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Market open: amc gme are alive! space apes vs the snakes special – Matt Kohrs

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We have a lot to talk about:
TLRY beat on earnings -- Cannabis should be on the move (TLRY, APHA & SNDL)
CCIV is still pushing & EV as a whole is bouncing (TLSA, NIO, etc)
And don't forget about crypto! Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin
Let's watch as it all plays out -- We are going TO THE MOON!
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What is going on space apes, moon, gang, doge army? Let's go, let's go, i hope we have a very exciting day. In fact, i know it's going to be an exciting day. Tilray had their earnings yesterday seemed to be pretty good. It is selling off a bid in pre-market we're going to be talking about riot bitcoin uh, we'll of course keep our eyes on amc and jimmy today, gme gamestop, don't forget.

Roaring kitty is testifying in front of congress today. Of course, we will be going over that um, i'm just in the middle figuring out some technical issues over here, but guys we will, i promise 100 being going over it um. I want to know what they're going to say: it's not just rory and katie vlad's. In there we have people from citadel people from melvin.

There's a lot of people in there - and i know congressional c-span hearings can be boring as all hell, but i think this one will at least be entertaining to us to see how it goes like honestly, we might learn a thing or two about what's going on. I know i have my own questions on really what did happen with robinhood um, so i'm hoping some questions, good questions get asked. Good answers are given um. I know that's not always a 100 guarantee in the world of politics, but let's see how it goes.

Um that will be happening, i believe at 12 eastern um, so we'll be doing that we might take a mini break before i know like usually my schedule is to go into the afternoon and then we come back for the um uh like late uh. Last two hour session, so maybe today we'll switch it up just a bit. I'm thinking - maybe i don't know, let's see how it goes of course, if there's things moving in the market, that will also be a priority um, but i think we could see some interesting movements in amc and gamestop today. I know they've been a bit dead but um, maybe because of the hearing we'll get something interesting coming out of it um overall uh.

We need to kind of check out. What's going on so the till rate earnings um were yesterday. Obviously tillery was doing super super. Well in the post market, he even got above that resistance.

I was telling you about at 36. now it's selling off a bit um, so i think this one will move right when the market opens same with riot selling off a bit, but bitcoin is holding very very strong. Bitcoin looks like it's going up once again to test 52k, so rye could easily be on the move and then uh cciv is selling off, but as just a quick reminder um, this is my account. I don't have i sold out and i took my profit on cciv yesterday.

My only two options left are riot and tilray. I have all the same shares and then i'm still have my positions on doge and ethereum. Just so everyone knows. Doge was very very close to my risk point.

I've been like thinking about taking my profits at five cents. If it goes below that um, i just feel much better about ethereum bitcoin, even like ripple uh like when i feel better about their future than doge, but i'm here for the dogewave uh. If i see a money-making opportunity, of course i will be taking it. We are jackie, just became an astronaut that is awesome, jackie.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it if you guys want to become an official astronaut or space ape of this channel. It's the join button right by subscribe, and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe, all you have to do is hit the red subscribe button go over to the notifications, turn them to always and uh. You can stay up to date with not only the moon gang, but all your fellow space apes.

We are on the road to making this channel 100 000. 100 000 strong space apes. That are is our goal, and we will be in here day in and day out until we hit it and then of course, we'll do it even harder after we hit that goal, because we are going to the moon. Norman here buy three shares of sndl.

So you have a stock to talk about more a state to talk about it more and fun enjoy listening to norman. I appreciate it. Maybe i'll buy those, maybe i'll pick up those three shares of sndl, hey i'll, keep guys i'm more than happy. I mean i feel like a lot of the times.

Um we end up talking about things. I don't really have a position in just because i know it's of interest and you guys want some input on like what's going on on a crazy penny runner but uh. If you've been watching for a couple days, or even now since over the past, how many ever weeks, you know that um, just like otc penny, is not really my style, but i'm more than happy to share my opinion. I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

That's where we hear from a little bit of entertainment a little bit of education, but please don't forget, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a tax expert, i'm none of that! I'm just a guy just sharing his own trades and thoughts on the stock market. It's that simple, oh and just so. Everyone knows i. I get this question often um.

Now that roaring kitty is testifying today, i do want to bring this up. I still have my own amc right here. Amc shares 125 gamestop 8. I i haven't sold them, i'm not gon na sold them to me.

Those ones are different than like my normal stock trading. For me, those are a moral stand and i'm not going to give up on that i'll hold them until i die. If i have to everything else, uh is a little bit more fundamentally technically sound decisions, at least in my opinion, whether those are right or wrong. At least that's how i view it: let's get going what's amc doing in pre-market, i guess we could check out very nice uh right now in pre-market, it's trading at 6, 31 um.

So i have a big resistance at 650 and then past that i think we could be selling to seven. So that's exciting, at least with amc. It is on the move, uh, let's go and then um even gme is up. Okay, that's awesome! Uh gme! We want to get above this uh resistance right here.

Shane cooper just became an astronaut. What is up um all right, that's awesome! So maybe i for this uh churchill capital looks a bit weak, so just for now i'll throw up amc, we'll get up a five minute chart. I know there's a lot of interest. I mean look at that 560 to 650.

This is the resistance we're coming in at all right. Let me all right there um thoughts on vz and norwegian. Let's do that really quick, i'm expecting some exciting stuff. Uh verizon is looking good.

I do like, on a daily perspective, it's going up because warren buffett got into it. I mean warren buffett is like an og he's a goat if he says something's a worthwhile long-term investment. I would assume he's right. I really don't know much about vz.

Just on the daily chart, i like how it's bouncing off of these lows at 54.: um norwegian, um ryan. I know that yesterday, um a lot of cruise lines were doing well and they looked to be remaining strong. So that's you have norwegian carnival cruise lines and royal are kind of like some of your main ones, um, if this can clear 26 on volume, pretty bullish, but it looks like there's some special thing going on in the world of uh cruises, at least for whatever Reason i'm gon na switch this over amc up top. I know you guys are very excited, and just so you know, uh gme is over here on the right.

Hey matt learned a lot from you this week on reading stock trends. Thanks terry, i really appreciate that's what i'm here for honestly, everyone um i'm just here to share a little bit about what i know um and hopefully we can have a bit of fun while doing it. I'm very excited that these are looking alive today as in gm amc and gme uh. It's all that hearing related once again that will be happening at noon.

Actually, i think i had something um. Let me see if i could bring this over. Can i not bring the screenshot over um okay for some reason, i can't bring it up. Hey i'll, just read it to you really quick in a statement.

This is all in reference to what's going on with the congressional hearing today. In a statement committee head representative, maxine juan, has said that the hearing will take aim at the hedge funds industry, long history of predatory conduct, as well as unpack robinhood's decision to halt trading with gamestop and other meme stocks. When interest from individual traders was at its peak one more phrase to watch on your hearing, bingo card payment for order flow, p, f, o f. This is very, very important because it's how um it's, how weeble and robin hood are free, it's their say them selling.

Your trading payment order flow information to these hedge funds and that's how you they front run you pfof pavement for order flow involves, rerouting ordered, carried out on one platform to a third party to execute for a small fee. Robinhood makes the majority of its revenue this way, and some critics argue that it's not the best interest of its customers, so we're going to be hearing about that today. It's another thing, that's really commonly time in tied into that is like high frequency training. Basically, it's people, they know where a large large amount of orders are being placed and what they're doing, and they front and front run you to make like a portions of a penny but they're doing that all day, long making a lot of money at the end Of the day, even the cult hero, roaring kitty is under scrutiny for his social media posts that helps spark interest in game.

Stop, though, the 34 year old, former mass mutual advisor maintains his posts were meant to be educational. Only. He hasn't backed away from his commitment to gamestop i'm as bullish as i've ever been. He said in the statement you got ta love how he's standing his ground on it.

That is awesome good for him, um oops. Sorry, i missed some super chats and whatnot um. We have a new space, save joshua, grimes uh. That is awesome.

Man welcome aboard shout out to joshua joining up keeping the dream alive: four star strength, matt pdw thoughts, pre-market and also news about the requirement of buzz time 10 hold till midday or get the bennies and roll okay. Let's check out the what is dpw. I didn't hear myself about the uh acquisition, but let's see how that's being reflected in the chart dpw. I know this was a popular one.

Yesterday uh producer another producer company electronic producer, looking pretty strong, but the pre-market's, not the nicest okay. So here's what's going to happen is like you um. I, i don't really put much emphasis on pre-market because, as you can see on the bottom uh, the volume is just so much less comport compared to like normal. So what i would say is there's previous resistance at 640.

It was resistance over the past two days, see if that can act as support right off of the open if it sells off. Of course you want it to just shoot straight up, but if it doesn't look, if 640 can catch it and if it bounces from there, that's the main price level. I would personally be interested in um, so watch that and then on its way up. Of course, you just have yesterday's, like all the high just below eight dollars, but i think the battle is going to come down to 640.

um with any news such as acquisition and really like what we're seeing with cciv all this stuff. There is a very common thing in the world of trading of buy the rumor, sell the news. So if it's shooting up on that, but like when it becomes like actual news uh generally, you see a bit of a sell off of that people like to buy up the excitement and then, by the time the actual news happens. Even if it's what we all expected, there is a a pattern in the world of stock market of a bit of selling off, and that's just because buyers get a little overzealous heading into the event.

So for me, if i'm up nice profits - and i see it hanging out and maybe struggling at all-time highs, that's when i would personally maybe look to lock in some gains. Hey just remember, you can never go broke taking profits. Can you look at mstr, real, quick sure, i'm kind of a fan of them now for what they've been doing with crypto or not crypto um? Sorry, i was thinking of mastercard before i do that. Let me give dirk's garage.

Welcome aboard just became an astronaut. What is going on, dirks looks like you: have a motorcycle shop garage well we're gon na do that on space. I'm super happy you're here with us, um jumper 90e just became an astronaut shout out to everyone joining up on this rocket ship today. Super super exciting um, all right.

Let's talk about microstrategy, i was just confusing it with mastercard. I was saying that i was excited about them solely because of um they're, adding crypto to their network, but anyway back to micro strategy. I would be my big rec big recommendation on microsoft. Energy is be patient and wait for this gap.

Fill market makers, love, filling untested gaps, and you still have. Let me just clean it up a bit just trying to make it nice for everyone uh. I i don't mean for it to be red. Let me change that color, usually red, i use as resistance, um where's, the color style all right.

Let's just make this some arbitrary blue um. So when i'm talking about a gap fill basically on february 5th, the micro strategy closed at 806, the next day it opened up, it was a gap up it opened at 925 and the lowest we've got since then is 878.. So if the lowest we got is 878 and this close was at 806. That means we have about a 70 region where just nothing has been happening like there's been no buys no cells.

Nothing is going on in here. Market makers, love love, love to fill these gaps. So my big suggestion on microstrategy, if you like it, is be patient and wait for this gap fill on the flip side yesterday, one we were talking about is quantum scape and i'm calling for a gap fill the other way. I would love for it to fill this gap.

What is the high roughly 70, what is this high of 74.50 to this low this region still untested? I am bullish on it to a capital. I love playing gap fills whether that's up or down. What's the deal with the market the past couple days, i lost 800 yesterday and a hundred dollars in pre-market. Hey, i'm sorry about that, like um, sometimes the markets, obviously like you, can't always have nice bullish massive green days.

It's big ebbs and flows and guys honestly, to be fully transparent things. It hasn't been good, there's been a lot of red, but keep in mind. Things can also still get way way: worse, um, even right when the world was first exploding about a year ago. Now i mean the market was not just a little red, it was horrifically red across the board um and those are the days that you either have to take short, plays, you're buying, puts or you're just sitting on your hands.

A lot of trading is just sitting on your hands and being patient and waiting for your opportunity um. I know we get all excited when things are running and it's super super green, but also that's just not that's not how the market works day in and day out when things are red, you just have to be conservative and wait. It's all about being a sniper and waiting for your opportunity. Can you check out z, o m sure? Well, here's the om uh i've never traded it.

I know it's a popular one. I like how it bounced off of two dollars, but, as we were talking about gap, hills be careful because there's still that gap down to 150., i'm not saying it like, has to get filled, even though they commonly do, especially because this two dollar was previous resistance, Which now turned into support and in fact it did actually fill a small gap right there, so maybe play the support off of two dollars. But whatever you do just like respect, where your risk is, if you're saying, if you go into zom today and you're like hey, i like it it's trading at 221 and my risk is two dollars if it actually breaks through two dollars. I know it sucks, but you just have to realize that loss and move on to the next play, but that's also for day trading swing trading.

Things of that. If you like, zom as a long term play you can kind of throw technicals out the window, because technicals are viable for whatever time frame, you're really looking on. So if you want to be in zom years down the road, i mean what it's doing right now. Won't really matter so keep that in mind know what you're doing know if you're day trading swing trading, investing uh, because all of them have a slightly different mentality associated with them.

I hope that helps blake all right. I just want to make sure i'm not missing any of these super chats. George crsr looks very bullish on a three month view. What do you think? Can you give it an analysis, so i believe crsr, i'm pretty bullish on it's a gaming stock uh.

Let's look at this daily chart, so crsr i'm looking to invest, i want to invest. I i'm very bullish overall on the the future of esports and the future of the esports industry. I mean esports are popular now i think they'll just become more and more popular from a technical perspective, though i'm gon na look for support to be found out in this line. So, depending on how long it takes to play out, i would love to get in in the mid 30s um.

Honestly, though, if it breaks down, i would still hold those shares. I would look up to pick up more in the low 30s, maybe in the mid 20s, but overall i do think that esports is a good long-term hold right. Now it's been selling off your next support. We still have a couple dollars to go down in terms of like the closest daily technical support, at least in the way that i do it um.

So i would look maybe 35 37 in here. I'm targeting this region right right below 37 is my closest target on the way back up i'll. Think there's going to be risks resistance at 44. past that we have this top trend line and from there it's just a breakout testing the all-time high at 51 and from there clear skies ahead.

I hope that helps george is anything all right, so amc still holding six. I mean i've been droning on about how important it is for amc to get above six and hold it uh. We are looking for this resistance to turn into support. It got right away rejected at this trend line.

I want to get on the top side of that 650.. How do you feel ldi will look after their earnings report isn't announced later today that one comes from jj jordan? I appreciate it shout out to jj. Let's take a look at ldi um, i mean oh, this is a tough one. I mean we have.

It's only been trading for three days uh this i i to be fully honest. I can't give a good technical analysis of this. I don't know. What's going on with the company they're in finance rental and leasing um, so it sounds like there's some sort of i don't know: apartment building or retail building, but they've only there's, not much data.

I just don't know what i would base it off of and fundamentally i can't really comment on their earnings because, like it's just not one that i'm like really up to date with so this, my my big suggestion on ldi is: i don't like the risk setup And the risk is just from the lack of data uh, so i would just be patient uh. If i like it as a company. I would let more time build out. That was my big overall comment.

I'm bumble the new one that just ipo whether you like it or don't. I just want to see more data. I want to know how the stock reacts. I want to know how the stockpar participants like interact with it.

I just want more data. Can i take a look at trch, trch uh, looking good actually on the 30 how's its daily look? Okay, once again, uh you guys now know what i'm gon na say be careful about this gap. This high is at two dollars and ninety four cents. We have this red day, there's a big community of penny stock traders when something runs up.

They work wait for the first red day and then that's when they initiate massive short positions, be careful about trch, there's a chance that this could be coming back down to pretty much three dollars. Please please be careful with it, but if you're shorting it good luck. My gut in sync right now on trch, i know it's a penny stock. I know it's up a huge percentage.

I know it's that big first red day yesterday, i know people will be shorting it today. I also know on the rsi that we have some bearish divergence. The stock has gone up. The rsi has not followed.

That's a bearish sign um. If i had, if you guys forced me to trade trch today, just me my own opinion. What i would do is actually try to short it down to three dollars or i would completely avoid it if i didn't want it short good morning, dude. What's your opinion on rkt, i feel like it's a good long long-term play.

What's your take uh, let me check out rkt's chart just so we're all on the same page rocket companies um might be a good long-term play, but the chart is not looking the best right now um, so there it seems like there's pretty solid support between 19 And 18., so if you're trying to get in, i mean it's looking heavy right now, it looks like it wants to dump down to this support in the 19s. If things get really bearish, maybe into the 18s, so i would watch the region we're coming up to pretty pretty closely, but it does seem to adhere to these supports and bounce off of that in terms of a long-term play. I'm not like too familiar with the companies like fundamentals, balance sheet, anything like that um. But if you're looking to get in and don't have a position uh, i would say, be a bit more patient because it looks like at least the way i'm seeing it.

The chart looks very heavy, it does look like there's a bit more downside. I would target 19, maybe somewhere in the 18, save yourself some some money per share thoughts on riot today um, so you guys know that i actually still have this right position uh. I have two calls 75 strike um i paid. What did i pay? I paid ten dollars per one uh.

I was up 51 as of yesterday they're going to be lower. This is going to take a pretty decent size hit as soon as the market opens, and that's just because riot's lower riot closed the day out at um, 77.90 and right now, it's not even trading at 72, so i'm gon na lose on that right off the Bat but um riot, slash morrow will be strong as long as crypto's staying strong, i mean so. I can almost better enter riot by looking at the bitcoin chart. I love how bitcoin look at this trend line uh.

I i drew this trend line a while ago. It bounced perfectly off of it right at 50, 800 and we're tracking back up. It looks like there's resistance at 52. 000, like 500 52 000.

So this is a battle right here, but if bitcoin can keep going, i think that riot will keep going. What do you think about qcln, qcln uh overall looks pretty strong, showing a bit of momentary weakness. We do have that bearish divergence in the rsi. The stock has gone up.

The rsi hasn't that's a bearish shine. I would say: look for support to be found at 79 past that we also have a gap filled down to 72.. So if i had to do this one, i would personally try to target 72. As my entry point, that's how i play it.

I don't know what qcl does it looks like a green energy index, so it's an etf for alternative energy, maybe uh, which that sounds interesting to me. I'd be bullish on it, especially with the current administration, but from a pure technical standpoint. I would try to target 7273 all right, damn. Why is ptlr taking so much? It's a mortgage lending, okay, so ldi! Thank you.

Daryl uh mortgage lending, um good morning gang thoughts on clov. I think it's a good play. Let's do clov clov to 20, so from so really 11 is actually a nice support, there's more support at 10 50.. So this is a good region of support.

Whatever clover health investment corpse does uh, but we have this previous resistance, which i would expect to act as support. We have another support at 10.50, so between 11 and 10 50 seems like a good opportunity and really you could risk a break of 10. uh clov has a pretty nice risk to reward setup? That's a good call. Gcam.

I could take a look at mj. Mj is a cannabis etf uh, so it's gon na do well if tillaray apha, uh, hexo hidey, all those are doing well um recently, as you can tell it shot up it hit this high of 34.58. Since then, it's been selling off with the rest of the cannabis industry. I was hoping that it would do better.

Today, i got very excited with till ray's post-market action. It sold off pre-market, i'm a little bummed out about that. But let's see, if there's some nice strength today, we know that till ray has awesome range, so people get excited about it. That's very good! I just don't know if it's the same group of people that instead today will be watching amc, slash, gme uh, so we're gon na have to see how that plays out um, but overall mj i, like mj, is a basket that tracks a bunch of cannabis stocks.

I'm bullish on the cannabis sector, so i think mj is a good long-term investment right now i don't own any, but i would love to pick some up as close to 20. A share as i can get it uh right here, uh between really 19 or 18. The low 18s and 21 - i think that's a nice region of support. I don't know if it'll ever get there like.

We might never see that again. That's the stock market, nothing's like really ever going to be guaranteed. All i do is try to minimize my risk, but i do like this gap bill down to 21.25. What's going on with mj, it's like it's halted, i i don't think that mj's halted it's just like not really moving much and that's just because um.

I guess people aren't training it. It's volume has been dying out. You could see over the past four trading days, five trading days. The volume has really been hit.

Do you think riot is a good buy. Today i feel like it's going over 80.. I mean that's a good question um. I wish i knew if it was going over 80.

If i definitively knew that riot was going over 8080 today, i would literally bet my entire account on call options to make a lot of it um. So i can't say, like i mean in my thoughts, i'm at least hoping for a gap fill up to 80. That would be nice, but it's so dependent on what bitcoin is doing so we'll have to see how that goes. Uh thoughts on lmnd uh for those of you who don't know lemonade lmnd is a new company.

It's a new age like insurance company. I believe they do homeowner insurance and pet insurance. I really like it. I like how trying to disrupt an old, boring industry um.

What i like more about it is how it's right now at support um. This is one in my actually is it in this portfolio. I might have it no uh, so it's in my own retirement portfolio, i like lemonade uh. For me, it's a long-term hold.

I was actually thinking about getting more off of this bounce. I just want to see if it can hold 150 today um bmbl bumbleblair. I want the more time to pass. I don't like to trade, the newest ipos and for ipo e.

I believe this is a spac play, uh right, so so fine maybe can someone. Let me know who ipoe is looking to uh. I guess like merge with all right. Someone in the discord is saying right to 95 bucket.

I would love that all right uh. So i there's still some requests coming in, but just so everyone knows i'll have to circle back to them because the market's about to open, i have about 20 seconds, and i know there's some big interest in whatever's, going on with um amc riot cciv cciv. I still have up right here so we're not going to lose sight of it um, but um i'll i'll circle back to them. Okay, ipoe is so five.

That's what i thought, but let's watch this market open uh. We have about five four three two one ding ding ding market is open. Do i think that essendo can break down separative till rate? Yes, if it can't hold 175 and it's below it now, if it can't quickly recapture 175 sndo will be in trouble all right till ray in opening up nicely: cciv 56, all right unicrypt! U n c x, growing nicely thoughts, um vapor, smooth, uh uncx! All right! That's definitely not right. Jimmy uh on the open, here's jimmy all right, tilray pushing a bit amc.

Pushing uh amc is getting above six dollars. I like that um riot, opening up strong, all right, we're seeing green uh. Usually, we're used to very red opens at least over the past week, so i like that, let's see if this can continue. Watch amc battle it out, um cciv at 57.58.

That's moving nicely all right, we're we're in nice, green opening, i'm sure i'm still down on riot yeah, i'm getting hit on these needed to open bigger for me, but hey, maybe i'll get lucky ape needs help. I thought the i i thought the dip on palantir was 29. Now 25 20 calls 29 a lot of money. Tears are flowing.

My friend, i need hope all right. We will check out pltr, hey lenny, can you let us know like what you're uh. So your strike price is 29 uh down 25 to 25 calls at 20. What's your expiration? How much time are you dealing with lenny thoughts on load load was a nice one yesterday, we'll pull up load really quick load.

Looking weak load might be coming back down to four dollars: uh, it's looking heavy all right till ray still moving amc moving. Let's switch this over to a one minute chart um lenny. Just so, you know on the pltr i'm like interested in like it as a long-term hold like i'm, not actively training it, but i do think that has potential in the long term. So i think your question is much more determined by uh.

If you have an early strike price, you might be getting pretty unlucky, but if you bought like long dated leaps um, i wouldn't sweat it too. Much now, all right riot is pushing till ray is pushing uh amc looks like it's trying to reaffirm six dollars. Uh you very very much wanted to hold six um. 623 is a resistance.

I got lucky with it getting rejected by that uh. It was just a momentary resistance. We saw before so. Let's see how that goes.

Quantum scape is still pushing at 62 for everyone in qs congrats uh. I wish i was in that. Don't forget your rocket fuel team, uh 219 pound tier 29.5 call lenny uh man, you come in here because you know i shoot you straight. I don't think you're in a good position.

That's a lot of weakness and yours are expiring. Tomorrow, um, it's breaking through support. We have an upcoming support at 25.. It needs to hold here at 25 um, but i just don't know if you gave yourself enough time.

All right come on till ray turn back around till ray uh big big resistance. At 36, i'm gon na get excited for till ray above 36.. It looks like people are buying up. The earnings announcement from yesterday look for amc to hold six dollars uh.

That's very! Very important uh cciv 5750 uh. What else is moving apha is at 22 uh having a similarly positive day to tilray. Sndl was able to hold on 1.75 if you're still in sndl. Please please watch 1.75 tesla 781 neo55 quantum scapes having a good day.

Spce is down, thank god. I got out of that. What else is moving big big movers today? Anything, oh okay, but we do have some positive news. Lenny on pltr arc just bought a lot so, but also they're going to be in it for like a long-term hold.

So with that um. I think you just didn't give yourself enough time with expiration, uh, you're, you're betting on it popping by tomorrow, um. I think volunteer's a bit of a slow mover, so really you might want to be looking at like if you're going to play, call options on it far out leaps or just invest in it. All right amc is moving amc coming back to life, a zombie from the dead frankenstein waking up.

That is awesome all right, til ray let's get above 35 and then i'm just targeting 36.. Let's go tillray what else uh cciv pushing 58.? Should i switch this over? So we can get a whole other chart uh. How did i do this amc? Let's throw up cciv right here, cciv yesterday never hit 60.. I know joan and i were looking to party uh, but it's showing some strength on the open today.

I just wanted to have cciv up here. We'll show amc all right riot, let's go riot sewing. Am i still up on these not as much today they cost me overall, i'm still up on ryan, but it cost me some money. I just want to check that out.

Man uh. I think i don't. I think, i'm still i myself since my account's below 25k. I think i'm even uh pushing that pattern day trader chris and jason are in the chat, hey uh chris and jason uh.

If you guys could uh send me a dm on twitter uh, if you're hearing this just on twitter, send me a dm um and make your first line like just moon gang. So i know to um that is from youtube uh. But if you could, just when you guys have free um, nothing crazy important, but just send me a dm if possible, cciv getting a bit smacked till ray uh. Hopefully it comes back.

I was excited sen's making big moves. This morning, oh senza's, on the move. I like sends i'm not in it. I just like watching it.

You guys have been excited by it. Nice, nice move above watch. There is resistance at five dollars, so i would say it's that i would feel confident about it: testing five dollars and then, if it can get from there, uh maybe get a nice rip. So don't sleep on sends if you're not in it yet be patient watch for five dollars watch to see how it reacts to that uh.

Oh amc, congrats to everyone on amc. It is still fighting it's holding six dollars. Remember roaring! Kitty will be in front of congress today. I believe at 12 eastern um yeah looks like it's 12 eastern yep, 12 eastern uh.

We will definitely be doing that. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, i'm not going to pass that up right. Look at this strength. Someone was at george right, you were asking me 80.

Today i mean i was looking forward just like to test that high, but man. This is some strength. Uh. That is awesome.

Uh. Can you look at usws got in at 62 cents and the stock has been killing it ernest? We will check it out. I love to hear when my fellow space apes are killing it usws moving uh watch 340. Today.

That's some resistance. If you can get above 340, it looks like it could go even higher, but you're up huge man just ride that momentum. The trend is your friend uh for the intraday. My big suggestion would be pay attention to 340.

ryan. Just became an astronaut welcome, aboard ryan uh, this the astronaut. Then we have astronauts and space apes filling up this rocket ship love to have all of you. Marcelo pristo is a plant keep saying.

Um amc will crash, amc is dead, don't buy amc, kick that suit uh guys. So it looks like we do. Have a um mods. If you could just check, if there is a greg in chat, vibes are the one of the best currencies in this room right now and we don't want someone bringing our vibes down.

Amz tech deals became an astronaut. We are going to have some tech on this rocket ship. What is going on? I appreciate that. I appreciate everyone in here really like.

I want to speak directly to you. Uh, your support has been phenomenal. Thank you. So much for hanging out with me making some jokes at the suit's expense playing the stock market.

It's like hanging out at the casino with some friends, ctrm and ocgn. Are they on the move? Again today, ocgn i sold mine for loss yeah a good opening, but it has been weak over two days uh. It is bad. There's big resistance at 10.50 so make sure you're watching that ctrm uh the shipping company low low volume interest has been dying out on it, so be careful with ctrm kind of in no man's land.

Halfway between resistance and support awkwardly in between mel loading. Up on an extra 3x pltr by accident, hey, we all make those fat finger mistakes. Hopefully it works out for you. I hope it explodes for you and um lenny check out p-o-t-x p-o-t-x, p-o-t-x kind of the same thing honestly as ctrm halfway in the middle.

Oh, this is just another uh, cannabis-based etf, so very similar to mj. Those charts are going to look uh kind of similar cpg nice breakout. It's moving uh. If you guys uh, it looks like the next resistance is at four bucks.

This could keep going uh. I don't know what they do, but that's pretty cool all right, uh, tilray selling off. Unfortunately, uh amc still battling it out at six dollars riot trying to hold 76. churchill capital 57 gamestop uh could not hold 49.50.

It's now at 47., all right all right who uh what what are our big moves going to be today? Uh, let's post them guys, i need your predictions. What stocks should we be wanting? We don't want to watch these boring paint drying stocks. We want the action socks i think riot is still moving. I mean toray uh.

I was hoping for some momentum, but then again it is only 9 42 we're not even 15 minutes into the day. So we can still see some nice um movement waldo. What is going on man welcome back, hey matt. Do you know why there is a difference between today's returns and total returns? Have a call on tilray today says 80 bucks and yet total says 18., so yeah, when you guys see it uh, whether it's an option or whatever you're gon na, have today's returns and total.

So that just means that you've had the position for multiple days. It's like literally what you're up on this trading day and then what you're up in just totality. So, for example, if i show you some of my shares so cciv today, i'm only up 13 based on where it closed. Yesterday, i'm up it's almost like break even, but since i bought it so long ago, uh my total return is different, because that's from the moment that you actually bought it, your total return is based on your own um, your own average.

While today's return is based on the yesterday's close to like where it's at right now, so your total return is basically the important one and if you bought it that day, the today's return and total return will be the same. Matt, look at cpg, yeah, uh, cpg, uh jeep lord. We check that out. That's the other uh.

Is it still moving it's up on the screen i was. I was calling out resistance at uh like four dollars and i don't know 15 cents. Ldi earnings are out stock, climbing guys here's your ldi alert uh once again, i'm not the biggest fan of it. Just because, like it's brand new, not enough data for me, but it looks like it's moving.

That's awesome. Watch it at 29 looks like we have a bit of technical resistance, all right, tilray, fighting back amc trading flat right now at six dollars. I was telling you how important six dollars is. Um passionate angler i've read that after good earnings stocks, usually tank um, that's not true, so they can have good earnings or bad earnings.

But it's all how do earnings match the wall street expectations? So if wall street had like horrific expectations and the company slightly beats it, the stock can go up or even if uh you have a stock like apple who had amazing amazing earnings, but wall street wanted something a little bit more. The stock can go down. So it's not really it um, it's not in a vacuum. Basically, whenever you guys hear about earnings, it's not about a vacuum, it's more of like how it did relative to what wall street was expecting.

Thoughts on e-hang looks like resistance at 7071.. There's definitely resistance at 70 we were checking that out yesterday, um ehang, i'm not really like messing with it like i'm, not trading it. Just because, like i, i don't all these movements they're not technically sound. It's just this, like storyline of whatever's, going on with um the the fraud versus the non-fraud.

So, like i don't know to me, that's just like a pure luck play of either you're going to be on the right side or the wrong side of. If there is or isn't, fraud is qs moving again qs67 yeah guys uh qs. I, like it evplay i'm calling for a gap, fill up to 84. uh churchill fighting back trying to get above the area riot a bit sideways at 76.

till ray actually kind of trending down, unfortunately below 34. uh. It looks like we actually have a bit of a bull flag going on on tilray. This is the channel uh i'll, be watching on tilray, just the downward channel, i'm kind of new do your day, trades reset after five days yeah after you place a day trade like if you place one on like monday, tuesday and wednesday, that monday one will be Reset the next monday, the tuesday one will be reset on tuesday.

Basically, it gets reset five days after you place a day trade. What do you think about wnw? I think it's looking pretty strong today. I don't know what they do. Oh another new stock.

I mean this one's weird. I mean i had a good opening day completely sold off green. It's weird, i'm i don't know. I wouldn't know how to read it: cciv gunning, again, uh.

Let me actually see if i have day trades, i might day trade cciv. It's pushing looks like it's going to shoot up to 60 lots of strength. Omar just became an astronaut everyone shout out to omar welcome aboard. That is awesome.

I appreciate it uh. I don't think i actually have any jojo x q s bullish on it. I'm kong for a gap fill up to 84.. Let me see if i have any day trades left.

I don't think i do because of that whole toray debacle yeah. I don't so i can't day trade uh. So if i do make a position today, it might be either a longer term one or i would be looking to hold it uh for a decent amount of time, i'm looking at quantum scape, because man, i just like it, the only thing i don't like about It right now, maybe i could play a quantum scape call like a long-term quantum scape, because i do feel confident about it hitting 75 85. Let me just see how expensive they are quantum scape.

If i gave myself to mid march march 19 - oh those are pricey. I don't know i am bullish on quantum scape, though i like it: okay, tilray with the bull flag, breakout, that's why we call these downward channels bull flags, because they commonly break upward. I i have heard that pdt does not apply to cash accounts. Only margin accounts is that true.

Yes, it is true, but remember if you're trading with a cash account um, that's like it has cash accounts, have their own sets of rules uh like basically, you won't be able to um trade instantly in and out. You have to wait for the money to settle after trades, but that is true that pattern day trading is uh specific to margin accounts. If i buy stocks then i already have. Can i sell the ones i have the same day or will it be a day trade? If i buy stocks that i already have? Okay, eric so you're saying you like own a stock, and then you buy more of that stock and then that same day that you bought more of you want to sell some.

I believe that would count as a day trade, neo volume, neo kind of still below 56. That's not good neo uh in that region of support, z kin is move-in day. Can you take a look yeah z-k-i-n, uh till rate moving again uh cciv moving riot uh amc, drifting, downward riot, uh kind of sideways, actually, z, kid? What is zeke and international group? Big mover, um, that's cool! All i can really say is uh be careful about chasing, but it does look. There is some resistance at eight dollars, so it still looks like it has almost a dollar left in it.

Uh next resistance is at 10., so if it can keep going, that's awesome but um, i wouldn't pay too much mine to the rsi right now it looks like it's just already ripping um. I don't know what they're doing but like the real opportunity to get on this one was on the breakout of three dollars and eighty cents back here, uh it's kind of chasey now to get in just because it's up look at this eciv! Yesterday we were looking for this. 60 party looks like that. 60 party might be early this morning, shout out to joan.

I know she was waiting on that one um uh congressional hearing today, yeah wasn't we're gon na be watching it guys uh. We will be paying attention to the roaring kitty congressional hearing um, i'm hoping that we can learn some things. Maybe i could explain some things as like they're asking certain questions. What does it mean? How does it impact it we'll have it up whether it's the video audio, something we will somehow be paying attention to it? Apha and s c k t are both moving again.

Apha is moving because tilray is moving. Obviously they are very, very related. Now. How is sckt doing oops sorry, i misspelled that sckt is showing a bit of life.

Uh watch 1750 seems to be that the yesterday high um interesting just be careful because there's a lot of bag holders who bought in here who, who will be happy just to get out for break. Even so, i'm there's going to be resistance in the like entire region. On top of it, oh cciv we're gunning for 60., we got cciv on the move. Here we go, get ready, cciv we're moving uh riot selling off a bit, unfortunately till ray amc.

So these two on the left are coming down. Amc riot coming down till ray battling it out in the high 34s uh cciv the monster. Look at that uh. I would have probably been day trading cciv, but i don't have day trades left.

So that's sometimes you're. Just out of luck like that, here we go cciv gon na crush it. Let's see that 60 mark joan this one will be for you, thoughts on sndl bought in at 2.50. I think if sndl can't hold 175, you might be in bad shape.

There we go ding, ding, ding congrats to everyone in on ccib above 60, uh man - if only i had that one runner call uh we'd, be up even more today, but also it's expiring tomorrow. So for me i was fighting against theta decay, but cciv up six and a half percent today, and not really showing signs of slowing down morning matt any cheaper energy stocks that are currently dropping worth getting into fuel cell wall cost. I sold all for a profit. Last week, um in terms of cheaper energy ones, i kind of actually like some of the cheaper energy ev stocks such as like uh workhorse, i think, is a good long-term play highly on.

I believe that's below 20 dollars um, i'm trying to think so like when you just be careful with like cheaper, because you could also now buy fractional shares. So even if you like tesla, you could buy 50 worth of tesla. You don't have to get a full share so, like i wouldn't look at the cost as an hit as in inhibitor, i would say, just buy the ones that you like the most um cciv. Let's go riot coming down a bit.

Is that because of bitcoin bitcoin's still 152k, that's kind of interesting um, i'm surprised, hey matt! I have africa calls expiring tomorrow. If i don't sell today, will i lose all the money or will i get it? What it's worth at the time um? So, basically, if you hold them till expiration uh i mean. Can you give me more information on like so you said they're expiring tomorrow? But what is the strike price? That's the main thing i need to know. If i don't sell today, will i lose all my money uh? It depends if you're in the money out of the money uh, i kind of need more information on that.

If you're out of the money they might go to zero, you might lose everything if you're in the money uh you'll get like whatever that difference is multiplied by a hundred. So like. Let's say that apha today closes at 22 and your strike price was 21. Well, then, you would make a hundred dollars per contract good morning got right at 41, sell sell for profit or hold david.

I mean that's all up to you. If you think bitcoin will keep running uh, then you should keep holding sndl four dollar call expiring january 2022, too risky or not, i mean john. I wouldn't say it's too risky. It's just like.

How confident are you in the cannabis sector like if you think cannabis will continue to rip? I, i think that's actually kind of a good play, um any thoughts on getting in on lithium, any etfs or any other opportunities in lithium. You know of so the way i i know lithium does well as ev continues to grow, just because that's the main aspect of their um batteries, but just to be completely honest, like i've never traded at lithium stock. I'm like more focused on ev uh. So i get that lithium's like an upstream way to play it.

I just really don't mess around with those like the mining minerals, any of that stuff, and it's not because i think they're bad. I just um. I don't know it comes down to one of those things that, like there's only so much time in the day like uh for research chart reviewing and those ones um didn't really, i guess pique my interest, but if they keep moving, i might really have to add Those fox news just reported that a amazon might been on amc is that true randy. You can't spam like that.

If it's not true, it's one thing to spam to get my attention for something important, but if you're just spamming to uh to spam, why would you do that? Amc, okay, so he's not spamming um these guys. If there's big important news like this uh, those are acceptable times to get a hold of my attention. So this was just reported uh this morning, uh seeking alpha a great website to get information, especially for um stocks and stuff movie theater chain amc gains on speculation of amc, buyout movie, theater chain; amc, uh gains 8.7 after the circulation of a forbes story in french. That speculated on potential amazon acquisition of the company, a very similar story, blah blah blah short inches.

Ten percent afloat. I highly doubt it's ten percent. I would assume it's way more, so that could be cool uh we're not seeing the biggest follow-through on amc today. I'm still looking for um amc to like hold six dollars.

So, even though that's a good story line that could be um, interesting, uh from a technical perspective, we're not seeing follow-through. It needs to get above six dollars. It needs to get above 650., hey no randy. I'm just saying randy, this isn't for you at all guys if there is breaking news, feel free to spam.

It like, if you have to get my intention, the more people saying it like. I get that it's important. We were just saying yesterday that i jason was um like having to like guillotine so many people, because they were spamming for no reason randy what you did perfectly fine. You were trying to get my attention for something important um.

I was saying it more in general, randy you're, fine trust me uh, so evie plays. I like neo. Is that a good play hey i like neil, especially as a long-term play, um uh neo, though like from its daily perspective. So, even though i like it as a long-term thing, it is coming up to some pretty important um it's in its region of support, so i would very much prefer that it bounces sooner rather than later, if it breaks below 54, the downside is considerable down to Like 50., so i like it, but i'm letting the chart develop a bit more cciv still looks like it's just knocking on 60's door.

It looks like it's going to break through till reg coming down uh-huh till ray. Don't do this, we've been through so much together. Cciv ripping man, i'm so tempted to get it on cciv, but whatever happens i can't get out and like the news i don't know, i feel, like everyone knows, what's going on, i'm afraid to be like a bag holder on the situation. Cciv it's hard to do a price prediction just because it's at a new all-time high, there's no technical resistance.

Above i mean i knew you could do like fibonacci levels and all that good stuff. But i found that as often as they work is as often as they don't work uh, given the apha till ray merger, which stock is better to be bullish. On uh we've been seeing reports that apha is the one to be more bullish on. With regards to what are you saying about cheaper energy stocks plug fuel cell, they are massively down yeah, so someone? Oh, i forgot about plug and fuel cell, i'm actually in both of those i do like them.

It's more cheap energy stocks. Um, what's my view on? Oh versus normal candlesticks i like normal candlesticks only because of more people are using them and in the stock market it pays you win by being on the same page and thinking the same way as the majority. So like um. That's just why i like candlesticks about a bit more.

I hope that helps vikkot riot coming down. Unfortunately, till rate coming down. Amc looks like it's. Turning back up to test six once again, cciv is ripping that's awesome, ugh.

If only i kept that runner call.

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