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Invest to become a millionaire?!?! crypto talk with cryptos r us – Matt Kohrs

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Three two one good morning, moon gang, i'm very very excited to be doing this special weekend stream. With all of you, we have a special special treat. We are speaking with george from kryptos r us and i'm personally pretty excited about this, because when we are living in the utopia, that is past, the amc and gme squeeze there's going to be a lot. A lot of space apes out there that have some newfound money and it's a very, very fair question of how do we turn that new money into even more money? Personally, i'm pretty excited about the crypto sector, and that's exactly why we are bringing on george aka.

The crypto aficionado today to really talk about that to understand, like is crypto here to stay. Is it just a fad, we're going to be hitting him with some questions, and hopefully we can get some solid answers just to know how we can turn some more certain money into even more money um, let's give it up for george. Thank you so so much for joining today. How are you doing uh, i'm doing great matt, thanks for having me on the show, awesome awesome so um for uh i mean i i can see right now that you're pretty well known within the crypto sector.

So for my group here, the space apes. Could you just give us a little bit history about yourself, uh, investing the markets crypto itself? How long have you been in this game? Well, i first uh got into the game: late 2013 uh and that's a little bit earlier than most people. Most people in crypto got in around 2017. um, but i got into two bull cycles ago, so that was 2013 when bitcoin first hit about 1200 and uh.

You know i was in i.t, i was um, not software development, but i was in hardware and you know what i just started: paying attention to news and i'm like what is this bitcoin thing you know and then i started researching that you can mine it and To me, it was like a modern day or hardware equivalent of uh building our own money tree. So i got in hardcore i converted my basement to like a mining facility. I had electrician come in and install like 200 more amps of you know, circuits and and plugs, and i had things going for at least six months and uh and then the bubble burst and bitcoin came down. But at that time i was actually lighting.

Uh mining litecoin because bitcoin already moved to these specific miners called asic miners, which were very difficult to get at a time. So i was just buying gpus on amazon, newegg and building out these custom rigs. But unfortunately, because the bubble burst and it went down, you know i got out um, you know early 2013 and at that time i didn't really understand. I didn't understand why people were so bullish on bitcoin, so i got out like like a chump and then in 2017.

I i read the headlines again, bitcoins back up to 1200 right and i'm like okay, you know i definitely uh need to get back in. I made a mistake selling and then i started learning more and more and more about bitcoin and crypto. Overall, you know i started my journey actually answering questions on quora um and that blew up and then people told me hey, you should start a channel, so i did and then um and then yeah, that's where we are today awesome, so you're, actually almost coming in On like a full decade of like being dedicated dedicated to crypto and what's going on that world, that's that's awesome, definitely been in it for quite a while. So when i was doing research for this interview um, i was checking out uh.

Quite a few of your videos on um your youtube there, which i mean just so everyone knows uh, george's, uh, it's in the title, it's also in the description and also his twitter. If you want to check out his youtube twitter make sure to check that out. If you want to learn more about crypto, but as i was doing my own research for this specifically um, i kind of want to start this off with crypto as a whole, and i one thing that i found to be super super interesting was how you were Talking about this psychology of, what's going on in amc and gme, very much the battle of david versus goliath, the 99 versus one that there's quite a bit of a psychological overlap with amc, gme and then crypto as a whole. And maybe i don't know maybe more specific some coins, but um.

Can you just dive a little bit into that yeah? I i think it's a perfect marriage of the two and uh. What i mean by that is, you know the the whole cause you know behind wall street bets at least i think some uh aren't behind the cause. Is that you know they're they're, tired of wall street. You know gang up on these companies that could have a future, but they can't prove themselves anymore, because the big hedge funds, you know, put endless short pressures on them.

They make money by destroying these companies and killing jobs, while you know lining up their pockets with with cash. That's what they're doing and what wall street bets did was prove that a group of group of people with a with a like mindset. They can pretty much accomplish anything, especially a group of people that have a ton of stimulus, money and savings that they didn't know. What else to do with, but now they know they can get into this cause and, of course, make money um by doing so right, so wall street bets to me and what happened gme and amc is like is like trying to prove to wall street's like hey.

You guys better watch out because we're paying attention now everything that you're doing in terms of all these shorts or naked shorts or whatever that you're doing we could see. We could see those numbers and we could be coming after you, so you know there was a lot of retailers that blew up and stuff and obviously there was some problems with robin hood um, but it definitely you know made some excuse me. It definitely made some hedge funds rethink their strategy going forward right, but here's the thing. This is why i think crypto's natural transition or marriage, or just complements, what's going on, is crypto's trying to do the same thing on a grander scale.

Crypto, especially bitcoin was created after the housing bubble crash because the banks had to be bailed out, you know, bear stearns went under and everyone was like, that's impossible. How could a hundred year old bank just go under like that and a ton of other banks went under and the banks had to get get uh? You know had to be bailed out, and these are the largest institutions out there. So how could the world um, you know there was rumors about how the world's financial system was going to collapse without the stimulus, money and - and everything was just coming to an end, and and people were like how could this be? We trust these people with our money. You know they're supposed to be smarter than us, but they took all this risk and the world's financial system was crashed.

That's how bitcoin came to be. You know satoshi nakamoto, whoever he is or she is or a group of individuals. They decide. Hey we're going to create something that you know is not controlled by the governments around the world.

That's non-sovereign! That is decentralized so that it can't be controlled by any group or party and we're going to set it so that there you can't apply monetary policy to it. You can't inflate it, it's it's. You can't confiscate it either. So it's like the people's money right and that's a powerful thing and what you know what it is is basically a way to disrupt what is now, which is the centralized systems out there.

It's early, you know, there's no, there's! No there's no reason to think that central banks or banks around the world are just going to collapse tomorrow due to bitcoin. But that's the mission is to get people to to basically utilize the people's money rather than fiat money, or you know, money, that's controlled by governments right. So this is a grander mission. This is a grander scale of what i think wall street vets are doing.

Targeting hedge funds, you get into bitcoin and crypto you're targeting the entire financial system, so i think it's a perfect complement to each other awesome. So, almost in the way that i preface this of and we're in that utopia, a fellow space state myself included the people listening right now of we have that new pile of money after amc and jimi go they go past jupiter. It's a fair question of like great. We have this new money.

I want to turn it into more money with like a strong investment. So right now we're obviously talking about crypto, and i think a fair question is is like crypto's, hot right now, no matter what twitter reddit youtube, you're, always hearing about crypto, so i think it's a fair question of. Is it a fad? Right now is something special going on, or is it here to stay and we're just getting started um? In my opinion, this cycle is different in all previous cycles and yes, bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. So let me explain to you and um and to everyone else that might be not be aware of this cycle that this four year cycle that that basically bitcoin follows um, since its existence bitcoin's been following, what's known as a four-year cycle, because every four years there's The event called the having event which basically reduces the block, rewards by half so right.

Now as it stands, i believe every block that gets solved and put within the chain that happens every 10 minutes. I think there's about uh three bitcoins, it's either six or three. I forget, after this last block, have you come back, so that's not very many in another four years, they'll be cut in half and another four years they'll be cut in half, so the amount of new bitcoins that gets released into the world gets really really scarce. It gets really small, but when it first came out, it was much bigger, it was, you know in the hundreds and then it went into 50 and then it went to 25 and then 12 and a half and then it kept cutting.

Basically, so every four years there's this phenomenon and because of it um there's i take that back, there's not a phenomenon. This is set in code. This happens. It's not it's not just random um, but there is a phenomenon with the price going up this last year of of every four years.

So the three. So if you look at like the charts that you look at how bitcoin's been going like the first three years will be pretty much down because it's coming off a previous high and then the last for the last year of the four year cycle. It goes on a parabolic move and then it peaks out and comes down again all right and then, when it comes down again, that's when the new four-year cycle starts. So in three years you pretty much have down years and then one year of a really really good year, and it's been doing that since its existence um and we're doing that right now too, because the last having event was in may of 2020 and now we're In 2021, so 2021 is actually the last year, the four year, the fourth year of the four year cycle, so that has been consistent, but why it's different now is we never had institutional interest in bitcoin never before it was always talked about 2017..

It was talked about that. Maybe maybe banks are warming up to bitcoin right, but they really weren't um. You know, maybe companies will be looking at it. Maybe you have paypal or venmo look at or maybe you have visa mastercard getting in and maybe you have uh even derivatives like you know, um, etfs and stuff come out.

All these stuffs were maybe they were just talked about in 2017. But you know what in 2020 and now 2021, they all they're all here. So that's the difference. Um.

You know we have guys like michael saylor, who just all of a sudden turn 100 bullish into bitcoin, and it's really amazing. He got into bitcoin right around. You know, i think ten thousand dollars in august and uh he's been buying. He put all his money, his own personal money and all the money.

He has a micro strategy into bitcoin and he's raised more money to put into bitcoin and he's made a tremendous amount. Just by doing that and he's 100 bullish on it, and you have him that i think brought in guys like tesla elon, who now bought in square bought in right. These things didn't happen before and even if they did, it was very, very small and not public. Now it's it's actually cool to say that hey, i bought bitcoin with my reserves and you have countless other companies that have done so even very, very um.

Conservative institutions, like mass mutual mass mutual insurance, also said we bought 100 million dollars of the bitcoin and they bought investment uh like an equity stake of a company called nydig, which is like a like a bitcoin consulting custody service um that helps large institutions get involved With bitcoin, so they also took the equity share of them, so this kind of stuff didn't happen, and then now you hear about pape, um paypal, of course, opening up crypto trading and also allowing merchants to accept bitcoin and crypto. Also, you have venmo that join well. They're owned by paypal and you have cash app. You have of course, robinhood.

That also allows very easy trading um, but you have all this stuff happening and even like visa is partnering up with a company called crypto.com and they're they're testing selling. You know transactions over the ethereum network and they're they're, teaming up with banks to help you buy crypto using visa. I mean these things just didn't happen before they didn't exist. Everyone was so anti-bitcoin before, but they're not now, and some of the biggest wall street, guys um that were bearish on bitcoin or they were they.

They called it a ponzi or they called it. You know uh, i don't know what what else they called it, but they all turned uh bullish on bitcoin, you know and and some some guys you know like mark cuban people forget mark cuban not too long ago said: hey uh i'd rather buy bananas over bitcoin. Now he has turned and he recognized oh bitcoin is here to stay and then he's also into dogecoin. He did a complete 180 and then he also admitted that four years ago he already bought bitcoin, but it was uncool to say you bought bitcoin, so he was actually driving fud and uh.

And that's what you see all these guys that were driving fun before were secretly stocking up same thing with kevin o'leary. Kevin o'leary, you know, was very anti bitcoin. He went on cnbc and debated anthony papado many times saying that bitcoin's a oh, a big old, nothing burger and recently he came out and said: oh, you know what in fact i lied. I bought bitcoin four years ago.

I just couldn't admit it like what like why, where it's one thing to just not say anything, it's another thing to go on national television and actually drive fud towards that. So you know that. That's why i kind of ranted went a little along with my answer, but you know that's the reason why i think this year, you know and going forward is very different than previous cycles. Yes, it's still driven by this having event, but now you have national attention.

Global attention and global adoption and awareness - and it's just very, very different. It's a kind of some interesting parallels, they're, just a little different so like in the world of amc and gme um. A lot of people shout out to the entire community there's an equivalent amount of fun, but then, what's weird about this, is like when we drive into some of the sec finra documents, all that it's just people that are like their parent company. The company themselves are just actively betting against them, so they're using their influence to drive it down because it's like financially beneficial for them.

So i guess like at the end that was financially beneficial for these guys to shove it down, so they could buy more at a super cheap price. And now it's going absolutely haywire um before we dive into your opinion about like specific coins, because, like obviously there's hot coins right now that i'm sure people want to know your opinion on. Let me just play the devil's advocate for one. Second, in your mind, is there an event or a series of events where crypto at large is not successful? What do you think would go on where you're like uh, oh something's, going bad and downhill with crypto? You know it would.

It would have to take a collaborative effort, basically with all nations out there to actively say. Okay, we are banning our citizens from buying bitcoin and crypto uh with fiat. It would have to take something like that for for it to be a catastrophic blow to bitcoin and crypto, yet it still wouldn't kill it off um, so bitcoin and crypto. You know, if you understand, if you understand the blockchain and how the network runs um.

Basically, you can have as little as basically two miners and you can create a network, but obviously there's a lot more out there. Anyone can spin up a minor and start powering the bitcoin network. Um, that's proof of work, but there's also proof of stake where you simply download us a piece of software you've staked in some coins and it's also power in the network um. So basically anyone can do so.

So the government can't stop that they can't stop the network. Anyone even if they killed all the miners. Today, um new miners will pop up tomorrow. So in that essence, they can't kill the network now.

What could they they could? Try to do is say: hey it's illegal, to buy bitcoin with your dollars right like you, can't go on coinbase anymore, or you can't go on robin hood anymore and try to buy it right. That could be. That could be something that they target right, but then they have to come up with a really good reason. Why they're doing so and in my opinion now never come to be because what the governments are looking at right now is how to profit from this.

Not how to shut it down it's just it's not even worth their time to they have a they have a money printer that basically can print infinite amount of money. Okay, so bitcoin is not a threat. It's nowhere near a threat and bitcoin has been recognized as an asset. So it's it's not trying to replace um dollars or even digital dollars.

It's trying to replace gold. It's trying to be a store of value. Okay, so that's number one but number two: is you know what it's it's um with the government's having a you know a money printer that can print anything. What they really care about right now is how do we tax individuals? I think that's the bigger thing.

Yes, they do care about stopping illicit activities and money laundering, but they recognize that hey. We have bigger problems with just with fiat. Banks could find billions of dollars for money laundering all the time and no one gets hurt. They just pay a slap on a risk.

Fine, no one goes to jail, nothing like that and there's billions and billions of billion dollars that that is done every single day by these banks right. So if you look at the statistics of listed activities on the blockchain and utilizing bitcoin and others, it's actually less because it's actually easier to track because everything is transparent on the blockchain. So you could actually see where it's going exactly so um. So this argument about trying to shut it down because it's listed activity is just it's nonsense.

It's it's proven it's very low and criminals, rather not use bitcoin to conduct illicit activities um. So, in my opinion, what the governments want to do is to tax the individuals. That's why you have like certain crypto out there that has privacy features where you really can't track them, they're being delisted from the exchanges like in south korea, there's no privacy coin on any of the exchanges out there. It's the same thing with the us there's no privacy coins listed because um the governments want to know they're preparing for a way to basically track you and tax you.

So you know i i just don't. I just don't think there's any this big catastrophic thing that that some people theorize that can take down bitcoin and all of crypto. I just don't think it's gon na happen and honestly there's there's some uh. I don't know like extreme people that say hey what.

If there's a global power outage - or you know, uh the power grid gets taken out, you know what's going to happen with bitcoin. Well, you know if that really happened. If we went to world war iii or something and the power grid of the world gets taken out, we have bigger problems than worrying about bitcoin and and and stuff so um. So that's a different story right, um! So yeah i mean that.

That's that's what i'm thinking i mean it's really, it's nothing to be worrying about right now: okay, yeah! I just think it's definitely fair, consider the pros and the cons. So now i guess with that um, let's just dive into some of the specific ones, bullish, bearish neutral, where you see them going upward, failing um right now, one of the hottest ones that i see all the time people talking about is dogecoin when you think of Dogecoin, what do you think um dogecoin is a coin that that people love to hate and um. There's a couple reasons why people love to hate it number one? Is they didn't get in early, so they're jealous number two? Is people think that dogecoin is stealing attention away from other more promising projects, including even bitcoin, which i think is nonsense and uh, and i think there's another group of people that that just don't understand it just thinks it's a meme coin. So they think it's silly that is pumped up so much so i think you have these individuals and my take.

Is this um? When i look at a crypto - and i look at the market cap, even though everything in crypto the market cap is really inflated, i know that because you have companies, that's worth billions of dollars without even a working product, so um. But if you look at the within the context of crypto and you look at companies that have a market cap above 10 billion, which is what i considered a big cap, a large cap, it takes enormous amount of followers investors. You know loyalty for that to happen. In crypto every single day, you'll see a coin pump and dump and pump and dump it doesn't matter how many times it does that, if you don't have people holding the coin and staying true they're the mission, basically believing that this will go up or you're buying It for some other purpose, you think it's gon na be adopted or because of technology or leadership right without that group of loyal followers behind it.

It will never reach that big cap mark it's just really hard to get there, and not only that to stay there. Okay, now dogecoin has proven itself because it not only broke through the 10 billion market cap. It has multiplied above it. You know dogecoin.

Where is it? I think it's like 30 billion dollars, it's top. It's not only top 10. It's top seven yeah! It's at 35 billion dollars and it's actually pumping today, 15. So what that shows to me is you have enough people that believe in it and they're not go just just like gme fans or amc fans.

They're not just go all of a sudden, every single one. Just decide i'm just going to sell out because they still more or less, they still believe in that cause, and i think dogecoin is the same way. So, in my opinion, i actually like it now. I think it's kind of irresponsible not to have some in your portfolio, because it is a big cap.

You have such a loyal following behind it and plus you know it uh. I think it's good because it brings a lot more money and new people into the space people that may have heard of bitcoin before and they're like. Ah, it's at 50 000. - it's too high for me, i'm not going to get in, but they look at dogecoin and their promise of you know: wealth they're, like oh, it's 27 cents.

Let me get in but then after they get in, they realize well. What are some other crypto out there and then they start researching, and then they get. You know familiar with other projects they like and they diversify right. So i like it from that aspect.

It pulls in a lot of new people in and new money, and then it also helps everything else. So i like it from that aspect too, and now dogecoin is um. You know it's starting to be accepted. People there's some people that claim it has no use.

Well, mark cuban um, you know he opened up dogecoin payments with the dallas mavericks um. You could buy season tickets, you could buy merchandise, new egg just opened up. You know, there's some! I i heard her stories like restaurants, now taking dogecoin, so there is use the small small little use, but it's opening up it's opening up, so my take on dogecoin is i like it now. So one of the main things that we've been like that i've been hearing is like the big argument against it, like it clearly has a huge cultural and social following, and i i understand that psychology, because really that's um kind of the success of gme and amc.

It's just such a loyal hardcore following it's just people diamond handing it they're just doing it in dogecoin with that, though um like sometimes you have to look at like what's going on under the hood and the main argument about it against it is that it's inflationary, Um, so with that, like do you see in the future, be with it being inflationary, and i guess we could also talk about this in terms of ethereum but like what would be your argument for it's like true utility past, just like social support. So this argument that it can't go up because it's inflationary is is wrong. Um, almost every single blockchain um, you know, besides the the early ones like bitcoin and litecoin, and some of the new ones, i should say not not just early ones, but a vast majority or vast minority, i should say, is actually ones with a set cat and The ones that are set cap is really meant to be a store value, there's a lot of new projects with a set cap, and they call it deflationary. There's burning and stuff like that, because they're they're putting um they're, putting some form of way to make the price go up to make it more rare, but for most projects that are supposed to be utility projects or a currency, dogecoin right now seems to be going Down the path of being a currency, but you have ethereum, which is a smart contracts play it's it's a platform.

That's meant to um. You know bring a lot of dapps on top of it. You know they're all inflationary, they don't have a set cap. There's more and that's produced every year: ethereum is the same way and all these other ones, if you look at cmc, is also the same way.

Polkadot is the same way and the list goes on and on and on so lana is a another one. I mean because the thing is the reason why they're inflationary is because they're rewarding the stakers, the ones that are powering the network, so every year they anticipate well, there's going to be more people, that's jumping on board, more people, that's going to be supporting the network. So we need to incentivize them, that's why they make it inflationary, so there's more tokens to go around and their true purpose is not to cause the price to go up. The true purpose is to power the network through their token, so that's the difference and dogecoin is set up the same way.

So this is why people don't understand some people say well, dogecoin can't ever go up, he's inflationary. Well, so is ethereum and ethereum has been going up. Just fine and dogecoin has been going up just fine. So that's because the the demand, if the demand outstrips the supply, no matter what the prices go, go up right and that's what we're saying right now.

So i guess uh, that's a good segue we might as well then talk um, just ethereum. Now what are your thoughts on that? Like obviously another inflationary, one, like you said, i'm on cmc right now is clocking in at uh number two. I believe it's been there for quite a while seems to be pretty strong with the smart contracts uh to my understanding, a lot of the nft technology is being like kind of created on top of ethereum. So what's your opinion on that one um ethereum! It's it's killing itself with his own success right now, that's and that that's uh, that's the irony.

It happened in 2017 and it's happening again and what i mean by that is ethereum cannot scale. Bitcoin can handle about eight transactions per second, okay. Ethereum could handle about 15.. It's not that much so ethereum right now is going through real growing pains because nfts and d5 projects that are very popular, especially with trading um, they're congestion up the network and whenever it gets congested up.

You know the the fee that you have to pay for a transaction. They call it gas fee which in ethereum's case is just eth or ether that skyrockets and right now, if you're, making a trade, it's like 90 per trade on top of the ethereum network, which is insane insane so what's happening, is um, metallic and and crew. They recognize this so they're trying to work trying to come up with solutions to help alleviate that um. There's one proposal that that's coming in july, that that is supposed to make it more predictable in terms of gas fee increases.

But the miners do not like it. There's also another product that they're working with another uh team that will supposedly add in a layer two solution which will help with um help with scaling. But the ultimate solution is what they call ethereum two, which is what they're working on ethereum right now is proof of stake, so the the the miners that are powering the network they're. In that sense, it's very similar to bitcoin.

You have to have a machine to basically um solve this equation and you make eth and then you're powering the network, but um they're, moving to proof of stake with their new chain called e2 and it's proof of stake. So you just simply deposit some some eth and then you can run a node and power some networks, so it's different, but with that then ethereum will scale better because they're building on more things on top of it. That will make it scale to thousands of transactions per second, but that whole thing has started. It's not going to be complete until 2022 sometime and i'm not even talking about early 2022, probably mid to late 2022..

So during that time, like right now, you're seeing a lot of other smart contract blockchains that are gaining tremendously because of this problem that ethereum is having. But with that said, the one thing that ethereum has that none of these other blockchains has besides bitcoin is they have institutional support and you can't discount that okay, um ethereum etfs just just was just introduced last week. That's pretty big in canada and they're working on ones for the us too, so that brought in a lot of liquidity, grayscale trust, great scale investments. They have ethereum trust two and that's over seven billion dollars.

So that's also helping them because there's institutional interest and right now with this this new etherium 2 chain um, you can actually help power it. You can actually stake in eth and it's clever, because if you stake it right now you can't unstake it. You can't take it out so that also locked in a ton of eth um, but i think institutional interest was will carry it far, but as for utility purpose right now, it's it's. You know it's really uh.

It's really struggling because the chain just can't handle more transactions, gotcha, and then i guess going off of that one. Maybe it's worthwhile to pivot into the grandaddy of them all kind of just bitcoin, where you see that going. Are you as bullish on it? As you have been, or is it kind of going down and you like some of the newer coins? What's your overall thought on like the one that started this all uh, there's just no trouble, there's no worry with bitcoin every anytime. We have any kind of down.

Um, you know people freak out and there's a lot of youtubers honestly, a lot of content creators um that drive a lot of fear. Okay, they pretend like. Oh you know, i'm trying to educate, but really they drive, fear and people. You know newcomers in a space.

I know like people watching me is not only watching me. They watch like three other channels and and out of the three channels, you know they're, all being told, hey, bitcoin's gon na go down, and i'm the only one saying you know what hold for long term, but it still gets to them. So anytime things go down. They get freaked out, so bitcoin is just fine.

There's it's really to think that you're panicking about bitcoin at 50 000. just take a second bitcoin is at 50 000 and people are panicking. You know bitcoin was at 10 000 just late last year. It was at 20, 000 in january, so to think that we've more than doubled within three months and now, there's panic.

Oh bitcoin came down for 60 000 to 50 000 and the end is near. That's just silly. That's just really really silly right, um and plus, you know everything. I've said the we're in the fourth year of this four year cycle, which is traditionally the very very the most bullish year.

By far plus, we have institutional adoption and global adoption. There's just no way that bitcoin is stopping here, no way no way. Um, and you know i'm always go view bitcoin as the market leader, it's going to be driving the market higher right. Bdc dominance is a measurement of bitcoin's market cap versus the market cap of the entire crypto space.

Now um. If you look at in the past, bitcoin has traditionally been very, very high. 80 90 dominance. Um there's been times where it dropped as low as 30 and that's when all coins are really doing well, it's it's like all coin season, but then it tends to flip-flop back and forth, and bitcoin diamonds could come up in a big way right.

So bitcoin is definitely the market leader. You know if bitcoin does well, there's no reason to think that all coins will struggle none zero. If bitcoin does well and drives the market forward, all coins will rally. They will rally hard and there'll, be many periods where all coins rallied much harder than bitcoin and it surpassed bitcoin in many ways.

So if you look at ethereum as slow as moving as they are, they have surpassed bitcoin's performance for the last six years. I mean not six years last six months by a large margin, more than double um, and if you look at all these other ones, that's up and coming um. They have surpassed bitcoin's performance by 3x, 5x. 10X, 20x right now.

But still things could turn around really quick and when there's market weakness you know the all points tend to go down faster too. So that's why i stress having a diversified portfolio to kind of cover yourself in all instances, gotcha. So uh, please correct me. If i'm wrong, but on those three that we talked about dogecoin ethereum bitcoin, is it kind of like as a quick cheat sheet? Is it kind of nice to think of it as dogecoin digital currency? Ethereum is more of a utility play and bitcoin is more of a store of value play.

Is that, like a good way to traunch those three in our own mind, yeah, that's actually a good example of the three use cases within crypto right now: okay, um! That's exactly a bitcoin being store value, ethereum being a smart contracts play, you could also say uh in layman's terms. It's like uh, a decentralized operating system. This thing about that way and then uh dogecoin is right. Now yeah currency, like meant to be uh digital money.

So yeah those are actually three use cases for crypto gotcha, and i know in this space just like from my own dealings in the stock market. It is tough like to put a price and a time frame and everything so for those three specifically five to ten years down the road. Do you think they'll still be relevant? If you had a guess now, no one's holding you to it yeah for sure bitcoin will be um bitcoin in five years whoo. I i think it's gon na be over a million dollars in five years, because that's going beyond this cycle and the next cycle and that's going to like the third cycle and by that it'll, be really really really hard to buy bitcoin, i mean the scarcity factor Alone, um, the number of bitcoins being produced per block and plus global adoption.

I mean demand is going to be so much higher than supply. Um dogecoin, i think, will survive and the reason is before i joked about dogecoin. I i viewed it as like. A a cockroach, that's really hard to kill, there's been periods where dogecoin has has basically no one.

No one training. No one buying. I mean it's sub pennies point: zero, zero, zero one like there's been periods where it's just dead, but it came back and now look at where it is dogecoin will never die because there are just too many people that believe in it, especially now. I don't think he'll die um ethereum.

On the other hand, in five years, i i question because there's a real chance that some of these other plays and some of the people that that's in your chat, that are big fans of, say, cardano or polka, dot or or any other solana any other promising Chains they could take over there's no promise that ethereum will be the top dog forever. So between now and e2 that's a year. You know, i think someone like finance smart chain will surpass them within this year. So i i mean it's just it's questionable for me.

They can't make it they can't make it and they continue to be the leader, but the their landscape is very different than some of the others in the space. I think okay, so in that five to ten year period, you're neutral to bull case on bitcoin, you mentioned, like you, think, there's a real path for bitcoin being um over a million dollar coin, just because of scarcity supply demand. That makes sense. Um you're not feeling the best about a theorem, but dogecoin the doge army call him for a dollar.

Do. Is that a real thing or is it a pipe dream like could dogecoin? Do you see a path forward where every coin's worth at least one us dollar? Well, people have to realize that different crypto have different circling supplies and total supplies, so that is why there are some that are ten dollars hundred dollars thousand dollars and some that are sub dollars right it and you can't look at it that way. You have to look at the overall market cap, okay, okay, so the market cap is just you take the price of a coin, and you multiply the number of circulating coins out there right. That's just like stocks, you're just you're doing the same thing um.

So if you look at like you, have up, dogecoin right is at um 27 cents. Currently, yes right and can i go to a dollar, that's for less than 4x right, three and a half x and you look at the market cap right now. It's about 30! You know - let's just just do three just make it three, so that would give dogecoin a 100 billion dollar market cap. If it was that one dollar can that be possible sure in this bull run it could definitely be possible.

Is it going to happen tomorrow? No, but by the end of this bull run it can certainly be at a hundred billion m higher than that, because i think everything else is going to be at least two three five x higher than where it is now right. So that's possible, but there are people that think. Oh dogecoin could go to 10 000 or 50 000 like bitcoin. That's not realistic! You know if you, if you look at 50 000 divided by 27 cents.

I don't even know the multiplier to that, and then you times that by the market cap you're talking about like 100 trillion market cap, that's not realistic right! So that's what people don't realize! Newcomers in the space they don't know how market cap is it's not what it's valued on. You know what a what a price of a token is value on, so they just make assumptions well, dogecoin is 27 cents. Why can't i be at the same price of a bitcoin? Well because there's a lot more doge out there than bitcoin right. So you have to understand that yeah and just to connect that, to my audience, that's the same thing.

We talk about with amc and gme. They have a different amount of outstanding shares, so to get the market cap you take. The outstanding shares multiply it by the price. So it's the same thing.

You look at its overall value as as a company as an asset, and i mean right now dogecoin. If, for some reason you you chop the supply in half well, just it has to go up double in price, because it's at that same value. So that's when we're talking about stock, splits, reverse splits, that's where this is playing in it. Apparently it's the same thing within the crypto sector: um, very cool.

So with that like a little hesitant on ethereum and then you brought up cardano, i mean i hear cardano a lot. Are you bullish, neutral or bearish, on that one uh, i'm neutral on cardago and um? First of all, i don't own an incarnator, because i missed a boat so that that's one of my regrets. I've covered with crypto, i mean in 2018. Everything was so low.

I bought in everything else, but i never bought in cardano for this. One simple reason is because there's a lot of promise and it's it's uh, it's unproven, um cardano - is where it is now due to one reason due to charles hoskinson, which is the leader cardano, who was an ex-co-founder of ethereum, he's a very smart guy. He does videos all the time you listen to him very, very smart. Undeniably, smart and cardano is built with a scientific approach, with a very decentralized approach as well and they're still executing they're still not done.

They're they've um their roadmap. They still have two stages left, but they're, basically trying to get done with smart contracts and also token creations for um. You know so you could have nfts on there, but they're still not done they're the only project in existence. Right now, that's a big cap.

I mean a really really big cap, like you know, they're sitting at number six without a finished product, because people believe in charles that much and they have a huge announcement with africa, because charles says they're going to be partnering up with the entire continent for something That announcement, i think, is coming in five days and we'll see how that goes because it's under underwhelming, i think that's called tank cardano um um, but yeah, i'm i'm neutral on them, because i have to see what's going on like after they're done. Can they pull in all the daps that other chains are doing right now right? It's uh, it's a question mark, but uh with that said kind of like dogecoin, the cardano army or family is very, very, very strong, even more loyal and rightfully so, because cardano is not a meme coin. It's not a meme it. It's meant to be a ethereum killer, it's meant to be the most decentralized operating system ever created, powered and voted by the people, and it will power the next generation of dapps out there right.

So the the goal of cardano is much bigger, much much much grander and the potential because of it is much bigger too so um yeah, so that that's the thing i think cardano would do well. It would do well, but i'm waiting for it to to be finished, so i guess, with it being kind of neutral, leaning on both ethereum and kandana to um, more utility coin plays. Is there a utility coin that right now, you are exceptionally excited about um there? There's a lot: let's just stick with well just look at the top ten okay, um or you know - maybe not top 15.. Let's do the top 15., because that, basically top 15 is rounding out the the big caps right now um so right under ethereum.

I, like binance coin a lot. Okay - and i i still think binance coin will surpass ethereum this year, but we'll see finance coin is is doing many things, it's basic utility token, but also store value, because finance coin does have a set supply and every quarter they burn a ton of bnb tokens Because they look at their profits and they use that to burn the tokens. So actually, not only is it set supply, it actually gets more rare. Every quarter.

Um with that said, binance is the biggest change by far by volume, and they have multiple exchanges and they have a dex and they have their own chain um, and that chain is a very much faster version of ethereum while being compatible and because of that, a Lot of you know: d5 projects are moving over to binance smart chain because of their congestion issues on ethereum they're moving over to binance smart chain, so they instantly drop their fees by substantial amount and they don't have to worry about congestion. So that's happening right now and the binance smart chain transactions daily transactions per day is like five to six times more than ethereum already, and it's a much younger project right now. The argument against finance smart chain is that they don't innovate, they're, basically copying, and that is true. They don't have anything grand on their road map that will spur new innovations, but right now what they're doing is leeching off all the dapps and and even nfts.

Now from ethereum and it's working so they have that they have their exchanges and they have platform for everything for staking lending um. You name it anything that you could think of even derivatives, futures options, anything you can think of they're involved with, so they also have launch pad. You know that which basically incubates projects and everything revolves around bnb, which is getting more and more scarce, so, which is why very very bullish on binance coin. Okay, um other ones that within the top ten i like v chain a lot.

It's one that not many people talk about, because they're they're really a chinese-based project. That's really uh involved with what a ton of multi-billion dollar companies in china, but they're also involved with other companies too, so sometimes like walmart hire, which is a largest appliance company and even bmw, um lv. They have partnership with pwc and um uh. What dnvgl i mean, the partnerships that they have is amazing.

No one else comes close to them and what i really like is because they're chinese-based and they have a lot of ties with like state-run companies too. They have that in and you know, and you know about business in china. You know you have to have that in to really to really make it okay, okay, so right now china is preparing for their digital yuan and they're already done. Their central bank has digital yuan, they're testing it out.

They already deployed their digital wallets for many of their users. I think they're they're, going through a bank or something like that or alipay, something like that and they're testing it out right now. So my theory is pretty soon in the future once they open that up. You know for the nation they're going to allow crypto companies to be bought right now they don't allow their citizens to buy into crypto companies, even their own ones like vechain.

So my theory is they're. Gon na open up and they're gon na say: hey citizens you could buy, you could buy these crypto companies, that's based in china and because of their ties with v chain. I think meat chains go explode because of that i think it's there's a real shot of v chain really exploding because of that too. But besides that they have some of the biggest partners out there and they're already operational.

You know you don't have to wait. These guys are already using the chain, so that's a big thing so um i also like beach in quite a bit and then the last one i'll just round out and that's solana solana is an up and coming blockchain. That has really really exploded this year and the reason why they've exploded is quite simply um, they're, very, very, very fast, very fast, remember how um i talked about. Ethereum can handle 15 transactions per second, so lana can handle 50 000 transactions per second.

So what kind of coin is it? Is it a utility one? Yes, okay, so there are smart contracts played too they're they're operating system and they make it really easy for for dapps to just come on board and basically, you know, run their dap on this blockchain. That's much faster, much cheaper and you look at the number of new depths coming out on solana. They're increasing exponentially right. So that's why they've gone up so much now: they're right around 10 billion in market cap, so they're also one that i really like um, because they have a lot of traction.

They have a very fast chain um and you know they have a lot of momentum. Going for them gotcha, so i've noticed throughout this talk that you've talked like um. You don't seem to be like tying all your money, your ship, to like one particular one you talk about like oh, this is where some of your crypto portfolio, so is this one? So with that, i don't know if you have the exact number or a roundabout, but like roughly how many coins are you invested in yourself. You know it's uh, it varies.

You know there's been times where i'm holding 40 plus coins times where i hold only like eight points: okay, so everyone's different, i don't share my portfolio because i don't want people to copy trade me which is um, which is not ideal, because obviously what i'm playing With what versus what someone else is playing with very different um, so what i advise - and what has worked for me very well in the past - is to break it up three ways and i call it a 50 25. 25, rule 50 in bitcoin 25 in big caps, anything above 10, uh, 10 billion and 25 in mid to small caps, anything below 10 billion, so the the thought process behind this is 50 in bitcoin gives you that stability and growth, of course, but uh. If you wanted to, you know to gain on bitcoin like if you want to um, if you want your portfolio to be gaining on bitcoin in terms of sats or satoshi's, then you want to populate your portfolio with all coins because they do move faster um. A lot of times, so the big caps right now also give you that growth, but faster growth than bitcoin um they're a little bit more volatile risky.

But still it's worth in my opinion to have that 25, because the big caps really can carry your portfolio. They really can like, for example, like v chain finance coin, even dogecoin xrp when they move, they really carry a portfolio and then 25 in mid cap. Small cap, which gives you a potential of huge huge gains, huge potential, but they're very volatile. But i think it's worth it to have that in your portfolio, because when there are good times that twenty five percent in mid to small caps will double and triple and quadruple your your portfolio.

So it's definitely worth it to have. But you don't want to go too greedy, the the problem with people in crypto is: they want to become millionaires overnight rather than become a millionaire in six months. They want to be overnight. I mean crypto is really really fast.

You can literally become a millionaire six months. I mean if you hold the right coins, you can be a millionaire six months, but everyone wants to do it tomorrow, so they go all in with the the smallest coins out there. Okay and uh. It's like buying a lottery ticket, so that's not the right way to do it.

If you have a diversified portfolio, you could definitely make tremendous gains within a very short amount of time and you're protecting yourself from risk right. So that's that's, ultimately, why i have. This. Is you it maximize gains while minimizing risk? So that's what i stress gotcha, so i believe in one of your videos - i heard you alike in uh these smaller cap ones, kind of for those more familiar with the stock market to equivalent to penny stocks.

It's high risk, it's high reward, and some of us like that, like we all, have different risk tolerances. We all have different goals so for the people out there who, like they enjoy that gamble like let's swing for the fences is there like? Could you throw out a couple names that are maybe worthwhile to consider in that small cap arena that, like don't completely bother you uh, there's there's a few, the one that i've been supporting for a long time um and i don't think it's a big risk because They've been executing, even though, even though they are considered a dead project. Their token has tanked 99 from their highs um, but that project is nulls, so it's also equivalent to you know: v chain etherium cardano, it's a smart contract play and and uh. You know they're relatively small right now: they're uh below a buck.

I think they're around 50 million market cap and i like them because their technology or they're at 90 million market cap, i'm sorry their technology is equivalent to some of these big caps. Like you know, they have a very fast blockchain. It has interoperability, meaning that it can talk to multiple chains. They have a bridge to ethereum and binance smart chain.

They also have d5 and nft projects and um. You know they have a new way of staking where they can incubate projects with their very cool staking system. So you know, they've been executing and they were considered dead. You know they were, i think, at low point.

They were like 20 million market cap and 20 million market cap and stocks - i guess, is still good. Like a public trade company, i guess it's still pretty good. In crypto world 20 million market caps like you're dead, you know um, so they were like considered for dead um but they're coming back so they're a small cap that i feel very comfortable about, i'm still waiting for them to really break out and if they do Break out they have huge potential, but uh they're, one that i really like now. I can bring that up on cmc sorry to interrupt what was the name of that just so i could bring that one up, n-n-u-l-s and u-l.

No all right. Let's show that off to everyone, yeah cool, it's up on the screen, so i mean that that comes to mind right away because i've been supporting them for so long so long, but there's there's other ones that have potential too they're, not as small. But you know what they um. Well, i mean i'll.

Take that back, there's another one that i covered recently they're called be pro and uh actually they're. They are sitting lower now at 21 million, and you know when i discovered them, they were about 7 million.

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