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Gme amc: get ready for takeoff rd 2 market price action: amc, gamestop more – Matt Kohrs

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Well well, well, he is back um. You know. I really really never surprises me how far the hedgies will go to stop just a guy in a duck shirt trying to make a buck. You know no! Here's what's going on, they had to come in uh.

So i'm i film all this, like my studio's in my basement, there's a gas leak on my street, so they came in just to make sure that i wasn't like inhaling. I guess fumes and killing myself um. Apparently, there is no leak in my building, but like right outside they said there's like gas on my wall and stuff, and i thought that gas was like gaseous. I didn't think of it as like a liquid, but i guess it's all outside.

So i'm gon na stream until they start doing construction. I don't know we're we're gon na. Do it as long as we can. Hopefully we can get it all the way till 4 p.m, but i don't know when it will happen.

I don't know i'm just going to stream as long as i can, i'm not going to ditch you guys um man, it's so frustrating. We had 15 000 people in here and now we drop so we just got to keep going. We got to get those numbers back rides. Dropping on me, unfortunately, tesla's strong, 652.

um, it just is what it is all right. Chair is okay, terrible, nothing. Chair is the first thing that i um save obviously uh. Where are we at? Where are we at stream settings? I just want to make sure we are good we're going to come back team.

You know the hedges. Just don't want us to have fun extreme health, excellent healthy here we go uh. If you guys could help me out drop that like let everyone else that was watching, know that we're back man just my luck. You know we had such an awesome stream going gas leak.

Sounds us bar gate. 2021. Yeah all right we're back team, we're back we're back we're back we're back all right. How are we doing? Okay, amc update 10 30 gamestop holding that 240 line, uh tesla did break out above 650..

I'm praying that riot holds uh 50. uh. That was not a smart trade on my part, but it is what it is um. I still i don't know.

I guess i gave myself time so we'll see how that all comes out, how it all plays out man there was and uh. What's any big questions? Just trying to get everything set up again, i wasn't fully prepared. I just wanted to hit that stream button. Where are we hang on? I think we're good all right, all right, all right, all right team.

I think we're back. I think i have everything set up. Let's do this: let's crush it! Um whoa amc just dropped to 10. Oh well, not that bad! I shouldn't say whoa.

I just saw a quick little spike, but no volume really associated with it. So gamestop flat at 240.. Amc could not keep riding this trend line, but it's holding above 1010, which i really really like overall market, pretty strong, pushing 389 very close to all-time high territory. I don't know uh, hey man, i've been watching your stream for over a month love the energy.

Should i hold old jimmy or paper hand, my average cost is 50, but debating on taking some profit or just uh holding for all fellow space. Every shirt counts. I mean alonzo, that's all up to you like we're getting to the point where, like obviously it's high, i hope you're in profit. You could always take some.

If you want, i mean i can't really advise anyone on what to do for me, i'm holding that's how i'm doing it, but uh. This also isn't my main portfolio i'm here for a fun time. It is what it is uh now we're just gon na be fighting with the algorithm all day. Loving my 5 000 june jamie call option bar for more by the day.

10 10 will exercise game newly discovered element harder than carbon and dime game stoppium. I like that ivory i like that, let's go, let's go 1pm, i guess uh we're tricking them today. Usually we take that little break at the end of one. So we took the quick break an hour today, um, oh, oh! I need to tweet this out guys.

I completely forgot about that um. Sorry, let me quickly do this. Just tweet it out to get the world know that i am back. You can't keep the duck shirt down live now, got it ooh inception, i'm seeing myself in the past tim sykes.

What a show all right - let's tweet, this out, all right, if you guys could do me a huge favor and drop that a retweet just so the rest of our networks. All know that hey i'm not dead and not that at least yet um greatly appreciated whoo. Usually we just tesla's still moving. How is that tesla call looking up 1.6 k on the tesla call from early this morning, nice, it's playing out nice good thing i got out of those puts.

Ah, let's go: let's go we back. We back. We back uh man lost, so many people in that, unfortunately, but all you could do sometimes that's just the hand you're dealt you got, ta just move move on and the best way to move on right now is to make a disgusting amount of money off of Amc and gme - hopefully this is just the little correction we need to rip for the rest of the day. I'm expecting it to be a little bit quiet from one to two really in the entire market.

Across the board i mean, i know, tesla's making a new intraday high, but um. I really am expecting things to be a bit quiet um, but then, hopefully it picks up from two to three and really picks up from three to four we're gon na get it guys with this money. The amount of money on the table game stop perking up there. We go the magnet doing its job.

Let's look for this breakout. The intraday high right now is what is this? The high is 246.26 um. I think right past that it has to almost touch 250.. Obviously, when i say it has to, it doesn't actually have to.

I just get excited opinion on roblox coming up. I like it, i'm not going to be playing the ipo, but i do like it. I definitely definitely like it all right. Oh thank you for all those retweets uh.

That was very, very kind of you guys. You guys are already crushing it you're the best, the best tesla on the move. 660 how's, the tesla call working all right, maybe i'll just um. I have such a good date.

I i was thinking about just locking in two and a half gay two and a half k uh, but i could also swing it. Um got to think about that one because tesla's showing a lot of strength. I wish i bought two, but i didn't have enough money in the account, especially because i got in on gme, but i think gme is going to pay off a lot. Why no did the ipo um only just because there's a lot of excitement, the charts new? I'm a big technical trader, so i like to look at the support the resistance and play it off of that uh.

That's just it like nothing, bad about the company. It's just like i like to deal with more data uh. So when it's brand new there's just not enough data, yet that's only the only reason why all right, so some people are asking for a rocket as well, but where is that rocket rocket rocket rocket? Where did it go here? We go all right. We got ta put the nose right where we want it.

Well, really we want it higher today. So, let's just go even above this. There we go. There's your rocket.

Can you explain now, what's going on with dtcc making hedges pay their? I o using calls. So, basically, to my understanding of reading that um hedges had like kind of six like a 21 day range of like an iou of like yeah, we'll get you the money for like the clearing corp. But now it sounds like uh under like volatile circumstances. The clearing corp, the people that like actually officially transfer the shares from the buyer to the seller, they can do um like kind of calls on you and make sure you have the money like that day.

So, basically, in volatile environments, aka amc, gamestop, uh it'll, make it more difficult for them to like continue shorting shares that don't exist. Matt. I made a mistake a few weeks ago to set a pre-order at market open and my cost basis was 1430. Am i in okay shape needs some motivation, wait what um johnson on what stock ryan whitehurst that uh! Thank you for that super chat, um! But johnson.

Let me know your um whatchamacallit the stock you're talking about man. I made a mistake a few weeks ago to set a pre-order at market open and my cost basis is 1438 in my own location. I'm really not sure what you're talking about like what stocks specifically uh uh. We will you know, let's see if i can get updates on this construction outside all right uh.

Here we go amc. Turning back a little bit, uh parties back on above 10, 40, 10, 45. riot coming back um game. Stop, hopefully it perks up soon.

It's at 2 41 amc, 1030 tesla pushing 660.. I'm surprised, tesla, i'm surprised, uh. I thought there would be resistance at 650.. So right here, it's above that.

Where are we trading right now? So i need to watch 680 seems to be the next stop. Maybe 6.95 um ricky just joined with the discord uh. Just so you guys know the moon. Gang discord is very, very close to 500 subscribers.

So it's an awesome, growing community. If you want to be a part of that check out the uh, i pinned it. The discord link is above, it's all done through patreon uh johnson you're in amc, so you got in at 14. 30 need some motivation.

I mean man if we like, i'm still expecting a test of 11 today, honestly um. Obviously, we need the bulls to step back in but after 11, i think we're clear sailing to 1290 and then we're very close to your point at 14. 30.. So, like obviously, we have ways to go, but i mean if you want, you could lower your average or something like that.

But, like i mean i'm holding you will definitely all of you guys will know. When i sell it'll be very very obvious. I don't hide anything from any of you. I try to be as transparent as painfully transparent as i can be.

When do americans get their stemi checks? It is not decided yet um, it's still in the house. They are voting on it 15 today and power hour. Easy i mean i would love like i would go bonkers bonkers bonkers. Bonkers, hang on uh tesla sell on the move, uh amc 1030..

It looks like it's picking up. I like that. We need a little bit more volume on amc, um, gamestop, just still 241. I feel like it's been there pretty much all day here we go here.

We go all right, uh guys if you had to pick between amc or gme right now for more money, bigger percentage gain, which one would you pick he meant i have 10k invested in gme at 65.. If the squeeze is closed, should i aim for 100k and if i need to uh need to cover on the way? Okay, so you have 10k invested at 65k, so to get 100k, you want it to 10x, as in you want it to see 650, i mean that's a pretty nice goal. Uh you might want to take off some like, as you get closer like that big level. 500, 650, a thousand but um yeah.

We just don't know how it's going to react and, of course, i'll be here during the squeeze to read out the technical levels and tell you what i'm looking for, for example, still looking for 250 on gamestop, then 280. Still looking for 11 on amc, i'm more than happy to share the technical levels that i'm watching man, i sold my amc at ten dollars, hoping to buy back in it lower, which didn't happen so i bought in at 10.50. Now it's lower learn that lesson yeah! That's the thing when you have big movers like this, like timing, the market can be proved to be very difficult. Sometimes you're gon na feel great and you're gon na nail like in on the head and be perfect and then other times you're, just gon na miss your opportunity and get like whipsawed.

Don't forget your rocket fuel team very, very important today. Here we go amc. Look at this. This is big right here at 10, 45 ish, 10, 44.

um. Above this, it's just some a little intraday resistance. Potentially it popped right back up to 10.75. Let's go, let's go yeah vigilant! That's a good question! What was the cause of the gas? Like ray, i want to make fun of myself and say me, but i guess something just happened out on the street um.

Would i envel be a descending wedge after consolidating all right. This is a good question. Yeah pretty much. I think you nailed that usually descending wedges do break upward, obviously not guaranteed, but that's a good question.

Irish punch. Okay, full time, let's collect some data team, let's see where everyone where their biases lie. Uh. I would appreciate, if you guys, could vote uh the more the merrier i just i want to know where you guys have more money.

Amc jimmy who's, your fighter, which one are you going with. If you could only pick one afternoon, matthew julian, you missed a lot. I don't know if you just saw the whole gas leak. Now we went from fartgate 2021 to gastly gas leak 2021.

It's been a crazy day of streaming, but afternoon afternoon, when should i buy into gme? I want to get in this rocket all up to you. Man i mean it's just like if you're getting right now, your closest support is down at 220. Are you okay, with risking 22 dollars a share? Do you think tesla will drop after it's huge run-up uh? It could but also understand that it's already dropped a lot. So you could have asked like a little bit ago.

Do you think tesla will bounce a lot after this hat this massive drop? You have to take multiple time frames into account, not just the intraday. If gme continues to stutter its way to 300 400 without huge price and volume, could it make it to 1 000 2000 a realistic squeeze potential target? I mean any of this like it could happen. Nothing's really out of the question, with the squeeze guys, don't forget to cash, your votes, only 27 votes so far cash. Your votes on twitter, amc's, winning guys if you're in the gme crowd or if you really like amc, don't forget uh.

Let the world know where you stand: stemi checks coming at end of month, if hf, if hedge funds are as smart as they claim to be, they should drop the shorts rocketing. The stocks before the checks hit once semi comes it and they will be screwed uh. I would like to see that smells like someone is making soup liquidate. These gme shares my friend you're the moon man in the flesh, a true martian among us, mere men seth.

Thank you so much. That's so nice lkq 45 calls 319, 319 lkq. So lkq was a pick from tibio, i believe um. What are you saying? 45 calls 319..

I mean it's a bit chasy, but that doesn't mean you can't make money uh just just know that it's like a risky. I mean it made a new high. Today i mean, if you like, it just understand you're at the casino. That's not really i mean i don't know if you like, a larger amount of risk and reward lkq to 45, like i think it could happen.

This is a lot of momentum. I like it, but the rsi is already kind of blown out you're at resistance of 44. So there's a couple of things going against you, but that doesn't mean you can't make money. There's probably better risk reward setups in the market.

But if you like that one, i i don't hate it papa elon do a bless on me today, but i'd like to know your thoughts on the trend and how do you feel swinging? Three 19 700 calls at 6 31 into tomorrow. I mean like i'm playing the 675s like you and i uh jr, like we have a very similar type like yours, is 25 higher, so you're probably up a bigger percentage right now, but that's about it like you, it's not really uh. It's pretty. I don't know.

I like it, the chart is most like. I see no reason to get out right now, like it doesn't look like it's turning around guys, we're always shooting for the meat of the move. That's our goal, and right now it looks like the like. I i have no reason to bail if it continues to show strength in the market close if the overall market is strong, which it looks very strong.

I'm fine with swinging thoughts on uh tesla march 26 calls pretty much the same scenario like things are looking strong right now, we're playing it off. The bounce is chair. Single asking for a friend's chair. Chair is single.

So if you know some some cute other chairs for my chair, maybe we can make something happen ctrm. How is ctrm moving today? Oh i mean you might get a nice uh swing trade opportunity here, that is, it is a good looking chart. I don't like that. It's a penny stock.

I don't like that. It's a shipping company, but i do like the chart rkt, making a recovery love to hear that rkt 26 solid of four percent today holy smack close. My spy puts at 2k lawson joined in on tesla broke even and in green again. Red approves shout out to you nice way to pivot matt.

I cracked the code i bought back my covered calls and amc tanked. I just sold 13 covered calls in amc rockets. Peter just keep selling man help us all out for the team for the greater good. Here we go tesla's on the move.

Where was that resistance that even called out on tesla uh we're kind of at a little one right now really 680, i guess 670 to 680, then 695., there's just and we're at this trend line now. So if we break out of this i'd be happy to swing tesla. The breakout point is closer to 675., all right, gme, 6 or 242 amc 1037.. We're up a nice 2.5 k on this day, trade how's my riot or these ones doing.

Okay, up 4.9 k on gme down 200 on riot riot. I don't know i feel like, even when i did it. I said it was stupid. I don't know why.

I did that hey. We went from down 2k to up 1.8 k what a day what a day. Ah, i'm scared i'm down. 20K.

I was shorting nazik 100. When it went up. I need nasdaq 100 to come down to 25 um, so i could close lose now i mean it's guys. No one can tell the future of the market.

You never know about the announcements. You never know when people are going to take profits when people are going to short. It's it's a lot of guesswork. Uh, all you get in my opinion, all you can kind of really do is like do your best to read the tea leaves um read the writing on the wall.

Look at support resistance right now, the market's looking strong. This is what we have in the s. P 500. um that red line i've been going on about that's a breakout to me: that's bullish.

It could get rejected right away and come back in here. Yes, that is a possibility, but at this point i'm just risking that trend line so i'll all personally try to be bullish all the way up to 394. That's the next major, maybe 392. i'll watch that um, but it easily could get rejected anywhere in here, especially if the stimulus deal falls apart, but for now, if you're playing technicals, i'm just playing this breakout at this point bro, can you please explain theta loss when Buying calls, i understand the concept, but where and when is the loss deducted um, so basically it's just the value of it.

So it's not like there's a machine or something in the background like that's like taking it away, but think about it. This way, if you have a stock xyz, that's trading at 50 and the premium is at a dollar and your theta decay is 10 cents. Well, the next day the market opens everything else held like being held constant. If we're back at that 50 it'll be that 10 cents, less it'll go down from a dollar to 90 cents, and it's just because the closer and closer you get to expiration, you have less and less intrinsic value.

Extrinsic value and part of extrinsic value is just the time left. You want more time, because that means that you have more time for the stock to go up to go down so the more time the more possibility, so the premium's worth more with the less time. Theoretically, there's less chance of the big movement like in your favor, so it's less and less valuable, hey matt! I need some help with my tesla's up 5.5 k. It's a march 12 call strike.

Price 600 was thinking about swinging. It uh, don't tell my girlfriend dimitri. I mean if you like, the chart is looking overextended like. I think you should lock in some profits, uh you're up 5.5 k.

Why not take off 2.5 k off the table lock that in and then maybe swing the other part like you, don't have to sell it all at once: um you're not looking to bottom tick and top tick stocks. It's just there's too much luck involved, um, you're! Looking for the meat of the move, if you think that the meat of the move is 670 680, i mean we wrote it up from 600 today to 670., that's a 70 swing, you're up 5.5 k. It's never a bad idea to lock in some profits, uh ctrm thoughts. I mean i don't like it as an investment, but its chart looks like you might get a nice swing.

Trade do tea, leaves think we'll see the end of day. Gme pop, i mean i really really hope so. It's holding strong intraday it's 120 right now, uh. Hopefully things pick up from two to three, hopefully from three to four.

They really pick up um, i'm looking for a test of 250, i'm looking for a test of 11. 8k today on gme amc, yolos tip the executioners el randle. Thank you. That is awesome 8k.

That is phenomenal, congrats congrats congrats, hey guys! If you can do me a favor just like with the unfortunate nature of everything going on right now, uh there's seven and a half thousand of you in here. If you guys can help me drop the likes, i mean it really does help with the youtube algorithm. Uh, if we could get this up to like two and a half thousand likes, i would very very much appreciate that uh. The engagement is like one of the best ways to drive the youtube algorithm just trying to get back to where we were before.

I'm very very excited for close: let's try to make some money, let's teach and overall, let's just have a fun time. You know big smile on your face, but i would appreciate it if you could drop a like. It would be greatly greatly appreciated. Let's see who's win the voting poll uh profile guys just so you know my twitter and my instagram are both at matt underscore cores uh.

If you want to check those out, amc is winning 667. i'd like to get to about a thousand votes, but that's a good day to size. Amc you guys like amc way more. I wonder why interesting, don't you think amc value is going to plummet after they announce their earnings, so won't be smart to sell before them.

I have no reason to believe that it would plummet it could plummet. It could also shoot up. You just never know. What's going to come out of it colin, i hope you're working on that space lambo, because gme is waking up 244 high of the day is like 246, something thank you we're at 2.

000 likes. You guys are the freaking best like seriously. This community is so much i i wish you guys had it every day day in and day out had at least 10 percent of the amount of fun i have with you guys like this is so what else could you want? I get to be myself, i'm my goofy self in a duck shirt we're making money on the market, we're cracking jokes, we're making fun of these heads like what else could you want? It's such a fun freaking time. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you here we go. Gamestop 246. At what point does jamie's market cap become a problem? I believe in the turnaround story, but the valuation is approaching chewie i mean john man, i mean in terms of valuation, it's already overvalued like we're past, that for sure we're, maybe 5x the value that gamestop should be from a fundamental basis, but remember like it's a New age of training a decade ago, two decades ago, everyone was like basically had their um like the fundamental models of like what p e ratio.

We should be training at um right now. The world cares more about hype and social media and what people are talking about. There is a value to it and just the new models. Don't explain it that well um, so you just got to ride the trend, whether you, whatever model you're, basing it on, and when i say you i mean the editorial you just like anyone out there.

Obviously we need new models to explain the new type of investor. Sarah just became an astronaut sarah awesome. I appreciate that welcome aboard the call-in update, vigilant with the first vote. I love that gme2322.

No hotels borrowed after that. The countdown has resumed we're near is weevil automatically putting resistance support on charts on those prices. No, that's not support and resistance. These are just the high and the low of that, like the chart you're on like if i zoom out it changes it to that low.

It's just the high and the low of what you can see on your current chart. Um. It's so i mean, i guess it is support and resistance, but it is automatically doing it like i didn't do this, speaking of which amc turning back around almost 10.50 um gamestop holding at 244. tesla battling it out at 670, riot 51.80 ryan's the only.

Why did i do that riot trade why'd? You guys. Let me do that. Uh. My wife told me, i'm happier now that i watched the doctor guy all day, thoughts on m-a-m-a-c.

Well, i already like it because the letters are the same as emmy ooh coffee. As amc, so let's check it mac mac, it's not really moving. It's just sideways trading, not not bullish, not bearish. It's just trading sideways, um, so kind of indifferent to it.

Honestly, damon dc douglas just became an astronaut shout out. N.A just became an astronaut shout out to youtube. Welcome aboard this rocket ship destination, the freaking moon rkt. Our calls might go green matthew julian.

I would love that, what's even going on with like, i still have rkt, but i don't even know what's going on, i'm i'm down so big on the i'm down 1 700. But today i'm positive, i'm up 30 bucks uh. So what is my? What's my strike? Price, oh 48.89, because they added on the dividend. This is a rarity guys of why it's such a weird number, huge, huge, rarity, um! You don't see that that often, but i would love for rkt to squeeze a bit, even if i could just recoup some of those losses and get a little overzealous shout out to julian.

Here we go amc hanging out at 10. 50. Now i like it, i like it - i like it, isn't that from awesome powers, ivana slick, stickly just became an astronaut shout out to slick stickley, welcome aboard going to the moon, hey bro e hats, your prediction for end of week on amc, just speculation, not financial Advice, i know um, so i'm just playing these levels like. If we get above 11, i could realistically see it shooting to 1290 um rejection at 11.

We have a support at 10, 10., i'm just playing technical level to technical level that the thing i have in my sights right now is eleven dollars per share past that another dollar. Ninety higher at 1290 is what i'm looking for: hey matt. It looks like you're using the older weeble software. Look for the 4.0 client, it's so much easier to use okay uh, so i thought i had the newest client i'll check that out tonight, though, thank you for that heads up check on nndm from trading and volume.

Mr you think earnings will be positive. I mean for what i think on earnings like earnings. Is such a crap shoot like? I have. I have no idea, but i like the chart this is.

It looks like it's going to bounce. I think that's way more important. Um than my thoughts on earnings, the earnings look like they're march 11th, so thursday um but earnings they can hit it or miss. But then the stock can go the opposite way depending on what they saying on the earnings call.

So, like earnings, team earnings is such a crap shoot. You just never know. What's going to happen weekly call april, 1st amc strike 10. Why is the price still negative, exercising selling contract which brings more profit, love the show 45 year olds learning new tricks from a young buck? Okay, weekly call for amc april.

1St amc strike price 10. Why is the? Why is the price still negative? What do you mean? Why um so, like you already own it um robert, perhaps, is that what you're saying you won't necessarily get more profit by uh exercising wait, wait you have exercising or selling contract, which brings me more profit. Exercising and selling are the only two ways out like eventually you're gon na have to close it by exercising it or selling it like. You have to do one of those two um, so i'm i'm assuming you're in at a 10 strike on april 1st and you're down right now, um and that's just because of the other things like.

The volatility has been a little bit less lately and um we're getting closer and closer, but really we're far enough away that theta decay shouldn't be hurting you. So i'm assuming did you just hop in like when the stock was high and since then it's been selling off? That would be my gut assumption, but if amc keeps going, you'll be in the green and robert you'll be able to exercise which would turn it into shares. But remember you have to have enough money in your account to buy all those shares or you could just sell the option, contract and lock in that profit. You can play it either way, but you have to do one of those too uwmc is forcing rkt out by blocking loans that doesn't sound nice.

My first penny stock, dd cwgyf, backed by bill gates and u.s government awarded 2.5 square miles in north pacific ocean tech, generates elec for wave action, also detects bad weather uh for shipping interesting so damon. That was cwgyf. I have not heard of that, but it sounds pretty cool all right. Gamestop falling to 240 amc is still hanging out at 10.50, guys, it's still 130 remember volatility should get pick up closer and closer.

We get to close like every minute. The volatility should be a little bit more, so, let's hope for some action, but right now it's 1 30. commonly more of a quiet time, i'm outside all day would love to know if you considered cross streaming to a podcast, less data. Lo, you need to sell hats hat guy here um, so i do have a podcast, it's uh, it's this show but um it's more of like the updates and everything.

But it's on apple. It's on spotify. The links are below, but it comes out after it like it's, not dual streamed as it happens, live um they're posted later. So you could like listen to it, perhaps being like a day behind or something like that, but they're just so.

Everyone knows there is an apple, uh and spotify spot podcast for like these all right. What's going on with gamestop, it's just like not moving. What happened is pltr on the move. Pltr 2425 nice shout out to daryl was the gas leak from your buttered chicken.

Yesterday, um, no, not this time, not this time, i don't know i'm like worried. I will be i'll, go full kyle on the operation if they end up starting to do the construction right during power hour, i will be. Pissed was the, but i don't know i'm gon na stream. As long as i possibly can.

I hope i have um not so much noise or anything that i can ride it uh until 4 pm today. How would i buy options if i expect the stock to be short squeeze plate, you, you would just buy call options uh and give yourself enough time with the expiration date that you think that the short would be within that time frame all right riot come back. 52 would love to see it. Push 55 has gamestop.

Just not moved is like something going on with my screen. It's just stuck there we go highly on for long-term hold uh. I like it. I mean it's another eevee play they're in the trucking sector.

They redo the power trains um. So i like that here we go up 2k today now from nice. Fourth, healthy four thousand dollar swing from down 2k to up 2k disgusting. Losing money, though on this gme call need that squeeze to happen.

Matt, the stream is on low res lagging for some reason guys if, if you just hit a quick uh refresh like on my end, i'm not getting any alerts about low res. So maybe if you just um, do a quick, quick refresh, you should be good all right. Let's go back. I missed some super chats.

What do we have here? My portfolio is up 150 on rkt calls most money i've ever had, but i'm out of day trades uh. Would you just take the punishment um? Well, if you're at a date range, you almost like, are forced into swinging it like, unless you want to risk um like blocking that account, and then you just have to open another account, which is fine, but i don't know how rkt, what do you have an Rkt call on rkt, i thought rkt was down today. Oh rkt is bouncing, i mean no. I would if i were you i would swing.

It obviously do what you want to. But if i were you i'd swing it, i would risk it for the biscuit f. In chat to pay respect to the paper hands that panic so less last week, that's funny. What's the kyle meme sounds familiar kyle's like that whole the monster thing like where they always pump pull punch holes in drywall.

Look up washington prime stock looks like it's a penny stock. That's bouncing! You might ride it to six, not really my style, though. Gamestop fell a little bit. It's trading at 237 amc at 10, 40.

tesla, looking strong, pushing into intraday high riot sideways. This is just that midday burn we're up 2700 on that tesla call nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, noise, furman just joined up with the discord shout out to furman. If you're listening right now. Thank you for joining the moon gang discord.

Where you can talk to me, other people, almost 500 people in there sharing trading ideas, sharing trading wisdom, help if you're interested in finding a cool trading community. The discord is a good place to start. What are your thoughts on workhorse? I think workhorse, given enough time, will come back honestly um. I think obviously didn't get the usps deal so people freaked out but like it's not like the company disappeared into the ether like they could still get future contracts.

They can still develop as a business. It might take a while, but i still think workhorse is a decent long-term hold, especially because it's in the ev sector uh team, we are 125 likes away from 2.5. Let's get this stream back up. If 125 of you crazy diamond, handed gamestop or amc space apes could help me out drop a like completely free.

We will get to that first, quick milestone. How do you sell your option on robinhood uh david just became an astronaut shout out to david. I once punched a hole in my apartment wall after losing a duel in world of warcraft. I quit after that for a year.

I love it. Okay, um! You would sell by just sell to close doug doug smith. You should have a sell to close. You can pick how many you want to sell.

You pick your price and then you submit the order tesla very strong. At 6.75 i mean it opened up today pretty much at 600.. What uh i mean tesla? How much did it gain 20 in a day? That's crazy all right what else we have going on: it's just quiet uh! We can answer how's spy. Looking good question: how is the spy looking 389, the spy's, looking very strong uh we're we're breaking out above this trend line and we're holding it.

But of course this is the daily chart, so it might take a couple days to confirm, but i, like the breakout, i mean it's bullish. Next: stop 392 394 past that 400, but the overall market's looking pretty strong right now, which is why tesla's probably doing so well hey matt and sharon. What are your thoughts on aer chart been holding since last week? It gapped up on news of possible ge merger. Well, if it doesn't merge, then it could drop so like that.

There's risk to that and it looks like it might. I don't know i wouldn't chase it because it looks like i might want to do. This gap fill down to 51. uh.

The rsi is blown out. I would, i would be patient, wouldn't feel the need to chase that one still down 250 on riot. Unfortunately, i wish i bought spy calls. Oh, what was i thinking? Amc 1043 uh gamestop 239.

All right uh. We have a little bit of i guess time to kill until things get a bit more volatile. So, let's, let's do a little bit more of a chat um! Oh. What do you guys want to chat about? Do you have questions for me um? I guess i have a question for you: anyone that signed up for weeble can you post what stocks you've been getting for free.

I always like to say up up to date on that so post. If you use my link, let me know what free stocks you're getting. Also don't forget that if you haven't, if you don't have a weibo account yet use that signup code um, what else do you guys want to talk about? Do you think ken has another run in it? Jeremy, that's going to be the same thing with riot mara, sos uh, they're gon na run if crypto runs uh crypto right now, it's up, but it's kind of falling uh, it's down about 700 from earlier today, but um. If you think, if you think crypto can run, i think can can run because that's canon right matt, i have four clne calls june 18th track seven.

How do you feel and thank you up almost 6k on a tesla call that is crazy, dimitri um c-l-n-e! I like it so wait. You're in at a seven dollar strike all the way down. Here i like this bounce idea, uh, i would try to ride it back up to the high 13s, maybe even 14.. I like that, play not financial advice.

What do you think? The odds of amc being report being positive today. Well, the report david is: it comes out tomorrow on march 10th, uh after the market closes um, and i think it's going to be negative, but that's not the real question, it's more of. Are we positive or negative? Relative to the expectations right now, the expectations are pretty low. So it's not like a hard bar to beat um, but you never know how it's going to really play out um.

Remember it's not really positive or negative in their own magnitude. It's relative to what wall street is expecting. Can you talk about roblox and what you think of it? Uh, sam uh, yeah, i mean i like it, i'm bullish on it. It seems to be a good company, it's very, very popular the little bit.

I know about its fundamentals are pretty good, but also with that being said, i don't chase like new ipos, just there's so much excitement in it that i like to wait like a week or two and let the chart uh kind of develop and just see. What's going on, but like long term or i should say more medium term, i'm bullish on it. Amc 1033, tesla, 675, riot, 5150, gamestop 234th. I actually just got knocked on some bigger volume.

Interesting, let's see if gme can hold uh 232.50 the area in question: hey, you guys got me up above two and a half thousand likes. Thank you so much. I appreciate it all right. Where are we? Let's do a quick, quick check-a-roo on amc? 350? 000? Oh so someone was covering a bit on their amc.

Someone looks like someone covered. Some of their position. 900 000 looks like maybe they covered a little bit on both amc and jme. Uh hang on.

What are you saying about mac huge someone knows something: okay, so mac's not on this list anymore, but it is talking about atus. Actually, mac is huge right here, 140s, someone, okay, someone's betting, a big amount of money on mac uh. So from a technical perspective, i'm not in love with the chart, but someone is placing huge bets on mac. So it'll be interesting to see if someone knows something that the rest of the market doesn't know: uh big big money, betting on mac right now in a bullish direction.

Wow! That's a lot! That's a lot a lot according to tiblio, a hundred and forty six thousand option contracts when they're normal is ten thousand. So it's like 14 times the normal volume and the stock's not really moving it'll, be cool to see how it plays out. Where did you start to learn technical analysis, devin uh, just messing around with the markets charting software, i read a couple of technical analysis books. I think i linked one below just to like amazon.

It's like a 20 book or something but really just time in the market. You got to put in that time in front of charts and screens and you'll start to get like a little sixth sense of like how it's moving, but time time in the set in the saddle time in your chair, but i just started youtube videos, books trading Here and there you pick it up slowly and surely: pltr matt. What is your planned channel post squeeze more informational videos? Are you going to focus on live streams? Yeah, i mean guys it's going to be. I mean i was here for months and months before the squeeze i'm going to be here way way after, but we're just going to talk about.

What's moving in the market like, for example, like a lot of this recently, we've been talking about tesla, so like there's, always movers, tesla apple microsoft like there's, always ways to make money. Uh, we'll do informational, stuff, fundamental stuff like uh, we'll always do the live streams for sure i really enjoy the live streams. Um we're gon na be here which is, in my opinion, a great reason to subscribe, because this is not just stopping with amc and gme. If you want to know about the stock market, if you want a trading community, if you want to learn more about stocks options crypto any of that, just basically money making things through trading, this is kind of the place to be that's a good question.

I like that my brother has made 25k these last two days on gme i've made 500 amc. Six dollar calls apes hold strong. That is awesome. Congrats to you and your brother check your twitter messages.

Look at amazon text from 11 13 am, with their treasure truck item for today, subliminal message all right, i'll check that out: paula, hey matt! What do you use to determine? Who is buying large amounts of shares? How do you know about mac? Oh, this is called tiblio. The link is in the description of this video. It's under options, picker um, so not only is it abnormal volume, but it's also like their algorithm, looks for fundamental developments. Tiblio is 25 a month, but then, if you use like my affiliate code or not the code, that link you'll get a 10 discount, and just so you know, if you're not completely sold on it, you get a 30 day money back guarantee if tablio's not for You um, so it's a pretty cool service uh.

We i've been on it now for about two weeks talking about it on stream and thus far um. Not every trade is a winner, but it's had some a considerable amount of winners. Um. It seems everything i've experienced with is so far.

It seems to be a pretty cool product, but it's tibilio t-i-b-l-i-o uh-oh. I hear some of the construction trucks out there um if the noise gets too bad. Just let me know i might have to shut down early today. I very very much don't want to how's microsoft.

They bethesda still went through what is microsoft up to msft? Usually it's a slower mover. I have a lot of microsoft. I, like it uh, but it's looking good today, it's up two percent with the overall market. No, it's up three point: three percent um looking for a gap fell up to 240 on microsoft.

When you're gon na do a video with trade trades uh it's in the works, we don't have a date ironed out we're just i don't know he streams he works. I stream all day um just kind of more, like obviously busy but we'll make it happen, uh gamestop! I would love for you to stop doing what you're doing and do something else. Trading at 2, 35, amc down to 10 30 right now, it's 150! So hopefully, things pick up in a bit: rkt how's rkt doing pushing 26. I like that julian, you must be stoked, i'm not gon na leave until it becomes unbearable, of course, um hello from denmark, sipping, whiskey and trading, maybe not the best decision.

Uh. Please make a video on how to draw simple trend lines. Okay can do that's a good suggestion, as a wise old ape once told me hold and buy amc, that's how we get the attendees amc. All the way buy and hold nicholas shout out nicholas love the energy day in day out, ooh golly, uh gme down to 233 amc down to 10 23.

Let's see what happens, what is going on all right? Let's check a little bit. What's going on on internet uh, did you guys tag me? Remember uh, if you guys have something of interest to show the stream uh best way to do. It is tag me um on this also instagram they're, both at matt underscore course. It's right above me.

If you guys look up um the twitter, instagram matt underscore course i try to respond to as many people as i can um pltr with a nice breakout. I've been talking about pltr tom brady was down more than 28 and it came all the way back. So he's down by 25, but the score is 28 to 3. interesting tesla's market cap has increased over 108 billion in a day.

That's wild! What else are we seeing all right? Nothing, crazy, uh, any crazy breaking stories on yahoo. Oh lord, queen break silence on harry megan's interview all right, important question for chat whose side are you on? Are you on the royal side or are you on megan's side um? We have a world audience here all over the world. I want to know whose side you're on megan's or the royals, especially if you're from like britain, the united kingdom, like what's the overall vibe on like that situation. I know it's a very non-important story, but we're just passing time: um gamestop 232, unfortunately kind of sold off by like 10 bucks, um, hang on amc coming back down.

Here's the new trend line. We care about tesla, holding strong megan everyone's on megan's side, god save the queen. Oh all, right actually bro! Oh you guys are actually split, interesting, megan, no brainer team, megan team royals. I wonder i really don't follow it enough to know like the intricacies of.

What's going on, but all right, interesting interesting, i feel like we could just turn this into like a solving the world's problems channel like just every day we could tackle like one problem, and today it's gon na, be the dispute between megan and the royals like the Way, oprah winfrey did it we'll have everyone zoom call in the 10 000 of us will ask questions like um. Do all that stuff? I think we could solve a lot of problems with this channel with this audience she's using the card she was. She has brainwashed him, not good. We need bigger rockets, call elon all right, royals man, i'm actually really surprised how split it is because, like i think, the big vibe in the united states at least is to be on megan's side because, like obviously, you picked a person from your own country, but I think a lot of people in the uk slash britain are on the royal side and i i really ought to be honest guys.

I don't know the storyline. I literally just brought up you yahoo and apparently other people care about it, but um sm. Thank you for that super chat. I know.

There's some people in powwow boosted, you're an hour early. Okay, i'm from the uk, it's 50 50 here but uh. I hate the royals, so we love megan and harry have done. We don't want history repeating interesting.

So it's actually kind of split in the uk too. Hey i'm learning something um! That's what we're here for we're all here to learn a little bit irish here, let's get out of ireland! Is it okay, i'm speaking to my canadian audience? Is it weird if you're, canadian and then the queen's still on your money, like does that? Do you guys ever think about that in canada? Like does that bother you like, why, like you, don't have your own prime ministers on your money? This is definitely going off. The rails, but we're just passing team if you're just joining the chat right now we're just killing a little bit of time till the volatility picks up. Of course, we're going to talk about stocks and making money, but it's just things are trading sideways right now, yeah age, old, uk issues are why i left the first place so like okay nevermind, i don't wan na megan, was on the show suits fyi.

I think about it: megan will always be a kardashian want to be actually sick of, seeing and hearing from her i mean, but is it really her or is it just like that the media thinks it's important like? Is it her pushing it or just like they think that, like we all care for some reason, ben shababu told people that monarchs are good. So now his fathers have an opinion all right. Well guys. I think it's safe to say that we figured out that problem.

What's the next big problem, we could figure out. Let me think of a good one. Oh, this isn't really a problem, but it's just more of like matt's fun fact of the day, guys we're going to start a whole new section, matt's, fun fact. Here's what i found out yesterday i found out that pineapples are neither pines nor apples, obviously they're.

Actually, the world's largest berry, who would have known that pineapples are berries, that's crazy and it's also the world's largest berry. So that's matt's fun fact of the day. If you didn't learn anything about the stock market, at least you all know that pineapples are neither pines nor apples. They are large berries, so it was net beneficial for you to be here, because, if you're ever at a party - and you don't know what to talk about at least you have a little bit of pineapple facts pineapple on pizza, yes or no, i'm going with.

Yes, i i would eat pineapple on pizza, hawaiian pizza, i'm fine with it for sure. So you guys have been commenting that i look like g eazy, so i looked up some of his music um. Just as a little matt suggestion, i would check out his song uh tumblr girl or tumblr girls, or just tumblr, whatever, by jeezy, pretty good song. In my opinion - and i also like me myself and i pineapples aren't real here - we go with the pineapple pineapples are doing.

I mean i like pineapples, i'm a i'm a fan of them, but crazy to know that it was just eating a berry. Watermelon is the largest berry wait? Is it watermelon a berry? It's a melon, isn't it best power hour play um? Hopefully it's amc or gme, but let's see we have about an hour to see how this goes. I'm pretty sure watermelon's a melon. I don't feel like they wouldn't mess with us on that one on that name.

I actually ended up reading this whole thing about like fruit facts last night, and it blew my mind. I don't know if you guys could handle a second big fruit fact of the day, but this one okay, i have to say it properly because it could really watermelon is actually the largest bit so a watermelon's a berry. I guess i can't. Even i don't know if my fruit fact thing that i was reading was right, then this is embarrassing.

All right. Here's a training, question: hey matt love to get your view on rkt call for june, given the sox current high short float chance for another short gamma squeeze i mean it could be like this whole prediction of squeezes, guys, there's so much randomness to it. You can't just be like yeah. This is definitively going to happen, but in terms of maybe so it looks like it formed a pretty solid base at 24.

resistance support, so you could play rkt realistically off of 24 um. I know the ceo is all about getting the stock squeeze, so that like is going for your favor um, but i would look to bounce off of 24.. Can someone fact check damon and um free, my grandma about that about watermelon being the world's largest berry? All right people are also saying: workhorse is running workhorse, solid um. I would like workhorse like.

If it gets moving past 18, it could have a decent little jaunt in it. Um i'm invested in workforce just so. Everyone knows, like. I have a workhorse position.

Um. I plan on holding it for quite a while, but i i didn't get the usps contract which sucks, but i think it'll be fine. Do you know why cat did you know that cashews come from a fruit? I thought cashews were droop. Also, can you explain why people don't buy calls for a year or more out thinking about buying one for tesla uh ryan? They do they're just very expensive.

The more time you have till expiration the price goes up. So most people don't have that kind of money to like ride it for a whole year out. Doug doug. Did i miss your sorry? Oh okay, hang on sorry.

I must have been going on this whole megan thing. I missed a batch of super chats. My bad doug shout out to doug you're in here day and day out, uh we dislike the queen from england. We love chair uh.

While we have a few minutes, can you show how to properly draw trend lines, pendants fibonacci lines wondering where to start uh in end drawings, doug? Yes, 100. We could do that. Hey check out fsr volume up good technicals, let's check out fsr guys. I missed a little pocket of chats.

My apologies look for support between 20 20 and 21 right here and then look for a breakout above 23. Volume, though, is actually light. It's dying off um good chance. It could just trade sideways.

Um, hang on.

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