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Gamestop : know this before tuesday gme stock price prediction – Matt Kohrs

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GameStop is about to have a highly important week 💎🙌
Everything you need to know about GME 🚀🚀🚀
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What's going on moong, i hope that you're having a good one, i wanted to take a quick minute to explain why i think that this upcoming trading week will be an abnormally interesting one for gamestop. Now, let's be honest, i know that every trading week since the start of 2021 until now has been pretty interesting for gamestop, but i think that this upcoming week will have an abnormal amount of volatility. I will also be explaining why i strongly believe that this overall fight is nowhere close to being done and as a little cherry on top i'll, be doing a technical breakdown. So we know what price levels to watch as everything continues to play out.

So before i hop into all that, don't forget to join up with the moon gig by hitting the subscribe button. Also, if you want two free socks check out that link to weeble below you'll, get one for signing up and another for depositing a hundred dollars. All right, let's hop into it before i really get into the main aspects of this video. I want you to know that this is definitely a bias video.

I have a long position on gamestop, i own call options and i own shares of the company. I very much want the stock to go up and i would highly prefer that there's a massive squeeze, so i just want to get that out there at the start. As of now in the weeble account, i have two call options: a strike price of 250 and they expire this upcoming friday march 26th. As of now i'm down on it.

But if we get any solid action on gamestop, i'm very confident that these will go to being in the money and beyond that in this robin hood account um, i own 18 shares of gamestop uh average cost of 156. As of now, i'm up 28 - and this is 54 of my portfolio - the other half is pretty much amc, so i just want you to know not unbiased. I have gamestop, i have amc, i want them both to squeeze. I just wanted to get that out there at the start, so this brings us to why i think gamestop is about to have a very very interesting week, and it comes down to the fact that on tuesday after the market closes, gamestop will have their earnings announcement.

If this whole saga of gamestop amc and the short squeeze has brought you into the stock market - and this is the first time you've heard about earnings - report earnings announcement - basically once every quarter four times a year - companies that are publicly traded report. How they're doing to the public? That's where you hear all about their balance sheet: income, yada, yada, yada, all that good stuff. So after the market closes uh this tuesday march 23rd, we will not. We will know not only how gamestop did in the past fiscal quarter, but really how they did in all of 2020..

We are expecting to hear these are the numbers that like, if you want to read about it later or you're. Listening in on the uh earnings call here's what we're listening for a net income of 88.3 million in earnings per share of a dollar 35 and a total sales of 2.2 billion. Once again, this happens after the market closes on tuesday uh. It is a public call.

You can listen to it if you want to, or you could just check for these numbers after so this is big and usually in normal circumstances. These are the numbers we're looking to be hit, but also, let's be fair and take a step back right now. What where gamestop is trading at where amc is trading at both of them they're trading, way beyond fundamentals? Right now, like these are nice to hear they're nice to know about, but whether we beat them or we don't beat them it's. It doesn't really justify where the stock is trading at um, because right now we're in this massive massive battle for potential short squeeze gamma squeeze and the the price per share is way higher than we're at based on just normal fundamentals.

So to me, it doesn't really matter that much i'm much more interested in what the questions that the analysts are going to ask and any other developments coming out of the meeting in general. And let me explain what i mean by that, but quickly just right here. After two months of wild training, gamestop will report results on january uh for january quarter on tuesday. What that means, for this talk is anyone's guess according to a web bush announced, gamestop is well positioned to be a primary beneficiary of the new console launches.

So that's definitely a bullish thing in terms of bearishness. They are having some supply chain issues and also with the world, not all, obviously not being in the best situation. There were some store closures, so we have some bullish stuff. We have some bear stuff, but once again, that is all directly related to the company's fundamentals and right now, where gamestop's at we're training in a world really beyond fundamentals, right here disconnected from fundamentals.

So because of that, i am much more interested in what this guy right here is about to say so, ryan cohen, he is the co-founder of chewie. He kind of got involved with gamestop last year. In 2020 then um he became a member of gamestop's board in 2021 and i even wrote this down because i thought it just sounded so cool and mysterious. He made the new strategic committee for accelerating transformation.

So to me it sounds like he's either going to overtake the world or hopefully, fingers crossed cause another massive short squeeze in gamestop stock. So basically his overall, like i guess, directive right now, is to help gamestop really become. I think it's quoted at saying the amazon. The e-commerce like strengthen gamestop's e-commerce brand and become the amazon of like console sales, or just things related to that esports arena, which i think could be very very interesting for the um, the company.

I think it's a smart place to take gamestop in the long run. Just keep in mind that, like all this, the progress made in this in the short term is not really going to impact the squeeze, but ryan cohen uh, co-founder of chewie helping out gamestop on the board uh as recently as january, and that's his whole thing. Right now he's trying to drive for this e-commerce, so i would love to hear about the progress of that uh. We should find out more on the earnings call and beyond that personally, what i'm most excited for about what really could trigger a squeeze now or just help gamestop in the long run, is any potential news or hints um talking about acquisition in the world of esports.

So uh, if this is the first time you're hearing about it, let me just scroll down a little bit so in february the guy from sichuan research, he was saying that gamestop, one of the best things they could do is acquire um, an esports company just because Esports is a massively growing field, it's in massively growing industry and obviously just being gamestop. That would be a very logical connection, so a lot of people were assuming uh, the ticker symbol, gmbl esports entertainment would be a good target for gamestop to acquire, and in fact when this was first theorized uh. That's when we saw a spike in this price. It was trading at eight dollars, instantly shot up to around 18 and since then it's been trading sideways.

So if you want to check it out, it is under gmbl, but if we then check out ryan's twitter right here, he posted this win on february 24th. So he had a little frog, emoji and then mcdonald's. So all of a sudden, this actually made people, especially in the wall street bets world uh. Think that hang on, maybe gmbl, wasn't the right target and we might be hearing something about slg, which is super league gaming.

So, if you're like me and you're, looking at this you're wondering how in the world does this possibly connect to slg? Well, the frog and these a lot of people when you were putting them together - or i guess not me when other people were putting them together. They found the connection to slg, because the ceo of slg is a woman and hand, and she was previously the ceo of a company of project frog and then she also was uh like a business development manager at mcdonald's. So right there, the frog, the mcdonald's ice cream cone. They were seeing the connection to the ceo, who is now the ceo of super league gaming.

So for me i i admit i fully fully admit this is a long shot if we're going to get most of the time um like we, you can't bank, on an announcement of like hang on, like we are fully expecting them to announce an acquisition um at The earnings announcement - i'm not saying it's likely, but i think that either of these gmbl or slg would be really really smart for gamestop to acquire. I think it would strengthen the brand and, more importantly, for what's going on right now like why i'm even talking about it at this moment in time is because some pro i should say a good acquisition, could really really help trigger a short squeeze like just bullish. Excitement people buying in they like it, so i am very, very eager to learn a little bit about what's going on with the e-commerce. I hope that's going well um.

It would be nice to know how strong the console sales are, but in the end we need uh, almost like a bombshell development or something to get people once again interested in what's going on with gamestop. So i think it would be really really cool if we heard something about that uh after the market closes on tuesday when they have the earnings call. So that's kind of what's going on with the earnings um, i'm really considering live streaming. Of course, i'll have update videos of what's going on um with gamestop uh post earnings, so keep that on your radar.

But beyond that uh. The other important aspect of this video is why i believe the fight is nowhere close over well. First of all, if we do have any interesting positive developments from the earnings call, obviously the stock could shoot up. But beyond that, i just want to remind everyone that well, first of all, gamestop is still up quite a bit gamestop right now: trading at 200 ticker symbol, gme.

It did drop 24 over the past week, but over the past month, three months, six months year to day in one year, it's up a lot over the past month itself. It's up 392 percent there's no way the fight's over. Like i know, over the past four days it's been watching, it's been pretty much the same as watching paint dry uh. The stock hasn't been moving much, but that's because we're so used to these massive massive jumps and beyond that like so i get that it was a little bit boring a rejection right off of 280.

We hit this trend line, it came down, then it hasn't done much, but it just takes a little bit. I mean these times. It shoots up, does nothing for a couple days. Then it shoots up again, so it just might be a classic period of consolidation and then a nice period of expansion and if we check out fintel.

So this is just from friday march 19th um out of all the shares traded, which it was a light volume 26 of it was a short um with shorts. As of now, there is still a lot of lot of short interest in the stock. The short share is available. It's 150 000.

That's very, very low. A lot of people still have their shorts out there, and i do want to talk about this. The short volume ratio, it's nice, to see these trends. Overall, i mean look at this.

It's gone from 20, 22, 23, 24, 25. 26. Every day the percentage of the overall shares traded. It's it's slowly going higher as in more and more people are shorting it and most like it could be safely assumed that this is a lot of the hedge fund.

People out there a lot of hedge funds taking bets again against gamestop and a lot of the times in normal stock market situations. When wall street is so heavily better get been bet against the company. There is some sort of statistical advantage to bet with big money. Coming down, but i i really from the depths of my heart, believe that gamestop is in a different situation, because there are so many retro traders like me, and you still trying to fight for gamestop against these hedge funds and the fact that they are almost like.

Embolding building up their short position tells me that the fight's not over as much as we hear of like. Oh it's dead, don't worry about it! Ah, i i just really really don't believe it um, as much of as they've been trying to push it down. Telling me that it's over it's still up 392 in the past month. How could it possibly be over um? It was a little bit boring i'll, say yes to that, but the fact that they're still shorting it.

It's really not dropping that much and we have a potential catalyst: the earnings announcement, which will come out tuesday, um that could get people reinvigorated, buying it again and potentially we'll see another short squeeze gamma squeeze, there's no way to ever guarantee any of this. I just don't buy it um all these people saying it's over. It's dead how the stock is still up. We have uh potential drivers um any announcement, really some a potential acquisition, there's there's just so much on the table and no matter how many articles there's written people telling me that it's over, i just don't see how it just does not add up in my head.

The fact that they're always telling me it's over it's over it's over that alone is the litmus test telling me that it's not over so we'll see how this week plays out and just in more of a technical perspective of what levels we should look for. So this is gamestop's daily chart. You know, let me grow back up to this gamestop trades on the ticker gme right now it's at 200. We had this nice squeeze at the end of january, started february, came down, uh, consolidated period of expansion, consolidated period of expansion.

Right now it looks like another period of consolidation and if history, as in from late february until now, is any indicator we consolidate and then it expands again that's what i'm overall. Looking for, like a high general theme in terms of the technicals, we had this trend line that i would like to get tested and a breakout this week past that we, if we touch 280, that's an overall, very nice cupping handle here's the cup. Here's a handle in the world of technical analysis. This is a pretty bullish pattern, so i'll be looking for that in terms of support.

In fact, this might be better on the 30 minute chart. Um right now we're in this very interesting region of support 200 to 212, really 185 to 212. um. I'm looking for this to hold.

If it does break down i'm looking for support between 150 158 - i'm hoping we don't even come close to that, but really i think the ball could get rolling. Above we've, we've tried to get out of this sideways trading region a couple times over the past week. It keeps getting rejected at 2 30, so i think 230 is kind of important same with 250. But really i'm looking for a breakout of this trend line and the real breakout comes at 280, because that's the the full formation of the cup and handle and past 280.

I don't think it will be that crazy for the stock to get back up to 350.. So, overall, these are kind of the important technical levels we're watching. We do have fundamental developments with the earnings call um, i'm gon na be listening to the call overall, whether they beat or don't beat on the earnings per share. The revenue i mean the stock is already trading so much higher than where it should be at based on fundamentals that i don't really care about those fundamentals.

I want to know what's going on with ryan cohen, with uh the e-commerce stuff, and mainly, i hope that they either fully announce or hit at an acquisition. Of course, you never know how it's going to go unless you're inside the company and in terms of the short squeeze gamma squeeze really just the stock skyrocketing. No one can predict that anyone calling out of like hey it's definitely going to do this on this date. No one has a crystal ball that good, like that's just not how the stock market works um, so i'm gon na sit back.

I'm gon na listen to the earnings. Call i'm gon na play the technical levels. I have a long position. I want this to happen.

Uh fingers crossed so that it does, but all we can do is really sit back and wait to see how this all plays out with. That being said, i would love to get your thoughts on what gamestop will do this week. Are you as excited for the earnings call earnings report as i am, or do you think it's going to be a lame duck? Do you think that the squeeze is going to happen? Do you think it's completely over um? Obviously, all this i'm not a financial advisor. These are just my own opinions, but i would love to get your thoughts in a comment below also don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button.

If you don't want to miss any of the update, videos such as this or the monday to friday live streams, make sure you're going over to that bell. Icon click on it and switch it to oes, and if you want two free stocks check out that link to weeble one for signing up another for depositing a hundred dollars and until i catch you next time, remember space apes. Best of luck in the markets. You.

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