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Money making potential: watch these stocks tesla, palantir riot are movin’ march 2021 – Matt Kohrs

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What's going on moong, i hope you're having an absolutely fun filled weekend and if you're, not don't worry, the world's biggest casino will be opening back up very, very soon and hey. If you're one of those crypto investors, traders congrats, you guys, have been absolutely killing it. Lately we will be talking about that a little bit in this video. The main purpose of this video is i'll, be giving a quick update on the two public portfolios, but i'll mainly be talking about the stocks.

I will be watching this upcoming week. The third full training week in march, outside of the world of amc and gme. Of course i will be watching those two meme socks. I have quite a bit of money in both of them, but i just want to give you a video basically dedicated to the other opportunities.

If you want to know my most recent up-to-date thoughts on amc and jimmy make sure to check out my most recent post. So in this video, it's more of the other opportunities outside of the world of mean socks i'll, be sharing my positions, my thoughts, all of that good stuff, but before we hop in that, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the monday to friday live streams or technical fundamentals, portfolio update videos like this make sure you're going over that bell icon clicking on it and switching it to always just so. You get a quick notification whenever there's a new piece of content, also as a friendly reminder.

If you want two free stocks check out that link to weeble you'll get one for signing up and then another one for depositing a hundred dollars. You don't hear the word free too often in the stock market. Right now, with weeble is one of those rare opportunities where you can get two stocks, absolutely free. You are guaranteed, at least at a bare bare minimum of free ten dollars.

So it's definitely worthwhile to check out alrighty, let's hop into it, let's start with a uh, the portfolio update. Just so you know uh. So this is a recount of how the two public portfolios did in the second full trading week of march, so the weeble account is up 7.3 thousand dollars, uh with gamestop being the number one winner. If you watched any of my live streams, you know that i had a love hate relationship with tesla over this past week.

That was actually one of my biggest losers. Overall last week, i lost about three thousand dollars on tesla training options, but i'm looking forward to it uh this upcoming week. I think i'll be able to make some of that back. Of course, we'll be talking about tesla and then in the robin hoard portfolio.

This is more of just like my amc gme, where i'm storing a lot 225 shares of amc, 18 of gme um. On friday it was pretty much neutral and over the week it's up two grand so last week. It didn't really feel like it, but it was really a winning week. I think we all just wanted it to be a bigger winner with amc and jimmy, and i think this upcoming week will definitely have some exciting fireworks.

So after this video uh definitely make sure to check out the amc, gme update, because i think there are some um high volatility and unique opportunities, so that was the portfolio update. Let's quickly talk about the overall market um, so this past week on thursday. What was that march 11th, or something like that? Yeah march 11th uh, the president signed the new stimulus package into law 1.9 trillion dollars. People are already reporting that they're getting their 1 400 checks, which is awesome.

Obviously, i believe that this is overall good news for the stock market. There's more money in the system. Uh. We were talking with one of my buddies max mayer and he was saying that um he wrote a poll on cnn that 50 of people receiving a stimulus check are planning on putting all, or at least some of that money into the stock market.

So, there's pretty good reason why, on thursday, we hit a new all-time high of 395.65 for more of a technical perspective. I love how we broke above this uh trend line right here, the one in the red, a nice bullish, breakout, uh right now, we're sitting at some resistance we're trying to get back up into these two white trend lines. This upward channel, which is also actually referred to as a bear flag because they commonly break downward, but that's what we saw uh back at the end of february, so now we're trying to get back up into that we're very, very close to new all-time high. So, of course, that will act as resistance, but the main resistance i'll be watching this upcoming week is 400 for the third trading week of march.

As of now uh for the current information we have it very much does look like the bull camp is in control. So i'm expecting a lot of green across the board uh in all your classic blue chip stocks, your investment portfolio. So this is the scenario the technical scenario we're watching in the s p: 500: pretty much one of the best barometers for the overall stock market resistance. The all-time high, followed by 400, which is the key psychological level on the downside, i'll be watching this blue trend line.

Maybe if we get into this channel, then hopefully this bottom white trend line will start acting as support instead of resistance. But overall the market does have room to run the rsi, which is the relative strength index. It just maps bullish against bearish momentum uh when it gets very high. That's a little a lot of bullish momentum when it gets very low.

That's a lot of bearish momentum! So basically, as you can see, uh, it has quite a bit of room to run before it gets over extended, which i think could really align with the test of this 400 um key psychological level so, overall into the upcoming week. As of now, i am my bias is a pretty bullish one. Ever since this breakout of the red trend line the stimulus deal, i think there's a lot of reasons to be excited. So let's go over um.

I guess we could just start really in terms of my biggest position outside of the world of amc and gme and right now that would be my tesla calls expiring for this friday march 19th. So i have five contracts. I pay 9.45 each. They expire this friday.

The strike price is 775. um. We all know about tesla leading eevee company uh, celebrity ceo elon musk, a couple things to say about that. So before we get into these technicals of tesla of really why i got it um there was one fundamental update.

So this this article uh, is, was posted on march 13th investor sue's, elon musk tesla board over erratic tweeting, alleging violation of essie set sec settlement, so this story actually broke on friday when the market was so live. I mean i've read over this um. I'm no lawyer, so i can't really comment on it. It doesn't seem to really have that much meat or power behind it.

So i just wanted you to let you know here: here's the main rundown investor chase, garrity filed a lawsuit at the delaware chancery court, alleging that tesla elon musk continues to send erratic tweets, which violates a settlement with the us sec. The lawsuit accuses tesla's board of failing to control musk for sending the tweets even after the sec directives, uh causing the company's substantial damage, including billions of dollars in lost market capitalization, musk's wrongful conduct and the failure of tesla's board to ensure compliance have caused substantial damage. On to the company this was filed originally on march 8th uh, so i i just wanted you guys to know this is out there once again. I don't think this has that much power or me behind it.

I don't think it'll like who knows like, as the storyline develops i'll, keep you updated as of now. I just wanted to put it on your radar, but um, as you saw, i just bought call options, so i'm heavily bullish on tesla, i'm betting on it. Going up as of now, this story isn't bothering me that much but uh if it becomes something i'll, definitely keep you updated, so more of a technical perspective. So before we talk about the rsi when it gets very high, that's a lot of bullish momentum when it gets very low.

Like tesla was recently that's a lot of bearish momentum, no technical indicators ever ever going to be perfect, but a lot of people use this. As a reversion tool, as in when it gets very high, they look to take profits or take a short position when it gets very low. They look for a bounce to create a new position. So, as you can see right here when tesla was around the 566 area, the rsi was super blown out, but now we're bouncing and beyond that.

Not only are we bouncing, but we have a nice technical breakout of this trend line uh for quite a while. In fact, from february 8th all the way up until march 9th, we were following this trend line down. Recently we had a breakout on this breakout. That's when i bought more call options on tesla, thus far uh.

It has not really trended in my direction. We've had three days of drop, but i'm really looking for this breakout of 700. uh. The next technical resistance is 721.

Then we have 744 to 750. That's where i'm looking to unload some of my call options once again, obviously very bullish on it and if things get uh really trending for me and the bulls are really winning i'll, then be watching 780. um. If things go around turn around for me, i will cut the position uh.

Basically, if it comes down and breaks uh beneath this trend line, of course, uh you can't guarantee anything in the stock market. But right now we got a nice rsi bounce. We have a technical breakout of the trend line uh in the short medium i i've always been bullish on tesla in the long run, but right now with these breakouts, i'm bullish on it on the short and medium term as well. So, overall uh tesla is probably one of my biggest watches this upcoming week outside of amc and gme.

My next one um is riot, which is a bitcoin mining company, um, of course, bitcoin's trading over the weekend. In fact, it made a new all-time high. When i did this update video, we had a lower. What is the new all-time high 61 781 congrats to everyone in bitcoin? It's killing it new, all-time high um past this uh.

I think there'll be a little bit of resistance at 65 000, but my main target is that psychological level of 75 000. um - i am a long-term bitcoin investor - same with ethereum and i'm swing trading dogecoin. But one of the an extra way that i'm playing bitcoin is actually through riot, which is a mining company uh, so the correlation isn't one-to-one, but it will do better as bitcoin's doing better. So my position with riot is here: we go uh two contracts: 650 uh expiration date.

This upcoming friday, the 1965 dollar strike with bitcoin strength over the weekend. Uh riot closed out the week at 62.81. I have a good suspicion that it's going to gap up when the market opens on monday above 65, as long as bitcoin remains to be uh like hold strong above 60 000. Maybe even if there's a lot of excitement a break above this resistance at 72 and a test of the all-time high, but i'm feeling pretty good about those call options on riot at this moment in time.

It's just a solid bitcoin play um other than that uh. Next up, we have palantir, which is my last new options position. So palantir is a data analytics company above 60 of their revenue comes from the us government um from a technical perspective in world of data analytics and storage. They are many many years ahead of their closest competitor.

I love palantir short, medium long term, i'm invested in it in my private portfolio and then obviously in this public portfolio. I have some call options on it. These are expiring in mid-march, so i have more time than ryan and tesla for this play to really work out. Um my average cost is a dollar eighty-six.

As of now it's pretty much break even but it's a little bit of a longer play strike price. Thirty dollars, so here's palantir similar kind of looking chart actually to tesla. We finally got a break out of this trend line. It found support previous resistance at 25 has now turned into support.

So not only is it an important price level, but it's a key psychological price level uh. So i'm looking for this support to hold and i'm looking forward to come up and text this next resistance at 29.42. At this point i would sell a portion of my pound to your position and then i would let the other portion ride for a gap fill up to 31.24. Once again, those are expiring in mid april uh.

So i have a lot of time, but um talent. Here i mean in my own account i bought more of my private account to invest. I mean i think pound here. This was unfairly beaten down.

I think it's a good company. I think it's good across all the major time frames, i'm very, very much like pounds here where it's at right now, a solid risk reward set up, and that's why i have the position so outside of those all those call options of riot tesla, pound tier and Of course, we're still watching amc, gme still still bullish on them. I did add two new positions. I bought some micro vision and i bought some nano dimension micro vision, it's kind of a light r play, so it's another way to play the autonomous ev world they make those lidar detectors or sensors.

I should say so. I have 75 of those and then i bought 100 shares of nano dimension so for this portfolio these are two smaller positions. I just wanted to bring them to your attention. I very much like this breakout on mbis.

Beyond that, it seems to be a pretty decent mid to long term play just because of the sector that they're in right. Now there is a big big deficit high demand for lidar detectors, so i think microvision will have a good chance of filling that hole right now, but anyway from the technicals, i'm basically just risking this 14 14 20 um trying to write up see a test of 1915, yes, 1915, then 21, then an all-time high. So that's my plan with micro and then nndm is a 3d printing company they're based out of israel. Usually i don't mess around with companies like this.

I really like the sector, but not too long ago. They were penny stock. What's unique about nano dimension, is they have absolutely no debt? They have a lot of cash on hand. So not only are they in a cool sector 3d printing, which is growing they're, very, very popular in the world of prototyping for manufacturing.

But beyond that we have a nice technical bounce off of 18.. It broke above this resistance at 10.50. It does look like it's tracking back upwards, my first resistance is 13 and then i'm mainly going to be watching 16 uh, but overall, so i bought some shares of mvis and ndm. I'm not looking to really actively trade them this week.

I think it's more of like i picked up a good cost basis to ride them out for the long term. So, overall, as a quick recap for you, of course, we're watching amc and gme, i think they will most likely be massive massive movers uh coming up. This week, beyond that, i'm paying attention to tesla palantir riot, and then i have a small position in microvision and nano dimension. I would love to know your thoughts on all of those stocks individually and what are the main stocks that you're watching this upcoming week? What do you think will be some surprising movers? I would love to get your thoughts on it on a comment below, don't forget, uh, you can stay up to date with the moon gang.

All you have to do is hit that subscribe. Button go over to the bell: icon click; it switch it to always, and if you want those two free stocks check out that link to weeble one for signing up another for depositing a hundred dollars until i catch you in the next live stream. For me, chair and doctor best of luck in the markets, you.

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