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Margin calls: the suits are ducked amc gamestop analysis – Matt Kohrs

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Margin Calls: The Suits Are Ducked
AMC & GameStop Analysis ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Let me know your thoughts on AMC & GameStop in a comment below!
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What's going on moon gang welcome to the rumble in the jungle on this episode of dumb money, i will be speaking about the potential margin calls that hedge funds could be facing very soon, of course, i'll be going over amc and jamie's charts and the most recent Short interest data points, but i really want to focus on the precarious situations that hedge funds are currently on and i'm really going to be specifically talking about nscc2021-002. So, let's hop right into it as we're heading into the final full trading week of june. Amc is currently trading at 59.26 and gme is trading just below 214.. Oh sorry, i was just doing a little real estate shopping.

Don't worry about that! So, let's talk about nscc-002, amend the sld requirements, automates the margin call process when daily reports indicate member is over leverage. So basically, this rule is highly associated with the same thing. Nscc-2021-801 same thing: it's talking about slds, so, prior to these rules, 801, which is already passed and now o2, they kind of piggyback off of each other. Prior to this, they were doing more of a monthly check for the highest at risk members.

So, basically, once a month, hey your situation's out of hand, it's a bit too precarious. We need more collateral from you now the combo of 801, which is already passed in 002, which will be discussed tomorrow june 21st. Those together allow for intraday checks and of many members. So, basically, it's more collateral, more checks and whenever there's like too much of a position, that's too over leveraged too precarious, they can ask for more collateral and if they can't provide that cash, basically they can get margin called.

So once again, this is being discussed. June 21st, right here, 002. Basically right here, approve disapprove or institute proceedings to determine whether disapprove the proposed rule change. So i just want to make it very very clear: this is not 100 going into effect tomorrow.

This is where we're going to find out. Hopefully, the result of approve or disapprove or basically this is a fancy way to see they need to extend it, kick the can down the road and discuss it more so in these, obviously we don't want it to be disapproved and we don't want the can to Get kicked down the road, so let's talk specifically about approval right now with this prior to it, it was about a 10-day turnaround where, like okay, it was approved, and then they had this 10-day window to actually get it into action, and this is where it gets. Even more, i guess intricate because of the nscc-006, it can actually take immediate effect upon approval and filing. So that is a possibility, so basically tuesday, june 22nd.

If everything is hunky-dory, this rule could be in effect, and i'm saying could just because first of all, i know there are various options, there's no guarantee that this is approved and even if it is approved there are some quotes from the. I believe the vice president of the dtcc, who has said that it could still be implemented within 10 days of sec approval so the way i understand all these fancy rules and everything going on i'm under the impression that, if approved tomorrow, monday june 21st, it could Go into effect, tuesday, right away after being filed and approved, but it seems like there's a little bit of a gray area about this 10-day window. So i just want to get that out there. So just so you're better prepared that there could be some sort of loophole where, like hang on, it was approved, but now it's going to take 10 days, which would push us to the start of july.

To my understanding, though, if approved it does sound like it will go into a media effect as in basically the next day, but i just want to let you know that there's a little bit of this gray area, but i do think that 006 will help us Upon approval and once again just to wrap all this up together, these slds supplemental liquidity, deposit. It just means your position is way too risky. I don't know i'm just going to pick out like two completely random stocks. Let's say uh, i don't know i like movies.

So let's talk about amc and i also like video games. So let's talk about gamestop, let's say for some reason: there was a hedge fund or multiple hedge funds out there shorting these two stocks and for a while they've gotten away with it, because, like maybe they're, using a special methodology where you can hedge it. But like you can't keep running with all that because of the collateral requirements, but you know you're only being checked once a month so like as long as you're good. On that one day, the rest of the month, you can kind of run haywire and do whatever you want.

Well, this rule would kind of stop that you could get checked multiple times throughout the day and if your position is deemed to be too risky. Well, you have to pony up the cash or cover your position so with all that being said, obviously we want this rule to be approved and we want it to go into immediate effect, but right now it's not in effect and ideally we'll find out more information About what's going on as soon as tomorrow, monday june 21st. Now, let's talk about our kind of these stocks, specifically so here's a quick rundown of how amc is looking after the market closed. On friday, there was a net return of 1 million shares which puts the estimated short interest.

Around 13.5 percent utilization has been taking a noteworthy move upward we're at 95. So let's see how that really starts to change as we're getting more return shares and also more borrowed shares uh. It is worthwhile to check out this trend, though, because we are inching closer and closer to a hundred percent utilization, which means that all the total lendable shares are actually borrowed. So uh definitely keep an eye on this shares on loan right around 90.5 million.

And i just like to point out this trend that ever since june, 8th both the estimated shortage and shares on loan has been slowly but surely tracking upwards in terms of its overall chart amc this. This is actually very rare and very noteworthy. Usually, when you get a run-up like this after the run-up's done, it comes right back down the fact that they try to knock amc down, but instead it ended up consolidating around 55 60. That shows a lot of strength, and i mean a lot of strength.

So moving forward in all these technical update videos, it's still coming down at this point in time to breaking above 60 62 and holding it. We've tried to get above there three times in the past four training days. Unfortunately, it has not been able to really hold. I'm just starting to question every time we keep knocking on this door, we're soaking up seller supply.

So eventually, if we keep knocking, i mean i don't know when it's going to happen, but if we keep putting this type of pressure on the people who are selling in this region, i'm just looking for that overall breakout. That would be my technical breakdown. Really. I just wanted above 60 62 a nice amount of volume traded above it potentially a daily close above it, and then i think that opens up the door to the high 60s, the low 70s and then, of course, above the current all-time high of 72-62.

This rocket ship, it's really really difficult to catch this rocket ship in terms of the exact numbers here ever since we started this rally. Amc is currently up 392 percent. In the past week it gained 20 and on the year it is up. 2.

700. Absolutely incredible! I also want to show you this. I don't know who originally made this, but uh shout out to whoever did. This is a great graphic.

This just shows you amc's previous friday closes look at it the overall trend week over week. This trend is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful for the eight nation and an absolute nightmare, a purgatory of sorts for the people, betting against this stock. I mean just look at this trend very, very good. Now, let's switch gears to gamestop.

There was a net return of 775 000 shares puts the short interest at 13. This is this past week was one of the first weeks in a while, where amc short interest actually exceeded gmes uh, just something to point out. Utilization is 52 shares on loan. Just under 10 million and right here you could just see that it's been pretty constant.

The on loan shares and also the estimated short interest ever since, roughly mid march, very very constant and that's been almost reflected in gme's, like consolidation on this daily chart. Uh, just consolidating not making a big break upward, but also not getting pushed down, and so i i just also want to give you a quick reminder that not only have we been following this technical line ever since uh, really late february, we're at it once again, But do not forget that they're currently doing an at the market offering of 5 million shares. We saw this before with gme and we saw it also with amc. It hurts the stock as it's happening, but as soon as it's announced, wait for that breaking news.

Gamestop completes at the market offering of 5 million shares, raising how many ever millions and millions of dollars, usually what we've seen on both of these stocks is as soon as that news breaks the stock shoots upward. So, from a fundamental basis, i would recommend paying attention for that on gme in terms of its technicals. It's really really just been abiding by this trend line, so i'm looking for that bounce kind of immediately or the bounce in the region of support between 200 and 210 upon that bounce. I would then look for the first major resistance to be above 241 and then a break above that i would then be watching between 275 and 285..

In the past week, gme was down 8.4 percent past month up 27 and on the year it's up over a thousand percent. So, to sum things up, i'm looking for a technical bounce in gme and i'm looking for a continuation in the bullish - or, should i say, apish, price action in amc. But of course the hot topic, at least at the start of this week, will be the nscc-2021. This rule will make margin, calls much more realistic for any particular member i.e hedge fund, that has too precarious of a situation and is representing too much of a danger to the overall system.

In my personal non-financial opinion, this is not just good for amc. It's not just good for gme, it's good for the stock market at large. We should not be letting any entity produce this much of a risk to the overall system and they only get checked once a month. It makes at least in my dumb money head.

It makes a lot of sense that they could be checked daily, because why would we not run that way? That just seems like a very logical - and i guess um responsible way to run the overall stock market. But of course these are just my opinions. I would love to get your opinions on this new sld rule and amc and jimmy in a comment below if you enjoyed this video. Of course, you know all that good youtube stuff like comment, and if you want to be a member of the channel, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button, and until i catch you next time from me and chair best of luck in the markets, You.

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