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How nio stock wrecked me this week how i’ll make it back portfolio update // robinhood orders – Matt Kohrs

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I had a pretty bad trading week and it all started with NIO (& TESLA).
This video explains what I did wrong and how I plan on fixing it. Enjoy!
Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!
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Well, another trading week is in the books and, if i'm being honest with you, i'm pretty happy that it's over. I was straight up not having a good time, i'm definitely down on the week, but i'm also pretty confident that my newest positions will be able to help make back some of those losses. My name is matt and on this channel we talk about stocks trading and investing in this video. I will be sharing the exact details of all of my current positions and i will also be discussing what went wrong for me throughout the week.

I really hope that you'll be able to learn a thing or two from my mistakes, and you might even get some inspiration from my newest trades make sure you stick around until the end, because i will also be explaining all the order types available to you on The robinhood trading platform, but before we get into all that, if you enjoyed this type of stock market content, don't forget to join the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. My goal is to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of january, and your help with that would be truly appreciated. Also, i have two quick announcements for you. Don't forget that the market will be closed on monday january 18th in observation of mlk day, and if you want to chat about stocks or have any questions for me, i will be doing a live stream this weekend, so be on the lookout for that and now, With all that, out of the way, let's rock and roll, so why was i not having a good week? Well, if you watch my last stock portfolio update video, you know that i ended last week pretty close to fourteen thousand dollars and now i'm at eleven thousand three hundred, i'm not happy because i took a big hit.

A lot of my hit and new positions involve options and we'll come back to that. But first let me quickly go over my investments. This is an alphabetical order. Just so you know my first investment is apple, ticker, symbol, aapl.

I really like this because it's a premier technology company and i think they'll do exceedingly well this upcoming earnings announcement, which is on january 27th. Basically, i think the iphone 12 knocked it out of the park. I own four shares at a cost basis of 131 and as you're about to see, i also own some call options on apple. Next up is appian ticker, symbol appn.

This is an enterprise custom, application company uh. I think overall, that they'll do very well in 2021. This isn't a short term swing trade. I see a lot of potential in this company they're currently trading at 170.

I own four shares my cost basis is 150, which means that i'm up 13 on the position. As of now stock number three is alibaba, ticker, symbol baba. I really like this one, because i think that it's been unfairly beaten down from late october until now, and i think it's just a matter of time before this stock returns to 300.. I own two shares at a cost basis of 238 and i'm barely positive on the position up.

Next, we have draftkings ticker symbol dkng. I really like this one as a long-term play, because it's in the sector of online sports betting and as that gets legalized in more and more states. I believe that the stock will do exceedingly well. It's currently trading at 53.

I own 10 shares at a cost basis of 47, which means that i'm up 13 on the position already, and i also own some call options on this. Next, we have lemonade ticker, symbol, lmnd. This is a new age insurance company and they're, using ai to make the insurance process more efficient and more profitable for the business. I really like it.

It's currently trading at 148.. I own four shares at 121, which means that i'm already up 22, which is not a bad deal for being invested for only one week. After this, we have nano dimension, ticker symbol, nndm. If you've watched any of my previous videos, you know i normally don't deal with companies like this.

I think it's a bit too close to a penny stock, but i really like the fact that the company has absolutely no debt. They have a lot of cash on hand and it seems like they're about to acquire someone, so i'm basically just holding my position to see how that plays out. I currently own 100 shares at a cost basis of 8.29, so i am up 25 on the position and it should be pretty exciting to see how this one ends up playing out. Next is palantir technologies, ticker, symbol, pltr.

This company is in the world of data analytics and storage. Their biggest client is the us government and from a technical perspective they just had a bullish breakout. So i'm pretty excited for this one to return to the 20 to 30 dollar range. Currently, it's trading just below 26..

I own 20 shares at 24.64, i'm up five percent and i also own call options on this. One that i'll explain in just a bit. Next is quantum. Stick ticker, symbol qs! This is an ev play.

I think it will do well, just because the government is now in control of the democrats, so i think that alternative energy companies will really get a boost for this one. Specifically, i think it was unfairly beaten down from 80 to 50.. I think people got scared by a report that came out at the end of december. I do believe that this company has potential and sold.

Is volkswagen and bill gates right now? It's trading just below 54, i'm in at 58.48, which means i'm down 8. But i feel very confident that at some point in this year it will bounce out to at least 80 85 and that's most likely where i will sell the position. And finally, at least in terms of my investments, we have workhorse ticker symbol wkhs. This is another eevee play.

They are working on making last mile delivery vehicles and they're in the running for the giant contract with the usps at first. This contract was supposed to be announced in october of 2020, then it got pushed off to the end of the year, and now it's pushed off to some point in 2021, similar to quantum scape. I think that this company will benefit from the new political and social push and i think they have a very, very good chance of winning that contract, or at least a large portion of it with the usps right now, it's trading at 23.38, i'm invested at 22.47, Which means i'm up four percent. I think there's a very good chance that this stock returns to that 30 mark over the next month or two and now that is all the stocks.

So, let's talk about my option positions if you happen to watch my most recent neo video. You know that that stock is the main culprit of why i'm down so much this week heading into the neo day event i owned five call options with a strike price of fifty six dollars come monday. I really didn't like the action that i was seeing because there wasn't much of a follow through at least not the follow through that i expected. So i ended up selling all those call options and it was for a profit, but i wouldn't say that i locked it in because right away, i rolled all that money into a farther out expiration involving neo.

The strike price is 75. The expiration date is february. 19Th and i paid 5.49 per contract, which means that i'm now down 1 625. Obviously this is pretty painful, but i do have quite a bit of time till the expiration and i'm hoping that once things calm down with the current political tensions that this stock will.

Finally return, but i guess only time will tell. I do, however, have some new, exciting positions that i think you'll be really interested in the first one is zoom the video conferencing company from a technical perspective. The stock has really been beaten down, but it finally broke out above this trend line, so i bought one call option on that. The expiration date is also february 19th.

I paid just under 15 for the contract that i own right now, i'm down 20, but i feel very confident that this stock will bounce back, especially with the time that i have left. After that we have apple ticker symbol aapl. I have eight call options on the 150 strike. Price expiration date is february 19th, similar to those first two.

This is for a way for me to play the upcoming earnings announcement. I feel very, very confident that apple is about to knock it out of the park. So i think these will be up quite a bit once all the positive numbers are reported right now, i'm down 37, but i really do think that i'm the most confident about this specific position, i'm not worried about it at all, and especially i do have quite A bit of time, next up, we have draftkings a strike price of 60.. I paid three dollars and fifteen cents.

I did this one basically because i'm a big fan of the company. I like what i'm seeing in the chart - i'm not insanely, confident about this one, but i feel pretty good that the stock will return to at least its previous high sooner rather than later, i'm in at 3 15 right now, i'm down 32 we'll have to wait To see how this one plays out and the earliest expiration one i have is palantir ticker symbol pltr, i have a call 20 at a 28 strike price. I actually have four calls. The expiration date is january 29th.

This is my earliest expiration one. The cost that i paid per contract was two dollars and 10 cents right now. I am down 45, but with the technical breakout that this one had i'm just looking for a bit of follow-through and i think it'll be pretty easy for these calls to end up. In the money, so if i were to sum up what's going on right now, my investments are absolutely killing it and my option plays are absolutely killing me.

Basically, what happened was i started getting emotional and revenge training because i felt like a lot of my profits disappeared from the end of last week. To the beginning of this week i lost quite a bit of money on neo and tesla, and because of that, i was trying to quickly win all those profits back. So i got into a lot of these positions and they really weren't the best entries and now i'm down quite a bit of money. If there's one big lesson to take away from this video, it's to avoid what i did avoid being emotional and revenge trading and sometimes you're not going to make as much profit as you want.

But that doesn't mean you should chase that, because you can very easily go on tilt and get into a position that i'm in now alrighty. Let's take a quick break to answer a question from one of you in one of my most recent videos. Lavish reacts asked: what do you mean by support? I really appreciate you sending this in it's a great question, so, in this context, support is a technical term involving a stocks chart it's a price level trend line or overall region that in the past, the stock has bounced off. Of what i mean by that is that the stock was trading downward, it hit this region and then it reversed course.

These are very important to know about, because previous support can act as support in the future, and if the stock breaks below that, they can even turn into resistance. Speaking of which resistance is the exact opposite, as in the stock was trading upward, it hit that region, and then it was rejected downward slimmer to support previous resistance can act as resistance in the future and once the stock breaks above it, it can even turn into Support, i really appreciate you sending this question in and, if you guys have any more make sure to post them in a comment below for now, though, let's go over all the order, types in robinhood, let's use applestock as an example. If you're on robinhood, you can follow along exactly with this and if you're, on a different platform such as weibull, the process may be a bit different, but you should know that the order types are the exact same. Let's start off with buying in the top right hand, corner click on the button shares and the first batch is under market order, and this basically means that you want those shares and you want them right.

Then you'll hit the ask and get an immediate fill. There are two types buy in dollars: buy and shares. That means that you could buy 200 worth of apple or you could buy two shares just so you know, robinhood does have fractional shares so for some reason you want two and a half shares of apple. That's also a possibility beyond market orders, the main other one is a limit order.

Let's say that apple is trading at a hundred and thirty dollars, and you want to buy apple, but only at 125. You would set a limit order at 125 and if the stock were to dip to it, the limit order would be triggered and you would be purchased shares of apple, but keep in mind. This will only happen if that limit price is hit. There are other conditional buy orders and you might want to use them, but they make much more sense in the selling context.

So, let's go back out to trading click on, sell that same button in the top right hand corner and as you can see, we have these same market orders for selling you can sell in dollars. You can sell in shares. That would be the same thing. Basically, you want to get out of those shares immediately, but the conditional orders can be pretty useful for selling.

Now there are four types of conditional orders and i would argue that three of them make sense. The first one is a limit order. That's basically just setting a price target if you're in apple at 125 - and you want to sell at 150, you would set a limit order for 150 and as soon as that is hit, you would sell all of your shares. The next one is a trailing stop order, that's basically dynamically following apple stock price, so as it continues to go higher and higher, it won't sell until it drops by a certain percentage or dollar amount, both of which you can set a stop.

Order is a great way to set your risk. It's basically saying that if the stock hits a certain price level which is set by you, it would trigger a market sell, as in you would be immediately out of your position by hitting the bid. The final conditional order, which i would suggest not using is a stop limit order. This is very similar to a stop order, but it's saying that once the price level is hit, it will only get you out of the position if you can get filled at that.

Certain price level - and i don't like it because in situations of gap - downs, yes, it would be triggered. But if you can't get filled at that price because the market is already trading below it, you would still have your position and, in my opinion, it really doesn't help with protecting your risk. I would love to get your thoughts on what will be the best performing stock of the upcoming week. Whoever wins will get moon gang bragging rights.

If you have any questions or if you just want to talk about stocks with me, i will be doing a live stream this weekend and don't forget that the stock market will be closed. This monday january 18th, in observation of mlk day, if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to drop a like, and if you haven't already don't forget to join the moongig by hitting the subscribe button. Your support is truly appreciated, thanks for watching and until next time. Best of luck in the markets, you.


22 thoughts on “How nio stock wrecked me this week how i’ll make it back portfolio update // robinhood orders”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steffiejoe says:

    I have purchased a put with the strike price of $54.00. It will expire on 1/22/2021. Right now Nio is 56.18.
    The average cost per share is 1.06. I understand that I’m in the money right now. What happens if it goes lower than $54.00? Does the total return drop?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julia Noh says:

    This was a bad week for me as well, mostly bc of options. I'm trying to learn from my losses, but it does hurt…
    Appreciate your transparency! Hoping for a better week for us all 🙂

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rnj Solo says:

    Hey, @Matt Kohrs, I thought losing 3k was insanely emotional for me and then hearing it from you over 11k that you have lost I felt better but with 500 shares I have invested with NIO I truly hope it will bump up by Tuesday. Still learning but for some reason, I'm having issues getting it due to my (SASPA) slight autism slow process attention, how options work. YES, I did Subscribe and hope you'd do the same, Thank you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GAVIN SMIYH says:

    Can you explain the RSI? Love your honesty and market analysis!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rose2riches says:

    Glad to see NNDM in your portfolio. Good ETF to hold. 😂😂

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dardan Cosovic says:

    the full transparency and admitting to your mistakes is greatly appreciated, good lessons to be learned.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Jennings says:

    Thanks Matt. I lost a large 4 figure sum yesterday after a great start to the month. Moral of the tale for me;
    – Don’t force trades in choppy markets
    – Don’t revenge trade
    – If in any doubt sit on your hands
    – Get out quickly if it goes south
    – Your money is precious. Safeguard it.
    Best of luck for the rest of the month. 👍🏻

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Asher G says:

    Hey Matt! I appreciate you be honest and straightforward about your losses and gains also about your revenge trading . Makes us feel more connected and alike. Also to learn not make those mistakes repeatedly.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mk 10pw1000 says:

    Do you really have to use those VERY SILLY click bait thumbnails?? Looks cheap and untrustworthy

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars señor hotpants says:

    nio is a poor investment. I think its just trending that's why it got so much hype. honestly its down to $56 really?!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Poppy LocStaa says:

    I appreciate your authenticity and transparency with this video. I am also down a lot this week but we’ll get that money back with a little bit of patience and tequila.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jbosquez611 Bosquez says:

    I’m thinking zoom may need to stay bearish over a 6 month put. They won’t be needed as much with more people coming back to work. But I am bullish over the short term. I have 5 shares with them.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vu Dao says:

    Hey Matt, tomorrow is a new day. I am pretty sure you will make all the money back soon. You still have lots of times left until expirations. Thank you for sharing your portfolio with all of us.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shae Akins says:

    I am kinda in the same boat as you. I have two option call one to expire Jan 29 2021 and the other to expire Feb 19 2021. I hope that's enough time for both to recover

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ICMax24 says:

    Very good material Matt, congratulations on your video and lets be optimistic, hopefully things will improve with the quarterly reports.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TFC says:

    Hi Matt, I sold my NIO position today during premarket, it was already down a few points at 8:30am. So given what had already transpired for NIO this week, I decided to cash out my weak hand and watch for a new entry point. I also sold both FCEL and PLUG because they’d been down graded by JP Morgan analyst Paul Costner. His reasoning really was the two companies had grown too fast. I took those proceeds and added to Apple and Tesla, and bought TWLO, FUTU, and AMT. The last three did very well today and they are 5G plays.

    In the three paragraph NIO comment I left you yesterday, on top of additional reading I did last night, I talked myself right out of owning NIO at the moment. By contrast, Jim Cramer is pretty certain next week is Apple week. I agree, which is why I added to my position. I have 10.709788 shares of Apple and have a recurring investment (in dollars) every Monday. So, Apple is my choice for next week

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tim lawrence says:

    Ive been trading 6 months. Lost 4gs emotional trading.
    Got my head together by listening to stock moe. Stock guru james.
    Larry jones.
    I got my 4gs back and up 25gs now.
    Nio i stopped panicking on the dips and selling costing me potential 70gs gain. Now i bought on the previous dips at 39.00 and today at 57.00 putting my average to 46.00 with 565 shares so up 5.500 ish.
    Nio is on sale now and will pop from this and go to 84 plus.
    This year i believe uber, tesla, nio and some genomics companies such as, (tickers) bngo, isr, crspr will smash it and bring you huge gains..
    Thank you,
    Tim from london uk

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars saeedoroomy says:

    Thanks for sharing your position with us, Matt. I am also happy that this week is over! Apple has been very disappointing this week. Hope to reverse soon.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Slade says:

    Opened 2 new positions this week BNGO & SKLZ….I like BNGO next week with NNDM followed by SKLZ…APPL. the week after….NIO is a puzzle but it can sneak up $10 in 5 days with little fanfare…it's done it many times before.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Bond says:

    I diversified my folio at one time I invested 70 % on NIO and it went down to $40 from $53. So I sold some and bought CLeanspark, Fuel cell, Macy, Mara, Gnog,Past, Bff and now Facedrive and CCIv. Still have invested 20 % of my folio so I need it to go up. Was disaster day today was down $2300 Today

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 📌 pinned by Best Hacker says:

    I see why davehack4 is recommended his the best investor, i invested $500 last four days I just receive $2000 all thanks to you sir..

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Kohrs says:

    Join the MoonGang by hitting LIKE & SUBSCRIBE — TO THE MOON! (…not for me this past week…awkward)

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