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Market rundown: amc gamestop spike — slgg rally all new positions – Matt Kohrs

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This video is a quick stock market update for March 4th 💎🙌
Let me know your thoughts on AMC, GameStop, SLGG, & Tesla in a comment below! Enjoy!
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What's going on moon gang, this video will be a quick wrap-up of what happened in the stock market today on thursday march, 4th, of course, i'll be giving you an update of what's going on in the public portfolio, then i'll be doing a technical breakdown of some Of the biggest movers, of course, we'll be talking about gamestop amc. Super league gaming slg was a big mover today, and i would also like to talk about tesla and on top of all that i'll be kind of letting you know my own opinion of. What's going on in the market at large and then i'll be giving you my setups and technical breakdowns of what i'll specifically be looking for tomorrow, but before we hop into that, don't forget to join up with the moon gig by hitting the subscribe button. When you do that, make sure you go over to the notifications, icon and switch it to always, so you don't miss any of the daily live streams or technical, slash, fundamental update videos such as this one alrighty, let's hop into it before we get into the portfolio.

Just so, you know gamestop as i'm filming. This is trading at 133. Amc appears to be down to 783. Super league gaming has dropped from all the way up to 960 down to 788 and tesla is trading at 6 21 and, of course this is all in some post market trading, but before we get into that technical breakdown, let's give an update of the portfolio, because I did close some positions out and open some new ones, so, as of now, the public portfolio is trading just below 12 000 um.

Just you know. There was one day trade in here that i want to bring to your attention. Uh. It was a tesla put play uh.

Basically, we saw some weakness in the overall market that i'll cover in a bit more detail, but i sold or i bought a put for 312 595 strike um. They cost me 15.50. I sold at 29 20 95, so that was a quick profit of 500 on that one uh and then the other ones were more on the weeble account. But just so you know, i still have the amc call rkt call this one.

It's just kind of worth. Nothing so i'm just swinging it maybe i'll get lucky, but i of course, have my amc shares and gme shares uh. Before we hop into the s p 500. I should clarify some of the things that happened in the weibo account so yesterday, if you watched that portfolio update, you knew that i had two puts on tesla at a strike price of 6.25 expiration date of the 19th i paid 21.45 each um.

Today i sold both of those for just below 42, so that was a nice profit of just over, like uh about 4 200 and then, when you count in that other tesla put uh, the profit was just below 5 000 on tesla puts today. So those were the ones that i closed out and the new ones that i opened. They are in the weeble account. If you checked out today's live stream, you saw it as it was happening um.

So, at the end of the day i wanted to lock in some of that tesla profit. But really i was seeing weakness. I mean right here we see the overall market, so i decided to kind of go over to a different uh. Tesla put play strike place of 550 expiration date of march 12th and i have three of those um.

They each cost 11.29. Of course, i'll keep you updated on how that plays out, but basically i have a lot invested in terms of stocks specifically tesla in my private portfolio. So what i'm looking to do? The reason for those puts is to hedge a gut against any momentary job. Once again, i am still super super bullish on tesla and i also bought picked up some gme calls mainly because of peer pressure going on in the live stream.

I have two calls for march 19th strike price of 200 and i picked those both up at 27.90. As of now, i'm down about 1 000 on that play, but let's see how it goes out. I know there's a lot of due diligence, especially going on in the world of wall street bets uh, pretty excited for gamestop to squeeze uh leaning up to march 19th. Honestly, i have no clue if it will happen, but i very much hope it does, because now i have those two calls on top of all my gme shares.

So, of course, we will get into gme amc, but let me first explain the overall thing of what's happening in the stock market, so this is the s p 500, which is an etf exchange, traded fund. Basically, it's a basket of 500 of the biggest stocks companies. Really in the us, so it's a good barometer of what's going on so right. Here we hit an all-time high of 394..

You can see multiple times it tried to get back into this upper channel. Remember in the world of technical analysis, upward channels are referred to as bear flag is bare flags and that's because they commonly break downward granted. It tried to break down one two three times before, but time number four might be the official breakdown time it tried to get back into it on march 2nd, but um. Today the fed chair, uh jerome powell, was speaking.

He wasn't saying things. Usually he says things that really gets the market going, but um. If you listen to his talk, i highly recommend checking that out. He wasn't saying the most positive things about what they're going to do with the interest rate and inflation the market wasn't liking it.

In fact, if you we check out the 30 minute chart, you could pretty much see right when he was talking. People were excited for his talk because he was usually pretty bullish. Then he started talking and the market did sell off. Today's low was down as 372..

Really once it broke through 374, i was expecting 368, but um. It bounced off of that right now we're at 377, so tomorrow for the overall market. Please please pay attention to it. Upcoming resistance is at 380..

I would love for the market to get back above that that would be kind of uh. Definitely a big bullish move, but, in terms of downside, look for the support to be caught at 376., 374 and, if 374 can't catch itself. I would then be looking for 360.. I am in no way calling for doomsday on the overall market, really i'm calling for a healthy pullback.

I mean this is the daily chart. If we really swing it out, it's just been up up and away it's okay. If we have a pullback to 368, that would definitely be in the realm of healthy. So that's what i'll personally be paying attention to for the overall market and once again it is important to watch this type of stuff because it acts as heads wins and tailwinds to our individual stocks, such as apple, microsoft, tesla, all those gamestop amc.

So that's why we want to pay attention, and just so you know this is the nasdaq 100. So the way the s p 500 tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the us. The nasdaq 100 is guess what 100 sucks, but it's much more tech focused. So that'll be uh an impact on your apple, microsoft, tesla, specifically um.

So today it ended right at support of 304. I'm watching the the region of support in between 300 and 297 tomorrow, um, that's what i'll be looking for in terms of upside i'm expecting the previous support of 313 to now act as resistance, so if you're interested specifically in the tech, heavy nasdaq 100, that's what I'll be uh personally watching so now, let's switch things up just a little bit uh, let's go in alphabetical order, let's start at amc, so this is amc's daily chart um, as you can see, hit that high of 36. Since then gap down now we're swinging back up, the new gap region is between basically 11 and 12.91. This is still the goal that i think amc is going to fill.

Of course i want it to go way higher than that, but just from a technical basis. I know that market makers love filling gaps in the charts and right now we have this gap all the way up to 12.91 uh amc did have a bit of a weird day. Let's go down to the 30 minute chart just to discuss that for a second we're still below this overall trend line. There was excitement at the end of the day, but there was no follow through, but what i am seeing is that the rsi is pretty blown out on the bottom.

Here we have the relative strength index. Basically, it maps out bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it gets very low. That's a ton of bearish momentum and a lot of day traders swing traders. Investors look for this as a reversion play as and when it gets super low.

They look for the bulls to step in i.e a bounce, so that's what i'll be looking for um right now, the stock is trading at 780., i'm looking for it to retake this previous technical resistance of 840, which also tomorrow, could align with this trendline. Above that, a nice trend reversal, and i think the bulls could be in control, so this is what i'm watching tomorrow in terms of support, i will be watching pretty much today's low at 750, which is pretty close to the previous region of support at 7. 40.. So amc, that's what i'm looking for and just so you know in terms of the short interest um as of five hours ago, which would be around 1 pm eastern today, on thursday march 4th there was 250 000 shares available, that's pretty low! That means that the short's pretty high and the short borrow fee rate is very high.

Pushing 10 that's insanely high, which means a lot of people are still short amc. So that's good for us in terms of a short squeeze, but it also means there's quite a bit of downward pressure. Yes, you want the shorts to be high, but the final piece to this big puzzle is bullish. Momentum, people actually buying it and putting the pain on the shorts to prompt a short squeeze, gamma squeeze and all that good stuff.

So uh these are the levels i'll be watching tomorrow. Today we got excited there was this little push-up in volume. People started buying no follows through so let's see how the week ends tomorrow, uh it will be the end of the first week of trading in uh march. So let's hope for some positive things now, let's turn our attention to games up very, very similar chart.

Very very similar chart. Excuse me 2 amc it shot up. We now have this gap region. The start of the gap is at 184.

The end of the gap is 212. So from a technical perspective, i am definitely looking for the market makers to fill this gap. Up to 212. part of the reason why i bought um, the gme calls today with a strike price of 200.

Obviously 212 would put that in the money uh once again, the expiration date on those calls is march 19th, just so everyone knows um. So once again, today, uh, actually let's go on today's action for gamestop. It was pretty interesting right at the end of the it was holding strong, especially when the overall market was selling off today. That was like kind of the big joke of the live stream.

Today of how gamestop was the safe place to put money but really um a lot of people kept buying it at 212 or i'm sorry, 120, and then it shot up. It got above this previous resistance at 135-ish, got as high as 147, not much of a follow-through today in post market right now, it's at 129.. So, let's see what happens once again. Close to support is the region between 114 and 120.

We do have resistance at 135-ish 136, but the big resistance i'll personally be watching. Tomorrow is 158. I very very much hope. Gamestop gets there.

Obviously i'm biased on it. I'm bullish on both amc and gamestop, i'm all for the social movement. I want the squeeze to happen so now, let's take a quick break outside of the world of like these meme stop squeezing um. I know people were talking about super league gaming um on wall street bets, but i do, i think, it's more of an interesting technical play.

So today, if you look at its daily, obviously very high, i mean it gained 69. Once again, the ticker symbol is slg. Currently trading at 768, but it closed the day out at 8.82 uh some assumptions it might get acquired by gamestop same with gmbl, but to see the technical resistance. We have to go all the back all the way back to when it hit the public market.

In march of 2019, so right now we are running into all this mess. We have um some resistance at 8.75, 929, 973 and then the all-time high is all the way up at 11. 50., so feel free to screenshot this, if slg can remain strong again tomorrow. These are the levels we'll want to pay attention to in terms of support, there's a pretty solid support at six dollars.

We have another support at 650 and on the top side of that we also have 7.73. So once again, six 650 773 all support and then here's the resistance. 875. 930.

973 all-time high. 11. 55. I do not have a position at all in super league gaming, but um.

It seems to be a big mover today. So, let's see, if there's any follow through tomorrow, um and actually i do want to quickly just show you a quick peek of slg's 30 minute chart i mean it was just bulls - have really been in control in the past three days: solid, solid momentum, but the Reason i want to bring this up is we do have some bearish divergence in the rsi, so bearish divergence is when the stock goes up, but there is no follow through in the rsi. This is called bearish divergence because it means that there was less bullish momentum here than there was previously commonly. This is a sign that the stock needs to take a little breather consolidate, maybe trade sideways, so the rsi has a chance to cool off, but it doesn't mean it has to happen right away.

No technical indicator is ever ever perfect, but it's a sign that hey. We might need a little bit of a breather before we keep pushing, but remember, there's always counter examples to any technical rule in the world of stock trading. And finally, let's talk about the leading ev company tesla. So i explained this a little bit of why i took a position.

Basically, i own so many shares of tesla that i want to hedge my position, especially when it couldn't recapture this trend line and the support turned resistance at 744. Since then, it's been selling off today, um in even in yesterday's portfolio update. I was calling out this support between 598 and 620, thus far it bounced off of it. The rsi is getting very, very close to the oversold territory, as in things might really bounce from here, just be careful if it breaks below 600.

The next catch is all the way down at 562.. Let me repeat that if we break below 600, there is a chance, it could break all the way down to hang on five. Oh, i guess it was 66. Sorry, 566.

um. The reason i got those puts is because i don't know if this market capitulation the market selloff is done yet. So it's just a quick hedge for my own position, um just to stop some of the pain on the downward side uh. So i think the maker breaker point will come at 600 if we have a bounce from here.

Look for a little bit of resistance at 662, but past that we're really looking for 700., so maybe on the upside once again, a quick hiccup at 662. In terms of resistance, we're really we're looking for tesla to retake 700, the lower it goes, the stronger buying opportunity. I truly think that tesla will be um just because i i think it's a strong long-term winner, we're looking to buy it on discount. Here's a look at its 30-minute chart.

It's just been selling selling selling. So let's see how this continues tomorrow. I think the maker breaker point will come at 600. So that's all the levels i'll be looking for tomorrow, but to be honest with you, obviously i'm interested in amc, gme, uh super league gaming and tesla, but i'm really really interested to see what happens in the overall market tomorrow should be an interesting day, especially given The kind of negative things that jerome powell defencer said about interest rates and inflation and all that good stuff.

I would highly recommend checking that out, because the fed chair has a huge, huge impact on the overall market. So with all that being said, i would love to know your thoughts on all these stocks that i just talked about amc gme, slg tsla. What do you think they're doing? What do you think the overall market? Doing? Let me know and don't forget, that if you enjoy this type of stock market content, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button moving over to that bell, icon and switching it to always, so you don't miss any of the daily Live streams, technical updates or fundamental updates, and as always, if you want those free stocks, there is a link to weibo below. If you sign up, you get one free stock and then, if you deposit, 100 you'll get another free stock.

If you decide to go through with that process, please feel free to comment below. Send me something on twitter. Anything like that, i'm keeping a running log of the highest free stocks right now, the big winner is up to 200. So let me know what free stocks you get but other than that from me from chair and from duck shirt, best of luck in the markets and i hope to catch you in the live stream.

Tomorrow have a good one. You.

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