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Screw kenny cause we're holding on forty life. Getting them tended so soon, don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and a mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, squishy bullshit pain every day, fam. What you do wan na hang one or two: oh you got a mansion too.

Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to 10 and just couldn't comprehend. Ace was strong until the end. Now, let's retell it shit to tell they'd be sweating had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling till we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw.

You kenny brought my wife a minivan to share with the boyfriend, but i pull up in the benz played saying olive cranes going on an airplane. Don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's your birthday cause so soon or breaking, because we're going to the moon. Today's expectation probably more manipulation. If you do, a creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's.

Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us for your last dollar allah bananas. While living in squalor. We don't claim to be scholars, we the smooth brain dummies and we never stood taller yeah. We do this for love and we do this.

For our honor. A follower of 11 ain't got nothing on us. We, the planet of the eggs anymore, have liftoff call us. Neil h, strong gon na keep holding on screw kenny cause we're holding off pussy life, getting damn teddy so soon don't be mistaken.

The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them foreign. What is going on moon gang, mama, mama moon gang welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Today it is thursday october 7th episode.

99. we've had a lot of fun. We've had a lot a lot of fun. I almost feel like tomorrow it's a special day.

Episode. 100. I feel like ah moon gang, i don't know i feel like i need to give away some free shirts. I need to give away, i don't know, maybe some discord, memberships, maybe i'll, lower the price of my only fans.

I don't know i need to think about it, but we got to do something to celebrate. Tomorrow is episode 100 one zero zero? Hopefully that's going to bring some good luck for us, but i hope everyone's having a phenomenal day. I don't know if it's your morning evening afternoon night. I don't know what it is, but i hope you're having a great one and before that bell goes ding ding, ding, ding ding.

Today we do have quite a bit to go over. We have to talk about. What's going on in the overall market a little bit of a crypto update, i have some update for some like individual, i guess ftd short squeezed stocks. We have some theatrical updates.

I need to talk about as it relates to amc. Like i said, we need to talk about crypto big moves going on in crypto um. I need to share a story about a bear that i found very, very important and if we have enough time, if we have enough time, i need to explain the debacle. That's going down at the gym uh, at least the debacle that i have this morning.

So with all that being said, we do have quite a bit to go over. Let's see if i can somehow fit it into the next sub 30 minutes. If not, who knows who knows, there's no rules, let's just rock with it. Let's just let's just do this thing live all right.

The five things you need to know before the stock market opens today thursday october 7th dow said to jump on. Optimism builds for debt ceiling deal. So here's what's going down the democrats, take the gops, the basically mitch mcconnell the minority leader, he said hey. We have an idea: uh we're basically gon na attempt to play a little bit nice and they're, allowing them to raise the debt ceiling until december, so that's going on in the senate.

So basically it hasn't they're expected to vote on it and get some movement today. But that's why we're seeing this turn in the market right now, because the optimism is the fact that hey hang on, maybe like all of our political leaders, don't have their heads so far up their own ass uh. That they're attempting to make some sort of. I guess positive movement on all of this, so obviously a fan of that.

But that's why you're seeing green in many individual equities and overall, like i suppose, these indexes the spies, the qs iwm all that stuff, but right here it does seem like we're, making pro like positive progress towards taking care of this debt ceiling issue. Obviously, a very very good situation bond yields, steady ahead of jobs, data thursday and friday. So oh wait. Let me rewind very very quickly.

I need to talk about one thing that yellen was saying on tuesday treasury secretary, janet yellen had warned that the u.s should fully expect a recession if congress couldn't reach an agreement on the debt ceiling leading to an unprecedented government default, then, during the trading day on Wednesday, yesterday the sixth senate minority leader mitch mcconnell offered a short-term suspension proposal to senate democrats. They were likely to accept the deal that would raise the debt ceiling by a specific amount and allowed the government to keep operating until some point in december. So when i was diving into this, it just seems like uh mitch, mcconnell the minority leader within the senate. It seems like his entire goal of what he's going for here is to make it so the republicans that don't have to vote on the debt ceiling he's trying to like position it where it gets fully passed exclusively by democrats, and that kind of seems like to Be the political chestnuts that's like currently going on in that situation, all right, but anyway, talking about jobs, jobless, claims, post, sharp decline to 326 salar, better than expectation, so coming at 326 skate! That's pretty good! That means, like i, mean job list claims.

Obviously, we want those to go down and we want to keep unemployment rate as low as we possibly can, but just keep in mind, as we start to see more and more of these headlines that most likely signals that are, the federal reserve will remain less dovish. Remember dovish is basically super low interest rates to help bring the unemployment down, and when you do that, though, the trade-off for that is you're creating an environment that is more likely for inflation and right now we are seeing a lot of signals of inflation. So the opposite of dovish is referred to as hawkish and that's when interest rates go up and that can have an adverse effect on the unemployment rate, but it helps battle inflation. So it's always a big balancing act, the yin and yang.

But anyway, as we continue to see headlines like this unemployment, low the market, continuing higher people taking jobs within the economy, you're going to see the federal reserve start to really get more aggressive with that tapering, which we know is going to probably kick-start november december end. In the mid year of next year, and then by then at that point, late 2022 is when i would personally expect that they're actually going to do something about the interest rates and move them away from zero. Initial filings for unemployment benefits totaled 326 000. For the week ended on october, 2nd uh below the 345 000 dow jones estimate and a drop from the previous 364 000.

So once again, we are trending in the right direction. Mcconnell wants to give dems time to act alone on the debt ceiling. This is exactly what i was just talking about. Mcconnell late wednesday said that the debt ceiling offer would give democrats time to use their majorities on capitol hill to craft a bill to raise the borrowing limit on their own without republican votes.

So it seems like some stupid political gridlock, stupid political pissing match, but that's what's going on right now. Obviously, when you're talking about stocks very, very important to be informed of, what's going on politically, because obviously, decisions like this have a clear impact on the stock market. I am in no way of a proponent, basically of people, what going full like ostrich and putting their head in the ground be like. Oh, like politics don't exist, i don't want to do that.

No stay informed, i'm not the biggest fan of people like getting into hardcore arguments and like or really especially, making financial decisions on their own political biases. Like i don't think, that's good whatsoever, but it is good to be an informed person, especially if you're engaging in the stock market bite into covid vaccine mandates for large companies. Uh. I'm just gon na read that, and i already know that it's gon na cause a lot of people to start fighting in chat.

So, let's just scroll past it george show us fund owns some bitcoin ceo of fund confirms. So i think this is absolutely hilarious. The family? Oh, so, if you don't know who george soros is he's rich he's he's super super rich uh. The family office owns some coins, but not a lot.

I like how it's like. Oh yeah, we like, as in like a full incriminate value of multiple coins. When a lot of us want like in the normal world, we're like, oh, like i own, a portion of a bitcoin and then you he's like yeah, we own some not much like it's only a couple hundred, not a big deal. Uh hilarious, hilarious, hilarious! All right! Wait hang on.

I see uh something about the volume here. I could turn this up a bit hello, testing, testing testing. I think we're good on the the volume is coming in at the right levels. Uh for me uh.

You might want to just check yours if, if something's going on there, let me know - and i could try to update it um. So speaking of crypto, though, and george soros, the infrastructure bill remember, the debt ceiling is one whole political issue going on right now, but we also have the infrastructure bill when we're talking about trillions of dollars - and this is one thing and i'm gon na try to Not rant here, but it pisses me off to knowing the infrastructure bill, has a new digital assets provision under section 6050i of the tax code. There's a new surveillance. There is a required reporting on returns more than 10 000 from digital assets starting in 2024.

If not, there's a possible five-year felony, so um with this i mean i would have to dive a little bit more into the legitimacy of like okay. Why would this be reported not be reported? I'm not here to complain about that part. Yet what i'm here to complain about is what is this doing in the infrastructure bill? I get it, i get it's how politicians get things passed and it's what pork barrel, pork, fat or whatever it's called. I think it's called pork barrel, but i just don't get it.

I i get pissed off to know no end that all of our politicians, like these random little things that they want. They attach it to completely different bills and they'll title the bill. Something put something else in it that doesn't matter at all, and if you have someone vote yes or no, based on the title they're like oh, i like you or, i think, you're a piece of shit and they make a decision when they're like the vote, could Have been because of the other things in the bill that had no relation whatsoever, why? Why is anything about crypto or digital assets in the infrastructure bill? The fact that we're in a day and age of politics, where bills are written that are multiple hundreds pages and they're, given it and then the very next day they have to vote on it when it's just like bloated with all this bs, it's stupid, i don't See why any single bill in existence is to be individual? It should be myopic. We should know what everyone is voting on um they try to obfuscate.

What like is truly going on in all these bills that we're voting, for it is truly truly truly insane. I think it's such a piss-poor way for the government to actually function. I don't see it, we should vote vote on singular things and i don't see why a bill should be more than what like five or ten pages, the fact that they bloat these things. Being hundreds of pages - and they just start relating all these other things that should not be like voted on simultaneously it i get why they do it.

It's how you get these crappy little things passed and it's how random little, whatever senators uh representatives end up like appeasing their constituents with random little things that they got on the bills. It's so dumb. It is so it's such a waste of time and it's why we have a lot of archaic, stupid, backward laws right now, because they were tied to something that was actually valuable for our nation um, moving on a little bit to amc and some movie stuff um. This is kind of interesting, so jp morgan reiterates netflix as overweight.

This is a bullish thing, they're saying, buy nflx and a lot of you watching right now, like matt. Why are you talking about netflix when we're here to sometimes talk about amc? Um, hang on i'm gon na tie it all together. Let me just get through this. Even after the recent stock move, we remain positive on netflix shares, based on further strengthening of the content slate in q4, greater distance from pandemic, pull forward stronger seasonality and the potential of greater traction in apac, where netflix has low penetration.

So i'm, actually, i don't think this is even that stream of um, i guess mental gymnastics. I think this is actually beneficial for all theatrical companies, specifically amc, and let me explain why every netflix movie, headed to theaters in 2021 netflix, has gotten to the level where they are becoming a titan within the entertainment industry. To the point that the the films that they create can battle for oscars and they've also realized in their own business model, that there is some sort of advantage to theatrical releases. So, for example, these are just like the top three movies in this list.

Um, a woody harrelson movie, kate, it's out on netflix, but first it went to theater another one is the starling with melissa, mccarthy, the um she's a comedian. If you don't know who she is um the guilty with jake gyllenhaal. All these movies are right now pretty popular on netflix there you could watch them, but all of them went to theaters first so with it as netflix continues to grow its dominance. Let's call it or some like it's market share, at least within streaming, and it starts creating its own movies.

Well, it's very obvious that they're starting to see that there's a big benefit to first doing some of these releases to theatrical, like i guess, venues and then from there. They put it on netflix. So as this grows and grows, i i can actually see kind of a positive, downstream effect on move or other companies such as amc so worthwhile to pay attention to. I just found this there's there's a lot of movies.

All these ones are theatrical releases first before they found their way to netflix. Also, this was just posted by variety. La county is introducing a vaccine mandate to enter movie theaters. Obviously, there's going to have some political connotations to this, whether you do or don't agree.

That's that's your own opinion um. What i think's a bit interesting is i, as they go up, these mandates go up um, i'm just curious. If this is gon na spill over into other, like is it just gon na be la and they're going to be? Like? Oh we're doing it and no one else is going to follow suit or all of a sudden. Are we going to see other big ones doing it, such as like new york, cities, new york city, going to say, okay, we're also going to mandate it um with it as the mandates go up, i don't see a world in which that would then prompt more Viewership in amc, theaters uh, if anything, it would be neutral or down.

So this is something that it's obviously very, very new. It was just tweeted out this morning, but i want to see i i really want to see if how other major counties and other major areas are going to follow suit on it. But just so you know, if you're in l.a county, it's introducing a vaccine mandate to enter movie theaters um this in no way relates to the markets, but i take it as a good. I guess omen um, and this i saw this this morning.

Long live the king otis, it is your 2021 fat bear week champion and this boy is chunky. This is a chunky. Chunky bear we're talking 480 pounds and he has now won like the fat bear contest for like it's his fourth title. The 25 year old grizzly beat a younger field to take home.

His fourth title um, it's he that's like this. Is the champ champ champ champ uh? We were talking about one chunky boy right here, uh fascinating stuff. It's a good omen, uh! Obviously we we just have these archaic, bears that really aren't doing it. The new field of bears the new field they're not taking out the champs so right here.

It tells me that the new bears the new shorts, the new people we're fighting against. They just don't have what it takes to be the champion, but i do think that the new bulls, the new apes they're, coming in a bit bigger a bit stronger uh, but i mean i i'm not gon na lie, i'm rooting for otis here. I hope i hope we're talking about the fifth title. The sixth title otis has what it takes to set like legitimate records.

Look at this guy look at this guy right here, all right: where are we at sweet? So we did all of that very quickly uh for those of you who are interested in bb bbig. They did have an announcement this morning. They are acquiring ad riser uh. They paid about 108 million in cash and stock, so bbig good chance.

That's going to be on the move there. There was a big acquisition bbig once again acquiring ad riser for 108 million all right now. Let's take a look at some of the actual markets: um crypto, it's still hot bitcoin over 54 000 ethereum at over 3500 doge is hanging out at 25 cents and she is just crushing it like man, like i said, uh, i have not changed my sheet position. I exclusively exclusively have the same amount of sheep that was gifted to me by voyager.

I have not bought, i have not sold, i haven't done anything and my reasoning in doing this is just to try to give you the most like unbiased type of content. I possibly can, as it relates to sheep right now, because it's going crazy, it's a psychological wildfire and what i don't get about it is, i think, there's some people there's a good chance that there's some listening right now of people who, like, i guess, consider themselves To be uh, some form of like ape purist of like everything, is a distraction, and it's weird because i see it more from the amc community. Of course, there's gamestop enthusiasts, who think the same, but i just see it more from amc. You have to understand if you're, an and you're arguing that it's a it's a silly self-defeating argument: uh amc if you're going to take that path, which i don't agree that amc is the original distraction like you can't argue that things are a distraction.

The goal of this amc and gme the goal is to shed light on some of the illegitimate actions and loopholes that clearly take place within wall street, but other than that. If people are trying to make money on just good trades good investments, why do you care? Isn't that the point of the market is to make good bets and hopefully improve your own financial health, the vibe i get from people with sheep right now of like everyone's freaking out you just you can't be in it. What are you doing? It's like it reminds me of like an old college roommate. It's like okay, it's 10 p.m.

The party needs to end like. Why are you just like ruining other people's good times with it? I don't like just because everyone's raging and having a great time that doesn't mean throw your risk out the window. If you start to see some weakness, hey, there's no issue locking in your profits. It's not a profit or loss until you lock it in so with it like i get.

Everyone has great gains right now and it looks like the trend is very, very strong and i'm not saying just diamond handing it. I think the only thing worthwhile to truly diamond hand is amc and gme, but in the meantime, if you're in sheba and you're making money, if you're in doge you're making money, bitcoin ethereum cardano any stock, bbig uh sdc, which we need to talk about any cool. That's awesome: isn't that the point of this entire thing and then you get all these like pissy people who are basically just jealous like we. We can't talk about anything else like dude just grow up like it's they're, so whiny they're, so complaining about everything, and i just don't get it uh.

I don't get it whatsoever. I am going to be a perpetual amc genie ape, i'm not going anywhere. I'm gon na continue to talk about them, but with it. Why can't we talk about other things like i just don't get it like.

I tried to reason through it and i keep coming to the exact same wall that they are just basically selfish, jealous people who, in a certain self, is self-destructive the amount of people who have made thousands of dollars off of sheep already and then bought more amc And or gme has helped increase demand, which then inherently helps anyone who's in amc or gme. So i would argue that it's it's just. I try to reason through it, but you can't you can't reason with that, like i try to think i'm like okay. What's their mindset what's their mindset and i try to put myself in their shoes, so i can empathize with it better, but it's just so poorly thought out.

Like the the argument itself, it has no legs to stand on. I just don't get it whatsoever all right. So crypto ripping markets ripping iwm up spy is up, and then we have amc currently at 37 in gme, currently at 172 um. So let's do more of a daily breakdown of those two guys right here we know 37 is an important, i guess pivot level.

We could call on amc right here at 37. Would love to see it get above it today. Specifically, i'm really going to be watching the low 38s, the high from september 29th, the high from october 5th. I want to see it get above that and then we'll watch the key psychological level.

40. Then 41.50. So once again, the low 38, which is the high from two previous trading days, then the key psychological level and the major breakout comes here at 41.50 and from there 100, hopefully in the short term. Looking for this gap fill up to 44 20, which is the gap from the 17th to the 20th of september.

In terms of support, we have support at the mid-35s and a major support in the low 34s in terms of gme. We are still in this bull flag. It was trading upward, then we're in this downward channel two parallel lines. It's called a bull flag because they commonly break upwards.

The question to it is you don't know how long it's going to build out for so the only thing to do with gme at this moment in time is to wait and look for this breakout uh. The breakout today would be around 173 ish and then from there. We wanted to battle it out at about 185. We have support, support so 185 and then also 188 to 190 seems kind of important just in terms of where the stock has and hasn't reacted.

In terms of these vortex numbers, g amc they've already borrowed 1.53 million against it today and the market's not even open. This is a new record high short interest. 21. Let's call it 0.1 short interest.

Amc record high, crazy utilization is 80 88, and the shares on loan is 115.5 million, but taking this into account, we're probably at 117 million right now in terms of gme they've, already borrowed 68 000 shares against it short interest still holding above 15, we're at 15.3 Percent, so those are your numbers of how we're at least kicking off the day for amc and gme um. I i guess the quick reminder is just the fact that no the shorts have not dried up. I see some people trying to push that on mainstream media and on social media, but the truth is uh. Gme has been coming back up, the shorts are clearly trending upward and on the opposite side, amc.

It's so obviously iran we're at a record level. How can we say that the shorts are drying up when ames is literally at a record-breaking level of shorts right now uh? So that argument is it's not an opinionated thing, um it it's just factual of like there's no room for emotion in that. It's just a fact: it's just no. We have a record high short interest, uh, no, if ands or buts, or anything like that, all right.

Let's talk about the spy uh, the spy. Now, with the concerns related to the debt ceiling, kind of like calming down very much putting in play this, this level right here of a gap fill all the way up to the low of september 27th. 442.. Um.

There's a couple ways to play this and obviously i'm not a financial advisor, nothing i say, should ever be taken as a buy or sell signal. You always have to do your own due diligence and i beg you to never ever copy me, but here's how i'm personally thinking about this situation couple ways to play it. You could just go long on the overall market. You could go long on individual stocks that really have a high beta related to the market, such as apple, microsoft, yada, yada yada, and you could play it as in just investing and a day trade up to there or some people are going to ask me about Calls is there a way you should play calls on this.

I don't think so, because if you're right and the spy spy starts to track up, your calls would go up in terms of price value, but remember, there's two other important things that value an option. Volatility time to expiration we're never going to time change time like if you believe in the fact that time is a linear construct, we're not going to be able to fight that one we'd have to ask einstein for a couple ways around it, but the other thing That we can pay attention to is volatility now the volatility, if you check out vix vxx uv y, as this has been going down. Volatility goes up, so it's inversely related. So if the spy starts to go up, that means volatility goes down and that's not a good way to play options you shouldn't be buying calls.

If you think volatility is about to go down, so i would argue: it's not a smart environment to get spy calls. If you think it is, maybe you think i'm interpreting it wrong have at it. I do wish you the best of luck, but i think the best way to do it is just to go long as and buy these stocks the spy overall indices or stocks with beta really close to one or above one or if you really want to play Some options a way you could do that is actually get puts against volatility. You could go long on puts on vix vxx uv xy um.

That would give you the same type of exposure like it's the same directional bet of what you think is going to go on in the overall market, but you're playing it a little bit differently and inherently you're almost playing it's like pretty meta, you're playing the volatility Of volatility itself, so you would be looking right here, i'll just show you the vix you're. Looking for this to continue to come down as the spy continues to go up, you can watch, i mean there's a couple of them vxx. This is gapping down by about 50 cents. You could check out uv xy this one's also coming down, so all these things should continue down as the spy goes up once again.

These are all just volatility. Um. Let's talk about the cues uh, the cues, having a very nice gap up this one um does not have a gap above it the way that the spy does uh. So i'd be a little bit more interested in that just from a technical perspective.

But in terms of the tech heavy sector, i'm looking for it to hold above 362 and then i'm watching 367 368. iwm bouncing off of the support around 218. Also gapping up. I want to see how it reacts to 220 260 about a dollar above where it is now and from there i'd be watching 224 and some change.

But overall i mean i'm fully like with the debt ceiling. Development in terms of the overall market, definitely feeling bullish. This morning, uh we need to see we have to wait for confirmation and open. I want to give it those like first 15 minutes and see how people are really jockeying for position, but overall, i am bullish into the day and, as we see money flow into the market uh that recently has been tending to do very well also for amc And gme so uh pretty hopeful, especially just with these political developments.

We talked a little bit about bbig. I just gave you that update that they were acquiring another company, but i also want to talk about smile, direct club so on the coors light youtube channel. I did a sdc breakdown just so you can feel more comfortable about what is or isn't going on. Sdc is looking strong right now.

Once again, i don't know how to be more clear about this. I would never ever consider this to be anything in the league of amc or gme. I would consider it to more be a short term trade um. It has higher short interest, it's not a small float, but it it's on the smaller side.

Utilization is high. The short interest is high, the cost to borrow is high, it's on the ftd short squeeze list, and it's having this. This push the only way i i would argue that sdc is even better and we have this nice technical breakout. The only thing that would make sdc better is if it was a lower float stock.

That's the only thing in my entire list of prerequisites for ftd short squeeze plays, which once again has nothing to do with amc or jimmy. That's a different type of trade. Different methodology completely ftd short squeeze. This has everything it needs, except for i would like it to be a little bit of a lower float, but you're not always going to get a five-star perfect setup, but this is pretty darn close yesterday i was telling you about sdc if it can close above The low sixes - it would be very, very interesting.

We closed at 6.75 at this point, i'm looking for it to hold 660.. I want to see the continuation to 736 and then from there i'm looking for eight dollars, but if you want more of a concise full on breakdown of smile, direct club, that video is on the coors light channel um just so everyone knows. If you want all the facts, i even dived into some of the fundamentals i was talking about it um the short interests, the technicals, the fundamentals, what the company does uh, but definitely an interesting play um. I want to see once again almost the way for the spy, the q's iwm.

I want to see how those open i want to see how sdc opens and see if it can hold above 660 um, especially on volume, would be pretty awesome all right. Where are we at? We are only a couple seconds out: let's get going folks, we have 20 seconds till that bell goes ding, ding ding. Let me just redo some of this and then after as the market gets going as we're letting it breathe and watching everyone jockey for position. I'll answer your first round of questions, ding ding ding, the casino is open.

Let's do this all right all right all right! I'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! All right, we are pushing, we are pushing uh. Did you actually read the article about otis? It goes over a lot of his struggle and how he overcame the tough competition this year, rich greenfield silver medalist, just can't get a dub in anywhere. That is awesome, uh, hugh man. When i was reading.

Oh, i completely forgot to tell you about um what happened at the gym this morning. So as we're we're letting the market open. Remember i really really like to let it breathe just for those first 15 minutes see what's going on, there's just too much whipsawing back and forth, like i'm, not the biggest fan of placing a trade right at market open, but that one i don't know if that's Like really that commonly held of a rule, it's just one of my own personal rules so very quickly i'll go into this story. So this morning there i was, i was crushing.

I was crushing it. I got up brushed. My teeth, got ready for the gym, i'm like it's just gon na be a good day. I was telling all my affirmations.

I was like you have potential, you have potential, you have potential and i'm just saying that that's all like when i drive in the car to the gym this morning or any morning, i do not actually like there's no sound. Besides me saying you have potential, you have potential, you have potential, there's no music, there's! No anything! I just say that for about a 10 12 minute drive, so i'm ready. Basically, what you need to know is that i'm firing at all syllables i'm getting going and i get to the gym and i scan in and i walk down the stairs and there's three stair steppers and i look at my stair stepper, the one that i've been On every single day since sunday and there's a person there - and i was like whoa matt, just calm down just calm down and i'm trying to calm myself down - and then i remember i'm like hang on, maybe you're, not paranoid. It really does seem like citadel, has sent someone to screw with you to knock you off your game this early in the morning.

So this guy he's stair-stepping right away. I just grab him, i'm like hey buddy and that's a joke. I didn't grab him. I actually put him in a headlock, and i was like: are you from citadel and he's like what i was like? Are you from citadel? I was like? Are you dss? If you don't know who dss is it's the current leader on this particular stair separate? So there i have i'm giving him a nuggie.

I'm like. Are you dss? What is ken doing? Are you vlad what's going on? Why are you messing with my stair stepper and obviously one thing leads to another and they're saying that i'm not invited back to the gym and i somehow broke the rules and you're not allowed to assault people on a stair-stepper and all of it. It's just really adding up in my head and it's frustrating, and i know i sound a little emotional but like it really does feel as if citadel has sent a plan like a highly athletic plant to screw with my stair stepper in the morning. So i don't know if you're in the philly area and you have like a non-citadel non-robin hood gym, it looks like i'm in the need of another, because apparently you can't do what i did especially at six in the morning, but i don't know so that's where We're at on the stair stepper, but there is a positive side to this story.

Uh i so the leaderboard is not interconnected between the three machines, like the machines themselves, hold their own leaderboard. So i went to a new one and i must have went to like the noob one, because um right away, i'm numero uno out of the top five like so like it's not that competitive of a stair step or the one that i went on this time. Just to, but i was so frustrated so frustrated about the entire ordeal, if i'm being honest, uh yeah, but so the one that i need to beat dss on. He uh he's still i'm assuming retains that title, but the new one i took that spot, but it just it doesn't feel as fulfilling ah you're great you're, very skilled anxiety.

What's going on tommy's touch morning, matteo vortex is vortex on uwmc it's on the new york stock exchange threshold list. Also, what is the free? What is the fee to use or text um? So there is a monthly fee, but i don't know that off the top of my head, but i bought it. I bought the yearly subscription myself and if you want the yearly subscription to ortex, please please email them say moon, gang discount and they'll. Give you a discount, you don't have to pay the full freight.

If you use moon gang, i think you'll get a 10 discount on the the yearly setup morning. All right, oh yeah, uwmc, hang on hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Uwmc uwm! Wait! That's the! Oh! Hang on, i'm typing it in all right: uwmc, not that high of a short interest 12.45. So it would not hit my uh criteria for a ftd short squeeze play utilization 72. The cost of rs2 shares on loan 19 million. So it tells me it's more of it's a smaller float, but not the smallest, so uwmc for various reasons would not hit my personal criteria for like an ftd short squeeze type of play.

It might do well for other reasons, but it would be a different training methodology. Uh, oh hey, mark i've been watching. Rmo looks like it might be. Turning around.

What's your opinion? Uh rmo, i know it's romeo, it's in the ev industry, rmo uh. I mean i wouldn't say it's turning around yet i would want to see more demand like one green day, isn't necessarily a turnaround uh, but it it's in the ev world. I like the eevee world. I do like this gap fill uh.

The risk isn't too bad. You could risk what like not much but there's not much movement to it, not much volatility. So i just don't know if the risk is worth it uh i mean 450. You could risk 15 cents for a gain of a dollar 20., so the risk reward's there.

But it's kind of a slow mover. It has potential, it's not my favorite play, but it not my like, i admit, like you - could make money on it for sure uh. But it's not what i don't know doesn't really spark my interest. What are your thoughts on sheb 2.001? I mean sheep 2.001.

Now that would be quite a bit of a gain to get there. It would be reasonable that we need some sort of burn like they would have to burn some of them. Oh there we go there. We go amc uh over 37, 37, 16 um, let's recapture just a dollar a time, a dollar a day: 38 39 40.

uh we're in the low 37's right now, showing some strength. I'd love for the russell to get poppin just um. The spy is popping spy. Looks awesome there we go russell as we say it gets going.

Iwm iwm! I am watching doo doo doo for those who are in it 220, 250. So about 75, more cents, uh! That's what i'm watching on iwm uh! So anyway for sheep to go to that. We would need a little bit of burning. You want the supply to go down um and demand to stay the same or go up, so i don't know if we would do it at the current total circulating supply of sheep, but also with it.

Shebe is currently a cultural wildfire. I mean it's literally trending again today on twitter, so with it like. Sometimes you have to realize when, like the fundamentals of that type of stuff doesn't necessarily matter because it just has a huge supportive base um if you're in it. I hope you crush it.

Whatever you win, i want. I want you to crush it unless you're betting against me, but um as i like. I admitted this. I went into it and i wrote it off at first because i was like.

Oh, this is just another meme coin. I didn't think it had any special utility beyond dogecoin i was like well, doge is already bigger, there's a bigger base. I didn't see the point of it, but then, as i dove into it, and i made that video on it - i was like oh like there actually is potential here covered, i got ta. Seize.

Excuse me, kelly ripa would never do that coveted relief. Build was six thousand pages long and they had two hours to read it sign it scared to find out, what's in there, the next few years, it's that type of stuff that it drives me up a freaking wall. It's so absurd that how is that legal? Just finished transferring from robin hood to public started friday afternoon and completed this morning very painless process. Take a look so i it took me one day on public to get money deposited to the point that i could actually purchase something.

But i don't know if my transfer went through. I think i started the transfer on monday, so i just wanted to do it to give everyone a hang on. Let me how do you check this yeah, so my amc transfer from weeble to public has not yet occurred, um, but i'll, let you know, but it sounds like people are it's taking less than a calendar week. Here we go folks.

Here we go here. We go. I like it i like, what's going on, i like it, i like it. I like it we're moving.

Look at this, we're crushing it we're crushing it otis i knew otis was a good omen today, otis otis otis. I wish i could raise my debt ceiling when i get maxed out on my credit uh. Can we get an update on prague? Of course, of course, let me first give you the the vortex numbers on it uh. The short interest on prague is currently estimated to be 56 utilization 99.96 and shares on loan of 27 million.

How is the chart looking on prog uh? So not it's kind of an indecisive day right now, it's the current candle is in between the high and the low of yesterday's candle inside day no direction. So you have to wait for a trend. I would be very interested to see if this breaks above and closes above 1.56, the high from october 5th, because then we can kind of get that v shape the valley and see where it pushes from there. So my line on prague would be a dollar fifty six how's sdc doing today trying to hold above 660.

This is the level i'm watching look for it to hold above this. Obviously it would be nice for it to go green and the longer it holds. I think the more it puts 7 36 into play. I have no prong position.

I have no sdc position. I have no bbig position just trying to be super transparent about where i'm at with everything. Lord bless, you, sir, if you have sneezed in your mod dungeon, i mean basement captain cap here. What's going on, hey matt, what are your thoughts on short term aapl? I thought my october 8th 149 were toast, maybe not coming back.

I'm 149 is a stretch. First, i'd be watching 144 and a half and then from there i'd be watching 147 and a half. I think october, 8th so you're, giving yourself one day. You would need ah brandon.

Of course, there's always hope. You never know what's going to happen in the market, but if i were in your imp like in your particular position, at least for me, the way i would manage the risk reward of it, i would probably roll that out. I don't know when you bought those, but it sounds like you got them in a little bit too short of an expiration period. Remember when it comes to your options, whatever time you think you need, i think a beautiful rule of thumb is to give yourself double it like it's.

Just i see too many people getting beat up on theta decay when it comes to options, training and i'm a fan of options trading. I love options, training, i'm not telling you to not do it. I'm just saying i think people forget about how impactful, both theta and vega are, and they only focus on the price of the underlying asset. But with all that being said, i am long in apple.

In my own, like long-term retirement account uh a jimmy share, transfer from weeble, the public went through and i bought and it brought down my average not complaining, still waiting, uh mason it actually didn't it didn't bring down your average um. That's just more of when you transfer it, you buy something. Let's say you buy a house and let's say your house costs a hundred thousand dollars and whatever it's just listed on zillow and then you list it on redfin or whatever it is. It doesn't really matter if it says you bought it at 110, 000 or 90.

000, because for you, you still spent that money. Look at for your overall p l, it's all about like the money that left your account. Who cares what a brokerage tells you you got it at um and you see those issues when you're transferring um and that's why they let you edit it like when the brokerage is telling you your cost basis, it's literally just like a nice ui ux thing to Have so you can be like? Oh, this is how much i'm up i'm how much i'm down, but that doesn't mean it's actually right, um, you executed a trade to initially create the position at a very particular value, and that's how much you paid it doesn't matter. What your brokerage is telling you, after a transfer like the new brokerage um, it doesn't actually matter whatsoever.

So if it increases or decreases your alleged average, it doesn't matter what matters is how much money you truly spend if you spent forty dollars, but i just told you you spent twenty. That doesn't mean you actually spent twenty, then uh speaking of eds. Do you think stocks like neo x, paying and are risky now due to trying to pressure thanks again um? I do think they're risky uh any of these, like basically adrs such as neo baba x-ping, like all of those uh they're, inherently more risky. Just because there's political tensions between the u.s and china, duh and also um, there's they're, just less regulated, they're, not audited to the same degree that u.s based companies are and that's why we get things like luck and coffee that whole debacle um, but also a positive Note is, i talked about a little bit about like this trade deal and the tariffs between us and china, so it sounds like they had their first round of talks and um.

China reported that it went well and it was constructive. So that's a kind of a positive thing. It doesn't seem like the the u.s china talks at least related to tariffs are like devolving or anything like that. It does seem like we got some positive developments, all right, people talking about ater uh, you kind of need.

This one to get back above nine, if i remember correctly - yeah uh, you're, very much wanted to recapture about 9 15 and close above it currently in a bull flag, perfect downward channel look forward to break this trend line. Until then the bears are in control. I would watch this trend line on ater, so today, a close above, like 9 30 9 40 would be maybe potentially an official switch of trend is mad, a robot uh. The last time i checked no, but i don't know the jury's still out on it.

People are talking about cei. In fact, people are screaming cei, cei a dollar 38. This one particularly scares me just because i don't know what side of the argument is right. I see when i read about it when whoever i'm reading, i find them to be convincing.

If it's bullish, i'm like oh wow, no ceo, i got inappropriately hit down, i think it's coming back and then i read some of the short reports and i'm like is the cfo, a fake human being um so cei. Whenever i get confused like that - and i don't feel super confident i just don't trade it um, if you're not overly confident, i don't see the point in throwing money at it. Let's average up that like button, i appreciate that sean yeah folks, if you haven't already i would it just helps me out the algorithm if you haven't um, if i would, if you could annihilate that, like button, don't forget to join up with the moon gang, if You want both liking and subscribing are completely free um. It does help me out just like with the engagement it gets.

This posted to other people like i said it's free if you're watching on twitch, which just had a huge data leak uh. So maybe i shouldn't be using, it don't forget to follow and then, if you're on rumble, i would appreciate that royal rumble button and a same follow there, but all that stuff liking subbing, it's free. It does help me out um and it's it's honestly. The only thing i ask for any one that goes above and beyond that it makes my heart sing.

It truly does the only thing i ask for for the effort and the whatever i'm doing with all this content um just to get it out to more people, because i mean, of course i think it's valuable, but uh, i'm the one making it. So. Why would i not think it's valuable, but thank you for the support. It's awesome.

That's not a robot he's an ape. Well, i mean, i guess a robotic ape both could happen right now. We are seeing some strength, i'm loving it loving it loving it loving it. The spy gap up holding - i know it, looks a little weak right now, but hang on it's just a breather like both of these gapped up uh when you're really looking at it, don't consider the little bit of red you're, seeing you have to look at where We closed yesterday.

Imagine if we opened up there and like we had the rip to this level um. If anything. I think this is just like a very common, run-of-the-mill technical breather. Even with amc, i mean we closed all the way over at the 36s, like we're.

We're doing good right now, folks, i'm liking the bullishness, let's just hope that it sustains um. Let's hope that this technical breather to the downside doesn't develop any momentum, we're just looking for a basic breather, the rsi to cool off the macd to cool off and then basically refer to base at a new higher low and then move off. Of that, my charting has improved from reading books combined with watching your streams. Thanks mate from the uk shout out, kdog hey! If i could give you a suggestion.

If you're like okay, i feel confident with the technical structures that, like matt, has been like kind of preaching about. I would say the next thing for you to do and i i kind of want to start integrating this more in my own streams, because i think it's super super important pick up a book or two or watch a couple lectures on volume analysis. You want to start using your charting structures and then overlay it with a volume profile, and you can get a lot of information of where the market makers are hiding where the supply and demand is hiding um. So, if you're starting to feel confident with like just more of the rudimentary technical structures that i've been talking about, i would say like the next level, would be all about like okay.

How does that relate to volume? Analysis, uh? If you want, i could get a book that, like i mean i've, there's okay, i'll call it two and a half there's two and a half volume books. I really really like um, but my favorite one i'll post it just so everyone can check it out. But if you're not much of a reader, there's a lot of good youtube videos on that type of stuff uh morning matt. Can you check out g-o-t-u when you have a moment, thanks g-o-t-u? What is this stock miscellaneous commercial services um? It looks like it just started.

Trading, it looks like it also might be an adr. I would want a bit more of a chart, but from the little bit i have i'm kind of seeing a w um it's at resistance. If it keeps pushing from there, there might be more upside, but as of now, the risk reward is not favorable you're risking 275 and you're kind of like very, very close to resistance. But if it gets running that could be a different story is ater a good short squeeze play.

Um i mean it, everyone might define their own methodology a little bit differently. For me, one of the big things missing right now is the price action follow-through. So if i were watching atr - which i mean - i guess we are the one thing i would really be watching - are the exponential moving average like the four and the nine i don't like how it the price is below it. I would want to see it recapture.

The four and then the nine um and then i'd be a bit more excited so like right. Here you see how it was riding on top of these short time frame, exponential moving averages. Then it dropped below it. Then it kind of got back above it.

Well, we've been below it ever since the 28th, which is exactly where it broke down from this technical structure. So i would want to see it recapture that and then in the moment it does there's a good chance that we would have a bull flag break out. As well, so that's what i would be watching on ater matt. Can you take a look at these shout out? Jackie jackie gets feisty when i keep him locked up in the basement a little bit too long he's like 15 minutes of sunlight isn't enough per week and i'm like, if you keep acting like that, i'm going to drop it down to ten and then uh.

Seraphim comes in and she's like. Please, please! We love our 15 minutes, don't mess it up for us jackie. It gets crazy down here in the the mod basement, the mod dungeon morning, sir. Thanks for all you do thoughts on fami, see cup and handle on the 15 minute.

All right hang on, i think iwm did i lock it in? Yes, all right, i locked in a cool 1k nice. I am good, then uh exactly why i tweeted out this morning exactly why well looks like the last round of selling didn't last long looking to play some of these sweet gap bills to the upside uh. That's what i did i chose i mean i was looking at the various the main gap i was paying attention to was the spy, and this is more of like a futures related thing, there's just a bit, it's easier to make money more quickly. In my opinion, on the russell, so i played it through the russell instead, but i was really paying attention to the gap in the spy um, but i tweeted it out, played it just locked in a thousand dollars bought a bing bada boom that was through the.


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