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Market open: welcome to the bloodbath amc to the moon – Matt Kohrs

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Space Apes,
There is blood in the water -- Let's see how this plays out!
We will be watching AMC shoot the the moon, and I'll explain why CCIV is crashing.
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AMC, CCIV, RIOT, PLTR, Bitcoin & Dogecoin
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Good morning, space apes, what is going on, i hope, you're ready it's gon na be a pretty interesting day. Lots and lots of things going on tesla is down a decent amount. Churchill capital absolutely getting destroyed minus 34. As i'm filming this right now, i will be explaining fully what's going on with churchill uh crypto's getting hit overnight.

We just there's blood in the water right now. My account is at fifteen thousand, it's going to be considerably less as soon as the market opens. My amc riot cciv pounds here all gon na get killed. The only thing saving me at this moment is a tesla put uh.

It's gon na be a bloodbath for me um. So let's see how it goes out. Um, oh man, it's gon na be a rough one, but anyway uh we do have some hope in amc. It's holding above 650, which i love i'm.

I personally think the next stop is 740., we'll see how that goes. Of course, we're going to be talking about lucid to see how um, what's going on with the merger, when we get a little bit closer to 9 30.. I have my fancy notepad out to explain uh the current situation of why the higher valuation for any of you who are new to this story, um cc iv and lucid - did merge electric vehicle firm, loosen motors to go public and 11.8 billion dollar spec deal uh. The import number i'll go over all this of why it's getting absolutely crushed uh, not a good situation.

Personally, i still think that lucid motor cciv is still a long term winner, but uh it's gon na be a rough day for the stock. For sure i mean look at that brutal sell-off um, but that's all right. We have good vibes, only that's what we're doing in this group. Good vibes we've got to keep going it's a tuesday february 23rd and we will find a way in the market to make some of this money back um it's what we do here in the moon game with all of my fellow space apes, one big team.

That's what i like to see all right, yeah though the the tesla put, should be doing well, but i'm worried that it's not big enough to outweigh my riot calls. My cciv calls and my palantir calls uh they're going to be rough, we'll see how that goes. Actually, we can see a little bit better of the pre-market trading uh. What's going on here, so ccib, coming back down to uh riot 57, i needed riot above, like 75 uh tesla.

What's that at right now, uh 674. um. Actually, i should lay out some lines on tesla so anyway, on churchill, i'm very much looking forward to stay above 36. That's important support, but let's go over to tesla, really quick for all of my ev fans out there um so below 686.

For me, in the short term is good. It looks like the next support is at 660., so i'll be watching that early this morning to see what happens just so, everyone knows in the way i do technical analysis. We have the support this resistance. I will be watching 660 just to see how that all plays out this morning, and i think it did hit it in the overnight session.

Yeah. It came down as low as 650, so uh, it seems like there's support kind of close by we'll see how that plans out, but anyway, um. Let me know in a comment: if everyone is cool with me, should i wait a little bit for more people to join or do you want to know what's going on with cciv right now we could do some other chart analysis and maybe at like 9 15, Go into cciv um, it's going to be a little bit more of a a talk and that's why i broke out my fancy fancy pad here, but we could do that. Maybe a little bit more people in good morning, matt cciv riot, i'm with you buddy bloodbath.

Here's the super chat to start the day rick. I appreciate you kicking it off with that super chat. Super kind of you, um uh, we're gon na make this back team uh. This is part of the stock market, and this is also why i'm not a financial advisor.

Don't copy me. Yes, i got tesla right, but if you remember from yesterday, you guys peer pressured me into tesla. Thus far, every call i've had this week has like i'm getting killed on it. The reason i'm saving myself is because of your peer pressure, so uh.

Let's just remember that um guys, not financial advice. I'm here for entertainment, education, uh, whether i'm making a fool of myself by reading funny super chats blowing up my account for your entertainment teaching. You a little bit about what i know. I was researching this whole cciv thing last night.

I'm not saying that i absolutely have nailed the situation, but i think i've gotten pretty close and i think i could explain it in a pretty uh like easy to understand manner, but i'm still feeling good about amc. Um, i still think that these dips right here i was telling you the start of this wedge: 44 000 and undershot it a little bit uh, i'm still feeling good. As my long-term investment on crypto um, i would actually still like my riot position if - and this is a huge if, if i had a farther out expiration date, i do this to myself time and time again, i buy all these calls with way way too close Um of an expiration - i just don't give myself enough time for it to play out so grant, and my palantir and churchill capital ones are still for mid-march. I have time on them, but um yeah, oh someone, yeah, so churchill or sorry meet kevin is down on his cciv position, but i know he's long-term indian.

In the end i can. I can't guarantee it, but i feel very, very strongly meet kevin will make a lot a lot of money off of churchill, capital cody down 10 already, but you can't lose if you never saw horrible advice, but it is what it is diamond hands all day, guys We're here, for the diamond hand, entertainment this is not a stock show. This is a diamond hand. Show you guys know all about that.

Oh well, if we're looking to make a little bit of free money, don't forget, you could get two free stocks by signing up with weeble. It helps you it helps me. You get one free stock by signing up another free stock by depositing a hundred dollars. When you do that full process, i get a free stock, so hey, if we don't trade at all today at least you could get a free ten dollars and it could potentially go up to eighteen.

Fifty uh one thousand eight hundred fifty uh, depending on what you get but you're, guaranteed at least ten, so check out that link to weibo uh sup man. What is the deal with rocket fuel or sorry? What is the deal with palantir uh, hashtag, rock and fuel uh? Sorry, i was just drinking my rocket fuel uh, just getting crushed with the overall market. So yesterday i was pointing out what was going on with the s p. 500 um.

It's now below this overall wedge. Let me go to the daily. It just shows it a bit better, um so pre-market. We guys remember upward channels in the world of technical analysis are referred to as bear flags and that's because they break downward.

Obviously, it doesn't have to happen every time, but it does happen. Quite often. The big question is just when, because of course, the channel can build out for a while, but today we are trading at 384. We are already trading outside in the pre-market trading outside of this channel if it does not recapture itself, it looks like the next support is down at 373 past that we have 368.

The overall market is dragging individual stocks down uh in the situation and, of course, we can go into some weird in-depth analysis of bonds. Treasury yields like yes, it is all tied together, but the main thing is the truth is in the chart and right now we're seeing red um just so everyone knows so palantir uh. Just to answer your question more directly. Chris waters um it's just a victim of the market, i'm looking to for it to catch itself at 25., joan what is going on this morning.

Here's another super chat, positive vibes, we're here for good days and bad days. Hashtag moongang, let's get a great day, matt, would not want to be anywhere else. Thank you joan, remember, um, hashtag cciv or die um. I think we're just transitioning our cciv into a long-term thesis.

You guys can clip this come back to me years in the road right now. It is february. 23Rd. 2021..

Come talk to me in 2025.. I still very, i feel very confident if you were to load up on cciv right now years down the road. It will be huge, huge returns. I found this awesome article.

I want to go over with you on cciv. Actually, okay, we have some people rolling in here. Let me uh before we do some other technical analysis and stuff. Let me explain the entire situation of cciv of why it's going to be a bloodbath today, but y has still a very very bright future.

So for those of you who don't know, electric vehicle firm, lucid motors to go public, an 11.8 billion dollar spat deal with churchill capital, hence cciv eevee startup lucid plans to go public through a reverse merger. With a blank check company started by veteran investment banker. Michael clean uh, the deal is the largest in a series of such types involving electric vehicle companies and blank check firms blah blah blah lucid, is led by ex-tesla engineer, executive and automotive, veteran peter rawlinson. So the big number is right here.

This is what we care about: electric vehicle: lucid firm plans to go public at 11.75 billion, combined equity valuation and right here here it is 24 billion pro forma equity value, the rever, the reverse merger, all this other stuff. This is a great article check it out, but the the number of why cciv is getting crushed right now is here: 24 billion pro forma equity value. That 24 is the number we didn't want to hear. We heard it.

It was worse than anyone anticipated and we are getting crushed right now now um. I was researching this a lot last night, i'm not expecting uh right off the bat for you guys to understand why this was so bad uh. So let me do my best to explain it. Let me bring up cciv's daily chart and i think that'll happen.

So here is what was going on so basically heading in right here on february 12th. Let me make this bigger february. 12Th. Churchill capital closed at.

Essentially, forty dollars, it closed at 39.98. All right so remember that february 12th. This is such an important number because of my handy-dandy sheet right here. So at that point you have to understand that lucid motors and cciv were one was a blank check company, the other one was an actual company.

So when you look at the market cap as cciv, that is different than the market cap of lucid motors cciv bought a portion of lucid motors, that's why it's not like a perfect one-to-one ratio so anyway, on whatever this day was what did i say february 12th. We closed at 40 so and we had information at that point - that lucid motors valuation valuation, not its overall market cap, its valuation, the pro forma deal with cciv was gon na be around 15 billion, so that was our baseline of what we were dealing with. Then the one day on stream i was here screaming of like oh, my god, cc's going up like cciv is going up what's going on, so we saw this massive thing and this was actually a fundamental development and it basically shot up to what was the close On this day, 5270 and it came down and it based out at 50 so 50, it shot up from 40 to 50 on some fundamental announcement and what that fundamental announcement was was that the valuation actually only might be 12 billion. So if the valuation right here, lucid valuation, isn't 15 billion, it's actually 12 billion.

Well, 60 billion is constant because cciv's market cap will hold constant. So at that moment in time we had this situation. We had 60 billion and right here the new thing was 12 billion, so if 12 billion is the new number and 60 million 60 billion in is holding constant for cciv's market cap, that means that the share price has to go up, and if you just do This quick math out right away. It's going to shoot to 50., that's exactly we! While we saw wall, why we saw a perfect 10 jump in price.

It was just based on this new valuation. If you lower the valuation, the price has to go up to still hit the same market cap. So that's what we were heading into in tomorrow. So actually i wrote some of these numbers down for you uh just to cover what we have.

So this basically was on feb 12. That's what we knew on feb 12th. This was what we were running with with feb 16th, all the way up to feb 19th. So this is why the share price went from 40 to share to 50..

It was just because the valuation dropped and we still had to basically equal out to 60 billion in market cap for cciv so far. I hope this is making sense. I knew it took me a bit. So if i'm confusing anyone, please post your um comments and i'll like try to update it to the best of my ability.

So here is what happened here is the big big issue is right here, as i was showing you, when 15 billion dropped to 12 billion? We shot up, but the valuation now went all the way up to 24 billion, which means that to equal out to this number, we have to drop. So we are now at 24 billion, and that is today on feb 23rd. So because we went up to 24 billion, this actually theoretically just gets cut right in half. So that's the big issue that we are seeing right now, um, so that would equal out granted heading into today, um or actually heading into yesterday.

Cciv's market cap was higher uh when we ended out today. The market cap was 68.4 billion. So let me just do this update for you 68.4 um. So at that point - and i'm just basically if you're using now, this new number just to adjust it because 25 is a bit of an extreme drop.

If you were to use it basic based on the 15 or 12 billion uh on the 15 billion. We are looking at 35.6 per share and then, of course, uh. The 12 billion would be even lower. So overall, this is the math hang on.

I think that last line will just get confusing of why there was the drop. The higher the valuation in lucid means. A lower share price to get that same market cap that we've been targeting ever since the start for cciv um. I know when you first hear the news: it's a bit confusing because you hear like valuation higher like.

Of course. That means, if we have the same amount of shares, they have to go up to hit that valuation, but that's where it gets different is because lucid is still it's technically a different business than cciv. That was just the blank check company. So that's why you have the market cap versus the lucid valuation? Um! That's! What's going on! Oh okay, yeah, i'm seeing so my zeros are off, but basically overall, this is the um.

I i think i have my zeros off, but it's the same math here, because when you have a spat company, they're gon na start out a ten dollar blank check. At that point, we were dealing with ten dollars um. So when cciv first came out at ten dollars, uh lucid motors was a 15 billion dollar valuation and then, as it was going up, we multiplied basically by four up to uh 60 dollars and that's going to multiply the entire uh value of lucid motors by four. So it's all the base, the base value is cciv at ten dollars.

The overall point that i'm trying to make i'm off by a zero here. I wrote it down wrong, but the key thing is that you're holding constant in cciv's market cap so as the valuation comes in higher, that means that the share price has to go down as the valuation goes up, share. Price has to go down because we are holding the market cap constant. That's like the key thing that we're holding here um, also, if you guys want uh.

So i know me kevin had like more of an in-depth explanation. This will help you this math, that i just showed you will help you like a basis with it so check that video out, if you want more of an explanation of why lucid valuation and the shared price and the market cap, how they all tied together, but Understanding the main takeaway here is this is going to hold constant. So, as the valuation goes up, the shared price has to go down. That's the main takeaway.

I can also today post a separate clip video better explaining it and getting all my zeros right, i'm off by like a zero in the billion, so this should be off by like one zero. I could post a separate clip like just explaining. What's going on with lucid better today, obviously i was just doing this live but um overall, like that's. What's going on valuation up share price has to go down, but this is a very interesting article on investor place.

Um, it was written by luke lango feel free to check this out uh, it's a long one tons and tons of good information in it. I just wanted to go over some of the main parts you with you of why i still think loose is a great long-term winner with the lucid motors merger confirmed cci v stock. Is your 10x opportunity this plunge in cci v stock? Is a gold and buying opportunity for three big reasons: merger execution risks surrounding cciv stock have been eliminated. We know that the value of cci v stock is backed by the fundamental earnings power of lucid motors.

Operationally lucid motors is where tesla was 10 years ago and has all the right ingredients and necessary firepower to turn into a major force in the global ev market. Soon, given the company's long-term earnings growth, potential, lucid motors is worth about a hundred billion today. That implies a fair price of cca of v stock over sixty dollars. Long term shares could soar above four hundred dollars representing 10x upside potential for cciv stock price today, so here's the classic buy the rumor sell.

The news of what's going on people buy up into excitement, then, when the deal comes through, the deal came through in a way worse fashion than any of us expected, but keep in mind. This is just a blip in the timeline. Lucid still has a great long-term potential setup, so basically, the news came out, see cciv stock sunk on the news, probably because the merger valued the company at 25 billion, while the cciv stock price at the time was valuing lucid motors at about 4x that or around 100 billion - that's the big issue, but the fundamentals here imply that lucid motors is actually worth more than 100 billion today, even though the company hasn't sold a single car yet um everything it takes. So we've always heard that about lucid.

It's like the the new tesla, the tesla killer, uh, but really lucid motors truly does have a super super impressive team. Behind it uh lucid motors. Has it all the eeveemaker has the talent the company is led by peter rawlinson, the former chief engineer of the tesla model? S supporting him is an impressive team of former tesla audi apple samsung ford, intel general mongers uh. It truly is an ars all-star team.

Lucid motors, has all the resources following the closing of the spac merger. Lucid motors is expected to have 4.5 billion, plus existing cash on its balance sheet to fund its operations for the next several years, so the cash like it, its burn down rate, is nothing. We have to worry about again. The cash's balance is unrivaled in the eevee space by everyone except tesla.

So, even though lucid motors is just starting out on the public market, it is already quote unquote. A big hitter lucid also has the branding and sales strategy to rival tesla so-called post-luxury brand. It's the dream, car, basically, the way i think of it uh the way neo is specifically targeting the luxury market in china, and i think it's now trying to expand into europe. I think lucid is doing that in the us.

Not only is it a quality eevee car, but it it's targeting that high end market, it's gon na start there and one day i do think it'll trickle down and make more quote-unquote, affordable cars, but uh. I think at this moment in time they are very much going after that super high-end eevee market, which at this point all the research has shown, is that there is an appetite for that in the u.s uh. I don't want to bore you to death, but uh. You need to check this article out, especially if you care about cciv it talks about their technology edge, strong product, big demand, huge production too.

They have that plan in arizona they were talking in here. That's where i knew about the strong demand, bold vision of long-term growth, eevee is on the up and up and lucid seems like it's well positioned to ride that wave. Um right here is lucid motors, the next trillion dollar company this author - and me too like believes yes, but to be fair, they also think that it's going to take time in here, they're calling out 2030 2040 so make sure you're paying attention to that. But overall, i believe my own humble opinion that lucid is still a great long-term winner.

I was just trying to explain the valuation difference of why we can see more blood in the water today with cciv. Basically, cciv's market cap will remain constant if the valuation goes up. The share price has to go down. That's the bottom line on that situation, coach p.

Thank you very much for that kind. Super chat all right. Let's get so that's the deal with cciv today, um. I, as we go like you guys know that i have cciv calls um, not feeling the best about them.

Obviously, but we'll see how that plays out today, amc is still very, very strong. Remember yesterday i was saying above six dollars and fifty cents. The next target is seven dollars and forty cents uh, i think from there. The next target after that is 840..

Amc may honestly be one of the few green stocks we see in the market today. So i'm definitely going to keep that up. Um overall riot i'm worried about that tesla, i'm not the fact that it's going down. I was lucky that you guys peer pressured me into buying a put, so that should be like the one thing: saving my account from completely blowing up today, but overall remember.

This is a discount shopping day when you see um all this red you're, targeting your reach targets of support, and that's why you're, when you're buying your favorite companies at a discount and you're, just then going to patiently sit and wait sit on your hands, wait for Them to track back upwards all those times when i'm telling you guys in these videos or when you're, asking me about a stock, i'm like oh i'm, always saying like don't chase the high. Don't do this like it's already too high we're looking at the gap. Ups today is the opposite. Today is the day you're shopping around for discounts with all that free capital.

In your account, i hope um. If, if i confuse anyone on the whole cciv thing um, i will make sure to post a clip, a standalone clip tonight to better explain it. Where i didn't mess up my one zero of off. I was off by my xero, but basically that math generally is just going to hold true just move over the zero for me, uh, lucid, ceo, cnbc, telling right now how amazing cciv is.

After this fact i mean it is amazing. It's still lenny. It's still an amazing company for sure i'm still bullish on the long term. What we're seeing right now is a weird disconnection of how spac mergers go through uh.

It's not necessarily indicative of loosened motors. It's just. They came out with the valuation. We were all expecting.

15 then they surprised us by saying 12 and that's why the stock price shot up um and now they came in at 24., so the excitement of 12 - they, like literally chopped us in half at our knees. So when you double that the stock price goes down, uh just to remain constant, i know that's a bit confusing trust me. I was trying to figure it out all out last night for quite a while and to the my current understanding of it. That's what's going on, but obviously i'll make sure to dive more into it and try my best to convey it to everyone, but also um speaking of dips.

Remember not just a thing in the stock market uh, we might have some nice dip buying opportunities on our favorite cryptos uh. So please don't sleep on those everyone, man, how is apple doing today is apple. Also getting smoked. Where is my apple yeah apple? Getting smoked down to 123 so for everyone in interested in apple um, we're actually kind of below this support, so you want 123 124 to hold past that you're kind of looking at 120 for all of my apple investors out there.

I might myself be picking up some spy puts today, um, not too sure hoping to take profits from amc to dump into my long-term plays like apple tesla and cciv. Appreciate your hard work. Man keep it up. How is your tesla put my test split is the only thing honestly, i can be excited about guys right now, this account's at 15k.

There is a chance, depending on how much i get destroyed on riot, cciv and palantir, that this could drop below 10k. I'm very much mentally preparing for blood in the water. That's just part of this game. It's my like! This is a learning opportunity for me.

I was severely over leveraged. I i got a little too excited about the crypto wave and um cciv complete like i just no one was thinking 24.. We were thinking 12 15, even at 15. Maybe the worst is it drops down to 50 again 45, something like that um cciv getting destroyed on these calls, but on a positive note, you always got to look for the silver lining in this situation.

Churchill, capital getting absolutely destroyed, means that we could buy lucid motors at a better cost if you have a multi-year long, um long-term time frame for this eevee company. That, i think is gon na. Do super well, you're now shopping on a discount uh. So for me, even though i'm gon na get hammered today on that on the calls i'll, i might strongly consider picking up more shares and i actually believe uh someone was messaging me that even meet kevin was saying: he'll buy way more if it drops below 35.

So it looks like he's gon na get that wish uh miss gina. Can you look at kellogg? I surely can uh. We have about two minutes till the market opens kellogg, oops kellogg, just kind of trading in this downtrend um. My big recommendation - and i could come back to this - miss gina - is to watch this trend line.

Uh watch for an official change of trend, hey matt, best of luck with your trades today. What are your thoughts on plug, considering buying at the three five strike? Price? 45 um jump in or pass waldo uh. My big suggestion today is be very careful about, like any um there's just blood in the water. There's a lot of weakness in the market right now, you're giving yourself about two weeks for um a call to really work itself out uh.

I would don't do it right away, see how the market reacts today. Of course, i want it to bounce back, because this is a lot of people's retirement funds. We have serious money on the line. There are massive massive implications when the market goes down um so, like i please, please don't take this lightly, but you just got ta see how it plays out uh.

We don't know if there's people gon na panic or if they're, just gon na, buy the dips right off the bat we're about to find out in five seconds um. Let's see how it goes, but guys in the morning. Please please, please guys girls, space apes sit on your hands, give it a second to breathe, see what happens. How bad is my account? Whoa it shoots up all right.

I very much need to get out of riot right away, so my i'm trying what i'm doing for my phone is trying to dump this riot position, i'm taking a massive haircut on it all right, here's how the account already down. I mean it jumped up and now i'm down again crazy volatility. I put in an order for riot no clue if it's going to get filled all right, yeah, look at these massive swings. Cciv cciv riots is crushing me all right.

Amc ripping, though uh amc, i'm telling you 740. uh, i just got out of my riot, took the massive haircut on that um. Sometimes when you have a serious loser, you just have to get out of it. As soon as you can um looks like i missed, my exit opportunity on uh tesla should have got out at 660.

I knew that was support um this. Even now, though, that i'm missing my opportunity, this is up huge. I only have one contract and it's up. Four and a half grand it's the only thing, saving me my account would have been completely destroyed today.

Without that, here we go. Amc is on the move if it can hold above 740 uh i'm. I feel strongly about 840 being the next target, all right fire sale, i'm still in on my cciv, because at this point they're like kind of almost worth zero, and since i have till mid-march, i might as well just see what happens uh. Can you look at p-i-i? What would be a good entry all right i'll do that over here? So i don't lose track.

This is polaris with the daily uh. This is for you, ms garcia um. It's just consolidating right now. I would be patient on it.

Wait for this wedge to break. This is a bull, a bull pennant, so i would expect that it breaks upward, but just pay attention to this wedge. All right. I hope everyone is destroying it on amc right here.

Wasn't it calling for 740? That's where it's waiting at like, like just pay attention, how that plays out amc is moving we're at least making some money. What are your thoughts on cardano crypto concerning haywood velvet? I almost want to read it because that's so funny uh, i just want to say it because that's hilarious, all right, i'm going to read it for you velvet. What are your thoughts on cardano crypto? Considering hey? Would you blow me? It's not cfo, oh velvet. I love it well.

That was a good one, all right, oh velvet, that was hilarious, all right. How is the overall market doing? Let's throw that up? This is guys. This is what i was telling you about of, could lead to more blood in the water. If this continues to sell pay attention to the s, p 500, we're now outside of this wedge.

There is a support at 375-ish, which is obviously not that close man. Tesla is getting pulled over all right, uh rejection at 7 40 - let's see if it could come back up and test that. Let me switch this over to the minute chart. Of course uh i'm here to maybe make some emotional trades and try to save my account.

We'll see how that goes, fj, honey, badger, amc, let's go diamond hands. Let's get that energy you're, the man. I appreciate it hey. We have energy today, like it's just um kind of a weird energy.

Let's see how this all plays out. I i don't like. I kind of feel, like i don't know if i'm emotional trading or if it's actually good, to get more put like right here. Tesla is at this previous resistance, which could act as support at 650, but if it doesn't catch itself, it looks like the next stop.

Is low 600s so, like i don't know if i'm being dumb on this or if it's a good money-making opportunity to try to get some of these puts, i don't know. Actually i don't even know if i have a day trade, that's the first thing. I should check, since my account is: i have no day trades all right, so it doesn't it's good thing. I checked that because uh, if i do make a trade, i shouldn't do it until the end of the day.

So i can't make a day trade. My hands are tied on that one i was about to buy more puts on tesla, but i can't the only thing i could really do is: do it like right at market close like straddle the position for yesterday or sorry for tomorrow, uh. So that's my plans on that cciv fighting back a little bit, uh looks like amc is just trying to see if there's any support at seven dollars. So look for that to hold um.

Here's bitcoin amc only thing showing strength here is i'm just so whoa look at this. This one contract is now almost worth seven thousand dollars, that's crazy! How is my account doing all right we're getting back up somehow i'm positive on the day. This is just i don't know, whatever crazy stuff, guys the magic man matt somehow making it work. I just feel lucky like.

I can't even be confident about those trades because i just feel lucky, but my big watch on tesla is if it doesn't catch itself here at 650, just from a technical perspective, there's a good chance of a flush all the way down to 600. I don't want that to happen. I know people are invested in it. I know people are losing serious money, i'm just trying to be honest with you of what i'm seeing technically, i i don't mean to call for doomsday, i'm just pointing out the relevant technical levels.

Here you go uh jonathan, the the market's getting crushed. I kind of i don't know if i would buy like i was about to buy spy puts or uh tesla puts, but i also kind of like spy puts at this moment, just like as a hedge of my whole account, but i can't get out if i Do it is that dumb? Do i just position myself now on spy puts i mean i, this is a technical breakdown like as much as i pitch technical analysis to all of you, i feel like i need to like honor what i'm saying, and it just feels weird to me, though, because I see the last three times that we broke down. It was quickly pushed back into it i'll at least at least wait till 9. 45.

That's how i'm going to play i'm going to wait till 9 45 and if i think that there's serious weakness in the spy, my only issues is, i can't get out. If i place this spy trade, i am stuck with it. Hey matt uh bought spce puts with 48 strike. Where would the bottom level be and how low could it go? Okay, let's check out spce very quick.

Oh look at that. Hang on what trend line is that okay? So this is a a weird 30 minute chart that i've done, but it looks now. I switch it over to the two hour: here's what's going over in the overall market, so i just connected some of these highs and it looks like we're at this. So a snap below this, like 382 380 area, i think we see another 10 fall in the spy um.

Just just my own thoughts. Obviously i could be horrifically wrong. Um sp ce um, i would say you're good to at least 40 and then past that you have 35 uh joe from a technical perspective. I don't see anything catching it until 40 dollars, so congrats uh looks like tesla's still getting crushed.

I'm going up somehow with this insane lucky play, hey guys, remember sometimes in the market, it's better to be lucky than right. I feel super unlucky with riot. I feel super unlucky with cciv um, but i guess the market gods didn't want me to blow up my account today, uh jason. What do you need to send my what's going on discord? Am i still zeus? Am i feeling good about those uh palantir? I mean honestly, we have time, i'm just waiting to see like they're kind of the palantir calls, since we have so much time, they're kind of in the back of my mind at this moment, amc not catching itself.

That's not good. What are your thoughts on xp ev long-term hold um, i still like it. It's just another eevee play in terms of its technicals uh. If you're trying to get into it, i would pay attention to 30.

32. 30.. I think that's a good dip buying opportunity. Remember guys the theme of today is: we are swimming through a bloodbath shopping for discounts.

That is the overall theme of today uh spy getting crushed man i wanted more puts. I just know i can't get out and i'm scared, because if there's a big u-turn today, i'm tired with my hands. This is: why pattern day trading rules suck, i would have loaded up um already tesla and spy puts. I would have gotten my account back to where i needed it.

This is gearing up to be. Potentially a ten thousand dollar gain. That's crazy, um man i'm. So this is just i hate pattern day training.

Sometimes it helps you from over training and then other times. It's days like today, where i feel like this stupid rule actually cost me thousands of dollars, because i told you i wanted tesla puts, i told you i wanted um spy puts and like i could still get them theoretically. But like i'm worried because i can't get out of it, if i get into the position and for whatever, if like there's a new, i don't know interest rate announcement or stimulus announcement and there's a massive u-turn. I am sol.

This market looks weak, though we're breaking below eight. I'm telling you guys below this. That's setting up a test in that overall market, a drop to 3.75 um. Be careful with that.

I i once again my my target on tesla is at this point. I don't see what would where it would catch itself all the way down to 600.. Here's my tesla levels and if anyone has big positions - and you want to know about the levels of where it might catch itself - uh post - it super chat that through i'll do it i'll, let you know at least what i think i mean - maybe maybe 3 15. I or 6 15 sorry on tesla, if you're in that 6 25 there's just nothing here - that's gon na catch it i don't know, maybe i'm just being a little doomsday but like just from a technical perspective, i don't see resistance or support.

Really, i don't know. I'm looking for 6 15 - i guess first, but the rsi is pretty blown out. Uh luke. Can we can you check gt we're up 20 yesterday? What would you would you say, ride this out? Okay, luke, let's check out gt uh.

Let me throw this up here. Gt gt, hey goodyear is still killing it. That's some good strength right. There um, i would say yeah like today, look for a test of the all-time high at 1755.

Ride the momentum, it's nice to know that some stocks are at least still green. I would ride that out. The fact that showing strength on a day like today tells you something very positive, is going on michael thoughts on waiting for the market to settle and cover calling multiple positions. Um you could, you would make more money by cover, calling it like on the way down.

Not when it settles you get more money from covered calls like the higher the stock is um, especially right now, when the the premiums are juiced. So if you feel comfortable about your covered call, thesis uh it'd be more advantageous to do it earlier, rather than later, in terms of just like a profit, the market's going down man, i want these spy puts so bad. Should i just do it wait? Actually? Is it a bigger brain move to do it on the nasdaq 100? Oh, that's looking weak, the nasdaq is getting crushed or should i do you wait? It's not the uv x y? U v, x y! You could do calls on this. This moves inversely with volatility.

This is a leverage way to play volatility if it breaks out above 10. I mean this thing when it gets moving, it can have serious range. Look at that a run from 10 all the way up to 16.5. It's inverse volatility, so basically it moves.

Inversely to the overall market looks like that's about to break out ah right for opportunity, and i just feel like i'm fighting with my hand side behind my back all right, bert bird dad is triple dog daring me, i'm just trying to re i'm trying to display A little bit of patience and like sound trade ideas, just because i like have completely fumbled till ray riot cciv um at this point palantir. What is today's date? Hang on, i'm tryna all right. I just put in an order a big order so and it just got purchased all right, so this will be really done like this will be the end of the count or i'll get it back up to normal. Here is my big new trade.

I'm announcing it live, here's what i did i bought strike price i bought spy, puts uh 370 strike price um. I paid six two dollars and sixty cents per one um. I bought ten of them. So it's a big position and they expire not this friday.

But next friday, so i gave myself just under two weeks for this to work out. Theoretically um. I would like to see weakness today tomorrow get out tomorrow. I don't want to swing it that long um.

Basically i don't know i just let you guys peer pressure. Me into it bert, dad triple dog. Dare me i can't back out of a triple dog there, especially when it comes to my own financial health. Uh hang on.

I think i missed a super chat just because i'm doing something dumb, please don't copy me like. Please, please, please, don't i'm not a financial advisor, i'm just shooting from the hip all right. How long do you think that the kryptos uh crash gon na last? Should i sell ethereum now and buy back later um, i i think timing, the crypto market like that could be very, very difficult just because it already has such range. Remember stairs up elevator down, i mean it could catch itself pretty soon like this could be the low and just bounce from here um.

If anything. The way i would play it is like i'm not going to sell it i'll, just keep buying and lowering my average from these most recent buys like i'm, not going to sell and try to time it um. For me, when i have a long-term thesis on something like cciv crypto things like that that i'm not actively day trading or swing trading uh, i just buy and hold like i'll buy to try to lower my average. If i see the opportunity but like i wouldn't try to time the market just because i i don't get that lucky with it um, but i don't know that it's up to you, it's how you feel, obviously all right down a thousand dollars on send.

So far. Today, looking to average down good, buy points, uh bow wow, flakka uh sends let's see how it's i mean it's just a bloodbath today, uh so target levels of support. I would be patient and wait for 250.. I mean at this point there's a lot of red.

So you can look for those reach targets that you would view as, like amazing opportunities to get at, don't feel pressured to like get in right away. I mean we're only 20 minutes into the trading day uh. We still have a lot of time. Things could definitely get worse uh.

What was the other one mahdi busy week at work, so haven't been here lately? Can you explain to ray i'm in at 40ish? They beat earnings and drop ever since. Why um? So i think they just didn't really he the market. Didn't hear what they wanted to about, like the merger like, i think there were still some unanswered questions, and also all of it seems like a lot of the hype surrounding the cannabis sector is uh, it just kind of lost its hype, so i think that's like One of the issues that it's battling right now is it needs to get back into the new cycle and i think it will, when we hear more about what's going on between aphria and tilray. So that's another one, i'm in april myself.

I just look at it as a long-term hold, i'm not trying to swing it. I'm waiting for a big announcement from the president to say that it's federally legal and then i'll expect a huge uh like shoot up in price. From there b and b y nd good time to buy b y n d b y n d uh - i mean it didn't catch itself at 143, which kind of bothers me. So the next thing you should be watching is 132..

Give it some room. That's the next technical support, um, it's right here in this consolidation, but overall i think a lot of things are going to be tied to how the overall market is doing today so make sure you're paying attention to the spy uh, maybe basing at 380.. I mean if it can retake 382. That's good.

I mean it's still a bad day, but um i would be paying attention to the overall market. At this moment. There's remember: um panic selling is a way bigger, like emotional driver than like a lot of this other stuff. When people see their account in the red like they just hit the eject button so quickly and that's why they say stairs up elevator down people, slowly buy fomo, yada, yada uh and then, when there's panic, when there's red, like everyone, just hits the eject button.

I like how amc is fighting remember 650. Is that area i care about? I feel very, very excited for amc if it can stay above 650., i'm closely watching my leftover tesla put uh just seeing what happens here. Uh thoughts on ccl uh, so i mean today it's probably a red day. I could pull it up, but overall it looks like the um, the like the cruise industry, carnival, norwegian, roar, royal, caribbean.

Sorry, i'm having a tough time saying that today, um they've been showing some strength. I mean the rsi did get a bit blown out. It looks like overall they're holding a bit stronger relative to the like wider market. So that's good um.

I it's just like coming off a new relative high, so give it a breather like ccl. Maybe target 22 is like how i would think about it. Uh matt any stocks, you're going to catch on the dip cciv highly on, are going to be cheap. I am actually looking for cciv to get worse uh, so i have a position in cciv already um.

What's my average, i have a low average, i'm in at 18, so even if i buy now, my average will go up, but i am looking at it like. I think it's going to be a long-term winner, so i'm fine with buying. I don't know like doubling up buying 20 more shares, something like that. My average will go up, but i feel that confident and it's like long-term prospects, it's time to find out if on an intraday basis, if all these stocks right now, if we're just going to a v recovery, people buying the dip or if it's going to come Over and be a dead cat bounce so be patient, nothing's confirmed at this moment.

Obviously, people were panic sailing for the first panic selling for the first 20 minutes. So let's see what happens, patience, patience, patience, hey zeus! That was a good question, though i like cc. I mean highly on two: it's just my average is already so bad on hyalion. I got in at like thirty dollars way back when so i'm like just waiting that one out in the long term.

What else is everyone watching uh? Do we see any special green things like is we're looking for maybe things that show relative strength? Are you in on pl tr? Yes, i have those call options and i have shares of palantir. Let's see what happens, let's see i mean there's nothing like in terms of like predictions of like what could happen and everything i mean. This could easily be a dramatic v-shape thing. People just buy the dip like the excitement, oh cool.

We just got on a discount push it higher and higher. We could see a double bounce uh. We could see our double bottom. We could see a dead cap ounce uh.

We are very much right now waiting to see like the overall sentiment. Obviously out of the gate, people were worried, but i've seen days where it gets much worse. I've seen things where it recovers, just like that uh. That's why i was explaining my hesitation about spy, because if we do see a v-shape thing um, i can't do anything about it.

Damon got in at 33.85 on cciv, just got out at 33.85, see cciv go down and get me a better price. A lot. A lot of people shopping for discounts today and i think that's a proper mindset to have on my board what i'm seeing every literally everything i have on this watch list is read besides amc, brandon, that's a good question. What do i think's on discount today? Um? I'm waiting for the chart to just develop more.

I want to see how things play out. What's going on discord, sorry, i had the wrong one up: sndl getting smacked below a dollar. I mean charlie yeah sndl below um. What was that 175 was a drop to 130, not at 130 could go below one uh daryl.

What's going on man you're already up 100 on your spy put congrats cipher. So what if spy doesn't go all the way down to 370 by friday? Isn't it safer to buy a 375 put? I'm not looking for this to go in the money, i'm looking for a percentage gain. I have no plans of holding any of my calls or puts to expiration i'm just looking at a percentage, uh difference and then just capturing that profit jd diamond, so we wait to buy in for a few days i mean honestly, we just have to wait and See how the market plays out. This could very well be a one-day v-shape recovery thing.

It could lead to a larger bloodbath like we don't know, we just have to like play it as we see it. Watch our technical levels pay attention to any fundamental developments right now we see nice, like i mean, look at all like cciv tesla amc, the spy, uh they're, all kind of bouncing at this level um. So, let's just see if it continues or if it's like. Just a momentary thing and there's just not enough bullish sentiment to carry us through there's a lot.

A lot of time left, like we're not even a half hour into the trading day, looks like thus far. I kind of made the wrong decision. Uh tesla very much moving against me. Remember i have tesla puts i have spy puts.

This is like my hesitation, but whatever prospects have been video with earnings coming up above 600 um, i am a long like i love nvidia, i'm a long term bull on it. Above 600, i think it's just a matter of time, not really a question of, if i think it's a question of when with nvidia i've been investing in it slowly, but surely i'm very, very bullish on nvidia um in terms of like specifically, this earnings announcement. Uh things could be muted really, even if it's really good earnings announcement based on whatever is going on in the market uh, you have a couple of factors to consider. That's turns it really into the flip of a coin situation.

What are my thoughts on energy etfs? Like tan uh, qcln um, that's from wood. Thank you um. So my thoughts on those like, i think, they're fine right now, um. If i had to guess, i think that, like alternative energy, etfs will do better just based on the current administration, but i know oil's ripping right now.

I believe oil's back over 60 per barrel. So that's kind of the thing you have going for just typical energy etfs um. I don't know that one's much more of like, i guess, a political based question of like. What's going to happen.

Chris nice uh been trigger happy on, puts lately, and it's been working out made over four hundred dollars on some till right. Put sorry guys, hey money is money when it comes down to it. Remember it's all about worrying about numero uno yourself. I don't suggest being like me and letting the internet peer pressure.

You into moves, sold 22 options on amc at an eight dollar strike price for three thousand nine hundred sixty dollars and use that to buy back into amc at 625 for a free 633 shares. I think i pulled that off right, jason, that is, awesome, you're killing it man shout out to jason, not only the guillotine master, but also destroying it on amc drop. The tesla put people leaving csiv running to tesla, i mean very. Like could be, i mean it's only 10 um and with mine i know.

Not only can i not get out of the spy but i'm holding on to tesla a bit longer, just because i know like i'm not going to get back into it like uh, even like i don't want to get out just because i'm seeing a bit of Strength and when it dips like get back in because then i can't get out of that today, uh, so i need to be a bit more patient and if i didn't have pattern day trading, i probably would have gotten out on this break of 640 right here. This intraday breakout, but that's the crap, like the crappy situation of having pattern day training. Is it kind of forces you to hold on to plays longer than you want just because you know you can't make other plays. Can i check out highly unsure highly on looking kind of weak today, look for it to catch itself at 15.

Basically, uh 15 might be a good dip buying opportunity past that you have 13. um. I i just don't know how much more highly on can go down like i like it as a business. I like what they're doing uh.

I think this entire region has been a good discount and today it's definitely being sold off just because of what we're seeing in the red and everything else, all right remember. 7. 40.. We called that out yesterday today.

That's where it got rejected this morning, 740 is important if we can get on the top side of 740. I honestly think that the next spot might be 840. spy coming back so both right now, uh, spy and tesla are kind of destroying me. Hmm they're, all having issues with robin interesting, how's, pltr doing 26, all right coming back a little bit like we're.

Seeing that big v-shaped thing, i guess i was talking about um - i mean practically a 50 50 swing down in tesla, then to a 41 swing upward. That's just crazy uh! As of now, people are clearly clearly buying this dip um. I do have the option to get out of my tesla thing, but i'm stuck with spy. It's gon na be what it's gon na be.

It will either very very much work for me or it won't at all wow.

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  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars V Patrick says:

    This week, crypto prices have swung wildly as El Salvador's plan to adopt BTC as its official currency alongside the usd gets off the ground sparking a huge amount of media attention. On Tuesday, the bitcoin price saw a near-20% sell-off sending shockwaves through the crypto market and knocking the price of ethereum and its rivals solana, Binance's BNB and cardano. Most major cryptocurrencies have now bounced back, however I’ve been here since 2017, I've traded over 15 cryptocurrencies with utopianstrategy, whom make 160K from .1B TC in just few months by implementing trades with tips and info.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars V Patrick says:

    This week, crypto prices have swung wildly as El Salvador's plan to adopt BTC as its official currency alongside the usd gets off the ground sparking a huge amount of media attention. On Tuesday, the bitcoin price saw a near-20% sell-off sending shockwaves through the crypto market and knocking the price of ethereum and its rivals solana, Binance's BNB and cardano. Most major cryptocurrencies have now bounced back, however I’ve been here since 2017, I've traded over 15 cryptocurrencies with utopianstrategy, whom make 160K from .1B TC in just few months by implementing trades with tips and info.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars V Patrick says:

    This week, crypto prices have swung wildly as El Salvador's plan to adopt BTC as its official currency alongside the usd gets off the ground sparking a huge amount of media attention. On Tuesday, the bitcoin price saw a near-20% sell-off sending shockwaves through the crypto market and knocking the price of ethereum and its rivals solana, Binance's BNB and cardano. Most major cryptocurrencies have now bounced back, however I’ve been here since 2017, bought, hold, and sold and traded over 15 cryptocurrencies with utopianstrategy, whom I was able to

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    This week, crypto prices have swung wildly as El Salvador's plan to adopt BTC as its official currency alongside the usd gets off the ground sparking a huge amount of media attention. On Tuesday, the bitcoin price saw a near-20% sell-off sending shockwaves through the crypto market and knocking the price of ethereum and its rivals solana, Binance's BNB and cardano. Most major cryptocurrencies have now bounced back, however I’ve been here since 2017, bought, hold, and sold and traded over 15 cryptocurrencies with utopianstrategy,

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