, it's all about finding what works for your situation and when you find some repeatable methodology. Well, then, you just double down on that.

If you find a methodology that works for your personality, your account and is obviously profitable - well great, just double down on it that that's what to me, i think that's one of the easiest ways to sum up, training find something that works for you double down on It stick to your plan. Don't do whatever you can to not break your rules uh, especially with amc and gme. Unfortunately, i'm seeing a rise in the amount of people who think they could just buy whatever stock, especially if it's shorted and they're, like. Oh i'm just going to diamond hand this.

I don't know how to make this more specifically clear. Nothing in the entire market is like amc or gme. You know, what's like amc amc, you know. What's like jimmy gme, those two are in a league of their own.

I don't even really like the comparisons of them but, like, i would say, they're the closest to each other uh, just because of the psychology of the group who watches both of them beyond that. No, no! No, this concept of you can just buy whatever you want, especially if it's shorted and you think it's just going to go all the way to the moon. That is a very, very poor methodology and i think people who engage in it. I'm of the opinion that over the long run, you'll end up losing money um to me, amc and jimmy are very, very special.

I have the money in them that i am willing to risk to go to zero. That's my own plan, but that's not everyone's plan. Maybe someone out there they're, like oh i'm gon na bet more, but my wrist points higher, not at zero. Like i don't know, i s i'm very, very happy the amc and jimmy saga because it brought so many people into the stock market, which i think is an amazing thing.

It's super super good that more people they care about financial literacy. That makes me very happy, but obviously not everything is just like super green, like it's not all pros. Um, there's, obviously cons to every scenario. It's the yin and yang of it, and i think, with amc and jimi, it's gotten some of the newer apes to think that everything in the stock market's like amc and jimi - and it's really not in fact the exact opposite - is true.

That amc and jimmy are the definition of a black swan event, and we might never see one of those again. We might see them again. I don't know but like i just know that they are from a statistical standpoint in no way common in no way common. Uh, so if you're watching right now, especially if you're kind of newer and you're trying to figure out like wait, do stocks always move like that um, i i think that's like a strong thing for you to at least consider.

Oh, i don't know if i said this remember, hey folks, i am not a financial advisor. I am not a lawyer, i beg of you, do not copy my trades. I i don't know how to be more transparent about this. I am not a perfect trader.

There's no reason for you to copy any of my trades. I have winners. I have losers. I trade my portfolio, i'm looking to make the most money i can uh based on my portfolio, my risk tolerance.

My personality, my background, my knowledge of stocks um. When i i got a little bit of like i, i guess kick back yesterday about me changing my streaming schedule as if that somehow relates to like what you should or shouldn't do on amc and jimmy and i've honestly, like never heard more of a like ludicrous Notion, it doesn't make sense to me me being on youtube talking about stocks and something. How does that in any way relate to you keeping your position? It's your money. I don't want your pockets, you don't watch my pockets, we're all in charge of our own portfolio and i think that's something uh for everyone to consider.

But with that being said, i i am long on amc, i'm long on gme like i'm looking for them. I'm not going anywhere with it. I want both of these things to squeeze but um. I just i guess i want to share that because i don't know like i think it's weird, that people are putting weight into people who are on social media of what they should or shouldn't do with stocks.

It's you just shouldn't. You have to learn yourself, trade. Your own account and do not file some sort of like social media account to like somehow have an impact on your trades. Do you think safe moon coin? Is a pump and dump uh what i know about it? Yeah um.

I do think that um there's other people who would vehemently disagree and be like hey. You just haven't looked into it. Look at our path. Look at the devs like all.

This is great. I have like 18 quadrillion of these and it's going to the moon, hey. I hope it does um. I i like.

I don't want anyone to lose money. Do i think it's a pump and dump yes, but do i hope that i'm right? No, i i don't because i know with pump and dumps people lose money. So that's my opinion, but i also hope my opinion is incorrect. Uh stick to taking up the time.

Moving on next topic. Love you shout out big shot. Can you check ride we're getting screwed with the downgrade i thought foxconn deal was smart ride. Lordstown motor is down 10.

Oh lord, sound is getting hit, hit, hit it uh lordstown, i don't know. The closest support is 475.. I would watch that there is a gap above it you could watch um. So maybe when, when some buyers step in, i would be interested in this play up to 584, but this is obviously not a good deal um something the little bit.

I know about the foxconn deal. I thought it was good, but obviously there's something in the deal. That was not good, and that explains why we have three pretty brutal red days. Uh all right.

Let me go back to the spy here all right. Let's go all right. Amc we're down 30 cents on the day, so we just need this to push 36. What 20 70 36 70.

i'm still watching the low 37's currently trading at 36.50. Gm is at 169. um spy. It went up, got hit, trying to fight back iwm.

Just got hit, got hit again and now it's trying to fight back at this 2, 2. 20. 70 level. Hey, there's, there's the amc, amc just went green momentarily amc is pretty much at the red green support.

Slash resistance level, uh macquarie's i've been seeing huge wicks with tiny candles in the one minute amc for a while gme low volume stocks don't seem to have this thoughts. I mean it's all dependent on the time frame. You're, looking at um amc is going to have a bit more volatility, just because more shares are traded like exponentially. More shares are traded of amc, so it's a bit more whippy, but just because something's, more whippy doesn't mean it's going to have the wicks within its candle um.

I don't really think it's like indicative of anything too special. It's just i mean all these candle charts. They're, just like a graphical representation of high-low open clothes um, so it just so happens that i guess the closing of a bar is pretty close to an opening, but it's volatile within that time frame. But obviously that also does change based on like the time frame that you're currently viewing spce.

What's going on with virgin galactic virgin galactic down two percent and it's looking heavy uh the main support, i would watch on virgin galactic right now is 21. You have this gap fill from may 21st, which is 21.75 21.75 21.75, but i would still be watching 21, but spce does look heavy right now. I think there's a bit more downside and hopefully get to bounce off of that. But just so you know, there's another gap fill which would be down to 1727..

I wonder if there's an opportunity gap fill uso. Isn't this another oil, one uh uso? Yes, i mean if it keeps going. This is a bit weird um, it's kind of correlated, but it's not like a perfect directly correlated to the overall oil market, as oil remains strong. Yes, uh, i would be watching 58 from there.

You could watch 60 80, but i do think it'll take time, but as the oil remains strong, i would expect uso to remain strong all right. We did that uh draftkings how's draftkings. Looking so i had a a nice region of demand between 48 and 45.. I bought it a little bit here, i'm probably just over break.

Even i like this, it shot up. It came down. It's now chopping, i'm hoping that this means the buyers and sellers are battling it out and then just fingers crossed that enough demand is found that we get this break of 51 ish and then a nice push to 55 and then, after that, i'd be watching 58. But i'm a fan of draftkings.

I i like this level so much that i loaded up on some, not a huge amount for my portfolio, but i bought some and yeah i'm just looking as a long-term investment. I was like hey. I bought it on weakness. I, like the stock and i'll just sit on it.

Now all right amc pushed that level: the low 37's. I was talking about hit 3721, currently at 36.90 uh, showing some strength there. The russell's bouncing back around how's the spy looking. How is the spy? The spy is also picking up a bit there.

We go all right all right, all right all right, let's see what the russell has in it today. Let's see what the russell has in it. Russell's, looking good keep pushing the spies, pushing amc's, pushing uh jimmy kind of lagging behind low volume. Everything else is green, except for gme.

Unfortunately, i wonder why that is uh, but we're getting some enthusiasm hang on. Maybe maybe jimmy boy here is just sleeping in on the day: uh possibility uh. Hopefully this gets going pretty soon, though hopefully pretty soon um. Can you check as yeah so lazy, vegan hippie yeah? We kind of went over sdc the thing with sc sdc um.

It's closer to hitting all my prerequisites now that it's on the threshold list, but it it doesn't, have any um. I guess, like price action, is probably the best way to articulate it at this moment. Um and price action is definitely one of the more important prerequisites it just having a short interest being on the threshold list, a high short interest being on the threshold list. That's not enough to buy a stock, at least with this.

This methodology of an ftd short squeeze play, i wouldn't say, like you, still need the positive price action you need demand to be represented somewhere. It's not like demand is going to come out of thin air just because there's short interest and it's on the threshold list started watching this moon. Kid made a trading log with a goal of 10 gains a month and been blowing the goal out of the water. Long on that course shout out tabasco dave kid had to go to the hospital he's fine now, but at the time i was three hours from home driving home.

I kept telling myself calm, cool and collected you're just helping with socks. So, thank you. Shout out not a hedge fund um happy that uh he's he's all good. Definitely going to be my thoughts.

Ms gave a price target of two dollars for ride. Morgan stanley did oh, oh ooh, that's not good. Delphi server meant neo neo, but i also thought delphi was asking about like 550. Maybe 55 is what delphi meant so on neo i'd be watching kind of this wedge that we have going on not really a bull flag but kind of a wedge.

Is it going to break down and be more bearish, or is it going to break up retake 38 and hopefully push 46.? With this patience, i like neo, it's not my favorite one, just because of the increase in political tensions between the u.s and china. That is something you have to weigh in beyond, just like the increased competition within the ev sector. So as of right now in terms of ev manufacturers like as in the vehicles uh, i would say i like tesla and lucid the best and neo would probably be. Third, i just think neo has more inherent risk related to it.

Matt, please keep criticizing scc every time you do. The price goes up. Hey i mean if you're in like when i give my opinion. I don't want anyone to lose money like i really don't um.

It needs this action and, honestly, if it if it closes above 565-ish kind of like um, what do we have like some support support support a little bit of resistance somewhere between 550 and 560, a close above that that could be the breakout of this bull flag. Um, that's what i'm saying we just need. The price action who knows today might be the day that the buyer set up. We break out of this bull flag and it starts to push the six dollar region again.

Look for the close specifically above 555, but it would be better above five or 555, but it would be better above 565 kind of confirmation, you're getting out of this bull flag and the demand is showing up. Uh look buddy, happy flipping taco tuesday. Are you still doing afternoon sessions missed the morning session yesterday and didn't see your livestream in the afternoon? I was lost without you in my life, eight man dan, no well we're kind of doing a switch up just to produce higher quality content. Um.

I think it's. I always i guess, with these decisions, i always do it through the lens of how can i provide the most value to the community and i believe the most value i could provide is more of a highly produced show in the morning, like this stream right here. Um, i'm looking to do more of a highly produced like 120 minute show from 9 to 11 a.m. Eastern and then i want to do a more highly produced, video upload, um and the first one of that.

So basically, this new schedule and idea of mine - we started with it yesterday with the morning and then we ended up doing a um. I mean i was really happy with it uh. We did a pandora paper update yesterday of like what are the pandora papers uh, but the entire goal is a little less content but way way higher quality and that's what i'm going to be kind of test driving - and i don't know i don't know if it's The right step, i think it's the right step. Obviously that's why i'm doing it, but if it's the wrong step, i could always go back to normal.

But for me it's just the question of how can i assist the community the most and convey sometimes very complex subjects in a easy type digest manner, and for me to do that. That involves time it involves time of researching setting up interviews my own scripting, my own editing, it's it it's a full. It takes a lot to do like all the production stuff that is has been going on and i'm trying to bring it to the next level, which just means it's going to involve more time. But i also recently just saw - and this is what i was alluding to a bit earlier - it just seems like some people on social media like rely on some for whatever reason, knowing my position in trey's position to like for them to keep their own, and i Don't like that at all, because that means that you're, not your own independent trader.

I don't think that's good. This trade is your trade as a sole individual trader investor. This trade is my trade. It's not you shouldn't be reliant on someone else like you should be confident in your own dd, your own technical breakdown, um.

It's that concept of give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever type of a deal. So with that, when i kind of saw that that was the way it was trending, i was like okay, i need to make higher quality content, so i can just teach and educate and entertain at a higher level amc looking per t 37. 40 right now, even gme waking up trying to push that 170 level. I would love for jamie to get back above 175.

Remember the that bull flag, breakout on jimmy on the daily chart is around that, like 178 level uh, regardless of your streaming schedule, i'm always going to be long on mac coors. You taught me so much about stonks best of luck in the future. Hey and it's like yeah, it's not like i'm stop like here still talking about amc jimmy still doing the morning streams, it's just. How can i make it better? It's i make every decision with this social media career of how can i provide the most value and i think i can provide value uh by making high quality content.

Higher quality content requires more time behind the scenes and that's what i'm willing to put in uh, totally real ape dad reminding you to check your oil shout out. Mark williams, all right. Would you give your thoughts and analysis on sheep uh, so i've heard that sheba is running sheba? I honestly have not. Where is the usd sheep usd oh shiva's running? Had a nice technical breakout um, i hate when it's so cheap.

Like i don't know, we'll just call it 16 right now from a technical perspective, there's really not much to do. I mean it's overblown right now and we're seeing a bit of bearish divergence unless it keeps pushing. If i were in it i would be risking. I guess 12, whatever this is so roughly 25, that's kind of a wide risk, but hey it shot up.

You all had a bullish, pendant lower highs, higher lows and then it popped. This is a bullish, technical structure, um, it's a bit chasy right now, just because the risk is kind of far away at least the risk i would pay attention to. But i do admit this chart looks pretty strong. I don't really know much about the project.

I follow quote unquote more established projects such as bitcoin, ethereum, cardano solana. That's where i have a high portion of my crypto portfolio like a high portion uh. I have some she, but that's just because, like i got it from a voyager questionnaire, i filled it out and they gave me like 25 worth of sheep, so i'm happy with it like. I want it to go up, but in terms of what i think has longevity, if i just want to get my crypto methodology is buy ones i like and forget about it and just like ride it out for a decade or two and to me shebe is.

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