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Gme amc squeeze reddit crash – Matt Kohrs

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Space Apes,
There is blood in the water -- Let's make some tendies!
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We are back at it again for the afternoon session. I hope you got some attendees in your system. I hope you got some rocket fuel in your system, i'm here i am the co-host. This is my other co-host chair.

We are back at it. We are ready for the last two trading hours of today february 24th. If i'm being honest, i don't even know what day of the week it is, but i know we're having some fun. Let's get back at it, um amc, drifting up upwards.

I like that. I like to see it um we're at uh super super slow. What is going on hang on, we having some technical problems; no okay, that's just my own computer being weird um: okay, sweet! We are good um, so amc trading at 780 kind of drifting upwards. It's this morning, if you see on the chart here, it was having issues at 7.90 um, so we're watching that of course, 798 that's important, but we have enough.

There is enough time left in today to get some serious, serious movement on amc. So my first hope is that it retakes eight dollars passed out. Of course, we have 840 that same price level. I've been complaining about this entire time: uh tesla, 725 kind of trading, sideways workhorse trading, sideways at 15.

overall market, the s p high 100, very, very strong, still trading at 392.. Um hang on it says uh, i'm getting something about buffering. Video delayed bud hang on. Let me see: what's going on oops, i'm trying to fix it.

Let me see. Ah lordy lordy youtube youtube youtube two tickets to tendytown. I don't know what's going on with um, i think it should be picking back up now, uh some. I think my obs cpu, like really really spiked, let me know, are you guys still seeing the issues.

Uh lag is fine. Now, okay, all good cool cool cool uh, just classic i. I guess my computer system didn't get enough rocket fuel in itself. Uh to get us through this stream, but hopefully we're good now, let me know if it drops again, we will fix it, we're back at it.

Guys. Positive vibes only remember send some good vibes out into the universe. That's what it's all about. Ah, let's keep going uh, i don't know where i got cut off, but basically overall market, strong, tesla, sideways workhorse, sideways amc, we're looking for it to get above, 780 790 eight dollars, and then i think the party's back on.

We have exactly two hours until the market uh closes, so i think we're in good shape. I think there'll be some excitement. Remember amc is reporting soon um, let's keep going. Ah, let's go, let's go i'm.

I am filled to the brim on rocket fuel and i'll put more and more into my system all right. Let me know what are the big watches? What are you guys watching? Where's your accounts at uh? What are you mainly watching for this afternoon? Shirt check uh. Just black shirt today i was saving my uh, i'm saving the special astronaut monkey shirt for tomorrow, uh trying to plan out my karma in luck. Accordingly, matt what about transparent business pre-ipo ever any thoughts, charles, not too sure, transparent business pre-ipo? I need to look into that um, charles all, right what else is moving uh, we're basically sitting here just to see if amc will finally like grow up and keep popping all right, everyone moving arc jimmy all right, so we're all over the board, not a big Big consensus today i mean obviously a lot of eyes are on um amc, of course, of course, of course, as they should be, do you use pet and pedro hair products, great hair brother doge, to the moon, lafayette, georgia in the house, gta nation.

Thank you. So much for that super super kind. Um, let me know um where you guys are all from. Let me know push your state.

Your country below show everyone that there are space apes throughout this entire planet. Let us know where you're streaming from right now: verizon and voozi 5g innovation session with dod. Now, thank you, uh that can see some nice movement in uh, woozy verizon. Let us know where you're all from let's have a little bit of fun as we are waiting for uh, really some volatility to pick up ccib below 30.

That is rough. Remember that analysis. I did, though, when you doubled up the uh valuation. Basically, the valuation we were hoping was at 12.

It was trading at 50 when you doubled the valuation to 24. There's a realistic case that uh it dropped sub 30, maybe even 25 gta nation just became an astronaut that is awesome. Fskr fskr partnered with applecar, announced one minute ago. How is that looking fskr fisker capital, interesting hang on, i want to find the news: is this um? What we're talking about? Damon whoa, you guys are all over all over the world.

My fellow space apes fskr. Oh hang on uh this dumb thing's loading. Let me just get off this page. I think we would be able to find it on finvis apple apple partner, foxconn to form eevee partnership with fisker apple partner foxconn to form eevee partnership with fisker foxconn technology group, which is an exclusive supplier to apple, will develop an electric vehicle with fisker part of The manufacturer's efforts to boost its automotive capabilities at a time when technology companies, including its main customer apple, are looking to expand in vehicles, specifically electric vehicles.

The car will be built by foxconn targeted at multiple markets, including north america. Europe, that's awesome, uh fisker does fisker. Actually, trade under a three-month high of 22. hang on.

I want to pull up fiskars. This is the wrong ticker fsr moving look at that uh, so it broke out of this resistance at 2064.. I think we mapped this out actually yesterday and now it's moving, i mean that's some, it's it's on its way to a new all-time high, i mean so the all-time high. I can map that out.

I wouldn't be surprised if it hits that today, tomorrow, the next day, but pretty soon, that's an awesome. Awesome development. Congratulations to fisker uh this! This is great. That's that's a very good development.

I mean i know, there's people in the chat who have been like in this um is anyone uh hang on. Let me go over to matt live in the discord, see. What's going on there fisker maryland zach thoughts on ccl, i'm right now bullish on um. I am bullish on the cruise line: industry royal, carnival and norwegian are all strong free market continues.

That is some strength. What's going on with amc coming back down, actually, unfortunately, i would love it above 790. tesla's selling off a little bit, actually everything's selling off a tad right now. So, let's see if things can turn around in as we head into power hour, matthew smith, i'm from the dark side of the moon and i'm going back there soon on my amc rocket filled with doge fuel matthew.

I love that. Thank you for that super chat. Let's go, let's go all right, i am getting the error on my set that says: youtube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming as such viewers will experience buffering uh. Is that what are you guys experiencing buffering? Let me know i could try to restart it and figure out.

I mean i haven't really done anything differently: 209 stream bitrate of 45. I believe my stream bit rate is high enough um. I don't know why. Let me know, let me know, let me check that on obs just to make sure my bit rate is acceptable.

My cpu is not spiking preference preferences stream output streaming bitrate. I think that should actually be good. Okay, you guys are good, so i don't know. What's going on with youtube, i don't want to mess with it.

Um! Okay, sorry about that 720 is fine! All right! Let's go! Let's go yeah uh, if you guys could, if you're watching it right now, if you could just quickly drop a like there's. 3 000 of you in there. If we get this over a thousand, it will help getting more people in here and hopefully we can all get some attendees on amc. Then um.

I would very very much appreciate that you're looking pretty buff, oh, i wish smooth streaming all right all right, fisker doing well with apple. That's awesome! I mean i think overall, if my thesis on 2021 is right, i think there's many reasons to be bullish on ev esports cloud computing um. What free two stocks should i get? Weibull uh, it's random, rachel uh. Obviously, there's a higher chance of getting a lower price stock, but uh the highest one.

I've seen through my signup code uh is pushing like 200 um. Oh actually, i think i forgot to post that i could pin that as a comment just so everyone, if you want you could sign up for two free songs. Let me find that link really quick i'll post that get two three stop. All right.

Hang on. Excuse me, while i get this out into the interwebs all right, i am pinning the comment to the top. So if you guys want two free stocks make sure you're signing up for weibo. Not only do you get two free socks, but it is a great way to support this channel.

Where is the next support down on cciv good question? I know ccib is kind of struggling a bit. It does look like the next support is pretty much at. Like 26 27, i would say, is the next uh it broke through this support that we had going at 30, a dollar south of that. So i would watch this this high.

This low, this low kind of in here so 26 to 27, i would argue, is the next technical support for cciv. In fact, if it hits 26 i'd probably buy more shares just to hold for, like the long run, my expiration on amc is mid-march march 19th. I believe what do i think about elon's doge sweet. I love it.

I think it's hilarious doge, five. Six. Once again, we are looking for doge to get above six cents. Uh, that's the main thing.

We care about i'll, throw up doge here for a little bit. Instead of workhorse granted, the thumbnail is a doge based thumbnail, but right here is like kind of the the main level, i'm watching sixth sense, once above that uh, that's just a level a technical level of resistance. Above it, i think things could get pretty exciting. Joshua, did you see that elon recently changed his twitter bio uh to go from doge all day doge all night? I did it's hilarious, so if you guys are, are just tuning in to the stream now i'll show this to you.

It's hilarious, elon right here, dojo day, doge, all night uh posted this picture. It's just hilarious, he's so dominant in the world of the internet, uh doge all day, doge, all night hilarious. Remember! If you have stuff to send me um, you can do it during stream and i could get it as a notification if you just want to follow this twitter same thing for instagram the instagram's brand new uh trying to be more active on it. Uh.

To be honest with you, sometimes i just forget, but it's at matt underscore, of course, on twitter and on instagram um, i feel like. I should redo my stream, where i had like that fancy. Looking stream thing where it like says it on the bottom and my pictures, look cool looking and all that good jazz, please eli. Five amc for gme, dogecoin, bitcoin long agree any opinion on ct, xr and blsb.

Try way. Also binding is kind of tough tony. You have a lot going on in that super chat. Please e l, eli 5, i'm not sure what you're asking for uh.

So i'm in on amc, jamie, i still have mine, i'm diamond handed. I would not show dogecoin because then you're fighting against all the random tweets from uh elon um opinion on ctxr and blsb b. L s p, b, l s p blue share corp, looks pretty weak to me. Uh found support at ascent.

I mean this is a sub penny stock. I'm telling you you'll have better luck playing more established stocks out there, uh ct x, r c t x, r um. This one looks like it's about to turn down. I'd be careful on that look for support at 180, like maybe at 160, look for support to be found in this region.

But to me it looks like it's about to sell off all right. Amc come on all right, we're going higher and higher. Where are we going doge bouncing off of the five six uh tesla just hanging out at 7, 23. uh things aren't really moving right now, um, hopefully sometime uh heading from now to power hour.

I just want some excitement. I want some movement. Don't forget your rocket fuel amc hundred dollars by year's end, i would love that nvidia bullish, cciv long term bullish, uh, but cciv, i'm telling you the support is at 26.27 just bought calls on fsr. Good luck, daryl, not buffering all right.

Thank you, king kong. Thank you, uh bang vegas, i don't know. What's going on with youtube amc, uh, cami, q, yes, um background music is um. It's in the works.

Can we use weeble in canada dylan? I don't uh believe so. I think right now, weeble is exclusively in the u.s. Ah, that rocket fuel tastes good. What do you think about the market rotation? I do think i thought that the market was going to rotate.

Hence why i had those spy puts. I just got burned on them uh. I thought this breakdown, but this was attempt number four and the bulls push it right back up into it. So, in terms of resistance, i would say: let's watch 394 uh.

This is the main level i'll be watching. Next, i mean, of course it could get rejected at 92, where it has like four times before, but i think 394 past that i think we're looking for 400.. All right amc make us proud any breaking news. We need to go over team.

I like to go over some of this news, while the market's a bit more quiet this just in the fed system that allows bank to send money back and forth is down. Oh janet, that's a bad look! What else is going on in the internet today guys? We have breaking news anything. You guys need my opinions on life advice. This is what we're here, for it's more than a stock show matt matt and chair episode number one.

Actually, today's number episode number two. These look ugly is this from oshkosh? That's a weird kind of fake: almost any life advice questions i'm completely unprepared to give any of that. Well, i'm prepared to give it, but i don't think you should take any of what i say as actual weight on anything, not a financial advisor, not a tax expert, not a lawyer. Barely a human at this point.

What do we have going on? All right guys feel free, you could you could send some memes this way we could check them out. Let's get a good laugh going before the market wakes back up. We could just turn this into a meme review channel. I would love to do that fun.

Little fact about me: i was definitely one of these people who was um. I don't know, i guess way too mature and whatever to ever get on tiktok and i'm not on it. Like i don't make videos uh, i tried i just like wasn't that good at it, but there is hilarious things on tick, tock like if you're on tick, tock long enough per day, you're going to find something that makes you pee your pants tick. Tock is so so funny.

How can i focus on my job while live streams are so much fun need advice? Please i don't know. Maybe you just got ta make it a team effort. Gabriella get your boss involved in it too, so they all understand. Don't trust! The government, in terms of making money on your stock like workhorse, is this still holding cciv in at 38 recommendations chris v um.

If you have a long term thesis you could buy more lower your average. I would target that, like 26 area lower your average but be prepared to be in it for years. I do. I strongly believe that lucid motors will be an amazing long-term winner.

Doug just became an astronaut. That's awesome. Vine was hilarious, but, oh sorry, doug welcome aboard brother uh. We are loading up this rocket ship guys if you want to be on this youtube rocket ship, you can do so by hitting that join button right by subscribe at a minimum.

If you want to support this, i ask you to subscribe and if also, if you want to be in the moon gang discord, there is a link to patreon patreon, just handles your payment processing and then you'll get access to the discord lots of ways to stay. In touch not only with me, but with all of your fellow space apes, how feasible is 600 by may for amc uh, i wouldn't say feasible, but am i holding out for that to happen? 100, rachel ga upgraded her membership to become a space ape, so she started out as an astronaut and now she is a full diamond blooded space ape banned on twitter and instagram any email. I can send memes damon. What did you do to get banned from twitter and instagram? What could you have possibly done that both of those services were like nah doug, turning his 50 gain into the membership here? Uh, that's awesome.

If you guys have huge huge, huge winners, and then you just want to show it a bit of love and rolling it into a membership, that's awesome: congrats doug, um doge, breaking down a bit. I mean man. All this stuff is just trading sideways. We got ta, keep keep the entertainment up your profile picture, felix uh, probably all right i mean we could go back into the economics of girl scout cookies.

We could do a lot of things to uh. Keep this entertainment high man not even much, is going on on twitter. We could check out wall street bets. Did korea affect those valuable other countries? What did uh tony, i don't know - did.

Did korea ban krypto how's fsr doing tony? Let me go know. What's going on with uh korea, you like, wasn't i telling this of just like this breakout? Should we yolo some of this? Should i do something stupid? That's some strength. It's showing strength looks like it's gunning. Let me see what i could do.

I don't even know how much free capital i have i'm getting antsy um for some yolo play. Let's see what we could do here, fsr. I just bought three call options on fsr for a yolo dumb play expiration, not this friday. Next friday, i bought three contracts.

Uh 214, each a strike price of 25.. Just so everyone knows, let's ride it, let's just ride it higher, let's have fun. Oh, this is. This is a horrifically dumb trade.

This is the definition of trade uh of chasing. I just bought it like cents away from the all-time high. I don't want anyone to copy this. This is a dumb trade, i'm just getting bored we're trying to get some entertainment going.

Um don't copy this, like whoever just said it's chasing. Yes, you are 100 right. Um check out apha. It got a good fight at 17 1974.

Today, if you want some entertainment all right, let's check out apha apha. Oh i actually do kind of like this is water. Wet definitely can be interesting, uh apha a little bit of a downtrend. Let's see if that could keep going well now, at this point, we have to watch fsr the things i do for you team, putting my own financial health in peril.

So this is the all-time high uh, let's see if it does it, this is so dumb. This is no different than just going to a casino and like throwing some money on the roulette wheel. This is not trading. This is just pure gambling velvet.

These are too funny uh. This is from our boy velvet check out what mike crotchburns just tweeted. Oh the fun. Thank you velvet.

I appreciate that yolo is water wet ban laughing skull while it's laughing skull? Is he i don't see laughing skull? Is he yeah? I could do this, make it a daily thing. Yolo of the day i made it to like 500. Maybe i'll just start doing that, like once a day i'll, just do like a complete gamble, we'll see how it goes so is day. One yolo of the day is f s.

R. Let's see what happened. Oh damon, getting banned because of politics. I mean big, big social media will do that.

Can you speak about options fees when buying and selling? As in like the premium of like what you pay per option? Is that what you mean revo revo, let's go fsr, let's go tesla! Remember uh call option on fsr on tesla on amc, uh, currently perfectly break even on fsr, all right, eric iq look at cpsh because they have earnings after market cpsh, cpsh uh super super low volume. Eric. I get this right. Cpsh yeah uh daily daily super low volume, but i like how it gap filled this um i mean.

If it's earnings are after market, it's either going to go up or down in terms of technicals. I would recommend watching right below 24 for resistance support. You have some at 18. kind of a wide range.

I don't know what they do: miscellaneous manufacturing. Oh no amc, wake up, buddy market's still strong, who still has their spy calls. I will do a portfolio update at the end of the day, guys you know i do it all day. I mean there hasn't been a day that i don't show it it'll happen.

Amc's macd about to cross could go up a diamond-handed dragon. First time i went into a casino put 20 on four walked away with 720. It happens zeus trying to fade me, i get it. I would fade me too, with this type of action um.

Can you take a look at oeg oeg? I mean it's kind of battling it. This support has now become resistance right at seven dollars. I could see it going either way could potentially shoot up to eight, but then there's also the support at uh five. So actually, the risk reward is very much not in your favor on oeg.

At this moment, how is eh doing i see someone spamming about eh. This uh there's no reason to be in eh, like you're, just playing with fire like as much as i took a risk with fsr. At least i have some sort of fundamental development eh. If they get nailed with fraud, it'll continue to sell off.

I mean i'd rather take this risk of chasing a high on a positive like development than like, potentially fraud, lots of people talking in caps right now, let's, let's, let's calm it down with the internet, yelling uh! No, we talk about jimmy. It's not doing anything, i'm not gon na put up a stock. That's like not moving guys, that's more boring, breaking news, the federal reserve lost transaction connection, banks and the federal reserve yeah. We were just talking about that with yellen kind of making fun of her how's bitcoin doing anyway.

Uh pushing 50k uh amc getting hit, unfortunately come on. Do something fsr gearing up x-con. Could you please stop spamming that we've gone over it please? What else is moving guys post me um some big moving socks like right now that they're on the move here we go fsr breakout. What's going on with fsr, let's keep running new high on fsr.

Let's keep going dakota bowman what's going on, went to the doctor. He said i got a case of the rock hard diamond hands and it's infectious you might want to get yourself tested future martian. That is amazing. I love that dakota.

That is hilarious. Thank you very much brother, a case of the rock hard diamond hands ccib. What's ccib at 29, all right coming back a little bit till ray 26 tilray has a lot of move to make up amc, new car, hcmc, new white damon, uh amc. Unfortunately, looking a bit heavy uh.

We obviously have this nice support at 740., but let's see how this pans out fsr messing around with a new potential high right here, it tried to break out, couldn't hold it thus far, envo's. What's going on with envo's chris uh, i don't know why people are selling amc. I wouldn't i just bought more man down six dollars on fsr i'll, never be able to recover from this gme gme. I mean it needs to get above that, like 50 51, even some resistance at 55, and it's still sitting below that - i don't know rick.

I broke an xbox controller last night. If only there was a quality, brick and mortar store with a good stonk. I could replace it with shadow skates. What's going on, can you check woof? They are barking up the wrong tree.

I might give them a bone all right. Let's check out w-o-o-f whoa petco getting destroyed uh, i mean it's obviously new uh only. I would be careful about this because we don't really know any technical support like we haven't actually seen a bounce, yet so from a technical perspective. Uh things are looking pretty bad for it.

I don't that's a pretty brutal sell-off like once. It's snapped through 25 right here, sell and sell and sell it um i mean if you like, petco as a long-term investment like you could justify this as a dip buy, but i don't know, hang on. Let me kick some of these greg's out yeah. I got rid of that greg.

Imagine having like so little going on in your life, that you either are spamming. A comment and or you have a bot seems like insane jealousy. If you ask me puts on petco no, i mean even that is like technically chasing on the downside. You you don't want to get in on uh like post the massive movement unless you like, absolutely hate the company's fundamentals.

But i don't know enough about uh petco's fundamentals: hey cciv, pushing 30 again just hit 30., making up some of its loss. Thank you. Zeb not sure live nation must be due for a massive gt black. Like zeus, gaming says: picker, it's not real, don't damn greg's greg's gon na greg all right.

I just want some action in this market. Close there's been a big big deficit of attendees. Lately, all right. Let's look for a tesla breakout amc i mean amc.

I wish it was more so pushing 840 and we could just have an amazing final hour uh some days. I think that the greg thing has gotten out of hand, but then most days, i think it hasn't gone far enough. All right amc make us proud. What is it up today? Is it still positive? No, it's actually down a percent on the day.

Doge is next supercharger event on crypto.com, it's time for an original song, all right, i'll, just whip this one up off the top of the top of my mind. I call this original piece boredom. It goes a little something like i'm super freaking bored, the market's going nowhere. I made a huge mistake on fisker i was chasing, but i really really really really really really really really want the market to go somewhere, because this is like watching paint dry.

I would appreciate it if you guys could send me some memes on twitter to pass the time i don't know i was just it's. An original i've been working on for the past couple years. Still ironing out the melody i had to all right. Tesla movement, fsr movement, i'm feeling good it's coming back.

It was all because of that song. I feel the world premiere of matt's boredom aqms filed a patent for lithium ion battery recycling. Nice gains not great volume, with the ev sector growing. Would you buy shares or play calls uh bros garage, let's check out aqms interesting thesis.

I mean, obviously they liked it. When is its earnings uh feb 25th, so bros garage just so you know it sounds like it's about to have an earnings announcement as well um. If, if you're liking, it um, i'm trying to pick out like there's quite a bit of resistance overhead, like 6 6 50ish, like there's a lot of resistance sitting overhead. But if you like it as a long-term play of just like the, i guess, the eevee sector, like just the lithium play i mean lithium stocks seem to be doing well.

There is a sort of shortage related to the ev world needing lithium. So, like i think it's a pretty interesting thesis, i guess i have to look a little bit more into like the viability of their patent and like how useful it is. But um expect volatility tomorrow, um because of the earnings announcement. Sorry, i'm trying to catch all these super chats.

I love watching paint dry, uh barbado. Thank you for that super emote gme over 50 positions or ban exordium gme, i'm still in on gme uh. If that's what you're asking positions would be? I'm just sorry, i don't quite know what you mean: gme, all right: lots of movement on gme, let's see gme, making that move um right here at 51. This is the previous support from back on february 5th, at least on the daily chart gme on the move, though i like that uh, i would say i think, there's a good argument that the potential next stop is 54 on gme.

Be careful because at least on the 30 minute chart it is getting a bit overextended, but if it can hold 50 51, i don't see why it wouldn't track back up to test the previous resistance of 54. So that's looking nice, it's actually on the intraday. Looking nicer than amc mike perez, hey matt and the moon gang, i think fubo tv is going up. They have earnings uh coming up on the one hour macd and squeeze mom uh the squeeze momentum on training view, looking pretty good.

What are your thoughts? So i'm actually pretty bullish on fubu. We could check out their chart um so why i'm bullish on it um, just like it's overall like if we look, i mean granted, it broke down from this, but a lot of things broke down the other day. So why? I like it is now we're pretty close to this support. The previous rejection found support here.

I like it as close to 32 as possible. I believe they also will not recent not like super recently, but somewhat recently. I think they bought out balto sports, which is like another uh sports gambling thing. Another reason for me to be bullish on it.

Um in terms of resistance, i would say: watch this gap fill in previous rejections at uh 40 dollars. If it can get above that, i think it has like uh some pretty solid momentum in it. Overall, i would say we're in a kind of a weird bullish pennant. Let me mark that out for you, it shot up and it came kind of like cratering down.

If this does mark an official bounce, maybe we'll track back up to the north side of this, like the top of this wedge um. So, overall, the chart does need to develop a bit. It looks like the earnings announcement is on march, 2nd uh. So could we could get some cool, uh announcements out of that? Overall, though i would say, let the chart develop, but um everything i've been reading about.

It makes me think that uh from like a fundamental perspective, to be bullish on it, hey gme, is over 50 and running high volume. 2. uh, i didn't know the volume was picking up on it. That could be interesting all right.

So there's the volume the volume is picking up. Today's volume on gme is uh. Actually, the daily volume is still a bit low. It's at 10 million like in in the short term.

It is picking up, which is nice uh, but like compared comparatively the volume. Is nothing special not yet at least obviously, we still have an hour 15 and if we know anything about gamestop, it can do like uh, pretty crazy things, but from a technical perspective, the fact that it's sitting above 50 51 - if it can hold this, i don't See why it wouldn't track up to 54. uh tesla, getting rejected again off of this trendline market coming down a bit amc potential double bottom at 750. I like that, let's see if it could catch a bid into close, and i think i missed one more super chat, any thoughts on tsmp long term investment tim - i i don't really know about them.

Long term, like i don't know fundamentally, what's going on. It's also a penny stock. It's an otc penny stock, which, just statistically, i can tell you most of these businesses fail. So my long term, just like knowing the odds of otc penny stocks on tsmp, is to be bearish on it.

I would assume that this business eventually will fail. Uh, that's just the odds of things that trade on the otc market. Tell me if i'm wrong to buy bumble at the magical number of 69. I mean it's such a great number.

Uh, i mean hey. Let's check out bmbo, let's see how it's doing from a technical level. I mean there is resistance, pretty close at 70. uh.

For me, i don't like training recent ipos i'd like the chart to develop, but hey that's a strong thesis to buy it at 69. So maybe you'll get lucky for my own training in longer term investment style. I would want to know more how this chart looks: sldb sldb uh, it's going down after kind of a huge spike up. If anything, i would look for a bounce off of 860.

I would be patient to that level, it's kind of close to today's low. We have a double rejection there. I would recommend on this one solid biosciences, not sure at all what they do, but i would look at the high eights gt rocking that 21k on live nation. I guess when i said gt when i was saying confirmation, i didn't really mean the bad.

I just wanted to know if you were friends with adam. I was looking for a picture in support of that, but it's also good to know that you're confident about the position uh did i miss a super chat. I don't think so. I think we're up to date, gme pushing 52.

Alright, i think gme now deserves a spot on the screen. Gme moving. Look at that. I'm telling you guys! 54, let's watch it all right.

I should probably add fsr over here, though just so we can watch it out of the corner of our eye, especially since i took a yolo play on it, yolo gme moving 52.3. I don't see what would stop it between now and 54. Honestly, loving this movement here, let's actually throw up and throw up the three-minute all right. Here we go 54, it's at 52 30 right now.

I think it could keep kind of moving uh tesla getting rejected at that trend line amc trading sideways. Unfortunately, how do i feel about the cyber security industry pretty good? I know crowd strikes a good one and then there's that other fire, one. That seems to be solid. Where do you see amc on friday? Closing i mean i i just like to read it level.

The level i'm looking for 740 to hold uh the next major resistance is at 840. For now we're just playing those levels. Um above 840 could potentially set up the high nines, maybe even ten dollars, um below 740 kind of a drop down to 650.. So we are dealing with a wide range of possibilities, but in the meantime we just got to play it from level low level.

Let's i just want something to move as soon as i get it on fsr, it stops moving. What did i end up doing with my spy puts i bought them? I sold my spy puts for a loss like a a 1 000 loss in total because i had 10. They each cost me a dollar when it got back up into here. I bought my spy puts on the thesis of this breakdown.

It didn't break down we're already back up in it um, so i cut it as soon as it crossed like 389. I have 500. What's your best stock pick for a quick return this month, i i mean i can't offer that type of information. That's like blatant financial advice that i cannot give.

Unfortunately, what do you think about gfl? I mean it's looking strong uh like just watch for it to break above 32, but overall this is a strong looking chart. I like the rsi. I would like the volume to pick up a bit more, but good, looking daily chart. Excuse me sorry, just getting allergic to this boredom all right, gamestop amc, let's get these meme stocks moving, doge 55.

Very, very quiet close, i'm kind of secretly hoping that if i don't pay attention to fsr it'll shoot up for us. Thank you, christopher. That's very kind bless you hey, you guys are super con. Thank you.

All right game stop pushing again we're about five minutes away from power hour and i'm just hoping something starts moving. I mean i guess game stops. Moving, i'm telling you 54.! That's what i would watch my like cost average on gamestop, i think, is like 200 220. Something like that.

Like super super, far away a little mark s, what's going on, buddy haven't seen your name in a bit. Ccivs tell us what cciv at hey it's. At least pushing 30. sean they living gme rise to draw attention from amc.

Uh, maybe i mean they're both like those classic meme stocks, david jeep, lord loading up on gme. I love it amc i don't know like. I just want some big movement in this final hour. We have five minutes to go till power hour.

Let's get some excitement. Oh i'm kind of curious. What is everyone if you're in gme post your cost basis? Here we go moving? What do i think about cannabis? Stocks uh pretty bullish on them, but i also view it as a long-term hold like i wouldn't be bullish on it. If you said like, what's it gon na do this week, but like if you said, what's it gon na, do in 2021 2022 pretty bullish on it gamestop on the move, i would love for those to squeeze again.

That would be hilarious. Can't stop won't stop gamestop thoughts on the medicinal psychedelic market. I think one day it'll be strong. I think we have a lot of - i guess legal red tape to get over with it, but i think one day it will be accepted.

249. 66. 102. 72.

203. 49. 350.. We are all over the map.

Team. 47. 230. 122.

89. 74.. 500. At 150, 268.

350 112.. It looks like we all like had arbitrarily decided to get in joan. Cciv is taking a bit of a hit uh. That's why people are asking me if they should get the calls on it.

Now i mean i, i don't feel comfortable about that. I think cciv many years down the road could be an awesome winner, but like in the short term, i think we need to let all the craziness of the lucid valuation kind of blow over sorry. My allergies are just going crazy. I am not a cat.

Uh still calling for 54. no regrets. What do you think about ftoc usws, don't know what it is power hour. We are very close to power hour.

I think we have uh a minute. Two minutes left yeah. What is power hour power hour is just the last trading hour of the day. A lot of people are like jocking for position making moves making trades.

So you see higher volatility, it's just from 3 to 4 p.m. It's not it's not anything like technically special. It's just people making positions and like trades in the last hour, so we call it power hour because, generally you see bigger moves. Do i have a video on how to set up your trading view? I don't.

I definitely should make that a lot of people have been asking me: how do you feel about amc above eight dollars close friday, considering uh doing a call, debit spread of six and eight, i feel pretty good is today thursday or wednesday or friday guys? What is today's day of the week it's wednesday wow okay, who knew um amc being above eight dollars by friday. I feel pretty good about that um. Who knows, like obviously don't take anything. I say as financial advice i'm here for entertainment, but uh personally, i think there's a good chance of that happening.

Wow who knew it was wednesday, that's crazy, wednesday, wednesday wednesday. I guess i should keep up to date with current events, space apes back at it again. How close was i with i, with my 54 call? What was the high 53.75? I don't know, i don't know if i could count that as a win 25 cents is a bit too far away. Enoch just became an astronaut welcome, enoch uh happy to have you aboard brian mann, with a big super chat.

Brian cohen, tweet macd cross machine is fixed. Gme is gone all right. What's ryan cohen talking about ryan cohen, founder of chewie, i believe also like a backdoor investor, somehow invested into it: gme very cryptic, frog ice cream. Usually these machines are broken, and i'm assuming that he's saying that the machine is fixed.

I like it. I, like the mystery uh brian. Thank you very much for that i mean right, i'm still calling for 54 above 54.. Things could get awesome.

Look at this amc tracking backup. This is what power hours should be. These good vibes going out, making some attendees. I need to make up for some of my dumb plays lately transparency project.

Why does td ameritrade now say your account has been trading restriction. Only liquidating trades are accepted. Ps today is my birthday, happy birthday uh. So thank you.

Amc for a decent day. Diamondballs 69420. Um, i don't know, did you violate pattern day trading? Did you do more than uh three in the past five days potentially or like? Do you have a margin violation? I guess there's a couple of things that theoretically could be going on lockdown now entering its 15th year. Oh chris, here we go.

Let's go. I want to see some movement. Amc above 7.87 would be fun uh tesla. I just wanted to break above that trend line.

Uh gme still calling for 54.. I will be pig-headed about that. One man chris, has been on the guillotine trip. Today.

I don't know what you guys are doing, but chris is not messing around he's. Killing these bots left and right sunflower, brown you're about to get axed. I know chris, is on top of it. Guillotined chris he's like the the ninja.

You just never know he's coming he's the silent guillotiner dirk first time trying options, and i have one call for snap strike. Price 75 expires. Three five and one amc call for 10 strike price 319 thoughts on these. I actually really like both of those dirk um.

So my big suggestion would just be have a plan. It's your first one have a plan for your profit goal like set a profit goal. If you, let's just say your premium, you got it at a dollar and your goal is 20 set. Your profit goal right now of like 120., like put it in of where you want to sell it and like maybe you could get it hit, but uh.

That's awesome i actually like both of those um. I i'm in a very similar one, i'm in the exact same one as you as on amc, and i really like the snap one so um well, first of all, congrats into the world. Here we go 54.. I will definitely boost my own ego and say i called for that because i called for that uh.

I don't have enough maturity to be humble um, but uh dirk. I i think, you're looking good uh just play it out. Stick to your plan. Whatever your plan is, stick to that, how do you feel about airlines and cruise ships? I got into united airlines 50 call and i'm at my highest.

I was up 200 for 2021. I'm definitely bullish. I agree with you. I am bullish on airlines cruise lines lodging.

I think, as the world gets closer and closer to recovering those stocks, will do well mark c, hey matt. I learned the hard way that robin hood won't. Let you move your btc to a wallet. You have to simply sell it all right.

That is a good shout out a good reminder to everyone uh, basically, when you're buying crypto on robin hood you're, not actually owning the actual coin. If you want to own actual coin, i'm telling you guys sign up for block five. My link is below you could get bitcoin and ethereum and actually own the coin, and if you want to store it safely, you could also get a little ledger nano. I have links for that um if you want to sort offline, if you're worried about hacking, amc, waking up gme waking up, let's go gabriella, what's being combo.

What's that same thing as a exit strategy, i just never heard of it. Thoughts on s-w-n. This is for forgot by the system - i'm sorry they forgot about you. We won't, though, here in the moon gang uh, looking good southwest energy.

I know oil is looking pretty strong lately, so this will most likely look strong if it could get above 440. That is resistance, then watch 470.. It's a tight range, so you might not get like as exciting as the movements from it as you want um, but oil has been strong lately. Here we go amc things are moving, look at that we're shooting straight up to eight dollars.

Matt, take a look at the downright outrageous call options on gme all the way to 580. What is that all the way? What is that about? It's probably because so many people were complaining that they didn't have farther out of the money when, like this entire debacle started so now the option the market makers have been making farther out ones for people to play. I'm sure they're super cheap, like what are they like ascent, maybe um, but hey, even if it goes from one cent to two cent you just doubled up testament block fight, didn't give me credit for your link. It takes a bit to hit it uh and uh.

You get up the uh well testament if you think that you should have gone credit like if it's not like currently pending uh suit them shoot them in email. I've had to email them a couple times and they've been like super responsive uh. Thus far the uh customer service i've like experienced has been solid, but if there's an issue, maybe i can email them for you, but um it does. It did take a bit for my free credit to even hit the account.

Thank you joan. What's cci be doing, cciv is sitting below 29, not doing much 54. guys. Is this just like notre dame's work is now a good time to sell luv uh, let's see um well, it got above this resistance, which is awesome uh.

The fact that that broke out is pretty good uh. You could then look for resistance at what is a 61. If you wanted to um so maybe 61, i wouldn't well, it depends if you want to be a long-term holder, we'll just ride it out. But if you're trying to do like a day, trade swing trade be careful because the rsi is very very over extended into the overbought territory uh.

It did get above resistance at 59, so the next resistance is at 61.. You could watch that um. It is. It's obviously all gon na be up to you.

I like how the volume is picking up. People are just right now excited about airlines. They're excited about like cruise lines, um travel lodging. I i think momentum is on your side.

Technically, things are a bit over extended bc, bcg brad hit the like. Thank you so much for that. Also guys 6 000 of you in here. Can we get this up to half? Can we go? Can 2 000 of you beautiful space? Apes drop a like for me uh.

It really really does help out with the youtube algorithm bc bcg brad. Thank you for that super chat. What blockchain sucks are popular besides riot um mara is one ny. Nytc is called the nine uh.

Sos is another one. Canon c-a-n-a-a-n is another one uh, those are all blockchain like miners quit buying amc. I don't want my covered cost to exercise at eight lol. Otherwise, i'm gon na have to rebuy it bones.

We all have our own issues. I like that. How do you know which price? How do you know which price to go up uh? Usually i'm just basing it off technical levels? I knew if it could get above the resistance of 52-ish 51-ish 52-ish. The next stop.

The next technical resistance was 54. as much as i want you guys to think that i have like magical powers. I really really don't um as much as a show i put on, and i want you guys to think that i have some sort of god-given demi-god-like abilities. It's all just from reading charts.

So right here, it's 54 and the only reason i called out 54 is because of all this mess from february 9th to february 16th. It was continually rejected at 54, so i was just calling for that to happen again this time. Basically, i'm just looking at what happened in the charts past and just mapping that forward. Of course, it's never going to be perfect, but, like that's all, it is um.

It's really nothing special um above that. Maybe i would look at 57. My next stop after 54. If we can get above 54, i would call out just above 57..

It's support, it's resistant, so it's a important price level and then past that is 61. um. There's really no voodoo going on in the background. Unfortunately, what do you think about cpe? I got in under five cpe uh, looking very strong.

Another petroleum i mean just oil. Is super super strong right now in the commodities market, so all these oil plays will also be doing well. You got in under five wow congrats. That is huge um i mean my big suggestion is ride the trend up and watch how it reacts to this high of 27.50 um, but man that is an awesome trade huge shout out to bc mike monster trade.

What are your thoughts on omi? Oh, am i let me get that up. I just want to scroll back and make sure i just didn't want to miss any super chats. Okay, i i think i got all of them. If, if i missed something, please please send it to chris uh omi, huge, huge movement um.

I it looks like the next stop. Is gon na be closer to 36, like just over 36, so i would ride that trend upward. If you don't have a position, please please don't chase, don't do with what i did with fsr um, don't chase it. Please let me let me blow up my account.

Don't blow up your account um, you got ta, learn from my silly stupid mistakes. Uh. My account is the one to be blown up. Please don't make it yours um, but looks like it has a nice trend.

If you buy a call option - and it's currently in the money, does it generally increase or decrease value, the closer it gets to expiration it all options, whether this puts or calls will decrease as you get to expiration if you bought them um, if you sold them Technically you're collecting more they're decreasing, but when you sell one you want them to decrease, that's how you get your money. So really all options decrease as you get closer and closer to money and that's um you it's basically the the fight between intrinsic and extrinsic value. Those are that's the terminology you guys can google later, but the closer you get to expiration. It has less and less extrinsic value.

So that's why, when you buy a caller put, you want it to move in your direction and you want it to happen quickly, because then you have the most intrinsic and extrinsic value, and it doesn't even really matter if it's in the money or out of the Money, but if you have something that's out of the money and it moves to being in the money, that's where you see the biggest gains thoughts on oc gn, i'm in it's. You have 78 at 1067. ocgn um ocgn's, looking weak, i mean it did have this gap fill so this might be the official bounce, but for what we see in the daily chart right now, that's some weakness. You might get lucky uh just because they also, i believe in march, so like maybe two three weeks away, they will have some announcements about like their vaccine stuff.

If it's very good, you might see another spike then, but for now you're kind of battling people losing interest. There was a massive amount of interest in ocgn and now, as you can see, the volume is just kind of dying off, so you needed to get back into the news cycle 55. What was i calling out? The next stop is 57. I think i said 57.

I'm throwing that on the board, guys throw that on the moon. Gang board. Matt said 57 for gme. If i'm right, please talk me up if i'm wrong just forget, i ever said it.

What are your thoughts on pbr earnings are tonight. Have three 11 calls 521? So you played them super far out uh, i kind of like that pbr. What is this? I don't know what this company does. Uh patrol petroleo.

It looks like a spanish space company, another oil, one uh, because it's an oil. It makes me biased to this gap. Bill of 992. um 11 calls uh.

You have so much time, like you have january february, march april may may 21st. You have a lot of time and it's bouncing off of this. I would let it ride uh, let the play develop. Please hit the like button.

Diana thank you so much for that reminder. Everyone we're at 1.5 000 likes. Can we double that up to three? What's going on discord, wilson? Okay, we're still talking about live nation in it! Some excitement going on um. Was i right about 57? Oh, this game is so much fun all these complaints about them gamifying the stock market.

Of course they did that. Oh, my god, can i get an analysis on mro i've been making. Someone is called marathon oil. I've been making someone, i think jason uh mro mro.

I mean marathon oil is gon na run with all these other oil plays. Petroleum is strong right now, um in terms of technicals watch 13.. You still have another dollar to the next major price level. Resistance support watch that 13 mark.

If you're in on it ride the wave, don't chase this, though, because the rsi is already blown out game, stop can't stop, won't stop gamestop. Hopefully this picks amc up. The market is still strong in the close tesla picking up already above 7 30. we're.

Finally, getting that uh, exciting power hour move we've been talking about uh, so for gamestop. Let me lay out the next level for all of you: stock market casino, fiends, all right. What's the next level looks like i have mark 61, just above 61., um, 61, 61.. Yeah, it looks like 61 is the next level, so everyone i'm calling in out 61.

uh amc on the move, exciting stuff, how's fsr doing 22, not that exciting uh. Why did i not? Should i buy gamestop calls just like completely put this account on tilt mentally? I'm at that point where i either want a massive win, or i want the account to go to zero, which is not how you should be trading god. Please understand this public account is money like i don't want to blow it up, but it's also like a fun account. I mean i'm live streaming it.

It's not like a good, solid investment account. Do you think amc and jimmy are linked to each other like before? Very well could be, i think, as people are excited in one, they think to check the other, and if they see that going up, they buy it. We just got below above 61.. That is awesome um.

So above i mean we already need another analysis. This thing is just ripping hang on.

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