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Gamestop earnings results why gme is down – Matt Kohrs

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What's going on moon gang, i just listened to the gamestop earnings call, so you don't have to this. Video will be a quick kind of highlight segment of what was important in the gamestop earnings call before we get into all that, though, don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting the subscribe button and as a friendly reminder. If you want two free stocks check out that link to weibo you'll, get one for signing up and then a second one for depositing a hundred dollars all right, let's hop into it. So today is march 23rd, the day of gamestop's earnings, announcement and call, and as you can see, the market is not reacting too kindly to it so leaning into the call gamestop was actually down on the day.

It closed out the day at 181.75, which means it dropped 6.55 percent and in post-market training it hit as low as 151 and it's kind of bouncing from there and as i'm filming this it's at 162.. So in post market it did have its earnings call and if you care about the exact specific numbers, here's the main thing you need to know so: gamestop earned 90.7 million in q4 and it had an earnings per share of 1.34. This is technically a miss because wall street was expecting an earnings per share of 1.35, but it is an improvement um compared to a year ago, which was a dollar 27 per share. Sales fell to 2.12 billion compared to 2.19 in the fiscal 2019.

Fourth quarter, and just so you know, wall street was expecting 2.21 billion in sales. So, on the very high level you could say: yes, they missed um and if you're just looking at these metrics um, obviously they did because wall street was expecting something a little bit higher. But i did take some interesting notes that i think you should care about. So right here let me go back to that just so, you can watch the market as i'm filming this.

So the global ecommerce scales, global ecommerce sales went sky high, most likely because of the new direction of ryan cohen from chewie. Who is now on the board. He got involved with gamestop in 2020, joined the board in 2021 and e-commerce and in my personal opinion this is a great direction to take the company. So the global ecommerce sales were up 191 percent and in the quarter they were up 175.

So right now console sales themselves have been doing really well, especially with the whole new generation of um consoles. But on top of that i think this is a very, very smart direction to take the company and they're executing on it very, very well um. I would argue this is a big win uh for maybe not like tomorrow, when the market opens up, or maybe not even necessarily the next quarter, but in the long run this the strength in the e-commerce basically becoming the amazon of video games, video game sales consoles. All that stuff we're seeing very positive trends, so that is 100 a massive win they're executing on it.

Well uh to the point that now over the past year, e-commerce is 29 of the of all the company's sales and 34 over the past quarter. So we're seeing very, very solid growth in their e-commerce. Unfortunately, in the call there weren't too many exciting things stated said, and i think that's why we're honestly seeing the sell-off. So we closed that 182 right now we're training at 160 and i think people were waiting for some sort of bombshell statement prediction.

Anything like that. I mean in fact ryan cohen, didn't even speak on it. It was just um. The ceo, the cfo, nothing exciting, came from it, basically the earnings report that was announced.

Essentially they just read it to us. So there was no new big bombshell in terms of positive developments. We know that the uh chief customer officer it was announced earlier today that that guy is out uh earlier. We knew that the cfo is leaving they're both leaving at the end of march.

We do have a new uh there's a new chief operating officer. Her name is jenna owens. She does seem to be pretty kick-ass she's previously worked at amazon and google. I think that's a very smart and strategic pickup for the company um.

I think they, this ms owens, will mat mesh very, very well with ryan, especially growing the the e-commerce uh brand uh, really just executing properly and becoming the e-commerce in this sector. So i think that's really good. I also thought it was pretty funny um that they said they sold the private transportation asset as in they just got rid of their jet um. That's really not gon na push the stock up or down, but i just thought that was funny to know that they did get rid of it and another potential reason of why we're going down right now in post-market training and keep in mind.

Post-Market trading is a very, very light volume, so it's easy to bully the stock up or down, but i think beyond the fact that there was no bombshell thing and i think we're all like. Oh are they getting announced something fun about an acquisition, maybe gmbl slg? That didn't come. I think there was a small percentage chance of that really playing out, but really there was no ryan cohen. He didn't speak at all.

There was no guidance for the future quarters which isn't abnormal many companies right now are not offering future guidance. I want you to fully understand that. That's not abnormal, because right now with rona and all that it's just peop companies boards are very hesitant to predict the next quarter, because we don't know, i think, we're living day by day week by week. But really, i think the big thing is that this wasn't a big headlines, earnings announcement.

There was nothing really to sink your teeth into like there's. There was just being no big headlines and i think right now. That's part of the reason why we're selling off um. So, as for my prediction tomorrow, i think that there was a lot of puts and a lot of shorts who, out of the gate, are going to try to take profits um if enough of those those guys are taking profits.

We're going to see upward pressure because remember to close the short you have to buy back into the market, so i think that we could see upward pressure. I would love to see it push back up to this 185 level, which is a very important technical level. So we'll see how that goes, um! That's my prediction: for early market open! If there's enough people covering their position, that could put enough upward pressure that maybe we break above 200 and with that uh things could look more bullish for us. People really just buying the dip.

So, in terms of technicals, the specific price levels i'm personally going to be looking at will be right here. So as of now we're trending at 161., there is pretty decent support in the range of 158. 150 is a key psychological level, but other than that i'd be watching 140. uh.

We saw a lot of rejections in the past at 140, so i'd be looking for support so really between 140 150. A lot of support 158 - it's definitely an important technical level. So i think, especially if we check out this 30 minute chart, there is going to be quite a few dip buyers. I mean i was talking about it on the live stream when we were listening to the earnings, call that man, even if i didn't know the stock, if i didn't know the story line of the short squeeze or anything.

If i was just looking at this chart, i would say: 140 150 is a very strong reversion play just because the rsi, the relative strength index uh one of my favorite technical indicators that maps out bullish against bearish momentum. It's so oversold, it's very, very low - and this is just it's very common for dip buyers to step in as a nice reversion plate. So i'm thinking that the morning for gamestop should be pretty strong remember. This is just my own opinion, i'm in no way a financial advisor, i'm just showing my thoughts out there and i think right now it's been beaten down enough that people are going to look at it as a very good bounce play reversion play whatever you want To call it, but i i think we're going to see some bullishness tomorrow, hopefully more volume i mean on the day: gamestop had uh, 14 million shares traded.

The average 10 day. Volume is 25 million. I think we're gon na see a spike in volume. I hope we see it.

I think that's one of the biggest culprits right now battling with amc and actually gamestop. It's just both their volumes have been so low. People are losing interest, but i'm hoping with this that the volume picks up. I hope that people truly do have diamond hands and are holding in fact, potentially buying more and are able to push it back up, but i think one of the best indicators will be what's going on in the options market.

I want to know if people are buying calls. I want to know if they're buying puts, i want to know the expiration date. I want to know the strike price today right before the market closed. We saw people loading into puts and i think they're going to be up a cool 30.

40. 50 when the market opens tomorrow. So i hope that they take those profits right away kind of relieve some of the downward pressure. And hopefully we could see a nice follow-through, but in the end i think we're down right now.

There was no guidance. There was no headlines, ryan cohen, didn't speak, they didn't even take questions. They basically just read off their financial statement to us, and that was the end of the call nothing exciting and right now i don't think many people would argue that the current levels that gamestop is training at is above any fair fundamental value, we're just in the Middle of, like squeeze 2.0 uh and the fact that the bears are having such a tough time pushing it down, is really really telling me that the fight isn't over, and i guess one other person who really doesn't think the fight is over is dfe. Aka, roaring.

Kitty he just posted this today. He still has his hundred 000 shares in gamestop. He still has 500 calls that expire april 16th he's up 578, 820, 000 respectively um he's down 1.9 million today, but overall, the positions up 24 million. So if he's diamond handing it there's absolutely no reason, i can't diamond hand it.

I still have all my gamestop shares at a cost basis of 156. I still have my gamestop calls that expire this friday march 26th at the strike price of 250. Honestly, i don't have a crystal ball. I don't know how this is gon na play out, but i think there's enough things that, like that reasonably i could say i could see a very solid chance of it.

Bouncing half of this after this earnings call but hey um. I've gotten calls in the past wrong. I i'm sure i'll get them wrong wrong. Additionally, in the future, but on this time all we could do is watch the technical levels and see how this plays out, but i can guarantee you, i will still be diamond handing it.

I would absolutely love to get your thoughts on gamestop. This earnings call and really this whole short squeeze saga in a comment below. I would love to know your thoughts, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the update videos like this or the monday to friday live streams, all you have to do is go to that bell, icon click on it and switch it to always.

And finally, if you want those, two free stocks make sure you're checking out that link to weeble you'll get one for signing up and then the second one for depositing a hundred dollars until i catch you next time for me and duck shirt. Best of luck in the markets, you.

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