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Dumb Money Ep. 25 AMC, GME & HOOD
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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, welcome back to another episode of dumb money, hello. What is going on folks, all right, let's get set up for the day set up for the day, uh how's everyone! This morning we got. We got some stuff to talk about, definitely have a few things we should uh. I guess go over discuss before the market opens amc.

We know. Obviously, yesterday it did not do that good whatsoever. Uh it sold off. It is on ssr for those of you who don't know what ssr is.

It is short sale restriction and it happens when you go down 10 on an intraday basis, so, based on the previous days closed as soon as you come down, 10, you go onto ssr. What does ssr do it makes it more difficult to short it doesn't make it impossible. It just makes it more difficult. This is referred to as the uptick rule, as in you can only take a short position if the stock is trending upwards.

In all honesty, it does not protect us that much it doesn't mean you can't short. It just means that it's a little bit more difficult, but we have anecdotally between amc and gme so many times that we've been on ssr and it's just not really doing much. For us, so i just want everyone to be aware about it. Yes, we are on ssr in terms of amc, but i don't think that's like the ultimate shield, the ultimate protection from the stock getting shorted or anything like that like i really it is on it.

You might hear about it, but uh, it's not as protective as they really make. It seem um but anyway, so yesterday, amc hit 35 right out of the gate sold off throughout the day and then in pre slash post market. It bottomed out at 28.57. But now since then, we've already bounced back to 30 50..

I would love to see it take out right here. Here's my first first go on an intraday basis right there 3117 and then, after that, i want to see this next stop. These are my first two levels on the day and then, obviously, as the day develops, we can do do more and more levels, but i'm just looking at okay. It was rejected there.

We had some support there, also a little bit of rejection. So my first two watches of the day in terms of gme not the same severity but very similar. I guess looking chart it spiked in the morning sold off bottomed out and since then we're bouncing. It went from 150 780 down to 145 and now we're pushing 148.

I would love to see it recapture this key psychological level of 150. The reason why psychological levels aren't so important just because a lot of humans are buying and selling there they're like okay, if it breaks 150 i'll, buy some people in earlier like if it gets there, i'm going to have a sell. So you just see a lot of price action around those levels, just because that's how humans work, they love to buy and sell at those nice round levels opposed to like a random level like 150 and 80 cents, it's just easier to put in an order at 150 or somewhere or they'll like run it by a cent like 149, 99 or 150.01 stuff like that um. Obviously this isn't a golden rule, but it happens to be some sort of psychological human pattern that we do see very commonly across the stock market at large.

All right very quickly: let's go over the ortex numbers in terms of amc, the numbers have increased increased increase. The short interest is up to 15.39 percent shares on loan 100 million utilization 90. Let's call it 92 percent because we know it's already higher today today. I believe, as early as 8 30, they already borrowed 1.24 million shares against amc.

The short interest taking this into account is now bumped up to 15.57. So, like i say across the board short interest shares on loan utilization increase, increase, increase, uh the money. Betting against amc is getting larger and larger. Now, please don't misinterpret that to mean that, like oh okay, that means like we're gon na squeeze.

Now the numbers are going up. What this means is that there's more shorts, betting against amc, so in the scenario that we bend up, especially having a technical, breakout, they're gon na feel more and more pain and be more ready to hit the eject button. So really what it does is it raises the proverbial ceiling of how high this squeeze could go because you're trapping more and more shorts. That's how i would interpret the meaning of these numbers going higher and higher and higher.

Remember a higher short interest does not necessarily correlate with the increased probability of a short squeeze. Think of it more as a prerequisite. You need to have a certain short interest to get a squeeze and then, obviously, as it goes higher, it means that the squeeze could go higher, but it does not increase the likelihood of said squeeze in terms of gme short interest. High 16.84 percent shares on loan.

Now almost 10 million utilization 50 same thing short interest shares on loan utilization, also for jimmy increase, increase, increase, we're seeing whatever is going on in the background, similar increases in amc and gme, as in across the board. The shorts are getting more aggressive, they are getting more bearish and the bets are becoming more sizeable, both amc and gme um. So that's your quick rundown for that. These are the numbers we're watching out of the gate in terms of support.

Obviously we're looking for 2860 to hold on amc in terms of gme we're looking for 145 to hold. That is a previous important support, the uh in the bottom left. Here we have the russell 2000. That's a index! Think of it, it's being tracked by the iwm etf exchange rated fund, just think of it as a basket of stocks.

This particular basket is tracking 2 000 small cap stocks and the reason we watch it is because amc is one of those 2 000.. I see a little bit of i guess: chatter, discussion on social media that people are shorting iwm to bring down amc uh. I do not agree with that thesis because there are etfs that have larger exposure to amc and it makes more sense financially to short those etfs instead of iwm. Is there a sizable bet against iwm going on right now? Yes, i just don't think it's proper to draw that correlation to trying to hurt amc for two reasons: one i already listed, there's etfs that have larger exposure to amc, as in that basket i was talking about.

It makes up a larger percentage of that basket. So with that in mind, you would short that, before you would short iwm, because it's more bang for your buck and other than that um. I think a lot of this small cap thing is more of some sort of hedge or people are fearful or scared about what the government might or might not do related to the d variant of that word that i'm not allowed to say without youtube. Getting pissed off so i think they're, looking at as a hedge of saying, okay, we know previously, from february and march of last year that the government will bail out large business, but not necessarily small business.

So i think, if anything, this is saying: okay like if everything hits the fan, they think that iwm could take a serious hit and i think that's why we're seeing a sizeable bet against it uh once again. Yes, there is a sizable bet against the russell 2000. I just don't know if it's necessarily related to amc, and we know it's not related to gme, because gme is not in the russell 2000. Gm is about to get moved to the s p 400, which is the mid cap standard, poor's index etf, blah blah blah.

I believe that's tracked by mdy or myd, something like that in the bottom right. We have robin hood, so robin hood is a little bit of an interesting word or sorry. I just read this a little bit of an interesting stock, so i've been outspoken against it. Why am i outspoken against it? Well right here, hang on.

Let me read you something: this comes from the chairman, gary gensler, when he was talking to the house financial committee um, and this was in reference to robin hood. It happened in may of this year. This is his statement, the chairman of the sec, robin hood, explicitly offered to accept less price improvement for its customers in exchange for receiving higher for payment for order flow customers shouldered the cost to the point. Zero commission structure might have still been a net loss, so basically robinhood was going out of its way to willing to offer such a piss poor quality execution.

To the point that their free trading was literally not free, it was net, it was still a net loss as if you were paying because they were shouldering such a burden of a piss poor payment for order flow structure that is from the sec chairman, gary gensler. So yeah, for me, it's obvious to be against them. Did they have pretty considerable user growth? Yes did they have pretty considerable revenue growth? Yes, i i admit that those numbers are looking good, but if you look in the profitability the most recent quarter compared to a year ago, a year ago they were profitable now they're swinging half a billion dollar loss on the quarter. So i'm not, it doesn't add up to me on the surface.

If you're, just looking at the growth of the company yeah, it's impressive, they went from 18 million to 22 million users, so i see some of it, but i mean it just doesn't add up to me at all. In q1, they had 522 million in revenue versus 128 a year ago, uh, that's that's pretty impressive, but still they're, looking at a loss between 500 487 and 537 million dollars. So overall it's a net loss and right now, 63 percent of their previous quarters. Revenue came from payment for order flow, the exact practice that is currently being looked at by the u.s house of representatives to potentially be outlawed, so their business model, the thing that brings them in money literally might be outlawed in the u.s.

I myself am not going to invest in a company where their money comes from a thing that might not be legal anymore. That's why i'm against it and right now, yesterday morning in the stream, i did not have a position on hood and then i saw all these bots trying to support hood and then i was talking to discord. I bet against hood. I have a put um.

It's a medium-sized position for me, uh, i'm the reason i'm saying this. I just want to be completely transparent and honest with you. I am long on amc. I am long on gme.

I am short on hood. I am short on robin hood. I bought the um august 20 puts cause, i just don't see it and hang on hang on now a lot of people. When i put this out there, i was talking uh with fox ashley on his show, saying: hey, i don't like robinhood.

I don't see. What's going on, not only do its fundamentals not really add up to me, but more important than that the narrative is very negative. I don't think there's many retail people out there who are like. Oh i'm, really supportive of robin hood.

Yes, there are some people who made money on it. They're like i see it as a trade i'm in i'm out i took it, i mean. Yesterday we saw that people were in and out and put money into amc. I don't see many retail people who are happy for robin hood.

It has a very negative narrative like it's pr team. It must be that um that meme of the dog, like i'm fine and everything's in fire. In the background, that is the pr team for robinhood, because day over day, something more negative happens, the uh they took his phone. We found that out, basically in their ipo they're like hey, like we think other bad things might continue in the future finra's looking into both vlad the boy from bulgaria and is the other co-founder bot for not being registered with finra.

That's not the biggest deal, but it's still a problem it. It tells me more so that finra has a big issue with robin hood and they're continually looking into them, and i don't think it's going to stop, but i think what we saw yesterday, so all that i am short robin hood, i'm against robin hood. I do not support robin hood um. I do at a certain point, appreciate them for what they started more of free trading for the retail public, but now there's too many competitors that pull it off more skillfully and more honestly than they do so.

I get what they were doing a couple years ago and how that was useful, but since then i think they've really deviated off their own path. I truly believe that, obviously this is my own opinion. You got to do what you want to do with your own money. I don't really care, i'm just sharing my own opinions and i'm not a financial advisor i'm in no way telling you what to do with your money.

I'm just sharing my thoughts on this scenario, but it gets even more interesting so right there yesterday, like the amount of people, chirping me like what about robinhood now what about robinhood ram 50? I the fact that it ran so much. I view that as a golden opportunity to bet against it, here's why? So let me point this out to you and i want to bring up a couple. It gets a little interesting right here. If uh, you could check this out on zero hedge.

If you want to see it yourself, man, this guy, tweets a lot in the morning uh this guy, it just he's putting out kind of just news uh throughout the day, any breaking news - and i just want to where is the robin hood? Okay. So yesterday, after the incredible run, robin hood holders filed to sell up to 97.8 million shares, so even then right there, after the run the people who are long in it they're bailing, that's i mean there's about how much 800 800 million. So that's 12 percent of the company they're like we're selling we're selling we're selling 12.5 percent. Roughly the robinhood holders could have sold in the ipo.

Instead, they waited five days until a manipulated ramp. How is the sec not over this? This is kind of a big deal, zero hedge, i mean this is a large account. This isn't just a random schmo saying this is a million follower account on twitter, pointing this out um, so they waited, they could have sold out the ipo. They waited five days as if hey, maybe if there was almost a coordinated, pump and dump and then yet you see it across mainstream media, robin hood's, so great, robin hood's.

So great i just it's. So it's so frustratingly obvious what they're doing between amc and robin hood and jimmy in robin hood. You can compare whatever you want so for one reason: they're like oh, my god, it's so fundamentally overvalued. How could you possibly be in it? That's awful! Why would you be in amc? Why would you be in gme, it's so dangerous for people to be pumping a stock like this when robinhood for the issues i just laid out any analyst or financial commentator worth their salt would bring up the fact that the main form of their revenue literally might Be outlawed in the u.s and they're like no robin hood's great, you got ta buy it.

This is an awful awesome investment. I feel strongly. I don't know when i can't i'm not a fortune teller. I don't have a crystal ball.

Unfortunately, all i have is this cool light ball in the back. Eventually, carmel will run into this company. In my humble opinion, and the stock will crater. That's my own opinion.

I might be completely wrong, but someone needs to take note of the mainstream narrative of some reason. All they do is bag on amc bag on jimmy and then what robinhood is somehow an amazing opportunity like i just don't get it. I don't i i i almost want to reach out to him and get the number of their drug dealer, because they're, obviously on something pretty good or they're, just being completely toothless that that's the options they either have some of the best drugs known to man and They're that far off the deep end - or they just know, they're being two-faced and they're just trying to get views and like they know, they're trying to piss people off because that's like uh those types of emotional responses is really what does good for their views. Like i don't think that they're being honest in their opinions when they're putting them out there, because it's just so it's just so opposite of what they're saying about amc and jamie, and i think they're literally just trying to get pissy with the ape nation community.

It makes no sense to me, it blows my mind and one of these days the mic's gon na drop, and, i think amc i just don't see how it can outrun all of these problems. I mean, like i'm, only scratching the surface. The host of federal state like lawsuits against it federal lawsuits, state lawsuits robinhood because of what it did in january and february and its following comments: it's being sued into oblivion. Folks, i don't know, i'm not a lawyer.

I don't know who's going to win the case, but i'm telling you on the various federal end state levels. It is being sued the holders who could have sold out the ipo after the ramp up they sold 12.5 of the company was just sold after this ramp. Up like are you kidding me that is, i don't know i don't to me. This is so blatantly obvious of what's going on that, it was a pump and dump they're even trying to say this rhetoric of, like oh people, sold, amc and jimmy to get hood.

Like as if it's part of the meme sock world, it is not anyone, who's been following amc or jimi is not really like. Oh i'm going to sell all my shares and get robin hood because i think this is a better meme stock and that's the narrative they're pushing which is so comically erroneous like it's so so wrong. I don't know of a single ape who's like i'm gon na. Take my amc and jimmy position sell it so i can buy robinhood.

I don't know of anyone that did it it's not in the same realm of what's going on and either they're so insanely, oblivious to the retail trading narrative that is currently going on or they're just writing and saying things that they're, like. Oh okay, like why? Let the truth get in the way of a good story when we could just write this article and piss a bunch of people off and get a bunch of views and clicks and make our advertisers happy to me. It's probably really what's going on there um, but i'm excited to see how this is going to play out today, because amc we're getting a nice bounce, gme uh, i it is bouncing a bit like we're, not getting the same percentage bounce that we're seeing in amc, But it is showing a bit of strength and then robin hood is showing some weakness. After a hundred million shares were filed to be sold, 12.5 of total outstanding shares they're like nah.

We see the run-up we're taking our money and we are done with this. That is so bad. Do you remember how much people freaked out when there was like 10 million shares with mudrick or whatever, which is like what one fiftieth of the company, as in two percent and people lost their mind with amc like all these mainstream media they're like madrix sold? Wait! No, no, it wasn't even ten, it was eight million. It was eight million shares out of five hundred and they're, like they sold.

8 million shares what 8 million out of 500 million, not even 2 and then now with robin hood they're like no that's normal, it was 12.5 in the company. Are you kidding me and then they're like they? This happened in early june. This happened in late may. Early june, when madrid sold, eight million shares and everyone lost their mind, mainstream media was like oh, my god.

You got ta bail out they're selling, so many it's eight million and then now with robinhood they're like yeah like no that's fine, don't look at this. Like are you kidding me, this is so blatantly wild and i maybe i'm being naive, but i truly think finra sec and specifically gary gensler. I think gensler is going to crush them. I really do.

I hope he has the tools and resources, maybe i'm being naively optimistic, but i truly believe that gary gensler is on our side. I really really do uh just his comments. He was on cnbc and he's hitting back like he's not playing into sorkin's game of like oh, it's retail, that's ruining the market and stuff he is hitting back, and my question is is just i hope he has the tools and resources and funding that he needs To do what he needs to do, i really really do um and i hope he can pull it off, but i strongly believe gary gensler is on our side. Um all right.

Let's get some of these questions. We have about 10 minutes. Hey matt took a look at the september 24th option change on every broker it's down now i find it weird considering the listed prices it's down like as in it's not being shown, you might want to wait for market open uh, because that's when the options market Opens is 9 30 eastern matt sent you a twitter dm last night about a possible fake account. Please let me know if it's a backup or a fake thanks for all you do uh billy ray no.

I am matt underscore course matt underscore coors. I don't have a backup twitter account. I don't have a backup instagram account, my backup youtube account is matt core's clips. I have a backup account on twitter or twitch as well, which is also matt underscore course.

I'm not matt double underscore, not mac course official, not matt, core's llc. None of those - i am just matt underscore coors, i'm a simple mat folks! I i don't have all these fancy backup accounts on social media uh. Let me know if you were seriously serious yesterday about going in on a restaurant, xoxo, riley matt's, trx, step co-owner uh good morning, apes very emotional couple weeks, but still holding chong much respect for everything you do and good vibes only matt. Could you talk about the inverse leverage etf, like tza works, uh been there since february.

You do an awesome job in keeping things positive, so in inverse etf, it generally is going to track so like, for example, there's inverse spy etfs. So if the spy goes up, one percent - it's structured in a way that that would go down one percent, so it moves inverse to whatever it's tracking, but just in the inverse manner. You could also have leveraged etf. So if the spy were to move one percent, you might find an etf that moves three percent and it's going to move the same, proportionate or inverse manner.

You could also find inverse leveraged etfs that, like they move um the opposite manner in a bigger magnitude, um yeah i mean you're gon na, have those etfs and they're just structured in a way to do it either something the perfectly opposite or to a greater magnitude. Yadda yadda yadda, but there are many, many of them for many different sectors: hey matt love the show and the knowledge in a lot of people claiming 212 gives you doubled shares when you sell. Is this a scam or a bug i'm on 212 and never never seen this available? Oh brother yeah, so i saw that going around and it seems like fun to me because i mean, let me know, is anyone here in chat using trading 212? Have you seen this to me? It just sounds like something someone started saying and it kind of like took, i don't know, got its claws into our community, but i've not seen any legitimate um. I guess proof of it.

It might be going on. I'm just saying i have not seen anything about this concept of 212 willing to offer you double the price uh morning melody if you haven't, checked, c pain, tweet, oh c paid all right. Let's check charles payne, the man uh breaking news, robin hood to sell 97.9 million shares from early investors the same bloated billionaire vc funds that get in dirt cheap prices. I said it on my show to be careful not to be long when lock up ends and firms begin raiding, be nimble.

If you are a traitor, wow interesting, interesting, interesting, my show the lock-up period ends robin hood, robin hood locker. What was the lock-up period? The dates to watch following the robin hood ipo - maybe this is uh - i want to hop into this but hang on. Let me get some of these other questions done before the market opens good old fashion pay for play. Uh vlad dumped 1.25 million shares at ipo day two yeah.

He definitely sold a lot. I mean it was priced at like 250 million dollars right uh. They are being paid for their opinions, love you matt, shout out amc on ssr today correct! Is this enough proof? Is there anyone who can hold the sec accountable for doing their jobs? I mean we with the sec they're not going to announce when they're actively looking into a market maker or anything like that, like they don't say, hey like we're looking into so for all we know the sec could literally be doing this stuff like right now, uh Here we bloody well are, and here we bloody will stay general vasi battle of thermopylae good morning bud, not even joking. You need to clip the rant and send it to charles payne and post it on twitter, not only dead laughing, but right on point get it out.

There don't forget to vote apes. Let's go. I sent you a dm screenshot about say, received, email response for two questions, privacy policy and count clarification. It's read only off for shares.

The count is an aggregate of all individuals that upvote a question. Thank you so much gary okay, so just kind of confirmation of our assumption of how it was doing. Thank you for taking the time out to do that. I'll reread it.

It is a read-only authorization for shares. The count is an aggregate of all individuals that upvote a question. Thank you. Um t12 was a glitch.

They sent him my videos confirming he posted a video okay. So the t t212 was a glitch admitted. It was a bug in fractional shares um. What strike price did you pick? I went in on the 30s 820 on my put also ranting matt is my favorite um.

I think i i got a couple. I believe it's either just the 50s or the um it might. I think it's just the 50s that i got in um ape stephen becoming a space ape shout out. I appreciate you joining up we're a couple minutes out all right now.

I want to read the dates ooh. This is probably good the dates to watch. I don't have access to that. Article valuation concern most retail investors who bought robin hood so did so before it went public see.

This is what i don't get. Who wrote this robin hood closes 50 higher joins meme stock club. How is it part of the meme stock club like who it was being discussed on wall street bets, but amc and the gme community have strongly deviated from wall street bets? I know there's some overlap, but it's not like wall street bets is what's driving the amc and gme community right now. I 100 respect them for getting it started.

I mean you can't really deny that wall street bets specifically roaring kitty the guy, and it was also the that community that started all of this, but obviously things changed since then. Uh a lot has changed since then interesting, interesting, interesting um. So we'll wait till like 15 20 minutes into the day, but just so you know, today's live stream is sponsored by manscaped uh 20 off free shipping um. So if you want manscape, i mean um check that out uh the link is it's pinned to the top of chat right now, uh, you have to go to moongang you'll get 20 off free shipping worldwide uh, just so everyone knows, and then i'll i'll give You that official read, i don't know 15 20 minutes into the day.

Uh, you remind me of a reverse danny gonzalez, with your greg love, greg, hay, evil twin also genzler was death, alluding to you and trey in his interview, um kinky kong, which interview uh because, like the cnbc one, i'm assuming uh that you were just talking about Because he kind of came back to um, he was kind of like hating on cnbc i, like that uh, hey, i'm a new ape purchased in late june, sign up for say technology but didn't say i own before june 2nd. My shares do not show um. No, no that's different. The june 2nd you can own after june 2nd for that one june, 2nd was for the shareholder vote thing.

This is a different vote. In 2021 we lost a child. I was in the hospital twice with coven and my toddler has autism no pity party, but showing our apes that i'm holding since february no manipulation is going to break my diamond hands. Love you charlie uh, i'm sorry for those battles that you are fighting in your life and i hope that this is one particular battle in war that we win for you to help make your life just that much easier, ding, ding, ding folks, the casino is open.

All right we are going casino, open casino is ripping. You can almost hear all the slot machines. What is that is that robinhood selling off clutches pearls clutches all pearls all right, so amc did take out that first one i was watching the next one is around. I think 32 25., robin hood, looks like it's snapping through 60..

I would watch 56.50. That seems to be the next support. If it goes through 56 uh, the next level, then i would be watching - is round 54 and then from there and be watching 50.. So right, there amc actually took out my first two targets already already up 8.8 on the day up 9 on the day, amc is coming out.

Fighting amc go burr, folks, a go burr. This stream is sponsored by apescape right. We need high precision tools to manicure around our kong dongs they're, trying to take buying pressure off of amc and jimmy by putting those articles up - probably some weird form, i would say, of stock bashing, some weird form all right. What is this one? A reddit post hang on might have an important writer pose huh huh, okay, amc, currently uh 3150 for my audio listeners and then gme is just south of 149..

Remember i very very much like to wait. Those first 15 minutes of the day just to see how things are shaking out. Let's do a quick or text check to see if anything changed right out of the gate nope, so the 1.24 million borrow against amc and in terms of gme uh they've net return of 215 000, but still that has a short interest of 16.47: hey matt. I'm a new ape purchase in latent sign up for, say technology.

However, my shares um yeah, no, you that is a different vote. The june second thing is a different vote than the say: technologies um. As long as you've had your shares for more than two trading days, that means that the trade is settled and you should be good to go from that moment. Can you please explain how ftds can impact share price at the end of the t plus 31 uh? I don't we've been through this t31 t35 t25 and we haven't really seen an impact yet so uh.

I think this that the whole t settlement is um. It's just kind of setting up expectations that i don't think are going to be meant because we've been through this many times before yeah this t35 black dog hunting. I mean a lot of people are asking 35 31 and even right there, all those numbers. The fact that, like i think, people are really playing into it because we're clearly seeing so many different dates like even that i've seen t20 t25, t31 and t35 like people are just putting, i guess, putting out comments and commentary, and we've seen this now.

For the past six months really strongly in the past four months, and it has not really led to anything tradable anything actionable uh previously, so with it i mean i would go into it neutral and maybe fingers crossed for something good, but i'm not gon na in Any way get anyone's hopes up for that i just don't. I don't think this t whatev, whatever number you want to throw past it. I just don't think it's really gon na lead to anything all right. What else do we have all right? Amc currently at 30 45 gm at 149? 149.

Let's get some, i feel like i've been ranting a lot already. Today it's going to be one of those days, folks, um, all right, all right all right. We have amc up good what else we have going on all right any. Let me see if there's any breaking news on twitter to cover, because the majority of our revenue is transaction based, including payment for order flow, reduce spreads and security.

Pricing reduce levels of trading activity generally changes in our business relations with market makers and any new regulation of bands of payment for order flow and similar practices may result in reduced profitability, increasing compliance costs and expand potential of negative publicity that is obviously from robinhood. I believe in their own ipo putting that out. They even said it because a majority of our revenue is transaction based, including payment for order flow. Pfof.

Reducing spreads is a risk to them and then dave lauer said you know. You run a good business when a beneficial outcome for your clients is a threat to your business. Uh dave lauer nailed that one on the head and it's for that reason. Then i'm shorting them.

It was working all right. What else are we looking at for those who missed it, the full 15 segment of gary gensler on cnbc? Today, i must say it came from it feeling good. Of course we need action before we bust out a miracle banned, but good grill game in on an ounce of uh, all right, um. So i'm kind of curious.

Maybe i missed that part of the gensler one. So obviously, gary gensler did not name trey or myself by name, but people are saying that he was like alluding to youtube and like kind of social media um. If anyone could, i would appreciate it if you could just send me the link where i could watch that um. So i i saw a part of the interview, but i didn't see a part where it was like specific to like youtube or anything like that man.

Just no doubt that the press action between hood and amc are connecting ape strong's here, but correlation is happening. It's interesting um. I don't think there's much correlation. You can't draw a correlation in a stock.

That's only been trading for a couple days. You can, but it would be very weak correlation and remember, correlation and causation, don't necessarily go together. Um i mean right now: amc's up 2.2 percent and jimmy's down a l or excuse me. Robin hood is down 11, that's not really much correlation and the charts.

Don't look really inverse of each other um, actually, all four of the charts. We have up right now, the ones that look kind of similar gme and robinhood look kind of similar, but even that's a bit of a stretch on an intraday basis. On the four things i have on the screen right now, i'm not really seeing stuff, that's like matching up with each other, directly or inversely. He basically just made the comment that they're looking at manipulation, whether it be through institution or otherwise, okay yeah.

I think i saw that part of it correlation uh. So do you think, even though we owe 2.2 billion dollars in ftds, they are due in august? Are just going to get pushed through rug um, i don't know where you're seeing the 2.2 billion dollars in ftds um, the most recent update of ftds was that there was not 2.2 billion dollars worth remember. When you look at ftds. It's not like you add those all up.

It's like a current running total like, for example, on a stock. It's not like you, add up the closing price every single day and add that together, you look at what it's at at that day. So right now on amc as of the first half of july, and that's what it's reported up to is that's the most recent data we have reported to us, as of now is the first half of july um the ftds were borderline non-existent, which is a very Very big, inverse and change of trend from what we saw in june when there was a lot like millions of ftds related to amc um. So i don't know where you're getting austin the 2.2 billion dollars.

All i'm letting you know is that we see this kind of every monthly cycle where people are getting jacked up about what is going on specifically with this, and just it's never come to fruition um. So i like, i don't want people's expectations to get built up that, like once, this 35-day cycle happens like all of a sudden that is good means is gon na rip. It just hasn't happened before and like i, since it hasn't happened before like i can't sit here and be like oh no. This is the day like, and everyone get ready for this day like because i just i don't see why that would make a difference.

This time around, i don't see what's different this time than all the other previous 35 days cycles. Why would they route such a high percentage of trades to dark bulls if it doesn't affect the price they're, not routing such a high percentage of trades to dark pools? They're rounding a high percentage to off exchange. Many many people on social media are confusing this. When they're saying dark bulls, they really mean off exchange in off exchanges, dark pools and market makers.

Market makers right now are the ones handling a high high percentage of all amc and gme trades and, of course, there's dark pool trades. But if you're seeing any of these metrics of 60 70 80, that is not dark pools. That is dark, pools and market makers and of that block. A high percentage of that overall block is market makers, um 60 70, 80 percent of trades uh, and this is where you need to watch the dave lower interview.

That is true for off exchange, but off exchange is not exclusively dark, pools uh! You should be able to buy another share with this soon wesley uh definitely uh planning on buying way more than that ten dollars. You know, uh, i'm a sucker for a discount personally march. Did you see that bank of america filed with the sec for a 120 billion for possible default on their 13fs? They were down 444 billion citadel uses bank of america as well. I did not see that all boogie i'll have to uh dive into it make sense.

I added them all up. Thanks for clarifying yeah. Austin, definitely don't add those up, uh you're gon na want it's just the running total uh, oh, and for the dark pool off exchange thing you can get that data like you, can get it from the finra transparency. Actually i'll show you the website, where you can check it out inra otc transparency.

What is it otc finra ot tree, pan, okay, uh so very quickly, while the market is moving, this is where you can get the data. So remember. If you're, looking for ats, you go to right here, the website is ott. Otc for dark pools, dark pool, aka, alternative trading system, ats issue right here.

This is where you would look up: amc, amc, uh and then you would have to go back because remember you don't get the data right away. I think, what's the most recent one that we have uh, let me see i'll get you the date. Nope uh. Maybe you have to go back even a little bit farther.

I forget how far back you have to go or is it otc so hey? I forget it off i'll have to look this off off screen, so i can find it but anyway, ats, alternative trading system. That's dark pool, then you also want to look at otc non-ats non-dark pool, but this is still off exchange. This is where a majority of the trades are happening between citadel vertu. You can look that up, but once again - and it's also lagging data, how far back do i have to go to get this all right? Is it tier two somewhere in here? Let me find this for you.

Is it not a weekly report, all right, someone in discord, i know true demon. We were just looking at this. Can you let me know where, like specifically, to find it in the ats issue data just so i could show it to the rest of uh, the stream, so i'm gon na find that off stream and then uh off screen here just so, i could show it To you, but it's all ats is the dark pool. Otc means otc as in non-ats still off exchange, but that's a market maker which is not a dark pool.

Market makers. Um, that's it's a different connection. Um, dark pools and market makers are two different things. Basically, but let me find the where do: why can i not find this? I thought it was in nms tier 1 amcr.

That does not make sense. Where are you do i need to go like way back? Let me find it all right. I'm going to track this down for you guys, so you can all see it yourself, but once again it is on the otc transparency website. You can see the official numbers for dark pools and market makers.

It's just a little bit. Um i get it's lagging. Does it really matter of an off exchange or dark bull? The same result not being reported to a lid exchanger. Am i just wrong uh? They are all reported and they do have a very, very different um, a very, very different thing, going on different mechanisms.

They're very, very different, wait. Why is everyone saying remove hood as in you guys, don't want to see it fall, i mean we could remove it. You guys are we'll add it to the watch list. What else do we want here, then um, you guys uh, obviously, am i promoting it.

I've specifically said i'm against it and i'm actually short it right now. Do you think vanguard is panicking or buying more uh, that's tough, to say, um. I see a lot of people saying remove hood, but i don't see like what is everyone's reasoning like why what's going on i'm betting against it, i think hood falls like. Why is everyone i? I need some sort of reasoning like what's going on.

It feels like a bot, a bunch of bot accounts, just uh, it's on tier two, you just mistyped it nms tier two. Thank you. Okay. I mistyped it that makes sense that tracks amc tier two amc.

Oh there we go all right. Let's go to the it's on tier 2. That's why folks and it looks like it's good up until amc, okay, so it's good! As of there, we go ats total trades total shares all right, so this is uh hang on. Let me do this for you all right, amc, amc, okay, amc once again, all right now we have it all figured out uh two different things.

Okay, so here is what you do if you come to the this is how you find it. Thank you very much. Uh lobo: this is how you find it so for dark pools to get the data. You go on ats issue data, you type in amc and you go to nms tier 2 and then you can see it.

And then you click right here and then i just picked the week of june 28th. So what you would want to do is the ats data is weekly, so you would want to go through and add up all the individual weeks. But let me just show you the most recent one from the month of june amc, the second one right here you can see. The total shares are 17 million um.

So if we have 17 million there 17, let's do a quick, add up 17. uh. Then we have 27, so what's that 27 37, 44 million thus far, let's go for all of june 44 million and then so. Our running total is 44.

44.. So now we're at 104 million, and then we have one more week to add up. So in the month of june, we have a total of 159 million shares of amc in the month of june on a dark pool. 159 million shares.

Let's call it 160 million shares okay, so that is for dark, pools, ats, alternative trading system. That's a dark pool month of june amc this year, 160 million shares were traded on a dark pool, and now, if you go to this other one otc, that is market makers, people who do internalizing citadel vertu, you could do the monthly um. So you click on this otc non-ats issue data. You find amc you put in monthly, let's look at the month of june, so in june, look at this 2.7 billion.

Most of these trades are not on dark pools. Yes, they are still off exchange, but we're looking at a 160 million versus 2.7 billion. All of these are off exchange. Yes, i agree with you, but most are still not happening in a dark pool.

They're happening right here: they're happening in market makers, citadel vertu right here, citadel virtue uh. So i i don't know why this took social media by storm. But, like here's, the official report, you could see it. This is from finro of like what's going on um and you can check it yourself.

Otc here i'll put this in the chat just so everyone can see it all right. So i just oh wow chat's going absolutely bonkers right now. Uh. Can you explain if a stock at 10 and 100k shares brings up to 10 one, then one sells 200 shares and brings down to 9.90? How does 200 kill that 100k, because remember it's just the the current agreed upon price for the next trade, the next buyer and seller, who agreed to do a trade? What price are they agreeing upon? It could go up or down, and it doesn't really have any correlation with the previous size of the size of the previous trade.

It's always the next trade. The value of a stock at any given time is the most recent trade that went through the most recent agreement between a buyer and a seller and whatever size they agreed on. It's not like um. It holds the price more steady.

If someone bought a hundred thousand versus one, because it's just the most recent trade, how do i short robin hood? I only have weeble um. Well, you well. First of all, you might need a brokerage that can actually short and then, if you want, if you don't want to short the stock, you could get, i guess a dislike or you could buy, puts but remember with options. Options are by nature, a higher risk to reward asset class.

So please please be careful. If you're buying calls buying puts it's very, very risky, you can make a lot of money, but yet you can always lose a lot of money uh. Only because you asked you said you wouldn't touch hood. We hate hood best way to hurt them is not giving attention or money a dislike on youtube is less effective than ignoring the streamer totally um.

What's going on, oh no! So yesterday i said i wasn't touching it and then i saw how many bots were happening in trying to support hood and then i saw jim cramer's comments, so i bet against it. Um we hate hood yeah. That's that's my entire point, like i i'm betting against hood, as in i make money on hood. If it falls to me, it's a pump and dump it's that simple uh, i'm not long on hood.

I am short on hood, i'm looking for hood to go down. I this is another, i guess scenario in which i very much um wish. I were sponsored by a like hearing aid company. What are you a dislike on youtube, uh, trey, subway cup? I'm i'm confused with what you're saying oh you're saying from the title.

I could remove it from the title. That's no! No biggie at all. Folks, if that's like what all this hubbub is about, is that's why everyone's like panties are in a twist done removed from the title done done done, removed from the title. I guess all of you guys, um you can you can breathe now uh, i don't get the fear from the alleged apes learning anything new or even being informed, leave it up, keep up your enemies close and the rest of it.

I mean i don't know how to be more clear about this, like i am betting against it. People are acting as if i bought hood, like that's. That's insane uh and apes, like how sexy hood looks in red yeah. I mean if you think, i'm uh going to somehow placate all these like sensitive keyboard warriors like are you like, i feel like you, haven't watched enough of my show, even if i wanted to now out of just like my own just ego and trolling the trolls.

I will just not now remove it like whatsoever, um, no, and i i did remove it from the title. I could see how the title makes it sound, because i just had amc, gme and hood. I can understand how that might mean that i was supportive of hood, so that that makes logical sense to me, but to have it up on a chart and somehow it being on the chart means that i'm bullish on it. What like, where you guys getting that from state technologies, will add, totals of verified retail shoulders.

Next quarter check your twitter dms. Okay will do don't be petty, just support amc solely, not the enemy. How is that supporting you guys know that going short is not supporting. Like i, i'm very very confused by this rhetoric, new moon, gang merch cell life alert necklace for when price falls and can't get up.

Uh feels like a trap. Hedge funds get apes to short hood and set them up for a squeeze uh. It looks like the pump and dump was yesterday. If you think it's a trap, then don't trade it it's really that simple.

I don't tell you what to do with your money. Like i just let you know what i did um, don't see you showing your amc position anymore, uh, young mechanic. You must have been away for like many months. At this point i don't show any of my positions for various legal reasons, but i tell you my positions, i'm long on amc.

I am long on gme and i am short on robin hood. Can you refer to them as red riding hood? Instead, all right amc at 29 right now, all right, let's get the next level of support on amc, don't forget to check out this ot tree otc transparency website all right. Let's get the daily up all right! We're gon na have to go to a different time frame to see more of a structure, so we do have some support around 2730. Look how severely oversold it is um how severely oversold it is on the four-hour time frame interesting.

So the last time this happened. This oversold was july 15th and it bounced from there and then another time that it happened was july 8th and it bounced from there, and if we really start looking back another time it happened was may 4th and not really much action. There i mean i'm sure on that price scale. It probably was a reaction, but all the times that there was this severe of a sell-off, it was followed.

I mean most recently the past three times it did bounce like right after uh, stephen r, um, the who's. Switching that narrative, i see no one, switching the narrative and in fact just like the the math, doesn't support it that i mean on june, 2nd. There was a 140 million shares on loan and then two days later it went down to 110 million. So that was only 30 million of 140 million or 314, so that was not all the shorts covering all right, so um in terms of support once again, uh, 27, 30 and then also 24.50.

Let me get this marked out just where we saw this previous 2733 uh, but honestly it might not even get there because the rsi is so brutally beaten down that uh. It's probably natural for your reversion play um weeks ago. Sure you can change your mind, but don't we hate hood and don't look like it's all day, even red or green, just perspective, but trey subway cup. I don't know what is in your cup this morning, but you just said it yourself.

You hate it and i wasn't touching it until i saw the amount of bots trying to promote it. Yesterday, isn't the name of the game to make more money for amc to get money into amc trade, subway cup? I don't know what's in your cup this morning, but you might want to like think about what you're saying here, man like honestly uh. What else do we have what other questions hey? Can you put hood back in the title um? Why are people mad you're, making money off hoods fail? Literally, no clue it blows my mind uh. I don't get the fear from alleged apes learning anything new or even being informed, leave it up for your enemies, close the rest of it, as in this concept of like, if something's happening and just ignore it think about the new apes that might be coming in Thinking it's a good buy, wouldn't you want someone actively pointing out the potential issues with it or do you want newer apes or even just anyone? They don't even have to be newer apes to be like? Oh, oh, i see it going.

I want to spend money on this, like isn't that a better thing to like be able to speak out and be like hang on. This is actually very, very bad to consider the apes. I guess concept that if you don't like something just don't talk about it like that's bad, because you want the truth out there. The entire point of this is to get the truth out there and let people know what's going on think about the thousands of people who might have not known anything about hood and now at least know my opinion that it's facing very serious issues and they now Might be second guessing themselves of if they should be investing in it and they like might want to look at other aspects and see what i said is true about it or not at least look into it um it.

The the mindset is so so backwards. I'm not telling you to trade it but think about how many people might now be like. Okay, hang on, like hood, does seem a little bit sketchy. I brought up the fact that so many people are selling they sold 12.5 percent of it um.

So this rhetoric that you should just like put your hand in the sand, put your head in the sand and be like. Oh no, no, that's not happening at all. I'm telling people! I think hood is very, very dangerous. It's down 13.

It looks weak. I'm trying to be uh give people a word of caution that it's a very dangerous investment if you're getting into it uh. So this concept of like no? No, no, let's just avoid it, because it's robin hood and we heard about robin hood and we don't even want to like pay attention to it. A lot of you are thinking about this severely severely backwards.

I am short on robin hood.

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